Pizzagate: Satanic Sex and Pedophilia in High Places

Is Pizzagate a hoax or is it for real? 


I have prefaced the 42-minute video featured below with our usual disclaimer. This doesn’t mean I necessarily disbelieve in the shocking events that form the basis of this bizarre sex exposé which has gone viral all over the internet recently. It’s just that I wish to remain totally neutral and let other people make up their minds. A certain amount of skepticism, I believe, is in order.

On the one hand, everything related in this video about ritual child abuse involving the Clintons, Obama, George Soros, the Podesta brothers, and other elite politicians and celebrities could be true. On the other hand, all this could be a carefully orchestrated hoax in which the “Usual Suspects” could be involved.

Yesterday I knew zero about this matter. Today I know zero plus 1. In other words, almost nothing. So I can be swayed either way. My trusted correspondent ‘H’, an erudite German lady residing in Florida, sent me the video below with the subject heading “SICK! SICK! SICK!” This perked up my interest.

I am assuming you are as ignorant as I am about the background to this bizarre affair, so this is what I’ve been able to discover after some superficial research. The name of the pizzeria restaurant concerned, which now doubles as a concert venue, is Comet Ping Pong, often abbreviated as Comet. (Interior of restaurant pictured here). It is owned by a man named James Alefantis who founded the fashionable eating house in 2006 on Connecticut Avenue, Chevy Chase, Washington, DC.

Alefantis, in an attempt to attract customers, placed a ping pong table out on the sidewalk. (Picture). This was against the law and so he had to take the ping pong table back inside. He compensated for his by adding live entertainment. Soon the business was flourishing and James Alefantis was nominated by GQ magazine as the 49th most powerful person in Washington DC.

To cut a long story short, here is a gourmet restaurant with live entertainment  and lots of ping pong tabes scattered around. Quite an original idea, I guess. If you’re a guy who’s putting on weight, you can work off your calories by jumping up from your table and challenging the well-nourished young lady at the adjoining table to a ping pong match. If she agrees, you’ve got it made. (For a quick look at the pizzeria with its ping pong tables, click here).

And now we come to the interesting bit, this sentence from the Wikipedia article:

In November 2016, Comet Ping Pong became the target of a conspiracy theory, commonly called “pizzagate,” that alleges that the restaurant is part of a Democratic child trafficking ring.

No other juicy details are given by Wikipedia. The online encyclopaedia is playing its cards close to its chest, obviously trying to give the impression that this whole pizzagate affair is a load of rubbish. That it has no basis in reality. It has managed to do this by dismissing it in a single crisp sentence as a “conspiracy theory”.

—  §  —

I hate watching long videos. The fact that this particular video went on for 42 minutes acted as an initial deterrent. I had second thoughts about watching it, given that life is short and one can’t afford to waste it on long YouTube videos peddling possible conspiracy theories. However, I decided to sacrifice 42 minutes of my time to this video, absorbing all its outré information, and this is what I learned to my horror and dismay.

Comet Ping Pong is not far from the White House and is frequented by important people like Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, John Podesta and other luminaries. The pizzeria is reportedly no more than a front for a sinister pedophile and Satanic sex ritual organization. They serve pizza upstairs to the unsuspecting public, but a lot of things apparently go on in the basement that nobody hears about. The screams of children in extremis are muffled by the sound-proof walls in the underground killing rooms


“A lot of things go on in the basement that nobody hears about.”

Upstairs, as I say, this pizza house is just an ordinary eating joint where your respectable model citizen can pop in and buy a pizza, pasta of various types, cheese sauces galore, interesting hot dogs, and ice cream  topped with walnuts or whatever. Chicken lovers welcome too! However, you have to be careful when ordering in a joint like this because you could get much more than you bargained for. It seems a “chicken lover”, in the coded language of these Satanist guys, means “an adult male homosexual with a taste for little boys.”

Here are a few of these code words apparently used on Deep Web:

Cheese  =  Child
Pizza  =  Little girl
Pasta  =  Little boy
Hotdog  =  Boy
Chicken  =  Young boy
Chicken lover  =  Adult homosexual with a taste for little boys
Ice cream  =  Male prostitute
Sauce  =  Orgy
Walnut  = Person of color
Map  =  Semen
Pillows  =  Drugs
Handkerchief  =  BDSM code; 
different colors have different meanings but black indicates sadomasochism.
Dominos — BDSM domination

How is all this relevant? Well, it appears that Wikileaks has released a lot of emails by people like the Clintons, George Soros, the Podestas, and others in high places, emails in which there are constant and obsessive references to pizza, pasta, ice cream, chicken lovers, hot dogs, walnuts, sauce and maps. Weird, no? You’d think these important guys had other things on their minds than pizza, wouldn’t you? Apparently not. ‘Pizza’ fills their days and ‘pasta’ and ‘sauce’ their nights. 

Here, for example, is a Wikileaks email from Susan Sandler to John Podesta that will get you wondering what’s going on:

SUBJECT: Re, Did you leave a handkerchief?

Hi John:  The realtor found a handkerchief. I think it has a map that seems pizza-related. Is it yorus? They can send it if you want. I know you’re  busy, so feel free not to respond if it’s not yours or you don’t want it. Susaner

John Podesta gets on his keyboard to reply that he’s not too fussed about his handkerchief. “It’s mine,” he admits, “but it’s not worth worrying about.”

I guess quite a few of us, including me, have left our handkerchiefs lying around in various places or dropped our kleenex tissues on the floor without realizing what litter louts we are — but how many of us then start dashing off emails to each other about the subject?

Hey Tom, I may have dropped a kleenex tissue in your apartment last night. If you happen to see it, no need to return. Just bin it, ok? Sorry for the inconvenience, Sarah.

— Sarah: Okeydoke, will do. How about some sauce tonight? Tom

— Nah, I need to buy some pillows badly, see ya tomorrow. Which reminds me, don’t forget to check out the icecream situation! Sarah

Seems a bit weird, to say the least! (Check this out here)

Apparently there are secret passages leading into the pizza parlor, with side entrances and back entrances reserved only for the elite. There are underground rooms with mysterious freezers. What’s in them? I dare not speculate. This could be Texas Chainsaw Massacre country. We hear of “torture chambers” and “kill rooms” and “child-size coffins”. The guy narrating the video sounds like he’s gone batmoon crazy, spitting feathers and almost levitating with rage as he rants on and on about “the ugly world we live in.”

He introduces his video with a prayer to Jesus to protect himself and his family from satanic infiltration, for apparently even discussing this macabre subject in a video could lead to demonic possession unless you’re careful to get divine protection first. Even the viewer of the video is warned to join in the preliminary prayer — or else he could end up in a padded cell being exorcised by Jesuit priests I’m not kidding.

The video shows a rather odd poster on the pizza house wall; not what you’d expect in your average pizza house. This depicts a male adult lying on top of a child in a copulatory position. The missionary position, in fact. Under the child’s bottom a spread handkerchief has been placed, presumably for the reception of the man’s semen. Semen features quite a lot in these Satanic circles. Remember that the code word for semen is “map”.

Not only do these elite Washingtonians apparently keep popping into this pizzeria for regular pizza binges, mostly in the basement, but it seems that both Soros and the Clinton Foundation have made generous “donations” to the pizza house to keep it going and never let it run out of dough — no pun intended.

This is what Hillary Clinton and George Soros reportedly do on a regular basis: finance their favorite pizza house with extraordinarily generous donations. Why? Because they’re crazy pizza fans? Who knows?

Astonishingly, we learn from the video that this “haven for rape and murder” — i.e., the Washington pizza restaurant — features cannibalism. Not content with raping and killing little kids, these evil pervs then eat them!


By the time I’d reached this point in the video, I’d been thoroughly anaesthetized. I’d begun to suffer from catatonic skepticism. “Who are you kidding, mister?” I asked the guy on my computer screen. He was too busy having an epileptic fit to reply. His 42-minute rant left me numb and pole-axed.

Could all this be an elaborate hoax?

It could well be. And what would be the purpose of such a hoax? I can think of many reasons, among which the following four would feature high on my list:

(1) A social engineering experiment by the CIA, the FBI, or other government agencies to test the gullibility of the general public and see how easy it might be to brainwash a population of dumbed-down citizens.

(2) Holding up Christianity to ridicule and contempt—an infamous Talmudic project of long standing—given that Christians are heavily involved in the movement fighting Satanism and ritual child sex abuse. So if and when this turns out to be a hoax, the joke will end up by making Christians in general look a laughingstock. 

(3) A government disinfo campaign to discredit Wikileaks, given that Wikileaks appears to be the main source and authority for these quoted emails.

(4) An excuse to clamp down on the internet and censor free speech, making it impossible to discuss anything freely without surveillance. For example, criminalizing any criticism of Israel or asking any awkward questions about the Holocaust. (See Truth is the new Hate Speech: List of 200 Forbidden Websites that tell the Truth). 

Many analysts believe that Pizzagate is real. Here is ‘Hamish’ on the Henry Makow site:

The Illuminati are in panic mode. More people are recognizing the horrible truth. The world is owned and controlled by devil worshippers who show their devotion by engaging in depraved satanic rituals including murder and pedophilia. The Illuminati and their media are covering this up and saying Pizzagate is ‘fake news’. 

Where do I stand on this? I don’t stand anywhere; I sit on the fence. I am a Pizzagate agnostic, neither believing nor disbelieving. I am tempted to say with Tertullian, Credo quia absurdum — ‘I believe because it is absurd’ — but I won’t.

I don’t want to sound too dismissive and skeptical. There could be something going on here. If you need to know more, read this. There’s a lot of decadence in high places. Some people even throw parties in which satanism and cannibalism are regarded as good clean fun.

Unanswered questions: Where are the child victims of this satanic sex abuse scandal? How come not a single child has come forward to complain about molestation in connection with pizzas? Where are the dead bodies?

Answer: there are no child corpses lying around for the simple reason that the children have been eaten! 

Or have they?

DISCLAIMER. All articles, comments and videos published on this website reflect the views of their original authors and in no way necessarily mirror the outlook of anyone associated with this website.  


Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

104 thoughts to “Pizzagate: Satanic Sex and Pedophilia in High Places”

  1. Most of these satanic abuse scares turn out to be smear/fantasy/hysteria/malice, where the people reporting on it are the real villains. I am not a fan of the Clintons but I don’t think they would even think about being involved in the evils described.

    Ths sort of thing may occur but is very rare and usually involves evil weirdo psycopaths. This story has all the hallmarks of a witch-hunt.

    1. “…This sort of thing may occur but is very rare and usually involves evil weirdo psycopaths. This story has all the hallmarks of a witch-hunt…”

      The Clintons are “evil wierdo psychopaths” just like many other members of the elite, and as such they should be hunted like witches.

      BTW, are you the John Kirby, spokesperson for the U.S. State Department, I mean that clumsy fool who cannot lie convincingly :

      1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        TO JOHN KIRBY: BTW, are you the John Kirby, spokesperson for the U.S. State Department, I mean that clumsy fool who cannot lie convincingly.

        I doubt it. ‘John Kirby’ is a pretty common name. And “our” John Kirby has been a regular poster on this site for several months now and made quite a few excellent comments here. I think he is making a valid point: that however horrible and sexually perverted the Clintons might be, it is counterproductive to attempt to smear them prematurely by association with involvement in this Pizzagate scandal.

        If Pizzagate turns out to be a hoax, the Clintons could then turn round and say: “Look, we were the victims of a witch hunt!”

        That’s why we need to step warily in regard to Pizzagate which has many of the bizarre features of a possible hoax. I’m not saying Pizzagate is a hoax, I’m saying it is a “possible hoax.” A certain skepticism at this stage will do no harm.

      2. @Sardonicus

        Sorry about my “John Kirby” mistake.

        Well, Pizzagate might be a hoax, but nobody doubts the validity of the Wikileaks and following message makes no sense if taken literally :

        SUBJECT: Re, Did you leave a handkerchief?

        Hi John: The realtor found a handkerchief. I think it has a map that seems pizza-related. Is it yorus? They can send it if you want. I know you’re busy, so feel free not to respond if it’s not yours or you don’t want it. Susaner.

        What on earth is a “handkerchief with a map that is pizza-related” ? But if you properly “translate” these code-words, you get : “The realtor found a handkerchief with semen that is related to (sex with) a little girl“. In other words monster Podesta has raped a little girl and ejaculated on a handkerchief, and then we are really talking about a “Pizzagate”.

      3. Franklin,

        I agree with you absolutely that something “fishy” is going. That email relating to John Podesta’s “handkerchief”, as you point out correctly, makes no sense at all if interpreted literally. It only makes sense in coded language.

        Someone, somewhere, in the bowels of some intelligence agency, is mind-f***ing us. That’s what I am inclined to believe. The public are being used as guinea pigs in some kind of social engineering experiment.

        To quote the Darkmoon article, this could be:

        “. . . a social engineering experiment by the CIA, the FBI, or other government agencies to test the gullibility of the general public and see how easy it might be to brainwash a population of dumbed-down citizens.”

      4. @Sardonicus

        If it were only an experiment of the CIA to “test the gullibility of the general public”, they would have chosen a story that has less real aspects to it that are a threat to the elite. Consider : the Wikileaks are real, the bizarre paintings in Podesta’s house and the pizzeria are real, reports of other pedophile rings all over the world keep on coming up, and some have been proven real (Jimmy Savile, Jeffrey Epstein etc.) You don’t invent a hoax that is a real threat to you.

      5. Hi Franklin,
        Apology accepted. No,I am not the white House John Kiirby. I wish I had his salary and pension.

        Over the years we have seen a few of these sort of scares and they all turn out to be false. I know that there are some rare people who are absolutely evil and anything is possible, but when a large number are accused of what is really the most horrible crime you have to ask what are the chances of it happening.

      6. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        You are correct.

        “(1) A social engineering experiment by the CIA, the FBI, or other government agencies to test the gullibility of the general public and see how easy it might be to brainwash a population of dumbed-down citizens.”

        No need for this reason since they have already proven many times over that they can brainwash gullible citizens. They done it with the fake Holocaust, the fake moon landing, fake money, the jews are God’s chosen people, etc. with the list almost unending to the point where most everything that people believe is a lie.

        In my opinion, people have reservations about the extent of depravity addressed by Pizzagate because they underestimate pure evil. Evil has no moral boundaries when it comes to murder. Murdering children is the ultimate high for evil because it destroys the Heavenly Father’s innocents before they get a chance to pick a side between good and evil.

        Most have never heard of those elite that want blood transfusions from young people in a quest to live longer. The jewish founder of Paypal, I forget his name, is one that has an interest in this very thing. Others actually practice this. No one, as I remember, ever asks the wrong question as to where these young blood supplies come from.

        As far as smearing the Clintons, when crap is smeared, it’s still crap. The Clinton body count list does include children, the boys on the railroad tracks outside of Mena. Going a step or two beyond is certainly reasonable.

        Ever since “spirit cooking” broke on the net in the first week of November followed immediately by Pizzagate, I have been following as many investigators as I can reasonable can. I would not even try to guess the number of hours I have spent watching videos and reading articles on the topic. There are many videos and articles that have unfounded assumptions and convenient excuses for why it is a psyop , but the rational ones do connect dots reasonably making it unreasonable to not believe that Pizzagate is legitimate.

        One sure way to know that Pizzagate is true is the known lying mainstream media’s reaction to it. They call it fake news. Logically, when a known liar says that something is not true, it must be true.

      7. This has all happened before, please research the Marc Dutroux case in Belgium. This case went to to the very top of the Belgian establishment and almost brought the government down when hundreds of thousands took to the street.
        Also there was plenty of hard evidence for that one.
        They always play out the same way, cover ups, strange deaths, investigators suddenly spinning 180, strange mansions, satanic trappings etc etc.
        I could continue, Jimmy saville, Ted heath, Franklin cover up, Fred West and on and on
        they all end up down the memory hole !……… take a peek, these are the people that run you. And this is one of their control centres.

      8. I’m surprised Darkmoon questions the veracity of pizza gate and its adherents, after what we know about pedo rings in British government, Hollywood and elsewhere…

        Watch the movies, ‘Trade’ with Kevin Kline, and ‘The Lost Son’ with Nastassia Kinski. In the latter, the child victims inventory is referred to as ‘puppies’, not pizza sauce or cheese. I hope this scandal will put the pizza industry out of business.

        Of course, the child victims are immigrants from Mexico and Central America–oh, Darkmoon, Brazil has hordes of puppies and cheese sauce starving on the streets, and used in snuff movies and tortured and abused….

        After what Hillary did at the DNC convention, paid off Sanders to run against her, what democrats have done to this country Darkmoon, you have doubts what the ‘elite’ can do?

        1. @ Sinclair

          You make the mistake of conflating “Pizzagate” with all the other cases of authenticated pedophilia. Just because we are cautious about “Pizzagate”, neither believing nor disbelieving in “Pizzagate” at this stage, does not mean we are equally skeptical about all the OTHER cases of pedophilia you mention.

          Just because we are doubtful about “X” does not mean we are also doubtful about “Y” and “Z”. How can you make such a logical error?

          1. Lots of pedopilia is going on ― thousands of authenticated cases every year — and so there is all the more reason to separate the wheat from the chaff, i.e., the fake cases from the authentic cases. We have NOT said “Pizzagate” is a fake case. Nowhere have we said that. All we have said is that we don’t know if Pizzagate is authentic and wish to sit on the fence and maintain neutrality for the time being. What’s wrong with that? This does not prevent you from believing in Pizzagate’s authenticity if you wish.

            Nothing wrong with agnosticism, is there? Why force us to believe before we are ready?

  2. Pizzagate is reminiscent of Brice Taylors’ and Cathy O’briens’ over-the-top, borderline corny sex slave exposes. Effective disinformation is never an absolute lie, it’s purpose being to confuse validity, mixing truth and deception to obfuscate the two. The closer it comes to the truth the more effective it is, so that the entire tale, even the legitimate parts, discredits good research, throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

    1. Well said, Karen. Beautifully put! I think you have hit the nail on the head, especially this bit:

      Effective disinformation is never an absolute lie, its purpose being to confuse validity, mixing truth and deception to obfuscate the two. The closer it comes to the truth the more effective it is.

    2. Funnily enough O’brien called out the Clintons and quite a few neocons when she was pushed out there into the lamestream, though I concede some of her story was beyond incoherent some of it seems to be panning out now, Clinton being a lesbian before we knew about lolita express with (((Epstein))) and slick Willy.
      MK Ultra was very real and rather than muddying the waters I posit that her story is perhaps more damage limitation (look into her handlers) the lid was coming off this type of stuff in the 90’s.
      Also I feel your comment is pointless and unhelpful, is ‘over the top and corny’ ‘close to the truth’ and if not how would you discern the legitimate parts ?
      Research is neither good nor bad it is the conclusion drawn from such data that is important.

  3. I am an ‘agnostic’ here as well…however….

    This article was written in 2007… more than 9 years ago :

    800,000 Missing Kids? Really?

    Making sense of child abduction statistics.

    “Two boys abducted in Missouri were found in a St. Louis suburb last Friday, in the home of a pizza shop employee. One had been missing for less than a week, the other for more than four years. News reports cited a statistic that 800,000 children disappear every year—or about 2,000 a day. Seriously? How reliable are these numbers?”

    Four years… in the home of a pizza shop employee…??

    Could this – from Slate – have been the spark used for “Pizzagate” disinfo today..???

    1. i think i told this story at least twice already: in about 1989-90, the wife and i took our son and his best friend (they would have been between 4 and 6 then) to disneyland in orlando for a week or so.
      A woman neighbor in toronto warned me that she heard in her office that many young boys are kidnapped in disneyland all the time and that there is a high premium on young boys, around $60k, which back then was a fair bit.

      Tho i didn’t quite believe it, figuring how is it possible to steal kids in an enclosed, secure environment with all the cameras and guards, i nevertheless kept an eagle eye on the little guys so much that i hardly recall anything else, i was so paranoid.
      For example, one kid developed fear of many rides (a stage in growth) while the other insisted on hitting every ride in sight, so they couldn’t be kept together all the time, one falls asleep in my arms while the other wants to scoot around, endless lineups for rides and restrooms, etc … a logistic nightmare.

      now i have a pretty good idea of what it was all about, I shudder at what might have been …

      1. Yep. Orlando is close to Atlanta… relatively… It is 6 hours due north of Orlando on I-75 by car.

        Atlanta is known to be a center for child sex slave trafficking and has one of the highest of such activity rates in the country.

      2. and i distinctly remember seeing direct flights to tel aviv from hartsfield, rabbis crowding the lounges with their black hats, braids and devil-books … like that old song, shin bone is connected to the knee bone, is connected to the thigh bone …

  4. This statement is nonsensical if it is suggesting causality…

    He compensated for his by adding live entertainment. Soon the business was flourishing and James Alefantis was nominated by GQ magazine as the 49th most powerful person in Washington DC.

    You don’t become a “powerful person” by owning pizza joint.

    1. @ Flopot

      There is no suggestion of causality. The statement that James Alefantis founded a humble pizza shop in 2006 in Washington DC comes from Wikipedia. Which then goes on to state that the pizzeria became very successful and trendy owing to its vicinity to the White House. So much so that its owner, James Alefantis, was nominated by GQ magazine as the 49th most powerful person in Washington.

      That has to be a joke of course. How does the editor of GQ magazine decide who the 50 sexiest women in the world are? I’ll tell you. He checks out Google Images in his lunch hour. 🙂

  5. GQ Names José Andrés, James Alefantis Among Most Powerful People in Washington

    –-Then, coming in at #49, Alefantis makes the list as both a “restaurateur and bon vivant” thanks to the “liberal twentysomethings in khakis” who eat at Comet Ping Pong and the “[m]ore established progressives” who flock to Buck’s Fishing & Camping.
    Also, “If you don’t know him, you aren’t wearing your scarf right.” Well OK then.—


    Buck’s Fishing & Camping:

    5031 Connecticut Ave NW Washington DC 20008

  6. The Wikipedia quote is correct in stating that the “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory hit the headlines only recently; but one of the main actors was already being accused years ago…

    The latest interesting piece of circumstantially incriminating evidence to surface is an Andrew Breitbart statement made on Twitter dated back on February 4th, 2011:

    How prog-guru John Podesta isn’t household name as world class underage sex slave op cover-upper defending unspeakable dregs escapes me

    Perhaps such dangerously true revelations is what got 43-year old Andrew likely murdered one year later.

    This might suggest that “Pizzagate” as a Psyop was in the planning for years; or that it really is a nightmarish scandal only now reaching a mass audience. Don’t forget that the MSM is trying to bury this story using the “fake news” meme; or perhaps “Pizzagate” was created to push the “fake news” narrative.

    Without any genuine whistle-blowers coming forward it is wiser to stay sceptical.

    1. @ Flopot

      Since the participants like the depravity, no one should expect anyone of them to develop a moral conscious until a real investigation is in progress and then, only to save they own butt. To become a whistleblower on this type activity without the protection of law enforcement would lead to termination. Murder is their norm.

      1. @UNGENIUS

        That rings true. I suspect it will be like the UK’s Jimmy Savile scandal. Those revelations briefly exposed the depravity of the UK elite before a piece of play-acting on the MSM shut down any further discussion. A TV presenter accidentally-on-purpose displayed a list of suspects during an interview with the then Prime Minister, David Cameron. The UK establishment and MSM then kicked-off a storm about witch-hunting and conspiracy theories. The whole debate was shut down.

        That was the only time in my life I saw ordinary posters on MSM sites (think Yahoo) openly contemplating that their vaunted elites were all creepy, black-mailed child abusers. This inevitably led to speculation about who was doing the blackmailing and, shock, did this mean the rumours about Satanism were true aswell.

        This all ended after the MSM stunt with Cameron. In my humble, non-evidence based opinion 😛

        PS That is why that crisis actor walked into Comet S**t-Hole with a gun: to silence the speculation. I don’t mean the gunman intentionally walked in there to shoot a guy called Mr Speculate 😉 I mean he was a stunt to make the Comet S**t Hole owner look like a victim…

        “Aw poor Mr I-Like-Children” Seriously. If you squint your eyes and think in French, the dude’s name might just read “I like children”.

  7. I am inclined to think that much of it is true, as much as skepticism is a safer option.
    Let’s just stick with the facts, here is another email, just as mangy as the exchange between podesta and Big jew org, sandler Foundation that purports to hand out money and candy to disadvantaged kids.
    Does everyone know about STRATFOR?
    it is a Mossad shop that disseminates cooked up intel to CIA, White House and fortune 500 corps.
    Netanyahu is one of their agents.
    so when Stratfor drools for some gangbang pizza, pay attention.
    (Stratfor is based in Austin TX, some ways from Comet Ping Pong … but the boys like pizza …)

    From: Robin Blackburn [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Thursday, August 02, 2007 9:42 AM
    To: Chris Douglas
    Cc: [email protected]
    Subject: Re: headcount for pizza

    Does the pizza offer include those of us who can’t make the meeting because
    we’re out here editing? ‘Cos if so, count me in.

    This e-mail is COLOR-CODED IN BLACK AND WHITE and will combust in 30

    Chris Douglas wrote:
    > Headcount!
    > Who all is in the Austin office today who is going to want PIZZA? WE

    > Simply send a single response, filed, COLOR-CODED, double-sided and
    > appropriately labeled, signed in triplicate and set on fire.

    Tell me that it is just an innocent email, 30 Stratfor (((guys))) who like pizza so much that they will fly out of Austin to DC to SHARE A SINGLE PIZZA SLICE.
    Does the word “slice” have a bad sound, a TX chainsaw sound or am I jumping at the shadows?

    Moreover, one of the senders in the mail chain is Fred Burton, the direct link to Netanyahu (read that other article in businessinsider I linked above).

    Also … double-checked with Bosnian friend … one of the lynchpins of this satanic coven is Serbian Jewess Marina Abramovich, the sinister “performer artist” and I am told that in Serb slang, pizza=vagina, in fact goes way back before they even knew of the Italian street food.
    So check that coding table.
    Yeah, slice it real thin.

    1. ugh, and wasn’t the carving and slicing of Bosnia happening on the Clinton watch?
      all those rape camps, color coded no doubt as to who survives and which ones get snuffed?

      our great canadian hero, general lewis Mackenzie headed the UN peacekeeping mission and was identified by an arrested camp guard as having been a frequent visitor … the UN records of Mackenzie’s comings+goings are “unfortunately” missing, AWOL, so sorry, cannot confirm but we can bury.

      In a letter to the Bosnian president dated Dec. 3, 1992, Bisic cited the eyewitness testimony of a Serbian guard who had worked at the camp, known as Kod Sonje. The guard claimed he saw MacKenzie and several escorts arrive in a military transport vehicle with the UN insignia. The eyewitness claimed guards were then ordered to release four Bosnian Muslim women prisoners to MacKenzie. According to the prosecutor’s complaint, the women were later murdered by camp guards under orders to “erase evidence” of this “unusual gift.”

      “Kod Sonje” means “At Sonia’s”, presumably the brothel keeper at the camp.

      a popular dish, innit, who knows whether Hillary developed taste for that cousine back then.

      1. Lobro,

        You are right to believe it, I am telling you and everybody else here, these things ARE really happening. World wide.

        I’ve got one name for you all. You can look up the very REAL case named after him and study it. Where do you think all these children ended up?

        Marc Dutroux

    2. Lobro, I have no idea who these emails are from and do not recognize the names. But it looks like office humor to me. Not saying it is particularly funny but anyone working in an office knows that the big thing is talking about food. Can’t really discuss politics, religion, etc. So the entire common denominator among workers is that we all eat. Maybe the email about the one slice left was from a brown noser who wanted to let the boss know how great he or she was to provide the pizza.

    3. “Tell me that it is just an innocent email …”


      To me that email reads like sarcasm regarding office tasks and politics, especially this part:

      “Simply send a single response, filed, COLOR-CODED, double-sided and appropriately labeled, signed in triplicate and set on fire.”

      I suspect if the author was 10 or 15 years older, he would have added: “do not mutilate, fold, bend, or staple”, a common admonishment printed on the portion of paper bills to be returned with payment, from a time when people paid their bills by mail with checks.

  8. to investigate this pizza joint , I would start by examining the monthly water bills for at least the past 5 years .

  9. **Here’s why NO ONE comes forward….

    Former Georgia State Senator, Nancy Schaeffer, was murdered as she was exposing child sex slavery….. and abuses in Child Protective Services in her state and the nation.

    The strange death of Nancy Schaefer

    8. Nancy was dedicated, as a national leader, to help needy people overcome abuse within Child Protective Services organizations;

    9. Nancy was actively exposing corruption within the Department of Family & Child Services (DFCS) including actions by the DFCS director in the county where she lived.

    10. Nancy knew that she was needed in the fight against child sex slave trafficking in Atlanta which has one of the highest activity rates in the country;

    11. Bruce was highly supportive of Nancy’s work for decades and would have little or no reason to suddenly try to kill her at such a critical juncture in her career.

    Specifically in Georgia, former Senator Nancy Schaefer had found during the last few years that:

    · DFCS in Georgia housed children in a foster home with a known pedophile who molested
    the children.

    · DFCS in Habersham County failed to remove six children from a home where they are being abused and tortured.

    · DFCS in Georgia turned two girls over to a California father who had a pornographic video business.

    A report that Nancy Schaefer produced on these remarkable cases can be found here:

    From the legislative desk of Senator Nancy Schaefer 50th District of Georgia

    November 16, 2007



    Senator Nancy Schaefer: Did her Fight Against CPS Child Kidnapping Cause her Murder?

  10. This case reminds me of the Allègre case in 2002, a serial killer. His trial revealed a vast criminal network involving influential personality, like Dominique Baudis, the Mayor of Toulouse and Judge Roche. Several testimonies described late night parties where people, including handicapped children, were tortured and put to death by public figures. The scandal was avoided until the mysterious death of Judge Roche after he had confessed to his children who were then harassed by the justice. Here is the sick testimony of the children. I wonder where they are now.

    Strangely, the successor of Baudis in Toulouse was Douste-Blazy, the ex-minister who was caught in Marrakech during a partouze with children. The scandal was smothered up despite another minister accusing him on national TV. He is now a candidate for WMO presidency and is currently suspected of having bankrolled the Clinton foundation with French tax money.
    He got the look.
    But who cares about DB the pizzagate needs a Hollywood star.
    Come on, Robert de Niro, the anti-Trump cry baby, with Marina Abramovic for Spirit Cooking, it should be a hush-hush.
    Robert de Niro name was mentioned in the Baudis/Allègre case, I kid you not. It wasn’t the first time for De Niro.

    1. Here is the Belgium deputy Laurent Louis about State pedophilia.
      The Dutroux case, what you gonna do. The European socialists look like US democrats, they are very liberal. Jack Lang ex-minister of culture, president of the arab world institute and fan of Marrakech once declared that child sexuality was an unknown territory. He was publicly accused by Holleindre of being involved in the pedophile case Coral where a child was found dead OD the head in a bucket of shit.
      Holleindre was never arrested or sued for defamation as he requested. I am sure he is right about one thing though, a part of the world that allows such things to happen is condemned to death sooner or later.

      1. Belgium and the Worst Possible News for the Church

        July 6, 2010

        Cardinal Godfried Daneels and Marc Dutroux:

        When they searched retired Cardinal Danneels’ residence, Belgian police discovered confidential court records on the Dutroux murder-pedophile case. Church officials claim to be completely unaware of the existence of such files.The files contain hundreds of pictures of the corpses of the murdered girls and of the cells in which they were kept.
        It is hard to imagine why Cardinal Danneels had such files all, and in particular why he kept them in his home.
        The Marc Dutroux case was one of the most explosive criminal cases in post-war Europe. It reads like the script from a horror movie.
        Allegations, never totally answered, circulated that the pedophilia ring extended very high indeed in Belgian society, and that the Belgian government stymied the investigation  to protect higher-ups.

    1. @ Musimann

      Well I spent an hour writing a comment and your system dumped it. Not gonna write it again.

      No, that is incorrect. If you had posted us a comment correctly, it would have entered our system. No comment from you can be found anywhere in our system, including in spam or trash.

  11. It doesn’t matter how real it all seems — without a survivor/whistle blower, then it means nothing. A lawyer will probably suggest that a lot of modern art is deviant; that the pizza references are either mere food references or sarcastic in-jokes amongst busy people who know they rely on too much fast food; that there is no secret code that child abusers use etc…

    That is how they will bury the story unless someone speaks out (and survives!). Remember how the 9/11 debunkers calmly stated that “pull it” is not a demolition term and then proceeded to quote “engineers” who “stated” that they had never heard that word used with regards to demolishing buildings.

    I predict the Podesta brothers will resurface once a debunking script is in place. That or they’re already dead.

  12. Paraphrasing what Groucho was want to say, “If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck and squawks like a duck don’t be fooled, it really IS a duck.”

    Also, don’t dismiss Cathy O’Brian’s book “The Transformation of America”. Read it.

    1. The book is called “The Tranceformation of America” with a pun on the word “trance”.

  13. Child abuse is old news, Deep Underground Bases (Dulce, Area 51 and others) where ETs and humans work together in secret projects is old news, secret Humans/ETs joint treaties (1954 under Eisenhower) is old news…This is the real world, the world where the destiny of the human race is toyed with by traitors and aliens.
    I’m afraid you’ve been stuck with the fake world of orchestrated theatrical scenes where clowns are raised to “the rank” of President and crammed with exotic, prohibited, insane leisure then subjected to blackmail.
    Gullible people elect gullible President. But the gullible President will soon be initiated to the real world: the world of dark, unstoppable powers, secret treaties, unconstitutional projects and unlawful agreements.
    I don’t know if Trump has already been briefed about THE real world but I bet he’d be shocked: His first reaction would be to resign, but then he’d have to justify the unjustifiable towards his electorate.I think he’ll end up chasing after wind mills (Muslims, Mexicans,Iranians…) and turning a blind eye to the forbidden insuperable issues.
    Do your research.

    1. Trump seems to be pretty ignorant about the real world, the knowledge of which can only be gained from “alternative” sources. For example, he thinks Muslims did 9/11 and he believes thousands of them were seen dancing in the streets. I don’t think he has done much of reading and I don’t think he has a very high IQ.

      1. Franklin –

        “I don’t think he has a very high IQ.”

        I agree. His success came from his daddy’s success and connections with Pharisee-Jew Bankers and mobsters over the decades.

        He is a rich ‘front-man’ for the system. A useful ‘carnie’ for show as well.

        None of his claims will come to pass. Especially the wall… 🙂

        He is no strategist. He follows.

  14. Sista Monica must be in a Trance, TOTALLY, as she just learned the other day she’s going to Win 10 million dollars and go on a Super-Luxurious Cruise around the world, something only THE TOP ONE PERCENT GET TO DO! Sista is in such a Trance state right now she’s TOTALLY oblivious to her duties in the ADMIN office, like Oh, like checking the Spam folder every once in awhile and releasing the posts I send her and putting my posts up on the commentary board. I’m supposed to, as per The Agreement, have 3 of my posts released from Spam every day and put on the commentary board, but ditz head is in such a Trance over the 10 million bucks and The Cruise, she’s TOO light-headed to think clearly, or think fairly and keep The Agreement, that’s TOO much to ask of a ditz head in a Trance, to actually keep An Agreement.

  15. wikipedia censors its content to protect the jewish power structure. it qualifies as a conspiracy itself.
    noting new about this pedo stuff, whether this episode actually true or not, and i’m betting it is.
    you remember reputed slave kathy obrien and her book ‘tranceformation of america’, wherein she describes al gore raping children on his desk in the white house. is that even possible?
    well, al gore is a blood drinker. he carried vials of it with him on the campaign trail with bill. so said the media, al was a hemophelliac at the time.
    and, if there really is a tunnel underneath the white house leading to camp king david and way elsewhere then that would make the victim delivery and disposal system work.
    jim keith wrote several books on the underground complex, before he was killed ‘by accident’ in the va hospital in reno..
    the nationwide underground complex is real. you can bet on that. what goes on down there? probably every hideous atrocity you can imagine, because there is no sunlight accountability.
    the pizza guy was just attaching his surface sidewalk opening to an existing phenomenon, as it grew.
    go to rense and find the composite drawings of podesta, weiner and the ping pong brothers, made by survivors.. are those real? we can only guess.
    this while pederast protection legislation is being written. after all, state murder is now legal under the ndaa.
    as criminal activity goes – plenty of criminals are apprehended eventually because they became too complacent, having gotten away with whatever was their crime for so long. in this case it’s a culture.
    the art work should make it plain enough for anybody who might care to know. most people don’t want to.
    it is the nature of the security state power structure that its principals remain unaccountable to the common law. diplomatic immunity and all that.
    killing innocents, even en masse, is every-day stuff for them. so what’s a little rape, murder and cannabalism?
    try to remember – the higher-ups in all those alphabet soup federal agencies of protection and control are dedicated to protecting the global power pyramid only. they really don’t work directly for you and me.
    of course senator nancy shaefer was rubbed out for getting too close and threatening the power structure. so was sonny bono, general patton, admiral borda, rudolf diesel, bobby kennedy, hale boggs, jack ruby, stan meyer, tom ogle, brittany murphy. phil marshall, two teenagers on the railroad tracks in arkansas, etc..
    the state of georgia comes up a lot here. i happens to be the location of the center for disease control. that’s a very dubious title for a big-pharma corporation (you thought it was a branch of the government?), which has been maintaining cancer and diabetes now as billion dollar cash cows for decades and is currently increasing the autism rate among children by vaccine injury, to the extent that in another decade or so all children in the usa will be autistic. of course there are different vaccines, if any, for the controllers.
    is trump a pedophile too? i doubt it. is he a jew puppet? it sure looks like it, but not always.
    if pizza gate is true will the justice department ever expose it all and jail everybody involved? not unless we have a total turnover of the commercial media and all new leadership in washington dc.
    is trump the start of that? i doubt it. first thing he said at his acceptance speech – “it’s complicated”…

    1. Yep –

      I hated it when they killed Sonny Bono for wanting Waco answers. He didn’t know who he was messing with.

      They shut up Hale Boggs’s daughter too. They gave her a MSM career position instead of death. Mary Martha Corinne Morrison Claiborne Boggs…. aka… Cokie Roberts..!! 🙂

  16. Was the mysterious death of Andrew Breitbart connected with his investigation of Pizzagate in 2012?

    So if this is all a psyop, it has been in the works for over 5 years; it also required Breitbart’s death; the death of his coroner; and the disappearance of the only witness. And all to lend credence to a “Pizzagate” scandal that is scripted to break out in 2016? 9/11 was easier to fake 😀 Cruise missiles; crude video graphics layered over delayed live feeds; demolish the towers. But this…

  17. I haven’t watched the video but I have watched dozens of videos on “pizza gate”, and read dozens of articles. Is it fake or not fake? I think basically there may be fake elements, maybe the twitter friends of James Alifante with all the gruesome photos. No question about the fact, though, that Tony and John Podesta are perverts, that their art is grotesque, that they have been friends with convicted pedophiles, that John Podesta used people associated with political blackmail to disrupt Trump rallies, that they are lobbyists at the very heart of Washington corruption. These are the people who create the swamp that Trump wants to drain.

    The dumping of the wikileak emails that contained the pedophile language was random It just so happened that the Wikileaks e-mail dump contained the pedophile language of “pizza”, “cheese pizza” “hot dog” “handkerchief”, etc. etc. The twitter correspondence and the friends may have thought no one would ever figure it out and so they were having fun with it. After it broke then the Hollywood rock star chicks singing about pizza and ping pong became meaningful. The relationship of Maria Abramovic with stars, the knowledge of spirit cooking parts, etc. became part of the known culture, known not just to the elites but to everyone paying attention. What is more perverted: Spirit cooking and cutting yourself, or collecting art portraying ritual murders and dead children. Plus there is the link with Andrew Breitbart when he said on camerain 2011 that John Podesta is involved in pedophile rings. Later he is murdered, then the coroner who said he was murdered is murdered. To be accurate, he was supposedly not murdered but what else could have happened. He is young, vibrant healthy man, walks out into the street after meeting friends, and drops dead from a heart attack. The coroner says he was poisoned and then the coroner dies. The case seems to be dropped. This perverted scene is like a boat that has sprung a lot of leaks and it is going to sink. I heard the the case of Madeleine Mccann has been reopened. Did John and Tony Podesta kidnap Madeleine Mccann. I basically believe most of pizza gate and it has made me despise these sorts of people more than before.

  18. yeah, way too many murdered associates for this to be just a fake news distraction. pizza gate is real ok. and it’s just the tip of a very big sub-surface iceberg, which became visible on the dc sidewalk.
    the elite still haven’t figured out the web media phenomenon. they’ve been cruising along inside their protected media beltway bubble since the beginning. they got away will killing jfk and they’ve been at it ever since, as their rotten little empire of depravity grew and grew.
    but now the internet is beginning to manifest the real change.
    pat – i think cokie roberts is the daughter of jay roberts (that’s gotta be a jew name), who was one of the warren commission lawyers alongside the brazen idiot arlan spetre when they came up with the magic bullet theory, no?

    1. Bark –

      NO..!! Not her father.

      I found this out in the 70s.

      Mary Martha Corinne Morrison Claiborne Boggs…. IS… Cokie Roberts..!! 🙂

      Cokie Roberts Recalls Search For Father’s Missing Plane In 1972

      Roberts’ father, Rep. Hale Boggs (D-La.), disappeared in a plane crash in 1972. Boggs, who was House majority leader at the time, was presumed dead and has never been found. During Sunday’s “This Week” roundtable, co-host Martha Raddatz told Roberts that with the current investigation into Flight 370, “we all thought of you and your family.”

      Boggs wanted to re-open Warren Commission on JFK.

  19. Looks like a Japanese professional is weighing in on Pizzagate. Although it is a little long, it is a decent article that covers quite a bit.

    PizzaGate Is A Giant Step For Investigative Journalism
    By Yoichi Shimatsu

    “Yoichi Shimatsu was the editor in charge of a team of investigative journalists probing the Aum Shinrikyo cult in the wake of the Tokyo subway gassing, and later fought against high-ranking American pedophiles who violated subteen children and produced explicit kiddie porn in Cambodia.”

  20. There is probably a grain of truth to this video. However, the presenter was too emotional, too verbose and repetitive. He could have presented this video in 5 minutes. As the private eyes say, “Just the facts Maam”. In my time as a cop, I’ve seen some horrifying things, including snuff videos. But because an event is horrifying, it is no excuse for not remaining, as the phlegmatic Englishman of old would say, “cool, calm and collected”. The gentleman narrating this video was anything but. This is an unfortunate trend I’ve noticed in recent years, particularly amongst the young, the increase in hysteria, which they mistakenly call being passionate about something. Quite frankly, the narrator came across as a raving hysteric. Most definitely a useless witness.

    1. i agree entirely, Felix. I noticed the same development over time, decibels over content, writhing and arm flapping, flashing gangland hand signs because people, even the supposedly educated ones can no longer express themselves coherently, it is all various dialects of the global ebonics (etymology: ebola of language, i guess).

      And again, it is jew’s work, hysteria is easily controlled by a system of dams and irrigation ditches, quite predictable and ultimately harmless if one anticipates the next moment.

      this is why i would recommend to everyone, when quoting a headline to omit the usual prefix of “Breaking!
      Nothing is breaking because it is broken already.

      there are now terrabytes of pizzagate verbiage online, i guess some of it is well thought out.
      This one was first pointed out by someone (Flopot or 1138, can’t remember but whoever it is deserves the full credit) and it takes that level headed approach.
      (correction, it was MachtNicht’s link, pictures here)

      Also, kapoore is great as always, because she highlights the fact that Devil has seemingly made his HQ in America because it all spews from there, what seems like sickeningly bizarre to us is already well entrenched there and accepted, ready to ship to the world, another fine product of pop culture, “Yo Debil, take me, make me your dawg, i too wanna be cool!” cry the dregs.
      But what does Devil care for the dregs (i go back to one of the utterances by one of the demons, who on the whole made the most profound and memorable statements in Malachi Martin’s book):

      “. . . round and fat and red and black and male and female and what they do or smell like or walk like or do like, pygmy humans . . . names, what names? … a breath of little lungs . . . it’s what we do, we are . . . millions if you count the wills, the minds, infinite if you weigh the hatings, the living hatings . . . one above the other, no one is all, all are under one, some so near the Daring One they have intelligence only the High Enemy can match, some so low they are turds, the shards, the lumps beneath his heel, the dust between his toes . . . and loving it all, all the degradation . . . anything to disfigure beauty.”

      This is exactly what you have with Pizzagate and all this putrid jew performance art.

      Pygmy humans, so low they are turds, the shards, the lumps beneath his heel, the dust between his toes, . . . and loving it all, all the degradation . . . anything to disfigure beauty.
      Beautifully put, Mr Devil, that is all they are if you don’t believe it, just look at their waxy faces, their blank eyes in those pictures.

      1. Lobro –

        “..the fact that Devil has seemingly made his HQ in America because it all spews from there,..”

        “because it all spews from there” is your invention. It is not fact.

        King James was torturing women devils and killing them in Scotland – by the hundreds – before America was founded.

        The Vatican Popes wrote the Discovery Doctrines which legitimized and established the “Discovery” of America….the place you call Devil’s HQ..!!

        London is still the HQ for horrific financial control.

        America is the recipient of European “spewing” of the horrors committed there.

        Be careful of your inventions….. this one has gotten out of control… 🙂

      2. Pat, it all spews from the USA at present, i guess i should have qualified.
        There is no dilemma about it, Jews have made America their factory of pop culture, mass entertainment, depraved art and fashion as well as what passes for intellectualism – to be exported across the world.
        Also, for the sake of precision: it comes FROM America but CREATED BY Jews, so i am not blaming America, just like I am not blaming Hong Kong for Hong Kong flue.

        All this gangland culture of filthy-mouthed violence, derision, hate, narcissism, the illuminati signs and symbolism, it is spreading outwards like Fukushima radiation.

        This is what i meant, nothing more and nobody can deny it.

        Going back centuries to make a hasty claim based on “common knowledge” is a guaranteed fail, because the so-called common knowledge is engineered by jew, every word and image and ground into our brains unawares, so that anything presented as common knowledge is a 100% guaranteed lie.
        Unless you did the due diligence properly sourced and verified, can footnote and reference it on request, don’t even go there.
        I am not saying I know but at least i know what I don’t know – i am aware of the limits of where my knowledge stops and ignorance begins.
        This is very important to any truth hunter, you don’t hunt elephants without checking whether the gun is loaded with live ammo.

        So, if you got verifiable sources for King James, fine but I never heard of that.
        the Discovery Doctrine is quite a bit more complex than that, I think darrell or Phil referred to it, something about how as lineal heirs of the Christ’s workload, they were obliged to carry his word to the ends of the world in order to save souls wherever possible – that was the written spirit, tho the political reality may have been different, i am not disputing it nor care to discuss it because i have neither time nor interest in researching it.

      3. Lobro –

        “So, if you got verifiable sources for King James, fine but I never heard of that.”

        I am glad to help with educating you with facts from Scotland. 🙂

        North Berwick witch trials in 1590.

        King James approved horrendous torture for the accused. Agnes Sampson, whom the king questioned at Holyrood Palace, was fastened to the wall of her cell by a witch’s bridle. That torture device was made of iron and had four sharp prongs that were forced into her mouth. Two prongs were forced against her tongue while the other two were forced against her cheeks. She was later strangled and burned as a witch.

        The North Berwick witch hunt remains infamous to this day. The trials, beginning in 1590, took two years. But those trials were not the last in Scotland. King James’ 1597 book, Demonology, became a guide for future Scottish witch hunts.

        From 1590 to 1690, about 3,400 people were burned as witches in Scotland.

        Newes from Scotland is the earliest tract on Scottish witchcraft. It claims to give a true account of a famous trial of alleged witches in North Berwick which had far reaching effects due to the fact that King James VI himself played a prominent part in it, giving credence to the existence of witchcraft and setting the standard for later trials.

         Agnes Tompson’s confession was a highly colourful story which detailed a coven with as many as 200 other witches that had met the devil in the kirk of North Berwick and how he had instructed them to use spells and throw a dead cat into the sea to create a great storm which was intended to waylay King James’ ship as he travelled back from Denmark with his fiancee, Anne. Apparently the Devil had told the witches that the king is the greatest enemie hee hath in the world.

        An interesting footnote for those who think that trials for witchcraft were confined to our superstitious ancestors long ago; In 1944, Helen Duncan (1898-1956), a Scottish medium, was the last person to be jailed under the 1735 Witchcraft Act.

        The 1735 Witchcraft Act was finally repealed in 1951.


        Scotland became a hotbed for witch-hunts from the late sixteenth through the seventeenth centuries. The country’s royal leader, King James VI, played a significant role in the development of these witch-hunts.


        Scottich Witch Trials of 1590
        North Berwick witch hunt:

      4. Pat, this is all pretty interesting, thanks for the link. I will read it some more (the academic one)
        at this point, one thing bears mentioning:
        of the 50 references, 29 are by one author, Brian levack.
        Levack is clearly a jewish surname.

        Next, the direct involvement of King James may be overstated:

        … the king did not begin to overtly express interest in the trials until 1589 after he experienced a series of misfortunes.

        i would quickly add that i took a glance at another chaper at random: “Cultural Distinction in the Witch Hunts of Russia” and now the dominant author in the bibliography is (((Kivelson))).
        Just sayin 😉

        In 1601, King James became King of England, thus moving out of Scotland and losing interest in the witchcraft trials.

        It seems that on the whole, Scotties had developed quite a phobia for necromances, witches and the like, due to a number of misfortunes, droughts, storms and the like … this document should be read in more and critical detail, don’t have time at the moment.
        but will likely return to it if and when given a chance to dig some more.

      5. damn, messed up my blockquotes, wanted to say this:

        … the king did not begin to overtly express interest in the trials until 1589 after he experienced a series of misfortunes.

        In 1601, King James became King of England, thus moving out of Scotland and losing interest in the witchcraft trials.

        which limits his involvement considerably.

  21. Pat
    i believe Boggs was played by Walter matthau in Oliver stone’s JFK movie. He referred to LBJ as “that pole cat Lyndon”.
    Johnson can be implicated in several murders in Texas. Him and his jew lawyer Abe fortas.
    Very hard to believe Boggs wasn’t murdered.
    Assassination is just part of the Dirty City power game.
    8 us presidents died in office. 7 no doubt in my mind murdered. Out of 44 that’s worse survival odds than infantry in nam.
    Also hard to believe his daughter wouldn’t think so.
    any big media people or their relatives die in accident s – suspect rubout.
    Thanks for the info.

    1. Bark –

      Glad to help.

      “Very hard to believe Boggs wasn’t murdered.” See the confession below.

      “Also hard to believe his daughter wouldn’t think so.”

      They made her “an offer she couldn’t refuse.” Million dollar job or ‘hard-landing’ like dad….. and Nick Begich.. and two others…!!

      Rep Begich was the father of the author of “Angels Don’t Play This HAARP.” Dr Nick Begich Jr.
      U.S. Senator, Mark Begich, is his other son.

      The Untold Story of the Disappearance of Congressmen Hale Boggs and Nick Begich:

      “Four Gone”

      In 1972, two U.S. congressmen, a political aide, and a pilot vanished on a small plane in Alaska. Despite a search of more than 325,000 square miles, they were never found.

      Less than 17 months later, Pegge Begich, the widow of one of the congressmen, married Jerry Max Pasley, a man with mafia ties who committed multiple murders, bombed a judge’s house, and was even mentioned in Gay Talese’s best-seller on the Bonanno crime family, “Honor Thy Father.”

      In the 1990s, while incarcerated for murder, Pasley told four law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, that in 1972, he transported explosives to Alaska, and that another man put a bomb on the plane the night before it vanished.

      Boggs wanted to re-open Warren Commission. There are always ‘mob’ connections around SERIOUS JFK investigators’ untimely deaths.

  22. Richard spencer owns a slimy rabbi that wants him to jointly study torah in order to grasp the meaning of “radical inclusion and love, my tradition teaches the message of radical inclusion and love, because love is embodied in Torah”… as we all know, the founding principles of judaism.
    yeah … 🙂

  23. the truthseeker reprints lasha’s article on pizzagate.
    for better or for worse nah, it is good.

    I could title this: Kol Nidre – slippery when wet

    the reason that it is good no matter what the truth of it is, is the following:

    · If it is true, their satanic hides will be nailed to the wall by the outraged normals, still a few left obviously, Romanian serfs armed with pitchforks, waving torches.

    · If it is false, it gets even better, because they will be unable to extricate themselves from their own lie, given that many sickening galas on the theme were thrown over the years, including the infamous Luciferian event at the rothschild estate in France in 1972 (look at the burned and dismembered babies on dining tables) – these stories have massive legs and have gripped the public imagination like nothing similar to date.
    How are they going to defend themselves, even if innocent (highly unlikely), “Aw, c’mon guys, we wuz just pulling your leg, we are rich and bored”.
    That would be poetic justice, the reverse of Holocaust Lie coin, who lives by lie, perishes by lie.

    1. @ Lobro

      “…who lives by lie, perishes by lie.”

      Very true! According to Jesus in John 8:44, since the devil is the father of lying, it can be no other way.

  24. “Pizzagate” which exploded with the Podesta emails leading to Comet Pizza is obviously the real deal. So real that I have no patience for skeptics. Just as obvious was the ploy re “fake news” used to downplay all the evidence which includes the underground facilities.

    To even question it as a hoax undermines efforts of sincere alternative media researchers. Criminals do not make this stuff up about THEMSELVES! They are Satanists, not Jews. They often look like average people and they practice various organized-religions on the surface; whatever works, whether it be Judaism, Catholicism, or Hinduism, etc. for them. Even atheism is a type of organized-religion. But, it comes down to two: God or Lucifer. Satanists in high-places are / have been exposed and some tread so carefully as to not be fooled by it? Are you serious? Hard to believe such evil exists? Well, it is real. Wake-up.

    A little bit of personal history. My family moved us into a community when I was very young (before 3 years of age). It looked like Pleasantville, but it was a town of Satanists. Fighting it from the bottom to the top is more difficult than cutting off the hydra’s head. I’m very thankful for the alternative media who are helping to expose what is real and in doing so are taking a risk. I have little patience for anyone who undermines those efforts.

      1. mass masonry, by the looks of it Pat, expanded to include women.
        As far as i am concerned, any religious ceremony that requires secrecy is akin to devil worship, otherwise what’s the point of secrecy if you got nothing to hide.
        that whole thing stinks, makes my skin crawl, like visiting an embalmer’s worlshop … and indeed, baptizing the dead is necromancy, isn’t it.

        swearing oaths and pledges to secrecy before knowing what is it all about should be criminalized automatically.
        The reason is that it is in itself a criminal conspiracy because you are basically saying, “whatever the nature of the secret, i will protect it – no matter how ugly or evil“, so anyone possessing such a mentality is endorsing a crime by the mere act of assent.

        All secret societies and all antecedent vows of secrecy are crimes against humanity.
        Moreover, basing faith on incomprehensible laws is stupid and pernicious – you are pledging faith to something murky and inchoate, a perfect mask for the devil.

        in their desperate, self-doubting chase of “spirituality”, “salvation” and “wisdom”, handing over their trust to some unknown “adept”, people only prove that they are dumber than animals from whom they seek to distance themselves, they trip and pitchpole forward into the abyss of perdition.
        an animal, whether about to run for its life or give chase to another, always checks the lay of the land and its chances of a well defined success and exit strategy if things don’t pan out according to script.

        Moron Church of Latter Day Ain’ts.

      2. @ Lobro

        But, but, but, they have missing tablets just like the original cult, so it must be true. 🙂

        What you wrote is well said.

  25. 150 Terabytes! Norway Busts Largest Dark Web, Child Porn Networks in History — US, UK Media Ignore Story. Posted by Madeline | Dec 11, 2016 |

    Satanic child sex in hig high places:

    (…) the material shows penetration of toddlers, children being tied, children who have sex with animals and children who have sex with other children. One of the accused men had a pregnant girlfriend and planned with another to commit offenses against the child when it was born, police said. Some of the accused performed abuses directly online, including atrocities against their own children (…)

    The English speaking media at both sides of the pool ignore the story in choir.

    (…) So while the U.S. media busied itself with its campaign of denial, lies and cover ups involving Pizzagate and “fake news,” this huge child sex abuse story broke in Norway. The story did appear on (strangely enough, sam h.) Associated Press’ wire, but did anyone run it ? (…)

    (…) Also note the horrifically sadistic nature of the material seized. And note that police are investigating the reach as worldwide, which means it involves a massive scale of evil filth. But nobody in the criminally compliant mainstream media thinks its newsworthy (…)

    1. @ Sam Hita

      My hat is off to the authorities in Norway for pursuing an investigation.

      Since Norway has already stated that the investigation is global, it would be possible for Pizzagate to show up in the Norway investigation. There is more than one way for Pandora to exit the box.

      The Satanic pedophile establishment in the USA face a serious problem. If the Belgium people could muster 600,000 protestors against their establishment authorities for not doing their job in their pedophile scandal, Americans could show up by several millions for the same reason except that the Americans would probably show up well armed to get the job done themselves. Instead of a revolution caused by government action, it would be due to the lack of government action on an issue that crosses all boundaries making resistance to the revolution nonexistent. It would be in the best interest of those not involved in the Satanic pedophile activities to get their job done for their own survival.

      1. @UNGENIUS

        OUTRAGE! South Korea’s Satanic President Park Geun-hye Impeached – Millions Protest In The Streets

        (…) According to sources, the female President of South Korea, Park Geun-hye, was having a relationship with another female named Choi Soon-sil. Choi Soon-sil is apparently from a billionaire satanic cultist family and has ties to the Clintons, as most other billionaire cultists do….

        ….Of course, this may be news to people in the United States, as our mainstream media has been relatively silent regarding this world issue. If any of the MSM have mentioned it, they have conveniently left out the satanic cult aspect of the scandal- probably because the exact SAME scandals are going on here, and they don’t dare bring that up (…)

      2. our mainstream media has been relatively silent regarding this world issue. If any of the MSM have mentioned it, they have conveniently left out the satanic cult aspect

        Since msm is an added chapter in the evolution of talmud, i treat it the same, ie, if the jew compass needle says North, i take it as south.
        therefore, anything the MSm avoids is where the true story resides.
        Just another confirmation that it is ALL true, ALL SATANIC.

        those who deny reality of Satan are analogous to people who denied jew’s pervasive contamination and subversion of the society 20 years ago, who laughed at Holocaust revisionists as a bunch of goose-stepping camp guards.

        another onion layer to be peeled back …

      3. @Sam Hita

        Have you seen the adverts on that “livingresistence” page? Stay well away is my suggestion.

  26. Lasha, I thought you were sophisticated, but your essay reads as strangely ingenuous. You wonder where are the victims; obviously you haven’t seen this video:
    Where are the bodies? No, they’re not all eaten; most are buried in places decent people don’t go– not even police, apparently.
    How do you dismiss the ‘Lolita Express’ flights to Jeff Epstein’s orgy island, where the Clintons have been frequent flyers? What about the two police drawings of ‘suspects’ in the Maddy McCann disappearance, drawings that look exactly like studio portraits of the Podesta brothers?
    C’mon, Lasha; I thought you had recognized that the world is run by Satan-worshippers? Pedophila is the main means used to keep the troops ‘loyal’ to the cause, united in their unspeakable, demented acts.

    1. @ Wiley Watcher

      You are guilty of two glaring logical errors.

      (1) A guarded skepticism or agnosticism over Pizzagate does not translate into outright disbelief in Pizzagate — which you are too hasty to assume is LD’s attitude. She bent over backwards to express her neutrality. “I sit on the fence,” she said. “I neither believe nor disbelieve. I am a Pizzagate agnostic.”

      (2) Even if LD were totally skeptical about Pizzagate, this has nothing whatever to do with Jeff Epstein’s orgy island or the Maddy McCann case or the Dutroux case in Belgium or pedophilic Satanic abuse in general. All these things could be true and authentic, and at no time did LD refer to them in her article or say she doubted them. She didn’t even mention them.

      I think you are guilty of a strawman argument here, attacking LD for taking up an imaginary position she never took up in the first place.

      Neutrality is a not crime, nor is a certain degree of cautious skepticism an unforgivable sin.

    1. Bark –

      Interesting. Thanks. Lotta rabbit holes…. 🙂

      The original comment by LegionWill on was deleted….. and all other comments by LegionWill..

      —What Crime did BlueBerry & LegionWill Make on /V/PIZZAGATE that Got them banned & deleted 100% from this sub? – They discussed SAUDI as Pizzagate (v/pizzagate)—

      DOJ cover for Saudi assets

      The most perceptive insights on VOAT are focused on Arab-Saudi ownership of the entire city block underneath Comet Pizza and a nearby pizzeria called Besta (not Basta, the Italian word for enough or too much), operated by Abdul Hamade (Abdel Rahmann Hammad), who is also owner of the Boli pizza chain) and Samir Sbitan. Besta, as in bestiality, has for its logo the “Boy Lovers” symbol, a triangular spiral. Are there any sheep out back?

      The entire lot under Besta and Comet is owned, on paper at least, by attorney Andrew J. Kline, a graduate of the Kennedy School at Harvard. To disguise his government work at the Department of Justice, Kline hides behind a front business, the “Veritas” law office located on Dupont Circle and with a field office in Chevy Chase, near Comet Pizza. Further pursuit by online researchers showed the same curly-haired lawyer Kline to be a Bill Clinton appointee in the Department of Justice (DOJ) Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit, when Janet Reno was Attorney General.

      The junior partner at Veritas is Stephen J. Whelan, who worked previously at Metro (the D.C. Transport Agency), an interesting coincidence with the
      controversy over the old Red Line Tunnel – UNDER – Connecticut Avenue, mentioned in a John Podesta email.***

      Kline’s employment with Justice causes some befuddlement among Pizzagate hunters, as it raises the question of whether Comet Pizza is an FBI honey trap to nab international child-smugglers. My educated guess is no, based on my work in an undercover journalistic probe into the secret activities of the human-trafficking bureau at Justice and the State Department.

      1. @PAT

        ……Besta (not Basta, the Italian word for enough or too much)….

        Probably John Podesta’s real name is Pedosta

  27. Uncle and Sister Monica :

    What’s “wrong” with the “Trump/Fidel Castro” post I sent in this morning? It’s not on the commentary board, so something must be “wrong”? What’s the problem now, you TWO always have all kinds of problems.

    1. The same MSM media who says Trump is hooked-up with the Russians and we should NOT trust Trump because he’s hooked-up with the Russians is the very same MSM media that lauds Fidel Castro who was hooked-up with the Russians to-the-Heavens, the same MSM media which trusted Fidel Castro who was hooked up with the Russians now says Trump is hooked up with the Russians and being hooked up with the Russians is not anything we can trust.

      S N I P . . .

      (Same sentence repeated in almost identical words 6-7 times….)

      1. I always found it strange that the US base IN CUBA (called “Gitmo” in Zionist-forces parlance) was never used to defeat Castro. Was Castro another eternal fake in our fake left-right times? I wouldn’t be surprised if the Cuban revolution was another Jewish revolution. Oy vey indeed.

  28. @FLOPOT

    The sex adverts u mean? Well that’s their way to let their chimney smoke. Returning to Rotterdam in 1992 my place of birth (because of the too high VOC level in Amsterdam (VOC= CO2) – VOC is the Dutch East Indian Company est. 1602, quite a lot of jew money behind it > bankrupt in 1795) was surprised to see that they had closed the red light district in Katendrecht with its Chinatown there. Rotterdam was at that time for years the biggest harbout of the world. I saw that as a castration of the city. The biggest harbour of the world without a red light district…..
    The news itself about the Korean head of state- with s.o.s. links- stepping down due to mass protests is what matters. And the not covering this story in the ‘free’ US and EU.

    They should follow South Korea’s example.

  29. This an interesting map of satanism (though not complete at all).

    Speaking from 1st hand experience with zee Jacob Rot Schild, the one and only. He is not alive anymore in his known particular form. If at all he would appear for some particular reason as he is known, he will be an empty showcase doll, computerised robot. Computerised speech, physical movements and all the rest of it. Cloning is all together diff. bussiness.

    8 december 2013 the day Gabreal Jones – naturellemente u will know S.H. = GJ -made his exit from this particular site Darkmoon. JR (as I called the top talmud rabbi/bankster off and during 2 yrs. ‘had put’ a step son of him ‘on me’. His initials SVP who is (was?) one of the worlds top IT hackers. And a few others.

    As U fellow mortal readers of this will know JR is the head of the worldwide do- good multinational Salvation Army based on the teachings of JC. As U will know the talmud of the s.o.s. (synagogue of satan) is linea recta opposite the Teaching of JC .

    JC’s axioma is Divine Love and Its Omnipresenza SAT. Truth in Sanskrit. Since JC is directly historically linked with the Wisdom Eastern Inner of particularly India, WEI writes Itself now in this wording , Wei Wu Wei the pen name of the TAO gnostic Terrence Gray comes up…..

    All that inevitably is bound to happen regardless of the political games of the Rot Schild clique anywhere on Terra- to keep it short since 1815 (that was a real good Jodenstreek, Jewtrick anouncing a diff. answer to . …and the winner is… of Waterloo. – is the jump of MAO to TAO.

    Let us call it the Satori-Elevatori in your very own God Given Body. JC and other Light indicators-catalysators have warned that certain nut heads would come and try to reverse Life’s in-here-nt Real-I-T and mess around with the infant stage of the human body : the Arc of the Convenant / Temple of the Whole-I-Spirit /Mosque of the whole Cosmos.

    2theloo… be cntd

  30. If one does not know if it is true, then what hinders an Alt+right person of the right caliber to pay this Pizza place a visit, infiltrate this organization and report what was seen? This does not seem to need a major spy ring operation in order to do this. One will quickly get behind the truth, instead of speculating on difficult testable web reports.

    Henry Makow as trusted source (Illuminati behind Hitlers rise, and similar inaccuracies)? Won’t write him off because he is Jewish, because there are white gentile nationalist which also harbor weird ideas – space waves, UFO’s, Alien invasion, chemtrials, rebirths (sounds so Indian to me – you get reborn as a cow or insect, why not also as a different person) and their source are YouTube films with persons of note making weird claims. But these persons have died, so it is difficult to cross-check their utterances by personally confronting them. Weird claims are not exactly my idea of trusted sources. Is it not possible to tell the truth without mixing in these irregularities into their broth?

    It seems to be particularly an American phenomenon, this fascination with UFO’s and Aliens. Very strange habits out of a perspective of an ex South African, coming from a country where these matters were totally not part of the culture, which was strongly Calvinistic orientated.

  31. It’s not even up for debate. This has been documented and proven hundreds of times. The elite sodomize, bleed out, drink the blood and even eat babies. Just because it’s horrific doesn’t give anyone the right to deny it. They have been caught thousands of times and they always use some fall guy. We chose the people in power…..the sickest among us and now we have to pay for not removing them from power. We are sick and they are a reflection of us collectively. Pure evil against God itself.

    1. JN –

      “We chose the people in power…”

      That is not correct. Those with the greatest power… especially the SCOTUS… Federal Judges… and Fed Res Chairman, are (S)elected.

      Contrary to popular belief… “WE” are not the government at any level.

  32. You’re disgusting, Darkmoon. Leave the issue alone if you’re only going to put doubt in the minds of people. Disgusting.

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