Political Correctness Gone Mad: 7-minute video

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JSM:  As you have probably gathered by now, the main focus of our website is politics, with a special emphasis on Jewish power. However, we started off as a strictly poetry-and-translation website a few years ago and the word “Jew” was never once mentioned in the those days. Our readership was remarkably small; I doubt if we had more than six readers at that time. It is only since we branched out into politics, republishing some of Lasha Darkmoon’s political essays that had already appeared on other websites and been translated into various languages, that our readership grew. This persuaded us to publish less poetry and more politics.

Mindful of our origins, however, we still feel the need to publish occasional poems and translations and other “off-topic” material that has no direct relevance to politics. Our regular readers will therefore, hopefully, pardon us if we publish some of this off-topic material from time to time. Feel free to skip these items if you wish. They are intended mostly for our small circle of friends.This incursion into off-topic areas will not occur too often, I would like to assure you, and may actually appeal to some of you with broader interests, e,g., poetry, music, philosophy, world religions, the paranormal, quantum physics etc. etc. The next item we are about to publish, for example, “Three Sanskrit Poems” by Lasha Darkmoon, is totally off-topic. It will interest very people here except those with specialist interests.

Below we have a short video that will help us to relax a bit and turn our minds to other matters. Strictly speaking, it is not “off-topic”.

This 7-minute satirical skit on political correctness is destined to become a cult classic. Ten years from now we could actually be living in a scary Orwellian world of thought control like this. In fact, we’re almost there now! 

—  John Scott Montecristo, Editor 

25 thoughts to “Political Correctness Gone Mad: 7-minute video”

  1. David Bowie died today. He wasn’t my hero. I remember him most for introducing the song “Drive” by the Cars at the Wembley Live Aid concert in 1985. It was very difficult to find this video online today. It never used to be the case. The images made me cry then, and they still do.


    1. RO –

      Bowie – birth name was Jones – was a damnable queer who sought political correctness. Dyed his hair and looked like a skinny Cindy Lauper.

    2. I never understood why people admired this man. He’s just another Illuminati media puppet and clearly a Satanist.

      Two days before his death he released an album called “Black Star” and a video full of sick imagery! How more obvious can it be? Apparently, he was fighting cancer at the time and yet he felt compelled to spew out even more sick propaganda like a dying monster. So good riddance of him.

      1. @ Krum

        “Sure enough, Bowie sings, “Here are we, one magical movement from Kether to Malkuth” in “Station to Station,” perhaps the only usage of kabbalistic terminology in Hebrew ever by a major international pop singer.”

        “Despite the fact that Bowie was married to Somalian Muslim model, Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid (known simply as “Iman”), for more than two decades (until his death yesterday), Bowie regularly performed in Israel. That includes Bowie’s performances in the mid-1990s at the height of the “First Intifada by the Palestinians, during which many famous artists stopped going to Israel to do shows, out of fear for their security and also because of Muslim boycotts. David Bowie gets off the plane in 1996 and smiles, expressing his pride about playing in Israel.”

        He must have got over his fear of flying to visit ISRAHELL. Either his devotion to Israel or the money. Maybe both.

  2. @ Pat

    LOL. I agree. I met him together with a few teenage school friends. He was asleep on a train from Dover to London. I was returning from a school trip to Paris and he’d been recording an album in France (he had a fear of flying). Angie Bowie woke him up to sign autographs for us. He was polite and friendly. I’m sure some Divas would have told us to get lost.

  3. Modern Educayshun in action right now… worldwide.

    I watched the movie, The Martian, with Matt Damon as a botanist stranded on Mars. I watched it to see the bloopers and lies.

    The purpose of the movie is to push the ideas of human space travel in an attempt to oppose those of us who know it can never happen…. so NASA can spend more debt.

    The most absurd aspect displayed was the real-time instant communication… skype-like, so to speak, from Mars to Mission Control and back.

    POINT: Modern Educayshun system will not produce those who would know that Mars’s average distance from Earth is 140,000,000 miles. That means there would be a 13 minuted delay time between each response. NO face-to-face real-time watching and talking…!!

    1. Pat,

      Cyberspace transmissions would likely be interrupted/irretrievably scrambled in the Van Allen Belt, too… (?)

      1. Gil –

        Could be.

        We have been told by NASA that Hubble pics are computer generated…. phony…. faked. No color pics ever sent back.

        Space-stations and satellites orbit well below the VAB due to highly ionizing radiation trapped there.

      2. What Pat brings up about Hubble images being computer generated, or faked is very interesting. I believe this would go a long way in explaining why I have never been moved by such imagery. And also why people are sometimes accused of being fickle about the Space Program. As zombified as the media and the culture has made us, I do believe that people have an inherent sense of what is true. They see these images and they might not even have an idea that they are faked, but since they don’t ring true on a deep level they are ignored.

        People are more interested in Bruce Jenner than they are of “photos” of deep space. And looking at it from this perspective, perhaps it is completely justified. After all, even though Bruce Jenner is not really a woman, he really is dressing up as one.

        But notice that if they were called on the carpet about the lack of interest in these images, or the program in general, they do have an easy explanation at the ready. And that is all the science fiction in entertainment and in news reporting. Just think about the headlines that allude to water on Mars. Or possible cell discoveries on Mars. The explanation would be, “we haven’t discovered alien life forms, so people don’t get excited about the “mundane” work we are doing, great as it is”. That is what they would say.

        I was interested in the Space Program in the ’60s because it literally interrupted my Saturday morning cartoon time. And the cartoons of the era also supported what NASA was up to. And of course I believed it all. I think the only people who are interested in the Space Program since Apollo are school children who learn the goings on vis a vis Scholastic Magazine and what their teachers tell them. But during Apollo, some kid would always have a parent who was nice enough to bring in a portable TV so we could watch blast-offs and splash downs. Also the World Series and things like Watergate hearings. I am going all over the place, but imagine that. The school district did not have to purchase TVs for every classroom. The problem, if you want to call it that, was solved by individual families taking the time to do a good deed. Of course they did not know they were participating in the propaganda efforts of the American Proposition. It was in fact a good deed.

        Either way, by the time Challenger exploded I was very anti-Reagan and in college. I was happy the teacher got blowed up. For one, I knew that Ronnie wanted to talk to the Challenger Astronauts on the phone during his State of the Union and they probably felt under pressure to just light that candle and throw caution to the wind after very many delays. But the idea of this teacher giving lessons from space really irritated the hell out of me. And I was a child of the ’60s and ’70s who “benefitted” from viewing these events in the past. I am not evil and I am actually a pretty nice guy. But something in the total phoniness of NASA and everything else made me actually happy when I watched that thing blow up. I think it was due to watching a bunch of sob sisters get all emotional about the stupid teacher. And the general softness that permeated American Society by the mid ’80s.

        Of course, Red Ronnie, we didn’t really know he was Red Ronnie at the time, failed to blow up the Dept of Education, but he did manage to blow up one union teacher. And the great moments of the National mourning and the funeral were among his “finest” TV moments.

      1. I made a vow,
        today, just now,
        from now on,
        all the posts I send in,
        shall be poetic,
        to hone my skills,
        in the art of poetry,
        and perhaps,
        to serve as a catalyst,
        for Pat’s hydra-head,
        to start being the Poet Laureate,
        we’re always told is in him,
        and compose some Sublime,
        sonnets to his lost love,
        now dead in the desert,
        in the Middle East,
        because of that horrendous Putin.
        I certainly do hope,
        Russian Bear,
        didn’t also,
        Stomp on,
        and Smother,
        Gilbert’s Muse,
        like a Mother,
        he always relied upon,
        like a baby,
        depends on his mother,
        to feed him,
        and diaper him,
        that would be dreadful,
        just awful,
        if Putin bombed Gilbert’s Muse, his Mother,
        😉 .

        1. Do you really need to put a comma after every line? Your punctuation is giving me nightmares.

    1. @ Justice For Chinese

      “There can be no poetry after Auschwitz.” (Adorno)

      Obviously this rule doesn’t apply to Holocaust Deniers.

      1. TS Eliot’s greatest poem, “The Four Quartets”, was published in 1945. However, I doubt if he would have heard of the Holocaust at that time. Few people had. Even if Eliot had heard of the Holocaust, it wouldn’t have made any difference.

        The Holocaust certainly didn’t kill Elie Wiesel’s poetic inspiration. 🙂

      2. It has been donkey years since I have read T.S. Eliot… or is that “donkey’s years” Mister Grammar Fiend?

        I remember his “The Waste Land” more than his “The Four Quartets”… and of course, he is usually associated with the former poem rather than with the latter.

        Actually, I remember and prefer his “The Love Song of Alfred J. Prufrock” best.

        BTW, were there 4 separate quartets? Isn’t “The Four Quartets” redundant? Quartet = 4. Shouldn’t it simply be “The Quartet”?… just asking.

      3. @ JFC

        Yes, you’re right, I never thought of that: four quartets does sound redundant . . . like three trilogies. I guess Eliot had some profound reason for the title, but maybe the title “THE FOUR QUARTETS” just sounds better, more impressive, than “THE QUARTET”. Which sounds awful.

        Actually, these four long poems were written over a long period well before 1945 and the Holocaust. Many people, like you, prefer Eliot’s earlier verse … such as Prufrock and Waste Land.

        The thing about Four Quartets is that it takes poetry to a new level into the realms of mysticism. (Alec Guinness recites it remarkably well on audio). Orwell objected to the poem’s overall “religiosity” because he didn’t believe in God and found mysticism a threat … as many atheists and skeptics do.

      4. @ Sardonicus
        @ Justice For Chinese

        It could be that there were 16 items in the four quartets (4 x 4) and everyone stopped counting after four or Eliot just forgot to write the other 12.

        Oh no. I just gave an idea to some “Holocaust survivor” to make up the missing 12 “Eliot” items and claim that they had discovered them in a wall with the “real” Anne frank diaries while offering to sell them for $6-million.

    2. Always Clamor for Proper Grammar :

      I can forego using commas if you’re so mentally and emotionally fragile commas actually gives you nightmares. I didn’t realize commas gives you nightmares, or I never would have used any commas. It’s not my purpose nor was it ever my intention to cause you nightmares. It sounds as if you’re in such a state if you see one more comma anywhere for any reason you’ll have to be rushed to your local mental hospital for immediate observation. I shall keep in mind from now on your sensitive nature and how the littlest thing can cause you to be so distraught you need psychiatric meds to calm your nerves. Far be it from me to be the one responsible to send you to your local mental hospital emergency room. You may consider looking into getting yourself a live-in nurse. Forget looking at commas, look into getting yourself a full-time, live-in nurse.

  4. “David Bowie died today. He wasn’t my hero.”

    “Just think about the headlines that allude to water on Mars.”

    I remember Bowie as “Ziggy and the Spiders from Mars”, so I guess I’m still on topic.

    Can you hear me Major Tom?

  5. Space travel outside the solar system will not happen unless a radically new transport system is invented. The distances to the other stars are so huge that with present technology it would require massive amounts of power to get up to anywhere near light speed. For example if you accelerated at 1g, or 10metres/sec/sec it would take about three years to reach half light speed. Remember that the Atlas rocket only burns for a few minutes. People always forget that if you accelerate up to high speed you will have to use the same amount of power to DEcelerate at the end of the journey.

    And yes David Bowie wrote one really great song, “Ground control to Major Tom”

    1. I would add that once having got to half light speed it would take about 10 years to reach Proxima Cetauri, the nearest star.

      It would be impossible to reach light speed, (see Einstein). Half lght speed should be OK, but it would probably use all the available energy on earth.

  6. Robots, robots are the answer. I always think that UFOs are robots sent to have a look at what is going on here.

  7. There can be no poetry after Auschwitz
    Nor can there be any truth, nor freedom of speech
    After the Frankfurt School, the Neocons, the politically correct
    There can be no more gentlemen, nor real heroes
    Only anti-heroes and super heroes whose words are for rhetoric, none
    left for poetry. Art is dead, science is dead, music is dead..
    What is left living to revive us after Jewish rule ends.

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