Pope Francis: How the Good Shepherd Betrayed his Flock

By Andrew Joyce, Ph.D.

This is an edited and abridged version, with extensive additional notes and comments by Lasha Darkmoon, of a controversial article recently published on the Occidental Observer



“Not only a traitor to the European race,  Francis is either intellectually insipid or a disingenuous cretin.” — Andrew Joyce

Over the years my attitudes towards race and religion have unfortunately brought me into conflict with many Christians, some of whom have been very close to me. Closest to home, my wife is an evangelical Christian. Like many of her co-religionists, she believes much of what she is told in church, not only in terms of what is written in the Bible, but also in the social instructions her church issues in order to steer its flock towards a “good” and “moral” Christian life.

For the sake of domestic harmony, I rarely enter into debates on religion and politics with my wife, much as there are a hundred responses I could provide to her questions. There have been moments, however, when the divergence between my wife and me on religion and race has become acute. I accompany her to church only on extremely rare occasions, and the last and probably final occasion was last Fall.

It started like any other service had. As we entered the ultra-modern church facility there was a crescendo of pulse-raising feel-good music, and there were swarms of people equipped with Prozac smiles. Bowls of candy were offered. As the service began, some individuals competed with one another in jumping and skipping in the front, crying and smiling and throwing their arms in the air to demonstrate their oneness with God.

Eventually the pastor appeared to huge applause and fanfare, telling everyone that they were loved and that God was in the room with them. This seemed to bring comfort to the motley group of former alcoholics, drug-addicts and abuse victims that earlier visits had informed me comprised a healthy proportion of the population of the church. Some began emotionally swaying, assenting and nodding to his words.

So far, so familiar. But as we took our seats and the sermon began it slowly became apparent that I was going to enjoy the “teaching” even less than usual.

The topic was the “refugee” crisis.

I now found myself sitting and listening while the pastor, who hadn’t achieved anything of significance in the real world, stated that it was our “duty” as Christians to let these people [Third World “refugees” and economic migrants] come into our communities and share our resources with them.

God would provide extra jobs for the extra people just like he had provided loaves and fishes, and there would always be enough money and resources to go around if we just showed enough faith. It didn’t even matter that these poor “refugees” weren’t Christian because after just a few days among us they would be overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit and begin their own Christian journey. A glorious shared future lay ahead of us; refusing to accept refugees was “racist,” and “racism” was an “evil sin.”

The simplicity of this pastor’s worldview would have been humorous if it wasn’t drawing the noisy approval of almost a thousand European-derived people. My ears still ringing with applause, it struck me that this kind of moral instruction wasn’t just childish and full of logical errors — it was dangerous. These people were literally being told that the fate of their eternal soul depended on facilitating their own demographic displacement.

I sat motionless, in horror, for the rest of the service.

—  §  —

If modern Christianity has raised the themes of “forgiveness” and “meekness” to an astonishingly prominent doctrinal position, then Pope Francis is surely the personification of this sick glorification of humility and weakness. The header picture introducing this article, showing the Pope kissing a long line of feet, speaks volumes about the decline of our civilization and the failure of Christianity to prevent it, but the Pope’s conduct has been even more far-reaching.

Only a few weeks ago, in a highly symbolic act, the Pontiff took three Syrian families home with him from Greece. Reading right out of the ADL playbook, he announced that the movement of the migrant hordes wasn’t a dire threat to Europe’s existence but rather “the greatest humanitarian catastrophe since World War Two.” Catholics singing from the same hymn sheet as Jews is becoming more common. 

Given such developments it is no coincidence that in the long history of the Christian religion, Pope Francis is the most popular Pope among Jews. In September 2015 Ronald S. Lauder, the head of the World Jewish Council, said that

“never in the past 2000 years have relations between the Catholic Church and the Jewish people been so good.”

When Pope Francis held a closed meeting with the World Jewish Council the following month, Francis informed Jewish leaders that he fully believed that any criticism of Israel was just as “anti-Semitic” as attacks on Jews. Lauder emerged from the meeting speaking of the Pontiff in glowing terms:

“Pope Francis does not simply make declarations. He inspires people with his warmth and his compassion,” Lauder enthused. “His clear and unequivocal support for the Jewish people is critical to us.”  (Emphasis added)


Lasha Darkmoon comments:  

In August last year, Pope Francis said that any attempt to “reject” the huge inflow of migrants into Europe was “an act of war.” He went on to argue erroneously, without checking his facts, that “Europe has the means to absorb refugees without sacrificing its security or culture.”

The Holy Father is obviously unaware of the mass rape and sexual assault of white women all over Europe by sexually out-of-control “refugees” from the Third World, mostly of Muslim origin, starting with Cologne on New Year’s Eve (over 1000 complaints) and spreading to various swimming pools, parks and public squares throughout Europe, including Hamburg, Vienna, Salzburg and Stockholm.  (See Rape Jihad: Dark Days for Europe).

Where has the Pope been all this time?  [LD]

—  §  —

A prostrating Pontiff, overseeing millions of compliant Catholics worldwide, is indeed critical to Jewish interests. Francis may be seen as the perfect culmination of the Second Vatican Council, which was orchestrated by Jewish converts to Catholicism and annihilated the remaining power of the Catholic Church as a force for European culture. The poisonous seeds have given rise to a truly rotten tree, or in the interpretation of Francis himself: “The Council, with the declaration Nostra Aetate, paved the way. It said yes to the rediscovery of the Jewish roots of Christianity, and no to any form of anti-Semitism and condemnation of any insult, discrimination and persecution derived from that.”

Not only a traitor to the European race, Francis is either intellectually insipid or a disingenuous cretin. In January this man, who claims to be God’s emissary on earth, argued that “Europe has the means to absorb refugees without sacrificing its security or culture.” The Holy Father was presumably here referring to the thefts, rapes, bombs and deaths that have illustrated the remarkable success the Continent has met with thus far in preserving its culture and security in the face of mass foreign incursion.

What the Papal position does in fact illustrate is a stark, and terrifying, detachment from reality.

Just as Jesus of Nazareth encouraged his followers not to worry about food or clothing because “the End” was imminent, so the Pope tells his followers not to worry about immigration because countries and races mean nothing when one is assured of a glorious afterlife.

Just days ago, Pope Francis delivered his most grovelling sermon yet, when he addressed migrants by pleading: “Too often we have not welcomed you! Forgive the closure and indifference of our societies, who fear the change of life and mentality that your presence requires.”

Apparently one can only enter Heaven on one’s knees.

—  §  —

Lasha Darkmoon comments:  

Andrew Joyce’s statement that the Pope’s knowledge of the migrant crisis illustrates “a stark and terrifying detachment from reality” is a huge understatement. The Pope’s position constitutes far more than the attitude of a naive, out-of-touch dreamer; far more even than blind ignorance at its most culpable. It simply has to involve deliberate deception. The Pope has advisors who presumably feed him the facts. The facts are these:

Italy, where the Pope happens to live, is now the main entry point for illegal immigrants into Europe. They swarm across the Mediterranean in refugee boats and then fan across Europe, unchecked, without needing to show any passports or papers. According to the EU’s border agency Frontex, 8370 people pushed into Italy last month, most of them Eritreans, Nigerians and Egyptians.

To stop the influx of migrants to the Greek islands from the Middle East and Asia , Europe is now forced to pay a whopping “protection fee” of  £4.7 billion a year to the Turkish government. That is US$6.7 billion, more than twice the amount America has to fork out to Israel every year. This fee to Turkey to stop the flow of migrants is, of course, pure blackmail. And Turkey’s tyrannical president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, certainly knows how to turn the screw — demanding not only billions of dollars in blackmail from Europe but also visa free travel in Europe for Turkey’s 80 million Muslim citizens. The Pope is aware of all this and has actually shaken the blackmailer’s hand.  

When Turkey joins the EU, another demand that is likely to be satisfied soon, the floodgates will truly be thrown open. To make matters worse, other poor nations in the region are also clamoring for entry into the European club. Only yesterday a report in the Daily Mail wondered how Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) and schools could possible cope with the unstoppable hordes pouring into their country:

“When Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey join the EU, another 88 million people will soon be eligible for NHS care and school places for their children.” (See here

This will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

We also learn from a news report published only yesterday that the British government has been systematically lying to its own people about the huge extent of mass immigration into Britain, vastly underestimating and massaging the figures. We learn, to our amazement, that one EU migrant enters the country legally every 40 seconds. And this takes no account of the vast numbers of illegal immigrants swarming in from the Third World. The government not only does nothing to prevent this huge influx but is actually aiding and abetting the migrant smugglers. Amazing.

Let’s get this into context.

I am only complaining about the vast number of bogus “refugees” flooding into Britain because I happen to live here. All day, after all, I hear the cries of doom from the others around me—my fellow citizens—cries to which our Jew-controlled government turns a deaf ear. And yet the actual situation in Britain is mild compared to that of most of the other countries in the European Union. Of the top ten destinations in Europe for asylum seekers, Britain comes in right at the bottom of the list, at number 10. That is something most Brits don’t know.

Here are the facts. A record 1.25 million asylum seekers arrived in the EU last year, more than twice as many as in 2014. This year the figures are predicted to be even higher. Most of the asylum seekers are from Muslim countries, with the most coming in from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq — in that order. Other countries supplying a steady stream of migrants to Europe are Pakistan, Iran, Nigeria, Eritrea, Albania and Kosovo. (See here)

Here, in order of increasing importance are the top 10 destinations of migrants to Europe, showing the rate of increase in brackets. As you can see, the Brits are doing pretty well in terms of the overall increase in immigration over the last year.

10.  UK  (19% increase)
9.   France  (20%)
8.   Italy   (31%)
7.   Netherlands  (98%)
6.   Sweden   (108%)
5.   Germany  (155%)
4.   Belgium  (178%)
3.   Austria  (233%)
2.   Hungary  (323%)
1.   Finland  (822%)


Compared to the Finns, the Brits have it really good.

Andrew Joyce continues:

Looking at the facts, there can be little doubt that White weakness is being systematically sown and harvested by the churches on behalf of foreign settlers. The Anglican Church, one of the most influential after the Catholic Church, has raised millions of dollars worldwide that it then gives to refugees in the form of transport, housing and ready cash. In Australia the Anglican churches are working hard to expand the nation’s immigration quotas which they believe to be “tragically inadequate.” In Canada several Anglican communities have arrangements with the Citizenship and Immigration service to facilitate the entry of migrants and their total subsidization by church members for at least one year.

Presbyterians have also been heavily involved. When Donald Trump likened the influx of Syrian migrants into the U.S. to a coup, asserting that some migrants could be terrorists, he was subjected to a scathing attack by Rev. Gradye Parsons, stated clerk of the Presbyterian Church (USA). Parsons wrote that “Presbyterians through decades of policy have demanded humane treatment of people of all nationalities and faiths who find themselves within our borders….”

The sad fact is that many millions of White Christians are hypocrites and self-deceivers. Ralph Waldo Emerson put it best in his monumental essay “Self-Reliance,” where he encouraged these spiritual bigots to focus on their own kind:

Go love thy infant; love thy wood-chopper: be good-natured and modest: have that grace; and never varnish your hard, uncharitable ambition with this incredible tenderness for black folk a thousand miles off. Thy love afar is spite at home…Are these my poor? I tell thee, thou foolish philanthropist, that I grudge the dollar, the dime, the cent, I give to such men as do not belong to me and to whom I do not belong.

The fact remains that Christianity frames itself as a universal method of cosmic salvation accessible to every man. To a Christian, Emerson’s sense of national belonging must always be subordinate to his belonging to another people — the people of God. Christianity ultimately cares more about the future of Christianity than the future of the German or the Dane. A Bishop will rejoice at the conversion of a Senegalese witch doctor more than he ever will at a growing family of unbelieving Norwegians.

We are currently faced with the problem of trying to overcome Christian influence and its heavy contribution to White pathological behaviors and traits.

There is a long history of Jewish antagonism towards Christianity, and I know that many in our movement have a reflexive defensiveness regarding the Christian faith based on this fact alone. But this opposition had less to do with Jesus of Nazareth (Talmudic aspersions aside), and more to do with Jewish confrontations with the social cohesiveness of Europeans who happened to be Christians and the threat to the Jewish group strategy posed by evangelism and conversion.

Modern Christianity has indeed found its “personal Jesus,” and this is a Jesus that poses no threat to Judaism, and it has in fact evolved into an entity that serves Jewish interests very well. This is Jesus the Jew, Jesus the Refugee, and Jesus the Forgiver. Jews and Israel are praised and supported by almost every mainstream church, and the churches are at the forefront of displacing the European peoples from their ancient homelands. Jews and Christians are now very good friends indeed.




Endnote by Lasha Darkmoon

As a Roman Catholic myself, I hate to say bad things about my Pope. I feel a bit guilty about this. So why am I taking a stance against the Supreme Pontiff who sits on the throne of St Peter like an emperor in purple robes?

Quite simply, because I have lost faith in the man. I no longer see him as a wise pastor but as an infiltrator from the Jewish camp. An ecclesiastical “emperor without his clothes”.

The Pope’s declaration to the head of the World Jewish Council, Ronald S. Lauder, quoted above, that anyone who criticizes Israel is an evil “anti-Semite” is a craven capitulation to the traditional enemies of Christianity. How can the Holy Father think it is wrong to speak out against Israel’s war crimes in Gaza? Take a look at these three shocking pictures linked below and then let this simple fact sink into your mind: The Pope believes you are under moral obligation to back the war criminals responsible for these atrocities:

1.  The mass murder of Palestinian civilians in the Gaza concentration camp: for the controversial cartoon that the Jews wanted to see banned and that the Pope would rather you did not see, click HERE.  

2.  A Palestinian child with his arm chopped off by an Israeli settler: click HERE .

3.  A sexually depraved Israeli IDF officer who callously remarks that the thought of Palestinian children being burned alive in Gaza by illegal phosphorus bombs is enough to give her an “orgasm”: click HERE.

All these things the Israelis have done. Sickening atrocities beyond evil. According to the Pope, you must refrain from all negative criticism and, instead, love the people responsible for these abominations.

A final picture. Here is a Palestinian child whose head was blown off by an Israeli sniper. If you feel the slightest sympathy for this child and say one bad thing about Israel, you are a wicked Anti-Semite.

The Pope has said so.

Palestinian child whose head was blown off by an Israeli sniper

Are you guilty of “anti-Semitism”
if you feel sorry for this child?

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  1. Ugh, how ugly can it get

    In September 2015 Ronald S. Lauder, the head of the World Jewish Council, said that
    “never in the past 2000 years have relations between the Catholic Church and the Jewish people been so good.”

    I always say, if you wonder about where the truth lies, use the inverted moral compass of the hell-rat, the creature has an incredibly sensitive nose for danger and security.
    Thus when the clone of Anne Frank goes on a world tour exposing Putin or Trump as Hitlers, they are surely worth your support.
    When Jew says that the relationships with Vatican are excellent, it’s a 30 silver shekel transaction done in public, Christ excommunicated by papal decree.

    Francis informed Jewish leaders that he fully believed that any criticism of Israel was just as “anti-Semitic” as attacks on Jews.

    This nails it: if Francis really said that, then he is a Marrano Jew raised on Talmud, in full service to Satan.
    (of course, in a sense, it must be true, eg, I hate israel as much as i hate Jews, no difference there – in fact, click on my handle to see why there is no difference between the two synonyms)

    On the other hand, afaiac, Joyce’s tenability is hampered by his equally contemptuous dismissal of Jesus as some kind of Talmudic puppet, so i’d like to see those statements attributed to Francis quoted elsewhere as well.

    1. @ Lobro

      You’ve nailed it, Lobro. An excellent opening comment that more or less sums up the situation.

      BTW, the writer of the article, Andrew Joyce, is not actively hostile to Christianity. After all, he has a Christian wife who he appears to get on with rather well and has lived with for many years. He says elsewhere that he is an “agnostic”. I have read many of Joyce’s articles. They are meticulously sourced and I very much doubt that he would make up those quotes and put them into the Pope’s mouth. His intellectual integrity, I think, is beyond question.

      However, as you say, it would be a help if those quotes were confirmed elsewhere.

    2. How ugly can it get? Brudder, you ain’t seen nuttin’ yet. Judaism is a death cult founded on the blood sacrifice.

      “Extrapolating Judaism’s bloody, sacrificial horror out over generational millennium, led to the creation of a psychopathic culture of bloodlust. This psychopathy is not a preference, not a peculiar, incidental, twist in a few exceptional personalities, but a culturally inbred condition; one that can neither be altered, nor escaped. The culture of blood has permeated the very core of Judaism until it has become a genetic component of their race.” – A. Stanton

      “A top Judaic Communist official named Zinoviev stated: “Without mercy, without sparing, we will kill our enemies in scores of hundreds. Let them be thousands; let them drown themselves in their own blood. For the blood of Lenin and Uritzky, Zinoviev and Vólodarsky, let there be floods of the blood of the bourgeoisie–more blood! As much as possible!” – Krasnaya Gazeta, Sept. 1, 1918.

      “A sexually depraved Israeli IDF officer who callously remarks that the thought of Palestinian children being burned alive in Gaza by illegal phosphorus bombs is enough to give her an “orgasm”.”

      Jews love blood. They rock in it, roll in it, revel in it, they orgasm over it; they want the world awash in it. They are completely insane and will go to any length to satisfy their blood lust.

      It’s not really about money or power, it’s about blood, murder and mayhem. For Jews this is where real profits lie. This was true in ancient times and it’s true today. I suppose the reason can be found somewhere in a Satanic connection, but what does it matter, we are quite literally being led to a slaughter that, thanks to nuclear weapons, will dwarf the events of the Russian Revolution, WWI and WWII combined.

      At some point it must be admitted the war has been lost. At some point the parasite kills its host. I’m not sure where that point is, but I feel that, for the white race, the end is drawing nigh.

      All three Judaic based death cult religions must be obliterated if humanity is to survive, otherwise Western Civilization doesn’t have a pig’s chance in kosher hell.

      Now then, what’s for lunch?

      1. Lunch??

        I might have what my father-in-law had….. a ‘ham sammich’ every day for lunch until 96 years old.

        His favorite meal was pork tenderloin and sliced tomatoes.

        He only drank coffee and cokes. Never any water… said it had no taste. Never drank milk. Never any alcohol, not even wine.

        Born in Sicily. His older brother lived to 100 in NYC. Both played wind instruments…. especially clarinets.

      2. Pat, and a small glass of brandy, or port, or in our case, cider, before bed.
        I sure do miss the upside down rhubarb cake and apple fritters.

    3. I’ve always found Jed Clampett (clicked on your handle and presume that you’re a fan as well) extremely sexy.

    4. Foolish, arrogant Jews, their hubris will eventually and thankfully put an end to them. For two thousand years they’ve worked toward their goal of world domination and all of those that they’ve prostituted, blackmailed and intimidated hold a grudge. When the walls of Jeruselum begin to crumble every one of their ‘little helpers’ will turn against them, noone, not even the lowest weasel of a politician will come to the aid of the bully who kept him under the boot. Silly Jews think that ‘Fear of the Jew’ is their strength, but hatred is stronger, and love (look at Hitler) stronger still.

  2. “Mrs. Van Hyning, I am surprised at your surprise. You are a student of history and you know that both the Borgias and the Mediciis are Jewish families of Italy. Surely you know that there have been Popes from both of these house. Perhaps it will surprise you to know that we have had 20 Jewish Popes, and when you have sufficient time, which may coincide with my free time, I can show you these names and dates.

    You will learn from these that: The crimes committed in the name of the Catholic Church were under Jewish Popes. The leaders of theinquisition was one, de Torquemada, a Jew.” (Woman’s Voice,
    November 25, 1953)


    Put the blame where it belongs. On Jew Inc and it’s devoted lackey’s paying off the criminals, committing heinous crimes in Europe, who were freed from Syria, Libya and Iraqi jails by Western-backed thugs spreading terror in the ME and Africa to continue on with their endless ‘Wars for Wall Street and Israel.’

    The popester knows who’s the boss!


    1. You will learn from these that: The crimes committed in the name of the Catholic Church were under Jewish Popes. The leaders of theinquisition was one, de Torquemada, a Jew.”

      Do you really have to use fatty character for this dumb message?

      Which crimes in the name of the Catholic Church? How many victims in the name of God?
      Which inquisition?

      Let’s assume you mean the Spanish inquisition since you mention Torquemada. Yes he was maybe a Jew, until he wasn’t. Against the traditional imagery peddled by English protestants and French philosophers, Spanish inquisition was not the absolute horror of an arbitrary justice that lead Torquemada and his buddy to kill 6 millions of Catholics. No sadist torture, no inhuman conditions of imprisonment, no pires under dark clouds where the condemned launched a last curse.
      The inquisition was a methodic justice, legalistic and pen-pushing, way more temperate than the secular justice. In the case of Spain, since we have all the documents and stil a few honest historians, there were a few thousand victims in three centuries.
      From the middle of the 18th century, no public execution has taken place in Spain. Compare this with what happened in Europe during the period of spanish inquisition, like the witch hunt and the Lutherian burn them all, or civil wars. I would trade one Torquemada jew against all the protestant deist atheist philosophic goys of Europe. There is a reason why he has been canonized.

      But we have forgotten that the medieval faith was not an individual belief and that society formed an organic community where everything was thought in collective terms. That’s why denying the faith, betraying and altering it, were regarded as faults or crimes for which the offender had to accept the responsibility before society.

      Yes, I know, it seems completely unintelligible for smart ass with freedom of conscience.

  3. Pope Francis of Asinine.
    The New Guinness Book Record Holder!
    “Most platitudes uttered in any given year since 1863.”
    (He eats veal, doesn’t he? (‘doctors orders’))

    1. My nonsectarian bad..
      For unintentionally transmogrifying the Pope as Dalai Lama!
      Twas in fact the Dalai Lama who proffered a note from his doctor as his A-OK to enjoy all his officially sanctioned (and blessed, no doubt) veal, ham, quail, horse, cat and dog luncheons.

      After all, the Pope, as we know, doesn’t need a note..

  4. So the Catholic Church reaps the whirlwind of the Latin heresy. The seeds of dualism were sown way back when. Now the manna from Rome coagulates in a poisoned well of cosmic lies and Faustian deals. Keep pushing that materialist science, keep supporting the House of Israel, keep legitimising yourself on the figleaf of Matt 16:18.

    So where to from here for the faithful? Pray and resist the devil. And you know what – tribe does not come first.

    1. Speaking of Tribe , in a singular setting ; Laurence Tribe , Harvard Law and Jamie Gorelick , 911 Commissioner ; are for the Israeli School of ” tough sheet “, USA . I detest the usa , has much as the book on ethics by Gorelick . She is an expert on the “destruction of evidence , which can be seen during the trial ? of the FAA & DOD .

      SHE BURIED US FROM FINDING THE TRUTH ABOUT 911 . EXCEPT FOR ME . THE SOLE PROPRIETOR OF EVIDENCE IN HER MEETING WITH CHIEF ED PLAUGHER , ARLINGTON COUNTY FD. SHE COMMITTED “SUBORNATION “. i am not a lawyer , but can read .? I could mail the stuff to Lasha , and she would have to post it for me . As a former catholic , ( i was raised ? as such in the late 30’s and 40’s . It took over forty years or more for me to decide that the church was hindering my life . I went to church to laugh and see all the dummies sitting around Sunday ‘s .
      Then i met a priest , who was so prejudiced against all the Democrats stand for , and would send me some pretty destructive pictures and stories about , and against the president . Way beyond what a cleric ( clerk ) of the church should be sending .
      Francis and Benedict meet regularly in Bennies room .” Behind the Green Door ” a really old song .
      bennie and Neil Bush were great party buddies . Look that up on the net > Any faith left in my soul for the church died in 1947 . Why it took me so long to say ,” good riddance . GOT A DAY TO LISTEN . THANK YOU AKK FOR SUPPORTING LASHA DARKMOON .

  5. I was shaking my head in disbelief at much of this article. A good one, well, an understandable one should I state, as its subject matter is truly horrific to state least.

    This is, without a doubt, white genocide if ever I saw it. The fact that people, deny this truly beggars belief. Pastors, forgiving the men who murdered his wife and unborn wife, shows just how screwed up Christianity is, so much so that sometimes, I truly wonder if, as back when the bible was written as the blueprint for global domination by the Jews, they invented a man, or more so, a lamb, who forgave everyone, regardless, which would lead to millions of his followers, doing the same, to the utter obliteration of the culture and race. In this world of conspiracy, was Christ a plant, to subjugate a people, so they’d be complete and utter push overs, when the Jews made their play for global dominance?

    I do not hate anyone, truly, I don’t, but I am constantly in complete disagreement with the demolition of my culture and the homelands of the white peoples. I don’t want these migrants coming here. I simply don’t. How can a society not realise that the only way a foreign people assimilate into a culture IS ONLY when they are a tiny minority within it? It is a matter of common sense. If you drop a couple of drops of brown into a pot of white paint, 98% more volume and mix it, you will hardly notice a change in colour. If however you drop 5% brown paint into a pot of white and mix it, you notice a change. The more you add, the greater the change. How on earth, therefore, can people believe this won’t happen with people and their culture too? Are they so oblivious to not realise that were we all supposed to be the same in this world, we would already be so, after hundreds of thousands of years of evolution?

    Dr Peter Hammond wrote a brilliant book: Slavery, Terrorism and Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat he studied how societies changed the MORE Muslims migrated and/or grew within a society. He states the following:

    As long as the Muslim population remains around or under 2% in any given country, they will be for the most part be regarded as a peace-loving minority, and not as a threat to other citizens. This is the case in:

    United States — Muslim 0.6%

    Australia — Muslim 1.5%

    Canada — Muslim 1.9%

    China — Muslim 1.8%

    Italy — Muslim 1.5%

    Norway — Muslim 1.8%

    At 2% to 5%, they begin to proselytize from other ethnic minorities and disaffected groups, often with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs.

    This is happening in:

    Denmark — Muslim 2%

    Germany — Muslim 3.7%

    United Kingdom — Muslim 2.7%

    Spain — Muslim 4%

    Thailand — Muslim 4.6%

    From 5% on, they exercise an inordinate influence in proportion to their percentage of the population. For example, they will push for the introduction of halal (clean by Islamic standards) food, thereby securing food preparation jobs for

    Muslims. They will increase pressure on supermarket chains to feature halal on their shelves — along with threats for failure to comply. This is occurring in:

    France — Muslim 8%

    Philippines — 5%

    Sweden — Muslim 5%

    Switzerland — Muslim 4.3%

    The Netherlands — Muslim 5.5%

    Trinidad & Tobago — Muslim 5.8%

    At this point, they will work to get the ruling government to allow them to rule themselves (within their ghettos) under Sharia, the Islamic Law. The ultimate goal of Islamists is to establish Sharia law over the entire world.

    When Muslims approach 10% of the population, they tend to increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions. In Paris , we are already seeing car-burnings. Any non-Muslim action offends Islam, and results in uprisings and threats, such as in Amsterdam , with opposition to Mohammed cartoons and films about Islam. Such tensions are seen daily, particularly in Muslim sections, in:

    Guyana — Muslim 10%

    India — Muslim 13.4%

    Israel — Muslim 16%

    Kenya — Muslim 10%

    Russia — Muslim 15%

    After reaching 20%, nations can expect hair-trigger rioting, jihad militia formations, sporadic killings, and the burnings of Christian churches and Jewish synagogues, such as in:

    Ethiopia — Muslim 32.8%

    At 40%, nations experience widespread massacres, chronic terror attacks, and ongoing militia warfare, such as in:

    Bosnia — Muslim 40%

    Chad — Muslim 53.1%

    Lebanon — Muslim 59.7%

    From 60%, nations experience unfettered persecution of non-believers of all other religions (including non-conforming Muslims), sporadic ethnic cleansing (genocide), use of Sharia Law as a weapon, and ***ya, the tax placed on infidels, such as in:

    Albania — Muslim 70%

    Malaysia — Muslim 60.4%

    Qatar — Muslim 77.5%

    Sudan — Muslim 70%

    After 80%, expect daily intimidation and violent jihad, some State-run ethnic cleansing, and even some genocide, as these nations drive out the infidels, and move toward 100% Muslim, such as has been experienced and in some ways is on-going in:

    Bangladesh — Muslim 83%

    Egypt — Muslim 90%

    Gaza — Muslim 98.7%

    Indonesia — Muslim 86.1%

    Iran — Muslim 98%

    Iraq — Muslim 97%

    Jordan — Muslim 92%

    Morocco — Muslim 98.7%

    Pakistan — Muslim 97%

    Palestine — Muslim 99%

    Syria — Muslim 90%

    Tajikistan — Muslim 90%

    Turkey — Muslim 99.8%

    United Arab Emirates — Muslim 96%

    100% will usher in the peace of ‘Dar-es-Salaam’ — the Islamic House of Peace. Here there’s supposed to be peace, because everybody is a Muslim, the Madrasses are the only schools, and the Koran is the only word, such as in:

    Afghanistan — Muslim 100%

    Saudi Arabia — Muslim 100%

    Somalia — Muslim 100%

    Yemen — Muslim 100%

    Unfortunately, peace is never achieved, as in these 100% states the most radical Muslims intimidate and spew hatred, and satisfy their blood lust by killing less radical Muslims, for a variety of reasons.

    Now the above is for Muslims, but it would be no different with any other religion or race of people. There will always be a ‘top dog’ within any society and they will always push for cultural and racial dominance within. It’s a simple case of survival. Even lefty, John Cleese of Monty Python fame, spoke of “London no longer being London anymore” and “all nations need a parent culture”. I suppose when he was younger and the money was rolling in, he couldn’t give two hoots, when the loony left of Labour, were promoting immigration into London. It was no doubt, cool and hip to be hanging out with all the immigrants and being ‘different’ to everyone else, making you somewhat unique with your non British friends.
    As for what Hammond states, all one has to do is go to London to see what it’s like as the Muslim population grows within. Heck, they’ve just proved their tribal behavior in group voting for Sadiq Khan to become mayor of London, a former associate with the Nation of Islam, a solicitor I believe.

    Regardless, the west, as this continues, will be utterly smashed to pieces. Chaos will ensue for order to happen, as is the plan. Indigenous will battle will migrant and worst of all, it will cause foreign relations with their countries to worsen as they will not feel too happy of their nationals, being attacked by angry indigenous Britons, disgusted at being treated like second class citizens in their own country. There will be bloodshed as Powell stated.

    1. There’s only one man, one prominent, public and soon to be world leader, who has both the brains and cojones, to tell the Pope … “Go To Hell”
      Gosh, I wonder who it might be?
      (Hellen Keller and I have a good guess)

    2. Harbinger:
      Your citation from Dr. Peter Hammond is right on money.

      I am a Romanian Greek-Orthodox. I hold in my hand now a Romanian history manual, that was published before the second world war. Turks have been a pain in the butt and a thorn for the Balkan peninsula for over 700 years. We all know islam has spread through force and murder, the murder of those who refused to convert. I don’t live in the past but to ignore hundreds of years of history is foolish. Romania won its independence from turks in 1877.

      Is islam far away from it was throughout the centuries now days? I don’t think so, and the key is in the numbers as Dr. Peter Hammond stated in his citation. The more they are in our societies, things start to deteriorate. I am pretty sure others pointed this out, is there an islamic democracy on the face of Earth ? Not as far as I know.

      So you have this religion that breeds oppression and control, quashes free speech, liberty, freedom much like the communist regime we experienced in Romania during Ceausescu. They want to import it now to Europe. Does it come as a surprise why?

      Why doesn’t pope francis condemn the war perpetrated in Syria by US, turks & islamic allies? Wouldn’t this be the best line of action to stop the influx of refugees & rapeugees? The Western governments are lead by psychopaths that have no moral qualms about killing and displacing millions of people for economic reasons or whatever other justifications they find. They have to be stopped.

      1. Turkey has long been under Jewish control. Joseph Nasi was a sephardic Jew. Sabbatai Tzvi founded a cult of its own in Turkey. The Armenians know it best.

      2. esfg4536ghr,

        You are quite correct.
        Islam spread through bloodshed in the past and the reason that it continues to expand is because this is the wish of the their prophet Muhammad. For anyone to disagree with this is simply, mad.
        The best defense for Europeans is simply to only allow Muslims two children max and not allow their population within that nation to be any larger than 2%. This way they will integrate with society and not have any power to challenge the culture of that land and impose their own.

    3. Great comment.It would be beneficial if Dr. Hammond or some other author wrote about what happens to societies with increasing jewish influence – good, bad, and ugly. Difficult to sell, though self publishing still possible.

    4. you are right on
      I only wish you could get your info out to the public so all could see

  6. “The Holy Father is obviously unaware of the mass rape and sexual assault of white women all over Europe by sexually out-of-control “refugees” from the Third World,”
    Michael Hoffman’s book on usury and how the “money lenders” began an insidious take-over of the Vatican +/- 500 years ago. Pope(?) Frankie is doing no more (or less) than any wretched minion of “the synagogue”. Many of you, as I did at one time, are bewildered at the horrible degree to which we “Goim” are under attack. Most must think these “Jews” are a super human race by the way they manipulate nations, slaughter tens of millions of fellow Christians/Muslims, rant out loud with impunity about their coming genocide against, not only whites, but the “chip on the shoulder of the minorities” What hit me recently like a diamond bullet was the realization that the bible – Quran state this is Satan’s “system of things” That being the case I came to the realization the Jews are the physical manifestation of Lucifer’s ownership and as such are being “instructed” and shielded from any cognizant thought or direction on the matter of impending global annihilation of non-Jews to facilitate Jew control/enslavement/genocide with the help of the “Judas Class in D.C. and their global infection of nation’s with Central Banks and Jews or their minions in positions of power within victim nations. Recall it’s been over 20 years since the Judas Class embraced Talmudic perversion manifesting itself as “Noahide Law” and are simply waiting for orders from Satan – to his minions – then the Judas Class/treasonous military/Law Enforcement to begin a slaughter fest which will make what Jews put Russia/Germany/Danzig/Ukraine and most of Eastern Europe through look menial in spite of the victims numbering in the tens of millions. As for “agenda 21”? The Judas Class must know full well it’s nothing but a thinly veiled “culling” of the global family of “Goim” to reduce their numbers to a more “manageable” number.

    Sewer Nation – Idiot Culture.

  7. Even when I was compltely unaware of the jews , I was always supicious that something was wrong in the Vatican. Being an Italian ,I was subjected by this kind of propaganda for decades and , erroneously I thought it was just the influence of the leftists who were deeply rooted in my country. Vatican has been infiltrated long ago, and starting with the dead of Pope Luciani, I had the acute perception of it. Bergoglio is the latest puppet who the jews put in motion to serve their agenda. The first thing he did after being elected Pope was calling the chief rabbi of Rome, officially to offer cooperation. He declared hundreds of time the jews our elder brothers, sacred beings who don’t need to be converted, but who are tted to God by a special covenant. He persecutes actively all the traditionalist who are still in the Church and force them out, he even proibited Francescans to preach and suppressed an ancient order of them. There is a video circulating on youtube where he can be seen preaching lucifer as the father of Christ, and many more things depicting him as a satanist, a false prophet. I have no doubt is fake, he is probably a marrano jew as Lasha Darkmoon wrote, and definitely is betraying the Roman Catholics who he pretends to serve. More and more people are suffering for his decisions and think is just a poor victim of some bad people around him. I believe he kows what is doing, and he likes it

    1. You mean the assassination of pope Luciani. He should have drunk his expresso with a straw.

      Good pope, bad pope, it depends. According to the traditional doctrine, sedevacantism is a lutherian heresy.

  8. Dear Lasha:
    I couldn’t agree more with you and I am a Catholic also. Your comments are right on. Leon

    1. THIS POOP IS A PUBLIC RELATIONS MAN FOR THE JEWS IN THE USA. I know the faithful who can’t be stopped from leaving their dimes to the church or they will go to hell .
      Why is this :” thing ” meeting with Benedick secretly , Cardinal Law is featured in the Boston Globe movie , “SPOTLIGHT “? on the Katolic church . More than 90 priests were “pedophiles ” in Boston alone before 2001.
      LAW is a criminal , wanted by the Boston Police.
      I remember going to that large Cathedral in Washington , years ago ;former Cardinal Cushing had his name on a huge supporting column , with a 5000 dollar donation . Scum Bag politician in Boston ; the seat of the weirdest people on earth .
      The real criminals are the Theology Schools at HARVARD , YALE , GEORGETOWN U. , NOTRE DAME , so on and so forth :BRANDEIS U. ,BOSTON UNIVERSITY ., ;with all these poor homeless students , it is very difficult to lead a normal life .
      The PARADE MAGAZINE , today features two of the greatest HYPOCRITES in the world .”Sunday with Laura and Jenna , ; and their movie like life . Vomit , vomit . AG PARADE . ( sunday at our house , great outdoor memories , magic moment , point of pride , Parental advice . ) made for movies .

  9. Pope Francis is no different from CEO of any other CORPORATION – – looking to stay afloat.

    Leo X said that.

    “It has served us well, this myth of Christ” ~ John Bale, the anti-Catholic Acta Romanorum Pontificum, which was first translated from Latin into English as The Pageant of the Popes in 1574:

    “For on a time when a cardinall Bembus did move a question out of the Gospell, the Pope gave him a very contemptuous answer saying: All ages can testifie enough how PROFITABLE that fable of Christe hath ben to us and our companie.” – – – (is ‘companie’ a corporation?)
    The Pope in this case being Leo X.

    Later accounts of it exist, as recorded by Vatican Librarian, Cardinal Baronius in the Annales Ecclesiastici (1597) a 12-volume history of the Church.

    Follow the money…. like Pope Francis does.

  10. Like the Albanians and Bosnians, all Europeans should convert to Islam en masse – then your birth rates will skyrocket once again. The Albanians, Bosnians, and other WHITE indigenous European Muslims are breeding heavily. Usually, these WHITE indigenous Muslims breed amongst themselves thereby preserving their culture, gene pool, and way of life. You can then go on a baby making jihad and the rest of society will support you. Revisionist historian Veronica Clark has already suggested this. Islam is the perfect religion for White Nationalists and White Supremacists – their ultimate wet dream come true. But then again, they are too retarded to see the forest for the trees.

    1. Yes Salman, Islam .. or something like it.
      Sunni versus Shia versus Wahhabi versus Sufi versus Taliban versus etc., etc., etc..
      Very enlightening! Sounds like just what Europe needs!
      They don’t already have enough (haha) theology..

      1. LOL – don’t worry HP. Muslims are only humans just like you and I that make mistakes and their lack of short comings doesn’t mean they are losing out in population or the future of their religion. Their own mistakes have resulted in these disputes coupled with underground and backroom conspiracies devised by the usual suspects. But after the tribulation is over, peace and happiness will reign forever.

        Bi’iznillah, I plan on breeding lots of babies for the sake of God. Islam is the perfect belief system and just great for the breeding program of White European women. I wish I could breed some white women right now so as to givem a population boost and create future warriors for the faith.

        Albanian Muslims tend to breed with Albanians. Same thing for Azerbaijanis, Bosnians, Chechens, Dagestanis, Turks, and others. If they don’t breed amongst themselves, then its amongst neighbouring nations. Islam will dominate the West one day as it already has taken over many parts of the world.

      2. most Europeans are atheists and nihilists…that’s why they are dying out. Islam – no matter how flawed some aspects of their interpretations and/or implementations are will indeed REVIVE the dying European race again. That’s why them kikes/yhids attack it day and night.

      3. ‘Muslims are only humans just like you and I”
        and you tell me don’t worry!
        Pass the Pope .. errrr, I mean pass the pipe, Salman.

      4. LOL. Why not join the believers? The entire flat earth shall be Muslim one day. Everything has already submitted to the Will of God. When will you join the winning team? 😀

      5. you see what we do to faggot activists? we hackem to death with machetes…real jamaica style lynchings…

      6. Salman, I’d tell you when I joined, but then you’d have to kill me.
        We don’t want that..
        I’m a Bears fan! Honest!

      7. Salman,

        You fail to understand one thing in life – some people like going down the river solo and not with the rest of the fishes. Understand? I would never convert to Islam, just as although I very much agree in the teachings of the Christ, I’d never join the rest of the sheep and sit in church, listening to the madness, that the author of this article had to endure.
        If anything, the best thing that would utterly smash Judaism in Europe is if all societies went back to their pagan roots. A horde of blood thirsty, modern day, vikings, for example, would have the Jews pooing their pants.
        it is not simply Islam, Christianity or Judaism as far as I’m concerned. There are many atheists and nihilists, because organised religion doesn’t really have a very good track record does it? And as for Islam, well, to this day, I’m simply amazed whites convert, after the history of it in Europe and its plunder and murder of Christians, not forgetting the many slaves they took to their lands. The janissaries spring to mind.
        If Europe survives it will do so, without its people converting to Islam. If it does convert to Islam, it will no longer be Europe, as much of the indigenous cultures of those lands will disappear under adherence to Islamic beliefs. To put it bluntly Islam will be the death of Europe.

      8. Salman Hossain —

        You are a poor advertisement for Islam. For a start, you have made it clear that you personally approve of murdering “faggots”, as you call them, thus taking the law into your own hands.

        Faggot haters on this site will of course love you for taking such a high moral stance against sodomy. Unfortunately for you, Mr Pseudo Muslim, you have already blotted your copybook by admitting to being a sexual pervert yourself. In past comments you confess to having sexually abused an underage female servant in Bangladesh and of forcing your first cousin to have sex with you against her will.

        Forgive me if I’ve got the details of your shady sex life wrong. All I know is that you were ticked off by Admin here and banned for a brief period because of your fllthy-minded and sexually perverted posts. Yes or no? Answer: Yes.

        Listen, Mister Muslim. I have two other things against you. That is, apart from your obvious degeneracy. You post too much, you are too loquacious for your own good, posting 10 comments for every comment made by Lobro and Pat, our most reliable and representative posters here. Please shut up and allow others here to get a word in edgewise! Don’t hog the limelight, OK?

        Your comments on pigs are patently stupid. Pigs and humans, you state, are almost genetically identical. Therefore eating pork is equivalent to cannibalism.

        You are bringing this site into disrepute by the degeneracy, stupidity, and multiplicity of your comments. If you know what’s good for you, take a back seat and POST LESS.

      9. Salman is ok in small does.

        Trouble is, he doesn’t know what a small dose is!

        He grabs the microphone and won’t let anyone else get a work in edgewise. I’d like to hear more from Pat, Lobro and Harbinger. Felix is deep and needs to share his thoughts with us more often. The same applies to Peter and Phil, the French genius.

        Others, I forget their names. They too have taught me a lot. I admit I’m a bit of an ignoramus. Too bad I have a small female brain. That’s why I’m here: to benefit from the wisdom of my male intellectual superiors.

        I’m not so sure about this “Joe” character though. I think he’s a Jew from Tel Aviv. That guy give me the creeps. I wouldn’t like to meet a psycho like that in a dark alley.




      11. Sardonicus, the other thing is that EVEN when I was 10 years old, I had urges towards my maid servant who was 2 years older than me at that time and my female cousin who was 5-6 years older than me…so you see – technically I am NOT a PEDOPHILE even at the age of 10 – i have had a preference for elderly and more mature and sophisticated women (like the owner of this website)…not granny old – but not air heads like young chicken heads out there…so you see…u really have set me off now…accusing me and defaming me with things that I NEVER have done…you disgusting prick!

      12. Salman —

        You’re beginning to sound a bit like Avatar on steroids.

        My advice to you is calm down and stop making a fool of yourself.

        We don’t want to hear all about your “cum” and your “ejaculations” at the age of 11. This is not a porn site, buddy, in case you think it is.

      13. Salman,

        I do not hate Muslims. I simply do not want Islam in the west, where it will destroy what makes us unique to you – freedom and liberty, something that Islam has NEVER had.
        As I stated in a previous article, in relation to Islam and using hornets as an analogy:

        “I believe all things in life have a place on this earth. For example, I think hornets have every right to be on this planet. However, that said, I wouldn’t want a nest on my front porch.”

        Again, in another insane rant, one that gives Joe a run for his money, talking about decapitating myself and Sardonicus, along with the usual genocide of Jews, you continue to show us all on this website that there are Muslims out there who seek nothing more than to make the world Islam and screw what people, who don’t want Islam, think.
        An individual’s life is theirs to make and no one elses. You have still not quite grasped that basic point of liberty.

      14. Sardonicus and what’s his name Harbinger – Islam will dominate the world very soon like it did during the mid ages – the masses in the world will join the religion – it doesn’t matter what a few so-called “individualists” like yourself do or not (thinking of yourself to be a very smart aleck and all that) – whether you convert or not – the majority of the people will submit to God – and will enter paradise – even if its in chains…and against their will…

        good luck attempting to get rid of Islam in the Western world….ain’t gonna happen when you can’t even get rid of the kikes – ha ha

    2. Salman,

      I do not hate Muslims. I simply do not want Islam in the west, where it will destroy what makes us unique to you – freedom and liberty, something that Islam has NEVER had.
      As I stated in a previous article, in relation to Islam and using hornets as an analogy:

      “I believe all things in life have a place on this earth. For example, I think hornets have every right to be on this planet. However, that said, I wouldn’t want a nest on my front porch.”

      Again, in another insane rant, one that gives Joe a run for his money, talking about decapitating myself and Sardonicus, along with the usual genocide of Jews, you continue to show us all on this website that there are Muslims out there who seek nothing more than to make the world Islam and screw what people, who don’t want Islam, think.
      An individual’s life is theirs to make and no one elses. You have still not quite grasped that basic point of liberty.

    1. ha ha ha – funny thing he was a Muslim who preferred breeding amongst his kind.

  11. As a sedevacantist, one the growing number of Catholics that believe Francis is not the Pope, that the Papal Seat is vacant because of his blatant public heresies, which automatically disqualify him from holding the Office, according to true Catholic theologians…I suggest you could visit this site for more on re it:.. http://www.thinkinghousewife.com/wp/…I appreciate your site & thanks for the interesting articles…Tom

  12. “1 ring to rule them all & in the darkness bind them”, coming to your and every other neighborhood.
    there are still true Catholics but none in Vatican, it seems.
    this is the Planet of the Lie, Lucifer’s playground, lies are an integral element of the atmosphere, inhaled with every breath, occasionally a truth exhaled, like me now, in vino veritas 🙂

    As i look around for a scrap, it occurs to me that one steadfast source of truth is the one that hung around since the old times, Jesus, New Testament, the Revelations, the prophecies of the Virgin.
    So be it, since there is no truth in Vatican, let the Rock reside in those uncanny utterances.

  13. All organized-religions (Catholicism, Judaism, etc.) are government sponsored to pacify people and are doing a fine job at pacifying the masses. They know what they’re doing!

    Francis (the pope) practicing humility? Oh, please! The wash basin looks golden and his frock is probably made from a fine material and is very costly. There is Only One Holy Father. The Holy Father is God and no man, not even Father’s Son dared called Himself: Father!

    Matthew 23:9 And call no [man] your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.

    The term “tricky devil” applies to Francis (the pope) who is a “false prophet”.

    Book of Revelation

    16:13 And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs [come] out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.

    “Scripture links the City of Dragons (City of London) to the beast (market-system), and the blasphemous “god of pomp” at the Vatican in Rome.” –

    19:20 And the beast was taken, and with it the false prophet that wrought miracles before it, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped its image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone (sulphur). http://jahtruth.net/kofkad.htm

    The Vatican is called Vaticanus in latin, and Vatic means prophet and you know what anus means. Thus it is the seat of the false prophet – one who talks out of his anus.

    Born into a human family that was half Roman Catholic and half Jew (likely a Judahite), I know the evils of each one, but The Catholic church, by far, is the more evil of the two.

    The differences between Judaism and Talmudism are marked; making them not the same. Since Judaism is an organized-religion, like the rest, it is something I do not follow at all. Catholicism and Talmudism are like siblings (born of the devil) and are working together. Organized-religions were born of the devil; and abolished by Christ Jesus 2000 years ago.

    1. Babylon is Fallen (Whore of Babylon) – Revelation 18:2-5

      2 And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. 3 For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.

      4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. 5 For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.

    2. @ New Song

      You said, “Organized-religions were born of the devil; and abolished by Christ Jesus 2000 years ago.”

      I knew there was something we could agree on.

    3. The Vatican is called Vaticanus in latin, and Vatic means prophet and you know what anus means.

      This is deep, I must ponder it at length.
      However, you seem to have forgotten couple of segments, such as Vat and tic, which translate to Vat and tic.
      Would you mind working those into your analysis for the sake of completion?
      e.g., the prophet sitting in a vat, with a tic in his ass.
      Probably something he picked up from the Whore of Babylon.
      It opens entirely new avenues of meaning on so many levels.

  14. In the Occidental Observer edition, there’s a picture of a Jew laughing with the Jewish pope. I can imagine what they were saying:

    Jew: “Yeshua is boiling in faeces in hell and his mother was a whore”
    Pope: I know, he should never have gone against the pharisees. His own fault.

    1. Harbinger, what are you constantly yapping about?

      What cultures? If anything, WITHOUT converting to Islam, the Judeo-Marxist filth in the West has ALREADY DESTROYED your traditional cultures.

      Lets see – the indigenous Europeans who HAVE converted to Islam have RETAINED most of their traditional cultures and languages. This includes Abkhazians, Adygeans, Albanians, Armenians (still residing in Turkey), Ajars, Avars, Azeris, Balkars, Bosnians, Chechens, Cherkess, Dagis, Greeks (including those expelled from Greece and Crete after the fall of the Ottoman empire and a few remaining ones still residing in Greece proper), Gypsies, Inghush, Laz, Kabardins, Kumyks, Ossetians, Pomaks, Tatars (Europeans in Siberia/Tatarstan), Terbesh, those Muslims who resided in Portugal and Spain until their expulsion, amongst countless others. What culture are they not preserving? They just pray in Arabic for religious reasons. But they also add their local languages as well.

      You seem to be jealous that Muslims are generally better in bed than European non-Muslims and have far superior breeding capabilities compared to Christians. Convert to Islam and save your race today! HA HA HA

      What do you consider to be “European” culture? grabbing a keg and getting high and/or wasted? going out binge drinking? poisoning your mind, body, and soul with alcohol? destroying your sex drives and reproductive ability with excess drinking and/or smoking? molesting your daughter/mom/sister? Like what do you consider to be culture? taking it in the ass from another man? man to man butt sex? pedophilia/pedarast and boy sex? what are you hoping Europe turns into? Most of the indigenous European Muslim nations mentioned above don’t even have women running around in burkhas/niqabs either.

      1. Salman,

        Well, you see, in your answer you prove just why I would never convert to Islam. Yes, I adore pork, seafood and alcohol, three European cuisines that are haram in Islam. While I disagree with much of modern society, what I do, however, ultimately respect is the free will of the individual to live how they so choose. While I disagree in the madness that comes from the loony left, I agree completely in their freedom to air their views. While I disagree in sodomy, I agree completely in their right to live their life as sodomites. While I disagree in feminism, women’s choice of career over family, I completely respect their freedom to live as they so choose. This is something that within Islam, or should I say the CULT of Islam, forbids. It is a male dominated society and I do not believe in control of man over woman or vice versa.

        You see, I first and foremost believe in liberty for the individual. That is my stance. There is NO liberty within Islam, only the word of the prophet that must be adhered too. Islam, I’m sorry to say, is an authoritarian ideology and the Qur’an and Talmud are almost two peas in the very same pod. There’s absolutely no point in giving up the totalitarian socialism of Judaism, for the religious domination of Islam.

        Drinking and eating pork are two of the very things that are cultural to all Europeans and that is all that but remains of their culture. Under Islam it would go. I’d rather you all stayed in Arabia and worshiped the moon goddess, quite frankly and left other peoples to get on with their lives, without your religious indoctrination and brainwashing by zealots.

      2. We will never convert to islam. Asatru is growing as we speak and will come back in force and kick out both kikes and muslims. The pagan religions, whether celtic or norse are out natural faiths and always has been until the false relgion created by the kikes conquered and enslaved us, just like it enslaved your people. Islam is also a kike creation. So that they can use their old age strategy of pitting two different factions against each other. No, islam is not the perfect relgion. You too also need to return to your pagan roots, whether is zoroastranism or something else. only then will you be free of the kike iron grip over you.

      3. @ Harbinger

        Well said about the basis of the matter.

        At the heart of European and American culture is pork. We like bacon, pork chops, ham, pork sausage, pork tenderloin, pork ribs, etc. The list of pork preparations is almost endless.

        If any government were really interested in preserving their European and American culture, they would ban all meat except pork and have effective pork police to enforce the ban. All jews and Muslims would leave and none would be seeking asylum. Imagine no bankers.

        Unfortunately, going totally pro-pork would not guarantee cultural stability immune to massive immigration because the pork loving Asians, South Americans, and Africans would still be wanting in.

        I’ll have to contemplate a better solution. 🙂

      4. Yes Ungenius.

        As I’ve just told the idiot Salman, we in the west have been eating pork for thousands of years, long before the fruitcake Muhammad, was vomited onto this earth, to dictate how people should live their lives. The same also for alcohol. He is simply unable to respect other people and their cultures. I have met many Muslims, while in London. One in fact owned a kebab shop (there’s a shock) and I would go in and we’d sit and chat, while he gave me beer to drink. Of course, he would say “why you drink” to which I would always reply “It’s my culture and I enjoy it”. None the less, regardless whether he drank it or not, he still sold it in his shop, as do many Muslims, who disagree with alcohol consumption. However, I simply love pork. It is an animal that you can get so much from.
        I noticed in Germany they tried taking pork off school menus so as to not offend Muslims, but I believe there was such a public uproar that they stopped. It sickens me when Muslims, or any other peoples, tell me what I can or cannot eat. Worse still when one looks at how cruelly Muslims butcher their meat. It’s no different to kosher. Both should be banned in the west as they go against our animal rights. Now were that to happen, there would be a mass exodus.

      5. harbinger…if u’re such a bad ass – I dare you to go out and call Prophet Muhammad a “fruitcake” – I’d like to see how long you would last…

        go and do that in a Muslim country or a Muslim neighbourhood in Europe…

        the only kind that is a fruitcake is yours…and those around you that think like you…

        you don’t even have a basic knowledge of Islam – spouting the already disproven bullshit that Prophet Muhammad worshipped a moon-God or was a warlord…he wasn’t either of those things….but you are free to believe in what you believe…but go out and say those things and lets see how long your head will still be attached to your neck…

        even if we were best buddies…I couldn’t save yo infidel ass…it wouldn’t be worth a risk to my life or values…

      6. I agree with the policy of selling hard liqour to infidels in infidel lands while actively discouraging Muslims from consuming it…

        same shit with pork…

        we Muslims frankly don’t care if you drink alcohol or eat pork or rape your daughters/moms/sisters- a non-Muslim can find lots of liqour and pork for his/her/its consumption in non-Muslim lands in 5 star hotels and restaurants catering to foreign expatriates….

        Muslims have eaten pork and drunk alcohol…it won’t expel you from the fold of the religion…

        but once you attack the Prophet Muhammad and Islam you may get a thump in the face…and if u’re a big/strong guy…get attacked in a mob or a gang…

        so I dare you to diss Islam openly…

      7. Salman,

        You’re really not doing well here are you?

        “I dare you to go out and call Prophet Muhammad a “fruitcake” – I’d like to see how long you would last…”

        Yup, yet more authoritarianism and anti liberty from the Islamic quarter, showing yet more why it is incompatible with western culture. Christ turned the other cheek. Islam cuts it off.

        “spouting the already disproven bullshit that Prophet Muhammad worshipped a moon-God or was a warlord…he wasn’t either of those things”

        I’ve read the Qur’an and the hadith, thank you. So I know what is needed to know. The history of Muhammad is one of bloodshed. He was unable to convert people peacefully, like Christ was and so got himself an army and voila, the rest is history. Stating Muhammad wasn’t a warlord, is like stating a paedophile doesn’t molest children.

        “but you are free to believe in what you believe…but go out and say those things and lets see how long your head will still be attached to your neck…”

        Yup, yet more good old Islamic tolerance of freedom of expression. And again Salman, you fall straight into the hole you’ve dug for yourself.

        “even if we were best buddies…I couldn’t save yo infidel ass…it wouldn’t be worth a risk to my life or values…”

        Yup, yet again, you’re not selling Islam in the slightest. What does the bible say again? Something along the lines of:

        “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13)

        When the west eventually realises the threat to freedom and liberty that Islam is, the peoples will once again to unite to evict them from European lands.

        I think after this post, I’ll just have to treat you the same I did Ingrid and just ignore your posts.

        1. Oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo….. Francis is so corrupt…. how appalled and horrified are WE the Catholic Church is so usurped the Catholic Church now preaches THE VERY SAME NEW WORLD ORDER NEW AGE “RELIGION” AS WE OURSELVES PUSH PROMOTE PROSELYTIZE LUV WORSHIP AND ADORE!!! OH MY GAWD!!!! Francis might even be a joo, Oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo…..

          Do any of you Darkmooners ever get tired of crying crocodile tears? How challenging it must be for you Darkmooners to have to always hide your true loyalties and constantly put on an act you all hate and oppose things you all actually LERV with every reptilian DNA particle in your slithering snake trunks. Work on your acting skills. If you Darkmooners keep practicing your acting more, maybe someday you all will actually fool someone into believing the shit that comes out of your mouths.

          Just sayin’.

      8. Harbinger, Prophet Muhammad was a conqueror with a state and army – if he’s a warlord, then so are most of all the other presidents of the US -including J.F. Kennedy the most beloved of all US presidents – he was the COMMANDER IN CHIEF during the vietnam war – but he was STILL the Commander in Chief…and he still oversaw the war which he was inherently against but the kikes pulled the string of US politics of course so its not really his fault but you get my point though…

        the problem with you infidels is that you don’t accept his authority OVER HIS PEOPLE….so you just smear him by saying he is a “warlord” – um fuck no -that’s cause you don’t accept his authority just like people who don’t accept the authority of ISIS consider them to have “stolen” the funds in Mosul banks when they took over – BUT when they did take over Mosul in 2014 the LOCAL Arabs did in fact support them! Yes! so they were a legitimate Army/Militia or so they seemed that took over and CONFISCATED the funds in the bank from the central government of maliki –

        its a matter of perception – Prophet Muhammad was a Statesman and LEADER RECOGNIZED by ALL THE TRIBES OF ARABIA that fell under his jurisdiction…he wanted to expand his state which his companions did…which empire didn’t do that? you are such a filthy hypocrite harbinger…every state and empire has to expand its territory if given the chance to do so until they come in contact with an equal or much more powerful opposing force…

        yes, if you defame him by calling him a warlord while in public, you WILL get your head separated from the neck and you will fully deserve it…

        we accept him as a leader for his people…and a Prophet…Judaism and Christianity have always been violent….instead you consider him a warlord because according to you the Church/Mosque and State shouldn’t mix when in REALITY it should mix because if it did then the kikes would have never gotten away with 9-11 AND church and state does mix in the West that is why the kikes GOT AWAY WITH 9-11 and you CLOWNS have still not punished them for it 15 years AFTER THE FACT! so what are you yapping about? the church and state will mix whether you like it or not AND PROPHET MUHAMMAD WAS A POPULIST LEADER THAT IS WHY THE ARAB TRIBES ACKNOWLEDGED HIS AUTHORITY OVER THEM…you don’t acknowledge the Arab tribes uniting under him and the Prophet having authority over them because you are a FUCKING RACIST…plain and simple…and that is why you will NEVER RULE OVER US MUSLIMS…NEVER…in your fucking dreams man…in your fucking dreams… European colonialism is done – its now our turn to colonize you…and we will fry the kikes in the process while we reverse colonize you clowns…

      9. To: Sardonicus & Al.







  15. Veronica Clark once said in an internet radio talk show that Europeans can save their dying race by converting to Islam and preserving their genetics. Then the host on the other end, like yourself and all of the the Islam-hating faggots on this forum, got upset saying that it was sooo “foreign” and she responded by saying that there are millions of European Muslims (i.e. the Balkans, Caucuses, Siberia) who have converted to Islam and retain their “Aryan” (i.e. European) cultures without losing out on it. Yet, you seem to wanna see beastiality and man-boy sex promoted by the judeo marxist filth out there which has already wrecked your beloved Western “culture”.

    1. salman, let’s not get carried away with pointless debates that mix apples, oranges and other fruit.

      there was always a percentage of natural born queers that did not vary with religious orientation, the only thing that did vary was the degree of deception in how they kept to themselves in closet – always an unhealthy habit that jew exploited to the max.

      while very opposed to exhibitionism of any kind, nor do i approve hiding and repressing the truth, all of this plays in favor of the common enemy.

      This is the enemy that used to kidnap young christian boys by the thousands in poorly defended regions of eastern Europe, transport them in slave caravans to the border towns of maghreb, like Narbonne (under the rule of the Mark of Spain, a muslim overlord at the time), where they would be cruelly castrated and sold to decadent takfiri perverts for their pleasure.
      Is it not true that all the belly dancers in N Africa are men?

      This is the truth too, also that until a few generations ago, catholics were likely to have big families, 12, 15, 20 and more children, eg, Jean Chretien, the ex-PM from Quebec was what, #24 in his family?
      So leave the religion out of it.
      Cows and dogs have large litters, so where does it get them in life?

      Focus on quality, as in family, so in thinking, turn down the volume if it interferes.
      Numbers alone won’t defeat the jew if coupled with debility of fetal alcohol syndrome, poor diet, education and family upbringing.

      1. lobro…quick witted as usual…lololol….u beat me to it…quality and quantity was always my motto

      2. lobro, i think most belly dancers in North Africa are still women…but there are queers out there i’m sure…just that they can’t legalize this BS which the kikes seem to impose upon the rest of the world…

        i’m not sure if u’ve heard of the faggot activists being hacked to death in bangladesh? this caused a massive uproar by kikes in the UK and the US and these faggots seem to have gotten real upset at their fags getting lynched in broad daylight

      3. lobro, what is your opinion on the uk and us tryna impose gay marriages upon the rest of the non-white non-completley jewified world?

      4. Sal, I am convinced that sexuality is mandated by nature and cannot be altered by force. Therefore, it is not a crime, cannot be criminalized and to do so is a crime in itself, in fact, totally morally equivalent to Jews calling themselves Chosen simply by being born to Jewesses.
        Circumstances of birth are a giant lottery from the moment the swimmers start paddling upstream, some end up as queers, some as Jews, some left-handed.
        In Spanish, a la izquierda means left but also a homosexual.
        Now, an a55hole is made, not born and close to 100% Jews are a55holes, which should be but almost never is, punishable.
        A decent Jew is an oxymoron because a decent one renounces his background and blends into normalcy.

        Now, to your question, should queers be allowed to marry?
        What’s it to me that I should care, so long as they keep to themselves and don’t try to force their views and lifestyles on me and my family?
        Just like polygamy or any other choice of lifestyle foreign to MY native society.
        If I come to your house where the manners call for removing shoes, I will either do so or decline the visit.
        If you come to my house where padding around barefoot is considered outlandish, you would no more take your shoes off than your shirt.
        And that’s the way it should be: you have your house, I have mine and we both reserve the right to shoot the burglars.
        And what are Jews but burglars and thieves in every country of the world?

      5. ya u are good with metaphors, lobro…

        now lets start warming the ovens.

    2. Mohammad was a looney and as a follower you seem to be quite off your rocker as well. Considering your death threats against two of the forum members, you should be banned for life and reported to FBI as well. That is just my few cents on the matter. As far as I’m concerned there is only one good thing with islam and that is the banning of usury. However we don’t need to implement islam in our countries to get rid of usury. We can keep our cultures and ban usury still. I’m pretty certain the kikes wouldn’t like it but we can kick them out too together with all muslims. Your religion is retarded and backwards. You go ahead live like they did 1400 years ago but don’t try to enforce that lifestyle on us. We value freedom and liberty more than we value islam or any other religion for that matter. So if the age of mohammad was perfect, why are you even using internet? Dif mohammad use internet? I don’t think so. And if I’m not mistaken, Robert Spencer and others has disputed the existance of mohammad altogether. I also saw that you are a follower of that stupid flat earth theory. Well go sailing out on that horizon and fall out of existance. No-one here will miss you.

      1. Morningstar, you are an idiot – there is INFINITE land beyond the antarctic – lets see you go and try explore the antarctic on your own without anyone blocking or impending your path-its 360 degrees of ice around the proven flat earth…

        anyways…who the fuck is Robert Spencer anyways? he’s another one of those dipshit judeo-christian who propagates lies 24-7-365… the only dipshits on here who claim to know anything about Islam are those who listen to Robert Spencer and that jewish witch whore Pamela Gellar – and Robert Morey

        so idiots like Harbinger in here – think that Allah is the moon-god while it’s just the Arabic word for God – otherwise Arab Christians and Jews and Monotheists/Theists/Non-Theists/Secularists would NEVER use the word “Allah” BEFORE the Qur’an came about

        yes, Morningstar – I’ve been threatening genocide against the Jews and their slaves in Western society since 2010 by PUBLICLY inciting Chinese/Russian and Latino troops to come in and kill them filthy Jews.

        yes you will eventually implement Islam in the Western world – that is if it doesn’t escape the fate of nuclear warfare and exchanges between you guys and the Chinese and Russians….

        Hitler SUPPORTED Islam…

        and our religion is WAY MORE PROGRESSIVE for the 21st century than ANY other religion out there INCLUDING your pagan bullshit – that is why Erdogan’s Turkey is so successful DUE to their interpretation AND implementation of Islam and Morsi was bringing reform to Egypt although he made some mistakes until the jew sisi took him out…

        if u’re soo convinced of your pagan cult BS why don’t u go out and convert your fellow Scandinavians?

        you can’t convert them BECAUSE they KNOW that paganism can’t tell others how to run society – paganism is just getting one with nature and coming in contact with the Jinns who can assume many forms and shape shift – that is how the ancients had soo many Gods – and you are suggesting we get back into worshipping the Jinn in its various manifestations?

        you have no clue about paganism – and I say this as someone whose ancestors were priests in the Hindu tradition (Brahmins to be exact)…but even the Rig Vedas originally preached Monotheism until they were penetrated and subverted like all other religions with false traditions and Jinn-worship – that is why all hindu gods are more or less manifestations of various jinns except for maybe Krishna – who was maybe a human being

        you Scandinavians ALREADY converted en masse to Christianity – so you MIGHT AS WELL convert to Islam…albeit meditated by your culture/traditions…

        its for your own good of course…if ya know what I’m saying….and society’s as well – societies that convert to Islam en masse have large populations like Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Albania, Bosnia, the Muslims in Russia and Europe – etc. – and like I state earlier – Islam is the PERFECT breeding tool for white women to get bred by the more fertile and virile races!

  16. Thank you Dr. Joyce and LD for this accurate critique of Pope Francis, and many comments as well which offer further insight. Looking at the history of Roman Catholicism, one can see many so called “bad” popes, which should be a great caution to not accept the doctrine of the “infallibility” of the pope. We are not all from the same mold mentally and physically; some find comfort in “believing but not searching” as the Greek Orthodox say. For some of us, increasingly so in the modern world, this is intellectual cowardice (or laziness, or, lack of capacity) and from the viewpoint of ‘belief is unscientific’ plainly untenable. This view must be cautioned too, as reading the history of Padre Pio one can see that devotion can transcend intellect. But as a leader of Roman Catholics, Pope Francis has clearly failed in his duty. Christ would not meekly accept moneylenders in the Temple, Francis and others just want ‘to get along’, or worse. It is good that he is ‘close to jews’, God’s ‘vicar’ is supposed to be close to everybody. But he is not supposed to condone lies, theft, rape, murder, mass murder and war crimes as represented by today’s and yesterday’s zionists. Modern church leaders have conveniently accepted that criticizing zionism amounts to anti-semitism, the great guilty lie flogged by zionists and mongered by their minions to try to hide their massive crimes in Russia, Ukraine, in fact, all of the states of the former Russian Empire, and now, the Middle East. Given the Vatican’s resources, the church is fully aware of the situation and is guilty in these crimes. A question for the wise men in Rome – by going along with this agenda, do you really believe they won’t come for you when the time suits them, as in Russia?

  17. Harbinger, its your love of excess individualism that has led kike parasites to take over the west…

    now i see absolutely no fucking point in drinking alcohol EXCEPT for medicinal purposes…that’s why if u Euros left alcohol outta your consumption u’d have better breeding habits which European Muslims fortunately have the upper hand over you – I mean European white Muslims – not imported turd world ruffians

    next to that is the issue of pork which still causes diseases but worse than that – pig meat is more or less the same thing as consuming another human being – its more or less cannibalism – since the active DNA combination of pigs and apes are almost the same as humans (98% similarity – I’m not talking just the genome here BUT the entire DNA) …the Jews were turned into apes and pigs – and most of the organ transplants as well as regenerating bones and skin are now coming from pig meat and body parts (i.e. pig bladder)…

    if u’re not opposed to eating pigs…are you then opposed to cannibalism? If pork consumption is good, is cannibalism or eating primates like monkeys and chimpanzees and gorillas okay?

    don’t forget the Israelites were said to be turned into apes and pigs – and Muslims love calling them that when we unleash our curses on the Yhids.

  18. Harbinger, its your love of excess individualism that has led kike parasites to take over the west…

    now i see absolutely no fucking point in drinking alcohol EXCEPT for medicinal purposes and the potential for hopefully getting chicks drunk on a date or a party so that she spreads her leg for u (but sober sex is ALWAYS superior to drunkedness while fucking and to top it your remember it better) …that’s why if u Euros left alcohol outta your consumption u’d have better breeding habits which European Muslims fortunately have the upper hand over you – I mean European white Muslims – not imported turd world ruffians

    next to that is the issue of pork which still causes diseases but worse than that – pig meat is more or less the same thing as consuming another human being – its more or less cannibalism – since the active DNA combination of pigs and apes are almost the same as humans (98% similarity – I’m not talking just the genome here BUT the entire DNA) …the Jews were turned into apes and pigs – and most of the organ transplants as well as regenerating bones and skin are now coming from pig meat and body parts (i.e. pig bladder)…

    if u’re not opposed to eating pigs…are you then opposed to cannibalism? If pork consumption is good, is cannibalism or eating primates like monkeys and chimpanzees and gorillas okay?

    don’t forget the Israelites were said to be turned into apes and pigs – and Muslims love calling them that when we unleash our curses on the Yhids….

    so to sum it up – eating pig meat is like eating another human being…

    and not only that…drinking alcohol wrecks your internal system eventually damaging reproductive abilities in the long run…

    you also can’t have a drunk army going to jihad….

    anyways….alcohol and pork are both poisons…alcohol/cigarette sales and distribution is DOMINATED BY THE KIKES IN A MONOPOLY throughout the entire western world…for once I agree with Daesh’s policy on alcohol and cigarettes!!!

    1. Salman,

      You do waste space you know.
      All of the drivel you’ve vomited onto this forum, could easily be written as the following:


      You have no concept whatsoever of liberty OR freedom and it’s clear to see in every post that you write, just how controlling and anti freedom, Islam is.

      What you again, always fail to see is that we, here in the west, have been eating pork and drinking alcohol for thousands, upon thousands of years LONG, LONG, LONG before your prophet popped out of his mother, to become a warlord who fooled millions with his rhetoric. And you have the audacity to say that we shouldn’t eat it, because, without any conscious thought of your own, you just follow the ramblings of an insane man who worshiped the moon goddess?

      Pork is very good for you It is full of nutrients. Alcohol maybe a poison, but I’d far rather drink it, than listen to some religious bigot tell me what I can and cannot do.

      With every word you write (sadly), all people see is just how opposing Islam is to western civilization. And although I do not dislike Islam, nor Muslims, the minute any Muslim tells me what I can or cannot do, I’ll give them ten seconds to get the hell away from me or in thirty they’ll feel the full force of my liberty and in sixty, they’ll be waking up in a hospital bed (if they’re lucky that is).
      You are a classic advert as to why the western peoples WILL ALWAYS oppose Islam. War will come and you will lose.

      1. whoa, now you’re threatening violence…

        harbinger…your true face is showing….

        no one can force you to become a Muslim…

        we just have to wait for your kind to die out or become numerically so small as to become irrelevant in society…

        as an agnostic/atheist – I’m sure u have nothing much to live for…except getting drunk and munching on pork chops – or working 9-5 to service the needs of a jewish run economy…

        no Muslim will ever force you to become one – not even in a Muslim country –

        you are just hallucinating and imagining things…

        in the mean time, Europe will turn to Islam en masse, the kikes will get hammered big time….

        if you drink alcohol and end up destroying your fertility – your loss – not mine…

        everything has nutrients in it…so does human flesh – would you engage in cannibalism?

        its up to you to what you want to eat or not…

        I used to eat pork sometimes – when not around Muslims – until I discovered that it contains the same DNA as humans with all the same organs (more or less)…now I won’t even eat it in secret – even in a
        non-Muslim country…

        here are some diseases that you get from eating pork –



        so, sure, you can eat pork if you want as there are Muslims that have tried it or eaten it especially in non-Muslim lands – but I’m sure if u catch some serious germs which I”m sure you will enjoy from consuming that filth…

        raw meat and raw eggs by far are much more healthier than eating pork meat…

        and your reaction to pork eating shows that your addiction to pork meat and your reaction to a potential advice from Muslims is almost on the same level as a fundamentalist – a pork loving kind that is…

        now eat all the pork you can eat…

        and you can try and diss the Prophet Muhammad in a crowd of Muslims – you will most certainly be the one ending up in a hospital bed (if you’re lucky that is)…so I dare you to diss Prophet Muhammad publicly in front of Muslims based on your ignorance and hatred for Islam… I’d like to see how long you’d last upright…and I would like to see if your head is still attached to your neck or not…

        As for war – you guys lost a long time ago – when the jews took over your banking houses – more like 4 centuries ago – and since then you have always been continuously loosing…and will continue on loosing..until you get rid of the jewish bankers in your midsts….ha ha ha

        until then – go out and diss Prophet Muhammad openly in front of Muslims- without a security entourage backing you up…i’d like to see how long you’d last…

  19. alcohol is toxic and pig meat is the same as eating another human being or primate…almost like cannibalism…i dunno but there is nothing beneficial to eating pork meat…and there’s no guarantee you’d get laid with a chick if u got her drunk…some broads get rowdy and violent when under the influence of D & A….

    so I dunno…but alcohol consumption has never benefitted me and/or my friends – both Muslims and non-Muslims alike – it’s only resulted in limp dicks and erectile dysfunction….

    1. Pigs don’t travel. That was the problem faced by the priests of the Semitic, nomadic tribes. Like their herds, pig farmers don’t migrate either; this is not a good thing when one has to continually leave town in a hurry.

      The priests’ choice of animals were cattle, sheep and goats, as these animals travel well. For example, the 1870 cattle drives or yearly migration of sheep and goat herds to different pastures. Pharaoh entreated Abram well for Sarai’s sake, giving him sheep, oxen, he asses, menservants, maidservants, she asses and camels.

      After finishing his extortionist seester act, Abram left town in a hurry, taking with him cattle, silver, gold, sheep, oxen, he asses, menservants, maidservants, she asses and camels. All things that travel well. No sacred, sacrificial pigs or fish for the people of the unleavened bread, which can also be made in a hurry.

      The other reasons for the prohibition of pork are pure malarkey to divinely justify the priest’s prohibition. It’s the same type of elaborate, divine justification used in the story of Sodom, where ALL the people were sooooo evil they HAD to be destroyed when the real reason was to cover up and justify the theft of a critical resource – water. Priests have a knack for conveniently invoking god’s divine will for their own purposes.

      From a physical standpoint, Pigs are very much like people. That is why their heart valves are used for transplants and why pigs are used for practicing new burn techniques. However, the idea that this is a reason not to eat them is like justifying egalitarian idealism because “we all bleed red.” Well so do rats, but that is no reason to accept them into the brotherhood of man.

      1. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2515969/Humans-evolved-female-chimpanzee-mated-pig-Extraordinary-claim-American-geneticist.html

        rats may have a 99% similar genome with humans BUT their DNA sequencing is COMPLETELY different – why did Israelites become apes and pigs?

        why not rats and monkeys?

        It has to do with the DNA coding and sequencing…Pig meat/bladder can be used to -regenerate tissues and bones in human beings…rats can’t do that…only pigs can do that…

        they also help spread diseases if not cooked properly – and I mean REALLY well…

        and since Pigs are like people – especially their organs and genetic make up – I don’t eat them…

        just like I don’t drink alcohol cause it can cause long term damage to fertility…

  20. Morningstar is encouraging us Theists to return to our pagan roots – are you suggesting we all start having gang bangs and orgies? uncontrolled group sex? cause that’s what our ancestors did…

    1. We scandinavians didn’t gangbang anyone. You have a too vivid imagination. Contrary to your religion of total submission women were much more equal with men in ancient times. Before we were christianized by the jewish slave-religion. And now they are trying to push another of their slave-religions on us. The norse Edda and the finnish epic Kalevala was a huge inspiration for Tolkien. Which is quite telling of how rich our nordic history really is. As you surely must know his books are very beloved to this day all over the world. I must admit that I have no idea if the paganists in the middle east did practice orgies and gangbang sex though.

      1. Morning star, you are wrong again…

        yes pagans in Greece and Italy did have orgies to celebrate their fertility rites…


        in india the hindus were strict about marriage making divorces very difficult even if not impossible – however there were TEMPLE prostitutes who had gangbangs and orgies with the devotees – so many that when Muhammad Bin Qassim conquered Sindh in 711 he had to put these temple hookers to the sword…orgies and gangbangs were common in the temples…

        in the Indian subcontinent, even now, and amongst Muslims to a certain extent but mainly amongst hindus – they believe in marriage with one partner forever – and no divorce which is a fucking horrible culture…and impossible in this day and age…BUT since its difficult to get a girlfriend – they have infinity whore houses to satisfy their libidos – which is a very very very bad thing..so men whose wives don’t givem punany will end up having to sleep at the local brothels…well for Muslims its easier to be polygamous or divorce or even get a girlfriend – with Hindus its much worse

        pre-Islamic Arabs – during the period of ignorance (yawm al jahiliya) engaged in sexual intercourse in congregation (nikah ijtimah) – which resulted in too many unknown baby daddies amongst the Arabs – so much so that the earliest figures in Islamic history who were conceived during the pre-Islamic era didn’t know who their biological fathers were – Amr Bin Al Aaas and Al Muawiyah are two prominent examples of individuals who didn’t know the identities of their biological fathers…

        I’m sure the Persians probably had some sort of gbs or orgies like their Indian Hindu counterparts since their cultures are so similar and their religions also have common long distance ancestors (I think) –

        as for you scandinavians…I find it hard to believe you didn’t have any gangbangs or orgies…but then again…who am I kidding here? of course you didn’t have orgies!!! your men tend to have lower testosterone levels and therefore fertility and breeding capabilities are much inferior to the inferior races….thus your population is so little at 25 million today (5-10% of them being non-Scandinavians)…tut tut tuut…sad to know that the men of the cold north couldn’t get their peckers up! I believe that is why black and brown men are Gods to the Scandinavian women for our virile and fertile sex drives…

        masha’Allah – I hope we help you guys out be helping you breed your women for you…watch us help you boost your population

        in either case – many if not most of our pagan ancestors did do gbs and orgies to a certain extent – perhaps much worse than today- while some of them were also monogamous simultaneously….

        so is your concept of equal rights pertain to allowing a woman to have gangbangs and orgies with multiple men? That is the only equal rights scenario I can see here…that Islam didn’t allow for women to have

      2. what has your/our pagan religions done for society? have they told us how to live or run our lives?

        what is your pagan religion’s position on Jewish Usury? what about how to pray to God/God(s)?

        better yet…what is their position on morality? theft? murder?

        what is the position on oppression and injustice? and social justic (not of the Tikkun Olam or Kosher kind)? what about the after life?

        genocide? war crimes? terrorism? peace and violence?

        sexual indiscretion? gangabngs? orgies? adultery? prostitution?

        what is their belief in God? Deity or Deities? The Ether? The Universe?

        what is their position on Aliens and ETs which are nothing more than Jinns? And the Angels?

        most of our ancient pagan gods/godesses were Aliens/E.T.s aka Jinns…

        You know – most of our pagan ancestors worshipped the jinn which claimed to be Gods –

        Monotheism is eternal and that is what Islam teaches us –


        Islam came to strengthen monotheism which was always around since the dawn of time

      3. As I told you before, I’m scandinavian and not greek or roman. Our cultures are very different. If you think we indulged in orgies you’ve had another coming. My interest is to preserve my race and culture. By giving in to islam we will also give in to the evil Kalergi-plan.

      4. morningstar…what if ALL scandinavians converted to Islam but didn’t breed with the inferior races? would that move thwart the Kalergi plan and still play out as tactical resistance to ZOG and them kikes?

        and yes, I was wrong – pagan Scandinavians didn’t engage in orgies or gbs – i mean who wants to fuck in the Cold North? Like cummon – sex in sub zero temp? that’s gotta be quite a task!

  21. Harbinger, sea food is NOT haram or forbidden in Islam – not in the Qur’an either – just that some schools of thought have declared it to be disliked or “makruh” – I ALWAYS eat my sea food when given the chance – shrimps and crabs especially…….

    its NOT haram and anyone informing you is lying or confused or both

    1. Salman –

      I am an American from an old, founding stock. My nephrologist (kidney doctor) is a Muslim with the name of Hussain. He and I get along well, and he agrees with my disdain of Israel and its persecution of Palestine, but seems quite attenuated to the good life, here. What think you?

      1. In fact, he recommends seafood for me. (He’s a wonderful gentleman, and if all Muslims would seek his stature, you would be adored!) 🙂

      2. that’s cool…we should all get rid of the kike vermins….

        u should get rid of the “Israel” in your own house – the US of A…

        Muslims just love their religion a lot – not just Arabs and Pakistanis – but Afghans, Yugoslavs, Albanians, Turks, Chechens, Bengalis, Indonesians, Malays, Bangsamoros in the PHilippines, Uyghurs, Persian Sunnis, Chinese Huis…

        I must admit that some/many Pakis are just plain retarded/extreme

        it’s only some Shias living in the diaspora outside of Iran that are against Islam but that’s because they’ve had to deal with crazy Ayatollahs…most of the ones in Iran are still Muslim and the ones that hate Shi’ism for the most part turn towards the Sunnah…

        Islam has 2 billion adherents – some will be good and others will be aggressive – during certain periods in their lives….some people just like being jerks often due to the circumstances that they find themselves in….

        in fact, before 9-11, there were Muslims in the Western world – but the well behaved ones because things were peaceful back then – you are lucky most of us are really not going on a violent rampage yet – if instigated by the jew government, things could turn ugly…and the jew government hates white people more than Muslims in the West EXCEPT for the successful Muslim nations they destroyed…

        I think Islam is the only force that can keep the kikes in check – all this WN/WS stuff was big in the 80s and early 90s – now its obsolete…you want a religion that will keep the kikes in check? well convert to Islam en masse!

        As for eating pigs – its the same as eating humans!


  22. Americans and their ruling elite created this immigrant crisis with their theft of land and resources, through their murder of Gaddafi who was employing many (so I read). Europeans in abandoning Christianity for secular humanism left a cultural vacuum to be filled. . What is happening to the Western heritage of beautiful European cities is shocking. Next they’ll probably spray paint the Vatican.

    I agree that there is something very wrong with Francis. I’m surprised he hasn’t taken away the non-profit status of the American Catholic Church with his political posturing. But then I guess people took one look at him and knew he was demented. He seems clueless about everything. Maybe he has some kind of neurodegenerative disease…he so limp and pasty.

    The ruling elite love to find religious figure to be a mouthpieces for their agenda. Remember when they captured the Dali Lama and trotted him out to be a spokesmen for causes that most wouldn’t touch with a hundred foot pole. Like that polio vaccine that actually ended up causing polio. I cringe to think what they’ll have the Pope do next.

  23. @ Lasha

    You said, “Where has the Pope been all this time?” Answer: Doing as he is told by his masters, the jewish banking cartel, since the Rothschilds assumed control of the Vatican treasury back in 1823 if my memory serves me properly.

    @ Everyone

    No credence should be given concerning Lauder making the statement, “Francis informed Jewish leaders that he fully believed that any criticism of Israel was just as “anti-Semitic” as attacks on Jews.” Lauder is a jew and it should always be remember that jews are liars. Believing liars is not a good idea.

    When Joyce described Vatican II, he nailed it. Assuming that the quote from Francis is true and I do not doubt it, “The Council, with the declaration Nostra Aetate, paved the way. It said yes to the rediscovery of the Jewish roots of Christianity, and no to any form of anti-Semitism and condemnation of any insult, discrimination and persecution derived from that.” then Francis is direct conflict with the teachings of Jesus. In John 8:44, Jesus said that the jews did the lust of their father, the devil. Obviously, Jesus would be considered an anti-semite based on Frances’ quote so Frances must not put much stock in what Jesus had to say.

    I would address the lie of Christianity having jewish roots as Frances said above, but we have beat that horse enough times.

    Pope Frances appears to be a deceiver, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. A person not to be trusted.

  24. So much heresy, TROJ must be going nuts.

    White people lost in translation, strangers to themselves, throwing the baby out with bath water, being mocked by Salman. Bouuuh the Catholic Church made us weak, we were better of as Pagans with axes…Another version of European nihilism, mocking our ancestors and the choices they had to make.

    The return to Paganism is absurd since it was the Pagans themselves who propagated the faith. Christianism was not forced from outside, coming from heaven to paganism, but it settled with the help of the Pagans themselves who became the most zealous missionaries of Revelation, especially the Celts who provided some of the greatest monks, like Saint Patrick.
    In France, it was done quickly and quite peacefully as the Celts and the Druids worshipped the Black Virgin of the Earth. The evangelization was pretty much done through the cult of the virgin Mary, le Culte marial, the consecration of France to the Virgin Mary by the King that was abolished first thing after the atheist Revolution. The Cathedral in Chartres is built above the cavern where the druids used to organize some kind of pagan pilgrimage, that’s religious syncretism, continuity not annihilation. After that we can talk about Germans, Saxons or Vikings. It was sometimes bloody but it was done by their chiefs, warriors and priesthood.
    This sudden adoption of a foreign religion, for genuine motives or not, demonstrates a spiritual fragility and a worrisome state of Paganism in Europe, each group facing internal problems in term of religious system.

    One other thing to consider is that Christian trinity was perfectly adapted to the Indo-European tradition and the institutions that worked well for our ethnic group, les leucodermes, the Trojan social tri-partition of Dumézil, warriors, priests and artisans, those who know lead those who believe.
    It worked pretty well in Christian Middle Ages when the artisans and workers were organized in corporations or guilds. Did you know that each corporation had a specific Saint to protect them? Corporations were abolished first thing after the French revolution by the freedom-destroying law Le Chapelier in the name of freedom, to send their asses in factory where awaited them the rational method of the Quakers.
    Now, think about the union of workers today, the power they have as disposable slaves in their new corporation.

    Btw, for the protestant, and all the other reformed morons, freedom of conscience is freedom of trade, wealth as a sign of divine election, give me a break, I never read the Bible in English but isn’t it easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God, that’s basically the moral of the Gospel. You are not fooling anybody with your tax-free philanthropic self-interested charity foundations.

    So stop mocking your Pagan ancestors, i am guessing they knew better than you.
    Blaming Christ and Holy Mary for the pussification of Europe, give me a break, without them we would have torn each other apart in tribal and fratricidal wars and we would have been invaded by heretics turning Goddess Europa into a bloody wheelless desert like North Africa.
    Don’t get me wrong Salman, I don’t mind Muslims following their heresy in the desert, denying the Revelation with an incoherent story, but Europe will never become muslim peacefully. Muslims are brought here for our americanization and californication, hallal McDonald and young muslims with NY hats, treating French people of awful colons, as if muslims were Bisounours.

    Remember the last word of The Camp of the Saints:
    And I’m sitting here now, slowly repeating, over and over, these melancholy words of an old prince Bibesco, trying to drum them into my head:
    “The fall of Constantinople is a personal misfortune that happened to all of us only last week.”

    Anyway Islam is being destroyed from within the same way than Christianity, a literal interpretation devoid of spirituality, like Salman message, where business can thrive.
    And now Mecca looks like a Las Vegas parking.

    1. Hi, Phil.

      “Anyway Islam is being destroyed from within the same way than Christianity….. where business can thrive.”

      Sharia is against ‘usury’ but ok with a ‘fee’ for borrowing. ‘Fees’ increase the original debt.
      Same outcome = control.

      Christians visit Vatican….Man-made.
      Muslims visit Mecca….Man-made.
      Jews visit Wailing Wall…..Man-made.
      Pagans visit Forests….Made by the Creator.

      1. Pat, the so-called “Islamic Finance” ARE DOING THE SAME THING – USURY VIA THE BACK DOOR…THEY ARE ANOTHER SCAM – do NOT believe everything declared as “Shari’a” to be Sharia…just don’t – its not true

      2. Salman –

        I ‘believe’ nothing about Sharia.

        I find only myths and rumors and guesses and man-made inventions in all religions.

      3. some of the Shari’a are just not from the Qur’an at all…a lot of it is just man made stuff added by the “scholars”…but the back-door usury that these cunts claiming to be proponents of “Islamic finance” is CLEARLY against the Shari’as ban on Usury

    2. Hello Pat,

      I was sure you would react to this comment as a disciple of Thomas Paine, I should tell you about his little adventure during the French Revolution. Pagans visit forests made by the creator. The cavern was indeed in the forest but the Black Virgin and the ornaments inside were made by men. What’s wrong with Cathedrals? I remember the one in Detroit was beautiful, Cadillac was no fool.

      Anyway French Catholics don’t go to the Vatican for pilgrimages. That’s too expensive and not practical on foot, but to Our Lady of Lourdes or Sainte Anne d’Auray or other local places with their Saints. The more frequented in the Middle Ages, and still, is the pilgrimage to Le Puy during Assumption, the ebony image of the blessed Virgins.

      But maybe Cathedrals were only a trick to attract the Pagans. It worked very well. You would be willing to confess that they applied themselves. I remember the one in Detroit was beautiful.

      Too much Marxism and reason is unhealthy Pat. What about a weekend in Mont Saint Michel?


      I wonder why the Brits didn’t bomb this one at the end of WWII.

  25. Phil, Islam, if it can get to be a force again like it once was – will crush Jewish power worldwide – and Israel is already finished …just give it a few more years….and u’ll see what happens to the Israelis…

    how is Islam a heresy over Trinitarian Christianity?

    Unitarian Monotheism makes infinitely more sense to me than the Trinity or the Tri-Unity – the “Mystery of Faith” – as the Catholics call it – believe me I went to Catholic school for a year so I know what I’m talking about.

    1. Salman,

      Frankly, you are a poor advocate of your own religion, it flies below the belt.
      I never went to catechism but it was my Muslims buddies, amongst others, who have led me to question my certitudes about religion, since I saw them keeping the faith of their fathers, in a very liberal way if you see what I mean. They are French after all, you should see them in Algeria or Morroco, you can spot them a mile away.
      Let’s not enter in a theological debate, I had enough of it and I already know that it will lead us to the precepts of the Coran, I use the French version, considered one and the same with Allah, the uncreated Word equal to God, reflecting the thoughts and actions of Mahomet.
      Truth be said since you asked, and since Vatican II ecumenism pc is a pain in my ass, God made man in the person of Jesus bringing freedom to other men unto the sacrifice of his life has nothing in common with Allah who made himself text in the pages of the Coran, which imposes himself to men in an arbitrary manner and has legalized an ideology of violence and death pursued by Mahomet and his successors. Islam is a religion that was codified for colonial conquests of nomadic predators, as the first centuries of Islamic conquest are living proof of, when Islam was still a united force.
      You see, it is not so much about Catholic or Orthodox theology or Trinity.

      But it was a long time ago and Islam has rooted in many places and has taken many forms, there is no global Islam. The sad thing is that the literal messianic version of Islam has been reintroduced through Kabbalah into Islam, breaking the relative stability we have managed to create between the two worlds. We catched the same disease.

      Now you can call me idolatrous and that leaves us into a dead end, Edom and Ismael piss contest.
      We will never be friends like pigs as we say in France, just everyone in their own homes and the cows will be well guarded.

      1. I don’t usually mind but erratum

        “We caught the same.”

        ça pique les yeux.

      2. what do you mean by “violence”? i really don’t get it…the Prophet Muhammad was a statesman and a leader of a state – okay – as anyone in politics will tell you – the state has the RIGHT and the ABILITY to use force – now if you call that “violence” – then so be it – but I see nothing wrong with using force -there’s nothing wrong with leading an empire or civilization under the banner of God – I can’t fathom how someone like you sees something wrong with using power based on Faith in God but have no problem with states deploying force without Faith in God – I mean – the state and church clearly are NOT separate in Islam – and since that is the case – “violence” inevitably results. The state is ALWAYS an actor in violence (which major state or power isn’t?)….

        But With God On Our Side – Faith in God – will lead to a successful state

        as for the Trinity – you are clearly well aware that there were early schisms in the church as to the personality and Identity of Christ? many Christians were in fact Unitarian just like Muslims of today. In fact, the regions with the fastest conquests of Islam and conversions to the religion had Unitarian Christians – like North Africa and Persia – you are aware of this – no?

      3. Salman,

        Violence and death, it was maybe a little excessive, let’ say coercion, shakedown as they say in the mob or structural adjustment in IMF, I send you my warriors, you are now under Allah’s authority, let’s convert or pay taxes. You’ll notice I never called Muhammad a fruitcake, he was a conqueror and a pretty good one, at least we agree on that. But look at your excessive comments. Do you think they are constructive and beneficial to the forum?

        For the rest, it’s the usual dialogue of deaf.
        I just read your pork exchange with Arch. It makes sense, pigs are not nomads. Despite all the religious divergences I have with other posters, we never get carried away too much by religion, except sometimes to correct outrageous anti-papist lie. You, on the other hand, make absolutely no effort to separate between religion and politics, something we have always done in Occident, even during Inquisition, some kind of balanced mix between reason and faith, balance we have lost.
        Luckily for us, many Muslims still understand that when in Occident they have to respect this separation.

        One other thing is your incapacity to distinguish between mythical past and historical past. You fantasize about a global conquering Islam, about a Oumma that only existed during two centuries of undefeated conquests when the Coran was being uncreated. After the first defeats and retreats came the questioning about the messianic promise, the rivalries and schisms, the rootedness under different traditions.

        And here you are with your “Infidel lands” or “Islam controlled the flat Earth in mid-ages” when Islam was already divided in Spain and couldn’t control the whole Peninsula until eviction. By the way, Muslims who decided to convert themselves were allowed to stay, some did, the others left with the Jews they had brought in the first place. After the war of independence in Algeria 62, with CIA Islamic political militias already calling the shots, French people had to choose between the suitcase and the coffin, Jews included since they were granted French citizenships by Crémieux in 1870, smart move as always.

        The warrior all-inclusive tribal Islam of the first centuries is no longer relevant, can’t you see it’s a trap, that it was reanimated by the scumbags who want to enslave us all with always more entropy, that it has always been used as a battering ram against both Orient and Occident.

        About Unitarian Christians like the Pope maybe, their beliefs about Jesus not being God coming in person to reveal himself and of an all mighty demiurge responsible for everything make sense to you since it validates the Coran narrative. The Unitarian also considers that all religions are equals, Buddha, Allah… What say you? To me, it’s perfect for the one world syncretism noahism in preparation.
        I struggled at first with Trinity, but it makes sense now with the explanation of the Kabylo-Berber Saint Augustin, especially since the Jews have always fought it since it invalidates their own narrative and exposes them as the post-christian talmudo kabbalistic pharisians they truly are.
        That’s one thing you have in common with them, except you called them Kafir, those who have covered the Word of God with texts.

        Do you know about judeo-nazarenism? It was a group who left Jerusalem after the destruction of the temple in 70 going East and who only acknowledged Jesus as a political Messiah. Their messianic project was to reconquer Jerusalem with arms, to rebuild the temple and to bring back the Messiah who would lead their army to eradicate the unrighteous and deliver the earthy world from evil in order to establish a perfect world governed by God laws. It’s a good story.

        Hope you are not an hasbara troll Salman.

        To remain on topic, one last quote about the Pope.
        “Let us beware of those proud cosmopolites who deduce from books the far-fetched obligations of universal benevolence, while they neglect their actual duties to those around them.”

      4. Phil, Islam was revealed in a tribal society – not one based on individualism like the Western world –

        I don’t believe church and state can be completely separate – I mean if that were the case then the kikes couldn’t have done 9-11 and if they somehow managed to pull it off, they wouldn’t have gotten away with it so openly in a non-Jew run state – correct, no?

        I agree that politics must not meddle too much into religion – but SOME OF IT is certainly required – if the US was a Christian country – with Christans running the show would the Jews and Freemasons who pulled off 9-11 gotten away with it so blatantly?

        Monotheism – Unitarianism has ALWAYS been around – The Oromos and Somalis before Islam believed in Waaqa their God – the natives in the Great Spirit (before Christianity and some claims that Islam may have arrived amongst some native American tribes as well before Colombus)…the Hindus always said Bhagman/Upparwala before half the Indian subcontinent became Muslims –

        the Turko-Mongols spoke of Tangri – the CHinese of Ti’an,and the Persians of Khuda – ALL ONE GOD before Islam – and the Akan in Ghana called the One True God Ginyame – I know this because I lived there – LONG before Christianity or Islam reached them – WHERE DOES IT MENTION THE TRINITY?

        Islam came to certify the Tawheed or Unity of God BUT TO DISSOCIATE partnership with him – associating partners – i.e. literal sons/daughters of Gods like the pre-Islamic Arabs had (daughters of God)…

        so you see my good friend – Islam is NOTHING like the Unitarian Christian movements which equate God with humans or created beings or associate partners with him…

        Monotheism without the Tri-Unity has ALWAYS existed – its not a renewed “Judeo-Nazarene” concept – re-read the Qur’an in Arabic and u’ll get the message – clear as night and day!

        Here are the covenants the Prophet Muhammad had with the Christians of Mt. Sinai – do you see the Jizya anywhere? It was ONLY for able bodied fighting men – NOT the weak, the invalid, the weak, children, or women, or the priests and religious people – monks and hermits and nuns – your knowledge of Islam is non-existent



      5. Phil and HP – another one for ya’all –


        This one by John Morrow – Aboriginal Canadian – Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the world

        – the covenants explain what the Jizya was supposed to be about for conquered or subject populations – NOT HEAVY and OPPRESSIVE TAXATION like the kike-media would have your believe – you can read ALL 6 covenants on the websites to get an absolutely clear picture of what the jizya or compensatory otherrwise often mis-translated/mis-understood as “poll tax” is all about


      6. HP – the guru is spot on about Islam –

        that is why sooo many Hindus converted to Islam en masse throughout the Indian subcontinent…

        and still continue to do so…

      7. Hossain, you are constantly blasting the trinity of christianity. Do I have to remind you of Allat, Manat and Uzza? If that doesn’t make islam a polytheistic relgion, I don’t know what does.

      8. Morningstar – the Qur’an ELIMINATED the trio or “Daughters of Allah” – Allat, Manat, and Uzza –

        so that the Qur’an’s creed is – La Ilaha Il Allah Wahdahu Lasharik Allah’

        “There is no Deity Except God And He Is Without Any Partner/Associates” – Islamic Monotheism in a nutshell for ya –

        the Original Creed didn’t even include the statement – “I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of God”.

      9. Salman,

        “the Qur’an ELIMINATED the trio or “Daughters of Allah””
        Is the Qur’an alive? It seems so when recites in Arabic.

        You play the esoteric card. The Guenonian way, the quest for the Primordial Tradition, what you call monotheism, masonic gnosis to Vêdânta to Islam.

        Although, it’s ironic since Guenon ended up as a Sufi in Cairo while he has always considered Hindu tradition, cosmology and Vêdânta as the most direct legacy of the Primordial Tradition, well, he was a casteless occidental.

        You are right about individualism being the determining cause of the present decline of the West. But it has not always been the case and I think you have a wrong idea of pre Christian Occident and mid ages, when Islam ruled the world, imagine that.

        As Guénon put it,
        “Its manifestations were always limited in scope and apart from the main trend, and they never went so far as to overrun the whole of a civilization, as has happened during recent centuries in the West. What has never been seen before is the erection of an entire civilization on something purely negative, on what indeed could be called the absence of principle.”

        Chapter five, individualism. You will love it since you are all about quality, like René.
        Check the chronology starting from Renaissance, rebirth of antic individualism after the fall of Constantinople and the Black Plague. I agree with Guénon on that, on the rest it led me to a dead end even if the assessments he made about Occident and the modern world are spot on.

        That being said, I know very little about oriental traditional doctrines and symbolism for which I am impermeable, I just judge Islam by its fruits, grapes and figs, through the historical chronology.
        Religion must be historicized. Men still remain violent but become more subtle, more distant from the beast and sacrificial forms like human sacrifices. Beheading Gilbert, you can’t be serious.

        “USA is a Christian country”
        That’s a good one, it’s like saying the French Republic is a Catholic country, take a magnifying glass and check a dollar bill.
        You know nothing Salman 😛

      10. Phil

        “You are right about individualism being the determining cause of the present decline of the West.”

        I am an individual. I have always looked upon myself as one. I do not see myself belonging to any group whatsoever. As an individual I do not vote, because governments do not represent me, nor my views. As an individual, I do not bleat like the rest of the sheep, sitting in pubs, discussing the programming on the tv, for the evening before. As an individual, I do not cram into sport’s stadiums with the rest of the drones, watching over paid sportsmen kick a bag of wind up and down a field.

        The whole concept of the new world order is the creation of the hive as you will no doubt know. Therefore, in order for this to be so, it needs to DESTROY the individual. Thus, we now have ‘group think’ mentality promoted in schools and the workplace.

        Just because one is an individual and believes in individualism, does not mean one cannot help that society to be good and prosper. Quite the contrary in fact. Were it not for the multitude of individuals who created so much in all fields, the west would not be the place it is today. Societies, with no individuals, are controlled societies, oh, Islam, there we go; a highly controlled society, Borg like, to put for a better word, where the strict submission to a warlord’s views on life, destroy the concept of the individual following his or her own path in life.

        Cultural Marxism has destroyed society Phil. Narcissism, egotism, mixed in with a resurgence in the seven deadly sins is very much the reason why out society is in its bad state. The reality is that we have very few individuals within life. Many will falsely state they are, but they all have group think mentality, especially in their adherence to our political-correctocracy we now live in. There is no individualism within the feminist, LGBT and SJW (Social Justice Warrior) movements. They are all nothing but automatons, doing what the other is doing, as they pursue the ‘thou must not offend’ religion of blatant authoritarianism.

      11. Harbinger –

        I agree 100%. Socialism destroys individualism and creativity and strength. It happened in China also.

        The Chinese advances in every aspect of science and business were destroyed by the Mandarin system, setting up civil services which wiped out individualism.

        Mandarins were in place for around 1,300 years…. until 1905.

        China has had civil servants since at least the Zhou Dynasty. However, most high ranking positions were filled by relatives of the sovereign and the nobility. A governmental office headed by a mandarin is called a yamen.

        The centralized system stifled creativity and created officials who dared not defy authority.

        The system also continued to promote cultural UNITY. Wealthy families, especially merchants, could opt into the system by educating their sons or purchasing degrees. In the 19th century, critics blamed the imperial system, and in the process its examinations, for China’s lack of technical knowledge and its defeat by foreign powers. By then…. it was TOO LATE. Stick a fork in China..!!

        The mandarins were replaced with a MODERN CIVIL SERVICE(corrupt) in the early 20th century…. guaranteeing the continued destruction of the individual mindset there.

      12. So allah honor killed his own daughters or what? What a nice guy but very islamic I guess. Such a swell religon you noble savages have.

      13. Pat,

        The China story is very interesting and of course, China was subdued, first by the Opium wars, of ‘you-know-who’s’ wishes and then by communism. The rebuilding of China into the industrial powerhouse it is, was done by the very same corrupt peoples who attempted to destroy it in the past. The modern day Chinese are the epitome of what the NWO want, in how people should be – work hard and don’t ask any questions. They want the ‘hive’ workers, well, certainly what Fabian Socialist and former Frankfurt School member, Sir Bertrand Russell thought. Individualism cannot exist within the New World Order.

      14. Harb,

        By individualism I meant the negation of any principles higher than individuality, and the consequent reduction of civilization, in all its branches, to purely human elements, as René put it in the link above.

        Well, you are clearly not fooled by the humanist democratic universal principles and the social fights related, or should I say societal, which falsely promote altruism while in reality they exacerbate individualism.

        The Universal Human Rights of Nuremberg are nothing more than the rights to buy or sell without being discriminated in the various global market center. No duties except pay your taxes abide by the law and be PC.

        Democracy, atomized individuals voting for the most individualists amongst them and since they have no principles, they are the best to obey those who still have higher principles, Babel and pyramids. But it’s normal, we have the leaders we deserve and as René put it, or was it HP “the higher cannot proceed from the lower, because the greater cannot proceed from the lesser; this is an absolute mathematical certainty that nothing can gainsay. And it should be remarked that this same argument, applied to a different order of things, can also be invoked against materialism….”

        Politicization of the body, feminism, LGBT, defense of minorities…Another blatant expression of individualism when you bring your va gg or your anus or your sexual practice or your skin into the political debate, like there should be some kind of magical solidarity between the wealthy Simone de Beauvoir and all the working women who struggle. A funny anecdote I recently heard from an ex-ultra-left-wing activist. When women arrive in the movement they were striking against imperialist wars and financial predations. Two years later, the ladies were striking for their right to orgasm 🙂

        As for the narcissistic gay, they have no decency. What is modern about being gay is striking in the street with a leather string on Sunday afternoon. Many antic Greek citizens were pederasts but they were discrete about it and had the obligation to support a family.
        Is that you Salman?

        Abortion, don’t get me started, it’s an anthropological turnaround.
        And the list goes on and on.

        What is the cornerstone of all this? According to Jean Raspail, it’s the Big Other ideology, the pathological love for what is exterior to us, the religion of the Other, the new burden of the white man who is no longer responsible, but guilty. It seems very altruist like that but, again, it might be the epitome of individualism as it liberates us from our guilty conscience, the perfect morbid negative higher principle to support the liberal economic theories that promotes individualism.

        You are not individualist since you care about your ancestors; you are an anarchist with no higher principle, disgusted by the hypocrisy of modern society. That is why I like monarchic centralisation, anarchy plus one. The King would have never tolerated feminism, he would have politely told them to shut the fuck up. But this period is done.

        For the Pope, a quote.
        Human beings have never loved mankind as a whole, races, religions and cultures, but only those they acknowledge as their own, those of the clan, whether vast it is.

        PC bro.

      15. Phil, thnx for the link – i gotta check it out sometime – the US is Christian majority and France is Catholic majority but the Jews and Freemasons run them both and the constitutions are inspired by both.

      16. Morningstar – So allah honor killed his own daughters or what? What a nice guy but very islamic I guess. Such a swell religon you noble savages have.

        no no no you cuck faggot homosexual sissy and wimp

        you are clearly a deranged pagan lunatic nutcase – lemme clarify this for you – Islam ELIMINATED “Shirk” which is the association and affiliation of Gods with Godheads or Offsprings or literal sons/daughters or any equal partners-

        in theological terms, Islam is the ABSOLUTE MONOTHEISM…Islam is a DIRECT connection to God WITHOUT ANY INTERMEDIARIES – REAL, IMAGINED, or PERCEIVED…Got it?

        the Qur’an states that people have always believed in the One God because it’s a natural religion – deen al fitrah BUT humans err when we associate partnership with God – and affiliate others as being his equal or partner…that is why Islam is against the Daughters of Allah or the Son of God or Trinity –
        you CLEARLY know this – quit being a jerk …and go jerk off…with your left hand of course

      17. Salman,

        Yes, our Constitutions are based on the same human rights BS principles. But you’ll notice that there was no mass persecution of Christian after the US revolution.
        In France, on the other hand, the revolutionaries, especially the Jacobins and their hords of cuthroats, violently persecuted the Catholics after they ceased the Clergy property to back their fake paper money. After the beheading of the King, who hoped his blood would not fall back on us as he declared before his execution, they tried to make tabula rasa of the Catholic religion by killing, smashing virgins in the Church and a lot of good things… the Bolchies way, but more subtle. Strangle the last priest with the bowel of the last king as Condorcet said.

        First, they tried to replace the Trinity with a cult dedicated to the Goddess of Reason and after that, since it was ridiculous, by a cult to The Supreme Being, the purest monotheism ever. It didn’t work ever so the newly Republic decided to attach the Church to the State with the Civil Constitution of the Clergy and after that came the Concordat of Napoléon, making the French Catholic clergy its bitch and punching ball, until the Republic decided to split again, but the harm was pretty much done by a century of anticlerical masonic propaganda.
        Here is your story of the French Revolution and Church, it would be too long to explain why my ancestors let this happen, but it’s for pretty much the same reason than Russia 1917, except the Bolchies were better prepared.

        As-salaamu ‘alaykum.

    1. @ Salman Hossain

      Using simple math applied to your views, if a (humans) = b (pigs), then b (pigs) = a (humans). Conclusion, you are convinced that you are a pig. You win. I agree.

  26. Can a person be both disingenuous and a cretin? He has the vacuous expression of the character Chauncey Gardner in Being There, so I suspect cretin, easily manipulated by his Zionist handlers.

  27. In the second photo, with the joos menorah , look at the eyes of the pope .. Real satanic eyes…
    As a Roman Catholic this spawn of Satan is not my pope & never will !

  28. Salman Hossain –

    Until your people learn how to slaughter their enemies like civilized men, we will be at odds. Consider the video you posted of the foolish hadjis brutal slaughter of the heifer… Practice humane slaughter! Knock them in the head (or shoot them) first! (IMO, most of those idiots on display in those videos are no more than good targets!)

    1. Gilbert, my dear…

      how would u like to be decapitated, sir?

      i know u’re sooo much for animal rights and all…

      tell me…how you wanna get slayed after you say your last prayers?

  29. Gilbert Huntly – FUCK YOU – u need some decapitating as well…like that heifer…

    after the kikes and kike-enablers/pets…we are coming for you


    or ma bad… should i say “YA COW!”

    1. Salmon(??) –

      Your handlers there in Haifa will not appreciate your being such an obvious agent of deception.

      You flunked already…..
      …… after they have invested in all the training which could not penetrate… it has gone to waste.

      No more shekels for you..!! You are next line to be tossed from your cubicle….
      …. in the pig pen.. 🙂

      1. LOL-Pat, why you infidels so obsessed with piggies?

        do you get the jiggy on with piggies as well?

      1. Morningstar, oh puhleeze – u ain’t such a civilized cunt/fag/tranny either…

        or maybe civility means being a cuck and sissy and wimp for them kikes?

        No thanks – britches-i’ll take my “Savagery” any day of the week over your “civility” and “civilization” – any day of the week, month, or year….

        us noble savages are clearly superior to you civilized wimps

      2. Salman Hossain –

        It will actually be a PLEASURE to touch the trigger on my sniper rifle and leave a lingering cloud of pink mist where your head once WAS 🙂 . The thought of hunting you hadjis here, in America, is exciting!

      3. hey Cilbert Cuntly …I didn’t have access to a sword in that clip…after I train with a sword – your HEAD is next in line beatch…
        that’s lame Cuntley…
        and don’t you dare threaten me with a rifle when we will be having a sword fight…i mean…i will have to take out an RPG or Bazooka to blow your brains off!


        In the video above, my dirty blonde Kosovari Albanian Bro blows up an enemy combatant who kills two of his men – but with an RPG instead of regular sniper fire – you bring out your Rifle or whatever – i bring out AKs and RPGs….then we can get clashing….and your medulla oblangata will be taken out like that shitskin curry nigger in the video above – HA HA HA

        insha’Allah – your fate will be written like that monkey with his face lying flat on the field

      4. Gilbert Cuntley…don’t you dare worry about hunting hajjis in America – Chinks and Russkies are on the way to exterminating you faggots – HA HA HA

  30. I hate to state it everyone, but I really have a strong belief that Salman is not a Muslim in the least. He behaves almost identically to Avatar, with his hatred and calling of extermination of ‘kikes’. I really wouldn’t be surprised if he’s another Zionist troll, here to stir up trouble, in order to put Lasha’s site into disrepute, by making people think it’s full of genocidal maniacs.

    1. Do it with a sharp sword and a good swing (if you get the chance!) (Learn finesse, sir!)
      There is an art to decent killing, and we can teach you much. (Unfortunately for you, you may not “live and learn”.) 🙁

      1. hey…I didn’t have access to a sword in that clip…after I train with a sword – your HEAD is next in line beatch…
        that’s lame Cuntley…
        and don’t you dare threaten me with a rifle when we will be having a sword fight…i mean…i will have to take out an RPG or Bazooka to blow your brains off!


        In the video above, my dirty blonde Kosovari Albanian Bro blows up an enemy combatant who kills two of his men – but with an RPG instead of regular sniper fire – you bring out your Rifle or whatever – i bring out AKs and RPGs….then we can get clashing….and your medulla oblangata will be taken out like that shitskin curry nigger in the video above – HA HA HA

      2. Dead is dead, Salman… Who needs a head if they’re DEAD?? HAHA. (You goat-fuckers are in need of more comprehensive thought, fool!)

        Killing is simple. Learning to LIVE is the challenge! 🙂

  31. Gilbert Cuntley,

    dear sir,

    did your us-based jew masters sodomize u as a child?

    is your rectum all stretched-out and everythang son?

    is this the reason u obsessed with goat-fucking?

    as for me – I have no goats…

    but I am sure some of my comrades in arms could make you one of their goats…

    1. @ Salman Hossain

      I don’t think you have anything to contribute to this site. I invite you to go back to Xymphora and see how long you will last there. At least take the trouble to observe the rules of our website:


      I will have to put you on permanent monitoring if you continue to behave like psychopath.

      1. @ Admin Toby

        the only psychopath i see here is you and your insatiable horny cunt dasha
        screw you and her from here to eternity .
        with love from me to dasha not you dopy the cretin

  32. “He [Harold Rosenthal ] says the “Jews” control Christian churches and use them to introduce ideas like racial equality. ” No law is ever passed except its merits have previously been taught from the pulpit. An example is race equality which led to integration and ultimately to mongrelization. The gullible clergy in one breath instruct their parishioners that {Jews] are a special chosen people while in another breath proclaim all races are the same. Their inconsistency is never discovered. So we Jews enjoy a special place in society while all other races are reduced to racial equality…”
    Harold Rosenthal

  33. What lovely comments. Regrettably, not directed at the issue – the jewish mandated “Doctrine of Infallibility of the jew” by reason of selective racism, as zionist racism, well, doesn’t ‘smell’. In fact it reeks and is contagious – look at the Roman Catholic Church and Mr. Welby’s ‘Church of England’. The ‘Leaders’ that is, the flock is certainly not all with them. Then the inhuman element of destabilizing once relatively well off countries, and having every first world country and largely unnoticed countries like Jordan (but not Israel, of course) pay for housing, feeding, educating, medicating and dealing with all the unlovely social problems. Except Israel. The Israeli brand of “Exceptionalism”, though nothing new historically speaking. Most regrettably Arabia (again the Leaders, not the people) the land of Holy shrines of Islam, seems to find more in common with Israel than other countries of the Islamic faith, though there certainly was no threat to Arabian territory (or finances) before the jew conned them into the new military adventurism. Not too long from now, after being softened up, they might find who the real enemy was all along. This is the latest version of setting the ‘cousins’ (England and Germany) against each other (see Basil Zacharoff, born Manel Suchar, Rothschild agent, Winston Churchill and his ‘adviser’ Victor Rothschild, FDR and loads of ‘advisers’ predominately jewish and communist, etc.) and as we can see today things really didn’t work out too well – for both of them, and now the USA. Let’s make sure it doesn’t contaminate us. When we discuss the jew as the enemy of civilization and mankind, there are very good reasons. Afghanistan was not a nation of refugees before the Godless Soviet invasion and the zionist-CIA manipulation, and Palestinian and Syrian Christians and Muslims were not being robbed, tortured, and murdered like today. Looking further back, George Kennan noted in his two volume work “The Siberian Exile System” written before the Bolshevik takeover in a vast nation of millions that there was an estimated 100,000 persons in Siberian exile – guess what that figure became when they let the jews take over. There are so many examples. it is pleasing to see some aspects of the aforementioned comments, but it would be really great to see the focus deliver to the zionists what they most assuredly have coming to them.

      1. Thank you. Rest assured all possible will be done to accelerate the process. It would be best if Israel corrected itself, along with “The International”. Even persons of the Jewish faith recognize that Israel as it is was and is a very bad idea.

  34. Covering the exploits of a Pope from the dark side, and the lemmings following him into the sea is all fine and well. But I take exception to these words:

    “…just as Jesus encouraged his followers not to worry about food and clothing because the ‘end’ is imminent..”

    This is a misinterpretation as reflected by Biblical DISINFORMATION which takes where he is coming from completely out of context.

    Jesus CONDEMNED the pharisees, and admonished his followers to do the same – a censure which has never removed the parasite from the body of Man. He KNEW this wouldn’t happen because he KNEW that the greatest of all deceivers would hold sway! And with so much contaminated water having flowed over a 2,000 year old dam by the time this papal imposter arrived on the scene, what is there left to say except to get prepared in accordance with the Christ prophecy.

    Questions of who, what and why have been answered for those of us paying attention. “when” is still in doubt, although researchers and religious scholars believe they have found an encoded date in the Quran for the destruction of Israel that points towards 2022. If this is correct, then it could mark the “end” that Christ speaks of, implying that the tribulation period has already begun.

    Yet it could be that what destroys Israel will come in the form of a sacrificial subterfuge. A satanic act of betrayal within the witch’s coven.

    The black cat is let
    out Kissinger’s bag
    its table all set reserved for a hag
    his edict arranges
    wars nice n tidy
    conquer in stages
    Israel mighty
    then devil makes claim
    froth bubbling stew
    his minions they came
    for Net an ya hoo
    Beelzebub crowed no halting refrain
    a poisonous toad
    warts puffed out in vain
    glory sails winded
    cheeks countenance wan
    false power escinded
    by the son of man

    1. I would settle for a major worldwide police action in this age old effort. But you are right – eternal vigilance really is the price of Liberty, to make 2022 happen (“God helps those who help themselves” or “Trust in Allah – but tie up your camel”…)

    2. I see the sacrificial destruction of Israel wherein “Israel” is symbolic of Christ in Satanic eyes. This event will indicate that Evil has overwhelmed the World. It not only marks Satan’s supreme arrogance and delusion, but the astounding irony of an ultimate pyrrhic victory. Once the parasite has “devoured” the host, it MUST self-destruct for lack of that which has sustained it.

      That it will take an immense “falling away” of materialistic apostasy for Truth to finally be procured illustrates the absolute power of Christ to overcome the worst that can be thrown at the Amazing Grace.

    I’d like to ask you few questions ( that actually don’t need to be answered)
    After this lengthy diversionary digression initiated by SALMAN HOSSAIN,
    – Did you come to like him ?
    -Did he try to be nice?
    -Did he try to convey ” a good picture” of Islam?
    -Did he appear to be short of arguments or did he appear to deliberately put forward mixed ones?
    -Did you convince him of anything?
    -Did he manage to strengthen your [negative] opinion about Islam?
    -Finally,according to their OUTCOME, how would you “label” his posts? (optional)
    1-Islamist, 2- anti-Islamist, 3-Jewish 4-anti-Jewish, 5- Neutral , 6-no opinion about him.

    1. Still,

      I have this feeling, as I did with Avatar, right from the get go, that he too is ‘3’ – Jewish.

      1. harb, he ain’t jewish.
        take it from me, if you trust me.

        i met salman in january 2010 at a coffee shop in west toronto.
        he is a little guy, wearing glasses and completely inoffensive in person but a great fighter and i guess he simply lost it in these heated exchanges.

        and Salman does hate jews, big time.
        he was a firebrand activist at York University, from where the jews booted him after they couldn’t shut him up and finally the jew media like national post took it up, finally CSIS (canuck mossad) took it up as well and he had to pretty much leave the country – so, here we have a true fighter who paid the price of his courage.

        I was interviewed by a CSIS agent at the toronto pearson airport as i returned from my african trip and warned to stay away from Salman, which I ignored and was questioned again afterwards, when i defended him and explained that jews brought all the hate down on themselves – I actually felt that the agent was somewhat sympathetic.

        At any rate, i don’t defend Salman’s behavior and foul language, especially toward Lasha, that is one major line crossed.
        However, i do know that he means well but is unfortunately excitable and loses control when he should cultivate a sniper’s mentality and patience.

        Likely (don’t know, just speculating), after rejection by “civilized” (read, wimpy) society, he started hanging out with the dregs of jamaican nigs like the ones at Jane and Finch area, the ones that brag about how many bitches they cornholed that afternoon, where this is considered manly behavior, thus bouncing from one extreme to the opposite end.
        i surely don’t have anything against black folks, absolutely nothing, but these troglodytes don’t even qualify as monkeys, imo, because simian faces and expressions can be quite human, whereas most of these are too brain damaged even for that.

        Sal, you don’t belong there, you got upward mobility but learn self control … different folks, different strokes and that’s not being two-faced.
        You wouldn’t countenance someone speaking to your mother like that, would you.

        1. @ Lobro

          We don’t mind Salman posting here in moderation. Maybe 3-4 posts a day. It’s just that we don’t want him to become Poster #1 in terms of sheer quantity. He has not been banned, nor will I ban him unless I receive instructions to do so. Which I have not received. If we can accommodate TROJ, we can certainly make room for Salman.

          Salman needs to moderate his foul language and post a bit less. (10-20 abusive and inflammatory posts a day is too much). We are not aiming for “respectability” on this site. We’re simply trying to avoid getting a reputation for low-brow trashiness. We are darkmoon.me . . . not ratfacedjews.com or killthefuckingkikes.com 🙂

      2. Thanks for that Lobro. I’ll take is as read. He does, however, need to control his demeanor on this forum though. He’s not winning any friends with his views. I’m 100% behind freedom of speech, as you know, but I’m also behind civil behaviour also.

    2. Still –

      Glad I checked back in here! To answer, I can only say it’s somewhat embarrassing to have behaved so childishly as we (Salman and I) did earlier. It’s raining, here, and conducive to sitting inside and fiddling with this gadget – so, “idle hands”, etc… Salman sort of reminds me of a fellow on here called “Max” (a boisterous, comical, and outrageous poster claiming to be Australian), with whom similar exchanges took place. Remember him?
      Salman is most likely the same type. Harmless, but over-doing the outrageous. 🙂

      1. come to think of it, where IS that ol crocodile, Max?

        we could use some of his fire around here!

  36. @Winston
    referencing the phrase
    Jewish faith:
    is misleading, imo.
    “Faith” connotes man’s seemingly inexplicable patience in face of ongoing iniquity and belief in some ultimate apparatus that evens the playing field and delivers the much needed justice, like a survivor crawling across desert, impelled by belief that an oasis awaits over the next sandbank.

    By that definition, Judaism is not a religion nor does it engender faith.

    A murdering pedophile does not have faith that he will be able to pick up an unsuspecting victim at the local nursery.

    1. Interesting. Perhaps “dogma” would be more appropriate. There are jewish children, innocent as any children, who are taught this in various forms. It is true that many grow up to be real monsters, though not all. Did you ever read “War” by Sebastien Junger? He largely substantiates your stated description of “Faith”. Here’s a quote: “Combat fog obscures your fate – obscures when and where you might die – and from that unknown is born a desperate bond between the men. That bond is the core experience of combat and the only thing you can absolutely count on. The Army might screw you and your girlfriend might dump you and the enemy might kill you, but the shared commitment to safeguard one another’s lives is not negotiable and only deepens with time. The willingness to die for another person is a form of love that even religions fail to inspire, and the experience of it changes a person profoundly.” He notes something else really interesting that I’d like to see much more fully explored. It is about being a young man in the USA: “They are killed in accidents and homicides at a rate of 106 per 100,000 per year, roughly five times the rate of young women. Statistically, it’s six times as dangerous to spend a year as a young man in America than as a cop or fireman, and vastly more dangerous than a one year deployment at a big military base in Afghanistan. You’d have to go to a remote firebase like the KOP (Korengal outpost, Konar Province) or Camp Blessing (same area) to find a level of risk that surpasses that of simply being an adolescent male back home”. This resonates with my experience, and why like many others we ‘seek safety’ (?) in combat. What I’m still trying to understand is how much of this male adolescent experience which seems to be growing in the UK as well is by design – to produce cannon fodder for larger ends.

      1. dogma is tribal, faith is solitary, adolescence versus maturity.

        there is no greater loneliness than a jew alone, a single termite feels safer and more justified in its existence.

    2. yeah winston, though a bit off-topic (~60%), worth a look.

      “blood brotherhood” has been a military feature since antiquity, with roman legions subterranean mithras worship.
      In essence, i suspect, it is a quest for immortality in face of everyday mortal danger, whereas through shared blood, even if wiped out by the battle ax of some goth, you live on among your fellow warriors, all to be happily reunited in some sanctuary of eleusis, even with honorable enemies at hand to exchange drunken jokes and arm-wrestling, free of nagging wives and snotty children.
      It’s a guy thing, we all have it encoded into DNA, missing chromosomes and ribs.

      Watch out for jew looking to cash in on that one too …

      1. kinda like WW1 combatants clamboring out of their respective trenches at Christmas, having a smoke and singing carols together before resuming hostilities where “3rd on a match” held a whole different meaning

      2. @ Lobro All too true Lobro, jew hollywood has been flogging WW2 for decades. What I’m really interested in is the social engineering aspect that inevitably produces cannon fodder and wage slaves with few options. For example, what the f… is a Catholic Pope doing calling for interbreeding with Muslims to invigorate the wage slave supply and support the bills for all the mismanagement? His opinion of his own wonderfulness staggers me; I don’t think he intends to convert to Islam, so he’s making an utterly asinine assumption that his wonderfulness will convert offspring to Catholicism. Where is freaking Bilderberg? What happened to population controls? Has this been discarded in favor of massive cultural destabilization for the moment for stronger control to advance a plainly insane agenda? As I’ve said before, I’ve never been against sensible population controls, it’s things like vaccines. racketeering in medicine, and genetically engineered poisons – not to mention wars for Israel to accomplish the task.

    1. OFF-TOPIC:

      Our regular poster JOHN KIRBY is having a problem posting his comments. We welcome his comments and are doing nothing to block him. Can someone with technical knowledge advise John what to do so that his comments can get posted successfully?

      This is what John writes to us in an email:

      Hi, This is the message I get:

      ‘Secure Connection Failed.

      The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

      The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified. Please contact the web site owners to inform them of this problem.’

      NOTE: John’s comments are not even entering our Spam folder or Trash folder where rejected comments often go.

      1. The browser we use right now at Darkmoon is Google Chrome. We have used Firefox in the past and have had no problems. I think the important thing is to make sure your computer is secure and updated regularly.

      2. Admin —

        Ditto Harbinger for me. I hit ‘try again’ then ‘resend’ using Firefox.

        A guess… This may be an attempt by Google to decrease Firefox use.

        1. @ Pat

          Just to let to know … if you hit “try again” and then “resend”, we get BOTH your posts! One is posted and the other ends up in our ‘Trash’ folder.

          In our haste, we sometimes ‘approve’ the post in ‘Trash’. This means the identical post gets posted twice. If we notice or have time, we then delete one of the two identical posts.

          (I wish Firefox would gets its act together and stop creating all this needless confusion).

          1. @ Lobro

            There’s no other way to ban Avatar except by putting his name into the banned poster’s box. I wish there was an alternative. As it is, he can creep in again under a new name. With a new false email address and an infinite number of IP numbers.

            Keeping these pests out is not easy, but we are getting better at it.

      3. @ Admin

        I had the same problem with FireFox a few months back after they did an “upgrade.” I immediately switched to using Safari and have had no problems since.

        I notice that FireFox has just become more popular than MicroSoft’s browser, Internet Exploder.

  37. Admin,

    I’m having exactly the same problem. However, once I choose ‘try again’ it will send the information. This is a Firefox browser problem that has recently occurred with their latest update. It never had this problem before. Firefox, sadly, is now caving into the policing of the internet and updating its browser, to coincide with anti piracy and anti ‘hate speech’ websites. I, for example, can’t view this website on Vodaphone, unless I use ultra surf as it’s blocked.

    He could try the this to see if it helps.

    1. @ Harbinger

      Well, don’t use Firefox any more if it’s creating problems for you. Switch over to Google Chrome. That would be perfectly compatible with the Darkmoon site, since Google Chrome is what we use here.

      Just an idea to consider.

  38. I have a question which may have been overlooked, hiding in plain sight.

    Why is hate considered bad/morally indefensible and how can it be criminalized?

    I would like Jesus to stay out of it, because here he and i come to the point of divergence of opinion.
    He practices universal love, regardless of subject’s morality and this leaves no room for hate.
    I can neither conceive nor practice it and in fact, cannot in good conscience ignore the organic hate I have for evil, loving something that is evil makes no sense to me and is moreover morally and emotionally inconsistent and impossible.
    Which makes hate necessary and inescapable at times, every bit as justified or alternatively, misdirected as love.
    And if love cannot be subject to legal strictures, neither can hate, all the more because both are involuntary reflexes.

    It all comes down to jew’s war on truth labeled as terror, all part of shapeshifter’s contamination and corrosion of language and thus, thought, like an ocean trawling dragnet tightening down on the school of fish until their freedom of movement is completely denied – so with our thoughts, stupidly weighed down with emotionally loaded terms which in themselves should be quite commonplace and acceptable.

    Someone should challenge these concepts in court, not because the legal system may side with its logic but to bring it out in the open, force them to define their terms.

    There should also be a Hate Browser that blocks out content that DOES NOT trigger hate speech persecution, like an airline specifically catering to those on the no-fly list.

    btw … tried sending in a similar post earlier from iphone (Safari) and got flat out rejected, no second chance.

    1. @ Lobro

      “Why is hate considered bad/morally indefensible and how can it be criminalized?”

      Super short answer: Men making laws can make anything criminal. It’s the “right” of ruling over your fellowman.

      Short answer: Hate is a tool of evil. Hate is destructive. Hate leads to division between humans which leads to conflicts, murders, and wars. Divide and conquer could not exist without hate.

      Longer answer: Taking Jesus out of the equation, is the same as taking the Heavenly Father that is synonymous with love out of the equation, but I’ll give it a shot even though the equation will not be complete.

      Morally speaking, hate concentrates on the differences between humans, not their commonality. Since we are all made by the same creator, we all have commonality. Seeking to find commonality with your fellowman results in peace and affirms the common creator. Consequently, hate has no real basis to existent in an environment of the common creator. Hate is an illusion, a deception, which short circuits the power and reality of commonality, love. Hate is a spiritual drain on the one who hates. Forgiveness is designed to relieve hatred.

      That being said, to love your fellowman does not mean that you condone their actions. Nor does it mean that a person should want to be in the presence of those who’s behavior is not consistent with their own behavior. Neither does it mean that you would not kill an aggressor to protect yourself or another. Forgiveness does not change these aspects. Love is an acknowledgement of the common creator in all humans and willingness to help your fellowman if sincerely needed. Hate denies the common creator and offers no help.

      Hopefully, my attempt helps.

    2. Ung,
      thanks for help.

      without taking it personally, here is my problem with this approach, actually several problems.
      I also tried thinking about it in similar terms and was left dissatisfied.

      First of all, it intellectualizes an essentially visceral reaction.
      Urges like love, hate, hunger, thirst, lust, pain, need to urinate, etc, can to some extent be sublimated but never quite repressed to the point of unawareness, yet the Jew would have us think that it can and hence must be done on his signal.

      Secondly, it greatly dilutes the moral topography in that it (example) treats evil like a slouchy posture that can be remedied through corrective action, surviving children of gaddafi looking at hilary clinton with benign disapproval, love held in abeyance subject to her fixing up her approach, hell is a classroom where the perps write “i shall be good” 100 times on the blackboard.
      In my view, not only does this put lipstick on the pig but it demeans the true virtue that now must treat evil as a wayward sibling, merging incoming water supply with outgoing sewer duct because in essence they carry the same stuff.

      Thirdly, it puts a very powerful weapon in the hands of the Jew, who will not hesitate to maximize its deadly potential – look at his devilish algorithm and find a logical flaw in it:
      1. Hate (of Jew) is Capital Crime, (we agreed that hate is bad/sick/criminal)
      2. investigating Jew’s actions, morals, motivations and plans is Crime, because it may lead to 1., therefore Jew can never be subject to scrutiny … well, of course, he is Chosen by Demiurge G-d.

      So, the “Jesus approach” is quite questionable to me, because it allows self-reinforcing circularity within the logical circuitry and provides the Jew with a convenient exit from jail voucher.
      If i didn’t specifically mention Jesus here, i’d be guilty of Pharisee hypocrisy of the quod licet Jovi non licet bovi variety.
      Therefore, without questioning veracity of Christ’s attitude to the problem of hate, I must maintain that this attitude is only appropriate to some Universal Being that can truly encompass the totality of experience (ok, human experience, if you insist that jews are human) within its/his sphere of comprehension.

      Which I can’t, therefore, hate can at times be perfectly justified for me and for the rest of human mediocrities whose shit stinks.

      (of course, I do question that Jesus narrative of universal, unquestioning love, all else being unvirtuous, is this narrative historically true)

    3. moreover ung, consider the fact that once we accept the circularity inherent in love-at-all-cost position (categorical denial of validity of hate), it leaves me free to tack my own feedback loop onto the existing one.

      Since everybody is mandated to love jew by fiat, regardless of his moral dynamics and jew’s very substance is hatred of all beings non-jew, outside the purview of demiurge’s creation, then by extension of this principle, my hate of the jew is likewise approved (quod licet Iudaeis, etiam licet lobro 😉 we are all bros now).

      1. thee biggest reason the world is still stuck with all these unfortunate circumstances is make no mistake about it – organized religion. it is the way religion programs humanity. religions are all steeped in the archaic competitive mode. every religion considers itself in competition with every other. they all need more soldiers, so to speak. the first notion any religious person has of himself is – he’s a subject. look at the mexicans. their raza thing is straight off the roman catholic psy-op playbook they’re gonna move north and breed everybody else out. what else would you expect the cathloic church to be up to? the catholic church is all the way behind the reconquista, no matter much frilly rhetoric the pope expresses. catholic charities answers the call for mexican immigrants’ rent payments in the sanctuary city. the catholic church controls mexico and it fosters the migration movement. if you’re still supporting the catholic church you must be cracked. the planet is terminal on account of it, and you might say white america represents the planet in that respect. look at mexico’s behavior. it’s about 100 years behind the usa in environmentalism. understand the raza mentality. as individuals they think they don’t have to worry abut the bigger picture, which makes them no individuals at all. they think they’re in a tribal struggle for lebensraum, and they intend to constantly double and double their population, north of the border. that’s happening right alongside the ideological auspices of roman catholicism. the muslims have the same idea. they have no understanding of the need for population reduction across the board. and not only do they not understand how detrimental religion is – they do not tolerate separation of church and state. that’s how stupid it is. it’s fair enough to say it’s all the same process and mentality as the white europeans had when they first started coming here 500 years ago. we’ll give you that. it just means the roman catholic church has been behind the ecological destruction of this continent since ferdinand and isabella sent christopher colon to begin the colonization process. and they’re still doing it. for a while america raised its standard of living and itself to an ideological level much less susceptible to the typical religious hokum. we became environmentally conscious. hoooooooraaaaaaay. if it were allowed to continue the catholic church would some day be out of business. and the kicker is – the catholic church is an invention of the jews, a jewish conspiracy. there have been many jewish popes. this guy is just as hokey as all the others. and we all know the jews are right behind the big breed-out program too. it’s a master racial thing. there will be no more white countries, unless we get serious about saving ourselves..
        so now then, here comes trump, and he has the right idea with closing the borders. we don’t know if he’s thought about it much further- if he understands what kind of trouble the planet is in, if he understands how desperate is the need to reduce the population, or if he has an ecological bone in his body anywhere. he may not. and he may not understand that california and new york are first ecosystems. they are not first re-al estates. the planet is a biosphere, not a collection of marketable natural resources to be fragmented and sold. and he’s crass and insensitive, straight from new york city, a place where the inhabitants think it has no environment, which it doesn’t. it’ regrettable he’s no world class orator, but maybe that’s the price you have to pay to get someone who’s not politically correct. political correctness is the problem. and you notice the pope hates him. that stands to reason. everybody please, wake your asses all the way up and dump your religion. it’s all fairy tales anyway.

      2. @ Lobro

        We have a failure of communication.

        Let me put it a different much more simple way.

        Jews hate everyone because they believe that they are above everyone. The reason does not matter. One lie is as good as another.

        Those that think that the jews have the right idea should do as they do and hate.

        Those that think the jewish way is not a good idea should do the opposite of what the jews do and love.

        Everyone gets to pick whether they want to be jewish or not since it has absolutely nothing to do with who their parents had sex with. Personally, I choose not to be jewish.

        Criticizing or admonishing what a person does or believes is not hate in the eyes of the Heavenly Father. Jesus did it frequently. Consequently, it is no surprise that jews would consider it to be just the opposite since their father is the devil.


    Why was your post trashed? For a perfectly logical reason. You yourself triggered that response by using the forbidden word “AVATAR”!!! Avatar is a banned poster, remember. If you use his name, your post will automatically end up in the trash folder. If you had written A-v-a-t-a-r, your post would have gotten through. Capisce?


    my 2-book urgent reading list:
    Savitra devi, Sun and Lightning, oops, Lightning and Sun,
    Miguel Serrano, Adolph Hitler, the Ultimate Avatar.

    Courtesy of Felix, best suggestions as always.

    Couple of early observations:
    Savitra Devi considers Hitler the Penultimate Avatar, with the real deal, Kalki, the avenger, yet to come.

    She quotes Hans Grimm, who recalled his meeting of an hour with AH in 1928 at which the latter admitted “he was not the one”. He was “preparing the way for the one–the bare essential work of preparation”. Devi believed that “the one” Kalki would have Hitler’s spirit, but be “less Sun and more Lightning”–more merciless.

    She talks of great, circular eras or Ages, common in all the religions, in opposition with modern view that the Progress is linear and unstoppable.
    I heard it before but never paid much attention, didn’t spook any red flags in my mind.
    Now it does.
    Because it runs fundamentally counter to jew’s (Devil’s) insistence on open ended messianic destiny of world dominion, When Is Mighty and that’s it slaves, shut up and get back to work, game over, universe conquered.
    I liken it to flat earthers belief that the world is a tabletop, whether infinite in one or more directions or finite, you step off the edge and just go into a freefall forever.
    Because in their atheistic or semi-atheistic (like dead man walking, he is dead but doesn’t know it) simplicity, they look around it it kind looks flat, limited by humps and eye strain and assume that’s it, flat world.
    So with time and progress, it marches onward to ever greater glory of devil-jew, his is the power and the glory – what cycles? fables for the gullible.
    There might be odd little aberrations, prophesies, hands scrabbling incoherently on walls but all in all, it’s a jew century, jew eternity …


    let’s try again, more or less – it is humiliating.
    First, to thank Felix for sending me these 2 books, so important that they form my 2-book immediate reading list (both downloadable in pdf):
    Lightning and Sun, Savitra Devi (Amazon will happily sell you the paperback for $60, which shows you that jew is watching in great angst, anguish and anxiety), and
    Adolph Hitler, the Ultimate Avatar, Miguel Serrano.

    Devi starts off by discussing the great cycles of time, the eras that close upon themselves, as opposed to an open ended linear progression, such as is promoted by devil-jew leading to his eventual, eternal dominion, When Israel Is Mighty, shut up slaves and get back to work, abandon all hope ye who are not Chosen … this version is just as eagerly accepted by pointy headed atheists and semi-atheists (even worse, like dead man walking, dead but doesn’t know it) in their pseudo-scientific simplicity.
    Like flat earthers, they look around, except for some humps on horizon and limiting eye strain, it all looks reasonably therefore it’s a flat world, the unstoppable march of progress goes on unimpeded forever, jew’s is the power and the glory of messianic fulfillment.
    I never paid much heed to these cyclical views previously but lately it seems to dovetail with much of my background thought processes.

    From the foreword to Serrano’s book,

    To understand this obscure tome, this esoteric masterpiece, one needs to have read Savitri Devi–at least her The Lightning and the Sun. There is an affinity between the two authors, both intellectual and spiritual. They were friends and met both in India and Externstein, Germany. Both regarded Jews as the physical incarnation of the Dark Force of the Demiurge. Like Serrano, Savitri Devi, “the High Priestess of Hitlerism”, was convinced Hitler was an Avatar, the penultimate Avatar. She quotes Hans Grimm, who recalled his meeting of an hour with AH in 1928 at which the latter admitted “he was not the one”. He was “preparing the way for the one– the bare essential work of preparation”. Devi believed that “the one” Kalki would have Hitler’s spirit, but be “less Sun and more Lightning”–more merciless.

    let’s see if the demiurge of internet catches this one

    1. Kabbalah Strikes Back!

      hee-hee, Homer … the basic message is, “forget national Socialism, forget eastern mysticism, all bad, stick with true and trusted Noahide submissiveness”.

      What was the Nazi ideologues’ particular interest in Buddhism ?

      In their eyes Buddha was an “Aryan” and Buddhism an “Aryan doctrine”.
      They emphasised the warlike and virile elements of Buddhism.

      [really, virility among Aryans is a vice to be eliminated, cure is well on its way now]

      Nazi ideologues hold Buddhism to be a doctrine pertaining solely to power.

      [ridiculously false claim but acceptable to those living off smears, blurbs and jew-derived buzzwords who can’t be bothered to read for themselves … power is a strictly jew obsession, so this is just typical jew projection of own disease onto others]

      Buddhist meditation and yoga techniques are recommended for the spiritual discipline of the “warrior”.

      [meditation: bad, may result in cognitive independence, unforeseen and unplanned-for insights may arise, difficult to control and suppress]

      Well, there you go, judaic critique should inspire people to read this stuff on their own.
      It’s the “twisted compass” method that i find quite valuable in my own searches.

      1. Pearls of truth, lobro. Shining within the negativism.

        “The German protagonists of Zen Buddhism, Eugen Herrigel and Karlfried Dürckheim, tried to bind together Zen philosophy and National Socialism.”

        Fast forward 40 years from WW2, and here is Professor Karlfried Dürckheim

    2. ADMIN: Comment found in ‘Trash folder’. Hence the delay in posting.

      The lucius demiurge doesn’t care about your blasphemous off topic, you both deserve to be immured alive and burned the Cathar way for professing such satanic cyclical nonsense 🙂

      60 dollar for the book, well it’s pretty cheap.

      Let’s go back to the main sources of the oriental doctrines that have emerged in the European occultist circles and that Mrs. Devi recycled, well she is not the first one, see René above, Christ avatara, Hitler avatara…

      It leads us to the literary work of Saint-Yves D’Alveydre, the Great Inititate.

      Born in 1842, he was fascinated by the work of Fabre D’Olivet, main source of neo-paganism gnose, disciple of Saint-Martin, influenced by German Natur-Philosophen. Pythagorism, jewish Kabbalah and by utopians English movements, English Masonry.

      SYA is the main inspirer of the European Synarchy project that has constituted his lifelong dream, a Synarchy that he characterized as a harmonious combination of spiritual and executive powers framing an oriented economy. To reach this goal, he proposed the institution in Europe of a Supra Government hierarchically organized around:
      A European Council of national Churches.
      A European Council of national States.
      A European Council of national Capitals.

      It is, at its essence, the current European political articulation of EU dominated by the money of banking cartels with a political community based on a federal government and with a spiritual community dominated by Masonry, the new Trinity starting with economy, unity around money, under the spirituality of the universal religion of the Temple of Understanding, Lucius Trust Inc.

      But what all this have to do with India and oriental doctrines?

      SYA published in 1884, “La Mission des Juifs” where he expressed all his sympathy and solidarity for them, and which provided a summary of history since the Flood in the frame of a 4 320 000 years Kalpa, multiple of the 432 000 years Manvantara which is divided into four ages, the last one being the actual Kali Yuga which should bring us back to the Golden Age if i am correct.

      After that, hot off the press, SYA destroyed all copies of his book “The Synarchy”, except one. In 1910, one year after his death, the “Friends of SY” found the copy and decided to publish it under the name:
      “Mission of India and Europa, the issue of Mahatma and its solution.”
      In this one, SYA meditated on the theme of a Mankind Spiritual Center, the Agartha, the organization in different circles around the Brahmatma and Mahanga, what Guénon would use for his book “The King of the World”, 2 bucks on amazon.

      But hey, it is just the technocratic adaption for Europe of Jan Amos Comenius Rosicrucian plan, Opera Didactica Omnia, inspired by Gnosis and Kabbalah, waiting for the Golden Age, the conversion of all people to a one world Religion/Church after the eschatological battle and the triumph of Israel. In 1657, he published “Lux in Tenebris”, not available on Amazon, where he anticipated what would happen in Europe and the destruction of the Roman Church, Pope considered Antichrist. Comenius was certainly inspired by the messianic prophecy of Rabbi Abardanel , fascinating character, published in Amsterdam 1644, and all the messianic Jews that moved in Netherlands after their eviction from Spain, before they would move to england, Kabbalah under the arm.

      As to Germany, they lost the war, but the project Synarchy is happening right now with Europe organized around a German industrial Reich controlled through London/Basel based banking cartels.

      Justice for Germany and Germans, but let’s not forget all the anti-Christian esoteric synarchs, like Schacht, Montagu’s buddy, or all those who were extracted after the war. The Third Reich is a triple-bottomed affair and sometimes I wonder if Germany is not the actual winner of WWII, I mean, the first president of the all mighty European Commission was Walter Hallstein, ex top jurist of the Reich, writer of project New Europa for Hitler.

      The only difference is the racial nature of the Reich, Hitler Big Other avatara. Hey, I am not saying Adolf knew, he would hate his second carreer, but that’s the whole point of Masonry, only a few really know the game plan as Gurdjieff explained in his theory of concentric circles.

      That was your daily papist propaganda, but who cares about Jesus, Kali Jewga is almost done.
      My name is TROJ and i approve this message.

      Here is a 300 euros amazon book.

      1. Phil –

        Mason, Ben Franklin, also used circles to control public thoughts. He admitted that in his autobiography.

        In addition to being a member of the Freemasons, an ancient fraternity linked to the occult, Franklin was also a member of “The Hellfire Club,” when he lived in England. The Hellfire Club was an exclusive, English club that met sporadically during the mid 18th century. Its purpose, at best, was to mock traditional religion and conduct orgies. At worst, it involved the indulgence of satanic rites and sacrifices. The club to which Franklin belonged was established by Francis Dashwood, a member of Parliament and friend of Franklin. The club, which consisted of “The Superior Order,” of 12 members, allegedly took part in basic forms of satanic worship. In addition to taking part in the occult, orgies and parties with prostitutes were also said to be the norm. It is said that all of the members of the society had political affiliations and political gossip was exchanged among the members as well as favors.

        The motto of “The Hellfire Group” was, in Latin, “fay ce que voudrais,” or, in English, “Do what you will.”

      2. Pat,

        At best and at worst. Well he was a gnostic, non serviam as Lucifer shouted, and as Albert Pike said, the Gnosis, the intiatic Tree of Knowledge, is the essence and marrow of Masonry. But since man is incapable of good acts and since the material world is purely negative, let’s orgy and kill children in hellfire, who cares, that makes sense, or you could have the opposite behaviors like the Cathars.
        Ol’Ben spent some time afterwards in France as an ambassador to seek the help of France in the BS war to come against England and also to organize French masonry, I am sure he also had a hell of a time in Paris considering who he met with and what they would do later.
        Did you know USA only repay the money borrowed to the Crown in 1794? They waited for the execution of the King and repaid the Republic in wheat, as French were starving because of “socialism”. But hey, we should have known better, two weeks after Yorktown they were already signing trade treaties with England, business as usual for PB.
        There was also a Ben Franklin club during the Revolution.


        It all started with Simon the Wizard in the first century 🙂
        I dropped a lot of names, it’s not particularly for you btw, but they are in every book about masonry and occultism, especially Comenius the first Rosicrucian, the basis of English Masonry and of all Masonries in Europe who work to create the Utopia of Thomas More and Erasmus, the Universal Republic, here I go again.
        He is more important than Weishaupt the Illuminati who is either a Jew or a Jesuit, sometimes both.
        In 1959, UNESCO celebrated the three hundredth anniversary of his death with a very moving speech by David Ben Gourion, him you know.

        As Marshall Pétain said when he prohibited Masonry,
        “I know why the Jews are acting as they do, but you, what is your excuse?”
        The Gnosis, Marshall.
        “We worship the snake because God placed him at the origin of the Gnosis for mankind; He himself taught to man and woman the complete knowledge of high mysteries”
        33 degrees, what’s the password in Hebrew for the Lutheran Rose-Croix Pedo Knights of Kabbalah?

      3. Phil –

        “There was also a Ben Franklin club during the Revolution.”

        That was the Junto:


        I should have mentioned before, that, in the autumn of the preceding year, I had form’d most of my ingenious acquaintance into a club of mutual improvement, which we called the JUNTO; we met on Friday evenings. The rules that I drew up required that every member, in his turn, should produce one or more queries on any point of Morals, Politics, or Natural Philosophy, to be discuss’d by the company; and once in three months produce and read an essay of his own writing, on any subject he pleased. Our debates were to be under the direction of a president, and to be conducted in the sincere spirit of inquiry after truth, without fondness for dispute, or desire of victory; and, to prevent warmth, all expressions of positiveness in opinions, or direct contradiction, were after some time made contraband, and prohibited under small pecuniary penalties.

        Franklin Autobiography ch 7


        February 11, 1998 

        The coroner is examining skeletons found beneath statesman’s former London house, says Robin Young
        Remains of ten bodies at Ben Franklin’s home 
        WORKMEN have dug up the remains of ten bodies hidden beneath the former London home of Benjamin Franklin, the founding father of American independence.

    3. Well, an alphabet soup of terms, ideas and names all unknown to me, Phil.
      A kind of swamp i am all too happy to swim in, ignorance being bliss because it promises virgin exploration territory.

      As to the question of cycles, spirals or “ever widening gyres”, rough beasts slouching toward bethlehem to be born – i don’t know, but wish to know, and therefore must think, whether pope disapproves or anti-pope approves or the other way around.

      here is an undeniable cycle for y’all: all truth travels the calvary path from ridicule to violent suppression to rapturous acceptance as self-manifest.
      I didn’t say it first, therefore more likely to be right.
      Mental and psychic processes may well move along similar paths, even mechanical inventions do, from a gloriously novel, yet simple notion, progressively burdened with bells and whistles, the erstwhile elegant hull of a sailing ship sunk by barnacle growths below waterline.

      As to the notion of Avarat, who am i to judge or prejudge, since i don’t even know what the term really means.
      So far, still on page 3 of both books, both Savitra Devi and Mike Serrano sound pretty intriguing.

  41. Perhaps I missed a line somewhere but nowhere read anything about Bergoglio = jesuit.

  42. @ Salman Hossein

    My honest advice to you is to go away before you get booted off this site. You won’t last. You have all the attributes of a dead ender.

  43. thee biggest reason the world is still stuck with all these unfortunate circumstances is make no mistake about it – organized religion. it is the way religion programs humanity. religions are all steeped in the archaic competitive mode. every religion considers itself in competition with every other. they all need more soldiers, so to speak. the first notion any religious person has of himself is – he’s a subject. look at the mexicans. their raza thing is straight off the roman catholic psy-op playbook they’re gonna move north and breed everybody else out. what else would you expect the cathloic church to be up to? the catholic church is all the way behind the reconquista, no matter much frilly rhetoric the pope expresses. catholic charities answers the call for mexican immigrants’ rent payments in the sanctuary city. the catholic church controls mexico and it fosters the migration movement. if you’re still supporting the catholic church you must be cracked. the planet is terminal on account of it, and you might say white america represents the planet in that respect. look at mexico’s behavior. it’s about 100 years behind the usa in environmentalism. understand the raza mentality. as individuals they think they don’t have to worry abut the bigger picture, which makes them no individuals at all. they think they’re in a tribal struggle for lebensraum, and they intend to constantly double and double their population, north of the border. that’s happening right alongside the ideological auspices of roman catholicism. the muslims have the same idea. they have no understanding of the need for population reduction across the board. and not only do they not understand how detrimental religion is – they do not tolerate separation of church and state. that’s how stupid it is. it’s fair enough to say it’s all the same process and mentality as the white europeans had when they first started coming here 500 years ago. we’ll give you that. it just means the roman catholic church has been behind the ecological destruction of this continent since ferdinand and isabella sent christopher colon to begin the colonization process. and they’re still doing it. for a while america raised its standard of living and itself to an ideological level much less susceptible to the typical religious hokum. we became environmentally conscious. hoooooooraaaaaaay. if it were allowed to continue the catholic church would some day be out of business. and the kicker is – the catholic church is an invention of the jews, a jewish conspiracy. there have been many jewish popes. this guy is just as hokey as all the others. and we all know the jews are right behind the big breed-out program too. it’s a master racial thing. there will be no more white countries, unless we get serious about saving ourselves..
    so now then, here comes trump, and he has the right idea with closing the borders. we don’t know if he’s thought about it much further- if he understands what kind of trouble the planet is in, if he understands how desperate is the need to reduce the population, or if he has an ecological bone in his body anywhere. he may not. and he may not understand that california and new york are first ecosystems. they are not first re-al estates. the planet is a biosphere, not a collection of marketable natural resources to be fragmented and sold. and he’s crass and insensitive, straight from new york city, a place where the inhabitants think it has no environment, which it doesn’t. it’ regrettable he’s no world class orator, but maybe that’s the price you have to pay to get someone who’s not politically correct. political correctness is the problem. and you notice the pope hates him. that stands to reason. everybody please, wake your asses all the way up and dump your religion. it’s all fairy tales anyway.

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