Pope Francis: Pawn of Big Jewry and Promoter of White Genocide


“They are gathered together for war. . . . Let the wicked fall into their own nets.”

When I logged on to my computer this morning, the first email I noticed in my inbox contained a link to a shocking video which I could only watch with utter disbelief and revulsion. It came from my Roman Catholic correspondent Beverly. This surprised me because I’d always thought Beverly was an exemplary Catholic who would be willing to die for her Pope. After all, the Pope is enveloped in an aura of numinous sanctity, and according to hundreds of millions of pious Catholics, is believed to be infallible.  

My first reaction to this video, as I say, was entirely negative. It still is. Angry rants by young men full of sound and fury and the froth of surplus testosterone have scant appeal for me. Much of what this young scoundrel had to say, however, seemed to make a lot of sense to me, even though his manner of saying it was decidedly off-putting. Fortunately, I had a second video at hand which was more appealing and made precisely the same points in a nicer, more gentlemanly way. So I tag on this second video in order to soften the effects of the ill-mannered stridency of the first offering.

I think the general purport of what these two different videos are trying to say is this:

Don’t trust the Pope. He is either an infiltrator and secret agent of the Jews or maybe he is a even a crypto-Jew doing his best to transform the Church into a branch of the Synagogue.

—  §  —

Here are a few hard facts you need to consider carefully.

Only a couple of weeks ago, the Pope won the prestigious Charlemagne Prize for 2016. If that doesn’t start alarm bells ringing for you, nothing will. The Charlemagne Prize is also known as the Coudenhove Kalergi Prize.

The first recipient of the Charlemagne Prize (in 1950) was the sinister Count Richard von Coudenhove Kalergi. Half Austrian and half Japanese, this mongrelized nobleman was a passionate philosemite who believed that the Jews were the spiritual elite of the world, the intellectual crème de la crème — in short, the Chosen People in every sense.  

In addition, he viewed the White European race with loathing and not without a tinge of envy, being only half-white himself. Like many of the Jews he so admired—Lenin and Trotsky were two of  his favorites—Count Kalergi saw the White race as “the cancer of human history“, a race that needed to be bred out of existence by forced interbreeding with the darker races of Africa and Asia.

He envisaged a future in which every European would look like an Ancient Egyptian and there were no white people left anywhere, most of them having disappeared into a muddy-complexioned and mongrelized mass. 


Here is an abridged excerpt from a thought-provoking article translated from the Italian which will tell you more about Count Kalergi and his sinister plans: plans in which the present Pope is closely involved, given that both men share the same ideological values touted by the promoters of the Charlemagne Prize:

In his book Practical Idealism, Kalergi indicates that the residents of the future “United States of Europe” will not be the People of the Old Continent, but a kind of sub-humans, products of miscegenation. He clearly states that the peoples of Europe should interbreed with Asians and colored races, thus creating something akin to a  multinational herd of livestock with no quality and easily controlled by [an essentially Jewish] ruling elite.

The only way to ensure this is for the governing elite to have complete control of who has children with whom. Kalergi proclaims the elimination of nations with the use of ethnic separatist movements and mass migration. In order for Europe to be controlled by an elite, he wants to turn people into one homogeneous mixed breed of Blacks, Whites and Asians.

Who comprises this elite? Kalergi is particularly illuminating on this point:

“The man of the future will be of mixed race. The races and classes of today will gradually disappear due to the elimination of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-negroid race of the future, similar in appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples and the diversity of individuals.

It’s not surprising that the people who escaped from their ghetto prisons [i.e., the Jews] should become the spiritual nobility of Europe. Thus, the compassionate care given by Europe created a new breed of aristocrats. This happened when the European feudal aristocracy crashed because of the emancipation of the Jews due to the actions taken by the French Revolution.”

LD: In other words, he is saying that the ancien regime that prevailed before the French Revolution (1789-1799), consisting of an aristocracy of kings, nobles and Catholic clerics, was swept away as a result of Jewish machinations and replaced by a new aristocracy of Jews. Indeed, one of the first results of the French Revolution was the total emancipation of the Jews in France, in 1791, France being the first European nation to buckle under Jewish demands and surrender to Jewish pressures. The process of Jewish “emancipation”—a euphemism for Jewish takeover—was a long and steady one over the next 132 years, until by 1923 the Jews had achieved full emancipation or superior status in every European country. Note that the average Jew, even before full Jewish emancipation in Germany in 1871, was three times richer than the average German.  (See here)    

Although no textbook mentions Count Kalergi, his ideas are the guiding principles of the European Union.

The belief that the peoples of Europe should be mixed with Africans and Asians, to destroy our identity and create a single mestizo race, is the basis of all community policies that aim to protect minorities. This is not done for humanitarian reasons, but because of the directives issued by the ruthless [European] regime with its machinations for the greatest genocide in history: White genocide.

The Coudenhove-Kalergi European Prize (known also as the Charlemagne Prize) is awarded nearly every year to Europeans who have excelled in promoting this plan of ever further “integration”. Among those awarded with such a prize are Angela Merkel and Herman Van Rompuy.

LD: The prize is now mostly awarded every year.

The incitement to genocide is also the basis of the constant appeals to the United Nations that demand we accept millions of immigrants to help with the low birth rates of the European Union. According to a report published on January 2000 in Population Division Review of the United Nations in New York, under the title “Immigration replacement: A solution to declining and ageing population,”

Europe will need, by 2025, 159,000,000 migrants.

If we look around us, the Coudenhove Kalergi plan seems to be in full flow.

We face Europe’s fusion with the Third World. The plague of interracial marriage produces each year thousands of young people of mixed race: these are known as “the children of Count Kalergi.” Every one must see this truth: that “European integration” amounts to White genocide. (Emphasis added)

(Here is the original article in Italian)



“The man of the future will be of mixed race. The Eurasian-negroid race of the future will replace the diversity of peoples.” — Count Coudenhove Kallergi, recipient of the first Charlemagne Prize (1950)

Every single recipient of the Charlemagne Prize, from Count Coudenhove Kalergi in 1950 to Pope Francis in 2016, has been on the payroll of the Jews and has plugged multiculturalism and mass immigration with a view to the eventual disappearance of the White race into a mongrelized mass.

Who did his best in Britain to throw open the floodgates to endless hordes of migrants from the Third World? Answer: Tony Blair. Who did exactly the same thing in Germany a few years later? Answer: Angela Merkel. Both Blair and Merkel have been rewarded for their contributions to multiculturalism and the ongoing mongrelization of the White race. The Coudenhove Callergi Prize was awarded to Blair in 1999 and to Merkel in 2008.

Both Blair and Merkel are race traitors—and Blair, in addition, is a war criminal.

And now that it’s 2016 we must welcome the latest winner of the Coudenhove Kallergi Prize—a prize inseparable from the promotion of multiculturalism, mass immigration, and the slow and systematic genocide of the White race.

Step forward, Pope Francis!

To see the complete list of the recipients of the Coudenhove Kallergi (or Charlemagne) Prize, click here

VIDEO 1 : 3.18 mins

The second video is different in style. It is a quiet, reflective video in which former good popes prophesy, in their encyclicals, the coming of an anti-pope of evil. They do not identify this pope by name, but there has been much speculation recently that the present incumbent at the Vatican, Pope Francis, could be the one to whom these words in the Gospel of St Matthew apply:

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in the clothes of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”
— Matt. 7:15

VIDEO 2 : 5.24 mins

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website, Darkmoon.me, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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  1. Thank you Lasha. I had no awareness of this evil being, Count Kalergi.
    At first I loved Pope Francis. Mostly due to his early exhortation EVANGELII GAUDIUM, which railed against materialism and selfishness.
    But gradually, the rot became evident. His unconcern for the native peoples of Europe is astounding. Even more so – he apparently despises them. There is nothing Christ-like about dispossession, decay, collapse, and disintegration.
    This essay you post is the final nail in the coffin. I can no longer make apologies for the man.

    1. The EU seems to be acting against the interests of the ordinary working people of Europe.

    2. My trusty correspondent Beverly reports that she sent this article to “the biggest Trad Catholic site on the web in four years” and that they decided to publish it.


      It’s quite a feat when a major “Trad Catholic” site publishes an article stating that the Pope is a “pawn of Big Jewry and a promoter of White genocide.” This just goes to show how many Catholics are now in open revolt against what their Church has become.

      Thank you, Beverly. You’re an ace!

      1. And moreover, the rank+file Catholics starting to accept that it is indeed the Christkillers at their traditional trade, infiltrating, infesting, deceiving, betraying and killing with unreserved pleasure.

        It is right there in the headline.

        Just read again in the local paper how the judeopope says that the migrants are not threatening but threatened.
        Right, a threatened species, down to the last couple billion, something must be done before none are left in Afrika.

  2. We are proceeding as prophesied to the reign of the antichrist. Any Christian who is awake and discerning can see this. Of course there will be the tribulation but the reign of Our Lord will certainly follow. The above article and videos add further credence to this statement. Christians please evangelise these very important indicators as part of your Christian life………….. Satan of darkness quakes when he is brought into Christ’s light. The battle lines were drawn 2000 years ago and the final battle draws near. Please watch this video……. the title is completely misleading and could put people off watching it (?? deliberate by PTB ??) It’s correct title is Marching to Zion, and has absolutely nothing to do with its title as shown on You Tube.
    Usual thanks to Lasha for her vigilance and erudite journalism.

    1. Larry,
      “We are proceeding as prophesied to the reign of the antichrist.” Correct. Let’s not forget the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Each one will account for a quarter of humanity. Of course, Jews, Jews by desire, materialists and Mammonites are still in a state of denial. They believe in their purblind state of ostrichism that the Jewish banking system is omnipotent and that money corrupts everyone, and everything. Not so. In countries such as Russia, and many others, there is a religious revival, unreported, silent and unknown to the noisy, arrogant and ignorant minority. Boy, are they in for a surprise.
      Thanks for the interesting video.


  4. This is a very revealing article.

    Well done, Lasha..!!

    I hate the exposure for the good Catholics.

    There are 13 countries which helped the Jesuit Pope accomplish his running refugees to Europe.. to facilitate thinning out whites..!!

    These countries have also helped clear out old infrastructure in Syria for the rebuilding plans for investments. For the 21st century.

    1-Syrian forces loyal to Assad have been bombing those opposed to the regime since the onset of the civil war in March 2011

    2-Russian jets started carrying out airstrikes in Syria which hit Homs, Hama and Latakia provinces.

    3-The U.S. has conducted airstrikes against infrastructure from bases in Iraq and aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf.

    4-British planes have participated in the bombing campaign. London has also engaged in drone strikes on Syria territory.

    5-French military conducted its first strike on September 27.

    6-Turkish military conducted its first strikes on July 24.

    7-Israeli air force conducted airstrikes against two Syrian military installations and fired missiles into Syria in August.

    8-Canadian warplanes dropped their first bombs in Syria on April 8, striking close to Raqqa.

    9-Australian forces carried out their first strike on Syrian territory in September.

    10-Jordan has been conducting bombing raids in Syria since September 2014.

    11-Bahrain has hit targets in Syria.

    12-Saudi Arabia has been involved in air strikes in Syria.

    13-United Arab Emirates have participated in air strikes in Syria.


    Here is a complete list of the most wealthy Arab countries taking in refugees:


    1. PAT,
      The majority of those dark masses assailing Europe are not Syrians. Many claim to be, but are not.
      Assad did not start the war and it is not a civil war. Loyal Syrians and their Russian, Iranian, and Lebanese allies support Assad and are fighting foreign aggression.
      The anti-Assad forces are in no way a ‘coalition’. The only thing they have in common with one another is self-interest, so they often find themselves at cross-purposes.
      As far as Pope Francis goes it is immaterial whether he is a bad man or a fool. One need only examine the results of his actions.

      1. SW –

        I agree….

        There is no ‘coalition’ among all of the 13 countries. The refugees are not all Syrian.

        There are 13 countries which helped the Jesuit Pope accomplish his running refugees to Europe.. to facilitate thinning out whites..!!

      1. Kolo –

        I agree with you. The jesuit… pope…. is spewing anti- Russian white people garbage again… still.
        The good white people of Russia and Europe do not deserve his immigration plans.

        BTW….. I am anti-Putin and ALL national leaders, especially those who have been in office more than one term. They are liars…. or they would be gone.

  5. I too was at first misled into thinking that this Cisco Pope is a nice dude, nothing wrong, having displayed such mild manners and humble mien when he visited SJJ last summer.

    Well, it clearly was just a sham, he is indeed a migrant foot fetishist and waits everyday at the dinner table of the Rothschilds’ chateau, serving Mouton Cadet to higher echelons and Manischewitz to rankers.

    Now I tried watching the video that Larry linked and gave up at 3:30 mark, simply could not swallow the stuff about god says do this to Abraham, nice tribes get whipped by the pharaoh jealous of their superpowers, saul, david, Solomonder build spectacular civilization – yeah right, must have used cheap drywall because not a 2×4 remains, not even a single hammer or chisel, red sea opening up,
    Sorry, heaving motion in stomach precludes further viewing.

    But I don’t doubt that much of the storyline from jesus onward makes tons of sense, including the coming cataclysm, i sure want to be around and see the knockout punch coming.

    To me, old testament/new testament is like a multi-course meal in a restaurant where first you are served some of these weird ethnic foods, dog’s eyeballs marinated in piss, followed by great stuff of mediterranean lands, italy, Spain, France … i will skip the first serving, not adventurous enough.

    Be it as it may, this Popestein sure sucks, i feel sorry for those Catholics who force it down their throats out of misplaced loyalty to the brand.
    Like I said somewhere today, my religious journey starts and ends with truth and Francis fell by the wayside well before the Coudenhove beatification.
    I am only surprised that Wojtila didn’t score it … and come to think of it, what exactly is behind Benedict’s quitting early, highly unusual stuff.

    1. Lobro I forgot to say, the video is worth seeing through. The way it handles the marriage of evangelical stooges like Hagee to the PTB, and some of the content of the Talmud and the various comments made by Jews is very enlightening, if somewhat chilling.

  6. Well done Dr. LD, many thanks again. Let us not forget the guilt of Francis at turning his back on Christians being robbed and slaughtered in Palestine, Syria, and Iraq, in addition to plenty of non Christians, as well as his being seduced to the satanic agenda to flood Europe with savages -“you pay for them”, Francis certainly will not, he’s comfortably ensconced behind Vatican walls. What some people will do for a cheap tin Kalergi prize! I’m very leery of prophesies, the most accurate ones I’ve ever heard are from the Seneca and Iroquois Indians, the Hopi Indians, and an Aghori. The Aghori said it’s not good to talk about them, and I agree – we must DO what we can to slow down or effect change, however small, to avoid disaster. Francis should seek professional help, or better yet, retire.

  7. our connection is iffy, to say the least.

    i think we should all know by now that the catholic church of today was created by the flavians, with the help of the jew josephus, for the purpose of mind-controlling and psy-opping the peasants held under roman subjugation. all you fools, kneel before the torture victim and make the sign of the slave.
    the original so-called christianity was a pantheistic gnostic movement, which sought knowledge, in an attempt to define human spirituality, if there is such a thing. the jesus is merely a personification of the sun as the main theme of reality based sacred solar environmentalism. it is very doubtful that any such man ever really existed. there’s no proof of it. of course, the old testaments are operating manuals on the methodologies of deified monarchy and feudal exploitation.
    pope francis is just another crypto jew puppet infiltrator put into place at the apex of the catholic religion, on the scene now to facilitate the further destabilization of the middle east and africa and to finish off white europe by glut of migrants, all fully intending to breed the white race out of existence.
    catholic charities regularly pays the rent for illegal immigrants in the sanctuary cities. nobody with any brains still supports the catholic church, because if you do you’re funding your own demise. and when the muslims get the majority, sharia law will be imposed on what few white people are left. sharia law is the muslim form of the jewish noahide laws, which are no better.
    you will notice the pope went at trump with insults right off the bat, as did the president of mexico. that probably means trump is sincere in his intent to secure our borers and wipe out isis, which is the main destabilization force, created by the zionists and the western intelligence/military complex. trump is america’s answer to the catholics and the neocons. he may be our last chance.

  8. Christianity is a redacted Jewish story for the goyim. This is why Christian’s believe the New Testament supports the Old Testament when in fact; the New Testament is a direct refutation of the Old Testament and its laws.

    The Catholic Church began its life, and has since been, the Jewish second Temple for the gullible goyim. Its laws are only slightly modified to make it appear as though sacrifice is voluntary. Yet under the emerging religious state, the demands of the church were just as mandatory as the second Temple’s sacrificial system.

    Saul was an opportunistic Temple Jew who realized the destruction of the second Temple was imminent. Since the foundation of Temple law had been successfully breached by Jesus with his snappy comebacks to the priesthood’s legal dogma. It was only natural for Saul to attach himself to the new religion and adopt the more Christian sounding name ‘Paul’. While it is possible that Paul was a Temple agent chosen to subvert the new following in the attempt to return its followers to the priesthood’s commands, that mission would have been void with the physical destruction of the Temple.

    The goal of any priesthood is to dominate the people by interpreting God’s words and commands. The idea is to separate the people from God by acting as indispensable intercessors. Thus, one cannot reach god except through the divine auspices of these men called “priests”.

    Jesus’ mission was to reform the Temple and eliminate the controlling priesthood in the effort to bring its followers closer to god. His idea was simple, if man can personally connect with god, then what need has he for the trappings of a religious system and its structures? Jesus was not saying, “follow me, for I am your new god, he was saying follow me TO the real god.

    Paul took up the priestly mantel for the new god who had been sacrificed. Paul subverted the system to one that would bring people closer to his new god creation in the form of a resurrected Jesus who was to become the new YHVH of the Jews whom he had converted. Of course, Paul envisioned himself as the high priest intercessor for the new Messiah who would interpret his commands. Essentially, Christianity was to be the old Temple system with new paint.

    In reality, Jesus was a creation of the oppositional Essene who supported Jesus’ mission. Thus, Jesus was an Essene rebel who rejected the Temple and its sacrificial system. This was the hidden power behind the destruction of the Temple and Paul could not influence their plan. In fact, he may well have been unaware of their plan. In any event, when the Temple fell, Paul realized there was no longer any future with the standing priesthood. He therefore subverted the original mission to one of his own creation where he would hold the ultimate power of the kohein gadol or high priest.

    The idea would have been anathema to Jesus. He perceived himself as a messenger of god, not the new version of the Temple’s YHVH, the priesthood’s personal god; the very god Jesus was trying to surmount.

    Even before the first century, non-Jews had carefully observed the Temple’s power, the real power behind Herod’s throne and its tremendous influence over the region; the Romans knew this as well as Herod did. Being Jewish in nature, the priesthood used its power to act as intercessor not only to god, but also to man’s political systems.

    It was a cozy arrangement, with the Temple playing and profiting from both sides, the hoi-polloi and the political potentates. The priests extracted wealth from the people and used it to fund the ruling governments. In turn, they demanded government laws that favored their Temple while suppressing opposition to its rule, like that of Jesus. That is why the Sanhedrin could manipulate the Roman governor to execute Jesus and explains why the priests crowed over their victory – “His blood be on us and our children.”

    The Temple priests controlled the real wealth of ‘The Nation of Israel’, as a man worked one day to pay his rent, one day to feed his family, and one day to pay his taxes, while the rest went to the Temple. Three out of six working days went to Temple coffers. This system created a huge surplus of wealth visibly evident in the Temple structure itself, by far the largest and most ornate structure of its kind in the entire region, surpassing even the king’s palaces and Rome’s government structures.

    Rome itself borrowed funds from the Temple treasury to fund various projects, of course with more than nominal interest. Among these projects was an aqueduct the Temple opposed. In the end, the project was canceled and the funds were returned to the Temple. Is there any difference between this system and those of the Federal Reserve or Catholic Church? No, it’s the same oppressive system using the same type of laws as the second Temple hiding behind different names and gods.

    Paul never realized his goal as his new religion was immediately suppressed, being suspected for what it actually was; a new Jewish religious system that would be as much trouble as the old Temple system. However, clever non-Jews had studied the Temple’s system carefully and soon took over Paul’s work, once again subverting it to their own bastardized design.

    In time, this new religion would become known as the Catholic Church. The real break for the new Christian religion came when once again; a ruling political leader needed the hoi-polloi delivered to his cause. Recognizing that religion was a useful tool for this purpose, Constantine allied himself with the new religion. His council of Nicaea was designed to consolidate uncontrollable amount of religious dogma into a more manageable form. The power of the church steadily increased from that point forward.

    Considering the Catholic Church is nothing more than the second Temple’s sacrificial system morphed into a system for the goyim, is it any wonder that its Jewish originators infiltrated and twisted the church to serve their own design; and who would be more capable to do this than the original Jewish designers of the second Temple?

    Religion is corrupt by its very nature in demanding man’s submission to a special branch of humanity that claims god’s sole divinity among men. Therefore as the Essene taught, the true spiritual path cannot be found in religion. Religion must be transcended if one is to become reunited with their creator. As the Sufis say: God is closed than one’s jugular” and that dear reader, is much closer than any priest or church.

    1. Make that, “God is closer than one’s jugular” The Sufis know what is within…great dancers, too

      Good post, Arch. You nailed it with Jesus the Essene. Methinks he and the sufis were tight

    2. @ Arch Stanton

      Good post.

      You said, “…the New Testament is a direct refutation of the Old Testament and its laws.”

      The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are exactly what you said. However, starting with Acts, the New Testament is really Old Testament 2.0 with enough condiments applied to make people think it is not.

      I view Paul in a similar fashion as you, but I see it in basic terms. Paul laid the groundwork for organizing the Church. The reality is that Jesus and his teachings are the real Church. No walls, roofs, or representatives needed.

      1. Srila Prabhupada..
        “Anyone can adopt this simple method. There is no expenditure, there is no tax, nor is there any need to build a very big church or temple. Anyone, anywhere, can sit down on the road or beneath a tree and chant the Hare Krishna mantra and worship God.”

      2. HP
        You’re absolutely correct. As a Buddhist I can sit anywhere and meditate. Anapanasati, just concentrate on the breath as it goes in and out. Or, as you suggest, chanting Hari Krishna. BTW, Have you heard Nina Hagen’s version? Go to youtube and check it out. The first time I heard it, I wanted to cry, it was so beautiful. God save us from the philosophers and the theologians. They wish to turn religion into an intellectual exercise and impress everyone with their erudition. Mindless, mental masturbation.

      3. Felix, it is that simple. You know it and I know it. Anyone can know it..
        Everyone, even demons, has free will to choose such things .. or not. Brilliant!
        Yes I’ve heard Nina’s Pancha Tattva and Hare Krishna mantras. She’s a very intelligent and powerful woman. Jaya! Jaya! Prabhupada!

        The majority are show bottle theologians. They’ve caught the Bureaucrat Plague..

    3. Arch Stanton: “Rome itself borrowed funds from the Temple treasury to fund various projects, of course with more than nominal interest. Among these projects was an aqueduct the Temple opposed. In the end, the project was canceled and the funds were returned to the Temple. Is there any difference between this system and those of the Federal Reserve or Catholic Church? No, it’s the same oppressive system using the same type of laws as the second Temple hiding behind different names and gods.”

      This would certainly explain why Rome searched all four corners of the earth looking for gold. This would also certainly back up my contention that the Roman Empire wasn’t really Roman but Jewish simply because the raison d’etre of Rome’s Empire and its expansion was to pay off Jewish moneylenders. Ditto for the so-called “British Empire” which has morphed into the American Empire, or rather into “Democracy.”

      Jews truly are master manipulators of words and memes. Let me expand on this point:

      During the heyday of the British Empire, the code word for Jewish Usury was “Civilization” (i.e. “Brits were bringing civilization to the inferior races, etc….”) but that claim and the very notion of empire building would be ludicrous today and so “democracy” and the term “nation building” are cleverly used as substitutes. Instead of “Civilization” and “Empire building,” it is now called “Democracy and “Nation Building” (i.e. “Yanks are bringing democracy to the 3rd world and helping them build their nations up, etc….”)

      Lastly, as for the kosher Pope, I suppose if the kikes can’t bring usury to the 3rd world, they’ll bring the 3rd world to usury, er, I mean, democracy.

  9. I have no problem with the Paul Joseph Watson video. I’m a big believer in the power of being blunt.

    A pope is only infallible in a very limited way. It means when he speaks “ex cathedra” from the chair on matters of faith, morals and dogma. That’s it. Other than that he can be as fallible, or more, than any other creature walking the earth.

    There is another possibility concerning the pope. He may be too intelligent, like many are these days, to be right. I just saw a very good video on IQ, Racism, and the Conservative.


    But beware, it is from the equally evil, “Black Pigeon Speaks”.

  10. “Why don#’t you shut the f**k up about politics and concentrate on….oh I don’t know….BEING THE POPE?”

    Now that did make me laugh.
    However, although I do like what Paul Joseph Watson (PJW) has to say; a young, right winger, in a country full of lefties, what PJW never mentions, in any of his videos are, you’ve guessed it, THE JEWS. Then again, he does work for Infowars and we know that Alex Jones is a Zionist through and through.
    He has been banging the anti Islam drum for quite some time.

    1. That is not true. He did a video about lesser cultures some time ago. In it he mentions the jews sucking baby penises.

  11. This not about white genocide it’s about world genocide.To destroy all nations and cultures to bow down to jewry and be their serfs , if we are lucky and not dead . This a universal struggle for everyone their desire is to divide and conquer us playing us against each other and then come in pick up the pieces and then rule us . Until we wake up to that then the take over and genocide of the Human Race will be achieved.

    1. “This not about white genocide it’s about world genocide.To destroy all nations and cultures to bow down to jewry and be their serfs….”

      That fits the plans of the UN and the UN Agenda-21.

      When you see “Sustainable Development” that is the plan of UN Agenda-21…. to destroy cultures.

      It will come about slowly over the next few hundred years….. with a ‘quickening’ here and there….. and ‘set-backs’ as well.

      1. the next few hundred years?

        I see the “quickening” signaling the death of the agenda

      2. B-Hawk –

        It will not stop.
        ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability is the leading global network of local governments dedicated to sustainability, resilience, and climate action, with more than 1,000 cities, towns, and counties around the globe…. Over 86 countries:

        Second China-U.S. Climate-Smart / Low-Carbon Cities Summit:
        06/07/2016 – 06/08/2016

        Sustainable Catering Forum in Ghent Belgium:


        (Peek at a few…)
        The Cadmus Group Incorporated-Arlington
        The Energy Foundation
        The Kaiser Foundation
        The Kendeda Fund
        The Kresge Foundation
        The Overbrook Foundation
        The Turner Foundation

      3. Brownhawk,

        I’m with Pat on this. Other than the overwhelming number of organisations on board with the ‘agenda’. I like to look at the societal impact of the new world order.
        What has greatly saddened me is just how easy they’ve managed to steal a generation away from their families. Children today are no longer the children of their parents, but the state. If it’s not the insane support for the LGBTs and promotion of feminism, it’s the radical rise in SJWs and racial groups such as the insanely racist Black Lives Matter movement who recently stormed a seminar with Milo Yiannopoulos on feminism and free speech at DePaul University in Chicago. Sure, Milo is a homosexual and a Jew, but he’s speaking out on the madness within society, such as transgenderism, feminism, SJWs and free speech.

        Yes, they are pitting people against people, to create division within society in order to conquer it, but regardless, it’s happening and very effectively too. Libertarian journalists have gone around university campuses and they’re shocked at what they see. Other than the blatant ignorance for history, what they have seen is the complete embracing of cultural Marxism and total acceptance of hate speech legislation. Many don’t think the first amendment and even more the second amendment shouldn’t exist.

        It makes me think of the statement by James Warburg of the Federal Reserve who stated back in 1950 to the Council on Foreign Relations: “We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.” The younger generations, courtesy of brainwashing and indoctrination via the msm, politics and academia, not forgetting the music, film and sports establishments, have pretty much consented. Don’t get me wrong, there are those youngsters who see through the facade and will fight, but they are heavily outnumbered by the LGBTs, SJWs, feminists and globalists. You can guarantee that if you did a study of the American elections, the overwhelming number of younger Americans, will be voting for Hilary and the Democrats.

        Brownhawk, the communists believed that they could achieve far more with five years of brainwashing a child in primary school, than they could with fifty years of warfare. They know this because it works and its the very agenda that’s been going on in the west since the end of WW2. How many generations have been lost because of it?

        They will have their new world order. How long it exists, I don’t know, but one thing’s for sure, the nation will not survive, or the indigenous peoples and their cultures, or should I say the white Europeans.

      4. Harbinger, Pat, and Ungenius

        What can I say? except that I see the “quickening” as a saving Grace that stops the FULL implementation of Agenda-21. Man was never gonna get out of this fix on his own.

        Other verses in Matthew 24 may be references to 70 A.D., but not this one:

        “and except those days should be shortened there would be no flesh saved: but for the electt’s sake those days shall be shortened.”

        we’re already in “those days”. Through its sordid minions the Demiurge wll fire its last bolt and then be given the bum’s rush.

        The ride of the Valkyries: victory formation for spiritual warriors

        “…a last mad dash that lifts off towards a finish line and flies by its crossing…

        …the real giveaway for a feeling of time flying by comes from those whose way of living maintains a sense of sacred honor since “time immemorial”. For them is a ‘quickening’ of the natural rhythms, where linear time is ‘running out’, away from an imprisoning pale.”

        Apocalypse; kali yuga; finis

        In this life you’re never more alive than when battling on the high ground for a moral existence, and where there are many fields of battle

      5. Brownhawk,

        With all due respect and I’m not just writing this, to be polite, I’m a realist, that is, I look at the current situation and I weigh it up. I look at what good is going to come out of it and what bad. And sadly, I’m not seeing much good.
        I think you are a surrealist, an optimist, who’s wishing for a saving grace, to wash away the bad, but really, I cannot see it coming. Why? Simply because for the last 3-400 years or so, this order has been moving into position, from uniting countries together, destroying nationalism, creation of unions and ultimately loss of national borders with foreign powers dictating how you must live your lives.

        It is really simple to see just how the Rothschild cabal and their cronies have done what they have. Just as the NWO is a pyramid structure, this is exactly how they’ve created their Babel. They buy key establishments. Those establishments buy sub key establishments. And so on until what you have is them owning virtually every government and non government organisation, academia, the msm, sports, music and film, the arts and of course – banking. They have complete control over society. They decide what people think, talk about, wear, how they cut their hair, what their partner should look like and so on. Universities are not places of learning. They’re brain laundries that recruit willing ignoramuses to their cause.

        James Warburg was completely correct in what he stated on them having world government. When you join the dots and see how they’ve done it, there is no way at all that they can fail. You cannot fail when you have 90%+ of the world’s population in the palm of your hand.

        I’m sorry Brownhawk, but I really am not going to put faith in a man, who tried to stop the rot and was nailed to a tree because of it. I don’t put hope in a third coming. What I do however put hope in is people continuing to hold onto the truth and constantly challenge the insanity that is being promoted as ‘the norm’. World government will come along with the Socialist, Totalitarian dystopia. How long it lasts, I really don’t know, but it will eventually eat itself. Nothing lasts forever.

      6. Harbinger, et al

        What this world is going through is nothing new. When I say “going through”, a passage of time is implied. this in turn infers linear time, which is what enables Evil to exist at ALL.

        This understanding is difficult to grasp. How could it NOT be, given how ill-informed most of us are when it comes to all things metaphysical? What I’ve been able to surmise is that in his true, timeless realms of Existence, Man lives in a peaceful setting of Brotherhood with what I’ve termed the “Divine Congregation”. The demiurge represents the disruption of this. He is the rebel of Creation, for whom it doesn’t register that Creation can ONLY be an act of Love. It is inexplicable why he didn’t get this, but it resulted in a disturbed Being, whose disturbance is passed off on Life in the form of FEAR, and the cold-blooded pathology that comes with it.

        The metaphysical ramifications of this is that Life has been ‘kidnapped’, and put in the ‘holding cell’ of a virtual reality; a purloining of the true state as intended by the creating force (Creator), and from where we are ‘thrown’ into this world as presently constituted. A world once existing as a timeless realm, but one whose composition has been corrupted in this, its “altered pose”, i.e.; one which has been imposed upon, and turned into a death culture. This very act means we are taken against our will. When we know this to be the nature of our predicament, all we can do as responsible Beings is to fight our chosen battles with the vigilant conviction of “right is might”. FAITH is in knowing that a loving Creator will get us out of this “time trap”.

        Granted, these efforts are made all the more difficult with the defeat of German Arms 70 plus years ago. But they are ones worth making no matter how dire things get. Another metaphysical understanding relates that the hideousness of an Agenda-21 coming to full fruition cannot occur. The very degree of repression this would reflect is just not cosmologically possible within the good/evil dynamics. Evil can never claim ultimate victory. You’ll always live to fight another day, when it becomes necessary in defending against an implacable foe while existing in a trap such as this.

        The wrong take of the demiurge that negated Love is called the “celestial error”; “fall from Grace”; and “original sin” – HIS sin, not mine, not yours – ONLY HIS, he who hijacked Truth and made “sinners” of us all AS DEFINED by being in a material trap NOT OF OUR MAKING!

        It could be that these errors will always happen somewhere in an infinite Creation. Is this the inexplicable trade-off for the reality of manifested existence to be? Going through this imposition and coming out of it intact can only make the caretakers of Life (us) all the savvier for its upkeep. We are all potential “Divine interveners” in this incessant war of good vs. evil. It looks to me as though corrections are made by shattering these demiurge-generated cycles of measured time. The irony of a correction being made in this manner may be that it can’t happen UNTIL a certain “point in time” is reached AFTER experiencing it in this eroding fashion.

        In essence, what is termed “apocalypse” is the rebellion of Consciousness against that OTHER rebel that co-opted the DIVINELY-INTENDED FREE-WILL EXPRESSION.

        The good guys win this round

      7. Harb,

        just to add, I don’t “wish” like some jamoke with a magic wand spreading around fairy dust. I KNOW, and so do you, on some level. And I may be alot of things, but a surrealist ain’t one of ’em brother!


    2. “This not about white genocide it’s about world genocide…..”

      I beg to differ, although I partly agree. The world’s population will be drastically reduced, but the peoples who will suffer the most in relation to their race, will be the European whites, that is, they will LOSE THEIR RACE, altogether. The Africans and Asians will breed out the white peoples, although they will have their peoples, intact in their own lands. The white lands will be no more, for the simple reason that we pose, as we always have, the greatest threat to Jude. We smelled their BS a long time ago. We removed them from our lands because of it. They utterly hate us for this. Their attitude is “how dare you not submit to God’s chosen. For this you will be punished and punished greatly.” Think Russia and Germany. Look what they did to those peoples?

      There will be far more blacks and Asians to the European, if that is they still exist. This is because the African and the Asian are willingly subordinate peoples. The Europeans have always stood for what is right and true. On the contrary, the Africans sold their people to the Jew and the Asians have always been subordinate to religious dictators or Emperors. Life means little in their lands.

      1. Harbinger,

        40,8 million people displaced last year, that’s a world record, 9 millions from wars and Islamic militias, Syria, Yemen, Iraq for half of them then Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Sudan and Ukraine plus 27 millions from natural catastrophes mostly in China and India.

        As for the first ones, even if they are in demographic decline like Europeans, they will survive because they are stone cold racists. I wonder if they will share the world with the jews.

        Europe is dying for the opposite commercial.

        The Europeans have always stood for what is right and true.
        Well, it was the centenary of Verdun battle last week where subordinate German and French soldiers stood in the dirt killing each other for shameful reasons and we are to coward to admit it. After that Stalingrad, the death of the White race according to Céline and Srebrenica, the coup de grace.

        In order to destroy any last drop of insubordination we just need one more massive wave of Extra-Europeans, my money on Egypt, to crowd the fast food ghettos à la mode US, with drugs, tribalism and religious confinement as Afro-Oriental fatalism from immobile continents of stationary atavism is perfectly adapted to American Totemism.
        Quite stodgy but who else spoke for the european white man in the 19th except Marx?

        Move to the Highlands Harb, the migrants are attracted by Das Kapital. No migrants in my countryside except for snowwhite, the black whitener, and couples of pig eating Arabs.

      2. Phil,

        I have to say that I’m shocked by the Italian advert. Of all the places in Europe, the culture that is really anti black/immigrant is Italy. This advert is a deliberate attempt of the media, clearly trying to alter the status quo and promote miscegenation. Out of all the people in Europe, those who are most fervently anti black/immigration are the Italians. Is it racism or is it individual preference? What really is the difference here?

        If I state the following, I will be seen as a racist: “As a white male, I prefer to date within my own race, because doing otherwise is racial suicide and I don’t want to see my people and culture destroyed? I also don’t relate to other races and their cultures, as they’re not mine…”

        Yet if I state the following, I won’t be: “I’m attracted to other races. I know in doing so I am committing racial genocide, but this is the 21st century, we’re all the same and it’s all about love. We are after all one race, the human race so what’s the problem here?”

        So, the Asian commercial is a clear dig at the Italian commercial (which in itself is racist towards their own race) because they know that this is ultimately bringing about the end of the white race and they, as Asians, wouldn’t want to see that happening to themselves.
        This sets a terrible precedent; either marry/couple within your own race and be looked upon as a racist, thereby preserving your race, or partner outside, not be looked upon as a racist, but ultimately bring about your race’s destruction.

        I have absolutely no problem people mixing. What I do have a problem with though is state sponsored miscegenation, through msm and academia controlled indoctrination. And we know who’s behind that don’t we?

        And as for the Highlands, well, Scotland really is a socialist shithole today Phil. There are very few Scottish left here. The majority are just politically correct, cultural Marxists, no different to their American counterparts, with the only thing differentiating them is accent. This is just a brainwashed society of obedient, SJW, politically correct, automatons. And because of the massive immigration into England, they’re all moving up here, yet still voting socialist and promoting multiculturalism, at every turn, even though, by leaving England, to live in overwhelmingly white neighbourhoods and sending their children to predominantly white schools, they are showing what a bunch of hypocrites they are. They’ve destroyed their own country, now they’re coming up here to do the same.

  12. He seems to be the very definition of Roissy’s omega male, forever supplicating to TPTB to compensate his weak self-esteem.

    The Cuck Pope is a Jesuit and from Buenos Aires, which has the higheat concentration of Jews in Latin America. I knew from thw start this effete ponce was a Turd World feet and a kisser who would deatroy the once European Church

    1. The christian jew followers are doomed, as planned by the New World Order of the global…..”you know who”

  13. Oops….I do not know what did happen,now I am in again….could the NAS,CIA,FBI and mossad be about?

  14. The Jew’s agenda in overdrive. Here is the type of insanity that identifies the work of Jews like Jack Straw in the British Government. While Britain is flooded with Muslim immigrants, here is a story about a life-long UK resident that came from South Africa; a white woman being targeted for deportation by the same people letting in the flood of third world jetsam. Note the term “Home Office”? Whose “home” does this term refer to as it certainly is no longer the home of the indigenous white residents.

    I once worked with a Afrikaner technician who had been a decorated officer in the South African Army during the 1970’s. He was denied entry to the US, so he married a German girl who had gained her citizenship by joining the US Air Force. Thus, he gained his citizenship by marriage.

    It is interesting that Ernst Zundel’s similar arrangement made no difference when it came time for the Zionist American government to deport him back to Canada to face trial.

    I leave the reader to form their own opinions and commentary on this typical injustice served against against white people.

    – Arch

    From the “Medway Messenger”

    Mum told she could be deported

    Permit refusal after living here fifty years

    By Jade Edwards
    [email protected]

    May 13, 2016

    For 53 years, Eve Woods has called Britain her home but the Medway mum said she felt like a criminal when told she could be deported.

    Eve, of Leander Road in Rochester, came to the UK from South Africa in 1962 with her mother and two siblings , traveling on her Mum’s passport.

    After three years of living in North London, the family came to Medway. In the 50 years since then , Eve has been educated here, worked, been married twice, brought up three sons and mourned one of them, James, who died in 2003.

    But, after deciding it was time to go back to work when her youngest son, Shane, turned 18, she hit a problem with the paperwork.

    Eve started a job in September last year, but three months later her employer asked her for proof that she was allowed to work in Britain.

    Eve, who lives with her partner, Dave Gregory, then had to apply to the home office for a No Time Limit permit, which would allow her to remain in the UK indefinitely, but she was refused.

    Despite providing a National Insurance Number, marriage certificates, and her sons’ birth certificates, the government department told her she was unable to demonstrate that she had settled status in the UK.

    Eve was then sent a letter from Capita, on behalf of the Home Office , which said she was liable to be deported .

    It read: “We are contacting you because the home office has informed us that you do not have permission to be in the United Kingdom. Whilst you remain in the UK without leave you are liable to be removed .”

    Eve said: “I feel like a criminal. All I wanted to do was get a job and earn some money for myself. I didn’t want to get citizenship as I don’t I don’t see why I need to take a citizenship test when I’ve lived here all my life. I’ve never known anything different.”

    “I don’t know anyone in South Africa. I don’t have any family there. I’m devastated.”

    Eve also looks after her father who lives in a care home in Rochester, and said there would be no one to help him if she was forced to leave the country.

    She has contacted Rochester and Strood MP Kelly Tolhurst who is investigating Eve’s case with the Home Office.

    Eve’s appeal will include details of her medical records including immunisation when she was pre-school age.

    A home office spokesman said: ‘We have been in touch with Ms. Woods via her MP, to explain the options available to her, which includes the option of making another application.

    “All immigration applications are treated on their individual merits and on the basis of the evidence provided.”

    1. Arch,
      A good post, but to be expected from the British Government. Their record in the 20th Century is a litany of betrayal of their own kith and kin. In Africa, South Africa and Rhodesia provided thousands of volunteers to fight for Britain in 2 world wars only for Britain to betray them in the 60’s and 70’s. What I found particularly odious was the mockery of Ian Smith in the British press because of his facial injuries, which he incurred as a Hurricane pilot in WW2. He underwent extensive plastic surgery as a result of his plane catching fire.
      I have a very good friend, ex-Koevoet, in the South African Police, who married an American. She returned for visit to the States, where she became seriously ill and died. He was denied a visa to attend her funeral.
      I’m appalled at the treatment of African whites by the US/UK governments.

  15. “Angry rants by young men full of sound and fury and the froth of surplus testosterone have scant appeal for me.” – quoted from the featured article.

    Surplus testosterone? Is that more troublesome than the surplus of estrogen in females?

    “…the New Testament is a direct refutation of the Old Testament and its laws.” – quoted from the comment section.

    That comment is false, but it is thought to be true by the masses who accept all those lies.

    The New Testament adds the Spiritual Dimension to The Law (God’s Law/The Torah). If and when such a Spiritual level is achieved, The Law of God/Torah will not be necessary. BUT UNTIL THEN, THE LAW OF GOD/THE TORAH REMAINS. NO EXCEPTION.

    Gospel of Matthew:-
    5:17 Think not that I am come to destroy The Law, or the Prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.
    5:18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no way pass from The Law, till all be fulfilled.
    5:19 Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least COMMANDments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the Kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach [them], the same shall be called great in the Kingdom of heaven.
    5:20 For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall EXCEED [the righteousness] of the lawyers and politicians (who were also priests because the church and the state were one at that time), ye shall in NO case enter into the Kingdom of heaven.

    Therefore the death penalty for certain crimes (including idolatry) still stands today along with the rest of The Law as a deterrent to the committing of those crimes. If the deterrent is removed then those crimes will automatically be committed, and increase, along with a breakdown of order, leading to even more crime. http://JAHTruth.net/nsong.htm

  16. Look at the top photo !
    If the eyes are the window to the Soul, then you can see the spawn of Satan on the right has inscribed in his eyes. the lack of a Christian Soul ….

  17. Harbinger!

    Fighting the good fight is old hat. Call it our spiritual duty. When you accept the fact that your warrior status is intrinsic to your very soul, then the “ancient of ancients” battle of good and evil is put in a proper perspective.

    We are living at the end of a very long cycle of measured time. And don’t be fooled by the deception REFERRED to as the “end-time”. For true warriors it must be seen as a PRIVILIGE to be here in such a portentious time for the World. When the enemy looks to be on the verge of victory and causes a dis-spiritedness in the righteous man that saps the joy which is ALSO intrinsic to his Being, then know that this is EXACTLY what he wants! To make you as miserable as HE HAS MADE HIMSELF!

    The true warrior will often fall to the canvas, but he’ll never stay down for the count. He may be losing on points late in the bout, but he will ALWAYS deliver the knockout blow…and live to fight another day.

  18. Trump kowtows to AIPAC over Israel and cannot be trusted, AIPAC being the biggest Jewish Zionist political lobby in America. Anyone see the video if his speech on Veterans Today?

    Trumps daughter even married a Jewish lawyer and converted to Judaism and is pregnant with his baby. Trump is NOT anti immigration. Its all a big Jewish lie. Trump is zionisms controlled opposition. Attacks on him by mainstream media are all part of the plan to make him a matryr for the right in case Jew Sanders, or wannabe Jew Clinton lose.

  19. It is interesting that some of the comments have noted an element of evil present in pope Francis’s features. I concur with this assessment, but I would describe it as deviousness, probably unrepentant deviousness. Napoleon described his brothers who he installed as monarchs in conquered countries as “ruinously extravagant, insanely ambitious, and devoid of talent”. He was quite right, all were disasters, though his sister Pauline was more competent. I think Napoleon’s characterization applies to both Francis and the current state of the Roman Church. “Insanely ambitious” in that Francis and his church in a desperate bid to gain more members have embraced unregulated mass immigration of uncivilized Africans and culturally and religiously fully distinct Mid East refugees as the answer to dwindling Euro birth rates. “Ruinously extravagant” in that Francis expects the European middle class to pay most of the bills for this venture, as the wealthy have insulated themselves from both scrutiny and tax in places like the Cayman Islands and the well known and considerably smaller by volume Panama. ” Devoid of talent” is the most damning and applicable of all. Here is a man who’s allowed himself to be seduced by a zionist expansion agenda which requires the destruction of nation states by organized terror, producing hundreds of thousands of refugees who he seems to think will furnish a generous supply of new Catholics, despite the fact that major glaring cultural and enormously serious religious differences plainly fly in the face of this ‘hope’. The agenda requires Francis to turn his back on the sufferings and war crimes, and Francis like Anglican Justin Welby has permitted himself to pursue this course as no doubt he lives in terror of the zionist press and the attention it could bring to the Roman Catholic Pedophile corruption, another issue that should have been firmly and permanently addressed by a competent Church leader. Francis , to my knowledge, has made absolutely no plea, defense, or statement regarding the vile traffic of refugee children, one stated estimate exceeds 10,000 missing children, the most vulnerable victims, completely ignored by the pope and his church, swallowed up by a Euro-zone that supposedly has committed to laws to protect them. “Devoid of talent” wasn’t always the case; as Mr. Watson in the first video exclaims to ‘stick at the business of being the Pope’ – the Jesuit order from which Francis emerged produced one of Europe’s greatest authors, 17th century Balthazar Gracian. Gracian’s work “The Art of Worldly Wisdom” provides timeless insight and has been extolled by Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, and others as an absolutely unique and peerless examination of moral subtlety. Francis would do well to reread aphorism 261 which states “Don’t persist in folly…When they began to act foolishly, people thought them careless; when they continue to do so, they are confirmed as fools. …Some people prolong their stupidity and press forward with their shortsightedness. They want to be faithful fools”.

  20. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_Priest_of_Israel

    The Great Sanhedrin alone had the right to appoint, or confirm the appointment of, the high priest. His consecration might take place only in the day-time. Two high priests must not be appointed together. Every high priest had a “mishneh” (a second) called the Segan, or “memunneh”, to stand at his right; another assistant was the “Catholicos” (“Yad”, l.c. 16–17).


  21. From the Russian dollhouse

    The ritualism of the Roman Catholic Mass originated as a satanic sacrificial rite tracing to distant antiquity. This is conveyed in the maskretic text (Hebrew Bible) and the “maaseh” merkavah (work of the chariot, alluding to the false gods – the masters of the universe)

    This aligns with native legends telling of invading alien groups, with information on their religion called “Balsai” (from which “Baal” derives), that uses a potent form of black magic called “massounic”.

    The stories relate that the home planet of these aliens was destroyed, an accounting that runs contrary to researchers like Sitchin who mistakenly relate that their presence here was prompted by a need for gold to do repair work on the planet.

    but you can’t repair
    what isn’t there

    The gold factor has to do with the origin of money – the false control of which has always been a primary tool of enslavement

    The ULTIMATE reason for their coming here, however, has to do with competing for supreme control of Earth. In continuing on-going research, these are the “learned elders” – authors of the protocols who are steering World events by using the goy – with “goy” properly defined as all who aren’t THEM. CLOSEST to them are their chief minions – the “egregious” hybrids (esoteric jew; strict inbreeders; of the kabbalist talmudic chassidei ashkenaz* – e.g. Rothschild)

    *a school of thought suggests that those among them immigrated from Khazaria to WesternEurope towards the end of the 10th century

      1. Pat

        You link up to a site having fellow preconceived notions concluding that all of this is hogwash, and at the bottom of the page it says “verdict: jews”, and that’s IT for you?

        Of COURSE there’s alot of hogwash. It’s a form of controlled opposition, and you should know better by now to not fall for traps that are intended to create dismissiveness of what in this instance are alien-related matters.

        Sitchin wasn’t “opposition”, per se, but the controlling of info takes advantage of his obliviousness to all matters outside of his little sphere in research libraries; his nose buried in books every day and night and not seeing a much bigger picture (those pesky words in all those massive tomes)

        His research was flawed regarding the gold aspect of it, but his basic premise on the Annunaki wasn’t. Hell, when he’s lookin through the giant telescope in the S.O.T.A. Vatican observatory, even the POPE thinks he’s seeing the mysterious “Planet X”, when it’s only a shadow of its former existence.

        On darkmoon there is a general practice of assigning the word “jew’ in a pejorative fashion which USUALLY suits the purposes when conveying the info being presented. But not always. e.g.; if we were to say, “Jesus was a jew”, unless you’re an ignoramus your intent is not to express this pejoratively. You would, or SHOULD be cognizant enough to make distinctions and refer to him as one born into an Essenic family, when it comes to referencing any jewish aspect of his presence here.

        NUANCES people, NUANCES.

        there are “jews”, and then there are “jews”.

      2. B-Hawk –

        I, myself, support any articles intended to create dismissiveness of what in this instance are alien-related matters.

        I dismiss all goblins….. including space aliens. The human aliens…. and their protocols…. are enough to handle for me. 🙂

      3. keeping an open mind is better than dismissiveness any day of the week

        no big deal

  22. SEDEVACANTISM is the only solution. Recognize and resist has long ago lost credibility. http://www.novusordowatch.org
    LOTS OF PROOF – modernism has been a problem for a long time. Bergoglio will fry when he dies; Paul VI will fry; others will fry. Particularly damning is the legacy they leave which has harmed countless numbers of souls permanently because most will not have the time or the available intellectual or psychic energy to investigate… or are gullible and trusting.

  23. LD interpolated: “France [was] the first European nation to buckle under Jewish demands and surrender to Jewish pressures.”
    Flagrantly incorrect. Beginning in the 1500s, Holland became the premier destination of Jewish merchants exiled from Spain by the Inquisition, soon followed by the Dutch totally whoring themselves to their new, alien masters. Consequently the Rhine delta went, within one person’s lifetime, from the most backward, impoverished, hideously stupid backwater of northern Europe to… an economic superpower. This led directly to English politicians opting in the mid-1600s to become the Jews’ next pack of syphilitic whores, resulting in the readmission, Cromwell, the English Civil War, William of Orange’s usurpation, The “glorious revolution,” the creation of the Bank of England, and basically everything else that’s happened in England ever since. This is rather well known.
    In fact, this is the real context of the so-called “Modern Era,” which began not with the defeat of the Spanish Armada (a red herring), but with the Jews relocating to northern Europe and transforming it into the Imperial Center of the World.
    In other words, the French, like the Russians, can stand tall because their elite had to be violently destroyed for the heeb Satans to take over, whereas the Dutch, English, and Americans all just flopped right down and held their anuses open for them.
    But the pattern really goes back much further. The Venetian Empire of Marco Polo’s time was a much earlier example of Jews positioning themselves as a furtive ruling class over a European locale and populace. Yes, Venice had a “ghetto,” yada, yada, but you know what? Jews LOVE their ghettoes. That’s how they clearly prefer to live. Hell, that’s all Israel is. And Noo Yuawk. They’re more than willing to parasitize us European “cattle,” but they hate our guts and want to keep us at arms length.

    When you err this seriously about history, I realize you’re still a captive of the Jews’ propaganda version of it. Recovering from that is not a matter of learning, but UNlearning.

    1. @ jew-lert

      LD interpolated: “France [was] the first European nation to buckle under Jewish demands and surrender to Jewish pressures.”

      Flagrantly incorrect. Beginning in the 1500s, Holland became the premier destination of Jewish merchants exiled from Spain by the Inquisition, soon followed by the Dutch totally whoring themselves to their new, alien masters…. When you err this seriously about history, I realize you’re still a captive of the Jews’ propaganda version of it. Recovering from that is not a matter of learning, but UNlearning.

      It is YOU who are not only incorrect, sir, but also remarkably rude and condescending. If you read below the passage in which I refer to “Jewish pressures”, you will see that I am not referring to Jewish INFLUENCE in Holland (beginning in the 1500s) but to JEWISH PRESSURES TO WIN EMANCIPATION. Here are my exact words:

      “One of the first results of the French Revolution was the total emancipation of the Jews in France, in 1791, France being the first European nation to buckle under Jewish demands and surrender to Jewish pressures. [i.e., pressures for emancipation]. The process of Jewish “emancipation” — a euphemism for Jewish takeover — was a long and steady one over the next 132 years, until by 1923 the Jews had achieved full emancipation or superior status in every European country.”


      Here is the dateline (in Wikipedia) for Jewish emancipation in various countries. You will see that FRANCE came first, in 1791, as I correctly stated. Holland came LATER.

      Dates of Jewish emancipation

      Years when legal equality was granted to Jews:

      YEAR . . . . COUNTRY

      1791 France
      1796 Batavian Republic
      1808 Grand Duchy of Hesse
      1808 Westphalia
      1811 Grand Duchy of Frankfurt
      1812 Mecklenburg-Schwerin
      1812 Prussia
      1828 Württemberg
      1830 Belgium
      1830 Greece
      1831 Jamaica
      1832 Canada (Lower Canada (Quebec)
      1833 Electorate of Hesse
      1834 United Netherlands
      1835 Sweden-Norway
      1839 Ottoman Empire
      1842 Kingdom of Hanover
      1848 Nassau
      1849 Hamburg
      1849 Denmark
      1856 Switzerland
      1858 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
      1861 Italy
      1862 Baden
      1863 Holstein
      1864 Free City of Frankfurt
      1867 Austria-Hungary
      1869 North German Confederation
      1871 Germany
      1877 New Hampshire (last US state to enact full emancipation)
      1878 Bulgaria
      1878 Serbia
      1890 Brazil
      1910 Spain[citation needed]
      1911 Portugal
      1917 Russia
      1923 Romania


      If you have any further doubts that FRANCE was the first country to yield to Jewish pressures to grant them their full emancipation — NOT HOLLAND! — check out this map giving the dates of Jewish emancipation:


      You will clearly see that France beat Holland to it (by 5 years) in giving the Jews their emancipation:

      FRANCE : 1791
      HOLLAND: 1796

      You are talking about one thing, I am talking about another. However influential the Jews were in Holland in the 1500s, they were clearly NOT influential enough to win their emancipation from the Dutch until a later date. That was the point I was making. France was the first nation to emancipate the Jews and this was largely because of the violence of the French Revolution.

      I am sorry you were unable to be more polite to me.

      — Lasha Darkmoon

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