Pope Francis: Secret Agent of the Jews?

Foto von Jorge_Papst_Franziskus BergoglioLeft, Archbishop Bergoglio (aka Pope Francis) with his handler Rabbi Abraham Skorka. 

The great Kahal of New York relentlessly develops its strategy and executes its policies in conjunction with Tel Aviv. The other great Kahal in the Americas operates in Argentina, which outside Israel, harbors the second largest Jewish population in the world, estimated at two million (rather than the official version of 300,000.)

In a groundbreaking 10-page article in the current issue of Culture Wars, Thomas Brennan explains why Argentina is so important to the Jews, and how it was inevitable that the Catholic Archbishop, now installed in Rome, should become their chore goy. 

Culture Wars – May 2016 

by J. Thomas Brennan
(Excerpt by henrymakow.com)

As in the United states, the media in Argentina is thoroughly controlled by Jewish interests. This means the arts, movies, theatre, pornography and the rock music industry are all firmly in Jewish hands.

Another major cultural influence cultural influence not to be overlooked is the gnostic Jewish secularizing influence and manipulation of society through the exercise of psychoanalysis. It is said Buenos Aires has the highest rate of psychoanalysts per capita in the world. This pathetic situation, which includes the unnatural empowerment of women and the systematic imposition of the gender ideology, is part of the on-going gramscian cultural subversion which has been a permanent policy for the past 30 years.


In a traditionally Catholic country like Argentina, Jews have managed to influence and co-opt the Catholic hierarchy of the Church by promoting a strategy of blasphemous ecumenical encounters under the auspices of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, when he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires and President of the Argentine Conference of Catholic Bishops, a policy which he continues now in Rome.

Pope Francis’s chief accomplice in this campaign of subversion is Rabbi Abraham Skorka, who is a strong supporter of homosexual marriage and was the unofficial master of ceremony in Israel when Pope Francis laid a wreath at the tomb of Theodore Herzl during his visit in 1914.

kisses handsPictured right, the Pope kissing hands of Holocaust survivors.

In 2010, Argentina was the first country in South America to legalize homosexual marriage. This iniquitous law against the moral order, as well as the pro-abortion law on reproductive health, was passed by Congress with Archbishop Bergoglio’s tacit consent and characteristic ambiguity (covered up with his letter to the Carmelite nuns).

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was not just a Jesuit in the bad sense given to that honourable word by the enemies of the church. His “forma mentis” was quintessentially duplicitous, involving double standards and plain Pharisaism when it came to deal with the moral order and Catholic matters (he never allowed Traditional Mass in his diocese even after Benedict XVI’s motu Proprio Summorum Ponticum of 2007. And he persecuted and isolated both priests and laity committed to traditional Moral Catholic Doctrine and Liturgy.)

Concerning ecumenism [Bergoglio] did not simply follow the post Vatican II Nostra Aetate script. The prophetic Catholic book La Iglesia Traicionada (Caponnetto, Antonio. Santiago Apostol. Bella vista. 2010), based on first-hand, deep, direct knowledge of Cardinal Bergoglio, showed how he was the living personification of the Judeo-Christian heresy; how he built, embodied, and led the unfaithful modernist structures in the church in Argentina.

Furthermore, Bergoglio was an active part of the Zionist institutional structures. For a long time, he was involved with the multinational Zionist Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, with branches in Israel, Berlin, and headquarters in New York. In Argentina it is represented by the Asociación Casa de Israel en Tierra Santa, with conspicuous Argentine Jewish members of the gramscian left like Francisco Delich or Adolfo Gass, professional blasphemers like Marcos Aguinis, Judeo-Masonic “cipayos” like Carlos Escudé or grotesque agents of moral social corruption like Alejandro Romay. On March 30, 2004, Cardinal Bergoglio and the Wallenberg Foundation gave Romay great honors at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires while participating in a special pluri-religious ceremony and liturgy.

Many other ecumenic encounters followed year after year to commemorate the Shoah and Kristallnacht at the Cathedral of Buenos Aires. On November 9, 2009 Begoglio allowed Rabbi Alejandro Avruj, a confessed sodomite and militant advocate of homosexual marriage, to give a conference at the historic Convent of Santa Catalina, accompanied by Rafael Braun the modernist influential priest consultant for the liberal-catholic journal Criterio, whose editor for many years was Cardinal Jorge Mejía, another protector of sodomite priests.

Interestingly, when John Paul II visited Auschwitz, the rabbi who accompanied him, before a question about the Pope’s successor whom he deemed more in keeping with his expectations, discarded all candidates but Cardinal Bergoglio, who was his choice. Bergoglio knew about this. The timely publication of the book El Jesuita ( The Jesuit Conversations with Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, S.J. Buenos Aires. Vergara 2010) by Sergio Rubin, an influential zionist journalist is another proof of Bergoglio’s scheming for the highest post at the Holy See.


As Great Chancellor of the rich Pontifical Catholic University Santa María de los Buenos Aires, Cardinal Bergoglio gave an honorary degree to his alter ego, Rabbi Abraham Skorka on October 11th 2012. On this occasion Skorka made an eulogy of Bergoglio and of Cardinal Kasper and said before a large audience of professors and clergy that the New Testament had to be revised concerning the question of the Pharisees; and that the roots of Nazism, which led to the ” Holocaust”, were in the Catholic Church’ s teaching.

Finally, he ended his provocative blasphemous speech by saying: “after all, we are all expecting the Messiah.” Shamelessly, most of the public, Cardinal Bergoglio included, applauded the affront.

The new Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Mario Aurelio Poli, Bergoglio/Skorka’s choice for succession in the Archbishopric, who was made cardinal by Pope Francis, has followed in Bergoglio’s footsteps.

In November 2014, at a meeting specially organized at the Cathedral of Buenos Aires to commemorate Kristallnacht, after donning a kippah, Poli said that he was proud of his Jewish surname. Other Argentinian prelates have followed Cardinal Bergoglio’s example in this regard. Last Christmas, Argentine Catholics were treated to a performance of “Januka” and “Silent Night” performed by Rabbi Marcelo Polako and Bishop Pedro Torres Aliaga who sang and danced with great joy together, arm in arm. As some indication of the real purpose of this degrading spectacle, the Rabbi condescendingly referred to the bishop insultingly as a “goy” during the performance.

The abortion lobby in Argentina is funded by Jewish “philanthropists” like George Soros and Eduardo Elsztain. The new Macri government has appointed Fabiana Tuñez as head of the National Council for Women. Ms Tuñez, a militant advocate of abortion-on-demand is the founder of the NGO Casa del Encuentro, a pro-abortion NGO well-funded by the Global Fund for Women, the United Nations Population Fund, and IRSA/ Alto Palermo, the conglomerate owned by Eduardo Sergio Elsztain, the “pious” Jewish Argentine former partner of George Soros.

In spite of—or perhaps because of—this Catholic-Jewish “dialogue”, the Jewish subversion of Argentine culture continues unabated.


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  1. I can’t help the strong hunch that (given that the disclosed evidence is factual) we are witnessing the ascension of Satan to the earthly throne but at the same time, the closer the diabolical cabal creeps to the pinnacle, also the closer is the yet unseen hand of justice that will bring this much awaited Khalki, The Avenger.

    How or when it happens is a totally unknown and unforeseeable catastrophic event, just like the start of a mountain avalanche, no point guessing.

    I guess to whatever extent I may claim spirituality, it is of militaristic flavor.

    1. Lobro
      “Onward Christian soldiers, marching as to war, with the Cross of Jesus….”

    2. ADMIN: This comment was found in our spam folder for some reason.Why? No idea.

      Khalki, eh? Reminds me of Mr. Apocalypse.

      An old post, but I find this Les Vis rather remarkable.

      I don’t know about the ‘militaristic’ thing. I’m not into suffering, mine or anyone else’s.
      But you know what they say, if you could go back in time and prevent George Soro’s birth in some way…
      Or the ‘greater good’, a Holy War, perhaps to crush Erdogan and free Constantinople…
      Trouble is, every charlatan, arms maker, or Satanist (am I being redundant?) always lies about the reasons for war. It’s always ‘Right to Protect’ or ‘To save the Children’ or the ‘evil Huns/Russians/Chinese/Afghans/Syrians/enemy du jour.
      And I know I’ve made enough mistakes to be wary of jumping in too quick. We humans seem enamored of war.
      Violence must absolutely be the very last option.

  2. A good, insightful article. Just one minor editing error, I think the Pope visited the Zionist Entity in 2014, not 1914. An excellent point was that Argentina has been subverted by psycho-analysis. A filthy, disgusting Jewish practice which unfortunately has infected most of Western Society. Real Catholics didn’t used to need that baboonery, they could go to confession, but nowadays the priesthood has lost the trust of its followers.
    Regarding the debasement of religion, unfortunately it’s not only the One, Holy, Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church that has become sullied, but also Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and many of the Protestant Sects as well. Every day one reads of religious leaders world wide falling prey to the Mammon of Unrighteousness. Spiritual wickedness in high places. Indeed, as the Hindus would say we are deep into the age of Kali Yuga and things are only going to get worse

  3. As Charles Giuliani has pointed out on renegadebroadcasting.com (where Miss Darkmoon is a featured author) from the very beginning the Catholic church has been, one way or the other, in the hands of the tribe. In fact as Giulinai has revealed, many Popes and their sons were members of the tribe, posing as Christians. Just like they faked conversion in Spain and went about their dirty work of undermining Catholic Spain and Portugal. What may not surprise many readers of Darkmoon, Christianity, as well as Islam was created by the tribe has means of Goy control for their goal of world Hebe empire. Good luck with that with Putin at the helm of Russia. The Russian Christian Church seems to have the tribes number.

    1. TOEJAM
      “…Islam was created by the tribe has means of Goy control for their goal of world ”
      “Produce your proof, if you are truthful.” (2:111)

    2. @ Toejam

      “Christianity, as well as Islam was created by the tribe has means of Goy control for their goal of world Hebe empire.”

      I am with “Still,” what proof do you have? I will even settle for common sense circumstantial evidence that you might have?

      Based on what they did, Emperor Justinian and the subsequent emperors of the Byzantine Empire must not have gotten the memo that they were controlled by the jews. The same could be said about many others including Martin Luther.

      If Christians were created and controlled by the jews, why would the jews create Freemasonry in 1717 to con the Christians into working for the jews and against themselves?

      If what you say is true, why is Jesus the jews’ primary one to hate?

      I could go on and on, but answering the above questions should be sufficient to serve as a starting point for discussion.

      Had you said that Christianity and Islam has been infiltrated by the tribe, I would have not created this comment.

  4. the real question is this ,this site darkmoon is in fact a secret agent (tool) for and of the Zionists masters and all of you commenters are either puppets or patsies or both for the queen of deception who claims to be independent Occident white defender

  5. As many on this website will know, Michael Hoffman has spoken on many occasions of the wrong, that the Catholic church does, in its forgiveness of Jews. The fact that they do is a clear indication that they are most certainly a controlled establishment. If a Jew, does not accept that Christ is the son of God, then in their faith they shouldn’t be touching Jews and Judaism with a barge poll. What, however, made me realize, a long time ago, that the church was controlled by Jewry, was their silence on Palestine, turning their backs on Christian Palestinians. The fact that they also burn the New Testament in Israel as well, should be a clear no go area for the pope and most certainly if he did, to avoid all contact with Jews. And then there’s the Talmud of course……

    1. Right, Harb –

      Here is one Lutheran pastor who tried to help. The Pharisee-Jews bombed his church while he held services. Tough guy.

      He was our interim pastor and a good friend in the 50s. He had all the horror stories.

      “Dr. Edwin Moll, the first representative of the Lutheran World Federation in Jerusalem, was already on the ground when the war broke out on May 15, 1948.”

      He died of colon cancer.

      See his pic page 7. Used a cane from injuries.


      1. Thank you for the link Pat. I shall have a peruse. And yes, he does sound like an incredibly strong man.

    2. @ Harbinger

      All good points.

      At the time, I was not jew wise, but being a divorced Protestant male marrying a Catholic woman was sure an eye opener. It became obvious early on that Catholic doctrine did not match the teachings of Jesus and that was before I did any real research into what Jesus taught. Now that I am jew wise, I know why.

      Before anyone jumps me about picking on Catholics, my observations and experience has lead me to conclude that all organized religion is a bad idea that is prone to lead to misinformation for control purposes instead of truth. I’m an equal opportunity organized religion critic dedicated to the teachings of Jesus.

      1. Ungenius,

        I don’t think it’s limited solely to Catholics, whom many blindly seem to follow their faith and the pope. It’s also within Protestants as well. My mother, brought up a protestant, like I, worked for Jews while younger. It appears very much that she is one of those ‘Christians’ like the idiot Christian Zionists in the USA, who believes in they as God’s chosen and won’t hear any wrong about them. For example, when I was trying to talk about Jews and how they’ve been hated throughout history by every peoples they’ve come across, she stated – But the Christians persecuted the Jews in Roman times, putting them into the ghetto. I didn’t even debate my mother on this point, as there was no point. The fact that people are unable to see that people don’t FORCE people into ‘The Ghetto’ but instead, those people CREATE the ghetto for themselves, proves there’s no point in continuing the discourse. She won’t hear any wrong about the Jews, even when I tell her that Rabbis control Jews and Judaism and their ‘goto’ book is the Talmud before the Torah; stating just what they believe about Christ and his mother.

        And yes, I completely concur about your statement on religion. Religion is and always will be nothing more than a large cult and like other organisations in life, business and social, they are always infiltrated by Jews.

        P.S. Just to show my mother’s blind obedience to Jews and Jewry, while trying to tell her the other day of General Patton’s run in with the Jews and his belief that they shouldn’t have gone to war with Germany but attacked Russia instead, she spewed out the usual Jew speech in that “Patton was a certified madman”. It’s truly terrible when you are an incredibly honest individual and the mother who brought you up, chooses to ignore the truth, for lies, she simply won’t see through courtesy of her cognitive dissonance and indoctrination as a child, by the Jewish education system and msm.

      2. I can sympathize, Harb

        My father FOUGHT in Patton’s 3rd Army, and I have to bring all my powers to bear in carefully crafting how I might speak to him about such matters.

        It ain’t easy skirting around the whole thing without revealing that he and his buddies were duped to the max in thinking they were fighting the enemy. He’s 92 years old now and was recently awarded the French legion of honor medal, solely because he just happens to still be alive, and this is a “token of their esteem” for being a part of defeating the evil huns.

        This only serves to deepen his denial. My cause in getting through to him is virtually hopeless

      3. Harb,

        Sounds all very familiar.

        Being Jew wise is a curse in a Jew world. And once Jew wise, you can’t go Jew dumb again. No doubt most Darkmooners can testify that.

      4. Brownhawk,

        If ever I try to have any debate with my mother on the war it’s always the same reply “How dare you try and tell me what happened. I was there. I lived during the war.”
        I am not allowed to have an opinion on that part of history, because I wasn’t born. Even though I correctly state that she wasn’t ‘there’ and all that she knew about what happened in WW2 was from the British Broadcasting Service, she’s still adamant that what she knows is the truth and what I’m trying to tell her is just hurtful slander against the Jews. And of course, the media, in her eyes, always tells the truth.
        It’s now become almost a joke when I’m trying to have a discussion at Sunday lunch, to see how long I can go before mentioning the name of Rothschild. And as Pat and others on here knows, when talking about history and the new world order, his name is like using the word ‘the’ or ‘and’ in normal conversation.

      5. @ 1138

        “Being Jew wise is a curse in a Jew world.”

        For me, it was not a curse, but a blessing. After doing the research to find out what was really going on and discovering the jews were the problem, I sought a solution. After contemplating hundreds of scenarios and coming up empty, I realized that the teachings of Jesus were the solution. No wonder that the jews hate Jesus so much. Had it not been for me becoming jew wise, I may never have researched the teachings of Jesus which has certainly been a blessing.

        I will have to admit that there are some people that do not like talking with me because of my jew wise viewpoint and my perception of Jesus’ teachings, but that’s okay with me. I can understand there ignorance because I spent most of my life ignorant as a stump. Once I have determined that a person is not interested in the truth, I just move on to talk with someone else.

        “And once Jew wise, you can’t go Jew dumb again.” And that’s a fact beyond doubt!

      6. Ungenius,

        Can you recommend a reliable – as much as possible – source for the teachings of Jesus? What I mean is, yes I have a general knowledge about it but I never quite dug into that thoroughly. I don’t want to read 37.000 pages of text. And I think this shouldn’t be necessary either. Possibly I already know the essential message but I want to learn about it some more. Thanks in advance.

      7. @ 1138

        Try reading the NEW TESTAMENT! 🙂

        Here you have it straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak: the quoted words of Christ himself in the Four Gospels. There are other apocryphal gospels of course (like the Gospel of St Thomas), but why anyone should regard the apocryphal gospels as any more reliable than the four widely accepted gospels is hard to see.

        Everything else you read about the teachings of Christ is mere commentary and second-hand exegesis. There must be hundreds of thousands of such books “explaining” Christianity, but none of these books could have been written without first reading the CORE text of Christianity: the New Testament itself, especially the Four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

        It is important to read the most inspired English translation to date, the King James version, despite its alleged mistranslations. If you want it in more modern English, I recommend the Revised Standard Version.

      8. @ 1138

        Sardonicus has offered excellent advice to which I would add, just concentrate on the four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John which contain the answer to all questions as a messenger told me many years ago. Based on my study of the Gospels, the messenger was correct. There is no need to get involved in other books about what Jesus taught as Sardonicus indicated.

        If ever there was Devine intervention, it was in the selection and order of the four Gospels. They are all complimentary and in many cases repetitive offering slightly different perspectives of the Disciples. They move from Matthew’s account as a tax collector accustomed to exactness to John’s account that is more philosophical. I call the Gospels the “user manual” for living a spiritually abundant life.
        The biggest stumbling block for me to understanding the simplicity and power of the teachings of Jesus was prior indoctrination via the Old Testament and everything past the Gospel of John which I refer to as Old Testament 2.0. Trying to merge these together results in complexity and confusion by trying to get a square peg of misinformation in the round hole of Jesus’ truth. As best as you can, forget everything you have been told, read the Gospels, and think for yourself.

        I would suggest not trying to read the Gospels as a novel, but read a little and contemplate for a day or two what is said before moving on to the next reading session. Always consider what is written in context. Parsing what Jesus said can lead to misunderstandings which appears to be a common condition.

        Each time before you start reading, simply command out loud, “Jesus, I know the truth.” You will see it.

        When Jesus said that the truth will set you free in John, Chapter 8, he was serious. Understanding and practicing Jesus’ teachings sets a person free from lies, fear, and the desolation of unworthiness, the favorite tools of evil. Jesus’ teachings explain the power of the Heavenly Father’s love that he puts inside everyone and how his creative power is shared with everyone in what I call the Law of Verbal Command (it has no name in the Gospels) that can be used for everything from healing people to controlling the physical world. There is a ton of other things revealed.

        It is always helpful to have conversations with people about what you read. Finding someone with an un-indoctrinated mind may not be easy. From my experience, rabid church goers steeped in church doctrine and biblical scholars are normally not the ones you need to talk to. Keep your eyes and ears open, and you will come across those you should be talking to. Even then, honorable disagreement is the way to go.

        If there is any way that I can help in your discovery, let me know.

    3. I have an urgent need to email to Lasha Darkmoon an article with a large number of links
      that document the conclusions of the top Israeli archeologists and Egyptian historians that
      the entire history of the Jewish people was FALSIFIED 2,800 years ago for political reasons.
      No Jew has ever set foot in Egypt, Moise did not exist, Mount Sinai could never be identified,
      and their “monotheistic” God had a consort named Asherach, according to stone inscriptions from the 8-th century BC.
      The Orthodox Rabbinate, which committed the falsification then declared a few hundred years ago that the Torah SheBichtav (what we call the Old Testament) is not a “HOLY BOOK” for Judaism, like Torah SheBeal Peh which contains Mishnah and Gemara, I.e. The Babilonian Talmud.
      Why should we accept the Old Testament, which is a collection of abominable Jewish lies, just like the Hoaxocaust, as a “HOLY BOOK”, as God’s own words, in Christianity?

  6. the following are some facts to ponder :

    first false flag operation was jweish . the brothers of Joseph – peace be upon him – dropped him in a dry well , put sheep blood on his shirt and told their father Joseph was mulled by a fox .

    first suicide bomber was jewish , Samson destroying a tem[le on others and himself

    first money market manipulators were Jewish during the ministry of Jesus – peace be upon him – the money exchangers ripped their brethren off without a second thought . I think that was the only time Jesus was violent when he turned the money tables on them and chased them a way from the temple . that is how serious the matter was when it came to usury . Will those trends continue to this day . I don’t think there is a vaccine today against the Jewish virus and I think we are all doomed unless Jesus returns in time .


    a jew died and went to heaven and was granted a huge beautiful mansion but he asked God , as he was more confused than the time on earth when he was given a free ham , if he could dwell in hell because he wanted to rent the mansion .

  7. I just wanted to mention that the problem I have with Makow, and I’m sure lobro has mentioned this before, is that he’s convinced there was a holocaust, if not of the black magical 6 million figure, and that he’s convinced that Hitler was a zionist agent. Like many people, his perspective on events as they played out in those days is skewed by what results when the Intelligence is compromised.

    “Hitler did this, Hitler did that. This PROVES he is ‘one of them’.” Then there’s the masonic hand sign that he posts pictures of on his site offering further “proof”, when all it is is a power sign in general, not NECESSARILY indicating any masonic affiliation.

    1. Brownhawk,

      I had discussions with Henry on this exact subject. He replied that his job was debating with people like me and changing my opinion, into believing that Hitler was an agent of the British. The coup de grace were the eight peace attempts that Hitler tried to make with the west that proves he wasn’t working for the British. What it seems to me that Hitler truly believed that the English, (themselves of German ancestry and the Celts, whom I believe are of the same as the Germanic tribes, just western Germanics, as the Germanics are eastern Celts) would eventually see sense and side with Germany and defeat Russia, creating a white European homeland, free from a future demolition of mass immigration.
      Moreso, on the holocaust, Henry is not prepared to listen to any story, simply because his parents were there, as he’s stated and won’t see any other side as to they were forced into these death camps, which they weren’t.

      It’s a shame, because much of his other writings on feminism, the LGBT agenda, the deliberate destruction of the family and the ‘cabalistic’ Jews, is spot on. He’s an enigma in that he is very much not the archetypal Jew, as he questions much about Judaism, but then, he’s still a long shot from Gilad Atzmon who is beginning to question everything. He even appeared as a star witness on the Jewish psyche for Arthur Topham.

    2. @ Brownhawk
      @ Harbinger

      Just like most every website, Henry has some good info and some not so good info. If any of us stumble upon a site that we are in 100% agreement with, it would most likely be a site that we created. 🙂

      Based on some of my e-mail exchanges with Henry, it appears that he has given up his jewish cult affiliation and does not consider it a genetic thing. I do not know what religious affiliation he is associated with, but the only thing permanent on is site that is religious is the the “Build Yourself an Ark” series done by an Irish Catholic priest. I suspect he has become a Christian of some sort.

      1. Ungenius

        Makow has a blind spot because of family members who died in the camps. When you combine this emotion factor with what I suspect was the sabotaging influence of Bormann and an infiltrated Abwehr, which involved the breaking of the German Enigma codes, and it’s no wonder that a miasma of cognitive dissonance throws a blinding cloak over everything.

        Hitler’s “hole card” was made possible by the genius of German scientists with their advancements in military technology. I believe he played along with the zionists in building up Germany after 1918, and knew of their agenda to create a jewish homeland in Palestine. He knew they were using him as a major piece on the porotocolian chessboard in completing the long-term plan for a “mighty Israel”.

        But he figured he could turn their plans against them using mechanized warfare in the forms of the Luftwaffe and the wehrmacht, anlong with the U-boat campaign this enabled him to think in terms of creating a modern-day pale of the settlement upon victory on the battlefield – probably in the general area of ancient Khazaria. Send ’em back to square 1 as it were.

        This I believe would have become a fait accompli had it not been for the traitors in his midst. It’s the classic m.o, of the Godfather – find your enemy’s weakness and exploit it. Hitler’s was misplaced loyalty to a cunning mastermind of duplicity – Martin Bormann

        That was HIS weakness.

    3. Brownhawk,

      Yeah, I’ve seen such claims that he was a mason on other sites as well. All based on some photos, which is absolutely ridiculous of course and a sure sign of a worthless truther website. Many a site I have chucked out of the old favorites just becasue of that. Just as any site which endorses the holohoax doesn’t pass the litmus test.

      I guess I’m a mason too, judging by a lot of old photos of me 🙂

      1. 1138

        Its ironic that Hitler may have become a m.i.n.o. (mason in name only) APPEARING to be one for the purpose of “keep you enemies closer” in trying to learn about their intentions at the highest levels. This has been said about Ben Franklin and Tom Paine.

        Men like Hitler, JFK, Stalin, FDR, Putin, Churchill, Trump, Putin, etc have to have SOME semblance of “insider status” for them to arrive at their high-up psitions. Once they get there it takes the measure of a man when he finds out about the revolting reality that’s behind it all. How will he handle it? Will he show the true colors of an immoral or amoral person like FDR, Stalin, Churchill, Obama? Or that of courage like Hitler, JFK and Putin?

        But there’s only so much you can do when navigating your way around waters THIS treacherous.

  8. Kosher tax in Pope’s homeland…. and the world:

    OU Kosher
    (U) Kosher Tax
    Orthodox Union

    Viva La OU Kosher! Bringing the Taste of Italy Home
    By Bayla Sheva Brenner
    Like every foodie on the planet, kosher consumers love to eat anything Italian. And now, thanks to OU Kosher, they’ve got even more to love. Rabbi Nachum Rabinowitz, the OU’s Senior Rabbinic Coordinator reports a steady rise in Italian companies obtaining OU Kosher certification. In just the past two years he’s seen an increase of 30 percent.
    “Kosher is an integral component to penetrating the U.S. market,” he says. “Italy makes excellent products and Americans love Italian cuisine.”

    To date, 207 Italian plants have gone OU Kosher. Rabbinic Coordinator Rabbi Aharon Brun-Kestler works with a variety of Italian companies. Unigra, one of his largest clients, is an industrial complex in Conselice, in the province of Ravenna. The company produces oils, chocolate, soy milk and packaged whip creams. He said that was an atypical client.

    Kosher Russia
    The “Ozersky Souvenir” Confectionary Factory, one of the largest manufacturers of confectionery products in Russia, received OU Kosher certification in late 2011.




    Paris, France MDD Expo 2016


    With the return of the Jews to England in 1656, a central religious authority was established in the 1700s. In 1934, with the appointment of the Gaon HaRav Yechezkel Abramsky (the author of Chazon Yechezkel) as Rosh (Head) Beth Din, the London Beth Din (LBD) became a world ranking authority on Jewish law; many of his policies are still followed to this day. The LBD combines both the Beth Din – Rabbinic Court of Justice and the Kosher Division (KLBD). For over a century KLBD has been certifying factories, in 1902 Marmite became kosher certified.

  9. We have all been deceived by scoundrels.

    Read some of hitler’s speeches! Then determine whether you have been properly educated.

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