Project White Genocide: The Dark Agenda of Count Coudenhove-Kalergi

Translated from the Italian
Il piano Kalergi: il genocidio dei popoli europei
(sourced from Western Spring)

Edited and abridged by Lasha Darkmoon
with additional notes and comments

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Mass immigration is a phenomenon the causes of which are cleverly concealed by the political elites, and the multicultural propaganda is employed to falsely portray it as inevitable. In this article we intend to prove once and for all, that mass immigration is not a spontaneous phenomenon. What the elites  try to present as an inevitability of modern life, is actually the product of a plan conceived around a table and prepared over decades, to completely change the face of our continent.


Few people know that one of the main instigators of the process of European integration, was a man who also conceived the genocide of the peoples of Europe. He was a sinister individual whose existence is unknown to the masses of our people, but the political elites consider him as the founder of the European Union. His name is Richard von Coudenhove Kalergi (1894-1972).  His father was an Austrian diplomat named Heinrich von Coudenhove-Kalergi (with connections to the Byzantine family of the Kallergis), and his mother the Japanese Mitsu Aoyama.

Thanks to his close contacts with European aristocrats and politicians, and due to the network of relationships created by his nobleman-diplomat father, Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi was able to work unseen, away from the glare of publicity, and he managed to engage the co-operation of the most influential heads of state for his plan, making them supporters and collaborators for his “project of European integration”.

In 1922 he founded the “Pan-European” movement in Vienna, which aimed to create a New World Order, based on a federation of nations led by the United States. European integration would be just the first step in creating a world government. His earliest supporters included Czech politicians Tomáš Masaryk and Edvard Beneš, and the German Jewish banker Max Warburg, who invested the first 60,000 marks. The Austrian Chancellor Ignaz Seipel and the next president of Austria, Karl Renner, took early responsibility for leading the “Pan-European” movement and later, French politicians, such as Léon Blum, Aristide Briand, Alcide De Gasperi etc., offered their help.

With the rise of Fascism in Europe during the 1930s, the project of European integration was abandoned and the “Pan-European” movement was forced to dissolve. However, after the Second World War, and thanks to frantic and tireless activity and the support of Winston Churchill, the Jewish Masonic Lodge B’nai B’rith and major newspapers like the New York Times, Kalergi managed to gain acceptance for his plan by the United States Government and later the CIA became involved in driving the plan  towards completion.


In his book Praktischer Idealismus, Kalergi explains that the citizens of the future “United States of Europe” will not be the people of the Old Continent, but a new mixed breed, the products of thorough and widespread miscegenation. He states that the peoples of Europe should interbreed with Asians and other non-White races, to create a multiracial population, with no clear sense of tradition or identity and therefore easily controlled by the ruling elite.

Kalergi proclaims the need to abolish the right of nations to self-determination and outlines the break-up of nation states through the use of ethnic separatist movements and the destruction of the nations themselves through mass migration. In order for Europe to be easily controlled by the future elite, Kalergi proposes the creation of a homogeneous mixed breed population, and as to who should be the new elite? Kalergi is particularly illuminating on this point:

The man of the future will be of mixed race. The races and classes of today will gradually disappear due to the elimination of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-negroid race of the future, similar in appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the current diversity of peoples and the diversity of individuals.

Instead of destroying European Judaism, Europe, against her will, refined and educated this people, driving them to their future status as (((a leading nation))) through this artificial evolutionary process. It’s not surprising that the people that escaped from the Ghetto-Prison, became (((the spiritual nobility of Europe))). Thus, the compassionate care given by Europe created (((a new breed of aristocrats))). This happened when the European feudal aristocracy crashed because of the emancipation of the Jews. (Emphasis added)


NOTE  BY LD : The feudal aristocracy “crashed”, according to Kalergi, after the French Revolution (1789-1799), a cataclysmic event that was to usher in the long process of Jewish emancipation. France was the first European nation to emancipate the Jews in 1791.

The process of Jewish emancipation was a slow and uphill process, accompanied by constant Jewish agitation, for the next 129 years. By 1930, the Jews had achieved full emancipation everywhere. The last nation to emancipate them was Spain in 1930.

Many prominent anti-Semites throughout this long period of struggle, including Voltaire, were to oppose Jewish emancipation on the grounds that the Jews would take advantage of their new-found freedoms—by cheating and networking—to achieve Jewish supremacy. There is much to be said for this viewpoint, given that the Jews in Germany were three times richer than the average German even before their German emancipation in 1871. [LD]

—  §  —

 Although no textbook mentions Kalergi, his ideas are the guiding principles of the European Union.

The belief that the peoples of Europe should be mixed with Africans and Asians, to destroy our identity, to break down traditional ways of living and create a single mixed race, is the reason for community policies that promote minority interests.

The underlying motives are not really humanitarian, but because the power behind the ruthless regime dominating the EU plans the greatest genocide in history.

A prestigious prize is awarded every two years by the Coudenhove-Kalergi Foundation to Europeans who have excelled in promoting this criminal plan.

NOTE BY LD : This is now known as the Charlemagne Prize—sometimes as the Coudenhove-Kalergi prize—and is awarded every two years (sometimes on successive years) to outstanding statesmen for their contribution to “European integration”—a euphemism for multiculturalism and mass immigration. All the winners of the Charlemagne prize have been outspoken advocates of mass immigration and a European superstate without borders. Two such winners have been being Tony Blair (1999) and Angela Merkel (2008).

The first recipient of the Charlemagne prize (in 1950) was Count Coudenhove-Kalergi himself. The most recent winner in 2016—another advocate of uncontrolled mass Third World immigration to Europe—is the devoutly philosemitic Pope Francis.

Here is a complete list of the winners of the Charlemagne prize  [LD]


The facilitation of genocide is also the basis of the constant appeals from the United Nations, demanding that we accept millions of immigrants to help counter the low birth rate among Europeans. According to a report published in January 2000 by the population division of the United Nations in New York, under the title  Immigration replacement: A solution to declining and aging population, Europe will need to accept 159,000,000 migrants by 2025. (Emphasis added)

The citing of such precise numbers  is evidence of a premeditated plan.

Clearly a low birth-rate can easily be reversed with appropriate measures to support families and it is equally clear that the introduction of alien genes will do nothing to preserve our genetic heritage but destroy it.

The consequence of current policies promoting multiracialism is to create a weakened disparate population without national, historical or cultural cohesion. In short, the policies of the Kalergi plan have been, and still are, the basis of official government policies intent upon the genocide of the Peoples of Europe, through mass immigration.

G. Brock Chisholm, a former director of the World Health Organization (OMS), demonstrated this well when he said:

“What people everywhere need to do is to limit births and promote mixed marriages (between the different races), the outcome will be the creation of a single race throughout the world which can be directed by a central authority.”

If we look around us, the implementation of the Kalergi Plan seems to be at an advanced stage.

We face Europe’s fusion with the Third World. The plague of interracial marriage produces each year thousands of young people of mixed race, known as “Kalergi’s Children”.

The future mixed-breed European


“The man of the future will be of mixed race. The races and classes of today will gradually disappear. The Eurasian-negroid race of the future will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.” — Count Coudenhove Kallergi, recipient of the first Charlemagne Prize (1950)

The original unabridged English translation of this article can be read here 

Concluding comment by Lasha Darkmoon :

Count Kalergi was to receive the full backing of the Jews in his miscegenation and mongrelization enterprise. Effectively, this process amounts to the eventual disappearance of the White race.  

In 1924 Count Kalergi’s personal friend, Baron Louis Nathaniel de Rothschild, introduced him to four other powerful and fabulously rich Jews who were to help finance his sinister project: American financier Bernard Baruch, German banker Max Warburg, and Warburg’s two brothers, Paul and Felix.

Though many influential non-Jews were to rally round with their support for a pan-European superstate consisting of mongrelized citizens ruled over by Jews and their shabbos goyim supporters, neither Mussolini nor Hitler were greatly impressed by the ideas propounded by the half-caste Count Kalergi. Indeed, Hitler was to refer to Kalergi contemptuously as a “cosmopolitan bastard“—possibly implying by the word “cosmopolitan” that Kalergi was a crypto-Jew.

In regard to the eventual extinction of the White race by interbreeding of Whites with non-Whites, see Greg Johnson’s two excellent essays White extinction and White genocide. The difference between these two concepts—’extinction’ and ‘genocide’—is not too difficult to grasp. Extinction of the white race becomes ‘genocide’ when it is deliberate and intentional, i.e., part of a malignant overarching plan to destroy the White race.

And this is what we have right now: White genocide.

CK - 8

The “abolition” of the white race, according to Harvard professor Noel Ignatiev, is not only desirable but essential. The white race, he insists, must be destroyed. It is ironical how Ignatief, a prominent Jew, is allowed to advocate White genocide openly and get away with it. What if some white professor were to take Ignatiev’s exact words and substitute the words “Jewish race” for “White race”?

It would be totally unacceptable if some prominent non-Jewish academic were to proclaim:

“The goal of abolishing the Jewish race, is, on its face, so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed Jewish supremacists…. Make no mistake about it: we intend to keep bashing the dead Jewish males, and the live ones, and the Jewesses too, until the social construct known as ‘the Jewish race’ is destroyed.”

Even Hitler didn’t dare to say that.

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  1. “Even Hitler didn’t dare to say that.”

    Mmm, he would have dared I think. He just banked too much on England. So much so that it – probably – cost him the victory over his enemies which wouldn’t necessitate extermination of the Jews.

    Because in 1933 world jewry wasn’t seated in Germany so killing all German and European jews would be largely pointless because it wouldn’t stop Jew in its track. Thanks to our – and other’s – forebears’ negilgence by 1933 – and today – only a world wide extermination of Jews would have sufficed. Hitler had no plans to conquer the world. And now we are paying the price for that historic negligence. Our own extermination.

    Only a total global extermination of Jews up till the very last embryo and its carrier will deliver us from them.
    Anything less will not suffice.

    1. @ 1138

      “Only a total global extermination of Jews up till the very last embryo and its carrier will deliver us from them. Anything less will not suffice.”

      I am not sure if you have had the time to read our “Comment Policy” document. Please do so right now, as you are in flagrant breach of our rules and regulations. In future, all posts of yours in which you give expression to inflammatory speech like the above will be deleted AT ONCE without explanation.

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      I hope you understand the position and abide by the same rules and regulations which our other posters abide by. Voluntarily. Neither Lobro nor Pat nor any other posters here within living memory have ever used such inflammatory language as you have done.

      What are you trying to do? Get our website shut down for incitement to violence and genocide?

      1. Thank you administrators of this site ,thank you indeed from the bottom of my heart for your objection to the poster 1138 inflammatory comment he or she made.
        it seems to me that 1138 is a very troubled and confused individual ,maybe he/she has a gender identity crises,or and multi personality disorder , he/she should seek a good shrink to evaluate his/her mental health

      2. If you self-censor and don’t allow what needs to be said, there’s really no point in having a website. My own website has a lot more inflammatory material on it and it’s still there. I suspect it’s still available in England and Europe. If you try to skirt around Jewish power and not offend the Jews, then you’re playing their game by their rules and it’s pointless. Survival of a website is not as important as our survival. The truth needs telling. If you’re afraid of prosecution then shut it down now because you’ve already provided enough evidence for your indictment. Otherwise, use the platform for something heroic. Heroism is the only thing that can save us now.

      3. @ JB Campbell

        With all due respect, dear JB, I would advise that you show more tolerance. To expect other people to model themselves on you, copy your heroism, and expose themselves to all the dangers you face, is, frankly speaking, intolerant as well as arrogant. You live in America, we live in Europe. You are armed to the teeth with guns, we are defenceless and don’t own any arms. Arms are forbidden here. So it’s a different ball game all round.

        Your comment that we should be “heroic” and let our website be shut down “for truth’s sake” does not impress me for two reasons:

        (1) We are doing more good if we remain in business, allowing you and your supporter 1138 a forum here for your views, than if we just threw away everything just to make a grandiose and self-defeating gesture of “heroism”.

        (2) Your assumption that we care more for the continued existence of our website than for the truth is false. We expect to be shut down at any moment for technical reasons and already believe that we are living on borrowed time.

        Finally, allow me to say that Lasha deeply respects you and your work and has been an admirer of yours from day one. She has actually gone to the trouble of printing out all your articles and stapling each together. I have seen them myself, with her pencil notations in the margin.

        Your outspoken advocacy of physical violence however — “Shoot all the Jews!” — makes it quite impossible for us to republish these beautifully written but inflammatory articles on this site. Doubtless your admirers, 1138 and Lonnie, would reprimand us for our “cowardice”, but tell me, what other moderately respectable anti-zionist website would run your bloodthirsty articles? VT? The Occidental Observer? Renegade Tribune?

        Answer: not one of them. Too risky! Remember, it’s often said that you could be an FBI sting agent, here to flush us all out! 🙂

        Confess: many have said that. The suspicion, however unwarranted, is there.

      4. Admin,

        “What are you trying to do? Get our website shut down for incitement to violence and genocide?”

        No, not at all. I’m just saying what needs to be done if one wants to rid oneself of this problem. The jews have absolutely nothing to fear, nothing at all, because this will never be done since their victims – we – are morally too weak to carry out the task on which our survival depends, just as we have been too weak for at least 1500 years or so. The jews however, are not too weak to genocide us and morally they have no problem with it whatsoever. And that is precisely why what is described in the article is going on and no amount of erudite internet discussion will change this course of events. If that disgusting filthy stinking Jewish bat Spectre can say what she says and I can’t say what I said, which is ENTIRELY justified and MORALLY and BIOLOGICALLY just, well then, you just know we’re toast.

        And you, Observer,

        Get this, you filthy stinking digusting homosexual Jew, I am very sane indeed. You’re very lucky the vast majority isn’t. Perhaps that will change one day.

      5. 1138,

        “If that disgusting filthy stinking Jewish bat Spectre can say what she says and I can’t say what I said, which is ENTIRELY justified and MORALLY and BIOLOGICALLY just, well then, you just know we’re toast.”

        What you have stated is NOT just in the least. While I agree with a lot of what you’ve written, while being on L.D. I cannot condone the genocide of any people/creature, regardless.

        I actually don’t see Jews as the main problem. Quite the contrary, it’s Judaism that I find needs to be addressed. If I were to call an extermination of anything, I would call it upon Judaism, on a par with Ahmadinejad’s call for “wiping Zionism off of the face of the earth”. Both are very destructive beliefs, most notably that they teach people they are ‘God’s Chosen’ and in doing so instantly bring about supremacy over all non Jews.

      6. Harbinger,

        I know what you mean and I agree, but that is precisely what I’ve said. In order to eradicate Judaism it is necessary to eradicate its followers. No followers, no Judaism. To have followers of Judaism = having Judaism.

        I maintain that we are currently paying the price for our own ancient/medievil natural aristocracy’s spinelessness. A spinelessness which apparantly is hereditary.

        Am I lying?

      7. JB Campbell,

        “If you’re afraid of prosecution then shut it down now because you’ve already provided enough evidence for your indictment.”

        I agree that LD has certainly enough on here to put Lasha and others in a prison cell if, holocaust revision became a crime in the US and the UK, but that stated, there really is no need to use derogatory names for African origins is there? It lowers the calibre of the web site when you do and will chase away many good, possible posters. I will say though that the word ‘kike’ should be acceptable, simply because they themselves brought about the word. The very word, when used, truthfully states Jewish feeling towards Christians, as kikel is the Yiddish word for circle, which they used to sign their names with, upon arriving in the USA during the Eastern European pogroms, because signing it with a cross was offensive to them. However, calling for the extermination of a people/race/religion/tribe is not acceptable, regardless.

      8. 1138,

        “I know what you mean and I agree, but that is precisely what I’ve said. In order to eradicate Judaism it is necessary to eradicate its followers. No followers, no Judaism. To have followers of Judaism = having Judaism.”

        No. What I stated was exactly the opposite. There is, for example, a massive difference in the following:

        1. “Wipe zionism off of the face of the earth”.
        2. “Wipe Jews off of the face of the earth”.

        One way that you can stop the teaching of Judaism in lands where Jews reside is to make it a criminal offense, with long prison sentences for those who continue teaching. Knock down synagogues and remove all religious symbols of Jewry. However, the best way is simply to take the Jews out of the land, put them in another one, creating a ghetto and NOT let them out, to cause havoc on the rest of the world. This way you automatically take back all the establishments they took from the indigenous, which they use to have a strangle hold over the global population.

      9. JB –

        “If you self-censor and don’t allow what needs to be said, there’s really no point in having a website.”

        AND….. if you do not post your personal physical address here… where you live… there is no need to have one. 🙂 🙂

      10. Harbinger,

        Yes, Harbinger, I understand. But this has been done several times. Alas the flesh is weak and gentiles are corruptible. Without Jew there would still be all sorts of crime. The only difference between Jew and ‘normal’ criminals is that the latter ( the organised variant ) only are after easy money (and power), not necessarily the destruction and extermination of an entire race, religion or culture.

        And what I said may sound extreme to the with ‘modernity’ bombarded mind but it is not. It not insane either, it is pure. It’s either them or us. There is no other choice. This is actually very rational. It has been discussed to death and clarified to everyone who’s interested that they think in long term plans. Very long term plans. And they also think in biological terms. Well, so am I. And if you only put them away they just bide their time, as they have always been doing every time they were forced to by their spineless victims. I cannot believe there is not even one person here that doesn’t agree with me, except JB Campbell. After all they have done to us, are doing to us and going to do to us. Well, I guess they’re not that bad then after all. This suffices to proove the spinelessness of many. Too many. This is the Nr 1 problem.

        This is the way I see it.

      11. hey numbers 1138
        your fuhrer is dead, you miserable confused charlatan
        who is that coward ,your friend JB ,LOL
        he is phony and up to no good.I’m telling you admins,as a token of my friendly gesture because I do like your site ,anyway I always liked the British ,still do
        beware of JB C and his ilk.

      12. Hey observer,

        The Fuhrer isn’t dead. His spirit will never die. This exceptionally gifted man has made his mark in this world and one day his spirit will rule. with or without us. He has hundreds of millions admirers, while you and your ilk have billions of mortal enemies. Observe that!

        Sure you like the British, as the filthy jewish homosexual pedophile you are.

        Heil Hitler!

      13. First and most important, you published 1138’s lead-off statement and it’s still there.

        Most of us know what the others stand for, so I guess it’s not necessary to repeat oneself. I do feel that 1138 deserved and continues to deserve congratulations/moral support for his well-written strong views. And of course you were obliged to warn him of the risk to the website. And no, I wouldn’t want the website shut down, having lost both my career and home due to political activity.

        I would say that the violent situation in Europe and England (Moslem invasion/planned war with Russia) has put you all beyond the theoretical and philosophical risk level. Both crises were engineered by Jews, as we all know, and obviously they are not going to be stopped by a website. But they must be stopped or we’re done for. There is no safe or peaceful way to do this, regardless of how reckless and provocative the intellectuals think I and others are.

        The intellectuals are not going to stop the Jews. But the intellectuals are the idea people and their responsibility is to give ideas and encouragement and moral support to the action people so that their actions will be effective. So far, the intellectuals have not been inclined to do this, so some of us anti-intellectuals have made some proposals. Some of them are pretty damn good.

      14. @ JB Campbell

        You are always free to express your views here. I can’t find fault, in theory, with anything you say — the seriousness of the situation and the need for drastic action is obvious to all of us — but each of us must choose our own path. Our website cannot model itself for several reasons on your website because we are under different constraints and live in different countries. You are armed, we are not. You belong to the warrior class, we belong to the priestly caste — except no one knows that here and few suspect it. We have different positions, too, on God in the scheme of things. This necessitates a different approach. We cannot be driven by your assumptions; our own assumptions on the nature of reality must be the force that impels us. Anyway, good luck.

      15. @ JB Campbell,

        This is amazing. I just visited your site and read ‘the military solution’.

        It seems we are on the same page, all right. I cannot fault a word of it.

        I don’t know to what extend you consider Judaism a threat to life on earth, but it is my opinion – and I have stated this a few times before already – that if Judaism is not stopped then planet Earth will end up like planet Mars. I realise that this is rather ‘out there’ and such a claim can never proven during our era, but nonetheless I’m serious.

      16. hey 1138
        you stinky retard natzi ,why you buffoon keep on repeating yourself ,you must be a natzi queer
        you keep using the words pedophile homosexual ,is that your subconscious speaking out
        you freaking bitch ,maybe you’re an insecure broad posing as a male ,you poor miserable
        anti Semite cretin.
        why on earth do you think that i am Jewish
        do you dream of Jews everywhere , hey look under your bed ,there maybe you’ll find one ,you stupid little natzi

      17. TO 1138: “Why on earth do you think that i am Jewish? do you dream of Jews everywhere , hey look under your bed ,there maybe you’ll find one ,you stupid little natzi.”

        Let me tell you why 1138 thinks you are Jewish. Because you say things that ONLY a Jew would say on this site. Like the following paean to the beauty of Jewish women which you made on another thread:

        “THE JEWISH WOMEN are beautiful inside and out ,their inner beauty comes from God. they are loyal and sincere and a divine treasure for the ones who have the keen ability to recognize and treasure this divine beauty.”

        Come come! — only a Jew would say that!

      18. Another reason why you must be Jewish?

        You use the word NAZI as a term of abuse. Only a Jew on a site like this would use the word “Nazi” as a term of abuse. Most people here would avoid using this word because of its derogatory connotations.

        Not you! Because you don’t know better. You think all “Nazis” have to be BAD! So you are obviously anti-Hitler too.

        All these are signs that you are Jewish.

      19. Sardonicus
        you have good valid points here ,it was never my intention to miss lead anyone to think that I am a Jew which I am NOT.
        my background and faith dictated that I hate no one ,respect every religion,every creed ,race etc.
        to defend the weak ,the voiceless ,the oppressed and the underdogs.
        generalizing and given a certain community ,group or religion certain stereotyping is morally wrong.
        we live in evil times ,fear and hate mongering is rampant in the west engineered by clown coward politicians in the west nowadays ,imagine if you’re a Muslim living in the west these day or a Jew who lived in Germany or Poland in the 1930’s.
        righteous decent courageous Jews spoke out and acted in deference of Muslims
        the vast majority of Jews are decent hard working ,God Loving ,God fearing People
        Just like any other people from ,race or religion.
        demonizing anyone based on their race and faith is not only wrong but evil as well.
        and to be clear here ,even though I Love the Jews in General
        I’m against militant criminally insane Zionists and their soul mates the neocon parasites and their satanic tools their partners in the crimes the satanic organ flesh eating barbarian animals the takfiris wahabbis the Arabian house of the devils and their minions

      20. @ Observer

        OK, you may not be a Jew, but you’re smart enough to qualify as one! Because you’ve managed to convince me that I ought to withhold judgement on you for the present. But I’m not so sure the Jews are bending over backwards, as you suggest, to be nice to Muslims. The entire Western media, which is controlled by Jews, is rife with the most virulent Islamophobia.

        If Muslims are sensitive as hell nowadays in our Western countries, it’s because they have reason to be so. They feel the hatred all round them. As I said long ago in a letter that got published in a national mainstream newspaper: “Islamophobia is the new anti-Semitism.” That was the headline of my letter in the Observer (UK) newspaper.

        The Jews are whipping up this Muslim hatred for one reason only: to make us sympathize with Israel and ignore the plight of the Palestinians.

      21. Observer,

        You state:

        “……even though I Love the Jews in General
        I’m against militant criminally insane Zionists and their soul mates the neocon parasites and their satanic tools their partners in the crimes the satanic organ flesh eating barbarian animals the takfiris wahabbis the Arabian house of the devils and their minions”

        The biggest mistake that anyone can make in regards to Jewry is trying to distinguish Judaism from Zionism. They are one and the same. The Jew, whether he or she be orthodox, atheist, socialist or conservative, will unite as one should any member of the tribe be threatened.

        This was my mistake at first. I simply didn’t want to accept that all Jews were bad. I didn’t want to fall into the generalizing trap, but I read….and I read some more….and more, to the point that what I read deeply disturbed me and if there is a heaven and hell, then there surely is a good and an evil and I can certainly state that Jews, are of the latter in their very being. Their existence is to serve their father and that father is not the father of Christ.

        The crimes of Jewry have been documented throughout history. Eighty five countries they’ve been evicted from over one hundred times. And this is because they are simply a persecuted people? Sure, if they were exiled from three or four lands, then the case for persecution could be made, but when you deal with eighty lands or so, then you clearly see that it was most certainly warranted.

        Let us delve into history shall we Observer and let’s see after you read the following, if you still:

        “hate no one ,respect every religion,every creed ,race etc.
        to defend the weak ,the voiceless ,the oppressed and the underdogs.”

        I will quote Leviticus 25:44-46 from the Old Testament:

        44 Both thy bondmen, and thy bondmaids, which thou shalt have, shall be of the heathen that are round about you; of them shall ye buy bondmen and bondmaids.

        45 Moreover of the children of the strangers that do sojourn among you, of them shall ye buy, and of their families that are with you, which they begat in your land: and they shall be your possession.

        46 And ye shall take them as an inheritance for your children after you, to inherit them for a possession; they shall be your bondmen for ever: but over your brethren the children of Israel, ye shall not rule one over another with rigour.

        So you see, Observer, there are those who like to differentiate the Talmud following Jews with the Tanakh followers, when sadly they are both one and the same. The above passage, if you don’t know, speaks of allowing Jews, the freedom to have slaves, but not of fellow Jews.

        Jews have, for thousands of years, from before Rome, right up to present day Eastern European, Chiksas, for Zion brothels, been the main slavers of this world. They do this because they see non Jews as soul less beings, there to serve them.

        The ethnocentric, supremacist racism, found within your Zionism, is thousands of years old. The only way to stop this is to remove the child from Jewish parents and bring them up under another faith and to look at others as you say you do (as quoted above). For if they are to remain, being brought up to be ‘special’ as ‘God’s chosen’ then the circle will simply keep revolving and this world worse.

        Simply put, you need to educate yourself, far, far more on Jewry and what it’s really all about before you come out with what you do, parroting what one would normally see in the Jew controlled msm, academia and in one of Spielberg’s Jew persecution, propaganda rubbish, the goyim lap up like ice cream.
        I hate to say it, but your ignorance on Jewry, which is clear to see, is helping Zionists in their building of Israel, because you truly think that Zionism is an extreme wing of radical Jews, when in reality, it’s what Judaism is really, all about. You need to realise that the malignance here is a teaching, that’s been passed down, year after year for thousands of years, not the inherent ‘natural’ behaviour of a race. One must remove Judaism from the Jew. It is a disease that is responsible for most certainly the overwhelming majority of the world’s ills.

      22. Harbinger
        Thank you for your input
        I agree with your assumption that I lack the knowledge about any organized religion
        I am a very spiritual person who believes in God Almighty our Creator.
        I was born catholic in the oldest tradition to very devout Catholic Family.but never been religious for unknown reasons.
        I am not here to defends Jews or their religion ,they don’t need me or anyone else for that matter
        but I reject your general painting of Jews.
        I stand by my view that most Jews are decent like the rest of us
        my personal inspiring example is my other half and soulmate and her good family
        May God Bless Her Soul
        in her memory I shall remain faithful

      23. Observer,

        “I stand by my view that most Jews are decent like the rest of us my personal inspiring example is my other half and soulmate and her good family”

        I am somewhat mystified at Christians (which you obviously are) having relations with a Jew. Have you spoken to her about Christ? If not, is she a practicing Jew, or is she another of the many ‘non religious’ Jews, itself an oxymoron, for if you’re not following Judaism, you can’t call yourself a Jew. What are her views on the crucifixion for example and the Talmud?

        My point is really a simple one about Jews. They must obviously know that Jews run all the major establishments, but other than the likes of Henry Makow, whom I find very odd, as he appears more Christian than Jewish in his views and ex Jews, Gilad Atzmon and Israel Shamir, I really don’t see a Jewish rush to expose them. I really don’t hear Jews speaking out against the Rothschilds, the Soros’, the Kissingers, the Greenspans, the Silversteins, the Kuhn Loebs and the Goldman Sachs, do you? Sure we may get an odd whimper about Zionism, but I do not see Jews, attacking Black Lives Matter, the ADL, the JDL, the SPLC etc etc.
        All of these people will go to the Synagogues. What about the Rabbis; where is their criticism of their behaviour, along with others ‘ordinary’ Jews who visit?

        Jewish complicity, Observer, is in their silence to act. They should really start seeing the writing on the wall that the world is waking up fast, especially on recent false flags, wars in the middle east, mass immigration, 7/7, 9/11 and of course, the USS Liberty and the ‘Shoah’ business. If they remain silent, then there is a very distinct possibility that a REAL holocaust will happen to 99% of all Jews, which brings me to my last point: Does she know that you post on this site and if she does, what does she think of the extermination of ‘6 million’?

      24. Hey obserevr,

        Well, well, well, I must have hit some nerve there haven’t I 🙂

        Natzi’s don’t exist, only those who use that word to denigrate the blessing National Socialism is to humanity. And anything that is good for humanity is bad news for jews and their shabbos goy who therefore use demeaning names like ‘natzi’s’. Hence you’re a filthy Jew, if not by birth then by choice, you understand?

        Also the fabricated notion, invented by the motherlode of filth Sigmund Freud’s sick mind, that everybody who detests filth like homosexuals and pedophiles must therefore subconsciously be one himself is a dead give away. It’s meant to normalise jewish filth – i.o.w. to ‘cosmopolise’ everyone – and to ‘demonstrate’ that anyone who doesn’t go along with that jewish drivel has a mental problem, while of course it is exactly the other way round.

        You got one thing right though, I am an anti-semite all right. Every sane gentile is one. So if you’re not jewish than it is clearly you that has a mental problem. Because you obviously are suicidal.

      25. 1138
        you should have used 1139 which in numerology equal to 14 which is more fitting to your ideology.
        any way ,you are free to your own views as every one else.
        I am not going to convince you to change.
        the only regret I have that I called you names for that I’m sorry.

      26. Harbinger
        I would like to thank you again for your civility and your valuable input
        as for your questions , she is in heaven with her God
        when my time comes .I hope to be with her again
        posting in this site Maybe was a mistake ,I really don’t know
        but it was a therapeutic venting and spiritual relief ,maybe .I don’t know

      27. Observer,

        Firstly my condolences to you on your loss. I shan’t pry.

        But is coming here a mistake? Is understanding the truth a bad thing? Ultimately it will set you free. I won’t deny that if the likes of Gilad Atzmon, Israel Shamir and Henry Makow can openly criticize Judaism and speak true ill of it, that the msm won’t ever contemplate, then there most certainly must be more, maybe not lots, but certainly more, of the same mold.

        Most of the people here have done a lot of research on Judaism and sadly when you fall down the rabbit hole, it’s a one, way, trip with no reverse gear or brake. You simply look, learn and move on.

        Maybe it’s a good thing that you are here. You can speak of how relations were with your partner and give us insights into what was, comparable to what is.

        I know that it must be hard for you to accept what’s being said of Jews, on this website, but understand that the majority of people who do so, are not filled with hate but concern for the liberties and freedoms of all peoples on this earth, not forgetting their very existence.

        There is a host of ‘blatant’ hatred coming from Jews, in very high positions within academia’s top universities, of how they wish to see the white people be destroyed. For anyone to say this of any people I find abhorrent, but regardless, it is the truth. What’s worse is that these people have remained in their positions. There has been no comeback on what they’ve said whatsoever. Had a white man, stated of Jews, blacks and/or Asians, what Jews have said of whites, they would not only be fired from their jobs, but most probably taken to court for hate speech, found guilty and imprisoned. Their lives would be destroyed.

        I strongly suggest that you watch the following video of what Jews have said of how they want the future to be. Remember, these are from their very own mouths.

        The internet is the only avenue left for the protection of the truth. Should you care to do your own research, you will find that what I’ve stated, along with many on this website, about Judaism, is true. This is not about hate, far from it. It’s about stopping it before it escalates out of control. We see it with the Black Lives Matter. It’s only a matter of time before the white majority wakes up and starts looking for answers. When the truth comes out, I really wouldn’t like to be Jewish. They need to speak out and name names within their tribe who they know are bringing this world to rack and ruin.

      28. Sardonicus,

        “If Muslims are sensitive as hell nowadays in our Western countries, it’s because they have reason to be so. They feel the hatred all round them.”

        We’re not holding them as prisoners, are we? No, instead they keep on coming, all so that they can be discriminated against and hated. Would you go to a place where they hate and discriminate you?

      29. Observer,

        The decent jews – of course I know there are decent jews who are not guilty of wrong doing – can thank their co-cultists for the hatred in the world for jews. Most decent jews however are ex jews. Brother Nathanael , for instance, he’s no jew. Benjamin Freedman , he’s no jew either. I don’t know about David Cole but he’s an excellent man for sure.

        Arthur Topham is married to a jew. So it is possible to be a jew and/or associate and be a decent person. Obviously those in that category are not my enemy.

        And make no mistake, I don’t differentiate between guilty jews and shabbos goy either. If anything I hate the latter probably more, because they are facilitating jew’s evil plans into reality. ALL who is part of the Judaist evil, and that includes those who defent jews no matter what, must be killed if all different sections of humanity will ever be able to live sovereign and according to their own beliefs and wishes.

    2. 1138,

      Calling for global genocide of anyone is insane. I agree that there are many on this forum and in the world (growing) with a deep seated resentment of Jewry, but guaranteed that the tiny, tiny minority within this truth movement would ever state what you have. In fact they wouldn’t even contemplate it.

      Jews corrupt those who allow to be corrupted. You know very well that they work through proxy, by controlling banking, governments, msm, academia, think tanks and minority groups, to name a few. In order for Jews not controlling you have to take away their means of controlling. Because of cognitive dissonance, it is very hard to open the people’s eyes, but then, that stated, if somehow, we could wrestle back government, msm and academia, then in doing so we take vital tools, necessary to defeating this menace.

      For starters, here in the UK, the government could apply the Edict of Expulsion yet again, ridding our land of Jewry. Where would they go? Well back to the lands they migrated here from and once done, then it would be up to the people and governments of that land to decide.

      I think the best scenario for Jewry is simply to find them a land of their own, wall them within it and don’t let them out to cause the havoc they do in the rest of the world. There’s plenty of room in Russia. Give the Ashkenazis back their land there, by Georgia. As for the Sephardi Jews, well, send them back to Palestine, but do not allow them to create their own state as they have with Israel. Take away their means of control. Do not allow them back into the establishments they use to dominate the global population with.

      1. How would you solve the problem of City of London? You know, we know, it is a sovereign state and not part of UK. I don’t know how much common goyim sheeple knows about it. A fair guess is little to nothing. Would you invade CoL military? What could be the consequences? Sanctions from international jewry? Maybe even intervention by UN-troops and/or NATO? Questions nontheless that needs to be answered before you act upon it. One solution could be walling the place up and not letting them out. Just starve them all out.

      2. Morningstar,

        The only way that you would solve the problem with the City of London, would be to drastically change the system. I would, if I could, immediately have all police, judiciary and armed forces personnel swear fealty to the indigenous people of the UK and not the Crown corporation. I would also outlaw freemasonry. With this done, it would mean that no one in the UK would be above the law and the elites could be arrested and tried. At this current time, no policeman, and no judge would arrest and prosecute any of them. Only when the above is done could you even consider getting rid of the Rothschilds. It would simply be a case of a series of planned arrests, taking all to hidden locations before a public trial. All evidence would have had to be gathered in advance and guaranteed, when the true scale of Rothschild perfidy was exposed, they would most certainly be locked up for the rest of their lives and all assets seized and given back to the people of the UK and other lands they’ve been plundering from for nearly 300 years.

    3. I repeat, many Jews are now only 10-20% Jewish. The tall slim blonde ladies on the arms of Rich Jewish men are not Jews and they are diluting the Jewish gene pool.

      I have always thought that the true aristocrats of this world are beautiful young women.

      1. I used to think young women were true aristocrats of this world too until I heard what they “had to say”, which over time destroyed such illusions. Don’t get me wrong, many wealthy men these days live under the illusion that the reading and study they performed in school and that which is spoon fed them by mainstream media is sufficient for the rest of their earthly existence. Regarding the excellent article above, again I ask: If it’s so good for Europe, why not for Israel? There are plenty of white looking people there, we don’t want them to miss out on the cultural “enrichment”.

      2. (Forwarded and reposted)

        Ah’ve been wearing my Trump tee shirt around Menlo Park and have gotten into some good conversations and met some girls, three married but one not and damn …I asked her if my Trump tee shirt terrified her, and she said no, she is voting for him..good looker, late 20s. and we will see….single.

        Then tonight I felt like going to the movies…a rare feeling these days, and a friend suggested Hell and High Water, I think it was. Pretty good flick sorta like No Country For Old Men, but not nearly as good.

        So I rarely go into Palo Altos these days cuz the downtown is full of third world muds, especially chinks. So I go into a joint to get a bite before the flick. As I am leaving a nigger couple pass me as they are coming in. The nigger bitch says, “Take off that tee-shirt.” I had checked out her buck and while he was as big as me and a third my age, his eyes were bugged out and I knew he was not up for trouble. Nevertheless he was going to get full power from me if he fucked with me. Go for the jaw or throat if you can get in there.

        So being the nice altruistic guy that I am, I returned, “I see you don’t care much about free speech.” ….Naw, I did not say that. I said, “Eat shit.’ I did not say bitch or nigger, figuring if the buck started something it would look better to the cops.

        You can always depend on a female to run her mouth. Most guys know they can get killed for their mouth. Neither the nigger bitch or buck said shit. Of course, I was in my motorcycle gear with boots and I still look possibly, Bad..Blonde hair, good looking still…a real white man that the niggers actually fear. Another nigger on the street just looked down as I passed.

        Never let a nigger or anybody else get by with their shit. I had a polite middle aged women want to discuss my Trump shirt. I asked her if she knew anything about the biology of race. She said she did, but of course she knew next to nothing, like homo sapiens age, Ice Age, genes, IQ and so on. I ran thru the basics pointing out with each item, that she actually knew next to nothing. All very civil. She fled. I almost asked her if she was going to let her beautiful 7 year old daughter marry one of all those equal people, almost.

        War is coming. Arm yourselves.

      3. Sick, Joe Webb. The Russians should nine-eleven that Yellowstone plato ASAP. Send the Yanks back to 1861.

    4. “Only a total global extermination of Jews up till the very last embryo and its carrier will deliver us from them. Anything less will not suffice.”

      As strange is it may seem, this is exactly what the Jews want. Only by inciting the Christian faithful to massacre all Jew can Christianity be destroyed. A far better way is exposing the truth about Jews to all, shunning them and forcibly and permanently separating them from us. Remember God created them and ultimately it will be God who has to deal with them.

      1. Good point Tim.

        The Jews have to do their bit to fight antisemitism. Their first step is to reject the calls of their supposed founder, Herzl, and his trumpeting of antisemitism as being useful to the Zionist cause. I mean, how do we fight that — if we stand up against Jewish power then we’re antisemites and they claim more power; if we do nothing they accrue power nonetheless. It is as if they can print power out of nothing 😉

  2. In that comment by LD, I read at least 7 instances of “emancipation of Jews“.
    Whom or what did they get emancipated from? Work?
    were they feudal serfs or indentured laborers and sharecroppers who fed us for centuries and now they gained freedom from backbreaking Arbeit?

    how about emancipation FROM jews?
    when do we get to see that, so that i no longer have to inhale their lies and bacteriologically enhanced swamp odor?

    i want to be emancipated too, can I, please mom?

    noble kalergi can staple himself to jews, nose-to-anus, ouroboros style all he wants for all of eternity plus.
    But i am not interested, leave me out and for the rest of my days emancipated from jewroboros, i am medically certified antisemite, ephedrine shot ever ready if i accidentally swallow kosher-stamped food, puke+gargle with zyklon mouthwash.

    1. @ Lobro

      In that comment by LD, I read at least 7 instances of “emancipation of Jews“.
      Whom or what did they get emancipated from?

      I guess this is just a rhetorical question and that you are fully aware what “the emancipation of the Jews” actually means. 🙂

      However, for the benefit of those who don’t know what it means, let me explain that it means treating Jews like all other citizens in the state, making Jews and non-Jews equal citizens in every respect.

      Before emancipation, the Jews were not allowed to vote and taxed at a far higher rate than non-Jews. They were excluded from many areas, forced to live in ghettos, and debarred from several professions. In the Middle Ages, they were forced to wear yellow badges so that they could be easily identified as Jews. This was seen as deeply humiliating. They were also not allowed to employ Christian servants. They were generally treated like second-class citizens, with discrimination and contempt. In short, they were laden with numerous crippling disabilities.

      “Emancipation” simply meant <>the removal of all disabilities. No more discrimination. Perfect equality.

      France was the first nation to give the Jews what they demanded. This was in 1791 as a result of the French Revolution. Germany got round to emancipating its Jews 80 years later: in 1871. In Russia, the Jews took their emancipation BY FORCE, having engineered the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. The long march to full Jewish emancipation ended in 1930 with the emancipation of the Jews in Spain.

      1. Which, no doubt you will agree, was like peeing in the wind…I think Napoleon realized this…their elders didn’t want emancipation, they wanted to continue the ghetto mentality….’woe is us….’.

    2. Lasha, my question was only about 20% rhetorical.
      Jews have brought it on themselves through usury, foreclosures, land grabs, their dishonest dealing, swindles and scams so that yellow armbands were the equivalent of electronic tags and bracelets worn by today’s felons at large, muzzles on aggressive dog breeds, to warn regular citizens to be on guard, caveat emptor.

      For this reason Jesus would have objected to “emancipation of poor, demeaned Jews”, and he said “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, because you devour widows’ houses“, got that?
      Emancipate Jews to devour widows’ houses, this is what happened, glory be to Jew Freedom!

      Dostoevsky had a thing to say about (against) emancipation, the annulment of the Pale of Settlement and what its effect on the Russian countryside would be.
      And he was 300% right as the history proved.

      And “they were also not allowed to employ Christian servants” 🙁
      And they were not allowed to prostitute Christian girls and children. 🙁 🙁
      And they were not allowed to peddle pornography nor steal and resell Christian organs. 🙁 🙁 🙁
      Weepies multiplying ad nauseam.

      Well, aren’t we happy now to have Jew EQUALITY, Jew EMANCIPATION?
      Look at the world after Jew emancipation, look at the Jewish Century and the mountains of benefits it brought us, Joe Biden beside himself from blessed appreciation, forever grateful.
      Excerpt from what Biden said at Ariel Sharon’s funeral:

      I’m reminded — my mother’s blessed memory, I’m reminded of — if you’ll forgive me — an Irish poet, an Irish writer. I’m sure Prime Minister Blair will forgive me. That Irish writer was James Joyce. And he said, “When I die, Dublin will be written on my heart.” I am absolutely sure the land of Israel, the Negev is etched in Arik Sharon’s soul as it was written on Joyce’s heart.

      Ah to be emancipated and exercise my goy right to grovel at Sharon’s feet (not Sharon Stone).

      Seriously though, Lasha: everything you listed there sounds like a forcibly grafted meme and nothing to do with real (read: revisionist) history … freedom to have Christian servants … yeah right.
      And what historical evidence is there that anyone has ever had Jew servants, you know the laundresses, seamstresses, cooks, valets, stable hands, gardeners? Huh?
      I guess they weren’t emancipated enough to be allowed to do honest work, so the work ethic just kind of totally atrophied out of memory like running through the trees and swinging on the vines.

      Sorry Lash, you know I mean nothing against you, yet you and your band of brothers are just so sweetly naive and defenseless against much of Jew fumes enveloping the world and keeping extraterrestrial tourism at bay, I feel duty bound to straighten you out every so often.

      @1138: “Some things are right that are wrong, rebbe, y’know what i mean rebbe … 😉 ”
      How many more times will 66 million Christians be rubbed out in the most brutal way imaginable before some basic truths sink in … oops, no, 300 emancipated Jews might take offense.

    3. Lobro,

      “Whom or what did they get emancipated from? Work?”

      No, from being non citizens and the getto, in which they were allowed to quietly thrive and contemplate their sick plans and await their chance to one day let them loose on us thanks to ourselves. That’s where they were emancipated from. They are doing everything right and we are doing everything wrong. It’s about time WE emancipate ourselves from that.

    1. @ Rousso

      It would take too long to explain. Your comment was seen as rude and disrespectful to this website and its administrators. Remember you are a guest in our house and try to behave accordingly.

      Quarrel with other commenters if you want, but don’t tell us that the articles we are publishing on our website are “SHIT” or that we need our brains examined. Do we need to consult you in advance what we may or may not publish?

      Remember you are a guest in our house. We don’t put “shit” on our menu for our guests to eat. If you don’t like the food you are served here at out dinner table, free of charge, you must go to some other website where the food is more to your taste.

      1. Admin,

        I would have published his article, more so that people could see what he’d written and debate it accordingly. Unless his views are challenged, he will still believe what he does and thus the truth will remain hidden to him. If, he is still unable to see that his views are wrong, he’s either an idiot, or a troll. Either way, exposing him for what he is would be a positive. And if he was a troll, then you could simply ban him.

      2. Thanks. For the clarification. I appreciate it.

        But I don’t quarrel here at all. And I didn’t mean that the article was “shit”. I said, it was “full of shit”. Please, understand that English is not the first language of mine, and this phrase doesn’t sound rude and disrespectful to me. Because, as far as I remember, “full of shit” is an expression that means “not credible”, or “making exaggerated claims”. Besides, I didn’t suggest that someone’s brains should be examined and I didn’t even hint that I object publishing the article in question. I pointed out the misrepresentation of the source material in it. And it seems to me, that might be the true reason of such a reaction.

        En passant, I remember that I am a guest here. In the culture that I come from, to talk to a guest in a manner like this is an insult, and a serious one.

      3. OK, Rousso. I will take you off monitoring. Please continue posting as before. The last thing I want is to ban you or censor your views. You sound too nice and intelligent to quarrel with.

        It seems to me the world is a madhouse. We are all like wild dogs snarling at each other.

        I sometimes ask: what on earth am I doing here? I was better off in the cloisters.

      4. I am not a dog, but I agree regarding the nuthouse. This is, apropos, a pure Buddhist angle of looking at it.

  3. I always show the Barbara Spectre video to those who cannot accept that multi-culturalism is a Jewish plot.

    However, why on earth did she ever agree to be recorded uttering such dark truths, admittedly in guarded language? And what about that surname? Lol. A cartoonish villain, surely? Perhaps she is showing chutzpah; or is confident in ultimate victory; or maybe it is a an example of negative karma, i.e. “you can’t say we didn’t warn you”.

    What really galls is the deliberate adoption by her organization of the ancient Greek term for education. Orwellian sadism.

    1. The zio-shill Ingrid Carlqvist of Gatestone Institute has been called out on the Spectre-video. But her only response is that she is a lone nutjob. She doesn’t like to be called out on her zionism or discuss jews from a critical perspective. She sticks to her beloved counter-jihadism. Aside from her I find them very hard to reach. They just doesn’t listen to any arguments. The muslims are the problem, not the jews. The jews are our friends and allies. It’s not the jews who rape our women and bla-bla-bla and all that. They are all basket cases.

  4. Excuse me again. I am still expecting an explanation.

    “Disrespect, slander and personal attacks on the writers we publish will result in your comment being deleted.” I get it. But at the same time, “If our commenters object to the stories we publish or the sources we choose, they are welcome to say so.” I said so. “But if they continue to find fault with our choice of stories and attempt to lecture us on what to publish and what not to publish, we will invite them politely to seek out another website more congenial to their tastes.” I get it, too. But there is a contradiction here. Please tell me, should I go and seek out another site?

    1. Your comment indicates that you are a highly intelligent person and so we would hate to lose you. Maybe you can start again and avoid all attempts to insult your hosts. All it needs is diplomatic language.

      However, it is only too clear from your comment that you are troubled by this article only because it clashes with your own deeply entrenched internationalist and cosmopolitan views. Hence your disparagement of the article which is essentially anti-internationalist, anti-cosmopolitan, and yes, “anti-semitic”. You come to this website with assumptions we do not share. That’s the basic problem.

      Moreover, your finding fault with the website on which the full English translation was found fails to take account of the fact that this particular website was merely copying and pasting an anonymous translation in Italian from an Italian website. What next? Are you going to rubbish the Italian website because you don’t like to see the philosemitic internationalism of Count Kalergi being called into question here?

      Are you by any chance pro-Count Kalergi? If so, you are pro-Jewish, because Count Kalergi was the ultimate philosemite.

      — ADMIN,
      Dr DZ

      1. I hope that I don’t get in trouble for intervening here but I asked Rousso if he was Jewish after seeing one of his first comments. I never saw an answer. People have no choice in who their parents are or what country or ethnicity they belong to, but knowing the country or ethnicity of someone can explain a lot about their politics and many other things. Perhaps it’s irrelevant. People can answer any way they want or not at all.

      2. @ Peter

        I asked Rousso if he was Jewish after seeing one of his first comments. I never saw an answer.

        If he was Jewish, he wouldn’t tell you. 🙂

      3. I had no intention to insult “the hosts”. I apologize if I did.

        But the cosmopolitan views that I hold are no more internationalists than some other people’s on this site, since I am not the onliest immigrant here. I know it. And making conclusions of such a sort based on a single comment from a person that is a stranger and a newbie here is not too sensible, is it?

      4. And I am interested, Peter, and Sister Monica, to know more about this “Jewish” thing. Illuminate me on the meaning of this label, please.

    2. Rousso my friend don’t be shy my friend if you are a Jew or not and you’re free to state it or not
      let me assure you my friend that this site owners and administrators are NOT anti Semites in any form or shape whatsoever ,maybe you are new here but I have been observing this site for ages,,, ( ^-^ ) , ( , ; ) speak your mind freely ,you will find many intellectuals expressing themselves and vast valuable wealth of knowledge expressed by many from various ,sometimes conflicting backgrounds .please note that publishing articles here doesn’t necessary mean that the site owners agree with the subject matter ,it’s just a presentation of many point of views to certain pressing subjects of interests

      1. The Jews, as far as I can see, are not insecure about being Jewish. The Jews are proud, bold and not self-conscious at all.

      2. observer,

        “this site owners and administrators are NOT anti Semites in any form or shape whatsoever ,maybe you are new here but I have been observing this site for ages,,”

        Mm, so you are a bit slow then. Or was that perhaps an attempt at humour? Unless you know more than I about them and they are just faking it.

  5. I was reading about the continuing problems in Detroit, Michigan. What I found interesting is to look at how this city changed as the white population decreased and the black increased.

    For example: In 1940 the overall population was 1,623,452 of which whites made up nearly 91% of the population compared to just over 9% of blacks. This and the next decade were two of Detroit’s busiest periods in its history. It was in the 50’s when the white population of Detroit began to decline, so much so that by 2010, the overall population had fallen to 713,77. Staggeringly, the white population today is somewhere around 76,000 while the black has rocketed to over 590,000. Whites now make up just over 10% of the total population of Detroit.

    What we have seen here is a classic example of white flight. It’s not just a phenomenon here in the UK in cities like London, Birmingham and Slough. Detroit is a ghetto. And of course the blacks complain about it being the fault of whites that Detroit is the way it is. However, the bottom line is a simple one; whites simply don’t want to live alongside blacks. Worse still, as the whites move out, other blacks seeing their neighbourhood’s rise in crime also leave and they follow the whites. And once again, as the blacks move in, the whites move out and the ghetto is once again created, being nothing but a breeding ground for crime.

    If people truly want to see how the future of the USA and Europe will be, all they have to do is look at Detroit in the USA and London in the UK. As non indigenous populations grow, they automatically push for their own way of life to be the dominant one. Look at the insanity of George Soros’ Black Lives Matter organisation? This is nothing but a left wing, racist, hate group, that is not only disrupting colleges and pushing for the end of free speech, but also responsible for a growing number of violent attacks on the police and whites. The msm is of course keeping most of the black on white violence quiet, as it’s being ordered to and sadly, in doing so, the blacks continue believing that they are an oppressed minority telling whites to ‘check their white privilege’. All anyone has to do is look at black crime facts.

    1. Harb –

      I agree 100%. The same thing happened in Birmingham, Alabama, from 1965 to now.

      White folks moved out to “over the mountain”…. over Red Mountain to Vestavia and Hoover and Pelham and Helena and Alabaster…. leaving the city to ruins…. and non-functional on many levels.

      They even shut down some courts in B’ham in 2008….. couldn’t pay workers.

      The mayors have been ousted and even gone to jail for corruption.
      Here’s one now serving a 15-year federal felony sentence.

      Bad news for blacks and whites…. courtesy Civil Rights Act 1965.

      Actually started by CRA 1865..!!

      1. Pat,

        Regardless, what blacks may think, they prefer white neighbourhoods to black ones. Crime rates within answer why. The segregationist policies of Governor George Wallace in Birmingham proved what happens to white neighbourhoods once blacks move in. He was a racist in the definition of it, but ultimately did what he did in order that the white neighbourhoods survive. If this means that indigenous peoples have to re-institute segregationist policies, in order to save their neighbourhoods, then they must be racist. It’s common sense. And sadly, the very actions of blacks in Detroit, Birmingham and other US cities, only goes to support the very policies that Wallace introduced. Interesting that Birmingham is now a majority black city in the US, whereas here in the UK it’s a Muslim majority of immigrant Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. Maybe the name is cursed for whites?

        That all said though, there are many blacks in the USA who are telling the truth on America’s black problem. There are blacks verbally attacking Black Lives Matter (BLM), telling them they need to sort out their own black on black violence first. Another criticised BLM protestors, when they remained silent on a young black girl, killed, while studying in her room, hit by a bullet from a drive-by shooting, yet marched because of the death of some black thug.

        As I’ve said before, many times, while Russia was the test bed for communism, the USA was for multiculturalism and multiracialism. I see nothing wrong on keeping a small minority of non indigenous in a country, but it’s suicide to allow them to grow and become the majority.

        And finally, you may have read of Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini praising the then White Nationalist government of South Africa, back in an interview in December 2015:

        “The National Party…had built a powerful government with the strongest economy and army on the continent, but then came “this so-called democracy” in which black people started destroying the gains of the past,”

      2. Harbinger,

        “As I’ve said before, many times, while Russia was the test bed for communism, the USA was for multiculturalism and multiracialism.”

        Correct. It comes from the Freemasons, it is Kabbalistic in nature: Left Hand of the Lord and Right Hand of the Lord, the right side of the Tree of Life and the left side, one is associated and represented by the Left parties, the other by the Right, because the principle is, “As above, so below”. It became so popular in Christian countries for the reason that it doesn’t contradict Christian teachings, too. It is used as internal political structure in the UK and in the US, and as external model for the future global state. The UN is in the middle of the scheme.

        Thus the two poles are supposed to be, according to their method, the Liberal West and the Communist East, the Blue and the Red, both regulated by the neutral centre, such as the IMF and the UN. And one of the conditions here is to maintain the balance: one side should not overcome the other too much, there must be sort of struggle and competition, the people must be engaged and “understand” the necessities of such struggle and their sacrifice for the survival, in the light of imaginable menace coming from the other side. This is how it’s done.

        When the Chinese started economical reforms in the 70’s, this balance began to shift and it became clear that in a matter of the next 4-5 decades the Communist East was to suppress the West. So the fat cats decided to dismantle the USSR and to transfer its economical and political resourses to the Blue side. But then, at that point, the reforms in China were going in full swing. In 1989 Mikhail Gorbachev went to see Deng Xiaoping and soon after he left China renounced liberalism and the Tiananmen Square protests were crushed in the most brutal fashion.

        Then, the reformatted geopolitical scene has to be balanced by the US and the EU on one side, and China on the other. Russia was supposed to be separated into parts and shared between them. This is something that has to happen in the next couple of decades. In the meantime, China and the EU are in the process of partitioning the spheres of influence in Africa and the Middle East. Russia is not there no longer, not counting the naval base in Tartus. But that’s another topic for another conversation. No one in fact can predict the further development of all this.

        People’s Republic of China’s Nominal Gross Domestic Product, 1952-2005

    2. Whites in Detroit became wealthy enough to move to small towns , away from what they perceive has “violent ”
      population moves in .
      I don’t want blacks in my school , let alone marry my daughter.
      Let me jump right to the real problem ; HARVARD UNIVERSITY LAW & JFK SCHOOL OF GOVERNMENT ,have been taken over by Neo-cons, the over loaded AMERICAN ENTERPRISE ( JEWISH ) INSTITUTE ; led by Lynne Cheney , supported by Dick Cheney and the support of King George < and the Catholic Church . Benedict and Francis , are twins with different facial attitudes . See them protest the Israeli attacks on Palestine . ( check out the Catholic 's " JUST WAR DOCTRINE ", Another one of World Catholicism ', KNOWN & UNKNOWN " , has Rumsfeld would say in his book with the same title .
      Prince Bandar sat with the war team , agreeing the attack on IRAQ. Bandar says," as long as we don't make the same mistake the Presidents father made ".
      Back to school , Harvard you. 1995 , Zelikow , Gorelick , John Deutch < CIA < , Ernest May , ; Rice , Standford U. MIT , U . VA , Plan a Catastrophic event . Zelikow goes on to Chief of Staff , 911 Commission ;ernest May is on the staff . Gorelick wins all the marbles . explains how the war in Iraq was going badly ( from the first day ) everyone was giving Rice and Bush advice on how to handle the war . AEI was prominent in this position .
      SEE , HISTORY COMMONS , 911 TIMELINE for details on the 1995 ” COUP’ D’ETAS “. See John Dee for explanation on a Coup ( Take over. the government ).
      Strange that Prof. Noel Ignatiev would publish in 2002 .

  6. Is it a coincidence that a half Austrian, half Japanese authored this plan? I don’t think so. I read somewhere that mixed race children / people often feel insecure, discriminated against or something to that effect. Europeans should be informed about this man. The Charlemagne Prize is prestigious in Europe. It appears the media has done an excellent job of hiding this man and his ideas from the public by simply not mentioning him. It is amazing that so many media organizations can work in unison to conceal something when they want to, like the prominent role Jews played in communism (denied with the statement “that’s what the NAZIS said” according to many ignoramuses still today). I suspect the Jews big role in media ownership allows them to hide important historical facts like this when they want to. This needs to change or the Jews will always have the upper hand.

    Regarding the quote at the end where “white race” is substituted with “Jewish race”, I’m sure I’m not the only one aware of the Jews tall tales by way of Hollywood and books of the “NAZIS” medical experiments in changing Jews eye color to blue and similar fantastic lies. But they are doing it to us. To quote David Irving, despite this they still ask “why us” every time they’re thrown out of a country.

    The right wing parties in Europe need to take the lead in informing people of this man and similar people; people like Theodore Kaufman, Ernest Hooton and Henry Morgenthau. But as long as these parties refuse to address the leading role that Jews have played in this genocide or criticize Jews in any way at all, the public will remain ignorant.

    “Mass Immigration is creeping Genocide of the German people” – AfD Deputy Chairwoman Christina Baum

    Ironically, those supporting the genocide of Germans and other Europeans call those opposing it “NAZIS”. Maybe that isn’t as strange as it sounds, unless you believe everything you were told about the war. And this piece of garbage, the Vice Chancellor of Germany shows the middle finger to protesters. Germans are now as vulgar as Americans and others. This was unheard of years ago.

    Notice how this Jew from the Los Angeles Times covers the story. He calls the protesters “NAZIS”. There is no connection between these protesters and the National Socialist Party, which is, perhaps unfortunately, forbidden in Germany. “NAZI” is just an insult used to dehumanize their opponents. If you read the article, I can tell you neither his father nor anyone else referred to themselves as “NAZIS” and his father, who lived thru the period, knows much more than his ignorant son. Knowing what the Jews and allies did, no German should “repent”. If the time ever comes when an honest and open discussion can occur (I’m not sure Jews are capable of this) then perhaps both sides could voice regret. But I for one, no longer would. Sigmar Gabriel is about my age, so he had the same arguments with his father that I had with mine. But this pig says in public his father remained a “NAZI” until the day he died. He never received the red pill.

    And this is how the liberal German media also covers this, referring to the protesters against this genocide as “NAZIS”. There needs to be a growth in the resistance and the resistance needs to be as vocal as the leftist garbage that is leading this genocide and they can describe their leftist opponents with complete accuracy as “racists”, the supporters of genocide. They need to scream this loud and every time they see the genocide supporters.

    What is happening in Europe puts the American civil rights movement of the 1960’s in a new perspective. Very few people questioned the morality of its goals by the 1970’s or 80’s, including myself. It all seemed fair. But now it’s clear that many behind that movement had more in mind than just improving blacks education and breaking down other forms of discrimination.

    1. Peter,

      “Is it a coincidence that a half Austrian, half Japanese authored this plan? I don’t think so. I read somewhere that mixed race children / people often feel insecure, discriminated against or something to that effect.”

      No, it is not a coincidence at all. Many mixed people feel that they don’t belong to either race, or being accepted by either race. A while ago In read an article of a mixed black/Japanese woman. She was experiencing discrimination against her in Japan. She actually said that she wanted the entire Japanese population to disappaer through mixing. That was her ideal, I’m not joking. I can’t really remember what she did but she was some kind of publicly known figure. An actress or in a sport, I don’t know. But anyway, no one in the media attacked her for saying that. Imagine the reaction to an article published in which I would state what I wanted, to live in a white society where only whites can be citizens.

      “Ironically, those supporting the genocide of Germans and other Europeans call those opposing it “NAZIS”

      That’s because these people are INSANE. That’s right, literally insane, and spineless. Not able to think straight anymore.

      I repeat, the jews are doing everything right while we are doing everything wrong. The white man is the only one who is ashamed to think in racial terms. Well I’m not.

      And if we will be genocided it will be done by suicide, not by murder. Nature doesn’t care one bit about the white man’s fate or any other’s, but if we are not willing, or able, to firmly secure our place amidst an ecosystem full of competitors then we will simply vanish because according to the only real undisputed laws that exist we have no right to exist.

    2. As you can read the following you will see that he was not only Austrian and Japanese,but also Greek.
      A real mongrel,or a μοῦλος(mule) as we say in Greek.
      The name Kallergis is very common in Greece.

      “The Kallergis (Greek: Καλλέργης) family is a Cretan family said to be descended from Byzantine Emperor Nikephoros II Phokas (Latinized: Nicephorus II Phocas, Greek: Νικηφόρος Β΄ Φωκᾶς, Nikēphoros II Phōkas),[2][3][4] and were at one stage rulers of Crete.

      The history of the twelve byzantine rulers :

      Emperor Alexios II Komnenos (Greek: Αλέξιος Β’ Κομνηνός, Alexios II Komnēnos) sent twelve noble Byzantine families to Crete, in order to strengthen the ties between the island and the city of Constantinople. The families were credited important land and administrative privileges.
      Ioannis Phokas was one of those 12 Byzantine rulers.
      The Phokas name changed to “Kallergis” during the Venetian dominion.
      As Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi describes in his book An idea conquers the world the Kallergis name is composed of the Greek word kalon (=beautiful) and ergon[6] (from ergō=”work, task, deed, accomplishment, or purpose”) [Greek: Καλλ(ι)έργης > Καλλέργης, known in many versions as Kalergis, Calergis, Kallergi, Callergi, Calergi].

  7. So, this is the comment that I posted earlier.

    First, the report published by the UN is called “Replacement Migration: Is It a Solution to Declining and Ageing Populations?”, not “Immigration replacement: A solution to declining and aging population”.

    Second, the article is coming from a site titled “Western Spring”. I am tired of these “springs”. This is a propaganda term. And the content of the UN report is misrepresented. There are possible scenarios, not a plan.

    There are explanations and complications taken into account. And from the economical standpoint, there is a rational foundation for all of it.

    1. @ Rousso

      Second, the article is coming from a site titled “Western Spring”. I am tired of these “springs”. This is a propaganda term. And the content of the UN report is misrepresented. There are possible scenarios, not a plan.

      This does not invalidate LD’s posted article.

      Firstly, there is nothing to support your argument that there is something shady and suspicious about the Western Springs site:

      Secondly, even if this site IS shady and suspicious, this is not the ORIGINAL site on which the English translation first appeared. If you a do a little checking, you’ll find that the original site on which the English translation appeared is THIS one — it’s called THE GOLDEN DAWN INTERNATIONAL NEWSROOM:

      If you don’t like the above site either, NO BIG DEAL! This is the original site only for the English translation of the Italian article, but the article in ITALIAN comes from ANOTHER site called IDENTITA:

      All this is an example of your bad research, Rousso! You blame the Western Springs website for publishing a “SHITTY” article (!!!) but the original article in ITALIAN was published on a totally different website!

      1. It doesn’t matter, Sardonicus.

        All of these sites re-posted the article that is full of crap, like I pointed out and it is not a bad research of mine, since I am the one who looked at the source and found that the article is a fake. A part of it is copied from another article, and the information concerning the UN report is contorted. This article is “black propaganda” and it isn’t useful to us, to me and to no one except Freemasons and ADL, because it can be and is going to be used to illustrate the rise of racism and antisemitism in Europe, and the need of more resourses to be spent on combating these issues, and at the same time it is not going to help no one to understand the real problem behind these issues since the article is based on the fake information.

        Is it so difficult to comprehend, Sardonicus?

      2. Why is it so difficult to comprehend, Sardonicus? Let me put it to you in plain language because Rousso’s lexicon may be too esoteric for you.
        Talking trash about Jews is bad for us! It makes them mad and then the Jews and the Freemasons (not to confuse the two) will pounce on us and hit us with the big “A-s” club. The sites that post such trash talk are “black sites” set up by the ADL to entrap us. Let’s be careful out here, Sardonicus, and LD and all of us. We have the most comprehensive source of untainted info — wikipedia– who could ask for anything more? May I suggest to LD that this site appoint Rousso as a (((Community))) Outreach Liaison to vet all posts and comments that contain words starting with “J”? It seems prudent.

      3. Ariadna, have I not asked you to stop posting idiotic remarks under my comments? I am asking you now. Please, stop posting stupid and moronic remarks under my comments. Even a cuckoo such as Mark X couldn’t stand you for the same reason.

      4. Yes, it’s true. Reading one of Rousso’s remarks is like reading a riddle. It’s not the free-masons, it’s the Jews.

        All Jews – Theodore Kaufman, Barbara Specter, Gregor Gysi and Harvard Professor Noel Ignatiev :

        In 1965 the US passed it’s landmark immigration bill, a bill which has altered the culture and people of the USA forever. While being one of the most important bills ever passed and having an enormous affect on the country, the mainstream media never discusses it. I was not even aware of it until I read about it on Professor MacDonald’s website. Until 1965, the US primarily allowed immigration to the country from Europe. Beginning in 1965 immigration was opened to the world. The Americans and their leaders wanted to retain the culture they had, but after the Jews had been working for decades to change the immigration laws, they succeeded in 1965. Professor MacDonald researched the congressional record and it was Jewish congressmen that pushed for this change.

        Support from Vanderbilt University historian Hugh Davis Graham –

        “Most important for the content of immigration reform [i.e., anti-restrictionism], the driving force at the core of the movement, reaching back to the 1920s, were Jewish organizations long active in opposing racial and ethnic quotas. These included the American Jewish Congress, the American Jewish Committee, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, and the American Federation of Jews from Eastern Europe. Jewish members of the Congress, particularly representatives from New York and Chicago, had maintained steady but largely ineffective pressure against the national origins quotas since the 1920s…. Following the shock of the Holocaust, Jewish leaders had been especially active in Washington in furthering immigration reform. To the public, the most visible evidence of the immigration reform drive was played by Jewish legislative leaders, such as Representative Celler and Senator Jacob Javits of New York. Less visible, but equally important, were the efforts of key advisers on presidential and agency staffs. These included senior policy advisers such as Julius Edelson and Harry Rosenfield in the Truman administration, Maxwell Rabb in the Eisenhower White House, and presidential aide Myer Feldman, assistant secretary of state Abba Schwartz, and deputy attorney general Norbert Schlei in the Kennedy-Johnson administration. (Hugh Davis Graham, Collision Course: The Strange Convergence of Affirmative Action and Immigration Policy in America (New York, Oxford University Press, 2002, pp. 56–57).”

      5. “Professor MacDonald researched the congressional record and it was Jewish congressmen that pushed for this change.”

        If a professor said so, it must be so. Ask this professor, whose speeches are the best treatment for insomnia, how the 5-8% of the US congessmen could “push this change”, but don’t mention the Freemasons. On his boring site, people get banned for that. It’s the Jooos!

      6. Yeah Peter, that 1965 Immigration Bill, a primary sponsor of which was Teddy Kennedy brother.

        After they killed his older brothers, that left him as the family patriarch, and there was no way he was gonna go against them so he decided to be a good boy and just sell out like the rest of the whores in the U.S. Congress.

        A friend of mine married into a prominent Catholic political family in Massachusetts who were close friends with the Kennedys as you may well imagine. (I once got into a staring contest with Teddy Boy while we were both attending a parade in a town in Massachusetts – I won)

        Pat’s got his stories, and I certainly have mine! {<:]

      7. B-Hawk – —

        Teddy was warned by that plane crash which killed his pilot and broke his back. He went back to concentrate on booze and babes and cover-ups….. and not his brother’s death.

        He spent 5 months in hospital in 1964:

        “Now…. vote how we tell ya, or you’ll get a Dallas parade, down Elm St. too.”

  8. The momentum of continuing diminution of the White Race will not abate until control over information and education dissemination is taken back from the Jewish dominated and created Social and Cultural Marxist forces that channel dreck, lies, and fabrications to our People, especially the young and weak-minded.

    I learned and became aware of the ENTIRE Jewish eco-system of genocidal warfare against the White, nominally Christian peoples late in life, I’m chagrined to say. And I have always been an above average reader and follower of the news. I credit Pat Buchanan for his writings that alerted me that there were undercurrents of subversion and destruction. What really crystallized the Reality Shock of what really HAD BEEN GOING ON and presently continuing was The Occidental Observer, which led to other fine magazines, including this one. H/T to TOO.

    An example, which never was taught in the excellent schools and universities I attended, is this article:

    Notably, it explains the rampant Bolshevism and subversion in Germany and Central Europe between WWI and WWII. As Readers here might know, Jews controlled 40% of the wealth and dominated the upper scales of the professions. In Germany, almost all movie houses and theaters were Jewish owned. In Hungary, Poland, etc., the same.

    Did the Jews encourage WWII, knowing that many millions of Gentiles would be killed, at a far greater irreplaceable proportion than that of the Jews? That this, as WWI, would destroy the flower of the Gentile manhood, the Alpha Males, i.e., the best and brightest? Leaving the Betas and Gammas, feminized, defective, and clerical paper mongers to survive? I lean toward this hypothesis, as I do the Middle Beast wars of nihilism, senselessness, and self-destruction.

    1. “crystallized the Reality Shock”

      You’ve got yourself a title for a discussion right there. My moment was not the WMD lies and the war in Iraq , even though I saw through ’em in an instant (many intelligent family members and friends believed those lies). The real shocker was reading “New Pearl Harbor” by Griffin — the psychopaths had actually written down their plans, “ya can’t say we didn’t warn ya”.

      Once I accepted 9/11 as a Zionist false flag, then all of mainstream history started to stink in my nostrils. The shocks have yet to subside 😀

      1. @Flopot: Yea, the realization of the whole edifice of Jew deception and Goyim tag along collaboration hits you suddenly, like a building collapsing on your heard in a central Italian village. It’s like being told you have cancer. (I can still recall the feeling of surreality and unreality, sitting in the doctor’s office).

        It’s like a dam bursting, with water wanting to settle at its Natural level, being held back by ARTIFICIAL means.

        That’s why many people sense the Truth, but lack the courage and guts to go there. Do you agree?

      2. To catch a glimpse of this truth is…sometimes I wish I’d never found out the truth of how our political order actually works. It is terrifying. It feels like a betrayal — shock, despair, anger and then a deep, deep resentment.

  9. two reasons for not displaying one’s full name even though jew can easily discover our identity are the potential for legal prosecution as differentiated from illegal persecution and the outward spreading ripple of harm to family and friends through ostracism and career damage.
    At least in my case.

    If my name was fully posted, it could be used as court evidence, as it is, they like to keep the extent of their oppressive spying secret from wider public.

    However, an all out urging for widespread, indiscriminate violence may result in a court order for the ISP to reveal the full identities of posters and then the various “Hate Watch” jew brigades go on frontal offensive.
    We must accept the guerilla tactics and communication methods of saying the unsaid in public, just as Jews do and have been doing for over thousand years with their secret language, meetings, schools, networks and literature.

    if we are ready for war, let’s treat it seriously – like war, not paintball.
    Jews have been waging all-out war on us like a bunch of hibernating wooly mammoths and either we wake up and act in a rational way or we go extinct through our own sloth and incompetence.

    And those of Homo Sapiens mentality will easily perceive that this is exactly what Putin does on a large scale.

    1. Lobro you are a very smart highly educated wise man
      having said that if only you could cure yourself from the anti Semite mental disease
      did you know of this ancient saying about anti Semites :
      “anti Semites are nothing but pork eating ,ham loving dirty pigs masquerading as humans”

      1. If someday you are willing to examine your own hatred towards others and rid yourself of it you might be able to cure yourself of your racism and the mental disease you have. Then countries from all over Europe and around the whole world will stop throwing you out. Do yourselves a favor. Don’t alienate the whole world so you’re thrown out of hundreds of countries in the next thousand years the way you were in the last thousand years.

        And stop behaving like an idiot. Stop denying your problem. It’s not us. It’s you. The fact no one can stand you is proof.

  10. If (((Ignatiev))) believes that races are mere social constructs with no basis in reality, why do the (((ignatievs))) employ themselves so arduously to destroy the “non-existent” White race?
    Spielberg should produce a Jew-friendly remake of “Harvey” in which Jimmy Stewart’s character is a Jew named Ehud who has an arch-enemy that pursues him relentlessly everywhere: a 6.3-ft tall WHITE rabbit. The dialog is easy to adapt, e.g., “We have been struggling with reality for more than 2,000 years and I am proud to say that we won!”

  11. the fact is race mixing is neither good nor bad, it’s a value judgement. Jews doing social engineering is bad, Jews flooding countries with low educated non-whites is subversion and the bottom line. The Jews going to do whatever you let him. Working within a system he totally controls is a loss off the bat. Beliving Donald Trump is going to turn it around is funny. In fact, the once conspiratorial oriented crowd that has now been convinced to worship Trump the trojan horse displays a fact that the goyim are surrendering as we speak.
    Words go nowhere, believing we can win through working within the system is like believing in the tooth fairy
    We need an anti-Jew party, which means all this moralizing and whining is baggage to let go. We need to focus on the Jew leak and only the Jew leak…and that is because your precious race will get genocided if you don’t cause the children will be brainwashed not to care.
    Oh, and whites with their White race religion that deems all muds primates and the enemy simply makes us a can’t miss target for stupidity. Natt Hale, the supposed hero of many whites just wrote a book about White slavery and didn’t mention the Jew once but he sure did mention niggers and spics and muds a lot
    Your white race religion goy is a Jew op and the moderates need to examine who they are teaming up with

    1. @ Joe Sigur

      Natt Hale, the supposed hero of many whites just wrote a book about White slavery and didn’t mention the Jew once but he sure did mention niggers and spics and muds a lot.

      We don’t like people using phrases like “niggers and spics and muds” on this site. Read our Comment Policy Document please.

      # 9 . Racist terms like “nigger”, “wog”, “kike”, “yid”, and “raghead” should be avoided. Such vulgar talk lowers the tone on our website and gives it a bad name. Posters who resort to 4-letter-word obscenities, ribald sex talk, and foul abuse will be given a warning and then invited to leave. So will hotheads and agents provocateurs guilty of incitement to violence and genocide. Please refrain from all inflammatory talk about “the extermination of the Jews.” Freedom of speech is fine, but we don’t want our website to be shut down.

      Thank you in anticipation of your cooperation.

      — Sr. Monica

      1. Under no circumstances should YOU descend this site into schoolmarmish prohibitions of mere epithets, those looked upon and judged by the very gate keepers, silencers, anti-First Amendment authoritarians. The word Nigger is used by Niggers, millions of them, daily. But THEY say you can’t use it. And you are acceding to this?

        And what about Spics? Who decided this word is “objectionable”? Huh? The people at the SPLC, the Jews, the NWO Left, and the mentally ill commentariat and idiocracy professoriate?. I say use it and Piss Them Off! Let ’em get the vapors, swoon, grind their teeth, and their eyeballs pop out.

        That’s what’s wrong with the Right, and has been, this pussy footing, pusillanimous, parlor poodle namby pamby lickspittle “I want you to like me” jejune nincompoopery. No nutritional value.

      2. @ Poupon Marx

        Under no circumstances should YOU descend this site into schoolmarmish prohibitions of mere epithets, those looked upon and judged by the very gate keepers, silencers, anti-First Amendment authoritarians. The word Nigger is used by Niggers, millions of them, daily. But THEY say you can’t use it. And you are acceding to this?

        Listen to me carefully, you insufferable piece of rat excrement! Any more lectures from you on how we should run our website and you will be given the boot! You get above yourself.

        Just try using the word “nigger” on our site in your next post — and see what happens to you!

      3. Poor Poupon, babe-in-arms, throwing a tantrum in his cradle! The little Raging Rotter, with his delusions of grandeur!

        He has acquired a certain facility with words, a fancy style, and now thinks he is Proust or Flaubert!

        Pity he can’t find a better mot juste than “nigger”!

      1. Wiggins, your comment makes you sound effete, like the description of “soft dormitory hands”, one who is sequestered and feels that someone else should do the dirty work-and real work and risk-while you sniff and shuffle around your parlor at the people who actually make something, do something in society that is essential, not parasitic, or an enhancement. Do you feel women’s undergarments or model them?

        I have to unabashedly and unapologetically enjoy the straight talk, the solutions discussions, and remedial proposals on the Radio Northwest Front, StormFront, and other organizations that advocate White preservation and perpetuation. Go back to preoccupying yourself with the crease in your pants and shoe shine.

        I consider you a fop, until demonstrated otherwise.

        See the following:

      2. Poupon –

        Wiggins has been commenting here for many years.

        He made more sense in one sentence than you have since you’ve been here.

        You’re a buffoon and a joke… 🙂

  12. b’nai b’rith has always been a masonic/jewish organization. it was utilized in the 1800s in new york city to protect jewish gangsters from prosecution. these days it’s pretty much the adl, which controls the fbi, atf, dea, etc..
    “oro ab chao”. the masonic motto. look at europe now.
    “oligarchic power grows exponentially above the disunity of diversity.” paul craig roberts
    yes, winston churchill was a jew. no-doubt a mason too. otherwise he wouldn’t have been in power on the zionist pyramid. churchill plotted the sinking of the lusitania with fdr. teddy roosevelt did the maine in havana. it’s ll a big jewish zionist puzzle.
    the cia made its jew bones with the murder of jfk, who had a lot on his plate following the three mazaltavers – FDR, truman and eisenhower. then came up from texas the killer polecat – lyndon johnson, a crypto, with his stieny lawyer, abe fortas. lbj can be implicated in a half-dozen murders down in texas. the jews killed jfk.
    the cia conducted the globalist debacle known as the vietnam war, for their bankster masters. now they serve the multiculturalist balkanization agenda.
    where are the real americans?
    pope francis get the prize? no kidding. like we said – the jew-mason rothschild banksters control the vatican, which is 100% behind the mexican flood into the usa and the discombobulation of north africa and the middle east, most likely including the establishment of the state of yisrayhell in the first place.
    the neocons will never let trump be an effective president, the only one on the whole scene who condemns the immigration fiasco.
    the declining birthrate in the white countries is an indication of progress and enlightenment among socially advanced people. it is a good thing for the planet and should be hailed and promoted. since population reduction is not the corporate capitalist formula – a new method of interaction and wealth sharing is necessary to get us beyond the archaic commodificational methodology. indeed we need now an advanced definition of wealth itself, which should be seen to increase with the rejuvination of every ecosystem, made possible by the decline of human numbers and the return of the commons.
    two major jew-media myths prolonged by commentators here this issue –
    #1- the same old business that hitler was some kind of independent, a real leader of the german people and no tool of the rothschild bankster cartel. he was obviously a zionist operative the whole time and everything he did benefitted the zionists in the end, most notably the establishment of the rothschild estate of israel and the destruction of germany.
    #2 – ahmadinejad calling for the destruction of israel. what he really said was, effectively, he wished zionism could be erased from the pages of history (and what decent person does not). it’s not the same statement.
    also – it was always in the interest of the big jews on the bankster level that the common jewish folk be ostracized and contained, that is – not assimilated with the gentiles. they are the ones who engineered the traditional jewish ghetto phenomenon, the concentration camps and the movement of jews to israel as a result of their ww2.
    ROUSSO – from now on just use the acronym FOS, and admin will probably let it pass. LOL
    your comments are good.
    way too much argument and hair-splitting on meaning here between posters though.
    harbinger – real good observations. i want the bumper sticker —
    but black lives matter is basically legit, though too radicalized now to help. blm is only a logical result of gross police brutality (easy to see on you tube – and no way specific to blacks), which increases with the destruction of constitutional government, militarized police and the establishment of the dictatorial nwo control structure in the usa.
    peter – jews control the commercial news media. they establish pc and make the thought-perimeter. will they be able to grow their apartheid palestine in the usa? wait for prosecution for holocaust denial, as in putin’s russia, after/if hillary gets in.
    poupon marx – yes, all wars are actually conducted against the lower classes; bankster fabrications contrived and perpetrated for profit and continued control, absolutely necessary to the continued existence of their global security pyramid. the jews we see are all over it now but all kinds of banksters have been doing that since way before the first global zionist conference in basel with theodor herzel and chaim weizmann in 1897, where switzerland, stronghold of the isis tribe, was designated neutral and the coming world wars were confirmed.
    mexican drug cartels are taking over in the usa. it’s part of the nwo plot. close to where i live in northern california, in the last month we’ve had one property owner shot to death, one hiker gone missing and one search and rescue man shot and wounded while looking for the missing hiker. then, despite a major swat cop helicopter invasion, there were no arrests and the missing hiker was never found. now the cops say it’s too risky for their safety to return to the area. the sheriff mentioned “sovereigns” as the possible perpetrators.

    1. Hei, this is a smart comment. I missed it. The best part:

      “The declining birthrate in the white countries is an indication of progress and enlightenment among socially advanced people. It is a good thing for the planet and should be hailed and promoted. Since population reduction is not the corporate capitalist formula – a new method of interaction and wealth sharing is necessary to get us beyond the archaic commodificational methodology. Indeed we need now an advanced definition of wealth itself, which should be seen to increase with the rejuvination of every ecosystem, made possible by the decline of human numbers and the return of the commons.”

      But it’s hard to read, man. Please, use capitalisation as needed.

      1. Rousso,

        Yes, birthreduction is indeed an indication of progress and enlightenment of socially advanced people. And we – the socially advanced people – should never have utilised our sciences and knowledge to improve living conditions of others who now double their numbers every two decades or so. We should have left them to their own devices, in their own lands. As a matter of fact, the white race is the best thing that ever happened to the primitive peoples on earth. And that is also the worst thing that we have done to ourselves. All thanks to Jewish capitalism and spineless gentile aristocracy’s shortsightedness.

        All the progress we made is being detroyed by swelling numbers of primitives who are simply not fit for modern life. If they were they would have developed an equivalent of our western civilisation on their own. But they are not able to. The only thing they are capable of is to tear everything down we built.

      2. 1138,

        This is Judaic thinking, 100% son. You don’t even realize it. You are ignorant. Because from about 500’s or 600’s CE the “White Race” began to degrade and it happened fast. From the 8th to 16th centuries, the Europeans were the most retarded nations, entrenched in stagnation and terror of their own religion. The primitive peoples were the source of most European advancement that followed, during the Renaissance period. Check it: violin is an Indian instrument, guitar is a modified Arabic instrument; most of the medicine science, math and other sciences were brought from the East, through the Moorish tribes in Spain and the Arabs, through the merchants routes from India. Your claims are baseless.

      3. Dream on Rousso,

        Besides. If your drivel would be true that would only demonstrate even more how absolutely brilliant whites are. From primitive ( LOL, good one ) to the pinnacle of human advancement in just a milennium, leaving all those wonderfully ‘highly’ advanced cultures far far behind. I suppose the Lascaux cave paintings – the oldest in its kind and quality – are only a few centuries old, then? Nighty night, Rousso.

        You’re a real comedian.

      4. 1138,

        Is this beakthrough “to the pinnacle of human advancement” manifested in iPad or iPhone, or something like that? You are a real ignoramus. All of these technical things do not indicate human advancement, it’s just tools becoming more complex and sophisticated, and people are still the same. No change.

      5. It’s human devolution, downhill all the way, in action.
        Proof is as easy as turning on WWW, TV or movies, taking a stroll down the street or just sticking your head out of the window.
        Downhill all the way, it tis. Whether consciously, subconsciously, or (ouch) both.
        (it’s both)

      6. Rousso,

        Is this fun or what?

        “The primitive peoples were the source of most European advancement that followed, during the Renaissance period. Check it: violin is an Indian instrument, guitar is a modified Arabic instrument; most of the medicine science, math and other sciences were brought from the East, through the Moorish tribes in Spain and the Arabs, through the merchants routes from India. Your claims are baseless.”

        I responded in the same manner you tried to make a point; namely advancement measured in appliances like musical instruments. The knowledge brought to us by Moslims was not theirs, but Greek from way way before there even was Islam. I’m recognising a pattern here. It’s the same drivel liberals start to throw out of sheer poverty. You can’t refute anything I say. All you can do is make excuses based on warped and transparant assumptions. And that is just eating your black little heart away isn’t it haha.

      7. 1138,

        The Arabs indeed translated a lot of books and resurrected a lot of knowledge that had been lost, and some of that was Greek, but the Greeks brought it from India and Mesopotamia, for the most part. You are ignorant, son.

      8. @ HP,

        “It’s human devolution, downhill all the way, in action.
        Proof is as easy as turning on WWW, TV or movies, taking a stroll down the street or just sticking your head out of the window.
        Downhill all the way, it tis. Whether consciously, subconsciously, or (ouch) both.
        (it’s both)”

        Non-argument I’m afraid. Technology is neutral. It is the application of technology what determines the effect on society’s health. You might as well blame guns for all the violence predominently caused by the rather primitive section of the US population.

        And Rouseau,

        The pendulum clock, the chronometer, the microscope, and a long list of other stuff were THE most decisive inventions and are all created by brilliant white Europeans. No one else could even dream of such things despite having been around for miliennia, when we allegedly were still primitive. Hahaha. Dream on.

    2. Also,

      “The same old business that Hitler was some kind of independent, a real leader of the german people and no tool of the Rothschild bankster cartel. He was obviously a Zionist operative the whole time and everything he did benefitted the Zionists in the end, most notably the establishment of the Rothschild estate of Israel and the destruction of Germany.”

      Hitler believed that the fat cats were on his side and received aid from the Skull and Bones members, like Prescott Bush and Co. till 1942. He didn’t expect that the aid was to be denied after his adventure in Russia went on far enough. In 1941 the same fat cats started the Lend-Lease program, to help Stalin fight Hitler. The attack on Russia was a suicide mission.

      Hitler knew, I assume, just as much as Lenin did. Not much. He was fooled, just like Lenin was. If Lenin knew that he was going to become a sacrificial goat for the fat cats, he wouldn’t have done all the things he did. He didn’t expect that he would be treated like an actor, and taken out like that. But the plan didn’t work also, so he put Stalin in his place.

      If Lenin had died after the assassination attempt, like he was supposed to, all the power would have shifted to Trotski and the gang of Judaic Commies. In that case, there would have been no Hitler and no WWII. But since Stalin had his own point of view and ambitions, and stubborn character, it went a different path. But in the end it still got to the point of destination as planned.

      Even better. The US became a superpower. Nice game.

      1. Rousso,

        “I don’t get it.”

        Doesn’t surprise me one bit. There are many thing you don’t get judging many of your postings 🙂

      2. And you are displaying the behavior that has made you disliked all over the world and gotten you thrown out of hundreds of countries. Denial and lying. The evidence is overwhelming Jews are the leaders in this, with even a few saying so. But even with out those idiots, we have the records of what so many Jews have pushed for. There is so much more too, including Cultural Marxism.

        Barbara Specter – Jew and Zionist –

        Europe will become multicultural. “Jews are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role” Spoken like a true Jew racist and speaking for most Jews that hate Christians and Europeans, display it in their repulsive ways and openly voice their hatred for Christians and Europeans.

      3. You are an asinine, paranoid idiot, Peter.

        I am a Russian, I belong to the nation that kicked all of the asses of such Peters and Fritzes, and all of these Dieters that were dumb enough to come to the land of the Russians thinking of them as of inferior race. Your grandparents can for sure tell some interesting stories about these times, so go ask them about it.

      4. Rousso,

        I am a tad arrogant, not again, but now perhaps. In any case, I’m not being any more arrogant that you are. So what is your point?

      5. Rousso,

        “I am a Russian, I belong to the nation that kicked all of the asses of such Peters and Fritzes,”

        Perhaps, but only with the help of Jew, whom incidentally slauhgtered your monarchs and more of you than any other nation has ever suffered. But of course, you are very pleased about that.

        ” and all of these Dieters that were dumb enough to come to the land of the Russians thinking of them as of inferior race.”

        Those Dieters had no other choice. You Russians were planning on doing the same to Dieter for no reason other than doing Jew’s heavy lifting. And if it were not for YOUR allies, JEW, you would be annihilated by Dieter which would have been a blessing for humanity. No cold war, no dividing up the globe, no proxy wars AND the destruction of the JWO. But that wouldn’t make you very happy, no doubt.

        “Your grandparents can for sure tell some interesting stories about these times, so go ask them about it.”

        They sure can about the primitive Russians who were more than happy doing Jews dirty work. When they think about Russians they think rape and murder. And I’m sure all the former Warschau Pact countries are thinking the same about Russians.

      6. 1138,

        Not all of them. But those little nations that participated in the coup in 1917, like the Estonians, and those that fought against the Russians, and were punished for that, like the Poles, who attacked the Russians in the back 18 times during the most tragic moments of internal troubles, all these nations can be thinking “rape and murder”, the Russians don’t care about that.

        En passant, son, there is an upgrade on this topic, coming big time:

        US soldiers raped up to 190,000 women at the end of World War II

        Michael Merxmüller, a priest in the village of Ramsau near Berchtesgaden, wrote on July 20, 1945, for example: “Eight girls and women raped, some of them in front of their parents.”

        If there was no help from the ‘Jooos’ it would have taken more time to whoop the butts of Dieters for sure. But it would have happened. The Russians crushed empires like the Ottoman, crushed Napoleon and the list is long. The Russians have the largest state on the planet for a reason. Part of it is the former empire of the Mongols.

    3. Barkingdeer,

      If you are going to copy and paste another man’s text – JB Campbell’s – it’s not very polite to contradict his views which you do.

  13. I don’t think the intention is to abolish just the white race thru miscegenation/mongrelization but ALL racial, ethnic, and cultural unity, cohesion and strength of all non-jews. the jews have long sought to weaken all other groups of peoples other than themselves so as to dominate, control, demoralize, and exploit them. It’s all part of their compulsive revolutionary spirit which they acquired when they rejected Christ, and therefore Logos, which includes the moral order, thus becoming the “synagogue of Satan” and “offspring of the devil”. By conversion to Christianity, especially Catholicism, they are able to be exorcised of this diabolical grip upon their inhuman ways of thinking and acting.
    And I’ve said this before, as has Israel Shamir and many others, that the term “anti-semitism” should not be used to describe what is actually the anti-judaism that normal people will have vis a vis the jews. The former is based on DNA, the latter is based on the evil behavior of jews, and is a healthy response to it.

    1. In answer to that, the only countries in the world that have welcomed in many millions of people from alien races to the point that London, Paris, Berlin and cities all across the continent are on the verge of making English, French and Germans minorities in their own cities and countries are white countries. This isn’t happening in Asia, Africa, the middle east or other places. Only white countries and all white countries.

      Why? Because these are the nicest countries in the world to live in with the highest standard of living. But that is changing fast. The decline of Europe’s once beautiful cities is obvious to any visitor. The decline of the USA’s cities is also obvious. And I suspect Asia’s cities are on the rise.

      I’m not aware of anyone that moves to South America, Africa or the middle east for a high standard of living. For a low wage job or because the cost of living is low, yes. And the cost of living is low because the standard of living is low.

      1. I think they are focusing on europe and north america for now for the same reason firefighters aim at the hottest part of the fire in a building, i.e., those countries are the strongest and wealthiest and most appealing for them to rape. also because jewish notions of vengeance against those who historically have fought back against them, esp. europeans, and i should also add, the catholic church, make them the jews’ chief enemies whom they want to destroy the most. probably also to weaken them so that they can be more easily overcome in their supposedly planned WWIII.

      2. Peter –

        They are focusing on EU and N Am to increase their customer/consumer base with purchasers on the dole or any type of job… and increase the debt. All banking runs on debt. Debt is a product and needs to increase for the Pharisee-Jew Bankers to stay afloat.

        They are all hooked together at the top.

        Germany can use drones from Israel to control problems… with help from Airbus.

        Germany will lease drones from Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)

        Airbus to operate IAI’s Heron 1 UAS for Germany and in Mali:

        July 21, 2016- The German Defence Procurement Agency (BAAInBw) and Airbus Defence and Space have signed a contract to provide Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Heron 1 surveillance unmanned aerial systems (UAS) to support the Bundeswehr mission in Mali.

        Similar to the mission in Afghanistan active since 2010, the Heron 1 UAS will be leased from IAI and operated by Airbus.

      3. There are signs that they are now starting to islamize Japan as well. It has not gone as far as in Europe or North America. They are still in the very early stages. The point is not only to pollute the white gene but all genes except the jewish gene. They have focused on the whites because we are their greatest threat so far. Then comes all the other intelligent races where the east asians are also a threat to their domination. I just recently read about the new Miss Japan who is a mulatto. She doesn’t feel at home neither in Japan or whatever country the darker parent is from. So she wishes to pollute the japanese gene pool so all japanese gets as dark as her. So there is obviously a plan in motion for the east asians as well.

      4. Morningstar,

        You are correct. They are working down a list of threats.

        That miss Japan ought to be stripped of her Japanese citizenship and deported to her alien parent’s country.

        She is proof of the mental illness many halfbreeds have. But it is not the non-mixed’s problem but theirs. If they want to blame anyone for their feeling of alienation then they can thank their parents who conceivced them.

  14. Hitler lied when he said he sought to exterminate the “jews” since he himself was a “jew” from the Khazarian pagans (whom I prefer to call counterfeit-jews because they lack the connection to Biblical Israelites). Hitler was following The Protocols in sacrificing a few Khazarian jews for their end goal which was to establish their State of Israel fraudulently.

    The Jews admit that they are not the descendants of the Ancient Israelites

    The global extermination of Khazarian jews was never what Hitler sought. He was a liar! Hitler, like Richard von Coudenhove Kalergi, sought an extermination of white Israelites.

    You do not know liars very well, do you 1138, and how they operate using fraud and lies.

    1. @ New Song

      Hitler lied when he said he sought to exterminate the “jews” since he himself was a “jew” from the Khazarian pagans… etc etc….

      No offence, New Song, but at no time did Hitler ever say he sought “to exterminate the Jews”. Not in Mein Kampf. Not in any speeches. Not in his Table Talk. NOWHERE!

      If you have any evidence of Hitler’s intent to exterminate the Jews, let’s have it.

      A single quote would do.

    2. Hitler never “threatened to exterminate the Jews”. He did identify them as enemy number one (which they were) and said if they used their influence to bring about a war in which the other world powers would all attack Germany (which they did) Jews would not go free without suffering and this would be their end. A reasonable response, I would say to Hamburg, Dresden and tens of thousands of German women and children being murdered every night at the behest of Jews.

    3. New Song,

      To concur with Madame and Peter, there was no ‘extermination’ policy, but there most certainly was an expulsion policy. Hitler worked with Zionists to remove Jews from Europe to Palestine. The British historian, David Irving, has also written that there was no extermination policy or documentation of one.
      However, that all said there is also the Posen Speeches of Heinrich Himmler which spoke of ‘extermination’, although this speech begs many questions. I found this forum which had some good points.

      What there is though, New Song, is a book, written by a Jew, that calls for the extermination of Germans. Interesting why this this book is always conveniently left out of history lessons isn’t it? Is was called ‘Germany Must Perish’ by Theodore N. Kaufman.

  15. @Sister Monica: I laugh. I’ve been banned from FrontPageMag, WND, GateStoneInstitute, MediaResearchInstitute, and a few others I can’t be bothered to mention. And for what? I dared mention some unsavory-but true-things about Jews.

    You could never be above me, in any category, or notion, unless of course you are a towering Lesbian like Sally Kohn. Banning me would be a badge of honor, a reinforcement, and a rejection of mediocrities like you, the very disease of the alt-right.

    I’m an Andrew Breitbart Real World Guy. I’ll post what I what I feel the is appropriate. Culture is upstream of politics. I have no truck with your finely tuned masochism.

      1. Oh ha ha ha, Sr. Accunta Administratra is a riot, total Life of The Party, ha ha ha….

        For The Poor In Spirit, get ye some help and fast! You all need it desperately :

        I don’t say darkmooners are poor in intelligence, DM’ers are not stupid, not really, you all act alot stupider than you really are [ which indicates a Poverty of Spirit , and you all KNOW IT TOO ] ; DM’ers are actually very smart, DM’ers are real smarties alright, some real smartie pants here at Darkmoon, oh ha ha ha ha ha ha……

  16. @Madame Butterfly: an interesting comment. Tell me, is youravatar a metaphor for your persona as a flitter-flatter, all-in-tatter, lack of accomplishment except a lot of entropy? What did you do in life, that would add some heft to your comment? *sniff* You are louder than a pouter, and a head full of chowder.

    1. Sad little man,

      I praised you too soon for your literary style. I take it back! The prose you have perpetrated above is more than mediocre. It is pretentious.

      “Is your avatar a metaphor for your persona as a flitter-flatter, all-in-tatter, lack of accomplishment except a lot of entropy? What did you do in life, that would add some heft to your comment? *sniff* You are louder than a pouter, and a head full of chowder.

      That is wincingly bad prose, Poupon: verbose, showily flamboyant, obscurantist. Good prose is simple, clear, compressed, vivid. You break all the rules of good writing.

      You are a literary oaf, my poor babe-in-arms, and a boor to boot! 🙂

      1. @Madam Butterfly. Your life must be about style before substance. The word substance might be most often used by you before “abuse”. I don’t know, but you suspiciously seem like a middle school remedial English teacher. Please tell me about your life, its triumphs, perturbations, and the name of the streetcar that had the greatest effect upon you. What do you find terrifying about leaving the comfort of your kitchen? Is your face the real one, or are you hiding behind deflections, foo-foos, and whipped cream cheese?

        A literary oaf is much preferable to a literal one.

      2. Uncle Remus say be easy on dat man, sista! Y’all gettin’ on him lak June bugs on de vine, n’ he gwine ter light out’n hyeah iffin’ y’all keeps on him! Who gwine t’look after us’n when all de white men gone off de plantashun???

      3. Poupon,

        You are pathetic. You’ve never grown up. A juvenile delinquent with literary aspirations.

        I bet you have a beard. 🙂

  17. G’day Pilgrims,

    This article talks about Jews being “emancipated” by various so-called, Revolutions.

    As always in our current world, Jews control the narrative and the language. This enables them to surreptitiously shape every debate. This article talks about the French, Russian and Spanish “Revolutions”, when arguably all three were Jewish Coups organised and funded by Jews with characteristically brutal and bloody results for Christian Shemites. The “Civil wars” that ensued were largely fought between non-Jews BUT they were covertly directed and funded by Jews and the results primarily benefited Jews. One of the benefits for Jews was that posterity gets saddled with this rhetoric about Jewish “emancipation”.

    Historically, restrictions on Jews having full citizenship rights was the reason that the Byzantine Empire survived so long. Restrictions on Jews’ rights also assisted Imperial Russia and other nations to survive as long as they did. See eg: Ezra Pound’s formula for preventing Jewish conquest from within — peaceful methods derived from the Byzantine Empire. –

    Arguably, “emancipation” of Jews within their host countries is a misnomer in that Jews, IF they are Jews, ie Talmudists and Torahites, are not genuine citizens but a parasitic FIFTH COLUMN within the host nation, eating away at its moral, social, cultural, religious, economic, political and legal health, ie its national security and very existence.

    Talking about Jews being “emancipated” by the violent coups they engineer in host nations, is really rather like saying that the current Syrian “Revolution” and “Civil War” is emancipating hordes of alien terrorist “head choppers” currently enjoying the spoils thereof.
    Peace and Blessings,

    1. @ Ron Chapman

      Good post.

      Emancipating jews is the same as emancipating evil. Obviously, the Byzantines had it figured out properly for 1,200 years.

  18. Lobro, you do not make sense. You call yourself an anti-Semite, yet despise those who are not Semites (Ashkenazi jews; are anti-Semitic). You are really an anti-anti-Semite: anti-anti Semite and an anti-Semite. Solomon’s Judaism was dreadful, so, you hate that particular Semite man and the organized-religion associated with him from the Biblical Israelites chosen by God to be a demonstration for the people. Their disobedience never ended. Don’t be influenced by their mistakes. Paganism in all the organized-religions is bad. Judaism I do not follow. I do not like any of the organized-religion’s false teachings. Judaism, in particular, is dreadful because it alters The Law of God found in The Torah, but they all do that (in one fashion or another). Some are just more repulsive than others. As an inquisitive, intelligent man, I see no reason for your continuance of anti-Semitism; if for no other reason, that you do believe in Jesus and Jesus did not teach anti-Semitism. He was certainly anti-Talmudic Judaism and I am too. It does not include anti-Semitism.

    1. New Song, you are technically correct but from a practical point – impractical.
      back in the old days, people thought that whales were fish and the whalers out of Bedford and like towns thought they were fishing, the irish from the isle of Aran were harpooning basking sharks and maybe thought they were whales.
      Not that it made much practical difference, certainly not to the harpooned beasts, the whales and sharks.
      i suppose the correct therm is ANTIJUDAIST.
      i don’t know what the ancient israelites were like but i do know that the archeological record is zero and their literate contemporaries barely noticed their existence, only as herdsmen whose goats befouled the caravan paths.

      Then at some point came this creature which for the lack of a better term i will call Devil that inculcated the notions of chosenness, of blanket right to kill and plunder and ethnically cleanse all those not part of the satan’s covenant.
      And if that devil called himself God, we are in whale-fish-shark infested waters again, What’s in a name of Jew.
      I am not backing down from this interpretation, New Song, you can keep trying but no one can Torah me into that cattle pen, no way.

      I reject the authority of Godevil who simply decrees LAWs for me to blindly, unquestioningly follow, who asks Abraham to behead his firstborn son, to massacre other tribes to the last living thing, who condones ownership of slaves, who ensures that his Unpeople can go on thieving and looting in a strange land whose society He (yahwe) laid low with plague and rats and locusts.
      Am i bad, am i immoral for rejecting this G-devil, his Deutoronomy and Leviticus, his nasty pervert adultering king david?

      Those were JEWS, new Song, exactly the same as the ones today, whom Jesus described as accurately as if he’d grown up in Brooklyn or Flatbush or Bathurst Street in Toronto:

      Woe to you Pharisees! You love the best seats in the synagogues and elaborate greetings in the marketplaces!

      Recognize somebody you know here, Newsong? almost all the ones I grew up with, their families and relatives are described perfectly, gynecologists, abortionists, judges, noses in the air like sharks dorsals, don’t they love the best seats in the Opera house and elaborate greetings in office tower lobbies!
      Khazars are bad but don’t think that the Sephardis before them were any better.
      They are all garbage that Jesus consigns to the incinerator.
      And that’s the truth.
      True “israelites” that you see are rare sightings indeed, for every confirmed “Israelite”, there are 10 Rosewell extraterrestrials walking around.

      And i do like Semites, quite a bit, Palestinians, Aramaic speaking Christians of the Golan heights, lebanon and Syria – good people, marked by Jews with yellow armbands for drone slaughter, Holocaust that dare not speak its name.

      1. tHerm 🙁 (i suppose the correct therm is ANTIJUDAIST) … pardon my harelip, it shines through when I am talking about mongoloids.

      2. @ Lobro

        Well said and all good reasons to leave the Old Testament alone.

        You said, “I reject the authority of Godevil who simply decrees LAWs for me to blindly, unquestioningly follow…” Actually, the priest creators of the “LAWS” knew that people were too smart to blindly follow all of their oppressive laws so they developed death penalties for those that did not obey many of them. The priests were eager to fill in for their murdering Godevil by arranging for the death of the disobedient. That is what happened to Jesus.

  19. LD: And this is what we have right now: White genocide.

    “The goal of abolishing the white race is, on its face, so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists… Make no mistake about it: we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as the ‘the white race’ is destroyed.” (Professor Noel Ignatiev: Harvard Magazine – September-October 2002)

    The “abolition” of the white race, according to Harvard professor Noel Ignatiev, is not only desirable but essential. The white race, he insists, must be destroyed. It is ironical how Ignatief, a prominent Jew, is allowed to advocate White genocide openly and get away with it. What if some white professor were to take Ignatiev’s exact words and substitute the words “Jewish race” for “White race”?

    It would be totally unacceptable if some prominent non-Jewish academic were to proclaim:

    “The goal of abolishing the Jewish race, is, on its face, so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed Jewish supremacists…. Make no mistake about it: we intend to keep bashing the dead Jewish males, and the live ones, and the Jewesses too, until the social construct known as ‘the Jewish race’ is destroyed.”

    Even Hitler didn’t dare to say that.

    The statement by Professor Ignatiev is not just thought provoking, it is gut wrenching and pathetic.

    Where I see the wrong is forcing society to conform. This is communism in its purest form, but no wonder as it was the Jewish Bolsheviks who taking the place of God killed millions to eliminate anything good and Christian.

    The local communities, and governments know what is best for their society. People should not be displaced to integrate. The problem is that certain wealthy people who have no concept of justice, freedom, and pursuit of happiness want to interfere with other’s lives without managing their own household properly.

    This is the oligarchy agenda, these putrid apples, who want to take the place of God, deciding who lives and who does not. Indeed this is rightly called the synagogue of Satan.

  20. Ms. Darkmoon:

    Might I request you and Admin to demonstrate a better taste, as some pictures used in your posts are a total turn-off. For example children in skimpy outfits? I don’t know about other members here in this community but I find them tasteless.

    Moreover, the last picture used in this post, to the best of my knowledge bears semblance to Lizzie Velásquez, an exceptional young lady who has been afflicted by a rare congenital disease. You’ll find more about her on the web. As someone who has met Lizzie, I would kindly request you to please not use her looks to depict the future none of us could predict.

    Thank you.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Kyle Flanagan

    1. That’s right.

      A better picture to use as an example of the mixed race people might be that of Angelina Jolie, or Lisa Bonet. Mixed race people are often good looking, strong and talented. The great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin was of a mixed race, he is regarded as sort of Russian Shakespeare. There are lots of examples: Sade, the singer, is of a mixed race; the list can be long.

      1. Rousso,

        Then you should visit Brazil, home of the biggest collection of freakish looking mongrels on earth, created from Indians, negroes, jews, whites and God knows what else. Relatively many of them have disproportional body measurements, like for instance too small heads compared to body size. A large part of Brazilian population is of undefinable race and doesn’t have a clear identity.

        There are good looking mixed people – though not that many – but Angelina Jolie and Lisa Bonet are not. Sade was alright, but nothing really special. But that’s personal, of course.

      2. 1138,

        You must be some kind of elf. Pure, superintelligent and handsome. Brazil is one of the examples of great cultures that appeared as a result of mixing. Just as Cubans, Brazillians created new forms of art, music, literature, like other Latin American countries. You need more examples? India is a mixed race culture, the home of the most genuine religious teachings and the oldest musical tradition. The Islamic Ummah used to be much more sophisticated than European Christian societies. The Russians practiced elections for 5 centuries at the same time as Europeans practiced burning heretics at the stake. You are arrogant for no reason, I assume to compensate for the feeling of being sub-standard. Be humble, 1138.

      3. Rousso –
        1138 –

        Here is an amazing man. He is Scottish(father) and Brazilian native mix.

        I have personally trained with Rickson Gracie in Tampa and Miami.
        He is vegetarian. Eats 5 pounds of bananas when working out….. and before fights. He has never lost in over 400 matches.
        He and his brothers brought Brazilian Jiujitsu to the world:

      4. @ Rousso

        Dumas was another talented mulatto.

        Poor Pushkin, Russia’s greatest poet, was killed in a duel.

      5. Rousso,

        “Brazil is one of the examples of great cultures that appeared as a result of mixing.”

        Yes, one of the most dangerous countries in the world. Great culture. Have you ever been there? I have. It is predominantly a country full of poverty, murder, gettos, deforestation, pollution and prison bars in every window of every building, meant to keep criminals OUT. The very first thing you notice when you arrive is the state of decay of everything, even relatively recent buildings, like this one, , which I visited. What a deception that was in reality.

        Brazil will never be anything but a 3rd world country and that is entirely caused by its demographics. The further south you travel the better and cleaner it looks. That’s the most prosperous part and not surprisingly where where the most (unmixed) whites live. If you walk on the streets of Salvador in Bahia, as a white person, especially a foreigner, you might as well draw a bullseye on your shirt. The minute you step into Argentina, which has completely different demographics, you notice significant improvement. Of course it has its charming qualities as well but not enough to ever want me to travel to Brazil again. The 3rd worldness of Brazil will only increase along with the growing percentage of (mixed) non-whites I’m afraid.

        I can be arrogant for sure, but stating the obvious is not arrogant. Your behaviour on this site, however, increasinly is.

        India? Isn’t that where they burn wives alive along with their dead husbands? Yes, wonderful tradition. The pinnacle of civilisation. And isn’t it also the gang rape capital in the world? I suppose one has to be a cosmopolitan to fully appreciate that 🙂

      6. Pat,

        I believe every word of it, but what precisely is your point?

        I don’t have anything bad to say about Brazilians. They’re a very friendly bunch, they are.

      7. 1138 –

        I was addressing Rousso’s comment:

        “Mixed race people are often good looking, strong and talented.”

        I showed an example of that.

        And mixed raced people are not always stupid, as some portray. Rickson’s older brother, Rorion, is an attorney in California.

        I also wanted to show that it is a mistake to underestimate people and their talents. I can learn from them. Then, I know ALL of what I know and some of what they give me.

        And the Gracies are chasing the debt-money also. They moved from Brazil to Torrance, California, to take advantage of the financial opportunities here, which do not exist in Brazil. They moved in the early 90s and are multi-millionaires now.

        Gracie Jiujitsu is on the map, big time.

        White folks should learn it.

        I also wanted to show that a no meat diet and proper breathing techniques.can make people champions….. especially increasing endurance.

        Most of the people in the US are too weak to win physical battles. If they imitated Rickson’s routine… especially breathing…. they could be better at no expense.

        This is amazing when you see it in person:


      8. 1138,

        It has nothing to do with Brazillians being a mixed race population. Brazil is a corrupt slum, and it is not being run by Negroes, as far as I know.

        “It is predominantly a country full of poverty, murder, gettos, deforestation, pollution and prison bars in every window of every building, meant to keep criminals OUT. The very first thing you notice when you arrive is the state of decay of everything, even relatively recent buildings.”

        The same pictures could be seen in Moscow in the 1990’s. The same. Look at it now!

        It’s a modern, clean and interesting place.

        Doesn’t look less charming than most European cities of the same scale.

        New neighbourhoods look futuristic.

        And it has nothing to do with the populace of Moscow being of a mixed race. In the 1990’s it was almost in all of its stratas pure Russian. In the present time, it’s about 20% Caucasian and Central Asian.

        Your problem is, man, that you are not familiar with basic laws of economics and social sciences at all. That’s the reason of such ridiculous conclusions and opinions, I find it hard to even attempt to explain these things to you, because you are not listening and not thinking. Thus, you just can’t hear me. Should I waste my time?

        “India? Isn’t that where they burn wives alive along with their dead husbands? Yes, wonderful tradition. The pinnacle of civilisation. And isn’t it also the gang rape capital in the world? I suppose one has to be a cosmopolitan to fully appreciate that.”

        Is that what you know about India? Well, take into account that at least they didn’t have a tradition to throw women off the bridges to check whether they were witches or not, and to gather in the public squares to watch another “heretic” being burned at the stake for having a different point of view on their religious dogmas. You sound asinine to me, bro.

      9. Pat,

        “I was addressing Rousso’s comment:

        “Mixed race people are often good looking, strong and talented.”

        I showed an example of that.”

        Yes, ok. But I could just as easily show examples of mixed race people who are the opposite. In fact I could even show way many more examples of that.

      10. Rousso,

        “It has nothing to do with Brazillians being a mixed race population. Brazil is a corrupt slum, and it is not being run by Negroes, as far as I know.”

        No, it is created and run by Jews.

        But so is Argentina and there is a vast difference between those countries. In fact all of the more or less white countries in S America – Argentina, Uruguay, Chile – are nice countries with a very reasonable standard of living despite suffering enormous economic ups and downs, while the others, like Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia are always the same; gettos, murder, poverty, population growth, pollution, decay.

        So I’m afraid it has everything to do with a large negro presence in these countries. The more negroes a country has the more it resembles sub Sahara Africa. Apparantly only highly edJEWcated cosmopolitans fail to see that correlation which is obvious to anyone who still has half a brain.

        “The same pictures could be seen in Moscow in the 1990’s. The same. Look at it now!”

        I rest my case. It is not thanks to immigrants that Moscow looks how it looks today. If it were so, then why aren’t their home countries/places looking like Moscow? Like is also not thanks to the 3rd world immigrants that the west still has a relatively high standard of living. No, it is declining because of them, and deliberate destroying policies of course, which is the whole point of them being allowed in the west in the first place.

        “Your problem is, man, that you are not familiar with basic laws of economics and social sciences at all.”

        I think I am. The laws of economics are surprisingly simple. As long as you don’t deliberately sabotage a capable people they will thrive. Nothing more to it. All so called university edJEWcated economists are mostly blathermouths parroting what their jewish brainwashers have told them.

        “That’s the reason of such ridiculous conclusions and opinions,”

        Stating the obvious sounds indeed very ridiculous to cosmopolitans. But that’s mainly because they are very confused people. They have flushed out their common sense.

        Social sciences? I don’t need social ‘sciences’ to conclude what is obvious to any fool. Your problem, is that as a ‘cosmopolitan’ – that means PC drilled – you can’t accept reality.

        ““India? Isn’t that where they burn wives alive along with their dead husbands? Yes, wonderful tradition. The pinnacle of civilisation. And isn’t it also the gang rape capital in the world? I suppose one has to be a cosmopolitan to fully appreciate that.” ”

        No, I know a lot more about India than you apparantly know about Europeans judging your remarks about burning witches. So my response is no less valid than yours is.

        Ever heard aboutb the star disk or the Antikythera mechanism ?

      11. You are missing the point, 1138.

        Moscow has become a beautiful place, not thanks to the immigrants but to the resourses spent, and no one else but the immigrants were used to make it a beutiful place it has become. It is a little more complicated than a man that has just a half of the brain can imagine, son. Better start utilizing the other half.

        Basic laws of economics: if a neighbourhood becomes poor, the crime grows, if the crime grows, the prices go down, the real estate becomes cheap, and more poor people come, the more poor people come the more crime there is, and so on. There is an experiment that is studied in all of the economics schools, that is about one central building in a neighbourhood being abandoned and it leads in turn to a loss of value of the buildings around it, and in turn that leads to the aforementioned problems growing like a snowball. It is not something that is impossible to control, I hope that is clear. You keep the populace poor, the populace is going to be exploited to the highest possible benefit and profit. Simple.

        To be capable people, people must be educated. To be educated, people must be capable to afford education. In a capitalist countries, like Brazil, education is not free. You could be an intelligent and in potentia a capable man in a slum of Rio, but not being capable to finance education, or to be financed by the parents there is no chance to get out of there.

        You do need to understand social sciences to conclude something that is obvious not just to a fool, but to intelligent people. You are fine with what a fool can understand, I see that. It’s alright. You have a choice, too. But to get the point I am presenting here, that a fool cannot understand, as I can see also, start reading some books, like “A Study of the Popular Mind”.

        It can shed light on the topics being discussed here, trust me.

      12. Pat

        “and mixed race people are not always stupid, as some portray”

        I’ll take that as one of those proverbial “left-handed compliments” {<:) (and apologies to all you lefties out there)

      13. Rousso,

        A book? Written by a jew I suppose 🙂

        Further proof of that you are ingnoring reality. You can spend billions trying to educate primitive people filling their heads with knowledge that they can’t comprehend. It won’t fly. And the whole world is proving that every day. Why are many Asian countries thriving so well and why is Africa a 17th world slum despite trillions of aid? Why is it that the more negroes you have the more violence, poverty, and inevitably, gettos you gonna get? I know why. In fact any fool knows why. Except you. But of course, you ( believe you ) are an intellectual who knows better. Well fine, Rousso, if this delusion is what it takes to makes you feel smart, haha, I’m ok with that.

      14. 1138,

        No, the book is by a French author. It’s a classic. It is said that Stalin kept it on his table. Some think that Hitler studied it, too.

        ‘The similarities between Hitler’s ideas and those of Gustave Le Bon (1841-1931) the French psychologist, are so striking that one can definitely draw the conclusion that he studied Le Bon’s book “Psychologie des Foules” which was translated into German in 1908 under the title “Psychologie der Massen” [Psychology of the Masses] and was acquired by the Hofbibliothek in the same year.’

        Mussolini and Roosevelt also praised this book.

        Speaking of the Negroes, there is a problem but it requires a look that embraces a time span a bit longer than just the present time to understand it. First, there is not just one kind of intelligence, that is measured by IQ test. For example, musical intelligence cannot be measured by this test. And black people exhibit a high level of musical intelligence. Blacks in the US created sophisticated forms of art, like Jazz. There is emotional intelligence, that cannot be measured by IQ test. Blacks are great songwriters and performers, too. It’s undeniable. So, blacks are intelligent people. Some of the hiphop artists, the less known, the underground ones, are great poets. Their verses are more than just smart: stunning. Trust me.

        Look at this man, for example.

        Listen to him. He is asked by the host to improvise on the topics he proposes, and this man creates a piece of art out of nothing, just like that. No preparation, incredible poetic skills. This is called verbal intelligence. You can’t judge people like him for not being an engineer.

      15. Rousso,

        It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Hitler read that book. Adolf Hitler was one of the most erudite men that ever lived. When he had the time he read a book a day.

        Speaking of books. Now I just know you are not going to read this because it’s probably a tad too hard for you to stomach. But this is one of the most fascinating reads I’ve ever read. VERY WELL researched. Very compelling case.

      16. “As Figure 14-4 shows, high IQ usually equals a high living standard. For example, the United States (average IQ = 98) has a GDP that is 58 times that of s-S Africa (average IQ = 67). 33 It is not wealth that makes people intelligent, as the egalitarians sometimes claim, but intelligence that enables people to better acquire their material desires, just as one would expect. Each 10 point increase in IQ approximately doubles economic growth, provided the country has a market economy – socialism has strangled the economies of China and Eastern Europe.”

        Should I read more from this moronic book?

      17. Pat,

        Off topic, but as to the Gracie family, congratulations are obviously in order, but having been in security for a large part of my life, involving martial arts, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) is really, only good for sport and one on one situations with opponents. BJJ, as you know, is move in, take a couple of hits, take the opponent to the ground and either knock them out, choke them out of submit them. In a multiple opponent situation, the LAST place you ever want to be is on the ground. He’s made a killing because of the rising popularity of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Dana White’s Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), but I still stand on the dynamics of BJJ. Sure, it’s obviously from Japanese Jiu-Jitsu, but the styles are different, the obvious being that it’s geared far more to a take down and submission victory. This was how most of the victories of the Gracie brothers have been achieved.

      18. Quite correct, Harb – –

        His father offered $10,000 to anyone to come beat him in the street in Brazil for decades last century.

        Any martial arts for sports are much different than protection for security.
        No bottles, stools, bricks, pipes or guns involved.

        Nothing works like a good head butt or hook. Good throws on concrete are effective.

        The MMA training will increase reflexes, quickness and endurance.

        He does teach punches and low kicks. His street moves are different than on the mat. He showed us some years ago.

        I liked this one best. He is 5ft-9in 187lb. His opponent is 6ft-3in 271lb and a champion striker:

      19. Rousso,

        You Bolsheviks are so predictable.

        But in the meantime I have facts on my side. You haven’t.

        Best stay with your delusional anti-intellectual perceptions 🙂

      20. Classic troll tactics, 1138!

        Classic, son. Accuse the other in your own faults. Predictable is your trolling. Do you sleep at all?

      21. Rousso,

        “Classic troll tactics, 1138!

        Classic, son. Accuse the other in your own faults. Predictable is your trolling. Do you sleep at all?”

        You are accusing just about everyone here being an troll. So I’m in good company 🙂

        I do have faults, no doubt. However, the difference between me and you is that I don’t vend them out in the form of ridiculous cultural Marxist hogwash like you do.

        I sleep like a baby.

      22. @ 1138

        I do have faults, no doubt. However, the difference between me and you is that I don’t vend them out in the form of ridiculous cultural Marxist hogwash like you do.

        Rousso is an intelligent guy, no doubt about it, but I think you are correct in identifying him as a Cultural Marxist. He has all the assumptions of the politically correct Guardian newspaper, which he takes as his Bible, without realizing that this paper is an organ of Cultural Marxist propaganda.

        Rousso comes straight out of the Frankfurt School. Many, if not most of his views, are the views of elite international Jewry. Particularly his contempt for nationalism and his praise for cosmopolitanism and race-mixing mongrelization. All these are Jew ideas he pushes.

        This doesn’t mean he’s a Jew. He’s more likely to be a Useful Idiot for the Jews. He’s bought their line. He’s plugging their agenda. He is Jewry’s spokesman on this site.

      23. Nope, son.

        I am accusing trolls of being trolls, thus, I am calling them by their names. You, Ariadna and Peter starter attacking me for no reason from the beginning. You have been calling me a Jew, a Circassian, a Bolshevik, what else? Cultural Marxist, whatever that means, supporter of mixing and “Jewish Agenda”, and one of the editors accused me of telling them that their brains should be examined though I never said that. And all of this just because I had an opinion that didn’t support your point of view. None of you have even tried to argue. You couldn’t do that, and insted began to insult me, like trolls always do. Nothing new to me.

      24. Yes, I forgot to mention Sardonicus!

        I apologize, Sardonicus. You are a troll, too. “Useful Idiot for the Jews”, huh?

        Imbecile. I haven’t even had a chance to express my views on this site yet. You don’t know nothing about me. Nothing at all. Just because I cited the Guardian article it doesn’t mean that I “take it as Bible”, and I don’t even read it.

    2. @ Kyle Flanagan

      Ms. Darkmoon:

      Might I request you and Admin to demonstrate a better taste…. The last picture used in this post, to the best of my knowledge bears semblance to Lizzie Velásquez, an exceptional young lady who has been afflicted by a rare congenital disease….As someone who has met Lizzie, I would kindly request you to please not use her looks to depict the future none of us could predict.

      This is the last picture we posted on our article, bearing the caption: “The Future European Male, 2050:

      And THIS is the picture of Lizzie Velásquez, the “exceptional young lady who has been afflicted by a rare congenital disease”:

      These two people bear bear no resemblance to each other, Mr Flanagan, and are two entirely different individuals. So we have nothing to apologize for! We were certainly not “using Lizzie Velásquez’s looks to depict the future” — given that we weren’t even aware of her existence!

      Respectfully yours,

      Sr Monica

      1. Veritas. Good point. This does nothing to disturb the Four Dimension Space Time Continuum Topography, BUT reveals a reviled Truth, the poosification of the Western Male from the Marlboro Man to the Mawkish Mungled Man, a gender puerile, pityroid, hermaphrodite.

        It is so sad. “There’s hope for tomorrow, if we wake up today”- Ted Nugent, “Great White Buffalo”

  21. Clarity might be a radical concept in some quarters, but I can assure you, as a retired mechanical engineer, it is a useful one. Clarity requires an accurate description of the the PSYCHO/SOCIOPATHY of the Jews as whole force. Like viruses, they are on automatic, don’t have mercy, and have no channels for feedback from their victims. In other words, the suffering of others is of no concern.

    “Emancipating” them from their centuries long, continuous assault of all people, The Other, is a fool’s errand. In the movie, Robocop, the corporation that amalgamated him, the cyborg, also made a complete robot with internal programming. Jews cannot be stopped-like a runaway train with a disabled operator-except by physical force, with either great pain and suffering, or death. Conceive of this as an untreatable, extreme case of obsessive-compulsive disorder, hard wired organic sociopathology, and extreme case of narcissism and borderline psychosis.

    Only a Newtonian counter force will abate this pandemic disease.

  22. I can’t respond to these comments from another post on the corresponding page, because of the script’s error. The page takes more space on the screen than it should, it is hard to read so if it is not a problem I’ll respond here.


    The Guardian is the newspaper that published most of the Julian Assange and Edward Snowden material first. Edward Snowden chose the Guardian among other options. You are calling it a “shill paper” for a reason that is unclear to me.


    I use “Jewipedia” in case if the information I refer to is correct, and I can back it up from other sources. Most articles on “Jewipedia” contain a list of references. I also cited from other sources, including archives and even Russian media. So?


    I identified Peter as a possible fool, but never said that. Because in the culture I belong to, it is considered senseless. It is also considered obscene to speak about a person in a tone like this behind his back. You should talk to me face to face.


    This post about Kalergi is based on a “Jewipedia” article from top to bottom. Including the quotations. Check it. You don’t seem to have a problem with “Jewipedia” now. Be consistent, Kolo. Tell the topicstarters that it is a no-no.


    You are a liar. I explained it to the admin, that I said the article about Kalergi is “full of shit”, and I posted the link to the source of the information that the article exploites, no one seems to see that. In that article, the source is misrepresented.


    Polite speech is not one of Rousso’s accomplishments? Hear me, little rat: speaking like this behind someone’s back and at the same time accusing that person of being a troll, this is not a polite speech, imbecil. You are a troll, not me.


    The definition of cosmopolitan: “a person who is free from local, provincial, or national bias or attachment; citizen of the world”, “a person who has lived in and knows about many different parts of the world”. I am an immigrant. I am a cosmopolitan man.

    To all,

    I assume, are a bunch of kids. You blabber like teenagers. You are ignorant and arrogant. You lack understanding, reading comprehension skills and are incapable of serious talk. You resort to insults and tittle-tattle to compensate for all this.

    To me it is not going to be hard to demonstrate and expose to the rest of the people here. Regarding the topics discussed on this site, I have forgotten more that most people here will ever know in their lives. You don’t know me. So, better be nice.

    You haven’t even noticed that Lasha, Lobro and most of the editors here are also immigrants, and thus cosmopolites, too, like me. You, Yanks and Brits, for the most part make use of the brain to make a living and nothing else. Emotions rule the rest.

    Pat is an exception.

    1. Rousso,

      “I assume, are a bunch of kids. You blabber like teenagers. You are ignorant and arrogant. You lack understanding, reading comprehension skills and are incapable of serious talk. You resort to insults and tittle-tattle to compensate for all this.”

      How long have you been on this forum; three days, five perhaps?
      Don’t you find your tone somewhat condescending, attacking those whom you hardly know and 100% ignorant to their views and previous wise thoughts, many have posted here? I do not know Flopot, nor Kolo, but your definition of Sardonicus, couldn’t be farther from the truth.
      You, like PoopedonbyMarx seem to be doing your utmost best to lose friends and alienate people. I suggest, strongly, you stay around and read, don’t write, until you begin to understand how this forum works. It’s only really of late that we’ve been barraged with belittling boors, who have done their best to cause disruption.

    2. Rousso,

      I suggest you settle down a bit and get to know the others here first. The Incomparable Lobro. The Unspeakable Harbinger. The Incredible Pat. The Unbelievable 1138. The Impossible Poupon The Unparalleled Peter.

      The list goes on. Wit and wisdom enough to …. er, fill in the blank. 🙂

      1. Sardonicus,

        I suggest you stop telling me what I should do and running your mouth behind my back talking about me. “The Incomparable”, “The Unspeakable”, “The Unparalleled”. You can’t be serious. Tone down, man. You don’t impress me at all so far.

    3. Rousso,

      “You, Yanks and Brits, for the most part make use of the brain to make a living and nothing else”

      Sure and you are probably using yours to figure out ways how you can pocket what they make without ever doing an honest day’s work yourself 🙂

      1. Am I living in the US or in the UK? Nope. You have been trolling here since the morning, non-stop. You must be a hard-working man, then. Is this a job, posting dumb comments on a site like this? Could be, I guess. You must be one of these Hasbara trolls, making antisemitism statistics rating increase for the ADL, or something like that, son.

      2. Rousso,

        “Am I living in the US or in the UK? ”

        Nope, I presume you prefer to live in Brazil or India. Why aren’t you living there? Why live in Europe? You must be appalled by Europeans. And while you have Russia as a home and all?

        “Is this a job, posting dumb comments on a site like this? Could be, I guess. You must be one of these Hasbara trolls,”

        Mirror mirror on the wall 🙂

      3. Rousso,

        “You, I assume, live in Israel, son.”

        Well excuse me, but this demonstrates without a doubt your inability to estimate people. And that is no too far a throw from having the wrong perceptions about a lot of other things. That is if you actually really believe some of your hobby horses you’ve been vending out, of which I’m not so sure.

        Besides, I’ve stated plenty of times here where I live. So, do the work and look it up. More over, I am not loyal to my ‘country’ because I have no country anymore. Handing over citizenship to just about anyone who decides to drop in equals giving away your country. So after decades of this deliberate destroying policy I am left without a country.

      4. 1138,

        No, I am not going to “look it up”. You should tell me. Do I have to teach you good manners, too?

        Your mindset is 100% Judaic. Israelis complain about the same thing all the time: handing over citizenship to Russians, Ethiopians and all the others who “decides to drop in”. You are not different at all. You are the same as them. Plus, all these speculations about the “master race” and all. That’s Talmudic teaching, son. You are a Jew!

      5. @ Rousso

        If you ain’t Circassian, honey, you’re just as clever and sly and evil! — a MASTER TROLL who has learned all the tricks of the trade and turned trolling into a fine art! You deserve a goddamn medal for trollship! 🙂

      6. Rousso,

        “Israelis complain about the same thing all the time: handing over citizenship to Russians, Ethiopians and all the others who “decides to drop in”. ”

        I wouldn’t know, but I’ll take your word for it, as a person who has been there, probably live(s)d there as a – Russian – jew, and even has many friends there. And it sounds plausible, considering the general anti-social disposition of your Jew friends.

        Others seem to think you’re rather intelligent. Well, I regard your comparison yet another indication of your rather limited intellectual abilities, as if de facto graduating cum laude at the Frankfurt School isn’t enough to clarify that already. Because comparing me with complaining Israelis is just about as insane as it can get, which is entirely in line with your other delusions. But if one insists on making a comparison then the Palestinians come a lot closer to where I’m transmitting from.

        Do you actually, in your wil-dest dreams, even think that anyone here considers me a troll?

        Your self delusion really is limitless.

      7. 1138,

        You can fool others here, son, but not me. I see your true colors.

        “The Fuhrer isn’t dead. His spirit will never die. This exceptionally gifted man has made his mark in this world and one day his spirit will rule. Heil Hitler!”

        Didn’t you write this? Let’s compare:

        Even the installment of a memorial plaque can cause a riot; as one rioter told the press: “He’s alive – they are writing that the Rebbe is dead!” Why do they think that Schneerson is alive? “The Rebbe was no normal human being,” is the response.

        Long Live our Master, our Teacher, King Moshiach, for ever!

      8. Jean Jaques Rousseau,

        To you I’m a troll all right. A fascist troll. I’m keeping you pretty busy, huh, 🙂

        I’ll bet you left Russia in a hurry since they outlawed ‘cosmopolitan’ pride parades 🙂

  23. @Madam Butterfingers and Sister Monomaniacal: I am glad to to perceive that you are not fragile and ontologically insecure. I would add that my little doggerel expressed earlier, are part of the lyrics of a song I am working on, is dedicated to you. It will be a medieval tune in 9/5 time signature with several bag pipes, lutes, lyres, and a manipulated instrument that was used by the Velvet Underground: “The unique screeching, droning viola sound in this and other early Velvet Underground songs was produced by bassist John Cale, a classically trained violist, playing an electric viola with 3 guitar strings, a cello bow and plenty of feedback. This preceded The Creation, who were the first to play a guitar with a cello bow in 1966. Few other bands exploited feedback and noise to the same degree as the Velvet Underground until the noise-rock scene developed in the 1980s.”

    The song, Heroin,, is a perfect theme song for the majority of the White Race, who are on an intravenous USP heroin drip infusion 24/7 by a team of Jewish health profleshionals. Inclusive in this somnambulated is the myth of the “Aryan” subset of the the Caucasian race. Nostalgia is a disease of the weak-minded and debilitated in mind and spirit. The number of Jews, since the Second World War has been totally replaced. We are pathetic, our DNA degraded, a race rife with the mentality of the junkie.

    Whites, Caucasians, Europeans and Europeeons, will have to realize that Blacks, “Ni**ers, and Browns, “Sp*cs are out to transfer all wealth from us and to reduce us to slavery or extinction. The Jews want to place us in The Matrix or harvest our blood and organs, as depicted in Blade Runner. Buh-lacks and Browns see their gains IN TERMS OF OUR LOSS THROUGH CONFISCATION, without any temporal limits.

    As that worthless, self-promoted charlatan and narcissist Frank Zappa, once asked: “Who are the Brain Police?”

    This comment is more of a propositional nature. Support and reference, evidence, etc., can be provided by interested parties.

      1. @ Rousso

        [Of Poupon Marx’s comment] . . . “Nonsense, troll gibberish.”

        WOW, Rousso! — We agree on something!

  24. @Ruse Oh, @Sardinecuz: “Yank me, Crank me, but don’t you wake me up and thank me”- Ted Nugent

  25. @Madam Buttercup: I don’t have a beard, although in my hippy days I did. Curiously, in Panama, where I lived facial hair is detested in men. The reason is straightforward: Panamanians consider it a form of a mask, “mascara”, that hides features and something from the World. Beards are just that, in whole or part. Many times they are worn to compensate for weakness and timidity.

    I have no need for one; they itch, and my cats would not approve.

    1. @ Poupon Marx

      Madam Buttercup: I don’t have a beard, although in my hippy days I did.

      Well, dear Poopy, it’s good to know you were once young! What happened to it all, eh? Where are the snows of yesteryear, the neiges d’Antan?

      Gone the beard, gone the illusions of youth, gone the merry-go-round of madness! *Sigh, sigh*. LOL

      It’s too late now to confer seriously with you right now, Poopy, but tomorrow I would like to lay aside the badinage and trivia and ask you a few serious questions. Non-confrontational questions, you understand. I have no wish to quarrel with you. I want to pick your brain.

      Are you ready for a couple of serious questions from me? If so, indicate your willingness to explain a few things to me in simple language without verbal pyrotechnics. I want to ask you about two things you mentioned in an earlier post.

      Okay? Tomorrow then! Now it’s time for me to hop into bed with my teddy-bears and get some beauty sleep.

      1. Poupon,

        The question I wanted to ask you is this. Please answer briefly and simply. I am perplexed about something you said and seek clarification.

        You say in a previous comment, “I am an Andrew Breitbart type of guy”, from which I conclude that you like Andrew Breitbart and give his site your full vote of confidence.

        You also say that you got banned from posting comments on the Gatestone Institute site. Can you explain why? What did you say that got their backs up?

        The reason I am perplexed is this: if you are enthusiastic about the Breitbart site, you ought to be equally enthusiastic about the Gatestone Institute site, given that both sites are very similar in their ideological stance in regard to the migrant rape crisis in Europe.

  26. Poupon Marx,
    I will call you Bobby ,just to be nice to you
    my understanding from your comments that you are a misunderstood person always has been
    you feel that you belong to different era.
    you posses a unique skill in expressing your feelings ,you have your own ways in playing with words.
    you hate tyrants of every kind,these online editors and webmasters and monitors
    the thoughts cops are the worst ,the world wide web was supposed to be free a virtual ocean of freedom ,free for all
    but the wicked tyranny from every sector made the web , a web from hell

    1. The Seer,

      I would not disagree with any of which you expressed. I have no problem in following proper, legitimate, and competent authority at all. Tangentially, I feel the West needs urgently to import wisdom, social and cultural norms, ideas and ideals, morality from the Orient, and incorporate them into the Western tradition. I will tell you of one thing that I am certain: no country, civilization can last, much less function properly without two institutions: the Nuclear Family and sense of the Deity, Master of the Universe, the Supernatural Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent. Human beings are not constructed to function properly individually or collectively. That is by The One’s design, it is not an opinion, but self evident.

      Ms. Darkmoon: proposed topic. Should Satanism be allowed to be expressed in a society, in any form? This precludes any shades or gradations of teaching, limited whatever, etc., etc. In addition, what should, if any, be the proscribed penalty or sanction for overt exposure? Should clandestine worship or dedication be prosecuted?
      This might have been a topic beforehand, but I am too lazy, frankly to check.

      The West is like a an old strain and line of corn that has not modified itself sufficiently and genetically to match its environment and the attacks upon it. It needs hybridization, its DNA needs repair and new splicing. In its present condition, it will not withstand attacks by pathogens, stress, internally and externally, and insult much more.

      Like a machine or mechanical system, it is run down, behind in upgrades, replacement, and overhaul. All systems have common characteristics. They need maintenance, care, and if required to perform differently, they need modification. If their operating ambience changes, modifications are in order.

      Prime example-Western Christianity ain’t gonna cut it. If fact, it is destructive and toxic. With few exceptions, all of them local denomination Protestant. Nota Bene: WESTERN CHRISTIANITY. In Christendom, only the Eastern Orthodox Church has been unaffected by the dreck, stupidity, subversion, and suicidal/masochism of the West’s institution.

      1. Ms. Darkmoon: proposed topic. Should Satanism be allowed …

        I second this, a promising area of inquiry.
        eschatological notions would be another, related one.

      2. Ms. Darkmoon: proposed topic. Should Satanism be allowed …

        Ask Satan. His answer would be “Yes.”
        Ergo, Satanism must not be allowed.
        Because to allow it is to give in to Satan.
        (Nothing further to be discussed). 🙂

      3. Actually, this is a question for the Satan experts on this site. The only two people here who qualify as “Satan experts” are New Song and former monk Darrell.

      4. @ Lasha

        “Ms. Darkmoon: proposed topic. Should Satanism be allowed…”

        “Actually, this is a question for the Satan experts on this site.”

        Satanism is addressed rather continuously on Darkmoon and there are lots of experts. Judaism is Satanism. The evil that the jews have done or are doing is the primary topic on Darkmoon.

  27. Rousso, you seem overwhelmed by your hypertrophied self-esteem and unable to control your ire against those who find no grounds for your loud and shrill self-regard. People may disagree on this forum on just about anything, including Putin — your piñata — but they do so without resorting to boorish ad hominen imprecations and insults. Perhaps they have all been underprivileged, bereft of the opportunity of attending a settlement finishing school for recently arrived Russian ‘cosmopolitans.’
    Whoever your Marx X is, if he exists, his opinion of me rates as high as yours.
    Your twin hasbara shtiks: 1. attack the messenger and 2. question the reliability of the source of the message are not working very well.
    You need to take Harbinger’s advice to heart.

    1. I responded to some particular people’s comments from another post. And the reason is that these people did resort to “boorish ad hominen and insults”. You are doing the same thing. You are a troll, babe.

    2. @ Ariadna

      Steady on, girl! We know this guy is a troll if he calls YOU a troll! So relax. 🙂

      @ Rousso

      Your golden words for multiculturalism and race mixing give you away. You praise Brazil because of all the mongrels its has produced and you want the same for Europe.

      And you naturally take exception to LD’s article translation about Count Coudenhove-Kalergi because Kalergi is painted as a villain here. To you, Kalergi would seem to be a HERO, not a villain.

      You praise cosmopolitanism, race mixing, mongrelization, multiculturalism — all the things we are opposed to on this site and which, as everyone knows here, is part of the Jewish agenda. Or, to quote Lasha’s title, “Count Coudenhove-Kalergi’s DARK AGENDA.”

      Dark, indeed. That was a well-chosen word!

      Can you explain to me, Rousso, why all the things you praise so much — all this race mixing and mongrelization — is so desirable for Europe and America and the Western world but so UNdesirable for Israel? Why, pray tell, must our White homelands be MULTIcultural while Israel insists on remaining MONOcultural?

      1. Sardonicus,

        Those people who are indeed nationalists do not leave their countries for good but reside in their lands and work hard to make them prosperous. As far as I understand, like I said before at least a couple of times, this is not the case for a lot of people here, including those who run this “nationalist” blog. Ask Lobro, ask Lasha, ask that dudess Ariadna: all of them are immigrants in countries and cultures that are alien to them, and these people are alien to the countries of their residence. That means, all of them are cosmopolitan, unless some of them dwell in ghettos.

        Nationalism is the most destructive, moronic and wicked thing that can happen to a nation. Look at Ukraine. That’s nationalism, unfolding in front of us like an epidemic. In the comment that I posted earlier and that was banned, I asked this question: what’s good in nationalism, if that was the reason for the people to start killing each other in Balkans, if it ruined their union that stood for centuries, made them run and look for accomodation in a foreign land, speak a foreign language, become aliens for the natives and in fact that’s possible that it made them become the hated aliens.

        Nationalists know better. I don’t know. I am not a nationalist. I come from a mixed background, and it’s the language for the most part and the memories that make me feel Russian. But it means nothing to me. It’s just there, in me. I might rather prefer to be something else, like, the king of Nepal or something. So ask not me but the aforementioned personalities about “cosmopolitanism, race mixing, mongrelization, multiculturalism” because these people can answer, too, and I am not of the best reputation here, being suspected in such terrible sins as promotion of “Joooish agenda”.

        Speaking of which, in response to the question concerning Israel I can point out that in Israel there is a notable distinction between various groups and although there is also the doctrine of “melting pot” this doctrine doesn’t function. Israelis of different descent don’t create families and don’t even go to the same swinegogues, there is a lot of tension between their communities. I have some friends in Israel. And I’ve been there, and seen it. I’ve seen people of various colors and appearances, from blond to black, and all of them consider themselves being Jews.

  28. that’s right – the jews have always been kept apart from the rest of the population, because that’s how they can be maintained as the first support level for the bankster hierarchy etal. zionists are a political faction rising out of jewery, which has become consummate at controlling the western governments. notice how all american candidates must grovel at aipac, including trump. see how european state bosses promote the utterly suicidal zionist policies on immigration. now this parasitical and destructive faction is upping the ante with the establishment of muslim strongholds inside every country that doesn’t maintain strict control over its borders. the zionist goal is to create civil war in every western country, the same way they created it in africa and the middle east.
    trumps idea to close the mexico border and ban muslims is entirely appropriate. but the real problem the usa and every other western country faces is – how do we throw off the yoke of zionism?
    meanwhile, as the general consciousness rises each race should come to the realization of pride in itself. there is nothing wrong with the image of a perfect aryan couple, with their likewise children. and there is also nothing wrong with a perfect black or oriental couple. racial integrity is in fact something to be preserved with pride, while at the same time it has nothing to do with the negative side of racism. for some reason the word ‘racism’ carries only a negative connotation.

    1. Barkingdeer,

      A question people should be asking is how could it happen that Zionism became such a powerful political trend in the first place? You can’t just get rid of Zionism, because it has been embraced by the most aristrocratic families of the West. People here are talking about “the Jooos” being the cause of all evil. It’s too late to talk about the Jooos. It’s much bigger than the Jooos now.

      It began in the late 1600’s, from the man called Sabbatai Zevi and his apprentices, the Sabbateans. He converted to Islam and told them to go to the Gentiles, to convert to their religions and to teach them his stuff, the Sabbatean Kabbalah. One of his followers, Jacob Frank, baptised 25,000 Sabbateans in one day in Poland. Then, it was the noble families that were interested in their teachings the most.

      From that, the new elitist religion was born, known as Freemasons. All of them, all of these fat cats, the Bilderberg group, most of the oligarchs in the UK and the US, are part of it. Ted Terner and such, 14 presidents of the US, there is no other chance to get into politics in these countries but through Freemasons. And there is 70 million of Christian Zionist, too. It’s much bigger than just the Jews.

      1. Rousso,

        “A question people should be asking is how could it happen that Zionism became such a powerful political trend in the first place?”

        The answer is a simple one – money and deceit. And with money comes power and you can do whatever it is you so desire. Remember the saying ‘money is the root of all evil’. And with the power comes control over every major establishment within that society. It’s a pyramid structure system, with Rothschild at the top.

        And did European aristocracy embrace Zionism willingly or were they forced too? I’m sure the ‘Windsors’ knew just what would happen, if they stepped out of line, when they saw what happened to their Romanov relatives, back in 1918.
        Look at any Royal Family get together and you will always see one of the Rothschilds. History has it that Victoria, herself was the daughter of a Rothschild.

        But the bottom line is easy to understand – why cares about what the arostocracy think? Who cares about these free loading parasites? Get rid of the lot of them I say. Destroy the monarchy and all the elites above and you heavily disable the power of Jewish banking and thus control.

      2. Harbinger,

        How could it happen that the Rothschilds became so rich? It all started in 1666, as I said. Read about it, the people I mentioned. You’ll understand.

      3. Rousso,

        “How could it happen that the Rothschilds became so rich?”

        They became rich because having moved from Bavaria (at their father’s command) to the five main cities of Europe – London, Paris, Rome, Zurich and Vienna, they immediately seet up the Red Shield Private Bank, associated themselves with aristocracies and started to lend their money, with interest, of course. War is, after all, expensive business. However, their biggest killing was made in the English wars against France, as both sides were being funded by the Rothschilds, itself an act of treason ignored. They sent a courier to London, from France ater the battle and reported that Napoleon had defeated Wellington at Waterloo. This sent a panic in the city, especially the stock exchange, where everyone off loaded their stock as quick as they could. It was Rothschild, who bought them up for pennies and that was when their fortune amassed so great. Again, had they not the standing they had at the time, they would have been arrested, imprisoned and hanged for their treachery and deceit. This is how they made their money.

        It didn’t happen in 1666. People could argue that the plauge of ’65 was manufactured along with the Great Fire to wipe out hovels was to allow for the creation of expensive housing, however, it all really started in 1694 with the establishment of the Bank of England.
        As for the Freemasons and Bilderbergers, they are amongst a multitude of organisation working towards the same goal, such as the RIIA, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Knights of Malta, Committee of 300…..the list goes on and on.

      4. Harbinger,

        That’s right, “associated themselves with aristocracies”. How could some Jews get associated with aristocracies? The first Rothschild’s bank was established in 1760’s. About the same time the Jews started getting out of their ghettos. That was the result of Sabbatean movement, a branch of Judaism so marginal that even the rest of the rabbis had to renounce it. But it got so big that all of the Jewish communities, from Ukraine to Netherlands had their own Sabbatean societies.

        The Western aristocratic families were bored with Christian teachings, the fatique was such that most intellectuals were looking for something fresh. And then appeared the Sabbateans. Their rabbis told them: go to the Gentiles, convert and teach them. Jacob Frank received Isenburg Palace as a gift from Prince Wolfgang Ernst II. His followers intermarried with the most noble people, and soon all of the European elite became adepts of the Sabbatean religion. From there, appeared the Freemasons.

        ‘The baptism of the Frankists was celebrated with great solemnity in the churches of Lwów, with members of the Polish szlachta (nobility) acting as god-parents. The neophytes adopted the names of their godfathers and godmothers, and ultimately joined their ranks. Frank himself was baptized in Lwów (September 17, 1759) and again in Warsaw the next day, with Augustus III as his godfather. Frank’s baptismal name was “Joseph” (Józef).’

        You should read about it, because it is so not known and talked of too often. But a serious discussion is impossible if this is ignored. I can refer to a more interesting sources, but at least check the link below.


      5. sounds like the Donmeh viral strain got its start there … the poisoners of wells indeed.

        what about isaac Luria, got a short biography on him? saves me painful time and you seem to know that stuff.
        these kabbalists that proliferated in the cracks between the empires seem to be gung ho on evil in quite a conscious, blatant way, the true believers of Lucifer who will augment any evil they can think of in order to promote the messianic antiChrist of their prophecy and thus fulfill “the promise of talmud”.

        One of these rabbis hung out in the hilltop town of Sefed (the original “shining city on the hill”) and worked out (just like I did but with somewhat different end result) that god had to have removed himself from day-to-day management and the physical world belongs to the Devil, therefore, go with the winner.

        Some funny circular thinking happens there, whereby they will pattycake events to fit the Book, eg, invent the “6 million” storyline in order to bring about Israel and they will further justify it by rabbinic trickery, eg, “like our antiGod, we are all liars anyway, so what” or as talmud teaches, G-d has been outsourced to the Jew, ie, all of them cumulatively make up G-d, create reality because the worship of the principle of lie allows them – all is lies, right? so what’s wrong with Lie-as-reality?

      6. Lobro,

        Yes. You have just scratched the surface and such a multitude of question arises. I can’t answer them, this thread has become hard to navigate through. It would require writing a long, long comment, too. But in short, it has nothing to do with Lucifer, because “lucifer” is an epithet used by Catholics to refer to Christ; it has nothing to do with Devil, because in Judaism there is no such thing; it has little do to with Isaac Luria, because athough Sabbatean Kabbalah is based on his teachings, it is different from them; and also, it has to do a lot with not just the Sabbateans but some European underground circles related to so-called magic. The reason for such a big success, that Dönmeh and other Sabbateans accomplished was that there had been enough of specific literature, of so-called grimoirs, by that time on the subject, and that sort of acted as precursor for them.

        In contrast to the regular Jews, these people opened up and let the aliens enter their realm, and at the same time, joined the aliens and were let inside theirs. The “aliens” means here the European elite. The Sabbateans brought more than just something marginal, the entire field of structured material, fresh and intriguing, appealing and intelligent, too. More so, sexual and corrupt to the core of it, perfect for the people that had no boundaries of morals. So instead of Isaac Luria’s bio, better read some of this:

        Salvation Through Transgression

        Heretic of the Month: Jacob Frank

        The Holiness of Sin

        The first is a review of a book about Jacob Frank, the second is a casual but interesting article for secular Jews, and the last one is a serious research. The author is the man to consult on all topic regarding Judaism. I recommend his books, too. But remember:

        “One must therefore bear in mind in dealing with the history of Sabbatianism that powerful interests and emotions have often been at stake. Each for reasons of his own, all those who have written on the subject in the past shared one belief: the less importance attributed to the Sabbatian movement, the better.”

      7. Thanks Rousso,
        I feel like I’m channeling Van Helsing, but to start jumping up and down about evil Sabbateans while ignoring material at hand is – ignorant, which is not my preferred state and moreover unjust to the subject, an even greater trespass.

      8. ?
        i just thanked you for info, so what’s up?
        i am going to read as much as i can manage and form an at least somewhat informed opinion.

        is it okay for me to debase something i know zero about? I know the Frankists are kabbalists and alchemists but unless i know a bit about what it actually means, i am whistling dixie.

  29. @Pat: “Here is an amazing man. He is Scottish(father) and Brazilian native mix. I have personally trained with Rickson Gracie in Tampa and Miami. He is vegetarian. Eats 5 pounds of bananas when working out….. and before fights. He has never lost in over 400 matches.”

    I also know a mestizo (unquantified parts white, charrua and black) who is a great gymnast and also discusses Calasso’s “Ardor” with deep intelligence and wit. So, what does this kind of argument prove other than perhaps we are literal minded and particularize and generalize in all the wrong places. Just like responding to someone who indicts organized Jewry for recent history’s calamities by saying “But all my Jewish friends in high-school were very decent people.”
    The issue under discussion is the systematic Jewish-driven program to extinguish white Christian Europe by ‘population replacement’ and miscegenation.
    Is that desirable because…
    — some ‘mongrels’ are so attractive?
    — Europe aging population will be ‘saved’ by a massive injection of imported work force from Africa and Asia (this is the hasbarists’ erroneous argument)?
    Yes, the Brazilinas are perhaps the most mixed nation. And Is their median IQ higher than that of white Europeans? I like the samba and their two or three notable writers but have they produced a superior culture? Why are they a model?
    Finally, since this is driven by the Jewish elite, how come this a change ‘devoutly to be wished ‘ only for white Christians and not for Jews?

    1. Ariadnatheo

      It is a plan of course and the following (hope not too lengthy c+p) will demonstrate how lucky European civilisation is to have Judaics deciding what is best for our child-like selves.

      from by Rabbi Harry Waton

      enjoy but DO NOT ingest.

      “Yet we have to face the fact that the leader of the German people has no doubt in his mind that the Jewish problem is the centre of all problems, not merely in Germany, but in the world. It is useless to dismiss this as an illusion, because if it is, it demands explanation. But it is no illusion. It is the truth. Hitler’s declaration that the Jewish consciousness is poison to the Aryan races is the deepest insight that the Western world has yet achieved in its own nature; and his capacity to realize this is the proof of his genius as well as the secret of his power and of the curious fascination which his personality exerts. One has only to attend to the form of the statement to see that it is not the practical power or wealth of the Jews that he fears, but the character of the Jewish mind. It is the Jewish consciousness which is the enemy, not an organized Jewish army, not even an insurrection of the Jews in Germany. It is the hidden penetration of the Jewish spirit into the Gentile mind that is the danger; and it is a danger because the “Aryan” mind cannot resist it, but must succumb. The task is to extirpate the influence of the Jewish consciousness upon the world. At all costs the leaven must be got out of the lump, or very soon the whole will be leavened, and the result will be the final end of the “Aryan” pagan tradition. Europe will be false to itself that it will create a universal communism, which will destroy blood and race as the basis of civilization, destroy the beauties and the heroisms of the struggle for power, deny the natural superiority of the white race, and of German in particular, and produce universal equality and brotherhood. The Jewish spirit is not merely under the illusion of these ideas; it is the force, in the world, which creates them in idea and compels the rest of humanity to achieve them in practice. I need ask for no greater testimony to the truth of the whole thesis of this book than Hitler’s.”

      1. excellent find, Taras, every so often out pops a truly thinking, rather than merely cunning Jew.
        (page 199-200 in pdf format)

      2. Hitler’s declaration that the Jewish consciousness is poison to the Aryan races is the deepest insight that the Western world has yet achieved in its own nature; and his capacity to realize this is the proof of his genius

        that’s one sharp rabbi, while the present day “geniuses” come swarming out of woodwork to decry Hitler as a Rothschild flunkey.

      3. IF the definition of Treason were to be applied legally, impartially, objectively in the USSA, and the penalty of death were mandated, millions of people, citizens and non-citizens, more than half of the Jewish population would be executed.

        You may infer from the above that I am a Constitutional Originalist, i.e., the belief that the Constitution means what it says, in plain meaning. And of course, Genghis Khan would have it no other way.

        In addition, you may assume my beliefs are the same re: the Magna Carta, aka “The Rights of Englishmen”? By both these documents, including the Declaration of Independence, present governments of these respective countries are illegal. Any questions?

        Years ago, when I was a lame-brained, ignorant, muddle brained college student, I despaired the theme of Nietzsche’s Will To Power maxim was that force was the ultimate decider of fates and outcomes. Certainly the Left, following Saint Saul Alinksky, believes that whole heartedly, while the Right acts like an infant seeking refuge behind Mommy’s skirt or the Priest’s robes.

      4. Lobro,

        “that’s one sharp rabbi, while the present day “geniuses” come swarming out of woodwork to decry Hitler as a Rothschild flunkey.”

        Damn straight.

        It’s caused by the jewish created plague of anti-intellectualism which has affected these geniuses’ ability to think straight. Strangely enough though, in the patients’ minds all this warped thinking evokes a sensation of being an actual intellectual because it has conditioned them to disregard their common sense. Just like critics of modern ‘art’ consider themselves experts 🙂

    2. Ariadna –

      You are following the lies of national leaders who are posing as isolationists. They have you wrapped around their axles.

      Isolationism is impossible for governments larger than one or two people.

      I have written numerous times on these pages, with simple words, that race mixing and culture changing, and even genocide, is a result of the need for increasing business….. and debt.

      The high IQ whites in Germany and Russia are selling out to the Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London…. and doing business directly with Israel.

      Even the high IQ Chinese are doing the same.

      The lure of power through money(debt) is stronger than the desire to hold onto customs and cultures and tribes in ALL countries.

      That lure is a huge obstacle. It has been so for millennia.

      High IQ Russians and Israel are in the UAV Business – Sale of Drone Assembly Elements:

      October 2010 – In the presence of the Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia, Mr. Viktor Khristenko, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) CEO, Mr. Itzhak Nissan, and the Director-General of the Oboronprom Russian Industrial Corporation, Mr. Andrey Reus, signed an agreement, to sell UAV assembly elements and services to Oboronprom.


      High IQ Germans are leasing drones from Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).
      Airbus to operate IAI’s Heron 1 UAS for Germany and in Mali:

      July 21, 2016- The German Defence Procurement Agency (BAAInBw) and Airbus Defence and Space have signed a contract to provide Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Heron 1 surveillance unmanned aerial systems (UAS) to support the Bundeswehr mission in Mali.


      Israel’s IAI Cooperates with China in the Civil Aviation Sector

      Based on IAI’s tremendous s a center of excellence in the aforementioned civil aviation topics, the Company will evaluate, and provide recommendations to the local Government of Shantou on several initiatives: parts production and aero-assembly lines facility, aviation technical education and professional training facility, civil aviation development center and more.

      In a remarkable ceremony, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) signed a Strategic Framework Agreement to cooperate with the Shantou Municipal Government of China, the Guangdong Airport Authority (GAA) and other Chinese partners, to develop and expand the local civil aviation industry as a lever of economic growth in the municipality.


      What it boils down to is that Pharisee-Jew Bankers’ debt-money is the cause of people moving and miscegenation, and wiping out races and cultures in the way. And that debt-money is what needs to be minimized.

      BUT….. please know that this internet would not have been possible without fiat money, no matter how hard you stomp your feet. 🙂

      1. Pat, are we rehearsing for the Bald Soprano here? You don’t change horses in midstream, you change whole rivers and confuse your own horses. First you implied miscegenation is good, basically because you know a mixed-reaced vegetarian who is a terrific guy.
        Now you’re saying people miscegenate and abandon their culture because of the lure of money but, hey, without the fiat money and debt I wouldn’t have internet so I shouldn’t complain….
        Focus, please. Pick your stance and stay with it until you have it all figured out.

      2. @Pat: “You are following the lies of national leaders who are posing as isolationists. They have you wrapped around their axles. Isolationism is impossible for governments larger than one or two people.”

        I have no idea who those “national leaders posing as isolationists” might be. I can think of NONE. I think you might be confused about the meaning of the term “isolationism.” You seem to believe that a nation preserving its sovereignty, secure in its borders cannot engage in commerce and generally mutually beneficial exchanges with other nations. You seem to think it’s either open borders or nothing in/nothing out and a cottage industry a la medieval China.

      3. Ariadna –

        I have noticed you are very bossy… You like ordering people around here. You tell people how to write and what to think and which way to turn.

        You are the one who wrote you always just skip my comments. And now you even reply to them. I knew you would… But I never dreamed there would be more than one for each of mine. I’m thrilled you are so attracted to me..!! I have that affect on many women… You’re hooked… 🙂

    3. Ariadnetheo

      “The issue under discussion is the systematic Jewish-driven program to extinguish white Christian Europe by ‘population replacement’ and miscegenation……….
      Finally, since this is driven by the Jewish elite, how come this a change ‘devoutly to be wished ‘ only for white Christians and not for Jews?”

      One can commonly make the mistake of white nationalism and Zionism. The problem is that the two couldn’t be on more opposite ends.

      There is s huge difference between people meeting and mixing. I see nothing wrong with it, but it’s the FORCED mixing, resulting in genocide I find utterly deplorable.

      Here in the UK, the ‘so called’ nationalists like to invite rabbis around to preach hatred against Islam. Many are former armed forces personnel, having seen action in Afghanistan and Iraq. They are utterly oblivious that they went off to fight Jew wars to make Israel safe, so that it can grow in size, build it’s third Temple and rule over all the lesser beings, meaning them.
      I asked someone the other day; “What’s worse, not liking another for whatever reason or being forced to like people regardless”? of course the latter is far worse, because no one should be forced to do anything that they disagree in.
      My point in all of this, is that to wish to destroy a culture and a people, is a heinous thing. I believe you are Brazilian and yes, you are all an incredibly mixed people, however, just because you think that everyone should jump into the melting pot and be damned with culture and race, what about those who do want to be separatists and live by their ways? The Amish in North America? Do they harm anyone? They are left alone to live their existence, so why shouldn’t others who choose the same?

      Would you like a world where there was just one people, that all looked the same?
      Would you like a world where everyone spoke the same language?
      Would you like a world where there was one animal to eat, because it had been mixed with every other?
      Would you like a world where there only one fruit and vegetable, the same as above?
      And what if we realised that we didn’t really need language and should just point and say “ugh”?

      It is our differences that make us all unique. They make us individuals. And the elites, our globalist bankers hate this, because they can’t control the round pegs, because they don’t fit in the square holes.

      Ever since these bastards, got control of the UK in 1649, they have used the British empire to bully, plunder, murder and control foreign lands. They drove people out of the countryside with the industrial revolution. This created more wealth for the globalists, who set about creating even more wars. They had no love for culture or wishing to be left alone. Their desire was always power and control and this is expressed no better way than in the Lord of the Rings by Tolkien, where he saw the beauty of the shire, England, being destroyed by outsiders.

      If things were to happen naturally, that’s fine, but they aren’t. The mass immigration into Europe is a planned evil. It’s there to destroy, to create discord, civil unrest, civil war and in the end resulting in yet more totalitarianism.
      I respect you are no doubt not a white European, but I am a culturalist and see the right for all people who don’t want their way of life destroyed. Remember, multiculturalism does one thing and one thing only – destroyed culture, just as multiracialism destroys ethnic diversity within this world.

      1. “multiculturalism does one thing and one thing only – destroyed culture”

        Well said. Another Orwellian term. Just like democracy is sold to us as “government for the people” but actually means “mass manipulation of the people” in the minds of the psychopaths (and their text books for goodness sake, see Propaganda by Edward Bernays). And “political correctness” really means self-censorship — thou shalt not challenge the righteous few 😉

      2. I agree with you 100%. The devious hypocrisy of those who preach ‘diversity” is that they do everything they can to destroy it

      3. “I believe you are Brazilian… etc , etc”
        Let me do a De Niro here: Are you taking to me? Are you talking to ME?
        No, I am not Brazilian. Do my sentences have a samba cadence? I don’t speak Portuguese either.

      4. “Here in the UK, the ‘so called’ nationalists like to invite rabbis around to preach hatred against Islam. Many are former armed forces personnel, having seen action in Afghanistan and Iraq. They are utterly oblivious that they went off to fight Jew wars to make Israel safe, so that it can grow in size, build it’s third Temple and rule over all the lesser beings, meaning them.”

        You did have the BNP and they were critical of Zionists. But they were taken down. UKIP is not BNP.
        UKIP is getting a lot of press for standing up for English interests and they have no problem criticizing Muslims. But Nigel Farage and UKIP have an entirely different standard for Jews. Anything with even a hint of criticism of Jews is strictly forbidden and UKIP will destroy any UKIP party member who says such a thing, even a very promising candidate. The same problem exists with all the nationalist parties across Europe and Trump too. They’ve broken thru political correctness barriers to discuss things that have been forbidden to discuss. But they still can’t talk about Jews.

        “Jack Sen ran for a seat in Parliament representing West Lancashire. Until less than a week before the election, he was running under the banner of UKIP, but he was suspended from UKIP for an interview he gave a South African organization, the European Knights Project (posted on April 12), and for tweets received by Luciana Berger, a Jewish woman who is a Labour MP.”

      5. The last 3-4 seasons of Midsomer Murders has become all the more nauseating over time. Especially the last one they showed here this summer. There were more negroes than ever before or people of indian descent or similar. I can’t even recall one negro back when John Nettles still played the leading detective. They really stick out in a really small town in the english countryside. It just sticks out as not being natural one little bit. I really don’t know what ordinary sheeple thinks about it. But I assume that if they have noticed the multiculturalism in their own streets, they must also have taken notice of this change in the show. Especially if they like me has followed it back to the old Nettles days.

      6. Morningstar wrote “The last 3-4 seasons of Midsomer Murders has become all the more nauseating over time. Especially the last one they showed here this summer. There were more negroes than ever before or people of indian descent or similar. I can’t even recall one negro back when John Nettles still played the leading detective. They really stick out in a really small town in the english countryside. It just sticks out as not being natural one little bit. I really don’t know what ordinary sheeple thinks about it. But I assume that if they have noticed the multiculturalism in their own streets, they must also have taken notice of this change in the show. Especially if they like me has followed it back to the old Nettles days.”

        Haha – I noticed this too, but also that there were mixed race couples and gay people in almost every episode. Rural England is mostly white of course (so far, lol), but the PC brigade pointed out a few years back that Midsomer Murders was not diverse enough, and this last season bore the poisoned fruit of that misbegotten ideology.

      7. Morningstar –
        Taras –

        I have all 18 seasons. Early seasons were best.

        It was really bad in the first episode this year. It had a queer negroid medical doctor living with a queer white undertaker. Damn..!!

        I live in US…. so I would assume that was normal… if I didn’t know better.

        Asshole Pharisee-Jew Bankers get their way…. STILL..!!

    4. Great comments, but I particularly admire Ariadna’s. The only people whose cultures, peoples and countries are being destroyed are white countries, which were (and perhaps still are) the most advanced countries in the world. They are deliberately doing it to themselves and also Jews are doing it, after working on it since before WW II. It’s not “isolationism” to maintain your own culture, many of which in Europe are a thousand years old, with some much older, but it is genocide to deliberately bring in millions of uneducated people from completely foreign cultures and foreign races into your country. This is a first in history.

      It was accomplished, I believe largely thru control of the media and universities. The Jews power in the media is well known, despite all their denials. But since emancipation in Europe their power in universities grew fast too and now in the USA at least, they dominate the top universities along with Asians. But Asians are not politically active and don’t have two thousands years of historic hatred of Europeans. In any event, whites, the people that made the US into a country and world power have been removed from power by Jews, same as the Jews accomplished in Russia and a little later Germany. Kevin MacDonald attributes this tiny minority’s ability to accomplish these feats to ethnic nepotism, working together as a team to accomplish their goals and intelligence. Since the end of WW II Jews have led cultural Marxism in universities, which says all cultures and peoples have equal abilities, while also pushing white guilt in universities and in the media. They maligned the Germans the most and later on they started working on others, the British Empire’s sins, the USA’s sins and what all these countries had in common, even those that were arch enemies is they are all white. By telling Europeans, “you are nothing special” (and claiming you are makes you a hateful racist) and “in fact you’re evil and owe the rest of the world for the sins you’ve committed”, Europeans are now helping the Jews destroy the Jews most hated enemy, themselves. The question is if enough Europeans rise up and say no and stop their mentally ill leaders from carrying this genocide out.

      It doesn’t necessarily look too good. As one of the articles in Professor MacDonald’s The Occidental Observer points out, the Jews are an ancient people, perhaps the oldest in the world and they have outlasted and destroyed many enemies and cultures during these thousands of years. When it comes to their people, there is nothing they won’t do to an enemy. Will the Europeans come to their senses? That is the question.

      1. Thank you, Peter. I wonder if indeed “[Jews] have outlasted and destroyed many enemies and cultures during these thousands of years”, if indeed it was the Jews, as the mythologized continuos ethnic tribe, that has survived rather than the tribal cult/ideology.
        I believe that a lot of Palestinians — both Muslims and Christians — are in fact descendants of Judaic tribes later converted to.. “normalcy.” I believe the Turkic people known as Khazars absorbed the Judaic cult/ideology and made it their own.
        It is the cult that survived, like a virus, irrespective of who the carriers are.

      2. That is interesting. If that’s true, then my statement about them destroying others could be misleading. One other thing Professor MacDonald says, which I found very interesting is that Jews and Palestinians are very closely related genetically, which supports what you wrote. The other thing significant about that could be that Jewish intelligence Is overrated.

      3. @Peter:
        “my statement about them destroying others could be misleading.”
        Not at all. Those who have IDENTIFIED THEMSELVES AS JEWS in the past and do so today are indeed destroyers of other cultures. I only reject the idea of an ethnic continuity for the past 2000+ years. What continued unabated is the cult/ideology.

        “The other thing significant about that could be that Jewish intelligence Is overrated.”
        I believe it is VASTLY overrated. A quick proof of the pudding is this: if they are (1) so smart and (2) network-plugged to push each other up then, how come the ones that reach such lofty positions of leadership as reached by the likes of Yellen, ugly-little-old-monkey-face at the Supreme Court (I forget her name) or “philosophers” like Henri Bernard Levi are such thundering mediocrities? Don’t you think they’d be proud to wave at the world the best they produce? Well, THAT is the best.
        This is possibly the only thing on which I disagree with Gilad Atzmon. He explains the “genesis” of the Jewish elite with his story about the arranged marriages in shtetls: the “brightest yeshiva boys” with the richest girls in the shtetl produced an “intellectual elite.” This has a lot of holes but I’ll leave it here for now.

      4. I believe that I read that until maybe the nineteenth century there were no Jewish scientists of note and the only philosopher I know of is Spinoza, who was someone unimportant that they built up.

        But I think they have always had a knack for money.

  30. Pat, I am not excluding the possibility that I am attracted to you while fighting the awareness of it. Maybe because you are bossy and exude a sense of power… Why should I be different from all the women you say are attracted to you? But now that you told me you noticed it will be awkward for me. We can’t go back to what we were to each other before, or can we? You made me feel so… post-lapsarian.

      1. SM –

        Ariadna gets my vote also. She means well.

        Even my wife believes man has walked on the moon…!! 🙂

      2. Thank you, Sister Monica and Pat.
        I have friends who told me that “awakening” came to them slowly but hit them hard. “They lied to us about everything!” was how they summed up their shock. By “everything” they meant WWII, the Holocaust™, JFK’s assassination, Vietnam, all the way through 9/11 and on. But the landing of the moon was for some reason the hardest one for them to accept as a hoax. They read up everything they could find on it, saw all the videos, interviews, etc. and finally had to let go of the moon… Incidentally, they are highly educated people who know a transmission belt from a Van Allen one.
        We tried to puzzle out together why that was the most difficult cognitive dissonance hurdle and the only plausible explanation was that they had hoped that there was at least one patch of CLEANLINESS left, free of politics and of corruption, in the recent American history and if so, that had to be science…. Naive indeed.
        I recall a cartoon: in the background a filming crew setting up screens and a “lunar landscape” while an “astronaut” waits to perform. In the foreground two “physically obvious” Jews arguing: “No, no, no, this is too much. Nobody will believe it!” says one. “Why? They believed the story of the 6 million who went up in smoke, didn’t they?” says the other.
        Pat, perhaps your wife only says so to annoy you. Lewis Carroll’s advice is to give her pepper and scold her when she sneezes: she only does it to annoy because she knows it teases.

      3. I have a Russian friend and she does not believe the US made it to the moon. I think that was the first time I ever heard that and then I heard Dr. James Fetzer make the same claim.

  31. Thank-you Harbinger for the links and clarification of expulsion versus extermination.

    “Hitler worked with Zionists to remove Jews from Europe to Palestine” to establish the Holy Land as theirs [Ashkenazi] by fraud. Fits debunking the entire ‘holocaust’ to a tee as far the number of Ashkenazi deaths, in comparison, to deaths of those not Ashkenazi.

    1138 is correct when he says Hitler lives. Not in the physical, obviously, but through the Ashkenazi found in leadership positions throughout all countries and organized-religions. Hitler was an Ashkenazi, first and foremost; and whatever the host nation they take over; his was Germany; are the nations they use to bring war. They must be expulsed/removed.

    For those with an interest, I am reminded of The Law in the Book of Deuteronomy which demonstrates (only if enforced) how The Law of God/The Torah expulses Israel’s enemy.

    By Israel, I mean the Israelites (racial or spiritually grafted-in) following the ‘New Song’.

    Deuteronomy 17:10 And thou shalt do according to The Sentence, which they of that place which the “I AM” shall choose shall show thee; and thou shalt observe to do according to all that they inform thee:

    17:11 According to The Sentence of The Law which they shall teach thee, and according to the Judgment which they shall tell thee, thou shalt do: thou shalt not decline to do The Sentence which they shall show thee, and turn not away from it [to] the right hand, nor [to] the left.

    17:12 And the man that will do presumptuously, and will not hearken unto the priest that standeth to minister there before the “I AM” thy God, or unto the judge, even that man shall die: and [thus] thou shalt put away the evil from Israel.

    17:13 And all the people shall hear, and fear, and do no more presumptuously (in thinking they are a law unto themselves).

    The priests and judges and kings have been replaced by Christ Jesus (High Priest/King). If the people will not do it, then God in heaven and Christ Jesus will have to. ‘The End’.

    Those of you who persist that The Old Covenant was abolished by the New are mistaken.

    Malachi 4:1 For, behold, the Day cometh, that shall burn like an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the “I AM” Lord of hosts, that it shall leave of them neither root nor branch (nothing).

    4:2 But unto you that fear My name shall the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall.

    4:3 And ye shall tread down the wicked; for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in The Day that I shall do [this], saith the “I AM” Lord of hosts.

    4:4 Remember ye and return to The Law of Moses My servant, which I commanded unto him in Horeb for all Israel, [with] the Statutes and Judgments.

    4:5 Behold, I will send you EliJAH the Prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful Day of the “I AM” (Sura 43:61):

    4:6 And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

    1. New Song,

      “1138 is correct when he says Hitler lives. Not in the physical, obviously, but through the Ashkenazi found in leadership positions throughout all countries and organized-religions. Hitler was an Ashkenazi, first and foremost;”

      Are you by any chance that idiot who calls herself New Earth? She’s just as crazy as you are, hence my curiosity.

      1. What? You don’t believe Ashkenazi Jews can be stupid?
        Maybe Hitler was the stupidest Jew ever born: he wanted to destroy Germany but he was such a moron he did it the hardest way imaginable. He first rebuilt it from ashes, and not just the Autobahn stuff, full employment, etc but he rebuilt it morally and spiritually. In the Weimar republic he had it all handed to him on a platter: Germany rotten to the core, ready to completely disintegrate as a nation. But no, dumb Jew Hitler has to scratch his left ear with his right hand…. Maybe that’s what New Song means….

      2. Ariadnatheo,

        Well, they, the Ashkenazi, have sort of a reputation of holding back and pospone gratification. Because you see, they could have put ‘their’ boy Hitler in power already in 1932, when the NSDAP was by far the biggest after elections. But for some reason they didn’t and instead even ‘let’ the NSDAP lose votes to the communists in the next election that year, so that his party was no longer the biggest. Only to finally ‘let’ the NSDAP become the biggest again in 1933, Pfff, they must have sweated like hogs in an oven that year, risking their plans like that.

  32. This site is degenerating into a yakkety-yak, blah-blah fest of 5 people who feel the compulsive need to talk to each other as if this forum were email. It’s low quality, low info, low octane, low value, like fuel oil low quality constituents and high water content. Caloric value is sub-standard. This is basically pub/bar talk palaver and tripe. I would use the analogy of Hot Air Balloon, but the Hot Air is flatulent.

    “Recent Comments”: the same players over and over. A sentient, knowledgeable person happening on this site, looking at this drivel, would be reflexively moving the pointer to “close window”. Perhaps a limit on the number of submissions a day would be advisable, or a polite note to hold off on ejaculations and compose a comment containing some information, insight, and edification instead writing to see one’s comments, like a dog lifting his leg on a fire hydrant, marking territory.

  33. Diversity … before we start continue arguing about it, let’s try and figure out what it is.
    Coudenhove-Spectre Diversity: the sea of identical muds, control one, control them all.
    Diversity, Diversion.

    What kind of diversity is it if they are all the same, doesn’t the word imply differentiation?
    Of languages, ethnicities, cultures, cousines, histories, thought patterns … diversity of a multitude of coexisting well defined identities.

    Huh? did the Jew pull another fast one on us?
    I tell you … that jew …

  34. There are several ways of looking at the written work. Content and form are obvious. The term “prosaic” is used pejoratively as synonymous with “pedestrian”, workmanlike, sparse, etc, etc. This is opposite of “poetic”, with emphasizes aesthetic, ephemeris, and form, primarily. Content is emotive. Rarely is there useful, practical information. The appeal is though emotion.

    When Madame Butterfry defines good prose-as my 9th grade English teacher, Mrs, Ritchie-it is for clarity, brevity, and the unnecessary use of decorative words and the eschewing of foreign substitutes. However, appealing and intuitively grounded this sounds, it is not found in classical works. The words of English and American scholars and other notables are constructed syntactically, grammatically, and denotatively in rather elaborate fashion, with many dependent clauses. Words-the choice of-were formally a measure of a person, as were the clothes he wore; a measure of his intelligence, learning, standing.

    Everybody’s talking today, but saying very little that has any value after the end of the day.

  35. @Pat: So Wiggins has been here for years? What about the brown stain he left on the seat he sat in? What about yours? Are ya’ll’s comments here the notes you pass to each other in class?

  36. Ms. Darkmoon, of course Satanic worship should not be allowed; everyone agrees. THE QUESTION is what should be done to counter it? Prohibit its expression? Is this a violation of “Free Speech”. Banish it from the public square but allow it in private settings? Incarcerate ANYBODY proclaiming, advocating, or practicing this “religion”? What are the consequences for doing NOTHING?

  37. Actually, I may qualify. I have been about in the world extant for quiet a long time, and have seen and met real sociopaths and totally evil people-the kind with flat lifeless eyes, for whom taking a human life is akin to swatting a house fly.

    I recall observing and meeting people in the 1960s who called themselves Satanists, and have thoughts about them and their beliefs. It turned out that one of my company’s associates (in Caliscornia, of course) was identified as a Satanist, along with his wife, who were linked to some grisly murders.

    Topic focus: what do we do with these people?

    1. Poupon Marx –

      Good topic! I look forward to reading your elaborations. Don’t let the mundane character of some of these online “conversations” discourage you! I often look forward to reading the banter on here, after a long day, because I find SO MUCH of edifying thought. Not only is it entertaining – it is relevant to much of our own lives. You, yourself, are a great writer of thought, and I would miss reading you should you abstain. 🙂

      Just yesterday, I was looking through some old books and came across a collection of orations in Parliament during the time when they were debating on whether to “tax” the Colonies (America, around 1778). What incredible, extemporaneous speeches! I see some of that same great command of the King’s English recited here – and whether or not it’s bullshit doesn’t matter – as long as it’s GOOD bullshit! 🙂

      1. Yes, one writing style, as put forth by Mad Ma’am Butterflew, does not fit all situations or venues or audiences. STYLE is less important than content, but can make the difference between solely informative transmissions, and those conveying the same intelligence and knowledge, but with esthetic pleasure that reaches further into the persona and often stimulates imagination.

        You know, so much of the banter (that Katy Hopkins talks about) that used to be found in English print from Punch, for example, and the Evelyn Waughs of that generation. Oh, the magnificent put-downs, turn of phrase, velvet gloved fists smashing hypocrisy, over inflated egos, poseurs, balderdash, poppycock, etc, etc. It’s healthy, strips away the moss and exposes the verdant essence of live tissue. I admire Katy Hopkins for that very reason. She is to me a national treasure, whose replica we very much need in America. If I had a daughter, I’d be watching Katy regularly with her.

        Remember, democracy is rooted in the root of “demote”, as in lowering where presumably the top meets the bottom, and the bottom pulls everything down. For some people this is a compulsion-for various reasons- and none of them good.

        Let’s say that good style is represented and elevated by Melania Trump, and bad bile by Moochelle Obama, subterranean travelers on the Sewer Line take note.

      2. You’re going to be a lot of fun, Poupon. I thoroughly enjoy your comments. I like your pastiche of Sam Weller (Picwick Papers, as you clearly know) with such howlers as “I have been about in the world extant for quiet a long time.”
        Also “esthetic pleasure that reaches further into the persona .” That must be some pleasure! Personae are notoriously hard to penetrate and harder to thrill.
        I only have one correction to make: your etymology of “democracy” is wrong. It is not related to “demote” but to “demoiselle” (democracy is a girlish thing). “To demote” actually means to remove the mote from someone’s eye. Thanks again.

  38. Lasha,

    You can’t keep the devil from rising. Sadly, many people are embracing the darker side of life and this is why diablo is rising once again. My frustrations, on this forum and in general are with people’s belief that they can stop the oncoming Tsunami. They can’t. I find my peace knowing that I can’t stop him, but I will never worship him. I chose a path of good a long time ago as have many others, but our incredibly indoctrinated younger generations are dead heads, filled to the brim with constant msm propaganda, all the way from you know who.

    You have your faith, as do most on this site. You will need it more than ever in the years to come as our society will rapidly decrease in all moral and ethical practices. It’s about surviving what’s to come.

    1. @ Harbinger


      You can’t keep the devil from rising.

      Maybe you’re right, Harbie. But why argue with Lasha about it? She never said she was trying to stop the devil from rising, did she?

      If the devil wants to rise, let him! He’s a free agent, isn’t he?

      1. Madame Butterfly,

        Lasha wrote above as to whether Satanism should be allowed:

        “Ergo, Satanism must not be allowed.
        Because to allow it is to give in to Satan.”

        I think the above answers your questions. 🙂

      2. The only one who can stop the Devil from rising is Poupon. He tells us he’s an expert on Satan. So that will help. And the way he’s gonna do it is to lay out his strategy on the Darkmoon site and then give us all tuition in Satan suppression.

        I can’t wait.

      3. @ Poupon Marx

        Re your request for an opportunity to discuss Satanism, this seems like a good idea. Yes, why not? We’ll see what we can lay on at short notice.

      4. @admin

        Please let us know when you’re ready to discuss Satanism, and while you’re at it maybe you’d care to explain why you removed my comment pertaining to it the other day? Was it something I said?

  39. Pat, Rixon Gracie is good but David Levicki was an embarrassment, if I was fighting him i could have posted a couple of DM entries while he wound up for a punch.
    Obese, out of shape, rolls like a cadaver in a dinghy.
    Rixon, though, holding his left too low, wide open for a right cross, sure he is resilient and quickly counters with a takedown move but coming from a trained boxer a well timed right cross can turn the lights off for good.

    1. Lobro –

      Rickson makes everyone look bad because they know if they commit and miss…. the fight is over… as you saw. So, they try to counter-punch and wait for openings he baits.

      A well-timed right would be a correct move if you were in Rickson’s place. You might be toast. 🙂
      Quick well-timed punches do not work on him

      Many boxers and hundreds of street fighters have tried and failed. He fought every day in Brazil and was always challenged.

      You would know better than to make that claim if you ever faced him.

      You don’t know what you are writing about in this instance. Your experience with Rickson is zero.

      He can throw quick well-timed rights and lefts when needed. He just doesn’t need to in a ring. He has broken jaws as well.

      He was competing at age 5 in Brazil. No novice to punches…. and punchers. He changed styles based on opponents. His main goal in ALL competition was to show the effectiveness of Gracie Jiujitsu techniques. His goal outside the ring is to kick-ass any way he needs to. Even with a gun, if needed.

      The death of his son Rockson, found dead(age 18) in a New York hotel in December 2000 took a lot from him. He lost the will to fight after that. He said, “That was the worst beating I’ve ever taken.”

      1. Pat,

        “Rickson makes everyone look bad because they know if they commit and miss…. the fight is over… as you saw. So, they try to counter-punch and wait for openings he baits.”

        I disagree. This was a terrible match up. Anyone could have beaten Gracie’s opponent here.
        David Levicki was an embarrassment. At 0:22 into the fight, Gracie came in with a lunging right straight, at which Levicki counter punched three times (badly) with the fourth and fifth, while in a clinch and then falling out of the ring. He was slow, terribly slow and he made Gracie look very good in this fight, I’ve seen better fights at throwing out time in pubs, between two drunks.

        Levicki shouldn’t have been in that ring, in fact any ring. He was out of shape and didn’t even attempt to combat against Gracie’s low knee kicks. He threw four and a half punches all fight. All he did was stare at him with his guard up. When Gracie took him down, that was a laugh also.

        If you want to watch a good fighter who took on ALL the Gracies, then there’s no one better than Kazushi Sakuraba known as the ‘Gracie Hunter’.

      2. Harb –

        You are mistaken by making a snap judgement in this instance. You are guessing that anybody could have beaten David Levicki.

        Levicki had already beaten other notable fighters, including Ja[an’s best, Kazuhiro Kusayanag, and was in this semifinal match with Rickson because of it. Levicki was Gerard Gordeau’s best fighter. Gordeau, a Dutch champion and teacher, is the 6ft-5in guy in the red coat complaining when Levicki got thrown out of the ring by Rickson.

        I have had the complete VHS tape of the whole Valetudo 94 in Japan since it happened. I have watched all the fights there many times.

        Rickson makes everyone look bad. He attacks their weaknesses. I know, from personal experiences.

        He did the same thing with Bud Smith at the same event…. for the championship.

        Bud Smith, a kick-boxer, 6ft-3in 190 lb, was knocking out everyone, especially with fast and straight right hands set up by head kicks and knees to the mid-sections. He made the mistake in attempting an immediate push-kick to keep distance with Rickson…. who is wanting the kicks… he likes grabbing punches and kicks. It was over once he grabbed him.

        Watch it. Have fun…. Only 2 min:

  40. what the hell
    satanism in this site ,satan must be laughing now and katy perry will get naked and sing for you rise will make the evil zionists happy ,in fact satan’s army of lunatics in academia ,holly wood ,the media the cabal bankers would be very pleased with you darkies.
    side note : the German birds told me that Russo and Circassian are one and the same

  41. ariadnatheo sweet heart ,the German birds refused to comment on you but the Chinese ones said that you’re red onions,but regardless I do admire you.
    are you German ? (—{*^*}—).

    1. @ Red Alpha

      Ariadnatheo is not ‘Red Onions’, I assure you, and has probably never even heard of Red Onions. Your guess that ‘Rousso’ is Circassian, however, is a possibility. This suspicion has entered the minds of one or two people here. But suspicion is not proof. Their email addresses and IP numbers are completely different.

      The question is: who are YOU that you appear to know so much about our past posters? 🙂

      1. @ Toby

        Ariadnatheo is not ‘Red Onions’, I assure you, and has probably never even heard of Red Onions.

        I agree with this assessment 100%. Ariadna has a keenly developed sense of humor and a gift for irony. Red Onions had no sense of humor whatever, though extremely well-informed and intelligent.

    2. Uncle,
      I am ready to be proven wrong but Rousso ain’t Circassian, tho he may be a Russian jew who did time in Israel and didn’t like it … just a fun guess, if wrong i may lose ~4 seconds of sleep.
      He is okay by me, disagreement on topics is why there is a thriving forum of combatants here.

      Circassian worked by slow poison, crept around like a starfish gradually devouring coral reef or something.

      (and yes, ariadna is the rainmaker in my book – doesn’t get better than that)

      1. Where do you get this habit from, talking about others behind their backs? I am here, you want to ask me about something, then ask me. Face to face, son.

      2. Lobro,

        You are probably right about Rousso and Circassian being different individuals. I don’t myself maintain they are same individual. I just said there were certain similarities between the two that had aroused suspicions in people’s minds that they might be the same person. I think your hunch is correct though.

      3. Toby,

        I am here, if you want to ask me about it, ask me. It isn’t nice, to talk about a man behind his back.

      4. @ Rousso

        How can I be talking about you “behind your back” when I know you are here? 🙂

        I simply pointed out the truth to Lobro that you had aroused suspicions in certain people’s minds that you and this character Circassian were the same person. (Which is what that other commenter said). However, I agree that Lobro is probably 99% correct that you are Rousso and that Circassian is Circassian and that the only thing you have in common is the fact that you are both Russian.

        Come to think of it, Circassian accused you in one of his recent comments of being a Russian with all the wrong views, so maybe this is the final proof that you are NOT Circassian.

        One thing is undeniable, and even you will admit it: you have aroused strong opposition from several trusties on this site. They can’t ALL be trolls. I very much doubt that 1138, Ariadnatheo and Sardonicus are all trolls.

        This doesn’t make you a troll either. You sound sincere to me. But your sincerity does not invalidate the charge, made against you by Sardonicus, that you are a “Useful Idiot” for the Jews — spouting their views because you happen to agree with them.

      5. Toby-

        I am very confident that Rousso is not ‘Circassian… the Caucasus Hillbilly.’

        I can guess that more certainly since Circ could never leave the site without punching at Lobro or me…. in every comment. I really enjoyed it. He provided me with half of my ammunition when he posted comments to promote Putin. I used it against him. He hated me for that.. 🙂

        Rousso has not mentioned how great Putin is either. Circ did it all the time.

        None of us here are totally together politically.

        I KNOW that no one shares all of my views. Damned shame..!! 🙂

        JB Cambell drove his trolling boat by and got 1138 to look at his site. Caught eyeballs. So, what??

        This is just the dynamics of the blog comment sections all over the web.

      6. Where do you get this habit from, talking about others behind their backs? I am here, you want to ask me about something, then ask me. Face to face, son.

        Maybe i couldn’t tell the back from the face 🙂
        (hey, don’t get pissed but how could i let the opportunity go?)

  42. @ ARIADNATHEO: I am gratified that you find my comments interesting. I write frequently and don’t always go back to edit or correct. I concentrate on thought and ideas, sometimes leaving a misspelling. But, like my 9th grade English teacher, here you are! I’m looking forward to you scanning my comments for grammatical irregularities.

    On the word “demote”. You opinion is correct per se, but you only cited a branch, not the root. The root is the Greek word, “demos”, which means: (from “”)

    Examples Word Origin: Greek
    the common people of an ancient Greek state.
    the common people; populace.
    Sociology. a people viewed as a political unit.
    Origin of demos Expand
    1770-17801770-80; < Greek dêmos district, people; cf. demo-
    The essay found at
    includes the following:
    The terms δημοτική (demotic, ‘the people’s language’) and καθαρεύουσα (katharevousa, ‘the purifying language’
    So, demote, downward toward the base of the pyramid, promote toward the top.

    Now, that this is behind us, I shall return the compliment of finding a character in a story or play that captures your special quality. Fetish Cheese.
    Your comment on persona was incomprehensible to me. Would you mind elaborating?
    Encyclopedia Britannica defines "persona" thusly:

    Persona, in psychology, the personality that an individual projects to others, as differentiated from the authentic self. The term, coined by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, is derived from the Latin persona, referring to the masks worn by Etruscan mimes. One of the Jungian archetypes, the persona enables an individual to interrelate with the surrounding environment by reflecting the role in life that the individual is playing. In this way one can arrive at a compromise between one’s innate psychological constitution and society. Thus the persona enables the individual to adapt to society’s demands.

    Gotta go Dust My Broom:

    Poop poop a doop.

    1. @ Poupon Marx

      Your etymology of the word “DEMOTE” sucks. The word “demote” does NOT derive from the Greek root ‘DEMOS’ or ‘DEMOTIC’. NO CONNECTION!

      The word “demote” derives from the Latin word ‘DEMOVERE’, meaning “to move down”. And it is connected tangentially with the word PROMOTE (check your online etymology!) which means “to move up.”

      Good try, Poupon, but it won’t do!

    2. Poupon – – You are getting funnier by the comment.

      Half of your attempt at proposing an educational comment was wasted on guessing. 🙂

      Now we see you make things up… and pass it off as fact. I wrote yesterday you are a joke.

      I have had numerous college etymology courses over the years.
      DEMOTE is a totally invented word of recent use.
      First Known Use: circa 1891.

      ‘Demote’ does not have its roots in the Greek word ‘demos’ since the etymology is DE+MOTE:

      de- + -mote (as in promote, pro+mote) where ‘mote’ is derived from LATIN ‘movere’ meaning TO MOVE.

      ‘Promote’ roots:
      Middle English, from Latin promotus, past participle of promovēre, literally, to move forward, from pro- forward + movēre to move
      First Known Use: 14th century

      Your ‘demos’ lecture was correct…. but it did not apply to ‘demote’ in any way..!! Total joke.

      Poop-Poop-Poop to you….. the clown of DM. 🙂

      Oooops… just noticed Sard…. HA!!! 🙂 🙂

      1. SardineCuz and Patty Cake: Again, I have to resort to doing the work that you two middling, stunted Betas fall short of due to sloth and existence in the bubble world you live in. Both of ya’ll seem to have had and don’t have any life except Ms. Darkmoon’s site, where you yammer back and forth, to and froth about relative trivia.

        The Latin language can only be traced to approximately the First Century B.C. The Greek language beyond a millennium before Christ. Do you actually believe that “demovere” came out of nowhere and that its symmetry of “Demos” is a pure coincidence? (I have taken many etymological courses…..{Pat})<<Thanks, Patty Cake for the larf.
        By the first century BC, Greeks had colonized parts of Italy and spread their language and culture. Latin has also undergone many evolutions and mutations. It's a crude language and a hash of many dialects and local patois of the Italian Peninsula. It has no deep linear pedigree; it was conceived out of a linguistic junkyard of spare parts, metaphorically speaking.

        Although Latin scholars disagree on the beginning and ending dates for the different periods in the language’s history, Latin can be broken down into seven periods with approximate dates given below:

        Old Latin (origin – 75 B.C.)

        Classical Latin (75 B.C.E. – 200 A.D.)

        Vulgar Latin (200 – 900)

        Medieval Latin (900 – 1300)

        Renaissance Latin (1300 to 1500)

        You see, Dear Readers, how a little knowledge can be dangerous in the hands of petty (little) people? Trying to educate and add to the knowledge of mediocrities (whom I define as accomplished little, taken no risks, a lot of talk no action), can be very bothersome and annoying. They only know what is brought to them on a platter. The air is out of your balloons, chattering simians, and it smells really baaaaad.

        Signing off with a salute to Real Men, and a Tribute to the Confederate States of America. Ciao, bambini.

        Poop poopy dupe. Pobrecitos.

      2. Poupon –

        Demos(people) has nothing to do with demote. It is de + mote.

        You are just plain wrong and look silly. 🙂 🙂

      3. @ Poupon Marx

        You are talking utter garbage. The word “demote” comes from the Latin “demovere” = to move down. Nor can “demovere” (to move down) possibly derive from the Greek “demos” (people).

        Franklin Ryckaert, a classical scholar, would readily confirm that there is no connection between the Latin “demovere” and the Greek “demos.” For that matter, so could LD or Sister Monica who are classical scholars.

        I’m pleased to see, Poupon, that you have at last revealed yourself as a total fraud!

        You might as well suggest that “demos” and “demon” are etymologically connected and that there is an obvious link between democracy and demonology. 🙂

        Imbecilic clown.

      4. Looks like you’re just another troll, Poupon, whose only purpose here is to introduce silly distractions and waste everyone’s time. You have been successful in that.

      5. As a classical scholar, I can confirm that there is no connection between the word “demos” (from Greek) and the word “demote” (from Latin) . Any more than there’s a connection between “democracy” and “demonology” or between “monomania” and “monkey”.

        Poupon Marx is without doubt a time-wasting fraud.

        If he isn’t a troll, I’ll eat my hat.

        (BTW, The word “HAT” is in no way related to the word HATE!)

      6. @ Dr David Green
        @ Sardonicus
        @ Pat

        BTW, The word “HAT” is in no way related to the word HATE!

        LOL. The stupendous ignorance and mediocrity of the nincompoops infesting this atrabilious site never ceases to astonish me.. The tra-la-lalery and tohubohu to which I have been subjected here by the ignorant and vainglorious, jealous of my superior intellectual accomplishments, is enough to make me throw in the towel — if not commit suicide in an epileptic fit like the Gadarene swine.

        Few here can be aware that the anglo-Saxon word “HAT” is not directly connected to the Anglo-Norman-Hispanic word “HATE”, as found in Beowolf and The Green Knight, but it is definitely connected epistemologically (if not hermeneutically) to the archaic Japanese dialect word HATA as found in The Tale of Genji (源氏物語 Genji monogatari), written by the noblewoman and lady-in-waiting Murasaki Shikibu in the early years of the 11th century, around the peak of the Heian period.

        I am so appalled by the ignorance displayed on this site about classical Japanese culture and its influence on early Anglo-Saxon literature that I am now about pour myself a stiff raki.

      7. Poupon –

        You like making stuff up. That is undoubtedly the case for your credentials also…. fiction… or you found your Mechanical Engineering degree in a lost bag from Walmart. 🙂

        WE don’t fall for that crap here..!!

        You are STILL a joke..!! 🙂

  43. @ Lobro

    True Israelites are rare indeed! Perhaps, it can be simplified in this manner: if one is not an Israelite (racial or spiritually grafted-in) then they are a ‘jew’. Jew being one who thinks they are a law unto themselves; the self-righteous bastards have puffed themselves up into actually believing they are chosen! According to The Law/Torah they should be executed for their presumption.

    But, we must be careful how we use the term “jew” because much confusion around that “term” has been purposefully orchestrated for malicious reasons. Occupying The Holy Land by fraud comes to mind; also, thievery by usury.

    David was more than an adulterer. He was a murderer. Awful, yet was loved by God. It’s possible that he was the best of the lot of the Israelites back then. He was but a young man when he inherited that title ‘king’ and responsibility. I appreciate king David for his devotion and sincere repentance for all he did.

    The reason I emphasize the Khazars is because they constitute the majority of people referred to as “jews” in modern times which I find to be very deceptive and misleading since the Khazars are not connected to Biblical Israelites at all.

    God has spoken to me and sounded like the same One who spoke to Abraham. I was not asked to do anything as difficult as Abraham, but only relative to me. It is apparent that getting back into heaven is not an easy task. Nor should it be.

    As far as The Torah, if It were enforced by the Semites you do like: Palestinians, Aramaic speaking Christians of the Golan Heights, Lebanon and Syria; then they would not be wearing an armband for slaughter; their enemies would be executed.

    Forget the mistakes of the Israelites; better, yet …. learn from their mistakes and not repeat them over and over again. You love Jesus. If you ask, He will tell you.

    Warm regards,
    New Song

    1. Being in Chatahoochy as I am, getting thrown into Spamblinka is redundant. I was thrown into Chatahoochy mental hospital for thought “criminals” when word got around Florida I said Pulse was a Mega Psyops fake shooting [ like Sandy Hook was a fake shooting ] . I even said I don’t think Mateen was shot in Pulse. NO dead body was ever shown, NO dead body produced, NOT any of the 49 who supposedly were shot dead, NOT even Mateen’s dead body was produced. Being a Flat Earther Geocentric didn’t help my case any. It made the authorities even more anxious to get rid of me. It made the situation worse for me here in the State NASA owns-and-controls and RULES. A NASA and DISNEY world here in Florida, the TWO amusement parks ALL about fantasies, all about facades, all about show business. NO wonder the TWO, Dubby and Kaminksi, LERV Florida so much.

      1. TROJ –

        NASA, DISNEY… and RD AMROSS in Palm Beach… the one helping your red bear buddy.. 🙂

        That five-person company, RD Amross, is a joint venture of Russian engine maker NPO Energomash and a U.S. partner, aerospace giant United Technologies. According to internal company documents that lay out the contract, Amross stands to collect $93 million in cost mark-ups under its current multi-year deal to supply the RD-180 rocket engine.

        The RD-180 is the engine that powers ULA’s Atlas V rocket, which is one of the launch vehicles used by the Air Force in their EELV program. The engine is fueled by liquid oxygen and kerosene and features a highly efficient oxygen rich staged combustion engine cycle. The design features a single shaft main turbopump unit and dual gimbaled thrust chambers with integrated hydraulic actuators to provide thrust vectoring for vehicle steering. The RD-180 was developed in Russia and currently produced by NPO Energomash and sold through RD AMROSS a joint venture between Pratt & Whitney and NPO Energomash.

        On May 2, 2005, The Boeing Company and the Lockheed Martin Corporation announced their intention to form a joint venture called the United Launch Alliance (ULA), combining the production, engineering, test and launch operations associated with U.S. government launches of Boeing Delta and Lockheed Martin Atlas rockets – providing world-class space launch services for the U.S. government at lower cost.

        RD Amross is a supplier of NPO Energomash RD180 rocket engines to United Launch Alliance (ULA) for the Atlas Launch Vechicle.

        Special Report: In Pentagon deal with Russians, big profit for tiny Florida firm

      2. TROJ,

        “I was thrown into Chatahoochy mental hospital for thought “criminals” when word got around Florida I said Pulse was a Mega Psyops fake shooting [ like Sandy Hook was a fake shooting ].”

        As I’ve always said, Russia was the testbed for communism, before they released it on the west. How many political prisoners were thrown into mental institutions and the key thrown away?
        Sorry to hear you’re locked up though. 🙁

  44. @ Poupon Marx

    The Law of God is certain as to what to do with Satanists, but the human race has shown itself to have a problem with judgment, discernment and justice. Execution is a fatal step. Ask Lobro to tell you about the Israelites and jews who had a problem with (true) Justice. The minds of men are so clouded and there is so much evil, it would demand a bloodbath.

    I fight against a satanist (even a coven) and it is not in the way you might think. These are spiritual matters fought in a physical world. 22:18 Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live in Exodus is very clear. No interpretation required. The Law of God is illegal on this planet presently. I am not sure if there is a human+being capable of being a Judge except Christ. Though I know what I fight, it remains hidden (occult) and not an open battle necessarily. The most difficult battle is thy “Self”. In conquering ‘it”, I achieve victory over satanists. It is oftentimes difficult; bizarre. There is so much injustice in the world, one really does not have to look for something to fight; it will just come, and when it does: fight for God. Ch3:v24 in The Way home or face The Fire

    1. I think we should execute them all, in public, with the guillotine. Cockroaches and rodents know when they are not wanted. I have come to this conclusion and plan of action after consultation with myself, and reflecting on the God given innate drive of my cats to kill rodents and other vermin. There’s a lesson there.

      Have you ever watched a movie or TV show where our hero invades the space of the Bad Guys, knocks one out, and later has to fight or be killed by the same BG? There’s a lesson there: kill the BG and he won’t bother you anymore. It’s the New Magic Whitener! Gets rid of all stains forever!

      Why do we have a hundred sex offenders living within a mile of our homes? Ridiculous! Dispatch them, and you won’t have to worry about your chillens getting raped or mutilated. The Chinese are very practical; why can’t we be?

      Some people think I am inhumane. Not true. That’s why I advocate the guillotine. Like the old DeWars Scotch Whiskey commercial: never varies. Chop, chop.

      1. “Some people think I am inhumane.”

        That’s because they are spineless and are morally too weak to adequately deal with evil.

        Banning evil is not adequately dealing with it. Evil can only exist because good people allow it to exist.

        The quote ” Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
        springs to mind.

    2. Looks like New Song and Henry Makow are THE ONLY “real” jews in the world. Yes, a rare species of bird ? that’s for sure.

  45. Sound about right, Arch. All I’m proposing is what does society due in response to the rise of Satanism? It IS increasing in the West. Do we just tsk tsk and wag our fingers? Should it be prohibited by law? What should, if any, be the penalties? Should Satanists be allowed to give invocations at public meetings? Teach their scata in your children’s classes at school?

    Stout hearts and livers will not divert from this essential question.

    O, zittre nicht!

  46. Putin-Denial is Hate Speech!
    They should all be extradited to Novosibirsk to stand trial for denying hope to the goyworld.

    Another item of doubting Thomases bites dust: Iran Deploys Russian S-300 Surface To Air Missiles At Its Fordow Nuclear Facility.
    the Holocaust missiles are 100% true.

    Enrichment of uranium at the Fordow facility, around 100 km (60 miles) south of Tehran, has stopped since the implementation of the nuclear deal in January.

    Hmm, so why do they need s-300s to protect it, if it has been repurposed as yogurt factory?
    one can only hope …

    1. “60 miles”?!? You want us to think that’s accidental and meaningless? Why did they choose a location at precisely 60 miles from the capital of the quintessential Existential Threat to the only democracy in the ME?
      Multiply that 100,000. See the symbolism?
      So Putin is really the new Hitler after all.

  47. 1138: Well, well. Somebody stepped up to the plate and picked up a bat. Evidently, the swath of Beta and Gamma males were reviving themselves with smelling salts. It’s addressing the hard questions that will determine whether we save ourselves as White Nominal Christian Euro-People or whether we allow Others to take all from us, ending in our very lives.

    Buck up, you spineless toadies and fartful dodgers.

    BTW, 1138, if you area a woman, I declare that hardly anything matches my admiration and appreciation for strong women. And I don’t mean manliness. Get a gun.

  48. Madam Flutterby: I support Breitbart News because it is outside the pathological, septic, and toxic Government-Media-Oligarch-professoriat class. It’s that simple. They are not perfect in my estimation. Andrew was a converted Jew, and many of the top editors are Jewish, but Traditional and Conservative. And patriotic. I do not support the propping up of Israel in any form. But as the saying goes, “Half a loaf, is better than no loaf”. In fact anything that runs counter to the destructive forces of Western Civilization I reflexively endorse.

    GatesStone is patriotic but VERY pro-Israel. The owner is gay and perhaps tied in to Israeli/Jewish interests. I got banned for opining that Jews as a force want to vanquish, destroy, eliminate the Whites as Lazar Kaganovich did with the Gulaks of the Ukraine, etc, etc. I refuse to bow to anyone on principle. I don’t need them or any other e-site. As long as my cats look up to me, I really don’t give a chit.

    If this site bans me, I consider it their loss, not mine, judging by the mediocre, repetitive, rat-a-tat-tat of palaver and scent marking of 5 or so pooches on here. You would think that a site with a learned host, L. D., would have a higher level of discourse, comparable to Occidental Observer, Occidental Dissent, Unz Review, etc., Instead, it resembles a freshman college classroom of TODAY, what with lowered standards and shallow reasoning and evidence.

    The past five days or so were exercises in that many people posting for what appears their egos primarily. The comment section is getting very stale, inbred, and slouching toward retardation.

    I believe this miasma discourages more original and deeper thinkers and swimmers.

  49. @Sardinecus: What a stewpid retort. Someone else can “prove” there is no connection?? You lazy churl and poltroon. God doesn’t like flabby souls, Sardine, much less than flabby bodies. You are not sure of anything, most likely your gender. I would vouchsafe your opinion on anything seeing mettle of your character and inflated self image.

    The truth is you are mediocre and a nothing burger, all bleached bread, thin film of greasy mayonnaise, and a pickle cut from horsecock, ersatz and imitation, a true HOLLOWgram.

    Go tend to your bloody nose, boy.

  50. @Dr. David Green: I doubt your credentials and self description. In fact, the adoption of one word from a language that was predominant on the Italian peninsula would be extremely difficult to follow and chronicle and PROVE there is no connection It would require extensive investigation. “Proof” is not a word you can use, because “proof” here is disproving, proving a negative.

    You are in all likelihood, a masquerading and virtual expert, but in reality just nabob with enough “college” to cocktail party prattle with 20 seconds of bullshit.

    F. J:

    I mark you as a relative simpleton, because as simpleton’s do, you make a short statement and offer no detail or evidence, or even correlation or causation.

    You don’t even know the elementary rules of logic and syllogism. Ah well, another mediocrity, chump, poseur. “Classical scholar” *Guffaw, Chortle, Snicker*

    There’s a lot of this chaff and flotsam on the Darkmoon site. Dust my broom. Why am I pointing out these inadequacies constantly. Where are the learned “scholars”?

  51. more ugly little heads popping up in the whack-a-mole board: US Ambassador Being Called ‘Gay Son of a Bitch’? – An Empire Crumbles (((Into Its Footprint)))

    In case you missed it, the newly-elected president of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte just referred to the American ambassador to his country (((Philip Goldberg))) as a “gay son of a bitch”, threatened to leave the United Nations, and called America’s Secretary of State John Kerry “crazy”.

    Imagine – the Philippines – Asia’s sock puppet of American hegemony has turned against their fearsome masters.

    As history shows, whenever a colorful and eccentric political leader criticizes America they are demonized by the western news media. So it was no surprise that CNN – the cowardly lion of “news outlets” wasted no time in comparing Duterte to Donald Trump.

    If – as some political scientists believe – the American Empire is truly crumbling you will soon see another domino fall. We’re talking South Korea. If the government in Seoul should come to realize that being a close ally of America is causing more harm than good, a messy divorce may be in the offing. Faced with an increasingly dangerous North Korea armed with more powerful weapons, Seoul may ask Uncle Sam to quietly leave the peninsula in order to alleviate rising tensions and avoid a disastrous fratricide than no Korean really wants. And if that happens there would be a very real danger that Japan – suffering from severe economic difficulties- could make their own Asian pivot away from the United States simply as a pragmatic survival tactic.

    I say Jew overplayed his hand badly and in reaching for the pot, he is about to lose what he had.

    1. @ Lobro

      I read that Duterte was also threatening China concerning the South China Sea dispute. The only thing he has to threaten China with is the US military. Mixed signals means that he is probably playing the jews like a harp for more foreign aid.

      I also read that Duterte has (New Song will like this) executed over 700 drug distributors. It could be that he is doing the USA/Mexico dance of eliminating the unapproved distributors while pretending to be opposed to drug dealing.

      The (((bankers)) in in the Philippines like him since he is going to be borrowing lots of money for infrastructure improvements.

      I like his outspoken true criticisms. More time and his actions will reveal who side he is really on.

    2. Which Empire is crumbling? The JWO? I think not. Who said that preserving the dollar and the United States was part of the plan? Blaming everything on the US is an old trick — the US is a Zionist Satrapy. It is also a host that has been sucked dry.

      What a coincidence that the US was also a strongly Christian nation-state that is now destroyed by the same people that destroyed Germany and Russia.

      Democracy, as defined by the few, is all about manipulating the population. Central to this is controlling all sides of the “democratic” contest. This is easy to do if you control the media, academia, finance, economy, intelligence community etc.

      If you believe this is the case in the JWO, then you have to ask the question if supposedly nationalist leaders are also controlled by the Zios. Have any of these neo-nationalist leaders vowed to nationalize their Central Banks, key mechanisms by which they enslave our countries?

      Stay sceptical.

      1. PS For example has Trump threatened to end the Fed? If not then most likely he is just another puppet.

      2. PPS For example, Putin has at least made noises to the effect that he does intend to deal with Russia’s traitorous central bank. Personally, I think he should’ve nationalized after the reunification with Crimea but apparently he doesn’t have that power. Thus, although I am still not completely convinced that Putin is not another puppet, I have to admit he is slowing meeting my own self-imposed triggers…

        1. Russian Central Bank must be nationalized —> all talk, no action. But at least the RCB is a target in the Russian media and talk-shops.
        2. Blocking the Oded Yinon plan in Syria –> the Syrian Kurds are being denied their Kurdistan for the moment. But whether this is just a US-Turkish ruse to hand over control to the Zio-puppet, Barzani, I cannot tell.
        3. Iran is finally setting up its s-300 defence system; soon to be complete by the end of September. This is a genuine, bona fide anti-Zionist piece of good news 😀

        So despite all of Putin’s overt links to Zionism, even an arch-sceptic like me can point to measurable anti-Zionist actions.

        Trump? Well, he has no power at the moment. So perhaps not a fair question to ask 😛

      3. Let’s deal with the issues you raised, point by point, Flopot.

        President Putin must take control of the Bank of Russia

        THE BANK’S SEPARATION FROM THE STATE WAS ACHIEVED DURING THE CATASTROPHIC YELTSIN YEARS, WHEN LIBERAL TRAITORS SOLD OUT THE WHOLE COUNTRY. This was done for the benefit of the USA and foreign banks, not for the benefit of Russia. It was done to keep Russia down as a Third World country, as a mere exporter of natural resources without its own industrial production. President Putin must immediately take back control over the Bank of Russia and monetary policy.
        Then, the Bank of Russia would cease to work for foreign bankers and governments and start working for Russia.

        Did you see this? Putin cannot ride roughshod over Duma without proclaiming martial law and absolute tyranny. What he can do is maneuver the recalcitrant traitors out of Duma come election time, expose them for what they are, shekel-grubbing shabbos just like the US Congress vermin. The new Duma will then vote in the appropriate legislation that Putin can sign into power.
        This is how a government based on laws and their adherence works, it is called Democracy and I don’t know how to translate it, there is no equivalence in English, where everything is behind curtains in some synagogue holy-of-shmolies.
        And similarly, recall that it was this same traitorous Duma that pushed through that Holodeny bill that forced Putin’s hand, damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t-kind of thing that he gets the entire blame for, exactly as planned by jew.

        Next point, S-300
        Iran Deploys Russian S-300 Surface To Air Missiles At Its Fordow Nuclear Facility

        A few short months after Iran publicly demonstrated the arrival of Russian S-300 missile systems, overnight Iran’s state media reported that Tehran has deployed the Russian S-300 surface-to-air missile defence system around its Fordow underground uranium enrichment facility. Iranian state TV on Sunday aired footage of deployment of the recently delivered missile system to the nuclear site in the central Iran.

        so, is this item checked off or will be served up again as evidence of Putin’s kol nidre?

        Syria: for whatever it’s worth, Syria would have gone the way of Libya 2-3 years ago.
        Why hasn’t it, name me one reason other than Putin.

        Russians, being the last true white people on Earth (we just preen in front of the mirror, pretending we are, while in fact white on outside, brain dead goyim unwilling and unable to think flexibly on the inside, like the Indy 500 clown-car races round and round and round the oval we go like cretins) are perfectly rational, which scares and infuriates the jew, not used to someone reading their moves.
        No quagmire dinosaur traps for them, analyze, put together a precise plan, get in, get out with minimum investment, minimum loss and fuss, let the other side wallow in confusion and frustration.
        Which is what you have in Syria, where 3 or 4 Yinon proxies are fighting the battle royale, no one sure what’s the point anymore, even Erdogan kind of apologetic to Assad who was given mere days to jump on the first flight out and look for a country that would give him asylum 3 years ago.

        One would have to be an utter moron not to chalk it up to Putin and because neither Assad nor the Syrian people are morons, they owe Putin and Russia an everlasting debt of gratitude.
        Because the friendship of Russia is true and unyielding whereas friendship of JewSA is guaranteed stab in the back, just a matter of time.
        Let the world see on which side is the truth and where is the lie, hypocrisy, doubletalk and betrayal.

      4. @Lobro

        Still not sufficient to assuage my doubts about Putin.

        At least you now see that the Russian Central Bank is Rothschild-run. I am aware of the constraints placed on Putin (I think I linked to that Katehon article before) but for how much longer must Russians wait until they are rid of Zionist bankster control? So no cigar on this one.

        The prevention of Oded Yinon in Syria is still precarious and we are still trying to second guess what all the major powers are up to, including Russia. Putin has engaged in dubious peace talks, stand-downs and ceasefires. The Russians have dressed down Assad for defending Syrian integrity; and flirted with Syrian Kurdish separatism.

        No-one is denying that Putin and the Russians prevented Syria from falling to the Zionist-backed head-choppers. I was overjoyed until that damned partial stand-down, stupid negotiations with the Zionists etc (good grief!). But what if they are now only propping up Assad until the final chop-up of the region? Don’t forget that Turkey is also ear-marked for partition, as well as other Middle Eastern regimes. What if the whole point is to drag Turkey further into the quagmire and then unleash a Kurdistan across Turkey, Syria and Iraq.

        I already praised the s-300 deployment at the base — but the full system has yet to be delivered. One month to go and then I’ll gladly mark that benchmark as complete.

        So much for my benchmarks. But there are other links to Zionism that leave me worried. In my opinion, in a Zionist World Order it is foolish to have unqualified belief and faith in any political leader.

      5. Lobro –

        I don’t let Putin off the hook that easily.

        Putin can issue decrees(executive orders) without Duma approval. He has done so many times.

        Putin can also stop doing business with Israel and Netanyahu without the permission of the Duma.

      6. hey you two doubters:

        Executive Orders (EOs) are legally binding orders given by the President, acting as the head of the Executive Branch, to FEDERAL ADMINISTRATIVE AGENCIES. Executive Orders are generally used to direct federal agencies and officials in their execution of congressionally established laws or policies.

        Congress – Duma, clear? He can only clarify Duma-stically established laws or policies.
        Does either of you see a congressional law or policy canceling the Central Bank charter that Putin could pounce on and strengthen with an executive order?
        Does either of you think that Obama could unilaterally junk the Fed?
        It was established by the Act of the US Congress and president Wilson failed to VETO it, that was his failure that destroyed America more than anything else.

        Pat, i always thunk of you as the guy who has his facts straight, from the horse’s mouth so to speak, got the printed proof somewhere in the attic.
        Are you pulling my leg? please stop, it hurts, ouch.

        Jeez, jeez, gee … still paying 100% attention to words, 0% to actions, whereas i am pretty much the inverse of that.

      7. @Lobro

        Sceptic and proud (no, not septic 😉 )

        So basically you admit that Russia is still in thrall to a Zionist controlled Russian Central Bank. You also make a good case that Putin cannot simply re-nationalize the bank, that much is clear. However, I would respond he has never tried to overcome these hurdles. Russia is still on the list of Rothschild Central Bank countries, unlike Syria or Iran.

        However, are you quite sure that Executives Orders cannot override Congressional Laws? I am under the impression that Obama has done just that many, many times. In fact, the perversity of EO’s is that they can be used to do the exact opposite of what a Law intended.

        Anyway, if both Russia and the United States are in thrall to their Zionist Central Banks, with little hope of challenging these because of Zio-controlled legislatures, then surely we are right to be skeptical of being saved by either Trump or Putin?

        But my main point is that in a Zionist World Order, in which controlled opposition is the order of the day, why should Trump and Putin be immune to the conspiracy? Better to be sceptical.

      8. PS @Lobro

        I would suggest that not only is Left v Right a crock of Zionist lies; but East v West is yet another construction of control. I suspect most politics that is played out on the MSM is pure theatre.


        s-300s almost delivered….
        Stolypin group gearing up for a strike against the CBR. Maybe.
        Turkey onboard to stop a Syrian Kurdistan (we hope).

        If all this comes to pass, I will be the first here to write mea culpa. I hope you’re right and I’m wrong. But I aint gonna be fooled by no Zio no more. Just sayin’.

      9. Lobro –

        “Executive Orders are generally (GENERALLY) used to direct federal agencies and officials in their execution of congressionally established laws or policies.”

        HA!!! 🙂

        “GENERALLY” allows for EOs specifically written outside of that universe of options.

        “GENERALLY” is barrister-speak. Larry’s nephew knows that…. Lobro.

        And… US Presidents have written EOs to agencies which control the regulation of ALL corporations in the US. That’s management by agency. No different results from hands on management. Still 100% control.

        How about banking…. Specifically…???

        Here’s just one:

        Executive Order 11110 was issued by U.S. President John F. Kennedy on June 4, 1963.
        This executive order amended Executive Order 10289 (dated September 17, 1951) by delegating to the Secretary of the Treasury the president’s authority to issue silver certificates under the Thomas Amendment of the Agricultural Adjustment Act, as amended by the Gold Reserve Act. The order allowed the Secretary to issue silver certificates, if any were needed, during the transition period under President Kennedy’s plan to eliminate Silver Certificates and use Federal Reserve Notes.

        That attic searching is easy. 🙂

      10. The following was in reply to another comment about power.

        The original comment – “No one gives up power willingly”

        My reply –

        This begs the question, why did the sadistic, communist terrorists of the Soviet Union willingly surrender their power at the pinnacle of their reign? Surely it wasn’t because they were just nice guys or just felt good about doing so that particular day.

        Is it not obvious the so called “collapse” was a staged event to allow the shift of power to a new venue? Is it not also obvious the “evil empire” was the foil used to continue the cold war and its development of weapons technology?

        Is it not obvious that around the same time the nuclear submarine was perfected to its ultimate design limits, that suddenly, two once critical arms of America’s nuclear defense “triad”, SAC’s bombers, and ICBMs, were dismantled in much the same fashion, and at the same time, as America’s long time Soviet enemy? Yet, for that moment, the submarine arm of the triad was left virtually untouched.

        One day they where here, the next day they were gone. Can anyone provide a similar instantaneous evolution of military/political power anywhere in history? So what is Israel’s foremost nuclear weapons system today? And guess who is now cutting up their nuclear submarine fleet? Can you say “America” boys and girls?

        Is it not obvious these American and Soviet powers had fulfilled their true purpose of driving the development and perfection of advanced nuclear technology before delivering it to Israel on a silver platter via Jewish agents like Harry Dexter White, the Rosenbergs and Johnathan Pollard? Is it not obvious, with that mission accomplished, it was time to move on to a new portion of the agenda for the global takeover by Jews?

        Consider for a moment the question, would the “Muslim” invasion of Europe have been possible had the Soviet hierarchy still been in power? And had it taken place, how could such an invasion have been explained away in light of the iron-fisted, surveillance state that created the Berlin wall?

        In fact, how could all this “Muslim” terrorism been allowed into Europe in the first place with the presence of police organizations like the KGB and East German Stasi permeating the continent?

        So you see, power is surrendered willingly when Jews deem it necessary to continue their quest for global domination.

        ~ § ~

        ‘You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright, but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you’ll finally wake up and find you already have communism. We won’t have to fight you. We’ll so weaken your economy until you’ll fall like overripe fruit into our hands.’ – Nikita Kruschev

        Truer words might have never been spoken. White Americans are the most gullible sheeple in the world – after the Nordic-European countries of course.

        These are the minds manipulating the world to “remould it nearer to their hearts’ desire”. The most bizarre aspect about Jews, one the limited goiym mind cannot fathom, is their long range planning ability that spans the millennium. They have a long term view that supersedes the immediate concerns and needs of any present generation.

        Short range planes are in terms of hundreds of years. While there is a kohein gadol, a high priest, a “queen of the hive” as it were, that leads the Jews’ hierarchy, no single Jew is critical to the process. They willingly sacrifice their own in whatever manner required to achieve their ends. Every Jew is considered expendable in the effort to reach the ultimate goal of world domination.

        That is their secret – the hive mind. A collective mind, an insect mind, so alien, so different from the normal human mind as to be from another world.

  52. @Mr. Sardinecrust: Posting this is analogous to my taking out the stinking garbage full of fish guts. It’s a palliative. Your Handle is strange: From Wikileaks,

    Mr. Sardonicus is a 1961 horror film produced and directed by William Castle. It tells the story of Sardonicus, a man whose face becomes frozen in a horrifying grin while robbing his father’s grave to obtain a winning lottery ticket. Castle cited the film in his memoir as one of his favorites to produce.[1]

    Don’t forget what I am saying:

  53. @Patty Cake: I could not conceive of a more buffo, unexceptional, wee carper than you. Your brain is broken, the feedback mechanism that is supposed to inform you when you are disgracing yourself has an open circuit.

    I know, you are fearful of being outed and exposed as thin, superficial, sloppy, and inadequate. Thus, you lash out in inarticulate grunts and your fingers twitch on the keyboard, absent signals from the “brain”, which is mostly bran.


    >>Poupon –

    You like making stuff up. That is undoubtedly the case for your credentials also…. fiction… or you found your Mechanical Engineering degree in a lost bag from Walmart. ?

    WE don’t fall for that crap here..!!<<

    "That is undoubtedly the case for your credentials….." How is it UNDOUBTEDLY? You demonstrated same? "Making stuff up".. A childish statement, Naive Realism: Saying it only, makes it real.

    I can see your lower lip extended, pouting and protesting-the world of a child in his phantasmagorical world: "If I think it, it is". Well, Boobie, for those of us who sought out intellectually and concretely to seek greater Truth, you will earn no tip for parking my car.

    "OK everyone out there in radio land, this song is dedicated to one of our greatest annoyers, Pat:

    1. Oh, come’ON, Poupon! Pat is a font of good information (and so are YOU, btw). Moreover, I have been sitting here on the porch for about a quarter hour, thoroughly enjoying y’all’s banter. 🙂
      It’s somehow relaxing (?) for me to pull off my boots, pour a cold beer, and read what’s going on with the Darkmoon site!
      Please don’t abandon it – just try to mind your manners, and endeavor to remember there are those of us here who appreciate reading well-written words even though they be disdainful of our intellect! (I’d enjoy witnessing a locking-of-blades between you and a certain Miss “Ellie” who sometimes visits, here!) (On second thought- you and she might get along quite well…) 🙂

    2. Poupon –

      Japan must want white genocide. They boost Israel.

      Japan is buying cyber-security platforms from Israel and distributing them to 30,000 customers around the world.

      DNP, a leader in publication printing, documentation security and software security products in Japan and around the world, will become a reseller of Isael’s Cyber Range in Japan and will supply companies around the globe.

      Israel Aerospace to Supply Its Cyber Training Center to DNP in Japan

      Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has signed a contract to supply Dai Nippon Printing (DNP) of Tokyo, Japan, its TAME Range, the Cyber Range training platform and certification for cyber warfare teams.

      DNP (Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.) is one of the world’s largest comprehensive printing companies. DNP provides a variety of products and services in a wide range of business fields to consumers and some 30,000 corporate clients in Japan and around the world. DNP’s main businesses are printing and information technologies since its foundation in 1876.

      Japan must want white genocide. They boost Israel.

  54. I can safely say that I have never, in my life, encountered anyone more arrogant than PoopedonbyMarx.

    Almost every comment he writes, he calls everyone out on this website for their ‘supposed’ ignorance and seems to take great pleasure in belittling everyone, almost all of the time. Sadly, this website has had far more infighting than normal since this boor arrived. Without a doubt, the worst commenter to ever post on LD and that’s really saying something. I don’t think they’ll ever be anyone on LD who will come close to being as truly objectionable as PouponMarx.

  55. So, having read the first 2 of the links on sabbateans by rousso and stuck on the 3rd, the longest but the most interesting, herewith my early remarks:
    Frankists infiltrated catholic nobility in Poland and elsewhere, while others remained in ghettos and covered up their heretical roots, which is opposition and denial of talmud, which they share with karaites.
    But they do like their Kabbalah, also sex orgies, incest and so forth.
    Dönmeh did the same out east and got absorbed into islam, with similar effect: their members became powerful, rich and influential, both sects having wreaked harm to the host religions.
    Moreover, they seem to have managed to remain secretive even within Judaism, so that the rabbinical Jews were faced with the problem that is familiar to us gentiles: what exactly is going on behind the locked doors, no canonical literature available.
    Bottom line: their “crime” to other Jews is their rejection of talmud, just like Karaites, everything else is of secondary importance.
    Will continue with the 3rd, more scholarly article to see if there is anything of note, because all these Jews writing about Jews are shady characters too.
    Listening to what sworn liars say about other liars and taking it for granted seems like a pretty futile endeavor.
    Still, i will follow up on the “Holiness of Sin”, maybe just to look at the pictures 🙂

    Hmm … where there is smoke …

    How, for instance, can one get around the historical fact that in the course of their public disputation with Jewish rabbis in Lvov in 1759 the members of this sect did not even shrink from resorting to the notorious blood libel, an accusation far more painful to Jewish sensitivities than any of their actual beliefs?

    1. Lobro,

      You are reading it! It’s hard to get someone to read it. Bear in mind, their opposition to the Talmud relates to the rules of Halacha. Kabbalah is based on the same ideas. Also, there are other branches among the Hasidic Jews that have no respect for the Talmud, but follow the rules: at least, in public. There are lots of underground Frankist and Sabbatean societies. Just about a couple of months ago I read about one found in Israel. A group of Orthodox Jews rented a house and practiced orgies. Freemasons or their top members are in fact the same or something similar to that.

      Brooklyn D.A. Investigation Leads to 85 Sexual Predators Arrested in Orthodox Jewish Community

    2. but you know something, Rousso, this writer, Gershom Scholem, for all his academic nous, still strikes me as a gatekeeper, which after all is to be expected, especially when he is almost the sole source for reading about Jew esoteric practices in English.

      Mystical Lurianic speculations about the nature of the redemption and “the restored world” (olam ha-tikkun) which was to follow upon its heels added new contents and dimensions to the popular messianic folk-myth of a conquering national hero, raising it to the level of a supreme cosmic drama: the redemptive process was now no longer conceived of as simply a working-out of ISRAEL’S TEMPORAL EMANCIPATION FROM THE YOKE OF THE GENTILES

      Yeah right, Israel’s temporal emancipation from the yoke of the gentiles, here he lost whatever benefit of doubt I graciously extended him on account of his supposed erudition.

      (The following is for my friend Ariadna, she does cry a lot, sheds heavy tears each morning after brushing teeth, before mandatory cup of Greek coffee at the altar of Israel’s JYoke)
      O those poor, downtrodden, exploited Israelites on whose whiplashed backs the goy civilizations were built and carried forward thru the centuries of woe, that by his solemnly uncomplaining, sweating brow they may reach the enlightenment of Noahide 7 Laws, this is our All Vows Tikkun Olam, let’s break into a chorus of Hebrew slaves singing “Arbeit Macht Frei”:
      By the rivers of Babylon,
      O where we carried,
      The yoke of accursed gentile

      But I will continue with Scholem, too interesting to drop midway.

      1. “Temporal emancipation” refers to the idea that appeared at the time of the occupation of Judea and Israel by the Romans. Scholem is speaking of the transformation of that idea of the Messiah as a national rebel to the modern image of the Messiah as a figure of international significance, the idea that appeared at the time of Judea being abandoned by the Jews. This is their outlook and this book is their book, so don’t dismiss him for that.

        He is the man that investigated the origins of the Book of Splendor, a.k.a. the Zohar and found out that it was authored by Moses de Leon, a rabbi from Spain and not the famous Talmudic “sage” Shimon bar Yochai. He also expressed great respect for the Cathars, and acknowledged their influence on the Hasidic practice of ascetic life. He praised Jacob Boehme, the greatest Christian theologian and his book Aurora. He also admitted that Zionism in its roots relates to the Sabbatean and Frankist cabal. He is an honest man. His books are the best source of information on Kabbalah.

      2. Look here, Rousso, try to work through the twaddle to get to the bottom

        As long as the last divine sparks (nitzotzot) of holiness and good which fell at the time of Adam’s primordial sin into the impure realm of the kelipot (the hylic forces of evil whose hold in the world is particularly strong among the Gentiles) have not been gathered back again to their source—so the explanation ran—the process of redemption is incomplete. It is therefore left to the Redeemer, the holiest of men, to accomplish what not even the most righteous souls in the past have been able to do: to descend through the gates of impurity into the realm of the kelipot and to rescue the divine sparks still imprisoned there. As soon as this task is performed the Kingdom of Evil will collapse of itself, for its existence is made possible only by the divine sparks in its midst.
        (ma’asim zarim; a concept hereafter to occupy a central place in Sabbatian theology), of which his apostasy is the most startling; all of these, however, are necessary for the fulfillment of his mission.
        In the formulation of Cardozo: “It is ordained that the King Messiah don the garments of a Marrano and so go unrecognized by his fellow Jews. In a word, it is ordained that he become a Marrano like me.”

        ie, the proof of Messiah’s holiness is in his evil and immoral acts – here we have Kol Nidre restated, both are rooted in the same idea.
        In logic, this kind of statement falls into the category of the Liar’s Paradox.
        In its abstract form, it is this:
        This statement is not true“, which is equivalent to
        This statement is true and this statement is not true“.
        Furthermore, it can be proven that any logical (arithmetic) system whose syntax permits EVEN ONE statement that is simultaneously true and false must be absurd, ie, EVERY statement in this system is both true and false, ie, a totally useless, worthless system, like saying 2+2=4 AND 2+2=5, because if the rules of the system permit this statement, then 2+2=anything at all.

        This is the basic problem with Jews, Rousso.
        They may be the world’s smartest people but the Liar’s Paradox which they venerate also ensures that they are the world’s stupidest people.

        Jesus tried to help them but to no avail, because given their mercantile minds, they thought that as long as they can sell their ever increasing mound of bullshit, they are ahead of the game.
        With every step of their unjust enrichment at the expense of the truth, the slope gets more slippery and the final outcome is inevitable.

        They can continue crucifying the truthspeakers but this is like delaying paying the restaurant bill by ordering more and more dishes for which you have insufficient funds.
        No wonder they are all neurotic.

  56. All of Academia, that has a banking account, since 1782 is completely compromised and corrupt, educating in only what the rothschild world bank investors want promoted. Myopic death of education by the money laundering cartel called the house of rothschild. In 1782 the house of rothschild, 13 Frankfurt Germany, low self esteem, Khazar talmudic inbred banking families, calling themselves ashkenazi Hebrews, put on a lavish convention of enclopedists in Paris. Encyclopedists were beings of that time who believed only what could be,in their minds, quantifiably measured. Over 2000 most esteemed, inventors, philosophers, bankers, professors, authors, monarchs investors on the third day were all informed by the house of rothschild, “ they must work to their banking only world government plan, requiring the elimination of all countries, or never work again!” In addition they were told to only ever undermine, at every opportunity, whatever field of society they were in, as it assisted the countries they wanted gone, only the destruction of all countries could end war in the world” Obviously childish, maladjusted, malevolent lies, since the house of rothschild in 1782 was the largest mercenary employer in the world, having stolen the duke of Hesse-Casals 50,000 man goon squad of regime change terrorists. Everyone at the convention acquiesced, their individual brief moment of hedonistic delusion, over rode any meaningful truth consideration for the future and all others who were to come. Then these were well heeled atheists principally, who believed only in what they could manifestly comprehend, a very narrow approach calling themselves illuminists in their secular lunacy pursuit.
    I call you out!
    The inbred 13 talmudic Khazar bankster families from Frankfurt, called the house of rothschild the bauer, schiff, steier, beyer, sterns, warburg, sachs, goldman, goldschmidt, kuhn, loeb, baer and rockerfeller private theft club. The same people who ran the African slave trade to the US, the same people who payed a mob to terminate the French royalty, as they did not agree to the threats of the rothschild. The rothschild media called this the French revolution, but it was just a payed mob rabble roused by Robespierre and other illuminist despotic chumps. All ashkenazi are the inbred remains of the neanderthals, Bradley is right The “Jewish” Ashkenazim had come from a region of known late-lingering Neanderthals, the Caucasus Mountains and the neighboring Russian steppes. Some typically “Jewish” physical traits were very obviously vestigial Neanderthal ones – generally a short stature and a plump physique, many very short wide-hipped and big- breasted women, extremely hairy men and a tendency toward beetling brows and large beaky “hooked” noses in both genders. Many Ashkenazim have crinkly-curly head hair tending toward dark reddish brown or mahogany in color.
    Do not waste your time in the academic theft house investments of the rothschild, laws must be enforced before any legitimate education can occur.

    Day 1039 of the current rothschild/bauer, schiff, steier, beyer, sterns, warburg, sachs, goldman, goldschmidt, kuhn, loeb, baer and rockerfeller plan. All surface life to be terminated by 2025 except for 4% in sealed environments.
    Contact your Sheriff, the law in the US. per US Constitution, not illegal federal espionage agencies, you are threatened, not secure, demand he stop, and
    1./ ticket IMF’s, US Airforce spraying 2 micron aluminum phosphate, glyphosate

  57. @Joe Webb; As one of the few posters I actually can read and enjoy and not feel I’ve wasted my time, I encourage to post often.

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