Rape Jihad: Dark Days for Europe (Part 2 of 2)

Part 1

Dr Lasha Darkmoon
Published yesterday on the Occidental Observer

Part 2


“There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That’s a 19th century idea and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states.”  – Retired General Wesley Clark, who is also Jewish like Noel Ignatiev

Here are a few disquieting facts and figures that tell their own tale.

Going on the available 2009 figures—the figures are far higher now in 2016—the total number of foreign citizens living in Europe is roughly 32 millions. More than half of these (16.8 million) live in three European countries: Germany, Spain and the UK. Germany comes out top of the list with 7.2 million, yet the out-of-touch Angela Merkel is happy to take in more, seemingly impervious to logic and facts. The horrific sexual assaults of over 600 German women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve has left Merkel seemingly unmoved. Spain is second in Europe’s Top of the Pops for foreign citizens flooding in, with 5.6 million immigrants, and the UK comes in third with just over 4 million. (See here)


As for the UK, London, the nation’s bustling capital city of 8.6 million people, contains only 44.9 percent White Britons. Another 14.9 percent here are classified as ‘Other Whites’, with large numbers from Poland, Hungary, Rumania and elsewhere. 44 per cent of Londoners are now Black or of some other non-White ethnic origin. Almost every face you see in Oxford Street, London, is non-White. Occasionally a white face will pop into view, a face generally looking flustered and alarmed. In 15 years’ time, by 2031, the number of foreigners is set to outnumber the native Brits in London.

I am not exaggerating, but the last time I was in Oxford Street with my sister, we must have had our bottoms pinched  at least half a dozen times by frisky young men from foreign lands. A bruising experience for both of us.  Black taxis, filled with outlanders with interesting complexions, inched past us like bloated slugs on wheels, disgorging their passengers onto the pavements at regular intervals. Among the torpid taxis, to our amazement, we saw a rickshaw carrying an Arab family to their destination, probably to the plush magnificence of the Ritz Hotel or Claridges’. I felt like I’d fallen off the moon and landed in the seventh circle of Dante’s hell.

Am I making this up?  If I am, so are all the newspapers I read, for they tell pretty much the same story. Apparently, you have to be a really rich foreigner to afford a rickshaw ride in London these days. The going rip-off rate is £206 ($292) for a three-minute ride.

How are the Brits coping with the Muslims in their midst? Not very well. Especially in the Midlands in places like Rotherham and Rochdale where Pakistani sex gangs have been grooming White underage girls to multi-partner sex. Roughly 1,400 white teenage girls have been sexually abused, prostituted and gang raped over a 10-year period in this densely populated area full of Muslims. The local authorities have done virtually nothing about it.

I’ll say that for these dashing Lotharios from the Far East. They can’t have enough of our white girls. In a way, it’s a pity that English girls are among the loveliest in Europe—and the easiest to bed. I doubt if that’s the main reason so many foreign migrants flock to Britain, though I’ve no doubt it’s one of the perks. Indeed, a recent article in the Daily Mail quotes one young Afghan immigrant commenting favorably on the “sexual opportunities” available in proud Britannia for foreign migrants like himself:  “As he put it, in his village, if you slept with more than one person in your life, ‘they shot you in the back’. In Britain, however, sexual opportunities were immense.”

My own recent visit to London took me into a world I barely recognized, a city I had lived in for many years during my late teens and early twenties but had religiously avoided as much as possible ever since. A recent book with the rousing title This is London: Life and Death in the World City, by Ben Judah, who is clearly Jewish, was to reinforce my own impression that the city of my youth had indeed morphed into a new City of Dreadful Night, ten times more nightmarish than the city depicted in the famous Victorian poem by James Thomson.

I was to witness with my own shocked eyes that the old white-skinned city of Shakespeare and Dickens, bursting with barrow boys and  cheeky cockneys and sellers of roasted chestnuts and steak-and-kidney pies, had seemingly altered overnight and become a foreign metropolis filled with scary men in turbans and mysterious women in hijabs, all elbowing you out of the way as they made a bee-line for the great department stores or shot through the doors of curry houses and kebab shops in search of refreshment. The English upper classes, the Bertie Woosters and their impeccable Jeevesian manservants, were no more to be seen in elite Mayfair. The Russian oligarchs and the Chinese nobility had moved in and taken over.

Criminal gangs now decide who comes to Britain and settles here. The government is a joke. It has shelved all its responsibilities for looking after its own people but does its best all the same to go through the motions of democracy and pretend it loves the people it rules. As a recent report in a mainstream newspaper points out bleakly: “When it is so easy for migrants to get here, it is just as simple for the world’s nastiest criminals to relocate to the UK, too.”

Take a look and you will see . . . the City of Dreadful Night shimmers into view, a neon nightmare of sleaze, violence, and ruthless exploitation. This is a city, we are told, “hidden from official statistics, a whole illegal city of several hundred thousand people, nearly half of them thought to have arrived after 2001.” The influx of foreigners has pushed down wages steeply, so much so that skilled workers in the building trade who used to get £15 an hour ($21) now have to work for £7 an hour ($10), bringing them onto the breadline and making it impossible for them to rent decent accommodation or raise a family. The situation for the hundreds of thousands of exploited illegals in London is infinitely worse. In comparison, slaves in Ancient Rome or servants in the British raj enjoyed a higher standard of living and were far happier.

Here is the situation as seen through the eyes of contemporary social historian Ben Judah, filtered through the prose of Daily Mail columnist Harriet Sargeant:

Somalian gangs terrorise estates in South London and Turkish gangs control North London. Kurds and Albanians launder their money through the car washes in Tottenham and Kilburn. Vietnamese gangs grow and distribute two-thirds of the strong cannabis on the capital’s streets. 

The sex industry is another area [that] has had a malign effect. 96 per cent of London’s prostitutes are now migrants. Typically, they [the Albanian gangs] lure girls from Moldova with promises of modelling jobs, but then rape and traffic them.

Finally, migration has even changed the nationality of London’s vagrants. There are now around 5,000 — mostly Polish and Romanians — living rough on London’s streets. In North London, they unload trucks for Turkish shopkeepers in exchange for nothing more than their drink of choice, White Ace cider.  Others have been found roasting rats for food in the back alleys of Tottenham and Haringey.

In this new London, increasingly there is one nationality significant for its absence — white, British-born.

A man from Grenada whom Ben Judah interviewed told him he had come to England at the age of 12 with high hopes. His family had dreamed of a better life but suddenly found themselves in a “war zone”. The only way the boy could survive was to become a cocaine dealer. “Within six months of being here,” he reports ruefully, “I lost 75 per cent of my morals.”

He was one of the lucky ones. He might well have lost the other 25 per cent of his morals, too, if he’d found himself in a back alley—roasting rats for food.

What are the politicians doing to cope with this never-ending influx of foreigners from the Third World? Precisely nothing. The best of them are simply twiddling their thumbs and making the right noises. Oh gosh, isn’t it time we did something? The worst of them, either on the payroll of the hidden Puppet Masters or infected with a pathological altruism that knows no bounds, are doing the opposite: advocating an open-door policy for more immigrants—like mentally deranged doctors, confronted with the bubonic plague, crying out like lunatics: “Let’s have more rats!


Between 15,000 and 20,000 Belgians join a solidarity march in support of the invasion of their own country by the inhabitants of the Third World. Here the demonstrators are seen, on a sunny afternoon in Brussels, calling out “Refugees Welcome!” and demanding an end to “racism and xenophobia.” This is happening all over Europe. Ironically—and this is the crowning touch of Alice-in-Wonderland absurdity—White women have even been sexually molested at a “Refugees Welcome” party.

This morning I read about a frail 72-year-old Austrian lady who was raped by an Afghan immigrant while taking her dog for a walk by the river. She stays home all the time now, traumatized, trusting no one. Meanwhile, her Afghan rapist emerges as the hero of this little horror story. We learn that the Austrian judges found “mitigating circumstances” for the rapist, including the fact that he was only 17 years old and this was the first time he’d ever raped a septuagenerian pensioner.

Deport him? Heaven forbid!  Can’t have that, can we? It would violate his human rights. (See here)

Apropos of the 72-year-old Austrian pensioner, it’s a good thing she doesn’t live in Denmark with access to pepper spray. Because if she’d tried to fight off her Afghan rapist with pepper spray in Denmark, she would have landed herself in big trouble. She would have been hauled before the courts and given a stiff fine, or even a prison sentence, for subjecting her rapist to “disproportionate violence”.

I spoke earlier about the booming sale of pepper sprays in Germany as defensive weapons that women could use against their would-be rapists, Muslim or otherwise. It seems I spoke too soon. In Denmark, I was to learn to my surprise this morning, pepper sprays have been banned. Women who use them can be prosecuted for harming their attackers. A Danish teenager in the coastal town of Sønderborg was recently knocked to the ground by her assailant who then proceeded to undress her in public. This actually took place in the town center, with lots of people milling round. That’s pretty scary if you come to think of it. When rape becomes a spectator sport, we’ve reached the end of the line.

The 17-year-old girl managed to scare off her attacker with pepper spray. She has now been told she will be prosecutedfor trying to defend herself with a dangerous chemical.

Lunacy, it seems, has no bounds.

What’s happened to all these people? Why can’t they wake up? Even lemmings don’t behave like this.


The future for Europe looks bleak. It has changed beyond all recognition in the last few years. What it will be like in twenty years’ time is best left to the imagination of a horror fiction writer.

At the pulsating epicenter of Europe, German Chancellor Angela Merkel takes on the role of Pied Piper of Hamelin, leading her people and the rest of Europe to perdition. The Pope and his cardinals, likewise, well cushioned at the Vatican from the harsh realities of existence, recommend taking in even more “refugees”, equally indifferent to the impending demise of Europe and the destruction of its indigenous people.

At the same time in Sweden, rape capital of the West, the bovine Swedish government has come up with the bright idea of offering “sniper training” to Muslim migrants, euphemistically billing it as “target practice.” I’ll leave you to figure out who the targets are most likely to be.

Only recently a young Swedish aid worker, Alexandra Mezher, 22, was knifed to death at a child refugee center in Gothenberg by a fully grown Somalian asylum seeker pretending to be a helpless child orphan. Many of the Muslim “child refugees” in Sweden  are in fact adults sporting bushy beards. (See also here). In Stockholm, in 2015, a group of alleged “child refugees” from North Africa brutally gang raped a Swedish girl for several hours. Doubt the story if you wish, but reflect: there are too many stories like this for all of them to be untrue. No smoke without fire.

Even as I write, there is talk of the UK letting in a contingent of 3000 refugee “children”. How many of these will have beards is anyone’s guess.

Talking of beards, listen to this. Quick pan once again to perfidious Albion, country of mist and melancholy—and now, alas, of mad hatters. Step forward the Bishop of London, the Right Reverend Richard Chartres, number three in the hierarchy of the Church of England. He tells us he has just discovered a brilliant way to win the hearts and minds of our Muslim brothers. “Recover the hirsute tradition of earlier ages.” the good Bishop solemnly advises his clergy. “Reach out to Muslims by growing a beard.”

This episcopal advice to clergymen is being interpreted by the intellectually challenged as advice to all men in general: grow beards if you want Muslims to treat you with respect.

The world gets crazier by the minute.

There’s an old proverb that goes: “Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.” If you prefer it in Latin, Quos deus vult perdere, prius dementat.


Emerging from the green slime, here is Bill Maher, Jewish TV host, comedian and political commentator, looking into his crystal ball and having a nice gloat at the imminent demise of the White race:

Some time in the distant future, brown people are probably going to—and I say this without judgment—breed their way to power in both Europe and America. Arab populations are growing in countries like France and Holland, and I think we all see where this Mexican thing is going in America.

That’s right, because they fuck more, the darker skinned people are going to rule the world!  And white people, for their own self-preservation, should get a start on being nice to them now!  Nice!”

There’s no doubt about it. White genocide in the European homelands is now underway. It is taking place right now, even as you read these lines. And this has received the full support of the organized Jewish community in Europe and the US. (See also HERE — THIS LINK DOESN’T WORK)). But we have also quoted a few individual Jews here already: Barbara Spectre, Noel Ignatief, General Wesley Clark, and Bill Maher. Let Israeli writer Yigal Ben-Nun have the last word:

“Arab migration has been the best thing that’s happened to Europe in the past 50 years. Arabs in Europe are a fact of life. It’s time we started to accept that there’s no way to block the migration of Chinese, Pakistanis or Arabs to Europe. It’s true, Europe won’t be what it once was, but that’s a good thing. The more migrants from Africa and Asia who arrive, the better off Europe will be. Sooner or later, their children and grandchildren will marry into veteran European families and change the demographics of their countries. Europe will be different.” 


The rape jihad we see suppurating in Europe like a black pus is symptomatic of a killer disease. The evil end results of multiculturalism and mass immigration can be highlighted and summed up in two words: WHITE GENOCIDE. White genocide is indeed the fate that awaits Europe, and then America and the other homelands of the European people, unless this deadly disease is brought swiftly under control.

I will round off this essay by posting a short video that says more in five minutes than I have been able to say in 5000 words. Please don’t miss it. It is in French, with English subtitles. Don’t let that deter you if English is your only language. It’s not necessary to know French to be moved to tears by the eloquence of this paean of praise to Europe and the achievements of our ancestors.

This poignantly sad video, though triumphal and defiantly optimistic in its tone, tells you what is at stake if we lose Europe—our precious Mother Europe, source of our lifeblood and all the values we hold dear.

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website, Darkmoon.me, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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  1. Thanks to all these ‘understanding’ imbeciles. Some of which claim on websites such as these that the not so understanding should complain to their ‘governments’ which promote this insanity. Yes, they do indeed, but its execution would be IMPOSSIBLE without these masses of ‘understanding’ fools’ consent.

    Make no mistake, this is no jibberish but highly on topic. If these ‘understanding’ traitors would be killed by defenders of their heritage it wouldn’t be actions of crazy extremists or murder but perfectly justifiable self defense.

  2. The person who wrote above article has lost her mind. For starters, if those of European descent want ethnically pure states they can all eff off to europe.
    Secondly, if the mainstream media is controlled by jews, why is she citing them as sources to prove her case that migrant males sexually assaulting?
    Thirdly, if 30 000 afghan babies die before the age of reaching 1 why should any good person care anything about immigration into wealthy white countries?
    Fourthly, those of European descent are complicit in organising zionist false flags /hoaxes and psyops against Muslims. In other words, they’re not good either.

    1. Trouble is Dude…the wealthy ‘white countries’ don’t exist any more (for the working population) …we are all up to our necks in hock to as Pat rightly names as the Pharisee Bankers. I agree, we are a 100 times better off than poor souls living in areas bombed by Pharisee Banker Western thugs.

    2. Lol I agree with “lost her mind”. Jewish main stream media hid the fact that Israel did 9-11& all the other false flags & blamed it on muslims so why would anyone be expecting that same media prostitutes to be suddenly telling the truth. And why are these Mossadi ISIS drones (relocated to Europe coz Russia & Syrian Army bombing shit out of them) identified as muslim. Why aren’t their victims being referred to as christian since there is an insistence on religious identification .

    3. You sir, need to get educated. You contradict yourself. First you cast doubt on the main stream media being controlled by Jews. Then at the end of your rant, you say those of European descent are complicit in the false flags, etc against Muslims. Let me educate you if you have an open mind; which by your rant it seems not so.



      In order to pull of these false flags against another group of people, you need a good story that is presented to the public as justification to commit these acts of false flags other than as a false flag.

  3. “I am not exaggerating, but the last time I was in Oxford Street with my sister, we must have had our bottoms pinched at least half a dozen times by frisky young men from foreign lands.”

    When I was 18, I too was molested this way on Oxford Street. By two very attractive British girls. And I mean they really grabbed me. I don’t know why I am adding this, I suppose it is because I would never thought I would have the opportunity to brag about it. Good times.

  4. Cut it out with never ending Islamic-Muslim-Rape-Jihad-in-Europe articles, or you’re to going to send Ingrid to a mental hospital with a nervous breakdown. TOO many of these Islamic-Muslim-Rape-Jihad-In-Europe articles may result in the Europeans getting fed-up and putting an end to it, then Ingrid would be left bereft of what Ingrid LERVS MOST, Ishmael’s Islamic Moon Bull Zibbi Qadib up her filthy Jew Commie RED Jew cow pussy. How the jews LERV the Color RED, the color of Communism, the color of jew Communism, most jews, over 90% of jews, are REDS, their putrid disgusting “religion” is ALL about RED, and nothing else but RED, the color of blood flowing in the streets from jew-fomented and jew-instigated war.

    How Ingrid LERVS the Muslims in Europe on Rape Jihad, and all of their other Islamic Muslim Jihads, because she knows all their Jihads will eventually lead to massive war and bloodshed in Europe. That’s THE REAL REASON Ingrid loves the Muslims in Europe so much. Even their “sacred” jew cow is RED. Even their cows are RED. The jews even want their cows to be Communists and to reflect the color of their tribe, RED. Truly a dirty filthy atavistic detestable “religion”, their “judaism” belongs in the sewer with the vermin, where the jews feel the most at home, surrounded by filth and disease and feral animals ripping one another apart. That’s why the jews do everything they can to flood clean White countries into third world sewers of crime and filth and corruption, nothing but corruption, everything must be corrupt-to-the-core for the jews to feel at home.

    They finally got their jew homeland of “Israel” they supposedly pined for for centuries, but now that they have their jew homeland, they’re still not happy, they’re still the miserable wandering criminal murderous bastards they always were. In their feral, rabid, atavistic, jew “religion”, the jews are not allowed to mention the name of their jew “g-d”, that’s cause the real name of their jew “g-d” is WAR, so they can’t tell the world that, it would be too obvious then what the jews are ALL about, it would be too honest to reveal the real name of their jew “g-d”, WAR.

    So Ingrid pretends she loves the Muslims, when IN FACT, she couldn’t care less about the Muslims, Ingrid only wants Massive War and Massive blood-shed in Europe. Revenge on Europe for Nazi Germany. As if her jew tribe are totally innocent in regards to the Third Reich, as if her jew tribe had nothing to do with starting Nazi Germany and putting Hitler into power, when IN FACT Ingrid’s jew tribe played a HUGE ROLE in starting Nazi Germany and putting Hitler into power. Even the jew israeli jew Prime Minister of Israel, Menachem Begin, was a NAZI during WW2 [ so was Soros’ jew family Nazis during WW2]. The jews want revenge on Europe for Nazi Germany, yet so many of their own fellow jews were Nazis, and the jews actually make their fellow jews who were Nazis during WW2 leaders of the Jew community in the USA and in Israel — so the jews are using Nazism as an excuse to destroy Europe. The jews ALWAYS wanted to destroy White Europe – LONG before Nazi Germany ever existed, for centuries and centuries before Nazi Germany ever existed have the jews schemed and planned to destroy White Europe.

    The jews ALWAYS schemed to try to flood White Europe with Mohammedans, Always throughout history since Islam started have the jews schemed to flood White Europe with Mohammedans. The jews hate the Old Catholic Church EXACTLY because the Old Catholic Church ALWAYS protected Europe from Mohammedan take over [ Mohammedans IN Alliance With the jews]. That’s EXACTLY why the jews hate with a feral rabid hatred Catholicism. White Europe was always too civilized for the rabid feral atavisitic jews. The jews always hated with a feral passionate hatred the High Culture of Old Europe. I think jews come from Hell itself. They are not human, not really. I’m not sure what they are, but they are not truly human.

  5. The 17-year-old girl managed to scare off her attacker with pepper spray. She has now been told she will be prosecuted—for trying to defend herself with a dangerous chemical.

    Lunacy, it seems, has no bounds.

    “What’s happened to all these people?”


    Easy answer….,

    Pharisee-Jew judges, paid off by Pharisee-Jew Bankers, make laws from the bench..!!

      1. “Uncle” :

        I sent you some posts this morning. My posts aren’t up on the commentary board. Are you being lazy this Saturday morning, more lazy then you usually are, or are you at your dirty filthy jew synagogue saying your jew tribe’s “sacred” dirty filthy “kol nidre” prayer to your snake “g-d” from Hell? Saturday is the “holy” day for you jew snakes, right? The day you all crawl and slither back into your filthy diseased snake pits to coil about one another and celebrate yourselves shitting out snake shit all over one another. U dissimulating lying jew, you and your whole Darkmoon family and your Darkmoon acting troupe.

        TOBY: Give it a rest, Joe. I’ve been busy all day today, OK? but I’ve just posted four of your comments. Over 1000 words in total.

  6. Congratulations, Lasha, on a wonderful series that pretty much shows insane, disrespectful Muslims are absolutely incompatible with white Western civilization and how demonic Jews are behind this pathological plot to destroy all civilizations. The Jews are turning the whole world into Palestine and the feeble minded Muslims don’t realize they are the instruments of the Jews’ evil efforts.

    1. Yes, congratulations and kudos for having the courage to publish these articles. You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Well, I won’t and I don’t damn you. I will instead damn the JEWS who are ultimately responsible for these crimes against Humanity. Bring me the head of Jacob Rothschild on a platter!

      1. I think Ellie would rather bring you the head of Lasha on a platter, JFC. I really don’t think Ellie wants to do-in her Sugar Daddy, her Big Daddy Jacob Rothschild. Ellie is not going to get rid of her father for you, or for anyone else, she ain’t going to get rid of her meal ticket, you can take that to The Bank. Sure, Ellie’s crazy but she ain’t stupid. She knows who butters her bread, and that’s her very own Big Daddy Rothschild.

        Maybe Ellie will be kind enough to take that veil off of Lasha’s head before severing head from body and presenting said head on a platter to you, JFC. Maybe head-on-platter will come sans veil. Maybe finally we’ll see what Lasha really looks like behind that veil of hers.

      2. I highly doubt Ellie K aka Madam Rothschild is a real Rothschild, or the daughter of Jacob Rothschild, to be precise.

        Speaking of Rothschild, here is a real one, Viola Rothschild, with her own twitter account: https://twitter.com/vrothsch

        Viola Rothschild’s mother is Chinese, which makes her a “Chibrew” (I dub her Chibrew #2; a social justice warrior on the “Left” and diametrically opposed to Chibrew #1 aka Marcus Epstein on the “Alt-right” ) who, it has been said/forewarned, will be the new ruling elites of the future.

        Marcus Epstein, Chibrew #1

        As their pumps begin to come up dry in America, jews look for fresh fields in China. Hence the rise of the Chibrew – the Chinese Hebrew. Marcus Epstein is first of this kind. As a jew, naturally his contributions are welcomed at the ostensibly right-wing sites, including lewrockwell.com as well as Takimag. Being jewish is like a universal credential: it not only gets you in everywhere, it forestalls all criticism.

        There is no such thing as a right-wing or left-wing jew. Left and right are but faces meant to fool the goyish conservatives, who think that because they identify with and protect a certain position, the jews do too. Incorrect. Jews see political positions as so many guises to hide behind. Whichever accomplishes their agenda the quickest is the mask they’ll adopt. Put another way, Whites like you reading this have principles. Jews don’t. Their only principle is that whatever is “good for jews” is all that matters.

        In years to come, as America’s decrepitude increases, you can expect to see more and more Chibrews appear. Intermarrying with a new host in order to gain camouflage, jews will increasingly turn to China and Asia for newer and more lucrative swindling opportunities. Bet on it.

        (Source and definition of “Chibrew”: http://www.dailystormer.com/french-wench-ejected-from-china-for-defending-haji-filth/#comment-2427442171)

    2. John kaminski: i have always respected your work. However you seem to be the latest anti – zionist truther who disappoints me. The morally crap people after zionist jews are those of European descent and you know it.

      1. Here, here. It saddens me that Mr Kaminski jumps on the hate bandwagon and goes for the blanket muslim thing. It’s stunning that none of these thinkers are not picking up that ever since Russia entered the Syria arena militarily the Israeli-Wahabi-Turko Trifector from Hell has released the phoney organ eating ISIL pretend muslims on Europe as revenge for failing in Syria

    3. The Jews won’t face a shortage of feeble minded Muslims, nor will they face a shortage of intelligent non-Muslims buffer- lackeys in Western corrupt Governments.Both are instruments, so dare blow the hydra head or at least the buffer-lackeys instead of blaming or crushing spare parts.

    4. John, Europe submitted to semitic fairy tales LONG before the ‘holocaust’. The unholy triumverate of Judaism/Christanity/Islam has got to go. PERIOD. Christianity elevated and ROMANticized “suffering”. Suffering as redemption. Suffering as atonement. Hence all the suffering on Europe’s lands. Once again folks, blame the Germans. Guttenberg just couldn’t leave well enough alone. And then along came Luther and his protests. etc.
      They meant well, but they were truly under the spell of demons.

    5. it ain’t “Muslims” who are doing it – just masses of people from foreign cultures who have not been assimilated yet…it takes a few years to assimilate someone of a foreign background after they have been screened….

      what do you expect immigrants living in un-assimilated ghettos to do? especially since they have been empowered into acting like total jerks? why make this a religion issue? it’s clearly NOT!

      most of the immigrants doing these things are not always Muslims – or not necessarily Muslims either – European Muslims from the Balkans, Russia, Anatolia, and Westernized Muslims from North Africa don’t do things generally…I think u guys have lost your anal-eyezing skills…Pakis and Somalis are not the only goddamned Muslims out there…

      plus…why should Muslims have to be respectful when Muslims are disrespected and humiliated daily? what about the fact that soo many perverted GENTILE white men rape their own blood-daughters and blood-sisters (not just the Jews) in the Anglosphere and much of Northern/North-Western Europe…

      do I need to go on about extreme perversion in the Jew infested West?

  7. It is important to understand that speaking of Judaic or Muslim peoples one has to keep in mind and that both are not nice to others, and are not going to be, since it is encoded in their religious dogmas that other peoples must be hated by them.

    The Talmud explains (in Shabbath 89a):

    What is [the meaning of] Mount Sinai? The mountain whereon there descended hostility [sin’ah] toward idolaters.24

    24. They showed their unworthiness by rejecting the Torah.

    The Qur’an prescribes (in Sura 5:51):

    O ye who believe! take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors: They are but friends and protectors to each other. And he amongst you that turns to them (for friendship) is of them.

    So expect nothing else but more stress and friction. Islam and Judaism are cults of control, and all those not subjected to their control are supposed to be subjected. And to resist, one must find something stronger than pathetic nationalism.

    1. Yet you whites can’t wait to go knock your greedy brains at the stupid wall so you can kiss that jew ass, right?
      “We are all jews” just Got trough saying Obama at the Jew embassy, the koran is as usual right
      Actually, You are worse than the jews because you will do anything for money including sending your children to their wars!
      My God trump is begging the jews to let him go to shitty Israel and they just tell him as if disgusted,
      “Aah come on, Not now”
      Amazing eh!
      what do we do to jews? we stab their christ killing ass!

      1. That’s because, like all savages, you indulge in your natural inclinations, such as stabbing people out of anger, and raping goats, and for your brains to figure it out that such inclinations must be restrained is an impossible task.

        Your prophet tried hard to help you and translated books he took from a synagogue but it didn’t help.

      2. @Sermoniser, you`re out of touch, Avatar does not rape goats, he makes love with his wife.. It is you, and your sick twisted thoughts, who need help..

        1. @ Ingrid

          Two comments have just come in for monitoring which bear the user name you used by mistake recently: “uandered any”. Is this you again? Just wondering what’s going on… 🙂


        1. @ Ingrid

          He said nothing. I think he was just testing to see if he could get through in order to to post a link. The second email contained nothing except the words “uuandered any.” Which was your accidental user name. I don’t think he was hitting out at you in any way, he was just trying to break into the site and get posted automatically (without monitoring) by using someone else’s rejected user name. And he WOULD have got through if had known your email address and IP number. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t know this and so he was stopped from infiltrating the site by our security system. These guys know all the tricks.

          BTW, I agree with Lasha he isn’t really a troll, just an eccentric with a bee in his bonnet about this site being on the Zionist payroll. We have too many pro-Palestinian articles and comments on this site for that to be even remotely possible. And of course we have always been highly critical of organized Jewry.

      3. @ Ingrid

        The concept of avatar is alien to Islam. It’s heretical. For calling himself like that in a true Muslim state, like Iran, for example, he’d be punished by lashes. So I assume that “avatar” does not dwell among his righteous brothers, and as a consequence has been influenced by the immoral Judaic teachings, like all of us, and to such a degree that he indeed does not rape goats and other farm animals. Plus, he is married.

        But speaking of his fellow tribesmen and members of the righteous Ummah in general I assume that such an assumption is not possible to make, due to complete absence of prohibition of such a practice in the sacred books and noticeable presence of numerous reports, from respected sources, about such a practice being popular on a large scale among members of the Ummah.

        The Qur’an makes no mention of such a practice at all. For some reason the prophet, peace be upon him, abstained from speaking about it. And there is no prohibition of such a practice in the Sunnah Abu-Dawud collection, too. But a statement that expresses the opposite stance can be found instead: “There is no prescribed punishment for one who has sexual intercourse with an animal” (38:4450).

        So, in Islam it is tolerated if a Muslim rapes goats. In fact, as reported by professor Ishtiaq Ahmed, in some areas “having sex with an animal is considered a rite of passage” on one’s course to becoming a real man. I refer you to his fascinating and enlightening article, “Desegregation of the sexes and promiscuity”, and recommend it all the more so since he also elucidates the issues discussed in the post.


      4. @Toby, he did say in his last comment that he might be prevented from posting, which would be a shame, I was starting to like him, and agree with Lasha, he probably is a bit of a long winded eccentric, with bees in his bonnet, but I think his heart is in the right place..

        @Sermoniser, I`m not really interested in bestiality. As for Avatar, his only fault is his misconception as to who the enemies of Islam really are..

        1. @ Ingrid

          In regard to Ormanci, we can’t force him to post here if he has departed voluntarily. As you can see in the case of Circassian, Avatar and TROJ, all these three posters have attacked this site viciously in the past. They have been banned more than once and forgiven more than once. They are still posting here. No other website would have allowed them back after banning them. Circassian called this website a “foul latrine” and Lasha a “shithouse attendant.” He is still posting here. This is because Lasha is an exceptional individual who forgives the most grievous insults. Please bear this in mind in future before you criticiize us over this issue. We ban only as a last resort.

          1. “We ban only as a last resort.”

            These are the circumstances that get posters banned:

            (1) When the banned poster is clearly hostile to everything we are attempting here and is consistently insolent and obnoxious to Admin.

            (2) When the banned poster is attacking another valued poster and will not leave him/her alone, despite being asked to do so, resulting in the loss of that poster. When such a poster refuses to listen to Admin’s “Cease-and-desist” order to leave the attacked poster alone, the person doing the attacking will then be banned.

            (3) When the banned poster, by his/her almost non-top nastiness and quarrelsomeness, is leading to an exodus of good posters who can no longer tolerate the presence of the obnoxious bully.

            (4) When Admin is receiving private emails from “silent readers” complaining about a particular poster and recommending eviction. We pay no attention to the odd email complaining about ‘X’ and ‘Y’. But when we get SEVERAL emails complaining about the same poster, we are forced to take action.

            Please note that we have already received several private emails complaining bitterly about three posters still posting on this site. I won’t mention their names because this is confidential.

      5. @ Ingrid

        I’m sure you’re not and neither am I. Not sure that the immigrants are not either. Take a look at that article. It’s outrageous.


        “Muslim conquerors routinely distributed among themselves the women captured in battle.”

        “All the four Sunni madhabs as well as the Shia fiqh allow four wives plus concubines acquired in battle.”

        “The Shia fiqh even allows mut’a or temporary marriage. Moreover, all the fiqhs allow minor girls to be married.”

        Islam is a bad-ass religion.

      6. @Toby

        Circassian called this website a “foul latrine” and Lasha a “shithouse attendant.”

        Toby, I appreciate you quoting me. In fact, I would like you to quote me as much as possible provided you do it correctly, without distortions.

        I did not call Lasha “shithouse attendant”. If you take the trouble to go back and check, you will see that I called myself – not Lasha – a “shithouse attendant”. You will see also that I called Lasha “the Queen of the shithouse”.

        I repeat for the slow-witted folks like Lobro, for example, who also claimed several times that I called Lasha “shithouse attendant”: Lasha is the “Queen”, Circassian is an “attendant”.

        Do you see the difference, Toby? The former is the owner of the enterprise, the latter is the cleaner, janitor, sweeper, swabber, or whatever else you like to call it.


        1. @ Circassian

          Here is a complete list of your insults. Note especially the words in bold letters:

          Masha Sunshine, have I told you lately that you truly disgust me?

          P.S. I have read all the comments above – all to the last one – with great patience. Not a single soul uttered a single word of doubt about the credibility of this garbage. Amazing! Truly amazing!

          Circassian , November 15, 2014 at 6.25 pm


          _CIRCASSIAN, November 15, 2014 at 11.34 pm

          Look, Sardonicus. I can see you are really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over.

          I have tried to explain to you earlier that this [darkmoon site] is a shit house, and you are one of the biggest shitters in this latrine. I am one of the few who is cleaning the shit after you, bastard, but you have no appreciation for that.


          _CIRCASSIAN, November 16, 2014 at 7.17 pm

          I had very little doubt from the very start that Masha Sunshine was nothing but a Jewish project. All the signs are there screaming for every perceptive mind to see: the hypocrisy, logical acrobatics, sophistries, outright lies, lowbrow attempts at emotional manipulation….

          Masha Sunshine, you are really the Queen of the Shit House! Have I told you lately that you disgust me more than Flyingsocks, Pat, SPQR, and Sardonicus combined? These poor souls are for the most part sapheads, but you know exactly what you are doing, don’t you.


          _CIRCASSIAN, NOvembr 17, 2014 at 12.5 pm

          .. . there should be doubt about that in anyone’s mind, Masha Sunshine will be there again sticking in our faces pornographic pictures of some unknown artists proving how the Russian Army raped innocent Ukrainian women, men, and children in millions.

          That’s why I am disgusted with this bitch. She couldn’t care less about some alleged rapes that supposedly happened some 70 years ago, but noooo, there she is with her crocodile tears. Absolutely disgusting!

          The fact that Lasha has forgiven you all these foul insults and still lets you post on her website confirms what many people have said to me in private about my niece: that she is an extraordinary young woman. She is not a saint, not by a long chalk, but I have never in my life met such an unusual person.

      7. @Toby

        Now you are talking! That’s how it should be done – precise quoting and no distortions. That’s how a gentleman should act, Toby.

        Thank you for confirming that my memory serves me well. As everybody can see now, including the slow-witted, I have never called Lasha “a shithouse attendant”, I called her, instead, “the Queen of the Shit House”.

        Thank you for this quote also:

        I had very little doubt from the very start that Masha Sunshine was nothing but a Jewish project.

        Now, I have to admit that my views on this have changed rather dramatically: I am almost certain now that LD is neither Jewess, nor a Jewish project. I have very little doubt now that Lasha is British and she is working for the British interests, as should every Briton.

        1. @ Circassian

          Though Lasha resides in England as an exile, she is certainly not working for “British interests” if by that you mean the British government. Our government here is as bad as the government in America and is equally under the thumb of the Usual Suspects.

          Lasha is a conscientious NON-VOTER and advises everyone not to vote, so she cannot possibly be sympathetic to the corrupt and Jew-controlled British government.

          Lasha is all in favor of the British people, however, just as she is all in favor of the American people. In both cases, the people can be seen as “victims” of their respective governments who are doing nothing to protect the masses from oppression and injustice. The gulf between rich and poor gets wider by the day and the government is clearly on the side of the rich and powerful elite. It is the rich elite that rules. The government simply takes its orders from this bunch of predatory gangsters.

          As Lasha likes to say, “The world is ruled by gangsters, not by governments.”

      8. “Please bear this in mind in future before you criticiize us over this issue.” :

        Toby, I wasn`t being critical of anyone, just trying to get my head around what went down. Been giving the nancy thing some thought, and decided he probably brought his banishment, if that`s what it was, upon himself. He was overbearing, and unnecessarily critical of this site, and of Lasha. All I said was, I started liking the guy, even though he was a pain in my butt for some time..

        1. Not to worry, dear Ingrid. We all love you. So relax and pour yourself a nice glass of wine.



    1. @Tahida

      What is to be done?

      This is an example of what a mathematician would call incorrectly stated problem. As stated, this question can have only one meaningful answer: It depends.

      Use your own brains, learn the art of plausible reasoning, and act accordingly to achieve your goals.

      What are your goals, Tahida? That’s the question you should contemplate first. Do you know at least that much, or you expect someone to tell you what your goals should be?

    2. Tahida, don’t be intimidated by the vileness of this clearly identified hitman.

      He has the Mark of the Beast on him and must perform as directed by the leash holder.
      One of his duties is to make Putin and Russians as despicable as possible through association with himself.
      Just look at how the level of support for Russia evaporated at Darkmoon after he started feeding selectively negative information to Pat who is all too happy to trumpet it incessantly or how as self described “RUDE RUS” he goes out of the way to insult every poster in sight.

      By being his congenitally, shamelessly PSYCHOPATHIC self, he projects this image onto all of Russia with enthusiastic help from inveterate Russia haters.
      Just like takfiri Rapefugees giving all of Islam a bad eye, he is an online version of Russian rapefugee, assaulting and groping posters, quite possibly part of the same plan – witness how protective he is of JEWS.

      So, don’t feel intimidated by him just like you shouldn’t feel intimidated by ADL.

      If we can’t deal with this degenerate at own blog, what chances do we stand for liberation from his whipmaster out in the world?
      Quoting the internet security professionals again

      A third poster who needs to be very carefully watched is Circassian. We cannot be 100% certain about this individual’s “Jew status” but we hold him in high suspicion as a danger to this website. He is not here to discuss issues. He is here to disrupt, create mischief, mislead, and drive away posters with mockery and ad hominem attacks.

      Best wishes,

      R. Pasneau,
      Whistleblowers Anonymous

      Does anyone see how this exposure didn’t affect him in the least?
      Because shamelessness is one of defining traits of PSYCHOPATHIC personality, complete inability to empathize with minds of others, like all the rest of us are just inanimate objects.
      This is very highly prized among JEWS, JEWS, JEWS.
      It is called CHUTZPAH and Circassian has got it in spades.

      And the goyums being dumb goyums are incapable of seeing through it even when it is rubbed into their faces.

      1. @Lobro

        … And I got second sight
        I’ve got amazing powers of observation

        And that is how I know
        When I try to get through
        On the telephone to you
        There’ll be Nobody Home

        My only hope is:

        When I try to get through
        On the telephone to Tahida, or Ingrid, or TROJ
        There’ll be Somebody Home.

        Be well, brothers and sisters.

  8. “The Revival will come.” I am also confident.
    Time for a scouring. In our hearts, then on our streets.

    Thank you, thank you Lasha. For your words and acts.
    May we likewise honor those who made it possible for us to live.

  9. C’mon, White-Christian-Nationalism is the new sexy! Just look at Hungary. If Hungary can close its borders under the premise of White-Christian-Nationalism and the Jews of Budapest are not afraid; can the Jews of Berlin be far behind? It’s indeed ironic that The Southern Poverty Law center met in Budapest to discuss strategies on fighting “white supremacy”, ahem. And yet, here we have Hungary proclaiming their White-Christian “supremacy”.
    I’ve heard Hungarians bitching and moaning about Hungary being vilified in the press. Really?
    Can you imagine what the cover of Time, Bild, or Charlie Hebdo would look like if Germany was vehemently advocating a closed border policy based upon their White, Christian, heritage? EINZ, ZWEI, DREI!!! SHEKELS!!!!!!!

    (every TRUE German though, like myself, realizes that he or she has NOTHING to do with these Semitic fairy tales!)

    1. Speaking of Michaels.. Has anyone seen the video where Obama, in thanking someone, says, ” Michael and I wish to thank etc..”?

  10. who has the power
    for transformation
    what group have the agents
    in place.
    alt media
    alex jones zero hedge
    time warner
    bbc sky all on script.
    jihad john and his brown soldiers
    coming to rape you all and kill your kittens
    who created jihad john template.
    smelly brown fella in basement in syriana
    or rabbi in tavistock russell square.
    you are live
    gladio operation full spectrum.
    100 years of brain psy image manipulations.
    whats that
    jihad johns
    be afraid they are outside now
    just a door kick away.
    but you can be helped.
    trust barry obarmee
    and benji nuttyahoo
    fat francois hollande and dave cam moron
    and masonick chums.
    only they and the rabbi know the talmud route from
    order to kaos to new order.
    dark days indeed goy
    payment and tribute one could say
    for your ww2 crimes against the innocent
    infinity compensations financial yes sir.
    barbera lerner spector and soros
    paideia idea
    yes sir rabbi sir

    It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.”

  11. Very good points Yunis,
    Let’s picture a few scenarios where -as some claim- the Jews have something to do with these two accusations: but first, what are the two accusations?
    Well, one is that the jews are somehow convincing “rapefugees” to go around raping hard working, home loving, family oriented, serious white women… How many cases in court so far? FIVE… Not 600 in one night like some here claim, but five since this whole ordeal of a zombie, new bogeyman movie look alike drama started against us arabs by the white supremacist right in europe.. (Notice how it is the nazis blaming the jews for all the shit and lies they invent, while hating arabs alike) Now These white people – the accusers, the victims- are not saying how exactly , what’s the modus operandi, how is it happening or how are the Jews (who the accusers say are the ones behind all this) managing to “convince” people of muslim heritage to leave all those good things they were taught when children and instead go on raping these so called innocent white women (who hand around after midnight instead of going home and warm their butts, its the drugs baby!)…
    Question is, Do these Jews drive around in vans -all over the European continent just in New Jersey- looking for refugees until they find one that looks “perfect”? And then what they just go… “psssst, come here” “do you wanna make a quick euro?” “Well, then, here is what you gotta do, you see that white women standing over there by the bus stop, freezing her ass? Well, here is a condom and a viagra and do what you gotta do” Etc etc etc
    Or maybe they will Just show the poor refugee a photo of Abu Guraib, or a picture of the Iraqi girls that got raped by the u.s. Army?
    Let’s move on to the next accusation and …in syria now, Against a background of ugly bombs falling and homes and buildings exploding all over the place, while women run for cover we see that the planes bombing syria do not have a “jew star of david” on it… Who is bombing syria then and causing all this dhiarrea of people running in all directions and becoming refugees who for some strange reason opt for going to europe to rape women? Does being a bombing victim make horny?
    ( 40 thousand syrians run to turkey today) … Blame them.. Blame the uae, blame the russians, blame the u.s. Blame Morocco, blame Jordan, blame canada (six canadians killed in burkina faso today) blame france and blame “the best president in the world and a very very nice guy” Bashar assad and blame iran..
    Fuck the jews, I hate them, but it isn’t them …this time they have been very wise and as usual, crafty; they have stayed away from aaaaall this shit, they are busy killing Palestinians
    So save it, nazis
    Here is a very interesting article written by someone who knows what he is talking about ..
    -Who to blame for ISIL-

    He says “All events collude and meld into all others; laying the blame on one actor or one event is simply a bias …”
    He goes on…
    “A man in a city square asks a wise man seated near him what fate is. The savant answers: “An endless succession of intertwined events, each influencing each other.”
    “In the latest iteration of this diagnostic, the bombast of Donald Trump⁠ has blamed Obama and Clinton for creating ISIL. The reasoning behind his claim is unclear but anything goes, as long as it sells”
    “In recent weeks and months, a litany of voices, theories and opinions across the airwaves and social media have laid claim to the idea that someone or another is fully responsible for “creating” ISIL.”
    “It is true that the US has more than a hand in events in the Middle East today – including the evolution of ISIL. The invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, its “war on terror” and support for heavy-handed regimes in the region over the years have all contributed to the unraveling of states, and a security mentality that begets violent reactions.”
    “However, this remains only one dimension of the ISIL story. Just as the consequences of ISIL range from the European refugee crisis, to terror in the Middle East, to increased airport security.. In recent weeks and months, a litany of voices, theories and opinions across the airwaves and social media have laid claim to the idea that someone or another is fully responsible for “creating” ISIL.

    Many of these ideas focus on the United States being ultimately at fault, the culprit that, through its invasion of Iraq or more nefarious means, created the monster.

    Head to Head – Did the US occupation create ISIL?

    -Blame culture-

    This blame game is nothing new. We live in a blame culture in which something is always someone else’s fault. It is a kind of commodity where if someone else is to blame, I gain and they lose. Hence the countless conflicted narratives turning round and round in the news.

    However, this common attitude, especially regarding politics, may simply be a distortion of a reality that is infinitely more complex.

    Here’s the rub: anyone truly interested in what “created” ISIL (or any situation for that matter) needs to consider that many factors, woven together like a vast tapestry or web, are actually at play, and where those factors begin and end is far from clear. This is not good news for those who seek a black-and-white world. But it is reality nevertheless.  

    —Blizzard of events—

    How do we apportion the blizzard of events that have all affected the creation of the group and played into the weave? Take, for example:

    – The writings of Sayyid Qutb, the evangelical Egyptian Islamist, executed under Gamal Abdel Nasser. Qutb’s writings swept the Middle East from the mid 20th century, and have inspired one radical group after another;

    – Saddam Hussein deciding to invade Kuwait which, combined with Osama bin Laden’s attack on the US, ultimately led to a US invasion and the disintegration of Iraq;
    – Bashar al-Assad turning a blind eye to Syrian militants crossing into Iraq to fight American forces, some of whom had been prodded towards violence, in part, by the Assad trademark of oppression;

    – The collapse of the Israeli-Palestinian process, set in motion when Yigal Amir pulled the trigger killing Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, and leaving a festering Palestinian wound in the Arab psyche;
    – The combined efforts of Iran and former Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to suppress Sunnis in Iraq;

    – The coincidental and unlikely marriage of the wiles of Iraqi Baathist intelligence officers, religious ideologues and social media experts from across the globe;
    – Saudi Arabia and Turkey funding and arming the Syrian resistance;

    – The police brutality that led Tunisian Mohamed Bouazizi to set fire to himself, triggering the Arab Spring and the consequent convulsions that weakened states across the region;
    The availability of technology that permits ISIL to amplify its messaging, transforming them into a cohesive, global movement;

    – The decision of every member of ISIL to join its ranks, possibly due to the inability of their countries and cultures of origin to meet their needs and provide normal lives – tempting them tragically towards dark purposes, away from empty and alienated lives.”
    -Cause and effect-

    “All of these factors, and lesser ones that have never been reported, have combined to create ISIL. Where do they all begin and end? How do they all interweave?”
    Read the rest .. His name is Jhon Bell …

  12. “Just like in new jersey” (I meant to write) you know,when the five shlomos “got caught” in september eleven in a van over on the other side of the river right by where jew lover frank sinatra was born,

  13. Hi all,

    I see a very disturbing turn of events recently. Many of the alternative websites have started spewing Islamophobia just like the MSM, including this one. You see Islamophobia is a Jewish agenda, and the question is just when did Lasha darkroom sign up to whore for them.

    She now spends more time whoring for the Jews than exposing their evil ways. What deal did she cut??

    Her comments about London are pure fiction. I live there. A female getting her bottom pinched on the streets of London is a serious crime. The idea that you can be pinched a dozen times during a shopping trip is simply made up garbage and would be on the main news here if it were the case. The assertion that white faces on Oxford street are outnumbered is also made up garbage.

    And yes Lasha, the media do make up stories about Muslims. Everything you ever read about them by Jew owned media has been made up. Just why do you fake surprise at that?

    I got a link to this website from a site called the truthseeker. The owner of that site also pretends to expose the Jew, but actually spends more time whoring for them just like Lasha.

    1. @ Eddie

      This hostile comment, as you know, would have been deleted on 99.9% of other websites that do not allow their integrity to come under attack. We publish it. Ask yourself why. Because it is baseless.

      We have no idea when you were last in London, of if you are even telling the truth that you are a Londoner, but the fact is that Lasha’s experience of London is that of someone who hates the polluted city and avoids it like the plague.She visits London only rarely, only when essential.

      As for bottom pinching, I’m not surprised your bottom has never been pinched in London, given that your name is “Eddie”. To get your bottom pinched, you need to be woman, preferably attractive, in a public place, preferably extremely crowded, such as the tube (subway) in the rush hour, or Oxford Street on a Saturday when the ‘Sales’ are on.

      Many women get their bottoms pinched and not a single woman I have ever known goes to the police and complains about it. Most rapes go reported, so the idea that every incident of bottom pinching is going to be reported to the police borders on the absurd. What do you think the police would do about it? Are you not aware that the police are so short-staffed and overworked that they don’t even have time to visit houses that have been burglarized? And you expect them to investigate a bottom-pinching incident and for this trivia to become big news in the national media? Your observations, sir, border on the absurd. You are probably just a disgruntled Muslim who can’t bear to hear the words “rape jihad” or anything critical of Muslims or migrants to be mentioned.

      All Lasha’s experiences of London are confirmed by her quotes, especially by the account given in Ben Judah’s recent book:

      “A recent book with the rousing title This is London: Life and Death in the World City, by Ben Judah, who is clearly Jewish, was to reinforce my own impression that the city of my youth had indeed morphed into a new City of Dreadful Night, ten times more nightmarish than the city depicted in the famous Victorian poem by James Thomson.”


      We stand by everything Lasha wrote in her article. It is the unvarnished truth. Moreover, the article is supported by numerous quotes, statistics, and a vast number of links to reliable sources.

      — ADMIN (DZ)

      1. This site is obviously being targeted by those who wish to discredit and marginalize it.
        Filthy gutter/ghetto language and unnecessarily long and rambling posts serve no good purpose here.
        Why allow it? Honest and respectful difference of opinion, yes. Wreckers, saboteurs, and egotists, no.

      2. I believe Lasha’s experience in London is true. She can’t say for sure these foreign men are Muslims though. They could be Christian Africans or Indian Hindus or some other religion. Or no religion.

        She’s attacking the symptoms anyways and not the cause.

  14. From the Cologne-Desutschland News: “Hi I am Missain Ali Hurrnstein. I now live in Cologne an was one of those refugees. I was educated in New York on a basketball scholarship. I rooted lots of Yankee chicks becos I wasted all my money.You know? There are no jobs for us poor people in Cologne so we swithch on de televise receever and wot do we see? Wall to wall sex from Amsterdan and Rotterdam. We have no money so we go out on street and try to pick up chicks, I even cut my long beard short and got tips put in my hair. But dey do not like my eastrern looks, so they tell me to pisst off! So wot are we to do? We get our teams togetder and we tuch up the white chicks. Some of dem like it, some do not. I escaped from Syria when my wife was despoiled by a platoon of ISIS young-bucks committed to rape=-jihad. I stoned her to death, as is our custom, as she was neva goin to be my wife again. Now I need manly releae and I have no option but to join my bruthers in tuching up chiks in the twon square. I tink da geuvement should open sex centers for us women-less refugees. How would you feel if you wer in my shoes? Is dis Ingrid chik avaelable? Can I hav her phone numba? Ps: Is orijjoe contascktable as maybe I could cum over and we could go on holidays toogether?

    1. what u be sayin’ maxie! of course our umma umma sista Ingrid be available… ingrid she always be available for muhammad ali baba BIG MOON BULL ZIBBI buthas!! Ingrid be lervin’ that MOON BULL Zibbi all de time every night!! every day when she gets IT during de daytime hours…. Ingrid be flyin’ on her magic carpet from one european festival to de next european festival lookin’ to hook up with BIG MOON BULL ZIBBI…. she be lervin’ to jump into Ishmael’s tent with ze ZIBBIS!!! Ingrid be the kind of hymie sista us bruthas be diggin’ on… sheeeiit…. she be the european version of the black jew Whoppi Goldberg and sheeeiit like that…she be the kind of hymie who lervs to revert back to us muhammad bruthas so she can get some real BULL ZIBBI the way ze sistas oughtta be having ZIBBI… muhammad’s way …THE WAY OF THE MOON BULL bruthas!! I be surprised with U maxie… I thought you be knowin’ all this about our ZIBBI LERVIN’ umma umma sista Ingrid already!!!

    2. @max, want my phone number, just ask.. the answer is, no!!
      @ Joe, go walk your dog, or find something equally useful to do..

  15. I think the articles are very good, need telling, and as I’ve pointed out before, will not be covered in the mainstream media. It is also worth noting that in civilized countries, rape is a crime, trafficking girls (minors or adults of ANY race) is a crime, and if governments choose to selectively ignore these crimes – the government should go, as it is no longer capable of enforcing the law. The situation we see today is the result of thoroughly corrupted Western governments turning their backs on Commander Ahmad Shah Massoud (who enforced law and civilized standards in areas he controlled, even while fighting an utterly ruthless and Godless superpower with precious little help) and once the Soviets were defeated, his filthy murder by Saudi financed elements, all the while piling on aid to the criminal zionist pariah state. This was followed by criminal conspiracy to steal the oil wealth of Iraq, Libya, and now, Syria, with the attempted conquest of Russia, the troubles in Ukraine , South Ossetia and elsewhere. Now Europe. It’s good people are taking notice, and respond appropriately.
    I refer you again to General Heinrich (Gestapo) Mueller, who’s records, transcripts, and documents kept safely in Switzerland as insurance against any perfidy by his new employers are now available for anyone who bothers to read, though of course banned in Germany with copies confiscated and burned after reaching bestseller status. Mueller left this legacy before his passing because of the lies that were becoming the official ‘history’, and he pointedly corrected his interviewers (who should have known better) on more than one occasion that the Gestapo was a German state organization, not a Nazi party apparatus. Mueller stated that ‘ the world will always need a good policeman, not like him mind you, but need him’. Start with the zionists.

  16. “Muslim teen rape a proven and now admitted lie”

    Just like the rest of this nonsense…..
    You belong at Jihad watch with the rest of the Zionist turds ..
    why should anybody believe the nonsense you are sprouting now .
    What proof do you have in regards to your rape Jihad ?
    Do you remember when we were told that Muammar Gaddafi handed out viagra
    to his soldiers so they could rape …? or when were told saddam ordered that the babies
    be taken out of the incubators and placed on the floor ? What about Jessica Lynch ?


    1. Zain
      calm down Princess
      let them write whatever they want
      the truth will be known one way or the other
      let them speak their minds and expose their true nature
      a slithering red eyed satanic serpents ,that what they are really
      servants and slaves of the devil
      we what we are the unknown servants of the true God ,the one and only One
      Blessed be His Name

  17. Avatar,
    I decided that you aren’t a ziotroll but because of some bullshit that you can’t get out of your system you give a strong impression that you carry water for jews.
    I find it my duty to try and make you see the picture based on facts and reasonable connecting of the fact-dots.
    take it or leave it, up to you.

    ever bought some of that cheap Ikea furniture, garbage but cool design?
    Imagine buying boxes of stuff with pieces mixed up, missing, wrong size and wrong assembly instructions, so your dinner set doesn’t function, chairs missing legs, backrests, got toilet seats instead, one table leg sticking upwards, etc.
    Then a buddy says, f**k this shit, they misled you on purpose, let me show you how to assemble it properly so that it makes sense.
    that’s what I propose to do, because Jews f**ked your head and your world map is scrambled. How can you fight for Palestine if you’re pointing the gun at your own head? Just tell me that.

    The gun barrel reads, ISIS, DAESH, Jabhat al-Nusra and an alphabet soup of wahhabi takfiris, killers, rapists, slavers in the employ of the jew, ONLY taking orders from him or the Donmeh Arab cryptos in the Saud, Qatar and Turk.

    I challenged you before to answer how is it that beloved ISIS is massacreing Palestinians and Christians but never touched a single jew, their jew “caliph” Shimon Eliot posing in photo op with McCain, IDF field hospitals set up for damaged takfiris and so on an on.
    You did not answer because there is no answer that fits your picture.
    So, gotta toss out the picture or live a lie, if that helps the ptsd.

    Wahhabism IS NOT ISLAM.
    Mohammed al-Wahhab made a pact with Mohammed ibn-Saud to join forces of a nasty cult with equally perverted political movement in late 1700s and this is what you see today the oily oil sheiks who swill alcohol, drive in gold plated Rolls’s and rape castrated boys in back seats while calling out instructions to ISIS beasts on cellphones.

    Accept this, do all the research you want and the picture suddenly comes into focus.
    read the plan of Oded Yinon, read the Clean Break: Strategy For Defense Of The REALM, read The Protocols, read the founding PNAC document, read, read, catch up – most of all, read what Jews themselves say, don’t take my word for it.

    rules of historical and geopolitical self-education:
    Jew does not lie to Jew,
    Jew ALWAYS lies to Gentile,
    Jew loves Jew,
    Jew hates Gentile.
    those are your reading glasses to see and understand the fine print, to pick out the small but important dots and lines that connect them.

    And since you are a Palestinian, I don’t need to tell you that the enemy of your enemy is your friend.
    thus Putin and the Russians are your friends, as is Assad and the Syrian army, Hezbollah and Iran and Shias.
    when the problem is solved, Palestine free and clear of the Khazar invader, go back to despising and hating on the above allies (though i honestly don’t see why you ever should, live and let live), not while they are doing the hard, bloody and dirty work that the Palestinians don’t have the strength to do themselves.

    Or join ISIS and kill some Palestinians, join the orgy, it is such a laugh, Jew may even give you a 15-day tourist visa, just make sure to freeze in midstep when the Shoah siren wails.

    Do you see a 3rd way? There isn’t any.

    1. @Lobro

      This is what non-mathematician could call a blind showing the way to the deaf-and-dumb, or the chameleon changing its colors again. Absolutely spineless creature.

      Btw, have you read my response to your lowbrow attempt to slur Circassians. Your attempt was even more disgusting than the one attempted by the Arab Jew with multiple personality disorder – The Avatar aka Palestinian Warrior aka Lunatic.

      Perhaps, it’s time for you to “take another sabbatical”. That’s a shame!

      1. @ Circassian

        “. . . to your lowbrow attempt to slur Circassians. Your attempt was even more disgusting than the one attempted by the Arab Jew with multiple personality disorder – The Avatar aka Palestinian Warrior aka Lunatic.

        We don’t allow sock puppets on this site, partly because it creates too many technical difficulties for us in case we have to ban the same poster. Is “Avatar” posting under the name “Palestinian Warrior” and “Lunatic”? If so, he is very clever. Because all three of these posters have different email addresses and IP numbers.

      2. @Toby

        Is “Avatar” posting under the name “Palestinian Warrior” and “Lunatic”? If so, he is very clever. Because all three of these apparent individuals have different email addresses and IP numbers.

        It is not complicated, Toby. If one wishes to hide his IP, all he needs to do is use Tor Browser. It is a practice well-known outside the US.

        Another hint – your site does not even seem capable of verifying that the email address used is a valid one.

        1. @ Circassian

          Thanks, it may not be “complicated” . . . but I don’t mind admitting that I am technically inept. All I’m saying is that these guys have different email addresses and IP numbers. They COULD of course be the same person practicing “skullduggery”. But this applies to ALL the posters here, doesn’t it? Theoretically, every single poster here could be TROJ. Assuming TROJ is a mad genius with a remarkable gift for creating multiple personalities. 🙂

      3. Your “responses” are completely irrelevant to me and my time too valuable for PSYCHOPATHS.
        Since you are the only Circassian I ever came across, assuming that it is true, either you are a typical Circassian, in which case my putative libel of the entire tribe is absolutely justified and thus not libellous –
        a person of your quality is impossible to libel, contradiction in terms,
        or you are a spectacularly shitty example of the nation and the community elders should yank you off the site,
        in which case I will offer them a full apology without qualification.

        Which is it?

      4. Lobro, you are on the wrong path. You have to work on your conscience, you have to clean it. You cannot get well until you do that.

        You are doing all the wrong things one can possibly do. You have to look at yourself, not at me. The problem is inside you. I repeat: you are not clean.

      5. Circassian clown
        what a stupid shallow response you have made
        the unhinged swine
        you asshole attacked the messenger not the message just like a Zionist.
        I will come out of your screen and punch your ugly face then I will laugh at your miserable existence then I will keep coming out of that screen of yours and keep punching you until your rotten teeth fall on your keyboard ,
        listen jew monkey cirass
        get lost

  18. (Avatar, continuing with historical corrections)

    Saddam Hussein deciding to invade Kuwait which, combined with Osama bin Laden’s attack on the US, ultimately led to a US invasion and the disintegration of Iraq

    sorry bud, you compressed 20 years of history into 6 months.

    1st there was Iraq’s attack on Iran in 1980, which started with land invasion, widely supported by USA (Rumsfeld hugging Saddam on delivery of war gases), UAE, Saudi, Qatar, USSR(!!!), UK, Kuwait … the only ones sympathetic to Iran were Syria and N Korea, huge advantage to Iraq in manpower and materiel, and yet, after 8 years and over $ trillion economic hit, million dead on both sides – Iran was about to overrun Iraq but had to settle for status quo ante bellum due to international pressure.

    Saddam was a greedy idiot, egged on into suicidal moves, exactly like Erdogan today.
    Erdogan will end up the same way, Kurds got his number, I won’t even bother to watch, Ren and Stimpy reruns will be on.

    Then, suitably weakened, as per Yinon Plan, he was provoked into attacking Kuwait, on US assurances that the coast was clear, got slammed by the same US, country destroyed, no-fly zone for over a decade, again a million +/- dead (Jewess Albright giggling about 1/2 million dead children, “worth it”, just like JEWS, JEWS, JEWS would typically say at the sight of 500,000 murdered goy kids), yeah, at least you got 9/11 and aftermath right.


    Got one more for you, Avatar, a bit more complicated but very clear in the end.

  19. Let’s picture a few scenarios where -as some claim- the Jews have something to do with these two accusations: but first, what are the two accusations?
    Well, one is that the jews are somehow convincing “rapefugees” to go around raping hard working, home loving, family oriented, serious white women

    Open this link and read carefully, here be the numbers, counted and verified by internet crawling bots developed by a Russian scientist (why didn’t West think of this, any idea? 😉 )

    Content-analysis of a great number of tweets that triggered the ongoing wave of migration from Turkey to Germany since August this year suggests that
    these human streams were inspired and channeled from outside of the continental Europe.

    According to Vladimir Shalak [1] from the Russian Academy of Science who developed the Internet Content-Analysis System for Twitter (Scai4Twi), his study of over 19000 refugees-related original tweets (retweets discounted) demonstrates that the vast majority of them mention Germany and Austria as the most refugee-welcoming countries in Europe

    Look carefully at the infographics and ponder their meaning in a bit of depth beyond the article.

    1. 90% of

    5704 original tweets containing #RefugeesWelcome” hashtag and a country name

    2. 42% of these hashtags originate in countries where JEW IS THE SOLE LANDLORD, UK, USA and Australia, only 6% in Germany itself. Does this strike you as normal?
    3. Look further, retweets run by netbots,

    95 netbots owned by Media for Social and Cultural Impact, Dallas, Texas, USA

    … Avatar, I can tell that you lived in the States, how many Texans can find Europe on the map if their lives depended on it? IT’S … you know who I mean 😉 need help with spelling?
    4. Look at this 2.2% from NEPAL, I mean, c’mon, how stupid do they think we are, what’s Nepal got to do with anything, they neither know nor care what’s behind the next hill!
    5. Who is absent? The most glaring question of all … who is hiding behind the curtain? Who hates Germany above all else and wishes to utterly destroy it and has power to do it ¡OJALA! QUE NO and is able to run a massive Twitter campaign from within the Coalition of the Shabbos?

    Wakey, wakey, Avatar and smell the burning sulphur before you too are cooked in it as per Talmud recipe.

    We, the non-jews, non-shabbo traitors, non-delusional supremacist ideological non-morons are all in it together and only the clear sight and clear thinking will prevent the final, total disaster that Talmud is banking on, namely, each one of us alone and separate against each other and 15 million Jews.

    1. @Lobro, every word is true.. Isn`t the plan to pit Europe against the Muslim world, keep them at one another`s throats, until they are war weary, and will welcome jewish intervention? and every little thing is going according to plan, if the comments here on DM are anything to go by..

      btw, where is nancy?

    2. Ormanci has walked, I am afraid, after that whistleblowers post.
      Unfortunately the REAL TROLL remains, not discouraged so easily.
      You see, even if they are right – for the sake of argument – and he is a jew posting out of Florida, to me that’s not a cardinal sin, provided that his contribution is topical, informative and useful to the site reader.
      And as far as I am concerned, he has brought in many interesting ideas and new perspectives – they don’t all have to be right, so long as they’re thought provoking in a creative and original way.
      So, I am on record as saying, I’d like to see him return.
      The fact that he felt sufficiently hurt to leave shows me that he is human and not a troll.
      Unlike …

      1. @ Lobro

        “Ormanci has walked, I am afraid, after that whistleblowers post … The fact that he felt sufficiently hurt to leave shows me that he is human and not a troll.”

        This morning we received two troll posts from someone pretending to be Ingrid or suggesting that Ingrid had something to do with the posts. This is because the troll used the same user name Ingrid used accidentally when she hit the tab button instead of the letter ‘Q’ just near it. The user name is “uandered any”.

        I checked the email address and IP number that came with these two posts. They were not written by Ingrid. They were written by Ormanci. Both posts bore Ormanci’s email address and IP number. It would seem that Ormanci is not a professional troll but an amateur one.

      2. I checked the email address and IP number that came with these two posts. They were not written by Ingrid. They were written by Ormanci. Both posts bore his email address and IP number. It would seem that Ormanci is not a professional troll but an amateur one.

        If so, it would seem that Lobro has a remarkable talent for picking the wrong horses. Bad horse sense, I guess.

        That’s a shame!

      3. Ever seen the Sorcerer’s Apprentice Disney (old time Christian Disney production) when the Mickey Mouse character is overcome by the dishwasher magic?
        Maybe the guy skipped a few Kabbalah book of tricks chapters to get to “trip-up Ingrid” curse 🙂
        Childishly inept, though morally indefensible, I almost feel sorry for the poor guy.
        Ingrid must have got into his head a lot deeper than he cared to admit and he tried a shortcut 😀
        A pro wouldn’t dream of something like that.
        Ingrid is dangerous, when she swings her purse, Mike Tyson is KOed and counted out.

        1. Re Ormanci, Muslims and Islamophobia

          I have no idea what is going on here in the Commentary section because most of my time is occupied elsewhere. My own views on Ormanci are therefore of no account and could well be erroneous. What I would like to say about Ormanci is this:

          I think Whistleblowers Anonymous got it wrong about Ormanci being a troll. I think Ormanci is a genuinely sincere individual who passionately believes that this website is up to no good and has somehow been duped into doing a sudden U-turn from pro-Muslim to anti-Muslim. He has received this impression because of some of the articles we have recently published which show Muslims in a bad light: e.g., sexual misconduct by migrants in German swimming pools. Ormanci thinks all this is faked and is Zionist propaganda spread by the MSM to stir up Islamophobia.

          You must understand that I sympathize with Ormanci’s primary concern: that Muslims should be treated fairly and not demonized. I am myself vilified for “hypocrisy” for saying good thing about Muslims (see “Why I am not an Islamophobe”) and at the same time for publishing articles in which Muslims/migrants appear in a very bad light. There would seem to be an inconsistency here.

          Unlike most Muslims or Ormanci, I am more concerned with White genocide than with migrant sexual misconduct in swimming pools. I am against mass immigration because I am aware of its perils. I see it leading to the extinction of the White race. I don’t want to see the demise of the White race and of European culture. I don’t want to see Christians become a persecuted minority in the near future. They are already being spat upon and persecuted in Israel and ridiculed in the Jew-friendly Western media almost every day.

          In an ideal world, (White) Christians and (brown) Muslims would live together in harmony. In my experience, good Muslims venerate Jesus Christ and his mother Mary, but you don’t often find Christians with a positive attitude to Islam. The prevailing meme in most people’s minds in the West is that Muslims are a bad lot intent on converting everyone to Islam forcibly and imposing sharia law on everyone. This is wrong. Most Muslims don’t want this. They just want to live in peace. They are very angry and alarmed right now at what they see is going on: their demonization.

          If I was a Muslim, I’d be upset too.

          The point is, Ormanci and his Muslim friends are totally wrong to think that this site is engaged in the demonization of Muslims just because we are publishing articles which Muslims don’t like to read and think we should suppress. We would never — I repeat, NEVER — publish anything we knew to be a lie. We would never dream of stirring up deliberate hatred against innocent people.

      4. @Lobro

        Truly bottomless.

        Click the “Show More Images” button at the bottom of the page – there is much more to come.

        And he is talking about morality! Positively fascinating.

      5. Win some, lose some, Bookmark this.

        A third poster who needs to be very carefully watched is Circassian. We cannot be 100% certain about this individual’s “Jew status” but we hold him in high suspicion as a danger to this website. He is not here to discuss issues. He is here to disrupt, create mischief, mislead, and drive away posters with mockery and ad hominem attacks.

        I don’t mind coming to his partial defence: I can accept that he is not a Jew but an actual Circassian and not their best specimen.
        Every other word is 100% true though
        Do I need to prove it?
        Of course not, he does a wonderful job of confirming it with over 90% of his posts.
        Go back to his very start here if you have a cast iron stomach, post by post, everything the whistleblower dude said is bang on.

        In future, I will just reprint the pros’ opinion instead of wasting brain cells, if you keep stalking me like a forlorn street mongrel looking for company.
        Great marketing job you do for the rest of Circassian clan.

        Alexa ratings or Circassian ravings? Decisions, decisions …

        Keep digging your hole, learn to say hello in Chinese when you come out, in fact say Happy New Year in Chinese, today is the day, hurry up with that shovel, will ya.
        We’ll fill it in with rocks at this end, no tears shed.

      6. Lobro,

        You don’t understand, brother. Morality, honesty, truthfulness, dignity, decency, conscience – these are extremely important notions. The loss of these human qualities in the West is THE problem with the Western civilization.

        It’s not the Jews, Jews, Jews, stupid… It is you, it is Pat, it is SPQR, it is Sardonicus, it is Ormanci, it is Avatar, it is millions upon millions like you in the US, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, Europe. Without shame, without any human quality left in you. Can you understand that? Can you understand why I am so adamant about pointing out who you are?

        People, you cannot cure your civilization without curing yourselves – every and each one of you individually. Is it so hard to understand?

      7. “We must respect the other fellow’s religion, but only in the sense and to the extent that we respect his theory that his wife is beautiful and his children smart.” (H.L. Mencken)

      8. @Toby/Lobro, how sad, I was just beginning to like nancy..

        I think, as I suggested previously, that kabbalah has gone to nancy`s head.. one should not dabble in the occult..

      9. @Pat/Ingrid

        I have to inform you, folks, that Lobro is on life support right now. After LD opined that ” Whistleblowers Anonymous got it wrong about Ormanci being a troll”, a complete meltdown occurred in his wiring, causing a major malfunction of the whole system.

        We cannot even have him open the pod bay doors at the moment.

      10. @ Toby

        These are the circumstances that get posters banned:
        (4) When Admin is receiving private emails from “silent readers” complaining about a particular poster and recommending eviction.

        Let me help you a little.

        Free apps, like SecurityKISS are available, install one and alter your IP address as you like: choose a country, choose a town and post. Plus, there is a special browser, Tor, also free, that does the same thing and is not possible to trace.

        Some e-mail providers don’t require submission of one’s phone number and thus allow registration of multiple accounts. Some allow registration of multiple aliases as sub-accounts attached to your main account. The receiver can’t tell that e-mails are coming from the same person.

        Now, this is not my business but if I was at your place I’d rather pay more attention to the quality of the comments. Long proclamations not related to the topic, improvised “poems” and insulting comments from some sofa mojahedin and quarrel create such an atmosphere here that intelligent exchange of opinions becomes impossible.

        That doesn’t mean that I think I made a more valuable contribution to the discussion, but after spending here a few days I don’t feel like it’s been a pleasant experience, and that means I’m not coming back.

        So, good luck and all the best to all of you, and Lasha. I like her poetry.


  20. This is the second installment of my series “Islam in Russia For Dummies”:

    The Brilliance and Lunacy of Putin’s Chechen Hitman

    Now, you have to sort out the truth (~10%) from the lies (~90%) in this article. The important point I want to make here, though, is this: Muslims, especially Chechens, are the most reliable foot soldiers of Putin in Russia.

  21. Those who say the situation cannot be reversed have never tried. ANY POLICY CAN BE REVERSED IF THE WILL TO DO SO IS THERE.

    There is no reason why the present generation of politicians cannot be tthrown out by the people they have betrayed. I don’t remember any politician asking the people of Britain did we want mass immigration. I think most of our leaders should be charged with sedition. They didn’t just make a huge mistake, they deliberately ignored and supressed the wishes of the people. There is nothing wrong with the “Populism” they so arrogantly look down on.

    1. It should be that easy……

      “Those who say the situation cannot be reversed have never tried.”


      I have seen claims like that hundreds of times. They have never been justified. Played out badly.

      You might be surprised at the thousands who have devoted and given their lives to prove those statements… even in court.

      Just one was Congressman George Hansen, a real hero…. who went to Tehran in 1979 in the middle of the Iran hostage crisis to try to negotiate with hostage takers through the fence of the U.S. Embassy.

      His huge mistake… In 1980 Hansen published a book titled:
      To Harass Our People: The IRS and Government Abuse of Power.

      The government agents at all levels hounded him for writing the book…. until they won.

      Hansen was falsely convicted of failing to file full disclosure forms during his election and spent 15 months in prison. His imprisonment included torture through medical neglect and injections, and his feet and legs were destroyed through subjection to “diesel therapy,” a form of punishment in which prisoners are painfully shackled and then transported for days or weeks without respite. He lost toes and did not walk unaided after that.

      I agree when you stated:
      “I think most of our leaders should be charged with sedition.”

      Sadly… when this has been attempted in the past… any judges who allowed the cases to move forward have been murdered.

      That happened in 2011 in Tucson to Chief U.S. District Court Judge John Roll.

      Judge John Roll: Target or Victim?

      Judge Roll announced he was about to rule against the Obama administration in the case U.S. v. $330,520.00 in US Currency and Saturn Aura XE 2007, filed in November 2010 and involving bulk cash smuggling into or out of the United States.

      A jury acquitted the defendant but the United States still sought forfeiture of the funds, and this was the case upon which Judge Roll made the preliminary finding against the United States.

      Judge Roll’s ruling would have prevented the Obama administration from seizing these funds and the property involved without demonstrating clear and convincing evidence of a crime being committed. The U.S. Attorney bringing this case–which is one of many involving asset seizure in Arizona– is Reese Valiant Bostwick.

      The EU Times reported a story on January 9 from a Russian intelligence report strongly suggesting that Judge Roll was the intended target:

      —–A Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the top US Federal Judge for the State of Arizona was assassinated barely 72-hours after he made a critical ruling against the Obama administrations plan to begin the confiscation of their citizen’s private retirement and banking accounts in order to stave off their nations imminent economic collapse, and after having the US Marshals protecting him removed.—–


      1. Another reason for Judge Roll’s demise… He was good.

        He allow Sheriff Mack’s case to move forward and ruled Brady Gun Bill unconstitutional:

        “I have met thousands of concerned patriotic Americans, and one things has remained constant,” Sheriff Richard Mack of Graham County, Arizona noted, “the people of this great country are afraid! Afraid of big government, afraid of losing their lands and homes to ruthless tax collectors, afraid of losing their children to bureaucrats who disapprove of spanking, and most of all, afraid of having their God-given rights and freedoms trampled by the very servants charged with protecting them.”

        He filed a lawsuit against the federal government in the United States District Court for the District of Arizona in which he challenged the constitutionality of the Brady Bill gun control act.

        Judge John Roll of Tucson agreed..!!

      2. @Pat, American citizens have good reason to be afraid. Remember when we used to think the Italian mafia were the bad guys? Nowadays most “governments” are one hundred percent worse. We should all be afraid, of those who were meant to “protect and serve”..

      3. @Ingrid B

        We should all be afraid, of those who were meant to “protect and serve”.

        This is a very interesting statement, and I would like to use it as a springboard to make a couple of – very important in my view – points.

        Point 1: They still protect and serve you – without any quotation marks. They are doing exactly what you want them to do: Keep robbing the colonies for you, so that you can keep the level of material well-being you used to enjoy up to recent times. By “you” here I do not mean you personally, Ingrid, by “you” I mean the absolute majority of human rabble that the West has become, especially in America, Great Britain, Canada, and Australia.

        They couldn’t care less what happens in the Middle East, Latin America, Asia, Africa, or in Russia … as long as they keep consuming and consuming like insatiable locusts. They couldn’t care less about Christianity and Islam, or spirituality in general … as long as they can keep slurping like filthy pigs at the feeding-trough. They don’t care about anything except money, money, and money. Honesty, truthfulness, dignity, duty, conscience, decency – all that means nothing to them … as long as they can keep the Metropolis/Colony status quo as it is today.

        So your rulers give you exactly what you want. They serve you and they protect you. Pat understands it very well. That’s why this scavenger devotes all his time digging dirt on Putin. He sees in Putin – and rightfully so – his main enemy.

        Point 2: Yes, you should all be afraid, but not of those who protect and serve you – you should be afraid of yourselves, you should be afraid of what you have become.

        Those who protect and serve you are derivatives of you – not vice versa. In a sense, you have become Jews. You – the people of the West – have become the Jews. That’s where THE problem is.

        So, what is to be done to solve the Jewish problem? Kill the Jew … in yourselves.

        Can you do that? I doubt it. I doubt it very much.

      4. Circ –

        You reminded me… “Dark Days for Europe”…
        …..and DARKER Days.. for Russia…

        More from “Putin The Dummy” series:

        While most of the world sees him as a “Hero”….

        Putin is turning Russia into a ‘safe-haven’ for Pharisee-Jews. He also wants to keep Muslims from Turkey out.

        Vladimir Putin has called on European Jews to come to Russia.

        “They can come to us,” the Russian president told the head of the European Jewish Congress, Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor, at a meeting in Moscow, according to a Kremlin statement. “They left from the Soviet Union. Let them return.”

        See photos of:
        Meeting with members of the Executive Committee of the European Jewish Congress

        Vladimir Putin met with members of the executive committee of the European Jewish Congress.



        Putin has called for jews to flood into his country. Apparently the Russian traitor wants them to exterminate another 40 million of his people.


        The meeting between Putin and the EJC took place on Tuesday this week in the Kremlin. According to the Kommersant, the EJC specifically asked Putin to “protect them from rampant anti-Semitism in Europe,” but the “Russian president vowed to go much further.”


        Putin wants to keep Muslims from Turkey out:
        Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the Russian government had reached a decision to suspend the free-visa regime between Russia and Turkey due to security concerns.


        At the same time….

        Vladimir Putin meets with Henry Kissinger at his house.

        Russian President Vladimir Putin has met with a holder of the Nobel Peace Prize, former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. It is known that the meeting took place at the presidential residence in Novo-Ogaryovo.


      5. Pat,

        I’m afraid I have to agree with Felix who summed you up quite succinctly as:

        … a senile, doddering, old man in your dotage, only capable of writing in inane, puerile mantras. e.g. “London Pharisee Bankers”

        To be fair, though, I have to admit that you make a good springboard, which is more reliable and durable than the Russian RD-180 rocket engine, so please stay with us.

        1. … OF PAT: “a senile, doddering, old man in your dotage, only capable of writing in inane, puerile mantras. e.g. “London Pharisee Bankers”

          I am disappointed with Felix if he actually said this about Pat. This is because I have acquired great respect for Felix as a fellow Buddhist and would like to point out that the great Gotama would never have approved of ad hominem attacks, let alone scurrilous language of this nature. I therefore request Felix, in all kindness and honesty, not to descend to the language of the gutter again and to behave more in accordance with the principles laid down by the great Tathagatta, founder of the Noble Eightfold Path.

          Some sort of apology to Pat might also seem in order.

          Is Pat really a “senile, doddering old man in his dotage”? I doubt it. Nobody knows anything about Pat except what he has told us. For all we know, Pat could be a retired Russian ballerina with a mind like a scalpel and a figure to die for.

      6. Circ –

        I called you MY “springboard” in 2014….
        …………… when all were wanting you GONE.. 🙂

        Be original…. like Felix.

  22. “I’ll say that for these dashing Lotharios from the Far East. They can’t have enough of our white girls. In a way, it’s a pity that English girls are among the loveliest in Europe—and the easiest to bed.” If that is the case, it is because they have been dumb down through the agencies of the entertainment, educational, and other perverted social institutions. All colleges and universities in western societies have become over time an infestation of every religious, economic, cultural “ism” they can shove down the throats of unsuspecting youth whose brains have been destroyed by the lower elementary schools and learning institutions. By the time they reach post secondary education, they are already brainwashed; attending post secondary education is just the cherry on the cake.

    “Angela Merkel is happy to take in more, seemingly impervious to logic and facts.”

    No, this evil cow knows exactly what she is doing. She is beholden to her evil intentions and the Marxist she truly is.

    1. Quite so, LERCH.
      That is why I know the struggle is equally spiritual and physical.
      We must face both the truth about ourselves and the ‘world’ in order to set things right.
      Distractedness *, ie an orientation towards escape and comfort, I might even say is our most powerful enemy. And an invisible one.

      These White boys and girls, whatever their ages, whose primary goal is self-gratification (and that includes many of us, even here) hopefully will one day have an epiphany after waking up muddy, puke and blood-covered in a ditch.

      * Kudos to Simone Weil

  23. The very latest from Professor Roberts.
    Scott gives us his unfiltered take on the current situation, concluding:

    “It’s us or them. They made it that way… and they continue to push.

    They want us dead. They will never stop, change, or repent. Some day, maybe, we’ll realize it. Up until now we haven’t. Our ancestors failed to do what the Jews have made absolutely necessary. And here we are today. On the brink.”



  24. Here is a compelling comment —–

    “Totally agree with this video. Jews are the epitome of evil. Impossible to calculate the suffering they’ve caused. And look how similar the organized invasion of Muslims is to the mass rape and murder of Europeans after WW2. Jewish leaders wrote up books and pamphlets telling the Soviets to “rape and murder Europeans without mercy as a religious duty.” “Your mother wants you to spill their blood.” Remember those Jews? Yes, you do. So today, they’re urging blacks, Syrians, etc. to do the exact same thing. The exact same thing. That proves that they’re working to a plan. Proves that they’re the ones organizing White genocide. Impossible to believe that these events are coincidental. So it’s Leonard Cohen singing about the “Future.” The future is the past and the past is the future. And it all ends in White genocide. Torture first, then mass murder. Jews are 100% fixated on this. Hasidic rabbis are working on this round the clock. Think they’re just praying to God for peace on earth? Go back to Jew 051.”

    1. How totally true and how precious few see it clearly, JPOWER.
      I keep harping on this very thing, over and over again, a voice crying out in wilderness.

      Hand writing on the wall, mene, mene, tekel, upharsin (numbered, numbered, weighed, decided).

      Does anyone hear, see – care?

      “Oh don’t keep saying, IT’S JEWS, JEWS, JEWS, not nice, let’s pick on each other”,
      the banquet guests at Belshazzar’s table ignoring the writing on the wall and having food fights amongst themselves, throwing chicken bones,
      “o you bad moozlum, naughty, naughty, pinched my ass, you, stupid Nazi cow, you asked for it …”.

      Yes, JPOW, I am afraid it’s been weighed, decided.

      1. Lobro –

        Yep… I was – SIMILARLY – chastised just a while ago for calling out London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers… 🙂

        Those Pharisee-Jews are the very worst..!!

        “Obviously you are a senile, doddering, old man in your dotage, only capable of writing in inane, puerile mantras. e.g. “London Pharisee Bankers”. Boring! Please come up with more original and serious arguments…..”

        “MORE… SERIOUS”????
        Very little is MORE SERIOUS than they are…!!!

      2. I never called you THAT, Pat, you feisty old man 🙂
        in fact, I hope to reach your present and future age, Allah willing.
        The point of life is to live, right? So what’s wrong with being successful?
        I do believe that you managed to drive poor Felix around the bend with your insensate insistence on certain points of debate, disregarding all evidence to the contrary, and he expressed himself a bit over-emotionally, congrats, because not too many succeed, he is an old soldier too, lots of combat experience.
        I know, because I know him personally.

        As for your views, hang onto them, if any are fecally overloaded, you bear the burden, not I.
        Oh look, it’s raining because London Pharisee bankers want to increase umbrella sales.
        (FYI, I agree that the Pharisees are the very worst, you got no backtalk from me on that)

        Avatar: 40,000 Syrians run to Turkey from Aleppo because “they are scared of Assad”?
        Avatar: some very basic 2+2.
        Where were they born? Aleppo. Under Assad’s rule.
        How did they survive until Daesh occupation? Just fine, for years and years.
        So why would they need to run now, all of a sudden?
        Can you answer that?

        Friendly advice, because I decided that you are okay after all: don’t announce the pinball score until the hear the final click of the bouncing marble.

      3. Lobro –

        “I do believe that you managed to drive poor Felix around the bend with your insensate insistence on certain points of debate, disregarding all evidence to the contrary,”

        I don’t believe that he had any “evidence to the contrary”… No way…
        He stated that the Ho Chi Minh Trail never crossed the DMZ… and he was badly mistaken there. I was in that Nam Campaign until 1973, and I followed it closely.. We all complained about that among ourselves at the time. He wasn’t there. He must have been reading rumors from MSM.

        Besides… that’s over now. He doesn’t read my comments… I’m too “boring” for him. He said so. 🙂

        You say:
        “Jews – Jews – Jews.”

        I say:
        “London Pharisee-Jew Bankers – London Pharisee-Jew Bankers – London Pharisee-Jew Bankers.” 🙂

  25. Hi,
    last night I wrote a comment -see above- in which I made a few typos while writing it…then today when I went out for work (I collect money that needs to be payed, “its for the better” I am supposed to tell customers) I am so insane (in addition to ptsd I also suffer from compulsive obsessive disorder and paranoia esquizophrenia) that the typos that I made got my esquizophrenia kicking to the point where I was just loudly talking to myself (it worked when in front of customers, for some reason) and thinking that (here comes compulsive mode) that I could just come in tonite and retype it and just correct the errors without anyone noticing since I am so irrelevant (I think this last part means I also suffer from an inferiority complex but wait a minute here! Who is more inferior? One who let’s the jew send his kids for wars with obscure reasons that make no sense, a russian prostitute in a vienna whorehouse -both of those I just mentioned are white- or poor me non white “avatar from palestine”? )
    Anyway here is the edited comment and I thankyou so much for your patience
    Very good points Yunis,
    Let’s picture a few scenarios where -as some claim- the Jews have something to do with these two accusations; but first, let’s us establish are the two accusations…
    Well, one is that the jews are somehow convincing “rapefugees” to go around raping hard working, home loving, family oriented, serious white women all over the place like there is no 911 in europe…
    How many rape cases in court so far? FIVE… Not 600 in one night like some here claim, but five since this whole ordeal of a zombie, new bogeyman movie look alike drama started against us arabs by the white supremacist right in Europe.. (Notice how it is the nazis blaming the jews for all the shit and lies they make up, while hating arabs at the same time), Now these white people – the accusers, the victims- are not saying how exactly , what’s the modus operandi, how is it happening or how are the Jews (whom the accusers say are the ones behind all this) managing to “convince” people of muslim heritage to leave all those good things they were taught when children and instead go on raping these so called innocent white women (who hang around in corners after midnight instead of going home and warm their butts in beds)…
    Question is, Do these Jews drive around in vans -all over the European continent just like the 5 shlomos supposedly did in New Jersey when september eleven- looking for refugees until they find one that looks “perfect”? And then what?
    they just go… “psssst, come here my muslim bearded semite brother” “do you wanna make a quick euro?” “Well, then, here is what you gotta do, you see that white women standing over there by the bus stop, freezing her ass? Well, here is a condom and a viagra and do what you gotta do” Etc etc etc
    Or maybe they will Just show the poor refugee a photo of Abu Guraib, or a picture of the Iraqi girls that got raped by the u.s. Army?
    Let’s move on to the next accusation and …in syria now, against a background of ugly bombs falling and homes and buildings exploding all over the place, while women run for cover we see that the planes bombing syria do not have a “jew star of david” on it… Who is bombing syria then and causing all this dhiarrea of people running in all directions and becoming refugees who for some strange reason opt for going to europe and rape white women? Does being a bombing victim make people horny?
    ( 40 thousand syrians run to turkey today because Russia wants alleppo handed to assad ) … Blame them.. Blame the uae, blame the russians, blame the u.s. Blame Morocco, blame Jordan, blame canada (six canadians killed in burkina faso today) blame france and blame “the best president in the world and a very very nice guy” Bashar assad and blame those bastards mulllahs in Iran..
    Fuck the jews, I hate them, but it isn’t them …this time they have been very wise and as usual, crafty; they have stayed away from aaaaall this shit, they are busy killing Palestinians..
    So save it, nazis, you are just xenophobic and islamophobic and more way more paranoid than myself
    That bastard putin is actually protecting israel like assad did for 50 years.
    How? Very simple, no one wants a Caliphate because a caliphate will put and end to the word
    the isis army was dangerously reaching the border to israel so the Russians to whom the jews are so dear that they consider Russia a second home, had to interfere!
    In the longer term, the reality that the war cannot end without confronting Assad’s crimes must be accepted.
    I feel much better now

  26. I feel much better now even though I just found another typo, my god I am dense!
    A line above should read
    “let’s us establish WHAT are these two accusations…”

  27. I just read this article and I find it outstanding and truthful
    I’m an Arab Muslim and I agree with you Lasha 100%
    my wife avoid walking in these crowded streets if she had to ,she wrap enforced plastic sheets
    around .
    this massive uncontrolled immigration policy is wrong.
    I have question for you Lasha ,actually it’s from my wife
    Immigrants these days are bad and criminals and most of these are not even Muslims
    why you insists in all your recent articles to paint it as Muslim this ,Muslim that
    did a Muslim ever broke your heart? and it’s the time for you now to strike back
    it’s just a question and we don’t mean it in a bad way

    The Good

    Lasha and her crew
    The Avatar
    Ingrid B
    and many more

    The Bad

    and others

    The Ugly

    and their Ilk

    1. You do wrong to include me in the “Bad”. I am one of the moderators here … “part of Lasha’s crew”, as you put it. As for the other people you have included among the “bad” and the “ugly”, I’m not sure they will be too pleased.

      In any case, thank you for sharing your opinions with us.

      1. Maybe you’re not “Bad”, Uncle, but you sure are real lousy about checking the Darkmoon Spam folder and releasing my posts. You’ve Got Mail!

        How tedious it is to always have to remind you, Uncle, to fulfill your obligation, it’s your only job responsibility in the Darkmoon office , to check the Spam folder and I’m the only one whose posts go to Spam, so I’m not really asking for a lot. I’m only asking you , reminding you really, to keep The Agreement. AND how tedious it is to have to constantly constantly remind you to keep our Agreement we have with one another. Just take me out of “monitor-mode” and you could save yourself ” ‘a lot’ of ‘work'”, ” ‘a lot’ of ‘time ‘”, considering how begrudging you are when it comes time to keep your word. By taking me out of “monitor-mode” you could save yourself a lot “time” and “work” AND save yourself a lot of aggravation also, as it annoys and aggravates you so to keep your word, to keep The Agreement. I bet you RUE the day you said “YES” to The Agreement, LOL, tough shit, it’s TOO late now, 🙂 .

        1. @ TROJ

          To let you out of “monitor-mode” would result in almost ever second post being yours, with almost every post off-topic, long-winded in the extreme, and full of the most vitriolic abuse for almost everyone on this website. I’ve just seen your latest comment on the new thread in which you refer to Lasha quite casually as “Jew cunt Lasha.”

          So you think you’re a responsible poster who should be given free rein to run amok and create anarchy?

          How interesting.

    2. @ The Good The Bad and The Ugly, listened to a podcast this morning, by a guy in Iceland, who believes, as I do, that the killers creating havoc in the ME, and who are raping their way across europe, are being programmed, like, he said, fighting cocks. Put two cocks in a ring, he said, and they won`t fight, they have to be programmed in some way..

  28. Toby
    I’m very Sorry , Please accept my sincere apology as I had no idea that you’re part of Lasha’s
    crew , I seldom visit this website it was my very first comment ,I chose the moniker GBU and the first line or two were mine ,the rest and names of posters was dictated to me by my wife.

    1. @GBU

      I seldom visit this website it was my very first comment ,I chose the moniker GBU and the first line or two were mine ,the rest and names of posters was dictated to me by my wife.

      Первый блин комом.

      Perhaps, you should have restricted yourself to that first comment, and abstain from making this one. At least, you should have consulted your wife before posting it.

  29. Uncle :

    I called Lasha a ” ‘MEGA’ jew cunt”. I don’t mind you quoting me, not at all, quote me all you want, LOL, I’m LERVIN IT!! but please do get the quote of mine you want to share with all the readers correct . Thank you, TROJ.

  30. i say again
    who has the power
    for change projects
    an ali
    or a
    who runs the money and the blackmail organs.
    is rupurt murdoch a rabbi or iman.
    who has the power for transformation.
    when did a musselmen head the us federal reserve.

    forum infighting division
    one could call it talmudick conquest.
    who owns the cctv camera in london tube bus bomb 7 and 7 ritual all points.

    who ran airport security on 9 and 11 a talmmoodick or islamick company.

    yes sir dem pesky muslims on der rampage.
    on msm and alt media

    it does not matter what you do, America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.” benji nuttyahoo israheil

      1. And the Americans who don’t clap and cheer, Darkmoon sends to jew-owned Spamblinka concentration camp. That’s cause Darkmoon is opposed to jews and don’t like anything about the jews, that’s why Darkmoon sure does LERV sending Americans who don’t clap and cheer to jew-owned Spam camp. Right, Uncle? Am I right or what? Yes, I am right, that’s EXACTLY why I’m in your jew owned Spam camp. Yeah sure, Ingrid is real upset “the Americans, most of them, clap and cheer”, that’s cause MEGA jew cunt Ingrid is clapping and cheering about the destruction of the United States herself. Ingrid would prefer it, please, if she be the only one to clap and cheer for the destruction of the United States. I don’t who Ingrid thinks she’s kidding.

    1. trump’s a joo
      putin’s a joo
      Moses Maimonides
      born in the year
      And what a coincidence!
      “1138” !!!
      was a joo
      a Big Shot Kabbalah joo
      The Force Awakens
      Star Wars
      and Eyn Sof
      clone cadets
      and all that
      Jesus Was A Joo
      The Geocentric Truth
      is in The Bible TOO
      but we’ll just conveniently
      overlook that
      The Geocentric Truth
      doesn’t fit into
      our plans
      to reincarnate
      into Adam Kadmon
      MEGA JOO
      we need an ever expanding Universe
      ’cause we’re
      ALL Transhumanists
      We are like so totally
      Spiritually Advanced
      don’t like it?
      get over it
      We don’t like Catholics
      We don’t do Jesuits
      But We sure do LERV our
      Teilhard de Chardin
      The Noosphere
      and his NWO New Age ideas
      our newly-discovered Universe
      of Hallucinogenic Holography
      our Gabreal Jones CIA O
      our supplier and pizza delivery man
      who keeps us in Tavistock
      MKUltra New World Order
      Aldous Huxley Sandoz LSD
      good shit man!
      so We can See
      Beyond The Stars
      with our Third Eyes
      our Never Ending
      Ever Expanding
      New World Order
      snake shit “religion”
      so We ain’t got no room
      for The Real God
      and His Geocentric Truth
      it doesn’t fit
      into our New World Order
      One World Government
      Out of Jerusalem
      strategic joo plans
      for the future

    2. forum infighting division

      Charlie’s got his eye on the bouncing ball.

      Forget scrambled-brain OCCUPY bowel movement, snipers wanted who can keep track of the enemy.

  31. The Good The Bad And The Ugly sounds like he’s playing Adam in a stage production of “The Garden of Eden”, or “Adam and Eve” . “Adam” blames his wife , “Eve”, for everything gone wrong. Or, I guess we can call the stage drama “Adam Blames Lilith”. Stay tuned for the sequel, “Lilith Gets Revenge On Adam”, or “Adam Blushes In Shame”.

  32. I just saw Madeleine allbright (standing next to hillary clinton and a Bunch of other jews) saying “women who don’t help each other have a special place in hell”, clinton is standing in her classical “all is good” business as usual position, her hands interlaced just under her belly as she watches “this great jewish erudite” speak… No need to remind readers here of her famous response “yes it was worth it” when asked if the murder of hundreds of thousands of children (girls included) was worth it in order to “liberate” iraq and free it from “terrorism” TWENTY FIVE YEARS ago..
    Bulgarian authorities found the bodies of two iraqi women … Frozen to death
    Why does hillary adopt this position, her face shining when looking at that jew bitch, madeleine allbrght as if virgin mary (peace be upon her) had just descended herself from the heavens?
    And all those supporters surrounding them two with white and blue (israeli flag subliminal induced thought) microphones, tee shirts and what have you?

    1. And some people dare criticize Angela Merkel? I think that woman is the best president of the world right now
      Merkel and Erdogan

  33. I’m surprised that Lobro agreed with Avatar’s statement: “Osama bin Laden’s attack on the US, ultimately led to a US invasion and the disintegration of Iraq.” Anyone who still believes that Osama was behind 9/11 needs to have their brain unwashed.

    1. Hi Darrell
      it isn’t my statement because I never said it was my article; it would be plagiarizing; it was written by a mr. John Bell..
      Regardless, the mentioning of the (alleged) attack by bin laden on september eleven does not imply -or emphasizes on- his guilt or innocence but on the consequences whether it was him or not.
      Meaning the invasion. Desert storm which brought about as you well know the misery that brought in consequence, rebellion, revenge, hate, anger and of course, terrorism and the birth of isis.
      Who did september eleven? I personally think we are beyond that now.
      If it was us Muslims who did it, then I guess americans should by now have satisfied their thirst for blood and revenge.
      But if it was you (americans, and or the jews) , then you have two problems, a problem with the american justice system,
      And a problem with us

      1. the muslims avi avatar
        If it was us Muslims who did it
        well he would say that : )
        with a name like dimona avi avatar.
        news word games
        jane stanley at the bbc said the building collapsed
        building 7 we believed cos it was on the real reality bbc tv.
        she said it even though it was standing for a good 30 mins.
        plato and cave tavistock
        psy warfare

        poor avi all he has is deception and war.
        mossadick plane shaped charges
        what of israheil art a little degenerate
        yes no

        Thoughts on the WTC Artists

        A large group of artists were given space and construction access

        to the World Trade Center in the four years leading up to 9/11


    2. When did I say that?
      News to me …
      I personally always thought that whatever Osama’s ideology, he was an upright, honorable Muslim and when he denied part in 9/11, I fully believed him then and I believe him now.

  34. Poor Lasha. This endless schoolyard chatter.
    Look what they’ve done to your song.

    C’est la seule chose que je peux faire
    Et ce n’est pas bon, ma
    Ils ont change ma chanson

    You deserve so much better.

    1. @ S.W.

      We take your comment seriously. Please let us know the name(s) of any particular commenter(s) here who you think are contributing to the schoolyard atmosphere of this website. You could do this in a private email if you prefer. Write to [email protected] and make the subject heading “Advice to Admin.” Thank you.

  35. Daily attempt to stick to broader topics, Why Meeting Between Pope, Russian Patriarch Is a Game ChangerIN CUBA!, in case the symbolism escaped everyone’s attention, yes, Papa Franco, Jesuit, Fidel y Raul, Jesuitos, The Protocols specifically sees them as the ultimate bulwark to Kabbalist Messianic takeover and dominion.

    BEIJING [hey, did I hear “Beijing? ;-)] –The Vatican rocked the world Friday with news that Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill of Moscow will meet in Havana, Cuba on Feb. 12 in a historic exchange loaded with symbolism.

    Kirill is the spiritual leader of over 150 million Russian Orthodox faithful who represent about half of the 300 million estimated adherents of the Eastern Orthodox Church worldwide.
    Kirill is a religious force behind Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose political views are often at loggerheads with western countries.

    And on Feb 14, JEWS, JEWS, JEWS make their annual pilgrimage to Dresden to celebrate incineration of 750,000 German civilians by their demonic minions led by Churchill, The Shame Of England, “Alles Gut Komt Von Oben”.
    Winston, enjoy the warmth of Hell along with Bomber Harris (barenaked hos of Pussy Riot will be on hand).

    Many things coming to head.

      1. In respect to S.W’s “schoolyard chatter” comment (he is probably unaware of your historical, 1-yr impact), I will give you this opportunity to “cease-and-desist”, also to let the site management review the situation that arose since your landing in this forum ~1.5 years ago.

        But if you for a moment think that I am “on life support” or in any way hiding from you, keep dreaming, “brother”.
        Like I said, let the admin deal with you, otherwise, I will.

      2. Circ –

        Glad you asked: “Is there anybody out there?

        Chinese are… “out there”… wanting to sell something…
        …… But Russia is too broke to buy their wares!!

        Ruble on its AZZ…!! 🙂

        Chinese imports become expensive in Russia

        Nikolay Kotliarov, thinks that Russian-Chinese relations have turned out to be in a difficult situation: “The devaluation of the ruble is reducing imports. Many of our companies, medium-sized businesses, which used to work in the sphere of imports, are now selling everything, shutting down their storehouses. Chinese imports are becoming very expensive for a number of products. And the fall in oil prices naturally damaged them in terms of currency earnings from exports.”

        According to Kotliarov, the dynamics of the Chinese economy will slow down: “They have been speaking about this since the middle of the 2000s at all of their party sessions. They have sessions, five-year plans, just like in the Soviet Union; there is serious analytical work, reports and plans.

        Chinese foreign trade decreased over the last year by about 14-15%, mainly due to imports. And our experts say that it is necessary to take our bilateral relations into the investment sphere. But our investments in China were only $40 million in 2014.”


  36. This is posted at the end because no one will read it.
    There is only one thing that matters and one thing only.
    That is the future extinction of the white race.
    This extinction will take place within he next 150 years unless things change, drastically.
    Main cause is non-replacement via childbearing age white women via Jewish inspired feminization of both white females and males.
    Secondary cause is genetic pollution of the Nordic, Alpine and Mediterranean gene pools
    of Caucasian whites by third world males either via marriage to white girls and women, and to speed
    things via rape.
    Nothing else matters in this psychical realm.
    Today true whites comprise about 8% of the worlds human population,( it was 40% in 1900).
    Of that 8%, half are female. Of that 4% maybe less than half or 1-2% of the whole fucking world’s population is what is left the white race of child bearing age.
    I will let you genius’ who write comments on the site to figure out what the odds are for
    the future of the whites on this planet.
    “And with their passing there was this great silence”.

  37. My Dear Mr. LOBRO,
    I copied your post… but for the life of me, I cannot make head nor tails of it.
    It’s hard to quantify the pointlessness of the responses here to Lasha’s quite serious and compelling essay, but I’ll take a stab at it, and say… roughly 75% of the responses have absolutely nothing to do with her effort.
    And there are a great many comments, which generally consist of playground contests similar to which pre-pubescent boy has more rights to stand nearer the teeter-totter.
    There are a few excellent and to-the-point posts. Any fool can tell one from the other.
    The responses are rather disgraceful and embarrassing overall. are they purposely so, or not? I wonder.
    That Lasha continues to throw pearls before swine simply amazes me.
    Her essay, quite literally, has to do with life and death. If the many asinine comments here are the best we can do, we do not deserve God’s Mercy. Not at all.

    “In respect to S.W’s “schoolyard chatter” comment (he is probably unaware of your historical, 1-yr impact), I will give you this opportunity to “cease-and-desist”, also to let the site management review the situation that arose since your landing in this forum ~1.5 years ago.

    But if you for a moment think that I am “on life support” or in any way hiding from you, keep dreaming, “brother”.
    Like I said, let the admin deal with you, otherwise, I will.”

    1. @S.W.

      My Dear Mr. LOBRO,
      I copied your post… but for the life of me, I cannot make head nor tails of it.

      Let me help you there, if I may. Mr. LOBRO’s diatribe was addressed to Circassian, not you.

      Accept my sincere apologies on Mr. LOBRO’s behalf.

    2. @ S.W.

      “That Lasha continues to throw pearls before swine simply amazes me.’


      If all Lasha’s readers were “swine”, she would give up. Fortunately, the relatively small number of commenters on this website is hardly representative of the vast pool of silent readers who have access to LD’s work in the blogosphere. These seldom make a comment.

      The same 2-part article was published on the Occidental Observer. The comments there are quite different. The readers there actually took the trouble to read the article and to comment on it astutely, providing a vast amount of additional information. None of that can be expected on the Darkmoon site.

      Here the most prolific commenters, and indeed the most praised and popular ones, seldom bother to read the articles they are commenting on. They have the attention spans of gnats. Almost 90% of the posts here are off-topic. Most of our commenters here appear to prefer catfights to intelligent commenting. We are seriously thinking of shutting down the Comments section entirely, given that 90% of the comments here are off-topic and simply not worth reading.

      Our best commenters are those who have the least to say. Their comments are usually short and to the point. Our worst commenters are those who suffer from verbal diarrhea. For these obsessive-compulsive nerds, writing long comments all day is simply a substitute for masturbation.

      Lucy Skipping,
      Lasha’s sister

      1. Probably a good idea, close the whole show down, save having to weed out the “Muslim contingent” from the Islamophobes..

      2. @ Lucy Skipping,
        Thank you for the insights. Being relatively new here I’m quite liable to misunderstand things, so your helping hand is appreciated.
        Like most of Lasha’s readers I’m sure, l find her thoughts well expressed, and very welcome in these dark days.
        Lasha’s soul must be a good one, her words bring to mind balance and compassion.
        Exactly the kind of person needed now, who can fight dragons without becoming one.
        God bless both you and your sister.

      3. Lucy
        nice names ..Lucy and Lasha the adorable Sisters 🙂
        so this is a family owned and operated website
        very nice indeed , I love The British People for their Family ties and loyalty
        Arabs have the same mentality nothing beats the Clan loyalty
        Lucy dear it’s your and yours website you could do whatever you want with it
        Me ,we are just passers by visitors
        but honey let me tell you something dear Lucy , I really do like your name ,Lucy Skipping it has a musical note to it. 🙂
        what I wanted to say ,gosh.. i forgot !
        yeah Lucy , I might be a loony 🙂
        but believe me your site is very popular among the English speaking Palestinians communities globally , I don’t know about Arabs or Muslims since this poster hate their guts ,why you might ask ,you have one here called circesclawn as a sample.
        forgive me Lucy ,I keep forgetting my points ,it’s the aging process 🙂
        my point is that comments are like seasonings to a nice good meal without it ,the meal will have pale taste if any and you will never be able to please everyone at the same time ,it’s life
        no one in this world can ever satisfy or please everyone ,it’s a fact of life.
        you will always have complainers and whiners
        no body request that visitors read the comments it’s their choice
        I know many who are silent readers of this site who wont comment out of fear or paranoia of big daddy 🙂
        besides many readers appreciate comments from intelligent posters like Lobro and Pat among many regular posters in this site ,their comments I was told is very informative and eye opener to unknown facts.
        I wish and hope that you keep this outstanding website as is
        as the saying goes ,,if it’s not broken ,don’t try to fix it

        Respectfully Yours
        The Lunatic

      4. @The Avatar aka Palestinian Warrior aka Lunatic

        I might be a loony
        but believe me your site is very popular among the English speaking Palestinians communities globally , I don’t know about Arabs or Muslims since this poster hate their guts ,why you might ask ,you have one here called circesclawn as a sample.

        I, for one, believe you. Indeed, only a loony can come up with an oxymoron like “intelligent posters like Lobro and Pat”.

        Please understand that a person who holds that nuclear bomb is a myth cannot be associated with the adjective “intelligent”. A person, braying like a donkey with his each post “It’s the JEW, JEW, JEW … There is nothing we can do”, cannot be associated with the adjective “intelligent”.

        Besides, I have tried to explain to you that hate is not a healthy feeling, and hate directed to your brother Muslims, and to your brother Arab nations in particular, is a sheer lunacy.

        I have tried to explain to you that Americans like Pat, Canadians like Lowbrow, or Brits like Sardonicass don’t give a rat’s ass about the fate of Palestinians, and they couldn’t care less about the suffering of Palestinians, or that of Arabs in the war ravaged ME. To believe otherwise is a sheer lunacy.

        Now, since your name, which stands at “The Avatar aka Palestinian Warrior aka Lunatic” at this point, becomes longer and longer with each new exposition of your personality rich character, and considering that you hold Pat and Lobro as your intelligent brothers in arm, I am introducing a new collective moniker PLA ( Pat-Lobro-Avatar, or Palestinian-Liberation-Army).

        I believe it is appropriate to pick this image of the chief Palestinian Warrior kissing the ass of Anglo-America as the avatar for this new moniker.

        Btw, when to expect the publication of the second part of your triplet assay you succinctly called “Traitors and Snitches for Dummies”. The first one – A rare look at the world of Jordanian royals’ Circassian guards – was a rare success.

        Congratulations, brother Arab Jew! Keep up the good work.

    3. SW, my comment was addressed strictly to Circassian, not you.
      His goal is very clear: destroy the site internally by round the clock provocations and strife among normal (gentile) posters.


      Where you might see schoolyard chatter, I see a concerted effort to poison the well in a planned, professional manner and am determined to deal with it.
      As a long time contributor to Darkmoon, I am well aware of the nature of this assassin.

      Look at your own reaction, you blame the never ending commotion on 75% of posters when in fact THE CULPRIT IS JUST ONE.

      What you are seeing is the precise analog in microcosm to what Jew does to the oblivious goy, who ends up scratching his head not knowing what hit him and blaming other goyim for his misfortunes.
      Think about it for a moment, Mr S.W.: if we can’t police our own blog, supposedly comprising thoughtful “Jew-wise” audience, blissfully unaware of the poison in their midst, what right do we have to preach about the nature of the danger to the outside community?
      Ponder on that, Mr S.W.

      You haven’t known the Darkmoon blog before this agent saboteur Circassian barged in about 1.5 years ago, if you had, you would’ve instantly recognized the vast change in temper of the forum.

      So, you can all sit on the sidelines and let me deal with this pervert.
      Or you could do the right thing and help me toss him off the site after acquainting yourself with his works.
      But the least I can ask is not to get in my way, do you seriously think that I enjoy this?
      Feel free to go back, say, 5 years or more and read my posts, they were nothing like this.

      I have made it my business that as soon as I see this creep picking on some unsuspecting victim, step in instead of cowardly pretending that it is none of my business – BECAUSE THIS IS PRECISELY HOW JEW OPERATES, he understands well the psychology of the chickens, and this one is prized disciple of Talmudic psychiatrist Velikovsky, a personal friend of Freud and one of the founders of the Zionist project in Palestine.

      Govern yourself accordingly.

  38. Lucy,

    “Almost 90% of the posts here are off-topic. Most of our commenters here appear to prefer catfights to intelligent commenting.

    And you’ve hit the nail on the head. Apart from the obvious, it was the main reason I no longer comment. I simply got tired of the constant off topic arguing and it appeared to start as soon as Circumcision (whom I must say is a truly vile, odious and obnoxious individual who spends all of his time insulting commenters, telling them how intellectually, culturally and morally inferior they all are to himself, Russia and of course Islam) and the rest of the Muslim contingent started launching their vitriol against the European and American peoples.

    This two part essay was a riveting read. All of which I concur with, especially London having lived there. I do agree that the forum certainly needs a good ‘clean’.

    1. @ Harbinger

      I’m glad you liked Lasha’s article. This is because, unlike most of the posters on this site, you actually took the trouble to read it.

  39. Harbinger if the topic is about muslims, muslims are gonna respond; that’s what its about dialogue.
    Now I agree with you on one thing, “the usa is a scumbag country and europe even worse -specially england- a gasbag continent that hurt a lot of people the world over sucking on their resources and slaving their people and raping their people and now well, its time for karma; and all these false allegations about rape? These are just a xenophobic conspiracy very similar to events that preceded crystalnacht ”
    I totally agree!!

    1. Avatar,

      I never said anything of the sort.
      And seriously? You have the audacity to bring up the slave trade? You do realise that the Sub Saharan Slave Trade (SSST) of Islamic Arabia enslaved far more people than the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade (TAST)? You do realise that the same number of people (if not more) died en route to Arabia and the Middle East, than the collective TAST? You do realise that unlike in the west, the women were put into brothels and the men hard labour and the army, never being allowed to couple with one another? Therefore, had they actually been allowed to reproduce, the collective black population of the middle east and Arabia would be around the 3billion mark?

      I am totally opposed to Islam for what it is. It runs on a par with Talmudic Judaism. While Jews call the non Jews goyim, the Muslims call the non Muslims kuffar. Both the teachings in the Qur’an and the Talmud allow the lieing to non Muslim and the non Jew collectively. My guess is a simple one that Islam was created by Talmudic Jews to destroy Christianity. They are both very similair in their outlook.

      I think also of how Islam raped and plundered Europe, especially at the time it was stealing its youth to serve in its armies under the Ottoman Turks.

      And you talk as If Muslims don’t rape? So you appear to nonchalantly cast aside the Muslim pimps who drug young girls in order to groom them for sex in North England, that which we know of?

      He who hath not sinned cast the first stone as Christ said.

      I do not dislike Islam. I just don’t want it in the west. Stay in your Islamic lands and live by your ways, but while you may view your faith as the ultimate way of living, the majority of westerners do not. The only problem is that you can’t see this for your blinkered view of life. Your desire to recreate the ummah is at the very heart of Islamic teaching.
      And before you go off on one, yes, I wholeheartedly disagree with what the ZOGs are doing in the middle east, BUT I HAVE NOT CONTROL OVER THAT ALONG WITH THE MAJORITY OF WESTERNERS. You should know that. You, Avatar, lump all westerners into the same pot. If I could do something to stop the wars I would, but I am simply unable to do so. My hands are tied. But come to think of it, you have a lot to sort out within your own house with your Shia-Sunni sectarian problem.

      1. If I could do something to stop the wars I would, but I am simply unable to do so.

        That is true, Lobro, you cannot stop the wars. But there is something you could do: stop being a full-fledged lowbrow, work on your conscience, cleanse it, have decency, be honorable, don’t lie, be truthful, and – above all – do not try to slur good people.

        Conscience is a subtle thing. No one can escape it and remain full-fledged human.

      2. The above comment is equally applicable to Harbinger, Pat, Sardonicus, SPQR, 1138 Costanza and all other full-fledged lowbrows.

      3. Circumcision,

        Tell me, before you were born, did your foetus incubate within a goat’s rectum, because you have all the manners of a body’s sewer. You continue to belittle people. Your unbridled arrogance knows no bounds.
        I respect Islam. It is the way of life for many people, but for Caucasians, to submit to Islam after what Islam did to them throughout history? How could you betray your own race to follow the teachings of a psychotic Arabian? It shows, sadly, that unlike many of the European peoples, your people are a weak, easily subdued, people. You have no backbone. You embraced Islam under the Ottoman Turks, while they were stealing young Christian men to force into their Janissaries.

        You have no moral highground in any debate on this website Circumcision. You are a repugnant, arrogant, disrespectful Muslim, who can teach me, Lobro, Pat, or anyone on this site, nothing about life whatsoever, other than being an objectionable boor that is.

        And I am not Lobro. The name at the top of my post should have clarified that. Although I take that somewhat as a complement, for he is indeed a learned individual, whose knowledge and wisdom far outshines, anything you could ever offer.

        “….work on your conscience, cleanse it, have decency, be honorable, don’t lie, be truthful, and – above all – do not try to slur good people.”

        It seems that you should practice what you preach. I have never come across one such as you before, but then you are an incredibly weak individual, as are your people, who abandoned the love of Christ for the idolatry of Muhammad. I take pride knowing that my people never surrendered to any form of tyranny whatsoever and I really hate to break it to you, but the number one difference between Islam and Christianity is Muhammad, was never able to spread his belief the same way as Christ spread his. Both religions spread through opening up the hearts of men, except only one did so literally.

        Islam is a religion that has no place in the hearts of those who oppose authority and tyranny. It is why so many people fought against it, throughout the last millennia, for they saw what it was, nothing but another way of controlling an individual’s life.

        1. @ Harbinger

          You have no moral high ground in any debate on this website Circumcision. You are a repugnant, arrogant, disrespectful Muslim…

          You’re right about everything you say there, Harbie, but I doubt if this guy is a Muslim. I think he is a JEW pretending to be a Muslim. If he’s a Muslim, I’m a Hottentot from Mars.

      4. @Harbinger

        Tell me, before you were born, did your foetus incubate within a goat’s rectum, because you have all the manners of a body’s sewer.

        That’s some logic! Whatever it is, it is surely not Aristotelian logic.

        Lucy Skipping, do you really think that:

        This site would recover its health if it had more posters like you [Harbinger].

        If you do, I think you are mistaken, Lucy.

        Harbinger, you are wrong, brother: You are on the wrong path, just like Lobro is. This path leads to nowhere, at best, and to a dead end – at worst. I am very patient, as every Muslim should be, so let me repeat it for your benefit again:

        stop being a full-fledged lowbrow, work on your conscience, cleanse it, have decency, be honorable, don’t lie, be truthful, and – above all – do not try to slur good people.

        Conscience is a subtle thing. No one can escape it and remain full-fledged human.

        My power comes from Allah. Do not bank against Allah – it is a grave mistake.

      5. Circumcision,

        “Harbinger, you are wrong, brother: You are on the wrong path, just like Lobro is.”

        On the contrary, I am not, nor have I ever been, or ever will be, your brother. You presume far too much. I know the path I’m on and where it leads to. You one the other hand are still a very much confused individual, apparent from your ramblings. One who insults as much as you do, is clearly an incredibly unhappy soul, who needs a drastic change of direction, to stop becoming, the social pariah you’re making yourself into, or that is, already become.
        And then you lapse into another insult with your re-post of your low brow comment, diving yet again into the depths of your own hypocrisy.

        I am beginning to wonder if you truly are a Muslim. More than likely, as Sardonicus state, very possibly a Jew, after all Circassians were ruled by the Khazars at one point. Another crypto-Jew perhaps?

      6. “Islam is a religion that has no place in the hearts of those who oppose authority and tyranny.” : Why then, are so many, many non Muslims converting to Islam???

        All we need now is the re-emergence of Franklin, now that nancy is no longer around to trounce him..

    2. @ Avatar

      Harbinger says he never said this. Nowhere did Harbinger say that Muslims were being framed with “false allegations about rape”. Why are you fabricating quotes? This is enough to merit your expulsion from this website.

  40. Next installment of my series “Islam in Russia for Dummies”:

    Former Russia PM Attacked by Chechens

    You will hear more and more good news from Circassian about our good Muslim friends in coming days, weeks, and months.

    Just pay attention how faithful are these Chechens to the Russian cause. Is it not amazing?

  41. Sardonicous or whatever the hell your real name is: for many years when we were posters at the ugly truth I believed you and trusted you, i read your comments avidly – your comments and others- we shared our despise for the Jew and what he had done to both our homelands, if we can call where ever you’re from “homeland” cause most places the white man has settled is stolen land which puts him I a par with the jew, his eternal partner. But I didn’t care then, I had not realized all those terrible details. We were all in the same war front against the evil Jew and I was actually happy that there was people other than us arabs -white people actually- that hated them too.
    But here we are now, ten years later almost and with the renaissance of Islamic Jihad all over the world, which we Palestinians see as the only hope for the liberation of our homeland, whites and muslims arguing endlessly and fighting, and now we see even the white man demonizing Islam and attacking it with made up stories so ridiculous worthy only of a 5 years old. It is because all those years I had not known your true nature.
    Just look at You now every time Franklyn Rickaert shows up denying the existence of Palestine as a nation, a people, a geographical entity and as a historical place you rush to call him an “erudite” that should be trusted. In other words, we Palestinians should just pick up and go because you a wasp and Franko boy a Crypto jew said so when we already know it was you white who gave them my country.
    You even go as far as denying the der yassin massacre occured! I am very sure that as soon as there is an opportunity, just like your politicians as soon as a Jew offers you a chance, you would run back to the Old testament, Zion and the Talmud.
    I am very disappointed with myself for I was fooled by your sweet words.
    You disgust me.

  42. God damn it there’s A LOT of bullshit commenting on this site.

    If you people spent even 1/4 of this energy slitting jews throats we’d be well on the way to cleaning our world up.

    1. Lonnie, you too slow down, not doing your credibility any favours.
      The ONLY Jew killed in a proper op, not false flag in the last 15 years was Daniel Pearl, 2002 on a Mossad mission in Karachi.
      So, your work rate hasn’t been any better than that of 7 billion other goyim.

      Meanwhile, look what they’ve done to us.
      One step at a time, eventually they dam will bust.

      First is to realize that by hating on Muslims, whites are doing Devil’s own work.
      Which is why I get acid reflux when I keep hearing it over and over.
      Because it is indeed JEWS, JEWS, JEWS.
      It is the mantra to be repeated until the mind is focused on the problem, instead of Jews, Muslims, nigs, queers, Jesuits, used car salesmen, masons, Chinese laundries, Maple Leafs, etc, whoever gets sideswiped by the swinging purse.

  43. Lobro,


    You going to threaten me with the ban hammer ? Tell on me to the admins like RAT ?
    Please. It’s a god damned blog thats so infested with feds and christian idiots an army of insect exterminators couldn’t clean it up.

    You seriously think I give a real s**t about ANY blog ? You think I NEED to come here ? You’re the one with the uncontrollable need to hear yourself speak. I RARELY post here or anywhere else for that matter.

    YOU LOBRO NEED TO SPEED UP, not advise me to slow down.

    CLEARLY jew wise are not smart enough in general to get what must be done. CLEARLY.

    You going to start with me now too ? Like that other christian faggot you are puffing your chest out with and him in return ?

    LD and crew are putting up some fine articles. However, this is one of the worst blogs on the entire net BECAUSE OF THE COMMENTERS.

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