Rape White Women Without Mercy! — CNN Host Fareed Zakharia

Sourced from CNN host Fareed Zakharia calls for jihad rape of white women


about to die


Fareed Zakaria, CNN host of ‘Foreign Affairs,’ has in his private blog called for the merciless rape of white females by Islamic minority groups shortly after openly gloating over the rise in premature deaths of white males in his article in The Washington Post.

Zakaria’s blog post unapologetically calls to increase the death rate of white Middle America by systematically targeting Caucasian females.

This is what Zakharia (pictured below) had to say on his blog —  before his post was deleted within hours:

CNN-HOST“The white race is rightfully failing because it is a foolish, arrogant, and self-absorbed ethnicity that has racism infused into its very genes. While the sharp incline of the death rate of white males is a good start, the solution to the ‘white question’ will not be reached until there is a sharp decline in the population of white females as well. Much more needs to be done in this regard if this country is ever to advance from its ignorant backwardness towards being an actually inhabitable nation.

Thankfully, the Prophet Muhammad has given us a foolproof way to speed up the decline of a vanquished nation by treating their women as our sex slaves.

They may try and fight the unstoppable tide, but their resistance will grow only weaker as the white race loses its ability to keep its head above water. We may yet see some final convulsions before white Middle America is decreased to a manageable number where it can be more easily controlled.”

The blog post was removed from Zakaria’s blog within a few hours, after it began to receive negative attention.

CNN officials have refused to take action against their employee.



‘Let’s treat white women as our sex slaves!’


QUOTE:  Overall Western Europe is now suffering a massive rape epidemic coinciding with the influx of migrants from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries.

“Sweden is now number two on the global list of rape countries,” a report published by the Gatestone Institute revealed. “According to a survey from 2010, Sweden, with 53.2 rapes per 100,000 inhabitants, is surpassed only by tiny Lesotho in Southern Africa, with 91.6 rapes per 100,000 inhabitants.”

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      1. It’s funny and it’s very ironic. After reading the alternative media for zillions of years, the more the alternative media’s Palestinian advocates advocate for massive Muslim immigration into the West, including massive Muslim immigration into the USA ; And they don’t promote a little bit of Muslim immigration into the West either, they don’t advocate for a small number of Muslims for the West, they’re always promoting MASSIVE Muslim immigration into the West. The type of Massive Muslim immigration which would result in a complete Islamic take over of the West, including a complete Islamic takeover of the United States, is the type of Muslim immigration into the West the “alternative” media’s Palestinian advocates always promote so zealously, so lovingly they promote IT. And under the guise of being opposed to the NWO too boot, even though the NWO is ALL about flooding the West with Muslims for an eventual Islamic takeover of the West for the fruition of the Jew New World Order.

        Anyway, the more I read the “alternative” media the more I support Trump who doesn’t want Muslims in the USA. At this point, considering what’s going on in Europe with the Islamic takeover of Europe, I don’t give a shit if Trump nukes every Muslim country in the world, including Iran — whether it benefits the jews or not, I don’t give a shit either way — as long as Trump keeps the filthy dirty nigger and mongrel Muslims-Mohammedans OUT OF THE UNITED STATES, that’s ALL I care about, damn the “alternative” media. I don’t give a shit anymore about the Palestinian issue. I used to care, but no more.

        I don’t care any more because the “alternative” media uses the Palestinian issue as a tool to promote Massive Muslim immigration into the West, including Massive Muslim immigration into the USA. The USA doesn’t have enough feral dirty filthy violent niggers and mongrels as it is, we “need” tens and tens of millions of more nigger and mongrels on all kinds of nigger and mongrel JIHADS in the USA, that would solve all the problems we have in the U.S. –> as per the “alternative” media. Because the Jews are unfair to the Palestinians us Americans have to flood the United States with unending waves of millions and millions and millions of niggers and mongrels on all kinds of very intense Muslim Islamic Jihads, as per the “alternative” media.

        So now I don’t give a shit about the Palestinian issue. All I care about now is that the USA isn’t flooded with massive numbers of Muslims like the “alternative” media advocates for. I don’t give a shit if Trump is a jew, on the same side of jews, everyone on his staff is a jew, nukes every Muslim country in the world for the benefit of the jews, as long as he Saves the USA from being overrun with Muslims as the “alternative” media advocates for, yearns for, dreams of ;

        And the “alternative” media fully well knows Massive numbers of Muslims into the USA would eventually result in the United States turning into an Islamic state ; And the “alternative” media fully well knows that’s THE MAIN PILLAR OF THE NWO. The so-called “ANTI-NWO” promotes the NWO agenda nonetheless. Funny that, ha ha ha hardy har har. So I don’t give a shit for your “alternative” media anymore or anything you two-faced, dissimulating, lying , usually by Lies of Omission, millions & millions of Lies of omission every day year-in and year-out, with lies of Commission here and there also every day for years and years to make things more “interesting” : I no longer give a shit about anything you phony-faced lying assholes have to say about anything. I no longer care about your pet Palestinian issue, an issue you yourselves don’t care about. You all only “care” about the Palestinian issue to the extent you all can milk the issue to push your Real Agenda you all want to see come to fruition : Flooding the West with so many massive numbers of Muslims the USA turns into an Islamic state for the fruition of the Jew NWO. I no longer give a shit about your “alternative” media. How do you like them apples, MachtNichts?

      2. TROJ –

        Pharisee-Jews knew you would say that before you said it. They planned on you saying it. That is the plan… to make everyone say that. They know even further what you would say you want…. now they can deliver it… upon request from you.


      3. Tis indeed, “funny and ironic.”

        A moronic piece of fluff – the source of which is no harder to locate than pausing the cursor over the highlighted link at the very top of page…

        CNN host Fareed Zakharia calls for jihad rape of white women

        and studying the results – a self-defined ‘jokes’ site called the “Daily Dose”, run by a chap named Yasha Harari – the surname shared with infamous “Mike Harari” whose Mossad squads pretty much ran most of Central America during the 80’s and 90’s – which has as much credibility as a journalistic endeavor as a snowman has a chance of surviving a heat wave in the Kalahari.

        Nevertheless… skipping over yourself, of course, who lives for such moments, we see the sad spectacle of certain persons of good repute here dropping all caution to binge on a corpse of a story so putrid as to make even everyday jackals hold their noses and walk away in disgust. {Speaking of jackals – who is this b-male who always waits for a fellow of the same breed, but more aggressive mien, to get the first bite in the flanks of the intended prey, and then bravely dives in for the always bungled coup de grace?}

        So, after this latest storm in a teacup dies down, some among us will be dealing with a rather large dose of embarrassment – having traded their good rep for a mess of pottage;
        others, without even the wit to know what there is to be embarrassed about, will attempt a farcical effort at a climb down without implicating themselves in any guilt… which itself deserves a slot in an issue of the “Daily Dose”…

        and our usual suspects will have made the obvious effort to build some momentum in the perennial “Hate those Muzzies” sweepstakes, but end up having to crawl back under the rug, till next outing, muttering in their beards about the unfairness of it all!

        Something for you to stew over whilst awaiting your next ‘big opportunity’ Joe…

        did you know that much the larger part of those refugees currently casting about for a fresh start in a new homeland would have been resting completely content at their old home right now, had that old home not been demolished and their lives torn apart by the serial invasions of ZATO alliance members and their proxy riff raff?

        Pretty much all the Muslims working in Europe I ever meet have but one dream which keeps them going through the long dreary low paid work career they endure there – to save up enough to be able to retire and move back to the old village, with a few perks like a new car and maybe afford a tractor and two or three cows. Would be more than happy to leave Europe to the “Europeans” – if only the Europeans would leave them to their own small niche on this planet!

        Keep em comin Homeboy!

    1. If Greater Israel is to be achieved, WW1 and WW2 were after all fought ultimately for that goal, what is to be done with the original inhabitants? The Zionists would be happy to genocide them all , but lately their publicity has been negative, so two birds with one stone. Clear them out and destroy White nations in one swoop.

      1. Yes, that makes sense. But it’s not a scenario we can look forward to. God help our children!

      2. @Karen

        In the supposed territory of “Greater Israel”, the area from the Nile to the Euphrates, about 100 million people live. If Israel really has a plan to colonize that enormous stretch of land, it not only has to ethnically cleanse it but also to repopulate it with Jews. There are at most 14 million Jews in the world and not all would like to settle in that “Greater Israel”. Then there is the small problem of defending that territory, not only against the people who were expelled from it and want to return, but also against the whole Arab world, the whole Islamic world, the whole Third World and probably the whole Western World too, including the US.

        There are no indications that Israel really has such an insane plan. If it did, it would never have given up the Sinai and Gaza and would have annexed the West Bank and have expelled all Palestinians already long ago. This idea of a secret Israeli “Greater Israel” plan is a paranoid conspiracy theory of people with little sense of realism. It cannot be done and Israel is not trying to do it.

      3. “In the supposed territory of “Greater Israel”, the area from the Nile to the Euphrates, about 100 million people live. If Israel really has a plan to colonize that enormous stretch of land, it not only has to ethnically cleanse it but also to repopulate it with Jews.”

        Logic fail. Currently, with less than 2% of its population, the ‘master race’ has a de facto control over the USA(not to mention the rest of the western satrapies)more complete than the practical jurisdiction than most ‘elected’ governments have over the states which they govern. Using their complicit stooges in the wider population – in this case, punitively “Christian” – to enforce their cultural hegemony, and buying the politico-judicial class a dime a dozen, they shift billions of dollars of taxpayer money – and huge amounts of resources, to their gang headquarters every year, without complaint or oversight.

        All this, in the so-called ‘developed world.’ In the area of your 100 million, already half way gone to dissolution of sovereign states already, the process of subsuming control of governments is even easier. This is not conceptual – that tel aviv is firmly in control of the breakaway Kurdistan in norther Iraq is well known, as is their command over the so-called ‘Islamic State’ forces in Syria and Iraq. Money talks, irregardless of religious window dressings. And the Yinan Plan is well along to its completion.

        Occupying other nations is decidedly NOT an issue of demographics.

      4. Right you are! 2016, according to fanatic Zionists, is the start of the so-called “Messianic Era.” This heralds the coming of the so-called “antichrist”. Medieval woodcuts show the “Mosiach” holding armfuls of dead “goyim”, i.e., whites. Also, as indicated by the Cuban-Jewish father of Ted Cruz (a former Castro communist reborn as a Christian Zionist) it will see the “rapture of the wealth.” In plain English, this means whites will lose their wealth, which will be transferred to devout Jews and their Christian Zionist acolytes. It’s happening now, if you care to look. The average stock in the goy pension plan (which they will never live to see) is down 30% since late last year. I could go on, but I think it’s clear to those not brain dead.

      5. @Franklin
        Greater Israel needs goyim to do their bidding, so that they can sit and eat like effendi.
        The Zionists that ran the USSR were relatively few in number compared to the population. They would use the same model for Greater Israel: slaughter about 25 million; find useful idiots to betray their own; and rule by fear.

  1. @ Greg Bacon

    “Sounds staged. Don’t think he’s dumb enough to post something that outrageous online and possible lose his well-paying job, but he’s got a Muslim sounding name so that works for another Jew Inc False Flag set-up.

    There is no evidence for your claim. Jim Stone, probably paid by the Muslim Lobby, is flogging the same ridiculous conspiracy theory on his website. Jim has “evidence” — which he doesn’t produce — that NO RAPES BY MUSLIMS ARE TAKING PLACE ANYWHERE IN EUROPE!

    Everything is being fiendishly orchestrated by the “Jews”. Every single rape event — and there are now THOUSANDS! — is apparently a “false flag” with “actors dressed up as Muslims”.

    If you can believe this garbage, you can believe anything.

    All the recent rape attacks in Cologne were “staged”, were they? Thousands of rapes in Sweden “staged”? Thousands of rapes in Norway “staged”? Give me a break! Pull the other one!

    You are a “rape denier”. You simply cannot face the horrendous truth and prefer to live in a cloud cuckoo land of Jewish conspiracy theories where every event you cannot explain is ascribed to an evil cabal of Jews.

    Make no mistake. The Jews are delighted all this is going on. They are making the conditions which guarantee that these mass rapes will continue. But it isn’t ACTORS involved in “imaginary rapes” — in rapes that never took place.


    The sooner you can accept the grim truth the better.

    1. I do not think Greg was suggesting the rapes were not carried out by muslims, they probably were, by the same brainwashed muslims who fought Assad in Syria. They were funded, and instructed, had notes, telling them what to do, and what to say.. Question is, were they funded by Soros, or the saudis? same difference, as far as I`m concerned..

    2. Ingrid,

      I accept what you say. I am anxious as you, and so I believe are the administrators of this website, to exonerate Islam. Most Muslims would be appalled by these rapes. There is absolutely no way that ordinary Muslims, like Rehmat or our mutual friend Mahmoud El-Yousseph, can in any way be associated with acts like these.

      You are quite right to suspect Jewish incitement. Your theory that this could be funded by Soros or other Jewish elements is very plausible in my opinion.

      The sad and inescapable fact, however, remains that Muslims are carrying out these mass rapes. Bad Muslims, degenerate and corrupt Muslims, but Muslims all the same. And these bad Muslims are giving Islam a bad name.

      I am glad that we seem to agree on this point.

    3. To blame the European rape epidemic on “BEING DONE BY REAL MUSLIMS! ” is an aim of the perpetrators of this human Tsunami into Europe. The minority are Syrians and they are being branded with the same iron.
      The mention of Jim Stone made me think of the modus operandi of these thugs. Proper planning of the tsunami will have other aspects. Apart from real degenerate barbarians among the refugees, mercenary hit squads will also be unleashed to “have a little fun”.
      To blame Muslims is extremely reactive and ill thought out. Be angry with the global organizers of terror.
      Propagandists have the hate game sewn up. Rape is as offensive to Muslims as it is to Christians – a minority western sub set among a sea of pagans.

  2. @ Greg Bacon

    You haven’t a leg to stand on, Greg. Sardonicus is right. See the above endnote in the article, each claim reinforced by strong links:


    QUOTE: Overall Western Europe is now suffering a massive rape epidemic coinciding with the influx of migrants from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries.

    “Sweden is now number two on the global list of rape countries,” a report published by the Gatestone Institute revealed. “According to a survey from 2010, Sweden, with 53.2 rapes per 100,000 inhabitants, is surpassed only by tiny Lesotho in Southern Africa, with 91.6 rapes per 100,000 inhabitants.”

  3. To many people, protecting their favorite religion is the entire scheme of their existence.

    It takes years to find out in some cases that these people are pieces of shit and unworthy of believing any more.

    1. Shit at least acts as a fertilizer, these people help nothing to grow. And I’d say more cases rather than some cases.

  4. In my opinion the Fareed Zakharia story is probably a hoax.

    After a little digging (Godlike Productions), a commentator wrote the original source of the quote was allegedly a satire/sarcasm site called “The Peoples Cube” dot com.


      1. If other sites can post spoofs, why can’t we? Is there any law that says the Darkmoon site is not allowed to post spoofs?

      2. If other sites can post spoofs, why can’t we? Is there any law that says the Darkmoon site is not allowed to post spoofs?

        This is not to admit that the article IS a spoof. Whether or not it’s a spoof is up to our readers to decide. What we are more concerned in getting across is the idea that a genuine rape epidemic is convulsing Europe right now and that Muslim migrants appear to be the driving force behind this so-called “rape jihad.” At this stage, we simply cannot believe the conspiracy theory that no Muslim rapes are taking place in Europe at all — and that every gang rape or collective rape of White women by Muslims (as at Cologne) is a “staged event”.

        — DZ

      3. @Admin

        At this stage, we simply cannot believe the conspiracy theory that No Muslim rapes are taking place in Europe at all — and that every gang rape or collective rape of White women by Muslims (as at Cologne) is a “staged event”.

        This is, in my opinion (we are allowed to have opinions on this site, right?), a sheer skulduggery. Of course “Muslim” rapes are taking place in Europe – that is their job, remember. That is precisely why these “refugees” were herded into the heart of Europe – Germany. Don’t you know that this is a well-thought out, well-funded, and well-organised project. Just like the “Muslim” ISIS. Don’t you know that?

        Of course you do. That is why I say that you are engaged (purposefully, in my opinion again) in skulduggery here.

        Now, there is a question there: Whose project is it? Who is the master-mind behind all this?

        The JEWS, JEWS, JEWS? Are you sure, brothers and sisters? Just asking (we are allowed, nay encouraged, to ask politically incorrect questions here, aren’t we?)

      4. @ Circassian

        I note that you accuse the Darkmoon site of purposeful “skulduggery.”

        If you are accusing the site operators of deliberate dishonesty and premeditated fraudulence, please let me know and I will then take appropriate steps to have you removed from this site.

        — DZ

      5. @Admin, many of the “refugees” were takfiris, fleeing the Russian bombing, and the advancing Syrian army.. I wondered what they would be useful for, now I know.. It has been extensively reported, that many so-called refugees, were men aged between 18 and 45, the age when men are most sexually active.. I do not think muslims are the driving force, ask the question, who benefits?

        1. @ Ingrid

          I absolutely agree with you. Sardonicus has just responded to your previous comment. I agree with him too. Just try and understand, Ingrid, that Lasha is genuinely frightened about losing her Muslim friends by publishing these articles. She is taking a risk. She is hoping they will understand.

          What is the alternative? The alternative is that we should play the ostrich and pretend that this widely reported “rape epidemic” in Europe is not taking place at all. The facts have to be faced, Ingrid. These rapes are taking place and Muslims are overwhelmingly involved in the rapes.

          As to who is financing them, grooming them, inciting them, that is an entirely different question. You know the answer to that as well as I do. There is not a poster on this site who does not know who is behind all this, who has most to gain. We all know who the Puppet Masters are.

          — DZ

      6. @DZ

        As to who is financing them, grooming them, inciting them, that is an entirely different question. You know the answer to that as well as I do. There is not a poster on this site who does not know who is behind all this, who has most to gain. We all know who the Puppet Masters are.

        I am sure you do, DZ. Not sure, though, you will tell us.

      7. @DZ

        I am not afraid to mention the word JEW.

        Yes, I know, DZ. And that is exactly what I meant when I doubted that you would share with us your knowledge about who is the real master-mind behind the mess unraveling in the heart of Europe right now.

      8. ” Just try and understand, Ingrid, that Lasha is genuinely frightened about losing her Muslim friends by publishing these articles. She is taking a risk. She is hoping they will understand. ” :

        If they are true friends DZ, they will understand. Muslims, followers of Islam, are also victims, and by posting this article, and allowing an open, and honest discussion, Lasha is doing the umma a very important service..

        1. Ingrid,

          Thanks for understanding the situation. Believe me, Lasha is pro-Muslim to the bone and hates being accused of posting Islamophobic articles that make out that Muslims are all a bunch of rapists. Her very first letter in the British press (in ‘The Observer’) was in defence of Muslims and was entitled “Islamophobia is the New Anti-Semitism.” This was published over 10 years ago and of course written under her real name.

          — DZ

    1. @RO

      In my opinion the Fareed Zakharia story is probably a hoax.

      Good opinion, in my opinion. Now I would like to ask your opinion on why this site is so eager to look for this kind of highly dubious stuff all over the internet and propagate them. This was not the first case, was it?

      Why, in your opinion, Sardonicus and Darlington were so quick to jump at Greg Bacon who, just like you, feels that this “sounds staged”?

      Do you see any pattern here? The keen ability to spot patterns is unmistakable sign of high intelligence.

      Think, sister, think.

      1. “the umma”, LOL!!!!! We be de umma and we be wantin’ our snivel rights and sheeeiiit… we be wantin’ what be ours and sheeiitt like that…. whitey be dissin’ us ummas…

        Yeah sure, “Ingrid” is “really” a “White” “Norwegian”, that’s why when she doesn’t sound like a complete jew she sounds like a nigger muslim. Uga Uga we be the umma-ummas!!

        The muslim immigrants in Norway, like in the rest of Europe, are committing a lot of violence against the White Europeans, including waging their Islamic Muslim Rape Jihad in Norway against White women in Norway, but “White” “European” “Norwegian” “Ingrid” she be a lot more interested n’ sheeeiit in de feelings of her bruthas and sistas the precious umma-ummas who be doin’ the Jihadist Rapin’ and sheeeiit like that .

  5. If it was a hoax, why did CNN issue this statement: “CNN officials have refused to take action against their employee, stating that there was no evidence of hate speech or racism in Zakaria’s writings because he only targeted whites and not minorities. “Some people are just being too sensitive,” a CNN representative said in defense of Zakaria, adding that “someone’s hurt feelings should not inhibit our right to free speech.” Is this a hoax as well?

    1. Well said, Tom! The point you make is cast-iron proof that the article is NOT a spoof.

      If the article is a spoof, why would CNN refuse to apologize for it and actually issue an official statement saying “some people are just being too sensitive”?

      It’s now up to the “spoof theorists” to prove that CNN’s refusal to apolgize is itself a spoof.

      1. @ Darlington

        “Well said, Tom! The point you make is cast-iron proof that the article is NOT a spoof.”

        How is it cast iron?

        May I remind you of your comments to me when I asked posters if they thought Kirill Shamalov looked jewish? (Putin’s son-in-law).

        You said

        “Mind you, I am not saying this guy is NOT a Jew. You could be right. It could turn out that we will soon have proof that he IS a Jew. I which case you will be vindicated and you’ll be able to say, “See, I was right!”

        But until that proof is forthcoming, I’m afraid you don’t have a leg to stand on. And in fact you are guilty of precisely the thing you accuse your enemies of so stridently: spreading disinformation.

        Have you no intellectual integrity? You would condemn someone to death on suspicion? Without proof of guilt?”

      2. @ Red Onions

        You and I are on the same path, believe me: we are both anxious to learn the truth. If you can prove that this article is a spoof, I will come over to your side and support you.

        You now need to prove not only that the article is a spoof but that CNN is complicit in the spoof. This is because CNN not only acknowledge that Zakharia wrote the article but refuse to aplogize for it on the grounds that it is not that inflammatory.

        You will do your own reputation on this site, which is now a good one, irreparable damage if you cuddle up to the flatterer Circassian who is a Zionist troll and has insulted just about every good poster on this site — including the sincere and honest Pat, the man you most admire on this site and respond to most.

      3. Darlington to Red Onions:

        You will do your own reputation on this site, which is now a good one, irreparable damage if you cuddle up to the flatterer Circassian who is a Zionist troll and has insulted just about every good poster on this site — including the sincere and honest Pat, the man you most admire on this site and respond to most.

        … told you, sister, when Sardonicus pinned your chest with “One of Our Best Patients” award.

      4. @ Darlington.

        Re-read my comments. Why do I always have to tell you this?

        I said it was probably a hoax. You said the CNN response was “cast iron”, and I have asked you how it is cast iron, which you fail to address. Tell me Darlington. Give me some credible links.

        “You now need to prove not only that the article is a spoof but that CNN is complicit in the spoof. This is because CNN not only acknowledge that Zakharia wrote the article but refuse to aplogize for it on the grounds that it is not that inflammatory.”

        Get lost, Darlington, whoever you are. You only ever post anything when posters alert this site to quotes which may be untrue.

        And finally, don’t tell me who to “cuddle up” to, patronising FOOL.

      5. “Get lost, Darlington, whoever you are. You only ever post anything when posters alert this site to quotes which may be untrue … And finally, don’t tell me who to “cuddle up” to, patronising FOOL.”

        Yes, I may have said originally that there was “cast-iron” proof that the article was NOT a spoof, but that was before I realized that there were grave doubts about its authenticity and that there were two sides to the question. In other words, RO, I was willing to modify my position. Not to admit that you were right, but simply to point out that the matter was undecided. That remains my position still.

        You may be very bright in digging up obscure information and I also have no doubts about your sincerity, but allow me to tell you that your whole manner is repugnant. You are the most arrogant, snotty-nosed bitch I’ve ever come across on the internet. And I bet you’re ugly too.

      6. My my! Darlington`s true colours are showing. I considered questioning his assertion that CNN was capable of providing cast iron proof, but left it up to red onions, and look at what that got her, vile name calling. You, Darlington, have outed yourself, you are no gentleman, no wonder your relationships didn`t last..

    2. @ Tom. Have you researched the CNN quote? Do you have a link?

      I ask this because the satire site “the peoples cube” posted CNN’s alleged response on the day the story broke. I think you need to take a look at their site.

    3. Whites are minorities. We are a minority in the world and fast becoming a minority in the country our ancestors built. I read that white folk constitute only 62% of white folk in the US. This figure may not be correct as many hispanics are counted as white. Also a baby born of a white woman is counted as white even if the father is black! How does that grab you?

      Most of you sit in a trance staring at the TV while your country is inundated with foreigners who are hell-bent on killing you and raping your women so that they give birth to dark colored babies.

      This man is delusional if he thinks this country will be better when it is run by Islamics. I guess he has never lived in the middle east in one of those backward countries.

  6. These red herrings are part of orchestrated campaign to discredit truth seeking sites because now the same brush dipped into this will smear inquiries into “holocaust”, 9/11 and the traditional Judaic evil.
    Don’t blame the blog administrators, they just passed on what was carefully concoted to sound real, a sophisticated operation that should convince you of how dangerous the spawn of Satan consider the alternative media, to mount such a maneuver.

    This has the sulphur reek of Mossad/SITE (Rita Katz) collaboration all over, as well as Bar Ilan hasbara graduate project.

    Besides making us look like retards, the aim is to inflame the sectarian misapprehension and intolerance.

    Who is Fareed Zakaria
    A thoroughly deceitful traitor and very possibly a crypto-Jew/Donmeh, just like Al Baghdadi … Fareed sounds Iranian but of course he is just another oily (just look at him) shapeshifter.
    How likely is he to refer to Prophet Mohamed as his moral guide?
    CNN didn’t choose him at random to tee off on Foreign Affairs content.

    This demonstrates yet again that JEW IS THE ENEMY.
    Take your black magic blinkers off and let’s deal with the common affliction instead of jihading against those that should be our allies.
    If there are differences, we can discuss later, as honorable people.

    1. Lobro,

      There is no evidence that this article is a “spoof”, given that CNN has just released an official statement acknowledging that their employee, CNN host Fareed Zakharia, was responsible for writing it on his blog. Moreover, they have refused to apologize for their employee’s inflammatory words. They have done this by the simple expedient of refusing to admit that the words are inflammatory. “Calm down,” they are saying to their critics. “You are being too sensitive.”

      1. In any case, whether the article is a spoof or not, I agree 100% with Admin’s response to the cheeky poster who said: “It’s a spoof. Folks should research before posting such.”

        Admin’s caustic reply to this poster was as terse as it was unanswerable:

        “If other sites can post spoofs, why can’t we? Is there any law that says the Darkmoon site is not allowed to post spoofs?”

  7. @ LOBRO
    January 14, 2016 at 1:48 pm
    “These red herrings are part of orchestrated campaign to discredit truth seeking sites because now the same brush dipped into this will smear inquiries into “holocaust”, 9/11 and the traditional Judaic evil.”

    NO IT IS NOT a red herring orchestrated to discredit truth seeking sites.

    It is to instigate VIOLENCE between Whites and Muslims, and that’s exactly where it is headed. It’s dead simple …. they have set us on a collision course of violence with Muslims so we will be distracted and not use VIOLENCE AGAINST THE JEWS.

    Don’t kid yourself, we will go to violence over this rape issue, and that is exactly what the jews want. So, if we are going to violence anyway we might as well utilize it against the jews who are behind the entire thing.

    That’s really all that needs to be said about this because it’s the very bottom line…… however, you guys have this obsession with hearing yourselves speak.
    (which is the real red herring when it comes right down to it).

    1. @Lonnie

      NO IT IS NOT a red herring orchestrated to discredit truth seeking sites.

      It is to instigate VIOLENCE between Whites and Muslims, and that’s exactly where it is headed. It’s dead simple …. they have set us on a collision course of violence with Muslims so we will be distracted and not use VIOLENCE AGAINST THE JEWS.

      Don’t kid yourself, we will go to violence over this rape issue, and that is exactly what the jews want. So, if we are going to violence anyway we might as well utilize it against the jews who are behind the entire thing.

      This is an interesting comment on several counts. I find Lobro’s take on this, as usual, a childish fantasy:

      These red herrings are part of orchestrated campaign to discredit truth seeking sites because now the same brush dipped into this will smear inquiries into “holocaust”, 9/11 and the traditional Judaic evil.

      I give credence to Lonnie’s “It is to instigate VIOLENCE between Whites and Muslims, and that’s exactly where it is headed.”

      But the fundamental question is, again: Who is the master-mind behind all this?

      Lonnie, not surprisingly, has the answer ready for us: It’s the JEW, JEW, JEW. Then he traps himself in major contradiction without even noticing it:

      … they have set us on a collision course of violence with Muslims so we will be distracted and not use VIOLENCE AGAINST THE JEWS … we will go to violence over this rape issue, and that is exactly what the jews want. So, if we are going to violence anyway we might as well utilize it against the jews who are behind the entire thing.

      Let me digest it for you. Violence is instigated between Muslims and Europeans which then spreads to violence against the Jews. And who is the master-mind behind this brilliant chess combination? The Jew, brothers and sisters: The Jew instigates violence against himself. What a stupid Jew!

      Something or someone is missing in this picture, Lonnie, don’t you think. Can you guess who he is? If you can’t, ask Pat – the master guesser – for help.

      1. Of course someone is missing in the picture…. WE are. As is US doing something about it.

        As INGRID B wisely asks “who benefits”.

        Your division hidden under the guise of questioning isn’t working. The only trap going on here is the one you’re trying to create.

  8. As to the “staged” comments …

    I have no doubt what so ever of real rapes and murders happening in record numbers.

    How do we know for certain the men doing the actual raping are not Israeli ? Not like they haven’t been known to pass themselves off as Muslim for false flag agendas. They have that down to a science.

    Not protecting Muslims in any way, some are a problem. However, this could be a real Israeli op to create the clash it most certainly is accomplishing.

    Not saying this is the case because I’ve seen no direct evidence yet, but it fits their instigation model.

    1. @ Lonnie

      I’d like to believe in the possibility that what you say is correct: that the actual rapists are Israelis passing themselves off as Arabs. Unfortunately, Lonnie, there is one fatal flaw in this scenario.

      It works very well only if the rapists get away with their rapes. But it doesn’t work at all if and when the rapists are caught.

      I can’t imagine 1000 Israelis in prison cells, rotting away there for years, all the time managing to conceal their Jewish identity. Nor can I imagine the Jewish state, Israel, allowing these Jews to rot there in prison and do nothing to get them out.

      So no, your theory, however attractive, doesn’t hold up to closer examination.

      1. I don’t see 1000’s of rapists going to prison in this refugee rape epidemic.

        Quite the opposite actually.

        Also, sending away a few token patsies is beyond the calculating jew ?

        Sorry, but your comment doesn’t hold up to even cursory examination.

    2. Actually, the ones who benefit the most from IT are the Muslims. The Muslims benefit the most, along with the NWO ilk big-shots. As a whole, as we know, White Europeans are the losers as they don’t benefit at all. But neither do the middle class jews in Europe benefit, as they too are under attack in Europe as are the White Europeans — especially those White Europeans who are believing and practicing Christians. Both jews and Christians are under attack in Europe because of the Muslim immigration. So the big-shot NWO types benefit and the Muslims benefit, everyone else in Europe does NOT benefit. That’s who “cui bono”.

      The jews in Europe now are just as scared as the Christians In Europe, so the NWO big shots and the Muslims benefit from this NWO agenda, no one else benefits. Churches in Europe, especially in France, are being greatly vandalized even Unto arson. Already, much Christian art has been destroyed because of the Muslim immigrants. The Christian art in the churches the Muslims are vandalizing and setting the torch to. And their Jihad in Europe is just starting. Overall, the Christians and most of the Jews in Europe do NOT benefit. Both the Christians and Jews in Europe are scared, and rightfully so they’re scared. Again, only the big-shot NWO ilk and the Muslims benefit from the NWO agenda of Muslim immigration.

    3. Lonnie, my suspicion is that they are saudi salafist/takfiri, which is kith and kin to israeli, or, at least, the instigators. Some of these rapists, apparently, traveled from other areas of Germany, in order to take part in the raping, groping, and humiliation of German women. A number of women had their mobile phones stolen. This is bolshevik/zionist/israeli behaviour. Unfortunately, they get a lot of help from their victims..

  9. Why does Darkmoon highlight the article so much? The colors change from sentence to sentence almost; its like subliminal incitement…
    The rape allegations are being made by paid white supremacist islamophobist sites just like this one, so that unintelligent whites (a minority hopefully) grab axes and go look for arabs, that’s all..none of this is in tweeter or breakingnews.com…
    Who would have the energy to walk 5 hundred miles, rest for one night, and then go in the middle of the night, in a strange city, raping the host’s wife?
    And then some blame the jews of orchestrating something that didn’t even occur as if rabbies would dare go by the shelters “encouraging” muslim refugees that wouldn’t notice their yarmulkes?
    hahaha, and people like Sardonicous hurries up to believe this shit, talk about being a muslim hater,
    Anyway time will tell

    1. @ Avatar

      “The rape allegations are being made by paid white supremacist islamophobist sites just like this one…”

      Do you have any evidence that this is a “paid white supremacist islamophobic site”? No, you haven’t. Lasha Darkmoon has already issued a clear statement explaining our position, and we stand by this position absolutely:

      We are not Islamophobes and respect Islam, despite the bad things people say here about the Qur’an and the prophet Mohammed. We have Muslim friends. We publish articles by Muslims on this site who are passionate about Palestine. We are against the cruel Israeli occupation and the systematic genocide of the Palestinian people.

      At the same time, much to dismay of our Muslim friends, we are against multiculturalism and the mass immigration of non-Whites into our White homelands. We are against the swamping of Europe and the US with economic migrants against the will and interests of the indigenous White inhabitants. We are against the White genocide currently being engineered by organized Jewry. (See Barbara Spectre). Our roots lie in Christianity, which has nurtured us for the last 2000 years, and we are not going to give up our traditional values and be schooled in depravity by degenerate Jews.

      Nothing could be clearer. We sympathize with Muslims and have Muslim friends. We have given space to Muslim writers on this site, including Rehmat and Mohamnmed El-Yousseph. However, we draw the line at uncontrolled mass immigration and the inevitable genocide of Europe’s indigenous white people.

      How DARE you call resistance to White genocide and the mass rape of European women by Muslim gangs “White supremacism”! Is this White supremacism, to say: “STOP RAPING OUR WOMEN!”

      1. “Our roots lie in Christianity…we are not going to give up our traditional values and be schooled in depravity by degenerate Jews.”
        But who awarded you. who made you happy with these values, good Jews?

  10. CONSERVATIVE POST is a Mossad operation, carefully shielded by Google and Facebook from closer scrutiny. I would avoid any contamination with them in future.

    A few former headlines, look them up, I would soon exceed the link quota:
    ConservativePost: Famous Food Companies Caught Using Aborted Babies For Flavor Additives,
    Sweden Shocked Again After Woman Raped To Death By Somali Immigrant,
    continues as follows

    The woman died while being raped. Police say the perpetrator continued to rape the woman’s corpse WELL after she had died. (like “well” what? few hours or days, pausing only for prayer time?)

    The Somalian was apprehended by police while still in the act of raping the murdered woman.

    Wide choice continues with

    Muslim Immigrant Beats 12 year old Boy For Having Blue Eyes

    And personal favorite,

    Bible Fused to Steel at 9/11 WTC Has An End Time Message for All To See

    Sick of Jew humor yet, ready to tap out?
    Okay, surely G-d’s own truth, let’s print those ones too, since they originate from the same trusted source … aborted babies, yum, so long as they are white, maybe we can rape them first and THEN eat them.

    People wake up – it’s about time.
    We are walking through a minefield of lies, keep your eyes peeled … ears too and especially the nose, the odor of Talmud is unmistakable.

    1. What’s the value of prayers from a rapist, a pervert?
      Who is he praying to? What is he praying for? Virtue? Honor? Faith and truth?

      If an ignorant barbarian rapist thinks Allah permits or (absurdly) condones crimes because of loophole #1, small print #2, fatwa #3, etc., etc., then he’s a problem, not a neighbor, a friend or a citizen. He and those like him are dire threats to any society and need to be dealt with (aka) ‘get a rope’

  11. Just don’t let any Muslim immigrants into the USA –> then the Jews can’t use the Muslims to play divide and conquer and use the Muslims as a tool and device to start a WAR here in the United States. Another reason, actually an Excellent Reason, a Very Common Sense Reason, for those who love Muslims to be opposed to Muslim immigration into the USA, for the jews are just going to use the Muslims you love so much to start a war here in the USA. And when the Jews have their War here in the United States via using the Muslims as front-line shock troops, lots of Muslims you love so much will be either killed, wounded, they will have no freedom, no rights, and in the middle of a war, it’s real difficult to have steady job, steady income, food shipments can be easily shut off, electricity can be easily shut off, lots of horrible things.

    The advocates of Muslim immigration in the “alternative” media fully well know the ONLY reason ZOG wants Muslims in the USA is to start a war in the USA ; The “alternative” media Muslim immigration advocates claim to be about “peace love and understanding” , but they fuckin’ fully well know the Real Reason why ZOG is pushing for Muslim immigration into the USA is to bring WAR into the USA, the “alternative” media Muslim immigration advocates push for what ZOG is pushing, massive Muslim immigration into the USA [ which will eventually lead to WAR here in the USA, and the “alternative” media Muslim immigration fuckin’ fully well know it too ] as they claim they want Muslim immigration into the USA because they’re “all about” “peace love and understanding”, they fully well know massive Muslim immigration into the USA will only bring violence,blood-shed, Islamic Jihad, and eventually all-out WAR. Fuckin filthy dirty lying scumbag bastards from Hell. If snakes used scumbags, the “alternative” media Muslim immigration advocates would make the PERFECT snake scumbags, and after the fuckin’ snakes cum in the snake scumbags. That’s what I think of your “alternative” media Muslim immigration advocates. You’re welcome. You’re always welcome to my always FACT-BASED TRUTHFUL opinions, anytime.

  12. This article is actually quite useful as a starting point in learning about the art and science of deception, Jew DNA.
    I have absolutely no doubt that it goes much further and deeper than just Conservative Post, Google, Facebook, CNN (they will play coy about story, “no comment”, just to inflame passions) and all the rest of them, they are all networked, Out West, where you vacation, the aspens will already be turning. They turn in clusters, because their roots connect them., anyone remember that one?

    A new poster named ***something***EastCom provided a link to endzog.info showing how every single major corporation in America is totally dominated by Jews at the highest levels as well as the White House, DoD, the State, etc.
    Aspens are turning in cluster and Conservative Post is tightly protected, why has there been no outrage, no one suing them for libel and racketeering?

    I will tell you what this is about.
    The Jew media knows well how widely distrusted they are fast becoming, so the Plan B is to discredit the independent media as well, take them down in a sort of information Samson Option.

    Be ye wise as serpents and innocent as doves.

    1. All-White Amish-type ALL-American TUTzie Christian Caliph : Oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo… the joos are meanies to the Palestinians. Our White politicians in the USA let the Jews take over Palestine and be meanies to the Palestinians. It’s our Christian duty to make amends to the Muslim world because our White politicians in the USA let the Jews take over Palestine!!

      We must fully and wholeheartedly support the FLOODING of the USA with never-ending eternally recurring waves of millions and millions and millions and more tens of millions of Muslims from ALL their Muslim countries in the world, EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEIR 50 MUSLIM COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD to FLOOD INTO THE USA to make our Christian amends because our White politicians let the Jews take over Palestine!!

      That’s the ONLY way to make up to the Muslims what our White politicians in the USA did to the whole Muslim world when our White politicians let the Jews take over Palestine!! It’s our White American Christian Duty!!! NEVER mind the Muslim leaders themselves willingly and lovingly Sacrificed Palestine to the Jews so IN EXCHANGE the Muslims could get THE UNLIMITED ETERNAL “RIGHT” to FLOOD INTO ALL THE WHITE FORMERLY CHRISTIAN LANDS OF THE WEST AND TAKEOVER AND TURN THE WHITE WEST ISLAMIC FOR THE FRUITION OF THE JEW NWO —> Our White politicians helped the Jews take over over Palestine, so we must wholeheartedly support and actively HELP the Muslims take over the Whole West, including our USA, it’s our White Christian American obligation to make our Christian amends to the Muslim world for the sake of Palestine and the poor suffering Palestinians, NEVER mind the Muslim leaders did A LOT MORE to give the Jews Palestine so IN EXCHANGE the Muslims could Get The Whole West to call their Muslim OWN!!!

      As White American Christians We Religiously and Spiritually based On Christian New Testament Principles owe it to the Muslims to hand over the United States totally and completely to them!!! 50 Muslim countries in the world for the Muslims is NOT enough for the Muslims, they NEED the United States also in order to be HAPPY and CONTENT and to know JUSTICE UNTO THEM HAS BEEN FULFILLED, and our White American politicians made the Muslims UNHAPPY by helping the Jews take over Palestine!!! oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo.. what the fuck are us habirus going tu du… boo hoo hoo hoo hoo….

    2. “This article is actually quite useful as a starting point in learning about the art and science of deception”…


      Sometimes just sitting back and observing a thread can deliver as much or more insight as to participate. Letting this one bubble and boil overnight is a good case in point. Normally on-point posters who descend to the level of witless babbling, over the top ad homs, and use of the silliest of sophist tools in the service of ill-executed attacks on other posters contributions, all in complete abeyance to good will or sound judgment both.

      At the end of the day, a steaming cauldron of malice and misunderstanding which on inspection has shown much promise for providing yet another angle from which to probe the meaning of ‘kabbalist black magic’ in action! To what other cause can you attribute this spectacle of persons who had seemed of sane mind one day – totally losing it on the next – this constant shifting in and out of lucidity which seems to now characterized the profile of many who post here now?

      Shortly before, it was the general consensus, that the poster cebollas rojas was an articulate and devoted witness to truth and good form here – yet today the same party stands in disgrace and the need to distance from; and in the same moment, the demonstrably pyschopathic persona of Lobro’s personal nemesis becomes an admirably lucid and reassuringly sane voice in the midst of much spite and rhetorical overkill! This shifting – a virtual ‘shape-shifting’ of personalities in and out of bounds of rationality is very much a part of what kabbalistic black magic is – and does.

      If you tried to tell westerners their assumption that their thoughts are their own – free from outside interference – is mistaken… or that the very interstices of their minds are now invaded and malformed by the flow of traffic from outside their own head – that their moods and responses are subject to externally driven control, and that therefore, both their freedom of thought and freedom of action have been diminished to dangerous degree…

      they would doubtless scoff at the idea as an impossibility. Yet sessions such as this one show the detached onlooker just how much merit there is to the case which posits such an idea. Even more convincingly, when one looks in upon such spectacle with the opportunity to compare the same community through the lens of both now, and five years past, the sense of an ongoing diminishment of both civility and mental faculties gets even stronger. Which is not to say, some of the very same posters might not have been guilty of similar outrages against accuracy and common sense back in the day, but that such breaches were, unlike today, more the exception, than the norm.

      Attributing this decline to an evil, outside force desirous of deflecting us from all serious discussion and awareness of the attack upon western society now in progress gets even more compelling when one realizes that the great majority of those visibly ‘losing it’ here on these pages are indeed ‘good folk- neither bad intentioned nor obvious provocateurs. That this is occurring with such persons is witness to the force such outside intervention is having upon the western people.

      Poster “the Roman” nailed this phenomena back on the empire thread when they said:

      “We , here in this site can share our views, but their control of all the thinking processes is almost total everywhere.”

      Doubtless few took those words at face value – but they caught my attention as being so accurate a representation of the effects of kabbalistic mind control/ aka / black magic, as shown on these very pages, as to be worthy of embellishment on a banner overtop of the site home page. Caveat Emptor Vox Populi!

      1. Quite so Ormanci, this malignant effect on people who on any given day are not just perfectly civil and reasonable but are in fact cut above the masses, Jew-wise in their self-assessment, is demonstrated in such stark relief that to someone viewing at arm’s length, it looks like some Hollywood horror production, Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

        Except that it is even worse, Invasion of the Mind Snatchers.

        I stand back and marvel, maybe I ought to despair instead, except that I am such an incurable optimist.

        And yes, I believe in magic and it is not of the innocent, Lovin’ Spoonful sort.
        No tall pointy hats but the black, broad rimmed ones, vultures and hyenas gathering for the feast.

        There is only one way to fight it and it is to distance yourself far enough from ferment until the picture is big enough to capture everything within the same canvas, it is self contained and explanatory.

  13. Now I would like posters’ attention direct to a very telling event that went unnoticed when Tahida pointed it out a while ago, as something worthy of attention, but no one paid attention back then: Mein Kampf hits stores in tense Germany

    The article “explains”: The idea is that republishing Mein Kampf will help undermine it. Yea, right … they herd Muslim “refugees” like cattle into Germany first, then the Muslim “refugees” start raping (as they are supposed to, according to the plan) German women, and (coincidentally, of course) just at that very stage Mein Kampf hits stores in Germany.

    Why? To undermine Hitler and Nazism, of course. The deviousness of the master-mind behind all of this simply boggles the mind! History repeats itself, but no one learns from it.

    My poor and dumb Muslim brothers! It wasn’t difficult to predict.

    1. @ Circassian

      “My poor and dumb Muslim brothers! It wasn’t difficult to predict.”

      But sure enough, you predicted it — though no one else could! It is remarkable how everyone else on this site, dumb oxen that we all are, need your constant tuition in helping us to see six inches in front of our noses. But for your altruistic guidance, dear “brother” Circassian, we would all be lost in the dark.

      Thank you, Sir Circassian, for allowing us inferior mortals the benefits of your omniscience.

      1. No, no, no … Sardonicus. Don’t sell yourself short, brother. You are not dumb oxen at all. Far from it.

        It would be dumb of me to assume that Sardonicus is a dumb oxen. You don’t think I am that dumb, do you? I hope, not.

        1. @ Circassian

          “It would be dumb of me to assume that Sardonicus is a dumb oxen.”

          Yes, it would be dumb assumption for sure, given that Sardonicus is a dump OX at the most. He can’t be *A* dumb “OXEN”, since OXEN is the plural of ox.

      2. O my God, Sir Hugo has recovered from the crash! I am in big trouble now.

        You see Ugo (or is it the Ugo?), I would watch carefully my steps as the dump-OX-at-the-most Sardonicus has advised me, if I knew I was under your watchful eyes.

        Damn it!

  14. I think that Jew Lie Inc is manufacturing a new meme, everybody give a hearty welcome to

    And guess who will be the ultimate beneficiary and who the losers?

    (I am not denying that some of it is true, all I am saying is that the Kabbalah magic that Ormanci talked about is hard at work and you can stand back in astonished wonder at its miraculous power over goyim – i certainly am amazed like in Jew Ionescu’s play, Rhinoceros, I see people around me transformed into snorting beasts)

    1. The attacks in Cologne were not made up. In fact, the German authorities may be minimizing what happened. The left that runs Germany would like to minimize what happened, if possible, as the German population is getting angry and Pegida organized a protest against the attacks. The mayor of Cologne tried to point the finger at German women and that backfired. Many in the country are ridiculing her. All the news sources have reported what happened and you can view victims being interviewed on youtube.


      There is one thing I disagree with in this video. The comment where he attempts to whitewash the USA’s blowing up of the middle east.


      1. Peter is right on target again. Where are you from, Peter, if you don’t mind me asking?

      2. Thank you Circassian. I’m from the US. My parents immigrated here from Germany after the war.

      3. I must say, now that I’ve read your other comments, I’m glad I wasn’t more specific about where I come from.

  15. Thanks Greg for helping to expose this, yet more demonization of Islam. This rape epidemic is organized, and funded. I`ve seen footage of a so-called muslim, inciting Muslims to rape, and impregnation of white women. The video was produced by MEMRI, a jewish/israeli propaganda tool..

    1. @ ingrid b
      I can fully support your argument.

      Personally, I have seen that a young woman was taken away to the hospital, she was brutally raped by a Moroccan, she was a hairdresser en was falsely invited by the rapist to cut his wife? ‘s hair. Later heard from her mother that her daughter was held tight up to a bed all night, all her hair from her vagina was cut off with a butcher knife. The rapist was taken by the police while he was asleep next to his victim in the morning . It was the mother who went suspicious about her daughters where bout.
      That piece of filth was also stoked by the jew sorros…

      My wife’s cousin lived in Antwerp with upstairs neighbor a family of immigrants from Morocco. She was a single mother with two children and kept the stairway clean in order to earn some extra money. Each time she was cleaning the stairs the Moroccan upstairs neighbor came to grope her. When she told the sand nigger she would tell his wife he treated to cut her throat. Finally she stopped her job and lost the money, that “good” muslim was also stoked by the jew sorros …

      A few years ago I personally intervened when I was walking with my dog I saw two Arabs sexually harassing a young school girl, most of that muslim scum is afraid of a dog.
      Those two were also stoked by soros.

      My brother lived in, Antwerp. All his life he remained unmarried and had always worked. When he retired after a few years, he received lung cancer, every weekend I went to get him to stay with me. Because of his illness, he was very thin and could barely walk, the postman brought his retirement money to his home …
      I will never forget the day when I rang at his bell to clean up and to run errands ,my brother opened the door and saw that his face was deep blue and his lip was torn; He said that during the previous night a Moroccan had come to ring the bell and when he opened his door he was beaten and kicked and all his money 850 euros were stolen from his home. I took him home and told him to stay the rest of the week with us. After a few days he wanted to return to his home and I said I will come back on Saturday to stay the weekend with us.
      After I had brought him home he called a taxi to take him to his bank and had brought back 1,000 euros from his account …
      When I rang Saturday to pick him up, he stood trembling on his legs, that previous night he was robbed again by the same filthy Moroccan. His 1000 euro which was on the table was also stolen. With great difficulty because he weighed only 50 kilos and almost could not go I took him to a police station, the police took note of what had happened and they would invite my brother to detect the possible perpetrator through photographs.
      I gave my address to the police but have never heard from them in connection with those robberies.
      That particular Moroccan was undoubtedly stoked by the jew soros.

    2. @ Ingrid Exactly! The many ‘Color Revolutions’ and ‘Arab Springs’ can indeed be traced to wealthy fanatic jews like George Soros. Also see the SITE online source of the ‘ISIS’/Daesh stage managed ‘beheadings’. The jewess Rita Katz has her claws all over it. The freaks want very badly to demonize Islam and to foment hatred between races, ethnic groups, Religious Sects, Nations and tribes as well. Divide & Conquer.

  16. I have my doubts that he actually wrote that. The article in the link above doesn’t even provide a link to his blog. That is where you might find evidence if he actually wrote what is claimed or not. It said he deleted his comment, not the responses. It seems to me if the story is real they could have provided a link to his blog. According to Wikipedia this is Fareed Zakaria’s website. I don’t see anything on there.


  17. When foreign exchange students first started coming to the United States in the early 70s there was an epidemic of rape and sexual exposure on college campuses. I was never raped on campus but middle eastern men exposed themselves in front of me twice. The library was one of those places where women might be discovered in quiet places… I remember that most of us had no experience of being afraid before this time. I remember getting in a fight with my boyfriend and walking home alone in the middle of the night–it didn’t even cross my mind that something might happen to me and it didn’t. That was the world of the 50s and 60s… no one really locked their doors, women were not afraid to be in the streets. Now I live in a very good neighborhood but there are some places I wouldn’t walk at night–like areas that are heavily wooded.

    Of course, this rape situation in Europe is unacceptable. Europeans should stop immigration immediately. . The North African immigrants are trashing beautiful European cities that have for centuries attracted tourists. I’m furious at the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton for pillaging these countries and stirring up the immigrant situation, but still the Europeans have to protect themselves. Germany really has a reason now to drop out of the European Union and take back its government.

    This hatred of the white race is a sickening trend. I’ve noticed even Kevin Barrett sometimes slips over the line. I loathe CNN anyway, but now I loathe them even more for not firing Fareed Zakaria. Disgusting..

    1. @ Kapoore

      How I love reading your posts. You bring light and sanity to this benighted site. You cleanse the mind. Thank you.

      1. @LD

        How I love reading your posts.

        How about my posts, LD? Hope they are not disturbing you too much. If they are – let me know, and I’ll bring the intensity a notch down.

        I didn’t like the not so subtle hints from old fox Sardonicus to watch my steps 🙂

    2. @Kapoore

      This hatred of the white race is a sickening trend.

      There is no hatred for the white race. I am sorry to say this but you are practicing skulduggery here, whether you are aware of it or not.

      There is hatred for what the disgusting Anglo-American Empire is doing to the world. Two big differences – as they say in Odessa.

  18. The only source of this story seems to be the website The People’s Cube. If you go to that site it becomes immediately clear that it is a satirical site that makes fun of all ideas of the Left. For example this is the way they describe the purpose of their site :

    “The purpose of our Progressive movement is to instill enormous guilt among wealth creators, causing them to give their money to us voluntarily. Think of guilt as secondary taxation. While the government extracts the first round of money by taxing a limited number of activities by wealth creators (with the help of a mind-numbing tax code), the imposition of guilt allows us to extract the remaining money in virtually unlimited amounts by associating guilt with the broadest range of activities – from what you eat to how big your toilet tank is. Most of you are guilty merely for breathing air, and the number of victims suffering from your noxious CO2 exhaust is unlimited – from the whole planet Earth to endangered microscopic communities of bacteria that thrive collectively on dead bodies and whose existence you are jeopardizing by selfishly staying alive. – See more at: http://thepeoplescube.com/peoples-tools/the-purpose-of-this-site-t3166.html#sthash.FWvD9TUT.dpuf

    It’s a spoof, like all their articles. Case closed!

  19. One thing for sure is Pharisee-Jew-type tricks have allowed…

    Fareed Zakaria



    and numerous others…
    to gain fame through the confused pack…. without sufficient facts.

    DARPA and NSA controlled internet works against free speech through confusion.
    Now… most, lacking critical thinking, are purposely and properly confused… and ready to be programmed…!!

    Pharisee-Jews win.

    Defeat them with facts… not guesses.

    1. @Pat

      Pharisee-Jews win.

      …. and when they do, their bank tellers win too.

      Where have you been, Pat? Went out for a walk, I guess, as I have advised you? I was kind of worried about you after that weird glitch in your wiring. I’m sure glad you are OK, old man.

      Defeat them with facts… not guesses.

      This is a huge improvement, man! I knew I could help you … Sure glad I didn’t give up on you 🙂

      1. Cirrc –

        Thanks for the concern, ‘youngin.’

        Stay the course… I have not given up, so don’t you. 🙂

        I have been out collecting dirt on Putin and HIS extremist Chabad Pharisee-Jew buddies.
        Putin is a ‘sham-scam-planner’…. with them.

        Why Is Chabad Helping Christian Extremists?
        Jay Michaelson
        October 26, 2015


        This is not the first time that Chabad has played the role of Jewish Uncle Tom for these specific Christian extremists. In Russia, leading Chabad rabbis are close associates of Vladimir Putin and were present at the signing of the so-called “anti-propaganda law” that has led to widespread increases in violence, as well as to the criminal prosecution of human rights organizations.

        Indeed, the Putin connection is not mere coincidence. WCF was co-founded by Carlson and two Russian arch-conservatives, and last year’s conference was scheduled for Moscow, before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine made it appear unseemly. Its Russian funders include the oligarchs Konstantin Malofeev and Vladimir Yakunin, both in Putin’s inner circle. And as noted above, WCF leaders conceived and promoted the Anti-Propaganda Law.

        Yes, at a time in which the United States finds itself squaring off against Putin’s Russia in the Ukraine, Syria and elsewhere around the world, American extremists are finding common cause with their Russian counterparts in the Putin regime. And that includes Chabad.

      2. @Pat

        I have been out collecting dirt on Putin and HIS extremist Chabad Pharisee-Jew buddies.

        Yes, yes, Pat, I have noticed that. Please continue doing that – whatever activity helps to improve patient’s condition shall not be prohibited by his therapist.

        Thou shalt not prohibit – Eleventh Commandment of the Torah. Or shalt that be the Eleventh Commandment? Damn you, Sir Hugo The English French.

      3. “before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine ” : hate to say it Pat, but that really is a glitch, Russia did not invade the Ukraine, the US did..

      4. Ingrid –
        Thomas D. Grant says different… 🙂

        Apart from Iraq, no member State of the United Nations has done anything quite like it.

        First, in 2008 against Georgia, then on an ever widening stage since February 2014 against Ukraine, the Russian Federation has invaded a fellow member State and forcibly separated territory belonging to that country.

        No other state, not even Russia before the invasions, had made any claim to that territory.


        Thomas D. Grant is an international lawyer based at the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law at Cambridge University, UK. He teaches and writes on a range of international law topics. He has acted as counsel or adviser to governments and private parties before various international courts….

  20. They little demons hardly need the likes of what’s his name to tell them to carry on! Do they? Whats his name made me do it! Haha!

    How about .. How dare you European women(and men) believe you can walk down a German street at night without being multiculturalized by newly arrived African miscreants, cretins and goblins!?

    How about .. Damn you vigilantes! You who stand in the way of the newly arrived African young-un’s divine mission/invitation to achieve a fruitful life among the infidels, all the while delivering the ‘the goods’ AND the one and only true god, to all European women(and men)!!

    Or is it perhaps the newly arrived young-uns, who need delivering?
    Merkel, Cameron, Hollande … is the EU up for a democratic vote on it?
    No? Didn’t think so..

    This sort of thing would never happen in Paris, Tx.
    Or London, Tx.
    Well .. once. Maybe.

    1. Oh, I forgot.
      And the (literally) bastards (literally) get paid for it..

      Europe! Haha! What a town!

  21. I know Muslims are committing rape in Europe. I don’t know if Jews are behind this. Ingrid posted a reasoned comment.

    What saddens me is the fact that the article’s headline is ‘Rape White Women Without Mercy!’ — CNN Host Fareed Zakharia, which in my opinion is not properly researched or verified.

    I personally think it’s a hoax. Maybe we will never know either way. I like this site. I feel free to post my opinions about the Jew World Order without being abused. BUT, the people behind this site should have the integrity to acknowledge if and when they get things wrong. Otherwise it takes away the credibility of the site and the posters too.

    1. @ Red Onions

      We are not here to protect you from your critics, Red Onions. Nor are we here to be lectured by you on our possible lack of “integrity”. This is not the first time you have presumed to instruct us on how to run our website. If you don’t like the way we do things here, feel free to leave and go elsewhere.

      — DZ

      1. admin,

        my advice to you is to give this ugly bitch the boot. she’s getting above herself. so is circassian and avatar. all these neurotic troublemakers need to be shown the door at once. the sooner the better. there’s no chance of them changing.

        ian mounce
        (silent reader)

      2. Red Onions :

        They’re only here to protect Pat and his hydra-heads from critics, Red Onions, believe me, I know. Pat’s the biggest cry baby around here, he needs a whole office staff to protect him from criticism. Pat is so sensitive Pat [ and his hydra-heads] considers any questioning of what he says as an all out attack on his integrity. He’s very sensitive that way, TOO sensitive. So sensitive it’s downright suspicious. Feel free by all means to say whatever you want –> as long as you don’t ask Pat or any of his hydra-heads any questions, say whatever you want as long as you agree with Pat & hydra-heads 100%. Agree with Pat 100% or get lost. Right, Pat? Is my “guess” a correct “guess” or what? I ask you, Pat, because you’re the world’s leading expert on making guesses. You know what my guess is, Pat, my guess is you’re a spoiled coddled whiddle cry-baby asshole, that’s my guess.

        1. @ Pat

          I am allowing this comment to pass through because it seems pretty harmless, but in future if you don’t wish TROJ to address you in this disrespectful manner just let me know — and I will delete all such negative comments addressed to you from this source.



      3. @ Red Onions

        I’m sorry to see you decided to flounce off in disgust just because you weren’t allowed to tell the Administrators here how to run their website. Frankly, you have a bloody cheek thinking you can go on to someone else’s website and openly question their integrity. If you honestly believe that Lasha Darkmoon is an agent of the Jews and is insincere and devious, you lack intelligence.

        Yes, I read your stupid comment before it was deleted. Well let me tell you, you repulsive liar, I am not the same person as Sardonicus, who knows a lot more than I do about Jews and has a completely different style, and I am not Dr Parker either, who was given to the foulest language, a language I never once used. So it is YOUR intelligence and integrity that needs to be questioned, Red Onions. Why should anyone here pay the slightest attention to your ideas if your defamation of my character is backed BY NO EVIDENCE WHATEVER?

        So tell me, you specialist in character assassination, what proof do you have that I am the same person as Sardonicus and Dr Parker? Just a hunch, eh? Let me tell you WHY you make these false allegations. It’s because the three people whose names you mention all happen to have criticized you and got up your nostrils! This is why you tar them all with the same brush.

        I am no longer impressed with your other comments on the Jews. This is because I now know you are prepared to make defamatory statements WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE!

        This is not the first time you’ve been slung off a website or had to leave in disgrace, is it? They gave you the chop at David Icke’s website, didn’t they, because you created problems there too! It seems wherever you go you create problems.

      4. Toby –

        If TROJ is mad and attacks me… I’m happy. Pleased.

        Besides…. he laughs his ass off his shoulders every day, and rolls on the floor until the ‘white jacketed’ attendants at Chattahoochee State Hospital help him up….
        …..and put his ass back on his shoulders to comment here. 🙂

        See his beautiful residence in Florida:


    2. RO –

      No one knows everything. No one is perfect.

      It is up to you to discern your ‘take’ on all you read and hear. Keep what you want. Toss the rest.

      This site is doing better than any others. There are good ideas here. Lots of food for thought.

      Other sites require registration. I do not comment there.

      1. I agree with Pat red onions. DM posts interesting, controversial subjects, and it is up to us to discern the veracity, exchange opinions, doubts etc. something you yourself excel at. I hope you decide to stay, if only to challenge Darlington`s gleeful, childish crowing. There are similarities between him and the good Dr. (whatever became of him?) both accusing you, and me, of being “tossed off other sites”. Yes, it`s interesting how Darlington goes, the good Dr appears, then disappears, and Darlington reappears.. Just waiting for gleeful, childish crowing to be hurled in my direction..

      2. @ Ingrid B

        I’ve always had a soft spot for you, so I’ve no reason to attack you. Red Onions is a different kettle of fish. A quarrelsome woman specialising in character assassination and in cheeking the administrators of this website. What right does she have to question their “integrity” or tell them how to run their website?

        Do you do that? Does Pat do that? Does Lobro do that? No, no one does that except the bigheaded Red Onions.

        If she doesn’t think the website she’s posting on has any “integrity”, why is she posting on it? Why doesn’t she just piss off?

        You know I’m making a good point. Anyway, I’m not going to attack you. It’s because I think you’re basically a nice person. You’re not gonna do a Harbinger on me! That guy was too sensitive to survive. What the hell happened to him?

        I guess you’re relishing your power, having driven old Harbie away. Too bad. That was naughty of you. Very naughty indeed. I hope you won’t do it again if the poor blighter ever comes back! 🙂

      3. @Darlington, you and Harbie both, overestimate my “power”. Anyway, it seems you and the good Dr got your wishes granted, your combined attacks on red onions worked..

      4. @ Ingird. I’ve been banned or moderated for doubting the headline of this article. I was never rude or making accusations about it. Many posters have said much worse including yourself. Why do they attack me?

        Don’t bring Harbinger into my battles. I have the utmost RESPECT FOR THE MAN, even though I sometimes disagreed with him. Harbinger knows Michael Hoffman is the primary souce of the evil Talmud than any other acadamic, but this site pay him lip service. Harbinger and Hoffman have integrity, and sadly this is lacking from the crew and some commentators on this site.

        1. @ Red Onions

          TO INGRID: “I’ve been banned or moderated for doubting the headline of this article. I was never rude or making accusations about it.”

          You lie. You questioned the “integrity” (your own word) of our website by claiming that Lasha had given the article a title she had no right to give it. The title Lasha gave it was this:

          ‘Rape White Women Without Mercy!’ — CNN Host Fareed Zakharia.

          That was a perfectly honest, accurate and legitimate title to give the article in view of the FIRST paragraph of the article. Here is what the first paragraph says:

          “Fareed Zakaria, CNN host of ‘Foreign Affairs,’ has in his private blog called for THE MERCILESS RAPE OF WHITE FEMALES by Islamic minority groups shortly after openly gloating over the rise in premature deaths of white males in his article in The Washington Post.”

          Please get your eyes tested, Red Onions! It says in the very first paragraph of the article that Fareed Zakharia had called for THE MERCILESS RAPE OF WHITE FEMALES!!!

          And you dare to question Lasha’s “integity” and tell us that Lasha is distorting or doctoring the article’s title?

          As far as I’m concerned, Red Onions, you have severe psychological problems. We are certainly not going to let you stay on this website and keep dissing us any longer. You are an out-and-out liar for making out that Lasha has distorted Fareed Zakharia’s meaning in the choice of her title. She did no such thing! Her title is spot-on and 100% accurate!

          Read the first paragraph of the article again:


          1. And what proof do you have for your baseless allegation that Sardonicus, Darlington and Dr Parker are the same person? Perhaps you would like to add Lobro, Pat and TROJ to the mix?

      5. RO –

        Harbinger and Hoffman have integrity, and sadly this is …
        …. lacking from the crew and some commentators on this site.”

        THIS type of comment – in bold – is what I meant about your “picking fights.”

        Stop it. You can do better. Don’t chastise others… unless in defense. No one should care about your thoughts about “the crew and some commenters..”
        I know I don’t give a damned about that….

        ….commenters and YOU don’t even use real names.. 🙂

        If you like Hoffman… post his info… be his rep here. Good going.

        Stop picking fights. 🙂 🙂

      6. red onions, I know you weren`t rude to anyone, also I didn`t drag Harbinger into this, our “friend” Darlington did, he obviously enjoys keeping the cat`s arse to the fire. I hope you stay..

  22. @ Uncle :

    How come so many of my posts are being prohibited, Uncle? Why am I being shut-out of the discussion? Especially as ALL the posts I send in to you are FACT-BASED TRUTHFUL MAKE A LOT OF SENSE LOTS OF COMMON SENSE, I even include links to back up my FACT BASED TRUTHFUL assertions, so what EXACTLY is the problem here that I’m getting shut-out of the discussion and my posts [ for the overwhelming MOST part] are being prohibited? How come everyone else can send in as many posts as they want, but I’m allowed a paltry few? Why isn’t Pat limited to the number of posts he can send in? Or anyone else for that matter? It’s not that I want to see anyone get treated as shabbily as I get treated here, I’m just curious as to why EXACTLY am I the one singled out all the time for censorship when ALL the posts I send in are FACT BASED AND TRUTHFUL. wtf is your problem, unc?

  23. Ouch … It looks like I got the boot.

    Told you – The House will lose this fight against Circassian.


    1. @ Circassian

      Good riddance!

      @ Red Onions

      You have nothing to expose except your neurotic stupidity and ignorance.

    2. Circ –

      Only you are fighting.. you are shadow-boxing with yourself.

      You should stop… and… Say, “Thank you for helping me, Pat.” 🙂

      RO should stop picking fights also.

      1. Pat. I’m not picking fights. I only said I doubted the accuracy of the article about the the CNN reporter. Surely you of all people must know that we have been fed a lifetime of jewish lies, and this site has not proven that the CNN report is true, and you asked for verification too, which has not been forthcoming.

        So don’t pick a fight with me, ask the editors for proof.

        DZ: The editors are not under obligation to take instructions from you.

        1. @ Avatar
          You won’t get attacked by this site or your comments banned, but I did. WHY?

          DZ: Avatar has just been banned from this website, as you have been, because of your incorrigible insolence. Neither of you know how to behave. You have had several warnings but failed to toe the line.

          How dare you question our “integrity” and then think you have a right to continue attacking our site! You are a guest in someone else’s house. You fail to understand that. This is our house and you are a guest in our house. If you insult us, we kick you out. It’s as simple as that.

          We don’t offer hospitality to ill-mannered guests who spit in our faces at the dinner table!

  24. Middle -Easterners do not belong in the West. “East is east and west is west and never the twain shall meet.” However, I did spend time in the East and became lightly involved with these people. I was treated with total respect and never had so much as a hint of sexual overture made towards me and back in those good old days I was a mighty good-looking red-head, over the hill now and fading, but I digress . Regardless, birds of a feather flock together and this multi’cult’ madness is going to end badly, as a sweet old drag queen once told me “you can’t fool mother nature.” Let’s hope that the fallout destroys the perpetrators and not the stooges though admit it , wouldn’t you love to beat a stooge senseless? O.k. not senseless as they already are, BEAT SENSE INTO THEM

  25. Islamic State said it was behind an attack by suicide bombers and gunmen in the heart of Jakarta on Thursday, the first time the radical group has targeted the world’s most populous Muslim nation.

    An Indonesian and a Canadian were killed in the attack. Twenty people, including an Algerian, Austrian, German and Dutchman, were wounded.

    “A group of soldiers of the caliphate in Indonesia targeted a gathering from the crusader alliance that fights the Islamic State in Jakarta,” the group said in a statement. It added that 15 people were killed.

    Jakarta’s police chief told reporters: “ISIS is behind this attack definitely,” using a common acronym for Islamic State, and he named an Indonesian militant called Bahrun Naim as the man responsible for plotting it.


  26. I am not blaming poor Swedish women who have been raped, but some of this problem has to be due to the pornography and open sexual attitudes among Swedes. Just like the rape problem going on in India as of late. These guys leave their families and go to work in the big cities. They are treated and live like animals. Then they start to see things they never saw in their little villages and they freak out. I suspect the same thing is going on in Sweden.

    Please don’t think I am justifying or understanding these crimes. But I only mention it to say I don’t think it is necessarily a form of jihad or whatever these scumbags might think or some may say. They themselves may even say it, but I really think it has much more to do with not being in the right place and not being able to handle it.

    Just like the blacks who migrated to the North in the ’30s and ’40s. They didn’t need a passport, but it was such a difference to where they did live that you could make the case that they came from a foreign country. One moment they don’t even understand how to literally wipe their ass or use indoor plumbing. The next moment they are in the cities, with money in their pockets, a place to live that is free or heavily subsidized, and they managed to get into a lot of trouble.

    I am going to guess that if you had the level of sexualization of everything in the ’30s and ’40s as you do today, you might have seen a rape crisis committed by blacks in those years in Northern American cities as well.

    As far as this shithead from CNN goes, who cares what he has to say? If it does reflect his authentic feelings it is only because he too is in a position and a place in which he does not belong in and starts getting weird ideas based on having a job in Jew media. He too is trying to figure out who he is and what he should do.

    Either way, starting a rape program for the sake of a successful jihad will be about as successful as Catholics are in stopping abortion in the Pro-Life movement.

  27. Rape was in OT…and is everywhere…

    Rape and violence against women are a massive problem in India. According to the country’s National Crime Record Bureau, crimes against women have increased by 7.1 percent since 2010. The number of rapes reported has also risen. Nearly one in three rape victims in India is under the age of 18. One in 10 are under 14. Every 20 minutes in India, a woman is raped.

    BUT…. LOOKIE..!!

    And yet India only ranks third for the number of rapes reported each year.
    What country ranks first? The United States..!!

    In India, a country of over 1.2 billion people, 24,206 rapes were reported in 2011. The same year in the United States, a nation of 300 million, 83,425 rapes were reported. In the United States, every 6.2 minutes a woman is raped.

    Even if sexual assault in India is dramatically underreported, which most likely it is, the statistical difference is still striking—as is our uniquely American inclination to dismiss such monstrous human rights violations as problems that other countries face. Not only is violence against women a global pandemic but the United States may be leading the pack.


    1. @ Pat

      Hey, this is a brilliant comment! Well researched. I’ve been in India myself and regret to say that the India I once loved, the India of the rishis and sages, is no more. It’s full of lecherous young men hooked on internet pornography, leering at Western women and pinching their bottoms. Rape has grown exponentially and the tragic victims are often underage village girls. Young girls of 8-9 raped are killed in the fields by marauding Indians from the towns. No one protects these girls.

      Pat, if only you knew! The Israelis are all over India. They are into drugs and prostitution. They are the masterminds behind much of the pornography that is corrupting India’s youths. Yes, there are lots of Indians in it too. Arranged marriages are now becoming a shambles. An innocent girl is married off with a huge dowry to a lecher who ill-treats her and spends his evenings jerking off to porn. This is the man she has married. How cruelly disappointing for her.

      My heart bleeds for the victims, the women and children of India.

      1. The Israelis are also in Sri Lanka, fomenting war between the Tamil Tigers (from India) and the Sri Lanka people. Israel then arms both sides. Before the first Israeli ship arrived in Colombo, Sri Lanka, many years ago, Sri Lanka and India were at peace with each other. No longer, thanks to Israel stirring the shit and arming both countries and helping them to kill each other.

        The US and Britain do the same … fomenting wars in order to sell arms to all the belligerents.

      2. Sard –

        Those Pharisee-Jew ‘dickskinners’ are everywhere. I don’t believe there are so few as claimed worldwide.

        The must be at least 100 million or even 200 million.

      3. Pat,

        Re: Chinese eating live monkey brains… it’s a no-brainer hoax — pun intended

        I had a look at your link. Without any restraints and mechanical contraptions underneath the table the monkey would have escaped, no problem, especially if someone was trying to cut open its cranium. From an engineering, if not from a practical point of view, it just wouldn’t work. The Chinese may be cruel but they are not stupid.

        Here’s what I found:

        Debunking strange Asian myths: Part II
        Do Chinese really pig out on live monkey brains? The writer couldn’t find one who has
        by Mark Schreiber

        This story began over a beer in a Kabukicho restaurant, when an adventuresome Canadian lassie named Christine, who had requested a tour of Shinjuku’s sleazier hangouts, leaned suggestively across the table and asked me in a husky voice if I had ever eaten monkey brains.

        I hadn’t. And for that matter, I certainly wouldn’t. Medical textbooks say eating simian gray matter can give you kuru, a disorder similar to mad cow disease.

        For those unfamiliar with this famous tale — featured in the documentary films “Mondo Cane” and “Faces of Death” — consumption of monkey brains calls for a live monkey (species not specified) to be immobilized by a collar in the center of a table designed specially for such a purpose. A tool of some sort is used to whack open his skull, upon which the live, bloody gray matter is apportioned to eagerly awaiting diners.

        Christine’s question was my cue to embellish on this story, so that I might take perverse pleasure in watching her squirm with disgust.

        But I thought for a moment and realized that, after three and a half decades of wandering around Asia — and eating things that might indeed invoke repugnance on the part of squeamish Westerners — I had yet to partake in this delicacy. I have met exactly two individuals who “claim” to have done so, both Americans and otherwise upstanding citizens, who seemed a bit irritated by my skepticism.

        “It’s an urban legend,” I told her. “Nobody really eats monkey brains.”

        Her countenance reflected an expression of rapt disappointment.

        Well, I thought, perhaps this is as good an opportunity as any to lay this story to rest. So I began sending out e-mails to an assortment of old Asia hands — ex-military men, businessmen, government employees, missionaries, guide book editors. I also fired off queries to about a dozen Chinese chefs. Everybody knew the story. Nobody had ever actually partaken of such a meal, or witnessed a monkey meet its maker in such a cruel manner.

        A few got a good chuckle out of letting their imaginations run wild.

        “Most Chinese places do a lousy job on monkey brains,” one Washington D.C. acquaintance replied, tongue in cheek. “I have a friend who is a high ranking patron of the Friends of the National Zoo and he gets me anything I need. It’s not too difficult to prepare at home — the most difficult part is holding the little bastards still without getting bitten.”

        I also succeeded in getting columnist Cecil Adams to post my query on The Straight Dope web site, and drew quite a few responses. One message, from Gopinath Nagaraj, was of particular interest, and I include it here in its entirety.

        “The story of the monkey being shackled under a table only to have its skull removed and its brain scooped out while it is still alive originates apparently in a newspaper report to that effect sometime in 1948, when a columnist (I’ve forgotten his name) wrote a tongue-in-cheek column on the feeding habits of ethnic Chinese. He was also apparently responsible for the saying that the Chinese eat everything in the water except submarines, everything in the air except airplanes and everything with legs except furniture.

        “He confessed in a revelation some time back (shortly before his death) that he had no idea that the monkey brain story would take on the dimension of an urban legend, but there you are. I am inclined to believe him because in my numerous travels, I have visited many Chinese restaurants, and, while all have heard the story, none have witnessed the event.”

        Oh yes; in my exhaustive search I did find a restaurant in Beijing with “monkey’s brain” on the menu. But get this: it’s a vegetarian establishment. The “brain” is likely to be tofu, which in Chinese is colorfully described as nao (brains) in certain types of cuisine. And when I asked a Chinese chef in my neighborhood what he knew about monkey brains, he brandished a transparent bag of brown, fuzzy mushrooms labeled hou-tou (monkey’s head), imported from China.

        And that’s as close as I succeeded in getting to the bottom, or rather the “top” of this famous story.


      4. JFC –

        Looks like no proof either way. I never did it. Treat it as rumor.

        My mother ate scrambled eggs and brains for breakfast quite often. (Lived to 85. Smoking got her… emphysema.) I didn’t care for them. Neither did dad.

      5. @ Justice For Chinese

        Back in the late 1960’s, it was supposed to be the Thai’s that were eating live monkey brains the same way – same BS, different day, different place.

    2. @Pat, as I said on an earlier thread, it isn`t just women, and girls. In India, they are now raping calves..

      1. Ingrid –

        I agree on sickness.

        Now you’re gettin’ wise.

        You still might be holding that lighted match too close to your own petard…. wanting multiculturalism while condemning a culture.

        You see – now – why it is good to keep cultures separate. None will adjust to your thinking of what is sick or not. They will teach it to your children. Then, it will be in your family’s culture.

        Here is one even worse than screwing a calf:
        Asian east monkey brains scooped out of the skulls of live monkeys right at their table. Pay big bucks too.


      2. @Pat, I understand what you, and others, are trying to say with regard to not mixing cultures, and under normal circumstances, I would agree, but I think we can both agree, that circumstances are far from normal. I think you will also agree, that the displacement, repression, and robbing of the Congolese, is ongoing, the same applies to Syria, that said, I have a couple of questions for you. As you know, we have four refugee families living here, in my little corner of the world, two from the Congo, and two from Syria. My first question is, what do you suggest we do with them, should we send them back where they came from? and before you, as others have done, suggest sending them to neighbouring countries to theirs, I would say that those countries in the MENA region, which would be amenable to accepting these refugees, are either, themselves, in turmoil, involved in turmoil, or, are part of the problem.

        The other question is this, what makes you think that Americans, with “stump-broke” as part of their culture, have a better right to “invade” other countries?

        I see JFC has addressed the issue of monkey brains..

      3. Ingrid –

        “…what makes you think that Americans, with “stump-broke” as part of their culture, have a better right to “invade” other countries?”

        I don’t. I never stated that. I am against all wars except in defense of this soil. That has been my position for many decades. That has nothing to do with what I related to you…. about what others do…. not ME.

        You must need some rest.

        Stop dreaming while typing… and making up things. 🙂

  28. If the truth site publish spoof or propaganda articles without declaration/notice or warning, it seized to be the truth site. It just become another arm of propaganda

    1. @ Naive Earthling

      Nonsense! Only a minority of people on this site believe this is a “spoof” article. Their vaporous opinions do not constitute proof. They have yet to advance convincing evidence that the article is a “spoof”.

      They will not bully us into believing them by resorting to character assassination and ad hominem abuse, as the neurotic and repugnant upstart Red Onions has tried to do.

      Good riddance to her. I never liked her, this pushy and opinionated bitch with a chip on her shoulder.

  29. @Avatar

    Just like the truth about Jews is “anti-Semitic” so is the truth about Islam “Islamophobic”.

    In Islam it is allowed to rob caravans, kill the men and rape the women, because the prophet Muhammad did so. Go to :


    from which the following conclusion :


    From 4:24, it can be rightly assumed, that the Qur’an does not see any wrong-doing in Muslims having sex with captive women even if these women are married and their husbands are still alive. This clearly indicates that the Qur’an allows rape, as captive women, even in the unlikely case of agreeing to sexual intercourse, would still be having that intercourse under duress.


    1. wiki assumes? I believe there were two Mohameds.. It would be nice if we could have a Muslim, not wiki, jew/islam wiki, explanation..

  30. @Ingrid B

    Neither the Qur’an, nor the Hadith or the biography of Muhammad have been written by the Mossad. These authentic sources existed long before the state of Israel was founded or Wikipedia was created. Wikipedia only quotes these sources. You can check those sources for yourtself. It is very childish to deny their contents because they contradict your naive image of “innocent Islam”.

    1. @Franklin – Talmud was written 100 after the disappearance of Jesus (as). Talmud is full of filth about your Lord Christ. Holy Qur’an appeared 600 years after Jesus (as) and it’s full of praise for Jesus, his mother Saint Mary. Now why Talmud is the “unofficial” Constitution of your beloved Zionist entity and Holy Book for Mossad?

      1. Rehmat,
        You are doing the same thing as “Still” has below – by using distortions in order to try and defend Islam – instead of truths, you are not defending it at all /in fact, quite the opposite. You are attacking a poster with spurious details that do not pertain to what he said, and then indulging in a veiled slander to top it off/

        As I have mentioned to Still – Islam… under attack in the west from all sides of the moment – deserves a better defense than that. Won’t you rise to the occasion – instead of descending to the level of its enemies?

  31. In my opinion, all this story of massive Muslim rapists is BS. First, I’m a Muslim and I know a rapist can’t be a Muslim for, there’s an authenticated Hadith (Prophet’s saying) which says: “A fornicator cannot commit fornication while he is a Muslim…” It means, just this action of his excludes him from Islam. Bear in mind that, by fornication, it is meant mutual consent, not rape…Second, it is unbelievable that a thousand Muslim people would sync in such a vile and large-scale crime (unless it’s premeditated-see fourth below) . Third, it is also quite unbelievable that people endure a long and exhausting exodus of thousand miles, fleeing war and persecution, to finally cancel it out in just a night of a bestial whim. If you read the Bible or the Qur’an, the words: persecution, exodus and bestial whim would hint you straight to the Jews. It’s their kind. Fourth, if you think that Daesh, ISIS or ISIL are Muslims (you’re wrong, they aren’t!) you can as well presume that lots of these faked Muslims en masse joined in with the genuine refugees to provoke chaos in Muslim- tolerating countries, as revenge.
    It’s a pity that the “alternative media” ape the “main- stream». It’s not just about the daily news, it’s far beyond. If you don’t question the basic premise you’ll be misled all along. Get to know, from the source what Islam is,to know who is and who is not a Muslim.

    1. “…First, I’m a Muslim and I know a rapist can’t be a Muslim for, there’s an authenticated Hadith (Prophet’s saying) which says: “A fornicator cannot commit fornication while he is a Muslim…” It means, just this action of his excludes him from Islam. Bear in mind that, by fornication, it is meant mutual consent, not rape…”

      That is the classical “no true Scotsman fallacy”: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No_true_Scotsman

      A criminal is not a real Muslim, therefore Muslim criminals don’t exist. You can play that game with all identity groups until you come to the startling conclusion that in the whole world no criminals exist!

      1. I just mean-and it is the rule if I may say say so, that when a Muslim commits some grave misbehaving he is no longer a Muslim and it is the straight meaning of the said-Hadith.By the way, a Muslim, as any one else may commit a crime but he would never, ever boost or even show ,while doing so, that he is a Muslim.He would be ashamed before God first, and before the Muslim community.The point is: a Muslim doesn’t show off wrong-doing.

    2. Dear Still,
      within the froth of lies, distortions, and half-truths that float in the sea of ill will this piece has produced, yours sadly, stands out in its singular degree of misrepresentation – not, ironically, because your overall conclusion is wrong, but by the methods used to defend it!

      Either through naivete, or willful distortion, you claim it impossible for Muslims to act against the dictates of their faith – yet every day, very much as with Christians, and others, millions of Muslims do just that! Just as some are silly enough to claim that Muslims could never be drunk and commit a rape – because alcohol is prohibited to them, persons such as yourself will claim that even extra-marital relations are ‘impossible’ for a self-defined Muslim to engage in.

      One only has to live in a Muslim country – any Muslim country – to KNOW that these statements defy the truth. Muslims who from cradle to grave are seen as members in good standing of that religion are visibly able and willing to do these things – and many others which violated the tenets of their religion – without fear of censure and without remorse. I watch this every day – without judgement or surprise – just as I watched Christians and others to the same degree violate other fundamental tenets of their persuasion when I lived among them.

      You are right that Daesh and the phony jihadis are not ‘real’ Muslims. You are wrong in using that fact to assert the failed logic of your defense of Muslims by illusory standards. Muslims are being badly maligned right now in the western world, for nefarious reasons. They deserve to be given a much better, and truer, defense than the one you have foisted upon us here – which serves only it’s real enemies.

      1. What STILL is saying is that those who do not follow the teachings of Islam, and the Qu`ran, have lost the right to call themselves followers of Islam. Is that so difficult to understand?

      2. Still is not the judge and jury of who gets to “CALL” themselves “Muslims” Ingrid. Outside of that fantasy world – which is not at all “hard to understand” once you recognize it as such…. millions of people who call themselves Muslims, are recognized to be such by “Imans” and generally dictate the terms in their respective countries of who is a “Muslim” or who is not…

        commit acts everyday which would nullify their right to be called Muslims in the mind of Still – and of myself as well, if I thought myself an adjudicator on the matter – yet still in the eyes of the rest of the world are indeed – “Muslims.”

        Where I live, the heavily Islamist government uses its state authority to discriminate against Muslim worshippers who they do not like – and make every effort to punish those who are in any way different from their version of that religion. What THOSE BULLIES AND NON-PRACTICING HYPOCRITICAL MUSLIMS ARE “saying is that those who do not follow the teachings of Islam, and the Qu`ran,[ACCORDING TO THEM] have lost the right to call themselves followers of Islam.” It’s a sick joke.

        Is that so difficult to understand?

        p.s. there is a much better understanding of this issue expressed by another [Muslim]commentator further down this thread. If you read it, you will see why the acceptance of faulty opinions on the part of those who purport to be valid defenders of Islam – but are not – is not at all necessary. Only the truth is good enough.

      3. @Ormanci : “Only the truth is good enough.” : we get the message, only YOUR truth is good enough, no-one else`s..

      4. It’s not working Ingrid. \But it always works! It always works, I tell you!!!/

        Back to the drawing board!

    3. Still, the reason the story cannot be true is that the story is RIDICULOUS on its face. Imagine a marauding gang of, “one thousand Muslim rapists”, moving about from European city to European city. Does it really make SENSE to you?
      Imagine a thousand rapists of any ilk, moving from town to town, finding women (of one particular skin tone)…, and attacking them. Does it make sense, at all?
      Of course it doesn’t.
      But, lemmings and guppies will believe almost anything, as long as it comes from the MSM.
      What i don’t get is this: people who say the news (and/or the government) lies in one area believe them on other topics. Why is that?

      1. annebeck58
        Thanks for fine tuning my point of view. It just doesn’t make sens that a horde of self-claiming Muslims “tour” Europe targeting white women.

        Thank you for your ‘pedagogically’ insulting thread. First of all,the word “impossible” you used twice in a single post I didn’t use even once in my two previous posts.I’m not a native speaker and I never traveled to an English speaking country but I know the difference between the word “unbelievable” I used and the word “impossible” you swap it with. Second,I don’t defend Muslims or , for that matter the refugees*. I can’t take the defense of people I know nothing of them personally, nor do I know anything about the conditions they are living in. I’m defending Islam.Third, has anybody trumpeted that the American soldiers who dropped Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs were Christians? Has anybody said such a thing about those who invaded Iraq and tortured innocent people? Just stop claiming that criminals are Muslims…

      2. Still,
        if, as you say, you have not traveled to an English speaking country, and are not a native speaker of the language[which is astonishing, as your command of it is quite superb], either you are, as too many Muslims I know, overly quick to take offense,
        or alternately, probably not in a position to leverage that non-verbatim paraphrase of your words into the so-called insult you claim to have been delivered.

        Either way, the gist of my comment was to ask you -as I have also asked Rehmat, to find a better way of defending Islam here from its many detractors, than to spout half-truths and distortions.

        Ironic, what that you should pick me out of a crowd to lash back out, seeing it has fallen pon my slender shoulders – absent someone more capable, to do most of the heavy lifting in that regard~! Your unique brand of tunnel vision has also apparently disallowed you to understand that I, exclusively and repetitively have brought attention to the plight of Iraq, and the injustice of its treatment by the west to the attention of the assembly here. No wonder, after years of living among Muslims, I still find it next to ‘impossible’ to work around the problem of their proverbially thin skinned approach to conversation or debate.

        I don’t know what your sport of choice is – if it’s cricket I shouldn’t think I’ll know what the proper equivalent term is – but by common parlance in the sports I know, I believe with your snipppy return volley, you have just managed to score a goal in own net! Take what offense you wish, as a diversion from tackling the job I asked of you.

      3. @Ormanci, “too many Muslims I know, overly quick to take offense,” :
        could it be because you are overly quick to give offense?

      4. Let’s see…
        you live where Ingrid?
        I see. I defer in that case, to your more intimate knowledge of the Muslim male psychology and all associated matters as to that religion and the Muslim world. It’s clear that in your mind the practical experience of daily living in that world is outweighed by something else. Won’t ask what. Doesn’t really matter! If you like your hatchet… you can keep your hatchet!

        If you ever see something contentious about what I have written, why not just save us both time and assume me to be willing to cede the point to you? Cool? I’ve no interest in replacing your buddy Harb here. Look for another mouse to play with.

        I remain, your most,
        etc., etc.,

    4. @STIll, I agree, these rapists are not true followers of Islam, probably never were, there are many muslims who lost their way, and are easy prey for those who would do Islam harm..

  32. First the Mumbai-born dude’s name is Fareed ZAKARIA. He is not only a talk show-host at Murdoch’s Jewish CNN, he is also senior editor at Jewish Newsweek. How he reached there? The same way most Christian journalists have reached the top – either licking Jewish AZZ, or marrying into some influential Jewish family like Hillarys and Bidens. ZAKARIA took the second route. Yes his wife is Jewish.

    Now, ZAKARIA who is ashamed to be called MUSLIM like Salman RUSHDI, is in favor of raping White women – then he is doing in his bedroom almost every night. But, White and non-White folks can enjoy sex with White European women – just visiting one of 280 brothels in Tel Aviv.

    Have fun – whatever tickle you guys.

  33. Captain Horatio Hornblower hoisted the French Flag while sailing into harbor while under French guns. False Flag 101 … You dress up in your enemy’s uniform and everybody comes away with a skewed version of what’s going on. Confusion reigns. What’s truly amazing here is that so many otherwise enlightened messages posters would be falling for the “rape jihad meme” when it should be plain as day that this particular meme is little more than just another clever deception in a long line of clever deceptions. Who is the most eminent promoter of this meme ? Zakariah, the known media stooge !! ….. Zakariah, who appears on same television station (CNN) as the twisted & fanatical Zionist, Wolf Blitzer. Here’s a brief history lesson ….. jewish-marxist partisans operating in the Soviet Union during the height of the Second World War, were notorious for taking uniforms off the bodies of dead German soldiers. The partisans would make themselves appear as German soldiers, and when they committed all manner of atrocities against the local peasant population, the peasantry was more or less duped into believing that it was the Germans who were the enemy rather than the jewish-marxist partisans. This is pretty much how things operate in times of war. It should be more than obvious by now that those who control the mass media are trying like hell to poison our collective minds against the Mohammedans and their civilization. Can’t you see that you are being duped in a most cynical fashion ??

    1. @ Save The Goyim

      I agree. To give any credence to any outlandish statement made by a known jewish stooge is a mistake especially if it incites hatred, so it doesn’t matter if it is true or not.

      1. @ Ungenius
        “To give any credence to any outlandish statement made by a known jewish stooge is a mistake especially if it incites hatred, so it doesn’t matter if it is true or not.”

        How can you discern the truth when the information is being “cooked” by the modern-day disciples of Edward Bernays ?? How can you discern the truth regarding such matters as the much-ballyhooed “rape jihad” ?? YOU CAN’T because we’re being fed a constant diet of poison by the newsmedia ownership.

  34. What we need is a definitive book on the history of atrocity propaganda.
    Back in the early part of the 20th Century, it was the Germans who were the rapists.
    Those Evil Huns were guilty of impaling little babies at the ends of their bayonets.
    How do we know ???
    It was reported in the New York Times.
    The newest “fad” is to attack the goyim of the Middle East.
    Mohammedans are the latest targets of the mendacious atrocity propaganda.

  35. Apropos of “nothing”, let me mention Khodynka Tragedy, about 12 years after first discovery of The Protocols

    Nicholas II was crowned Tsar of Russia on 26 May [O.S. 14 May] 1896. Four days later, a banquet was going to be held for the people at Khodynka Field. In the area of one town square, theaters, 150 buffets for distribution of gifts, and 20 pubs were built for the celebrations. Nearby the celebration square was a field that had a ravine and many gullies. On the evening of 29 May, people who had heard RUMOURS of coronation gifts from the tsar (the gifts which everybody was to receive were a bread roll, a piece of sausage, pretzels, gingerbread, and a cup) began to gather in anticipation.
    At about 5 o’clock in the morning of the celebration day, several thousand people (according to Jay Leyda, estimates reached 500,000[1]) were already gathered on the field. SUDDENLY a RUMOUR spread among the people that there was not enough beer or pretzels for everybody. A police force of 1,800 men failed to maintain civil order, and in a catastrophic crush and resulting panic to flee the scene, 1,389 people were trampled to death, and roughly 1,300 were otherwise injured. [2]

    The cattle behavior is quite predictable, which is why G-d made them cattle.

    1. The Khodynka Field catastrophe could have been avoided if only they had Twitter accounts to expose he facts…. “Missed out on Tweets..!!”

      They even missed out on phone cams… and uploads.

      Example of huge differences today v what happened in 19th century.

      Things will be different in many ways… from now until…

    2. Things will be different in many ways… from now until…

      mass rape at the Cologne train station? 🙂

      Cattle loves ruMOOrs, alway will.
      And the subject of rape is the world’s most fertile soil for imagination and rumor mill.
      But let’s keep this between us, ok?
      Don’t tell the Jew, you never know to what nefarious use he may put it.

  36. Try as I might, I can find no evidence in what Greg Bacon wrote that he dismisses the idea of there being real cases of rape taking place in Europe, perpetrated by newly arrived refugee immigrants of Muslim persuasion.

    I did note his reference as to how this phenomena is being used in social media campaigns to stir up hostility to Muslims in general, via faked evidence. An assertion far different than what his speedy detractors claimed.

    Polarizing the debate, as per usual, into one or the other extreme, by distorting the words of other posters, is hardly conducive to either finding out the truth, or encouraging civil debate on the subject. In fact, it’s only functional result seems to be to shield those well known to benefit from staged events and planted evidence from being held accountable for their behind the scenes management of factional hatreds in service to their agenda.

    Who among us would wish for that?

  37. Oh, come on! Anyone who believes this garbage needs to have his (or her) head examined. I think I’d want to read the entire article/blog before passing judgement. For, if he actually called for the rape of White women (by Muslim/Arab men, no less), I am sure CNN would have had something more to say about it.
    And the story about, ” a thousand Muslim men raping (some?) White women”, is also INSANE. Simply put, it makes no sense. Anyone who believes it plays right into the hands of those who put the story out there. Whom would that be? Well, who runs the media? It ends with.. EW.

    1. hAHAHA. Spot on. That anyone believes such a CRAZY stupid story is beyond my imagination. Then again, it took quite a while for the, “six million”, story to be outed as the trash it is.

  38. Who benefits? Indeed. Whatever “it” is, it’s hideous, calculating, patient, and perverse. “It” watched the meaningless eons of the dinosaur. “It” set up carnivores versus vegetarians and omnivores. Hey there Mr Brontosaurus! Have thou a lesson for us? Tiring of their dino games, “it” devised something more…to its “benefit”.
    People are often inclined to say, “it’s God who builds all the bridges, heals the sick..” etc. I’ve heard this espoused by preachers and pasties of the “new age” alike. They never want to face their fear. Intuitively knowing that “it” makes all the bridges, cancers, rapes, starvation, murder, and WAR!! How “it” loves war. Hell is a one-act play don’t ya know. “It” sets up ideologies solely to attract the moths to its diabolical illumination.
    The hypnotized minions espouse the notion of “free will”. “It” made them do it. “It” made sure that the efficacy of “‘free will” is always rendered mute; especially when it’s needed most. Ala the rape and murder of a young child. “It” thinks your amusing. How “it” loves war.

  39. Thank you.

    Due to caution, and my usual innate surfeit of good will, I had previously put off any judgment of what it is that a “White Warrior” brings to the table. With your latest effusion here, however, any such deferral is no longer necessary – an evaluation of word such as these:

    “start rounding up all the racial filth we have allowed to settle in our lands and then despatch said filth by all and any means necessary”

    can proceed apace,without fear of categorizing you as something you are not.

    If ‘other’ people’s existence within your sight drives you to such magnitudes of hatred to pour forth, it can only be described as a psychopathy, the acuteness of which may be determined by the degree to which you may enforce your words via actions. As mere words, these are not enough to indict you as a ‘criminal psychopath;’ they do however point to you being in service to an agenda which is dangerous to the survival of our ethnic subgroup within the global population as a whole.

    Since there is no doubt, in the mind of anyone with a smattering of strategic thinking available to them, that the survival of the ‘white race’ is contingent upon its success in building alliances with all others targeted by the sionist enterprise for extinction and/or enslavement, to argue, as you do, for the opposite course, is at it’s most benign, a case of strategic incompetence. In its most likely usage, however, it is a dagger aimed at the heart of ‘white survival.’ In fact, such an argument, aping as it does, the racialism of the original racial hegemonists of the rabbinical kind, can be accurately termed \sionism in action.\

    Feel free to return a volley filled with the usual epithets so beloved of the vitriolic supremacist when confronted with an accurate assessment of their game. If you get stuck for ideas, you could go with “race traitor” for instance. That’s one of my faves. A race traitor could be defined as someone who allows their petty psychoses to outweigh the need for a strategic understanding of what best serves their group. Since advocating for cutting off from all potential allies is a concept which underlines that type of condition, the notion of who is a ‘race traitor’ – and who is not, – in the context of this debate, can be brought into play with much emphasis relevance, if desired!

    Oh! One last thing –

    good to see we have, despite our differences, something we can agree on.

    “If any whites feel that it is wrong, well they can go and live with the non-whites”

    Having firmly fixed in my mind some time ago, just who was likely the greater danger to my health and security as a ‘white’ – I did exactly as you prescribe. One of my best calls to date. Jihadis of all persuasions, white, black or in between, are best kept at arm’s length. Their propensity to blow themselves up, causing collateral damage, is a public security problem particularly grave in the west.

  40. Good you calling this out, Greg! The dude is a poster boy for Malcolmx’s version of ‘house negro’ for crissakes, he would never diss the masta for anyone, Muslims especially. What an odd post, to put it politely.

  41. I don’t believe that Fareed Zakharia wrote this stuff. He is a decent man and I just don’t believe he wrote it.

    Now who would have the skills and go to the trouble of hacking Zakharia’s blog and writing this poison?

    The web is a minefield. Be careful about what you believe.

  42. Maybe them homeboyz will think twice next time about torturing and humiliating Muslim prisoners with anal rapes, dogs and other forms of institutionalized degradation.

    How dare Iran violate Murrikin sacred right to sail fully armed into Iranian territorial waters? What’s the matter, they hate our freedoms or something?

    I am just wondering what was the original purpose, maybe some JSOC act of assassination, sabotage or painting a cruise missile target with a laser pointer.

    White warriors at their best, fighting Moozlems on their beaches before they come to ours

    How do you like them apples now? 🙂

  43. ***Attention***

    As a Muslim I guarantee you that while this Zakaria tool may have said some really evil, racist sh** about white people which is truly despicable, disgusting and bad enough (and he SHOULD be called out for it and rebuked, if not at least penalized in some way!) he DID NOT say that the Prophet Muhammad gave “us” (i.e. “Muslims”) a foolproof way to speed up the the vanquished nation by treating “their” (i.e. white?) women as sex slaves!

    Why? Well, because the prophet Muhammad NEVER SAID THAT! There is NO “hadeeth” (i.e. Traditions or recorded sayings/actions – the collections of this are known as “the Sunnah” – of the Prophet that over the centuries had to be verified by scholars using very strict, stringent criteria) that exists of this! Nothing even close. Even the filthy, fanatical, Jewish, Israhell 1st (and 2nd and 3rd), anti-Muslim lying propagandists have never said this, although they do go on and on about so-called “rape jihad” something that does not even exist! (Yes, there may be Muslim criminal filth and scum that of course have done truly evil things like raping, stealing, etc., such as the total FILTH that did that stuff over New Years, etc., and they should be tried and executed yesterday, but this doesn’t mean that it’s part of the religion!). And back then (as there are still some today) there were light/white skinned Arabs. Roughly what many Southern (or other) Europeans look like, if not lighter. And the prophet Muhammad was described as very light/white skinned. His companions (the Sahaba – analogous to the apostles of Jesus son of Mary) were made up of different races including of course mostly Arabs, but also various black Abyssinians, Persians, and Romans (Europeans). And back then, the blacks (as today unfortunately) or generally very dark skinned Arabs or “Arabized” people (such as the Sudanese, who are a mixture of Arabs and black negroid sub-Saharans, and probably mostly black) are looked down upon. Although to be honest some of the Muslim Arab scientists/explorers did come across various pagan black negroid groups in parts of Africa that truly had evil ideologies such as human sacrifice and even cannibalism (like what a few of the Amerindian groups of Central America were practicing when the Spanish first came over), so this may have played a part, I don’t really know. There’s nothing in the religion that tells Muslims to be anti-white (or anti any color). Or racist against white people (just because there may be a Muslim, regardless of his/her race, that is racist against another race, does not mean that this is part of the religion). And I would hope that you all would know that the black devils of the so-called nation of “Islam” (sic), are disbelievers/non-Muslims and IMO this is one reason that many foreign born Muslims or ones born in North America, may not at times trust Muslims that happen to be black because some (though not all) maybe used to be part of the NOI cult, before becoming Muslim, so this may be in the back of the minds of some.

    Anyway, while I don’t doubt that “Muslims” criminals (and IMO they really should NOT have gone there in the first place and should be deported ASAP!) are indeed doing bad and evil things in Europe (including before the last wave of migrants last year), not EVERY single rumor is true. While some rumors are unfortunately 100% true, many others are a mixture of half truths, and others are straight up lies, period. Some of these false rumors are misinformation while some is “disinformation.”

    I can give a few examples:

    Blue eyed native kids being beat up by jealous or just A-hole Arabs for whatever reason. This has been debunked several times. In fact one of the kids they kept showing over and over was one that had been attacked and mangled by a dog.

    Muslims/Arabs breaking into petting zoos/zoos, stealing, cooking and then eating various said animals, over a camp fire. This cities/locations have changed but this also had been debunked several times.

    There are allegations that ALL of the rapes in various cities in Sweden are being committed by Muslims, but this has not been proven (it’s despicable enough that many of these rapes have been committed by so-called “Muslims” which is bad enough right?), and while it is said that 70-80% are committed by foreigners, the police never said “Muslims,” they said “foreigners,” and there could be a lot of black African Christians/animists, Indian Subcontinent non-Muslims, Arab/Assyrian Christians involved, in addition to Eastern Europeans such as Bulgarians, Romanians, Poles etc., involved in these rapes. And even 10-15 years ago, Sweden made the laws even more strict (as even Zionist stooge and CIA/Western Intel psy-op participant Julian Assange is facing a rape charge, even though this is based on flimsy “evidence,” and both parties admit that at the time, it was consensual).

    And while this is not directly related to Europe, I thought I would bring this up. Can anyone say if they have been to Dearborn, Michigan? Because various extremist, anti-Muslim, Ziocon Jew, or Jew stooge shabbos goy, Hasbarat liars are always “kvetching” about Dearborn and have flat out said that Dearborn is under tyrannical “Shariah Law” (oh my G-d!!!!!) and others have made suggestions that the military should be sent in and the city then firebombed (!!!!), etc. But this is not true – as far as the city being under “Shariah Law.” (of course extremist Ziocons never lie right?) The city has an Irish American Catholic mayor and there is a lot of evidence that all of the great freedoms that make ZOG so great and awesome are there, such as various XXX strip clubs, liquor stores, and prostitutes, etc., and are NOT going to be closed down or sent elsewhere anytime soon.

    And since I’m on the subject of Dearborn, MI (which is said to have the highest rate, like 40-50% or so of the population, of evil “Mooslambs” per capital of any US city), the crime rate is not too high and is at least average compared to other smaller cities of the same size, but if it was after dark, would you all rather be walking down the street of 95% (or whatever it is) “Christian” Detroit, or so-called “Muzzie” occupied Dearborn? And how come the phony, POS, Hasbarat Zionist trash NEVER talk about the far more evil, thuggish, criminal and violent “Christians” that are committing heinous crimes every single day all across America?

    1. At last, a Muslim correspondent who can wield a pen better than a hatchet! Good on you.

      Take notes, Still and Rehmat – there is a way to go about the business without recourse to nonsense. Case closed.

    2. @ Anti-Ziocon

      Brilliant. I’m glad you wrote this. I will do all I can to publicize it. You have my full support.

    3. “And how come the phony, POS, Hasbarat Zionist trash NEVER talk about the far more evil, thuggish, criminal and violent “Christians” that are committing heinous crimes every single day all across America?”

      Good question. Many answers.

      One answer is to keep tourism from dropping. That is especially true in Las Vegas, Orlando and New Orleans.

      MainStream Media – MSM – never reported this in NOLA in Nov 2015 when 300 people were attacked by gunmen:

      SIXTEEN PEOPLE SHOT at New Orleans park after gunmen shot into large party [VIDEOS]

      New Orleans police say at least 10 people – and probably MORE – were wounded in an apparent shootout at a park in New Orleans’ 9th Ward.
      Police spokesman Tyler Gamble says police were on their way to break up a big crowd when gunfire erupted at Bunny Friend Park.
      Ambulances took 10 people to hospitals, and police were told that OTHERS were taken by private vehicles.


  44. “… to find a better way of defending Islam”.
    People are getting more and more aware of the propaganda waged against Islam through different ways ,the last being the STAGED ATTACKS ( Charlie Hebdo ,Sandy Hook, in Cologne…) nowadays, cell-phones with digital Cameras are common place and no significant event of any length can occur without being videotaped by many witnesses. To paraphrase Jim Stone, among other pieces of evidence, I want to see more than a footage of any alleged violence ,taken discretely, with unsure hands.
    Find a better way to defame an ever spreading religion.

    1. ‘Still-born’
      If you read J Stone then you have read my geopolitical assessments – delivered from the ME in the cause of mitigating the hatred of Muslims in the West. Yet you seem to be intent upon starting up a grudge match with this site’s most stalwart defender of your religious persuasions cause.

      \you are the exact mirror image of those cerebrally-challenged parties of the occident who look to create trouble and mischief where none exist outside of their petty minds/

      Common English usage…
      Some Muslims are unbelievably thin-skinned, aren’t they?
      Some Muslims are impossibly thin-skinned, aren’t they?

      Same meaning… same message/ get it? Go howl at the moon. We now have sufficiently skilled advocates for the Muslim cause without need of your counter-productive and failed efforts.

      1. How dare you? what gives you the right to believe that your opinions matter more than STILL`S? such arrogance. unbelievable..

      2. How dare I what Ingrid?
        Seems you are working yourself up into a terrible state… about who knows what really?

        That’s kind of a pattern with you I’ve noticed… from the very first moment of your directing attention my way – with the kind of petty insult which stands in here for anything of substance in the way of a debating point. Did my failure to engage bring about some deep-seated anxiety about your proven “method?” Used to work like a charm huh?

        And now it’s seems that you are having some trouble letting “Still” fight his own[self-generated]battles!??! Too comical… in an already over the top thread! Just think of what use you could put all that … err, energy to, in some kind of productive pastime!

        Easy up there gal… take two(2)pills and call us in the morning.

        still remaining,
        your most…

      3. I hate to narrow general issues down to personal argument but it seems you want to keep the case open . While some guests try to monitor their host , you try to monitor another guest. Well, I may not be a good advocate for the Muslim cause and I guess it is none of your business as yourself you stand against this very cause. The reason you are trying to belittle my comments may lay elsewhere, in my first post , behind the words: ” persecution,exodus and bestial whim”. If they triggered your anger again, I guess, and everybody else will guess what your cause is. If I am wrong I apologize and the case is closed.

      4. Apology accepted, although not for the reasons you have guessed to be behind my concern. As I have gone to considerable pains to emphasize to you, we are both here advocating for the same cause =

        mutual understanding and solidarity between east & west, in the cause of preventing sionists fomenting conflict between the two. We have therefore, absolutely no reason to be at odds, no matter how much dear Ingrid would try to stir the pot of misunderstanding to suit her own bizarre and petty ends.

        If I have critiqued your presentation in defense of Islam, it is in order that this defense reach its maximum utility in front of this audience – an audience I have some considerable experience in understanding. I have put that experience at your disposal, as somehow who, like our friend with the very well-presented brief above, has an opportunity to make an impact upon this debate, in favor of ‘our’ side.

        Please therefore, also be gracious enough to accept my apologies for any offense received from my words.

        best regards.

      5. @still, it is nice that your former persecutor accepted your humble apology, but I fear it was accepted for nefarious purposes, ie. to save face. This self righteous, self appointed “expert” would benefit by adopting a little of your humility..

      1. Ingrid B
        Thank you for the support Ingrid B. I have my own idea but I’d rather not stir a marginal, most distracting aparté.

  45. Everyone keeps forgetting….
    “Jews are fundamentaly liars. They lie mercilessly even to themselves. Jews lie about everything. Meaning by everything literally “every single thing”. You can’t have a simple truth from a Jew. Even or the most insignificant thing. I guess there must be some psychiatric, anthropological and sociological explanations for that lying compulsive behavior. There’s no more racist and disgusting slogan than “the chosen people.” It looks like derived from that slogan, they are taught and trained in the synagogues not to try and do anything but oppress peoples. For that purpose they lie again and again. Jews give God a bad name”
    The Jews will have all the goy arguing forever until they realize they are being lied to.

      1. @ Jack Harper

        You are correct: Jews love CHAOS and rule the roost when “White Warriors” want a RACE WAR with everybody except the JEWS. I guess jews look white to him.

        On the topic of RACE, did you know that “Arab” means “mixed race”? I first heard this claim made by Christopher Jon Bjerknes. I did a quick search and found this at Wikipedia:

        “In the Bible, the word ʿarav is closely associated with the word ʿerev meaning a “mix of people” which has identical spelling in unvowelled text. Jeremiah 25:24 parallels “kings of ʿarav ” with “kings of the ʿerev that dwell in the wilderness”. The account in 1 Kings 10:15 matching 2 Chronicles 9:14 is traditionally vowellized to read “kings of the ʿerev “. The people in question are understood to be the early Nabateans who do indeed appear to have been a mix of different tribes. The medieval writer Ibn an-Nadim, in Kitab al-Fihrist, derived the word “Arab” from a Syriac pun by Abraham on the same root: in his account, Abraham addresses Ishmael and tells him uʿrub, from Syriac ʿrob, “mingle”.”


        Pardon my conceit, but I am reminded of my earlier rebuttal to “White Warrior” regarding the British Empire and Imperialism in general, which went over his head, I’m afraid. If he does not accept my argument that the British Empire was not British but Jewish, then the only conclusion that he is trumpeting might be summed up thus: “When Whites ruled the world, they slaughtered each other in the hundreds of millions; as many as 110 million in only the first half of the 20th century!” Mazel Tov!

        My original comment/rebuttal to “White Warrior”: https://www.darkmoon.me/2016/white-genocide/#comment-915682

        I might add that one of the unintended or rather intended side effects of Jewish Imperialism is miscegenation. The best example of this in history is the Roman Empire and today in our lifetimes we see miscegenation is ‘de rigueur’ in the American heartland and Empire, and soon, too, in Europe; either by rape or not. Shalom.

      2. @Justice for Chinese

        It is true that in the 20th century Jews had a profound affect on Great Britain’s policies and 20th century history. In WW I Jews lobbied the British to promise Palestine to them as a state which the British did in 1917, in the middle of WW I. In return the Jews promised the British that with their influence they could bring the Americans into WW I on the British side, which they did. In 1917 the USA declared war on Germany and sent troops to Europe which turned the conflict into the British and French favor. This has been said by people in the know and it has been kept out of the media and history books simply by hardly ever mentioning it. Watch
        minutes 8:30 – 11:30 of Alison Weir’s discussion of her recent book “Against Our Better Judgement”. Weir discovered this while doing research on the Israel – Palestine conflict.


        But Alison Weir wasn’t the first person to discuss this. An American Jewish convert to Christianity, a former Zionist and a US representative at the Versailles Treaty peace conference who knew the participants, made a speech in 1961 in which he said the Jews brought the USA into the war on the British side in return for the Balfour declaration. It’s a fascinating speech. Benjamin Freedman speaks.


        In addition, historian David Irving has copies of the compete correspondence between the leader of Zionism and first president of Israel, Chaim Weizmann and Winston Churchill in which Weizmann is asking Churchill to grant the Jews their own army (which they got) in WW II and in return he says the Jews can bring the USA into WW II on the British side. He says they did it in WW I and they can do it again. You can view a copy of this actual letter (from the Israeli archives) in which he says this. I can’t view pdf’s with my computer right now so I can’t post the link.

        David Irving discusses these findings in his speech posted here. He also discusses the Jews influence on Churchill in WW II. In 1936 the head of Jewish Zionism in Britain made a huge financial contribution to Winston Churchill and other wealthy Jews followed with making their own contributions to a financially strapped Churchill to get him to wage war on Germany. You can also see the complete speech on this on youtube called “Churchill’s War” by David Irving.


        But oddly, I think your statement “When Whites ruled the world, they slaughtered each other in the hundreds of millions; as many as 110 million in only the first half of the 20th century!” is true. The Jews were powerful in all countries, but I wouldn’t say they “ruled” the British Empire. In WW II a corrupt politician (David Irving’s words) by the name Churchill knowingly accepted money from wealthy Jews and knowingly destroyed the British Empire by bankrupting it in 1941 by turning down another peace offer from the Germans.

        Here is the Jew Max Blumenthal accusing Alison Weir of being anti-semitic. He has also interviewed David Irving about his career and said the same thing about him. They are the most powerful force in the world today and they are keeping the facts hidden, using their supposed victimhood and accusing others to keep people from revealing the truth.

      3. @ Peter

        Thanks for your links. Of the three, Benjamin Freedman is the most compelling and revealing about the JWO. We are simpatico.

        Regarding WWI and WWII: insofar as the majority of Americans at that time were of German descent, they were indeed fratricidal wars!

      4. “They are the most powerful force in the world today and they are keeping the facts hidden, using their supposed victimhood and accusing others to keep people from revealing the truth.”

        True, the truth is the greatest threat to Jewish Power, which for the past 100 years has been based on lies and hiding facts.

        The mainstream media in America is so biased towards Jews as to be not worth reading or watching.


  46. As Wilmot Robertson wrote years ago in his “The Dispossessed Majority”, the European female is the “aesthetic prop” that men desire and non-white women wish to emulate.
    The White race is, so far, the pentacle of human evolution, in beauty and brains. Notice that the Miss Universe winners whether white or not, always have the regular facial characteristics and body frame of the proto-typical Nordic female.
    It must be difficult and hard on third world males, barely out of the stone age, to keep their hands off the Nordic-White females. And what a sad state of affairs that the White male sets paralyzed while all this takes place.

    1. @Toejam

      “pentacle” should be “pinnacle”.

      For the rest, you’re right : Nordic woman is the pinnacle of female beauty, with Mediterranean woman, according to me, occupying a good second place.

      1. My Italian mother was a Mediterranean type woman and she was very jew wise, a lot more jew wise then any blond I ever met. My father was a blond, he looked even more Nordic then de Nugent, but my blonde haired/blue-eyed father was very naïve when it came to the jews [ he was NOT naive about blacks though, so he wasn’t your typical typical blond ]. The Italians have been known to produce many beautiful women, if you don’t mind. By the way, in case no one ever noticed, but your Hitler looked a lot more Mediterranean then he did “Aryan/Nordic”.

  47. For those who do not think a race war is coming you are living in a fool’s paradise. For those who will not fight there is only one outcome – death. I have had the opportunity in my life thanks to the mining industry to work on every continent. I have worked in Asia, and in Africa and in Australia and in North and South America. I have had first-hand experience with Congoids, Australoids, Middle-easterners, Jews, Chinese and whites of all European backgrounds. What I say is not the result of reading a book, participating in a blog, having a debate or experiencing the thoughts laid down in a well-written text – I am talking from life experience – first-hand experience with real people in real situations.

    Let us look at Africa and the potential for the future, but first note that we are living on a planet with finite natural resources. The population of Africa is estimated to be 2 billion by 2100, perhaps even earlier. That is 2 billion people wanting food, water, shelter, electricity and all the advantages and shiny things of a consumer driven society. The average IQ of the African black is 75, thus the majority of them are functionally illiterate, incapable of meeting their own needs – incapable of participating in any meaningful way in a modern society. They will be dependent on our generosity and our ability to meet their needs. If we fail to give them what they want they will fight for it. The impact this will have on the world’s resources and the potential for massive global pollution is beyond comprehension. We see this now in Zimbabwe formerly known as Rhodesia. I visited Rhodesia when it was under white rule and its farms produced enough food to feed all Rhodesians both black and white and the excess farm produce was exported for profit. Now under black rule and black agricultural practices Zimbabwe is starving – its people are asking the west to help feed their black population. Much more of this madness is coming. It was instigated by Jewish social policy for the sole purpose of displacing and demoralizing whites.

    Thus I have a unique perspective of having had real experiences with real people. My PhD in Chemistry was very useful but it did not provide the training necessary to deal with real people in real situations. I too was a narrow-minded liberal some 45 years ago – but experience in the real world changed that perspective forever.

    1. @ White_Warrior

      According to Richard Lynn the average IQ of sub-Sahara Africans is 67. That means that half the population of Black Africa is “retarded” according to white standards. Try to maintain a modern civilization with such people!

      The average IQ of all the majority-Muslim countries combined is about 85. That is the same as of American Blacks who are for 20% mixed with white blood. Perhaps that explains why these people consider their simple religion as “superior” to all others, the incoherent ramblings of the Qur’an as containing all secrets of the universe and the immoral behavior of Muhammad as the supreme model for all humanity. Under such circumstances any form of criticism of Islam is impossible and is considered as an “insult” against which agression is the only answer.

      “Allah” has not created all men equal.

  48. To set the record straight the White_Warrior especially dislikes Jews, who he sees as just another variant of the sand nigger just a tad lighter in complexion. Sephardic or Ashkenazi – I loathe them all!

    Sorry for the slip and sorry for my sloppiness in not making this point clear.

  49. “Let us look at Africa and the potential for the future, but first note that we are living on a planet with finite natural resources.”

    The resources reproduce and duplicate themselves, providing that the resources are being managed properly.

    Methinks that you have internalized the ideas of your jewish masters.

      1. Franklin Ryckaert
        @ Save the Goyim

        “Only organic resources can reproduce themselves.”

        Non-organic resources which are necessary in the reproduction of organic resources, such as trace minerals, are needed only in miniscule quantities in order for natural biological functions to work. Non-organic resources are constantly present in nature since we know that “matter can neither be created or destroyed,” so the problem of resource scarcity arises primarily as an outgrowth of gross mismanagement as it relates to organic and non-organic resources. FLUSHING YOU SH*T DOWN THE TOILET BOWL IS A CLASSIC EXAMPLE OF WASTING VITAL RESOUCES THROUGH GROSS MISMANAGEMENT AND I WOULD BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO CITE A FEW GOOD RESOURCES IF I THOUGHT THAT IT WOULD DO ANY GOOD. JEWISH THINKING IS A TERMINAL SICKNESS AND THE ENTIRE LOT OF YOU APPEAR TO BE SUFFERING FROM IT.

  50. World War II was undoubtedly a “race war” between the whites of the USA and the whites of Germany !!

    1. @Save the Goyim

      A war between peoples of the same race can by definition not be a “race war”.

      1. STG :

        Hey jackass, a war between peoples of the same race is called, by definition, an ” ‘Internecine’ war”, jackass.

      2. Franklin Ryckaert
        January 15, 2016 at 10:29 pm
        “A war between peoples of the same race can by definition not be a ‘race war.’”.

        But it WAS a race war ….
        It was a RACE TO EXTINCTION
        …. and it was incited by the Wolf Blitzers of the 1930s and 40s.
        “white warriors” were slaughtering other white warriors in a stupid race to extinction.

    2. It was a fratricidal war between Germany and France, Great Britain, the Soviet Union and the USA who entered the war last. It was also a race war in a way. All four of the allied countries were hugely influenced by the Jews. Without the Jews influence and pushing for the war, there would not have been WW II.



    1. We’re not talking “White genocide” anymore, STG, the discussion morphed into a discussion about the Russian health care system and how much money, or more correctly, how little money, the doctors in Russia are paid, plus a side discussion about Russian vacation habitats & vacation habits.

      The discussion changed quite a while back, STG, please do, at all times, please do try to be on the same page as Pat at all times. Pat is very serious about this, we must at all times be on the very same page as Pat. Otherwise, the discussion goes hay-wire and only gawd knows what going off tangent will lead us to.

      Uncle Toby doesn’t like it either when we go Off-Topic. Though I don’t think Uncle is here with us today, maybe he took the day off, after all he works so hard checking into the Spam folder now and then and proceeding to delete and censor my posts in Spam.

      He hasn’t put any of the posts I sent today up on the commentary board. Well, I think he put one of my posts up today. Far less then the agreement we have that he put up anywhere from 3 to a lot more. After 3, it’s at his discretion. But The Agreement does call for at least 3 he Must put on the commentary board by Mutual Agreement , a Mutual Agreement made Publicly in front of all Darkmooners as witnesses to The Agreement.

    1. Yes. You got yourself banned. You did this by threatening this website and also by breaking your solemn promise to Lasha Darkmoon NEVER to refer to her or the administrators of this website. You made a deal and you did not keep it. So how can we trust you any more?

      — DZ

  52. the truth lies mum between the lies flopping about and viralizing every- and anywhere else between this being a full-on hoax or if not, that (which):
    kla.tv (swiss) claims to detect, namely an allgetout nwOPERAtions …. to an extent that makes one wonder if they have perhaps been reading too much Bulwer Lytton (on race war)?
    their hyper paranoid ‘reasoning’ (often ventriloquized thru fresh pretty morsels .. child abuse?) goes as many a fool follows:
    .. if the ‘nwo’ can’t get D to fight Ru in Uk then we’ll try to incense and spur them on enough to punish innate if not stubborn or even mere accustomed genderPC dictate ignorance (more fun than building submarines anyway) so as to send them into the R crosshairs thataway.

    more likely is the splinter fracture split work that grounds .. getting betrayed, shirked, walked away from, abandoned and instead acted out in a profligate profusion of ‘anthropomorphologi[sti]cized’ cults; thus the petty tyrants factionalization of weaponized / firepowered wombmanshape proliferate.

    I learnt about the runaway denominotionalism in islam from reza negarestani in the noughties.
    key concepts:
    blowing up crowds, worshipping the dispersion principle in ways as conducive to empire as to their opponents, thus upping the metabolism of diabolically impersonalizing forces … a desperate and faux way to reach divine cyclicity i guess .. soooooooooooooooooooo easy with some rails, a few balls and a duo rimmed wheel, time to build a few so we can finally let all oil ripen into diamonds again (one of the earliest topics on my first 97 website.

    disquiting fact: the more we frustrate the admittedly precipitous and more than slightly satanic approach of these men take and make towards the opposite sex, the sooner they will switch from dicks and ‘kwakjes’ to guns and bullets .. me thinks there’s a noble task for women here .. we need a few that can act like real instead of beauty queens for a change …. free permie courses and child support hinging on the ‘renooal’ uptake … bzz good for bzzz bzzz … sound fair?

    1. @ piet

      This is because most people here haven’t heard of the “Taharush”.

      A writer in the Daily Mail explains:

      “It transpires that the New Year’s Eve attacks on women at Cologne station were an example of a well-known practice called ‘Taharush’, the Arabic term for large-scale sexual assaults carried out in public places.”

      This appears to be an alarming new phenomenon, unless I am mistaken. I confess I have never heard of it before.

      1. Someone compared the Cologne incident, to one which took place in Cairo. Apparently a female journalist, American I think, is still suffering internal bleeding after being abused, sexually, in Cairo..

      2. 221 comment fail to discuss taharrush … hmm ..

        that may be related to the fact that this is a totally made-up term which never appeared in print until recently. Try finding it on the internet in even the recent past.

        More zealous work by those who distort our history and fashion a necklace of deceit around every detail of our lives. It truly deserves ‘mention’ on a spoof thread!

      3. Ormanci –

        I tried… and found many references… Please have these three:

        German police: It’s an Arab rape game called Taharrush, and now it has come to Europe



        Taharrush – The Sickening And Terrifying Arab Rape Game That Is Spreading Across Europe



        Taharrush jamaʿi (Arabic: تحرش جماعي‎ taḥarrush jamāʿī, Egyptian pronunciation taḥarrush game’a, lit. “collective harassment”) is a type of sexual harassment and sexual assault of women by groups of men on the street that may involve rape, beating and name-calling, groping, sexual invitations and robbery. The assault usually happens under the protective cover provided by large gatherings or crowds, typically mass events, including protests, rallies, concerts, and public festivals.


      4. I think this phenomenon, “Taharrush ” is probably similar to, as Val Shadowhawk already suggested, colour revolutions..

        These rapists flooding europe, are probably the same takfiris who have been raping women in areas of Iraq, and Syria. They were trained in Jordan, and Turkey. Who knows what they are capable of, but the videos of beheadings, and hanging of five year old children, might give an indication of what`s in store for europe..

      5. @ Ingrid B

        Who knows what they are capable of, but the videos of beheadings, and hanging of five year old children, might give an indication of what`s in store for europe..

        Help! Where can I hide?

      1. RT posted this:

        What is ‘Taharrush gamea’? Arab ‘rape game’ spreads to Europe from Middle East


        Published on Jan 12, 2016

        Protests follow NYE’s in Cologne and other German cities where hundreds of women were harassed by men of foreign origin, asylum seekers. Germany has faced a phenomenon of ‘Taharrush ja-mie’. This Arabic word describes a group harassment committed by young men during mass gatherings.

  53. Imagine if the roles were reversed and D Trump called for White men to move to third world countries and rape darkies. The lamestream media would have it front page news non-stop & we’d bever hear the end of it on 24hr bews challenge.

    No far better to focus on the poor widdle feewings of a lovely geadscarf yenta agent provacateur invading a Trump rally sge clearly isn’t welcome in. Hmmm I wonder how Trump supporters would be welcomed at the Wailing Wall. But then the MSM would never report that. I wonder why!!!!!

  54. This is a consequence of West Asian preoccupation with genital mutilation. It also happens to embed itself into Judaism and Islam. Procreate or perish. Circumcised men have little chance of finding a willing sexual partner among European women because of their sexual infirmity. European girls find out early on in school that men with mutilated genitals do not have sex but merely practice artificial insemination.

    Arabs are so much smarter than the Jews. They understand that by having their genitals mutilated they can’t possibly compete for females with Italian Gigolos equipped with classic foreskins. In this competitive world every piece of juicy foreskin helps. The Arabs adopted a two prong strategy, one is veiling and shackling of their women, the other symmetrical handicap by circumcising female clitoris. Both methods bring desired results of a sexually subdued and complacent society.

    Jews on the other hand had never solved this dilemma and thus the jewish genotype is heavily polluted by Italian and Slavic genes. Ever since Jews emancipated themselves from the yoke of the Judenrat some 140 years ago, they faced the problem of free roaming Jewesses in the pleasure gardens of juicy foreskins necessary for the release of oxytocin. Sigmund Freud made a carrier of consoling neurotic Jewesses and even came up with a theory of overbearing libido/id. He did not realize that Nature given foreskin solves the problem of secretion of female neurohypophysical hormone, hence his pupil Carl Gustav Jung had to distance himself from Freud’s nonsense. Oxytocin plays an important role in the neuroanatomy of intimacy.

    1. @ Jo Ann

      I wish you could expand on this interesting comment. You need to give us some details about the role of oxytocin and the “secretion of the female neurohypophysical hormone” and the “neuroanatomy of intimacy.” You use all these technical terms without explaining their significance in this particular context.

      1. Sorry, this is something considered common knowledge in Europe. If my memory does not fail me Oxytocin was synthesized by an American Nobel laureate from some Mid-Western University over 50 years ago. It is possible Americans were obsessed then by LSD and did not pay attention to efforts by less exciting scientists.

        and so on.

  55. Yeah sure, DiZzy, details about the “role of oxytocin” and the “secretion of the female neurohypophysical hormone” and the “neuroanatomy of intimacy” is Exactly the kind of very important germane information we need to understand and figure out why exactly the Muslim immigrants in Europe are behaving they way they do, yeah sure. “Jo Ann” sounds a lot like one of qabalah Lasha’s hydra-heads. In fact, “Jo Ann” is one of Lasha’s hydra-head personas, no doubt about that. “Lasha-Jo Ann” should get herself a mattress and walk around Europe carrying her mattress with her to protest the Muslim Rape Jihad in Europe. See what the Muslims on Muslim Rape Jihad have to say to “Lasha-Jo Ann” when they see her schlepping around her mattress with her everywhere she goes, see what the Muslims on Rape Jihad do to our “Lasha-Jo Ann”, lol. That’s what the twats in the United States do when they protest the White men on White Bubba Rape Jihad in the United States, the twats carry their mattresses around with them all day wherever they go, 🙂 .

  56. How can I join the syrian army? I think I may be welcomed by syrians siding with them especially in this momentum. I am an israeli citizen From Tel Aviv with jewish parents and I don’t like the israeli government and i want to volunteer or recruit to the SAA. my email [email protected] or [email protected]

    1. @ Damascus

      I don’t think you have chosen the right place to approach for advice.

      I suggest you pop into the nearest Syrian embassy and volunteer to fight for Assad, stressing the fact that you were once a good Jew only too ready to genocide Palestinian women and children for the love of Eretz-Israel but that you have suddenly seen the light.

      Having had your epiphany into the true nature of the unregenerate Jew, ever bent on world domination, you are now (you must tell them) a raving anti-Semite who wants to exterminate every Jew in sight, including the members of your own family. I am sure they will snap you up at once as a recruit. No questions asked. 🙂

      Oh yes, and while you’re about it, don’t forget to take along a copy of Mein Kampf to the interview. Place it on the desk in full view of the anti-Semitic recruiting officer and say, “Best book I ever read! Pity Hitler didn’t succeed!”

      They’ll accept you like a shot. I promise!

      Next year in Damascus . . . 🙂

  57. Fareed Zakaria…. An india Journalist… living in USA, working with CNN, Happily Married to a white lady (Paula) …. is most amazingly having a Pakistani Flag ( in his background).
    well this dosen’t look any fake (Made up) …. does it 😛

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