REVEALED: Full List Of 1,049 Victims, Crimes Committed During Cologne New Year’s Sex Assaults

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The North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) state government has released the full log of offences recorded in the city centre on New Year’s Eve, which lists in detail the forms of crimes committed, and the genders of those attacked.

With crimes ranging from mere pickpocketing to full blown “group rape”, what Germany’s Bild newspaper calls the “list of shame” runs to a staggering 821 complaints. When considering all the major cities of the NRW state including Cologne, Dusseldorf, Dortmund and Bielefeld the number of complaints is closer to 1,000.

Fireworks were set off in central Cologne on New Year’s Eve. The lawless atmosphere and police paralysis set the stage for an evening of sexual violence and assault.

In the list, sexual offences are recorded 359 times, and 659 women are recorded as having been victims.

In a statement to parliament today, NRW interior minister Ralf Jäger revealed although there were 1,049 victims, the police had only identified 30 suspects. All of the suspects are “North Africans”, 15 are officially asylum seekers — meaning they have not yet had their paperwork for indefinite leave to remain stamped by the German government — and two are under the age of 18.

So far, just two suspects are behind bars, 26 and 22 year old Algerians who were arrested and found to have stolen mobile phones from their victims in their possession. They stand accused of sexual offences — grabbing a woman around the waist and buttocks.

The government minister who released the list, Ralf Jäger has kept his job despite being heavily implicated in the chaos that unfolded as violent migrant gangs savagely attacked German men and women enjoying their night out on New Year’s Eve. As reported by Breitbart London at the time, the chief of police requested extra officers to be deployed to Cologne, but the appeal was turned down by minister Jäger.

Just days later the same police chief who had called for reinforcements was fired by the man who had denied them, claiming the officer had to go to improve public confidence in the force.

The Cologne migrant rapes, and concurrent attacks in other European cities has been one of the most shocking developments in the European migrant crisis this year. Beyond the attacks themselves, the initial cover up first by the Cologne police, and then by the German media which wilfully under-reported the events and obscured the migrant origin of the violence has caused anger in Germany and elsewhere.  (Emphasis added)

The events have even imperilled the Chancellorship of Angela Merkel, who is seen in Germany as being the prime driving force behind Germany’s open door policy to millions of newcomers.

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From Cologne’s Night Of Migrant Rape



By Lasha Darkmoon

Those who prefer to scoff at the article above, with its long and meticulously documented crimes committed against German women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, might prefer to believe Marcia Adair who claims she was in Cologne on the night in question and did not notice “that anything was amiss” — all she saw was happy people lighting fireworks and having a great time.

Marcia Adair, ghostwriter

MARCIA  ADAIR,  freelance  journalist and professional ghostwriter

“I was at the main station, alone after midnight, as I often am, happy to have had a lovely night watching fireworks at the Rhine. Imagine my surprise, six days later, to discover I had been within 100 metres of a roving gang of rapists without noticing that anything was amiss.”  — National Post

Anyone who writes for the National Post, Canada’s most notorious mainstream newspaper, cannot be trusted. Of all the mass-circulation newspapers in Canada, the National Post is by far the worst. Here is what Canadian patriot Arthur Topham has to sat about this vile Zionist rag:

“No better example exists of this hypocritical, bigoted vilification of Islam by the Zionist-controlled media than that found in their premier flag ship hate generator: the National Post, Tel Aviv’s direct propaganda line for funnelling into the unwary, dumbed down minds of Canadians, Israel’s racist, supremacist, apartheid mindset; one that constitutes the foundational basis of its twisted, psychopathic political ideology known as Zionism.”


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  1. First to post!
    Gosh I think I should get an award or something, I have posted first three times in a month!…
    On topic, I really think an investigation should start to determine what happened that night? Maybe these refugees were fed something at the shelter and they just acted out this medication, it could be, why not?
    Maybe putin send an ex kgb agent pal of his to – Put In- some kind of viagra mix on the soup in the kitchen that night because these details are so scary they are just worthy of a hollywood clip!
    The scenery must have looked like one of those zombie movies..
    Very disrespectful as a guest to act this way when you just arrived!

    1. @ Admin

      Thank you for publishing this article, if only to counteract the poisonous disinformation being spread on this website by an apologist for Muslim sexual misconduct whose name I can’t remember right now.

      She’s the same moronic woman who quoted Zionist shill Marcia Adair more than once, trying to push the lie that nothing out of the ordinary happened at Cologne. In support of her thesis that everything in Cologne has been exaggerated and blown up out of all proportion, so as to “demonize” Islam, this incredibly stupid woman quotes a Zionist shill writing for the most hateful Zionist newspaper in Canada — the National Post!

      The same woman who tells us she doesn’t trust the mainstream media but prefers the alternative media is quite prepared to quote the mainstream media when it suits her! And so she chooses the National Post, the trashiest Zionist mainstream paper in Canada. Stupidity doesn’t sink much lower.

      Isn’t this the same woman who attacked Admin and accused the people running this site of sabotaging and doctoring her posts after she made a simple typo?

      1. Isn’t this the same woman who attacked Admin and accused the people running this site of sabotaging and doctoring her posts after she made a simple typo?

        Her name is Ingrid. She’s the same cretin who attacked Admin after making a silly typo that screwed up all her posts. She thought Admin were plotting against her and called them “pathetic”.

    2. Avatar, they were mainly saudi degenerates, trained in Ksa, Jordan, and Turkey. Their mission was to demonize Muslims, and Islam..

  2. It’s obvious now and beyond any doubts whatsoever that this site is anti Muslims ,no doubt about it
    the zionists cabal control it ,how much did they pay you? ,hopefully good amount !
    or did you sell the Muslims cheap.
    it’s no secret that these days there is a coordinates large scale campaign of hate and demonizing Muslims globally.

    “this hypocritical, bigoted vilification of Islam by the Zionist-controlled media than that found in their premier flag ship hate generator: ”

    it seems this site is Zionists controlled.

    no self respecting Muslim should post or publish anything here ,total and complete boycott of .this is it.

    1. @ Aisha

      “No self respecting Muslim should post or publish anything here…”

      So why are you posting here?

      And aren’t you surprised your comment wasn’t deleted? The administrators here are actually giving you the freedom of speech to attack them. Don’t you find that strange?

      1. @ Ingrid B

        AISHA SAYS:

        it seems this site is Zionists controlled. no self respecting Muslim should post or publish anything here ,total and complete boycott of . this is it.


        Aisha, yep! you nailed it..

        Ingrid, you have now revealed yourself as unfit to post on this website any longer. This is because you agree with Ayesha that this site should be boycotted as a Zionist front. You can’t get more hostile and vitriolic than that.

        You not only made a fool of yourself earlier on by attacking Admin after you made a ridiculous typing error that messed up all your posts. Now you are attacking it for publishing a fact-filled article you don’t like to read.

        You prefer quoting Marcia Adair, a woman writing for the National Post, Canada’s most hateful Zionist newspaper. How you can accuse this site of being a Zionist front when you yourself are quoting from a disgusting Zionist newspaper in support of your own half-baked views , I can’t understand that. You have to have a few screws loose.

        Thank God you’re not running this website, Ingrid, though you’re having a damn good stab at it. Your attempts to make excuses for these Muslim sex criminals is pathetic.

        I will issue Admin with an ultimatum now, exactly as Lobro did with Circassian:

        It’s either me or Ingrid. If Ingrid stays, I go. That is final.

      2. Sardonicus gets my vote, although I don’t wish anyone to be banned. I don’t really think though that Ingrid has anything to offer this site, as it’s clear she utterly loathes western culture and would be happy to see its Islamization. Her love for Palestine and support for the Palestinian struggle has led her to turn her back on western peoples and their way of life. She would be far better, putting on a burka, converting to Islam, buggering off to Islamistan and becoming one of some goat herder’s, many wives.
        I think she is a disgrace to the indigenous peoples of the west and it seems to me that were she given an ultimatum on freedom for Palestine, at the cost of the destruction of the west, she would most certainly support it.

        There’s only one thing I hate more than anything in life and that’s those who turn their back on their nation, people and culture.
        As people have already stated, it’s incredibly sickening to see Ingrid dismiss the Cologne assaults as lies and try to take the heat of the Iraqi rapist of the boy in the swimming pool, by putting the blame on indigenous squaddies in Iraq.
        As I already stated about Ingrid, she would have been hanged by her Scottish clan in the past for siding with the enemy. Whatever feeling of being a westerner left Ingrid a long time ago. She most certainly is Muslim, although not yet an ‘official’ convert. She may think that she is being compassionate and sticking up for Muslims, when in reality, she shows, in her opinion, that she is more Muslim, than non.

  3. The more I am looking at this, I am starting to no longer believe the majority of it. This seems like a classic case of some truth with a bunch of hysterical complaints piled on in order to try and find a way to get rid of a very real refugee problem. When you talk of sexual assault, one thinks of rape. I really doubt a thousand women were raped in front of the Cathedral at Cologne.

    I find it sad that the only recourse Germans seem to have is to cry rape. Apparently, they are not, or do not feel allowed, to rectify the problem in any other way. I used the word hysterical above for a very pointed purpose. Germany and Europe seems to be in a state of hysteria. That’s a feminine reaction. It may bring some heightened emotions and fuel outrage and anger. But in the end, it will not work in rectifying the real problem.

    Of course I am open to changing my opinion as actual hard facts are presented. But this is my current view.

    1. @ Rich

      I really doubt a thousand women were raped in front of the Cathedral at Cologne.

      Good, I’m glad you doubt it. Because no one has ever claimed that a thousand women were raped in front of the Cathedral at Cologne. This article makes no such claim.

    2. @ Rich

      When you talk of sexual assault, one thinks of rape.

      No, one doesn’t. Everyone knows the difference between groping and rape. You are the only one who doesn’t know the difference.

      1. So groping is now sexual assault? That seems to be a heavy handed word for it.

        Feminists have changed the meanings of many words. Rape is now called sexual assault in the US. Thanks for clarifying that it includes bottom pinching. In other words, the term has become meaningless. Like most everything else.

      2. I will admit I did not click on the link to Breitbart until just now. But we have a problem here, MK Leslie, because the list uses the following words to describe the crimes: Sexual Assault/Rape by a Group.

        I suppose “By a Group” is handy to further the propaganda objective as the “Group” is clearly Muslim.

        And for your information, Breitbart is completely owned and operated by Zionist Neo Cons.

    3. @RICH: “Of course I am open to changing my opinion as actual hard facts are presented.”

      No, you are not. The hard facts have been presented to you in the article above, with an incredibly long and detailed list of specific crimes committed in Cologne on New Year’s Eve. If you had an open mind, you would accept these hard facts.

      Small hope of that, since you don’t even know the difference between rape and sexual assault.

      1. ” you don’t even know the difference between rape and sexual assault.” :
        what the hell IS the difference you imbecilic moron?

      2. @ Ingrid B

        Let me explain the difference to you, you shrill harpy. The difference in law between “rape” and “sexual assault” is this.

        RAPE = “Forcing a person, usually a woman, to submit to sexual intercourse, against that person’s will.” (Collin’s English Dictionary)

        SEXUAL ASSAULT = Any forced sexual act which includes rape, but which also includes non-sensual touching, groping, bottom pinching, and forced kissing.

        Most of the sexual crimes committed at Cologne were NOT rapes, they were sexual assaults that fell short of rape and which would receive much lighter sentences. No one is going to be sent to prison for groping someone on the subway, but a man who fondles a little boy’s penis and masturbates him is a pedophile and he will be punished more severely if caught. He is not RAPING the little boy, understand? That is more serious. He is SEXUALLY ASSAULTING the little boy. So there is a big difference between rape and sexual assault.

        Your rude and insolent tone, not only toward me but above all to Admin, makes you wholly unfit to post on this website. You chased Harbinger away with your taunts and consant bullying of the man and you are now doing your best to get on everyone’s nerves here by spitting hatred at anyone who contradicts you.

        I give my full support to Sardonicus in calling for you instant expulsion from this website. If he goes, I go too.

      3. Ingrid,

        ” ” you don’t even know the difference between rape and sexual assault.” :
        what the hell IS the difference you imbecilic moron?”

        Groping is sexual assault. Raping is what the depraved islamic Iraqi animal did to that little boy in Vienna.

        But of course all on Darkmoon understand that if 5 drooling muslim men would gang bang you you wouldn’t call that rape or even sexual assualt but rather a dream come true, right? That could explain your misconception about sexual assault and rape and all that.

      4. Just a minor interjection here. For rape to occur there must be penetration of the vagina by the penis. Otherwise, it is indecent assault. Thus no penetration no rape. Forced sodomy of a male or female would be also regarded as an indecent assault. So, as you can see, indecent assault covers a very wide spectrum ranging from molestation to sodomy. The Roman Dutch system (no longer used in Holland) has an offence under Gemeense Hollandse Reg (Dutch Common Law) known as Criminal Injuria, which is an Offence against someone’s honour or dignity which would no doubt have been used against the miscreants in these cases, had the offences been committed in South Africa. Believe me this law is a wonderful catchall as it can be used against someone looking up a lady’s dress to actual molestation.

    4. Instead of the list of victims I’d prefer a list of the offenders.If they aren’t punished in Germany they’d be punished in their own countries if they go back there: Anyway, they wouldn’t rape and go unpunished there.In most Islamic countries the relatives of the victim will not refer to the Justice for reparation in such a case. For instance, some years ago, a local newspaper reported that a young offender was found hanged to a tree, his virile member cut and put in his mouth.That’s how ”Muslim”rapists are dealt with at their home countries .They don’t go unpunished and their crime widely publicized for some untold purposes.

  4. Dear sister Aisha pay no mind to sardonicus, he is the kind of man who hates muslim refugees yet he is a refugee himself living in Japan, a country where two of it’s islands his fellow countryman proudly incinerated in less than 666 seconds by using the weapons of mass destruction they couldn’t find in iraq (a country they also destroyed) yes Japan where in another of its islands, american soldiers, ( who have a military base there) kidnap and rape little japanese girls by grabbing them while the military jeep they drive is still on the move as if, you know, as if it was a horse they were on… I can picture them insanely laughing while doing it, “hell yeah bud, open another can of saporro japanese beer! Yippi! Right on!”
    This little man who probably looks a lot like his “semper fi” fellow countryman that do these abominable deeds, – yes blonde hair on his twisted toes uhhh how gross- also supports a poster here who goes by the name of Franklyn Rickaert who often repeats the mantras “Palestine never existed” and “the der yassin massacre is a mith” by calling him an “erudite genius” agreeing thus, with his talmudic, zionist decrepit lies and agenda…
    Regarding darkmoon (this site) it has repeated once and again, (even though the little rape story is getting tiresome), that it is merely reporting what is in yahoo and other msm, jmsm and non msm sites, so it is up to the reader to make up his mind.
    I am a muslim and I agree, this is a football field (just like syria nowadays) and all kinds of people can post and deny and claim and prove that this or that story is wrong or right.
    Like a courtroom! The site administrators are not the judges neither since they are just people informing, they are like that lady (usually black, I just don’t know why) that sits in the corner typing and documenting the events ..
    So Aisha just ponder for a moment that there is an actual european victim of rape by one of our muslim people; do you think that under sharia law this person – the rapist- would be allowed to get away just because he is a muslim and the victim a christian? No, right?
    If there is a victim, and its white, whites have the right to protest specially if the rapist is a person that is receiving aid from them..
    I just protested against what whites did and still do in japan and iraq, you see? No problem!
    Ok so that’s it, let them keep informing us, we, the readers will decide.
    Meanwhile netanyahoo got the redcarpet rolled out in germany yesterday, merkel and rabbis and what have you attended the very special dinner.
    amazing eh? According to the jews-and about 800 million whites who bought the holocaust story- 70 years ago this man (and the other 500 god damned jews who accompanied him) would have been led to a gas chamber, or an oven, raped and thrown in there like a pepperoni pizza…
    Who is lying?

    1. @ Avatar

      “Dear sister Aisha pay no mind to sardonicus, he is the kind of man who hates muslim refugees yet he is a refugee himself living in Japan.”

      I am not a “refugee” in Japan. I am just a tourist visitor. Do you know the difference?

    2. Avatar,

      You do realise that with every comment you make against Lasha for publishing Muslim criminals’ activities in the west, the more you show just where about your ‘bread is buttered’? You still fail to see that what you are infact promoting is Islamisation of the west, attacking anyone as Islamaphobic and/or Muslim, refugee hater, who should write about the Islamic problem within the west?

      Ironically, your attacks substantiate just how westerners feel about the deluge of immigrants into their lands, who will destroy every vestige of their culture, nationality and people. The very fact that you do promote this shows, you have nothing but hatred for European people.

      Your number’s been called along with quite a few people on this website.

      1. Let’s see harbinger
        I have got four comments here today, would you quote a few lines of mine that would as you, in a threatening manner, say have my
        ” number’s being called along with quite a few people on this website.” Because they were abusive in any way???
        Let us ask toby or dz,
        Toby, dz, (and note that I am doing it the proper way so I expect a response)
        Have I in any way disrespected, attacked, made fun, or broken the rules in any way? If so please proceed in consequence if Not then please ask mr Harbinger to try and control his obsessions and threats? It is about constructive dialogue
        I have done a lot of self criticism today as you may have noticed

      2. Avatar,

        When one states “your number has been called” means roughly, your agenda and views are clear.
        Since you started posting on this website, it’s clear for many to see that as much as you throw around the word ‘Islamaphobe’ you, yourself are an ‘Europeanaphobe/Caucasiaphobe’.

        You truly do believe that you are trying to similarize Islam with Christianity, whereas, although they are from the same root, both are completely different. I state this because every time there is a post that distinguishes, immigrant Islamic wrongdoing, you are the first to counteract it with, what you believe ‘Christian’ wrongdoing. What you still fail to see is that Muhammad, was a brutal, barbaric warlord who couldn’t spread Islam as Christ spread his teachings, through love. So sadly, although you try to promote Shabbos goy wrongdoing as Christian, you still don’t quite cotton on to the fact that ANY acts of violence ARE NOT Christian, nor ever will be. On the contrary, barbaric, brutal, Islamic wrongdoing is very much in the character of Islam.

        I have never threatened you, nor anyone on this site. Ingrid ‘may’ believe that I have threatened her, but then again, she’d be far better scooping out that useless lump of grey matter within her skull, and filling it with half a pound of mince and in doing so would have a better understanding of just what I’ve stated to her.
        Avatar, I merely call you out for what you are, one who constantly attacks westerners, blaming the world’s ills upon them. Your attack on Sardonicus is a classic example. You attacked him wrongly as being a refugee into Japan (not realizing the difference between a refugee, one who is fleeing their land for safety, an economic migrant, one who leaves their land to prosper in another, usually to that land’s people’s loss and a tourist, one who is visiting another country and paying for it out of their own pocket) and then referencing the Jewish ordered bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, something not only he had nothing to do with but most certainly does not condone, along with no doubt, the majority of Caucasian peoples in the USA, to attack his ‘extended travelling’ in Japan, as one who shouldn’t be there because of the H-Bomb attacks.

        You happily pigeon-hole all Caucasians into one, forgetting that there are clear differences between, the Jews, their shabbos goy puppets and everyone else. Any attack on Muslim wrongdoers you automatically see as an attack on Islam.

      3. (cont)

        I should also add, that while there are many peaceful Muslims within Islam, to try and take the moral highground and defend Islam as being a ‘peaceful’ religion because of them, is nothing but an incredibly laughable belief. Muslims can take absolutely NO MORAL HIGH GROUND whatsoever when it comes to defending peace and calling Islam a religion of peace. Those who have studied Islamic doctrine, know that this statement is on a par with the ‘Schindler’s List’ end of film statement, by Jewish Ben Kinglsey which states:

        “He who saves a single life, saves the entire world.”

        As Michael Hoffman, in his review of the film, correctly states:

        Toward the end of the movie, Schindler is shown being presented with an inscribed gold ring by the Jews he rescued. We are told that the inscription is from the Talmud, “He who saves a single life, saves the entire world.” (This quotation also appears on posters advertising Schindler’s List in video stores and schools, apparently having been selected as the film’s motto by its promoters).

        The saying has a nice, warm, humanistic tenor, but there’s just one problem: that’s not what the Talmud says. The actual Talmud verse states, “Whosoever preserves a single soul of Israel, Scripture ascribes to him as if he had preserved a complete world” (Tractate Sanhedrin 37a). The Talmud only praises the saving of Jewish lives. In Spielberg’s non-stop deception, even the documented contents of Jewish books are falsified.

        What is meant is the statement:

        “Islam is the religion of peace”

        is that, once the world is Islam, we will have peace.

        As I said to Lobro, while I respect a hornet’s right to exist within this world, I wouldn’t allow it to build a nest on my front porch, just because it’s having a hard time of it in the woods.

      4. “Since you started posting on this website,”? You see? You haven’t even gone back in Darkmoon’s archives and checked how long have I been posting here, which is daaaah? Way Longer than you? Also, I have known montecristo and lasha for ten years now, go ahead, ask them!
        Does that give me the right to trash the place? You answer that the same way you should answer where exactly did you get the story that the messenger of Allah (may the peace of Allah be upon him and Jesuschrist alike). Was as you say “a brutal barbaric warlord”?
        How do you “know” this? where you there at the time?
        No, seriously where did you get this “information” from? Did you get that from brother nathaniel’s, the jew turned christian? Why don’t you ask Mark glenn, a true christian, about the Prophet? He won’t even answer you because he knows when its a waste of time!
        Lol I am not gonna spend a single second talking about “al mustafa” but I really warn you, don’t ever ever say that IN FRONT of an Arab or a muslim, they will hurt you- dont do that- end of story.. Its like calling a black american “nigger” while in Jail multiplied by a hundred.
        Regarding “your number has been called” I confused it with “your number came Up” which means the obvious; slang that I picked up as I “got down” with the norteños in Bay area, Cali, west siiiiide! My bad,
        I have to go
        Oh and about white people? I don’t hate them; you know who made me change my mind aside from unforgettable good deeds while in America? (Just look at the picture in my avatar)
        Reading malcom x

      5. “Was as you say “a brutal barbaric warlord”? How do you “know” this? where you there at the time?”

        Are you being serious? Ever heard of history?
        Seriously Avatar, are you truly trying to rewrite history and tell me that Muhammad, actually spread Islam through peaceful ways instead of amassing an army and invading lands, imposing his religion upon them?

        Fact: Muhammad was a warrior. He invaded lands and forced millions into following Islam or executed them.
        Fact: Christ was NOT a warrior and his religion spread through love, not bloodshed.

        Seriously Avatar, if you truly believe that Muhammad was a peaceful man, then you are an incredibly deluded individual. We know that he fought eight major battles, led eighteen raids and planned thirty eight military operations in a single decade!
        Muhammad, we are told believed he was the messenger of God when in reality he was one who wished to rule as a dictator, enforcing his way of life on millions upon millions of people. To me, he was simply against Christianity and who plagiarized the bible for his own benefits. He wanted ‘in’ on the action and wanted to control. I really wouldn’t put it past Jews, to actually be behind Islam. Ask a Jew what is more similar to Judaism, Islam or Christianity and they’ll say Islam.

    3. Avatar,

      “Dear sister Aisha pay no mind to sardonicus, he is the kind of man who hates muslim refugees yet he is a refugee himself living in Japan … ”

      Not that Sardonicus is a refugee, as I understand, but at least he’s consistent for being in Japan, a civilised country, hence where it is highly unlikely to encounter muslims at all, like it is in the UK. You however are very inconsistent for hiding out as a refugee in a non-muslim country, a creation of Europeans, instead of joining your brothers in IS for the glorious battle against whatever. My impression of you is that you are an alcoholic sleazebag coward, big mouthing off on a website about kicking ass and so on. Pathetic. If there would be an SS force somewhere in the world actively combatting my enemy, an enemy for which I have a hate which no word can express, I would damn well join them in a second.

  5. Fuk Yu Ju says: “No jews, no wars. No wars, no refugees — period! Bring me the head of Jacob Rothschild!”

    “Ten years ago I wondered, who might have such great power that they could destroy Yugoslavia? Through investigation, I came to the conclusion that all roads lead to the Rothschild family, although they are very unexposed. The Rothschild family secretly governs the Western world, and so no one could hold them responsible for it. No one could remove them from power. Is that not the goal of conspiracy? At that time, I noticed that many religious people believed that doomsday is approaching and speculated on the identity of the Antichrist. They suspected George Soros, Prince Charles, and even the Pope. I tried to take advantage of the interest of Christians and suggested in the article “Has the Antichrist Come?”, written in 2003, that Jacob Rothschild could be the Antichrist. ” — “Jacob Rothschild is Guilty for the Conspiracy Against Humankind” by Aleksandar Šarović


    1. Speaking of Pharisee-Jew, Sor-ass…

      Ferrari NV got a much needed lift after George Soros, one of the world’s most prominent investors, disclosed that his fund bought a stake in the newly independent super-car maker.

      At the end of last year, Soros Fund Management LLC owned 850,000 Ferrari shares, equivalent to 0.45 percent of the maker of cars like the $330,000 F12berlinetta, according to a U.S. filing late Tuesday. The holding makes George Soros’s fund one of top investors in Ferrari, which has fallen about 30 percent since its initial public offering in October.

      “Soros’s disclosure of an holding in Ferrari is clearly sending a positive signal to the investment community,” said Vincenzo Longo, strategist at IG Group in Milan.

      The stake, worth around 28 million euros ($31.2 million), is a sign of support for Ferrari, which is controlled by the Agnelli family and Piero Ferrari, the son of founder Enzo. The carmaker has battled analyst skepticism about its prospects as a stand-alone company following the full spinoff from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NVat the beginning of 2016. After deliveries dropped 22 percent in China last year…. Ferrari said growth will probably slow this year.

  6. So far this “refugee rape army” looks to be a released prison population to me.

    Many have made the obvious comment of this being a military aged male invasion force. That is true but it’s certainly not a military. There’s no real discipline, would be difficult to hide that. These men are very often acting like savages, even shitting on themselves etc. These things would undermine their own ability to carry out the objective. The alternative media “answer” doesn’t add up.

    I do not believe they “trained” 10 million men for this or gave them a specific drug as THE AVATAR suggested. Non-sense.

    Released prison population. I’m going with that until evidence shows otherwise because nothing else adds up.

    Jewish leadership rounded them up from many prisons, selected appropriates and transported them to the target areas. At best I’m guessing they were instructed there would be little to no police action against them. We all see the government and police leadership coordination to this end.

    So what do you do with serious criminals the police essentially refuse to deal with ? The ONLY THING you can.

    My answer to this problem ? Same as always. Hunt the bastards down and kill em.

    Where the hell are the REAL men in these countries ?

    In Norway or Finland (?) the story came out of the civilian presence of the “Soldiers of Odin”. Nice matching jackets guys.
    That is NOT how you deal with this. Very small armed teams not perceivable by average person as a team. No clear identifiers. Well armed with comms and exfil plans. Serious medical team behind the scenes if necessary for the boots on the ground to keep it out of the system. Random areas, keep the state defenders in uniform guessing.

    Search and destroy.

    1. @ Lonnie

      Released prison population. I’m going with that until evidence shows otherwise because nothing else adds up.

      That strikes me as a valid hypothesis. It not only explains a lot, it also allows the administrators of the Darkmoon website to say to all the Muslims we have offended by publishing this article and similar articles: “Look, we are not against Muslims. We are only against these criminal types who are doing all these dreadful things.”

      We are certainly not saying that ALL Muslims are like this. If we were against Muslims and hated Islam, as some of our more hot-headed accusers have stated, we would never have defended the Palestinian cause. From Day One we have been ardent anti-Zionists and raged against the evil Israeli occupation. Our Muslim critics ought to remember this. Secondly, haven’t we recommended that all our readers send their donations to Palestinian charities? How do you explain that if we are Islamophobes?

      If these migrants, as Lonnie believes, are the lowest of the low who have been let out of prison and unleashed on the West to create havoc and confusion, then the big question is: WHO is behind this policy of emptying the prisons? Well, I have a damn good idea but I’d rather leave it to Lonnie and others here to provide the answer to that question.

      BTW, I asked my niece Lasha if it was just a “conspiracy theory” or a plausible hypothesis that criminals should be let out of prison like this to run riot in society. Her reply: “It’s very plausible. Lenin did it after the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. The Jews emptied the prisons deliberately to create maximum terror.”

      1. Toby,

        Agree with every word you wrote except I would not say “anti-zionist”.

        It should read ANTI-JEW.

        Releasing prison population has been a tool in the jews tool box at various events in history, no different that say purposely targeting civilian population during times of war.

        The enemy is NOT the zionist, it’s the JEW.

        Come on Toby. You KNOW this. Otherwise I agree.

        Muslims are not the enemy just as much as Christians are not the enemy. Both however can easily be maneuvered/manipulated on occasion to be the enemy.

        Goes without saying they want us to expend energy on the people in the middle vs direct action against the jews.

        The problem is when being attacked by a “proxy army” of this nature we have NO CHOICE but to deal with it … requiring some direct action.

        As always, we are being FORCED.

    2. Father Odin & his 2 ravens , Huginn and Muninn . Odin gave to them the power of speech and they would fly around the world and bring back to him all the news . Odin plucked one of eyes
      out in exchange for him to drink from the well of wisdom . Odin was a father and had a family.

  7. Just you wait ‘enry ‘iggings. Just you wait. Events in Europe are merely the coming attractions to be seen on American evening TV news for your nightly entertainment. Then Hollywood will come out with a movie showing how White women and girls are too tempting for the precious turd world savages to resist. Lets hope that Mark Glen’s daughters don’t have to experience the tender mercies of the third world Muslim male. Maybe that’s why Mark and his family live in Northern Idaho.
    And if no borders Obama, can pack the court with one more left wing commie-Zionist “justice”, Americans can bend over and kiss their sorry asses goodbye. The jury is still out on if Trump is the real deal. The proof will be if he makes it the White House and starts the cleansing process. That is if he doesn’t get the JFK treatment.

    1. TOEJAM,

      Can you imagine if the released the prison population in the US ?

      It would make hardcore bike gangs look like choirboys.

      1. Lonnie –

        No one would notice if prisons were emptied.. Most are there for white-collar bullshit and drug related activities…. etc.

        In the US 75% of prisoners are there for non-violet crimes.

        Office-holders would have the most to fear.

        In fact, it would be a blessing.

        They would have to hire landscapers to trim the grass and pick up trash…. along the roadside… 🙂

      2. Pat,

        Agreed, very large percentage are in there for non-victim crimes and unwarranted.

        However, the remaining percentage are a sizable number and not so sure I’d want them roaming around freely !

      3. WEDNESDAY 17 FEB

        No body seems to care I was kicked-out of Darkmoon. Why is that? I have no advocate here. I don’t know why, lol, I was always very honest and it was always very clear I’m not any kind of troll. But I have no one to take up my cause and speak up in my favor. My cause being, of course, to get out of this jew owned and operated Spamblinka “jew-wise” “anti-joo” Uncle shipped me off to. Gee, “we don’t like jews so let’s ship TROJ who is VERY jew wise and Totally anti-jew to a jew owned and operated Spamblinka camp, the jews we don’t like and are deeply opposed to will shut the ANTI-jew TROJ up for us.” LMFAO!!!!

      4. @ TROJ

        Joe, listen to me carefully. No one has “banned” you. If ever you had a friend here, it’s your “Uncle Toby”. But no one can be expected to read through 109 unpublished comments of yours that have collected in Spam over the last few days. These comments are long. Very long. And since only one or two are publishable, no one in his right mind is going to read through 109 extremely long comments of yours to pick out one or two gems. 99% of your comments are off-topic and keep referring to posters you have met on other websites from which you have been banned. Do you really think we want to read about all your encounters with Mad Jewess and Dubby Dick and Father John? They are not even posting on this website.

        Here’s the deal:

        (1) Make only ONE post a day and STOP there. I don’t want to see 10-20 posts waiting for me to read. I can only handle ONE post a day from you.
        (2) Make the post SHORT, ON-TOPIC, and NON-ABUSIVE. 500 words maximum. Not a word more.
        (3) Begin every post with the day of the week and the DATE. Like this: Wednesday, 17 Feb. This way I will know it is your one and only post for Wednesday 17 Feb. See your post above where I have done it for you.
        (4) I will approve your post only if it’s publishable. I will even edit it so as to make it publishable. Only cuts will be made, no additions.This will guarantee you continued tenure on this site if you agree to these simple conditions. Realize that this website is unique in that no other site would make these concessions to you, given that you are banned sooner or later from ALL OTHER WEBSITES.

      5. Lonnie –

        Those rough types are mostly bluff… Scared stiff of society.

        But, they make great fun drunks and such like at the Texas and Alabama pool halls.

        I got a lot rent money from ex-cons… with…. $3 on the ‘6’ – -$5 on the ‘9.’ 🙂

        If they get too tough they get disappeared in the alley and Dempsey-dumpstered….. Land-filler stock.

  8. Look at IQs of the different cultures, and be objective highest IQs are whit ashikanizi jews at an average of 115, second are northern Asians at an average of 108, third are European whites at an average of 100, third are Latinos and Hindus at 80, arabs and blacks at a low of 70 , the IQ difference is astounding on average and iq correlates with crime on a bell curve of from 60 to 80.
    Now invite a bunch of 60 to 80 IQ people into your society and crime will go up immediately as proven by studies, so when you invite migrants in you automatically create crime.

    The low life scum that leads the western countries know all of this. Crime is part of the economy through: police, judges, defense attorneys. It’s more than a coincidence that most of the sons and daughters of the political assholes getting rich in the justice department.

  9. Gilbert
    I have read the IQ thing from you and from another poster here, I don’t remember who it was right now, but I have a question regarding this claim…
    Is high -or low- IQ related in any way to evil?
    Let’s take George W. Bush for example, him and Chenney and Rumsfield, -let’s throw Blair in there too-, do you think that your pre announced high IQ (since they are white) you honor them with, do you think that that specific attribute or characteristic COULD be the reason they are very very (sic) evil?
    If so, then what good it- being very smart- does to mankind specially when this kind of people get to hold positions of such power that they could unjustly- hurt a lot of innocent people, maybe even destroy humanity as we know it since they could very easily think they could replace The Creator?
    How many white people died in world wars one and two?
    Was that due to high IQ?

    1. AVATAR,
      The difference may be that low IQs perpetrate individual crimes while high IQs specialize in wholesale. Check it up in the History of crimes and genocides.

  10. What frustrates me about some of the commenters here is that they seem to be oblivious to the danger that Islam poses to the west. Worse, should one state these dangers, they are instantly shouted down as Islamaphobes. A phobia is an irrational fear, whereas Islam poses a very rational fear. I’m sure all those non Muslim peoples in the past, who lived in the lands, invaded by and turned into Islamic ones very much had rational fears, just as Europeans do today.

    Now, I understand very much that there are Muslims, living in the west, who fully respect the culture and traditions of the lands that they live within. It is not these Muslims that I have a problem with. I, like many, who understand the situation, realise that it is the religious zealots, who pose the biggest problem. It is those who wish to install Sharia courts and Sharia way of life, are the ones who pose the greatest threat. It is those who wish to destroy the indigenous culture and Islamise the western lands they live within that cause the greatest problem.

    And for those Muslims who piled into the west over the last year, predominantly from North Africa and the middle east, I wonder just how many of them are I.S. sympathizers and/or active followers/fighters?

    The attacks in Cologne were very real. While there were few rapes, there were many assaults of a sexual nature. All rapes are sexual assaults, whereas all sexual assaults are not rapes.
    There are those who want to play down this as a Zionist conspiracy, but we know now that it is not. We know that the sexual assaults are a direct result of clash of cultures. In Islamic lands, these men would certainly be executed, although I don’t know the punishment for sexual assaulting someone, although I should imagine it also to be severe.
    One has to ask the question why? Could it be these men did what they did as a result to first time drinkers of alcohol? Could it be because they did what they did knowing that nothing severe would happen to them, unlike if they were back home? Could it be because they were playing the system, as many immigrants who commit crimes in the west, ironically, are granted citizenship for time spent in jail? Or could it simply be because, they look upon westerners, the same way Jews do, as kuffar and goyim? Are we inferior to them because we are not Muslim?

    The bottom line is a simple one – the west does not want Islam and Muslims need to respect that. There are those within society, including myself, whom although they respect Islam and its right to exist, do not wish it here, to grow and eventually force its way as the main religion and culture, due to majority status.
    We all have a clear, rational, fear of Islam and as immigration from Islamic lands continues, the fear will continue to grow until all out chaos ensues. Muslims may very well want the return of the caliphate and global ummah. I’m not a Muslim and most certainly do not want that whatsoever.

    1. Harbinger,
      There are a lot of Muslim Westerners, do they represent any threat to you or to other non-Muslims? I don’t think so. But the religious zealots are, not only in Europe but in their own countries as well. These Salafi Wahhabi zealots are faked Muslims . Do you think they contribute to spreading Islam by trying to imposing it ? Obviously, not.” There is no compulsion in religion” (2:256). Their purpose is to make people loathe it and,obviously again, they are succeeding in it. You know that the “servants” (Sic!) of the Holy Sites of Mecca and Medina are the Al-Saud Jews , and here’s a video of a famous Iraqi religious scholar who says (the video is in Arabic) that the Saudi Salafi is a Jewish Movement: “”.
      The bottom line is: Christians and Muslims are being set against one another by more intelligent than both. You know who they are.

      1. STILL @ February 18, 2016 at 12:07 am

        NO, NO, NO, NO …

        Jews are NOT smarter. That is a bunch of bull and we must stop thinking like this.
        They simply devote their collective energy to achieving an agenda no other race is devoted to.

        Intelligent people of any race are easily on par with jews who are intelligent. The difference is what they do with it.

        It’s a damn good thing whites are not wired like jews. With our creative and building ability we would easily exceed the jews at THEIR agenda. So it’s a darn good thing we are not wired like them.

      2. Still,

        All those Islamic lands today, created after Muhammad’s death, did so through a Muslim minority becoming a majority. This is how Islam has spread throughout the world. My comment has nothing whatsoever to do with Salafi, Wahabi zealots. The teachings of jihad and the promotion of Islam come straight from the pages of the Qu’ran and the hadith. As I stated to Avatar, Muhammad forced people into his belief. Christ did not.

        I really do not wish to gamble western civilization on the premise that Muslims within it, when they get to the majority WILL NOT impose their faith upon the indigenous. I have this belief purely because of history, which has proven that in every land now Muslim, became Muslim as soon as their population rose and they became the minority.

        I know very well that Islam is being pitted against Christianity, which seems to be against the writing of Pike to Mazzini who said they would pit Islam against Zionism to foment WWIII. But nonetheless, Islam poses a threat to the cultures and traditions of non Islamic lands when its followers grow in number within.

      3. Lonnie,

        Jews are NOT smarter.

        is quite right, you were sharp to catch this widely accepted fallacy,
        but apart from that, everything STILL said is the truth.
        Everything that we are discussing here, all the chaotic hostility engendered has been planned, cooked up and served by Jew and the gentile eagerly lines up at the trough to gobble up the swill.
        The Protocols laid it out plainly at the time they were captured by the tsarist cops 130 years ago, published 110 years ago – and
        the cattle are too lazy to read the butcher’s meat chart??

    2. Harb, let me address couple of assertions you made and see if they are validated by facts,

      What frustrates me about some of the commenters here is that they seem to be oblivious to the danger that Islam poses to the west.

      What does history tell us about this danger?
      There have been numerous wars, battles, skirmishes, raids, buccaneers, privateers (under the “letter of marque” like Barbarossa, Drake and Raleigh) ever since the 8th century A.D.
      And every time the warring parties came to some accommodation, I am talking about 14 centuries of contact between the 2 systems.
      Venice and Genoa were much more intense rivals as naval superpowers than either against the Turkish empire, both competed at the Sublime Porte (the imperial court in Istanbul) for more favorable trade terms and to sabotage the position of the other, prior to that, their selfish rivalry at the Mameluks’ court in Cairo directly led to collapse of the Crusaders’ Kingdom of Jerusalem and Saladin’s victory.
      The Seljuk and Ottoman conquests were directed primarily against North African Islamic monarchies, less against Europe.
      When Mehmet II took over Constantinople, he rightfully proclaimed himself the Holy Roman Emperor, based on the facts that Constantinople was the seat of Christianity and that his mother was of royal Byzantine lineage. He adopted the sons of the defeated emperor’s brother and both attained the most prominent positions in his cabinet.
      In Bosnia, the infrastructure that the Turks left is of amazing quality, roads, public baths, walked cities, paved streets, sidewalks, sewers, schools … the pearls of Orthodox monasteries in Kosovo (Serbia, even Turks acknowledged this) were built during the Ottoman occupation, with major donations from the almighty vizier who as a kid was taken to Istanbul and trained in the famed Janissary corps.
      Mozart wrote an opera commissioned by a Sultan who was a great aficionado of the genre … and on and on.
      See some existential threat in this history? I don’t.
      I see 1,400 years of wheeling and dealing, sometimes antagonistic, sometimes as a rational compromise.
      It is called Realpolitik.

      But, what I see today has to do with the following issue

      There are those who want to play down this as a Zionist conspiracy, but we know now that it is not.

      Maybe you know that, I do not. I do know the following, quoted directly from the DM article:

      MARCIA ADAIR, freelance journalist and professional ghostwriter

      “I was at the main station, alone after midnight, as I often am, happy to have had a lovely night watching fireworks at the Rhine. Imagine my surprise, six days later, to discover I had been within 100 metres of a roving gang of rapists without noticing that anything was amiss.” — National Post

      Now, I cannot speak for others but I am in a fit of retching revulsion at the overpowering reek this paragraph raises, a freshly exhumed grave comes up roses in comparison to this ghoul.
      Some questions:
      Just how did Marcia Adair, on assignment to the National Post (unanticipated, keep moving, nothing to see here) happen to be at the Köln scene at precisely the time of grope-a-thon? Any idea? I am mighty curious and surprised that no one else finds it weird.
      And she was not assaulted, though she was at the scene. Though that is less of a mystery when you look at her face, even the sex starved taqfiri Salafi- Jews have limits.
      And she specifically DENIES that anything untoward happened.
      Do you see the Kabbalah shake+bake?
      If the attacks DID happen (and it truly seems that they did), why does she deny it, having obviously been the miracle Jewess-on-the-spot, just like the Dancing Israelis in Newark on 9/11.
      “We are not your problem, (choose one), Muslims (Europeans) are your problem”.

      Do you see Harb why I am so friggin angry?
      I see the exact script, with slight alterations, as on 9/11, 19 flying/raping Arabs, Mohamed Atta’s passport found in panties of raped 9 year old blond, Ilya Ehrenburg’s pamphlet conveniently lost in the police archives …

      “There are those who want to play down this as a Zionist conspiracy, but we know now that it is not.”.
      Oh yes it is. It is nothing but, beginning and the end of story, Yhwh’s alpha and omega.

      And I don’t care if I am the only one who sees it with Kristalnacht clarity, if so, 7 billion people are blind fools and I am the only one right.
      Again: mene, mene, tekel, upharsin (counted, counted, weighed, DIVIDED)
      And truly, we are divided while the carpetbaggers scoop the loot.
      Divide and rule, while the fools squabble.

      1. @ Ellie K

        Your recent comment (3000 words) entered our “Trash” folder for same reason. Will read it when I have some time.

      2. Lobro,

        Maybe it’s because you are of Slavic ancestry, I don’t know, but I do not want to see the Islamisation of Europe. I would rather it become pagan again and have no religion, where people can live in freedom and NOT under the control of writings, a man wrote (not a God) in a book. I do not like the authority that Islam poses. That’s my irk with Islam.

        I am not denying the fact that Islamic cities were civilised; that is not the problem here. What is the problem is an alien religion, that is also merged with politics and culture, forcing its way into the lives of those who do not wish it.
        Lobro, you are not stupid, but all of those lands that are now Muslim, once were not. They did not become Islamic for love of Islam. They became Islamic, just the way Birmingham in the UK has become Islamic – by constant growth of Muslims, until it becomes a majority. I really wouldn’t be surprised if Birmingham, one day in the future, chooses to break away from the UK and be an Muslim state within the UK.

        “Do you see Harb why I am so friggin angry?”

        Lobro, my quote of ‘not being a Zionist conspiracy‘ was a direct reply to your following reply on Russian vigilantes give ‘refugees’ groping women in Russian nightclub a good thrashing

        “Ok … but ever considered the background?

        1000 Musselman rapists show up in organized, focused force, same time, same place, same “mission statement”,
        1000 terrified, shiksas awaiting unspeakable fate, miniskirted “men” on the run, their thongs showing as they take off at high speed?

        Anyone wondering about how such circumstances came together?
        Are you saying that ACTION started spontaneously at the very same instant, 1000 drooling rapists perfectly synchronized, no one in director’s chair snapping the ACTION sign?
        Look, under the “normal” conditions, the islamorapists would be arriving sporadically, a drunken grope here and there, women getting spooked and starting to leave, not a nicest scene but not a disaster either……..”

        You did not believe Admin when they first posted about this situation and it was your reply of a Zionist conspiracy, I dismissed along with Admin.


        In regards to the article by Marcia Adair, in Canada’s National Post it is clear there is Jewish tampering, as she denies anything happened.

        Lobro, you and I will always disagree on Islam. You state you are so friggin’ angry about things that I write and likewise I too am with you. you frustrate me immensely in your blinkered view that it’s the Joooos who are the problem and your partiality towards Islam, with no concern whatsoever if Europe becomes an Islamic stronghold leading to a global ummah.

        The Joooos ARE NOT THE PROBLEM Lobro. Your domatic belief that they are will be the downfall of western civilization. The biggest problem that people in the west face are their fellow non Jews. It is the shabbos goy, those who happily work for the Jews and implement their wishes who are the problem. The Jews keep themselves hidden and work from the shadows to great success. Their strength is the goyim’s weakness. They control the UK and yet Jews make up 0.5% of the population and within that those who are doing the controlling are a tiny minority, possibly 0.5% of the overall 300,000 UK Jewish population.

        If anyone here is divided Lobro, it is you, not I.
        I am a white nationalist. I see that both Jewry and Islam are a problem. I see that in order to solve the problem you do two things:

        1. Stop the migration of Muslims and non whites into Europe (and the west), repatriating a large number of those already here.
        2. Remove Jews from their positions of power and influence.

        You, seem only to reside with point 2, for every time I write about Islam being a problem in the west, it is you who always writes back to disagree, thereby, in doing so, contradict Lasha’s belief that you actually agreed with most of what I wrote in the article Keep Europe White: In Defence of Our White Homelands

        Yes, there is a Jewish conspiracy Lobro, I see that, but this Jewish conspiracy is only working because the goyim allow it to work. This conspiracy could not work unless the goyim are complicit in it’s installation.

        I will state this again, so that EVERYONE who reads this knows my stance on Islam.
        I have no problem with Islam, if that is Islam stays where Islam is and does not seek to colonize yet more lands for Islam. It has every right to exist in this world but it should also respect non Islamic lands who choose to remain non Islamic. There is most certainly an Islamic conspiracy working in tandem with the Jewish one with both seeking to control the world, one under the Talmud and the other the Qur’an.

        So Lobro, we will just have to disagree with Islam. I do not want the Islamisation of the west. I’m a culturalist for crying out loud! I respect the rights of the indigenous peoples and their cultures EVERYWHERE in this world to survive. I vehemently disagree with ALL FORMS of colonisation, white, non white, religious and/or non religious.

        And finally, Islam IS a smokescreen, but if we do not take precautions against it, we are sure to choke.

      3. Harb-

        I agree.

        This IS the BEST way…!!!

        1. Stop the migration of Muslims and non whites into Europe (and the west), repatriating a large number of those already here.

        2. Remove Jews from their positions of power and influence.

      4. Thank you Pat.
        I’m glad at least someone else sees the situation and the threat that Islamic migration, into non Islamic lands, poses to its indigenous.

      5. But Harb, let’s stick to the topic a bit more closely.
        I addressed 2 points you raised and neither is
        So we in fact disagree to disagree.

        Firstly, I argued that

        danger that Islam poses to the west

        (your phrase) is a non-sequitur, since
        it is not Islam that propelled these migrants to Europe but the Jew.

        That, my friend, the bolded stuf, is the crux of my statement – feel free to disagree with part or the whole of it.
        Let me fortify the bolded fragment by some more evidence (by the way, the “Marcia Adair” puzzle that I outlined is also two-part, of which her denial of the commotion is only the second)

        The man of the future will be of mixed race. The races and classes of today will gradually disappear due to the elimination of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-negroid race of the future, similar in appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples and the diversity of individuals. Instead of destroying European Judaism, Europe, against her will, refined and educated this people, driving them to their future status as a leading nation through this artificial evolutionary process. It’s not surprising that the people that escaped from the Ghetto-Prison, became the spiritual nobility of Europe. Thus, the compassionate care given by Europe created a new breed of aristocrats. This happened when the European feudal aristocracy crashed because of the emancipation of the Jews [due to the actions taken by the French Revolution]

        Show me where in Quran does it say this and I will instantly agree that it is Islam and not the Jew that poses the mortal danger to Europe.
        You know who said this, don’t you.

        The father of European Union.
        And though he enunciated it in public (“Pan-European Manifesto”) in 1923, the plan was hatched many years or in fact, centuries before that.
        By who?
        By the Prophet Mohamed 😉

        So, nowhere do I advocate flooding of Europe by outsiders of any creed, including, but not restricted to, Muslims, all are equally unwelcome, be they Turkmens, Indonesians, Brazilians or Zulus.

        All I am saying is (you guessed it), IT’S JEWS, JEWS, JEWS.
        Once again, feel free to disagree with that.

        To argue that we, the gentiles are to blame is exactly analogous to claiming that 1,050 German women attacked in Köln are to blame.

        We all need to pack loaded handguns in our purses and stop wearing miniskirts – once we identified the clear and present danger and do nothing about it,
        then we are to blame.
        And the clear and present danger is neither Islam or even the subhuman migrant trash but something that has lurked in our midst since time immemorial.

      6. Btw Harb, your solution is upside down

        1. Stop the migration of Muslims and non whites into Europe (and the west), repatriating a large number of those already here.
        2. Remove Jews from their positions of power and influence.

        Just how will you accomplish (1) while (2) is still in place (Jew in power, i.e., you powerless)?

        Hmm, we got a problem here …

      7. I want to partially digress and follow a tangent spotted hiding in a welter of Kalergi verbiage about “noble Jew” (yeah right, Jew is noble)

        Eurasian-negroid race of the future, similar in appearance to the Ancient Egyptians

        Just where did this image of “Ancient Egyptians” come from, what evil symbolism is this?
        Recall that in Jew bible, Ancient Egyptians gave the diseased Jew shelter and prosperity and were repaid by the plagues, the butchery of the firstborn (WW1 & WW2?), by the looting and theft before escaping across the Red Sea.
        Interesting indeed that the Father of EU would have emphasized this parallel.

        And to the best of my understanding, the Old Testament came before Quran, not that I bothered reading either (Slavs are lazy 🙂 )

        Now, had the Ancient Egyptians dealt with the deadly parasite properly, all of us would have been better off, 4,000 years later, agree or disagree?
        (no Islam, no Christianity … I’m ok with that)

      8. Lobro,

        “… it is not Islam that propelled these migrants to Europe but the Jew.”

        Quite correct.

        It all started with the – completely unnecessary – muslim labour immigrants in the 60’s and 70’s, which has grown into by far the largest group of muslims in my country and many others in Europe. This was all planned long ago, no question. You know in the 50’s the Dutch were encouraged to emigrate supposedly because our country was overcrowded. So many went, millions over the years. And many were most valuable for any society, farmers, craftsmen, skilled labourers, etc. This was of course done to undermine the self sustainability of our country. Nothing a Jew hates more than a self sustainable nation. Anyway, in the same decade all of a sudden we apparantly had a labour shortage. First there came some Italians, a few Greeks, some Spaniards. But then in the 60’s the Turks and Moroccans came. In 1973 there were combined approx. 40 to 45.000 of them when the first oil crisis hit us and they were no longer needed, if in reality ever, because all they contributed to our economy was lower average wages. Still that didn’t stop our ‘government’ to allow even more in. So that by 1980, there were well over a 100.000, which were granted familyreunion. And that was on top of all the negroes and other 3rd worlders from ‘our’ former and current colonies that came en masse in the 70’s. It is then that large scale protests should have broken out. Now the tipping point lies far behind us.

        BUT, first of all, they were and are more than happy to provide as instruments of Jew. And the reason Jew is using them as an instrument, just like the other 3rd worlders, is precisely because they pose a threat to European civilisation. Why else would Jew flood us with them? Certainly not for our benefit. Furthermore, apart from whom is to blame, apart from that not all of them are scum (though too many are), apart from that many are behaving ok, the fact remains that we don’t need them ’round. They are a burden, period.

        I have nothing against muslims or anybody. But don’t come here so that we have to compete for jobs, houses, living space, etc. on our own soil. They can all go take of themselves in their own countries just as we do.

      9. Lobro,

        If someone drops a fox into a chicken coup, who is the bigger problem at the current time – the fox or the man? Sure, we can look at the problem and say: that we need to stop the man putting more foxes in chicken coups, but we can also say: if we don’t remove the foxes, then the chickens will suffer.

        This is how I see the Jewish problem. I agree Islam did not propel the current deluge into the west, but then let’s face facts, that since the end of the war, there has been a steady stream of non indigenous into Europe which has greatly changed it.

        Have you been to London or Birmingham lately? Have you walked in Tower Hamletts or Whitechapel? Doing so is like walkng into Islamabad or Karachi. Have you ever been stopped by Muslim gangs telling you to turn around as you’re no longer in a white area? Have you had the joy of running into a Sharia patrol telling you to dispose of your alcohol and for your girlfriend to cover her head, arms and legs up?
        This is not scaremongering Lobro. This is London 2016. The situation in London IS the way it is because Islam is no longer the minority, but the majority. What has happened in many areas of London is the creation of Islamic ghettos.
        This behaviour, believe it or not, is exactly how Islam has spread throughout all the Islamic lands we know of today. First it was a handful of people, practising their religion and as the population grew, it slowly began to impose its way of life on the majority.

        If Muslims, come to another land, remain the minority, abide by the cultures and traditions and do not try to impose their beliefs on the majority, then I have absolutely no problem with them. The only problem is; once they grow, they stop abiding and their tolerance, turns into intolerance.

        I have studied the creation of the EU and I’m more than familiar with the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan. It is a vile creation, there’s no doubt about that, but Lobro, Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi, WAS NOT A JEW. He was a Christian, whose father most certainly indoctrinated into him, the ‘supposed’ wrongs of Christian Europe in its treatment of Jews. Then one can also assume that as one of mixed race, he felt it his duty to mix the races and protect the minorities as he himself was one.
        Those behind the creation of the EU though were predominantly jewish and communist.

        “Show me where in Quran does it say this and I will instantly agree that it is Islam and not the Jew that poses the mortal danger to Europe.”

        There is no comparative plan within the Qur’an. However, that stated, why are the Jews flooding Europe with non indigenous (overwhelmingly Muslim) from Asia and Africa, if Islam does not pose a direct threat to the stability and future of the European peoples and their culture? By mentioning the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan you answer the question you pose.

        Lobro, Muslims don’t have to come to the west do they? Why is there not an exodus of European peoples in Islamic lands? Why has it all been one way from Pakistan and Bangladesh since the 70’s? Why are Muslims moving from an Islamic culture to a non Islamic one in Europe? There are two conclusions:

        1. Muslims prefer living in Christian society instead of an Islamic one.


        2. Muslims have moved to Christian lands in order to wage womb jihad, taking over that land for Islam through higher procreation rates than the indigenous.

        What is it to be Lobro? Do we see Muslims abandon their culture and religion when they come to Europe? Of course we don’t. Do we see them start drinking alcohol, eating bacon sandwiches, while their daughters and sisters go out in their mini skirts to nightclubs on a Friday night? Again, no we don’t.
        So sadly Lobro, common sense decrees that we can throw point two into the bin.

        Islam is growing at a rapid rate within the west. It is predicted that by 2050, the UK Muslim population will be 26million. That means that by 2075 they will be the majority. Do we wait and allow this to happen? Do we wait for the Muslim majority to state: “Now that there are more Muslims in the UK, we demand that Islam be the religion of the UK and that we live within an Islamic culture, over a non Islamic one”?

        It is for this reason that I speak of instant closing of the floodgates and repatriation of all non indigenous.

        “So, nowhere do I advocate flooding of Europe by outsiders of any creed, including, but not restricted to, Muslims, all are equally unwelcome, be they Turkmens, Indonesians, Brazilians or Zulus.”

        Well, that’s good to know.

        “To argue that we, the gentiles are to blame is exactly analogous to claiming that 1,050 German women attacked in Köln are to blame.”

        Well, ironically the above statement is correct – that latter that is. These German women vote. They are responsible for electing politicians, who do not serve them. Many of them will have supported Merkel and therefore her flooding the country with North Africans and Asians, who had a ‘groping’ field day, is directly because of being elected into power by many of these women.

        Lobro, I do realise that the plan is a Jewish one. I do realise that the Protocols spell it out. I most certainly understand the perfidy of Jews, BUT……..why is it you and I (and many of the posters here) see this and the majority doesn’t? What is it that has made you and I, read and understand the ‘big picture’? Why is it we can see this so easily yet the rest of society ridicule us, call us anti semites and holocaust deniers, when they haven’t a clue what they’re talking about?

        The majority gorge themselves on the illusions created by the ‘men behind the curtain’. We spotted the Wizard of Oz was fake from the start.

        I just think with you constantly blaming the Jews, while ignoring the majority of goyim who happily follow their plan without question is to easy.
        If a friend of yours cut off his hand because a Jew told him to, who would be the bigger fool, the fool or the fool that followed?

        Western civilization is crumbling because the goyim are weak. They have happily bought into the distractions created by the Jews and therefore the blame lies solely upon them, for following and ignoring history, a history the overwhelming majority have no desire in understanding.

        I know you know what it’s like when you explain to someone the absurdities of the holocaust narrative, putting fact after fact to them, but because of cognitive dissonance, they completely reject everything you’ve said, because they can’t comprehend that is was all one, big lie.
        This is western society’s downfall. Their inability to think critically and pull out the facts has allowed the Jews to not only reach their positions of power, but to maintain them.

        I will always blame the goyim before the Jew, because they should know better.

      10. Lobro,

        “Just how will you accomplish (1) while (2) is still in place (Jew in power, i.e., you powerless)?

        Hmm, we got a problem here …”

        Again it’s like the man and the fox scenario as explained above. What poses more of a direct threat to the chickens (European population) at the precise time – the man who dropped in the fox (Jew) or the fox (Muslims/immigrants)?

        The mass migration of immigrants is not just a smokescreen, but one that will choke the indigenous population if not blown away. So… answer to your above statement is you hit two birds with one stone – remove both at the same time.

        The question is how?
        And I’m still trying to figure that one out.
        To me, it’s a catch-22 situation and it’s the very reason that it’s been employed.

      11. Harb, maybe this is the proof of concept, ie, stop Jew in his tracks and the fox leaves the coup on its own (fox will raid the coop because it’s native habitat’s destruction) Damascus Snapshot: REFUGEES RETURNING, FSA Rebels Rejoining Government Army
        See what I mean?
        Everybody wants to live in his own place, where the cultural roots are.

        I would like you to visit Sarajevo for a few days to see what a normal Muslim society is like, I am quite sure that it was that way in Cairo, Baghdad, Damascus, Aleppo and many places before ZOG poisoned the cultural well … look at the plight of Christians in ME after Khazar landed.

        You know, rather than man-fox-coop diagram, I am thinking of a cancer-hairloss pairing, which do you think needs treatment?

      12. Lobro,

        Intersting you post the refugees returning to Damascus, I saw this not more than 10 mins ago. Finland is too cold for Iraqi migrants.

        I have no problem with Muslim societies, as I have no problem with Muslims. What I do have a problem with are Muslims taking over non Muslim societies to become Muslim. That is where the crux of the matter lies. Capital cities are supposed to represent that nation and should you go to London, you, like 99% of all European peoples/ancestry who go there, will most certainly see it does not represent indigenous culture and its people.

        As for your analogy comparing, I’m not sure. Cancer, is pretty much non curable. From history, it’s always come back to kill. Sure, hair loss can be caused by cancer, more importantly through the chemotherapy treatment, but then one can also naturally develop alopecia. Hair is superficial and will always take second place to any cancer. But I’m figuring you see Jews as the cancer and hair loss as Muslims (symptom). With that I would agree, in that Jews are certainly responsible in mass immigration into Europe, courtesy of war and immigration policy, but let us not forget how Islam came about and spread from its inception. Jews did not foist Islam on the many non Islamic nations at the time. Islam foisted Islam?

        You and I do agree that Jewry is behind this. You, myself and Pat (and no doubt others) will certainly agree on Rothschild intervention. Where you and I disagree though is the impact of Islam on Europe and laying the blame on the indigenous, more than the Jew. Were everyone in the west like those who post regularly on this forum, we wouldn’t have a Jew problem. They’re not, hence why we do.

  11. @Gilbert

    Looking down on the blacks are we? How very noble of you. I prefer to call them African Americans. By the way, i am 100 per cent white. I do look like a white bedsheet though. Maybe i should go under the lamp.

    1. LUBF,

      What on earth is there in Gilbert’s comment that ‘looks down on blacks’? Ah, because he correctly points out that blacks, on average, have the lowest IQ’s?
      I’ve utterly destroyed your argument, on many occasions, with other people.
      Let’s look at this reality shall we?

      If we look at society and in particular, the percentage of blacks in the sporting world, compared the academic one. Although there are 5 times more Caucasians in the USA, blacks totally dominate sports. Basketball, American football, athletics, boxing. They represent a disproportionate ratio to their population.
      In the world of academia, it is represented predominantly by Caucasians.
      Therefore there are two conclusions we can draw from this:

      1. Blacks are either better at sports/excel more at sports than Caucasians on average and Whites are better academically than blacks on average.
      2. Blacks disproportionate representation in sports is a conspiracy as is white representation in academia.

      What will it be LUBF?
      That stated, we must also look into positive discrimination (affirmative action in the USA) which itself is an oxymoron and realise that there are many blacks who have jobs they are not skilled at doing, thus taking away more skilled whites’ chance to be there. This is not only incredibly unfair, proving the Jews’ desire of never living within a meritocracy, but also, in certain fields can very well endanger people’s lives, because of incredibly prejudice to white people, political correctness.

  12. Ingrid is not getting on my nerves. I like her.

    There are tons and tons of info and disinfo on the Internet. Take your pick. You can choose whatever you want about Cologne. Like Sandy Hook, i was not there. There is the internet for info about SH. i am still undecided. Like i said i was not there. There is always more to the story than meets the eye. Time will tell. Look at 911. How should i know what the truth is? I am entitled to think what i think and you and entitled to think what you think.

    1. I must say, you do have a flair for fair, LUBF.

      Such a shortage of this attitude nowadays, one deeply concealed reason why the civilization is on the ropes.
      Anyone question this? Is Jew fair? 😀
      Lack of adherence to rules of fair play results in cowardice and appeasement, to bending, twisting and warping of logic and ultimately, the reality, the hunted beast walks into the matrix prison of its own volition – Project Talmud complete.

      To use a legalese, I say this “without prejudice”, ie, I reserve the right to agree with any particular view that you may uphold.

  13. Form up your militias. Get rid of electronic voting machines. Use the alternative media to your advantage. Displace all.those jewish Zionis who have control of it now. Elect constitutional officers throughout government, starting with the county sheriff. Sweep all illegals out of your area. Deport all dual citizens back to y izrayhell . Denounce zionism. Get a local government that knows when to lay the law down on the feds. Repeal all the 9-11 laws. Secure the borders.

  14. Man …. the drama on this site is incredible.

    I’m here for ONE reason and ONE reason only:

    To state the obvious to the self proclaimed “jew wise” …. to FINANY realize it’s all been tried concerning the jewish problem. Therefore the OBVIOUS and ONLY option is to globally kill them off once and for all.

    I’m NOT going to debate what to do with these “people” and you all should have figured this out by now.
    It’s stunning to me how many jew wise have not realized this is where we are.

    If ANYONE has a problem with this send the admins a note and have me banned.

    I’m an unapologetic broken record and will continue to say it over and over and over. If I’m not here saying this it’s because I occasionally tire of the DM drama between some of you.

    Again, if ANYONE has a problem with this send the admins a note and have me banned.
    I truly do not care about being banned.

    I care about saving the future of our children.

    JB Campbell wrote a great essay sometime ago entitled “Save America, Kill the jews”.

    Insert whatever you must for “America”.

  15. Many of these Gentiles were welcomed into the world on torture boards. They call it circumcision. They literally butcher the genitalia to leave only the protopathic base structure. The newborn wails away in the most intense agony. The adult male will NEVER know true sexual pleasure as long as he lives.

  16. My first reaction to preachers of hatred against the Jews in general – they’re Zion trolls. Nobody wants the Jews threatened more than the moss ad Roth child. It’s an old tactic. Otherwise, advise your stein y friends to get over their mazaltavy brainwashing. And get on the train to the next paradigm. They’ve been had. So have we. Everybody get past it. Envision utopia and maybe we’ll get close.

  17. You forgot to tell em about when you were fifteen and you learnt to chew tobacco from the abos, you know, the story you told us bout the female kangaroo you lost your virginity to by the river? Tell em mate



    1. @ “John”

      You sad little Muslim hiding behind the Western name “John”, you can’t bear to read the truth, can you? No one connected with this website wrote this article, can’t you understand that? It was written by a writer on and simply republished here. Lasha Darkmoon was perfectly right to point out that the woman Marcia Adair who said she had seen nothing at Cologne was a Zionist writing for the National Post, Canada’s trashiest Zionist newspaper. This totally descredited the liar Marcia Adair..

      In any case, what right do you have to meddle with the editorial decisions of other websites? Do you have your own website? If so, do you let other people tell you what you can publish and what you cannot publish?

      I congratulate this website for having the courage to tell the truth, you pathetic Muslim ostrich who would rather bury your head in the sand! These things are going on, understand? They are NOT lies!


      1. Sardonicus
        hold your horses Sardonicus ,don’t be so quick to judge
        John is no Muslim ,he shouts like a maniac ,he or maybe she is a Zionist troll
        Muslims the ones I know at least who are online activists respect and understand this site
        but most of them are silent readers not only to this site but many respected alternative media blogs ,these online political activists post and share their thoughts and views in private websites

        Sardonicus you’re a smart poster ,please don’t judge the book by it’s cover.!

      2. @MUSLIM

        why you stupid MORON keep posting at this christian zionists website ,you have no brains ,no dignity no resolve no self respect ,you are dumber than a rock

  19. the Jews are crafty bastards…they know that us men of the darker races have a higher testosterone level and a much greater appetite for sex…many of these men are sexually deprived without and girlfriends or wives, no money, and a culture clash going on….

    they would be tempted to do the same shit in China or Africa or Latin America but they may not carry through on it because of the possible consequences of such actions…

    I believe the gropings are real…when I was in Toronto, we would have gangs of Paki guys grope white women with their boyfriends when they would gather in downtown to celebrate New Year’s Eve or any other public event…

    say for Caribana, the Blacks and Browns would come out and touch black booty…smack some ass even when there are cops nearby…and the chicks were tough…they can handle groping…

    Black and brown men love groping women…why do you think these darker Muslims make their women cover up sometimes? Biology is a reality…face it…

  20. every Carnival festival – we call it Caribana – which happens in the Summer in Toronto, the Black and Brown guys would come out to grab some booty…

    this is not unusual…its maybe unusual for European cultures but its not abnormal for the Darker races unless these cultures and races have their men kept in check by a religion like Islam…

    in Hindu India, men are more likely to rape or molest their women than their South-Asian Muslim counterparts…

    testosterone leads to greater impulses…

    race is a reality…

    add cultural differences to that, and its a volatile mix…that is exaceberated and everything

    get over it folks…

    deal with racial reality…

  21. why do u retards on here claim its a “Muslim” problem? it’s not a “Muslim” problem…its a different ethnicity and race of men doing the shit…

    darker men have higher testosterone levels in general…remember …we got the BBCs? I’m 8″ btw

  22. most of the dark men grabby booty and smacking ass in Caribana in downtown Toronto were in fact non-Muslim…I think us dark men have excessive sex drives…what do u folks think?

  23. incidents like groping are bound to happen…in such public events…where the chance of getting caught is slim to none…usually done when the girl is oblivious and the guys are roaming in gangs…i’ve seen quite a bit of that when I was younger…its not an “Islamic” issue…in any way shape or form…

    strict Muslim fundamentalists even prefer gender segregation for reasons like this

    sex deprived men born in Muslim families doing this is not due to any religious reasons…

    1. @ Salman Hossain and Gilbert, too

      JP Rushton, the late great psychology professor from Canada, is often cited and quoted by White Nationalists on the issue of IQ differences between the races. Rather curiously, Rushton places Orientals or Yellows (i.e. Chinese, Japanese and Koreans) at the top in terms of IQ, above Whites, followed by the Browns and Blacks at the tail end. I say curiously because and I am surprised that White Nationalists would publicize anything that didn’t place Whites firmly in 1st place, especially on the critical question of IQ and intellectual superiority.

      Regarding the issue at hand, the testosterone levels and sexual aggression of Blacks, Rushton would agree with you, Salman. He claims that Blacks have the highest testosterone levels of all the races and therefore they are also the most impulsive and sexually promiscuous race, if not the most sexually violent race by default. He does not actually say this, but I am extrapolating it from his research. Where’s my proof?

      Here it is: In America, a White woman is raped by a Black man every 12-minutes or about 35,000 rapes are reported each year; my guess is that probably 50% or more go unreported, which would make it higher than 70,000 rapes each year or 1 White woman being raped every 6-minutes in America. Now that’s what I call a real RAPE EPIDEMIC!

      Below is the link to the famous debate between JP Rushton and David Suzuki that took place in London, Ontario, at the University of Western Ontario on February 8th, 1989. Suzuki is, of course, of Japanese descent, who, in this debate, is denouncing Rushton’s theory as “racist”. Oh, the irony of it all: they couldn’t find a White professor of genetics to debate Rushton; Suzuki was the token and stereotypical “Asian science geek”.

      BTW, I was not impressed by Suzuki’s debating skills and counter-arguments. His tone and manner was bordering on jewish hysteria, as was as the general mood of the audience, which, in hindsight, was thoroughly PC, although the term PC (Politically Correct) was not in usage then. Today, we would say they were absolutely and completely CUCKED!

      The debate and Q&A was 1 hour and 45-minutes-long, but the relevant section is at the 48:33 minute mark. Just click on the link and it will bring you there:

      As for “African-Americans” and Blacks in general having bigger penises than Whites and Yellows; that’s true but so what? Having a big penis is important only in a sexually-obsessed and sexually-perverted JEW World. Blacks have historically been an race of slaves and it was the practice of slave owners to selectively breed and mate the most mule-like negress with the most mule-like negro to make a bigger and better slave. Is that anything to be proud of? Only in a dumbed-down JEW CULTURE would men brag about having a big penis and the probable fact they they are descended from mule-like slaves and beasts of the fields.

      1. JFTC,

        “Rather curiously, Rushton places Orientals or Yellows (i.e. Chinese, Japanese and Koreans) at the top in terms of IQ, above Whites, followed by the Browns and Blacks at the tail end. I say curiously because and I am surprised that White Nationalists would publicize anything that didn’t place Whites firmly in 1st place, especially on the critical question of IQ and intellectual superiority.”

        You are confusing white nationalism with white supremacy. While all white supremacists would very probably be white nationalists, not all white nationalists would be white supremacists.

      2. there are white men with the BWC as well…comparable in length and girth to BBCs …just that their numbers are smaller on average…

      3. Andrew, remember that the Flynn Affect creates a boost in IQ when lower IQ races move to the West…

        so its not all about genetics but also environment

    2. @ Salman Hossain

      Skin color, excessive sex drives, high testosterone levels, and large penises are lousy excuses for a lack a proper moral foundation hinging on respect for your fellow humans.

      1. …all these are contributing factors and not having the ability to get laid or even purchase pussy creates a situation where these things can happen…try and empathize for once

  24. I would like to thank Darkmoon for its precise, fair and decent presentation regarding this case.
    I would also like to thank ms. Marcia Adair for her just, timely and dignified intervention as a witness when asserting with clarity that NOTHING WORTH MENTIONING happened that night, besides, of course the fireworks and the celebrations on new years eve, may Allah (swt)bless you and bless Germany where you’re from..
    I won’t be posting for a couple of days for I was hired by a contingent of wahabi brothers who are here in Venezuela doing a tour, helping poor Venezuelans and distributing the holy Koran, they are from Saudi Arabia.
    One of them a very blonde man (Gosh, he is so blonde) with blue eyes- I think he is from Bosnia- handed me 2 thousand dollars, and I was like, what? “No, no, no brother this is an honour to go with you in the path of Allah and peaceful Jihad, don’t do that” but… The wahabi bosnian brother insisted and said ” brother, if you don’t take this money, I will be sad” “Sad?” I though, “heck, I am sad” “was, actually ever since the bitch of my wife’s sister stole 8 thousand dollars we had in the house so she can go operate her boobs” “thank you” I replied, putting the money deep inside my pocket, remembering to put it in a safe place for its all I got until I visit Colombia next month where my farc guerrilla friends will pay me a wad of euros they owe me for “services rendered”
    . I love them too even though they are communists, I read from the Koran to them when there, they just love the arab resistance.
    I would also like to invite everyone here to visit a nearby mosque, no one is gonna hurt you, all they do in there is thank Allah (swt) for life, love family and health. It may be boring at times but … It definitely s better than a discotheque where you can catch aids or worse, a bad breath disease. Its is, after all, the fastest growing religion in the west.
    I encourage you to do so, dear darkmoon members
    I will be back soon and troj? I love you brother!

    1. thanks for the input….Andrew/Justice 4 Chinese
      the kikes know how to capitalize on sex for sure…lolol

      the IQ level of blacks and browns increase in Europe and North America due to the Flynn Effect – both genetics and environment play their part in this…

      some of the upper caste/class of the brown population have identical IQs as white people…

      but with white people…the IQ levels are at both extremes…very little room in the middle range…you have the dumbed down retards amongst white folks – ya know – the typical redneck hillbilly crowd that the yhids love to play with…and then you have the absolute geniuses like Tesla and Max Planc and countless other inventors and scientists -and no, Einstein was a jewish fraud – so that kike doesn’t count….but you get the bigger picture and that is perhaps the white IQ averages out to slightly less than Asian IQs…

      yes, race is a reality – when it comes to sex…but most of these men are really sex deprived and their cultures are also whacked out…

      my IQ level is anywhere from 125-130…that’s borderline gifted you could say…

      when South Asians move to Europe and North America – their IQ level generally catches up to Europeans and other Caucasians (on average)…but back in their native lands their IQ levels on average are 15 points lower than Europeans and North American White Caucasians – it matches that of the African American – around 85

      British-born/bassed Indians and pakis and bangladeshis tend to have IQs of 96 – while Black IQs are just around 80 in the UK…

      but there are INDIVIDUAL BLACKS with high IQs – in the gifted range…INDIVIDUALS mind you NOT a collective group…and these guys tend to ditch the idiots in their race…

      black female IQs are WAY HIGHER than their male counterparts….
      on the other hand –

  25. Bradley R. Smith Passed Away on Thursday, February 18, 2016

    Dear friends and supporters:

    A short while ago we were informed that Bradley R. Smith passed away on this Thursday, February 18, 2016. We volunteers at CODOH mourn the passing of our Committee’s founder. We will send out more details later.
    May he rest in peace.

    Germar Rudolf

  26. ADMIN TOBY: We could easily delete this hostile comment from a person who mistakenly believes that that this is a “Christian Zionist site” with an anti-Muslim agenda. I take this opportunity to state that we hold the Christian Zionists in complete contempt and have always been firm supporters of the Palestinian cause.

    The Truth of the matter is this
    this blog is perverted plain and simple ,quick look at the archives reveal this taste of the fictional character LASHA DARKMOON .
    this make believe novel in the making is the brain child of someone ,probably English Entity
    they are masters of deceit and spymaster artists

  27. Hey Avatar, deal with this: Palestinian units battle DAESH at Raqqa

    Later that day, the Syrian government army launched a massive assault on the village of Zakiyah and seized an important crossroads near the village, cutting IS’s major supply route from Raqqa to nearby Hama province.

    The Syrian government army’s 555th Brigade, 4th Mechanized Division, “Desert Hawks” brigade and Golani regiment, as well as the
    pro-government PALESTINIAN Liwaa Al-Quds militia (Jerusalem brigade)
    took part in both ground offensives.

    A source in the 555th brigade told Al-Masdar that IS militants entrenched at Tal Masbah hilltop were forced to flee northeast towards the desert on the Raqqa-Hama border, where an intense battle between the terror group and government forces is taking place.

    1. Daesh and ISIS were probably initiated by genuine and sincere Muslims lobro – but the usual suspects subverted it. Avatar is probably at heart thinking that the good guys still run the show but they don’t. Former Republican Guard cornels are involved in the ISIS gang. So we need to separate the wheat from the chaff. If Avatar truly believes in the ISIS cause, he should pack up and leave. He may not be happy at what he sees on the ground.

  28. @Harb but also others,
    just to collar couple of thoughts before they slide away.

    Cancer, is pretty much non curable. From history, it’s always come back to kill.

    So does the Jew, Harb, just the same, which is the point I’ve been making all along.
    A year ago, all this stuff about rampaging migrants was nonexistent, it reared up on us like a tidal wave, out of nowhere, unbeknownst to us but carefully laid out by Jew, sprung into action after the Russians initiated bombing runs on ISIS.
    Just look at that Twitter campaign analyzed by the Russian that I linked to in a previous post, another proof of Judas’ culpability.
    And if we repatriate all those migrants, then what?
    The Jew springs another atrocity, already prepared and shuffling behind the curtain, another horror eager to leap at our jugular.
    It was and always will be thus, until we decisively deal with the root cause.

    Consider again 2 things in closely coordinated tandem:
    1,000+ groper/molester flash mob AND a National Post Jewess parked at the scene specifically in order to provide deniability and shame the hated German race.
    See what der Jude does?
    He is in total control of all chokepoints, giveth and taketh away: feeds refugees into Germany, organizes grope-a-rama, owns media down to the very least outlet and can therefore lie to heart’s content, assured of full “broad consent”, pens cowed German ruling apparatus, politicians and police speak strictly from the script.

    So yes, sex offenses happen, netbots start spreading wildfire rumors, official media denies, then confirms, then denies again, politicians acting against their own people, sowing frustration, distrust and resentment, Christian against Muslim, Muslim against Christian, everyone drawing on their own store of past wrongs … while the Messianic project advances as per Protocols.
    Just one quote among many

    From that moment on we get internecine strife which soon develops into battles between classes, in the midst of which States burn down and their importance is reduced to that of a heap of ashes.

    8. Whether a State exhausts itself in its own convulsions, whether its internal discord brings it under the power of external foes – in any case it can be accounted irretrievably lost: IT IS IN OUR POWER

    CANCER, Thy name is JEW.

    1. Lobro –

      It depends.

      Dr Cesar Villanueva Cuellar, Clinica De Medicina Integral, Puerto De Veracruz, Mexico has never failed on cancer patients. I have visited his clinic numerous times in Cd Miguel Aleman, Tam., just across from Roma, Tx. He was my parents’ family doc for over 30 years. He had two clinics.

      Dr Villanueva Graduated from Guadalajara Med College. He was the equivalent of the State Surgeon General in Tamaulipas, Mex.,_Tamaulipas

      He even rid brain cancer in a friend from Texas, who AMA docs gave up on.

      Cancer can be cured… easily with proper knowledge…

      …….and you have stated that Jews can get cured also. 🙂

      1. Well, thanks for that, Pat.
        Having seen first hand the effects of Jew-cure, I promised myself never to bother with it if and when my turn comes.
        I do know that the Guadalajara med school produces very fine alumni.

        And I do know that there is at least one cure for Jew 😉

  29. @ Pat

    You said, “Cancer can be cured… easily with proper knowledge…”

    YES! Many, many cures with most being really, really cheap since they involve things naturally available. None of the simple cures are jew approved by their medical/sick industry. It is not about the profit. It’s about the misery and death objective consistent with evil.

    1. Ungenius –

      Yep. There are NO debt notes in health for AMA… ONLY in sickness. Pharisee-Jew controlled for 100 years. Leads back to the same London Pharisee-Jew Bankers who NEED and cause debt…. GLOBALLY..!!

      Cancer is a fungus…. similar to candida albicans…. ‘yeast infections.’
      Chemotherapy is a deadly fungicide.

      The easiest and cheapest help for cancer problems today is using ‘baking soda.’ Look it up.

      My dad sent many people to Hoxsey’s clinic in Dallas in the 50s.

      The Hoxsey Treatment (from aboriginals)

      There are two herbal formulas used in the Hoxsey treatment. One is external, and it consists of a red paste made with bloodroot, the active anti tumor ingredient, mixed with zinc chloride and antimony sulfide. This paste is applied directly onto skin cancer tumors.

      An almost identical version of the Hoxsey external paste has a history of successful applications on skin cancers as far back as 1850 in England, by a Dr. Fell, who evidently got the bloodroot ingredient from Lake Superior Native Americans by way of European doctors traveling in America. In 1949 and again in the 1960’s, there were other American doctors who used the same paste successfully in the States.

      The internal tonic consists of Red Clover blossom, Licorice root, Buckthorn bark, Burdock root, Stillingia root, Poke root, Barberry root, Oregon Grape root, Cascara Sagrada bark, Prickly Ash bark, Wild Indigo root and Sea Kelp. The Sea Kelp may have been added more recently to the original formula. A supplement of potassium iodide, was included along with the tonic.

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