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    by Tobias Lang

    These beautiful pictures of Mother Russia mean a lot to me and Lasha. This is because the family Cavendish, to which Lasha and the rest of the family belong, are said to be remotely descended from a noblewoman at the court of Catherine the Great of Russia. My brother Alex, Lasha’s other uncle, now deceased, was a professional historian and genealogist and he managed to trace our family’s origins back to remote times. This included a Russian ancestor at the court of Catherine the Great in Russia.

    The ancestor in question was a lady-in-waiting at the court of Catherine the Great, one of her closest confidantes known to her by the nickname “Brussja”. She was the Countess Praskovya Aleksandrovna Bruce who was born in 1729 and died at age 55-56 in 1785.

    Catherine was quite a tigress in bed and so was Brusja. They would swap gossip about all their lovers and Brusja knew everything Catherine got up to between the sheets. As a result, it became Brusja’s job to vet all Catherine’s lovers in advance: to sleep with them first, make sure they were good in bed, and break them in so to speak. And if they passed the test they were then passed over to Catherine.

    Brusja became known as “l’éprouveuse”, the Tester.

    It was the unwritten rule that once Catherine has started a sexual liaison with a new lover, Brusja was to lay off and have nothing more to do with the man she had just “broken in”. Unfortunately, our remote ancestress Praskovya Aleksandrovna was a wild one, a cat on heat, and she couldn’t resist hopping into bed with an old flame if she could do this without Catherine’s knowledge. One day (in 1779) Catherine walked into a room where Brusja, then aged 50, had her legs up in the air and was having it off with one of Catherine’s latest lovers.

    This guy was called “Ivan” and he was the father of the Russian composer Rimsy-Korsakov.

    As a result of this contretemps, Brusja was banished from the Russian court in disgrace. Later she was allowed back because Catherine just adored her. After all, the two had much in common. Both were hot licentious ladies and companions in promiscuity. Catherime must have had scores of lovers.

    The story goes that sometime in her late sixties Catherine went too far. Tired of men, she began to experiment with horses. While having sex with a stallion, age 67, she was crushed to death when the harness broke and the huge beast went totally berserk inside her. What a way to die!

    We are told this story is totally untrue and that Catherine died in a far less dramatic way: either from a stroke or from a bad fall when the toilet seat she was sitting on collapsed under her.

    I take all this with a pinch of salt. Though our family is said to be remotely descended from the Countess Brusja and one of her countless lovers, we can never be sure … because so much is hearsay and exaggeration and fantasy. Suffice to say that contraception was unknown in those days and you could easily get pregnant if you had sex with lots of different lovers.

    Infanticide was common. It was quite a common sight to see dead babies floating down the rivers and streams. Life was cruel.


    1. While touring Benares at dawn by a push-pole boat on the Ganges, we spotted a baby (well, an ex-baby) floating submerged at about 18 inches depth.
      The boat owner, a young Brahmin with excellent command of history and English, explained that dead babies, prostitutes and Hindoo swamis are not cremated but tossed into the river, which is claimed to be quite literally a living goddess.

      Beats me, never met any goddesses before, seen a few hookers though.
      Still working through some of the scenes encountered on that river stretch, I guess goddesses are not as simple as say, Humber river.

      Even some of the goddesses that drop by these threads are way beyond my computational ability.

  2. Patsy : putin is stoopid, a stoopid cub bear, a stoopid cub bear looking for its mommy bear to take care of him, a dummy bear, a no-good stoopid bear up to mischief.

  3. Beautiful Lasha! Thank you. One can always judge a country by its religious buildings. Make no mistake, Russia is undergoing a spiritual awakening, not only Christian, but Hindu and Buddhist as well. There is a Thai monk I know who travels outside of Thailand to teach Dhamma. In most Western countries he visits he will have, at most, 50 to 100 attending his talks. In Russia sometimes thousands. I have an American friend who follows Dzogchen who tells me the same thing about his teacher. None of this ever gets reported in the demonic and diabolical MSM.
    There is a palpable fear among so many people today of being thought of as religious. They’re ashamed of it. Being a trendy atheist is “intellectual” and makes one a “critical thinker.”

    1. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/hunt-priceless-faberg-lost-easter-5455842



      After the bloody revolution in Russia most of the treasuries of the Tsar and his nobility was bought up by the JEW armand hammer. Thanks to his jew relatives , the ruthless mass murderers of the Russian people. Hammer bought the Fabergé eggs and jewelry from the mass murderer stalin for penny’s on a dollar.


      The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse.

      In the Shadow of Hermes by Jüri Lina:


  4. What absolutely beautiful pictures – truly inspiring. Our people – white people – are truly the greatest race to ever have hitherto evolved on earth. I never saw anything like it on the African continent.

    It is noteworthy that white man’s creations can be found on the surface of the moon, on Mars, on Venus and one (Voyager) has even left our solar system. This of course leads me onto a brief discussion about the need for geographical separation of the races and the allocation of space for white people and white people only on earth.

    I would not care if I lived in a street where I was the only one to speak English. I would not care if my neighbours spoke Spanish, Italian, German, Latvian, Hungarian or any of the other beautiful European languages. I would consider it an opportunity to learn a new European language. All I would care about is that my neighbours are white. This would make me feel secure and happy because I would know despite the language difference, despite the differences in cuisine and customs we all had a commonality of interests. We were white. We were European or of European descent. We shared the same DNA. We were racial and spiritual brothers and sisters.

    Sorry! I got a tad poetic, but again great photos of a truly beautiful European culture.

  5. Uncle :

    I would appreciate it if you go into the Darkmoon Spam folder and release my posts still languishing in twilight zone…

    TOBY: You’ve had about 9/10 posts published today.That’s more than most of our commenters.

  6. Putin has called for jews to flood into his country. Apparently this POS traitor wants them to exterminate another 40 million of his people.


    The meeting between Putin and the EJC took place on Tuesday this week in the Kremlin. According to the Kommersant, the EJC specifically asked Putin to “protect them from rampant anti-Semitism in Europe,” but the “Russian president vowed to go much further.”

    Parts of Russia may be nice but its people are dying, the government is corrupt, and Putin is just as much a jew tool as his predecessors.

    Every nation that fought against Germany in WW2 is dying. This is what happens when you give yourself to the jew.

    1. This is unfortunately true, I don’t know what made Putin invite the vampires into Russia.

      Maybe just empty blather because he knows they have no interest in any country where there is no easy looting and the rug has been largely pulled from under them, no media or banking monopoly anymore, FSB and army purged and vigilant.
      Maybe he feels that Russia has been duly vaccinated and immunized after having bled 60 million lives to Jew but I wouldn’t feel so confident about repeat.

      Still, much of what Putin does doesn’t make sense to me, I just hope he is what he says he is, a Christian patriot who knows his history.
      Time will tell, so far so good – it could have been a lot worse.

      1. What about Putin doesn’t make sense to you? He’s a sociopath who’s in it for himself and will collaborate with anyone to secure his power. He’s a communist who laments the end of the Soviet Union and loves the jews who created it. He’s not done anything remotely counter-semitic in his career, he’s done nothing to stabilize Russia’s hypermortality, and he’s done nothing to promote nationalism in Eastern Europe. He’s an ex-KGB agent ruling over a dying ex-communist empire.

      2. @SPQR

        What about Putin doesn’t make sense to you?

        When you don’t understand something, it is always a good idea to look for someone who understands it, and listen carefully what he has to say. I have launched the series “Putin For Dummies” not for my or Putin’s glorification. I created it for the benefit of the dummies – I created it for Pat, Avatar, Rehmat, Ormonkey, and few other Orprimates like yourself. So take advantage of this free educational service provided to you by Circassian.

        In particular, make sure you digest the last two installments here and here. They are designed to answer precisely that very question, which is so puzzling to some: “what made Putin invite the vampires into Russia?”

      3. Circassian-

        Putin can help the Jews to dump the pimp and become a normal and decent people,

        No he cannot. jews cannot be changed. For 2,000 years Europeans have tried to change them by converting them to Christianity, forcing them out of their ghettos to mingle with Europeans, and giving them rights. Seriously, do you know nothing of history? The jews have never changed, and they can’t change. To be a jew is to be a liar, a thief, and a parasite. If a jew were to not be these things he would cease to be a jew.

        Any nation that has ever invited the jews into its lands ended up paying the price for it. Every society, every civilization that ever opened its arms to them ended up in ruins. Do you not know this? jews are not people, they are a plague. You don’t defeat a plague by embracing it, you defeat it by keeping it out of your system.

      4. @SPQR

        No he cannot. jews cannot be changed.

        Ok, then. Did you hear what Putin said: Let them go, we’ll take them all. Why would SPQR worry now about the fate of the Russians who are alcoholics, low intelligence human drags anyways. Shouldn’t SPQR be happy now? Shouldn’t he be thankful to Putin? But nooo …he is not happy, and he is not thankful at all. Why not?

        I commend you for replying in civilized manner, which was – to be truthful – a bit of surprise to me, taking into account your hatred for everything Russian. Even Pat does not harbor such unbridled hatred for Russia and the Russian people.

        Anyways, I am glad that you can be reasonable, and behave yourself, when you want to.

        Now, regarding your “jews cannot be changed” assertion. It is true that they cannot be changed … until they stop bitching for Anglo-Americans. But the fact of the matter is that the Jews, who survived Stalin’s purges and started working for Russia, provided much evidence that they can and will change.

      5. Circ –

        “Even Pat does not harbor such unbridled hatred for Russia and the Russian people.”


        I don’t even ‘hate’ Putin. I believe he is a liar and faker like the rest of the world’s leaders….. in it for the money…. and to feed his ego.

        I certainly do not hate Russian cousins of mine…. criminals notwithstanding.

        I am a big fan of Oleg Taktarov, the Russian Bear. MMA fighter and movie star.

        Oleg Nikolaevich Taktarov (Russian: Оле́г Никола́евич Такта́ров; born August 26, 1967) is a retired Russian mixed martial artist and actor. He is a practitioner of Sambo and Judo and has competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship and Pride Fighting Championships. Taktarov was the UFC 6 tournament champion and holds notable wins over Marco Ruas, Tank Abbott, Mark Kerr, and Anthony Macias. Taktarov is known for being exceptionally calm during fights and for using a variety of rarely seen, acrobatic Sambo take-downs.

        All of Taktarov’s losses were by knockout or decision;
        he was never ‘submitted’ in an MMA fight.


      6. @Pat

        Oleg Taktarov? Never heard of him before. This is a conclusive proof that we can learn something new … even from Pat 🙂

        I went to the kitchen to ask my wife if she ever heard of one Oleg Taktarov, and – believe it or not – she simply pointed to the TV screen. And there he was playing some bad guy in one of those disgusting and meaningless movies that plaque us since the fall of the USSR.

        However the city of Sarov – the birthplace of this Taktarov guy – is known almost to every Russian due to Saint Seraphim of Sarov (Russian: Серафим Саровский)

        That should tell you something about the difference in culture. Today’s America and Russia are two incompatible creatures – one of them has to go … and I certainly hope that it is not Russia. So should you.

      7. Circ –

        “Today’s America and Russia are two incompatible creatures – one of them has to go … and I certainly hope that it is not Russia. So should you.”

        You need to get ‘up to speed’ in global social planning by the London Pharisee-Jew Bankers running the UN.

        As far back as the 50s and 60s I read UN documents and Administration plans stating one of their goals was to merge US and Russia. More has been told since then.

        Here is a more recent revealing of the plans from a former Administration office-holder under Bush:



        In 1934 “Conclusions and Recommendations for the Social Studies”, funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York and compiled by the American Historical Association was published. Professor Harold Laski, a philosopher of British socialism, said of this report: “At bottom, and stripped of its carefully neutral phrases, the Report is an educational program for a Socialist America.” The Report stated in part: “The Commission could not limit itself to a survey of textbooks, curricula, methods of instruction, and schemes of examination, but was impelled to consider the condition and prospects of the American people as a part of Western Civilization merging into a world order….Cumulative evidence supports the conclusion that in the United States as in other countries, the age of laissez faire in economy and government is closing and a new age of collectivism is emerging…Organized public education in the United States, much more than ever before, is now compelled, if it is to fulfill its social obligations, to adjust its objectives, its curriculum, its methods of instruction, and its administrative procedures to the requirements of the emerging integrated order….If the school is to justify its maintenance and assume its responsibilities, it must recognize the new order and proceed to equip the rising generation to cooperate effectively in the increasingly interdependent society and to live rationally and well within its limitations and possibilities.”

        On September 26, 1961, President John F. Kennedy signed the Arms Control and Disarmament Act with the Soviet Union, referred to as Public Law 87-297 and State Department Publication 7277 “Freedom From War: The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World” which states in part:

        “The manufacture of armaments (including personal firearms, ed) would be prohibited except for those of agreed types and quantities to be used by the U.N. Peace Force and those required to maintain internal order. All other armaments would be destroyed or converted to peaceful purposes.”

        Presidents Reagan and Gorbachev signed education agreements in 1985 at the same time the Carnegie Corporation of New York signed even more extensive agreements with the Soviet Academy of Science. These agreements accelerated the merger of the two education systems, changing our education system from one focused on academics and individual upward mobility to one focused on quotas for certain jobs requiring work force training (performance/outcomes- based) for a planned international socialist economy. This failed socialist economic system which calls for communist “free trade” as well, is being implemented right now, under our very noses. This failed system is of benefit to a very small percent of the world’s population known as “the elite” which benefits from socialist subsidies and the elimination of competition. What we are looking at in the United States today is the redistribution of wealth as well as the redistribution of brains, and nobody, not even a rocket scientist, seems to understand what is going on.

      8. @Pat

        You need to get ‘up to speed’ in global social planning by the London Pharisee-Jew Bankers running the UN.

        Homo proponit, sed Deus disponit.

        Anyways, one good turn deserves another: I would like to pay you back by taking you ‘up to speed’ on one (rather important for understanding what is happening in the world) recent event in global affairs.

      9. Circ –

        Get up to speed… rocket speed. 🙂 US and Russia have already merged..!

        There are hundreds of examples. Here are a few:

        Aerospace Merger Means Big Savings for U.S. Government

        Pratt & Whitney entered into a ‘Joint-Venture’ with Russia’s Energomash to supply rocket engines to US Government, through RD Amross.


        Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne is a United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX) company. RD AMROSS LLC is a joint venture of Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne and NPO Energomash.



        Russian gas company hires D.C. lobbyists

        Major shareholder is part of Putin’s ‘inner circle.’

        Russia’s largest privately held gas producer has turned to a Washington, D.C., public relations firm to lobby the administration and Congress after one of its largest shareholders, an associate of Russian president Vladimir Putin, was targeted for sanctions by the United States.

        OAO Novatek, the Moscow-based gas company, in July hired QorvisMSL LLC,
        [ http://www.qorvis.com ] which assigned two of its lobbyists to the account, according to a lobbying disclosure statement filed Aug. 11 with the Senate.



        Pentagon Deal With Russians, Big Profit for Tiny Florida Firm


        For months, a powerful U.S. senator has been pushing for details of a murky deal under which a Russian manufacturer supplies the rocket engines used to launch America’s spy satellites into space.
        At issue: how much the U.S. Air Force pays for the engines, how much the Russians receive, and whether members of the elite in President Vladimir Putin’s Russia are secretly profiting by inflating the price.

        That five-person company(10 now), RD Amross, is a joint venture of Russian engine maker NPO Energomash and a U.S. partner, aerospace giant United Technologies. According to internal company documents that lay out the contract, Amross stands to collect $93 million in cost mark-ups under its current multi-year deal to supply the RD-180 rocket engine.


        2001 Report Russia-US Partnership in Military and Space:


    2. Legionnaire –

      You prove once again… as before…

      Putin has been doing just what ALL the BRICS countries’ leaders are doing…. bowing to London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers. Oligarch-Jews are still there.

      Proof is everywhere.

    3. I don’t know what made Putin invite the vampires into Russia

      In a possible, if partial answer to my own question:
      Human Shield, though I could have used quotes, given that vampires don’t consider us human in their sense, which I am ready to agree with.
      It is a tactic used to a great effect by the Vampire State in its eternal war against humanity.

  7. Oh well, so much for Fr. John’s “whitechrist” Russia being the future of the White Race. No wonder Fr. John disappeared on us. I was wondering why, now I know. Looks more like Russia is going to be the future of the jews fleeing Europe more then anything else. I know Pat will be very happy when the jews start flooding into Russia. Revenge for Putin eradicating ISIS in Syria. Right, Pat? Something like that?

  8. Confirmed, Jew bowels voiding uncontrollably at prospect of Trump winning despite the Rothschild script.
    What happens if Trump, his German roots showing (aspens are connected at roots, right? 🙂 well, not all aspens are jewish), Putin, Xi, the Persians and Merkel (i have a strong hunch that she too is connected at the KGB/STASI/NAZI roots) end up concurrently in the driver’s seats, worldwide and connected at antisemitic roots?

    Maybe I’ll rent my wine cellar to a refugee Jew-pack, standing room only, sorry, no Manischewitz, payable in precious metal only, complementary ball point pens for the literate young ladies, just shave that mustache and joined eyebrows, ok? And thanks for offer of free sex, I am a bit of fascist prude, y’know, blacks, oriental, all are fine but no “J’s”.

  9. Where in hell did Darkmoon find this character, White Warrior? He says … “Our people – white people – are truly the greatest race to ever have hitherto evolved on earth.
    “How so? Are you saving or trying to save the million children that die everyday on the planet?
    You’re a very sick man, you know? Your “great race” done destroying the whole fricking planet, 248 armed conflicts after WW2; US started 201 (81%), killing 80 million so far.

    People around the world view the US as the greatest threat to peace; voted three times more dangerous than any other country. The data confirm this conclusion:

    Since WW2, Earth has had 248 armed conflicts. The US started 201 of them.

    These US-started armed attacks have killed millions and counting; 90% of these deaths are innocent children, the elderly and ordinary working civilian women and men.

    The US has war-murdered more than Hitler’s Nazis.

    US official reports now confirm all “reasons” the US told for current armed attacks were known to be false as they were told.

    These lie-started US wars are not even close to lawful ..

    US wars and rhetoric for more wars continue a long history of lie-began US Wars of Aggression. The most decorated US Marine general in his day warned all Americans of this fact of lie-started wars for 1% plunder.

    You Wars of Aggression are the worst crime a nation can commit..
    So stfu you and your white supremacist bunch, go wear a hood and masturbate while drinking moonshine punk.
    Regarding Russia and its beauty I hope three or four chernobyl hits its for what they are doing to Syria

    1. A large majority of history’s ills over the last two thousand years have been the result of Jews.

      It began with the bloody sacrifice of the Tabernacle, where a parasitical priesthood began using their newly established god, YHVH, to extract a living from a loose knit group of nomadic shepherds.

      The tabernacle eventually led to the Temple and it’s Torah. Temple laws were established by the Torah, which was essentially a cookbook of recipes detailing how to mass murder, clean and cook cultures for their wealth and resources. From that arose the bloody, so-called, “second” Temple.

      By the second Temple, Jews had become a major problem for Rome. The Temple proved to be such a leech upon the people, an opposing group of Jews, called Essene, came up with Jesus as a counter revolutionary. Jesus represented a Jewish rebellion against the Temple’s rapine religion known as “Judaism”.

      The Essene efforts were successful, leading to the destruction of the Temple and the Jew’s eventual seething hatred of Christians. This new religion replaced the Jew’s god YHVH with Jesus. The lack of Jewish converts to the new Christian religion led to the inclusion of non-Jews into Christianity.

      This inclusion inevitably led to “gentiles” picking up the Torah’s recipes for murdering and cooking cultures. Almost immediately, the goyim began using the Torah’s legal excuses, much as the Jews had, to justify their rape and pillage of yet more non-Christian cultures.

      Naturally, this religious righteousness brought forth Jewish style actions such as the crusades and inquisition; along with countless other rapine actions by Bible believing Christians who by now, had come to believe they were killing heathens for their savior.

      While there can be no doubt killing, robbing, raping and other greedy, self-centered activities are an essential part of man’s base, animal natures, Jews took man’s nastiest, built-in, emotional traits and elevated them to virtues within their culture. For the most part, white Europeans have tried mightily ever since to reverse the Jew’s terrible influence upon their race.

      However, the effort has availed little to those who have sacrificed all in that effort. The lure of an easy life, established by stealing the wealth and productivity of others overwhelms the average man. For most, the Jew’s nasty, self-serving, ways of deceit, corruption, extortion and other forms of theft, are simply too alluring to ignore. The fact is, were it not for the pernicious presence of Jews, the world would indeed be a much different place.

      Here is a story of the Jew’s standard offer as it was made to Jesus or Yeshu.

      This is the story of the “Temptations of Christ” where a number of priests or “kohanim” are dispatched to the desert to seek out Jesus to make him an offer “he can’t refuse.” Eventually a lone priest or “kohein” finds Yeshu in the desert and confronts him with the choice: either bow with us to YHVH, take everything our brotherhood has to offer, or die. The kohein represents Jesus’ opposition. Opposition is the literal meaning of the word “Satan”.

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ § ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      As the days passed, the kohanim grew weary in their search for Yeshu. Deeper and deeper they traveled into the barren wilderness, with scrub finally giving way to desert sand. Yet none encountered anything outside the bleached bones of animals or the occasional lost soul with empty eye sockets staring up from the dust at the blinding sun.

      Day after day passed, yet no one appeared. A few of the kohein gave up as their supplies ran out, but others of a more robust constitution foraged for what little they could find and continued their search. Several had given up their camels in trade for food or water that would allow them to continue against what was increasingly felt to be mounting odds. All the searchers had by now began to doubt the information given to them by the lead kohein.

      It was late one afternoon at the time of the full moon, when one of the kohanim happened across a lush green neve not drawn on his map. At first, he thought it might be a mirage, but as he drew closer, he could plainly hear the sound of flowing water and see trees and low lying scrub surrounding a pool supplied by a small, pleasing, water fall. Arriving at the neve, the kohein was greatly pleased to find the water for which he had fervently prayed, for without this water he would have surely perished in a few days time.

      The kohein hurried toward the pool in anticipation of drinking deeply and filling his empty goatskin. Satiated and with his goatskin filled the kohein sat back to take stock of his surroundings. Looking up he traced the waterfall to where it ran over the top of the cliffs that lay behind the pool. The cliff face was pockmarked with small caves. As his eyes began to take in the entire scene, the kohein suddenly became aware of a figure sitting under a stunted date palm.

      The kohein sat motionless for a time watching the shaded figure, but the figure did not move. The kohein found this most curious, as he had seen no one for weeks. Surly a man or woman resting in this place would have been alone for some time and would arise to greet a fellow traveler. On the other hand, if this had been a bandit, he would have known by now. Finally, he rose to approach the figure, fully expecting to find nothing more than dried remains of yet another unfortunate soul. Instead, he was instead surprised to find a man in deep meditation. The figure sat with legs crossed in a curious manner and palms upturned to the heavens while his eyes remained closed.

      The kohein addressed the quiet figure, “Who are you; how is it you have come to this place?”

      Without moving, the shaded figure answered, “Who is it that asks such arrogant questions in a place such as this? As I have been here for some time, might I not have a right to demand the same answer from you? It is said that David hid in the caves above from King Saul. Like my ancestor, I have come here in search of quiet refuge from authorities such as you.”

      The kohein studied the man sitting under the date palm and for a time nothing was said. Finally, the young kohein realized if this was the man he sought, he should have greeted him as a brother not as a stranger. The kohein spoke again, this time in softer tones, “My apologies for my abrupt introduction, it was just that I was not prepared to meet another soul in this desolate place.”

      The figure spoke, “Yet you were preparing to meet someone were you not? Is that not your purpose in making this journey?”

      The kohein replied, “How is it that you know such things?”

      The figure responded, “Why else would a kohein be traveling across the desert? Surely you did not travel such a distance to see the sights provided by this remote neve.”

      Astonished at his recognition by a man who had yet to open his eyes, the kohein asked, “How is it that you know I am a kohein?”

      Opening his eyes, the man looked straight into the eyes of the young kohein and asked, “Who else would come to this place in search of me?”

      Flabbergasted, the kohein responded, “Indeed you may well be the one for whom I search, who are you?”

      “My name is Yeshu and I take it you are Satan.”

      “My name is Menahem and I am no Satan.

      “Do you not stand then in opposition to Elohim by serving man’s desires? We shall find if there is any truth in your words in due time, as we shall find if you have been given a proper name.”

      The kohein asked, “Why is it you speak as you do? It is almost as if you are a living riddle.”

      “I may well seem nothing more than a riddle to you, but I assure you I am not a riddle, but an answer to one.”

      The kohein cried out, “Again you speak in riddles, are you trying to vex me?”

      “No, I am trying to help you.”

      “Then tell me, are you the one the man named Y’hochanan initiated into our brotherhood? Are you a kohein?”

      “I am” came the reply.

      The kohein trumpeted, “Well then, you are indeed the one I seek, for you are a brother to me and I have been sent to welcome you into our fold. Tell me, as a kohein you are already a son of Abraham, but it is also rumored that you are the new Mashiach that will lead us out of our slavery to Rome.”

      Yeshu answered, “Have you not considered why I was not purified in the Mikdash Mikveh with your brethren in attendance? Would a true son of YHVH like yourself be purified in a river instead of the Mikdash?”

      “Again you vex me with riddles! I have wondered about these things, but I find them of little consequence. You are one of our brothers and I am here to take you home to the Mikdash.”

      “What is it the brotherhood offers me?”

      “We offer the solidarity of our brotherhood, which assures one a safe and secure place among our authority.”

      “Perhaps if you offered me bread you would be of more value to me, for I have not eaten in forty days.”

      This produced a certain arrogance within the young kohein who quipped, “If you are the Mashiach, why not use your consecration as kohein gadol of the Nazarite to create bread that will feed us both so we may live!”

      “You are a fool! Do you not know it is written a man does not live by bread alone? You have been misnamed as well, for you do not comfort me.”

      Tempering his anger, Menahem wisely replied, “You show promising humility in your speech, come let us share what little food remains in my bag”.

      After forty days of wandering the desert, Yeshu now broke his fast. The two sat under the barren date palm and ate from the Menahem’s remaining supply of dried dates and bits of bread.

      As the cool of the evening softly descended upon the quiet neve, Menahem implored, “Come, let us leave this place and return to the Mikdash together. Let us travel in the cool of the night with the stars to guide us.”

      The two rose and began their long journey back to Yerushalayim, traveling by night to avoid the intense heat. Journeying north, they spoke of many things. Menahem asked many questions in his attempt to divine Yeshu’s attitudes and ideas about the Mikdash and the kohanim, but Yeshu had been well trained in the art of hiding ones ideas and plans in plain sight. Revealing nothing substantial, the conversation soon died to a minimum of words about food, shelter and other necessities.

      It was late evening when the two travelers arrived at the Mikdash. During their journey, Menahem had developed an idea to put Yeshu to the test. They would proceed to the most sacred place, located at the highest point on the Mikdash mount. It was here Menahem would put the question to Yeshu. Upon entering the Mikdash, Menahem identified themselves to a guard who allowed them passage into the Mikdash interior.

      Proceeding to the Mikveh, their steps rang hollow against the empty hallways cold, stone walls. After the ritual purification bath, the two donned the garments of the kohein in preparation for entry into an inner chamber. Making their way through various twisted passages they proceeded to the highest point on the Mikdash mount.

      This was the location of the Qodesh Ha-qadashim, a structure some one hundred twenty cubits, or twenty stories, above the ground. This was a place only the kohein gadol was allowed to enter at a stringently specified time. For this reason, the two kohanim circumvented the sacred inner sanctum by means of an outer stairway that led to the roof of the chamber.

      Clothed in flowing robes, the two figures emerged into the cool, clear Judean evening to find countless stars shining brightly across the heavens above them. The vantage point from the top of the Mikdash mount provided the most spectacular evening view over all Yerushalayim. Flickering fires and lamps around the city provided earthly simulacra of the stars above.

      Menahem took Yeshu to the edge of the Mikdash’s roof and began taunting Yeshu, “My brother, if you are a true son of Abraham, the new Mashiach appointed to lead our people, then throw yourself down from here! For is it not written, ‘The Lord will command his angels concerning you, and they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone?”

      Yeshu replied, “Is it not also written: ‘Do not put the Elohim to the test?’ I dare not test them with such feeble acts of insurrection against their fundamental natural principals!”

      Menahem challenged Yeshu again, “Do you not see that our brotherhood’s support will sustain you as a kohein? Without Mikdash support, you my brother will have no more chance of surviving to use our powers than you have at surviving a leap from this high place. YHVH will not support such a leap, neither will he support a renegade to the brotherhood! The only support for your authority comes from the Mikdash on which you now stand. Deny our power and you are a dead man.”

      Now the kohein made his ultimate offer. Sweeping his hand across the horizon Menahem exclaimed, “LOOK YESHU! Look down from this mountaintop! Look down upon all that lays below! This is our world Yeshu, the world of our power and wealth and it can be yours as well.”

      Invoking the exact words given to him by the kohein gadol, Menahem intoned, “All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them, for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will, I give it. Come, join us Yeshu; take all there is to take, live all there is to live! Become wealthy; use Mikdash power to its fullest, partake the luscious fruits of its wealth, wine and women. Look again Yeshu and think hard, we offer it all to you! All that is required is your vow to join us and share in our goals.”

      For the third and last time Yeshu denied him, “You have proven what I said in the desert, we are in opposition! I serve only the Elohim while you are in service to the desires of the flesh; away from me, Satan! For it is written, ‘Worship the Elohim and serve them only.’” Yeshu departed in haste, leaving Menahem stunned at both his words and sudden departure.

      1. Clinton has no such ideals, she demands, and recieves 120.000 per speech, from the banksters.. Why are her speeches worth so much?

      2. Thank You, Arch Stanton for your above post.
        It sincerely helps in my endeavor to put another piece of the puzzle together on my quest for “TRUTH” and aids in understanding the battle that our seemingly dualistic existence on this PLANE(T) which I have encountered.
        You continue to provide intelligent material of value that stimulates a lively discourse between me and my friends.
        If I may ask of you (and/or anyone else reading here) to consider the following request/question, which in my studies of the “Jewish Question” I have found to be quite confusing:
        From what I have read and been able to interpret as being “as close to the truth as possible”, is that the word “Jew” is a rather recently developed “term”, never used prior to the period between 1650 -1700 A.D. as the letter “J” was first introduced within that time period. Depictions of a people known as Ioudes, Idumean, Iewes, Iudahites, somehow became translated (or mistranslated?) to “Jews” etc.. As to the Bible and its references to “Jews”; that term does not appear until a few chapters past the first 5 chapters – well into the “Old Testament” and only concerning as I understand and at the present time, am able to recollect w/o my notes a battle between the Israelites and “said Jews” – sometimes referred to as Edomites (John Hyrcanus was supposedly responsible for inviting these Edomites into Jerusalem during the “Macabbean dynasty). If you have any sources that you could recommend concerning what I have just written, I would greatly appreciate your posting them along with your opinion. Sincerely, Truth.

      3. Oddly enough I just had a Mormon elder put this very question to me a few days ago. Is there something in the air?

        This pursuit is much like the one chasing Jews down the Ashkenazi hole. Are they really Jews, or are they merely opportunistic Turks with no blood relation to the Shepardic chosen ones? My advice is if it walks like a Jew, talks like a Jew, murders psychopathically like a Jew, whines an kvetches like a Jew and is applying to become your neighborhood Boy Scout leader, then by gum – it’s a Jew. To put it another way, no matter what else one might call them, they’re still Jews. Therefore my advice is not to get get caught up in the Jew’s favorite briar patch popularly known as semantics.

        There is evidence the original Jews were the referred to by the ancient Egyptians as the Hyksos. Here’s a good one, the Egyptian historian Manetho wrote around 300 BC, how the Egyptians had to cut deal with the Hyksos to get them to leave town. After the Egyptians made their payoff, thousands of Hyksos left the delta and traveled west where they founded a city called Jerusalem! Slice this with Occam’s razor:

        “Tethmosis, son of Alisphragmuthosis, attempted to take the city by force and by siege with four hundred and eighty thousand men surrounding it. But he despaired of taking the place by siege, and concluded a treaty with them, that they should leave Egypt, and go, without any harm coming to them, wherever they wished. After the conclusion of the treaty they left with their families and chattels, not fewer than two hundred and forty thousand people, and crossed the desert into Syria. Fearing the Assyrians, who dominated over Asia at that time, they built a city in the country which we now call Judea. It was large enough to contain this great number of men and was called Jerusalem.”

        Let’s see now, these Hyksos worm their way into Egypt and take over though subversion. They then divide the nation and its people. They are a pernicious people that for generations, irritate the Egyptians to no end. Finally an Egyptian king successfully mounts a military campaign, but the Hyksos flee to their capital city of Avaris where they barricade themselves in. (No joke, the name of their capital city is Avaris, how’s that for a poetic clue?) When the Egyptians find they cannot dislodge the Hyksos from Avaris, they send in an emissary to buy off the Hyksos.

        Now catch this Biblical verse from Exodus 3:21 “And I will give this people favour in the sight of the Egyptians: and it shall come to pass, that, when ye go, ye shall not go empty. But every woman shall borrow of her neighbour, and of her that sojourneth in her house, jewels of silver, and jewels of gold, and raiment: and ye shall put them upon your sons, and upon your daughters; and ye shall spoil the Egyptians.”

        “Borrow” the gold, silver and jewels? Spoil the Egyptians? Sounds like a payoff to me. The entire Egyptian story has “Jew” written all over it.

        Through the ages these people have morphed into various disparate groups with various names to the point where it is hard to figure out who’s on first. Just check out the genealogical listing in the Bible and try figuring out who begat whom.

        Of course, anything that adds to the confusion is all to the advantage of the Jew. Not to mention name changing is a favored cultural pastime of the Jew. So for the sake of easy recognition as well as expediency, I use the most recognizable term – Jew.

        Besides, its difficult enough now to pin the schnoz on the Jew, imagine if one were to start hearing the Federal reserve is actually run by Idumeans. Next thing you, know Alex Jones would be running programs about how Idumeans from the planet Idumea have landed and taken over the government. Let’s not give Alex any more ideas .

  10. Nice pictures are just nice pictures – they won’t be much help while trying to understand Russia. Instead, go straight to the last page of the referenced site, where you’ll find Fyodor Tyutchev with his quatrain

    Умом Россию не понять,
    Аршином общим не измерить:
    У ней особенная стать –
    В Россию можно только верить …

    Unsatisfied with my own translation of it, I have located a better one on the Internet:

    One cannot understand Russia by reason,
    Cannot measure her by a common measure:
    She is under a special dispensation —
    One can only believe in Russia …

    1. Here is another quatrain by Fyodor Tyutchev:

      «Единство, – возвестил оракул наших дней, –
      Быть может спаяно железом лишь и кровью… »
      Но мы попробуем спаять его любовью, –
      А там увидим, что прочней…

      «Unity, – proclaimed the [Western] oracle of the day, –
      Can be forged only by iron and by blood… »
      But we [Russia] shall try to forge unity with love, –
      And then we shall see which is the stronger way…

      1. Few more relevant quotes:

        The destiny of the whole world depends on the destiny of Russia.
        – Metropolitan Benjamin (Fedchenkov), New York, Jul 1941

        Since the destruction of Communism, Russian Orthodoxy now remains America’s only enemy.
        – Zbigniew Brzezinski, Polish-American Geo-strategist, Sep 1997

        Contemporary Europe will not now create a new, post-Christian culture and civilization – it will simply vanish from history… Having lost its Christian roots, the peoples of Europe are signing their own death sentence.
        – Patriarch Alexis of Moscow, Dec 2007

  11. Some of these pics could have been taken in Norway..

    Tobias Lang is a Scandinavian name..

    Cavendish, and Bruce are Scottish names..

    It`s a small world..

  12. Great Holy Mother Russia, last bulk of Christianity and hope of our race and civilization. Decades of materialistic antinational domination did not destroy the soul of the sons of this immense land. The enemies of our races and civilization want to put our best youth once again against our Russian brothers. The jewish rulers of USA and UE want to grab the resources of Russia to lock the world in total domination, and they want to do it by pouring our blood and destroying our nations. Slavic people are great people, and we share with them origin and destination. From the Caucasus where we all come from , to a great Euro American Christian nation. The beauty of Russia is sacred to all of us , and more than anything else is sacred the beauty of theyr women and children.
    God bless Russia and the warriors of Donbass .

  13. What a shame someone didn’t have the decency to photo shop the effects of weather modification in some of these otherwise lovely images – for, by gosh one would never imagine these images depict the native soil of one of the most blood-drenched, tyrannous, treasonous, suffocating, anti-human lands of our most recent century. Hell, I’d hardly guess it to be the progenitor and archaic model of my own foreign occupied Merikun dirt (insert any and all acronyms, initialisms, ocracy’s or archy’s that come to mind here, as you wish). Don’t be fooled boys and girls, friends, cousins, countrymen; Putin’s no one’s saviour, but his own “white” ass’ (do the quotes make it obvious? ah, well – as the very best of the broken English from my Italian grandmother was oft wont to be heard as a declarative statement: “Whaddaya gonna do?”). But, alas… Alas, Uncle Toby, Life’s always been, is now, and by gum, by the looks of things reflecting back from these images whilst employing the perspectival Lens of Reality, always will be so. The ruse is up. The only proper emotion these images ultimately elicit from the remaining residue that was once the very Heart of Man is that of regret; regret at His not having been smart enough, strong enough, brave enough, ruthlessly cunning enough to take, to have, to hold and to keep the Spirit that made that Heart, the full vigour of that very whole and wholesome Heart that made a Man.

  14. @ “Angelo” :

    “and by gum” sounds exactly like something one of Pat’s hokey ” farm boy” hydra-heads would say. Pat’s turning into a greaser on us, a regular guido is “our” Pat. Maybe you should spend some time in Bensonhurst and learn how the REAL “Angelos” talk, Pat. This latest one of your hydra-heads ain’t goin’ to win ya’ The Oscar, fuggedaboudit,”and by gum”, did I pronounce “fuggedaboudit” correctly enough to “pass muster” with the boys in Bensonhurst?

  15. Uncle :

    I want my post about the Palestinians up on the commentary board. It’s fair-minded, I make some good points, it’s not short, short, short, but it ain’t long either, not by any stretch of the imagination, not even by your imagination that always tends to exaggerate a lot and blow things way out of proportion like an hysterical woman. I don’t use any bad language. I don’t call any Darkmooners any lousy names. I don’t care about the other posts I sent you, but my Palestinian post I do care about. Don’t give me any shit, just do The Right Thing for once in your class monitor “career”, lol, and put the post up on your “truth seeking/ truth-hugging” Darkmoon commentary board. That’s all ya’ gotta do, then you can take the rest of the day off chief.

    TOBY. Your comment about the Palestinians has just been posted, as requested. Re the above comment, the first 12 words (sentence 1) was enough to convey your meaning. You didn’t need the rest. You are wearing out your keyboard with all that unnecessary pounding.

  16. Christians and churches that are or were in Kosovo, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Ethiopia and for how long they have been accepted in these countries are for decades wiped of the face of the earth. This story could also be expanded by comparing these countries to the American Administrations claims for who are their allies as Saudi and Turkey noting how they accept Christians.

    Less than 300,000 Christians remain in Iraq, down from 1.4 million in 2003 when Iraq’s Christian community was one of only four robust Christian communities remaining in the Middle East. The great portion of Iraq’s remnant Christians are now in Kurdistan, many displaced from Nineveh and rapidly losing all hope and desire of ever returning home.

    The white nigger, bongo bongo has refused to recognize that the Nineveh Christians and Yazidis in Kurdistan are targeted for religious genocide by ISIS and satan in person erdogan. For another winter, Nineveh’s Christians and Yazidis will struggle to survive in their tents and shipping containers, subsisting on hand-outs, wondering what is to become of their children and praying for rescue.

    The UN is complete under control of the Zionist jews. These devils force millions of muslims, mostly rapist and murderers into the Christian nations . Everybody knows that sheltering and feed that scum in any neighboring country would be much better for the “refugees” and could cost much less money to the western nations.NO because these muslim savages need to destroy the white men’s land.
    Direct orders from the jews at the UN.
    Christians live in far worse conditions , the where hunted down by ISIS and their jewisch masters. These Christians are not welcome in Europe or the US because the UN do not recognize these minorities because they live in their home country???? Weren’t the Syrians not living in their home country???

    The same story was pulled of when a few years ago white south Africans fled their country from the black violence. The oppression of white people goes on every day and the media is silent about it.


    I hope that Putin cleans up the middle east from the vermin supported by bongo bongo and his vampires.



    Should you happen to loosen your gaze from its lock upon your navel, you may begin to feel the pulley and lever pressure effecting your mind’s uncranking, thereby causing an update and expansion of your conceptions allowing you to “see” that unlike ‘dem “Angelos” that ain’t run Bensonhurst for decades, the jews have run Russia for more than a century. You’re not getting it, “Yosef”. Yosef, you’ve been IN Russia a very long time. You ARE Russia. You’re no less Russia than you ARE “America”, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, etc… The hydra-headed Who? Yosef’s who.

  18. A shout of thanks to the person(s) who made this article possible along with sharing it with the readers here! I was in awe as I considered the intellectual skills involved in constructing these masterpieces of technical achievement.The incredible scroll-work on the exterior of the churches and homes and buildings, the masterful carpentry (huge logs shaped to perfection-ed joinery, the shaping and use of curves “curved wood”, the lites of the sashed windows, the varied and intricate geometric dormers etc. are the works of pure genius – Master artisans. We are truly a great race and a gift to Mankind. To think that the Bolsheviks destroyed in excess of 70,000,000 fellow Caucasians along with the burning destruction of thousands of ‘architectural wonders – churches, homes palaces, etc. In Russia (not including other countries) should be cause enough to make any sane person examine and become aware of the behavior of these monsters (and minions) who back then and today call themselves jews (refer to Revelations 2:9 & 3:9). Yet though these misanthropes destroyed and continue to do so today, this photographic exhibit proved that they never won the spiritual battle they waged in Russia.
    For what seems like an eternity Mankind has continually faced a small group of “supposed humans” mal-endowed with what is well described as a Talmudic mindset of psychopathy, which breeds a total disregard for “the positive spirit of life and the sanctity thereof” BUT….these photographs are the evidence that within contain the spirit of endurance which the Caucasian/Aryan possesses to rise above the falsely (self)called ‘chosen ones’ whose only ability is spelled out in John 8:44.

  19. Truth,
    “….this photographic exhibit proved that they never won the spiritual battle they waged in Russia.”
    Indeed, Sir! I was talking with a friend of mine, last night, who had just journeyed to Russia. Although he is a Buddhist, like myself. He informed me that there is a veritable explosion in religious fervour in Russia. Not the mammonism that masquerades as Christianity in the West, but a real spiritual awakening. This is something the materialists posting on the board don’t get, even though they are aware of the Jewish threat. You cannot use Beelzebub to drive out Satan. Neither can one use the Mammon of Unrighteousness to combat the Demons of International Jewry or their Masonic underlings. I notice you cite Revelations. I regard Chapter 18 as warning to nations not to deceive the world through financial trickery, nor to boast of gigantic might. “A Queen I sit, Mother of all Abominations!”
    Of course, the MSM is terrified of real, genuine religious practice of whatever faith, hence their efforts to demonise or not report such facts or to twist them so as to impute simple-mindedness. It’s not intellectual! Well these pictures show that religion and spirituality are vital parts of what it means to be a human being!
    On a personal note, I travelled through the USSR nearly 40 years ago. Even back then the tourist guides expressed real pride in how they were renovating their churches. Also, although ostensibly an atheistic country with symbols of Leninism everywhere, I didn’t encounter any anti-religious expressions. In fact, I’m sure our tourist guide in Irkutsk was a “closet Christian”. Which, by the way, is how Jesus said one should pray.

  20. Russia in Hillary’s Pictures of wealth… with Rosatom.

    Clinton Foundation took massive payoffs, promised Hammond Ranch and other publicly owned lands to Russians along with one-fifth of our uranium ore

    Hillary and her foundation are implicated in the dastardly scheme along with the Russian State Nuclear Energy Corporation – Rosatom – and a few dubious Canadian elite, which is where the news gets really bad.



    1. @PAT,

      PAT do you go to the devil in person for your’e information???
      beforeitsnews are all jews.

      1. Gilnert –

        Yes. I do. Every time I use the internet. So do you to ask and post this question here.

        The whole internet is owned and controlled by Pharisee-Jews…. from Rothschild to DARPA and NSA…. to Google and Microsoft..

        You can find more info on this yourself… from another source for Pharisee-Jew rumors… if you do not like my Pharisee-Jew source for rumors. 🙂

  21. How pretty but why would I like to see moscow look like aleppo or. Hama and homz right now?
    That would sure be

  22. “avatar’s” friends in ZOG Saudi Arabia ain’t doing too good either. ZOG is losing in Yemen also. poor “avatar”, his ZOG is losing on more fronts then “avatar” can process and deal with. It’s difficult to face defeat, especially when defeat is on more then one front. Losing on one front is bad enough, depressing enough as it is, but defeat on more then one front is TOO much to bear [ excuse my use of the word “BEAR” ]. I wasn’t trying to intentionally to remind “avatar” and rub-it-in that his precious ZOG JEW-owned Israeli Secret Intelligence Service (((( ISIS )))) totally lost in Syria…. “avatar’s” JEW-owned (((( ISIS )))) totally stomped on by THE BEAR when I used the word “BEAR”, you must believe me, 😉 .

    1. Ok so you managed to get “uncle” to let this one last comment be posted, please please please and he granted your wish.. Yet you will soon turn on him and call him all kinds of names; we will see who -you or “uncle”- should be switched around from theGtheBandtheU list, or maybe a new category should be added … The good, the bad, the ugly and the shitty.
      Anyway, isis is losing ground yes, but just consider who they are fighting! Do you want me to name the countries whose air forces have been pounding these great warriors, some for five years now? All they have is ak-47’s!
      They will switch Tactics and go underground, remember that we are 90 percent in syria and 60 percent in Iraq; these are our homelands!
      if things get bad isis will go underground until they develop -or buy- surface to air technology and maybe even some plutonium. There will be seven car bombs in Damascus and Baghdad everyday until assad is gone!
      I hope you get switched to the shit list and “uncle” realizes how soft he went on you.
      And by the way your heroe’s Bashar Assad’s mother died today
      Congratulations people of syria!

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