Russian Values and Wars For Values: Iben Thranholm (video, 17 mins)

Iben Thranholm is one of Denmark’s most widely read columnists. She is a great admirer of Putin and Russia’s religious resurgence. If WWIII breaks out, she says she would feel safest in Russia. This video reveals the bizarre fact that when the British people were recently asked in a poll who they would prefer as a leader — their current Prime Minister David Cameron or Russian President Vladimir Putin — most Brits chose Putin.  

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  1. In April 2007, Gilad Atzmon made a similar statement that given a choice, Brits would rather have Ahmadinejad as country’s prime minister than the immoral Tony Blair.

    “The battle between Ahmadinejad and Tony Blair is not a political or diplomatic one, it’s not about points. It’s actually a clash between civilization, a fight between humanism and cold pragmatism. As it emerges, in this battle, it’s Ahmadinejad rather than Blair who reminds us where goodness rests. Seemingly, a man who has been repeatedly presented by our deluded Western media as a ‘radical’, ‘fundamentalist’ and ‘Islamofacist’ has proved beyond doubt that it’s actually him who knows what forgiveness and grace are all about. It’s Ahmadinejad who pardoned the enemy, it’s Ahmadinejad that evokes some prospects of a peaceful future,” said Atzmon.

  2. Excellent! This is what I sensed when I travelled through the USSR in 1976. I encountered a lot of rolling of eyes at the Government Communist Propaganda, but nary a word mocking anything religious. In fact the tour guides were particularly proud to show off the renovations of the beautiful onion domed churches, where ever I travelled; Nahodka, Khabarovsk, Irkutsk, Moscow and Leningrad, now St. Petersburg. It’s also something I’ve heard about in Buddhist circles in Thailand. A Buddhist teacher going to the West might have a handful of students attending his talks, in Russia, thousands. As all devout Russian orthodox say to each other on Easter Sunday: “Christ has risen.” “Indeed he has risen.” If we look at the meaning of Christ it means Saviour! CHRIST IS RISING IN RUSSIA AND MATERIALISTS WHO THINK MONEY IS ALL CANNOT SEE IT! This is why we are having this hysterical and vitriolic campaign by Satanists to vilify Putin. It’s also why we have reams of disinformation from Jews or their dupes that Putin is a Rothschild agent and the like, quoting sources such as the Guardian, the Economist, the BBC. All Jewish controlled

    1. FELIX
      Tel Aviv? – Nope, Jerusalem. See below, bottom-comment by ZEN, your “SAVIOUR” at the Wailing Wall. Me – to the right, dressed in grey-bluish T-shirt.

      1. Magomed,
        Just a minor point. As a Buddhist we don’t have saviours. One must work out one’s own salvation. I checked out a couple of Zen’s sites. Didn’t impress very much. Many US sites insist on spelling Adolf, in the Swedish manner i.e. Adolph. Obviously ignorance on their part which tends to distract from the veracity of the what they are trying to say.

  3. Benjamin Fulford & David Wilcock in Putin’s Russia 2 hrs.+ on a major TV channel 2 years ago. English subtitles.

    info for everyone at you tube:

    21 million people in Russia and neighboring countries watched REN-TV reveal the imminent defeat of the New World Order in this stunning expose’ with Ben Fulford and David Wilcock.

    This three-hour 8PM documentary revealed how 26 underground bases were mysteriously destroyed between August 22, 2011 and January 2012 — and explores who may have done it.

    Learn how the Federal Reserve deliberately created World War I and II to seize the world’s gold — and create a limitless supply of “bubble money” that could be printed out of thin air.

    You may want to laugh or think this is all “crazy” — but it was taken seriously enough to be developed into a major, prime-time special on a top Russian network.

    The Russians explore uncomfortable truths with remarkable new detail and clarity, including the transfer of Nazi scientists to America after World War II under Project Paperclip…..

    Never before has a major television series so thoroughly revealed the international alliance that has formed to encircle and defeat the Cabal.

    1. Zen,

      Yes, well now all they have to do is expose the holohoax and then we’re really getting somewhere.

      1. @1138

        And the satanic ritual fucking/killing&eating of the jewbankers/eu royals/ ceo’s etc. that’s where they derive their power from to rule over ‘your’ old first world (u remember 1138?) and the ‘lesser’ worlds….

        David R. does not drink wine after the recent news of criminal investigation but cuts the arms of kids killed by him and drinks their blood and offers it to their Jabulon etc. and orders that Draghi dwarf of the ECB to lower the interest to finish off all of the EU pensionados.

        I know btw from ESP and inside victims of these btw all white sexual monsters that a great deal of these kids are from the- by you and other sleeping sheep acting as if they are awake- socalled third world.

        This half Dutch/Surinam hacker that I wrote about who is born in a satanic bloodline family of his mothers side told me this and from another full black amego who was Etienne d’Avignon Solvay’s and longtime Bilderberg CEO victim as a kid.

        The holohoax is of course heavy meat that lies on the plate of Putin. You get gulagged by this hero if you deny this jew hologram….

        I have my doubts about Fulford and his mate btw. Especially Fulford who is downplaying the Fukushima fall out.

        Putin- Putain Juif?- difficult to say, why? Russia has a Rothschild Central Bank


        Wladimir is awfully rich and more and more Rusians sleep under a bridge and will die without even a drop of Wodka….

        W. can be like Adolph contropo?

      2. Zen,

        “And the satanic ritual fucking/killing&eating of the jewbankers/eu royals/ ceo’s etc. that’s where they derive their power from to rule over ‘your’ old first world (u remember 1138?) and the ‘lesser’ worlds….”

        Hey, no argument here, except that I, with my set of values, am a stranger in my former world. I guess I am not the first one to experience this depressing realisation. What happened to all those who built the great megalithic structures scattered around the globe and of which we know nothing about? Whoever they were, they must have gone through the same depressing motions, eons ago.

    2. Fulford is a nice Jewish boy from Toronto, former SE Asia bureau chief for Forbes Magazine, and a classic example of a Jewish disinformation agent. And Wilcock looks to be under mind control. Both these clowns have made endless unsubstantiated claims re. underground bases, re. Asian Dragon Superheros. Bullshit and bafflegab all designed to deceive naively hopeful New Agers. Zen…I appreciate your optimism, but I don’t expect you understand that the New Age religion is in essence Satanic…designed by the Jews to serve as a lobotomy, deflecting awareness away from understanding how complete their mass hypnosis of humanity truly is. I spent over 20 years travelling the world giving lectures and workshops and wrote a book back in the 1980’s about our awakening to Spirit…when I was more naïve, less Jew aware. My first wife was office administrator of the Findhorn Community near Inverness. Here is a little of what I’ve learned re. Findhorn….offered to help make what I’m saying about Fulford and Wilcock more understandable, from record I’ve written as I’ve delved more deeply into the web of lies spun by the Satanic Jews and their Masonic associates.
      “…most “channelled” material, not all, but by far most, when clearly examined, proves to be the product of trauma-induced mind control and black-op broadcast. By this I mean the information was planted under mind control, or is broadcast into the trauma splintered, programmed consciousness of the supposed “channel” via “synthetic telepathy”, sometimes called “artificial telepathy”. One of the most current known technologies capable of producing an intra-cerebral “voice” is called “acoustic psycho-correction”. Many naive, hopeful believers are not only unaware of what the real source is of their channel’s material, they are completely unaware of who many of these supposed “entities” were in times past. St. Germain, Isis, etc. served Satanic purpose in ancient time and certainly haven’t magically now somehow changed. Rather,the Satanic programmers laugh at the astounding willingness of people to be suckered again and again.
      MKULTRA and the CIA were the broadcast sources of 30,000 pages of supposedly “channelled” material “received” by Eileen Caddy, seminal to the birth of the New Age Findhorn Community in northern Scotland. (Caddy thought she was hearing the “voice of God”) David Spangler, a close friend of the Caddys, author and promoter of The Magic of Findhorn and Director of The UN’s Planetary Initiative, is on record stating, “No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation.”, clearly declaring the dark source of Caddy’s channelled information and the sinister purpose intended for the Findhorn Community. (I visited Findhorn in the early 1980’s, contributed to their Onearth magazine, my first wife was a core member of the community,  I knew the Caddys personally and I was invited to work with Planetary Initiative out of the UN in NYC. The preceding information is, for me, a very sad discovery, but it confirms dissonance I perceived but didn’t understand at the time). The Course in Miracles material “channelled” by Helen Schucman and transcribed by CIA/MKULTRA programmer/handler William Thetford emerged from the same dark source. This work has become a handbook for New Age thought, yet Schucman reportedly “hated her book all the time she was dictating it to Thetford and wrote it while she was in a state of dark depression and wanted to change it.” Similarly The Urantia Book and the movement which has developed around this heady tome has effectively contributed to mass “New Age” brainwashed thinking, while serving as a front for the research & development of CIA mind-controlling psychotronics. There is extensive information about all this online, including mention of both Caddy’s and Schucman’s suicide attempts, common to subjects undergoing brainwashing procedures. Sleeping Goyim … Please … WAKE UP! We are being slaughtered! Fritz Springmeier in How the Illuminati Create an Undetectable Mind Controlled Slave and Sue Ford in Thanks for the Memories (The memoirs of Bob Hope’s and Henry Kissinger’s mind-controlled slave) provide in depth information about such mind control.
      We are not about to “ascend”. This tenet of “New Age” thinking is part of the “think only nice thoughts”, “create your own reality” credo, which isolates well meaning people into puerile mental gymnastics bubbles. The resulting myopic mindset functions as a self-administered, self-perpetuating lobotomy, effectively eliminates facing hard reality, and makes it incomprehensible to recognize what is actually underway, to mention nothing of then actively participating in intelligent civil action, as residents of Iceland did recently to reclaim their government, their money and debt, their society … THEIR LIVES! “

      1. @David, fully agree with you about this New Age. I call it New Cage. Ostrich Yoga.

        Iceland. Excellent example of how to deal with the bad guys, if we at all could call them that. But it is a small scale success, Iceland has a tiny population. In any larger population it will be a different more tedious task.

  4. It feels right that the enduring “meek” who ride it all out will do so in various ‘pockets’ of what is now ‘relative’ wilderness throughout the World, and on every continent, even in W. Europe

    And because of their history of suffering, Russia may come to be a safe harbor for those whose endurance will pay off in the end.

  5. Where is Pat?
    No way he would have let any of this pass without weighing in.
    He is either campaigning in the primaries, sick or in jail … hope he’s back soon to unmask more Pharisee plots.

    1. I wonder too, where is Pat.
      Pat, lay off the green tea and have a chocolate malted!

      Meanwhile, the second coming of Gabreal Jones Jr..

      1. @HP

        I knew you were from the OO7 bloodline. Don’t worry I’ll have a time out. A lot of other things to do.

        We all have our way (the R. ‘s too, of course) to get through the day.

        HARE KRSNA….

      1. The way I figure it, Pat’s down in Antarctica with a geiger counter trying to find where the russkies buried the Islamic Ark of Gabriel so he can dig it up and bring it to Syria and open the mohammedan pandora’s box on Syria in the hope of Reviving his buddy Gilby’s lost LERV ISIS.

      2. @ Lobro

        I’ll start it off. 🙂

        The only reason I like Trump is because the same people that dislike Trump also dislike Putin.

    2. Forget Pat. Uncle, where is your Darkmoon feature piece you said you were going to present today, you know, the feature piece wherein you cry your usual 666 gawdzillion crocodile tears about how you “really” “don’t” “like” to CENSOR anyone, but you have “no choice”.

      Oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo…we don’t care for the joos…. the joos CENSOR ALOT. Oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo… we don’t like how NASA LIES about everything… NASA lies as much as the joos du…. oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo… oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo… We have NO CHOICE but to CENSOR anyone who scrutinizes with cold, hard, objective, Empirical Science NASA’s kabbalah-babylonian “religious””Heliocentric” theory of the Universe which just so happens to be the “religion” of the NWO we claim to “oppose” and also, just coincidentally, mind you, also just happens to be our very own “religion” TOO. We have NO CHOICE but to CENSOR the recalcitrant reprobates among us. We hate to CENSOR, we really do, you must believe us, but blasphemy against our NWO “Heliocentric-SUN” “religion” from the jew’s kabbalah and from Nimrod’s Babylon must NOT be allowed to take root. So it’s either CENSOR or allow SIN to flourish. So we really have NO choice but to CENSOR just like the jews LERV to CENSOR just like NASA LERVS to censor. We’re sure you will understand our predicament the reprobates put us in. It’s the fault of the reprobates we must CENSOR, certainly NOT our fault. If they would only bow down to our NWO “Heliocentric-SUN” religion then we wouldn’t have to CENSOR them. So you see what a conundrum the reprobates pose for us. They make us do things like CENSOR all the time we much rather not have to do….. oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo…..

  6. ‘…..And the satanic ritual fucking/killing&eating of the jewbankers/eu royals/ ceo’s etc….’
    should of course be:
    …..And the satanic ritual fucking/killing&eating of kids by the jewbankers/eu royals/ ceo’s etc….’

    It’s a psycho/infor-matricks war, alas, for them, their Jabulon is a balloon filled with shit above their head that I (and a lot of others) puncture through.

    1. Wow! ritual fuckingsatanicbraineating I think it’s been done already, B movies, but hey, if it distracts from the reality of JEWISH TOTAL CONTROL push it

        uploaded 2 mrt. 2015 by Rape of Justice. David Pidcock with Daryl Bradford Smith, August 1, 2010. Smith, you’ll know recently stopped his Iamthewitness due to synagogue of satan s.o.s.-pressure in France where he lives? On the washed away moral compass; Protocols of Zion; Jewish Usurers; “The key to understanding ALL the problems is Debt compounded by Interest and that is the cause of all the problems that we’ve faced”; Cromwell & The Glorious Revolution made England Usury-Friendly; and much more…..

  7. Saw the video and have these couple of quick observations.
    Iben Tranholm is only coming to grips with some of the notions that have been discussed here for a few years already, Morris guy is way ahead in comprehending the game’s origin, although I find it hard to believe that a born Jew doesn’t know how to pronounce Chabad Lubavitch, I guess he never did his bar mitzvah and was sidelined until his personal epiphany that made him bolt to the opposite camp.
    It is good that they realize that “wars for resources” is a fake meme and that it is all about “values“, which when you think a bit more about is War Against Satan as he seeks to secure the iron-bound dominion of all sentient, cognitive life possessing a spark of spirit, ie, extinguish the spirit, turn life into automation, the essence of Judaism.

    Usury is a means, not the end, the end is when Monsanto declares we are Roundup Ready.

  8. @ lobro

    1000% True. (Also) these inner circle agents/victims (at least one I know for sure, since I spoke him eyeball to eyeball) got almost completely robotised. In the most litteral sense. All their body parts get worn out through this satanic practices they have to undergo. Heavy acids are a essential part of the ‘medication’. The body parts get even substituted by metal, plastic and also their intestines. It’s real horror.

    It happens on a very large scale….

    @1138 / Peace BRO

  9. Just a thought from the standpoint of reverse engineering guesswork: don’t jump on me for crimes of heresy where none is intended (i hardly even know what set of rules constitute dogma): maybe if satan and god are defined in terms of organizing principles rather than nomenclature, then satan seeks to centralize all consciousness in one point, namely himself, proceeding to rule brain-dead universe down to the smallest movement, having conquered and obliterated various manifestations of free will that were kicking around since creation.

    Whereas god is the opposite, the idea being to spread freedom of thought and action as well as personal responsibility as widely as possible, the myriad of sparks in communication and organizing toward a happy network of free spirits ruled by their unforced, naturally grown ethics and morality that encompass all life as equivalent – rather than chosen with extreme prejudice.

    That would be kind of in keeping with the basics of Jesus.

    1. @ Lobro

      Heavenly Father/Jesus, the creators (good) do not oppress humanity, hence free will, love of your fellowman (2nd Commandment), and life. Satan the destroyer (evil) oppresses humanity, hence no free will, hatred of your fellowman, and death. It is a spiritual battle between polar opposites and quite basic.

  10. @ Iben Thranholm

    Western values are quintessentially Jewish values.

    If they are Wars for Values, they are Wars for Jewish Values; fighting wars for the jews being the ultimate Jewish Value. The Jews make us mad dogs chasing our own tails.

    American exceptionalism is ostensibly Jewish exceptionalism.

    From an isolationist and pacifist nation prior to WWII, America is now 100% kosher in its glorification of all things military and fighting endless wars for Israel, otherwise known as the criminal fiefdom of Jacob Rothschild.

    As for Russian Values… I’m no expert (China is my expertise) but I know enough to know that they are not Jewish Values and that, my fair lady, gives me hope and something of great value. 🙂

      Chinese brother,
      I am humble man from the Orient, but since I live in Russia, I consider myself Russian to some degree* and Russian Values for me are of paramount importance, may be no less than Kong Zi legacy for you. Pleased to know that you can tell them from Jewish ones, which are not worthy even to be called this way, just rubbish. But how this has happened? If I were in Ptolemey’s position, 70 rabbis would have been arrested in a moment and brought before my eyes. I would address them with a short speech:”Now you will be given pens and paper and each of you placed in one-man cell. Give explanation why all human race descended from the same parents, [email protected], but proved to be so different, all are inferior and you – superior. My philologists will check and should discrepancies arise I shall hang you all and arrest new…” That would be good beginning, no?
      There is one more supposition if we pay due respect to Mr.Darvin: Russians descended from big and good looking monkey Gavrila and Jews – from small and lousy monkey Abrahamgutang. Being ashamed of such ancestors they change their names and family names for Russian, but cannot change their essence.
      * I, personally, knew Chinese fellow. who considered himself Russian.

      1. Magomed

        * I, personally, knew Chinese fellow. who considered himself Russian.

        I personally knew a Russian lady who was in love with me and with Chinese Values. 😀

        Russia and China are natural allies. Jews are the historical arch enemies of both countries.

        If the Jews start a war with Russia, will China be next? America may eventually start a war with China, too. Or rather, the JEWS who run America with ultimately start World War 3 with Russia and China. God help us all then.

        Despite the Jews’ best efforts vis a vis their Communism to deracinate the Russians and Chinese, both the Orthodox Church in Russia and Confucianism in China have survived and and are both making a strong comeback today. This is most upsetting to the kikejews.

        For my part, I have written and warned the Chinese authorities: If Russia falls, China falls; but together and united, we are invincible. Death to the Evil Jews and their stupid goy soldiers who want to destroy Russia and China. Then and now, the Chinese people only want peace. If you don’t believe me, believe Thomas Woodrooffe:

        ‘They’ve been conquered before — many times. But, of course, you know that. But have you noticed that whoever may be in the position of the conqueror, Mongol, Tartar, the hordes from the West or North, the Chinese people have never been really conquered. The so-called conquerors have either been absorbed or merely grafted on to the Chinese people who, in spite of misgovernment and rapacity and bloodshed and all the rest of it, have gone steadily on. I never feel depressed about the future of China; I didn’t even when the Revolution [of 1911 and Jew-financed via opium trafficking] turned out so badly. Their great sage, you know, lived during a time of chaos and repression, and Confucius lived five hundred years before Christ. Troubled times are nothing new in China — they pass by and leave the people unruffled.

        Walk down a street, watch the craftsmen at work or the coolies, go into the countryside and where have you seen a more industrious, peace-loving, happy lot of people? A million may die in a famine; two million may be homeless through floods, but in an incredibly short space of time the floods are under control and the country is again dotted with homesteads and paddy-fields, and the famine area is full of farms-houses as densely populated as before. It’s their vitality — their fertility — it’s tremendous and thank heaven it is all directed to peaceful ends.

        The Chinese are not a warlike race; in their literature the warrior is always despised. They do not want conquests — they want peace. It is the man of letters, the poet who can imprison in a single phrase the glinting beauty of the dragon-fly’s wing, the painter who can capture the movement of bamboos trembling in a breeze, the man with exquisite calligraphy — these are the men who are honoured in China above all others, and still are — though you might not think it. They have a respect for knowledge and therefore old age is revered, not because it is pathetic or helpless, but because it has learnt so much.’ — Thomas Woodrooffe, River of Golden Sand, 1936, pp.174-5.

        From Wikipedia:

        Thomas Woodrooffe (1899–1978) was a British naval officer, broadcaster and writer.

        In the Royal Navy he rose to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander. After his retirement he became a commentator for BBC Radio. He was one of its main commentators during the 1930s, covering amongst many other events the opening ceremony of the 1936 Summer Olympics and Neville Chamberlain’s return from Munich in 1938. He is best remembered though for two gaffes.

        In 1937 he was to describe the Spithead Review from his old ship the battleship HMS Nelson. Apparently he met some of his former colleagues before the broadcast and drank to the extent that his broadcast, still known today by his repeated phrase “the fleet’s lit up”, was so incoherent he was taken off air after a few minutes and suspended for a week by BBC Director-General John Reith.[1] Woodroofe’s comically rambling commentary has regularly been rebroadcast. The phrase “lit up” can also be a euphemism for drunkenness, which may explain Woodrooffe’s comment, “At the present moment, the whole fleet is lit up. When I say ‘lit up’, I mean lit up by fairy lamps.”.[2][3] Parts of Woodrooffe’s commentary were used by the British rock band Public Service Broadcasting in their track Lit Up.

        Woodrooffe continued to work for the BBC though and in 1938 he was the main commentator at the FA Cup Final between Preston North End and Huddersfield Town, the first to be televised. After 29 minutes of extra time it was still 0-0 and Woodrooffe declared: “If there’s a goal scored now, I’ll eat my hat.” Seconds later Preston was awarded a penalty from which George Mutch scored. Woodrooffe kept his promise, though Time stated that the “hat” he ate was made of sugar-coated cake.[4][5]

      2. JFC –


        “The Chinese are not a warlike race; in their literature the warrior is always despised. They do not want conquests — they want peace.”

        The bible writers might have learned that from the Chinese….. writing, “Meek shall inherit the earth.”

        Warriors, not meek, but forceful, have short lives and few offspring. They cannot populate, inherit, the earth as much as the meek non-warriors with long lives and many offspring.

  11. Putin a putain juif…Putin like Adolph contropo……?

    Russia is part of the game!

    …..The Greater Israel Project Is Alive And Well: The Situation In Syria – Shockingly, Russia Announces Its Withdrawal From Syria!
    But now we have first had the blow of the fraud “ceasefire” that has saved the fraud “terrorists” from their rightful destruction.. Now these fraud “terrorists” are going to be fully rearmed and ready to go again to conquer Syria..

    And of course we have the second blow of the Russians withdrawing from the conflict and no longer giving full aid to their Syrian ally… This is the most shocking part of all these recent happenings in Syria, and it again causes myself and others to stop and ponder exactly what the Russians are up to? Do the Russians actually care about saving Syria and the Syrian people? There is definitely something strange happening with this Syrian conflict…..

    ESP encounters that I had with P. around the time that Russian troops were sent in to ‘assist Assad’ -I did know any of it / did not follow any news in november- febr.- are thus confirmed. Difficult to rap all the details now…..later, si Dieu le veut….

    P.’s pious Russian Orthodox Church going is just a circus. Many of the leading priests are old KGB dogs like P. himself. This pic of Putin at the wailing wall with his black hat mate the Chabad Lubavitch chief rabbi the one with the specs:

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