112 thoughts to “Russia’s New Doomsday Weapon Shocks and Dazzles World (Video, 3 mins)”

  1. I just wonder whether the midair maneuvers are preset before launch or are they completely randomized in-flight.

    Imagine (American) football game where the QB preselects the receiver and as the play develops, tosses the pigskin in any direction at all, it zigzags all over like crazy but ultimately landing with the known receiver at the predetermined time and location.
    What could the cornerbacks and safeties do, especially given 10 potential receivers?

    Now multiply this problem by hundredfold, thousandfold … the damn football going at several times the speed of sound across the entire hemisphere, fired from anywhere within the enormous landmass (11 time zones).
    And they claim they couldn’t stop “19 flying drunken jihadis with 2 hours warning of 4 slow moving passenger planes hijacked 200 miles away”!?

    I’d like to see the champion spinmaster work around this one.

    1. “And they claim they couldn’t stop “19 flying drunken jihadis with 2 hours warning of 4 slow moving passenger planes hijacked 200 miles away”!?”

      I’m just amazed that people still believe this BS?
      It seems to me that the only people stopping total annihilation of the Islamic lands, courtesy of the Jew led west and the creation of the Jewish, new world order, are the Christian Russians.
      I’m beginning to side more and more with Putin, simply because the proof most certainly is in Putin’s pudding.

      It’s almost a direct repeat of the Congress of Vienna and the torpedoing of the first attempt at a global, world government, by the then Czar Alexander 1st of Russia, who told the Rothschild bank he wasn’t having it.

      1. yes, and that is why I support Christianity and Russia at this point and time –

        they can have the Muslim provinces and regions as well – Islam is prospering in Russia as well –

        20-25% of the population is Muslim

      2. Kissinger’s PhD dissertation was on the Congress of Vienna … and ole henry is the world’s top jew, i’ve said this any number of times, heading the council of 13 or whatever the elders of sanhedrin call themselves.

        they fully understand that their enemy are the men of Christ, first in Rome, than when the seat of true christianity moved to Constantinople, the target was Byzantium, then Russia, they thought that with the October Bolshevik takeover they solved the problem forever, given the free-for-all slaughters of lenin/Trotsky, WW1, WW2, Ottoman fell, Jerusalem is theirs, the Jew century complete … now with Putin and his men running the show in Russia, they are frustrated, not according to plan, especially since having figured the world conquest is around the corner, they proceeded to destroy America as the only known potential reservoir of goy strength, now they have money, paper power, UN, NATO are cardboard cutouts while the opposition is revealed as strong and healthy, getting stronger by the day.

        Kissinger is smart enough to counsel patience, “let’s regroup and rework the Yinon, we blew that one through our own fault and hubris”.
        Hopefully, the peabrains in the pompous Washington think-tanks will ignore him and press ahead to their doom.

    2. fantastic analysis lobro…

      amazing metaphorical rhetoric as well….

      WW3 is gonna be like Superbowl X-Treme…

      now just grab yo popcorns and watch the show – LIVE ON AIR!

      u gonna be watching in on the show from Mexico?

      u still around over there?

  2. Oh, the bad old days are back.
    We used to have fireworks like that when I was kid.
    set it on the ground, light the fuse, it would fly around like crazy.
    We called them ‘nigger chasers’.

  3. Certainly an impressive weapon. The countervailing evidence to Putin being a tool of the NWO is overwhelming. He’s banned GMO’s and together with China have created the Petroyuan. Russia has overtaken the Saudis as the biggest supplier of oil to China. So what, if some Russian companies deal in dollars. Both the Russians and Chinese are slowly liquidating their dollar positions and accumulating gold. Even evil Jew, Soros is moving into gold. Poor Germany sent 1,500 tons of gold for “safety” to the JUSA and now they can’t get it back. They aren’t allowed to even see it. The only “gold” the JUSA has is gold plated tungsten, which is why they refuse to allow an audit of their gold stocks. Let us not forget; In 1939 France and Germany were each others largest trading partners and still they went to war. Only Jew thinking materialists and spiritual bankrupts, practising ostrichism, believe that trade is a prophylactic to war. I concur with Lobro and Harbinger, the Jew Empire is starting to crack and the hysterical articles in the MSM about Russia and China are in the same league as Hitler fleeing to Argentina. Absolute nonsense.

    1. Felix – what? Hitler didn’t flee to Argentina? how ya know about that?

      1. Salman Hossain,
        May I suggest you read the book by Ada Petrovna, The Death of Hitler, based on Soviet files released after the fall of the USSR. You can download it from gen.lib.rus.ec. I know some naive and gullible fools cite the recently declassified files from the FBI as proof that he went to Argentina. However if you read those files carefully, you will note that the report is from an unnamed informant reporting on yet another informant whom he won’t name. This unknown and unnamed person will only provide more details in return for being allowed into the USA. The FBI later NFA’d (no further action) it. This story about Hitler being a Rothschild agent and fleeing to Argentina is based on half baked half truths concocted by what I call COCC
        (Clique of Crackpot Clowns) residing in the North American continent.

      2. It would appear the site you referenced Felix is VERBOTEN !!!!

        Virgin Media has received an order from the High Court requiring us to prevent access to this site. For more information about the order and your rights – please click the relevant link below….Blah, blah,blah…..

      3. Wiggins,
        It isn’t in the military dictatorship I live under. Can you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to access it? Try going to your Chrome store and downloading a free one. It takes you to a server outside the UK. Or does your “freedom and democracy loving” regime prohibit their use?

      4. You do not need VPN. I had no problems entering the site Felix referenced. At that time I had entered Library Genesis through a server in the Netherlands, as selected by the TOR browser.

        I use the TOR browser – an onion routing scheme. Awhile ago I was on this website via the TOR browser, which connected to the internet via my ISP, which then was directed to connect to a server in the Netherlands, which was directed to connect to a server in Germany, which was directed to connect to a server in Luxemborg, which was directed to the darkmoon.me website.


      5. Yes Gilroy….I know all about Tor Onion. Think I’ll give the whole shebang a miss. Thanks for your help fellas. ;-0

  4. Maybe Mexico would like to invite the Russian Defense forces to bring it with them to help secure Mexican defenses against a possible American invasion. Or maybe they could test it on a small uninhabited American island.

    There is a downside to a country doing away with manufacturing so your country can be a country of pencil pushers in the financial “industry”, especially when other countries don’t see the value in that.

  5. It looks like Russia has first strike survivability with return volley capability which is a good thing. It might keep the JewSA from pushing the button for the first strike.

    Russia’s Kalipr cruise missiles have some of those random movement traits which have made foreign militaries very nervous.

    When Russia’s S-500 becomes active sometime this year, it is suppose to have 125 mile ceiling, high enough to take out ICBM’s and satellites.

    The Jew World Order USA/NATO military muscle needs more time in the gym. In typical jewish fashion, they will probably enlist more transgendered military personnel to compensate for the technology gap.

    1. Ungenius,

      “It might keep the JewSA from pushing the button for the first strike. “

      But why would it? What have the Jews got to lose? Guaranteed the majority of Jews, will be warned in advance, to get out, as they were on 9/11. It’ll just be more goy deaths and the culling of the ‘Surplus’ population. Remember, the Jew doesn’t sacrifice his own, instead he coerces those whom he hates and kills them off instead.
      The overall Jew plan for the JewSA is its utter obliteration. Were it not it wouldn’t have been waging the wars around the world it has been, using the USA as its fist.
      I seriously believe the Jews are moving on China and setting it up to be the next superpower. You don’t just turn a communist country, with a previous world industrial output in manufacturing of zero into one of around 90%, without getting something back in return.

    2. Felix, the hearsay is even more unverifiable – equally lacking credibility if you have a chain of un-named informants. The issue should consider whether any real proof of Hitler’s corpse has ever been found or not?
      If not, then I consider it a strong possibility that he fled. Wasn’t Argentina where the Mossad supposedly found Eichman?

      1. Salman,
        The Russians identified the remains of Hitler from dental records! Read the book or go to a reputable website. They still have part of his jaw. Also David Irving, go to his website fpp.co.uk, he personally interviewed Otto Gunsche. He was the man who was ordered by AH to dispose of AHs body, after Hitler and Eva Braun committed suicide. Why are you North Americans so naive and gullible as to believe the ravings of a “cretiny” of crackpots who espouse such nonsense? I’ve been to North America and I confess I detest the US because generally most of the inhabitants are Jews by desire. They complain the world hates them. (Which is true, the US and Israel are the most hated countries on earth) However, like the Jews, who’ve been kicked out of umpteen countries, over the last couple of millenia, THEY NEVER ASK WHY. Instead they whine and complain that all criticism is anti-American. Just as the Jews do when they are called to account. “You’re just Anti-semitic.” To which I reply, “Correct”.
        Just because Eichmann was found in Argentina doesn’t necessarily mean Hitler went there.

  6. Good points, Ungenius.
    Another consideration is the treachery of JUSA towards its own allies and even its own military personnel. Take Pearl Harbor, the brass in Washington knew the attack was coming and according to Dutch sources were actually observing the Japs approaching Pearl. They failed to alert Pearl and Admiral Kimmel and General Short were made the scapegoats, something the DOD (Department Of Defense) has failed to rectify to this day.
    They deliberately allowed the Zionist Entity to get away with murdering US sailors on the USS Liberty.
    The betrayal of Cambodia in 1975 is an indelible stain on the US Government. I could go on and on, but you probably are well aware of the perfidy of JUSA.

  7. Somebody puts a picture of a big, fat propane tank with appendages carried by a 16-wheel transport, says it’s an ICBM with devastating nuke capability – and y’all go “oooooh”, and hooler and shit your britches!! Somebody’s LAUGHING at you! 🙂 🙂

    1. Gil –

      I thought the same thing…. new super-sleek blunt-nose propane-tank design.. 🙂

      No wonder there were so many fire extinguishers hanging off the truck..!!

      The blunt-nose kept it from lifting off before it burnt the vehicle and surrounding woods… 🙂

      1. GH,

        You’re a Jap Holocaust Denier, are you? Shame on you. You’re a bad person for denying Nukes exist. Not only do the nasty Ruskies have ’em, the evil Koreans do, too. Here’s the proof:

        JEW Editor-in-Chief Zanny Minton Beddoes of The Economist, a JEW publication owned by none other than the KING of JEWs Jacob Rothschild himself says “Sometime during the second term of Barack Obama’s successor, Kim Jong Un may be able to strike the continental United States.”

        LMFAO 😆

  8. Nope, and tsk tsk tsk. Any change in ‘trajectory’ would take energy. To supply that fuel would make it more resistant to changes in ‘trajectory’. A body in motion and all that. Did they BS you by substituting ‘trajectory’ for ‘velocity’?

    The difference between a nigger chaser and a pop bottle rocket is the pop bottle rocket went somewhere. The nigger chaser’s velocity algebraically sums out to zero, or close to it.

    Even the cartoons were for brainwashing people and it worked (at least I like to hope they’re not such deliberate liars). Didn’t the coyote get one of these whiz bang gizmos from Acme?

    After swallowing that camel, just look at the myriad gnats created to strain at (by logical applicaton, of course) by the awakened and enlightened in the peanut gallery. I wonder how many are laughing.

    And, they always punctuate it with emotion. In the case of the propagandist in that video, it was the emotion of the horror he felt so deeply and personally! I could have been an actor, but I wound up here, the song goes. How does that keep working?

  9. The video in the article was published on Mar 14, 2016:

    “Russia’s advanced RS-26 intercontinental ballistic missile has raised admiring eyebrows of military experts everywhere, the official Russian newspaper wrote according to Sputnik news.”

    I often use SputnikNews because it is owned by Russia’s government. (Lobro likes it since I showed him that last year) 🙂

    Sputnik News is wholly owned by Russian Government and was launched by Rossiya Segodnya under the umbrella of the renowned RIA Novosti brand.

    In 2014 RT reported that Director General of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency Dmitry Kiselеv wa at the presentation of the major international news brand “Sputnik” when launched.

    SputnikNews reported March 9, 2016:
    Russia’s advanced RS-26 intercontinental ballistic missile has raised admiring eyebrows of military experts everywhere, the official Rossiiskaya Gazeta newspaper wrote.


    When asked about the US missile defense system, he said that it was “absolutely useless” against the RS-26.
    “This one is even better than the famous Topol-M missile… Its – WARHEADS – are supersonic and change their course all the time. Some of them will penetrate any existing missile defense shield and will hit their target,” the expert added.

    The story was pretty good from Russia’s Government mouthpieces UNTIL…. that ‘BLOOPER’ showed up:
    ”Its warheads are supersonic and change their course all the time.”…HA..!!!

    I was following the spoof pretty well until then. “Warheads” is plural indicating it is a MIRV missile.

    Problem is…. Changing course all the time means each warhead has its own individual telemetry, guidance and propulsion systems.

    Looking further… I found it is actually a MARV since it supposedly has ‘MAneuverable’ re-entry vehicles with up to 16 such warheads. ….. MANEUVERABLE..!!

    Even with MIRV, there is NOT ENOUGH ROOM to stuff in multiple – 16 – self-propelled, much less MAneuverable, weapons there.

    This one will just have to collect dust in the museums alongside the FAKE R-12 missiles used for show during the Cuban Missile Crisis for the Russian kids to see on field trips….. of how to scare Americans to get more military spending in US. 🙂

    1. LP, Pat –

      Y’all are going to upset all these fantasies of the America-haters, here… They won’t know what to say – so enjoy the resultant circular diatribe! haha

      1. GH
        I was glad to see I wasn’t the first to register the BS of it. You beat me by a few minutes or seconds. Monday morning quarterbacks sure took a hit to their credibility with that one. Truth is like a football team, to some people. I AM enjoying that. Maybe that’s the purpose of some of those stories and videos. It would be a crafty trick to imitate the imitator and find out who the supporters are. A guy can hope.

        The clue is ‘complex’ in Military Industrial Complex. It has to be supported worldwide. Ike never said it was the USA’s exclusive child. “Scare Theatre” is about right.

        Does anybody remember being drilled to hide under your school desk in 1st grade a if that would save from a nuclear bomb? What was that about? Uncanny how the hedonistic dopeheads of the 60’s were all victims of that propaganda with the ceremony of obedient stupidity to seat it in their minds.

      2. Pepe –

        “Does anybody remember being drilled to hide under your school desk in 1st grade a if that would save from a nuclear bomb?”

        Certainly..!! And coat-rooms in upper grades…. when we kids were too big to fit under desks. Beat doing math. 🙂

      3. So, Pat

        What did you think when you turned 30 and not vaporized by a nuke yet. Did you feel gypped? The propaganda of nukes is more effective than the nukes. Every generation since then has volunteered to give up and be wasted. But, did THEY give up? No. We’re way behind.

      4. Pepe –

        HA!! Thanks for the humor. 🙂

        “What did you think when you turned 30 and not vaporized by a nuke yet. Did you feel gypped?”

        Almost… To be certain… I felt the same way as I did when I found out at an early age…. Santa was not real and was for chumps. My parents and all my family and friends… lied to me…. even when I confronted them.

        To make it worse…. the nuke lies which I believed…. I even helped load Polaris and then Poseidon MIRV nuke missiles into the missile tubes alongside the tenders in Guam and Scotland…!!

        You are correct…. at about age 30 or so, after leaving the Navy…. I knew something was wrong with the nuke lies. The programming is tremendously powerful.. Most believe it, still.

        TPTB really have fear in control of us.

      5. LOL Pat

        I was 30 when I first asked myself “WTF am I gonna do when I’m 30?”. None of us believed in any fuckin mythical future, let alone invest in it. Nukes wasted us.

    2. It gets even more hilarious…. From the ‘please scare me’ gallery.

      The 16 individual warheads are reported to be “cruise-missiles” 🙂

      “The new RS-26 Rubezh is an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), meaning that it follows a ballistic trajectory to reach the target. During the descending section of that trajectory, with only a few hundred miles left to the target, the warhead suddenly takes a dive, loses altitude, and continues the approach as a CRUISE MISSILE…..”


  10. Nothing easier than trashing something you haven’t seen in action.
    Except that everything Putin said he would do in politics and war, he fulfilled completely.
    As opposed to Jew-operated agents pretending to lead the FREE WORLD, who couldn’t speak the straight truth if their lives depended on it.

    I suppose that the idea of small displacement frigates firing multiple cruise missiles from the Caspian into Western Syria would also have been laughed off as “typical” Ruskie baloney, except that it happened and they landed on the dime, leaving the doubters and cynics scratching their heads, since they did not possess such technology.
    Or Iran taking full control of the Americas most advanced stealth drone and landing it like it was theirs.
    But hey, it is what, 10am eastern time, if I say it is daylight, feel free to shut your eyes and claim it is nighttime.

    1. Lobro –

      “I suppose that the idea of small displacement frigates firing multiple cruise missiles from the Caspian into Western Syria……”

      Sure. Cruise missiles launched from ships all the time… BUT not from the nosecone of another missile, as in the case of the RS-26. And certainly not multiple cruise missiles jammed in there together. Cruise missiles are propelled by jet engines, which need lots of fuel.


    2. “… small displacement frigates firing multiple cruise missiles from the Caspian into Western Syria would also have been laughed off as “typical” Ruskie baloney, except that it happened and they landed on the dime …”

      EXCEPT the ones that didn’t.

      “Four Russian cruise missiles launched from the Caspian Sea fell short of their Syrian targets and landed in a rural part of Iran …”


      1. Gilroy,
        That article you cite has been already refuted by the Iraqi and Iranian governments. Where is the wreckage?
        Both the Iraqis and Iranians granted permission for the Russian cruise missiles to overfly their territory and they denied any of the missiles crashed on their territory. Methinks the USA Today article is disinformation based on a severe case of sour grapes.
        OFF TOPIC
        Re Library Genesis. I don’t know your reading habits, but if you like military mind candy, you might like to read Barry Sadler’s books about Casca The Eternal Mercenary. Just key in Barry Sadler, when the page appears click on “non russian” on the right hand top corner of the page. One can waste hours reading total military fantasy, but it remains true to historical facts.

      2. Felix,
        Thanks for the update on the off-course missiles. I read nothing about their misguidance being refuted. No damage as per that (and many other) article(s), they fell harmlessly in rural areas. Understandable, weapons that cause major damage are often equipped with technology that prevents their detonation outside the window of the target (they do not arm until they are close to their target) so that a misguided weapon does not accidently destroy an innocent neighborhood. For the time being I’ll keep in mind your suggestion that it did not happen.

        I do not read Library Genesis (I do not have time for it) – that website is from the link you posted and Wiggins seemed to be having problems accessing. I simply pointed out an onion router such as TOR will allow him access because it will appear he is somewhere other than where he is, and his internet service provider will not know what websites he accesses.

    1. At 27 seconds, if that doesn’t shout “Strickland Propane,” then I’m a monkey’s uncle!
      The big red one at the end, I think is Walmart..

    1. To Robert . . . and others of a similar mind

      I think you are perhaps making the mistake of assuming that every article or video we post on this website is one whose ideas we passionately believe in and wish to promote. This is not the case. Many of the articles and videos we post on this site have been sent to us by our correspondents who are often posters on this site. These articles and videos do not necessarily reflect our own views.

      Here is a video that states categorically that Russia is a formidable military power and could inflict immense damage on the United States if it wanted. Is this our viewpoint? Not necessarily. We are neutral on this, as on many other points.

      After all, have we not recently published an article by Justin Raimondo saying the exact opposite? — that Russia is a “paper tiger”? And that it is the US military that is doing its best to portray Russia as an extremely dangerous enemy in order to justify huge increases in military spending?


      To which Pat, I believe, responded wittily by saying: “No, Russia is a paper bear!”

      For all we know, Pat could be right. These things are all up for free discussion. So please go ahead. Conformity is not essential.

  11. Russia cannot afford a big military. It has to feign strength with “Doomsday” weapons.
    (sung sue)
    Russia has less gold than Bill Gates’s net worth of $80 billion.

    According to Central Bank of Russia…. at the end of last month, April, Russia has increased its gold bullion and coin holding only $9 billion, to ONLY $60,506,000,000 since January

    During the same time Russia increased foreign reserves by $11 billion, to $320,948,000,000.

    That is more than 5 times foreign reserve currency, controlled by London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers, to gold reserves. They are in the same situation as the rest of the world.

    Total Foreign Exchange Reserves, including SDRs and IMF Reserves is $331 billion – $331,015,000,000

    CBR report:

    I thought some other country had “Samsonite Options”… Maybe that was refugees with luggage… aka WMDs…. 🙂

      1. Oh, of course , a patriotic Yank who still believes in Murica and a Vietnam ‘hero’
        Say no more

    1. According to Central Bank of Russia…. at the end of last month, April, Russia has increased its gold bullion and coin holding only $9 billion, to ONLY $60,506,000,000 since January

      During the same time Russia increased foreign reserves by $11 billion, to $320,948,000,000

      Pat, explain once again what is so bad about these numbers that it somehow paints Putin as a Rothschild player and Russia as their farm?

      Is not Russia under an almost universal sanctions regimen?
      Ruble has collapsed under the onslaught of Rothschild currency speculators acting in concert, as punishment for Syria intervention.
      Oil, Russia’s single biggest source of foreign cash, has likewise lost over 80% of previous valuation, again, in a direct attack by Rothschild forces, as deadly and insidious as the October “revolution” by the previous Bolshevik team.

      And yet, Russia is not only standing defiant in face of the Rothschild’s “Judea Declares War On Russia!”, just like against Germany in 1933 on the eve of Hitler’s election.
      Hitler was the last European national leader with that kind of popular support, over 80%, like Putin, if you were willing to think a little, that alone should tell you the whole story, since Hitler was also the last European leader to devote himself exclusively to betterment and strengthening of his nation rather than follow the Kabbalist script … given JFK’s pro-NatSoc leanings, he may have been of that mind too but was never allowed to follow through, as we well know, LBJ to JFK was as Dmitry Medvedev to Vlad Putin, assassin-in-waiting.

      Instead of trumpeting these stale factoids which of themselves say nothing of lasting importance, look at some of these quite pronounced parallel grooves these men are and were pursuing and doubt not for a second that the Kahal is profoundly aware of them, it entirely explains their unshakable hostility and policy toward him.
      Nothing to do with “I like Russians/Americans and support them against Americans/Russians” political rut that Gilbert seems to be stuck in, precisely why Americans proudly marched off to fight baaad baby-eating Nazees, which, when I think of it, also explains a great deal of this latent or demonstrated animus against the Yankees, people simply cannot forget that it was they and their abysmal ignorance of the underlying truth that is responsible for the Jew’s triumph.

      Oh and before I forget, gold.
      I once did back-of-the-napkin calculation trying to estimate the total (known) amount of gold, most of it already dug out and came up with something that you could buy for $200 billion at today’s prices (speaking solely from possibly shaky memory, have no interest in pursuing it again).
      What good is your or Putin’s money if there simply is no gold available for sale?
      You can only buy whatever is on offer and if you start screaming that you want more, the price can easily jump to $1 billion per ounce, so what do you do, buy it?
      No, you play the PATient game, like Pat buying and selling houses and stay below surface in the meantime 😉

      1. Lobro –

        I was pointing out that Russia, under Putin, is increasing London Pharisee-Jew Bankers – Rothschild – owned foreign currency.. reserve currencies .. more than gold. That is contrary to claims of others here.

        Reserve currencies are mainly USD, EURO, BPS and JY. Those are needed for international purchases.

        I was also showing that Russia does not have enough gold to buy out Bill Gates’s assets.
        CBR reported only $60 billion in gold and $331 billion foreign currency denominated assets:

        Backing today’s currencies with gold will not work. Countries will demand the physical redemption… and deplete it from country of certificate of origin…. and even print phony ones… back to square one. That’s why the US dropped it in 1971.

        Russia is not strong. The pundits just want to garner eyeballs….. to sell gold and silver on their sites.

  12. All I know is the indisputable facts on the ground: when the United Shtetls had a field day as the sole superpower with Yid at controls, they steamrolled over all the countries that weren’t in line with Rothschilds master plan: Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, astronomical ripoff of Russia by shylocks… and when Putin’s clique of nationalist socialists stepped up to the plate and started strengthening the country on all fronts, all of a sudden Jew stopped running up the score as per Wesley Clark’s prediction of 7 countries taken down soon … well, not so soon, it seems.

    Why is that, scared of propane tanks maybe?
    Is sheenie still talking of taking on Iran? Netanyahu been awfully quiet lately, compared with his UN antics, when he jumped up on the table, pulled his zipper down and openly urinated on the world.
    Somehow, no one seems to have noticed the change in attitude.

    Why did the script suddenly change in middle of a golden streak?
    No amount of talk about banking and KFC outlets gets around these glaring facts, sorry.

    1. Lobro —

      Even Pat will have to admit that the proof will be in the pudding. We’ll just have to wait and see how things turn out.

      Being American, Pat is naturally backing his own country against Russia. Gilbert, too, shares Pat’s values and sees any attempt to put down America as anti-American. Remember that Pat also fought in Vietnam and is patriotic in the sense that he cannot look kindly on the idea of American troops dying in large numbers at the hands of the Ruskies. In any war between America and Russia, there is absolutely no way that either Pat or Gilbert is going to back Russia and hope for an American defeat.

      You, on the other hand, have made it clear that in any future contest between America and Russia you are backing Russia all the way. You would like to see America get a darn good pasting, including a few nuclear bombs dropped on American cities. You believe that America is a hubristic warmonger, inflicting pain on millions of people throughout the world and that it’s only just and fair that America should collect its karma and reap the whirlwind.

      As a Canadian, you have little love for the Americans across the border and despise any country — including Canada — that allows itself to fall so easily under Jewish domination. You see Russia as the last hope, even as a potential “rescuer” that will one day settle the score with Jewry and even perhaps wipe Israel off the map.

      In this you differ from Pat who has no illusions about Putin and sees him as just another Jew stooge. In Pat’s universe, if I am not mistaken, the entire world is controlled by Pharisee bankers and there are few honest leaders anywhere. Everyone is on the gravy train and it’s a dog-eat-dog world.

      I hope I don’t do Pat an injustice by misinterpreting his views, which, I confess, are not altogether clear to me. This has given rise to various misunderstandings in the past and I’m sorry about that.

      1. Sard –

        “Pat who has no illusions about Putin and sees him as just another Jew stooge. In Pat’s universe, if I am not mistaken, the entire world is controlled by Pharisee bankers and there are few honest leaders anywhere. Everyone is on the gravy train and it’s a dog-eat-dog world.”

        Correct..! You got it exactly right..!! Justice served..!! 🙂

        All national leaders who have served more than 4 years are liars. It takes watching for many decades to finally get the hint.

      2. Sardonicus –

        Just got back on here after a day of filling silos with barley chopping (for the damn milk cows!), and I am glad you see our (mine andPat’s) concern. We cannot HELP but defend our country. What “man” wouldn’t ?? It has been good to us, and, therefore, it is imperative for us to take its side. I am sorry for those, like Lobro, who have disdained their allegiances, because I believe him to be a good man, and probably misses having a country he loves. We must, all, work within our boundaries to better our lands! There isn’t much else a man can do. My opinion of Putin is that he’d be a GREAT fishin’ buddy – but he is Russian, I am American, and never the twain shall meet! 🙂

      3. lobro and me both see eye to eye on the jewish question -99.9% to the tee…

        and we all have a burning hatred for the jews –

        it makes sense for him since the rats broke up yugoslavia and helped destroy it in the mid to late 90s….

        its only understandable

      4. @ Pat

        Correct..! You got it exactly right..!! Justice served..!! ?

        I’m glad I got it right. 🙂

        I take this opportunity to apologize to you for my former misbehavior, which must have been the sad result of a green tea deficiency. I came to my senses only after I received an email from Lasha, ticking me off severely for my “ridiculously over the top and juvenile delinquent behavior.” (Her exact words).

        Anyway, I just want you to know that I have nothing against you personally. Anyone who has Lasha’s backing has my backing too.



      5. Sard –

        Apology accepted, gladly.

        I thought you were out of sorts. That’s why I did not reply.

        You know me. People call me names. I’m used to it. I know when that happens they are out of facts…. out of ammo. I win.

        Good to go here. 🙂

        Thanks from me to Lasha.

      6. I am sorry for those, like Lobro, who have disdained their allegiances, because I believe him to be a good man, and probably misses having a country he loves. We must, all, work within our boundaries to better our lands!

        wrong on all counts, Gilbert, let me count the ways.

        let Pat answer this: if you mortgage your house to the tune of 80% or more, you might call yourself the owner but are you really?
        America shoulders the history’s greatest debt by far and the creditor is jew, the same jew that owns 80% of the guy’s house, tells him to turn off lights at Sabbath sunset and orders his wife and daughters to poledance for his entertainment.
        This is precisely what the Jew does to you and yet you consider yourself the proud patriot and house owner.

        look at me: I don’t own a house nor have a mortgage around my neck, my debt is exactly zero, not even a credit card but a prepaid Visa, anything I spend is my money.
        Same with a “country”, my country Canada is owned by jew, lock, stock and barrel and i am fully aware to what extent every politician at every level has whored himself out to the Jew – ever seen anything more disgusting than Stephen Harper rolling on the floor, playing dead or performing any number of tricks, including house of Commons BJ’s for Chabad vermin … Oh, Chabada, our mortgaged home and sharecropper’s land!

        Why should i owe them allegiance? tell me that.
        You are a pious Christian, aren’t you.
        Well, what does Christ say about oaths, allegiances and the like? Prohibited.
        You can’t serve two masters, that’s called conflict of interest.
        Well, my allegiance is only to truth, nothing else and recognizing only the truth is called justice, so i don’t take sides, neither left nor right, neither American nor Russian but only that which is true and just.
        And it so happens that I see Putin and Russia much, much closer to the true and just.
        Therefore, what may be construed as allegiance to Putin and Russia is nothing other than recognition that they match the truth much more closely than America, the psychotic giant that has lost its way and soul and is murdering innocent millions at jew’s whim. Why should I honor them in any way, them or their fawning Canadian and European sidekicks, cowards, sycophants?

        I got no heartaches, headaches or bellyaching, my way is clear and simple, I don’t even need to choose between Allah, God of Christ, Odin, Zeus, Vishnu, Shiva or Kukulcan, choose the truth and you’ll never go wrong, anything else is bitter bullshit.

        My allegiance is to the world of free men, as opposed to the dark cave of Satan and his Jew servant, so don’t feel sorry for me, I am alright, at home in every location on Earth where I can freely speak my mind and there are still a few such corners left.

        I see there are other guys here like that, Felix, 1138, HP, maybe a few more, citizens of Freedom.

      7. Lobro –

        You mentioned me…. so I shall help you.

        “look at me: I don’t own a house nor have a mortgage around my neck, my debt is exactly zero, not even a credit card but a prepaid Visa, anything I spend is my money.”

        You might be using currency… but, not “my money.” I doubt you are using anything other than Pharisee-Jew Banker issued ‘debts’…. ‘notes’….. to swap for Pharisee-Jew Banker issued and brokered…. prepaid cards….. and anything you swap for debt, such as food.

        Folks, mistakenly, call ‘debt notes’ money these days.

        We are in the same boat…. attempting freedom. My info differs from yours. 🙂

      8. “let Pat answer this: if you mortgage your house to the tune of 80% or more, you might call yourself the owner but are you really?”

        I am not Pat — the answer is ‘YES’ … you own the home. The way mortgage works is you pledge the home that you own as collateral for loan to buy it.

    2. Lobro –

      Here are some “glaring facts” from Putin’s Sputnik News:

      According to the Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman, Russia supports legitimate authority in Syria, not President Bashar Assad

      “We are supporting not Assad [himself]. Do not forget: he has not been the best friend of ours, but he has been the friend of West. We have backed the maintenance of the legitimate government, of power, because we have understood that if the president leaves, the government will follow him, the executive authorities as well as the army will disintegrate,” Zakharova told reporters.

      The Syrian war just taught Putin to worry about Iran.

      Russian President Vladimir Putin surprised the world by announcing in March that most of his troops would leave Syria. Military analysts were incredulous.

      1. @ Pat

        Here is some glaring evidence that the jews do not control the world.

        1. With their over inflated egos, they would have announced it by now.

        2. Christianity has not been banned around the world.

        3. An effective slaughtering of Christians has not commenced as in the jewish USSR.

        4. There has not been a 90% reduction in the world’s population.

        Until these things happen, the jews are wishful thinking and lying about how much control they have. Jews and lies are synonymous.

      2. Ungenius –

        Thanks for the reply.

        “Here is some glaring evidence that the jews do not control the world.”
        I do not see the “glare.”

        “1. With their over inflated egos, they would have announced it by now.”
        Goldman Prez, Lloyd Blankfein did…. He said, “We’re doing god’s work.”
        Hank Paulson to Congress, “You will do exactly as I say…. or there will be ‘martial law’ used here.”

        “2. Christianity has not been banned around the world.”
        They won’t do that. They have to have Christianity to sell the “chosen” myths. Christians worldwide are Pharisee-Jews’ biggest enabler.

        “3. An effective slaughtering of Christians has not commenced as in the jewish USSR.”
        The USSR is gone, so is that scheme. It accomplished their needs then. Immigration with musselmen promoted by the leading Catholic, the Pharisee-Jew pope…… and advanced by Putin’s and US’s bombing is working better with less scrutiny.

        “4. There has not been a 90% reduction in the world’s population.”
        That is promoting a myth that they want 90% reduction in world population…. Helps sell weapons. Keeps fear in play. Sells books and movies. Right now the population increase is decreasing. They need even more musselmen with 10 kids per male reproducing…. Worldwide.

        “Until these things happen, the jews are wishful thinking and lying about how much control they have. Jews and lies are synonymous.”
        That is your guess… not my guess. They DO have control…. through the number one method… debt currencies.

        However, I agree that Pharisee-Jews and lies are synonymous. 🙂

  13. I wonder what purpose this article is serving. It’s perfectly fine to publish an article about this sort of thing but this particular one lacks any useful content. Some guy in a video saying ooh and aah about something without even the slightest demonstration of what exactly he is oohing and aahing about. So I refrain from commenting on it.

    But let’s examine something else.

    What exactly makes one a jew stooge? To play ball with the Jew for your own enhancement? Because essentially that’s what treacherous gentile politicians do and it is exactly that what we are blaming them for.

    If so, then Pat himself is a jew stooge. You see, to be a willful jew stooge one doesn’t need to be a politician or hold a public office. A little while ago I made a harmless joke about that, which was entirely misunderstood and ended up me apologising for eventually losing my patience on a public forum, which was not very elegant. But when you apply this criterion it is actually so. He himself says that one’s actions and decisions are, or should always be based on (available) information.

    So for instance, all those poor misguided fellas who were drafted during the 60’s to murder Asians who were half a world away and absolutely never did any harm or were any threat to any ‘merican citizen’ whatsoever, all in the glorious duty of that wonderful fantastic country named ‘ the United States of America’ (greatest country in the world. home of the brave and free, and so much better than Russia or any other country, politically, spiritually and morally, and therefore justifiably generally liked all over the world) who were clueless about what was really going on are only to blame for a tiny part. For the vast vast vast majority of them were not jew wise and their only considerations were “should I go kill innocent people who never did me any harm or will never be any threat to me or not”. Or “should I get killed in a conflict that isn’t mine or should I refuse service and face the consequences?” You know ordinary things like that which a non Jew wise person would think of, or should have would he have half a brain to begin with.

    But not for Pat, no Sir. Pat’s been born Jew wise and has been fighting them ever since the 50’s. Even physically! Go ask him. One might wonder what all that fighting consisted of. Because he himself explained that he decide to NOT refuse to serve the Jew and went in and played ball for his own enhancement, jew wise that he was. There really is no excuse for that. Certainly not the excuse that he chose that and so path in the armed forces to prevent him to murder innocent people by actually pulling a trigger or dropping bombs. That doesn’t matter. He went in willfully and served an organisation that actively did. That’s what counts. Many a draftee refused to do that and faced the consequences, went to jail or jumped the border all together. And I’ll bet most of them weren’t even Jew wise. Take for example Cassius Clay/Muhamed Ali, he refused to kill innocent people OR EVEN TO BE LITTLE WHEEL IN AN ORGANISATION THAT DID. He faced the consequences like a man. Now that’s something I respect, not the lame excuse that “Oh I knowingly and willfully served my time in the private armed forces of the JEWnited States of America which slaughters inoccent people for a living. But I arranged so and so that I didn’t actually pulled any triggers”. That’s just a coward’s non valid excuse. Because you always had a choice, like all those who refused and faced the consequences. But you didn’t and knowingly and willingly decided to play ball in your own benefit. And that makes you a jew stooge. Apparantly to not be a troublemaker and play ball is Pat’s definition of ‘fighting them’. Well, with foes like Pat, the Jew doesn’t need any more friends 🙂

    1. @ 1138

      “If so, then Pat himself is a jew stooge.

      Even I, who have crossed swords with Pat on more than one occasion, have never accused him of being a “Jew stooge.”

      Unless by “Jew stooge” you mean a guy who has acquired a monopoly on the green tea trade and keep plugging green tea all the time to jack up green tea sales. That’s a pretty Jewish thing to do, if you come to think of it. And of that, of course, Pat is most definitely guilty! 🙂

      1. Sardonicus,

        Well, you know, it´s all very well accusing this public figure and that public figure for being a jew stooge. But essentially they are doing nothing other than what he did. Playing ball for their own benefit, fully aware of things. And what Pat did fits that description.

        Long ago I too was drafted into a Jew serving army, but unlike Pat I was unconscious at the time. Would I have known what he knew when his number came up I definitely would have refused and faced the music. So I guess I´m saying that he of all people has no right to cast any stones. Same thing applies for anyone who knowingly and willingly chooses to actively advance Jew World Order interests like for instance growing GMOs because it lines your pockets. There is no excuse. If you do, you play ball in return for your own benefit, either as a politician or as a private citizen, and that´s that. No two ways about it. And this is exactly why this has gotten completely out of control. Too many little jew stooges. They are comfortable though.

      2. 1138 –

        Thanks for acknowledging I am more powerful than Putin….. by turning the discussion from him, and making it about me…. when it was about his ‘doomsday’ weapon. His faux strength and propane tank on a truck…. borrowing US Army green paint for it….. is less interesting than me…. to you.

        I like to make people mad at me by telling them things such as the Russian Central Bank has so little gold that…. they could not buy out Bill Gates’s $80 billion in assets with it. And Apple is worth over $400 billion…. which is more than all of Russia’s stock market.!!

        According to Central Bank of Russia…. at the end of last month, April, Russia has increased its gold bullion and coin holding only $9 billion, to ONLY $60,506,000,000 since January

        Total Foreign Exchange Reserves, including SDRs and IMF Reserves is $331 billion – $331,015,000,000

        CBR report:

        And Russia’s number one aircraft manufacturer, UAC, has lost money every year since it was formed in 2006. They only made 124 jet fighters the last year they reported. Sold ONLY two of them to foreign countries. Big exporters(not).

        Short corporate name In the English language — PJSC UAC.

        Russia’s relative strength is a sham.

        I criticize public figures…. and corporation leaders. They bought the job.

        As a rule… I don’t criticize commenters I have never met…. until they attack me personally.

        I stated before…. attacking me personally means you are out of ammunition. The best you had was I have “no comprehension skills”…and should “quit posting on the web.” But, you validate the opposite, and prove yourself wrong, with these comments. 🙂

        That happens a lot. I am used to it. Keep it up. You make me famous.

        Love me or hate me… just don’t forget me..!!

        Lobro calls me a “two-legged mule.” 🙂

      3. Any gigantic rocket, when seen almost head on, is going to look blunt.
        When viewed from directly in front, it looks like a big black tunnel..
        Pat, do you ever admit you’re wrong?
        I proved your propane tank nonsense is just that. Nonsense.
        C’mon Pat, be a man. Admit you (and Gilbert) are wrong.

      4. More recent figures….. I do the research.

        Here is UAC financial report through 2015:

        UAC is the parent company making the SU-34. They had a profit margin of negative 31% and lost 108,767,000 Rubles last year. That is $1,622,550 in USD… since Ruble has lost half its value recently, from 35:1 to 67:1…. and is still falling.

        UAC has lost money for the last 5 years.


      5. HP –

        I shall admit I am wrong when you show proof.

        What you showed were blunt-nosed projectiles which required HUGE booster rockets to overcome the friction and gravity. No boosters on RS-26.

        Nothing blunt-nosed fired from trucks here:

        I have not seen article writers like PCR state that they are wrong. No biggie….

      6. HP –

        OK. You win… sorta….. demonstrating a huge rocket powered ‘phlying phallus’ from a gantry.

        You have not showed one launched from a green truck. 🙂

      7. Pat, btw, you’re also right, sorta.
        Because in that video truck launch photo, that’s the containment tube we seeing. With the cap on.
        The less blunt missile is inside.
        You knew that..

        Let er rip!

      8. That depends on the shadows, which depend on the lighting, HP. Either way, it’s not in their best interest to depict a blunt nosed propane cylinder. Remember, the doomsday device does no good unless everyone knows. They were waiting to spring that on the Premier for his birthday, to give him a happy surprise. Rehash Dr Strangelove for modern times. Same shit, different day.

      9. Pat,

        “Thanks for acknowledging I am more powerful than Putin….. by turning the discussion from him, and making it about me…. when it was about his ‘doomsday’ weapon.”

        I beg your pardon? I did what?

        Forget it, Pat. It won’t fly. First of all I have never stated you were more powerful than Putin. And I mean not literally and it’s also not what I meant at all. Please read more carefully. Posts will appear so much clearer that way. And the discussion had changed already lóóóóóng before I came anywhere near it. And it wasn’t even about Putin to start with. So what are you talking about? And even if I did change it, which I didn’t, is it ok for you to change the discussion but not for somebody else? It is YOU who hasn’t got any arguments. ‘

        Remember this?

        “Russia cannot afford a big military. It has to feign strength with “Doomsday” weapons.
        (sung sue)
        Russia has less gold than Bill Gates’s net worth of $80 billion.

        According to Central Bank of Russia…. at the end of last month, April, Russia has increased its gold bullion and coin holding only $9 billion, to ONLY $60,506,000,000 since January

        During the same time Russia increased forei …….. yadayadayada”

        You see what I mean? Because for instance, I don’t see what Bill Gates has to do with Russian doomsday weapons, nor his net worth in funny money, or US dollars if you prefer.

        And this;

        “I like to make people mad at me by telling them things such as the Russian Central Bank has so little gold that…. they could not buy out Bill Gates’s $80 billion in assets with it. And Apple is worth over $400 billion…. which is more than all of Russia’s stock market.!!”

        It’s perfectly fine by me for you to want to make people mad by going on and on and on about Bill Gates’ net worth and central bank here and central bank there and central bank everywhere and how much Apple is ‘worth’ in funny money or the Russian stock market, or how much gold they posses, which is all completely off topic. Ok, every one has their own interests in life but you won’t make me mad at you with that. It does say something about you though. You seem to think that more funny money equals quality and effectiveness and vice versa. That’s because you as a real American ‘patriot’ (here comes the flag) are utterly materialistic, which is an utterly jewish way to be and the root cause of our problems.

        “I stated before…. attacking me personally means you are out of ammunition. The best you had was I have “no comprehension skills”…and should “quit posting on the web.” But, you validate the opposite, and prove yourself wrong, with these comments. ?”

        No, I’m not. Quite the opposite actually. Show me where I attacked you in the sense that you mean. I am simply confronting you with information disclosed by yourself to make a point. A point btw which again is entirely wasted on you. Was there anything I said about you knowingly and willingly playing ball with Jew which benefitted you personally that wasn’t correct or not clear? Because you are the source of it, not me.

        The advice I gave you was indeed a good one and entirely appropriate, as you again demonstrate.
        No sense in getting in a “didn’t” “did too” contest here. We’ve both had our say and it’s up to the readers to make up their own mind about it.

        Have a good evening, Pat.

      10. 1138 –
        “Show me where I attacked you in the sense that you mean.”

        Glad to help.. 🙂

        You asked… here is just one example…. calling me a “moron” and “a paid off Pharisee agent” is a personal attack:


        March 27, 2016 at 6:02 pm

        You have called me a Jew and a Pharisee. You did it shortly after you arrived, on other occasions, and in this thread:
        “…if that isn’t proof he’s a paid off Pharisee agent I don’t know what is.”

        You are a moron, Pat.

        Note to Admin; this is not meant as name calling but as just stating the obvious.

      11. HP –

        There’s a big cigar in there from Cuba….
        ….. Last thanks from Fidel.. 🙂

      12. Pat,

        Ah, of course, your nose hasn’t stopped bleeding. I thought so.

        Out of sheer poverty you now dig up some words I used when I lost my patience and for which I already apologised for. That’s how I answered for my action. I believe I already mentioned this myself in this thread as well. Anyway, words moreover that had absolutely nothing to do with the point I made which was meant as IRONY. Irony to show you how easy it is, using YOUR line of ‘logic’ (which isn’t) to ‘proove’ you are a jew agent as well as Hitler was according to you in that particular thread, remember, Pat? Of course you don’t. Just keep that nose bleeding behind that 3 metre thick concrete slab 🙂

        Besides, losing my patience is not my aim while posting on a public forum, but rather something that is likely to happen when my verbal opponent is not able – or prepared – to give me a straight answer but instead acts like his nose is bleeding. While your reason to post here, or at least one of your reasons to post here, as you explained yourself, is “to make people mad”. In other words, being someone who is begging for verbal abuse, which explains why you’re such an insufferable prat.

        But I won’t lose it now, Pat. I’m as calm as sunday morning. Nevertheless I’m still waiting for an accurate response. You knowingly and willingly did play ball with Jew for your own benefit, while you as one of the very rare Jew wise draftees should have decided to be an example and show the rest how and why to stand up and do the honorable thing and refuse to be a wheel in the private armed forces of Jew, and face up to it like a man like for instance Muhamed Ali did, and many other draftees as well.

        But alas, it is a hard fact that you chose the spineless way out, just like all those public figures you critisise for for doing exactly that. Very hypocrite. And I. or anyone else, is perfectly right to critisise you for that.

    2. Well said
      My point exactly
      Big talking Yankee Pat is probably full of guilt and popping pills like a junkie

      1. Kolo –

        I agree with you and 1138 when he wrote on topic:

        “Some guy in a video saying ooh and aah about something without even the slightest demonstration of what exactly he is oohing and aahing about.”

        I am using green tea.
        You have revealed you need some, too. 🙂

    3. 1138
      A little history lesson you may find useful re your current contretemps. The first US combat troops arrived in Vietnam, 6th May, 1965. The first major battle with the NVA (North Vietnamese Army) was the battle of the Ia Trang in November, 1965. The Commander of the US forces was Lt/Col Hal Morer. Both sides claimed victory. but the US clearly won, through their use of air and artillery support. Connect the dots.

  14. I thought it also a bit much to assume the weapon genuine from just a photo.

    But – it’s all silliness anyway. If a nuclear attack were to come it would most likely be from one or two smuggled devices, perhaps in merchant ships or brought by subs. They would not be traceable to any origin, and need not be extremely powerful in order to bring to a standstill a country with a crumbling power grid, a decimated manufacturing base, and an economy based on the fantastic notion that pieces of green paper and plastic cards with magnetic strips have intrinsic value.

  15. Hey. I wan’t to add some information on Putin.
    “A Rabbi Berel Lazar, is an Orthodox, Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic rabbi. He is Chief Rabbi of Russia, and chairman of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia and Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS. In September 2005 Lazar became a member of the Public Chamber of Russia.” Wikipedia.
    This Rabbi is also called Putins Rabbi. They meet and have contact all of time. In 2014 Vladimir Putin awarded Rabbi Berel Lazar with order of merit, the highest order one can be awarded with in Russia. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bNHLm1qeb4Q
    Now one of Putins friends who Putin awarded with the highest order is a Chabad Lubavitch Kabbalah Talmudic Rabbi. – Putins Rabbi http://www.timesofisrael.com/putins-rabbi-says-challenging-governments-is-not-jewish/

  16. Time for your Benji Franklin moment as patriotism is off the hook. Who is the strongest, the hippopotamus or the elephant? The elephant, it’s all in the trunk.
    I am with Pat and Gilbert as the US army and NATO bring me by proxy this feeling of occidental superiority. Don’t worry we got your back with the NATO’s Fantastic Four.
    Check out their curriculum, pretty damned impressive, we will prevail, the Charlie’s Angels Hollywood way.
    Anyway, we got those Commies bastards cornered so that they won’t dare poison our precious bodily fluids with fluoridation, bloody Vodka plot.
    Russia wants war no doubt, look at how they have placed their country near our NATO Bases.

    More seriously, this is the classic opposition between the two strategic military postures.

    The defensive posture, the normal posture for a country who wants to be master in its own house, that would be Russia and its small budget.
    The offensive posture, aggressive and very costly, to obtain something missing, like euuhhhh, I don’t know, America has pretty much everything, let’s say unilateral free trade, to rival the exploits of Roma, as Jackson put it.
    After that, there is dissuasion, to straighten the defensive posture with the threat of a destructive terrorizing offense with various deterrent forces.

    I don’t know about those or Russian offensive capacity, though I imagine something scarier than this doomsday truck, but it seems that since the intervention in Syria, the defensive posture of Russia defies the offensive posture of USA and nullify it, no more aerial supremacy from aircraft carrier, at least against Russia and who they decide to help, the F35 fifth generation fighter aircraft seem to be a complete failure, the private sector is so dysfunctional for those kind of project, but waste is good for GDP.
    I am no rocket scientist but Bibi went three times in Moscow in one year, looking for guarantees maybe, and China has whistled the beginning of dedollarization a couple of day after 3rd September 2013 when Russia brought down two US ballistic missiles launched from Mediterranean heading for Syria with S300 anti-missile, call it a coincidence

    The military power balance seems to have changed, except for the eventual German scientist Black Project. Brezinski in his last book acknowledged it and wrote that the new opponent for global hegemony is now China, two million homogenous men army and biggest aircraft fleet, with Russia and that the new front is Pacific.
    It’s not good news for Occidental Europe since it is now the weak link and need to be separated form the Slavs with a trench of blood. Strausz-Hupé, Kissinger teacher, the US Kalergi strategist in chief, would flood us with migrants, multiculturalism and terrorist attacks in order to separate us from Russia with a continental glacis that would occupy Putin, or the Visegrad group for a start.
    But hey I am just guessing. Have you seen this poor orphan African baby in Italia? Heartbreaking.

    Now Benji.
    “For my own part I wish the Bald Eagle had not been chosen the representative of our country. He is a bird of bad moral character. He does not get his living honestly. You may have seen him perched on some dead tree near the river, where, too lazy to fish for himself, he watches the labour of the fishing hawk; and when that diligent bird has at length taken a fish, and is bearing it to his nest for the support of his mate and young ones, the Bald Eagle pursues him and takes it from him.
    With all this injustice, he is never in good case but like those among men who live by sharping & robbing he is generally poor and often very lousy. Besides he is a rank coward: The little king bird not bigger than a sparrow attacks him boldly and drives him out of the district. He is therefore by no means a proper emblem for the brave and honest Cincinnati of America who have driven all the king birds from our country…
    “I am on this account not displeased that the figure is not known as a Bald Eagle, but looks more like a Turkey. For the truth the Turkey is in comparison a much more respectable bird, and withal a true original native of America… He is besides, though a little vain & silly, a bird of courage, and would not hesitate to attack a grenadier of the British Guards who should presume to invade his farm yard with a red coat on.”

    Pat, are you an eagle or a turkey?

    1. Phil –

      “Eagle or Turkey?”

      Neither. I was born in July… a Lion.

      Franklin may have preferred the Turkey…. as he copied what you stated… or 🙂 … you know…


      Russia is a satellite of US… there will never be a war in either place by the other…. but they will supply the surrogate countries for profits.

      Russia is USA-East…

      The food, automotive and technology sectors in Russia have several major American players, according to a 2012 report from the non-profit International Research & Exchanges Board and the U.S. Russia Foundation.
      PepsiCo (PEP) became the first American company to do business in the Soviet Union in 1974. Over the 40 years since, the company has created more than 30,000 jobs and invested more than $3 billion.

      Coca-Cola (KO) and privately held candy maker Mars Inc. also have a footprint in Russia’s food sector.

      In 1991, McDonald’s (MCD) opened the doors to its first restaurant in Russia.

      General Motors (GM) and Ford (F) manufacture cars in Russia, while Caterpillar (CAT) has plants that build its heavy equipment.

      IBM (IBM) and Microsoft (MSFT) have a large presence in the country as well.

      According to the company’s website, Mars entered the Russian market in 1991 and has since invested more than $1 billion. Mars built its second chocolate factory in Russia two years ago.

      Procter & Gamble (PG) also launched its Russian unit in 1991, and the segment has grown to become one of the largest for the consumer goods giant.

      The report said ExxonMobil (XOM) has invested the most in Russia over the years, despite the difficulties of doing business in the country. From 2000 through 2011, the largest U.S. energy company poured $10 billion into its Russian operations.

      Boeing (BA), Chevron (CVX) and ConocoPhillips (COP) have also been heavy investors. Between 1992 and 2009, Boeing spent $5 billion in Russia.

      Russian investors have increasingly looked to the U.S. as well, focusing primarily on the iron and steel industry, financial sector and telecommunications.



      Alexis Rodzianko, is the president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia…!!

      There are over 600 member companies. Here are some:
      Royal Bank of Scotland
      Goldman Sachs
      Coca Cola
      Estee Lauder
      Met Life
      And even Amway….

    2. Eagles kill serpents. The emblem should have a serpent in its talons. Yet to live up to manifest destiny, for sure.

      At first, it was so.

      1. Pat

        I should have remembered I saw that somewhere. The USA is the Eagle with outstretched wings, which is symbolic of something else.

      2. K, HP

        Call me dull and slow to get with the program. As a redneck in the boondocks, I have data limitations. I don’t click many links.

      3. Hello Pat,

        Like your gnostic warriors link, symbols are important indeed as gnostic perpetuates the spirit of revolt that animated the antic tempter when he whispered to Adam and Eve “Eritis sicut Dei”, if only you eat the fruit from the Knowledge Tree (Gnose). The first gnostic sects admitted they worshipped the snake, the Ophites and Naassènes (ophis in Greek and naas in hebrew mean snake).

        The ultimate goal of the sect is to convert and carry the Christians towards adoration of the snake.
        The Dollar symbol is the combination of a stick and a snake that wraps around it. The stick means command and power, whereas the snake escalating by undulating symbolizes progress, in the sense of path towards one world government, accomplished through the power of money, sir hi$$, until the final rebirth of the London based Phoenix world currency scheduled for 2018.

        That’s US F16$ diplomacy, in the Talons of the Eagle to feed the snake, this is so un-American to help the Red Coats.

        USA should watch out for Mexico and Latinos , their symbols are pretty clear, Huntington was maybe right in “Who Are We? The Challenges to America’s National Identity” where he accused Latinos to reject assimilation and the creed of the founding pilgrims. Ath, the future is clouded by this massive presence of non-assimilative Hispanics in situation of recapturing traditional Mexican territories and that US should forget about Muzzs and Ruskies half the world away.

        Trust in me Pat, I am Cancer.
        God I hate snakes, let’s bring the Austrian Governator.

      4. Off-topic, skipping encouraged

        phil, re

        Eritis sicut Dei

        i am trying to teach myself some proper continental grammar, being back in SJJ and not being particularly gifted for languages, I am having heck of a time working around noun declension in latin-rooted languages, bosnian being one of them.

        so i ran that one past a friend here who said instantly that it should be Deus rather than Dei, unless the snake meant “you will be like gods” rather than “like God”, otherwise the Genitive declension is incorrect because the usage is Nominative (you will be like who-or-what).
        Or maybe the snake speaks bad latin.
        Maybe Belua Grammaticae can help unless he is wholly anglocentric.

        What do you say Phil, as a former man of cloth, do you think the ecclesiastical Latin would have tolerated the plurality of gods?

        1. @ Lobro

          There is nothing wrong with “ERITIS SICUT DEI.” This is correct ecclesiastical as well as classical Latin for “YE (plural) SHALL BE LIKE GODS.”

          “Dei” (= Gods) is nominative plural of “Deus” (God) which is the nominative singular.

          ‘DEI’ also happens to be the genitive singular of ‘Deus’ and means, literally, “of a god”, but the genitive singular does not apply here and would make no sense with the plural verb form “ERITIS” (ye shall be).

          The serpent is therefore saying to Adam and Eve, “You (pl.) will be like gods.” He is NOT saying “You will be like GOD.” The reference to “gods” in the plural is quite common and even Christ refers to “gods” in the New Testament:

          Parallel Verses:

          New International Version
          Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I have said you are “gods”‘?

          King James Bible
          Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?

          John: 10:34

      5. Thanks, Phil –

        I did an essay on this many years ago. Nobody really knows for sure where the USD sign ($) came from.

        The USD sign ($) originated as an (S) which stood for SILVER because one ounce of SILVER was one dollar.

        The original silver sign had TWO vertical lines which represented a bar of silver. The invention of typewriters introduced the (S) with just one line as it is today ($).

        Some have claimed the sign was written with two downward slashes instead of one, which came from the initials of the United States…. a capital U superimposed over a capital S, minus the lower part of the U.

        Other claims also exist. I choose one of the two I mentioned. (S) meant SILVER… No snakes. 🙂

        We all used to write the dollar sign with two lines instead of just one….. until the 60s or so.

      6. i’ve been thinking about that one a bit, Lasha, the transition buffer between poly-and-monotheism.
        Accepting the unitarian notion of one Creator, there can be no room for plurality of independent godlets running around, each with its specialized super-skill, like flying, causing sea storms, potent sexuality or whatever.
        So, Jesus must be referring to them in tongue-in-cheek, ironic manner, at the same time acknowledging that most of his goy listeners were brought along on the idea of this plurality and he was humoring them a bit, that’s all.
        There is simply no way that he took a bunch of minor deities seriously.

        Whereas the Snake of Eden was a different animal.

        He was in fact a direct product of the pagan past and had independent access to the garden of the new monotheist management, where he could sow the seeds of timeward regression to mediocrity and corruption as dictated by the Great Cycle structure, in which we are as per so many philosophies, Bagavad Gita, Gilgamesh, Revelations, savitri devi, etc, but the last stage, the Age of Darkness before another Kalki wave levels the sand castles.
        Thus, to the Serpent, gods were quite real and he refused to curtsy before this new management of a single deity.
        This is the meaning of “Dei” instead of Deus, “you, the fornicators and eaters from the Tree of Knowledge, will have a variety of powers and abilities like the benchwarmers of Pantheon that preceded this centralization of today that I oppose on principle”.
        So, the Serpent was just doing his job in kickstarting yet another Cycle, dei-Deus-back to dei … grammar is a tricky subject.

      7. Did the mathematician cosmologists of today ponder these issues as they “invented” the math of Big Bang?
        They and brotherly priests like astronomers point their instruments of observation at the giant structures far in distance and time and analyze the lumping of matter like the augurs of old poked around the intestines of sacrificed chickens and goats in order to make sense of the Big Deal.
        Notice how when we shift the appendix a bit toward the sigmoid, it corresponds to Planck’s constant

      8. Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I have said you are “gods”‘?

        Hmm, if Jesus was lecturing the Jews, Pharisees in particular, how does that make sense if they were a monotheistic bunch, where was there a slew of minor deities beside the psychotically jealous G-d?

      9. Pat,

        Dollar has come a long way since the prosperous time of the Silver standard, the Wizard of Oz won and now $ legal tender open bar, the snake sheds its skin and slowly climbs the stick.

        A truncated pyramid topped by the all seeing eye of esoteric Egyptian cults thrones on US one dollar great seal. The pyramid has 13 levels, symbol of Rosicrucian initiation and the out-of-square stone pyramid transformed by the Great Architect of the Universe to represent the new initiated mankind as opposed to the amorphous rough stone of common mortal that needs to be shaped. Annuit Coeptis means “approves initiated things”, things established nearby the eye of course. On the base, 1776 is carved, the date of creation of USA but also of the loonies illuminati Bavarian that had exactly the same symbolic, order put to sleep in 1786. This pyramidal symbol reappeared in 1919 as the emblem of British Israel, a powerful organization of LPB working for global synarchy and then on the Dollar bill since Roosvelt 1935.
        17, symbol for deprivation of heavenly perfection, letters Novus Ordo Seclorum, or is it saeclorum, is the program of the Counter Church.

        It makes sense if you look at the events, as always there is a symbolism for the initiated and the profane symbolism for what Grudijeff calls the Outer circle, the circle of Babel and confusion of languages, the sleepy mankind, the negligible men. It sucks to be in this circle, you can only guess.

        15 ex-military have been convicted in Argentina for their participation in the Plan Condor lead by six South American dictatorships, but not a single word about USA, except for a little mention of Kissinger.
        Nice golpe de estado in Brasil, soft power ONG style, to replace once tortured Dilma Rousseff by the US poodle Temer who wants to “attract foreign investors”.
        Here is the new director of Brazil’s Central Bank, Ilan Goldfein from MIT.
        British Israel, no doubt.

        You got me confused 🙂 , the snake say gods and so did i, but how could one possibly explain what a snake mean, I am guessing he meant the passage of human status to divine perfection, man as measure of the world, God himself as taught in the Zohar, thus little gods. For the cabbalists, the snake is the inspirer and protector of men against injustices of the ferocious demiurge Christian God, and his son, Agnus Dei.
        Maybe the Cabbalists are right, and God, emanation of everything, is androgynous like in the Pagan myths.

      10. Phil –

        Many mysteries, myths and guesses.

        Bill Still, Ralph Epperson and Robert Hieronimus have written many books and articles over the last 40 years. I have most of them. It is an entertaining trip. Epperson, in Tucson, is a personal friend.

        All children growing up in America learn who the Founding Fathers were. Most, however, never learn of the founders’ connections to the Freemasons, the Rosicrucians, and other esoteric orders. In Founding Fathers, Secret Societies, Robert Hieronimus investigates these important connections-as well as the founders’ connections to the League of the Iroquois-and how the influence of these groups can be traced throughout our most significant national documents and symbols, especially the Great Seal.

        E Pluribus Unum, Annuit Coeptis, Novus Ordo Seclorum… What’s All this Latin Mean?

        Why is the Reverse of the Great Seal a Symbol for the New Age?

        What is the Secret Destiny of America?


      11. Phil –

        Thanks for the link. I stated all along that Pharisee-Jew Bankers control BRICS.


        Goldfein—who will succeed Alexandre Tombini as the central bank’s leader—has served as the chief economist at Brazil’s largest private bank, Itau, as well as an advisor to the World Bank and an advisor to the International Monetary Fund. He is a doctoral graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

        “What happened was that the middle class, which had thought it was going to get rich and whose aspirations were going to come true, must now face the decimation of its dreams,” Goldfein said.
        The government has gone bankrupt, which is why everyone is angry and supports the investigation,” he added.


        Now they can scoop up goodies for cheap..!!

      12. @Lasha,
        that door does look familiar, i must own
        hey, what happened, you removed your comment citing Omar Khayyam!

        so let me respond to a non-comment then … sounds familiar in general

        1. @ Lobro


          You remind me of that verse in the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam:

          “Myself when young did eagerly frequent
          Doctor and saint, and heard great argument
          About it and about: but evermore
          Came out by the same door as in I went.”

      13. Pat,

        Thanks for the link. I stated all along that Pharisee-Jew Bankers control BRICS.

        It was supposed to imply the contrary 🙂

        Otherwise, why replace Rousseff and her whole team with a colored revolution mini Watergate, with always the same US CFR Koch Allbright Clinton… ONG behind, US senators Corker and Cardin, Brazilian student for democracy striking with “impeachment” signs for global media.

        Don’t get me wrong, Rousseff was most likely corrupt and some of her politics seemed to be complete fiascos, but it seems that Brazil has been put back on IMF leash with this corruption business, or maybe the potential oil reserves discovered offshore, or maybe the fact that Brazil in February waived Dollars to bolster Iran trade.

        They have their own local eagle to deal with, call them Condor.

      14. Phil –

        “Israeli economist Ilan Goldfein has been appointed the president of the Central Bank of Brazil.”

        I saw that Goldfein is a Pharisee-Jew Banker. He heads Brazil’s Central Bank now. 🙂

        AND… Brazil is bankrupt now.

      15. Pat,

        Brazil is bankrupt, well who the f**k isn’t? Still they organized the biggest gay pride in history this week end, and the Olympics soon.
        More mysteries, myths and guesses (or complete BS) with the very loquacious Italian Grand Master Gioele Magaldi and the Ur-Lodges, European continental masons are so powerless, so they always open their mouth at some point.

        It doesn’t get more “complotist” than this, it’s suffocating, I better sit under a tree with a bottle of wine and forget about my own impotence.

  17. Ultimately, it comes down to them having the brute strength to enter and take over your homes. The USA is the only country that hasn’t allowed that to happen. If we fall, you fall like dominoes. You ought to be supporting us.

  18. Psa 82:6

    I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.

    His sons and daughters are the Elohim.

  19. Phil –

    “Brazil is bankrupt, well who the f**k isn’t?”

    I was compelled to bring it up due to so many looking at BRICS to KO the USD, EURO, B-POUND and J-YEN and CAN-D. The Dreamers….

    Yes… ALL BRICS are bankrupt….. and ALL others using fiat currencies.

    As far as Russia’s BIG STRONG PARTNER…. to fight US…

    Jim Chanos, the founder of Kynikos Associates, has spent years telling the world that the Chinese economy is a “treadmill to hell” running on debt.


    This amazed me:
    Strip away Hong Kong’s influence, and the yuan claims only about 0.8% of international transactions..
    ….less than the Thai baht..!!

    Hong Kong controls 70% of international transactions of China’s yuan…!! Just as remarkable…
    …. China, itself, controls only 4.6% of international transactions in yuan..!!


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