47 thoughts to “Satan Comes To America (video, 8-mins.)”

  1. No it wasn’t worth it.

    That’s the one thing I like about Muslim invasion to my country. That disgusting public faggots like these are regularly beaten to a pulp. Call me intolerant, call me a fascist, I won’t lose any sleep over that.

    I wonder how many of them are Jews.

  2. I kept waiting for Lloyd Blankfein to jump out….
    …. and tell us he believes banks serve a social purpose and are “doing God’s work.”

    But his two Pharisee-Jew broker buddies hogged all the time at the end.

  3. Nice lipstick. Goes well with the black outfit. Such pride.

    I was a pagan. Oh, great fun and all, naked romps and priestesses and ‘doing what I willed was the whole law’. Of course, unlike satanists, we milder wiccans had a caveat – ”an’ it harm none…”.
    But still like satanists, we ourselves remained the sole arbiter of right and wrong. And as any observant person has learned, in that regard ‘mileage may vary’.
    I saw a lot of unhappiness in wicca, and though there were some very nice and good-hearted people there, I found that set adrift as they were without a well calibrated moral compass they were more susceptible when hard pressed to acting out on the faults that plague us all, such as jealousy, pride, resentment, greed, and lust than say, a follower of Jesus. They were good at the subsequent justification too.
    I finally had to admit to myself, that in rejecting Christ I was overlooking the only real way that the people had to establish a ‘new earth’ of universal love and compassion. Not to be established by the ‘libido dominandi’ was the joyful City of God, but by humility.
    I’ve learned along the way that God is not some grey-bearded jaw-dropping Monty Python cut-out, and that eternity is not endless time, but rather the timeless instant.

    I’ve read Augustine, Merton, and Simone Weil, Hauerwas and others, I’ve learned God can speak to us in sublime and subtle ways, and saw that Christianity was not just ecstatic tongue-speaking Pentecostals in the simple wood-framed churches of my youth (though God was there too).

    Don’t despise these satanists, but pray for them.
    We sin too. But through God’s grace, we can be humbled, repent, and find forgiveness.

  4. And I was about to say, what a sorry, uninspiring bunch these are, Motown gone to Notown.
    If I was Lucifer, I’d be embarrassed, “and we, Satanists believe in this great land of America” or something equally hilarious, I actually sputtered at that point.
    Only the Stones Sympathy background was missing, probably considered too classy.

    Gimme Göthe, Dostoevsky anytime or best of all, Milton as the devil’s advocate, there is a worthwhile read, not these cargo cultists.
    Though I agree, the speaker did look but not sound, interesting.

    1. Gimme Göthe, Dostoevsky anytime or best of all, Milton as the devil’s advocate, there is a worthwhile read, not these cargo cultists.

      Hell, I would take even the siegie crowd over this American riffraff.

      The US is totally and irrevocably f*cked up. That’s the good news.

  5. Their religion is no more than a license for mediocrity and degradation of themselves – following is falling.

  6. Oregon militia leader Ammon Bundy: ‘We have remained peaceful. If the authorities raid us unnecessarily we can’t guarantee that continues. We are prepared to defend ourselves’ – @Ammon_Bundy
    ——————————————————————————————————–May the Lord bless you and strengthen you, be carefull the feds are treacherous; make sure you aim for the heads of them God Damned bastards, be strong, the world is looking

    1. Proper perspective demands .. perspective.
      These ranchers have suckled off the government teat for practically their entire existence. They’ve been conjoined since birth, but now they’re crying
      ‘not fair ‘not fair’ we’re free and sovereign and all that other phony baloney.

      They’re non-governmental bureaucrats, to the tune of millions of dollars of accommodation. Their phony (haha) sovereign ranch kingdoms are built with taxpayers dollars, sentimental tales of the old west and B.S.

      1. Yeah just keep looking for excuses to continue being a couch-potatoe
        Potatoe- potatis
        Tomatoe- tomato
        This people are Irish-Americans who are hard-working farmers that are fighting the Anglo-American establishment, the most evil entity on planet earth even worse than the talmudist-zionists who today occupy Palestine.
        Ok, just sit there
        Comment on

      2. They couldve used someone doing the dishes but its ok, there are a few ladies around
        Besides, who is gonna sit there and complain on the web all day

      3. C’mon Avatar! perspective is not merely wanted, it’s required.

        Yeah, the poor battling Irish millionaire farmers. Be still my heart.
        Perhaps great granddad and his daddy were cowboys, pioneers and founders .. but these guys arent them, are they? These guys are damn near expert businessmen, first and foremost.
        Just not quite as expert, or long lived, as who they’re dancin’ with.
        That’s all.
        A little perspective, please.

      4. welfare jews, welfare bankers, welfare cowboys.
        no queens
        just a princess here and there



    You are on what is essentially a site exposing jewish criminality.

    Like many on here I’m guessing you claim to be a christian yet preach invading countries like Canada and slaughter though who oppose you ? You cry out for a leader who will do this ?

    You really think that is what Hitler was about ??

    This is what CHRISTinsanity is ultimately all about. You think like a jew wants you to think and act like a jew wants you to act.

    Disgusting beyond all reason.

    1. …… and for some reason it showed up on the incorrect thread. It was posted in the Kaminski 2% essay.

      1. Not to tax your intelligence TOO much, LONNIE, I shan’t ever again do parody, satire, or attempt any humor. One doesn’t wish to see someone with such meagre intelligence be over-taxed faced with a type of intelligence LONNIE simply doesn’t have. My aim wasn’t to make you suffer or make you uncomfortable in any way. You must believe me! You must, you must, I tell you!

        You either got it, or you don’t, and LONNIE don’t got it. It takes a certain intelligence to get, To Understand, parody, satire , and humor. I shan’t over-burden and over-tax your meagre brain cells ever again, for I wish not to see you uncomfortable and suffering psychic confusion . From henceforth, LONNIE, you’re safe from having to figure out things way TOO over your head. I vow to thee in the bleak, darkness under a black Darkmoon. I shall be stern, seriously stern, from henceforth and evermore. God forbid you’re not happy, LONNIE, 😉 . If seriously stern is what makes you happy, then By Jove! I shall be seriously stern from henceforth and evermore. I even spelled “meager” the English way, “meagre” , as “meager” is spelled “meagre” at Tavistock in England, one naturally assumes. Please do take that as my peace offering, for I wish not to offend you in any manner. Let us all keep a stiff upper lip and let us be stern, seriously stern, for evermore.

    2. Well LONNIE, Germany lost some land to Poland in the Treaty of Versailles, and Hitler used that as a justification to invade and try to take over ALL of Eastern Europe because he was angry Germany lost some land to Poland in the Treat of Versailles.

      Considering he was angry about Germany losing land to Poland in the Treaty of Versailles, why didn’t he just take back that German land Germany lost to Poland, and just call it quits? I mean really. For losing some German land to Poland during the Treaty of Versailles, he made a pact with Stalin to divide Poland with the jews of the Soviet Union. So the Polish people were stuck between the Nazis and the Soviets and were totally destroyed. As if it was the fault of the Polish people Germany lost some land to Poland during the Treaty of Versailles, and the Poles had to be destroyed for it.

      ALWAYS left out of all the “narratives” about Hitler in both the MSM media and the “alternative” media is THE FACT the Poles fought a 2-3 year with the Soviets immediately after the end of WW1 and the Poles won the war, saving Western Europe from Communism.

      One would think the so-called “ANTI-COMMUNIST” Hitler would have appreciated the hard fighting the ANTI-COMMUNIST CATHOLIC Polish did to protect Germany and the rest of Western Europe from die-hard jew Communism, but NO, Hitler made a pact with the jew Communist Soviet Union to divide Catholic Poland. Half to Hitler, half for the jew Communists.

      Big-Shot Jews at the Treaty of Versailles give some German land to Poland, Hitler decides to give half of ANTI COMMUNIST CATHOLIC Poland — the very ANTI COMMUNIST CATHOLIC POLISH who just saved Germany and the rest of Western Europe from being taken over by die-hard jew Communists immediately after WW1– Hitler hands the ANTI COMMUNIST Catholic Polish who saved Germany and Western Europe from intense jew Communism over to the die-hard jew Communists ;

      Why? As “punishment” because some jews in Paris gave some German land to Poland in the Treaty of Versailles. To Hitler, that somehow was the fault of the ANTI COMMUNIST CATHOLIC Polish who saved Germany and Western Europe from intense jew Communist take-over ; Hitler hands over Poland’s ANTI-COMMUNIST Catholics over to intense jew Communists — because some big-shot Jews after WW1 gave Poland some German territory. Never mind Poland’s ANTI-COMMUNIST Catholics saved Germany and Western Europe from intense jew Communist take-over immediately after the end of WW1 ; Very odd, but “Anti-Communist” Hitler didn’t appreciate that Poland’s Anti-Communist Catholics saved Germany and Western Europe from jew Communist take-over immediately after WW1: Hitler didn’t appreciate that at all. He handed ANTI-COMMUNIST Catholic Poland over to the die-hard jew Communists of the Soviet Union. Some “anti-Communist” Hitler was.

      Go f*ck yourself and your Hitler, LONNIE.

      1. You’re correct, I have no humor when it comes to people like yourself. A waste of skin such as yourself is not funny at all.

        You are most certainly the biggest loud mouth windbag assh**le on DM. You’d never dare speak such things to most of our faces. You are are true coward behind a keyboard.

        As for Hitler, If you think I learned a damn thing from what you just posted you give yourself far too much credit.

        1. “Catholic” Lasha, who named her website code word for the jew’s Qabalah. [ Yes, “Darkmoon” is a code-word for the jew’s satanic Qabalah ], “Our” jew qabalah girl Lasha, a regular “Madonna”, like the one you can see on MTV with the jew qabalah red string around her wrist — “Catholic” Lasha certainly didn’t take off her veil which shrouds her in “mystery” and “exoticism” on the date Western Christians celebrate Christmas…..

          Throwing a veil over The Truth, shrouding the truth, is a great disservice to the readers , it’s a type of Lying [ But Lasha and everyone at DM know that already ]. Lasha shrouds The Truth with a veil, her “sacred” veil, and pretends her Veil is covering some sublimely mysterious esoteric truth she has, and no one else has, because she’s so “Spiritually Ascended”.

          But she’s really shrouding, hiding, covering-up, The Truth under her “sacred” veil.

    1. @ Darkmoon Administration “Truth-Loving” “Editors” :

      Gee, “thx” for putting my post about Qabalah girl Lasha on your Darkmoon “truth-telling” commentary board — after you all in the DM administration office truncated — “edited” — in other words, deleted and censored so much of the original post I sent in, the post now hardly makes any sense. So what was the point of putting it up on the board?

      TOBY: So that you were allowed to say exactly what you said, in your own words, without distortion of your meaning. In other words, this is what ALL editors do: they make CUTS to texts that are otherwise far too longwinded and verbose. It’s called “editing”. I assumed you would prefer a short post published rather than a long post unpublished. Let me know if you would prefer to remain unpublished in future.

  8. This new Pope we got is “DZ”. I don’t know if “DZ” stands for Disease or Dizzy or maybe this new one got the dizzy disease, some kind of disease that makes him dizzy or something.

    By the way, who exactly decides, *yawn*, who is “Top 2%” and who is not “Top 2%” ? Kaminski, *yawn*? Maxie, *yawn”? Pat, *yawn* ? Or, who *yawn*?

    The last one had the sleeping disease , he couldn’t stay awake to save his life [ or save his job for that matter ] this new one’s got a disease that makes him dizzy all the time. Lasha really knows how to pick em!!

  9. “One of the most soul-damaging effects of modern life is the obfuscation of story: the fragmentation of story into disconnected anecdotes, the reduction of story to gossip, the dismemberment of story into lists of formulae or rules. In most of the words that come before us each day – delivered via television, internet, newspaper, billboard, and gossip – there is rarely any story beyond the immediate event. There is very little that connects to the past, reaches into the future, or soars to the heights. Instead of connecting us with a deeper reality, such words disconnect us, leaving us in a boneyard of incident and comment” The forward by Eugene Peterson in the book Homage to a Broken Man by Peter Mommsen.
    I know this is off the rails of the topic on hand but may I, in view of Peterson’s astute observation, humbly suggest to our gracious host Lasha, that would it not be fascinating, if from a random pick of the regulars on this site we get to read the stories of how a person say Lobro, Pat, Ingrid or even you Lasha came to be Jew wise. What incident ticked off the journey, what book(s) shined the light, which person broke the spell and awakened the person to the Jewish menace. It will sure make for a very intimate and heart warming read evoking differing but personally kin sentiments from other commenters. Pardon me for being intrusive on your sensibilities and guidelines but I get curious sometimes about how you all came to this point.Your stories will fill the void.

    1. Just a brief reply…I was born into a multi-generational Masonic family….abuse began when I was an infant…VERY long story. But the abuse/programming was SO buried back of trauma …I knew something was terribly wrong and began praying at age 7 to understand why the world was so screwed up. At the conscious level, all appeared magically well. Doors opened, apparently happy life in powerful, well to do WASP and Jewish society…endless opportunities offered ….but I walked away from it all…black sheep of family. Met Conrad Obrien Ffrench…friend of Ian Fleming, and the foundational source of his James Bond character…we became good friends..I was a precocious young fellow…intrepid…and he introduced me to The Plot. Back in my 20’s….I had the privilege of meeting numerous remarkable people, nobles, brigands, authors…Again long story…my second wife, blonde and blue California beauty, Holly, from Hollywood…went to Hollywood High, was in the Mulholland Drive Laurel Canyon scene in its heyday…turned out to be MPD…BIG TIME. As I dug into this phenomenon…won’t call her wife…rather phenomenon, she was a whirling carousel of fractured multiples. This brings in satanic ritual abuse, Hollywood notables, dead father (music empressario a la Brothers Five, Buddy Holly) a clever, stunningly effective, under the radar arsenic and old lace genuine multiply lethal gold-digger mother (passed on to daughter…I was wealthy when we met then wed). The daughter added Hell’s Angel variations to the insanity…and I thankfully avoided a contract hit courtesy of a “friend”…I had a passionate interest in understanding WTF is REALLY going on. I’ve just kept digging…staying true to that prayer for understanding which began at age seven. I’ve written two books about all this and would be happy to forward them. I had them online for awhile but other than three attempts on my life and many downloads for which I received damn near nothing they have not served my intent of attempting to help others waken to WTF is happening. Sadly, at this point I simply observe, and live my simple life in and with as much joy as is possible in this satanic asylum.

    2. Nothing nearly as dramatic as D Thatcher’s.

      Let me settle into the role of a storyteller.
      My father was a big time Nazi and told me, Son, you must hate Jews and in order to get you into the proper mental frame, I won’t toilet train you. And since I was a good boy, I followed the instructions to a tee.
      🙂 ok, so it wasn’t quite like that.

      the fragmentation of story into disconnected anecdotes, the reduction of story to gossip, the dismemberment of story into lists of formulae or rules.

      I guess I am lucky because of my bad-student syndrome (some mix of dyslexia and ADD, even though I consider both to be Jew reclassification of normal variants), never, even as a kid could stand TV, finished reading in my mid twenties, couldn’t be bothered since.

      In the beginning (after the 1st 4 grades in catholic school, where there wasn’t any jews) I had a Jewish buddy in primary school who would occasionally take me to his house for lunch made by his fat tiny mom and 2 squawky aunts, the food made me gag. They were blue collar jews, the monetized ones were west of Yonge, I only got to meet those in high school and they were almost uniformly disgusting, snobbish, pretentious, aggressive and ugly to look at, though many affected the hippie behavior.
      My girlfriends all thought jew music was cool, the bleating, nasal voices of Zimmerman Dylan, Leonard Cohen (yech, spit collecting even now), you know, jew balladeers and crooners and I was progressively getting ever more turned off by them (yeah, girlfriends too).
      But the first eye opener was the Holocaust TV series. There it hit me that they were just plain lying, propagandizing and setting up meme, Jews superior, human, infallible, Aryans inferior beasts, baby eaters.
      I caught them spinning the web of deceit early, the stealthy construction of the matrix, because at the same time I was heavily exposed to the best of Aryan thought, Dostoevsky, Jung, Orwell and most of all, German Romantic music.
      And yet, at the commercial level, Jews dominated the music industry, top to bottom, the record producers, retailers, critics, directors, conductors, soloists, all promoting each other and I saw it very clearly.
      So, at one point I realized that they are networked from birth, that they lie without any shame, any possibility of shame and are to be distrusted at every step.
      At some point I realized the gross and uniform bias in the media, so that with the advent of internet, I was already Jew wise.

      It is quite simple, Tahida, consider by way of analogy the relationship between human and mosquito.
      Even a mosquito (shut up TROJ, there is no etymological connection between mosquitos and mosques) knows perfectly well that anything a man might do regarding a mosquito, any activity is bound to be detrimental to the mosquito.
      Is it evil? I think that it is a useless concept in this situation, they are mortal, natural, biological enemies, simple as that. Maybe there are friendly mosquitoes out there who only wish to sing mosquito songs in our ears, you know, they were here much before us and have their mosquito Torah because 400 million years ago, they were Chosen by simple default – there was nothing else, just mosquitoes waiting for Yhwh to create the world that they could suck the blood out of.
      But, any normal reaction between the two species can and should be automatically assumed to be hostile, no moralizing please.
      It is a testament to the devilry of Talmud (or debility of goy) that what is obvious to a mosquito is too complicated for goy to perceive.

      Hey Tahida, it just struck me that maybe my jew wisdom goes further back.
      My mom told me how she entered a store pushing me in a stroller and the jew shopkeeper offered me his finger which I grabbed and tried to chew on, so she quickly slapped his hand out of way because it was filthy.
      Quien sabe …

    3. To be jew wise does not happen overnight. For me it began with Palestine, and what was being done there. I stumbled on “Australians for Palestine” and read stuff there, articles by a British journalist called Jonathan Cook, married to a Palestinian woman, and living in Hebron. Then I stumbled on Ramzy Baroud`s Palestine Chronicles, been stumbling on various things since, including Mahmoud, stumbled on one of his articles on CounterPunch, e-mailed him, and we became friends..

      Now I realize, it isn`t just Palestine, it`s much wider than that, starting with Kashmir, to Bahrain, to Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Yemen, to name a few victims of the jew engineered nightmare, which will, in all probability, engulf us all..

      Want to block it all out for a few minutes, just play something like the following, loudly:

  10. “One of the most soul-damaging effects of modern life”

    The jewisch filth spreads like cancer, lesbians, and gays are overprotected. Transgender , is paraded as normal, in the UK the words girl and boy will disappear from class books…


    A strong homogeneous Christian society is a threat to the Jewish dream of world domination.
    That’s why the Satan worshipers are slaughtering Christians for the last 2,000 years . Hopefully
    Mister Putin is gone stop the beast.


    Everything he said is happening in our once great countries of the West…..they are being torn apart from within. Christianity is what our countries were once built on and the morals & values that went with it. Russia is the new beacon of moral and common sense to the world

    Bongo bongo:

    1. @ Gilbert

      You said, “Christianity is what our countries were once built on and the morals & values that went with it.”

      That is the jewish propaganda that has been spewed forth for centuries at this point. The USA has been a jewish enterprise ever since the Dutch jews landed in Manhattan and traded beads for the place which was the best deal the American Indians ever got for losing their land. The rest was taken by deception, divide and conquer, and force. Jewish supplied rum from the West Indies and gun running to the Indians were critical parts of the conquest. There is no way to consider the treatment of the American Indians by the immigrants as being in accord with the teachings of Jesus.

      Not to blame everything on the jews, yes it’s hard, but burning women at the stake for witchcraft in the name of Christianity was certainly not part of the teachings of Jesus.

      I often ask people who acted as real Christians, the people getting off of the boat, or the people that helped them survive? The answer is obvious which is why I do not normally get a reply, just a subject change. No one likes to hear that according to American Indian legend Jesus came to North America and spread his message, more flocks.

    2. Gilbert –

      The US Government was never a Christian government:

      This is just one of the treaties signed by musselman Bey and Subjects between 1786 and 1836.

      Note that George Washington claimed the USA was NOT founded on the Christian Religion. He knew there were too many London Pharisee-Jew Bankers in control there.

      Treaty of Peace and Friendship between the United States of America and the Bey and Subjects of Tripoli of Barbary.

      ARTICLE 11.
      “As the government of the United States of America is NOT IN ANY SENSE FOUNDED on the Christian Religion,-as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion or tranquility of Musselmen,-and as the said States never have entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mehomitan nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.”
      Signed and sealed at Tripoli of Barbary the 3d day of Jumad in the year of the Higera 1211-corresponding with the 4th day of Novr 1796.

      List of Barbary Treaties:

      1. @Ungenius and Pat,
        You are right and I also know that every evangelical and catholic church in the US is in the hands of the jew.
        My argument is not that I believe in the church but in Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages also forbade usury and that was a fundamental reason for the Jews to absolutely subvert the Church.
        It was a crypto Jew named GUZMAN which founded the order of the Dominicans, a few years later would Torquemada, also crypto jew, be the most cruel persecutor be during the Inquisition.Is not it weird that all reformers such as Luther, Calvin en other ‘reformers” from that time were strongly financial supported by the Jews?
        For over a hundred years of bloody wars throughout Europe.

        Today they have a child abuser and Satan worshiper as head of the Catholic Church. The Jewish “Times of Israel” commented that “the Vatican is presenting an exhibit inspired by the first book of the Torah, rather than by a New Testament “
        Jews are utilizing all their financial wealth, their media control, their political influence, and their inside false converts to combat Christianity and to erase the real meaning of it.

        The most sensible way to look at Jesus Christ is to follow the spirit, and not the letter.

        Ungenius, you mention the persecution and genocide of American natives, In South America Columbus a crypto jew played a very dirty role in that genocide. In North America, it was the Jews who gave the Indians poisoned blankets, liquor distilleries were all in the hands of the Jews. I don’t tell fairy tales because once everybody could read that on the internet, these days the jews are rewriting Wiki history.
        Pat, we have to pay for the jew cable to bring their filth In our living room. So I hardly watch TV. I cannot remember the day I went to a movie because it is a bunch of weirdo freaks who makes them and lowlife scum who plays in them.

  11. Hmm, gays and thirdwave feminism, this is cultural marxism at its best
    The jews are a gift that keeps on giving…
    On another note I hope that satan is real and he is waiting for these people…
    Hmmm pitchfork and no vaseline

  12. In the following episode of “Wanted Dead or Alive” starring Steve McQueen (circa 1959), bounty hunter Josh Randall frees a Catholic Nun from captivity. This episode – from the early days of television – was filmed at a time when Hollywood wasn’t completely under the thumb of jewish rule. It is a relic from a better day. Watch it and pray for a resurgence of decent televised theatricals ….. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=333EdDoSyDQ

    1. @ Save The Goyim

      The bygone days of motion pictures were more decent than today, but the industry has been dominated by the jews since they stole Thomas Edison’s machine and set up shop in Hollywierd. Thomas Edison complained about their thievery since they never paid him a dime for his patented invention, the motion picture camera. Edison was an “anti-Semite” for obvious personal reasons.

      Motion pictures, just like TV, had to appeal to the populace or the jews would not make the money they wanted. Had motion pictures and TV of today been used in the early days of the industries, no one would have watched and their propaganda tool would have been a failure. The jews have been practicing gradualism for quite some time.

      During the past few years, I watched a few episodes of the Andy Griffin Mayberry show that were made in the late 1950’s/early 1960’s. The jewish agendas were clearly visible and I was not even looking for them.

    2. STG –

      Wanted Dead or Alive was produced by CBS Productions. ALL Pharisee-Jews.

      1952: The Columbia Broadcasting System forms an in-house television production unit, CBS Productions (a.k.a. The CBS Television Network), as well as facilities in the newly established CBS Television City in Hollywood. Also formed is CBS Television Film Sales (later known as CBS Films) as the distributor of off-network and first-run syndicated programming to local television stations in the United States and abroad.

      Well before 50s…Three Stooges… Charlie Chaplin… Bogart… etc all Pharisee-Jews and controlled by Sam Goldwyn and Louis Mayer and… the likes. They were all Pharisee-Jew produced since the beginning of 20th century. Even before ‘talkies.’

      MGM was founded in 1924 when the entertainment entrepreneur Marcus Loew gained control of Metro Pictures, Goldwyn Pictures and Louis B. Mayer Pictures. Its headquarters are in Beverly Hills, California. It is one of the oldest mini-major film studios and a former major film studio.

    3. Thanks for this. Never saw this show as it was before my time.

      Of course it is still Hollywood, but I was struck by the demeanor present in those who acted as nuns. When the young novitiate was returned safely I was wondering how they were going to play it and thought you might see overt displays of affection with hugging, tears, and jumping up for joy. But they did not do that. They also left it open that McQueen’s character may find himself in a pew one day, as he is open to the prospect, but he is not an immediate convert.

      I did notice that the young nun was very pretty. And there were times when you could see the outlines of a beautiful pair of legs under her habit as she sat side saddle. And I wonder if her being tied up was a preview of bondage scenes to come in the future as in those detective magazines that promoted these warped fantasies.

      But there was certainly some modernism injected into this yarn. The tough old nun seemed accurate in her portrayal even if you would expect a priest to be the one to go into the saloon and try to solicit help from McQueen’s gunfighter character. And you would never see a nun go into the Sanctuary as this one did. She would certainly know her place to be outside the Communion Rail. Which is to say there are elements of women taking a more active role in the Church which unfortunately led to the present crop of nuns we have that sport crewcuts and love to dress in awful pant suits.

      1. Rich –
        “…but I was struck by the demeanor present in those who ACTED as nuns.” ACTED.. Paid to strike you that way…. 🙂

        Those nuns were actresses…. drank alcohol on and off set. Screwed producers to get the jobs. Starred in porn flicks next day. Died from STDs and AIDS… like Amanda Blake… ‘Miss Kitty’ on Gunsmoke.

        Break out of the trance…. I know you know better.

        BTW – I tried LDN… not effective. Thanks.

      2. Of course, Pat. I realize these are actresses who engaged in precisely what you say. I was merely pointing out that if a similar story were produced today you would see the script call for massive emotion, cheering and hugging and tears. Which of course would not be nun-like behavior.

        Yes, we do see an incrementalism at work here. But even having noted that, I really do prefer these kind of shows to things like Seinfeld. After all, a starving man cannot be too fussy.

        Not sure what you mean by LDN. A quick internet search reveals Low Dose something or other. I assume you mean low dose modernism is present in this particular drama.

        From reading commentary here I do understand you suffer from a debilitating illness. I sincerely hope you are doing as well as possible from a physical standpoint. But whatever the case may be, your mind is certainly not affected. And even though we do disagree mightily on some subjects, I do want to tell you that I treasure your commentary and understanding on a wide variety of subjects. Most notably banking, debt and business.

        May God bless you, Pat.

      3. Rich –

        We mostly agree. If we agreed on everything, or if most agree with me, then I know I am wrong. I would opt for another stance.. 🙂

        LDN is Low Dose Naltrexone. It was suggested by someone on here… maybe Leo.

        Thanks for the kind words. Just so ya know… “I’ll get by… until I die.”

  13. It is interesting that the “Satanist” flags are black and white in contrast to the colors flying from the top of the state house. So where are all those flaggots screaming about how these colors “don’t run” and other such bull? The fact is all the flag burning and its staged opposition were pure bullshit. It was all just another Jew set up to suck every last bit of American symbolism from the nation and its people.

    There was a day when desecration of such symbolism would net one a bucket of tar and a coating of feathers, but not in the new rainbow nation or it’s Blackhouse. Don’t get me wrong, I never for a moment believed in my country tis of thee, or any of the other associated, maudlin, patriotic claptrap shoved down our throats since we were old enough to duck and cover. However, if a people are to remain within a homogeneous framework that seeks to maintain their identity, such symbolism must, by necessity, be a part of the nationalist state.

    Why, this very morning I happened to mention to a couple of passing squirrels how Hitler dealt with National Socialist symbolism. The squirrels for their part, seemed more interested in the peanuts than the wisdom I was passing out. So before giving them each a peanut, I told them how the hakenkreuz was seen everywhere in Germany. As they munched a goober, I asked them why they thought, Jews are so very fond of portraying huge, iconic red banners with the black hakenkreuz everywhere in their “evil Nadzee” movies, but they just squeaked, grabbed another peanut, and ran back to their tree homes. As they left, I called after them how the hakenkruez was the symbol Hitler chose for the German people, how this symbol was the same as the hammer and sickle symbol of the Soviet people, but by then I found myself “barking at the moon.” Yet as even squirrels know, there was a very notable difference between Hitler and these despots – one of ego.

    Note how few, very few, statues of any size were made of Hitler. As far as I can tell, Herr Hitler never commissioned such works, therefore genuine statues of this nature are virtually nonexistent. In contrast, other truly despotic dictators commissioned huge statues and other massive icons of themselves during their reign. They then had these icons to the inflated ego, placed throughout the state. There are many, many, huge statues and bas reliefs of communist leaders all over present and former communist states.

    The majority of these icons of self-aggrandizement are many times larger than life. Think hard, when have you ever seen even a life-sized statue of Hitler; especially with the classic leadership pose invariably portrayed by larger than life communist iconography? Those few examples of Hitler that remain, invariably demand a great price, largely because of their rarity. In contrast, images of Stalin, Lenin and the like, are often pulled off their pedestals, dragged into the forest, or countryside, and abandoned.

    Stalin and Mao are perhaps the most classic examples of monstrous images of monsters. There is even a statue of Lenin pointing the way to communism – in Seattle! Yet the most I have ever seen of Hitler are a few large paintings and a large bronze bust. Ego is the difference. The megalomaniac has to be constantly worshiped by the little people. Their monstrous images present a constant reminder to the people, as well as an assurance to the megalomaniac, of the glorious leader’s exalted status. That’s the difference between Hitler and real political monsters. Hitler forever exalted the German people over himself.

    Saddam Hussein was another leader with a penchant for larger than life images of himself, but I’m going to give the Sadman a pass because he was going to shell Tel Aviv with chemical weapons from his fixed trajectory “Bull” guns. I think any leader of note who would even consider such a move, rightfully deserves monstrously huge, massive statues erected in their honor.

    1. @ Arch Stanton

      Although Saddam started out as a jewish western stooge, he veered off course and started caring about the people of Iraq. The people of Iraq enjoyed free food, free electricity, 13 cent/gallon gasoline, and if my memory serves me properly, no gun control. Iraq was a prosperous country until Desert Storm. At some point that escapes me now, Saddam started selling Iraqi oil in some currency besides the US dollar and set up his own central bank which was the primary reason for the second invasion in 2003. The first official act of “the shrub” after declaring victory was to establish a central bank for Iraq owned by J.P. Morgan/Chase.

      The best way to know that Saddam was not as bad as he was advertised was that the jewish controlled West said he was bad.

      1. I never said Saddam was bad. I only mention his penchant for larger than life images of himself. As I said, any leader of note who would target Tel Aviv is an OK guy in my book.

        The worse picture Jews paint of someone, the more I know they are, or will be, beneficial to my welfare. The more Jews award someone, the more damaging I know they are, or will be, to my welfare.

        If Jews say it’s up, then I start looking for a handhold so I don’t go down. If they say its down, then I spread my arms in blissful free-fall. If Jews say white, I wait for their hateful blackness and if they say it’s black, I start looking for Satanist on the capitol steps.

        If they say it’s good, I duck and cover and if they say it’s bad then I get out the bull horn to cheer it on.

        And when they say “he’s another Hitler”, I know he’s my kind of anti-Semite.

    2. Well, Mr. Stanton, you do bring up some interesting points here. And I am interested in this kind of symbolism and I do enjoy trying to understand the intended effect these symbols and rhetoric have on intended target audiences.

      Hitler used Roman symbolism and had great assemblies with absolute precision. The German people were part of the show and I think large pictures of him would have been counterproductive to his aims. The “lay folk” also participated with the extended arms. And besides, Lenin and Stalin were already immortalized as advertisements all over the Soviet Union and I am sure also in that Bavarian State that was Communist, if not Soviet. I forget the name of that little state of Communists that Pius XII famously stated was run by a bunch of Jews.

      But let us not forget that Hitler’s main gift were his fiery speeches. And his main tool was the microphone and the public address system. One cannot overestimate the effect this had along with precision marching, Roman Columns and a very large crowd. He also had Leni Riefenstahl, and others, making great propaganda movies, and it was the age of radio as well. And Germans had radios in their homes. Contrast that with the rag tag Soviets and the fact that most of them were too poor to have radios and it is clear they are not ready for prime time.

      By the way, I always noticed that there was a direct correlation between the large adverts featuring Stalin and Mao in the Communist countries and the Marlboro Man here in the US. They were selling ideology while Philip Morris were merely selling cigarettes. I am certain this has contributed to the American infantilism that we see which is based on consumption rather than thought. Since smoking is now taboo, they usually just stuff their faces with fat free cookies or french fries. Sometimes, of course, they are “freedom” fries.

      I have also noticed that the classic Marlboro package, commonly referred to as Marlboro Red, has elements of the Nazi flag. I am not saying that these are Nazi cigarettes, or that it was even planned that way. But I am not going to reject that idea as outlandish either. After all, on every package it does say, “Veni, Vidi, Vici”!

      But suffice it to say, the most powerful idealogical symbol of the 20th Century was indeed the Swastika. But remember, it too was an advert. Congruently, as I psych out in my analysis here, I will point out that the most successful advertising campaign for a cheap consumable in the 20th Century was the Marlboro Man. Leo Burnett sold a hell of a lot of cigarettes with this particular iconography in which cowboys, rather than Communists, were erected in places like Times Square rather than Red Square.

      1. Marlboro was originally promoted as a woman’s cigarette. Philip Morris changed their target market when their sales began dipping towards the red.

        “Philip Morris launched the Marlboro brand in 1924 as a women’s cigarette, based on the slogan “Mild As May”. The name was taken from a street in London where PM’s British factory was located. However, as early as 1885, a brand called “Marlborough” was already being marketed as a “ladies’ favorite” by Philip Morris & Co. In the 1920s, advertising for the cigarette was primarily based around how ladylike the filter cigarette was, in an attempt to appeal to the mass market. To this end, the filter had a printed red band around it to hide lipstick stains, calling it “Beauty Tips to Keep the Paper from Your Lips”.”

        Not so ironically, the iconic “Marlborough man” died of lung cancer.

        Much of Southern America was built on the tobacco crop. I started smoking again on occasion to align my solidarity with the oppressed masses, as few people are more put upon today than the smoker. Didn’t the “shrub” tell us “They hate us cause our freedoms?” Since when does a free country limit one’s adult choices? It’s always about public safety. Funny how the authorities are hell bent on eliminating tobacco, yet there are no problems of a similar nature with fast foods, sugar, “chemtrails” or any other vast numbers of pollutants the government pumps into the environment. Then again, maybe it ain’t so funny.

        Anyone with half a brain can see it’s not about public safety, it’s all about profit and control. Jefferson wrote that when the government begins to influence the citizen’s financial decision with taxation it was time to “water the tree of freedom.” That moment passed long ago. Today one of the first realities one must face when making a major purchase is the massive levels of taxation levied against such purchases. Of course it’s all to the good of the state. After all, are not the people the state? Those swallowing that line of bull are complete idiots.

        Back when I was a minion of the state, I could carry and operate all sorts of heavy weaponry, anti-tank weapons, hand grenades, large caliber machine guns, Bangalore torpedoes etc. Yet today the state doesn’t trust me with a pistol, a minor sidearm I also carried as a last resort backup to the heavy weaponry. So what has changed? Nothing but the state’s direct control over both me and my weapons. The military (read government) that issued my weapons, controlled it all. So as a “me the people” do I still represent the government? If I was truly representative of the American government, I can assure you the country would be unrecognizable to the present day citizen. As it is, Jews are truly representative of the American government.

        Back when I was politically active, (I actually did believe the system worked), I fought against numerous laws designed to infringe on a citizen’s basic freedom of choice. At the time, I was unaware of how much had already been accomplished on the road to totalitarian dictatorship. How the right to choose to whom one rents or sells had already been usurped by phony civil rights legislation designed to force inclusion of the Negro into white society.

        Still I went on the offensive against what I thought was oppressive legislation. At first, I fought against helmet laws and later, mandatory insurance laws. I argued that these laws were legislating away one’s freedom of choice. Motorcycle riders have always been a minority among the highway system’s users and the average cage driver (as we used to call them) couldn’t care less about the motorcyclist’s legal issues.

        I am now chagrined to think one of my main arguments to the much larger four wheeled elements of society ran like this: “What if they passed a law that made it mandatory for you to wear a seat belt?”. The mass murders at Waco finally forced my eyes wide open to how foolish a waste of my time politics had been.

        My seat-belt question has now been answered, to wit: we the gullible sheeple, will go along with what ever our legislators tell us is in the interest of our health and safety. The result is we the sheeple, must now buckle up like two year old toddlers unable to make such choices for ourselves. And if we don’t follow mommy governments dictates, we get “spanked” hard with fines far out of line with such “crimes” of minutiae. As for motorcycle helmets, hell, even bicyclist are now forced by law to wear helmets.

        One by one, inch by inch, our freedoms have been eroded away until our last remaining “freedom” is to do exactly as the nanny government instructs. Our God is now an overprotective female, and it has all been accomplished in the name of public safety and public good.

        Jews have learned they can indeed sell coal to Newcastle and refrigerators to Eskimos as long as the “product” is packaged in a way that appeals to gullible America’s sensibilities. This is why they will soon be able to outlaw the publics’ ownership of firearms. The cry will once again be, “It’s in the name of saving the children, for the good of the nation, for the safety of the public!” Of course, the same government crying out this message will continue increasing their heavy armament of the brain dead public officials enforcing these alleged “public safety” measures.

        At some point, these minions of law will be armed to the teeth with the very latest in deadly weapons technology while the average citizen will be nakedly disarmed. At that point, I expect the doors to the FEMA death camps to be opened for business. Are you feeling the safety net yet? Ironically, it really is all about safety. Not the safety of the much ballyhooed public however, but safety for the Jew parasite.

        After all isn’t this exactly what the Jews did in the Soviet terror state and didn’t it work like a charm? So why wouldn’t these unimaginative parasites who still use ancient Bible stories as the basis of their social depredations, use the very same time-tested technique on the stupid American sheeple?

        I cannot think of a single reason, can you?

  14. Arch stanton
    I totally agree with you.
    Here in Belgium also is all about controlling and squeezing the people, the pressure of democratic fascism is worsening every year. The people let all this happen and what’s worse is they cheer up the fascists as it is for the safety and health …

    In the summer when the weather is clear, the air is full of poison and if I attend someone to look at the sky they look upon me like I’m crazy . In Flanders is very unhealthy in the cities and towns because everywhere on the road “they” had constructed hills to lower the speed , cancer hills I call them. Each vehicle should almost stop to avoid damaging the chassis … The result is a very strong emissions particularly heavy dust in the atmosphere, everyone should get sick. Especially the little children because they breath low from the ground.
    Zero tolerance on alcohol is another thing: The jew has the patents and provides all test material and makes the laws, it’s big jew business.
    If you are behind the wheel after two pints of lager you risk a heavy fine and you must return to the school to renew your license .. .
    In Antwerp, they have shot the head bird: Starting next year, anyone who comes into the city with his vehicle older than 25 years is buy a ticket for 25 euros … and then he can “pollute” if you do not pay you get a fine of 100 euros. They have made an exception for the Belgian habitats of foreign origin … Those living in great numbers in the city and possess old worn diesel van also may “pollute”
    A very long time I am aware of the dark plot against us, the only thing we can do is as much as possible secretly disobey the government. I remember me something nice …

    Years ago I was called to assist in a government election .A lawyer came to the door with the “command”, I told the cropper I had to work in shifts and had to work the night before the election, I had to bring evidence. At work, I took some punches of the company and put it under a statement. So he left me alone.
    Four years later, the same loser at the door and I happened to be at home, he wanted to give me an “order” to help in the election and I did refuse to accept it and said, You have to leave me alone because I work in shifts, (which was not so) , find people with all those idlers who work in the government and leave me alone or I’ll punch your face. The lawyer left and I never saw him again.

    A few years ago every inhabitant had to go to the community hall for new electronic passport…
    I never went an received numeral written calls to come and get one… For over two years I kept my old passport, one day at work I saw an article in a newspaper witch stated that only 300 people of the entire population had not show up to get the new passport. I was proud as a peacock but a short time later I received a letter from the bank, I had to come over to them to verify my credit card. So I went over and the first thing the joker said to me: Do you have your passport with you? My account was blocked.
    I went to the community hall…

  15. I know neo-paganism well, since I have studied the occult. When everyone is young and beautiful and wearing sexy black leather jackets and looking great with the gothic mock rituals, it probably has a certain appeal. However, as gravity takes hold, and overeating takes its toll and youth turns to age; the idea of people dancing naked around in circles isn’t as attractive—not sexy at all. I said I know this group well and obesity is rampant. Maybe it is because the idea is to indulge the appetites and this includes chocolate cake. One group of fat witches insisted that a chocolate cake always be served. The other problem is that the neo-pagans (that includes the satanist) are parasitic, especially of Christianity. In fact, I would say that neo-paganism is a reaction formation against Christianity and so when you take away something to react against, it’s extremely boring.

  16. excellent story about mosquito lobro, your post was a wonderful read.you as well arch, excellent post .gey joe, 4 times you said “german land some german land” .23 million germans in that “land”.you weaken your post by describing it as such

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