Sheepdog Miraculously Finds His Way Home — 240 miles away!

3386D7F600000578-0-image-m-20_1461602811462Our readers have recently been discussing their love of dogs in the Comment section. This incredible news story is for them.

The two questions you need to ask are these: First, is this fact or fiction? Second, if the story is true, can you explain how this dog manages to find his way home over a distance of 240 miles? 

This is either a ‘psychic’ dog (pictured left) with weird paranormal powers or he has a phenomenally acute sense of smell. [LD]

 Daily Mail, 25 April 2016

Dogs are said to be man’s best and most loyal friend — and in the case of Pero the sheepdog, the old saying is certainly true.

The lovable black and white pooch made an incredible 240-mile journey back to his owner after he was handed over to another farm for a trial.

Pero was taken to his new home in Cockermouth, Cumbria, far in the north of England, by farmer Alan James from the country village of Penrhyncoch, Wales, which is in the far south. This was at the beginning of March.


Black and white sheepdog Pero (pictured) was taken to his new home in Cockermouth, Cumbria,
by farmer Alan James from the country village of Penrhyncoch, Wales, at the beginning of March.

At the beginning of April, Pero went missing at his new northern home. On April 8, Mr James received a phone call to say that four-year-old Pero had gone missing while herding sheep, and was nowhere to be seen.

Twelve days later, farmer Alan James was shocked when he opened his front door to find his missing sheepdog.

The dog had travelled  over 200 miles across country to get back to his original home in the south of Wales. The homesick sheepdog had miraculously navigated his way home, over a variegated landscape of town and country, on an epic journey that averaged 20 miles a day.

How did he do it?



Mr James, 54, said:

“It was amazing but we have no idea how Pero did it! He must have a Sat-Nav in his brain. A sheepdog can go all day and cover a lot of ground. But it’s a mystery how he found his way back home!

We don’t know how he was fed or if he hitched a lift.

But it was incredible when he turned up on our doorstep.

He added: ‘We would love to solve the mystery of how he managed it.”

Mr James and his wife Shan, 47, were so taken aback by Pero’s loyalty that they decided to welcome him home for good. Mrs James said: “He was very excited to be back both with the family and the other dogs.”

Mrs James added:

“We would love to know if anyone along the route saw a mystery black and white sheepdog.

‘We have a lot of dogs and a friend knew the farmer in Cockermouth was looking for a dog that could round sheep and follow a quad bike.

We thought Pero would be ideal for the job. We let him go on a trial at the beginning of March.

We were then told that Pero had disappeared on April 8, and was nowhere to be seen.

But then last Wednesday evening my husband Alan went out to check on the animals after supper and there was Pero on our doorstep!

It was a bit of a shock. The dog was going crazy after seeing Alan.

It’s a total mystery as to how Pero has managed to find his way back to us. We know that dogs can find their way home, but 240 miles is a long way to travel!”

Mrs James said she believes the black and white sheepdog must have somehow persuaded good Samaritans to feed him on his way home, as he didn’t appear to be malnourished.

She said:

“When he came back, he wasn’t hungry or weak, so he must have managed to find food somewhere.

He must have stopped in places along the way.

We would love to know if anyone along the route saw a mystery black and white sheepdog. It is an amazing adventure — and we are very happy to have him home with us on the farm!”





60 thoughts to “Sheepdog Miraculously Finds His Way Home — 240 miles away!”

  1. Apologies for the publication of this totally “off-topic” article . . . but Lasha couldn’t resist. She loves dogs and thought the story might be of interest to the many dog lovers who frequent our site.

    Personally I don’t think the story is necessarily fictional. There have been lots of other cases of dogs finding their way home over incredibly long distances.

    Birds and butterflies do the same thing, I believe. They do it every year, migrating from one country to another, thousands of miles away. As far as I know, they don’t have maps. They do it by instinct. Or inherited knowledge. In a way, it’s kind of “paranormal”.

    Yes, I guess this is a paranormal dog. There’s absolutely no way his sense of smell could have been of any use to him over such an incredibly long distance. He must have had to pass through cities and down country lanes, if not motorways, so how he managed to get the whiff of his original farm through all those traffic fumes is a total mystery to me.

    Wow, talk about Wonder Dog!

    1. @ Toby

      You said, “Apologies for the publication of this totally “off-topic” article . . . ”

      It’s your house. How can any posting from Admin be “off-topic?” 🙂

      On topic, way back in the early 1970’s, there was a group of people experimenting with electroencephalographs trying to determine if plants and animals communicate. One of their experiments involved using dogs and their owners (primary care givers is a better term) to see if the dogs could tell when their owners thought about them. As it turned out, yes, dogs can tell when their owners think about them. The experiment started out as a separation of a few feet to a separation of over 250 miles. I forget the actual distance, but it was a very long way.

      Since the dogs immediately responded as measured by the electroencephalograph attached to the dog any time that the owner thought about the dog, it obviously was not a response from smell or instinct. Telepathy was the only answer.

      This same group of experimenters also tested plants from yogurt cultures to much more advanced plants and discovered that they communicate in most amazing fashions with each other across species and could even detect negative human presence.

      As in this story, could the dog use telepathy to find its owner? Most certainly since there is no other reasonable explanation. Can dogs and other pets as receivers of telepathic human signals determine the direction of the originating telepathic thought? Most probably since, here again, there is no other reasonable answer.

      As humans, we have very little insight into how all life works. For sure, nature is not hampered by lies like humans are. There is most likely no jewish plants and animals.

      1. @ Ungenius

        Many thanks for this refreshing perspective. Your comments are always among the best, as interesting as they are informative. I do believe you are correct in stating that dogs have a rare telepathic instinct. They are certainly well aware of the emotional states of their owners. When their owners are depressed, they lower their tails and wear a hangdog expression.

      2. They should have tested to see at what speed do telepathic messages propagate relative to the speed of light.
        The answer could have crucial implications in all sorts of fields.

    2. Salmon are born in the river and then spend their life in the ocean and go thousands of miles away. They are able to find their way back to the river of their birth, swim upstream and lay their eggs (and die)

  2. My beloved Border Collie often showed extraordinary insight. He died age 17, five years ago and I still think of him. He was from a long line of working dogs, understood English, never had a day’s illness, ran like a Greyound and was the most loyal friend you could ask for.

    I wouldn’t be surprise if Pero did find his own way home, but I think it more likely somebody helped him.

    1. Damn right, John Kirby! My own Border Collie is, without doubt, the smartest dog I have ever encountered. I have a couple of black Labs, an Australian Shepard, and him. They’re all wonderfully intelligent and perceptive – but the Border Collie tops them all! (I had a beloved Border Collie named “Bonnie Blue” some years ago who actually seemed to be able to anticipate movements and intentions.)

    2. Me thinks the guy in the North that had the dog and reported him missing had the dog the whole time and drove it South to the previous owners. That is why the dog was well fed and no signs of wear and tear for the journey. It was a prank, like the original Loch Ness monster photo. We learned, decades later, who did the Loch Ness monster photo prank and how they did it. Same thing with the original big foot footage. Decades later we learned who did that prank and how it was made.

      Why call the previous owners to tell them the dog is missing? Hint: to set up the prank.

      1. Gilroy –

        That is too logical. No illusion. Lacks emotion.

        ‘Guesses’ still rule perceptions…. 🙂

      2. @ Gilroy

        You’re right about this story being a fake. I figured this out as soon as I read the story and before I read your comment saying this was a “prank”. I don’t think this was a prank though. Far simpler.

        I reckon it went like this. Here’s the scenario. This solves the mystery.

        The sheep dog was taken to his new owners 240 miles away in the north of England. My speculation was that he just didn’t fit in at his new home. He was homesick, morose, maybe refused to eat, quarrelled with the other dogs at his new home, and thoroughly pissed off his new owners. So they brought him back to his original home in the south of Wales and dumped him on the doorstep in the early hours of the morning when everyone on the farm was in bed. Farmer James opens the front door first thing in the morning, and lo and behold! there’s the dog!

        No incredible journey! No mystery. The homesick dog is simply brought back home and dumped on the doorstep of his original home.

        Maybe it’s even simpler than that. Both homes know the dog is being brought home. So they cooperate in pretending it’s a wonderful mystery and sell the fake “miraculous” story to the Daily Mail. And split the fee the newspaper pays them. Such a story would be worth thousands of pounds.

        Verdict: the whole story is fictional. Daily Mail colludes in the fiction. Everyone’s happy, including Sheepdog.

      3. Seymour,

        You could be right. I think your explanation is the most plausible. Before we accept “miracles”, we must look for more natural explanations.

        This does not rule out the possibility, however, that the story is genuine. As Pat says — and I think he’s right in this particular case — we’re “guessing”.

        There will always be doubts about the paranormal.

      4. @Seymour Zak

        The first part of your explanation is very well possible, but the second part, about selling the story to the Daily Mail and splitting the profit is a typical Jewish projection. Remember this as a rule of thumb : not all people are as dishonest and greedy as Jews!

      5. And who could relate better than you, Zakie, of being dumped on…or of one doing the dumpING

      6. I forgot to ask Seymour if it’s true that there are a lot of nice piles goin up at the dump these days.

        Get back to me Zak, will you? I like to wax nostalgic sometimes

      7. knock it off with this damned guessing about EVERYTHING!!

        “she blinded me with SCIENCE!”

        and what has this site come to that Seymour Zak is given even one ounce of credibility? Is this your weak idea of democracy, lasha?

        Are you a poet, or a scientist? You can’t serve both

    3. Zak, jews reported much greater miracles and you accept them all unquestioningly.
      Are you trying to tell us that jews are more amazing than dogs?

      Look at the Ewige Wondering Jew, snuck his way into every corner of the globe, morphed on his age old journey to look asiatic with squeezed eyes, fat eyelids and cheekbones, red fuzzy hair, and yet he finds his way “home” to palestine (“next year in jerusalem”, while scarfing his bowl of kosher Alpo kibble) … many books, movies and media sources, including the daily mail have commented over and over on this INcredible miracle, just IN-credible, i mean not at all credible.

      Yet it happened, i think his master Devil set it all up, to tell you the truth, a deal signed in blood and ball point pen.

      The skill must be all in that nose … science should study Jew’s nose in detail, DARPA material that could be incorporated into fighter jets and other weaponry as part of the target acquisition routine, because Jew is always targeting the next acquisition.

      1. thanks alot lobro, I just upchucked my bowl of kibbles, and bits of strawberries, too. cost me a pretty penny they did, too

    4. Dogs can find their pack and territory from very long distances. Humans are part of their pack with the human being the alpha. Of course, they can do it by scent if they get separated on the ground but this dog was likely transported by vehicle. Perhaps his sense of smell was so good that even in a car he picked up scents and used them as a guide to get where he was going and then when closer it was easier to find his way home.

  3. The dog’s sense of smell served the dog all the way along its journey. It was not necessarily the scents of its farm , but the scents the dog encountered throughout its journey. Picking up scents as the dog traveled away from the farm. When the dog decided to go back to the farm, it traced the scents it had picked up, traced them back to the farm. Dogs also have vision. They can see. They also have memory. They can remember what they see and remember where they have been before. They see the buildings and the landscape and the landmarks. On the way back, the dog knew it was headed back in the right direction from the memories of what it had seen after it left the farm. It wasn’t just the dog’s sense of smell, but the dog’s vision and the dog’s memory.

    For the longest time I thought dogs were colorblind. That’s what most people think. That bothered me when I was kid. I felt bad my dog and all the other dogs couldn’t see the beautiful colors of nature. Turns out that’s not true. Dogs do see colors. It’s just that they see colors differently than we do. What we see as being green, for example, the dogs may see as being blue. What we see as being red, for example, they may see as being yellow. I would like to see a beautiful sunset thru the eyes of a dog. They experience the beauty of nature as we do, and they’re also more than capable to appreciate the beauty of nature, and they definitely do enjoy the beauty that surrounds them.


  4. If someone helped the dog get back home, one would think the person or people who helped the dog, in other words, the person or people who drove the dog back to the farm, one would think they would have driven up to the farm house and would have introduced themselves to the dog owner and let the owner know they got dog and the dog is okay. And they would have told the owners where they found the dog, and the details of the whole story. But nothing like that happened.

    While dogs making their way back home over long distances doesn’t happen every day, it’s also not something which is unknown to happen. There are many many stories of dogs making their way back home over long distances. It happened here in the United States a few years back, in the Midwest. A dog lost, far from home somehow, made its way back home. That trip was over 400 miles distance back home. The dog made its way back home. It’s not uncommon story. It’s actually a very natural and not the least bit unusual story. Though a beautiful story and inspiring, it’s not anything that hasn’t happened many many times throughout history. Not all dogs are intelligent enough to find their way home over long distances, but a good number are intelligent enough to do so.

  5. Animals, some species or perhaps even many, possess senses we humans don’t have, or don’t have anymore, unless dorment. So that for them navigating their way around, whether on land through the air or in water, is as natural as breathing. Even common (to us, that is) senses, like hearing and seeing are way better developed in most animals. We, humans in modern society rely way too much on our so-called rational mind (although even that is nowhere in sight with many if not most people) and way too less on our gut feeling when it comes to a lot of things. And yes, I believe that too is an unnatural state in which we were deliberately led into. And that’s why we’re in such a mess.

  6. Well said, 1138

    And to elaborate on lasha’s comment, a dog’s sense of smell isn’t “incredible”, strictly speaking, but “pheromonal” – it may just be that its phermones is EXACTLY what enables him to find his way home. But there’s more to it than that. A dog’s paranormal power comes into play as well. But it’s only “weird” because humans are too stupid to match this area of intelligence.

    Dogs have much power and can be greater teachers than all the saints combined when it comes to lessons of unconditional love. They walk the walk, not just talk the talk. The distance of 240 miles is irrelevant when there’s a heart connection. With this dog, the nose enabled him to follow through with his heart’s intention. That a dog is man’s best friend shouldn’t be taken lightly.

    This brings into consideration an intriguing cosmological-related question that addresses the idea that “no man is an island” which, when he IS, removes him from his state of Truth

    I’ll put lobro’s mathematics to the test with this one, and lobro, don’t think this is a question for a physicist only. Remember, ALL of science is befuddled by mixing batches of spotted paint in trying to explain things. (insert smiley face here: ….)

    The question: (and I think I’ve worded it properly)

    Whether it’s the implied distance of a so-called “light year”, or 240 miles, what might alter the existent proportions that would EFFECTIVELY eliminate the physical reality of “distance”?

    1. Brownhawk,

      “But it’s only “weird” because humans are too stupid to match this area of intelligence.”


      Also the words ‘weird’ and ‘(too) stupid’ are interchangeable with ‘paranormal’ and ‘unconscious’.

    2. The wording of that last paragraph is too murky

      The objective of this particular thought is to convey a sense of connectiveness whereby it doesn’t “take time” to “cover a distance” – this being an indication of an existential flaw. And in all jocularity, your mission lobro, should you accept it, is to devise a NEW scientific structure to support this – a castle in the sand that needs to wash away

      Th masters of the universe would have us believe that “chaos” is the “amorphous void that existed BEFORE the Creation…. “Before” implies time as being linear. But my contention is that this is an incitement; a disturbance. So what can be the truth of THIS “order” that came out of THAT “chaos”? It’s like this whole state of Existence has been subjected to some type of inversion in expanding a definition of …

      lie: truths, and Truth inverted

      Say the “amorphous void” is really the true Divine Order of Existence? And as I ponder this, the “new order” is to be brought about in dispelling societal chaos in fulfilling Hegel’s observation

    1. “that I know of….”

      we may save them from the shelters, but they save us in many other ways

      1. I once saved his life as well, I should add. And boy did he know it, three enemas later!
        Well, that and my next to last $60 bucks! Very lucky boy, that I had that $100 stashed.
        Small price for a bug and pest free home.

      2. Don’t I know it. I’m guessing Gilbert knows especially how vet bills can be through the roof! But if you can see your way clear it’s a small price to pay, all things considered.

        installment payment plans help – then of course you can get into that whole credit racket.

      3. You are right, Brownhawk!

        “My” Border Collie is really my daughter’s, but she is on a long voyage, and could not take him with her. I have him with me (his name is “Butters”). When he was a puppy, he ate a tree frog (same toxin as anti-freeze), and was poisoned (about four years ago). My daughter took him to an emergency week-end clinic in Charlottesville, and they charged us $1000 to just “monitor” him for the weekend. Their prognosis was that he would die. I thought that was bullshit, and I called an old, long-practicing livestock doctor, Dr. Tucker, who told me to come to his place, where he gave me a gallon of silver/gold solution, along with a charcoal solution, which he instructed me to apply down the dog’s throat until finished. I kept the dog on my lap for two days, administering the gallon of “medicine” with horse syringe down his throat. (He couldn’t walk or drink or feed himself, and I had to take him outside and hold him up to pee.)
        He got better, and he and I “bonded” at that time… The 92 year-old Dr. Tucker charged me nothing. Dr. Tucker was a faaar-better veterinarian than those young, yuppy shitheads in Charlottesville! I’ll tell you that dog is as good a swimmer and retriever as any of the others – and has a stamina and endurance greater than the Labs or the Aussie. I do not DOUBT he’d be able to travel 400 miles “back home”, if he took a notion! My pedigreed Aussie is a FINE cattle dog and herder, and, thankfully, gets along well with Butters. (After all – they’re “cousins” of a sort! 🙂 )

  7. Liked reading this. Like these puzzles. Like all those morhpic resonance befuddles and who knows wonder-what? Dogs, particularly, ‘knowing’ instinctively all sorts. Rare occasions. Here (if?), following an extreme sense of direction? An unseen minder? Found and helped by an angel or two? Maybe God had compassion? Or this, one (more) exceptional dog? Perhaps they should shove a tracker on him, take him fifty miles and see? Too heartbreaking to conduct, I’m sure. And for him? Sitting psychoanalysing his rejection and predicament. Going nowhere. Can believe this happened. That, or maybe I’ve read a dozen other fake-ups. These accounts, why I do. Or might, more like.

  8. “Alpha Male Takes Over The Junkyard” ;

    by : Rufus The German Shepherd Watch Dog,

    they said he was the runt of the litter
    a joke, a caricature
    a total loser
    could never win any fight
    the other dogs would rip him to shreds
    Certainly he would never be dominant
    he would always trail behind
    but Underdog showed them up
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    now “Underdog” is Leading The Pack
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    now the Most Mighty Most Dominant ALPHA male of them ALL on the campaign trail
    and come November
    watch out, World!
    ALPHA CANDIDATE Donald Trump
    from New York City
    is going to rip apart that Democratic dog and tear her to shreds
    and show her up
    for the rabid feral diseased sick bitch the she-dog truly is :

  9. Although long demonstrated definitively, the existence of a gene that functions as a combination compass cum GPS in the canine and human brain is still unknown to the general public. Obviously not in all dogs or all humans is it expressed equally.
    Nature, never a spendthrift, placed it with maximum economy of space on the chromosomial arm where it fit best, which happened to be in the same intron as that that encodes for behavioral propensities like altrusim and loyalty.
    Kamal Salibi and other scientists showed convincingly that Ashkenazi Jews lack this gene, which may well explain their emblematic “wandering.”
    Multidisciplinary teams of geneticists, historians and behavioral psychologists postulated that this genetic lacuna also explains other behavioral traits unique to this ethnic group in toto or in degree.

    1. If I am more like dogs than Jews, i am happy with having struck in the right direction.

      At first i thought the prof Salibi was a fictional character, part of a spoof but the amazon link is worth pursuing for the following fact alone:

      from $101.45
      15 Used from $101.45 1
      New from $270.66

      Just in case you think this is kind of steep, take a look at the paperback

      from $471.93
      5 Used from $471.93

      I’ve seen this before: “when Jew is not pleased, Amazon is not amuzed
      So, that no one can say the book is banned, it’s just that it will cost you the left kidney for hardback, both kidneys and one retina for paperback.

      Ask yourself why, when we just saw (i posted the link somewhere a few days ago) how some nearly-almost-holocausted Jew’s book, endlessly plugged at the NYT best-celery list was selling at $0.18/bushel on amazon, rave 5-star reviews.

      Hm? Any idea how this happens?
      I guess the truth is precious, lies not so … a lie is a genetically modified truth?

      Anyway, for me, that alone is the best possible endorsement of Kamal Salibi’s work – Jew hates it with passion, gotta be true.

      1. Well, there’s always internet to follow interesting research. According to this fella the jews invented their whole history, they were never in Egypt and they originated in Yemen and were nothing but an obscure little clan of robbers pestering the caravans.

      2. 1138 –

        Good link. Thanks.

        More myth-busting…. people could walk across the 2 feet deep ‘REED SEA’ but not the ‘RED SEA.’


        The “Red Sea” phrase came into the account with the third century BC translation of the Old Testament into Greek. Called the Septuagint (abbreviated as LXX), its translators made yam suph (“Sea of Reeds”) into eruthrá thálassē (“Red Sea”). The Latin Vulgate followed their lead with mari Rubro (“Red Sea”) and most English versions continued that tradition.

        Unfortunately, “Red Sea” was not a translation at all, and the LXX translators understood that.

        While we do not know their reasoning,(LIES) they gave yam suph a historicized interpretation, based on their understanding of the region at the time (Kitchen 2003: 262; Hoffmeier 1996: 206; 2005: 81). When the Bible indicated the Israelites crossed a significant body of water on Egypt’s eastern border, the LXX translators connected it with the body of water they knew as the Red Sea. Instead of translating the Hebrew phrase literally, they offered this historical identification as their interpretation(GUESS) of the text.

    2. Ariadnatheo –

      “Nature, never a spendthrift….”

      It follows, then, that nature….invested longevity determined chromosomes into the most deserving animals… tortoises. Man not highly regarded there. Dogs even less regarded.

      1. Aho!

        what “nature” is this investing the chromosomes that decides who is deserving?

        My regard is certainly not determined by this bogus impostor calling itself nature

      2. You misunderstand. Nature is a “spendthrift” when it comes to space on the double helix of the golden molecule, which it uses fully. For example if the “recipe” (the code) requires writing the instruction for an individual with large, unattached earlobes, this particular instruction will be fitted wherever there is the exact amount of space left over rather than use up a whole separate sequence, too large for it. It has been noted that individuals with large, “Slav” (unattached) earlobes are often prone to cardiac insufficiency and it took a while to solve the non-causal relationship. It is simply this: that the code for those earlobes (a non-pathological individual particularity) fit in some individual’s DNA in the space leftover after a sequence coding for inherited cardiac insufficiency. Tenants sharing space in an apartment with no relationship to each other.
        It has nothing whatsoever to do with any determination of longevity.
        Based on this I postulate that the “GPS intelligence” code may share space with the code for altruism, loyalty, etc., and the possible absence of both in a certain ethnic group.

      3. Ariadnatheo –

        Thanks for the “postulate” which means no proof is demanded…. ‘self-evident.’

        “Based on this I postulate that the “GPS intelligence” code may share space with the code for altruism, loyalty, etc., and the possible absence of both in a certain ethnic group.”

        I noticed the words “may” and “possible”…. which allow ‘wiggle room.’ 🙂

        I “misunderstand” much.

  10. Sheesh! I bought this book from amazon years ago for a few bucks only, before it had much in the way of reviews. It’s the reviews that reveal if a book is anti-semitic, in which case right-thinking people start complaining to amazon in a nice, organized, democratic manner. Then the price goes up or, in extreme cases, the book becomes unavailable.
    I guess I haven’t read it closely enough. If it is indeed a denial of Israel’s right to exist I will include it in my book cleansing program. Or I will auction it off.
    As for humans having intelligence commonalities with the canine species, Lobro has a much higher likelihood to have the above-mentioned gene expression fully developed than I: it is underdeveloped in women. Spatial intelligence (3-dimensional visualization) is not the women’s forte. Name some famous women architects or female grand chess masters, if you can.
    Nevertheless this does not put paid to the nature vs nurture debate. Society can just as easily stimulate or crush/falsify a person’s aspired identity. As long as society rigidly suppresses the free expression of the wonderful, endlessly rich human diversity we shall not be free to be whoever we feel like being deep inside.
    I have been following with much emotion the rapid progress of cultural marxism in my time in such areas as “gender studies” which revealed that there are far more sexual identities than previously acknowledged, all equally natural and worthy of Pride. There are heterosexual men and women (more correctly called “cis-gendered’), homosexual men, and lesbians, and transgendered in both directions: men born in women’s bodies and vice versa, or better put, not “born” but with the respective sex “assigned.” Civilized societies now symbolically recognize them with separate bathrooms: Men’s, Women’s and Trans.
    I just think the recognition of various separate identities has not gone far enough. I am waiting, full of hope, that the group I identify with will get its due recognition soon as well: a male chauvinist pig born in a woman’s body. Not born, strike that: “assigned to.”

    1. @Ariadnatheo
      A female chess grandmaster, the Hungarian, Judith Polgar. At one time she was in the top ten players in the world. However you’re correct, as it’s the exception that proves the rule. Anyway, women are streets ahead of men when it comes to playing the game of life. Ask my wife. She has me wrapped around her little finger. I can never win a verbal difference of opinion with her.

      1. I agree, Felix. Nevertheless, the paradox is that women consistently outscore men in verbal aptitude tests, yet there has never been a Mrs Shakespeare, a Signora Dante, or a Señora Cervantes, etc. Could it be that they waste their awesome talent in domestic arguments (which, yes, they win)? The next time you have a verbal difference of opinion with your wife, tell her, “Love of my life, I am not worthy! Sit down and pour it all out on paper! Let me bring you a cuppa or whatever you wish. Let me make you comfortable. I’ll keep quiet.”
        We should start gathering data on this. We may have stumbled on something big!

      2. @ Felix

        If you follow Aridnatheo’s advice and our wife has more than three working brain cells, she is going to accuse you of being condescending and not prepare dinner, or worse. 🙂

      3. Ariadnatheo,
        “Ask my wife to write it down! ” Ungenius is correct. I wouldn’t dare. The old truism applies.
        “A woman is wrong until she cries (or worse). Then she is immediately right.”

  11. If too much attribution is given to guessing, it CAN become a self-fulfilling prophecy of not being able to know when you’ve “guessed it”.

    guess: to conjecture correctly about: discover – guess

    Note how this particular definition doesn’t read “guess correctly”. Here, correctness is intrinsic to a definition which implies knowingness

    Pat, your thoughts?

    1. B-Hawk –

      Many events are based on mistakes, guesses and rumors and then turned into facts as the myths and legends – tall tales – are constructed. What is worse is that even more are based on outright lies…. I would guess. 🙂

      This famous pic tells a story:

      Norman Rockwell (1894-1978), “The Gossips,” 1948. Painting for “The Saturday Evening Post” cover, March 6, 1948. Oil on canvas.

      That pic was on one of our phone book covers in the 70’s ….

      1. “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”
        – Mark Twain

        You had to be there, I guess..

      2. I guess-ed it. nailed it. bingo. dingdingdingdingding!


        I’ll be dog gone if this ol injun didn’t just sniff his way there (:c

  12. Felix, the old truism about crying may be a skill that develops vey early and is honed later on in life, as this adorable Russian girl illustrates… oops, it appears I cannot post a video.

      1. Ariadnatheo
        Thanks for that. That Russian girl is going to rule men when she gets older. I don’t know how her father was able to resist her. A woman’s tears are more powerful than an atomic bomb.

  13. With dour diligence Pat triumphantly proves that I did not exactly mean what I said.
    Defeated and humbled I raise the white flag and admit that literal-mindedness is invincible.

  14. I’m not really skeptical because cats have been known to find their way across vast miles to find their owners. I think it’s their sense of smell like Hansel and Gretel lost in the woods leaving bread crumbs, dogs are tracking the miles through their nose as it sticks out the window, sniffing the whole way. You can tell a lost dog by his frantic sniffing of the ground.

    I’ve never been without a dog my entire life and they are great companions but I have no real interest in how they sense these things. I just know that they remember every single person that comes into the house. Why do dogs hate the UPS man? I was told by a UPS man that dogs, horses, pigs, and all kinds of animals get very riled up when he drives down the street. My dog despises that truck. It’s because the UPS man in his brown truck reminds them of bears, and in their distant ancestral memories they have a fear of bears… that’s what the UPS man said.

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