41 thoughts to “Sheikh Imran Hosein rails against the bogus US-dollar Banking System (Video, 11 mins)”

  1. Although I was fortunate enough to check-in here and be able to take time to listen to the wise sheikh’s lecture, I do not understand his reference to Islamic banking charging interest “out the back door” versus commercial banking charging interest “out the front door”. I am hoping some of you more learned commenters will explain the difference (??)…

    1. Gil –

      Pharisee-Jew Bankers call it interest.

      Musselmen Bankers call it rent.

      Pharisee-Jew Bankers’ aggression has taken over Islamic Financing.

      “Sukuk bonds” are designed to get around religious laws banning the payment of interest for money lending.

      The Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London have just recently (20 years) corralled the Islamic banks globally…. With their own ‘new deal’ …. SUKUK…. The plural of SAKK = contract.

      Sukuk is contracts and is the plural of sakk meaning contract.

      Taking off in 2011…. the SUKUK MARKET is getting big. Over $4 Trillion USD by some estimates.
      Slick Pharisee-Jew Bankers and agents write that interest is referred to as rent..


      The debut of sukuk began in 1990 with the issuance of RM125 million (USD 30 million) Al Bai’ Bithaman Ajil sukuk by Shell MDS Malaysia (Pharisee-Jew owned).
      [Shell MDS (Malaysia) Sendirian Berhad operates as a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell plc….. Pharisee-Jew trick from the start.]

      In September 2001, the State of Bahrain issued the world’s first sovereign sukuk for USD 250 million. This Sukuk Al Ijarah carried a fixed lease payment for 5 years.

      In December 2001, Kumpulan Guthrie, a Malaysian government linked company issued a USD 150 million Sukuk Al Ijarah with a floating rate of return.

      In 2002, the Federation of Malaysia issued a USD600 million Sukuk al Ijarah that was listed in Luxembourg Stock Exchange and rated by Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s.

      This is a landmark sukuk as it is the first global sukuk that complied with the US Regulation S and Rule 144A and meets conventional bond practices such as listing, ratings, dematerialized scripts and centralized clearance (Rafe Haneef, 2009)

      Sukuk Market and Its Recent Developments – IRTI



      Islamic banks’ debt structures use LIBOR and Moody’s and Standard & Poors just like Pharisee-Jew bankers instruments and contracts do….. to be traded on London Pharisee-Jew stock exchanges..!!

      In the classical period of Islam, Sakk (sukuk)—which is cognate with the European root “cheque” —meant any document representing a contract or conveyance of rights, obligations or monies done in conformity with the Shariah. Sukuk were extensively used during medieval Islam for the transferring of financial obligations originating from trade and other commercial activities.

      In 2000, the government of Sudan issued domestic sovereign short-term sukuk worth 77 million Sudanese pounds on the basis of musharaka. In 2001, the sukuk market went international with the issuance of the first US-dollar-denominated ijara sukuk, worth $100 million by the Central Bank of Bahrain. Since then many sovereign and corporate sukuk issues have been offered in various jurisdictions.

      In 2004, Euromoney published the first book exclusively on sukuk investments, Islamic Bonds: Your Issuing, Structuring and Investing in Sukuk. It was co-authored by the Islamic banking specialist Nathif Jama Adam.
      While a conventional bond is a promise to repay a loan, Sukuk constitute partial ownership in a debt (Sukuk Murabaha), asset (Sukuk Al Ijara), project (Sukuk Al Istisna), business (Sukuk Al Musharaka), or investment (Sukuk Al Istithmar).

      The most commonly used Sukuk structures replicate the cash flows of conventional bonds. Such structures are listed on exchanges, commonly the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange in Europe, and made tradable through conventional organisations like Euroclear or Clearstream. A key technique to achieve capital protection without amounting to a loan is a binding promise to repurchase certain assets; e.g. in the case of Sukuk Al Ijara, by the issuer. In the meantime a rent is being paid, which is often benchmarked to an interest rate like LIBOR.

      The most accepted structure, which is tradable, is thereafter the Sukuk Al Ijara. Debt certificates can only be bought before the finance occurs and then held to maturity, from an Islamic perspective. This is critical for debt trading at market value without incurring the prohibited Riba (interest on money).

      One of the characteristics that distinguish sukuk from other Islamic instruments of other investment vehicles and which have contributed to its widespread prevalence is that it is….

      Based on the principle of participation in profit and loss:
      The appropriate posts underlying principle of Sukuk issuance in terms of the relationship between the participants is to participate in the profit and loss regardless of the investment formula in place, which gives the owner a share of the profit, not the proportion of predefined nominal value, and the share of bondholders of the profits from the project or activity which is funded by a percentage determines when hiring, Fmakouha captured from participating in the agreement as set out in the prospectus, and bear Grmha by owned by each of them, according to the base of profits and losses sharing.

      Bottom line:
      The musselmen are hooked by greed and fear….. as much as the Westerners…

      1. Thank you, Pat. (I suppose I should have directed my query to you, in the first place!). Anyhow, in my simplistic mind, you have explained to me that the difference is in TERMINOLOGIC presentation rather than SUBSTANTIVENESS (?). If so, I must wonder how long that will endure scrutiny among its subscribers, and how long they will be willing to comply with its imposition on their religious dogma… In any event, it unites all of us in the same boat.

        The abiotic theory of oil production versus the “Peak Oil” propaganda may be the saving grace of what passes for money, nowadays: limitless as opposed to finite. (However, that old Law of Diminishing Returns will ensure a continuum to remarkable inflation!)

        The sheikh’s talk recalled to mind the fact that Aaramco and BP used to have to pay the sheikhs in gold coin (coins minted “Arab Emirates”) for their oil, which was met somewhere near the gulf by camel caravans, and carried to God-knows-where someplace in their desert! (Which may account for the depletion of gold reserves in Ft. Knox.)

      2. Gil –

        Germany did very well without gold in the 20th century, under Hitler

        Hitler used labor and commodity barter… and defied the Pharisee-Jew Bankers.

        (Art’s article):
        Under the National Socialists, Germany’s money wasn’t backed by gold (which was owned by the international bankers). It was essentially a receipt for labor and materials delivered to the government. Hitler said, “For every mark issued, we required the equivalent of a mark’s worth of work done, or goods produced.” The government paid workers in Certificates. Workers spent those Certificates on other goods and services, thus creating more jobs for more people. In this way the German people climbed out of the crushing debt imposed on them by the international bankers.

        Germany even managed to restore foreign trade, despite the international bankers’ denial of foreign credit to Germany, and despite the global boycott by Jewish-owned industries. Germany succeeded in this by exchanging equipment and commodities directly with other countries, using a barter system that cut the bankers out of the picture. Germany flourished, since barter eliminates national debt and trade deficits. (Venezuela does the same thing today when it trades oil for commodities, plus medical help, and so on. Hence the bankers are trying to squeeze Venezuela.)



        Ithaca Hours in US do the same. Labor is converted to currency:

      3. If I had a dollar for every subject/matter/topic Pat is a world’s leading expert at, I’d be a Zillioniare!!! I’d be richer than Chase Manhattan!!!

      4. Yes, that worked well for Germany WITHIN Germany, but I can see how it might have been an impediment to INTERNATIONAL relations. For instance, besides agricultural products, there is not much had of universal value to exchange between enterprising concerns pursued between different cultures which they cannot produce for themselves. For instance, Mercedes and BMWs produced in Germany are not exchanged for labor in America – and we must pay for them with something else of universal value to the Germans (but we can produce our own automobiles, here, nonetheless). The Germans can produce their own food and we can produce OUR own food, but each of us can sell it to someone else and therewith BUY our German-produced and American-produced luxuries from each other without fuss. Universal medium-of-exchange makes that possible. What the wise Sheikh Imran Hosein is driving at is a lament of the CORRUPTION of exchange being a universal bain on humanity, I believe.

      5. Being a relative “island nation” of limited production and unbridled ambition, I can understand how Churchill’s England was eager to get America involved in conflict with Germany, and how our ancient consanguinity made it happen (despite the fact that Germans were also our cousins – though not so closely knit).

      6. good questions Gil, saves me the time of having to think of them myself.

        The old guy starts off beautifully by asking how can infinitely printable currency be made equal to finitely available gold.
        i guess it is trust by fiat, as in: “my lie is always exchangeable for truth” and everyone gives it a standing ovation, universally accepted.

        or how about this definition of the high finance and monetary controls:
        Our infinite gullibility is freely exchangeable for Jew’s infinite deception.

        on the face of it, it shouldn’t work but it does because of the lubricating layer of goys kept comfortable enough that they buy into the system in exchange for selling their compatriots down the river (bought+sold principle of greasy palms).

        I get it. i get it.
        like Poupon marx’s machines except that it is biodegradable.
        is sin biodegradable? i guess we shall find out.

      7. @PAT Right on the money…..the Muslim country with the biggest population, Indonesia is pervaded with corruption.

        It all boils down to: higher insight based on real experience will reveal to any human whatever his/her belief system that the ‘Inner Realm’ delivers the satisfaction craved for. The Real Satisfaction that no money can buy. (SAT=Truth in Sanskrit the root of all Indo European languages).

        What shall it profit a man if s/he gains the world but loses his/her Soul……?

        1. I’m still waiting for Uncle to fork over ALL the Reparation $$$ he owes me for throwing me in the oven and Holocausting me in the “Alt” media’s Spamblinka concentration camp for readers/commentators who think logically so ipso facto they’re “thought criminals” and need to be summarily eradicated .

      8. Total horseshit….Churchill was a paid for kikester operative……dreadful traitor to the English people. Now Edward the Seventh….before (((they))) saddled him with an American sow………was the business. Of course the jew press won’t tell you such things.

    2. mr huntly
      the back-door interest that Muslim banks practice that the sheik spoke about can be explained by this example ,
      say iam as a muslim want to buy a house that is worth $100,000 ,so I go to the Islamic bank for a loan with no interest as it is against the teachings of the Quran to charge interest , what the bank here does is buy the house I wanted and sell it to me for , say $150,000 . and so I buy it at NO INTEREST , and the $50,000 mark -up will be the profit of the bank being LEAGAL since no interest was involved ,lol.
      This is B.S. if you ask me since we are playing games with God . And that is exactly what the Israelites did playing games with God and still do . For example , on Saturday in Israel Rabbis are not supposed to drive ,so they find a filippino or any foreign worker to drive them around , like they’re saying to you : hey , I’m not driving here , I didn’t break any laws .


    Last time this subject came up, everyone was like, “Oh The Muslims, they don’t practice Usury, their Muslim banking system is so pure and holy”. I wrote in to Darkmoon stating the Muslim banking system is not as virtuous as everyone is saying. I said the Muslims also practice Usury, they just go about practicing Usury a different way than Usury is practiced in the West, I was treated like garbage for telling The Truth and I think was sent to Spamblinka, I’m sure I was, I’m always being sent to Spamblinka. I was labeled a “hater” I was labeled a “troll”.

    Well, what do you Darkmooners have to say now? Now that Sheikh Imam Hosein has vindicated me! And I turn out to have The Correct View, just like Sheikh Imam Hosein has The Correct View, Me and The Sheikh Imam have The Correct View and all you Darkmooners were totally wrong. U jackassess. U all owe my an Apology.

  3. You mean “bane”, ” universal ‘bane’ on humanity”, Gilbert, NOT “bain”. Watch your spelling, please. Proper spelling is just as important as proper grammar.

    1. Yes. Thank you, TROJ. I NEED folks like yourself to point out my deficiencies, and you Darkmoonies can be counted-on for it! 🙂

  4. Excellent Commentary by Sheikh Hosein and fine elucidation by Pat and others. Note that Afghanistan, in order to come to loan terms with the IMF, was required in 2014 as part of the deal to “issue Sukuks”. How convenient for the IMF.

  5. I have considerable respect for Sheikh Imran Hosein (SIH), but it appears that money might be outside of his realm of adequate understanding.

    Some of what SIH says is true and some is not. What SIH said about the the petrodollar and Muslims practicing usury via the back door is true, reference Pat’s post. However, paper money has been around ever since there has been paper. Digital money has been around ever since banking started using computers. Having worked in banking back in the early 1960’s, I know it was digital then hidden under a paper shroud.

    Money is anything that is used in trade in leu of a direct product/labor swap commonly known as bartering. Bartering has been the primary means of trade since the beginning of time. Money in the form of coins (copper, silver, and most recently gold), paper (IOU’s), sticks (600 years in England), seashells, salt, food, etc. including verbal money known as Macootes (requires considerable honesty – man as good as his word). The basis (value) of all money has traditionally been product and/or service until the advent of the “intrinsic value” of silver and gold, and jewish banking/usury.

    The ones who assigned “intrinsic value” to silver and gold were the ones who treasured it the most, the jews. The Old Testament is full (too many to count) of silver and gold being the measure of wealth. The jews even considered silver and gold as righteous, the money of their God who is not the Heavenly Father, big clue!

    Gold was driven by the jewish bankers to be considered the basis for all money during the 19th century because silver was too available making it harder to completely monopolize and control. After cornering the market on gold, the jews convinced most governments of this idea of gold backing of money. The jews had control of money. Even in the Protocols, they said the they had all of the gold.

    Coming to the point of disagreement about what SIH said about the money of Jesus would be gold when he returns, below is listed all the times gold was mentioned in the Gospels (KJV).

    Matthew 2:11 – And when they were come into the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother, and fell down, and worshipped him: and when they had opened their treasures, they presented unto him gifts; gold, and frankincense, and myrrh. (Jesus’ birth story)

    Matthew 10:9 – Provide neither gold, nor silver, nor brass in your purses, (When Jesus was sending out his 70 disciples to spread the word)

    Matthew 23:16-17 – Woe unto you, ye blind guides, which say, Whosoever shall swear by the temple, it is nothing; but whosoever shall swear by the gold of the temple, he is a debtor! Ye fools and blind: for whether is greater, the gold, or the temple that sanctifieth the gold? (Jesus’ rant of “Woe unto you Scribes and Pharisees” – same as the blind guides)

    Note that in Matthew 23:17 above, Jesus is pointing out the same as I said previously concerning money being backed (sanctified) by gold. Same jewish scam, different day.

    There is no ringing endorsement by Jesus of gold as righteous money as seen by the jews or as even necessary.

    I would strongly suspect that when the end gets here as the angels are throwing the evil tares in the fire, those righteous left on the earth will resort to the everlasting, traditional monetary system of barter, not gold or silver which would take too much time and effort to mine and refine. Being righteous, they will be concentrating on judgement, mercy, and faith as reflected in Matthew 23:23 when Jesus told the Scribes and Pharisees that they should have been doing the same.

    All things considered and based on what Jesus preached, I have to honorably disagree with Sheikh Imran Hosein concerning Jesus’ money would be gold on his return. As with all things, everyone gets to make up their own mind.

    Sorry for the long post, but I could have made it much, much longer. 🙂

    1. Ung, i am not worried whether jesus will jingle gold dinars or swipe a debit card at walmart, i leave it to his choice, he should have as much freedom as you or i, agreed?

      But I would not write gold off so easily. Not because gold is special but for some very quantifiable properties.
      Let’s say that we refuse to accept any universally redeemable medium of exchange but we make stuff as producers should, everyone makes something and needs something else.

      If the only 2 products in the world were corn and water, we could have an easy system of trade, a bucket of corn for a bucket of h2o, adjustable on daily basis, given drought, locust, rats or jew underneath the lot (love at the first bite).

      but if we are making 1 million different kinds of stuff and bartering them on-on-one, there would be 500 billion pairings, eg, 2.2 pairs size 10.5 Air Jordan Nike shoes for 1 Samsung Galaxy 7 tablet (was 1.98 yesterday, might be 2.17 tomorrow).
      Kind of a headache, don’t you think? And what about physical exchange, storage+shipment …
      So money does make sense.
      But fiat money, where Jew says, “I am THE ONLY board-certified moneychanger, you shall honor no other” (because only Jew has honor and integrity) soon becomes problematic – need i point out why?
      Gold, on the other hand is good, because not only is there a limited quantity but this quantity is pretty much known, maybe 20,000 tons total.
      Ditto for silver, platinum, palladium, intact t-rex skeletons, 1969 shelby cobras.
      Put them into pile A, the rest of the world, pile B, easy to figure out how many ounces of A you need to buy a chunk of B.
      And that is your monetary system, inviolable for practical purposes, if you print fully redeemable banknotes, everything is hunky dory forever and ever.

      1. @ Lobro

        I’m not worried about what Jesus would need as far as money is concerned either. I just disagreed with SIH stating it had to be gold.

        Jesus certainly has more freedom than we do when it comes to money. Jesus made a Roman coin appear in a fish’s mouth to pay taxes. On his return, Jesus would certainly have more freedom concerning money than we do assuming that Jesus would even need money at all since he could create whatever is needed instead of money.

        Is it not odd, that before the jews established an “acceptable” international money exchange to their liking, ancient and not so ancient mankind did not have a problem with exchanges of goods and services? Of course, those “primitives” did not have to deal with jewish developed and controlled international markets. The current situation is not efficient, but it does offer control to the jewish money mongers desiring to establish global jewish tyranny. As a small example, we are so fortunate in the USA to be able to buy normal green beans grown in Egypt, a transaction that would never even be considered by intelligent beings such as “primitives.”

    2. @Ungenius

      >> I have considerable respect for Sheikh Imran Hosein (SIH), but it appears that money might be outside of his realm of adequate understanding.

      Indeed, Sheikh Imran commands great respect – he is a good man and a good Muslim, but as you said it nicely and precisely “it appears that money might be outside of his realm of adequate understanding.”

      >> Sorry for the long post, but I could have made it much, much longer.

      I am sure you could have, but I am glad that you haven’t for “brevity is the soul of wit”. How about making it much, much shorter?

      “Gold is a relic of Julius Caesar and interest is an invention of Satan. Gold is intrinsically of less utility than most metals. The probable reason why it is retained as the basis of money is that it is easy to control. And it is the control of money that constitutes the money questions. It is the control of money that is the root of all evils.” – Thomas A. Edison

      1. If control of money is the root of all evil, would that mean control of your money of some form of universal tender is evil? Of course not. There is a tendency for many to make sweeping, generalized statements (in order to impress others, I surmise), but the overextended opinions have too many exceptions. Thus they fall into logical fallacy.

        If some had studied science, they would realize that AN EXCEPTION throws the whole thesis into trouble. What are offered here almost universally are OPINIONS, someones proffered as statements of fact. Anyway, more precision would be desirable, therefore the careful writer WILL INCLUDE QUALIFIERS, such as “in most cases”, “the cases I know of”, “the preponderance of evidence suggests”.

        This all comes from “Everything I Needed To Know About the World I Learned Managing Large Marine Power Plants”. This losey goose type of opinion/pseudo observation would be DOA in precise field or crushing reality and rigor of proof.

      2. Circ –

        EDISON KNEW BOTH for sure..!! 🙂

        Edison was an expert on using evil…. to make MONEY…by cutting out competition with horrible displays of killing cats,dogs and even an elephant… by electrocution…. on tours across the US. He did it to show the dangers(not) of AC…. to keep his DC(MONEY) intact.

        Elephant bites the dust:


    3. I can make it simple. Paper money is the most portable, as is coin-you can create any denomination. Gold is much more PORTABLE than bartering. Bartering is what? Cows for cows? A new roof for new dentures? How can you barter when you need to book out of a collapsing culture of mass hysteria/murder/chaos/.

      How many of you have had the real world experience of arriving at a country after a great upheaval, revolution, and genocide?

  6. Steve Mnuchin top Goldman Sachs insider will run the US Treasury, the US Banking System (BS).

    Wilbur Ross – Rot Schild man and head of Wallstreet billionair banker secret society (Founded in 1929-!-) Secretary of Commerce in team Strumpf.

    Strumpf said: I supported Israel from the day I was born.

    Strumpf was/is completely owned by the jews. They financed his lifestyle and his real estate carreer. Strumpf was in bed with – Chabad Lubavitch- Bunny Lindenbaum his zion mental coach of Boston.

    End of possesion by the jew demons for all who still were betting on Strumpf as swamp drainer.

    E=MC2 / Poincarre not Einstein
    E= Military Coup 2 in US only that will do.

    1. GOLD and silver have been “universally accepted” mediums of exchange since recorded history began. Paper money simply made them more portable. The beauty and enticement of having ONE universally-accepted paper currency is that it can be used to purchase widgets in Australia, and exchange those widgets for the same currency in Alaska. It is a great civilizer, and keeps us from fighting wars over widgets. However, when we try to convince our customers in Brazil that our different-colored paper from Botswana has a marketable value for his beans, we might run into trouble – hence, we go to our handy-dandy international money changer to relieve our stress. For this service, however, he must charge a fee. He is undecided which color paper would appease his bitchy wife – so we have ANOTHER damn problem! Along comes the wandering Who, and sells us on the idea of a paper color suitable to even Eritreans or Eskimos, and the problem is solved – or so we think… In the course of his wandering, he passes through a land he prefers above others, and decides he is tired of wandering. Suddenly, we aren’t able to so easily buy Australian widgets or Brazilian beans, and we decide that ‘foreign entaglements’ are a pain-in-the-ass, and we manufacture our own widgets and grow our own beans. We thereby become ‘isolationists’ – and it is no longer necessary to count on the wandering Who to bridge our differences. Giving up our independence got us into trouble from the beginning! Curb your lusts and find contentment amongst your own kind – that’s what Jesus recommends!

    2. I would not make such a prognostication based on scanty, impressionistic evidence. Real integrity would mean, if you are wrong to contritely return here and confess to your pre-judgement, projection, and long shot bet on “Black” on roulette wheel or Wheel of Fortune.

      Let’s hear from you on this a year from now. But wait, i”m sure you have some “inside” poup on what is being discussed like secret microphones and clandestine operatives. Secret Agent Man.


    3. @Sam Hita

      >> E=MC2 / Poincarre not Einstein

      If people talked only about things they understand and know something about, what would we observe? We would observe a deafening silence in the air!

      It’s Poincare – not Poincarre – to begin with. It wasn’t French Poincare, neither was it Jewish Einstein, who came up first with E = mc^2. It was James Clerk Maxwell – a Scottish scientist in the field of mathematical physics.

      But that does not mean that Einstein has stolen the formula from Maxwell. I doubt that Einstein even understood Maxwell’s theory of electromagnetism, assuming that he put the effort that is required to truly understand Maxwell to begin with. It took two years of intense study of Maxwell’s magnum opus “A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism”, 1873 by Oliver Heaviside – another great English physicist – just to barely comprehend what Maxwell was all about. Even after that great effort, Heaviside failed to fully grasp Maxwell and he ended up butchering Maxwell’s theory just to adjust it to his level of understanding. For the details, go to:


      I doubt very much that Einstein, unlike Heaviside, even bothered to study Maxwell with the attention that is required to truly understand his theory.

      But the priority is not even the main issue with E=mc^2. The main issue is that Einstein’s interpretation of the physical meaning of this formula (equivalence of mass and energy) is misleading.

      The correct physical meaning of E=mc^2 is clear from Maxwell: This formula is nothing but the equivalent of the formula for the speed of acoustical waves in a medium of ponderable matter (air, water, elastic steel bar, etc.), derived originally by Newton, applied to the imponderable luminiferous medium. That’s all – nothing more, nothing less. For the details, see:


  7. What would ‘son of a rabbi’ Karl think of this translation of his first name? Btw the way it is spelled might mean that you are from a ‘chique’ background….?

    Anyway it is clear that the newly elected POTUS is selected by the jew bankers is selected by the jewbankers. A rose is….That’s why Strumpf is a fitting name, label. He clearly is their sock puppet. Bussines as usual.

  8. As was Hillary C. Both camps rigged the elections. But the gop was the last one who pulled the trigger. See the thorough research of filmer / author Greg Palast and prof. Mark Crispin Miller.

    ‘Free/ First world / Democracy’ are empty phrases. These Nato countries are all blind attack dogs of the Crazy Demons of Zion. Elders of Zion? Never heard of it.

    A military coup (=jailing the Bilderberg Bohemian kid snatchers fuckers killers eaters ) in the US of A is the fresh air needed for the whole world.

  9. For the TRUTH about lending and INTEREST, one must refer to the QUR’AN, NOT what individuals, who call themselves Muslims, and are not, just as the FALSE Jews from Europe call themselves , Jews and are NOT

    The QUR’AN”S view, translated into English, as the original QUR’AN is in ARABIC: http://www.islamic-awareness.org/History/usury.html

    I hope that helps…

  10. Nice video…education is very dangerous and I still think…Mr Adolf Hitler was right all along….about a lot of World matters….no..I am not a follower and I am not anti-chews.

  11. International jew axis says Aleppo has FALLEN, did u sy fallen? ooh-aah, wht kind of G-d wold allow such an atrocity to happen, our bright bright Morningstar of ISIS rends her clothes, shaves her beard which Russians will stuff into mattresses – Russia has a shortage of mattresses, soap and lampshades, right Pat?

    Earlier, a spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Rupert Colville, said he had been told that 82 civilians, including women and children, were shot in their homes or on the streets Monday.
    [Colville has precise knowledge, he was there in person, counted every woman, child and newborn bayoneted by Saddam’s Assad’s forces, the same ones that did 9/11]
    The gruesome reports of executions prompted the UN Security Council’s emergency meeting Tuesday afternoon at the urging of the United Kingdom and France. Tough words were aimed at Syria and its allies.
    [picture of cleanly groomed boy+mother awash in tears]
    Syrian residents fleeing eastern Aleppo in fear on December 7.
    “We have collectively failed the people of Syria,” said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

    i think I know the problem, freedom loving ppl are shot+eaten by starving Russians who haven’t had a bite to eat in weeks according to Pat, his dope burns brightest.
    Well, Russians surely had nothing to do with it, we all know that, they are sooo demoralized thru hunger, Putin’s gulags, Putin-the-Jew jammed them into gulags, it is all kabuki, nothing is real, Starbucks already opening coffee shops all over Aleppo, authorized Apple dealers all over the place – yes.
    How do we know all that? well, just read the posts that confirm that every recipient of Jew hate we must collectively hate with even greater fervor: Putin, Hitler, Trump, Jesus Christ, Catholicism – if and when The Protocols point and say “HATE!”, don’t be caught flatfooted, let it go, beam that death ray of cleansing hate, watch Putin keel over, “x”‘s painted over his eyes, belly+feet up – what we want, nu?

    And then we wait for the next target to be identified by Jew, don’t worry, there’ll be more, many more and we shall be ready, a fresh new batch of hate, good wrathful hate to smite Jew’s enemy.

    meanwhile, Putin+Assad dare say that Aleppo has been “liberated”, look at all these Deniers dancing in the streets, have they no shame?
    we are the Watchers, we shall continue where our heroes failed.

      1. time to “go to the mattresses”

        T.H.E.Y. want to make us an offer we can’t refuse…or so T.H.E.Y. think


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