45 thoughts to “Shock News: Hillary Unfit For Office (Video, 31 mins)”

  1. Killary has Parkinson’s. She is unfit to be president.
    Pat has Parkinson’s. I would vote for him instantly, the best president USA never had.
    Even with his walker, he’d be running neck-and-neck with Putin as the world’s best president after Hitler, who after all was a chancellor, consigliere.
    Yes, yes, I’d vote for you too, Mme Butterfly, so long as you make me the secretary of the homeland security and Arbeit Macht Frei camps.

    So, it is a misplaced argument.
    Hillary is not a psychopath due to Parkinson’s nor is Pat stubborn due to Parkinson’s, these are traits of character that should count on the presidency scorecard.
    I don’t think that Parkinson’s affects a person’s intelligence or ability to run a large nation, just like Julius Caesar’s epilepsy didn’t stop him from being one of history’s great military leaders.

    Hillary is a rabid bitch and should be dealt with as such by the Humane Society vets.

    1. Lobro,

      Good point. If Julius Caesar had epilepsy, why should Parkinson’s disqualify one from holding the highest office? This is of course providing that Parkinson’s doesn’t affect the mind, causing memory loss and affecting judgement in the later stages. I believe there is evidence it might do this.


      I don’t know a darn thing about Parkinson’s, so maybe I should shut up about this. But this is what I’m thinking. Maybe many of the symptoms of Parkinson’s are due to medication and not the disease itself. Hillary’s bizarre behaviour may be due to over-medication.

      In fact, if you are a conspiracy theorist, you could even argue that Hillary is being deliberately poisoned by her doctors — in the same way that Stalin was. You know, this could be another “Doctor’s Plot.”

      I’ll leave you guys with that thought. Time for my green tea.

      1. @ Risus Sardonicus

        Yes, Parkinsons does cause mental problems, eg depression, cognitive disorders, especially in the later stages when it leads to a higher incidence of dementia. The earliest sign is usually (Pill-rolling) tremor of the hands, then slowness of movement, then rigidity.

        Risus Sardonicus is the fixed “Sardonic Smile” in the late (and fatal) stage of tetanus, so watch out.

      2. For what it is worth I think Hillary is still suffering from the after-effects of the head injury she suffered about 4 years ago. She evidently had a clot removed surgically.

        If this is the case she deserves our sympathy, but not necessarily the Presidency.

      3. “…Maybe many of the symptoms of Parkinson’s are due to medication and not the disease itself…”

        it was a long time ago, but my father would have been far better off dead than getting used as a guinea pig for every quack “toubib” within 50 miles radius. The treatment made him far worse. There was no comparison. File under “F” for “Failure”. You can throw me in the river for all I care — no toubibs.

      4. Hitler had Parkinson’s Disease, too, but I don’t see that it made much difference to his performance, whatever you think of him.

    2. “Hillary is a rabid bitch and should be dealt with as such by the Humane Society vets.”

      Hillary never harmed a fly — your crude vindictive is shocking. She indirectly murdered tens of thousands, perhaps even millions. She has destroyed even the facade of democracy (that’s some talent, destroying a hologram) and sold her soul to the Jew rulers. So what if she was directly involved in the planning of a trail of convenient deaths through time and space right up to her current place — she hasn’t killed anyone herself, probably not even a fly. She’ll get someone else to swallow the fly. Hillary is essentially harmless if you ignore all that death and destruction 😉

      If you (not you personally) believe in a global conspiracy to install nationalist puppets (i.e. not real nationalists) into prominent positions so that they get the BLAME for the next planned financial implosion — then a doctor is as good as sniper. This fits in well with the Jewish supremacist protocols — set up fake opposition for the goyim to destroy themselves and lose faith in national identity. For example, that Filipino leader might be another Zio actor. Brandon Smith has suggested such a general plot…

      “Even if Trump is a legitimate anti-establishment conservative, his entry into the Oval Office will seal the deal on the economic collapse, and will serve the globalists well. The international banks need only pull the plug on any remaining life support to the existing market system and allow it to fully implode, all while blaming Trump and his conservative supporters.

      If Hillary Clinton, a clear establishment puppet, is the chosen one, and markets crash after her inauguration, then the establishment gets the blame. However, if Trump becomes president, and markets crash, then conservative and freedom movements get the blame.”


      1. Hillary does not deserve sympathy, she has NO sympathy for all the children in Iraq being born now with severe birth defects from all the radioactive depleted uranium in Iraq, she has NO sympathy for ALL the Iraqis who died from all the White Phosphorus dumped on Iraq, NO sympathy for the Afghani people who had nothing to do with 9/11, she has NO sympathy for the people of Libya which she destroyed that country, she has NO sympathy at all for ALL the INNOCENT Christians and Muslims being persecuted and killed in large numbers in the Middle East because of ZOG policies she fully supports, she has NO sympathy for the victims of Islamic Jihad which she bankrolled and supplied weapons to ISIS when she was Sec. of State, she has NO sympathy for average White Americans, she goads the black street criminals on to KILL White working class Americans and has NO sympathy for any White American victim of the black criminals she supports and protects, she has NO sympathy for any woman who is brutally raped, when she was a lawyer she defended known Rapists and known Murderers, even murderers of women and children she defended, she has NO sympathy from any street drug addicts from ALL the drugs she and her Bill ILLEGALLY brought into the USA , she has NO sympathy for any working-class American who loses his or her job because of Globalization, she has NO sympathy for anyone who suffers in any way from any of ZOG’s policies, in fact, she gets off knowing many people all over the world including here in the United States are suffering GREATLY because of the VERY POLICIES SHE FULLY AND ARDENTLY SUPPORTS.

        Meryl Streep made a big stink about how much Hillary loves and protects children. Meryl Streep is A TOTAL LIAR, AND STREEP KNOWS IT, HILLARY COULDN’T CARE LESS ABOUT THE WELL BEING OF ANY CHILDREN, AMERICAN OR FOREIGN.

      2. @TROJ

        I completely agree with you — I was being sarcastic in my post. She’s a soulless minion of the Righteous Liars and Slaughterers.

    3. Thanks, Lobro – – I’d rather you hold the office.

      For the record, I have many symptoms of Parkinson’s, but never been officially labelled with AMA Pharisee-Jews’ BEST GUESS…. they call it a diagnosis. They don’t know what to label my condition. Even Mayo could not tell me.

      The best they can say is “idiopathic”… which means to me the doctor is an idiot. That’s an inside joke told by doctors 🙂

      As for Parkinson’s itself, there are those who can function with Parkinson’s and those who are totally incapable of speech or any ability to move a muscle. It leads to death when it is the incurable type.

      A childhood and college friend and hunting, fishing and bowling companion, until age 40 or so, has been totally bedridden with Parkinson’s for almost 10 years now. Ron served in Nam in USAF…. and the friendliest person I ever met. Big athletic guy too. Now, he cannot speak or feed himself. He is not much better off than a vegetable. We live in different states, but his brother-law told me a couple weeks ago that Ron no longer knows who anyone is. I really hate that. I hate it for his wife, who is his full-time nurse. Neither of them deserve that fate.

      So, I am fortunate in many ways. Not promised an earthly tomorrow….. or rest of today.

      Remember FDR was ‘wheelchair bound’ for much of his 4 term reign….. and was still one of the biggest US destroyers ever christened and launched. 🙂

      1. since you are diagnosed with parx but they are not sure,
        i would say that you are suffering from diagnosis.

        This is why i avoid doctors, because I don’t watch to catch a diagnosis from them, once you are infected, they don’t ever want to cure it.

      2. Lobro –

        I have never been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. That was the main point of my comment.

        I elicit many symptoms of Parx…. but never diagnosed as such. It is easier to write Parx, rather than listing all the symptoms.

        I HAVE been diagnosed with idiopathic central serous chorioretinopathy, a precursor to wet macular degeneration. It is under control with intraocular injections of Lucentis several times a year.

      3. good to know, wet mac can be scary, it got my father in law but that was 20 years ago, i guess he let it slide too long.
        Not sure if it has a hereditary aspect but it seems that some uncle of his also had it (his statue is at the entrance to yellowstone, i think from billings, MT, that’s where they are all from)

        Stay the course, Pat, don’t skip any.

      4. Thanx, Lobro –

        I am more than a little on top of it. I actually tell the doc when I need it.

        I discovered the condition on my own…. even when it was not obvious to the ophthalmologist’s normal exam with slit lamp and ophthalmoscope. My knowledge of ocular physiology helped.

        You can discover your own unseen intraocular aberrations by looking through just ONE pinhole punched in a business card.

        I was checking for cataracts when I discovered the condition. It was a raised portion of the retina caused by fluid trapped behind the choroid, in front of the sclera, at the fovea. A bump was produced in the drusen.

        You can detect your own cataracts that way also.

        Just look at a light with the card very close to one eye. Close the other eye. If you see any dark objects there ya go. I could explain the physics but it would take too long. Just know the pinhole cuts out all rays except the direct ones. All other incidental rays are blocked.

        If you see the objects…. go to the doc. My dad dissolved his own cataracts by taking glutathione capsules for two weeks. Later in life he took it daily.

      5. Just did it Pat and one eye sees a tiny black dot at 5 o’clock, the other one is clear.
        Hold on, the black dot is skidding around, not stationary.
        A pity because it is actually better than 20-20 when reading the eye chart.
        Glutathione, huh?
        Says stress depletes it, so Madam Butterfly gave me cataracts, she will have to administer glutathione eye drops to me or there will be HELL TO PAY ….

        anyway, it’s all virtual reality so i don’t worry …

      6. FLOPOT :

        My post is in response to John Kirby’s post, NOT your post, Flopot. John Kirby is the one who says we “should have sympathy for Hillary”. Unless Kirby is one your hydra heads, I have no idea why you would think my post is in response to your post, you’re NOT the one who said we “should have sympathy for Hillary”, Kirby said it, not you, you stupid assh*le.

      7. @TROJ

        No problem, a**wipe [note to ADMIN: Troj started the name calling]; I was confused by your reply to my sarcastic post which feigned sympathy for Hillary (my “Hillary never harmed a fly post”). I have nothing to do with John Kirby; but if you’re going to put me on the defensive, then maybe you are John Kirby and you’re having a conversation with yourself?

        Thanks for clarifying 😀

      8. “…Ron no longer knows who anyone is…”

        In that case, there must be something else wrong, too (Agent Orange, anyone? Who knows?).

        Parkinson’s does not affect the mental faculties. My father was an intelligent, sensitive man. If he’d lost his wits it would have been a mercy.

        The cause of Parkinson’s is unknown but the last I heard it was believed to be caused by damage to the brain brought on by some flu-like organism. In my father’s case it was thought to have been the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1919, which might explain my grandfather’s case as well.

    4. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hillary has Parkinson’s, but if so, it is a very, very mild case. My father and grandfather both had Parkinson’s, and I know what it looks like, because I lived with it for 15 years.

      My father had the worst case anybody had ever seen, and was totally crippled by it in his 50s; my grandfather had a noticeable tremor and walked slowly, with a cane, in his mid and late 80s, but otherwise it was not particularly noticeable (it is not inherited).

      If Hillary had serious Parkinson’s Disease she wouldn’t even be able to talk, and she talks a blue streak! She lacks the facial rigidity typical of Parkinson’s, and does not walk like a Parkinson’s patient (although she does not walk well). Parkinson’s does not cause all those weird fits she keeps having (collapses, apparent hallucinations, hysterical laughter, etc.). Where do they find these incompetent quacks?

      Franklin D Roosevelt had all the same symptoms as Hillary (except the laughter), and was run for re-election in 1944 when everyone around him knew he was a dying man. (See THE ROOSEVELT MYTH by John T. Flynn).

      I think she is having mini-strokes and/or has a brain tumour and will be dead in 3 month. 6 at the outside. In Roosevelt’s case it was 5.

      R.I.P. Excuse me while I piss on her grave. Ladies, avert your eyes. I’ll put up a screen if necessary. Is it still “indecent exposure” if nobody can see it? Please advise.

      Perhaps I should collect a month’s worth in a large vessel (perhaps a gallon wine bottle, or two of them) and just pour it/them out.

      What would they call that? “Littering”? “Causing a public disturbance”? Piss on it.

  2. Poor old Killary! Trying to conceal the truth of the matter is typical behavior for her. I doubt this interview will ever hit msm… (though the physician’s name might show-up in the obituaries, soon!)

      1. I’m kinda beginning to feel a bit sorry for old Killary.

        If she’s allowed to stand for prezzy, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was swept into office on a wave of sympathy votes.

        Millions of nice people thronging the polling stations, voting for Killary while dabbing their eyes with kleenex tissues.

    1. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least, Franklin. But whoever it is we’re being shown is probably not a double, but a clone

      Cloning technology is a routine matter for them by now.

  3. Another possibility is Obama doing a Marcos. Back in 1972 in the Philippines it looked as if Aquino the main opponent of Marcos in an up-coming Presidential election was going to win by a landslide. No problem, Marcos declared martial law and kept Aquino imprisoned for years.
    According to RT, Obama has been harshly critical of Trump’s interview with Larry King, on RT virtually calling it treason. Don’t be surprIsed if Obama does something; maybe setting up a false flag and really doing a number on the American people. Hey presto we have our martial law!

  4. A tabloid reported:
    A Presidential candidate collapses at a ceremony in NYC…and is shoved, unconscious, by SS into a van like a side of beef and rushed off…not to one of the many world-class hospitals and clinics nearby…but to her daughter’s $11M apartment. The apartment’s address is the same as METROCARE HOME SERVICES, INC.


    It makes sense that to establish a clandestine medical treatment facility in a residential apartment–one which is legally compliant with the controlled substances dispensing/stocking/delivery & shipping requirements…and one which is able to legally supply and treat a private patient with the drugs needed, one would also have to register the address as a medical treatment facility.

    Another tax-free business???

  5. I have several of the symptoms she has and I’ve had them for years (coughing 10 years) and I don’t have Parkinson’s disease. The doctor himself said he’s not diagnosing her. You can’t diagnose someone without examining them and even then a doctor often doesn’t know what is wrong. That said, she’s not very healthy and this is helping Trump in the polls. The unthinkable has a very good chance of happening.

  6. As Franklin said, they reported her death on Channel 7 in NYC, then cut transmission and later said, it was a “mistake”:


    So she may be “unfit for office for being dead.”
    As for Parkinson’s, I would guess someone like Hillary would be dangerous to the world if she were POTUS and had Parkinson because she would react to it differently than, say, Pat.
    I would also guess that someone like Hillary would be dangerous to the world if she were completely healthy and were the POTUS, maybe more dangerous because she would not be distracted…

    1. Her ailment is and will be quite the distraction, nonetheless.
      Appearances are everything in the US of Everything Is Rigged, Illegal (or pending).
      The boobousie will take it on the chin, as per usual.
      The silver lining being, they’re too lame and stupid to notice.

      “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”
      (H.L. Mencken)

    2. LOL. They are incredibly biased liars and I’m not sure there isn’t anything they won’t do to keep Trump from being elected. Would they actually keep Hillary’s death a secret so an imposter could take office and then have her die in office so her Vice President can take office? At first, I was going to say no, they wouldn’t go that far. But I’m not sure of that. Historian David Irving revealed many years ago that some of Winston Churchill’s most famous speeches (when things looked very bad for England) were actually made by radio personality Norman Shelley. Churchill was an alcoholic and often too drunk to make a speech.


      In consideration of that and their behavior so far, I would say they would hide Hillary’s death to keep Trump out of office. I’m surprised Trump hasn’t called for international oversight of the election. He has voiced concern they will cheat.

    1. the investigation is headed by (real) Dokka Bennet Mamamia Omalu (pic here) famous for his discovery that repeated landing on their heads doesn’t make NFL nigrahs any smarter.

      He know how to dyagnoz, ever thinking of asking him for the second opinion Pat?

  7. @Pat: “If you see any dark objects there ya go.”
    And how do you know that what you see are not simply scotoma?

      1. Ariadna –

        Floaters are intraocular phenomena associated mainly with debris from the undissolved portions of the hyaloid artery which dissolves shortly after birth. The artery nourishes the lens and cornea and iris while in the womb. It forms the hyaloid canal in the vitreous humor… a jelly-like substance supporting the eyeball.

        See ‘muscae volitantes’ for an exact description.

        If you concentrate…. you can train yourself to see red blood cells in the capillaries in the retina…. just by looking at the clear blue sky. 🙂

    1. Ariadna –

      You don’t. That’s why I stated go to the doc. He can tell you.

      Scotomas are not “simply” anything…..

      They can be a symptoms of damage to any part of the visual system, such as retinal damage and macular degeneration and brain damage.

  8. Thank you for sharing, this video helps to explain logically why HRC acts strangely. To get their wishes, even if nearly dysfunctional healthwise, the oligarchy is attempting to censor, cover up, accuse of conspiracy theory and deny. She is contentless and a minion, a downfall to the US if elected.

    Speaking of corollary yet interesting article, see:

    pravdareport.com The Pussyfication of Western Democracies

    In the West, you see this happen all the time now. It is more than mere phenomenon. Their MSM reports this daily. In fact, the major networks revel in glee. Each chance they get news anchors gloss over serious matters; and instead they pontificate feel good stories as ‘headline’ news. Women’s rights as in gender equality are en vogue. At least that is what the spin doctors tell us. The political correct crowd is with them. Anyone that dares question let alone opposes the feminist agenda risks being shunned as a pariah; at worst you are labeled a misogynist.

    There is no better example of taking feminism to the extreme than to cite what is happening in America right now. Democrat nominee for president, Hillary Clinton, runs amok under the banner ‘Stronger together’. Translation: “I am woman; it is my time; by hook or by crook I want what is mine.” Therein lays the problem. She is delusional. Her false sense of entitlement by playing the ‘feminine’ card is just that: hubris founded on lies. Clinton has no sound platform. Her message to the electorate is devoid of substantive measures. She has not given even a hint to the citizens of her devising a strategy to turn America’s future around; point the country in a positive direction; help working class Americans whose economic prospects shrink each day.

    The Russian news media has hit the nail on the head. Here is what they observed of the Donald:

    Trump pegged Clinton straight

    Presidential challenger and GOP candidate, Donald Trump, pegged Clinton straight; called her out for what she really is: crooked. Trump went further: Clinton has no clue about anything. He said something similar about the existential Muslim apologist and current occupant of the White House. When it comes to exhibiting the strong leadership traits needed to fight Islamist terrorism, Obama like Clinton, is not well endowed. The Donald is right again.

    It is not hard to understand why all attempts are being done to control information channels by censoring and downgrading search engine results on negative comments toward HRC and positive toward the Donald, cancelling forum membership for such comments, the paid for by rich political ads, falsely blaming Russia for behind the scenes support toward the Donald, criticism of HRC, and etc.

    The oligarchy is grasping for straws to ensure their pick is elected, even if she must be retired after in office.

    Russia has correctly assessed American citizen concern:


    Как пишут Вести.ру, состояние здоровья Клинтон беспокоит Америку уже давно. Избирателей давно смущают ее затяжные отлучки в уборную и неконтролируемые приступы кашля.


    As Vesti.ru writes, America has long been concerned about Clinton’s health. Voters have long confused by her prolonged absences to the restroom and uncontrollable coughing fits.

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