SHOCK NEWS! — Obama snubbed in China, tempers flare, world teeters on edge (Video, 14-mins)

LD:  A trusted correspondent has just sent me this 14-minute video. “This is amazing and important!” he writes. “The entire internet is being audited and managed by CIA with Google! The banning is happening while viewing!”

There is much in this video about Obama’s disastrous visit to China two days ago in which, it is claimed, the President was openly “snubbed” and “dissed” by the Chinese delegation at Shanghai airport. Apparently he had to exit the plane by the back exit because the Chinese refused to roll up the front steps. A Chinese airport official is seen shouting at an American in Obama’s entourage: ‘This is OUR COUNTRY, not yours!!!”

We release this sensational video with our usual disclaimer. If this story turns out to be a hoax, don’t blame us.

DISCLAIMER. All articles, videos and comments published on this website reflect the views of their original authors and in no way mirror the outlook of anyone associated with this website. Publication of anything on this website by no means implies endorsement or approval of its contents.   

Website Comment — Sept 6, 2016  —  by the Editor of the Truthseeker

Lasha is right to end with a with a disclaimer because there is indeed good reason to suspect that the above report is a hoax. It may not have been intended as a hoax by those who posted the video but “What does it mean” is mentioned as a source.

For those unfamiliar with it, “What does it mean” is a suspected disinformation outlet. Ostensibly run by one Sorcha Faal, the website is in fact run by one David Booth, a known U.S. intelligence operative.

It specialises in taking reports that may have some substance of truth and then sensationalising them to the max. Ed.

For more on What Does it Mean? see: Obama Homosexual Love Affair with Top US Republican Senator Shocks Russia.

81 thoughts to “SHOCK NEWS! — Obama snubbed in China, tempers flare, world teeters on edge (Video, 14-mins)”

  1. Listen to me, people, just repeating what i’ve been saying for some time.
    Shooting war is ahead.

    Because ISRAEL IS QUIET.

    Jew has maneuvered the goy world to this fratricidal precipice and has now withdrawn to what he believes is relative safety, this is why Netanyahu has been shuffling back and forth to Moscow, to persuade Putin to leave Jew alone when the exchange happens, so the hyenas can feast on the corpses as every time until now.

    And if Putin is so stupid to let that slide by unpunished, I would be the first one to volunteer to pull on that rope.

    The chinks should have pushed an aluminum tradesman’s ladder against Air Force 1 such as is sold at Walmart, made in China.

    1. Lobro –

      “Because ISRAEL IS QUIET.”

      Wrong…. Israel is never “QUIET.” Putin meets with Netanyahu all the time. Very talkative,, 🙂

      Besides, they are suspected to have exploded the AMOS-6 they sold to China. It was destroyed by a drone while fueling in Canaveral.

      Remember…. Israel makes drones for the world… even for Putin. 🙂

      1. Pat

        You say “WW3” has already happened, so call it “WW4”, or “WW7”. Whatever. It doesn’t matter. Perhaps it is YOU who are missing it, although I don’t know how imminent a shooting war is, in response to lobro.

        In following up from our back and forth on another thread, sure, the immigration disaster represents the continuation of knocking over the dominoes of national sovereignty, and consolidating the globalist agenda, but Russia is no mere pushover whose domino will fall like the rest. Not 200 years ago, when Napoleon tried to bring it down under the pretext of “punishing the tsar for his rejection of the continental system”, and certainly not now to these 21st century globalists for whom Russia must fall in reflecting an ancient enmity going back 1,000 years.

        And don’t anyone be fooled by Iran. Consider that the pharisee money grip THERE is all part of the equation in trying to weaken Russia’s geographically strategic position. The money is the carrot on the stick, dangled in front of various factions within Iran for the purpose of conning them into believing that the pharisees are the side to throw their lot with (i.e; getting them to sell out) All part of the run-up in forming potential alliances and then goading a recalcitrant Russia into war. I say “potential” because you never know if alliances may shift once the push comes to shove and the conflict is underway.

      2. Pat

        In a nutshell, you’re missing the bigger picture. You simply aren’t seeing deep below the piles

    2. The only thing I will feel badly about is, after all the misery the dual world power of the U.S./Britain have forced upon not only the entire world but their own people, the complete injustice of the Palestinian people have been forced to endure while same dual world power leaves their lip-prints all over AIPAC/Israel’s ass – once a nuclear equipped nation has decided; “time for Israel to go, boys!” Two things will happen,
      Many (more)Palestinians will suffer and die


      Those blood-sucking stains will flock to Sewer Nation and “great” Britain. Why, after being booted out of over 100 nations, didn’t at least ONE of them decide to just clean house rather than allow them to leave with their stolen treasures……breathing?

      The Synagogue of Satan. Truly an oozing/stinking boil on Christian/Muslim asses – (along with their entire Goim “Judas Class”).

      1. Just a little correction: the jews weren’t ‘booted out of over 100 nations’ but were booted out of many nations over 100 times, out of some of the nations several times.

  2. Every national leader deserves this treatment.

    Remove red carpets. They are puppets..!!

    Dissolve the UN..!! Stop AGENDA-21..!!

  3. Photos showing every other leader got the red carpet welcome, except Obama:

    and he also got called a “son of a bitch” by Duterte:
    UPDATE: Duterte sort of apologized saying he didn’t mean it as a personal insult. In all fairness, it is not: no one can be held accountable for his own known or unknown parentage. Nevertheless, Duterte did not apologize for insulting Obama’s mother.

    1. The Russians and Chinese smell weakness of America, as it inexorably rolls down the mountain with no brakes, and the Kenyan Communist Mulatto is the ventriloquist dummy of the International Jewish Cabal. They smell the odious waft of Turd Third World backed up sewer lines. Corrupt as the leaders of China and Russia may be, they would never betray their BLOOD and retreat their SOIL, which is sacred ground.

      They look at this POS nothing burger and traitor to his country, as Benedict Arnold was cold-shouldered when he expected a hero’s welcome back in Britstain, after betraying Washington and the Revolutionaries.

      1. Yes. Experts from the Yank sheeple farm tell the truth: the Russians don’t retreat their soil. So the expert concluded. The man has spoken!

        Blood and soil!

    2. You can be sure that he cleared his comments with the Chinese Leadership. He can see which way the wind is blowing in his neighborhood. North Korean actions, while they seem irrational and spurious, are ALL proxies for China, like a ventriloquist.

  4. Is he ill? He seems to be ill.

    This is all over the Internet. Even on the NY Times. “Obama Plays Down Confrontation With China Over His Plane’s Stairs.” And the video is there, too. No one can ban it. He must be paranoid.

    The Telegraph: “Barack Obama snubbed on the tarmac arrival at China G20”, The Guardian: “Barack Obama ‘deliberately snubbed’ by Chinese in chaotic arrival at G20”, etc.

    Tell this “trusted correspondent” that he should spend less time on porn sites, go out more often and scan his computer for bugs, I recommend Norton Endpoint Protection.

    But there is no cure to get the bugs out of his head.

    1. Blood and Soil are the necessary constituents of a People, Nation, Community, etc, etc. Without that collective consciousness, there is nothing by nihilism and sophistry-as well as soppiness.

      That certainly is true for the Jewish Ethnic State of Israel, is it not? Filthy, criminal, sadistic, sociopathic Jews.

      1. Oh I see. And the ‘nazi’s’ copied that template? The heterogeneity of its citizenry, consisting of immigrants instead of ethnic Germans?

      2. 1138,

        No. The Nazis copied the Judaic template. Israel is not Judaic, it’s Zionist and secular, for the most part. Religious Jews in Israel continue residing in the ghettos. Some factions don’t recognize Israel at all.

      3. Except for those already there when Israel was founded, which include Arabs, you have to be a jew to get Israeli citizenship. It’s their version of homogeneity, since they are a mongrel nation. So same difference.

        Is Japan a judaist nation? Or are Tibetans judaists? Amazon indians still living traditionally are judaists? There are many more examples. According to you they must be, since they all want to preserve ethnic and cultural homogeneity.

        Hogwash. Nationalism is 180 degrees opposed to judaism, which is a mindset bend on destroying other nations by alienation by multiculturalism and misgenation. Therefore is nationalism a forbidden ideology in all jew controlled countries. There’s nothing the jew fears more than a sovereign homogeneous nation where they are cut off. If this would not be true then we are thus not suffering from judaism. But alas we do, which is why there are no countries anymore, just like judaism wants it.

        Everything you think and state regarding this is probably driven by an unclear identity. For me, and the vast majority in the world, the opposite applies.

      4. You don’t have to be a Jew to get Israeli citizenship. And the Jews are not a nation. It’s a religious corporation.

        1. Was Trotsky not a Jew? How can this atheistical Jew and all the other atheistical Jews in the Communist regime of Stalin (1917-1953) belong to a “religious corporation”? Kindly explain how Karl Marx, the atheist Jew who said “Religion is the opium of the people” belong to a “religious corportion.”

          I regret to say you have discredited yourself by the unmitigated rubbish of your remark: “Jews are not a nation. It’s a religious corporation.”

      5. Sardonicus,

        You are asking a smart question, but these examples are inappropiate to support it. First, Leon Trotski established, by his personal order in 1918, the use of so-called barrier troops, also known as anti-retreat squads, that is, a sort of special forces used to prevent disintegration of the front line by means of shooting personnel retreating from the battle. This concept comes from the Talmud, and also was recorded in the Maimonides’ magnum opus “Book of the Strong Hand” that is considered just as important; it is in the paragraph 7.6:

        Behind each array, strong and tough gendarmes are appointed and hold an iron axe in their hands. These police have the right to cut the thigh of anyone who wants to flee the battle, for fleeing is the first step to defeat.

        Second, these “atheistical” Jews buried their Messiah, Lenin, in a mausoleum that incoprorates religious references in its design. You can see that the Lenin’s Mausoleum resembles the Tomb of Cyrus in appearance and structure. Both buildings have 7 steps. Lenin’s Mausoleum is 5.8 thousands of cubic meters on the outside and 2.4 thousands of cubic meters on the inside. The sum, or gematria of these numbers is 13 and 6. The most sacred, magical numbers in the Judaic tradition.

        You perhaps need to read about the king Cyrus II of Persia a little bit to understand the significance of that. He is mentioned in the Bible, in the Book of Ezra, and in the Book of Isaiah as the anointed one, Messiah, because he liberated the Jews from the exile and let them return to Israel and restore the Temple. Read it in Isaiah 45:1-3.

        These “atheistical” Jews also established the practice of using commissions of three persons who issued sentences to people, imitating rabbinical courts in Russia. These “atheistical” Jews established a regime that got as close to the Noahide state as it could get. And their coat of arms and their mottos, their flags and their pentagrams come from the Masonic arsenal. You should have known that.

        Thus, these Jews belonged to a religious corporation called Judaism.

        Speaking of Karl Marx, bear in mind that his famous “Opium of the people” has context, so read it in context. It has a meaning that is poles apart from the one people think it has. All this, of course, doesn’t answer the question of how a secular Jew can be a part of religion, but it points out that before asking such a question it is much better to get down from the palm tree first, dear Sardonicus. I can explain the point of mine, but I expect a modicum of respect from a person requesting that.

      6. Rousso,

        Thank you for your detailed answer. You have made some persuasive points. Your background knowledge is certainly extensive. No denying that.

  5. Yes, I watched a better tape of the airport incident in the Independent newspaper. In it the American can be heard saying, “this is our plane”! Then the Chinese official’s very reasonable reply can be heard. “This is our country”. It’s obvious the tailless monkey spin doctors were trying to make the Chinese look bad. However it’s backfired and there has been almost universal applause for the Chinese action. George W. Bush said, “they” hate us for our freedoms. Wrong! Americans are hated for their criminal actions around the world, their meddling in foreign countries and their naive belief that everyone wants to be an American. Another reason for the universal odium in which they are held, is because their government perpetrated the largest theft in history in 1971, when they abandoned the gold standard. Even the US Treasury Secretary at the time, William Simon, admitted as much. What riles me is the stupidity of, not only Americans, but the stupid animal populations in Europe and elsewhere who fail to realise the blatant robbery perpetrated by their own governments.
    Again in 2008 with the bank bailouts and ensuing austerity, another massive exercise in larceny. Again the dumb bastards just rolled over and accepted it! When are the fxxking moronic populations around the world going to wake up? Are they FUBAR (Fxcked up beyond all redemption)?

    1. Not until voting rights are restructured, Felix. We need WEIGHTED voting, depending on productivity and knowledge. Working for a living, “middle and ‘working class'”, with sufficient knowledge of economics, politics, history, etc, would, for example earn 3 votes per person. 2 votes for slight deficiency in knowledge. 1 vote for those on any type of public assistance, complete ignorance of the Real World, AND (N.B.) those of high wealth that live off of interest or investments. This last proviso as such because those with wealth have disproportionate influence.

      This, with perhaps some tweaking, would eliminate the fatal flaw in all one man-one vote democracies. Pure academics and intellectuals get NO extra vote. I think Tocqueville would agree with this formulation.

    2. Not until voting MACHINES and the COUNTERS are restructured, Felix. 🙂

      We need PUBLIC voting, depending NOT on secret ballots.

      Secret ballots promote FRAUD..!!

      1. I’ve got 2 suggestions: 1. Paper ballots that are videotaped continuously and watched over by a bi-partisan group. 2. A public lavatory with several stalls, video and audio recording. The number of flushes indicates the candidate, e.g., 1 flush for Trump, 5 flushes for Hillary (for obvious reasons).

  6. Is Egypt part of g20? If not, what the hell is sisi doing there? Any one knows Why PM Satanyahoo never get an invitation but Gen. SISI did?

  7. The G-20 meeting is for business partners.

    Russia is a friend of US. A satellite and business partner. The best enemy that lame-stream media can sell.

    This was smart of Putin, to give a gift to those who haven given so much to him.

    But, few have heard of…..

    The Teardrop Memorial given to US by a fake enemy:

    And what a beautiful memorial – a huge tear-drop coupled with the names of all those who perished. The West seemingly hell bent on pushing Russia into a corner in Ukraine & with the Zionist controlled media trying to hide their own complicity in the downing of flight MH17 & so continuing to blame Russia for something they had nothing to do with, it hardly looks good on the Zionists if they highlight the Tear-Drop when they’re desperately trying to make Russia look bad.

  8. I really didn’t hear anything definitive in this dis-jointed presentation, except some hare-brained assertion that the Dollar would “collapse” on 30 September – which is about as likely as some Ruskie manufacturing an ICBM which could hurl a “nuke” across the ocean to strike America. Ooooo – Look out! The SKY is falling!!

    Big deal. So what else is new??? 🙂

      1. Rousso –

        The RD-180 manufacturing deal is a shell game.

        It is actually graft, and possibly fraud, not any secret Russian know-how, which moved the deals through.

        Pratt & Whitney spent $25 million to set up the Energomesh manufacturing plant in Russia to enable their brokerage partnership to make extra fees based on the lower cost of wages and material in Russia.

        P&W actually showed the Russians how to make the engines. 🙂

        P&W continued to make the RD-180 engines even after the deals.


        Russian Rocket Engines for Atlas – Real Story

        International Partnerships in the Commercial Space Launch Industry

        RD AMROSS (p. 10 of report)

        In 1997, Florida-based Pratt & Whitney and NPO Energomash of Russia established the RD AMROSS LLC joint venture to produce the Russian RD-180 engine for the American market.

        Having partnered to sell other engine models, Pratt & Whitney and Energomash came together again to attempt to meet Lockheed Martin’s need for a new engine for its Atlas 3 and 5 vehicles with the RD-180 engine, then under development.

        Lockheed Martin selected the RD-180 as the first stage engine for its new Atlas models. Government policy, however, required that Lockheed Martin demonstrate the ability to manufacture RD-180s in the United States in order to avoid dependence on Russia to launch national security payloads.

        Therefore, under the RD AMROSS partnership, Energomash will produce 101 RD-180 engines for the Atlas 3 and commercial launches on Atlas 5 at its Khimky plant in Russia, while Pratt & Whitney will build some two dozen more RD-180s in Florida to launch government payloads.

        Pratt & Whitney also contributed $25 million to Energomash for upgrades at the Khimky plant.
        The two companies are 50-50 partners in the joint venture.

      2. Rousso –

        You seem like some old bureaucrat jerk who knows not and knows not that he knows not (a fool). Devices capable of creating nuclear fission are extremely heavy – so heavy that they have only been tested at stationary sites. (But you wouldn’t know that because you’re just some old asshole who’s been ‘drinking the kool-aid’ too long.) Go ahead, fall for all your bravado if it makes you feel better! Putin and his American business partners are counting on the likes of you! 🙂

    September 6, 2016 at 3:53 pm
    Of course not, it is not true for Israel, because their nation consists of immigrants and is heterogeneous, like the Yanks. Does it seem reasonable to assume that Bar Refaeli and Israela Avtau are of the same blood?

    Yes. Similar to Northern Italian and Southern Italian. The Roman Legions marched in both directions.

    1. Not, it is not similar to that. One is from Ethiopia and the other is from the Czech Republic, and that is recognizable in their appearance.

      1. Are they really Jewish? Sorry, they are not of Jewish blood.. Straw Man Argument Alert.

        Report: New Genetic Study Shows That Ethiopian Jewish Community Is Ancient, Long Pre-Dating The Destruction Of The Jerusalem Temple
        Operation Solomon Ethiopian JewsThe study reportedly shows that a few Jews started the Ethiopian community thousands of years ago, that they married local women (as was the Biblical practice), that they are a distinct population that did not have much intermarriage with non-Jews, and that sociologists who claimed the community came from Ethiopian Christians who “Judaized” approximately 500 years ago were wrong.

        Er, uh…..we’ll see ya, Rusie.

      2. That’s what I’m talking about, fool. The Jews are not a nation. The Israelis are. And the Jews are just religious societies from various ethnic backgrounds and don’t share the same blood, or even language. There are Berbers, Italians, Poles, etc. and that is their faith that makes them consider themselves being the Jews.

  10. I think it was just a tempest in a toilet bowl.
    The sign says clearly (for those who can read mandarin):
    “Brown Exits Out The Rear”.
    He should be grateful for the banquet leftovers, what he can’t eat, he can take home to family.

  11. Just wait until Hillary takes the stage…..
    Both Clinton’s are fundamentally liars. They lie mercilessly even to themselves. Clinton’s lie about everything. Meaning by everything literally “every single thing”. You can’t have a simple truth from a Clinton. Even or the most insignificant thing. I guess there must be some psychiatric and sociological explanations for that lying compulsive behavior. There’s no more disgusting slogan than “I’m with her” It looks like derived from that slogan, Clinton’s are taught and trained in their bedroom not to try and do anything but oppress peoples for the benefit of Wall Street. For that purpose they lie again and again. Clinton’s give God a bad name

  12. ROUSSO
    September 6, 2016 at 4:35 pm
    That’s what I’m talking about, fool. The Jews are not a nation. The Israelis are. And the Jews are just religious societies from various ethnic backgrounds and don’t share the same blood, or even language. There are Berbers, Italians, Poles, etc. and that is their faith that makes them consider themselves being the Jews.

    Sorry, you seem to be in error AGAIN:

    Landmark Study Proves 90% of Jews Are Genetically Linked to the Levant
    Jews in communities around the globe show more genetic similarities with each other than they do with their non-Jewish neighbors, except in India and Ethiopia.

    1. I am not “in error”, I am in the know, fool. First of all this research was conducted by the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa and the Technion and was biased from the start. Second, fool, read it all from top to bottom: “Historical evidence suggests common origins in the Middle East, followed by migrations.”

      These “common origins” are something similar to the common origins of the European peoples.

      Although the data point to a common ancestral origin in the Middle East, further details — such as when and how much different populations intermixed — are impossible to glean.

      There is a more elaborate article on the Nature site. And there is a research, that states the Jews and the Palestinian Arabs share about 85% of their genetic profiles. But it doesn’t make them like each other or even get along, does it?

      1. You obviously know almost nothing of DNA, RNA, mitochondria and other common genetic terms and concepts. Your blustery and buffo bluff is transparent, Ruse-Oh!. And the “fool” part. That particular linguistic slur is very common with street corner, ghetto rat, North American Pavement Apes. Common in rap music and keepin’ it real, nomesane?

        You should talk about stuff you know about, like frosting wedding cakes, etc. You seem to get confused, confounded, conflated, and convoluted easily. Instead of bluffing with a four card flush, why don’t you ask next time?

  13. it’s ok with me if i never see another red carpet rolled out for any of these so-called dignitaries.
    the red carpet recalls the quantities of blood shed from sacrificial victims on the altars of the demonolotraic “religions” in play over the ancient civilizations from where we inherited the same themes of sacrifice and martyrdom characterizing judeo-christianity still running amok in the world today. they use the red carpet to remind themselves of the power of war they have over us.
    if patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel – then ww3 will be contrived as the ruling elites’ method of saving itself from the awakening masses. usually they pull the plug on the economy first. that won’t take much at this point.
    until he stands in front of the whole world with the long overdue expose on the zionist machination, naming names and illuminating the suppressed history of all their crimes – then i guess there’s no big reason to think putin is not just another 33 mason, all the way in on everything from the beginning;

  14. Assuming all this is true and the U.S. has become a pariah among nations, I have to say I have ambivalent feelings. I live here in the U.S.A. and always will, and yet I can see that we have a rogue military, that we fight wars in order to steal resources, that we break treaties, that we are arrogant and dangerous. Recently I watched a Youtube video on the Illuminati where the Jews were exonerated and the U.S. was blamed. We are the illuminati with our pyramidal/New World Order dollar bill. We have gone from being a rogue military to being an entirely rogue nation. The bright side of this is that other nations may not want to sign treaties with us like the TPP (hopefully, fingers crossed). The dark side is that now the office of Presidency has gone the way of our other institutions. With Big Pharma in charge we have lost our once excellent medical system–no more. Our children are being poisoned with vaccines, and like an out of control freight train it looks like nothing can stop forced vaccination from taking us a 50% autism rate within a decade. Our schools are terrible. Does it even matter any more if kids go to school or not. They may learn more at home doing tutorials on the internet. Our universities are politically correct factories, manufacturing consent. There are still some good scholars but it seems to me all the good science research is happening elsewhere. We once had name universities like Harvard, Princeton, Stanford. Would anyone want their child or grandchild to go there now. I wouldn’t. Our bureaucracy is a criminal organization. We would be so much better off without the CDC, the FDA, the IRS, the EPA, and the Security and Exchange Commission. The revolving door prevails throughout and it doesn’t seem to me that the bureaucracy has any interest in serving the public. Even child protective services is predatory. They apparently make it their business to break families up and steal children, some claim to sell into porno rings. Our media is in the business of mind control. This I know for sure. The other day I saw the L.A. Times in my driveway. I became so enraged I ran over it three times with my tires and then stabbed it with my hiking poles—It’s silly, but I despise that newspaper and yet feel helpless because no letter to the editor would ever make a difference. Like the bureaucracy, like the universities that once were great, like the political establishment; the media is in the business of demonizing decent.

    So given the state of affairs in this country; it’s almost a relief that everyone has come to despise us. We need to move past neo-liberal/neo-con rule, and maybe the only way to do that is drop out of the system–not use doctors who take insurance, only doctors who are independent of the system, home school our kids, avoid the name universities and support the local state college, vote always against the neo-liberals, neo-cons at every opportunity, and use the newspaper for cleaning up after the dog.

    1. Don’t be so hard on yourself. The Zionists took control of your country and destroyed it. They did the same to Europe and Russia. We could just be witnessing another shovel load of Zionist-inpsired kabuki (i.e. East vs West) — don’t be surprised if Putin, Obama, Merkel and Xi merge into one fat pig-on-a-stick. Or maybe the East vs West is for real, but you’d have to be naive not to be on your guard.

    2. Don’t be so hard on yourself. The Zionists took control of your country and destroyed it. Then did the same to Europe and Russia. We could just be witnessing another shovel load of Zionist-inpsired kabuki (i.e. East vs West) — don’t be surprised if Putin, Obama, Merkel and Xi merge into one fat pig-on-a-stick. Or maybe the East vs West is for real. Still you’d be naive not to be on your guard.

    3. Recently I watched a Youtube video on the Illuminati where the Jews were exonerated and the U.S. was blamed

      Kapoore and everyone else: the Illuminati and the Masons were created for this reason, to provide a protective buffer for the Jew.
      They will never matter, they are just gardeners tending the true fleurs du mal.
      G-devil chose the Jew as his prime only agent, so you are either Chosen or chosen for consumption, it is binary.
      A freemason is a bricklayer sweating to build Jew temple, he will never gain admittance to the inner cursed-of-the-cursed.
      even all this talk of globalism and NWO is just more verbal sleight of hand, irrelevant, because there was Jew Order from the very beginning to the very end and nothing else.

      I really wish that people would understand these quite simple facts that do take some time to uncover because like all grand Jew strategies, they lie in plain sight.

      Any site repeatedly banging the Illuminati drum is just another tentacle of the Nemesis octopus, anybody hanging onto this concept is either a troll or a tremendously “useful” (read: destructive) idiot and of the two kinds, i prefer an outright troll.

      So simple that nobody gets it …

      1. Quite, and talking about Zionists or Israel isn’t really all that clarifying either. Our targets are jews/judaists and anyone who assists them. The latter outnumber the former. So we are a gargantuan amount of corpses removed from the inevitable solution. That’s also binary. Either we win, or they. Nothing in between, as history shows. So far they are winning, precisely because of naive concepts of betweens.

      2. Rosh Hoshannah and a new moon comin up early next month. Then Yom Kippur soon thereafter when the moon is full.

        Sounds potentially imminent enough for the shooting lull to be over

        Rats scurry at night
        to send up a fright
        set wolves to howlin
        big bear to growlin
        terrors pretenses
        next round commences

      3. Globalism, JWO, NWO, World totalitarianism – same difference

        A venus fly trap by any other name would smell as foul

  15. oops I meant to write dissent, but we aren’t decent either. We must conform to what is indecent. I cannot imagine how any of this is “good for the Jews.” The people running things are no longer thinking of the Jews either, maybe Israel, but not American Jews, not any American. We have an anti-American, rogue government, predatory, and cruel.

  16. More than half of the ‘alternative sites’ as well as the ‘commenters’ on them work for Intelligence. The rest are, for the most part, sites employing cut-outs and comments by useful idiots like myself.

    1. Karen —

      I don’t think you’re a “useful idiot” as long as you’re aware of the facts and doing your best to arrive at the truth. We’re all in the same boat, “seeing through a glass darkly.”

      1. Gee, Karen, and all this time I thought you were simply a USELESS idiot, it’s good to know an idiot like you at least has some use to somebody, LOL…..

  17. yes we know that karen. not that you’re an idiot. but that the intel communities are all over the net.
    if you have an opinion – you’re on the radar. most people don’t.
    but the idea is that, given enough real truth, even all those all those smarmy little spooks might some day awaken.
    as far as vaccines go kapoore – i don’t care what anybody says or what i have to give up, i won’t take em. no matter what. at some point the individual has to draw the line.
    i see autistic kids going by in shopping carts all the time now. and i wonder if so many problem people i have known were not suffering from vaccine injury.
    the great vaccine atrocity scam is right off the ruthless corporate hierarchy’s disaster capitalism playbook.
    i hope we get to focus on this lousey subject on this site too.

  18. @Sardonicus: In your reply to one of Rousso’s comments you say:
    “you have discredited yourself by the unmitigated rubbish of your remark: “Jews are not a nation. It’s a religious corporation.”
    DISCLAIMER: I have NO use for many of Rousso’s arrogantly trenchant pronouncements and even LESS use for his rude and infantile catcalls but… “magis amica veritas.” I agree with him on this.

    1. Jews are not a nation. I go farther on this: the self-styled Israelis are not a nation either.
    A nation is not concocted in a few decades by shlepping nationals of various countries, even continents apart, to a stolen land, teaching them a dead language to communicate in, steal from the Palestinians the hummmus and pretend that’s Rifka Evreievich’s ancestors ate it in the shtetl, steal the “hora” from the Romanians and make it the Israeli “national” folk dance, or pretend that the sephardim had ever in theor history heard the odious sounds of klezmer music or eaten gefilte fish.
    The accepted definition of “nation” requires the fulfillment of several sine qua non criteria:
    — common history (and no, “the eternal suffering” of Jews in the world, unconnected to each other does not qualify as common history)
    — evolution unfolded (national consciousness forged) over time on common/contiguous territory
    — common language
    — common culture
    Helpful but not sine qua non: common religion of the majority
    Jews and “Israelis” fail all these criteria.
    The Americans — “the proposition nation” (under threat of splintering asunder now) had more than 200 years to invent themselves as a nation (not a few decades like the Jews) and the added advantage that those who came stayed put. (Who wants to leave the land of all opportunities?…) The Jews, on the other hand, despite their loud professions of love for Israel consider it a revolving door: Ubi bene ibi patria. If the pickings are fatter elsewhere they pack and leave, even to Germany…
    2. As for religion, it is true that many Jews (Israelis or oy, oppressed Jews in the Galut) are self-declared atheists. Some have even adopted the novel and chic Jewish sthick of describing themselves as admiring or embracing Buddhism. But Judaism is the bedrock that tethers them all and the glue that keeps them tribally centripetal irrespective of their zip code. The Judaism-inculcated “Jewish identity” is made up of fierce tribalism, fear and hatred of outgroups (especially Christians), soul-deadening materialism with its offshoots, ruthless, unquenchable greed, dishonesty, inhumanity.
    A lapsed Christian who turns into a sincere atheist will not baptize his child. No “atheist” Jew would forego turning over his 8-day-old son to the mohel for sexual mutilation and the special Jewish ritual of vampiric fellatio. It a religion like no other, the cult of the tribe that worships itself.

    The nation that is not a nation is an atavistic tribe wrapped around a homicidal cult like a poisonous rag wrapped around a dagger.
    They do not propose to convert the mitochondrially defective Goyim to Judaism, in fact they want them to be unaware of it, but they want them to worship it indirectly in its derived manifestations, like the cult of the Holocaust,™ and to eternally repent for being Goyim.

    1. PS Yes, again, Rousso is right:
      “a religious corporation” with the added qualifier that it is a multinational, global religious corporation that blows an ill wind to humanity.
      “Don’t hate the sinner but the sin.” Jewish identity is to Jews what white is to rice.

    2. Ariadna –

      Pharisee-Jews pass the corporation tests with flying colors.

      Jewish jurisdictions cannot have it both ways. They are corporations or they are not corporations.

      Whether ecclesiastical or eleemosynary or sole, they have numerous corporate characteristics. Here are just a few.

      Jewish jurisdictions can sue and be sued, especially for TRADEMARK infringement such as illegal use of (K) and (U).

      Jewish jurisdictions can be granted tax-exempt status.

      Claims arising out of religious corporations include this list and many more:
      breach of contract,
      wrongful discharge,
      breach of fiduciary duty,
      trademark infringement,
      invasion of privacy,
      conversion, fraud, theft,
      and sexual abuse.

    3. Here are a few types of corporations acknowledged in law:

      Public(government) v Private – – (most important division)
      Stock v Non-Stock
      Ecclesiastical v Lay
      Eleemosynary v Civil
      Aggregate v Sole
      Domestic v Foreign
      Close v Open
      Subsidiary v Parent
      De-facto v De-jure

      Any of the above many be combined with the following styles:
      Municipal Corporations (government at all levels even Zionism)
      Quasi Corporations
      Quasi Public Corporations

    4. Ariadna, this IS the post that IMO deserves featuring as an article.
      Rather than beating our heads against the padded cell wailing wall trying to come up with a succinct, academically acceptable definition of a Jew, he is best described at a visceral level: “by his works you shall know him”.
      Your narration of the Jew scientific colleague who only feels relaxed among Jews even if they are all from an entirely different social stratum, birthplace, language and educational level, while distinctly uncomfortable among the gentiles with whom he grew up and spent his life with pretty much nails it.
      Why speak of Polish Jews, American Jews, Hungarian Jews, Yemeni jews as if this somehow provides an essential distinction?
      A jew is a Jew, dog is a dog and gentile is human.
      I caught onto that long ago and the conviction only gets stronger with each passing day.
      And I do feel much more comfortable among dogs than jews, emotionally closer, because I share the science Jew’s feeling but in reverse, I am perfectly cool among Bosnians, Thais, Kampucheans, Sherpas, Africans from different cultures, caribbean blacks, Amerindians, indian Indians … but yes, even though I have one or two “trusted” jew friends, one whom I’ve known since grade school … some part of me just zippers up in their presence, an animal instinct warns me to stay sober and safe.
      And these are jew outsiders to an extent, one a schizophrenic, the other completely scholastic (somehow reminds me of that Gershom Scholem guy, a walking encyclopedia), neither cares at all about material wealth, pretty much shunned even by own kind or treated with benevolent tolerance like village idiots.
      But they are Jews.

    5. Ariadnatheo,

      I disagree.

      First off, the word ‘nation’ is not synonymous with the word ‘country’. Israel is indeed an artificial entity. But so is the USA and in fact all of the current Americas, which were invaded and colonised by other nations, not the least by Judea. So that too is stolen habitat from the already present nations which were living there and which were genocided by the colonisers. However, as far as addressing the end results of this – the biggest crime in known history – is concerned the use of the word ‘nation’ or ‘nations’ actually means ‘country’ or ‘countries’. like the United Nations also means United Countries.. But talking about the Cherokee nation or the Aztec nation or the Celtic nation does not mean a country but a people.

      Things you mention, like;

      “But Judaism is the bedrock that tethers them all and the glue that keeps them tribally centripetal irrespective of their zip code.”


      “The nation that is not a nation is an atavistic tribe wrapped around a homicidal cult like a poisonous rag wrapped around a dagger.
      They do not propose to convert the mitochondrially defective Goyim to Judaism, in fact they want them to be unaware of it, but they want them to worship it indirectly in its derived manifestations, ”

      only confirm they are a nation, the Judea nation, which they don’t want to share with strangers, hence who are NOT part of their exclusive nation. Because a distinguishable tribe is by definition a nation. Roma or Sinti have no country either but they are a nation. A nation in diaspora, as are the jews/judaists.

      Religious corporation is a nonsensical expression. Many jews, if not the majority, are not religious – in the traditional sense – at all, but practically all are on the same page about what the world should be like, which makes them unique and thus a nation.

      1. 1138 –

        “Nation” has numerous definitions in law. You have mentioned some of them.

        What seems like nonsense to us is accepted fact and accepted custom and tradition and language to those making LAWFUL claims over the last few thousand years.

        We were tossed into this cave… and will never catch even a glimmer of the light outside. We don’t live long enough to climb up to the exit hole. We get slapped down along the way also. 🙂

        Corporations are fictions. Some are created by statutes. Others are not.

        To fully understand the fictional concept of a “religious corporation” takes decades of study of ECCLESIASTICAL corporations and corporations SOLE. Neither of them require statutory permission or charter for their formation.

        As an example, the Queen is a corporation SOLE. The Crown is a fiction and has duality of state and person. That corporate fiction is discontinues without a successor, That’s why they hurry and scurry to name a possible successor.

        The TORAH documents the basis of the ECCLESIASTICAL corporation and corporation SOLE of Judaism.

        The Torah is necessary as a book of common LAW of ‘succession’ for the establishment of Judaism as an ECCLESIASTICAL corporation SOLE without statutes.

        • The history of Judaism begins with Abraham, who came to believe in one Supreme Being,
        • his son Isaac,
        • Isaac’s son Jacob, later called Israel,
        • and Jacob’s 12 sons who founded the twelve tribes of Israel

        That is their claim, not mine. They claim it in almost every speech, ” Rights conveyed and handed down from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob..!!”


        Some research from Law dictionaries I gleaned over the years may help somewhat:

        The concept of corporation SOLE originated as a means for orderly transfer of ECCLESIASTICAL property, serving to keep the title within the denomination or religious society.

        In order to keep the religious property from being treated as the estate of the vicar of the church, the property was titled to the office of the corporation SOLE. In the case of the Roman Catholic Church, ecclesiastical property is usually titled to the diocesan BISHOP, who serves in the office of the corporation SOLE.

        Within most constitutional monarchies, notably the Commonwealth realms, the Crown is a NON-STATUTORY CORPORATION SOLE. Although the office and office-holder, conceptually speaking, retain dual capacities in that they may act both in a corporate capacity (as monarch) and in an individual capacity (as a private person), they are inseparably fused in law, which is to say that there is no legal distinction between the office of the crown/sovereign and the individual person who holds it.

        The Crown can enter into contracts and possess property, and it is in this way that the Crown (state) legally acts as a person. Conceptually speaking, the person of the monarch (office holder) may hold properties personally, distinct from property he or she possesses corporately, and may act as monarch separate from their personal acts. For example, Elizabeth II as a person has several corporations SOLE, such as Queen of the United Kingdom, Queen of Canada, Queen of Australia, SUPREME GOVERNOR OF THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND, an ecclesiastical corporation SOLE, etc. which are all distinct corporations sole, and at the same time she may also act as a natural person in a private capacity separate and apart from her role filling these various offices (corporations). This functions in the same way as the office of Prime Minister for example, which may have use of certain properties and privileges, such as an official residence and decision-making powers, however these assets do not belong to the office-holder in a private capacity and thus remain with the office once the office holder leaves, and at the same time the office holder may own property such as a house or a car in a private non-office related capacity.

      2. 1138:
        “First off, the word ‘nation’ is not synonymous with the word ‘country’. ”
        Feel free to demolish your strawman to your heart’s content. Just don’t pretend you’re responding to my comment in which there was no such “synonymy.”

        “a distinguishable tribe is by definition a nation. Roma or Sinti have no country either but they are a nation.”
        No kidding. You are laboring under the misapprehension of your own false synonymies: tribe = nation; people = nation.

        “all are on the same page about what the world should be like, which makes them unique and thus a nation.”
        Another whopper. Does size matter? I am asking because Flat Earthers are “unique” in the same way and, if size is not an issue with you, you can declare them a nation too. Com’on, they are all “on the same page.”

      3. Ariadnatheo,

        “Feel free to demolish your strawman to your heart’s content. Just don’t pretend you’re responding to my comment in which there was no such “synonymy.” ”

        Oh really? Well, you’re the one who involves a country – Israel – in the ‘discussion’ about if jews are a nation or not, not me, you, is that clear? So I’m not pretending anything. I leave that to the pretenders, of which there is no lack here.

        According to you a people/tribe are not a nation??? The Cherokees, the Sinti, Roma for example are not nations? If you think so, then happy ‘deep’ philosophing O wise Ariadnatheo.

  19. Jews are a nation. The jewish nation. It’s not a nation in the tradtional sense because they never had a land of their own. But Judea is a nation. Very simple.


    There are, with a few exceptions perhaps, no Dutch, Polish, German, English, Russian, etc etc. jews, only jews who live in Netherlands, Poland, England and Russia. Their first loyalty lies with Judea’s nation in diaspora.

    A golden oldie to remind us about that.

    And trust me, he wasn’t the only one who said so.

    1. No, 1138, Israel is not a “country” either. The country is Palestine. Israel is a state, midwifed by Western powers and the Soviet Union. And once again the reminder: the Israelis are not a nation.
      I have lots of sympathy for the tribes you mention but they are not nations either. Practically all are nomadic and all incapable of proper of complete transmission of tradition for lack of writing. None of those tribes developed writing. Legends are nice and oral transmission is enticingly personal and even intense but unreliable.

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