Shock News: Transgendered Jewish “Man” Gives Birth To Baby Girl

23 January, 2016:  Thanks exclusively to Jewish influence and propaganda, this is how insane our society has become.

Jews-promote-transgenderismWhen Rafi Daugherty of Denver (pictured) went to the hospital for the birth of his first child, he posted a sign on the delivery room door. “I am a single transgender man having my first baby,” it read. “I use he/him/his pronouns and will be called ‘Abba’ (Hebrew for father) by the baby. Papa, Dad, Daddy, Father…are also OK.”

Rafi, 33, wanted hospital staff to be prepared for what they were about to see: a man laboring in bed.

“I didn’t want them to assume that I identified as female because I was having a baby,”he said.

After eight hours of labor, Rafi was holding his 7-pound, 10-ounce daughter: Ettie Rose, named  in the Jewish tradition after Rafi’s maternal grandmother and great-grandmother.

Since bringing Ettie home from the hospital, Rafi’s days have been filled with frequent feedings — unable to nurse, he gives his daughter donor breast milk — and diaper changes and stroller walks around his Denver neighborhood.

Transgender rights and inclusion are increasingly a part of public — and Jewish — discourse.

That’s due in part to the recent transition of the Olympic gold medalist and reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce, and the prominence of transgender characters on hit series such as “Transparent,” where the protagonist is a Jewish transwoman, and “Orange Is the New Black.”


CAITLIN JENNER, formerly called ‘Bruce’,
after making the transition from a man’s body into a woman’s.
S/he now charges $100,000 for each speaking engagement.

LD:  Veteran feminist Germaine Greer caused considerable outrage recently by insisting that a man who changed his sex would always remain a man biologically. For giving offense to feminists and the transgender community, Greer was initially banned from giving a talk to students at Cardiff University in Wales. 

In November, the Union for Reform Judaism issued a resolution affirming its commitment to the full equality of transgender and gender non-conforming people. The flagship Reform, Conservative and Reconstructionist seminaries welcome transgender students, and the Reform movement’s Hebrew Union College–Jewish Institute of Religion and the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College have ordained transgender rabbis.

Rafi, who grew up Orthodox, said he’s been warmly welcomed by Colorado’s progressive Jewish community. One independent minyan organized a postpartum meal train for Rafi, and a large Conservative synagogue hosted Ettie’s simchat bat, a Jewish welcoming ceremony.

Rafi became pregnant by artificial insemination.

The sperm donor is a friend whom Rafi described as “a tall, dark and handsome gay man, who is half South Asian” and half white.

“He’s expressed gratitude to be part of this journey for us,” Rafi added, “and not have to deal with the diapers and the crying.”


Rafi as a litte girl (left) and later as a young woman


Rafi as a proud father after “he” has given birth to a daughter

LD:  Rafi was artificially inseminated with sperm from a Eurasian homosexual. So if Rafi insists on being called a “man”, which is certainly what s/he now looks like, it follows that Rafi’s daughter has TWO FATHERS (and no mother)  rather than a mother and father like 99.999% of the population. Do you think Rafi’s daughter will be happy when she grows up and finds she never had a mom — only two daddies? 


Just when you thought society could not get any more debauched and degenerate, we have this story.

It should be noted that the organized Jewish community has and remains at the forefront of the promotion and normalization of transgenderism. The article above, published by The Times of Israel, notes how “Caitlyn Jenner” has been instrumental in promoting this disgusting, unnatural agenda. Unsurprisingly, the entire “Caitlyn Jenner” media spectacle was promoted almost entirely by radical Jewish journalists and, of course, the Jewish mainstream mass media, including ESPN.

The article excerpted above also describes how the Jewish owned and controlled mass media has promoted and normalized transgenderism through television programs such as “Transparent” and “Orange Is the New Black,” programs which are heavily influenced by Jews.

It should be clear to everyone at this point that the Jews and their traitorous enablers have systematically subverted and destroyed traditional American culture, and have transformed it into a debauched, disgusting Marxist paradise.

Transgenderism and other abnormal, degenerate behaviors, including homosexuality, miscegenation, and licentiousness lifestyles (all championed and promoted by the organized Jewish community), are no longer viewed as an unhealthy, unnatural, bizarre rebellion against nature. They are viewed as just another lifestyle choice, as legitimate as any other – perhaps even more so.

This is “progress” in the eye of the Jew and his supporters.

The nation wrecking Jews and their cultural Marxist allies largely running the Western world insist society must accept and glorify confused, deranged transgendered individuals. If we do not accept this bizarre, unnatural phenomenon, we are considered “bigots” and “haters” – “closed-minded,” “backwards,” and “intolerant” – by the mass media and politically correct society.

It’s incredible how far we have fallen as a nation.

Sourced from The Realist Report

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    1. Felix –

      I would imagine the the enemies of Vlad The Impaler came to a similar conclusion when they saw so many corpses skewered around his property….

      The real Dracula

      By most accounts, Vlad III was born in 1431 in what is now Transylvania, the central region of modern-day Romania.

      Vlad the Impaler made his presence known in rude fashion….

      To consolidate his power as voivode, Vlad needed to quell the incessant conflicts that had historically taken place between Wallachia’s boyars. According to legends that circulated after his death, Vlad invited hundreds of these boyars to a banquet and — knowing they would challenge his authority — had his guests stabbed and their still-twitching bodies impaled on spikes.

      1. Pat,
        Vlad was quite tame by African standards. One of the first murders I came across was in South Africa. Death by anal evisceration. The unfortunate had apparently offended a local witchdoctor and had been tied down, ass up. A narrow stick was then inserted in the rectum, piercing and hooking into the colon, which was slowly extracted. About 2 metres of intestine were pulled out before the unfortunate expired. A most unpleasant way to die. The smell at the crime scene was awful. Imagine a flyblown corpse after about five days in the hot sun. That’s why the film posted by White Warrior didn’t faze me in the least. African witchdoctors are infamous for using human body parts to make mutti(medicine). Woe betide albino africans. They are particularly prized
        Another case, I heard about was from a Northern Territory Policeman friend of my father. Thus hearsay.
        An Abo was jealous of another Abo man for running off with his lubra(woman). He got the fellow trussed him up and buried him alive in an anthill. If you ever go there you will see anthills everywhere.

      2. Why go all the way to Romania for cheap thrills?

        Wasn’t an English king, a homosexual, overthrown by his wife and her boyfriend and executed by inserting a glowing hot poker up his ass?


      3. Thanks , Felix –

        There have been billions of victims throughout history. I would not try to name them all. Mao and Stalin are recent standouts.

        My point was not so much the gravity of the act itself, but the responses of many millions would have been something like your retort… nothing new…. as many begged for death…. “loony” forever…. past, present and future.

        January 25, 2016 at 1:53 pm

        “Nuts! The planet has become one giant loony bin! The only escape is death. Viva La Muerte!”

    2. Yeah, the author is one ugh-ly racist. What a creep. But as you say, s/he can escape the narrow mind and shriveled heart in death.

  1. Nobody is buying tickets to the travelling Jewish freak show . Laugh at their jugglers and clowns or cry but don’t let it make ya wanna croak,their here to contrast the real from the absurd.
    ‘hang in there Felix!
    “Thanks exclusively to Jewish influence and propaganda, this is how insane our society has become., rather what jewish society has become-a picture of gross aberration.

    Thank you lasha for giving us sane folks a peek under the zio tent.

  2. This is fake. In reality this creature never ceased to be a woman, superficial changes notwithstanding. Even 100% insane people cannot cheat nature.

    As for the abnormal life the child will face, we shouldn’t worry too much about that. Birth, even under absurd circumstances, is ruled by the Law of Karma. This child “deserves” to be born that way. Do you think crazy souls don’t exist?

    1. FR,

      This child’s mother deserved to be born to Jews. She must have done something unspeakable in a previous existence.

      And so did this newborn who during her life will carry the insanity torch even further no doubt.

  3. miscegenation abnormal and unnatural like homosexuality
    ?????? are you having a fuckin larf ld dudes ??? I thought this was a Christian leaning site,its getting more like the aanirfan site around here every day,what with the stupid ass comments flying about. would have been far easier and fairer to have included paedophilia rather than miscegenation.

  4. no more abominable than miscgenation….sorry to say….have to put up with this sick perversion wherever you go now….

  5. Well, the daughter is actually a goy, because she doesn’t have a Jewess mother.
    Not being Jewish, what race would she be, white?
    Considering how she was conceived, Brown seems appropriate.

    Bypassing dying, Bardo Thodol and reincarnation to take a shortcut to life as a cockroach …
    Obama will light the menorah.

  6. ‘Male pregnancy’ figures reveal how 54 MEN gave birth in Australia in the past 12 months

    I cannot find the post now, but I was writing about this particular deviant behaviour quite a few years ago, the photos were too shocking for my, at the time, semi innocent eyes. THIS couple, the “wife” is a transgendered guy and the husband a tran girl who gives birth to their child. I was boggled at the time.

    So why THIS creep gets extra attention I do not know unless it is because the JMSM simply wants to keep this sick issue in the public eye to keep trying to normalize this sickness.

  7. One gender calling itself another gender while maintaining the biological components to give birth as if that person was still the original birth gender and then lie to the world and try to tell the world that they have given birth as a man instead of as a woman is seriously offensive to me as a male. How dare you denegrate my gender. This is a bad sexist joke AGAINST males. I am offended. What about violating the rights of my gender?

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