Sweden’s Migrant Rape Epidemic Explained

Introduced by Rixon Stuart, Editor of The Truthseeker 

tsunamiIt needs to be emphasised that the current crisis in Sweden isn’t because of ‘Islam’ or ‘Muslims’. That’s exactly what the elite want you to believe. No, the root cause of Sweden’s “rape epidemic” is the unrestricted movement of “refugees” and “asylum seekers”, many of whom are actually miscreants and criminals.

This is how the Illuminati seek to divide and rule. By allowing an unrestricted flood of migrants into the West the elite seek to create divisions in formerly homogenous communities. Sweden is a case in point. New World Order propagandists in the corporate media are now trying to spin these reports as crimes committed by “Muslims”, thereby promoting the Clash of Civilisations narrative.

However, this ignores the fact that Europe’s currently porous borders have enabled the influx of many miscreants who would otherwise have been barred; simply because they were criminals who under normal circumstances would be prevented from entering. The Western led wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the covertly instigated strife in Syria, have changed that but it’s a mistake to think that this is Islam’s doing; it’s part of a broader Illuminati strategy.

Ingrid Carlqvist of Gatestone Institute explains how this has impacted in Sweden.

In an important footnote to this 5-minute video, Rixon Stuart adds:

While we reserve judgement about what is said in the video it’s CRUCIAL to note that it was made by the Gatestone Institute. Chairman of the institute is one John R. Bolton, who readers will recall was one of the main advocates for the invasion of Iraq.

In fact a full five years BEFORE the 2003 U.S. led ‘intervention’ he was advocating a U.S. led attack on Iraq.

In other words Bolton helped create the instability in the Middle East that gave rise to the current refugee crisis. This is a classic Illuminati ploy. Create a problem or allow one to develop, in the form of Saddam Hussein. ‘Solve’ the problem by invading Iraq and create a host of further problems in the process that is unfolding in the current refugee crisis afflicting Europe. 


VIDEO : 5.17 mins

27 thoughts to “Sweden’s Migrant Rape Epidemic Explained”

  1. The face of truth lies hidden behind the veils of seeming! (SEEMS like the old gal is telling the truth, anyway…)

  2. “It needs to be emphasised that the current crisis in Sweden isn’t because of ‘Islam’ or ‘Muslims’.”

    This I disagree in.

    Firstly, Sweden has now, officially turned into a big, wet, girl’s blouse, where effeminate men and masculine women live, all wrapped up in a politically correct society, dominated by feminism, LGBT and SJW’s.
    Secondly, because Sweden is now an incredibly tolerant society, a complete opposite to its past (Viking culture), intolerant peoples, who bring their intolerant cultures, who wish to overthrow the country’s indigenous common law, for their own will eventually dominate the land, as their population grows. History has told us this, time and time again.

    This is most certainly the job of the Jewish globalists; Barbara Specter certainly shows us this, but regardless if you are not prepared to fight for your society; if you allow it to become a bastion of LGBT and feminist agenda; if you continue to vote in politicians who are destroying your country by flooding it with immigrants from Asia and Africa, who tend to look at white women as whores, to rape and assault as they please, then I have absolutely no and I really mean NO sympathy whatsoever for the Swedish people. They have turned from the most feared warriors, the world has ever known into a parade of nancy boys and mad women, who are allowing their very fabric of their being to be destroyed as they sit back and watch doing absolutely nothing about it. I’ve sadly met quite a few Swedish men and they are nothing more than women with dicks.

    1. “… I have absolutely no and I really mean NO sympathy whatsoever for the Swedish people.”

      Ditto. It is not possible to bring down a Western country without the active participation of its native citizens. The Swedes did this to themselves.

  3. As far back as I can remember the Swedes were always very sanctimonious and piously liberal. During the Vietnam War they gave refugee status to American deserters. They also aggressively backed terrorist groups operating against South Africa and Rhodesia. Now they are learning it’s a big, bad world out there and it’s time for them put away liberal notions of playing ring a rosies or singing Kumbaya with these primitive rape savages.
    As an interim measure, why not, instead of having these people hanging around doing nothing, put them into labour camps. We could even introduce the good old tradition of the chain gang, a la Australia or Alabama. It would be a wonderful deterrent to the riff raff and scum now descending on Europe.
    As for rapists, study Singapore. In addition to a custodial sentence, rapists, child molesters and their ilk receive up to 24 strokes of the cane.

    1. “As an interim measure, why not, instead of having these people hanging around doing nothing, put them into labour camps.” With sign over the gate that reads: “Arbeit macht frei heimkehren”?

      1. “Arbeit macht frei……..”. Naturlik, I can’t think of a better way to discourage them. Most of these young men are Soros agents anyway.

  4. Discard this article. Anything associated with Satanic Cultural Marxist Bolton is genocidal
    propaganda against Europeans everywhere. No Muslim refugees. Save the millions of Christians
    in danger from ISIS and other Israeli machinations.

    1. Gary –

      Correct. This is controlled – PAID – opposition.

      Gatestone is a collection of Pharisee-Jews in NGO:


      Gatestone Institute is funded by private donors and foundations. We are grateful for your support.

      Ambassador John R. Bolton, Chairman
      –Nina Rosenwald, President
      –Naomi H. Perlman, Vice President

      Board of Governors (in formation)

      The Viscountess Bearsted
      Baroness Caroline Cox
      —Alan Dershowitz
      The Lord Finkelstein OBE
      Jack Fowler
      Robert Immerman
      Lawrence Kadish
      Ingeborg Rennert
      Rebecca Sugar
      Merryl Tisch

      Board of Advisors (in formation)

      Ahmed Charai
      Rev. Dr. Petra Heldt
      M. Zuhdi Jasser
      Richard Kemp
      — Michael Mukasey
      — Elie Wiesel
      — R. James Woolsey

  5. “This week, the EU, in partnership with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft, unveiled a “code of conduct” to combat the spread of “illegal hate speech” online in Europe. The next day, Facebook suspended the account of Ingrid Carlqvist, Gatestone’s Swedish expert, after she posted a Gatestone video to her Facebook feed — called “Sweden’s Migrant Rape Epidemic.”


    The European Union (EU), in partnership with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft, has unveiled a “code of conduct” to combat the spread of “illegal hate speech” online in Europe.

    Proponents of the initiative argue that in the aftermath of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels, a crackdown on “hate speech” is necessary to counter jihadist propaganda online.

    Opponents counter that the initiative amounts to an assault on free speech in Europe. They say that the EU’s definition of “hate speech” and “incitement to violence” is so vague that it could include virtually anything deemed politically incorrect by European authorities, including criticism of mass migration, Islam or even the European Union itself.

    Some Members of the European Parliament have characterized the EU’s code of online conduct — which requires “offensive” material to be removed from the Internet within 24 hours, and replaced with “counter-narratives” — as “Orwellian.”

    Pharisee-Jews control the internet..!!!

    1. A couple months ago Facebook and YouTube met with Israeli officials to develop a means to prevent or remove Palestinian videos of human rights abuses perpetrated by Israelis against Palestinians. The US press is so Israeli-centric it does not report Israel’s human rights abuses that appear in the European press. Because of those videos Europe exerts more pressure on Israel than the US does. Israel would really like those videos to go away, unseen. Israeli officials promptly announced an agreement had been reached with Facebook, though Facebook later denied it.

  6. @ Pat
    @ Harbinger
    @ Others

    Take a look at this 10-minute video and tell me what you think is going on here. Why are these Muslims in Sweden going apeshit? And how would you Americans and Brits feel if your country was in a similar state of TOTAL CHAOS from the Muslims you had let into your country as guests, laying out the red carpet for them and providing them with all the amenities and comforts of a welfare state?

    How would you like it if these uninvited guests in your house began shouting and screaming at you and started raping your wife and daughters on the landing … and you couldn’t get rid of them?


    1. “How would you like it if these uninvited guests in your house began shouting and screaming at you and started raping your wife and daughters on the landing … and you couldn’t get rid of them?”

      Firstly, if anyone tried to assault or rape my daughter, while I was around, I would paralyze them for the rest of their life, by snapping their spines. If they were raped when I wasn’t there, I’d do exactly the same, regardless who they were and/or whom protected them.

      Secondly, you state uninvited…..really? Lolicia, who voted for the politicians? Was it the people of Sweden or the immigrants coming in today? You see, this is where the problem therein lies. Here’s a classic George Carlin quote on voting:

      “I don’t vote. Two reasons. First of all it’s meaningless; this country was bought and sold a long time ago. The shit they shovel around every 4 years *pfff* doesn’t mean a fucking thing. Secondly, I believe if you vote, you have no right to complain. People like to twist that around – they say, ‘If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain’, but where’s the logic in that? If you vote and you elect dishonest, incompetent people into office who screw everything up, you are responsible for what they have done. You caused the problem; you voted them in; you have no right to complain. I, on the other hand, who did not vote, who in fact did not even leave the house on election day, am in no way responsible for what these people have done and have every right to complain about the mess you created that I had nothing to do with.”

      This is the rub here Lolicia. If you see a friend with a badly burned hand and you ask them what happened and they say they put their hand in the fire; would you have sympathy or call them a bloody fool? This is the situation in Sweden. They voted in politicians who brought in the massive migration. They have no right to complain, when they fall head first into the holes they’ve dug for themselves. I on the other hand do.

      1. We voted for a conservative party alliance in 2006 who promised lower taxes and to get rid of the social-democrats etc. First year everything work out fine and the elected kept their promises. All of a sudden 2007 they swapped the politics and opened the gates. We had voted for a Trojan horse!! Most things that matters was carefully prepared for in advance. The whole system turned against the majority of the people and we were cornered without any knowledge due to a hijacked media, there was not a party on the side of the people but the small Sweden democrats. I urge the world to study this politically engineered coup.
        The tide is slowly turning but it takes time to organize new parties etc. when you have the whole armada of MSM against you. Swedes are not to good at political English but an easy to read English alternative media helps a lot.

      2. Åke i Sörmland –

        Right. As usual. Anticipated. Predictable.

        As I have said numerous times here…..

        ALL national leaders are LIARS..!!

      3. Åke i Sörmland,

        “We voted….”

        And there in is your problem. Whatever comes after is completely irrelevant. Look at the quote above by George Carlin. The reason why the whole ‘voting’ concept was brought in for the people was to stop them revolting ever 5 years or so. The elites fooled the public into thinking that by giving them the right to vote, they have a say in how their country is run. They don’t. They never have. They never will.

        There is absolutely no law in any European land that holds political parties accountable should they not honour their pre-election manifestos. Once they get into power THEY HAVE A FREE RIDE TO DO WHATEVER THEY SO DESIRE, or should I say, whatever the people they work for desire (and they’re not the people).

        The definition of insanity is ‘doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results each time. This therefore means that the overwhelming majority of people who live in the world and vote are mad. Here in the UK, it’s the usual political ping ping of Tory (Conservative) vs Labour (Socialist). One party comes into power, is there for 2 or three terms, fucks up the country and then the people vote them out – NOT the other party in. Then the other party comes in and they do the same and it continues. The socialists come in, nationalize everything and put their buddies in top jobs and then when they’re kicked out of office, the conservatives come in, privatise everything and put their buddies in top jobs.

        People’s lives continue getting worse. The wage gap increases between the workers and management/upper management. They still never cotton on that they really think voting some sycophant into power will make their lives any better than it currently is. They haven’t realised that wars were fought in the last century, to cull the population in order to bring about the flood of immigration TO PAY FOR THE PENSIONS and of course, DO THE JOBS THE INDIGENOUS WON’T DO.

        I’ll say it again Åke, I HAVE NO SYMPATHY FOR THOSE WHO WILL NOT LEARN FROM THEIR MISTAKES and voting is a mistake that’s been going around for quite some time now, that people never learn from. You voted for politicians, to do what politicians do – lie. Therefore you gave them the right to flood your country with immigrants and ban any indigenous fight back. Your problem. Sort it out.

      4. Harbinger, you can’t use violent against rapists, or else u’re a terrorist…

        says the Jews-media…

        but I believe that some Jew-loving/supporting white men deserve to be called terrorists if the female members of their family gets raped…

    2. What I saw was Muslims that will not kowtow to the promotion of the homosexual agenda. Their behavior is unacceptable, their dissent is not.


    3. Lolicia,

      As to the video, well……
      Gilroy correctly states their dissent is not unacceptable. They appear to be the only faith in this world that doesn’t accept perversions between man and man, woman and woman and yet, all we hear from the anti Muslim brigade is Muhammad and Aisha.
      What I find unacceptable is that today, as John Kaminski writes in his latest article:

      “Children who are propagandized in school that homosexuals and so-called transgender personalities are merely normal variations of human behavior are brought into radical confrontation with their parents who realize that demonic forces out to destroy the country are encouraging these pathological distinctions to obliterate families and necessitate the fragmented personalities who remain to be forced to seek support from Big Brother.”

      we have a battle between parents who don’t accept homosexuality with their heterosexual children who do. Long gone have the days when son and daughter followed the teachings of their parents. The state is now mother and father.

      I am now beginning to realise that the influx of immigrants is also about changing people’s attitudes to the LGBT community. All I hear from EDL frontman, Tommy Robinson is “they don’t accept our way of life. They are anti gay….” So am I. I wouldn’t persecute any homosexual, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is immoral, unnatural and abnormal behaviour and against the very concept of nature. If British culture is the acceptance of homosexuals as we have somehow been told is, even though up until the late 60’s it was illegal behaviour, I really want no part of it. I am not going to jump on any bandwagon, promoting the rights of homosexuality in the light of persecution of them from Muslims. It’s simply wrong and I won’t support it, regardless.

      1. Harbinger

        “The reason why the whole ‘voting’ concept was brought in for the people was to stop them revolting ever 5 years or so.”
        I don’t know whether you realize how accurate your statement is.
        Beside the regular periodic decompressing sessions called local and national elections, I have always thought that the ruling “elite” ( at least in Algeria) have a panel monitoring the social unrest in real-time to make sure that it never reaches the critical mass. I also noticed that, although apparent faces and political discourses change, a permanent and totally different line of policy goes underneath. Along the unsteadiness of the first and the constancy of the second one can imagine two parallel “worlds”: the divided society with a disrupted/short memory and the ruling “elite” with a steady record and follow-up of their agenda. This underneath world makes the History, i.e., it designs the plot (setting the environment, the atmosphere and the required factors that lead to the desired outcome) so that the second world feels “compelled” to take action and fulfill what he was made to think it is HIS “duty”…which happens to be a further stepping stone in the global agenda. Anyway, our States are nothing but sub contracting companies to the global agenda.
        In another instance, one should bear in mind that the wars waged in the Middle East, the consequent waves of migrations and the subsequent chaos caused in Europe are all intended to meet the goals of the Satanic Elite: none of the needs of the refugees or those of the native are taken into consideration, though the temporary and immediate challenges to both parts (the need of the refugees to settle down and the duty of the native to kick them out) seem promising and legitimate. The designed conflict will ultimately profit to the designer in a way or in another and any apparent concession made to other parts is but a foot hold to another leap toward the NWO.

  7. “This is a classic Illuminati ploy. Create a problem or allow one to develop, [ . . . ] ‘Solve’ the problem . . . ”

    As Alex Linder pointed out so long ago – “Jews set em’ up and Jews knock em’ down.” Actually it’s illumiJewry. Within this title “Illuminati,” one finds yet another example of the Jew’s bizarre, inverted, mental process in action. The darkest, most negative and destructive force, on the planet painting itself to be a force of positive light. Jews are the ones that came up with the idea that it is OK to vandalize (break glass window panes) because the vandalism creates work for the glaziers.

    “Renaissance and Early Modern writers characterized the Vandals as barbarians, “sacking and looting” Rome. This led to the use of the term “vandalism” to describe any senseless destruction, particularly the “barbarian” defacing of artwork. However, modern historians tend to regard the Vandals during the transitional period from Late Antiquity to the Early Middle Ages as perpetuators, not destroyers, of Roman culture.”

    The Vandals weren’t shit compared to the destructive Jew. To be sure the Jew’s destruction is not senseless, but intentional and purposeful to their agenda. According to the Jew’s economic theory, we should all be rich from repairing the damage Negroes have inflicted upon our major cities. Detroit alone should be producing a goldmine of wealth. Instead we find ourselves growing poorer by the day – why is that? JEWS!

    Here’s a business that took the Jew’s economic concept to heart – http://www.orionohio.com/boardup-and-vandalism-restoration/

    What the Jew’s lopsided economic theory fails to take into account is that in order to destroy, one must first create and when there is enough destruction the creators will have their hands full just trying to keep abreast of the repairs. In the end the creators cease creating because the destruction makes it pointless. What does America, once a nation of producers, create today but destruction, misery and bloodshed for others? We have long ago replaced the Vandals as senseless destroyers of nations and cultures.

    Thanks to Jews, America’s history will read “The Americans swept across the globe, senselessly bombing murdering and destroying nation after nation, which is why the term ‘Americanized’ has come to mean the large-scale, senseless, utter destruction and devastation of a nation or entire region.”

  8. Working people are sick of the elites who seem to be acting AGAINST the people. Unless there is a change soon there could be revolutions all over Europe.

    1. I highly doubt that John. Your average Joe is up to his eyeballs in debt. They are also not prepared to rock the boat and lose what they have. There will be small uprisings within the minority but as usual, the msm will play it down as far right extremist groups.

    2. John –

      The refugees are conducting the revolutions… while land holders look to government for help.

      Recovery will not happen in Europe or N America.

      This article was written 15 years ago. It tells of Clinton’s strong-arming meat producers and bringing in musselmen.

      From 2001:

      Since 1995, the Clinton INS has resettled over 80,000 Balkan refugees, mainly Bosnian Muslims, primarily in America’s Midwest.

      The immigrant deluge has earned Iowa the distinction of being the only state in the union with its own refugee bureau.


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