The Coming of Pax Judaica : Sheikh Imran Hosein Interviewed (video, 40-mins)

LD:  In this riveting 40-minute interview, Sheikh Imran Hosein makes the compelling eschatological prediction that the center of world power is now moving from America to Israel. 

I had advanced the same argument in my earlier 2-part article America Vanquished. There I had pointed out that the Roman Empire (Pax Romana) had been followed by the British Empire (Pax Britannica), which in turn had been superceded by the American Empire (Pax Americana) after World War Two.

Since America had to all intents and purposes become an Israeli colony, completely under Jewish control, it was only a matter of time, I argued, before the Jews would achieve world domination through America. They would then move their center of operations from Washington to Jerusalem. The new world power would be Pax Judaica, the Jewish Empire, stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates — and beyond.

I had reinforced my point by quoting this passage by Israel Shamir:

Palestine is not the ultimate goal of the Jews; the world is. Palestine is just the place for world state headquarters.

The Jews intend to turn Jerusalem into the supreme capital of the world, and its rebuilt temple into the focal point of the Spirit on Earth. Christianity will die, the spirit will depart from the nations in our part of the world, and our present dubious democracy will be supplanted by a vast theocratic state. De-spiritualized and uprooted, homeless and lonely, yesterday’s Masters of the World [WASPs] will become slaves in all but name.

The Jewish universe is good for Jews. It is a curse for others. In the US, as Jewish influence has grown steadily since 1968, the lives of ordinary people have worsened. A good time for the Jews is not a good time for mankind. The blessing of the Jews is a curse for others. The regimes that are “good for Jews” are rarely good for anybody else. (See here)

Sheikh Imran begins his discussion with the Brexit referendum, in which the British people made the revolutionary decision to leave the European Union (EU), effectively freeing themselves from the shackles of an autocratic cosmopolitan elite — an unelected elite of bureaucrats in Brussels determined to turn Europe into a multicultural menagerie of uncontrolled immigration.

Sheikh Imran argues that the Brexiters are unlikely to get their way. The democratic decision of the British people to keep their cosmopolitan oppressors at arm’s length, retaining their sovereignty, is likely to be reversed at any time within the next year or so. Democracy, it seems, is too important to be left to the common people.

Sheikh Imran considers all these questions (and more) in detail and offers many penetrating insights into the world that awaits us under Jewish hegemony.

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  1. With full acknowledgements to my Buddhist friend Felix for bringing this brilliant talk by Sheikh Imran Hosein to my attention..

    Thank you, Felix. You are a gem.

    1. My pleasure, Lasha
      Now is the time to put aside religious, doctrinal and theological differences and realise that the Jews are waging a war against all religions, not only Christianity and Islam, but also against all the other major faiths. (((They))) are also waging a war against all nations in their attempts to undermine national cultures, sovereignty and identity. When I visit a country I like eat its cuisine, absorb its culture, learn its language etc. Through globalisation, (((they))) are trying to destroy all these things.
      Darkmooners, I know for some of you, 40 minutes is a long time and you may not agree with everything he says, but please take the time and watch it. He bears no animus towards Christianity, only the Judeo-Christian alliance and the false Jihad in Syria backed by heretical Muslims in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere. I’m sure many of you, will find much with which you will agree.
      Of particular interest is the Jewish one world currency, all electronic, of course.

      1. I think that the Good Sheikh would say that these “Jews” are not in fact the Children of Israel; rather they are the Children of Gog and Magog and who are impersonating as Jews. These Children of Gog and Magog are taking the Children of Israel for a ride!

  2. Eschatology seems to me like logic pushed to the envelope limit, to say, every other kind of logic is okay relative to its shaky premises.
    The old guy talks slow but his brain is engaged in low, 4WD gear for high traction.

    The essential idea is that Judeosatanism is a snake with epochal shedding of skin as it slithers toward its appointed goal (rough beast slouching toward Bethlehem to be born), it first infested United Kingdom after having gutted its Christianity in Cromwell’s time, grew to bursting engorged on wealth resulting from destruction of nations in Napoleonic wars, fueled the world conquest by ensuring the global primacy of the pound sterling, WWI+II represented shedding the Crown skin and infesting a new host, the U$A, same thing on a grander scale and is now at the stage of dumping it too in favor of One Jew World currency and total, unquestioned supremacy, all the post-Nixon US and lesser satellites presidents and legislatures having signed off on Noahide obedience.

    Only one fly in remains in ointment – Russia – the sudden death playoff.

    I hear the distant thunder rolling closer, no more püssyfüting.

    1. Retrospectively, Russia could prove to have served as a fly in the ointment in some capacity after all is said and done.

      But there’s no getting around the apostasy being upon us

    2. “Judeosatanism”. Love this term, Lobro.

      After all these years of studying (((them))) I have never seen the reality so eloquently expressed.

      This must become a part of the lexicon.

  3. @ Sheikh Imran Hosein

    Brilliant. Loved your stimulating talk! Only one practical problem, Sheikh Imran. I have NO ROOM to store water in large earthenware jars. Not in large quantities anyway. Nor do most ordinary people living in cities.

    To implement this suggestion one would need to be a landowner or have a large house with a basement, outhouses, and an extensive garden. Considerable amount of storage room would also be needed for food. What about the millions of people who live in apartments? Is there no hope for them? You should give more serious attention to these practical problems, Skeikh Imran.

    In the event of a nuclear war, as you envisage it, most of the population would simply starve to death or commit suicide. Only a very small minority of well-equipped people would survive.

    I seriously ask myself: who would WANT to survive in such a post-nuclear hell world? I wouldn’t mind so much if euthanasia were made widely available.

    The best advice I would myself offer is this: stock up on suicide pills or keep a loaded gun at the ready. The last bullet is for yourself.

    1. Well Constance,

      The Jews, most certainly want to whack the entire world population, so as to have it all for themselves, of course, with enough goyim to be their servants.

      Would I kill myself if there was a nuclear war? Hell no!
      Why? Simply because that would be the wake up call for whatever goyim survived. It would mean the utter obliteration of all establishments and the rule of law, but more importantly it would be the worst mistake the Jew could ever do. Their smoke blown clear, their mirrors smashed, they would now be exposed and vulnerable to all non Jew around this world who survived and there would be many. You can be sure that small communities would rise up, defending their territories and eventually there would be unification. And once this happened, vengeance would be sought against those who created this hell. There would be no mass media, no academia, no political system to brainwash the non Jew into their compliance and love of all thing Jew. There would be no sport, music and film stars to keep the non Jews distracted. And there would be no goyim police or armed force to keep the non Jews at bay while Jew got on with his perfidy. It would turn into a vile hatred of Jews, within a post apocalyptic nightmare situation, where barbarism towards them would be an hourly occurrence. They would wish for a mass gassing of them all, having experienced the hell they’d be living, but it wouldn’t come. They would reap the thousands of years vengeance, for their wrongdoing. Hatred of the Jew would be far too weak a word to describe how the non Jews feel and they would give no quarter ever.

      An apocalypse would be the reset button upon humanity, washing away all the evil done by the Jew upon this world. This is why I don’t think the Jews would ever bring about a nuclear war, as it would ultimately mean their total annihilation. They wouldn’t be able to stay safe in their underground cities they’ve built. They would be breached and the hounds of hell would enter, ripping every single one of them into shreds.

      Bring it on I say and clear this world once and for all of the evils that have turned society into the depraved and degenerate place it is today.

      1. “There would be no mass media, no academia, no political system to brainwash the non Jew into their compliance and love of all thing Jew. There would be no sport, music and film stars to keep the non Jews distracted. And there would be no goyim police or armed force to keep the non Jews at bay while Jew got on with his perfidy. It would turn into a vile hatred of Jews…”


        How can people be so naive? It’s amazing!

        There will be Active Denial Systems mounted on vehicles and drones everywhere. Remotely controlled. The ADS, with the safety margins removed. And also, there will be Long Range Acoustic Hailing Devices, the LRAD, installed on the rooftops and street corners, remotely controlled as well. So, prepare for the Brave New World, suckers. You made it happen. And you deserve it.

        Get yourself a nice AK-47 while you still can.

      2. I would gather as many as possible and wait outside their underground bases. Lay traps everywhere around the closest vicinity. Whack them one after the another. Except for the top brass. I would save them to have and play with. Just for fun. If there among all their black technologies they have hidden from the rest us, some truth to it and there actually exist stargate technology. Then I would exile them to some hellish planet or dimension and close the portal forever.

      3. why would you and some others here wish to fight the jews after the world is destroyed ?? the time to fight is now but west to fat and cowardly to do anything. to many peoples financial existence tied to jews

    2. Reducing the world’s population is one of the world Oligarchy’s (what I call them) objectives. It has been thus for many decades and it is written on their notice to the world; the Georgia “guidestones”. The fewer of us that there are, the longer the world’s resources will last THEM. The only hope that I see for the world is contained in the words of “the sleeping prophet: “out of Russia comes hope for the world”. Maybe Cayce was right, maybe not but in either case there will be a lot of dying.

      1. George –

        I don’t believe Ted Turner’s granite tablets. He hangs with Jane Fonda. 🙂


        So who masterminded the Georgia Guidestones specifically?

        Lore points to R. C. Christian. Much debate has been made about who this man was.

        And some people have guessed correctly, yet not correctly.

        The big secret? R.C. Christian was actually TWO men. Robert Carter Cook was the mastermind. Robert Edward “Ted” Turner III was the talking face that Joe Fendley and Wyatt Martin actually interacted with – [Van: We have maintained that Ted Turner’s relationship with Wyatt C. Martin suggests his involvement with the Georgia Guidestones, but his role is not clear].

        Fendley and Martin both described Christian as a tall middle aged man with white hair in a three piece suit and tie, and that’s how Ted looked back then. See Ted’s pic circa 1982:

        Anonymous message claims to reveal R.C. Christian identity, Georgia Guidestones doom date of 8-14-2016.

        Robert Carter Cook looked nothing like the description. He was short with dark hair and loved bow ties.

        Ted Turner has been a eugenics supporter for years, it takes little research to find interviews with him pushing the subject. Robert Carter Cook headed eugenics organizations such as Planned Parenthood League, American Eugenics Society, and the Association for Research in Human Heredity, and many other groups too numerous to recall.

        Robert Carter Cook was a big fan of Thomas Paine (who was also a Freemason hence his famous essay in support of them). Thomas Paine as you know wrote “The Age Of Reason” and it is this essay referred to by the guidestones’ own “age of reason”.

        Ted Turner knew Robert Carter Cook and worked with him on the guidestone project. I wouldn’t say they were friends but they had a mutual interest. Ted Turner financed the project, but Robert Cook masterminded it.

        Robert Carter Cook also wrote the book “Common Sense Renewed” that serves as a companion piece to the guidestones. If you contrast the writing styles and ideas in R. C. Christian’s “Common Sense Renewed” with Robert Carter Cook’s earlier book “Human Fertility: The Modern Dilemma” ( ISBN-13: 978-0837161280 ISBN-10: 0837161282 ) you will have no doubt of this.

        The Freemason connection… Robert Cook and Ted Turner; both of these men are/were Freemasons.

        Ted Turner is of the Order of Malta. I am not sure what order Robert C. Carter was a mason. He is listed as such in the Denslow record:,000_famous_freemasons/Volume_1_A_to_D.htm

        Joe Fendley the granite mogul and Wyatt Martin the banker are both Freemasons [Van: Wyatt Martin denied being a Freemason when I interviewed him.], as were the majority of men who helped to construct the guidestones, including the sandblaster Charlie Clamp – [Van: This is probably an understatement — I was told by Mart Clamp, caretaker of the monument and son of Charlie Clamp, that virtually every hand that touched the Georgia Guidestones during its construction belonged to a Freemason].

        “…all things tempered with Reason.”

      2. Pat, the scary carving sounds like something a character in a L Sprague de Camp short story might say. On the cover of “Astounding Stories”
        Abdul Alhazred, indeed!

    3. Thank you, Constance, but I’m going to take my dog’s advice instead of your advice, babe, if you don’t mind. He wants me to take him to the park for a nice long walk among the trees and flowers under the blue sky the Sun high in the sky, and be surrounded by beauty and get fresh air and enjoy the Gift of God’s Good Earth. Always a Soul Healing experience. At least it’s not quite as nihilistic and so very without hope, so existentialist angsty. Personally, I find taking my dog’s advice, I was always wind up happier then those times I take advice, especially unsolicited advice, from any fellow human. Unsolicited advice, especially, is almost always, 99.99999999% of the time, totally useless, if not downright baneful advice. At least my dog ain’t constipated, he wants me to take him out so he can go poo poo, ? . At least my dog doesn’t go poo poo on everyone’s computer screens. My dog is a male dog, my dog ain’t no b*tch.

    1. “The Yehuda Triangle
      New York – London – Tel Aviv”

      Very Good one. Love humour in dark places.

  4. Hosein is good at psychology, and promoting fear. That how he get donations.
    He made and quoted many dozens of GUESSES in 41 minutes.
    Here are a few:

    “I believe…”
    “I anticipate…”
    “It is possible…”
    “If they decide…”
    “If they can..”
    “They may decide…”
    “If Britain…”
    “The possibility…”
    “I am not surprised…”
    “The prophet prophesied..”
    “It is possible the war…”
    “The war could…”
    “I don’t THINK the Russians…”
    “It is likely to continue…”
    “They may consider…”
    “The Quran anticipates…”
    “If war takes place…”
    “I think Russia will continue…”
    “If the Saudis could …”
    “If the Zionists could…”
    “It could be attack..”
    “One thing will probably…”
    “I think the regime is acting on behalf of NATO…”
    “I wish…”
    “If this is true…”
    “If Israel needs…”
    “If you understand..”
    “Why not…”

    At 27:25… He even said: “Somebody wrote into the Quran… I don’t know who did it..!!” He called him ‘that fellow.’ He told the world… there is FRAUD in Quran…!! In how many places did that happen…???

    “I have a dream…” works well…. Even for nuke ‘guessing.’

    With thousands of hours of nuclear engineering design, study, work, teaching seminars and repair, operation and maintenance in my background…. I GUESS there will be NO nuclear devastation.

    His ‘guesses’ and “dreams” for profit – versus My ‘guesses’ and NO dreams…. Where I receive no donations from followers by scaring anyone.

    Hosein is not the first. This man made an empire with nuclear fear ever since the 1950s:

    Prophecy(Nuclear Warfare) By Herbert W Armstrong

    1. Pat,
      “At 27.25…He even said: Somebody wrote into the Quran…..”
      With all due respects Pat, he said no such thing. Go back and listen again. He said, TORAH. The Jewish bible.

      1. Felix –

        Thanks for checking…. and helping me follow an accent which sounded to me liked he place an ‘n’ at the end of the words.

        I ‘believe’ all holy books, translated by men, contain mistakes and fraud.

        I do not share his “dreams” at all. Too much MLK stuff in my mind… when I hear that. 🙂

      2. Felix:

        First off, great link. I watched it one sitting.

        Second, kudos to Darkmoon for the brilliant essay summing up your link.

        Third, ignore the Yanks and all their counter claims. After all, the collective American populace has been so indoctrinated that they’re beyond cure or repair.

        Fourth, watch out for wolves in sheep’s clothing.

        Fifth, per your suggestion, I finally dumped the Bushmills for Jameson, if you know what I mean.

      3. The old sheikh is good at promoting the sales of clay pottery jugs. Take a hint from the boys and invest your scheckles in The Acme Jug Works, says Wily Coyote! 🙂

    2. Pat, no devastation(s) from the various nuclear energies-radiations-chemicals-byproducts?!
      That’s hard to swallow.
      I’m guessin’ it’s pretty much(98%) an iron clad guarantee, eventually.
      And not too eventually at that..

      1. HP –

        I do not ‘believe’….. I do not ‘guess’ the Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London will kill their customers.

        They are trying hard to build a new customer base in Europe right now. One that is more PC… “prolifically correct…!!” 🙂

        Putin needs way more gas sales to Germany over the next few decades….. NOT less…. which is what he has at current yield of 1.6 refill rates.

    3. “Speak softly and carry a big shtick and you will make lots of shekels.” — Theodore Roosevelt Jr.

      The meaning of the phrase advises a horrific scare tactic of nuking all non-believers, all non-Jews who, the story goes, will be the only ones spared after a Nuclear Holocaust ™, just like the cockroaches.

      Cockroaches Survive Nuclear Explosion LFMAO 😆

      1. Correction: “all non-believers, all non-Jews who, the story goes, will be the only ones [NOT] spared after a Nuclear Holocaust™….” In other words, only Jews and their believers will be spared and survive a Nuclear Holocaust™, along with the cockroaches. LOL

    4. Lol, Thanks for all that info above on the guide stones, but my point , simply was that reduction of the world population is one of the aims of the Oligarchs/Zionist Jews, whatever name you wish to call them by and personally, I am certain that Ted Turner simply mirrors their views and objectives. It might appear to be his pet project, but you can be assured that he got the approval of his masters prior to setting it in motion.

  5. The problem Jews have is one of intelligent productivity. Jews are fanatically working to populate the world with essentially low intelligence, non-productive people.

    One only need look at the countries from which third world “refugees” are fleeing to see their productive potential in today’s high tech world. It’s a real conundrum for Jews because they cannot tolerate intelligent, productive people with the capacity for understanding their predatory methods. Yet those people who make perfect slave classes will not be intelligent or sufficiently motivated to continue developing and producing products required to maintain a fast moving, high tech world.

    Despite their self laudatory claims of brilliance, Jews are really not all that bright. While, as a race Jews are perhaps masters of cleverness and cunning, the only area where they rank appreciably higher on the IQ scale is in verbal skills and while one may “eat their words”, such a diet will not sustain the body. Therefore, Jews require their slave class to have IQs in the range of the average African Negro.

    However, I don’t think the Jews really care about technology as much as they lust for Jewish supremacy uber alles and if that requires a new dark age with a backwards, medieval type society, they will move in that direction.

    The Jew’s Old Testament story of the “Tower of Babel” pretty much lays out the future scenario. Nimrod’s culture was a homogeneous, high tech culture with the ability to build towers that reached the heavens. Towers high enough to threaten the “Lord god’s” power over the earth. The “Lord god’s” answer to this untenable situation was to mix Nimrod’s culture with people from different, disparate cultures of “different languages”. These cultures are no doubt of a lower intellectual capacity than the homogeneous people of Babel, otherwise they too would have presented a threat to the Lord god’s power.

    The end result is Nimrod’s advanced civilization is “scattered” among the less intelligent populations, leaving the Jew’s “Lord god” victorious commander over a primitive culture. This new “confused” culture will now breed a less intelligent class of people incapable of building or maintaining the technologically sophisticated civilization required to build towers that might reach “heaven” and threaten the “Lord god’s” power.

    In the very same manner, those people now flooding Europe will produce a race of bastardized idiots that can never present a real threat to the Jew’s far more sophisticated military power base created by white man’s technology. Essentially, the emerging slave class will only have the intelligence to pick up sticks and stones in opposition to Israel’s nuclear power. This very scenario is now being mirrored in the Israeli genocide of the Palestinians.

    1. I don’t think the promotion of low IQ individuals will be a problem for (((them))). As things go from massive to super-duper centralization, less and less people need to possess intelligence or creativity. Same goes for manners and empathy. (((They))) will be able to afford to have little or no contact with such morons. We, on the other hand, have to drive among them, and one day they may be our primary care givers in a nursing home. To just provide two examples.

    2. @Arch Stanton: Precisely, Mr. Stanton. You’ve pinpointed the true core issue; “Despite their self laudatory claims of brilliance, jews are really not that bright”. I stated the same when discussing the myth (great lie) of jewish exclusive intellectual superiority regarding the development of the Atomic Bomb – Einstein (the thief and plagiarist) being barred from the Manhattan Project as a security risk – even FDR had to accept that uncomfortable reality. Dr. Oppenheimer, who stated on 8 May 1945 “the project wouldn’t be ready until December – the third week of May, with the surrender of U-boat 234 in Portsmouth, NH and it’s passenger Dr. Schlicke (expert in inra-red proximity fuses, who later worked for NASA) and everything changed. I see the jew like you do. The jew is devious, well versed in every type of criminal activity, always ready to murder and commit mass murder – as long as the victims don’t shoot back, at which time through corrupting catamites like George Bush, proxies are brought in to do the dirty work, discarded later. The Mongols established one of the shortest dynasties in Chinese history, about 100 years – they were poor administrators and always regarded as barbarians by the Chinese people who eventually kicked them out of power permanently. I’d acknowledge talented mathmeticians, musicians, or talented persons in any field or discipline, but too often we see pedestrian minds like Thomas Friedman foisted on us as some kind of genius when plainly, he is not. If the jew had a shred of the British skill of administration and respect for law they’d already have an empire – the British knew how to use all available talent – Sikhs, Gurkhas you name it – in whatever capacity they were suited for. The jews in finance were smart enough ‘to stay out of it’ and the result was the Empire. Getting power is one thing, keeping it, something else. The jews are complaining that Chinese and other Asians are trouncing them in Academia recently. Unlike the jew, Asians have traditions of civilization and the rule of law, tribal mentality long ago in broad terms discarded for something far better, commercial acumen that doesn’t need endless massive foreign aid and endless ‘holocaustianity’ reparations from Germany to keep a relatively small country afloat. I don’t see brighter prospects for a bigger one.

    3. Arch –

      “Tower of Babel”

      Today…. that would be “Cell-Towers for Babbling.” 🙂

      1. hahaha

        yes indeed, the incessant babbling of languages invented by…..whom exactly?

        Pat, as with Gulliver, the Houyhnhnms would bestow upon you honorary citizenship to Houyhnhnms Land :>)

  6. Er…am I the only person here who noticed the Sheik’s exceedingly large ears and long, bulbous nose? I will admit to being hyper alert for those physical traits, but my Jewdar is often “on the nose”, if you will pardon the pun.

    1. Sheikh Imran Hosein comes from Trinidad, born from Muslim parents who came originally from India. Phenotypically he belongs to the Irano-Afghan race, which Earnest Hooton calls the Iranian Plateau type and which he describes thusly :

      “…particularly in its long, high-bridged, and boldly jutting nasal promontory. It has the same huge dolichocephalic head and massive, usually long face. The great nose may be either straight or convex, more often the latter…”

      This type is also spread in parts of Pakistan and the Middle East (among Arabs and Jews). That explains why Imran Hosein “looks Jewish”. Now tell that to your unsophisticated “Jewdar” !

      See, Wikipedia : Irano-Afghan Race.

    2. @ George

      Your comment on Sheikh Imran’s nose is not only juvenile and stupid, it is in breach of one of the basic rules of this website: that disrespect and personal ad hominem remarks toward the writers featured on this website should be avoided.

      #8. Defamatory comments and malicious lies about people in the public eye are not allowed for legal reasons. Disrespect, slander and personal attacks on the writers we publish will result in your comment being deleted.

  7. With due respect for Mr. Hosein that I have listened to many times, he has not considered the inconsistency between digital money and nuclear war. If there is a nuclear war, there will be no digital money since all things electronic, including digital money, will cease to exist. If for no other reason, this is why there will be no nuclear war regardless of how many dreams Mr. Hosein has had. Mr. Hosein should rest easy concerning his reoccurring dreams. None of my reoccurring dreams have ever come true and I doubt that I am that unusual.

    Contrary to what Mr. Hosein says, digital money has been around for at least 30 years and is recognized and accepted by most, if not all, nations involved in international trade. The SWIFT system and the recent Russian counterpart (I forget its name) all operate digitally. The Bank of International Settlements (BIS), the banker’s bank, operates on digital money. The US dollar is not based on oil, it is digital except for the small amount of paper that is printed as cash. That being said, the jews still do not have global rule.

    The conversation concerning Russian advanced weapons to Egypt may be a smart move by Russia to give Egypt a fighting chance against Israel expansion into the Egyptian food delta.

    Mr. Hosein did give good advice concerning food as money. Food has always been the primary money in the world. There are still “uncivilized” societies in the world that have no money except food. Humans must have food to live. Humans cannot eat gold, silver, paper, or imaginary digits.

    All things considered, the video was well worth listening to.

    1. @ Ungenius

      With due respect for Mr. Hosein that I have listened to many times, he has not considered the inconsistency between digital money and nuclear war.

      I suggest you have misunderstood the point Sheikh Imran is trying to make. If you listen more closely, you will see that the inconsistency has been manufactured in your own mind. Sheikh Imran is too intelligent a man to be guilty of the juvenile error you attribute to him.

      However, most of what you say in the rest of your comment makes a lot of sense and for that you need praise.

    2. @Ungenius

      “…the jews still do not have global rule..”

      So what would stop it? Some form of military victory by….what Alliance, or Alliances? Or does it simply represent a logical progression of a parasite devouring it all before there is nothing left to “devour”? Which would then ask, what exactly is being devoured?

      And back to the gospels we go

  8. The parasite will devour the host, but the inheriting “meek” will be defined as such by proving to have REMOVED itself from it’s AFFILIATION with the host.

    meek: enduring injury with patience and without resentment

    First of all, for the would-be meek there can be no resentment if he knows perfectly well that he and his fellow man have allowed what they they would feel resentment TOWARDS to corrupt and rule him. The GOY are the ones who dropped the sword that would have halted the corruption in it’s tracks, so what else is there to reasonably EXPECT, if we brought it all on OURSELVES?

    With the damage done comes the injury to be endured, and with patience because things can’t be undone overnight

    But the meek can’t put all their eggs in worldly baskets in withstanding the shitstorms to come. Taking back the money power? HA! It is to laugh. Any world worth inheriting rejects the very CONCEPT of “exchange”. Atrue society of evolved Man is “ruled” by a spirit of GIVING! Otherwise, you’re simply feeding a beast that is incapable of feeding itself, and in so doing this CREATES the “host”.

    While certain “armies of the host” may be fighting in self-defense righteousness, they are still caught up in the ACTIVITY of the host. Ultimately, these are battles of “delaying actions” in advance of that which would be inherited.

    Man is not alone in this

    1. The term “delaying actions” doesn’t quite cut it. Instead say, the actions of worldly battles to come (“armageddon”) represent the culmination of the parasite devouring the host.

      There can be no definitive victor on the battlefield in the conventional sense. The “victory” to come will be the ultimate pyrrhic one. All sides will go down with the putrid ship, whereby the righteous forces in self-defense mode will prove to have served in a sacrificial capacity.

      Without this act of “taking a bullet for a friend (of Man)”, the ground for those who will “Inherit the Earth” would not exist.

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