The desperate search for Guy Montag


The desperate search for Guy Montag

. . . among indifferent and alienated dupes
oblivious to their own impending demise

Guy Montag, Guy Montag, you think, tapping your fingers on your desk. Where have we heard that name before? Suddenly you remember.

He was the conflicted hero in arguably the most famous science fiction story of all time, something almost everybody in America read in school, and marveled over its frightful foresight. Guy Montag was the enigmatic fireman who burned outlawed books in Ray Bradbury’s epic novel Fahrenheit 451

One day a woman chose to die with her books. But before she immolated herself, Guy stole a book from her to try to learn why she should do such a thing. Then Guy started smuggling books home. His suicidal wife turned him in to the authorities. When they came to burn down HIS house, Guy turned on his chief, sprayed him with fire, and burned him to a crisp. Following that, Guy escaped and lived with the impoverished intellectual hobos, with the hopeful aim of restoring sanity to a deranged society.

In a series of ironic twists years after it was written, small minded school boards tried to ban Fahrenheit 451 without ever realizing they were unwittingly mimicking the book’s plot — destroying books society has been persuaded not to read because their thoughts were too dangerous.

Bradbury’s narrative describes how Montag gradually began to doubt his mission after he saw how important books were to people willing to die rather than give them up, and his brittle life crumbled around him. When the book’s hero changed his mind about books and what he should be doing to them, he brought the power of the totalitarian state down upon him, before escaping into the shadows and yearning for revolution.

Bradbury never mentioned how that revolution turned out, but the future has revealed an uncanny twist in what the famous science fiction author wrote and the way reality has turned out.

Firemen are supposed to put fires out, but Bradbury’s firemen burned books the government deemed illegal.

This is how our future has progressed; what was once the truth is now a lie. Suddenly, forces once thought necessary and beneficial have now turned into their opposite — a destructive menace.

Think cops killing people’s pets while trying to bust somebody at the wrong address. Or a woman pulled over for not signaling a lane change winds up a few hours later supposedly hanging herself in the cell of a local jail.

Politicians and presidents preach for peace yet incinerate defenseless foreign countries while insisting they are killing innocent people to preserve freedom. It’s the modern variation of the old Vietnam proverb: We had to destroy the village in order to save it.

What is the shocking reversal dominating society today? It should be obvious to you. It’s the false flag syndrome, in which the government creates disasters that it then cleans up and boasts how efficiently and vigilantly it has protected the population. The list of FBI provocations reveals there would be practically no crime at all if not for the sadistic schemes like Oklahoma City and 9/11 that our government cooks up.

Firemen who burn things rather than extinguish them are exactly the opposite of the way things should work in a normal world. Most of us know by now the world is nowhere near normal.

Instead of trying to protect us, the police are killing us in record numbers, and then refusing to say how many they’ve killed, or why.

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John Kaminski

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Most of his articles are featured here. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA. _____________________________________________________________________________

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  1. Good piece, and one which should be read alongside the trashy tabloid one which superseded it in the line up here.

    “What is the shocking reversal dominating society today? It should be obvious to you. It’s the false flag syndrome, in which the government creates disasters that it then cleans up and boasts how efficiently and vigilantly it has protected the population. The list of FBI provocations reveals there would be practically no crime at all if not for the sadistic schemes like Oklahoma City and 9/11 that our government cooks up.”

    Even with the wealth of evidence which supports that statement, and the knowledge on the part of probably 9/10ths of those who read here – that there is something very wrong with the explanations of both the State and the media about the cause of 9-11, the Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook. Colorado, and on and on… many prove to be capable of falling all over themselves in the rush to point to the latest, thinnest ruse to provoke mutual hatred between societies whose common enemy just sits back to watch the fun.

    In my comment upon the article “White Genocide,” I pointed to a background piece, within which is mentioned the famous essay by Jean Baudrillard – The Gulf War Never Happened. Anyone taking the trouble to follow up that prompt would have encountered, in the opening pages, this quote:

    “The media promote the war, the war promotes the media,
    and advertising competes with the war. Promotion is the most
    thick-skinned para~ite in our culture. It would undoubtedly
    survive a nuclear conflict….It devours our substance, but it
    allows us to metabolise what we absorb… it allows us to turn
    the world and the violence of the world into a consumable substance”

    The co-opted kabbalist, stooge government, it’s complicit media sidekicks, the security organs of the state, and a raft of other agents of the foreign power which controls every element of allowable communication in the occidental world feast upon the willingness of their hoodwinked ‘citizen’/victims to rise to the bait with provocations so transparent as to no longer even need to be fact-checked or rebutted. To see so many here take that bait, and the speedy rush of claws aimed towards GuyMontag/GregBacon…

    is testament to how far along they have reached in the campaign to infantalize the western people, prior to eliminating them altogether. CNN was an agit-prop instrument of the secret government from the moment of it’s inception. Those who fall back on the impeccability of that source as argument for their exercise in dissimulation have a ‘cast-iron’ excuse for their error –

    much like the Gulf War, which never took place – replaced by a media spectacle designed to hide the sionist project to destroy Iraq – the arrival of common sense judgment and the immutable logic of experience never graced their doorstep – and therefore spared them of the need to have used their heads. Spoof, or no spoof… twas a very revealing exercise in showing us who ‘they’ be among us. Well done.

  2. You mean something like this?

    “The conflict between peoples, or the mutual hatred, is maintained by certain stakeholders. It is a small, rootless international cabal that incites people against each other, who does not want it to come to a rest. It’s those people who feel at home everywhere and nowhere. They who have no actual place of origin. Today they live in Berlin and, if necessary, tomorrow in Brussels. The day after tomorrow they live in Paris or Prague, Vienna or maybe in London, and feel themselves at home anywhere.”
    Being yelled from the crowd: “Jews”
    Hitler continues: “They are the only ones who can genuinely be called ‘international elements’ because they can do their business anywhere they like. Yet ‘das Volk’ ( the German people ) can not follow them. Das Volk is chained to her fatherland and is bound to the possibilities of life that his state provides him. The nation.”

    Here you can hear these words spoken;

  3. Who stooge..??

    There is more ‘book-burning’ going on RIGHT NOW than at anytime in history..!!

    And with high ratings…. Cheerfully… AND people everywhere pay Pharisee-Jews to do it.

    My guess is that choosing the name “KINDLE” was no coincidence. Pharisee-Jews always use double-meaning words.

    “KINDLE” does away with books even better than real flames… totally under the radar.

    e-books = z-books (where z=zero)


    Now words can be changed instantly. No erasers needed.
    No proof remains. Even laws and testimonies will be changed.


    Amazon Kindle is a series of e-readers designed and marketed by Amazon Kindle devices enable users to browse, buy, download and read e-books, newspapers, magazines and other digital media via wireless networking to the Kindle Store.

    The hardware platform, developed by Amazon subsidiary Lab126, began as a single device and now comprises a range of devices, including e-readers with E Ink electronic paper displays, and Android-based tablets with color LCD screens.

    All Kindle devices integrate with the Kindle Store to get content and as of November 2015, the Kindle Store has over four million e-books available in the US

    1. Internet is the greatest tool for control in history..!!

      That’s why the biggest 20th century leaders and political figures do not matter anymore. They had no FaceBook or Twitter in WWI or WWII… no iClouds…. or GPS for instant locations of enemies and cohorts.

      Orwell would even blush that he fell so far short of the mark in place here today. Hand-held video players liking the world…..?? Yep… and everyone is tracked.

    2. Great points, Pat. No doubt heavy editing is going on. But these tactics may be over the top, or leaving no stone unturned. Looking around me all I see are people stumbling in their own darkness while they stroke the screens of their iPhones. They’re up to date and ahead of the curve! You can’t tell these people anything. Point being, we are now in such a state of self amusement that it appears nobody wants to read a book. Hence no real need for the firemen of Fahrenheit 451. But I bet most of these people who have decided to project the sum total of their life experience into cell phones probably do have an app that could tell you what Fahrenheit 451 translates to in Celsius.

      1. Rich –

        I have had that app in my head since 1960.. 🙂

        Subtract 32 and multiply by 5/9.

        For an easy approximate just subtract 32 and divide by 2. Close enough for government work.

      2. Thanks, Pat and Rich.

        Perhaps with the “legalization” — or, really, the “pharmaceuticalization” (my word!) — of the simple, highly medicinal (physically and mentally) plant cannabis sativa [ or c. indica or marijuana], we can finally leave no turn unstoned, too.

        Full disclosure: Decades ago, I gave a talk to an international group of coroners and medical examiners entitled “Marijuana and Highway Safety: Leaving No Turn Unstoned”. The headline on the third page of the next day’s Toronto Globe & Mail [Glib & Wail] newspaper read, “Alcohol-crash Problem a Myth: Expert”. I then commenced my 15 minutes of infamy in Canada.

        I have long since returned to the (former republic) USoA, where I watch in horror and deep sadness the descent of a full-blown police state. I have so few family or friends or professional colleagues who recognize, or admit, this the case. So! Thanks to you all for being here!

      3. Almost there, Pat.
        Subtract 10% from that and you exceeded the accuracy needed for government work.

  4. Bradbury was a tool, just like all the rest.

    Book burnings are necessary. Not everything needs to be printed, not everyone CAN grasp the constructs of truth enough to be immune from the lies of the world. Look at Marx, Trotsky, and Alinsky.
    Hell, look at Clinton and Obummer.

    People actually made those scum rich, by buying (and believing) ‘It takes a village’ or ‘Dreams of my father.’

    I am an academic, and I applaud the burning of books.

  5. I admit to being hooked on my Kindle but being as itinerant as I am, lugging all those hundreds of books is an impossibility.
    Besides, I got ’em on the HD as well, just in case.

    Highly recommended: Waters Flowing Eastward, by Leslie Fry for a clear overview.
    Of course, many others (Kindle accepts PDF downloads in addition to Amazon stuff)

    1. Lobro –

      I am surprised at that response from a Jew-fighter.

      Everyone has a good reason for wanting e-books. Comfort and ease. Pharisee-Jews know that.

      Do not minimize the huge dangers of the ridding of paper books.

      Books do not crash and you need no electricity to read them. They are permanent records which cannot be re-written.

      Pharisee-Jew hackers and manufactures can destroy and revise e-stuff as they see fit. They can change e-written legal proceedings to suit themselves.

      PAID OFF court reporters are bad enough already… changing words in courtrooms as they type.

      1. Pat,
        I am entirely with you on this, including the paid off court reporters.
        I, along with a business partner were involved in a horrendously lengthy (+expensive) suit against a wealthy defendant who along with judge turned out to be a Mason.
        The reporter woman charged us $5000 for transcripts that we instantly challenged as grossly inaccurate. She was always seen at recess, in a friendly chatter with the judge and as the trial progressed, with the defendant.
        We requested to borrow the original tapes and the price went to $15000 … And then the Justice ministry denied it outright.
        Yes, I agree about books, specifically the history books and translations of foreign authors, including the ones Ormanci refers to below, alchemy and magic.
        But an in-depth original print library is an enormous project, impossible for an individual today.
        I just hope that the world’s greatest libraries, Bodleian, Vatican, US Congress and so on, are protected from depredations by Jews looking to purge the “incorrect” content.
        Apart from that, living as I do, no longer married and settled in for a long haul, Kindle is all I got, either that or nothing.
        Maybe if I do get captured matrimonially again, I could focus on works exposing the tribe of Judas in true light … hmm.

  6. Something caught my eye while reading about drafting of Sykes-Picot agreement:

    However that may be, from the beginning of 1917, Sykes devoted himself heart and soul to the movement, and his house at No. 9 Buckingham Gate, ” equipped with all such materials as correspondence files and telegraphic communications, became a Zionist centre.”25 Collaborating with Sykes was another gentile, Georges Picot.

    The first official meeting of what was known as the ” Political Committee ” took place on February 7, 1917, at the house of Dr. Moses Gaster. There were present (besides Gaster) Lord Rothschild, James de Rothschild, Sir Mark Sykes, Sir Herbert Samuel, Herbert Bentwich, Harry Sacker, Joseph Cowen, Chaim Weizmann, and Nahum Sokolov.26

    The Zionist programme to serve as a basis for official negotiations, covering the future mandates of Palestine, ARMENIA, Mesopotamia, and a kingdom of the Hedjaz, was discussed in detail.27 On the following day (Feb. 8) there was a second, smaller conference, with Georges Picot, at Sykes’ house: the result was a plan known as the Sykes-Picot agreement, which was then put into execution.

    Bells ringing … And when was the Donmeh coup against the Ottoman dynasty?
    Followed by Donmeh engineered massacre of Christian Armenians?
    In lockstep with Bolshevik abominations in Russia … yeah, just another coincidence.

    Another cute trick by Kabbalist magicians.

  7. “Another cute trick by Kabbalist magicians.”

    It gets cuter…

    During the great purge of the Armenians from their age old homelands, the Turks conducting the genocide on behalf of their Sabbatean masters received instructions from Washington[home of Mr “House” at the time]to leave alone the Orthodox and Latin Christians in their midst, and concentrate their efforts upon the Gregorian rite Christians – who were of no concern to anyone… most certainly their ‘[fellow?]Christians.] They died by the millions. So what? Same as the Holomar where millions of Ukranians were dispatched by the Bolshevies… wrong brand of Christians!

    Christians are factionalists, to a degree that makes Sunni and Shia rivalries look like a day at the beach in some ways. Most of the scientific and philosophic heritage of the Hellenic/Anatolian world was held in the hands of the Nestorian(Syriac)Christians of the School of Nisbis in Byzantine times. The Nestorians, ostracized by the Romish Church, took refuge with the Persians at Gondeshapur, which became the main center of learning for the world of that time. The Rabbinicals, never slow to recognize a useful item or person, picked up everything they needed to learn – about medicine, science and much more, through listening up to what others chose to ignore. They proceeded to own those subjects for the next millennium or so.

    The story repeats itself with the arrival of the Picatrix into Europe via Muslim Spain. The Hebrew translations accurately rendered all of the magical work – the Latin ones skipped on the good stuff and kept the fluff. Result, magic also became a province of the Jews, to whom later scholars and seekers in Europe were forced to turn, in search of knowledge which was carelessly wasted by their own civilization. And so on…

    Christian westerners and white nationalist hardliners are like the boy in the back of the class who never paid any attention in school, and then whined about how unfair it all was when his former classmates went on to high paying careers. You can resent the hell out of those who outhustle you – or you can take the necessary measures to advantage yourself via your own smarts. Judaics aren’t really any ‘smarter’ than ‘us’ at all – but they look out at the world for whatever they can make their own, whereas the navel gazers of the ‘whites only’ faction miss the whole deal.

    Whose to blame again?

    1. Fascinating.
      Must look up Nestorians … Iran has long been a land of promising mystery to me, not to mention that the faces of Iranian women are the most beguiling with those iconically outsized eyes of theirs.
      I know that CG Jung was a life-long collector of original editions in the field of alchemy, including lots of Hebraic stuff, I would imagine (and certainly hope) that the Bollingen library is fiercely guarded by his heirs, who I understand are a very private, suspicious bunch.

      What do you know about the fire that totaled the great library at Alexandria?
      It is commonly blamed on Christian fanatics, which in itself smells like a Jew sleight of hand.
      I once watched bits of a movie (i never see more than a few bits before deciding I’ve had enough) about the event.
      The chief librarian was played by the British Jewess Weiss, the usual classy genius, so kind, sad, suffering, always ready to offer the other cheek for the brutish goy before my vomit threshold rapidly approached … hm, Syriac church, I once thought of auditioning courses in Aramaic or Syriac.

    2. “..the navel gazers of the ‘whites only’ faction miss the whole deal.”

      Miss the WHOLE DEAL..!!! HA!!

      Sho-nuff… Ah lak-ta daad laffin’. 🙂

    3. Looked up Nestorians and will pursue the subject at greater depth, including some of the reference stuff.
      I now recall having seen Nestorian churches in Kerala.

      But I got sidetracked into Yazidi ways and they are a hoot, must learn more about these guys.

      Example (within reincarnation paragraph)

      There is also the unusual belief that if a Yezidi soul becomes very impure through the performance of evil actions while on Earth it is liable to reincarnate into the body of a person associated with a different religion, such as Islam. The greatest punishment is to be evicted from the Yezidi religion.

      I can see why ISIS hates them so much.

      1. Please see my response to your prescient exploration of this theme, on the newer thread –
        unfortunately it is blocked in “moderation” which can mean up to twelve hours of invisibility of a message in need of getting out right now.
        I will paste it into this slot – minus the links – in case the who thing just gets ‘disappeared!’

        “So what exactly are we dealing with here beyond the hard core Muslim beast-on-Christian-beauty ones?”

        In your inimitably intuitive way, Lobro, – don’t need to ask Darkmoon bout that, having seen it with my very own eyes – you have set the stage for the phase which best leverages that last, bizarre ‘thought experiment’ which lit so many fires in the most unexpected of places.

        Poised and ready to insert it, would all of the caterwauling, cattiness, and cacophony of phony conclusions and closed cases simply die down, I could not find – till your reference in the Guy Montag thread – a way of seguing into the real ‘rape’ debate which needs be brought to the attention of all here.

        Yazidis, you said. That ‘strange’ sect of neither Christian Muslim or Judaic origin, practicing since the shadowy mists of \pre-/time their Mesopotamian magic and religious ritualism so falsely misnamed “devil worship.”

        When Daesh jihadis appeared in the predawn shadows of August 2014, on the margins of Yazidi towns in Shingal region of norther Iraq, they were ready to embark upon a mission of pure genocidal intent – agreed to and abetted by their sionist paymasters, the Kurdish Peshmerga supposedly ‘guarding’ those towns, the shadowy coalition of usual ZATO elements who are in on all the worst atrocities by tradition.

        Rape – is genocide in action. Those thousands of Yazidi women subsequently captured – bound – brought to ‘slave markets’ to be ‘sold’ to pathetic dick head “islamists” already porked by their superior Islamist officers whose pederast predispositions are well known – those women serially assaulted by these spineless scum in desperate attempt to regain some shadow of manliness after their own brutal initiations into the real meaning of “Islamic Caliphate” …

        have either survived, to tell the tale of their abuse, as but shadows themselves…or lie dismembered and forgotten in mass graves where the last shreds of “Islamist” credibility lie themselves entombed. Moronic “Imans” proclaimed a “fatwa” against those women, announcing the need of mass female genital mutilation amongst the Yezidi and Assyrian Christian populations of Mosul and Shingal. Religiously sanctioned rape, mutilation and torture/death.
        What century/ nay/ what millennium are we in?

        But more to the point is -why?

        Rape is genocide. Yazidis – like their Kurdish neighbors – have strong DNA haplogroup affinities with other Canaanite populations of the past – including the “Judean” judaists of course. Instead however, of taking this – as some sionists do – of a connection between Jews and Kurds… their is strong reason to suppose the Yazidis to be some of the original – and real as opposed to fake – Israelites, who disappear from history after their exile by the Assyrians. As such, the Yazidis represent the true threat to the judaist talmudists who stole the name of Israel to hang up over the entrance to their gang headquarters… knowing there is little fear of being found out.

        Yazidis are a threat, because they bear evidence of the true Israeli culture and religion among them still. Counter culture to the levitical, phariseeutical fake religion and racial supremacist movement, it is being exterminated on orders from the imposters holding Palestine hostage, just as the residue of the real – pre-talmudist “jews” of Yemen/Ethiopia/even Morocco, are being brought to gang headquarters and subjected to forced sterilization, mind and body torture, unspeakable crimes specialized in by the ‘chosen of god.’

        Yazidi women are a threat to all of this, because their wombs carry the necessary magic with which the true Israelite traditions are forwarded in time – Yazidi women must be humiliated, tortured, preyed upon, exterminated, because they are not yet genetically infected by medically-induced mental and physical contamination which produces decay of all faculties – and most importantly among them – of the will to resist.

        Betrayed by all, condemned to a living death – of being scorned as spoiled goods by their own people, there are thousands of these desperate and despairing souls huddled in shelters in the very north of Iraq today, rescued from their torturers or ransomed by their families, yet no longer accepted by their community as ‘pure.’ The ultimate despoilation of innocence has been perpetrated by monsters IN THE SERVICE OF WESTERN ZOG-CONTROLLED GOVERNMENTS people.

        It’s not a matter of choice here – to pay some attention to their plight – this is a matter of your survival too! As outlined in my previously linked essay – Precession of Similucra – the New Tenit – these moral crimes committed in your name are not going to leave anyone in the west blameless – including innocents – that is not how kabbalist black magic works. Just substitute here for the words Yazidi women, that of your own community, and you will now know what bitter fruits await complicity in the affair.

        Therefore I beg of you all – for your own sake – please, please read this link to the work of those who are brave enough to help these women recover from their ordeal…
        *I see this comment is under ‘moderation’ … hopefully because of the four links I inserted here for information about this case. I will therefore put them below in a second comment. If that is not the issue…. then I am at sea as to what is.

        Nope – still ‘moderating’ – what gives?

        and then DO something… concrete, finally, to send the madness of the talmudist back onto themselves. Those women are OUR WOMEN … as surely as the day is long. Racial hate is a sionist crime. Fight it or be complicit in it. There IS no middle ground.


        edit: so… it’s not under ‘moderation’ on this thread! Mysterious what?

  8. Amazon has done berry berry well with books ….

    Amazon could be moving into the $350B ocean freight market

    SAN FRANCISCO — After making moves into trucking and air freight, Amazon appears to be turning its thoughts to the sea.
    The e-commerce company’s Chinese affiliate, Amazon China, has registered with the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission to become a licensed ocean freight forwarder.

    Just this one part of JUST one US company… $350 billion…. is equal to GDP of South Africa… greater than the GDP of Denmark… and 153 other countries.

  9. Here are a couple of examples of book “burning” that come to mind.
    Back in the 1933 the ADL sent a letter to Scribner & Sons stating “We are interested in stifling the sale of this book,…” “Conquest of A Continent” by Madison Grant. The story of the Nordic conquest of North America.
    “Lucifer’s Lodge: Satanic ritual Abuse in the Catholic Church” pub 2004 by William H. Kennedy at one time was so hard to come by that is was selling on Amazon for around $600. Now it’s only $399.99 on amazon. Surely burning by other means.
    “STORM OVER RANGELANDS Private rights in Federal lands” (1989) by the late Nevada Rancher Wayne Hage at one time was available on Amazon for $1,100. Now it’s only $137 for a new paper back. It is or was used in certain law schools because of the legal research Hage and his 2nd oldest daughter put together for “Strom”.
    Evidently Hage’s older daughter have cases of the books and some are making their way into the market place.
    “Storm” is a magisterial study on Federal Control of vast lands within the States West of the Mississippi.
    With a read of “Storm” one can gain an understanding what is taken place right now in Oregon and other Western States.
    I’m sure there are many other books that will never see the light of day or are so expensive, even of resent vintage, that very few are read. Of course the controlled news will hardly even make a squeak about these books.

    1. I do have a copy of Dostoevsky’s Diary of a Writer that I picked up at Amazon for about $250 if I remember correctly.

      And out of about 300-400 pages only 20 or so deal with Jew issue in form of correspondence with a young Jewess complaining about his antisemitism.

      But he nailed them with his traditional pinpoint accuracy.

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