The Devil Walks the Earth

Two preliminary stages preceding demonic possession
are extraordinary temptations and diabolical obsessions



“And the Lord said unto Satan, From whence comest thou? And Satan answered the Lord and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it.” — Job, 2:2 

WARNING — This article contains disturbing material.
Do not read it if you are of a nervous disposition. 

You know the face of evil when you see it. Take a look at the face of that girl in the picture above. She radiates evil. The Prince of Darkness has taken possession of her and rides her all night long, as she shrieks “F**k me! F**k me! F**K ME!”

It’s only a movie? — Yes, it’s only a movie. But did you know the movie was based on a real life case of demonic possession? A case involving not a 12-year-old girl, as in The Exorcist, but of a 13-year-old boy from Baltimore. This case, hushed up for years by the Catholic Church, involved two Jesuit priests in the role of exorcists. The year was 1949. The name of the two priests: Father Bowden, age 52, and his athletic younger assistant, Father Halloran.

Only quite recently, forty years after its release, Tom Leonard  in the Daily Mail revealed the true story behind The Exorcist.

Many moviegoers fainted or vomited during the screening of the movie. Others claimed they had tried to leave the cinema but were rooted to their seats, too petrified to move. Some were carried out on stretchers and rushed to hospital emergency departments after having strokes.

The year was 1973, described as “the most significant year of the 20th century.”

Among those who trooped to see it [‘The Exorcist’] at a cinema in St Louis, Missouri, were two local Jesuit priests, Fathers William Bowdern and Walter Halloran, who knew better than anyone that this was not entirely a Hollywood flight of fancy – for they had performed the real-life exorcism on which the film was based.

We will consider the real life exorcism later. But first, a few preliminaries.

—  §  —

The Catholic Church is known to perform thousands of exorcisms each year. The current Pope, Francis I,  maintains that Satan is a real person, not a figment of the imagination or a mere “symbol of evil”. In May 2013, the newly-elected Pope allegedly performed a brief exorcism live on camera. As he was moving down a line of disabled people, offering blessings, the Pontiff paused before a boy in a wheelchair. He grasped the boy by the head, whereupon the boy gasped and shuddered before going limp. This was seen by many as a form of exorcism.

In 1906, Clara Germana Cele, a 16-year-old Christian student in Natal, South Africa, is said to have become demonically possessed after making a secret pact with Satan. (See Part 1).

Clara developed clairvoyant abilities at once and a sudden knowledge of multiple languages, speaking fluently in several tongues. Nuns at her convent reported that she produced horrible, animalistic sounds and also levitated up to five feet in the air — a feat reportedly witnessed by 170 people.  Eventually, two priests were brought in to perform an exorcism, one of whom she almost strangled to death. The 48-hour exorcism was successful and Clara was restored to normality. (See Wikipedia, here).


A scene from ‘The Exorcist’ showing levitation

In June 2014, “the Vatican formally recognized a group of 250 priests in 30 countries who liberate their faithful from demons. The Congregation for the Clergy approved the International Association of Exorcists. (Independent newspaper, UK.)

Exorcisms are not confined to Christian countries. We learn from Chinese sources that exorcists in Taoist monasteries are trained professionals who die young. This is because each exorcism drains them of vital energy, sometimes sapping years from their life. Here is a description of one such exorcism as witnessed by a Westerner:

“Animal growls and howls issued from time to time from his mouth which became square, his teeth gleaming like the fangs of a dog. I had the impression that a pack of wild animals was fighting inside his body. Terrible threats poured out of his contorted mouth, now fringed in white foam, and interspersed with such terrible obscenities that women [witnesses] had to plug their ears with their fingers…. [and then] he jumped at the priest’s throat like a mad bloodhound.

Convulsions shook the monstrous, swollen body [which had blown up into a “grotesque balloon”], and the things that followed were disgusting and revolting in the extreme. It seemed that all the apertures of the body were opened by the unseen powers hiding in it and streams of malodorous excreta  and effluvia flowed on the ground in incredible profusion.”

The abbot performing the exorcism, we are told, “was in a terrible state of prostration and was half carried and half dragged away by his novices. Shaken, scared and very sick, I could hardly walk back to our apartment.”

— Peter Goullart, The Monastery of Jade Mountain (1961), quoted in Adventures with the Buddha, A Personal Buddhist Reader, edited by Jeffery Paine (2005), pp. 217-223.

—  §  —

Remember that it was Christ himself who told us that the entire world was under the dominion of Satan. He referred to the Devil as the Prince or “ruler of the world,” and his injunction in the Lord’s Prayer “Libera nos a Malo”—sometimes translated as “Deliver us from the Evil One”—would make no sense at all if we were NOT in need of deliverance. It is precisely because we are under demonic influence on a daily basis, subject to infection from the virus of evil, that we are advised to pray “DELIVER US FROM EVIL.”

The sense of an ever-present and pervasive evil force, running like a subterranean river under the calm surface of everyday life, is a very common meme in religious literature. We are constantly being advised to practice eternal vigilance. Never let your guard down, we are being told. “Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation,” Christ advises. “Pray without ceasing,” St Paul chimes in. “Be sober, be vigilant,” St Peter adds, “because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.” Gautama Buddha recommends constant “mindfulness”, that is, being ever on the alert. The final sura of the Qur’an (114) warns us against the wiles of the Whisperer (Satan) and the ever-present jinn or demonic entities of the Islamic universe who can be seen as the lurkers in the shadows of life—or the “insane hiders”, to trace the word ‘jinn’ to its etymological roots.

JINN (also ‘djin’) : The plural is jinn (demons, spirits), the singular jinee. In Islamic demonology, the jinn are lower than the angels and are said to exercise supernatural influence—not always benign—over men. According to Dr Ebenezer Brewer in his Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, they dwell in the mountains of Kaf which encompass the earth, created 2000 years before Adam. They assume the form of serpents, dogs, cats, and even human beings. “The evil jinn are hideously ugly,” Dr Brewer tells us, “but the good are singularly beautiful.”

—  §  —

Curious to learn more about demons, I was taken aback when a book in my den suddenly dislodged itself from a shelf above my head and landed on the floor. Somewhat bemused, I picked it up and leafed through it at random, only to find that the book was full of curious lore on Buddhist demonology. A strange coincidence, I thought. The book was written by the great anthropologist and Tibetan translator, Walter Evans-Wentz, and was called The Tibetan Book of the Dead. I was impressed to find that it included a psychological commentary by Carl Jung and a foreword by the erudite British orientalist Sir John Woodroffe, also known as Arthur Avalon.

In Tibetan Buddhism, all demonic beings are the materialisations of the percipient’s own karmic thought forms. You created your own demons by your own sinful thoughts and desires. You imagined them into being. Astonished beyond words, this is what I read:

“The minor deities, heroes, dakhinis (or ‘fairies’), goddesses, lords of death, rakshasas [shape-shifting spirits], demons, spirits, and all others, correspond to definite human thoughts, passions, and impulses, high and low, human and subhuman and superhuman, in karmic form, as they take shape from the seeds of thought forming the recipient’s consciousness-content. (The Tibetan Book of the Dead, p.32)

The theosophist Evans-Wentz goes on to explain how our demons come into existence, created by our own karmas: “All pretas [‘hungry ghosts’], who exist in space, who traverse the sky, and the eighty thousand species of mischievous sprites, have become so by changing their feelings while in the mental body on the Bardo-plane.” (Ibid., p.187).  Malignant spirits are apparently the result of the “bad karma” of human beings. They are the materialisations of our evil thoughts and deeds. In short, they are sin-engendered.  Once created, they have an independent existence of their own and haunt their creators like ghosts. (Ibid., p.187, n.1)



The “ghost” in the mirror, though it may be invisible to others, is not a hallucination as such. It is a “tulpa“, a mind-created apparition or magical emanation with an independent existence of its own once it as been “conjured up” by the sheer power of imagination. It is often regarded as an imaginary friend. Thus it is possible in theory to summon up a ravishingly beautiful “demon lover” and have sex with her. Some adepts of tantric Buddhism are indeed reported to have created their own mind-created concubines, infinitely more desirable than ordinary flesh-and-blood women.

Hell, according to this outré form of Mahayana Buddhism, is a virtual reality created by the sinner. And demons are one’s own karmic thought forms brought to life like tulpas. The problem is, how do you escape this virtual reality which is indistinguishable from real life? How does the entrapped soul break free from the hellish nightmare it has created for itself?

That question remains unanswered. It’s like asking: How do you get out of Hell?

—  §  —

I cited earlier in an article on sex addiction and pornography the old Latin adage Nemo repente fuit turpissimus — ‘No one becomes thoroughly wicked all at once.’ Evil develops slowly in the soul over a period of several years. It often begins in childhood, manifesting itself as cruelty to animals. Such children become precociously sexual, indulging in compulsive masturbation from an early age. This abnormal behavior can turn males into fully-fledged sex criminals, including serial killers, and it can turn women into nymphomaniacs. Demonic possession is exceptionally rare and occurs only as the third and final stage of diablocentricism.

Preceding possession proper are two preliminary stages: extraordinary temptations and diabolical obsessions. The temptations experienced are primarily sexual. The obsessions run the whole gamut of infatuations, addictions, and obsessive-compulsive disorders. Porn addiction and pedophilia, for example, are two such obsessive-compulsive disorders that belong under the rubric of demonic influence.

None of the saints, to my knowledge, has ever become demonically possessed, but this immunity was achieved only as the result of heroic counter-measures to avoid being sucked into the vortex of diabolism. Many saints have experienced the first two stages, in particular extraordinary temptations. These include St Anthony, St Benedict, St Hilarion, St Francis of Assisi, St Teresa, St Catherine of Siena, St Mary Magdalen of Pazzi, Blessed Angela of Foligno, St Margaret Mary, the Venerable Mother Agnès de Langeac, and the saintly Curé D’Ars. (Mystical Phenomena, A Treatise of Mystical Theology, by Mgr. Albert Farges, 1926, p.201)

Great sinners, we are told, are left to their depraved senses: tradidit illos Deus in reprobum sensum (“God gave them over to a reprobate mind,” Romans.i.28). “Indeed, in order to chastise us, God very often only has to leave us alone,” Mgr. Farges notes. “And this is true of a people as well of individuals, for nations are very often punished by their own faults.” (p. 200)

Temptations to lust and blasphemy often beset the troubled mind. In the words of St John of the Cross:

“To some is sent the angel of Satan, the spirit of impurity, to buffet them with horrible and violent temptations of the flesh, to trouble their minds with filthy thoughts, and their imaginations wth representations of sin most vividly depicted; which, at times, becomes an affliction more grievous than death.” (St John of the Cross, Dark Night of the Soul, bk.1, ch. xiv, quoted in Farges, op.cit., p. 201-202)

—  §  —

And so we come back to The Exorcist.

Before we consider the real life case on which the movie is based, let’s take a look at one of the opening scenes. This 2-minute clip will show you what is involved in the exorcism process. Whether you believe or disbelieve in the supernatural is immaterial. All you need to know is that scenes like this mirror a reality far more nightmarish than anything the imagination can conjure up.

In November 2013, 500 Jesuit scholars met at a conference in St Louis to discuss the 1949 case involving the 13-year-old boy from Baltimore who had inspired The Exorcist.

The boy, known as Roland Doe, was a bookish only child brought up in a German-American Protestant family. He was close to his Aunt Harriet, a spiritualist who encouraged him to play with a Ouija board. Within days of her death in January 1949, odd scratching noises started coming from the walls of Roland’s family home and even from within his mattress.

His parents initially assumed it was mice, but mice wouldn’t have been able to do what came next — moving his bedroom furniture around and sending objects such as fruit sailing through the air.

At school, his desk began hitting other desks, once injuring another pupil. The boy became prone to blackouts, and started to become violent and babble gibberish. In desperation, his parents — convinced he was possessed by his dead aunt — turned to their Lutheran church minister. He referred them to the Catholic church, saying darkly that “they know about things like this”. (See here)

When a local priest visited the house, the 13-year-old boy Roland screamed at him in a foreign language: “O sacerdos Christi, tu scis me esse diabolum!”

The priest was amazed. How did this uneducated child speak fluent Latin? His words meant, “O Priest of Christ, you know I am the Devil!”

Roland was admitted to the Jesuit-run Georgetown University Hospital. The visiting priests had to don rubber underwear under their cassocks in order to stop the boy’s urine reaching their skin. Roland enjoyed urinating on them whenever he got a chance. Later he slashed one of the priests with a sharp bedspring coil, maiming him for life.

Roland’s parents then moved to St Louis. Here he was admitted to the psychiatric ward of the city’s  Catholic-run Hospital. Speaking in a deep guttural voice, the demonic teenager exhibited a distinct aversion to sacred objects — crucifixes, rosaries, prayer books and the like. The nurses must have been terrified of this feral monster, howling and screaming at them like a mad screech owl. This, then, was the boy whom the two Jesuit priests, Fr Bowdern Fr Halloran, had been summoned to exorcise.

For years the Catholic church banned the priests from speaking about what followed, although author William Peter Blatty managed to unearth enough details about the story to write his 1971 book The Exorcist, on which the film was based. He replaced [the boy] Roland with a 12-year-old girl. The book topped the New York Times bestseller list for four months.

The whole truth of what the priests say they witnessed finally came out in 1978 after workmen demolishing part of the St Louis hospital found the official record of the exorcism. It detailed how night after night over four weeks, Father Bowdern performed the exorcism rite on Roland while a young, athletic priest, Father Halloran (pictured here), held the writhing boy down.

Asked his name, the boy rasped creepily: “Spite!”

Then one night in April a voice issuing from the boy’s mouth cried out: “I am St Michael! I command you to leave this body now!’

The boy’s body went into a violent spasm, then suddenly went limp. “He’s gone,” he said simply.

Roland had been cured.

When quizzed later about his ordeal, Roland said he remembered nothing. He disappeared into obscurity, never to be heard from again. The two priests returned to their parish duties, enjoined to the strictest silence by the Catholic Church.

This is exorcism; make of it what you will.

If you want to scoff at demonic possession and dismiss it as superstitious claptrap, a relic of the Dark Ages, feel free. But ask yourself this: what if exorcism works and medical science is ineffectual? what if pharmaceutical products and psychiatry are of no avail whatsoever, whereas crucifixes and holy water effect lasting cures?

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

193 thoughts to “The Devil Walks the Earth”

  1. This is an important article. My only misgiving is the underlying assumption that exorcisms can be performed by others besides Catholic priests. I am inclined to believe that it is a ruse of the devil to occasionally give the impression of being driven out of people by Protestant ministers, Buddhist monks, etc. in order to make people think that others besides Catholic priests have that power.
    Also, I was previously under the impression that “The Exorcist” was based on the exorcism which took place in Silver Spring, Maryland and St Louis, Missouri in 1949 involving a 14 year old boy, as recounted in the book, “Begone Satan,” which I edited, adding two appendices: Appendix I. The Devil, by Fr. John Hardon, S.J. and
    Appendix II. The Diabolical Spirit, by Fr. Jordan Aumann, O.P. and uploaded here: It is definitely worth reading and is both very informative and powerful. Apparently I’m either wrong or else the movie might have been based on a combination of events in both cases. Either way, reading about these cases should lead people to think about the possibility that the Catholic Church, despite all its warts and wrinkles, despite its having been infiltrated by agents of Satan, subverted, corrupted in many ways, is the ark of salvation in this fallen world of ours. What most people think about the Church, and what it really is, are two different things altogether. See, e.g., for a dose of truth amidst a sea of lies about this divine institution founded by Christ upon his apostles and handed on to their successors through the “laying on of hands” (priestly ordination), with the sacraments that can lead us to eternal life, the salvation of our immortal souls.

    1. In my humble opinion, I see no reason to limit God’s power and Mercy. Which you do by asserting only Roman Catholic Priests (God bless them) may conduct successful exorcisms. I’m sure that if God so willed, anyone could drive out demons. Of course granted, the Roman Catholic Church “know(s) about things like this”.

      1. a sensible comment SW.
        however, it seems that the RC-trained ones are equivalent of UFC pros, picked and selected for the job by their nature, then given detailed training, first assisting a senior practitioner before entering the gladiatorial arena.

        possessions seem to run in a spectrum from baby-trivial ones to very serious encounters that are highly damaging and destructive to the exorcist, not infrequently maiming them for life or even killing them, despite all their strength and training – i am merely repeating what i read, ok?
        there are many do’s and dont’s (hey Dr Grammar, here is a tricky one, the plural of “don’t”), many quite subtle and a mistake can literally be fatal.
        It is a Mortal Kombat out there, where the priest risks his sanity, health and life in order to save a fellow human from fate worse than death and the bad spirit is always on a prowl hoping to snag the big prize – the exorcist himself.
        To counter the devil, one must at all times shield himself entirely with Jesus because one’s personal power and wits are pitifully inadequate against this enormously powerful intellect of Lucifer, he is not called The Lightbringer for nothing (the quoted sayings are often very impressive, including the one I mentioned earlier about women).
        this was understood quite well by Marlowe and Goethe in their retelling of the Faustus v. mephistopheles myth, the pride and hubris of the scientifically minded faust was precisely his downfall.

        In the encounters in the book, the possessor tries time and time again to draw the inquisitor into a battle of wits and when it succeeds, the exorcist pays dearly for his mistake, sort of like watching a battle of wasp and tarantula inside a bottle – no quarter given, any mistake is fatal.
        Again, i am talking about major cases, this is why those 5 were specifically selected.

      2. @ Lobro
        @ S.W.
        I am convinced that the so-called exorcisms one can see performed by protestant ministers and others in various youtube videos are fake. Some people make good $ doing things like this, just like with so-called “faith healings”. Catholic priests and bishops (the latter being successors to the apostles) thru their priestly and episcopal (bishop) ordination receive the grace and power of the Holy Spirit to change bread and wine into the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Christ for the spiritual nourishment of themselves and the Catholic laity (have you ever wondered why only consecrated hosts secretly taken from Catholic churches are used by Satanists in their perverse and diabolical rituals?); to be the instruments thru which God forgives sins in the sacrament of confession, to administer the other sacraments, to bless, and to exorcise demons. The rest of us are not given this, although, like you say, S.W., “if God so willed, anyone could drive out demons.” Yes, he can do all things, including allowing a non-ordained person to exorcise a demon, but that would be the exception that proves the rule. Christ gave the power to do so to his 12 apostles, and they ordained others, and there is an unbroken chain of the passing on of this power from them to every ordained Catholic and Orthodox priest today. There is a good example of non-ordained persons trying to exorcise a demon in the Acts of the Apostles, 19:13-16: “Then some of the itinerant Jewish exorcists undertook to invoke the name of the Lord Jesus over those who had evil spirits, saying, “I adjure you by the Jesus whom Paul proclaims.” Seven sons of a Jewish high priest named Sceva were doing this. But the evil spirit answered them, “Jesus I know, and Paul I recognize, but who are you?” And the man in whom was the evil spirit leaped on them, mastered all of them and overpowered them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded.” A priest or bishop may be a great sinner, but valid ordination gives him the power to do things which even the angels of heaven can’t do.

    2. Darrell,

      When I was very young, my eldest sister was attending Georgetown, along with two of our girl cousins. Dad and uncle got them a town house on 34th Street, and later, we used it when any of us went to Washington. I met William Peter Blatty there, later-in-life, at a party (many Jesuit priests are heavy drinkers and big partiers!), and I, too, was under the impression that his book dealt with an incident which occurred in Maryland, nearby. Blatty later wrote a novel entitled ‘Legion’, of the same topic. Maybe the Wahington, D.C. area is conducive to Satanic inspiration??? 🙂

    3. @ LOBRO,
      “… it seems that the RC-trained ones are equivalent of UFC pros, picked and selected for the job by their nature, then given detailed training, first assisting a senior practitioner before entering the gladiatorial arena..”

      I do agree. With God all things are possible…. but the run of the mill provincial Protestant Pastor would be hard-pressed.

  2. @ Darrell

    I was previously under the impression that “The Exorcist” was based on the exorcism which took place in Silver Spring, Maryland and St Louis, Missouri in 1949 involving a 14 year old boy, as recounted in the book, “Begone Satan,” which I edited, adding two appendices…

    It’s possible there’s been some confusion, Darrell, because I’m sure we’re speaking about the same exorcism and the same possessed boy, though in our version he is 13 years old, not 14. In both accounts, moreover, the same place names are mentioned. And the date of the exorcism is also the same: 1949.

    In her article, Dr Darkmoon gives her source as Tom Leonard writing in the Daily Mail:

    Last month 500 Jesuit scholars and Catholics gathered in St Louis to discuss that extraordinary 1949 case. And a new 40th anniversary Blu-ray edition of the film — to be released here next year — has focused attention on the true story of the exorcism of a 13-year-old from Baltimore that inspired it.

    The boy, known as Roland Doe, was a bookish only child brought up in a German-American Protestant family….. etc etc….

    1. Number XXX, from “Everything Useful I Learned Came From Managing Large And Complex Marine Power Plants”:

      One decidedly important principle is the rigor of always considering Alternative Causes. While the in vogue, popular reason or cause might be immediately joined, a higher standard requires the consideration of something else that could be causing the observable or result.

      I cannot count how many times a machinery or system irregularity of varying severity had another cause than my or other’s first thought. To complicate matters, there were times when the causative agent, the stimulus was not one, but two independent and concomitant forces. An unexpected absence of a necessary operant is a cause.

      So, in the case of “demonic possession”, did anybody check for parasites? It is well known that several parasites can cause severe mental aberrations. MRI imaging is now so refined that even slight deviations of brain morphology can be correlated with diseases and psychological disturbances. How about spinal fluid or blood analysis? Did we exclude them?

      And finally, who is the Catheter Church to decide anything, anymore? How much abuse of authority, lying, materialism, money grubbing, Luciferian actions, genocide DOES IT TAKE to at least step back from the stench?

      I suppose the Believer can rationalize it this way: the Church as an institution is immaculate, but the management is the problem-and external and not intrinsic entity to The Church. Well, alright, BUT after centuries of Unholy Actions, coverups, refusing to admit wrong doing, narcissism, anti-Christ actions, how does that escape clause fare?


        Yes, the Church is corrupt, and I guess was always corrupt to one degree or another — its human nature to be corrupt, and has been especially corrupt ever since the Church caved-in to the Heliocentrics, this is true, the Catholic Church is corrupt and that can be clearly seen in how The Church has embraced Heliocentricism. I always get a kick out of it when Heliocentrics point their fingers at the Catholic Church for being corrupt, when REALLY, Heliocentrics are VERY HAPPY the Church embraced their Heliocentric theory as “The Truth”. Yeah sure, Heliocentrics, like Poupon for example, are “deeply” “deeply” “opposed” to the Jesuits Heliocentric Lucifer Observatory in Arizona. Heliocentrics don’t LERV the Catholic Teilhard de Chardin, Heliocentrics don’t LERV all the Jesuit astronomers thoughout the centuries, Heliocentrics don’t LERV IT The Catholic Church is now Heliocentric to-the very-core, sure.

        Blah, blah, blah for 10 more paragraph……………………..

        ADMIN: The rest of this interminable OFF-TOPIC comment has been deleted (including a long off-topic video called FLAT EARTH: CULT OF PYTHAGORAS). This is a poster who is constantly complaining that his long-winded, off-topic comments are being cruelly “censored.”

        NOTE: And this is the only commenter who doesn’t give “Circassian” the creeps! Apart from Seymour Zak whom Circassian also likes! Everyone else on this site, according to banned poster Circassian, has “serious problems”. How interesting! 🙂

      2. @admin

        It is my understanding that the “flat earthers” are typical of those who take a glimmer of info reflecting that which MAY be truthful, yet botch it up BECAUSE it’s only a glimmer

        The idea originates from a theory suggesting that the spheres of an existence devoid of lies (True Creation) have been “flattened”, and cloaked over to only APPEAR spherical, but what are in fact only a virtual* reality

        *the virtual nature being attributed to a certain kabbalah-like black magic. There is God’s TRUE Creation, and then there is the “imposter’s cloak” that ‘virtualized’ it. (and as long-time readers know, I’ve written about this extensively…just not much lately)

      3. Don’t knock what the Church sells. Many years ago I had a condo to sell in a nice area in a US city. It stayed on the market for several months without a bite. A Catholic friend urged me to buy a St Joseph real estate kit and bury the saint’s statuette head down in front of the building. She assured me that St Joseph will do his utmost to sell my condo on the understanding that upon completion of the sale he (or rather his representation made in China) would be excavated, washed and placed on a shelf in my house. Being a nasty cynic in those times, I sought to make a party of it and invited friends (minus the Catholic one) to the ceremonial burial to be followed by lunch. We had fun.
        Whaddaye know? My condo sold less than a month later! Cynic as I persisted in being I ascribed it to an upsurge in the real estate market and to my lowering the asking price.
        Now I had to dig up St Joseph so I organized another ceremony… I didn’t remember under which bush in the public park fronting the building I had buried it. I went out with my friends and my dog and started digging, now under one bush, then another… It was an odd sight: a small group of people watching me on my knees digging in the ground while my dog stood idly by, watching me with puzzlement. Passers-by must have been wondering why I didn’t let my dog dig for bones all by herself. I did not find it and had to abandon the digging before someone called the park police.
        End result: a year later I heard that the old lady who had bought the condo died! Again –like a cynic– I believed the flimsy explanations I heard: that she was very old and very sick. But not any more. Now I know it was the revenge of St. Joseph. In searching for this link I found out that St Joseph’s real estate kit now sells for around $12. Amazing! It has been well over 25 years when I bought mine for $10. Either the inflation is as low as they say it is or the church where I bought mine scammed me.

      4. Re parasites: Yes, There is the case in the Essene Gospel of Peace in which Christ “exorcised” a giant tapeworm from a man. What wonderful, descriptive writing! There is constant reference to “Satan” being the cause of this man’s illness, and Christ figured it all out.

        So, those persons needing exorcism of demons may be at the extreme end of things, and the fact that no scientist has yet been able to explain the power of the possessed to cause objects to fly around doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Big mistake to think western science has it all figured out.

        I recall reading – was it here on darkmoon? – about how parasites in insects cause their sufferer to behave completely against their own interests. Any similarities to modern western societies?

        Therefore, I think it’s an error to say that there’s no such thing as demonic possession just because there is a purely physical explanation. This is the typical modern, mostly Western, either-or style of looking at everything: that health problems are either psychological or physical; we see either hormonal derangement/parasites etc. or we see “demonic possession”.

        The reality IMO is that all mental problems have their physical component, and in all seemingly physical illness of a serious sort there is something going on spiritually that is not at all understood. Sorry, friends, these things can’t be separated out.

  3. glad i am not the ‘first responder’ because of Darrell’s qualifications in this matter versus my non-existent ones.

    i also had a fortuitous encounter with Evans-Wentz’s book early on in grade 12 and it left a lifelong impression even though i never read much past Jung’s foreword and couple of tibetan incantations.

    All i want to say now is to deliver couple of quotes from father Malachi Martin’s “Hostage to the Devil” that struck me probably due to my prevailing visual mode of thinking (pictures beat words, no?).
    In the first, this precociously talented kid, who later succumbed to full possession has his first vision at age 16 that lured him into the danger zone

    From their accounts and Carl’s recollections, it appears that the vision took place in his father’s library one evening as Carl was preparing his homework. He glanced at the clock. Dinner was served punctually at six o’clock each evening. He had, he saw, one minute to go, just enough time to find a particular volume of the Encyclopaedia Britannica and open it to the article he needed for his written composition.
    After he found the information he was looking for, his consciousness underwent a peculiar change. He was not frightened; instead, the change put him in what he describes as a great hush. He no longer saw the book in his hand or the shelves of books in front of him. He no longer even felt the weight of the volume in his hand. He did not feel the floor beneath his feet. But he did not miss them. They seemed no longer necessary.
    He did not perceive all this directly. Only on the periphery of his consciousness was he aware of perceptual changes and of his lack of any need for physical feeling of his surroundings. His attention was riveted on something else, something totally different from, but in a mysterious way intimate to, all his experience up to that moment of his life.
    It was, first of all, an atmosphere. There was much light, but, he says, a dark light.
    [John Milton uses the same phrase, “dark light” in his “Paradise Lost”]
    Yet, that darkness was so brilliant that no detail escaped him. He was not looking at something or at a landscape; he was participating in it, so clear was every detail shown and conveyed to him. What he saw was dimensionless: no “over there,” no
    “up” or “down” or “large” or “small.” Yet it was a place. Objects were in that place, but the place was nowhere. And the objects located in that space were not found by coordinates, or seen by the eye, or felt by the hand. He knew them, as it were, by participation in their being. He knew them completely. Therefore, he knew what they were and where they were. And even though they had a relationship to him and to each other, it was not a relationship of space and distance and comparative sizes.
    Not only was normal spatial dimension in abeyance as nonextended time. It was not that time seemed to be suspended. There was no times no duration. He was not looking at the objects for a long or a short time-it could not have been seconds. Neither could it have been an infinity of hours or years. There was no sense of duration. It was timeless. Yet he did clearly, if indirectly, perceive a time. But it was, again, an internal time and seemed to be the total existence of himself and of all those objects without perceptible or receding beginning, and without an ending or an approaching ending.
    As for a description of that landscape and the objects “in” it, Carl could only speak vaguely. It was a “land,” he said, a “countryside,” a “region.” It had all you would expect-mountains, sky, fields’, crops, trees, rivers. But these lacked what Carl called the “obscurity” of their counterparts in the physical world. And, although it had no apparent houses or cities, it was “inhabited”: it was full of an “inhabiting presence.” There was no sound or echo, but the soundlessness was not a silence, and the echolessness was not an absence of movement. It seemed to Carl for the first time he was freed from the oppression of silence and rid of the nostalgia produced’ in him by echoes.
    As he took all this in, or as he was embraced by all this-he could never distinguish exactly which was a truer way of speaking-there was in him a sudden desire. That desire had a purity and a sacred immunity that freed it of any aching and did not imply a want in a way we normally understand. It was a summary appeal, but without request. It was desire as its own confirmation. It was substantial hope as its own trust. Yet it was desire. He would describe it at times as a “Show mel” or a “Give me!” or a “Take me!” or a “Lead me!” arising in him.
    But, he said, none of these expressed the bones and marrow of that desire. And over all his desire and desiring self there was an all-satisfying acceptance and acceptability.
    Carl does not know if the vision would have “lasted” and carried him farther or not, for he was suddenly jerked out of it. “You’ve exactly one minute to finish.” It was little Ray. “Hurry up!”
    An immense sadness welled up in Carl at that moment, an indescribable sense of loss.

    next (different exorcism), the “superior” spirit that rules the roost of the lesser ones is forced to identify itself by the presiding priest and reveal part of the operation

    “”. . . round and fat and red and black and male and female and what they do or smell like or walk like or do like, pygmy humans . . . names, what names? … a breath of little lungs . . . it’s what we do, we are . . . millions if you count the wills, the minds, infinite if you weigh the hatings, the living hatings . . . one above the other, no one is all, all are under one, some so near the Daring One they have intelligence only the High Enemy [Jesus – it cannot name Him directly] can match, some so low they are turds, the shards, the lumps beneath his heel, the dust between his toes . . . and loving it all, all the degradation . . . anything to disfigure beauty.”

    This is what the demon says when ordered to depart the victim, a transsexual stuck on becoming a woman

    “Oh, it starts with the box and ends with the box. So long as we make them think the box is all, we fix them. We can make a whore of the grandest — all legal, all secure, if once … if once they think the box is woman, woman a box . . . the greatest insult to the High Enemy [jesus], because woman is likest to the High Enemy.
    A man is a thing. A woman is being. We fix them so they think . . . it’s nothing but a big, fat dick in a sea of hormones, and smellings and screams, and all the shouting and jabbing and pulling and jerking. Tie them to the dickybird tight in his cage. Tie them to that. Don’t let them see beyond. And she will make the man in her image. Tie him too …”
    Richard /Rita broke off, turning on the couch and gasping as if for air. “You! Priest! We’ve fixed you for . . .”

    1. Lobro,

      Thanks for posting this. It’s useful to have as a reference.

      If you have other similar case history extracts from Malachi (some of which you sent me in emails), this might be a good opportunity to post them and thus make them widely available to researchers in the field. Please post the extract you said was too shocking for inclusion in the article, the one involving a female demoniac.

  4. I don’t think it’s right that this website should now branch into pornography. It was bad enough before being an antisemitic site, but now it’s becoming pornographic. That video gave me the creeps, with that underage girl making pelvic thrusts and going through the motions of copulation and screaming “Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME!”

    That sort of disgusting scene is a definite turn-on for sadistic pedophiles. No, I’m not kidding or spoofing or any other crap like that. I’m being dead serious.

    When a sex-crazed pedo sees a scene like that, with a 12-year-old girl thrusting her pelvis at him and sreaming “FUCK ME! … FUCK ME!” what do you think happens to him? I’ll tell you what happens to him. He goes berserk, stirred up to demonic pedo lust. And he goes out and rapes some innocent child.

    This site seriously needs to consider its responsibilities. It’s going too far. At the very least, that obscene video should be deleted.

    1. In the context of the full-length movie, maybe that fuck-me scene is permissible. But it’s a totally different ball game when quoted out of context.

      When posted as a short extract, without context, it becomes irresponsible incitement to demonic pedo lust.

      Sadistic pedophile pornography of the sickest kind.

    2. I do not know whether Seymour Zak is a Jew or not, as he claims, but he is the only commenter here who does not give me the creeps … except TROJ, perhaps.

      If Seymour Zak is a Jew, and the rest of you are not, then you folks out there in the West have a big problem.

  5. I think that this

    if once they think the box is woman, woman a box . . . the greatest insult to the High Enemy [Jesus], because woman is likest to the High Enemy.
    A man is a thing. A woman is being.

    by the wicked intelligence is a very profound statement and very valuable, because i always look for value in the filth of vice, often the truth hides behind the hate and loathing.
    Doesn’t it throw extra light on Lasha’s previous musings on pornography and Jews?
    Or otto Weininger’s “we live in the era of women and jews“, statement of sublime insight into the nature of the Beast.

    1. I’ve got a reasonable test for Demonic Possession. Flog the afflicted bugger and see if that attenuated the behavior associated by Possession (whatever that is). If it doesn’t and the floggee does not reform, then a good case could be made that the behavior is involuntary and compulsive. Non-volitional.

      This should be applied to Hell Awry Clinktoken and her Hucksterband. The amount of hidden, clandestine crimes and amoral actions would be a real wonder.

  6. not quite sure which one, Lasha, there were quite a few, maybe the same victim, Richard/Rita, the transsexual, whose possessor raped the exorcising priest and caused his early death.
    these things ain’t movies …
    here goes

    The Virgin and the Girl-Fixer
    Suddenly the whole scene changed in that Exorcism room, like an eerie and expert theater experience where, in a few seconds, the main actors change costumes and roles and the scenery is switched on invisible wheels, back to front, upside down, inside out, producing a kaleidoscope of change that makes everyone blink in disbelief.
    At one moment, Father Gerald, the exorcist, was bending over the possessed, Richard/Rita,” who had sunk his teeth in his own instep. In the next instant, the glaze in Richard/Rita’s eyes broke, melting into a lurid gleam of mockery. Greenish. The teeth loosened their grip on the instep. The mouth opened, baring gums and throat, the tongue protruded, quivering on a stream of gray foam bubbles. The whole face was furrowed in irregular lines, as Richard/Rita broke into peals of laughter. Great buffeting gusts of mocking, jeering, Schadenfreude laughter. Laughter pouring from a belly of amused scorn and contemptuous hate.
    In a fraction of a second Gerald understood. The Girl-Fixer, invisible to his eyes, was on him, two claws clutching at his middle. His assistants heard the raucous laughter.
    They held their ears. But Gerald’s agony they could not know. All they saw were Gerald’s sudden, violent spasms backward and forward “as if his middle was caught in a vise”; then the screeching shredding of his cassock and clothes, leaving him naked from chest to ankles. After that, all details escaped them in the violent jerkings and writhings of his body.

    Gerald felt one claw was now totally sunk in his rectum. Another claw held his genitals, stretching his scrotum away from his penis, jerking at him brutally. Both claws were stiff, cutting like the jagged edge of a tin can, driving deeper and deeper, impaling him. He reeled away from the couch where Richard/Rita lay laughing, laughing, laughing, kicking the air and thumping the couch with clenched fists in deafening bursts of merriment.
    Gerald staggered zigzag across the room, bent like a jackknife, involuntary screams gushing from his throat. One claw rocked back and forth within him. Slivers of agony jabbed and pierced through his buttocks and belly arid groin, as flesh and veins and mucous membrane and skin tore and ripped irregularly.
    A fetid smell wafted up to his nostrils and from behind his head. The voice of the Girl-Fixer beat at his eardrums unmercifully: “You’re my sow. I’m on you. Your boar. My snout is giving you the best blow-job in the Kingdom. Shoot, sow! Spread your legs, sow! Your boar is mounting your flesh, opening your little untouched hairs. My prick is taking your virginity. You’re no girl. But I’m still the fixer of every box!”
    Gerald staggered in spasms, stumbling over his feet, doubled up, flaying the air helplessly, leaving a thin trail of semen, blood, excrement, and screams, until he bumped heavily into the wall, and fell to the floor in a twisted bundle. Blood sprang from a thin, vertical split that opened from the middle of his forehead up into his hair. Richard/Rita froze into the blazing look again. The attack had lasted about three seconds. It was over before the others recovered themselves. Suddenly, Gerald’s screams and Richard/Rita’s laughter stilled, there was a moment without sound in the room, like the farthest edge of whispers. The raw silence after raucous, earsplitting noise.
    Then, a flurry of voices and activity. The doctor and the police captain lifted Gerald onto the stretcher that had ironically been brought for Richard/Rita. The four men quickly bound Richard/Rita down tightly to the iron frame of the couch. No one looked at those eyes. All felt the blazing glance on them, intent, triumphant, smug.
    “Like tying down a hot, steamy carcass,” one of them recalled afterwards.
    Richard/Rita’s two brothers, Bert and Jasper, eyes swollen red with tears, faces dirtied yellow with panic, carried the stretcher out. As the assistants left the house, they felt the stark contrast between the scene they had just witnessed and the outside world. In the garden by the pond the thrushes were warbling in the first wave of the dawn chorus Richard/Rita had loved so much and which had drawn him to live here in the first place. The sun was shining.
    Inside, Gerald’s priest assistant, Father John, still wearing his immaculate cassock, settled down in an easy chair to watch and pray. He was wordless. Just to be sure, he held the crucifix in one hand and the holy-water flask in the other.

    The other passage involves Marianne (different case again) at the point when the exorcism has proceeded far enough to awaken spirit of resistance in her and she is desperately and unsuccessfully struggling to get out from under the demon’s grip

    As always before, the Breakpoint came at the precise moment Peter least expected it. It started with a sound difficult to describe. A horse whimpering. A dog whinnying. A man meowing. It was the very sound of pain. Of nature violated by unnature. Of deep agony. Of protest. Of helplessness.
    “Supposing a cadaver, after the death rattle and after the grimacing of the last breath was over, started to cry for help, what do you imagine it would sound like?” Peter asked later in an effort to describe this indescribable sound.
    “Or supposing when you were closing his dead eyelids with your thumb and forefinger” (he made the motion with spatular fingers) “and supposing you missed one eye, and it looked up at you still glassy and dead — you know how they look — and it filled with genuine tears. That’s the feeling.
    Something reaching out from the middle of all the worms and putrid flesh and stink and body water and silent immobility of death, saying: ‘I’m alive! Pull me out! For the love of Jesus, save me!’ That was Marianne when the Breakpoint began. The tug of war for her soul that nearly broke me in two.”

    take your pick, i am in no hurry to reread that book, pretty hard stuff.

    1. NS –

      Eve fell in with the ‘serpent’. The ‘serpent’ was the government. A ‘serpent-system’.
      The government gave women (Eve) the right to vote… a choice in political matters… and there ya go…. never going back.

      See…?? We all can manufacture allegory… even about exorcism. If told enough it becomes fact and a part of history…. even in someone’s bible 1,000 years from now. 🙂

      1. I like your rare foray into metaphor territory. Just delete the blasted smiley. It ruins the effect.

      2. Ariadna –

        You compliment… then jerk it away..!! I like the method. 🙂

        I do not write to suit you. I write to suit me.
        I would never be so arrogant as to demand your writing to please me.

        I got the effect I wanted… rather than what you wanted.
        I got your response…. my goal. With simple words. A hypnotic effect. It is in keeping with the ‘demonic possession’ meme…. so to write… ‘spells’…. simple words create. 🙂

      3. Pat: “I do not write to suit you.”
        “I got the effect I wanted… rather than what you wanted. I got your response…. my goal.”

        So you write to get my response, because negative attention beats being ignored?
        I can’t promise to fulfill your “goal” every time, Pat. Your smileys wear me down. I’ll just try to oblige from time to time.

      4. Ariadna –

        You gave both a positive and a negative response.

        That’s a waffle..!!! It’s contagious..!!

        I’ll keep the positive one and toss the negative one. That means you are wrong again. 🙂

        And… New Song ain’t even sed nuthin yet…

      5. Pat,

        You didn’t manufacture any allegory here. It is EXACTLY the same old story!

        Which is to say same shit different day.


    Who is who?

    Lasha, I am sorry, sister, but you cannot win. No one has ever won a battle against the Nature – neither can you. Nature has an unpredictable ways to get even. You are not thinking clearly, Lasha.

    And that is not good for your health. Hell, that is not good for anything!

  8. DISCLAIMER: The following are not critical questions, much less challenges to testimonials of demonic possession. They are only linguistic speculations.
    1.”The plural is jinn (demons, spirits), the singular jinee.”
    Could it be that “jinee” is not in fact the plural but rather the past participle (like “interviewee”) indicating possession by a by a “jinn”?
    2. We must assume that the nuns witnessing the act of possession did not speak any of the foreign languages in which the victim became fluent while possessed, hence the absence of translations.
    Could it be that the inarticulate howls the nuns also heard were in fact statements in other languages that may have sounded like harsh inarticulate sounds to them, i.e., languages and idioms NOT belonging to the main families of languages currently spoken in Europe (e.g., Romance, Germanic, Celtic)? Take me, for example: to me Hebrew sounds like that.

    1. Jinn is an Arabic collective noun deriving from the Semitic root JNN (Arabic: جَنّ / جُنّ‎‎, jann), whose primary meaning is “to hide”. Some authors interpret the word to mean, literally, “beings that are concealed from the senses”.[5] Cognates include the Arabic majnūn (“possessed”, or generally “insane”), jannah (“garden”), and janīn (“embryo”).[6] Jinn is properly treated as a plural, with the singular being jinni.

      Source : Wikipedia, Jinn.

      So jinni is the singular, jinn the plural, while “possessed” or “insane” is majnūn in Arabic.

      1. I hoped this would get your attention to help me clarify my linguistic questions, Franklin. Thank you again!
        What was I thinking, suggesting that Arabic past participles are formed using the same suffix as that appended in French (and by borrowed “morphological neologisms” in English as well)??!! I can’t say.

        1. My etymological sources, apart from Wikipedia, were the Oxford English Dictionary and Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. Correct usage would seem to be as follows:

          Islamic Demon, spirit (singular) = jinni, jinnee (variant spelling. Cf. hindu/hindoo; magic/magick; fairy/faery).
          Demons, spirits (plural) = jinn
          Female demon = jinniyeh

          “Jinn” is also sometimes spelled “DJIN”, but this appears to be poetic usage. (OED)

          To confuse matters, Islamic scholar and translator of the Qur’an, Yusuf Ali, constantly refers to a single demon as a JINN and demons in the plurals as JINNS. Yusuf Ali’s translation is regarded by many as the best and most authoritative translation of the Qur’an ever published.

          It’s a truly monumental work, with the original Arabic script on the right-hand side of the page and the parallel English translation (free verse, literal) on the left-hand side of the page. It also includes 6311 fascinating footnotes. In these footnotes he is constantly referring to demons in the plural as JINNS, and in the singular as JINN. (For example, footnote 929: Jinns: who are they? ….. Note 5728: “Jinns… we may take these to be spirits ordinarily unseen…”)

          1. I didn’t know when I first sent my first post to DM that the word “Darkmoon” is code for the satanic jew’s Kabballah, but just the name “Darkmoon” made me suspicious and I knew before I even sent in my first post Darkmoon is a jew-ridden shithole, that I knew. I found out later [ a few months later ] “Darkmoon” is code word for the jew’s satanic Kabbalah. Judging by the name itself [ I can be very judgmental and I know that’s not politically correct, :), but I don’t care ] Judging by the name itself I knew DM was going to be a jew shithole before I even sent in my very first post to your kabbalah snake pit. I just didn’t know at the time Darkmoon was code for the satanic jew kabbalah, but just the name itself emitted [ still emits ] bad energy [ to phrase it in a New Age sort of way] . And I knew Lasha wasn’t going to answer my question while I was typing my very first post to DM. I just knew it. I just knew it and I chalk that up to my OH WOW man, I chalk it up to my Ineffable Intuition, ? .

            1. You don’t have to be a hindoo to have Intuition. And you don’t need “Saint” Ronnie’s #12333 and all kinds of embedded cameras in computers to SEE, to enjoy Videre Licet. I hope you all enjoy Videre Licet as much as I enjoy Videre Licet. How about you, Uncle, do you enjoy and appreciate Videre Licet? I know I do. ? .

  9. “Hell is other people,” correctly observed one of my otherwise unfavorite philosophers. To which I would add,
    ” and when they crowd you out in your own space, the more “other” they are, the more hellish.”

  10. Good and evil is the result of individual actions taken by those who live and have lived in this world. Satan does of course exist and his influence over us is through the flesh. To understand why evil exists one only need to read the following verse.
    Genesis 3:22 KJVS
    [22] And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever:
    Part and parcel of being made in God’s image is to be made mature in the choice of actions we make in life.
    Hebrews 5:14 KJVS
    [14] But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.
    Spiritual maturity epitomized by love learned in life by the body of Christ and at the White Throne judgment for the largest percentage of the rest of humanity.

    1. Don’t you feel the need for a predicate in the last sentence (e.g., “Spiritual maturity is epitomized..”)?
      Not nitpicking here, I just take my new assignment (Grammar monitor) seriously unless and until dismissed by Admin, which would be a sad day for me.

  11. Toby, how are you doing today, brother? I hope TROJ does not bother you too much. That rascal can drive anyone to suicide, please be careful.

  12. I just wanted to add here that my post referring to numerology is by no means an exact science in terms of how these power numbers may be applied. But I’ll be curious to see if my thoughts on 1929-2017 (88 years) paralleling a Hoover-Trump “deja vu all over again” scenario come to fruition {

  13. Hi Lasha,
    Good article.
    According to Emanuel Swedenborg we ALL spend our entire lives engaging with or channelling spirits from the eternal realms. Obsession (suffering the influence of an evil spirit against one’s will) is much more common than possession (suffering demonic influence having actively invited the spirit into oneself).
    As someone who has been through the former experience, felt the entities crash in through my chest and been released from my torments 20 years later by going through a Deliverance ritual carried out by an exorcist, I can give witness to the fact that demons are entirely real.
    To go further on this issue would require the writing of a book. Here is a video or two on the issue from The Swedenborg Foundation channel:

    The demonic realms exercise undue influence over human affairs mainly because of our collective failure to recognise the existence of demonic spiritual identities as real and therefore we do not take appropriate spiritual action against them.
    If we recognised our close realtionship to these realms we might recognise that although we own negative feelings (because of our painful personal experiences) we do not necessarily generate the negative thoughts that often accompany these memories. We would 9and should) IDENTIFY less with our own evil attachments and, hence, be able to drive away such thoughts and heal …. much in the way a body will heal itself if a wound is left alone. Similarly we should take less credit for fruits produced via the actions of angelic sprits that we channel in our better moments.

  14. “…If man believed, as is really true, that all good is from the Lord and all evil from hell, he would not make the good in him a matter of merit nor would evil be imputed to him; for he would then look to the Lord in all the good he thinks and does, and all the evil that inflows would be cast down to hell whence it comes. But because man does not believe that there is any influx into him either from heaven or from hell, and so supposes that all the things that he thinks and wills are in himself, and therefore from himself, he appropriates the evil to himself, and the inflowing good he defiles with merit.” Emanuel Swedenborg, Heaven & Hell para 302

  15. Sigh, who here still believes the Hallowedhoax or the trade tower attack stories? So why this strong desire to believe fantastic Jewish religious porn? I note the image of the lost soul slitting his wrists into a sink. Jews have a natural penchant for large quantities of blood.

    As the Judaic Communist official Zinoviev stated: “Without mercy, without sparing, we will kill our enemies in scores of hundreds. Let them be thousands; let them drown themselves in their own blood. For the blood of Lenin and Uritzky, Zinoviev and Vólodarsky, let there be floods of the blood of the bourgeoisie–more blood! As much as possible!” (Krasnaya Gazeta, Sept. 1, 1918).

    Jews often portray this twisted bloodlust in their movies as a sink or bathtub filled with blood. In the case of the bathtub blood scene, the victim is invariably bathing in their own blood. No doubt this sick concept is derived from the golden bowl their primitive priests used to catch the blood of a sacrificed animal.

    Then there is the Eucharist where Christians ritually cannibalize the body of their savior while drinking his blood from a chalice. This bizarre ceremony mimics the Jew’s original tabernacle ceremony where the priest drank the sacrificial blood inside the tabernacle, away from the eyes of those sinners to whom these primitive priests proscribed any contact with blood.

    Why do so many follow and support this Jewish religious/horror porn? Jews are sick, they are a mentally ill race of psychopaths that revel in the most debased aspects of the human condition. Thus, it should be understood when one follows any of their religious beliefs, they take on the Jews’ mind.

    From The Predators by Carlos Castaneda

    “We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The Predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile, helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. If we want to act independently, it demands that we don’t do so… I have been beating around the bush all this time, insinuating to you that something is holding us prisoner. Indeed we are held prisoner!

    “This was an energetic fact for the sorcerers of ancient Mexico … They took us over because we are food for them, and they squeeze us mercilessly because we are their sustenance. Just as we rear chickens in chicken coops, the predators rear us in human coops, humaneros. Therefore, their food is always available to them.”

    “No, no, no, no, This is absurd don Juan. What you’re saying is something monstrous. It simply can’t be true, for sorcerers or for average men, or for anyone.”

    “Why not?” don Juan asked calmly. “Why not? Because it infuriates you? … You haven’t heard all the claims yet. I want to appeal to your analytical mind. Think for a moment, and tell me how you would explain the contradictions between the intelligence of man the engineer and the stupidity of his systems of beliefs, or the stupidity of his contradictory behaviour. Sorcerers believe that the predators have given us our systems of belief, our ideas of good and evil, our social mores. They are the ones who set up our hopes and expectations and dreams of success or failure. They have given us covetousness, greed, and cowardice. It is the predators who make us complacent, routinary, and egomaniacal.”

    “But how can they do this, don Juan? Do they whisper all that in our ears while we are asleep?”

    “‘No, they don’t do it that way. That’s idiotic!” don Juan said, smiling. “They are infinitely more efficient and organized than that. In order to keep us obedient and meek and weak, the predators engaged themselves in a stupendous manoeuvre; stupendous, of course, from the point of view of a fighting strategist. A horrendous manoeuvre from the point of view of those who suffer it. They gave us their mind! Do you hear me? The predators give us their mind, which becomes our mind. The predators’ mind is baroque, contradictory, morose, filled with the fear of being discovered any minute now.”

    “The predator’s mind is, ‘a cheap model: economy strength, one size fits all.'”

    This description perfectly fits the hive-mentality of the Jews. “Sorcerers call this uniform alien mind, the foreign installation, which exists in you and in every other human being. This foreign installation pulls us out of our syntax. It deranges our indigenous abilities to organize the world according to the language proper to our species.” Can one find a better description of what the Jews have done to our language and religious beliefs?

    Question, did demonically possessed individuals exist before Jesus? If so, what might these demonically possessed individuals have relied on for salvation before the first century? In fact all primitive tribes have accounts of some sort of “spirit” possession. Primitive people rely on witch-doctors and shamans to cure them of their possession. In fact, these primitive “holy men” seem to be just as effective as any catholic priest in performing rites of spirit exorcism. How then does one explain this?

    While I do not deny something unusual is going on in these cases of possession, the question is what exactly is going on? Is it really a devil with pitchfork and tail riding the shoulders of the afflicted or is it something else, something not understood or misunderstood, thus the juvenile imagery applied to these mental aberrations?

    Jews are aliens. Their beliefs are alien and antithetical to ours. Whatever is going on emanates from the mind of man and until we cure our mind of this sickness instilled in us by this alien presence, there is little hope for mankind.

    1. Arch –

      I agree.

      I always wondered, and still do…. why there are no wealthy 90 year old folks featured as being possessed.

      If I were a demon… would pick rich folks in luxurious life-styles… not dependent teens.

      We used to drink moonshine in the cemetery as teens. The safest place. Nobody bothered us there. The residents were all under ground or in crypts.

      1. “If I were a demon… would pick rich folks in luxurious life-styles… not dependent teens.”

        Wish I had possessed the foresight to include this thought provoking comment.

      2. Pat –
        hahaha, when I was a kid my crazy injun buddies and I used to steal kegs from the local bar’s stockroom and roll ’em into the cemetery and party till the break of dawn. The safest place in town, hands down

        those were the days my friend….

        Arch –

        thanks for the Castaneda references. I’ll take this opportunity to say how it very much reflects the stuff I’ve been relating in my own interpretive style ever since stumblin’ upon darkmoon.

        One thing they can’t take from us is information that’s been faithfully passed down through the many native generations, and through which people like myself are attempting to relate in the English language to the readers of darkmoon.

        aho! {

    2. Great post but I don’t get this Zinoviev quote:
      ““Without mercy, without sparing, we will kill our enemies in scores of hundreds. Let them be thousands; let them drown themselves in their own blood. For the blood of Lenin and Uritzky, Zinoviev and Vólodarsky, let there be floods of the blood of the bourgeoisie–more blood! As much as possible!” (Krasnaya Gazeta, Sept. 1, 1918).”
      Lenin died in 1924 and Zinoviev was executed in 1936. Was Zinoviev prescient?
      ( Indeed Uritzky and Volodarsky were assassinated in 1918weeks before Z’s call to a blood bath was launched).

      1. “Was Zinoviev prescient?” No, he was a Jew.

        Jews are focused on blood, they are steeped in the blood of both the living and the dead. What he crying out for is vengeance for his blood and the blood of his tribal brethren. To atone for a perceived injustice, he cries out for the blood of the hated gyoim bourgeoisie. This sick, twisted mentality oozes straight from the depths of the Jews’ unholy books.

    3. “Whatever is going on emanates from the mind of man and until we cure our mind of this sickness instilled in us by this alien presence, there is little hope for mankind.” Well said Arch. The illness we face, as I see it, is not “alien” in an extraterrestrial sense. The illness, as you state, indeed emanates from the mind of man, the mind of the human being, trying to exist separate from its essential spiritual source, a modus operandi alien to why we are really on earth…to serve spirit, to tend and keep this sacred garden planet. “The Fall” spoken of in the Bible and throughout ancient lore is the direct result of human beings choosing to worship the human mind, (the tree of the knowledge of good and evil,forbidden by God, by innate Spiritual source) in lieu of serving, worshipping Spirit, as Christ would speak of it, worshipping The Father. He was here on earth not of himself (merely human) but here, incarnate to do his Father’s work, to be about His Father’s Business. This is why we are all here, incarnate, to be about our Father’s business, and we now are called upon to do the greater works he spoke of …to face Satanic temptation, and cast it out of our minds, out of the “heaven” of our consciousness. The one who was incarnate as Jesus Christ was exemplifying what we each are here to do, to face the temptations of the human mind, which is the devil If it worships itself as God…as He said through his temptations in the wilderness…Get thee hence Satan. This is the battle in heaven and the greater work for which we are responsible. Satanists worship the human mind and steadfastly deny Spirit as clearly stated in The New World Order by A. Ralph Apperson. “The New World Order will include changes in religion: Religion will be outlawed and believers will either be eliminated or imprisoned; there will be a new religion: the worship of man and his mind; all will believe in the new religion.” As I have come to understand the human condition, our current demented, fractious, Satanic plight, it began as we entered the 26,000 year cycle now ending. The legendary rebellion against Spirit intensified…led by Lucifer, the Brightest Angel. Let me at this point quote from an esoteric text, written in January 1936, Though the phraseology may occasionally appear archaic and peculiarly “religious” I invite you to suspend judgement and continuing to read, for the insight and understanding presented I find well worthwhile.
      “Divine man, to be perfect and like unto his Creator, must have the power of self-activity, self-activity to the degree to which he remained an open channel for the Christ radiation of God Being. Divine man was not created to react to physical manifestation but was to be a channel of God-activity only.
      In this connection let us note that the fall was the fall of man, and not the fall of the Inner Soul, or Lord.
      In the Bible, as the Bible itself proves, the word soul applies to the outer self, ie. to man with his physical body and mind. Always the word is spelled with a small letter s, which would not be the case if the word referred in any way to that which is the immortal Divine Being. ‘The soul that sinneth, it shall die’.
      Only that which is eternal can be immortal. That which has a beginning must also have an ending. If the Inner Soul of the human being had a beginning, or was born at any time, then that Inner Soul cannot be immortal. No one can gainsay this truth. It was man, the outer self, which began and which must have an end. The end to which man is to come is dependent upon the choice of each individual.
      Had divine man remained in attunement with the positive Christ expression toward the earth and all physical manifestations, he would never have suffered any limitation whatsoever, and he would never have passed through death, for death would not have been known. There would have been no disintegration in death anywhere, in anything. Life, eternal life, would have been the natural heritage of every created thing. In this connection it may be stated, though not proven by this statement, that this is the only world in all of creation where the process called death has ever taken place. Life is never, in any way whatsoever, dependent upon death. Death is unnatural and need not be. Let us live!
      The manner of the fall, when man was created perfect by perfect God Beings, need not be difficult to grasp if the above truths be kept clearly in mind.
      The serpent, the devil, Lucifer and Satan all symbolize the same thing, namely the outer mind of the outer body of man. Lucifer was the morning star. Morning symbolizes the beginning of a new day or cycle of creation. The outer mind of divine man was to be the guiding star which should direct the transformation of physical substance according to the law of eternal progress. ‘How thou art fallen, O son of the morning!’
      The son is that which is brought forth in the new cycle of creative activity. That son, the morning star, was and is the outer mind of man. As long as the outer mind of man remained as an open channel for the Christ expression of positive God Being, it was, and is, assured of immortal life. So long as man depended upon the tree of life, even the Lord God within himself, and ate only of the fruit of that tree, which is to say absorbed from and responded to God Being only, he was assured of immortality.
      But there was another tree in the garden, ie., in the body of divine man. That second tree was and is the tree of the serpent, the outer mind of man. Divine man was warned that if he should become self-active without the Christ impulse, that is, if he should respond to the things of material creation, which was of a lower vibration than himself, then he would, by such positive action toward his source of life and such negative reaction toward that in which life was as yet a gift, not an inherent quality, separate himself from his source of life, and in so doing would suffer death.
      Everywhere is proven the Law; two things that are positive toward each other repel each other. Here is the secret of death. At the time of the fall of man the body of divine man, pictured as Eve, was tempted by the mind of divine man, the serpent, to eat, or absorb and be responsive to, the fruit of its own acts. In other words it is clearly seen that divine man allowed himself to become negative and responsive to that over which he had control, and thereby he became subject to that over which he was the rightful master. In so doing he lowered himself from his divine estate to the state of being subject to physical creation, and thereby repelled himself from the Lord God and attracted himself into subjection to physical substance. When he was thus separating himself from the Lord, his source of life, the Lord called unto him, as soon as he would listen, and gave him an opportunity to repent and return. But man became more rebellious still against the source of his life and refused to recognize his guilt. In so doing he pushed himself clear out of the garden of Eden, ie., out of the oneness with the radiant light body of the Lord, and thereby he denied himself the privilege of eating of the tree of life. This is to say, in his positive action toward the Lord he separated himself from the Lord and prevented himself from eating, absorbing and responding to the fruit, the expression, of the Lord. As man continued, in his fallen state, to be positive toward the Lord, he finally brought about a complete separation from the Lord, and then did man die.
      After man began to follow the dictates and ideas of his own outer mind he brought about a further fall by blending himself with a species of animal which had been created in the form much like man today. These animals did not have an individualized Divine Being within them and they were controlled by the external, just as all other animals are controlled. These animals had been created as servants of divine man, to do whatever physical work might be required in the earth. The fallen being that had been divine man saw these animals, that ‘they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.’ Genesis 6:1,2 As the habit of recording, in the days in which the Bible was written, was to describe the acts of the male only, or of the female only insofar as they related definitely to the male, only half of the picture is given. Of divine man, both male and female, the complete record is, and both male and female had a part in the first step of the fall, when they were driven out of the garden by their own acts. Thus it is that the females of the fallen beings had a part also in blending with these animals, for they took them husbands of all which they chose. The second step of the fall was that which brought man down into the fleshly, animal body which he is today.
      When fallen man thus violated the Law of creation by blending with that which was below himself in vibration, control over that Law was denied him, so that from that time on he could not cross with other animals and bring forth anything. If the use of this Law had not been denied to fallen man after his first violation of it he would have filled the earth with terrible monstrosities. Through the wisdom of the Lord he was prevented from doing this, except as he has done it within the realm of his own kind.
      Since the Lord, the Master-Self, was the creator of divine man, the Lord was and is responsible for His creation as long as it exists. When man fell and blended with animals, the Lord, or Divine Soul, went into those bodies as the Savior of them. The perfect Divine Beings- known individually as the Lord, the Inner Soul, the Master-Self, and by many other names- have incarnated into fleshly man for the sole purpose of saving man from destruction, and Divine Souls will continue to incarnate in the fleshly bodies of man until such time as those body temples learn to respond, that they may be adopted into the Father, or Lord, through the Christ radiance, so that man may thereby unite in oneness with the Lord, or until such time as those bodies which refuse to respond shall by their own acts destroy themselves, so that they shall be no more.”
      Humankind, after “The Fall”, felt naked and ashamed, no longer clothed in the radiance and wisdom of Spirit. Direct, personal experience of union with Spirit, in flow with life, was gone. All this sounds remarkably close to the story of Adam and Eve, expelled from the Garden of Eden. But, by this accounting, the residents of earth were not expelled from Heaven, unfortunate victims tossed out of The Kingdom. Rather, they chose this circumstance by eating “of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil”, Genesis 2: 17, by choosing to deny spirit, to enter into polarity and judgement, and to view the material world as something to be manipulated.
      Through 7,000 years beginning approximately 18,000 years ago portions of Lemuria continued to sink beneath the sea. With Mu gone approximately 12,000 years ago, humanity started over with what remained of their former lives, in Atlantis. Over the next thousand years an advanced civilization developed, yet through that cycle, life was much more difficult. Trauma from denial of our spiritual source and the cataclysmic sinking of the Lemurian continent was deeply etched into the collective unconscious.
      Most who remained fearfully embraced concepts of original sin, and of a vengeful God. Yet sin, meaning “without” in Spanish, from the Latin sine, meaning “without”, points clearly to the problem. The majority chose to continue to live Without Spirit. They believed in the need for sacrifice, to appease their conceived, terrible, creator god, fearing more cataclysms would occur. As throughout recorded history, so it was in Atlantis, that many powerful, awakened beings incarnated and sought to inspire the population to awaken to their traumatic past and to their greater reality as spiritual beings with vehicles for earthly expression. But, as has been apparent throughout history, and as is evident today, the lesson was not, and has not yet, been learned. Trauma-based dissociation and the resulting denial continues to paralyze the vast majority of earth’s human inhabitants. Painfully, those most hypnotized by this numbing affliction claim to be “in charge”.

      1. Congratulations! I think you may have just taken my title for the longest comment.

        We are born into this world with one, and only one, real choice. Everyone must make this choice. There is no way to “opt out.” One either chooses to serve themselves or to serve the creation (commonly referred to as “god”). Not actively making this choice means one defaults to service to themselves. Serving creation means serving mankind as well as administering to the needs of the planet.

        When the choice is made, then all motivations, everything ~ everything ~ one does, will be directed towards their chosen service. This means when those serving themselves perform charitable acts, they are merely feeding their own desires in a disguised manner. By contrast when one in service to the creation performs an act that appears to be self-serving, they’re doing something that will enable them to further their task of helping others.

        This is the primary lesson to be learned in this school of life. Until one learns this critical lesson, they just go round and round this life again and again, lusting for the useless material gains that rust, mold and decays like the body itself after death.

        Note, all great sages and mystical teachers, Jesus being among them, owned nothing and desired nothing of this material world. Buddha gave up a position of wealth and royalty to become destitute by worldly standards.

        This is teaching by example, This however is not forced example, but a natural outcome to the enlightenment process. The great teachers and sages are not destitute, in fact they are at the opposite end of the spectrum. They have everything and therefore desire nothing, for when one has everything, what is left to desire?

        By contrast, those pursuing the desires for the material or “gross” world can never fulfill their desires. These desires result in ever increasing greed for more things of this world. This is where the Jews’ path lies.

        The choice is yours and you will make your choice at some point in your life. Once the choice is made it is rare to change one’s path until another life cycle. The choice to serve the creation is not too uncommon, but the choice to return from this spirtiual state to service to self is rare as the penalties for doing so are great.

        Why? Because one has accessed and understood a fundamental truth and this known truth must be denied to return to their previous spiritual state of base animal desires.

        Look at your life, look at what it has meant up to this point. Examine the pain and suffering you have personally endured. Then examine the far greater suffering of others. After pondering these matters at length, ask yourself honestly, “Is this what I want, what truly I desire? Do I want to replay this same life script repeatedly with only the characters and setting changing. If you find your answer is “yes” then continue to serve yourself and feed your greed for material possessions.

        Continue to serve yourself and I assure you, you will get exactly what this life inevitably offers, another lifetime of struggle, pain and suffering. Choose the alternative and you will have chosen the most difficult and dangerous path available to every human so motivated. However the rewards are far greater than anything one might find on this planet.

        There is no easy way, but then hasn’t that always been true of any goal worthy of one’s pursuit?

        Your move.

    4. @ Arch Stanton

      I can’t help noting that you quote Carlos Castaneda with enthusiasm as a kind of spiritual authority. Many researchers, however, think his central mouthpiece, Don Juan, never really existed but was a fictional character.

      What do you make of this:

      After Castaneda stepped away from public view in 1973, he bought a large house in Los Angeles which he shared with some of his female companions. The women broke off relationships with friends and family when they joined Castaneda’s group. They also refused to be photographed and took new names: Regina Thal became Florinda Donner-Grau, Maryann Simko became Taisha Abelar and Kathleen Pohlman became Carol Tiggs. Another disciple, Patricia Partin, was renamed Blue Scout by Castaneda.

      Shortly after Castaneda died in April 1998, his companions Donner-Grau, Abelar and Patricia Partin disappeared. Amalia Marquez (also known as Talia Bey) and Tensegrity instructor Kylie Lundahl had their phones disconnected and also disappeared. Weeks later, Partin’s red Ford Escort was found abandoned in Death Valley.

      Because the women in question had cut all ties with family and friends, it was some time before people noticed they were missing. There has been no official investigation into the disappearances of Donner-Grau, Simko and Lundahl. Luis Marquez, the brother of Talia Bey, went to police in 1999 over his sister’s disappearance, but was unable to convince them that it merited investigation.

      In 2006, Partin’s sun-bleached skeleton was discovered by a pair of hikers in Death Valley’s Panamint Dunes area and was identified by DNA testing. The investigating authorities ruled Partin’s death as undetermined. On August 2, 1998, Carol Tiggs spoke at a workshop in Ontario, Canada. Since that time, she also has disappeared.

      Mysterious, no?

      1. I hope we return to the Real World, and soon. Otherwise, I will feel compelled to write at length of the spirit that resides in my vacuum cleaner and floor shampooer. This same spirit and his twin have a dualistic nature, mischievous, and call out to me when their period of inactivity is too long.

      2. It’s not “enthusiasm” you detect, but simple observation. I am aware of the strange anomalies surrounding Castaneda and his small entourage. In fact I have previously read the very account you posted.

        While these tantalizing tidbits are interesting, what bearing does this have on his writings? Such details of his personal life only serve to distract the reader from the more important information imparted by his writings.

        Carlos Castaneda describes concepts found in other esoteric writings. However, he does this in a manner far more familiar to western readers than most eastern sources.

        It took me ten years of reading a single “Sufi” book before the stories therein began to make any sense. If you have read my other comments, you will find I quote Jesus, Buddha, Mouravieff, Gurdjieff, Rumi, Shah and many other sages, mystics and teachers.

        The key to discovering truth in these matters of the spiritual path lies in finding the same information from various, disparate sources. While one finds the essence of Castaneda’s story in other sources, his description of the predators is one of the most concise descriptions I have ever found of those presently preying upon us. I have yet to find a more accurate description of these very real predators, which is why I used the quote.

        From what I have learned from other unrelated sources, Castaneda apparently had some sort of contact with what might be termed an “enlightened being.”

        When comparing his experience to other, similar experiences, I find they align, although couched in different cultural terms. G.I. Gurdjieff presents a similar story from an eastern perspective in the autobiographical book/movie Meetings with Remarkable Men.

        I find it difficult to accept the idea that Castaneda made up this entire series as the descriptions are much too detailed, even for someone who might have studied these matters at length. Fictional accounts of a similar nature highlight the differences between Castaneda’s accounts versus the type of story that comes from pure imagination.

        Many of the mind bending descriptions could only come from first hand experience. Of course these experiences are filtered though Castaneda’s subjective perceptions and may have been embellished to some degree.

        If one really wants to step over the spiritual edge, they might try this book. Meher Baba presents the reader with a truly puzzling array of thoughts about spirituality, yet the essential truths filter though his convoluted writings.

        However, anyone who understands these teaching methods will know his odd style of repetition is no accident, but a carefully constructed teaching platform designed to access specific areas of the reader’s mind that will enable a view from an unconventional vantage point.

        In other words if one pursues the difficulty in studying Baba’s thoughts, they will begin to see and understand things from a totally different perspective. Yet the vast majority of casual readers will find themselves put off by the manner in which he writes and that too is by intent.

        The most puzzling thing for me is how I can recognize these truths and yet cannot apply them. Like Gurdjieff, I cannot remember myself. This is undoubtedly because I have knowledge, but lack experience.

        An apt metaphor would be someone who has read all about flying a Boeing 777 and understands the principles of flight and aircraft operation. However, would one trust them to actually fly the airplane without some sort of actual experience? To put it in more succinct Sufi terms, intellectual access to this knowledge without experience is like trying to deliver a kiss by messenger.

      3. Excellent comment, Arch! You’re one of the reasons I read this website, though I haven’t posted here before under that moniker above.

        So you think Castaneda is worth reading, do you? I agree with you that all those missing female bodies are kind of “irrelevant” if the actual writings of Castaneda bear the stamp of genius. But it troubles me to think that all that dialogue Castaneda puts into the mouth of his Don Juan character could have been be made up by himself and that all the “magical” events related in the books never took place but are fictional.

        I’m not knocking Castaneda; I’m just troubled about his authenticity.

        You don’t think Castaneda could be just another Lobsang Rampa — a fake Tibetan monk who turned out to be an eccentric Englishman who’d never been to Tibet?

      4. @Castaneda Critic: “it troubles me to think that all that dialogue Castaneda puts into the mouth of his Don Juan character could have been be made up by himself and that all the “magical” events related in the books never took place but are fictional.”
        I know exactly how you feel. I still remember the keen pang of deception I felt when I was told that Karl May had never been to America and so Winnetou and Old Shatterhand were just figments of a German’s fanciful, imagined Wild West. By then I had been crawling around the house for a few weeks, bunching up carpets and annoying my parents in an effort to learn to sneak up, invisible and silent, in the “tall prairie grass.” Many decades have passed since then but the old remembered deception still hides in its core an ember of live anguish….,

  16. Was Fidel Castro demonically possessed? 😉

    He was never an ideological fascist, Cubenas said, and was defnitely not an anti-Semite. Fidel hadexplained at the time that he could not be ‘with’ the fascists because they were against the Jews, and he could not be against the Jews for the simple reason that he was one. He volunteered that he was descended, through his grandmother, from Jews. Fidel was Catholic, not Jewish, and Cuban, not European, but he told anyone who would listen that the Jews were his own people.[Symmes, p. 335] <———-Miles Mathis, so handle with care; he does dig up some fascinating pieces of information.

    Marxist? Check.
    Jewish? Check.
    Fake revolutionary playing out his part in the kabuki? Who knows…

    1. Intriguing ambiguity on Castro’s Wikipedia entry…

      Aged six, Castro was sent to live with his teacher in Santiago de Cuba, before being baptized into the Roman Catholic Church at the age of eight. Being baptized enabled Castro to attend the La Salle boarding school in Santiago

      Why is that written so cryptically? You’d think he’d be baptized because he was born into a Roman Catholic family. I read that as an indirect admission that Castro’s family was still Jewish…or maybe it is par for the course in Cuba to be baptized later in life?

    2. Flopot –

      Castro was put in power to supply cheap sugar, pennies per pound, to Pharisee-Jew candy makers, liquor makers and food processors worldwide… especially the ones in US. He was also there to help send business to Pharisee-Jews’ Las Vegas… by shutting down Cuba’s casinos and hotels.

      Castro was a tool of Pharisee-Jews.

      Corn syrup has taken the place of sugar and casinos flourish in US. Castro not needed today. Everyone can go to Cuba now. 🙂

    3. Castro died yesterday. Therefore, he will undoubtedly move on to yet another life cycle of strife and suffering.

      All my life I have listened to the Jews’ slander and defamation of Adolf Hitler with claims of demonic possession, astrology, drug addiction and every other form of vice and debauchery that wells up from the depths of the Jews’ depraved imagination.

      Yet various records provide substantial evidence countering these lies. Therefore, when it comes to claims like this, I throw them out with the Jews’ salt shaker.

      1. a ray of sanity busts through thick clouds of inanity … nice comment, arch.


        He was also there to help send business to Pharisee-Jews’ Las Vegas… by shutting down Cuba’s casinos and hotels.

        (and nevada sugarcane growers shut down their crops to help send sugar business to cuba in an exchange agreement)
        i swatted a mosquito this sunday morning here in thailand, which will scare the rest and drive them off to florida.

    4. I believe his, Filledhell Crasstroll’s, whole life’s behavior can be explained by chronic hemorrhoids. I believe that they were chronically inflamed and being so secreted toxins into his blood stream and thence to his brain, which caused the manifest thought disorder, incipient psychosis, and a constant stream of delusion, jingoistic, jejune, bombastic, and shallow rhetoric. Consider adverse drug reactions to this disease, as well.

      I believe this thesis should be considered as at least as probable as the “demon possession” sputumation. I mean, how can you assign any exclusive probability to either?

      See my website: moveoverroverandletpoupontakeover. yu

      1. Your hypothesis is interesting but I fear it lacks clinical credibility. During his active revolutionary youth Castro was constantly on the move and even when reclining he did not rest: he sired a progeny of at least 11 (certified). It was only in his later years, when he led a sedentary life (interrupted only by standing at the podium to deliver himself of long speeches) that he developed hemorrhoids. By then, however, his convictions were fully developed. Certainly this affliction was debilitating enough that he took drastic measures to alleviate it: he swore off the very spicy salsa de frijol negro and even gave up smoking cigars. Nevertheless, to understand the physiological roots of his marxism we need to look beyond the putative role of hemorrhoids and rather explore supra-anal areas.*
        Arschenfeld, D, Lügengold, M, et al: The relationship between hemorrhoidal blood infiltrations and personality disorders: fact or fable?, Anal Annals Int’l, 66:33, Vol I, Drüken Verlag, 1948

      2. So, which came first – the thought disorder (causing his desire to smoke constantly and eat rich foods) or the hemorrhoids? Who can say. It’s all of a piece.

      3. Good question, Wyandotte. We don’t have the data to answer your question definitively.
        Castro’s having hemorrhoids at all is a supposition so far advanced by only one analist (sic): Poupon Marx.
        Nevertheless your approach to the question — Post ergo propter (what comes first is the cause of what comes next) — is eminently correct. I have personally verified it when I realized that my hip is responsible for sudden meteorological changes: not more than 24 hours pass (and they pass s l o w l y ) after my hip starts hurting that we get a storm or heavy rains.

  17. or not? Immediate response/pull back. Not want to claim territory because ‘stones cry out’ and all that. Better respect the search and sit at the back. Pews. Not somehow, go all, claim ownership. “My lands, now you’re talking”. All I desire is more investigating. Like a streak of a chemtrail across the sky, God wants to invade. Ask and… see? The whole world – what world and whole the questions – might not be what we think saying? But, Christ rips forth. Exerts and administer – all we need, is the Cross. This us calling. We can live promises, in the defeat of all that mess and what should be a splendid life. Said ‘demonic activity’ assumed, when do obviously manifest… too weird, somehow carries authenticity, other/maybe?

    Like PizzaGate, just maybe, hordes of sheer kink-kicks -or- them religious, that demon possession, freaking out hosting on? Objects moving, bodies writhing. Persistent ‘priests’. All makes for unknown validity potential. Could be..? GOD and… LOVES, and the onslaught of oppressors, called to defeat, here/now/proper. Must be vanquished. Stop such suffering. Far as. Ne’er wanna cross the i’s and t’s of much mystery. Yet, no-no-no agreement God and evil. All hate and war.

    Commend this post and comments. Please more. In the name of loving God. Be Jesus like.

    1. Boy what boozy bull I wrote, sad to say. “God loves me”. Cling to this. Would that I could find a way to escape, get and hide? But no, here I squirm. Enough from me. All I should have written was: Really interesting article. Thank you.
      I seek refuge… in God.

  18. Fidel was a jew and a jesuit. That’s how that goes.
    having been raised by catholics, it was my impression that the church elevated humanity above superstition, therefore the subtle justification for the genocide it committed against all those tribes of ignorant pagans with their mombo-jumbo witch-doctory and even human sacrifice. Still guessing how the guy nailed to the cross is somehow different.
    But religion is all superstition, since none of it can be proven. If it can be proven it’s not rrligion.
    antigravity doesn’t prove jesus existed or that the pope has any legitimacy.
    But we can guess too much mind over matter expertise among the general population will wreck the power structure.
    As far as demonic possession goes – either they’re both wrong or they’re both right.
    But it would be a lot easier to excuse the aboriginals their mistake, since they knew nothing of the physical causes for people going berserk and acting nutty.
    In the movie the mother referred to the Catholic priests as witch doctors.
    I guess we’ll always have a need for them.

  19. The article asks the question, “How do you get out of Hell?” One way is to do good, for deserving others and yourself. Enough said.

  20. Quoting from part 1, what happened to this part 2:

    “PART 2 of the article, entitled ‘The Deceiver of the World’, is by Lasha Darkmoon and continues where Part 1 leaves off. This reflects on various apocalyptic issues, such as Armageddon and the Last Days, the problem of good and evil, and the role of the Jews in human history.”

    I thought I read in part 1 something about LD disagreeing with Lobro’s suggestion all Jews are demonically possessed and that was the reason for LD writing part 2, to counter Lobro. I took a quick look at part one and could not find that comment. Was it removed?

    1. @ Gilroy Kelly

      Yes, everything you say is correct.

      Part 2 of the article was originally called ‘The Deceiver of the World’ (a phrase from the Book of Revelation) and it was ready to be published last Sunday, the day after the publication of Part 1. It continued where Part 1 left off, reflecting on various apocalyptic issues “such as Armageddon and the Last Days, the problem of good and evil, and the role of the Jews in human history.” And yes, LD certainly disagreed with Lobro’s view that “all Jews are demonically possessed” and that was her reason “for writing Part 2, to counter Lobro.”

      The simple truth is that LD was unhappy with ‘The Deceiver of the World’ and decided to scrap it and write an entirely different article, the one you have just read. There was nothing wrong with the unpublished article as such, and we may publish it at some future date under a different title, but it was not what LD wanted to say at this particular time. In the interim period she had discovered some new material she felt she had to use, i.e., the true case history behind The Exorcist.

  21. If I recall correctly Arch, you still take the cake. Thanks, though, for suggesting I might have surpassed you.

    1. @ My Scumbag Accusers

      Keep doing your Darkmoon hindoo kundalini yoga, maybe someday your third eye/one eye of Horus, or whatever you’re calling your one eye these days, keep doing your hindoo kundalini yoga, maybe someday your one eye will open up enough to see what scumbags you all are to falsely accuse me of being a jew when you all know and knew from the very first day I started commenting here at DM that I am most certainly NOT a jew and you know it and you all knew from the very second I sent in my very first post to your DM years ago. While not exactly demonic to falsely accuse me of being a jew knowing fully well I am NOT a jew, it certainly is a real scumbag thing to do. But you all know that already.

      1. Maybe someday Lasha will anwser my question, the very first question I asked here at Darkmoon with the very first post I sent in to Darkmoon, maybe someday Lasha will answer my question and share with me and everyone else where exactly she got a pic of someone being tortured with a cage on the victim’s abdomen with a rat chewing on the abdomen, speaking of things truly demonic.

      2. As I remember this image comes from a European museum featuring various torture methods.

        The display, especially the figure, look typically British to me. I once visited a maritime museum in Portsmouth that featured a breathing mannequin, with open eyes, lying in a ship’s bunk. It was a creepy display to say the least.

        The Soviets’ rat torture was sufficiently horrible for Eric Blair to use the concept in his book 1984. In his description, the victim’s face was exposed to caged rats. In the link below, the victim’s buttocks were the exposed portion of flesh.

        Jews have been torturing people since they sacrificed their children to the red-hot, iron image of Moloch. The Jewish inquisitor Torquemada refined many of the earlier torture techniques, many of which were later employed by Jewish communists.

        Thanks to Jews, torture is now sanctioned and used by the American government, despite the fact it is proven that such methods are useless for extracting reliable intelligence. That does not stop the Jews however, for they literally orgasm at the very thought of torturing the goyim, especially innocent children.

        Think about it; think hard about this horrendous aspect of these parasites. Jews torture and murder men women and children for their personal sexual pleasure! This is the “expertise” that qualified Jewish overseers – er – “advisors” to be among the primary staff brought in to teach American soldiers Israeli torture techniques used at Gitmo.

        When one studies Soviet torture methods they receive a full dose of the true nature emanating from the Jews’ twisted, psychopathic minds.

        Here is a book guaranteed to turn the stomach of most any non-Jew. Of course the vicious murderers are never identified by their true racial name – Jew.

        I suppose if there are any demons for whom one cannot deny a very real existence, it is the demonic Jewish race; spawns of hell that walk among us thinly disguised as “bringers of light.”

        Structuring this comment has made me ill.

      3. Arch –

        In 1989 I visited a museum in San Franciso down by Fisherman’s Wharf called “The House of Tortures.”

        It showed dozens of various torture methods which included one used by Francisco Franco, last used in 1975, as a means carrying out a death penalty. The victim was placed in a chair similar in size and shape of an electric chair. The head was held in place against the chair back by leather straps… and a huge thumb-screw was slowly turned piercing the neck at the base of the skull. It took hours to be completed.

        Similar to this:
        The next form of garotte comprised a wooden stool on which the prisoner sat with his back to the post (pictured). In some later instances a strong wooden chair was used. The condemned was strapped at the wrists, arms, waist and legs and the hinged iron collar closed around their neck. A heavy screw operated by a handle or a weighted lever connected to a spike or a small star shaped blade ran through the post. When the screw/lever mechanism was operated, the blade entered the criminal’s neck and severed the spinal column/

  22. Firstly, i very much enjoyed this article and part 1 as well; i thank you & am happy to have discovered this website. I happen to be a Buddhist-Christian & the following statement is false: In Tibetan Buddhism, all demonic beings are the materialisations of the percipient’s own karmic thought forms.

    Tibetan Buddhism is newer less orthodox Buddhism. Theravadan Buddhism is the older more orthodox Buddhism, whereas Tibetan Buddhism belongs to the newer Mahayana branch of Buddhism. I practice Theravadan, & ghosts n more powerful demons are absolutely not a materialization of the psyche or karma. After death a sentient being is reborn into a certain realm of existence based on his karma, & if he is born in certain realms then he will be a ghost or an ‘asura’, a demon titan. Conversely, good karma will get you reborn into the heavenly realms of a deva or Brahman.

    States of Deprivation (apaya)
    Realm Comments Cause of rebirth here
    (4) Asuras (asura) The demons — “titans” — that dwell here are engaged in relentless conflict with each other. · Ten unwholesome actions (MN 41)
    (3) Hungry Shades/Ghosts (peta loka) Ghosts and unhappy spirits wander hopelessly about this realm, searching in vain for sensual fulfillment.
    In the world of Buddhist scholarism, this website is the authority of the English speaking world, for Theravadan Buddhism anyway. Ps i love Jesus too…

  23. Possession: Islam perspective (2)

    Demonic possession is for real. The proof, it’s a universal phenomenon.
    The Jinn are mentioned in the Qur’an. Contrary to Satan and his offspring who are irremediably…evil, the Jinn are capable of the best, the worst and everything in between. For this reason they are accountable in the same way as humans are. By the way, some exorcists seek their help, though it is not legally ( sharia-wise) permitted for two reasons:
    1- Seeking the help of the Lord is sufficient. If one seeks extra help it is automatically inferred that the Lord’s was not enough- a serious blasphemy.
    2- As the Jinn are capable of evil they might deceitfully mislead the exorcist and co-operate with the possessing demon.

    There are different reasons why the Jinn “possess” humans:

    – As a retaliation for wrong doing by humans, even if not purposefully such as walking accidentally on their offspring or splashing them with hot water in bathrooms.
    – Love: 95% of cases are said to be of this kind, when a male Jinni loves a woman or female Jinni loves a man and prevent them from leading a normal human life, especially marrying their kind.
    – A deliberate wrong doing of an evil Jinni on a human being.
    – Masturbation.
    – Crying or shouting in the bathroom (their favorite dwelling).
    – Admiring oneself before the mirror for a lengthy time.
    – The demon could be assigned by a witch to possess that body.
    – To indulge fantasizing in the darkness.
    – To take off one’s clothes or go into the bathroom without saying the appropriate prayer.
    – During a burst of intense emotion, anger, happiness, sorrow…
    – When dealing with material of witchcraft.

    There may be lots of other reasons.

    There are ways *

    1-to prevent demons from harming you: to perform the ritual wash ( wudhu’) as if for prayer and/or to say specific prayers. Nearly for every action ( getting to bed, waking up, putting one’s clothes on, taking them off, getting out , getting in, getting into the bathroom, getting out… there is a specific prayer.

    2-to exorcise them: saying specific prayers and reading verses of the Holy Qur’an. Here’s a typical version of what is read to exorcise a demon or a jinni

    3- to kick them out of home reading Chapter 2 of the Qur’an , The Heifer. “”.
    (Here, it’s preceded by the 1rst short Chapter, The Opening).

    *Anybody can go ahead with these proceedings, no need to be anointed by whoever.

      1. @ Sean

        I defer to Ariadna, my worthy Deputy Grammar Fiend, on this obviously important question. However, let me offer my two cents just in case Ariadna is unavailable for comment or is otherwise slacking on her new duties.

        “By whoever” is wrong and shouldn’t be used, but “by whomever” shouldn’t be used either, though technically correct. Instead, you could get round this difficulty by rephrasing completely: “Anyone can go ahead with these proceedings; no need to be appointed to the task by another person.”

        Correct grammar in the use of WHO and WHOM is no longer observed in popular usage even by the best writers, i.e., it is permissible to bend and break the strict rules of grammar occasionally. Thus, no one but a silly stickler and pedant says “It is I.” (Correct usage). Everyone says “It’s me”. (Incorrect usage allowed).

        The same latitude is sometimes allowed with WHO and WHOM.

        “Who did you see there?” is nowadays accepted as OK, though it’s grammatically wrong. This is because the correct usage, “Whom did you see there?” sounds fussy and pedantic — a bit like saying “It is I,” when asked “Who’s there?”

      2. “By whomever,” hands down! What? Are we afraid to speak/write correct English because we don’t wish to be belong to a minority and be derided as “pedantic” or “fussy’? Let’s fight to make us the majority instead.
        Say “it’s me” and “it is I” out loud and — aside from the fact that the latter is correct– see how they sound. How much more emphatic and elegant “it is I” sounds!…. Let us not succumb to slovenliness in speech just to be “social.”
        PS. I a not slacking on my duties. Not I, not ever. It’s just my meridian location that makes me a misfit for timely dialog: too early for America, too late for Europe, But I come running when invoked.

  24. having a streak of mulishness myself, though not the forum champ (obviously 😉 ), i don’t have well developed receptors for the spirit world, hence cannot comment authoritatively and from experience.
    Except this one time, i would put it to maybe ’74, when chugging thru new brunswick in a beat up beetle with a buddy on a maritimes camping trip, we pulled into this roadside provincial park to set up tent for the night.
    Stepped out, lit a smoke … and both were instantly assailed by a BAD vibe, bad, bad, a sort of half-nelson chokehold freezing mind, heart and lungs.
    And it had a definite territorial presence, telling us GTFO-now.
    we just looked at each other, tossed away barely started cigarettes and scrammed, there was barely any discussion until we got a mile or two away.
    i guess some micmac guardian telling us to stay clear of a tribal burial place.

    my point is that there are forms of knowledge that don’t require scientific corroboration, they fuse with mind directly and IF there are demons out there (note that “if”, since all i have is that one time long ago), they would not communicate to us by way of explaining, marketing and propaganda, it would be as direct as a bee sting.

    now, i’ve never been stung by a scorpion or bitten by a cobra, does that mean i should laugh and ridicule those who claim to have witnessed its effects?
    i believe the translation of kol nidre, that it means what it says even though i don’t speak a word of hebrew beyond shalom and oy vey.
    I suppose that makes me gullible, so be it.

    denying the existence of something cogently is not an easy task, much easier to prove existence by simply producing the claimed artifact or its physical traces, cause+effect, so having an effect is a good start if you can gradually eliminate potential causes and shorten the shortlist.

    In case of these stories, the first thing is to question the moral character of the narrator, if he is a well known, proven liar, then withdrawing the benefit of doubt is a reasonable step.
    Or if one way or another, he seems to be of a genuine character, then augment that benefit of doubt into a larger space that allows for what is experientially implausible, telekinesis and such, kind of assign a scratch space that is dynamic and temporary.
    I never would have believed firewalking but it has been documented copiously and once i met one who did it many times and claimed that i too, could pull it off.

    So, plausible denial is established through documented shadiness of the narrator and given enough detail, by demonstrating the conflict between the measurable effect and purported cause – of course that Holocaust and 9/11 are perfect examples.

    If we cannot do it in other cases, be it Fra martin’s book, Hitler, Jesus, Buddha or Muhammad, the decent thing is to STFU and grant that civilized benefit of doubt while remaining watchful.
    i used to give it to jew until he thoroughly vaporized it into oblivion.

    however, reading some knee jerk negations, all categorical, zero background discussion, i am led to wonder about the centuries old insidious effect of infiltration of the jewish serpent into the protestant mind, though its origin may have been quite salutary – now we are talking “obey the Law unquestioningly, yours is not to wonder why” type of thing, organ of critical thinking castrated early on.

    1. Excellent comment, Lobro! Unfortunately, most disappointing from my point of view, since you give me no opportunity to correct your grammar.

  25. @ Lasha

    You said, “Remember that it was Christ himself who told us that the entire world was under the dominion of Satan. He referred to the Devil as the Prince or “ruler of the world”…

    I respectfully disagree. In the Gospels, the Devil is referred to as the prince of the world, but not as the ruler of the world. A prince is inferior to a king, the ruler. The King of the world is the Heavenly Father and the Heavenly Father gave all power, the ruler of the world, to Jesus as Jesus said below.

    Matthew 28:18 – And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, “All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.”

    If the power of Jesus is not superior to the power of evil, an exorcism would not be possible.

    I will stand corrected if you would kindly reference the Gospel scripture where Jesus said that the Devil is the ruler of the world.

    I’m not trying to be overly picky. I just have a problem with giving the impression that the Devil might have more power in the world than Jesus. It could be that I misunderstand what you are saying.


    1. @ Ungenius

      @ Lasha: You said, “Remember that it was Christ himself who told us that the entire world was under the dominion of Satan. He referred to the Devil as the Prince or “ruler of the world”…

      I respectfully disagree. In the Gospels, the Devil is referred to as the prince of the world, but not as the ruler of the world

      A prince is inferior to a king, the ruler.

      I will stand corrected if you would kindly reference the Gospel scripture where Jesus said that the Devil is the ruler of the world.”

      No problem, Ungenius! This is what I said in my article:

      Remember that it was Christ himself who told us that the entire world was under the dominion of Satan. He referred to the Devil as the Prince or “ruler of the world

      If you were to click on my embedded LINK in the article above where it says the ruler of the world, you will have realized your mistake in maintaining that the Devil was referred to in the New Testament only as the “PRINCE” and never as the “RULER” of the world.

      To save you the trouble of scrolling up to to my hyperlink, here is the link:

      You will note that the Devil is referred to as “the RULER of the world” in ELEVEN different translations of the New Testament! True, he is referred to as “the PRINCE of the world” in the King James Version which you obviously use, but eleven other translations refer to the Devil as “RULER”.

      And in today’s world, the word “ruler” is the correct translation and the word “prince” is achaic and out of date.

      Allow me to explain your mistake.

      In the 17th century — in 1611 to be exact — when the King James or Authorized Version of the Bible was published — the terms “king”, “prince”, and “ruler” were interchangeable. They all meant the same thing. In the Vulgate Latin version of the New Testament, used since the time of St Jerome right up to the present day in monasteries and churches throughout the word, the Devil is referred to as “PRINCEPS MUNDI.”

      “Venit enim princeps mundi…” = ‘For the ruler of the world comes.”.

      The root meaning of “PRINCEPS” in Latin is first, foremost in rank; leader, ruler. (It’s where we get the word “prncipal” from, as in “the principal reason” = “the foremost reason”). In modern parlance, “princeps” means topdog, head honcho, Big Boss, whoever rules the roost and gives the orders.

      Christ makes it quite clear that ‘”Princeps Mundi” — the Supreme Ruler of the World — is the Devil. If you have any further doubts about this, click on that link again and count the number of times the Devil is referred to as “the RULER of the world” in different NT translations


      1. whether accidentally or not, this is exactly parallel to count coudenhove-kalergi’s assertion that jews are the new nobility, given who their PRINCEPS (Principal) is. 😉

        and come to think of it, the facts on the ground bear it out – really, who runs the world today?

        (my “triple-J”, yes, and this is what this blog and our discussion always returns to, therefore one would have to be myopic to think that the topic of demon possession is irrelevant and unrelated to the main subject matter – general remark, not directed at you Ung by any means)

      2. @ LD

        A staggeringly erudite comment, Lasha! I need no further convincing that the Devil is “the ruler of the world.” In past times, the word “prince” was just a synonym for “ruler” or “leader” and it included kings and emperors. Thus the Emperor Augustus was referred to as a “prince”.

      3. Lobro –

        “and come to think of it, the facts on the ground bear it out – really, who runs the world today?
        (my “triple-J”, yes, and this is what this blog and our discussion always returns to)”

        Yet…. YOU wrote that it is OK for Trump’s putting the “TRIPLE J” bunch – JEWS!! JEWS!! JEWS!! – in his administration. That show YOU want the US to be “run” by Pharisee-Jews. 🙂

        1. I’m glad you’re laughing Pat. It’s good to see you laugh, it’s a heartening thing to see you laugh, and you’re going to be laughing for the next 8 years, Pat. You and BMan can laugh to your heart’s content in the back woods beyond the lower 40 next to BMan’s moonshine still he inherited from his Sacred Southern Rebel granpappy. Yes, Trump is going to be a 2 term president, so you’re going to be laughing for the next 8 years, Pat, ? .

      4. ouch, pat!
        seeing how you are on warpath, i better keep my other ankle off the ground too.

        · trump has so far selected ONLY ONE JEW to his administration, by far the fewest in over a century, maybe ever,
        · this jew happens to be his son-in-law,
        · this jew is tasked with keeping liaison with other jews, specifically israel, which is a political and military superpower and wields much greater control over the US congress than any other entity – imo, anyone but another jew in that job would get absolutely zero traction and it is crucially important to keep them from inflicting their usual harm, therefore sticking kushner into that job makes all kinds of sense

        finally, Pat, here is your challenge: PROVE by whatever means, best of all a direct quote that

        YOU wrote that it is OK for Trump’s putting the “TRIPLE J” bunch – JEWS!! JEWS!! JEWS!! – in his administration. That show YOU want the US to be “run” by Pharisee-Jews. ?

        failing that, the best and the most charitable way i can respond is by saying that YOU Pat, are not a big fan of TRUTH (inevitable) 🙂
        Repeating, in case you are as hard of hearing as interpreting text:

      5. @Lasha Darkmoon

        The text of the Greek NT says : ho tou kosmou archoon, and that means “the ruler of the world” (the Greek verb archein means “to rule”).

        This idea that the world is (invisibly) ruled by a demonic entity is central in Gnosticism and also present in the Buddhist idea of Mara. All mystics report of demonic attacks during their spiritual journey. Ordinary people don’t have this problem, so they are apt to dismiss such reports as imagination, but spiritual people know better.

        1. @ Franklin Ryckaert
          @ Ungenius

          Franklin: Thanks for your erudite note. It’s the clincher we need that the word “prince” as used in the King James Version of the NT really meant “ruler”: kosmou archoon in the original Greek and princeps mundi in the great Vulgate Latin translation of St Jerome.

          @ Ungenius

          I’m afraid you’ve been misled by the use of the word “Prince”. This meant something totally different in the 17th century to the modern meaning of the word. Just to clarify, here is what the Oxford English Dictionary says:

          PRINCE: Fr. Latin, princeps. (1). A sovereign ruler; a monarch, king. (Now archaic). Applied to a female sovereign until 1650. (2) One who has the chief authority; a ruler, commander, governor. (Until 1611). (3) One who is preeminent in a specified class or sphere; the chief, the greatest. Applied to Satan in the phrases Prince of the air, darkness, evil, the world, etc.

          Much later usage: A male member of a royal family; esp. in Britain, a son or grandson of a king or queen.

          I hope this helps to clarify the situation. Basically, PRINCE (in 17th century) = RULER, LEADER, SOVEREIGN, MONARCH, KING. Even a female monarch, i.e., a queen, was called a prince in those days.

      6. Kpbro –

        YES!!! “Champ of muliness” 🙂 knows…

        Read it again… NO fair waffling…. because of son-in-law… aunt… uncle… wife… brother… or son-of-a-bitch…!! 🙂

        Lobro –

        “and come to think of it, the facts on the ground bear it out – really, who runs the world today?
        (my “triple-J”, yes, and this is what this blog and our discussion always returns to)”

        Yet…. YOU wrote that it is OK for Trump’s putting the “TRIPLE J” bunch – JEWS!! JEWS!! JEWS!! – in his administration.

        That shows YOU want the US to be “run” by Pharisee-Jews…!!

        1. I’m not surprised Pat didn’t want anyone voting for Trump, he wanted everyone to stay home and not vote period, though he knew/knows just like I know and just like everyone knows, in this past election staying home and not VOTING was in effect THE SAME AS VOTING FOR HILLARY. So Pat really wanted/wants Hillary to be The President of the United States , Hillary who wants tens of millions of muslim immigrants…..

          1. I voted for Trump because Hillary’s plan is, she wants tens of muslim immigrants for the USA, and the European governments let in millions of muslims into Europe and now the muslim immigrants in Europe are waging Islamic Jihad against Europe’s canines, the Muslim immigrants in Europe are poisoning the canines of Europe, some kind of Muslim Islamic “religious” requirement of theirs, so with Trump there’s less chance the USA will get overrun with muslims and the thought of my dog dying a horrible death for all kinds of muslim islamic “religious” reasons to keep the NWO Globalist types in Washington happy is TOO much to bear for my heart to bear. At this point, things are so run-down here in the USA, Trump’s grandmothers on both sides can be jews for all I give a shit, as long as the USA does NOT get overrun with muslims as Europe is now overrun with muslims. I voted for Trump, I voted my beloved dog’s , my good friend, my little friend, I voted for my dog’s BEST INTERESTS, how do you like them thar apples, Pat and BMan? I guess Pat and BMan don’t like canines , MAN’S BEST FRIENDS.

    2. Thanks for your comment Ungenius. Thanks to Lasha for her further clarification which follows. My comment will be brief, following from my earlier epistle. As I understand our prickly situation, clearly the Devil, Satan, those who worship the human mind while steadfastly denying Spirit, now rule this besotted planet. This has been the case since The Fall, for the past 18,000 years or so. This history has been suppressed, removed from record, yet evidence is all around us…ancient cities under water, under deserts or ice, in oral histories and “mythology” the world over. Remarkable explorer and author James Churchward in his research of the ancient Kara Maya languages reveals the Greek alphabet to be, in essence, a recounting of the sinking of the Lemurian continent. – from The Lost Continent of Mu, pages 88, 89.
      Alpha               Heavily break the waters
      Beta                 extending over the plains
      Gamma            they cover the lands
      Delta                in low places, where
      Epsilon            there are obstructions, shores form and whirlpools
      Zeta                 strike the earth
      Eta                   with water.
      Theta               The waters spread
      Iota                  on all that lives and moves
      Kappa              obstructions give way and
      Lamda             submerged is the land of
      Mu                   Mu.
      Ni                    Peaks only
      Xi                    appear above the waters
      Omikron          whirlwinds blow around
      Pi                     and little by little
      Rho                  until there comes
      Sigma              cold air. Before
      Tau                  where valleys existed, are
      Upsilon            now abysses, cold depths. In circular places
      Phi                   mud formed.
      Chi                   A mouth
      Psi                   opens, vapours
      Omega            come forth and volcanic sediments.

      Spirit, God, Life Itself, however one may wish to express or define this causative essence remains supreme throughout Creation. Our Hellish experience on earth is an exception in the midst of a Universe radiant with Life. Only on earth is death revered. This innate intelligent design is meant to be operative here on earth, but it is denied opportunity to reveal itself effectively because we human beings are intended to be the vehicle focusing and revealing this on earth… and any who do so are slaughtered, silenced, marginalized. As I see it both Ungenius and Lasha are correct. And we are here to waken to our Spiritual Source, individually cast Satan from our minds and hearts, and collectively, so unified in the Holy Spirit, cast Satan and his band of fallen angels from this earth.

    3. @ Lasha

      Thank you. I stand corrected, kind of. 11 out of 25 for ruler, 14 out of 25 for prince. If counting the KJV, 15 out of 26. Counting all 300+ translations, who knows? I won’t bother to check. Let us call it a draw. 🙂

      Your explanation makes me wonder why the Heavenly Father was not referred to as a Prince instead of a King since they would be considered synonymous based on 17th century usage. It seems that the translators of the KJV knew there was a difference between King and Prince and reflected it in their translation which clearly indicates who’s at the peak of power.

      If Jesus has ALL power in heaven and in earth (Matthew 28:18), that would leave the Devil without power, thus having to rely on lies and deceptions. A ruler or whatever other name is associated with a title indicative of possessing power, that has no power, makes no sense.

      Since we have been blessed with free will, everyone gets to divide who rules over them in the spiritual world and, by default, the physical world, the Devil or Jesus. That decision is made more logical and simple if the person deciding knows which has the power, Jesus. That was the reason for my comment as indicated in the last paragraph of my initial comment.

      Slightly off topic, you mentioned the Vulgate Latin version since St. Jerome. Have you seen this concerning the Devil’s Bible from the 13th century which became the Catholic Church’s official Latin version. I’m not saying that it is true, just interesting.

      1. Ungenius

        Do you remember my posts where I refer to the “cloaked” state of this world?

        Maybe now’s a good time to trot those writings out again

  26. @all, I suggest reading the gripping account of Christoph Johann Blumhardt as written in ‘The Awakening’. Absolutely fascinating and surreal.

  27. LOBRO
    “and both were instantly assailed by a BAD vibe,… long ago”

    Three or four months ago I had this experience:
    It was about 10 or 11 o’clock in the evening. I was alone, sitting outdoors and surfing on the Internet with my laptop when I heard a rustling sound coming from a fig tree twenty five or thirty feet away on my right. There was no wind and I assumed there was a cat out there. There was enough light to see a cat but I saw nothing. I ignored the noise and kept browsing when I heard again rustling, this time on the floor, heading slowly towards me. Suddenly I felt encompassed by a field of a strange stinging sensation all over my body. As i still saw nothing I assumed it was the natural effect of some apprehension. Suddenly I felt a slight pinching on my shirt back of me. I cursed the thing and turned back to see…nothing. The stinging sensation also left.
    Two or three days later, sitting at the same place, roughly at the same time, going about the same “business”, I suddenly heard then saw water flowing from a faucet nearly the same distance on my left. This time I was with my neighbor. He went to see. The tap was effectively open, water was flowing out of it and it ran only few feet on the floor.
    My neighbor and I live in the country in semi-detached houses. He later told me that something similar happened in his house and that his children saw a woman who was not their mother.

    About a week or so later I experienced a strange phenomenon. One night I woke up and went to the bathroom. As I stood at the threshold I heard and felt violent knocking from wall to wall as if a massive object was erratically banging on the walls, and the bulb was violently swinging. I first thought it was an earth quake so I ran to awake my children and get them out. As I turned back, I noticed that the corridor light fitting was perfectly still. I turned back again to the bathroom: the bulb was still swinging and there was a moderate knocking on the ceiling, from above. I automatically grasped a broom and knocked back on the ceiling. The thing gave up. This incident might have taken only two minutes.

    1-My neighbor is planning to move house soon, I didn’t tell him about this last incident, though.
    2-I might have read a lot of controversial material such Megabrain by Michael Hutchinson and accounts by survivors from “Project Montauk” (James Casbolt, Michael Andrew Pero III and others I don’t remember the names of right now) and I think the thing I “encountered” was not a demon but some kind of cloaked tangible being: demons don’t make noise and they don’t get physically cornered.
    Notice that the thing might be very vulnerable.It was far more scared than me.

    This is not a tale. This is a true story I experienced a few months ago.

    1. @Lobro

      That was the typical experience of a poltergeist (“rapping spirit”). Poltergeists are spirits of deceased persons who are tormented by some unresolved trauma (usually suicide or murder) sustained at the place of their activity. They try to attract attention by making noises or other mischief. They are not really dangerous. Try to inform whether someone has died in that house under tragic circumstances. Send thoughts of love to the poor spirit and pray for help from spiritual helpers. Then the poltergeist will leave.

  28. I’m with Arian on the use of proper grammar. In today’s collectivist, attempted flattening of the pyramid, much quality and standard has been diluted or bleached out. As a woman, would you wear short short skirts that lewdly and tasteless show your panties, because “everybody else is doing it”? As man would you skip bathing regularly because some Jew advertisement told you, “Real men emanate musky smells”?

    I’m not an ordinary schlub, a member of the proletariat, or “like everyone else”. I’ve crossed out many people from my address book because they don’t meet my standard.

    And here’s a Reality Check, Grammar Fiend: Arian is NOT your deputy, you are her apprentice. She not only purveys correctness in grammar, she promotes STYLE, SYNTAX, and matches language with thought. How presumptuous of you.

    1. All that I need to say to this is Tsk! Tsk!
      You put me in an untenable position: reject your compliment with smarmy false modesty and express obsequious gratitude for my appointment?
      Furhermore, stop calling me “Arian.” It’s Ariadna!

      1. Is there a Third Choice? The Mystical Null speaks loudly. Though I prefer “Arian”, I will accede to your wish, Ariadna. Even though it has an onomatopoeia similarity to “adenoids”, to me.

    2. @ Poupon
      @ Ariadna

      Gosh, I don’t mind Ariadna taking over from me! You’re right, Poupon, it was deeply presumptuous of me to appoint this linguistic lady my “Deputy”. What could I have been thinking of? 🙂

      Seeing that I am only a part-time Grammar Fiend and Ariadna is posting here full-time, I now abdicate and pass on my battered crown to Ariadna. She is henceforth the new Grammar Fiend! However, in the interests of strict gender usage, she must call herself Grammar Fiendess.

      1. Proper Grammar is very important, so is proper Spelling. I would hate to see you leave, Grammar Fiend. I, for one, will miss you. Maybe you can hang around and be Darkmoon’s SPELL CHECK? I’m sure when you were a kid you were a whiz at winning Spelling Bees. How many National Spelling Bees did you win when you were a kid? I bet alot. Oh, please do hang around and be our SPELL CHECK!

      2. Honesty and humility is a gracious and elevated quality. Humility allows the doors to open, in order for knowledge and wisdom to flow inward.

        Objective Reality is a tautology and redundant. Imagined “Reality” is a contradiction. You have chosen correctly.

  29. Arian> Thank you for that critical input. Your opinion has credibility. As a non-clinical clinician, I am looking at observable, and palpable causes firstly. My next hypothesis is that he had early onset of tertiary syphilis, producing dementia and incoherence. (I never heard one coherent sentence emanate from this hybrid between an kangaroo and skunk).

    Eventually we will probably end up with the final thesis and diagnosis of congenital mental deformity and unhygienic and deep psychological disorder. Too bad his mother is not alive or the physician who delivered him. It would be a historical and psychometric advancement in knowledge to know from which passage he was ejected. For metaphorical and allegorical purposes, he will always be a “back door baby” to me.

  30. @POUPON MARX November 27, 2016 at 1:16 pm
    I hope we return to the Real World, and soon. Otherwise, I will feel compelled to write at length of the spirit that resides in my vacuum cleaner and floor shampooer. This same spirit and his twin have a dualistic nature, mischievous, and call out to me when their period of inactivity is too long.”

    I am amazed that a scholar like you is not familiar with the work of Friedrich Theodor Vischer who described the phenomenon long ago in his seminal work Die Tücke des Objects (The Malice of Objects). It thrills me to be the one bringing it to your attention.

    1. Thank you most kindly for this reference. Please feel encouraged to provide references you may consider edifying and useful. I dislike intensely the very abstract, disconnected, whether thoughts, predicates, assertions, etc, etc.
      How can an object in Infinite Space, with no relation or attraction to any other have any meaning or relevance? Doesn’t relevance imply or signal “relation to something else”?

      Endless speculation to be understood is either traveling in a circle or never leaving the garage. The Jews have presented so many “academic theories” that have no basis as empirical connections to the World, or are never proven or can be bothered to meet pedestrian levels of practicum or utility. Boas, Freud, Gould, Feldman-all have produced theories and maxims that have received almost no critical examination.

      And that is my overall point, those ideas that drive us to the abyss of destruction are disconnected objects floating as Nothings, Nihilisms, and the Null Hypothesis.

    2. Ariand> I already have ideas, responses, insights to the themes of Vischer’s popping up in my head like mushrooms after a summer rain in Pacific Northwest verdant forest. I will respond in a short time.

      1. Take your time. I’ll make us some coffee in the meantime to enjoy in this “safe space” on the demonic possession thread

    3. The theological separation of Man from his physical world is a perversion. Separation meaning the lack of perception, sensitivity, connectedness, feedback, attempts of understanding in deeper ways then formulating conclusions analytically and abstractly, as in scientific thinking.

      Christianity missed this important connection by a country mile. “Man is the measure of all things” was taken to mean the physical environment could be treated as a child treats its toys, in any fashion with no consequence or subsequent thought.

      The opposite of this is animism, the believe in spirits in the physical world, and in some cases, animals. Animism is the predominant belief-sometimes concurrently with a removed Supreme Being-of native, indigenous people, but it was also the belief of the Hellenes and Romans.

      To Christians, fish and game were nothing more than nutritional supplements, to be managed as objective inventory. To native people in Colonial America, the fish had spirit, and the Indians solemnly thanked the Spirit of the Fish, and the individual fish’s spirit for giving them its body so that they could live. Practically, this would make it difficult to engage in practices that would be harmful to the continuation of these creatures, like clear cutting timber, toxic water runoff, etc., done in corner cutting ways without regard to other costs or defenestration of other natural entities.

      I’ve often wondered how the Europeans could shoot Buffalos from trains, leave the rotting corpses to waste, and attempt to hunt these great beasts to extinction. Or the same with the Carrier Pigeon. Why did not arise an outcry from leading theologians that this practice was a direct wound to the Godhead, as the Natural Realm IS part of the Divinity, as is Man.

      Similarly, the lack of respect for animals in the raising and slaughter business. Cruelty, deprivation, disregard for welfare are offenses against God. Full stop. Period. This one of Christianity’s GREAT FAILURES. It’s not the only one, by any means.

      I actually lived and breathed Vischer’s theme my entire working life. I’d always been attracted to machines because not only did they do something, the design spoke to me of the manifestation of a person or persons’ creative and productive thought. Thus was the connection between machine and man realized to me.

      After 5 years of studying psychology and taking a look at the wretched graduate students who were my associated, I fled from further involvement in this decaying, corrupt, fraudulent enterprise. Being groomed to be a con artist was not going to work for me.

      I think engineering saved me. Machines allowed interactions. They were honest and worked for you in proportion to how you treated them. Study them, maintain them, modify them, overhaul and operate and they “talk” to you. They’ll tell you the truth. They’ll try to tell you the truth. They won’t lie to you, indulge you. allow sloth and self deception. It’s a very healthy and mentally hygienic relationship.

      Machines have individual characteristics, some idiosyncratic and unique. They like certain things, and demand others. They seem always to try their best for you, as if they could somehow be considered loyal. Firing off, lighting off, or starting a machine after an extensive overhaul or repair and watching, hearing, and seeing it operate at its optimum, smoothly and harmoniously, is enormously gratifying. It’s a partnership that works. Many machines just keep on providing service under difficult and sometimes out-of-design limits. One friend of mine-who gets all of this- said one time on a cruise when a Main Boiler Feed Pump and its piping system was being overhauled and the In Port Feed Pump was running full on and struggling to keep up, said “That little guy is beating his out for us”. Exactly. He was keeping the lights on. The concept is called symbiosis.

      When I was in high school, feeling lost and separated from much of the milieu around me, I went to see a movie called the “Sand Pebbles” starring Steve McQueen. The protagonist was the San Pablo’s engineer. From a passage in the book, “Sand Pebbles”, comes:

      “He began taking more interest in his work aboard ship, and then he discovered THE
      The secret was simple…. They could not get along without the machinery….. All
      machinery cared about a man was what he knew and what he can do with his two
      hands and nobody could fool it on those things. Machinery always obeyed its own
      rules, and if you broke the rules it didn’t matter how important or charming or pure
      in heart you were, you couldn’t get away with it. Machinery was fair and honest
      and it could force people to be fair and honest.”

      See, no bullshit, no hidden agendas, no pretense. No airy fairie meaningless talk or double drivel. I marveled at the triple expansion engine that moved with grace, power, and sang out its oratorio. It’s all very Wagnerian to a motor head.

      This theme was explored and expanded and compared to Romanticism in the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig. The Wikipedia description and exposition is excellent and connects interacting with the machine with concepts of existence and perception, cognition, and VALUE/MEANING:

      Back to Vishcher. I really don’t know or care about the Hegelian approach. These are all synthetic constructs that seem to exist inside of themselves and are not of necessity. Some many of these philosophical schools seem to struggle to prove themselves relevant by those who use them to control and confuse.

      This discussion relates to Shintoism, the Japanese religion of deities in objects and legacies of ancestors. Very appealing and relevant to me. Being reincarnated as a Japanese would be my preference at this point.

      1. A beautiful, robust and Whitmanesque paeon to the Machine, She Who Never Betrays, and a lyric exultation at the beauty of shining pistons perfectly calibrated sliding in and out faultlessly!
        But 10 lashes for ascribing to Christianity what was in fact Alexander Pope’s declaration that “the proper study of mankind is man,” and 10 more lashes for interpreting it against the grain.
        Far from advocating separating man from his physical environment, to be treated as his toys, Pope was in fact criticized by that licentious slob, Rousseau, for assuming an unbroken chain of universal connectedness from inanimate matter to man and God himself.
        Keep it up and you’ll make a dominatrix out of me yet.

      2. Come on Poupon,

        Stop with the positivist crap, you are not the first Marx who tries to make us swallow the bitter pill of progress and development of productive force as an impassable horizon that will free us all. Nay more, they are reactionary, for they try to roll back the wheel of history, as Marx Sr would say.
        You say the machines are neutral. That might be true in the spiritual realm, but in the physical world we live in, they eat lot of energy.

        As a physician, and man of reason, you do know that energy is what characterizes a system changing its state thus there is no change without energy. So counting energy is like counting the transformation of the world around us. So let’s count.

        Before the machines and energy, man used to transform its environment with the mechanical energy provided by his legs and arms. A man at work provides in term of power 100 watt with his legs and 10 watt with his arms to transform the environment with the energy extracted from his food.
        A tractor provides 60 Kw if you feed him with oil, a truck develops the same power than 4000 pairs of legs, 1 000 000 pairs for a plane….
        So a peasant on his tractor is doing the job of 599 men who are now forced to find their own machine in the cities to work on, children included, talk about separation from nature. It was the advent of fossil energy that abolished slavery, as a slave couldn’t compete in term of marginal cost with the machines and as one liter of oil allowed a transformation equivalent to 100 forced laborers. Nietzsche wanted Superman, oil did it. Industrial job are not gone, they have been progressively given to the machines, our modern slaves.

        In 1860, the average quantity of energy available by human was 1500 Kw/H, mostly coal and timber to feed machines producing heat. Then came oil, superposing an ever growing use of coal, to feed mostly moving machines. Then came gas, hydro, nuclear and the others which are insignificant for now, always superposed to the precedent.
        Today, the average quantity of energy available by human is 20000 kw/h which represents in term of services rendered a few thousand slaves by people, great comfort. In France, it’s 60000 Kw/h by person, approximately 1000 to 1500 slaves. How much do you have in USA?

        All this would be very nice if it wasn’t for all the externalities, as a lot of energy extracted means a lot of transformation and the more you transform, the more you create undesirable sub products, think shale gas, Fukushima,…
        We also leave in a finite world, a big pantry where resources, renewable or not, were made available for free by Mother Nature.
        The conclusion is that energy and machines have accelerated all the flows, like GDP, in such proportion that Earth is about to become unlivable in many places due to the externalities, as the sampling of necessary resources is unsustainable despite all the obsolete classical economic models who pretend that flows can grow indefinitely from a stock given once and for all.

        Here is your new religion destroying the environment, the holy trinity of progress, growth and economics, tomorrow will be better than today and today is better than yesterday, let’s extract more energy from Earth to extract more economic growth in order to repay an ever growing flow of money which only represents the salary that mankind pays itself to extract free resources from earth.

        That being said, one could argue that this linear sense of history we call progress, present in all the modern doctrines except maybe pre-marxism socialism, is just a recycling of the Divine Providence and messianic hopes, this predetermined direction of history present in all Hebrew inspired monotheisms.

        To remain on topic I advise you Dance with the Devil by Schwab, where the author portrayed the Devil as a Businessman/Captain of industry who tried to seduce a group of humans, God being portrayed as a powerless forest warden. The Devil is helped by demons presenting PowerPoints and lead by the Demon of Progress, who is always glad to see the poison of progress being brought to underdeveloped peoples so that they become sick also. Bringing progress to inferior People was the main justification of colonization, along with English liberal economic theories which claimed earthly resources belong to those able to maximize their extractions, the maximum return, not dumb the hornet.

        Gomez Davila, a pagan who believed in JC as he described his Catholic faith, wrote in one of his aphorism that «The “Progress” is ultimately reduced in robbing from man what ennobles him, to sell him back at a discount what degrades him.”
        Or you can watch Lord of the Rings for a critic of progress and machinery.

        Mankind is a big poupon destroying everything with its toys, toys that separate him from the physical realities he lives in, like the big cry baby in Spirited Away by Miyazaki.
        If we were grown up, we would be talking about energy transition.

      3. Btw, I forgot my daily English bashing to highlight my comment.
        In my area, the authorities have decided to fix a fishing quota to only one sea bass for each fisherman using hook and line method. While the honest Norman fisherman, who spends a lot of energy digging in the ground for hooks and standing in the cold, is only allowed one catch, the European Union allows 40 meters English machine boats to overfish sea bass with no quotas in France territorial water, destroying another precious renewable resource. The irony is that English folks don’t even eat sea bass, so they sell it back to us folks on the continent. They wouldn’t know how to properly cook this wonder of nature anyway.
        But as Mor, the demon responsible for the degradation of alimentation, explained in Dance with the Devil, a mediocre food only provides mediocre individuals.
        I feel better now, we all need a scapegoat

        Japanese connecting with nature.
        Ils sont possédés, c’est pas possible.

    1. On the bright side, however, according to Balzac, it only shrinks when pleasure or intense emotion is experienced, or do I remember it wrong?

  31. Speaking of demons….
    Having rabidly demonized Trump all along in hopes he would not make it, the Chosen are now in a paroxysm of frustration that there is a letup in the howls, which they denounce as “normalizing” Trump.
    This article in (((The Daily Beast))) attempts to enemize Trump once again and examine the effluent..

    I am no fan of Trump. I wish from the bottom of my heart for Lobro (and others who agree with him) to be right, for Trump’s presidency to amount to some significant change for the better, but I cannot muster the faith to believe it will happen.
    On the other hand I reject the absolutist stance of Pat (and those who agree with him) that can be compressed in one sentence (“they are all Pharisee Jews, enough said”), because I don’t share Pat’s Boolean logic. Life cannot be expressed in Boolean logic and linear, literal interpretations. Life is all about fuzzy logic and there is a need to perform optimizations.
    I admire and would gladly emulate Sardonicus, but I am limited by not being as kind as he is…
    This is my take on Trump, which Pat may well call “waffling”:

  32. Putin welcomes a New Orleans demon… shown shaking hands in pic… five times bigger than he is…. even gave him Russian citizenship this week. 🙂


    In an ending fit for Hollywood, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday presented American action star Steven Seagal with a freshly minted Russian passport, consummating an odd-couple bromance that has blossomed despite years of dark relations between the two men’s respective countries.

      1. Ariadna –

        I gave you facts.

        It means whatever you wish to invent. You are better at that than I am. 🙂

        Most do not know that Seagal is a Pharisee-Jew, financed by Hollywood’s demons. His father was a Russian Pharisee-Jew.

        Putin promised to bring them back.

      2. You’re topping yourself here, Pat. Putin “wants to bring them back “one by one…!
        it will take him a few thousand years at this rate. To you all facts and factoids have equal value: zero if no jews figure, 1 if a Jew is in the narrative. Isn;’ a much simpler explanation possible, that Seagal is a US citizen and thus a useful propaganda scoring point than the rather absurd one you suggest?

      3. Artisdns –

        You are the one topping yourself here… 🙂

        I told you that you were good at inventing your own narratives. You invented “one by one”…. not me. And not Putin..!! 🙂

        Now the gates are open to ALL Hollywood Pharisee-Jew demons. “Come on home…. Jews! Jews! Jews!!!”

  33. Ariad> You have described what some have said, rather than what historically occurred. I doubt if the average Boobus Americanus with his hirsute self assuarnce and arrogance even knew or cared who Alexander Pope or Rousseau were. To Organized Religion, there was not sensibility for All of Creation being of God. Did the “Robber Barons”, the Captains of Industry of the 19th Century care? Of course not. Bhopal, India??? Where was the inveighing against this sin against Man and Nature (God)?

    Even in the mercury poisoning of shellfish in Japan in the 1960s, religious authority did not trumpet this great heresy and sin against the Deities. And thusly, the “Can’t Get No Respect” for religion proceeds from there and that.

    The Machine cares only for WHAT HAPPENS, A., NOT WHAT WAS SAID. You may want to re-read my comment. There is more than admiraton, implying separation. There is syncopation.

    You get 10 squirts from my Star Trek Klingon Multiphase Squirt Gun. Set on “stun”, this time

    1. “You have described what some have said, rather than what historically occurred.”
      Incorrect. I am not concerned with what happened, or what you say happened, only with your misuse of semi-citations. Not your thesis, is the problem but rather the defective arguments.
      Squirt yourself to aleviate the sting of the lashes

  34. Wet noodles do produce any sting or trace, A. I prefer you use Vietnamese rice noodles.

    Western Christianity is the girl at the dance that no one wants to dance with. That’s because she has bad breath, bad body odor, and chirps like a gerbil. She steps on your feet, her eyes are rummy, and her hair seems like a mop of polystyrene. She ain’t got much to say, which all are thankful.

    She reaches into your pocket when you are not aware and her perfume is cheap and acrid. She favors non-Whites to conjoin and conjewgate with.

    Non posso fare un cazzo! Cosa fare!

    Her Protestant step-sister cannot be said to show any better. The main difference is Protestanta has uncontrolled nail fungus on all her digits. It is rumored that this is the result of sticking her fingers and toes in too many weird places.

    Ah, then there is Miss Eastern Orthodoxia. Regal, elegant, poised, precocious, and reliable; honest with integrity. The contrast could not be greater. Miss EO stands straight, the two others slightly bent and bowed from centuries of sin and sellout.

  35. A patient in a mental hospital tells a Doctor “I am Napoleon Bonaparte” and the Doctor replies “Who told you that?,” to which the patient replies “God did” whereupon the man in the next bed sits up and says “No I didn’t”

    Religion is delusional mumbo-jumbo, and hysterics go for it big time.

    1. Get on down to Eastern Orthodox Town. And tell’em Poupon sent ya. Be sure and visit my website moveoverandletpoupontakeover.yu

  36. i will try to limit my posting frequency because i have an uncomfortable feeling of being repetitive, which insofar as is offensive to me, seems a requirement for some who refuse to address certain points raised against their favorite hobby horse.

    First, this one.

    Waffle 101 (also qualifies as an elective course in History-Done-Right 101)

    Link limit rule allows no more than 3 per post, so I am not going to provide them for innumerable instances within just the last 2-3 days of Pat rambling on about how Jews selected Trump for presidency, how he is completely subservient to their wishes and we cannot hope for any action that would help us escape their clutches of domination and enslavement and how by rooting for Trump, I, Lobro am fully supporting Jews in their running of America, top to bottom.
    Look it up all you want, you don’t have to search far.
    Pat (to Lobro), November 27, 12:36 pm: “YOU wrote that it is OK for Trump’s putting the “TRIPLE J” bunch – JEWS!! JEWS!! JEWS!! – in his administration. That show YOU want the US to be “run” by Pharisee-Jews.

    So let’s walk down the memory lane no more than 2 weeks:
    Pat, November 8, 2:36 pm: “Hillary will be (S)elected.
    Sardonicus confirms: ”Pat and Harbinger are going to be proved right: Hillary is gonna win because all the cards are stacked in her favor.”

    Less than 24 hours later:
    Pat, November 9, 11:59 am: “I am very, very, very glad that Trump won the POPULAR vote..!!!
    Woo, Pat is very, very, very glad that US is going to be run by Pharisee-Jews – some typo, surely 😉

    Just to make sure you got the lesson right, Who is the Waffler?
    Lobro, of course.

  37. of course, should jill stein (Jill Stein, who is most definitely AGAINST Trump and therefore AGAINST Jews and FOR Hillary (“enemy of my enemy is my friend”, meaning that Jill stein and hillary are AGAINST jews, because we all know that jews act as a singular organism, because aspens are connected at roots and are turning in unison)) … yes, to continue, if this very same Jill Stein succeeds in swinging the recounts of Wisconsin and pennsylania Hillary’s way, then guess what, Hillary becomes president-elect and Trump is out.

    Because jew meant it to be like that all along.

    Heads – pat is right / Tails – Pat is right, knew the outcome all along.

    1. The liberals really are freaking out about Trump. By “liberal” I mean those people brainf**ked by cultural marxism and neoliberalism, both Jewish revolutionary movements. The former are aghast that White, Christian people might be fighting back; the latter that the globalization project might be in jeopardy. I say might be because Trump is still not President yet, for goodness sake. I should not forget that a lot of the supposed wailing and gnashing of teeth is being performed by prominent and well-paid “Shabby”-Goy*.

      It could all indicate that Trump really does represent a crack in the Jew World Order. I had expected one or other candidate to slip easily into the White House cockpit and start bombing more enemies of Zionism. For now, I haven’t a baldy what’s going on…as we say o’er here. In a perverse way I am glad that Shill Stein exposed herself as a hypocrite and a committed Jewish conspirator — she need no longer be discussed as a genuine individual entity.

      I should remind you that there are certain alt-media punters that have consistently maintained that the goal of the Clinton-Trump kabuki is to prepare the US for destruction — another once-powerful Christian Empire being washed down the plug-hole of history. They also regard the political theatre as part of a global plan to set up nationalist leaders only to tear them down, thus making One World Government more amenable to the peons. This will involve another orchestrated financial meltdown yada yada yada…

      It always comes back to the International Bankers…triple brackets not needed. If a leader does not nationalize a country’s Central Bank, then he or she is no leader. We all know who successful removed his country from the clutches of International Finance; we all know what happened next. Catch 22?

      Just to balance the books, the following attempts to debunk the theory that Hitler defied the bankers — I’m not convinced but I’ve never bothered to pick it apart. Its focus on “German rearmament” doesn’t make sense considering that Germany only really moved to a total war economy in 1944.

      *The spellchecker suggested “shabby” 😀

  38. i also see that ariadna is as deeply skeptical about the notion of demonic possession as she is too well mannered to go on frontal attack.

    I’ll make us some coffee in the meantime to enjoy in this “safe space” on the demonic possession thread

    there is a difference between the following forms of disbelief (skepticism)
    · based on contrary evidence
    · based on visceral dislike of the claim (“I deny its potential for truth because of my personal aversion for the topic”), and
    · lack of interest (“I deny its potential for truth because it bores me”)

    i only dealt with the first kind, the only one worth mentioning, so i will republish part of it rather than plagiarize myself, redundancy should have been listed in the Commandments
    My comment on the topic of a-priori disbelief without examining available evidence
    Quoting relevant text.

    my point is that there are forms of knowledge that don’t require scientific corroboration, they fuse with mind directly and IF there are demons out there …, they would not communicate to us by way of explaining, marketing and propaganda, it would be as direct as a bee sting.

    now, i’ve never been stung by a scorpion or bitten by a cobra, does that mean i should laugh and ridicule those who claim to have witnessed its effects?

    denying the existence of something cogently is not an easy task, much easier to prove existence by simply producing the claimed artifact or its physical traces, cause+effect, so having an effect is a good start if you can gradually eliminate potential causes and shorten the shortlist.

    In case of these stories, the first thing is to question the moral character of the narrator, if he is a well known, proven liar, then withdrawing the benefit of doubt is a reasonable step.
    Or if one way or another, he seems to be of a genuine character, then augment that benefit of doubt into a larger space that allows for what is experientially implausible, telekinesis and such, kind of assign a scratch space that is dynamic and temporary.
    I never would have believed firewalking but it has been documented copiously and once i met one who did it many times and claimed that i too, could pull it off.

    So, plausible denial is established through documented shadiness of the narrator and given enough detail, by demonstrating the conflict between the measurable effect and purported cause – of course that Holocaust and 9/11 are perfect examples.

    If we cannot do it in other cases, be it Fra martin’s book, Hitler, Jesus, Buddha or Muhammad, the decent thing is to STFU and grant that civilized benefit of doubt while remaining watchful.
    i used to give it to jew until he thoroughly vaporized it into oblivion.

    however, reading some knee jerk negations, all categorical, zero background discussion, i am led to wonder about the centuries old insidious effect of infiltration of the jewish serpent into the protestant mind, though its origin may have been quite salutary – now we are talking “obey the Law unquestioningly, yours is not to wonder why” type of thing, organ of critical thinking castrated early on.

    Additionally, re. Poupon Marx’s dismissal of Western Christianity on account of many sins committed by its priests (“Poupon Marx” is an unfortunate moniker because of the extra hassle of having to type it in full, neither “Poop” nor “Mr. Marx” would be acceptable abbreviation to the bearer), it behooves him to distinguish between the generating idea and its deviant offshoots because every religion has its share of corrupt priests.
    Serb orthodox priests have publicly bragged about slitting throats of Bosnian Muslim captives, I was shown an article just this past summer in a Serb newspaper about one, totally unrepentant admirer of war criminal Sesel, here in Thailand, the head priest of one Buddhist faction faces a jail term for tax evasion, etc.
    Regal, elegant, poised, precocious, and reliable; honest with integrity and with a grain of salt”
    applies to all of them.

    Only Judaism is to be trusted as 100% evil along with its priests and practitioners, in a sense it has that full integrity of purpose and action that never swerves from its path.
    THIS IS THE PROOF OF DEMONOLOGY as a useful science, i challenge anyone to provide a full and comprehensive explanation of how is it that it trod that razor thin path for millennia, never a single wayward step – always fully compliant with the original creed, despite all humanoid forms that arose under its auspices in centuries.
    Yes, some left, those fugitives, so few and far between but not a single one claimed to be representing the original wellspring, they all loudly and vehemently rejected it and a number proved among the greatest enemies of Judaism ever.

    1. Lobro> You are one of a very few of my favorite commenters here. However, I must respectfully dissent from your rebuttal of my theme on Western Christianity vs. Eastern Orthodoxy. Your observation-let’s assume they are true- that Orthodox priests and Buddhist monks have engaged in atrocities, is given as a reason to collate all religions as besmirched and impure. This is a basis logical fallacy of seeing the World as digital. Either she’s a whore or a Madonna. Another logical fallacy operating in this argument is the Hasty Generalization Fallacy. An observed behavior or phenomenon is observed in a discrete small number, therefore this must signify that all or most are the same way.

      Therefore, your position and its conclusion is invalid. That is not to say it is untrue, but you have not met the threshold of probability or moved from HYPO (lower) thesis to Thesis.

      I believe you missed the point. My opinions were based on CENTURIES and millennia, not a couple of guys here and there. Likewise, you negate your point by highly inferring that a negative opinion of Judaism can be accepted with confidence due to LONGITUDINAL EVIDENCE.

      As for my moniker, you can simply simply use Poup or PM, with my blessing. I would ask a small favor. Please discontinue using all small case for all. Not only is it sub-literate, but it makes it harder for the reader to follow thought, when it begins, when it ends, and where it segues. If you want people to read you, make it easy for them, rather than harder. Also, using capitals PRIORITIZES you thoughts and transmits meaning better.

      (Where’s the grammar fiend?) Probably intimidated by your intelligence.

      “This is proof of Demonology as a useful science”. Most definitely, it is NOT. Science is-or supposed to be-a disciplined, rigid system of internal rules and syllogistic thinking. It is skeptical and looks for exception to disprove it’s hypotheses and conclusions.

      You could say Demonology has demonstrate usefulness, and that its assumptions and beliefs have been somewhat correlated with observed behavior, but that would not rise to the precision needed to be called scientific.

      I have said that the Jews were the Chosen People of Satan. That is not the same as saying I can “prove” it, as if I’m taking about the kind of engine in my car. I am using symbols and metaphor, analogy to convey meaning and a cognitive and physical representation. This can be disputed, legitimately, but by example, logic, sheer force of historical fact, I believe I will prevail.

      Anyway, these are technical issues. Please accept them in the spirit given.

    2. ok PM, understood the works.
      Now couple of points (not rebuttals of rebuttals etcetera).
      My trouble with punctuation stems from some sort of debility that lives under the umbrella of dyslexia and attention deficit, tho i am unsure what it all means, since by your definition, neither is psychology a science nor is psychiatry a medical field – and I wouldn’t give you an argument (“I” had to go over the prior line with a fine tooth comb to catch the “i” and give it a manly spine so that it is “I”).
      It boils down to my brain registering fake input disconnected from the optical nerve, it sees what it wants to see and likewise ignores what it doesn’t – and believe me, my ear-to-brain wiring is even more faulty.

      Poor caps is as unintentional as pat’s , oops, Pat’s terse lines, by no means an expression of some free, artsy spirit, like those poor sods whose external tattoos speak of inner vacuity – advance apologies, good Gilbert already took me to the shed more than once because of that.
      A form of stutter, if you will.

      Now, tho I fully accept that masses of catholic clergy have jumped the erstwhile ship that did provide bulwark of protection against Jew’s depredations, that the church founded by St Peter is in disarray and so forth, first of all consider that Jew has made it his priority to destroy it first and foremost – WHY?
      It certainly says so in The Protocols, which after all were discovered by the Russian Tsarist agents and it was first published in Russian. I won’t belabor this further, because I return the compliments and understand well that you like to do your own thinking, wherever it may end. Just saying that it’s a line of thought worth pursuing.
      Consider too, the possibility that all this overwhelming negativism aimed at RC church may have been generated by Jew and his Freemason attack dogs over at least the last 4 centuries, most certainly after the Cromwell’s destruction of Merrie England and Jew’s triumphant return, of which the Morgenthau Plan was almost a carbon copy.
      Any time you hold a belief simply because “it is general knowledge” should sound the alarm bells, it certainly does for me. Almost invariably, it is yet another brain trap cunningly laid down by jew, a poison dart never felt, yet with deadly consequences.
      If you wish to follow up on some root documentation, I would off-hand recommend these three (Spamb-link limit):
      Pope Innocent IV & Impia Judaeorum Perfidia (i see a dumb error, probably due to transcription in that he was born in 1195 but published his edict in 1205 – at age of 10?? still grin+bear it)
      The Holy See and the Jews
      The Jews in Europe: The Mask of Freemasonry.

      Now, Poup, far be it from me to use Jew’s blasphemous hatred of catholicism as some stamp of quality control in order to prove its worth above and beyond say, Pravoslav branch, nor do i intend to get bogged down in the finesse of the council of Nicea, the maneuverings of Constantine and so on, because I know almost nothing of these matters – not interested at all.
      I make my judgments rapidly but always based on personal observation and research.

      What i do see however is that as the RC influence and reach spread into the daily lives of millions across Europe and later, the New World, the Popes had the choice of sinking into metaphysical obscurity of the wonderful and learned Celtic monasteries or expanding fully into the sphere of secular power and politics, vying with kings for the sway over those masses. Notabene that they felt tasked with spreading the word of Jesus through his Earthly vicarship to each soul in the world.

      And like they say, shit happens, no?
      Invariably, the power corrupts and yet, despite all that, there were quite a few popes who struggled mightily to adhere to the need to preserve and protect the morality of the common man and to ensure that
      Auferte gentem perfidam credentium de finibus
      (Take the faithless tribe from the borders of the believing)

      was adhered to, because they saw the nature of the clear and present danger – would that 10% of that clarity remained today!

      Orthodox branches didn’t have this problem because they were nationalist to the core, the job of the Syrian or Armenian or Montenegrin patriarchs and metropolitans was focused on keeping their well defined flock on the straight and narrow, only the Russian religious leaders had to deal with the secular side to any extent as they do now.
      Which is to say that by minimizing their exposure to the material world they were less tempted to be corrupted by it.

      Make sense? (and in future, whenever i don’t use Word to ensure my punctuation, bear in mind that though I do my best, it may not be good enough, not up to scratch of my numerous betters – TROJ’s punctuation is fine, way better than mine, but hopefully I make up for the lost ground elsewhere).

      1. Lobro> Superb missive that generated understanding and information. I will not mention punctuation again. All of us have some limitations. Mine is a slight attention deficit, that took much effort to combat and attenuate.

        I see why LD and Admin value you contribution so highly. One of the main thrusts, implicitly, in my comments on this subject is that disillusioned Catholics who can no longer tolerate the deviance of the Western Church, have an alternative in the Eastern Church. There is an option, an escape, a greener pasture.

        Regarding the Jews. My position, clearly and immutably is that many, and probably most of the malaise and dysfunction and dystopia of the West is the direct result of the unholy and Luciferian action of the Jews-the great majority, actively and passively.


  39. Putin for Dummies: RUSSIAN president Vladimir Putin made an extremely ominous joke when a child told him Russia ends at the Bering Strait:

    Did he? Yes, sir, you can bet your ass on that:

    And we all know by now: when Putin makes a joke the world is better to take notes. Does that mean Putin is a new Hitler who aims at conquering the world? Yes and no. Hitler was a useful idiot in the hands of an extremely powerful and extremely intelligent entity, we know little about. Putin is not – that’s the difference.

    Globalization is an objective process in the sense that no one on the Earth has the power to stop it. But there are two models (or concepts, if you wish) of globalization, directly and violently opposing each other: one is Demonic, which is exemplified by the actions of the West; the other is Godly, exemplified by the actions of Putin’s Russia.

    Do you understand the meaning of Putin’s “joke” now? I highly doubt that.

    1. Circ –

      I understand Putin jokes… and have since the 1940s. My dad pulled them on me.

      PUTIN jokes are funniest when the teller says….
      ……..”Here. Pull my finger.” 🙂 🙂

      1. @GH

        I am pleasantly surprised. Way to go man! You are well on your way “to boldly go where no man has gone before” on this site. Wish you luck, brother, ‘cuz you’ll need it.

    2. Circ –

      “Globalization is an objective process in the sense that no one on the Earth has the power to stop it. But there are two models (or concepts, if you wish) of globalization, directly and violently opposing each other: one is Demonic, which is exemplified by the actions of the West; the other is Godly, exemplified by the actions of Putin’s Russia.”

      You are mistaken. There is only one model for today’s globalization. UN Agenda 21.

      BOTH the West and Putin’s Russia follow UN Agenda-21..!!! So does China and the rest of BIS countries.

      Russia has followed UN Agenda-21 for decades…. still does… Putin stated he would ALWAYS follow the UN. 🙂





      1. Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation


        General Provisions

        The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation shall organize and, within the limits of its authority,

        **ensure compliance with the obligations arising from international agreements of the Russian Federation**

        on matters, which fall within the scope of activity of the Ministry.

      2. Sustainable Development is a program included in, developed by, UN Agenda-21.
        Putin was there in 2009.

        Integrated Climate Change Strategies for Sustainable Development of Russia’s Arctic Regions
        (Case Study for Murmansk oblast).

        Summary – Moscow:

        UN Development Programme in Russia, Russian Regional Environmental Centre, 2009.

      3. Pat

        Yes, Putin STATED he would always follow the UN. Your point?

        One way to put it sees that “following” Agenda-21 is to fall in lockstep with what has been in the works for centuries; like getting on a treadmill and being carried along on it, involuntarily unless one is a dark soul.

        “whatcha gonna do when they come for you?”

        when “they” come for all of us

      4. B-Hawk –

        My point…. And a little bit more…. 🙂

        Agenda 2030 adopted at the United Nations in September 2015..!!!

        Did Trump voters believe this all would go away?

        They voted for the continuation of depopulation Eugenics via Sustainable Development.


        –-The Putin-Trump Sustainable Development Path Towards World Peace?—

        November 16, 2016
        “We are ready to do everything to bring back Russian-US relations on a sustainable development path. This would benefit both the Russian and the US people and would positively impact the overall climate in global affairs, given the particular responsibilities of Russia and the US in maintaining global stability and security,” Putin said.

        President Vladimir Putin received credentials from ambassadors to Russia and commented on the results of the US presidential election:

        Trump of course will follow the wishes of the Global elites insistence that Sustainable Development is fully implemented.

        That of course is the ECO-92 EARTH CHARTER. The UNEP Global Biodiversity Assessment. The Programme of Action on Sustainable Development signed in Rio 1992.. The Club of Rome was founded in 1968, Limits to Growth was written in 1971, Global 2000 was written in 1979, The Global Revolution was written in 1968, The Rio Agreement was written in 92, the Global Biodiversity Assessment was written in 1995. 


        Putin praised United Nations in Oct, 2016. He believes that humans have an impact on global climate change…. And environmental protection agencies (EPAs) are necessary.

        “Today it is the United Nations that continues to remain an agency that is unparalleled in representativeness and universality, a unique venue for equitable dialogue. Its universal rules are necessary for including as many countries as possible in economic and humanitarian integration, guaranteeing their political responsibility and working to coordinate their actions while also preserving their sovereignty and development models.”

        “A decent future is impossible without environment protection and addressing climate problems. That is why the conservation of the natural world and its diversity and reducing the human impact on the environment will be a priority for the coming decades.”

        Finland’s Tarja Halonen at the same meeting:

        “The Agenda 2030 adopted at the United Nations in September 2015 provides a very strong framework within which to work.”

        “So now, anyway, this is the world in which we now live, in which we have to build the foundations for a sustainable future. It doesn’t become better if we wait. We need to be able to work on different fronts and with complex dynamics at the same time. So even as violent conflicts unfortunately continue, and they are more and more hybrid, at least the global understanding, I believe, of what sustainable development it has involved, maybe we could refer to as the “order” part. Perhaps we know already what could be “order” in the future.”

      5. I understand. My point asks whether or not he fully understands exactly what it is he is enabling. You know, in the guesswork of it all.

        My own hunch is that by 2030 any semblance of Agenda-21 will be short-lived in keeping with what Christ meant by “except those days be shortened, there would be no flesh saved”

    3. I read that Putin’s joke means no border has an ending; tis a circle when all smoothed out.

      In other words, he is smarter than his local and global audiences. Maybe.

      1. Yes, technically speaking the joke is wrong when you consider countries with territories beyond the “mainland”, e.g. Kaliningrad for Russia; the UK and its overseas territories etc. Or maybe Putin was making an ominous joke as opposed to posing a trick question. I dunno.

      2. Flopot –

        No trick. Very plain.

        Putin follows the UN. ALWAYS.

        There are no borders to UN… once Putin helps accomplish the goals of UN Agenda-21. 🙂

      3. @PAT

        I suspect that in this case Putin has outsmarted you aswell. Given the context and a fair translation, Putin asked the kid a trick question. So perhaps not everything is a conspiracy. Perhaps. In the end, I dunno.

      4. …but I hope to know at the end. When it is far, far too late of course; but that is the nature of things.


      5. Allow me to point out that what anybody says on the World Stage is to be taken as a vegetable dropped on the floor: you can pick it up and eat it or throw it away. Almost nothing Obama said, he meant, felt or believed. It was for the consumption of the suckers.

        The Chinese signed the Climate Change protocols mandating CO2 reduction, which means lowered GNP output and even more deficits for the Greatest Scam and Con in Human History. What are the Chinese doing? Ignoring it of course, using it for industrial advantage.

        Honestly, some of you need to grow up. Since when do you hang on every word of dictators, sociopaths and narcissists? Climb out of the crib. “Putin said…….”. Some Jewish banister said….. WAKE UP!!!

    4. @ Circassian

      Several years ago when I was speaking with Brother Nathanael (Russian Orthodox Christian), he told me that he spoke with Putin’s wife (before the divorce) and that Putin’s wife said that Putin considered his primary mission to be protection of the Russian Orthodox Church. Since religions have no borders, this fits with the Godly portion of your comment on globalization.

      1. @Ungenius

        In my not so humble opinion Brother Nathanael is, first and foremost, a buffoon – looks at his dress, his gestures, his posture for God’s sake. The guy is trying to make living the best he can, and I for one cannot blame him for that, but, to be perfectly honest with you, it is hard for me to imagine Putin’s former wife talking to this buffoon on any subject. To understand Putin, you don’t have to engage in wild speculations – all you need is listen to him (that’s the beauty of the phenomenon we call Putin):

        Putin: I’m no friend, bride, groom to West, I have to protect people. Putin has to protect people, 146 million of them. Do you hear that, Ungenius? People … not the whites, not the browns, not the Nazis, not Communists, not the Russian Orthodox Church, not the Jews, not the Muslims. Putin has to protect the people of Russia. Why is it so hard to understand for you folks in the West?


        If you have noticed Putin was quizzing the little boy about Upper Volta. Why Upper Volta? I am sorry, but to answer that question you will have to learn a little Russian:

        Until then, you might want to make use of:

      2. @Circassian:
        You are a strange kind of Russian and a stranger Eastern Orthodox to find Brother Nathaniel attire and general aspect (common to all EO priests) funny and clown-like.
        Your forceful rejection of the idea that Putin set out to protect and defend the Orthodox Church is also an indication that the whole topic strikes a nerve in you somehow. Br. Nathaniel is a great admirer of Putin, which, in your alleged pro-Putin stance, should NOT make Br. Nathaniel a “clown.” What gives? Is your middle name Evreyevich? “Not that there’s anything wrong with it.” (Just kidding, there is usually a lot wrong with it.)
        Similarly, you subtly misrepresent Putin’s declared mission to protect the people, by omitting the fact that while all RUSSIAN citizens are “people,” they are expected to be Russian first. He said in another place at another time: “we don’t need the minorities, they need us.” It seems that any whiff of nationalism also strikes a nerve in you. What gives?
        Your reply to Flopot could have been informative rather than the snotty exhortation to learn Russian. Why couldn’t you just say, “Upper Volta with rockets” is a Russian expression which Russian’ critics have used disparagingly when talking about Russia. A discussion of the phrase is obviously an opportunity to educate children.
        I myself would have told the children that the spirit of such a phrase is similar to… say… “A stone-age cult armed with deadly fractional reserve banking.”

      3. @Ariadnatheo

        Like most Circassians, Circassian is a Muslim. But I agree that Br. Nathanael’s attire is normal for Eastern Orthodox monks. His “goofiness” has to be ascribed more to his Jewish genes than to his clothes.

      4. @Ariadnatheo

        You seem to be highly irritated. What gives? (if I may borrow your expression for a minute.) Pat would recommend making no comments in such a disgruntled mood for the comments are, most likely, to come out crumpled and disorganized.

        I am a Circassian kind of Russian – you could have guessed that much yourself, were you not so upset. My middle name is Hasanovich (I can only cross my fingers and hope that you won’t find something reprehensible with it).

        Clown is a clown whether he is a great admirer of Putin or not, wouldn’t you agree? Ramzan Kadyrov is also a great admirer of Putin, but I do not call him a clown because … he is not a clown. Do you follow my strange kind of logic?

        >> Similarly, you subtly misrepresent Putin’s declared mission to protect the people, by omitting the fact that while all RUSSIAN citizens are “people,” they are expected to be Russian first. He said in another place at another time: “we don’t need the minorities, they need us.” It seems that any whiff of nationalism also strikes a nerve in you. What gives?

        So much nonsense in one paragraph! What gives? (If I may borrow your eloquent expression once more.) I hope you do not take this remark as snotty, but you do not understand the meaning of the word RUSSIAN. By saying He [Putin] said in another place at another time: “we don’t need the minorities, they need us.” you demonstrate that you have no idea what you are talking about. That would be the stupidest thing that Putin could have ever said.

        And I know only one man who is stupid enough to think that Putin is stupid. Can you guess who that man is? If you can’t, I would suggest you consult with Pat.

      1. NB no one referenced what he has said. It’s his attire, his posture, his body language. What it this, some surfers in Malibu trying to sound erudite? These comments are a stain. Where’s the Blue Magic Whitener Magical Stain Remover?

        Too bad there is not a feature “Hide Comment” button.

  40. Us and Them:

    I could explain who are “Us” and who are “Them” in such simple terms that even grammar fiends, ariadnatheos, pats, and all kinds of other poupons on this site, could understand the crux of the problem we, the peoples of the world, face today. But I can’t because the Lady of the Dark has shackled my tongue – except its tip, to be exact – and that wasn’t a smart move to begin with for she could have learned something of lasting value had she not done so.

    1. If by “Lady of the Dark” you mean Lasha Darkmoon, you are wrong. LD has no time to read let alone monitor the many comments we get. Even the monitors don’t have time to read the comments except selectively.

      You have been banned simply because Lobro gave us an ultimatum. You were banned because you were a persistent troublemaker who started off by being rude and downright abusive to Lasha Darkmoon. You then transferred your aggressive attitude to every other poster on this website, concentrating your malignant fury on Lobro.

      You have nothing to “tell us” that is worth hearing, Circassian, since you lack the intelligence to make yourself liked. Rule number one: get people to like you. Be nice! You broke that basic rule.

      1. @Toby

        You have nothing to “tell us” that is worth hearing, Circassian, since you lack the intelligence to make yourself liked. Rule number one: get people to like you. Be nice! You broke that basic rule.

        Unwittingly, an image of imitable Trump occurred to me, whispering into a microphone upon hearing the above non sequitur: Wrong!

        My dearest friend Toby, did it ever occur to you that a man of honor can have objectives which have little to do with seeking “your” love, or the love of lobros, ariadnatheos, pats, and all other kinds of poupons?

      2. @Toby

        >> Well, you are certainly intelligent, старина, I’ll give you that.

        That is very generous of you, my friend. And if your outstanding niece disagrees with you on this point, and reprimands you for your humane and genuine (I hope) outburst, just point her to the comment I made just a few minutes ago at Magnetic Universe forum:

        However, being intelligent is not something to brag about: we all are intelligent beings. The problem is not that we, the human beings, are not smart enough. The foremost problem the humanity is facing today is that we, the intelligent human being, are short in those departments valued most by the Circassians: spirituality, dignity, valour, fortitude, loyalty to truth, and justice for all.

      3. Oh, Toby, Toby … Are you saying that you are too old for that? Do you really have to be so negative? Don’t be, my friend. Look deep inside – you may find a beautiful child there, still alive.

        There is something incredibly human about it all … something magnetic, I would say – determinism instead of randomness, order instead of chaos, beauty instead of ugliness, life instead of death. Circassian Circle:

        Don’t believe for a second that life exists only on the tiny planet called the Earth. Life exists on each and every level of the fractal hierarchy of unfathomable Universe. Russians call it matryoshka :

        Life is everywhere, and there is no power in the entire Universe that could bring an end to life. For the Universe is life itself – literally.

      4. Circ –

        Following the lead of Pharisee-Jew Steven Seagal…???

        Roberts was quoted in the article that he is seeking an asylum… Maybe Chattahoochee with TROJ..!! 🙂

        “Paul Craig Roberts said that the passport gave Steven Seagal, and to be a Russian agent is no less important than a teacher of martial arts.”

        PCR is no fighter…. He cowers. Seagal might help him. You can have him in Circus-Land…!!

      5. Pat,

        I was once, many many moons ago, in the early 90s, when I was still slim and tall, mistaken for Steven Segal, from afar, about 50 yards away. The man made a point of coming up to me to tell me that I reminded him of Mister Jewjitsu… not sure if that was a compliment or not… cause Segal’s movie martial arts takes the cake for being the most fake IMHO.

        Has Adriana left us?… I’m too busy these days with CADL to keep up with the latest squabbles or kerfuffles at DM. 🙁

      6. @Pat

        >> Roberts was quoted in the article that he is seeking an asylum… Maybe Chattahoochee with TROJ..!!

        That’s not bad, Pat, not bad at all. We would love to extend the asylum to TROJ too … were he not a great American patriot. We do not need American patriots here, we need American Jews out of America so that we can have them here on short leash.

        As of TROJ, he would be a great team player in Trump’s administration as … the head of The American Geographic Society.

      7. “Get people to like you”. That book from the 60’s, “How to Gain Friends and Influence People”…bah…Reminds me of high school, get in with the in crowd…bah …the cattle must low in unison…bah

    1. Poup –

      The retrieved portions… demons and all.. just for you.. 🙂

      You should know that the MANAGER of MIGRATION in Europe and the world is Ireland’s Peter Sutherland.

      What Peter Sutherland wants, he gets… And he wants what Barbara Spectre wants.

      He is currently UN special representative for MIGRATION & DEVELOPMENT.
      Peter Sutherland is managing the MIGRATION of people in the world…!!!!

      See him speak to:
      Agenda 21 – Replacement Migration – United Nations

      Pete was CEO of BP plc and Goldman Sachs Intl at the same time. He helped set up the BP bonds thru Goldman to profit from the Gulf oil rig explosion in 2010.

      He has been credited as the single most important enabler of GATT.

      Peter Sutherland was chairman of BP plc (1997 – 2010).
      He was also chairman of Goldman Sachs International (1995 – 2010).

      Before these appointments, he was the founding director-general of the World Trade Organisation.

      He had previously served as director general of GATT since July 1993 and was instrumental in concluding the Uruguay GATT Round Negotiations.

      He was Chairman of Allied Irish Banks from 1989-1993 and Chairman of the Board of Governors of the European Institute of Public Administration (Maastricht) 1991-1996.

      From 1981 until early 1982, he was Attorney General of Ireland and was a member of the Council of State. He was reappointed in 1982 until 1984 when he was nominated by the Government of Ireland as a member of the Commission of the European Communities in charge of competition policy. During his first year at the Commission he was also responsible for social Affairs, health and education and thereafter for relations with the European Parliament.

      He serves on the Board of Directors of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc and is associated with the following organisations:
      World Economic Forum (Davos), Foundation Board member;
      The Federal Trust, president;
      European Policy Centre Advisory Council, president;
      European Round Table of Industrialists, vice-chairman;
      the Royal Irish Academy, member;
      goodwill ambassador to the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation;
      **consultor for the Administration of the Patrimony of the Holy See.

      He has published numerous articles and the book “Premier Janvier 1993, ce qui va changer en Europe” (Paris).

      He was presented with the Robert Schuman Medal for his work on European Integration and the David Rockefeller Award of the Trilateral Commission.

      Mr. Sutherland was a Trilateral Commission author of 21st Century Strategies of the Trilateral Countries: In Concert or Conflict? (1999)

      He was made European Honorary Chairman of Trilateral Commission.

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