The Drive to Flood Britain with Third World Immigrants is a Jewish Plot

By Francis Carr Begbie

Pictures and captions by Darkmoon

Yes, it’s just another Jewish plot. And the way they’re doing it is by scamming the public into believing that these illegal immigrants—all of them adult males—are helpless “child refugees”.


These “child refugees”, who have conveniently lost their passports, claim to be under 18. Some of the child migrants even have bushy beards. The British government and the elite media argue that migrants tend to “age quickly”—because of their traumatic war experiences. You can’t make this up.

The dismantling of the Calais “Jungle” refugee camp has been marked by huge scenes of disorder with rioting, at least one gang rape, and much of the camp going up in flames. But there has been uproar in Britain too since the realisation that most of the thousands of “child refugees”, which the Prime Minister had agreed to accept, were neither children nor refugees.

From the moment these healthy, strapping adult male migrants stepped off the bus in London it was obvious that the British people had been subjected to yet another massive immigration deception. Those who enabled and organised this “child refugee” scam are brazening it out, safe in the knowledge there will be no comebacks for them.

First they attempted to prevent any more embarrassing pictures by throwing blankets over the arrivals so they resembled state witnesses at a Mafia trial. Then a screened walkway from the bus alighting point to the door of the reception centre was erected overnight for the same purpose. Dental tests to determine the real age of these youths were ruled out as an “invasion of privacy.” And there is no question of having them deported, so nothing can be done now. They’re here. Get over it.

But of course, it all works better if there is no clamour from the public. So the powers-that-be have resorted to the tried and tested method of stifling dissent. Anyone who sticks his head above the parapet to raise doubts is subjected to stern lectures about their moral shortcomings. BBC TV presenter Gary Lineker chastised his fellow British for their “shameful” attitudes, while Labour shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott attacked those who wanted to carry out dental tests to assess their age as “racist.” Pop singer Lily Allen became a media darling when, on behalf of the people of Britain, she made a tearful apology to the refugees for causing their plight.

Let that sink in. Britain caused the plight of the refugees.

After voting for Brexit, for ordinary British people, who have seen their schools, hospitals and welfare services strained to breaking point, a fresh influx of immigrants was not exactly what they had been looking forward to. After all, Britain has no legal or moral obligation to take these people. They were supposed to be the responsibility of the first country they arrived at in the EU. And why are they coming to racist Europe anyway? It’s incredibly short-sighted of them. Why not go to some Asian or African country? Or Israel?

This fresh burden will be placed squarely on the local authorities that receive the immigrants, and they are going to have to dig deeply. While the government is providing £40,000 ($48,000) per annum for each young refugee, the total annual cost is around £133,000 ($162,000). So tax increases — or reduced services in other areas — are predicted.

Naturally little of this will fall on the prosperous London boroughs filled with BBC-watching, morally uplifted Whites. Instead many migrants are being located in far-flung areas such as Devon or poorer northern communities already thronging with refugees, such as Bradford.

The tipping point in the long battle to admit these bogus “child refugees” seems to have been a multi-faith initiative in which more than 200 religious leaders led by the former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Williams and senior representatives from the Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim and Sikh faiths — signed a letter urging the Prime Minister to admit 3,000.

In a speech at a London synagogue, Lord Williams described the Calais camp as “a stain” on the British conscience. But in fact, this alleged multi-faith support was not what it appeared to be.  It was largely organised by dozens of Jewish activists working through an organisation called Citizens UK that organised the casework and poured substantial resources into ensuring that the necessary amendments to the law would make it through Parliament.

The Calais “Jungle” crisis has brought the Jewish community together in a unity of purpose rarely seen outside the occasion of Israel’s various wars. From the highest communal levels to the smallest youth groups, it seems everyone Jewish has been mobilised in the cause of getting uneducated, unassimilable Muslim economic migrants into Britain.

It is a campaign they have chosen to frame in entirely moral terms. The Jewish community’s loud insistence has been that not only is Britain under a strict moral obligation to take these migrants but that there should be no upper limit. To do otherwise would be to undermine our reputation as a humanitarian country that wishes to describe itself as civilised.

Their arguments have been formed around highly emotional anecdotes and images. Time and again we have been treated to stories of children struggling in the squalor at the Calais “Jungle” camp. The iconic photographs of the lifeless body of three-year-old Syrian boy Aylan Kurdi washed up on a Turkish beach are frequently invoked.


The iconic picture (right) that reduced millions to tears
and allowed the luvvies to cry “Let ’em all in!”

You will notice that nowhere is there any consideration of the stress this is causing on existing British communities, especially those in the poorer areas where refugees are invariably housed. Nor is there any recognition of the profound unfairness this imposes on the native White community who will be required to support these strangers via the welfare system, health and housing services. Such a process is not only unaffordable, it makes a mockery of the basic idea that help from the welfare state is in return from previous tax contributions.

There is a largely unspoken reason for this:  resentment over Britain’s perceived inadequacy in admitting Jewish refugees before World War II. In fact, Britain admitted many tens of thousands of Jews in the 1930s, but it is an article of faith amongst many Jews that Britain could and should have admitted many more.

Typical of this attitude was the speech of Rabbi Herschel Gluck, founder of the Muslim-Jewish Forum. He says he lost over 100 relatives in the Holocaust and implied that Britain’s wartime attitudes to refugees were to blame for this. “I feel obliged to ensure we don’t make the same mistakes,” he said.

Numerous references were made to the Kindertransport programme by which Jewish children from Europe were smuggled into Britain. (The TOO has already debunked much of this greatly mythologised episode.)

A veteran of that same Kindertransport is the figurehead for the Calais refugee crusade. eighty-four year old Lord Alf Dubs , a veteran Labour politician. He has  tirelessly campaigned for mass immigration all his life. A former director of the Refugee Council, he somehow arrived in Britain aged six in 1939 despite Britain’s horrendous attitudes at the time, and was shown much Christian charity. Since then, he has chosen to repay this kindness by devoting his life to opening Britain’s borders to non-Whites from around the globe.

According to EU law, refugees should have been processed at the first country they arrived at, so some ruse had to dreamed up whereby Britain could allow their entry. This was done through a device known as the EU’s Dublin III regulation, whereby lone refugee children could be taken to any European country where they have a relative.

This was not enough for Lord Dubs.  He wanted the “child refugees” in the Calais “Jungle” admitted to Britain without any “family reunion” qualification and pushed his own amendment which would oblige the British government to transfer to the UK any unaccompanied refugee children from Europe.

To this end Lord Dubs was able to count on wholesale establishment support. Not just the Archbishop of Canterbury but charities, NGOs and even economists all rallied round.



“He has ceaselessly campaigned for mass immigration all his life,
devoting his life to opening Britain’s borders
to non-Whites from around the globe.”

The Occidental Observer has already shown the hugely disproportionate Jewish influence on a similar letter from senior lawyers. The same disproportionately Jewish influence can be seen in the plea from the 126 economists. One of the signatories was Jonathan Portes, who can be fairly regarded as the architect of Tony Blair’s mass immigration disaster.

So it seemed as if the passing of the Dubs amendment to an immigration bill was a foregone conclusion.  But then at the vote in the House of Commons there was a problem. For Conservative politicians had not long finished fighting a general election campaign in which their voters had left them in no doubt how they felt about the never-ending waves of mass immigration.

In the House of Commons the Dubs amendment was defeated.  Jewish campaigners could barely contain their anger.

The nagging, scolding words of Dr. Edie Friedman, director of the Jewish Council for Racial Equality, were characteristic.

As a result, children across Europe will remain cold, alone and at risk over the coming months. This was an opportunity to stand on the right side of history, to bring relief to just 3,000 of the 95,000 unaccompanied children who applied for asylum in Europe last year.

We wake up this morning on the wrong side of history and on the wrong side of compassion.The Immigration Bill has shown the UK at its worst, uncaring about the suffering of children a mere 30 miles away in places like Calais, but it has also shown us (sic!) at our best.

Rabbi Harry Jacobi too was beside himself with anger at MPs voting in accordance with their electorate’s wishes. For him loomed the shadow of 1938, when Britain decided to stop the flood of Jewish refugees.

Too many MPs with hardened hearts, just like the biblical story of Pharaoh. To close their eyes and hearts to unaccompanied children, to insist that it is alright to detain pregnant women, and that refugees can still be detained indefinitely simply on the say so of an immigration official. These are not the actions of a world-leading moral civilisation.

Syrian Refugees-Shoestring Education


Migrants with their belongings queue at the start of their evacuation and transfer to reception centers in France, and the dismantlement of the camp called the "Jungle" in Calais

the type being let into Britain right now under Jewish pressure.

Then, in one of his last acts as Prime Minister, David Cameron did a U-turn and announced he would allow the amendment to go through unopposed.

Now Britain could admit the bogus 3,000 “refugee children” unilaterally.

—  §  —

Citizens UK’s main task seems to be getting migrants or “refugees” into Britain and dispersed around the country. It describes itself as a “community organiser’s hub,” but is in fact an arm of the state with deep pockets and a nationwide network of affiliated organisations. It has fought many legal battles for refugees and succeeded in getting migrant “child asylum seekers” released from detention centres and housed in the wider community.

So how Jewish is it?  At letterhead level it seems to be drawn from a cross-section of the community, but at organiser level, the Citizens UK appears to be disproportionately Jewish. (This tactic of recruiting sympathetic non-Jews and giving them highly visible position in Jewish-dominated causes has a very long history, going back at least to immigration battles in the early twentieth century, as recounted in Chapter 6 of SAID [p. 192ff] and Chapter 7 of Culture of Critique [e.g., pp. 249-250].) They include the Citizens UK spokeswoman, Rabbi Janet Darley, who, of course, has a tear-jerking story to tell. She said it was when a 15-year-old migrant fell under the wheels of a truck he was trying to board that she felt that she had to get involved.

For me, that was the deal breaker — I knew I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t do everything I could to make sure there were no more dead children. … The Torah warns us against the wronging of a stranger. For us, this is core teaching and not an optional extra.

Another Jewish Citizens UK activist is senior organiser Charlotte Fischer, who is lobbying for Britain to increase the total number of “Syrian” refugees it has agreed to take  from 20,000 to 50,000. “We are doing shamefully compared to Canada” she chides.

But the UK is doing awesomely compared to Israel. Doesn’t that count for anything?

—  §  —

Citizens UK campaigner Rabbi Danny Rich is co-chair of yet another arm of the refugee industry, the National Refugee Welcome Board. He clearly has the magic touch when it comes to getting access on the BBC. Since the beginning of September he has graced at least half a dozen BBC outlets including the main BBC TV news and the BBC World Service and gets softball kidglove treatment from all of them. He blithely brushed aside the concerns of ordinary British people: “Look at the Kindertransport and the contribution made to Britain over the last 70 years by those who escaped the Nazis. Look at the contributions made today by doctors, nurses and care workers, many of who were not English born.”  Anyone doubting the distinctly Jewish flavour of Citizens UK would be advised to look at this promotional video.

Of course, no British refugee campaign would be complete without the presence of Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner who can be guaranteed to be at the forefront at any number of “multi faith” immigrant events including a Citizens UK vigil outside the House of Commons.

Citizens UK is an umbrella organisation overseeing local grass roots initiatives for refugees all over the country, many of which are Jewish-organised. One of the main ones is called Safe Passage UK. In an article for the Jewish Chronicle,the two Jewish organisers described their work as “fighting injustice.”  Apparently a group of synagogues had raised £200,000 for them in just a few weeks.

Rabbi Rebecca Birk was recently named by the Evening Standard as one of London’s most influential people for her fund raising for Safe Passage UK. Again, her entire rationale is bound up with her Jewish identity, framed, of course, as a moral imperative stemming from the inherently moral essence of Judaism. She says:

The Jewish identity is predicated on being a foreigner, relying on the kindness of strangers, it runs through our own theology really: doing good, mending the world. We talk of three pillars the world stands on — the Torah, divine service, and kind acts. It’s an anathema to be a Jew and only be concerned with oneself.

LD : The idea that all Jews are full of sweetness and light, overflowing with the milk of human kindness toward their fellow human beings, can be dismissed at once as bordering on the absurd. Here are two prominent Jews who would like to see the White race genocided and White women and children cruelly raped and killed: 





—  §  —

A clear sense of Jewish identity also informed the efforts of the three fashionable north London women who decided to put their media careers on hold to set up the Help Refugees charity in the Calais “Jungle.” The women, two of whom are Jewish, have tapped into a lucrative market indeed, and their outfit was one of the biggest players in Calais. It has been a massive, trendy, profile-raising success. After setting up, they were inundated with corporate contributions, and now they run 26 projects from Israel and on the migrant trail all the way across Europe. Articles about them focus on “child refugees.” And because Hollywood is well-known for its high moralism, it is not surprising that actors such as Benedict Cumberbatch and Lena Dunham have lent their support.

Help Refugees even has a mobile kitchen on to the shores of Greece where their volunteers are helping refugees from Turkey from their dinghies and then seeing them off on their long journey across Europe. One of these women, Dani Lawrence, insists her parents fled anti-Semitism in Morocco in the sixties.

The Jewish community has an extremely high opinion of its charitable efforts. Their strong Jewish identities and loyalty to their tribe are obvious, and it is wonderful that all that philanthropy makes them feel so good about themselves. But it might be worthwhile for the White British to ask what exactly is in it for them, apart from Kosher certification?

It is time to ask some searching questions about the real motives that lie behind all this Jewish selflessness.  After all, a charitable disposition towards Muslims is not exactly a characteristic of Jewish life anywhere else and certainly not in the Palestinian territories. And no question is guaranteed to infuriate Jewish activists more than asking why Israel doesn’t admit any refugees from Syria which is, after all, next door?

So what do they get out of this sudden influx of unassimilable immigrants who have neither the temperament nor inclination to fit into modern Britain? Sadly, as readers of TOO are all to familiar with (see, e.g., “Is immigration a Jewish value?“), the motivation is not compassion but veiled ethnic vindictiveness aimed at undermining and dispossessing ordinary British people.

The motivation is not compassion
but veiled ethnic vindictiveness

One of the questions that British people might also ask themselves is this: If those British people in the 1930s who had admitted waves of Jewish refugees could see the fruits of what they had done, what would they think?

If those British people, who were to suffer so much in a war they were told was about “freedom”, if they were to see the streets of Peckham, Newham or any number of London boroughs or cities today overrun by Third-Worlders, what would they think?

And if they were then to be told, in detail, about the role of Jewish activism, power and “philanthropy” in bringing about this transformation, what would their thoughts be then?Perhaps they would agree with so many of us.  That the Jewish invocation to “heal the world” seems to be code-words for eradicating White identity and eradicating the power of Whites to control their own destiny.

And perhaps, instead of admitting these “child refugees,” Britain would have been better off remembering the words of another Jewish sage, economist Milton Friedman, who said “You can have a welfare state or you can have open borders, but you cannot have both.”


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  1. Lies, legends, myths and Fairy tales of the Jewish storyteller – The stories in which we drown.

    Part II of V

    American culture has long had its own myths and fairy tales, like Paul Bunyan and his blue ox Babe, Johnny Appleseed, Pecos Bill, (does anyone remember these American folklore characters?) Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy. The difference is that while the vast majority quit believing these childhood stories at a young age, the myths, lies and fairy tales spun by Jews become cemented into their consciousness as fact.

    One of the defining features of the Jewish fairytale is the total lack of evidence for the story. Those performing hard research on Jewish “historical” accounts quickly discover a complete lack of supporting evidence for the claims being made. Jewish claims for the Bible, the Holocaust, the attack on Trade Towers, all suffer from a complete lack of documented hard evidence, along with a plethora of impossible, miraculous details like the parting of a sea, raising the dead, thousands gassed per hour for years on end and jets being vaporized on impact.

    Perhaps the most telling details of a current storyteller’s myth are found in the crucial evidence presented by bandanas and passports that survive an aerial holocaust completely intact. “Oy Vey! A miracle itz!”, cries the Jewish storyteller and the goyim herds, mouths agape, nod stupidly in agreement. They never realize the Jews’ consuming penchant for such unbelievable lies, soon woven into cultural myths.

    From Abram and Joseph’s extortion of Pharaoh, to geysers of blood spurting up from the ground; from Nhadzee brain bashing machines and multicolored smoke curling cruelly from bodies, to airplane crashes without bodies, impossible cell phone calls and building seven, what is lacking in all these Jewish fairy tales is any hard evidence anywhere, either now or then.

    Take the Bible for example (you knew I would didn’t you?) The Bible is the paramount example of Jewish myths and legends. There is little if any factual evidence for any of the Torah stories outside the Bible. Yet countless hours have been spent attempting to validate these myths as fact. Here’s a fact the goyim fail to notice, the very word “Torah” means “law” “instruction.”

    According to its title, the Torah consists of books of legal instruction describing obviously metaphorical, legal precedence that support a sacrificial system; this as opposed to a book of factual, historic events. The very name of this book describes its contents, yet it is invariably accepted as an historical account of not just Judaism, but the world! Were that the case, one would think the authors would have titled it something like “Histora of the Planeta.”

    What is the rational person to think about stories like the creation of Adam, who begins life as a little mud doll formed by a parental god, in his own image no less, into which he breaths life? Considering the scale of the universe, one might think the image of god to be somewhat grander than an infinitesimally small, bipedal parasite foraging on a moldy, mustard seed molecule of a solar system in a tiny, far away, forgotten galaxy. Is it possible the storytellers made up their creation story? Me thinks they didn’t have a clue.

    What about the Tower of Babel, Cain and Able, The sacrifice of Isaac, Abram the extortionist, Jacob the conniving thief and liar, Sodom and Gomorrah, The walls of Jericho? The key to understanding just how pervasive Jewish thought has become in this culture can be uncovered in the question, “How many of these stories do you know by heart versus other accounts of non-Jewish religious figures? How many Egyptian or Greek Gods can you name; how many of their stories can your recite by heart?” Perhaps a more critical question might be; “Are any of these ancient gods linked to your modern day religious or cultural beliefs?

    While such non-Jewish characters are now relegated to a place high on a dusty shelf, tucked far away in the back of some forgotten museum, thanks to the talents of the Jewish storyteller, the Bible is considered more relevant today then when it was written some 3000 to 3500 years ago.

    But then, what of Darwin’s opposite theory of evolution, a story the storytellers have now embraced, expanded, stretched and twisted until it has replaced their own god as the traditional, factual, account of man’s creation. Was it a monkey or a god that created man? This has become our divisive choice. How’s that again? The Jews set ‘em up and the Jews knock ‘em down?

    The Bible’s flood account is an obvious plagiarism of the Story of Gilgamesh written some five hundred years earlier. Anyone who has read the Gilgamesh account, as I have, clearly finds this is the case. What’s more, plagiarism and forgery, theft of ideas, objects and words, are respected cultural traits of the Jewish “Luftmench.”

    Due to misinterpretation of the story, everyone assumes Noah’s Ark is a boat or ship-shaped vessel, yet the story says “ARK”, not “boat.” The only other ark mentioned in the Bible is the Ark of the Covenant, another mysteriously mythical object invented by Jews, and one that clearly has no relation to water.

    Boats and ships are mentioned elsewhere in the Old Testament, so Jewish storytellers were clearly aware of such vessels. Why then is Noah’s vessel described as an “ark” and not a “boat” or “ship?” What do these two mysterious vessels have in common? According to the storytellers, these are where god’s most sacred objects are stored.

    Noah’s ark contained seven of each of the acceptable sacrificial animals, along with god’s other lesser creations. These animals were closest to god’s (and the priesthood’s) heart, while the Ark of the Covenant ostensibly held the remnants of God’s commandments. Any rational individual studying the Jews will have strong suspicions the Ark of the Covenant contained something far more valuable than crumbling bits of sticks and stones and a rancid pot of Manna. Unlike Noah’s ark, this ark in all probability did exist. This will be explained further in the next segment.

    Most everyone knows the Exodus fable. The traditional Sunday school version is the Egyptians enslaved the Israelites forcing them to work in the slime pits building bricks for the pyramids until a savior named Moses delivered God’s chosen people from their bondage. And that’s how the storytellers’ movie portrays events. Yet, even the slightest examination of this children’s story reveals so many holes as to beggar even the slightest credibility.

    First, unlike Jews, Egyptians did little in the way of practicing or promoting slavery. As a hard working, productive, self-sustaining culture, they had little need or use for slaves. By contrast, Jews were the consummate slavers of the ancient world, which is undoubtedly why the Bible story reads as it does. Second, the “Israelites” were a thousand years in the future when the pyramids were constructed around 2700 BC or perhaps much earlier.

    In fact, these massive stone (not adobe) structures, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, are not even mentioned in the Bible, leading one to wonder if the storytellers ever actually visited Egypt at all. Yet, there is evidence that an “Exodus” did occur, but in a far different manner than Jewish storytellers would have us believe.

    Various ancient Egyptian texts provide unmistakable evidence the original Jews were referred to by ancient Egyptians as “Hyksos.” The key to their true identity lies in the descriptions of these people. As Jesus said, “Ye shall know them by their fruits” and this story would be hard pressed to get any fruitier.

  2. Whew, pity you couldn’t comment on the article! An off-topic article of your own posted as Comment #1 is a bit of a liberty.

  3. As this site’s only Jewish commenter, I thoroughly approve of Arch Stanton’s attempt to distract attention from the important Begbie article on mass immigration and focus attention instead on his own tedious maunderings. My only surprise is that Admin allows him to get away with this form of blatant self-advertisement. He certainly wouldn’t get away with this kind of chutzpah on the Occidental Observer where I happen to know he is a poster.

    1. *Sigh* This is now the fifth off-topic comment posted on this thread! Let me only say that I enjoy reading whatever Arch has to say but I do think he is acting a bit foolishly by posting his unpublished articles on this site in such a prominent position as Comment Number One. The general etiquette is that such off-topic comments should be kept for the end of the thread, after everyone has had a chance to comment on the article. Arch is so desperate for attention that he flouts this unwritten rule. How sad.

  4. The Drive to Flood Britain with Third World Immigrants is a Jewish Plot

    ….. to increase the customer base in Britain and EU.

    Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London cannot have their debt-money system supported in an empty Britain and EU. People are needed…. even if just on the dole, which increases DEMAND for the PRODUCT…. debt-money.

    More serfs needed for the realm. 🙂

    1. Quite right, Pat. I can’t help agreeing with you on this one. You are spot-on!

      The only way to stimulate consumer demand effectively is to increase the population of consumers. Never mind if half the country is on the dole. Everyone has to buy food and clothes and rent accommodation and the government will finance all these migrant hordes through the welfare system. Huge deficit spending is the result, together with the banks creating paper money out of nothing.

      The ultimate beneficiaries are the rich corporations and the banks — the “Pharisee-Jews bankers” in Pat’s parlance.

      The more immigrants, the more profit for the hook-nosed (((usurers)))…! 🙂

    2. Pat,

      The less people in a country the higher the wage and bonuses to attract people from other companies to your.
      The more people in a country the lower the wage, no bonus and no incentive to attract people to your company as they’ll be flooding you with CV’s anyway, offering to work on a volunteer basis, while you assess their abilities.

      Do you know Pat, that now, in the UK, it’s now considered commonplace for people to work on a voluntary basis, trial scheme in new companies? Yes, the employer has no legal or lawful obligation to take the people on after their trial basis, so many companies now have, working alongside their full time employees, volunteers, whom they pay nothing whatsoever, for doing exactly the same job as one of the full time employees. The volunteer, however will be on job seekers allowance, around £120/$150 a week, unlike the employee who’s doing exactly the same job for twice, if not three times or more!
      Moreso, these people still have to apply for jobs, or lose their benefits, even though they’re putting in a full, forty hour week. It’s, in a word, disgusting. And what’s even worse, is that people see this as a perfectly natural transition into the workplace. Since when did working for nothing, ever be considered fair or natural?

      Other than what’s explained above, the other people, other than the bankers, who make loads of money, are of course the umpteen ‘back to work’ organisations, owned by chums of government, who are paid six figure salaries, for getting no one into work.
      And then you also have your landlords – more people = more housing needed = higher private rent. Add to that the fact that the indigenous white male, is now bottom of the list for any social housing, whether it be council or housing association, we see the indigenous having to pay disgusting private rents, while immigrants come in and are given everything that the indigenous should have got, long, long before.

      This is about seeding discord within society. It’s been kicking off in Germany and Sweden for quite some time, with places that are no go areas for the police and indigenous (Malmo springs to mind) and now it’s going crazy in France. It’s only a matter of time before it happens here. Add to that, Black Lives Matter, active in the UK and Europe with Rothschild, via Soros and his controlled politicians, there will be serious civil chaos, resulting in martial law having to be imposed.

      Everything is going according to plan and quite frankly, if the people are still too dumb to see the writing that’s been on the wall for decades, preferring to gorge themselves on football and celebrity, then they deserve the hell that’s about to hit them. There’s always a positive out of every negative though and vice versa; when they do see eventually what is going on, there will be NOTHING they’ll be able to do to stop the inevitable. Their ancestors did and that’s why they ‘kicked out the kike’. Our fellow men, are sadly morons, who haven’t a clue what to do, because they lost their backbone a long time ago. Actually, I think most of them were born without one.

    3. Rabbi Levitts and Noel Ignatief don’t appear to have ties to the “Pharisee bankers”. Their motivation seems to be malicious envy rather than economics. Ten minutes on google will show that EVERY Jewish organization supports mass immigration of blacks and browns into White countries. Money has nothing to do with it.

      1. Karen –
        Money = Power

        Money has everything to do with it. Just ask Hillary. 🙂

        She made that claim in 1992, when asked why she was so interested in and driven by politics.

        Her exact quote:
        “Politics is money, and money is power.!!”

      2. Karen,

        “Money has nothing to do with it.”

        I beg to differ.
        The Rothschild banking cabal would never have been able to achieve what they have without it.
        Every Jewish organization needs funding to survive and to promote their beliefs.
        Money makes the world go around and is essential to Jewish perfidy.
        Remember that usury is a Jewish invention and it’s how they control and cripple nations.
        Simply, Karen, without money, the Jew would be powerless and would have achieved nothing it wanted to.

  5. An excellent article on an important topic. I refer to the Begbie article of course. I haven’t had time to read Arch’s article yet but I intend to do so right now. I am sure this will be just as good as the Begbie article, if not better. Arch is a consummate wordsmith and seldom disappoints.

      1. I am aware that Johnny Appleseed, like Jesus, was an unusual historical character. However, like Jesus’ story, the Johnny Appleseed story has been mythologized until it is difficult to separate fact from fiction.

  6. I was in the pub the other day (I know, shocking isn’t it?) and amongst the usual suspects, many of whom are ardent socialists, who seem to speak first before letting it pass the ‘intelligent comment station’ within the brain and were praising Britain for helping these refugees. I, of course, waded in:

    Me: “So then what are you doing to help the refugees then”?

    Socialist: “Well, what do you mean? I pay my taxes like everyone else…”

    Me: “Yes, I know that, we all do, but what are you doing to help them? I’ve experienced multicultural and multiracial societies. The closest you’ve got to multiculturalism, is popping down to the local Pakis, for your pint of milk and packet of fags, on your way to work in the morning. Have you any idea what it’s like, when the indigenous of a land become the minority in a community”?

    Socialist: “Erm….no, but…well…I just think it’s good that we’re helping these people from other countries..”

    Me: “And what of our own? Are there not lots of people in the UK living under the breadline? Are there not lots of people on the streets? And moreso, Syria, it’s a long way from here, isn’t it? Shouldn’t neighbouring countries be taking them in, especially as they’re Muslims”?

    Socialist: “Well, we should be doing our share. After all, we’re responsible for Syria, aren’t we”?

    Me: “That’s true, we are, well I’m not, so shouldn’t those responsible for the war in Syria and those who want the migration to the UK, be the ones then, bearing the brunt”?

    Socialist: “What d’you mean like?”

    Me: “Well, as I said, I never had anything to do with this and I don’t want them here. You do, so…..I suggest that you get in touch with the local council/Scottish government and tell them that you’re prepared to house, feed, clothe and support a Syrian family in your house”.

    Socialist: “No, why should I? We should all take responsibility…”

    Me: “Really, so on your logic then, I’ll come in here everyday and drink on your tab and have some dinner as well”?

    Socialist: “Wait a minute that’s completely out of context with the argumen…”

    Me: “Is it? You think that everyone should bear responsibility for Syrians, Africans and other Middle Eastern peoples, from an alien culture and religion, thinking that everyone should put their hands in their pockets, so I’m just following your ethics and deciding that you can fund my drinking and eating habits. It’s always the same with you lot. You’re always the first to shout out about helping other people, but when asked to help directly, you shy out stating that it should be a collective responsibility, having absolutely no respect for the wishes of these peoples, who were never asked whether immigrants should be foisted upon them and pillorying them when they refuse, stating that they’ve enough problems of their own to worry about, before other people they don’t even know, nor want too.”

    This is the reality with many people today. If it was mandatory for those who want immigrants, and responsible for their situation to house them, clothe, feed and finance them, as well as be 100% responsible for any crimes committed by them, you can bet your bottom dollar they’d point, blankly refuse. But they are never asked. They think that people should just have to fork out, of their hard earned labour. What’s worse is these idiots, haven’t a clue as TO WHY they’re coming here and what the war in Syria is all about in the first place, along with the rest of the wars in the Middle East.

  7. Anyone who sticks his head above the parapet to raise doubts is subjected to stern lectures about their moral shortcomings. BBC TV presenter Gary Lineker chastised his fellow British for their “shameful” attitudes, while Labour shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott attacked those who wanted to carry out dental tests to assess their age as “racist.” Pop singer Lily Allen became a media darling when, on behalf of the people of Britain, she made a tearful apology to the refugees for causing their plight.

    Here we have it, people of no substance or standing, really within society. Gary Lineker, a man famous because he kicked a bag of wind from one end of the park to the other, eats packets of crisps in TV adverts and of course, got himself into the BBC as a sport’s presenter, when his sporting career was over.
    Diane Abbot, a truly vile, African, champagne socialist, snob, who speaks as though she has golf balls in her mouth and thinks that we should all send our children to state, brain laundries, while she sends her to private ones.
    And Lily Allen, a ‘popstar’ who only got where she was, because her father, Keith Allen, was a ‘famous’ actor, and pulled a few strings for her music career.

    The question is, were you on a sinking ship, and needed to take people with you to start a new civilization, would you really take any of them with you, or would you look for people who are the foundations of any society, like a butcher, a baker and a candle stick maker?
    People listen to these airheads, worshiping people whom, in the past, were the dregs of society, now sadly, quite the opposite.

    Naturally little of this will fall on the prosperous London boroughs filled with BBC-watching, morally uplifted Whites. Instead many migrants are being located in far-flung areas such as Devon or poorer northern communities already thronging with refugees, such as Bradford.

    Devon is a truly beautiful part of the UK, along with Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset. What’s ironic however is that all the champagne socialists, in London, seeing their city’s indigenous plummet, packed their 4×4’s and carted their children off to the south west, to start a new Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall type of life, praising multiculturalism and multiracial societies, yet moving to send their children to all white schools and be brought up in white neighbourhoods. I have to laugh thinking the very think they fled from will be dumped on their doorsteps. Ha Ha Ha!!

    However, you will see that many Syrians will clamber for the major cities in England – birds of a feather and all that. They won’t be dropped in the fancy Chelseas, Kensingtons, Mayfairs, Nottinghills and Swiss Cottages though, as FCB has stated. No, they’ll be living in Hackney, Tower Hamletts, Southward and Islington, joining the rest of the sardinines, cramped together in the tin.

  8. Off topic? What Mr. Begbie conveys in his article is yet another Jewish myth created by the storytellers. It’s all lies, myths and fairy tails. I am simply posting a broader picture of the article’s more specific focus on current lies about these refugees being children.

    I thought was a reasonable point to insert the next segment here, as the article is a perfect representation of what I am attempting to convey. I thought it very pertinent to the topic, otherwise I would have waited until after the election presently preoccupying everyone’s thoughts.

    However, as you wish, I will wait until the Darkmoon family of commenters are ready for the remaining segments. You tell me when you are ready. Until such time, I will cease posting these segments of which three are remain.

    My apology to one and all for taking liberties of which I was unaware.

    1. @ Arch Stanton

      Even when you go Off-Topic, Arch, your posts are always a fascinating read, one is always enthralled , your posts are always so engrossing, so don’t sweat it, Lasha Uncle and Monica the “holy” trinity LERV you to no-end-of-the-Lerving and you got it made in the shade of the dark side of the moon, Arch. You worry TOO much, you will never be censored, you will never know what the inside of Spamblinka concentration camp looks like, feels like. You will never know what spam tastes like, that’s what they give us to eat here in The Camp, at least at those times they decide to feed us, maybe once a week, if we’re lucky, they feed us twice a week. On Thanksgiving and Christmas, they give us spam that kinda tastes like turkey, kinda tastes like ground-up cardboard, bless their considerate hearts. Go Off-Topic all you want, Arch, you got immunity, ? .

    2. @ Arch Stanton

      My apology to one and all for taking liberties of which I was unaware.

      No need to apologize. Your post was interesting as well as relevant. If in doubt about posting potentially off-topic material in future, the best thing to do is to wait a bit until the thread is mature and other commenters have already had the opportunity to discuss the article and its issues.

  9. my oh my, and how can i help the Rothschildren today?

    stuck in the far east, in an East far, far away whose light has yet to reach the bedraggled shores of mare Nostrum where sniveling Rothschildren wash up yearning to breathe free … for free, while the of once glorious aryan peoples work around the clock to supply that free freedom with all the workings, cellphones, euros, fancy clothes, rape-ready subadult blondies pay down that holocaust debt, while the race to kill off the white race is on, but trust the luciferian race to profit from every conflict of interest, their DNA helix-from-hell (they call it hellix) is twisted real good.

    Nothing i can do.
    i stare at the mirror, “mirror mirror in Le Nuit, how come there ain’t no light“, feeling an inner emptiness, not even the 13th tribe to claim as my own.
    Well, maybe a Beer Chang to cry into, feet dangling off the barge on Mekong.
    life is either good or not good, depending on whether i keep my thoughts private or public.

  10. Meanwhile, both Russia and China are quietly without any fanfare, slowly following programmes of National Socialism, although they don’t use the term. Take China, for example, the one child policy has been abolished, they are accumulating gold in anticipation of a break with the Jew Dollar system. Most significantly, last year, Xi called for ALL ethnic Chinese anywhere in the world to return and help build the Motherland. They’d be immediately given full citizenship, Chinese ID card, etc. Shades of Rudolf Hess in his introduction of Hitler at the Nuremberg Rally in 1934, calling on “all Germans in the world.” My neighbour a Sino-Thai, showed me his copy of a Chinese newspape with the article about Xi. Don’t be misled by drivel in the Jewish press that China is on the ropes, economically. One only has to drive up the highway to Kunming from Thailand to see the lie in articles from the Rothschild Economist, et al. In fact many Chinese fruits and vegetables are sold in Northern Thailand.
    Russia is doing likewise. Putin has raised the birth rate. He’s offered land in Eastern Russia to whites to settle and after a period be given Russian citizenship. Let’s not forget Steven Seagal is now a Russian. National Socialism is not only for Germans.
    It’s time for Europe to deglobalize and become National Socialist.

  11. Jewish attitudes are nuanced because Jewish interests are not entirely clear. The interests of Britain as a whole, much less White Britain, are not relevant to this internal Jewish debate. So mass immigration of non-whites is of no concern to them, but they fear moslems.

    I think most Jews ae decent people. It is the Various Jewish organizations that I am wary of. AIPAC and the Neocons in the USA seem able to lead the country by the nose, into wars and ruin. In Britain I don’t think they are quite so poweful.

    In both countries media people know there is Jewish Power, but say nothing about because it would be career suicide to state the truth.

    1. “I think most Jews ae decent people. It is the Various Jewish organizations that I am wary of. AIPAC and the Neocons in the USA seem able to lead the country by the nose, into wars and ruin.”
      You are right. Jews are OK. It is only a very small number of them that cause problems, those involved with AIPAC, JStreet, B’Nai Brith, the “think tanks,” the Treasury dept. the Fed Reserve, Wall Street, the banking system, the media, the top tiers of academia and Hollywood.

      “In Britain I don’t think they are quite so poweful.”
      Sp I understand. The “Citi” and the “Friends of Israel” in both chambers are rife with Goyim.

  12. A great read…..I think the global,wondering….”you know who” will get control of the Internet one day and the NSA,mossad,CIA,GCHQ,MI5,MI6 are here already…..New World Order.

    1. We’ve been living in a Jew World Order since the First World War which, of course, was their war.

    2. The way Freedman tells it, when the war was over and the Germans went to the Paris Peace Conference in 1919, it was attended by a huge delegation of Jews. Freedman says he was there. As the Great Powers carved up the losers’ territories – German and Ottoman – the Jewish delegation of course claimed Palestine. “They produced, for the first time to the knowledge of the Germans, this Balfour Declaration. So the Germans, for the first time realized, ‘Oh, that was the game! That’s why the United States came into the war.’

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