The Driving Force Behind the Russian Revolution of 1917: (Video, 5.30 mins)

leninismus_stalinismusLENIN AND STALIN

[LD] It was the Jews who were behind the Russian Revolution and the mass murder of 66 million Russian Christians between 1917 and 1953. The unspeakable tortures, famines and gulag atrocities that took place during this reign of terror were the handiwork of two men, with their Jewish commissars carrying out their orders: the part-Jew Lenin (1870-1924) and the Georgian non-Jew Stalin (1878-1953).

The latter, often suspected of being Jewish himself without any compelling evidence, spent his entire political life in the shadow of Big Jewry. The popular meme that Stalin turned anti-Semitic toward the end of his life is a Jew-promoted myth. This is incorrect. Throughout his life Stalin got on well with Jews, and even in his so called “anti-Semitic period” (after 1948)  he retained many Jewish friends, notably Lazar Kaganovitch.  So Stalin did not come to hate all Jews in his twilight days, as if often erroneously stated. He simply eliminated people whom he regarded as serious threats, and many of these just happened to be Jews in the 1948-1953 period after the foundation of the state of Israel.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn writes:

“You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators.”

VIDEO : 5:30 mins.

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  1. It is hidden history, and if it were widely known then Jewish power would collapse. Their immunity is based on the Holocaust which, even if you believe in it, pales into insignificance when compared with the mass-murder of the Russian people by the Jewish Commisars.

    The October 1917 Bolshevik Revolution was a coup d’etat by a small group of Jewish murderers, and that fact has been hidden from us by the western media, who are too scared to tell the whole truth.

  2. From my research:
    Trotsky, a Jew, born Lev Davidovich Bronshtein in the Ukraine, described what he planned for the Russian population, to impose Communism which Marx based on the Babylonian Talmud, by slaughtering 60,000,000, Sixty Million Russian citizens. (143,000,000 for the period 1917-1992, according to English researcher Phillip van der Est. – Juri Lina, Under the Sign of the Scorpion, pg. 196, Referent Publishing, Stockholm, 2002.)
    “We should turn Her (Russia) into a desert populated with white Niggers. We will impose upon them such a tyranny that was never dreamt by the most hideous despots of the East. The peculiar trait of that tyranny is that it will be enacted from the left rather than the right and it will be red rather than white in colour.
    Its colour will be red literally because we would spill such torrents of blood that they will pale all human losses of the capitalist wars and make the survivors shudder.”

    “By way of terror and blood baths we will bring the Russian intelligentsia into a state of total stupor, to idiocy, to the animal state of being. So far our young men dressed in leather – the sons of watch repair men from Odessa and Orsha, Gomel and Vinnitza – oh, how beautifully, how brilliantly do they master hatred of everything Russian! With what a great delight do they physically destroy the Russian intelligentsia – officers, engineers, teachers, priests, generals, agronomists, academicians, writers!” – Secret Forces in History of Russia. U.K. Begunov 1995, pg. 148.
    The heinous Cheka carried out the torture and slaughter of actually 165 million human beings in Soviet Russia. “Lists of those shot and otherwise executed were published in the Cheka’s weekly newspaper. In this way it can be proved 1.7 million people were executed during the period 1918-19. A river of blood flowed through Russia. The Cheka had to employ body counters. According to official Soviet reports from April 1922, 1,695,904 people were executed from January 1921 to April 1922. Among the victims were bishops, professors, doctors, officers, policemen, gendarmes, lawyers, civil servants, journalists, writers, artists, nurses, workers and farmers. Their crime was “anti-social thinking”. – Juri Lina, Under the Sign of the Scorpion, pg. 110, 111, Referent Publishing, Stockholm, 2002.

    …the Cheka was under the control of Jews … 50% of the Cheka consisted of Jews with Jewish names, 25% were Jews who had taken Russian names. All the chiefs were Jews.” – ibid, pg. 111.

    …the Chekists were especially interested in handsome boys and pretty girls. These were the first to be killed.” – ibid. pg. 111.

    “Several sources tell how the Chekists … placed the victims in a row and nailed their hands to a table, cut around their wrists with a knife, poured boiling water over their hands and pulled the skin off. This was called ‘pulling off the glove’.” The following gruesome method of torture is recorded as a Jewish procedure dating back at least to ancient Rome. I have seen a woodcut print depicting this horror from the middle ages, and a photograph of a negro being tortured this way during the Civil War in the United States. “Chekists … used to cut open the stomachs of their victims, following which they pulled out a length of the small intestine and nailed it to a telegraph pole (or tree) and, with a whip, forced the unlucky victim to run circles around the pole until the whole intestine had been unravelled and the victim died.” – ibid, pg. 112 .

    Lavrenti Beria, (head of the notorious NKVD) … forced women who took his fancy to sleep with him. Police cars were used to kidnap pretty girls who were brought to Beria. He raped them, following which they were shot and buried in the garden of his little private palace. Skeletons of young women were found in this garden in March, 1993.” – ibid, pg. 308 .

    In so doing Beria was being a dutiful Jew, following the Talmudic instruction, ¨If a Jew has coitus (sexual intercourse) with a Gentile woman, whether she be a child of three or an adult, whether married or unmarried, and even if she is a minor aged only 9 years and one day- because he had willful coitus with her, she must be killed, as is the case with a beast, because through her a Jew got into trouble.¨ – The Talmudic Encyclopaedia, Shahak.

    “Lenin … demanded all homeless people be executed on the spot.” – ibid, pg. 126.

    “Not one single synagogue was destroyed or converted into a public toilet or storehouse, as happened to the churches. Not a single rabbi was crucified. Many churches in Moscow were torn down in 1922 and instead, a synagogue with space for 2,000 people was built. A total of 60,000 churches were destroyed.” – ibid, pg. 237.

    “In 1922 … of all 545 civil servants within the government administration, 477 of them were Jews and only 30 were Russians (5.5%).” – ibid, pg. 237.

    “Towards the end of 1922 there were virtually no intelligent people left in Russia, and the few left did not have any possibility of publishing or otherwise giving vent to their ideas.” – ibid, pg. 112.

    “In December, 1918, out of 388 members of the revolutionary government, only 16 happened to be real Russians; all the rest were Jews with the exception of one U.S. Negro. Two hundred and sixty-five of the Jews come from the Lower East Side of New York.” – Rev. George Simons, before the U.S. Senate, 12th February, 1919.

    It is a sad understatement to say Satanic Jewish control over life on earth is far more complete now than it was 2,000, or 500 or just 100 years ago. What took place in Russia during and following the Bolshevik Revolution is occurring NOW in Palestine and similarly occurred in Communist China under Chairman Mao beginning in 1949 resulting in the slaughter of easily 40 million human beings. The list of imposed genocidal slaughter continues endlessly, in Korea, in Hungary, in Czechoslovakia, Central America, Vietnam, Cambodia, Tibet, East Timor, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and as I write, in the Ukraine and Syria. This contrived horror is soon to wash over the United States of America, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and the globe.

    Israeli Deputy Minister of Religious Zionism Eli Ben Dahan clearly reveals what is taught in secret to all Jews worldwide regarding all mankind other than Jew declaring, “Palestinians are not human beings. They don’t deserve to live. They are nothing but animals.” From the Jewish authored Communist handbook Psychopolitics, pg. 30, “Obedience is the result of force… concurrent with force is brutality… The most barbaric, unrestrained, brutal use of force, if carried far enough, invokes obedience. Savage force, sufficiently long displayed, will bring about concurrence with any principle or order… Any organisation which has the spirit and courage to display inhumanity, savageness, brutality, and an uncompromising lack of humanity, will be obeyed… If you would have obedience, you must make it clearly understood that you will have no mercy. Man is an animal. He understands in the final analysis, only those things that a brute understands.” Israeli General Moshe Dayan adds, “Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.” Benjamin Netanyahu, now Prime Minister of Israel, declared in 1990, “ It does not matter what you do. America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God. This is what we do to cultures that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”

    1. @ David Thatcher

      Excellent quotes.

      Here’s the most unquoted verse in the Gospels from when Jesus was speaking to the jews; John 8:44 – “Ye (the jews, see verse 31) are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

      Jesus’ quote from above fits perfectly with your quotes and explains why they are evil.

      The only reasons that “Christians” support the jews is because they do not read what the Son of God had to say about them and instead believe the lies spread from their pulpits. By ignoring the words of Jesus, they mistaken think that the jews are God’s chosen when the reality is that they are the children of the devil. Unfortunately, lies of specialness repeated enough become accepted as the truth while the truth gets pushed aside.

      1. “the sons of watch repair men from Odessa and Orsha, Gomel and Vinnitza – oh, how beautifully, how brilliantly do they master hatred of everything Russian!”

        Once again we find the Jew’s process of “normative inversion” in this passage. Here the Jews actually brag about it. Note how this process has taken over America and the west with it hatred of everything white that founded these European cultures? The process continues.

        This story is as old as the Torah.

    2. Yes Arch, that one caught my eye too, every venom dripping word of homicidal ecstasy,

      the sons of watch repair men from Odessa and Orsha, Gomel and Vinnitza – oh, how beautifully, how brilliantly do they master hatred of everything Russian!

      Hatred, beautiful, brilliant, effortlessly and innately mastered by the sons of watch repair men from Odessa and Orsha, Gomel and Vinnitza – what does this entail, exactly?

      This: the ordinary, quiet, humble, nondescript Jews, the ones forever upheld as harmless and therefore to be zealously safeguarded from harm by crude, racist antisemites, the “GOOD JEWS”, seemingly content with their modest nine-to-five Monday-Friday rag trade, Sabbaths spent in contemplating Messiah to come, are to the man breeding virtuosos of monomaniacally dedicated hate, capable, ready and eager to murder in diabolically creative ways tens of millions of perfectly innocent Christians who never for a moment suspected their watch repairers to nurture such alien monstrosities in their homes, their own flesh and blood – proving beyond the shred of doubt that they themselves, the watch repairmen, were themselves of this appalling ilk, like their fathers and their fathers fathers, always were since the time immemorial and always will be until Moshiach come or the line is extinguished.

      Did I, the inveterate Jew hater say that? No.
      A front line killer, a Jew with first hand inside knowledge expressed it in elegiac poetic terms (“Oh, what peerless joy, I faint overcome with passion, knees weak as I tremble in anticipation and so on and so forth“) full of admiration, puffed up with pride at his species inborn talent, like Brazilians in soccer or negroes in basketball.

      So, keep moving, nothing to see there, keep ignoring the words of Christ, because the words of Christ constitute hate speech, therefore a mark of a good Christian is to ignore Christ.

      “Jews are just whores heartlessly exploited by Anglo-Saxon pimps”
      saith the venerable sage of trolls, lotus-like in his Negev cave.

      1. Sons of watch repair men from….. “Two hundred and sixty-five of the Jews come from the Lower East Side of New York.” – Rev. George Simons, before the U.S. Senate, 12th February, 1919. Possibly – maybe!

      2. This is the hive mind at work, this is why it’s All Jews. There may be a few exceptions, but they are indeed rare and there are no methods for determining these aberrations from the norm. This is why Hitler rounded Jews up based on their race and had them classed and incarcerated as enemies of the state. This is why they wore the yellow star, so Germans knew they were dealing with a potential deadly enemy of the state.

        America seems to be THE breeding ground for these pod aliens. “Sons of watch repair men from ….. 1919”. From these two hundred to Barbara Spectre, America breeds these pod aliens and then, like a JW-1 virus, they spread across the planet to bloom and rebloom, infecting and reinfecting every part of he prostrate white corpus. Perhaps this is why Jews refer to America as their “golden honeycomb”. If an antibiotic Hitler or Jesus doesn’t come along soon to counter the Jew bacillus, no doubt we will be a dead race with no hope of resurrection.

        However, it IS coming. Their mask of invisibility is falling away. The Jews and their lies are becoming exposed from every vantage point. The final battle royal against this parasitical organism is looming on the event horizon and the Jews know it. They are in a panic, because as Les Visible says, they cannot win. The puny efforts of this minute planetary organism can never prevail over the cosmic design. Any victory they achieve will be temporary and unsatisfying. The Jews know this as well, that is why they are trying to grab all they can in the here and now, because they will soon cease to exist.

        What happens to the white race is open to question. The white race may well have no more future stake on this planet than the Jewish race. Thanks to the Jew’s present efforts, civilization may still be undone. Mankind may still return to a state of primitive savagery with its mud people rutting around in the bushes for their daily existence.

        There is an interesting Star Trek episode titled “Cat’s Paw” that provides an Aesop style allegorical tale of the Jew’s seemingly immense, but illusory, power. It’s all there, from their black-magic mysticism, to female leadership, to unassailable power. Youtube has now clamped down on videos of almost all “intellectual property” that Jews feel might contain any profit potential, so the episode can no longer be found there. If you can find the episode watch it and see if it isn’t an accurate metaphor for the Jewish aliens of earth.

  3. I shall be the devil’s advocate, as it were.
    It simply must be said that it is Jewish supremacists and sadists who committed the evils detailed here. To simply say “Jews” did these things is not incorrect, but is misleading.
    There will be a reckoning, when one stands before God, and I would prefer not to be charged with causing innocent persons to be harmed, whether by the use of force or by the careless use of words.

    1. I think you will find that over 90% of Jews in ‘Israel’ supported “Operation Cast Lead” and all the other ongoing atrocities currently committed in Gaza.

  4. S.W.,
    How weary I get of endlessly repeating the same goddamn argument … click on my handle up there and follow the Ha’aretz link that starts off as

    LESS than 4 percent of Israeli Jews accept accusations from the international community that the IDF has used excessive firepower in the Gaza Strip during Operation Protective Edge.

    So, people are so worried about standing before God like grade 1 students before the teacher, shamefully admitting that they failed to pay due attention to LESS THAN FOUR PERCENT, ie, less than 1 in 25, oh what travesty of justice and karma, to so malign ALL of G-d’s, to say Yhwh’s children, while the remaining 96+% blithely go about murdering hundreds of millions of gentiles, well why should God care, they are not His real, biological, I mean, divine children, The Chosen and anyway, there’s more where they came from.

    And meanwhile, it is perfectly okay to calumny ALL 1.5 billion Muslims on account of the actions of a few tens of thousands (LESS THAN ONE THOUSANDTH OF ONE PERCENT) of fake Muslims, in fact Jew-bots, because you know, we all know, generally accepted knowledge … that Islam sucks, as does Mohamed, sharia and all that.
    So, it’s fine to bash all of Muslims across the board because of 1/100,000 gropers but we really ought to pick and choose our words very carefully so as not to offend 1/25th of Jews just because 24 out of 25 are bloodthirsty monsters – Devil wouldn’t like that.
    Nor would G-d (don’t ask me what’s the difference between them, I got no clue, bible study not my long suit).

    (as opposed to mere groping, these superstars eradicated 200 million goyim – Devil does like that)

    Hmm, S.W.?

    This wasn’t aimed specifically at you since I don’t remember your stand wrt Islam but there are plenty others who felt no such compunction.
    Maybe time to revisit the notion of how easily and without realizing we fall victim to ubiquitous matrix mentality.

    1. Look around what can you personally verify? Is it not obvious that the entire universe is but one endless cyclical play of birth-life-death? From star systems to microorganisms, is the pattern not all the same? Everything from insubstantial electricity to substantial planetary orbits function on ebb and flow cycles that man graphs as a sinusoidal wave. Is it an accident that everything functions on the very same principals? If it is accident, why are there no exceptions?

      All accidental occurrences are by definition exceptions, whereas design precludes such exceptions. This is one of the leading factors that define a design, a design conforms to a specific function or set of functions. Thus a jet airplane will not function as a submarine and vice versa. This is why televisions don’t grow on trees, this falls outside design parameters. That’s why nothing lives forever, doing so would fall outside the design parameters. If the universe was truly subject to happenstance and accidental occurrences, then one might well find a TV or cell phone growing on their rose bush.

      The problem man has with “God” is that he is constantly trying to define the idea of “God” to fit within the confining parameters of his limited intellectual capacity. This was not so difficult for primitive man who thought the world was covered with a bowl that had pinpricks in it that provided starlight. But when one knows what stars truly are, then it becomes obvious that whatever is behind their existence is so far beyond human convention and understanding, that any definition or understanding of what it is, is impossible. A poor analogy might be found in trying to explain the human effort at space travel to a microorganism.

      Man has always had the greatest difficulty with matters he cannot fully analyze, dissect, define and compartmentalize. He cannot accept that which he cannot understand; therefore, he strives to fit those things into that which he can understand.

      This is why the Bible’s story of creation of man is about little clay dolls. To this day, biological complexity, especially the human body, still remains beyond man’s full understanding. To the primitive authors of the Bible, it was totally inconceivable. They had not the slightest clue of the chlorophyll process inside a leaf, let alone the complexity of the human body. However, they did understand man could form small human images from clay. Therefore, their god did the same thing, he (a more immense version of man) made a little clay dolls, quite naturally, in his own image. However, being a God, he had the special power to breath life into his clay dolls. This description satisfied the need to fit God into the conventions of those days. Today, sans the power of religious zealotry, this might be barely acceptable as a bedtime story for children.

      From a cosmic perspective, mankind is an infinitesimally, tiny mold culture covering a rotting mustard seed in a forgotten corner of the universe. It is only man’s monstrously bloated ego that alters this reality to where he alone is the center of the universe. Ironically, it is man’s own intelligence that demonstrates the presence of a greater intelligence. The design of intelligence requires intelligence. After all, who would look at a computer or a cell phone and say, “Isn’t amazing how these unusual devices just accidentally pop into existence from time to time?” The difference? Man knows who created these devices, where as what lies behind the organisms of the great design lie far beyond any possibility of comprehension.

      The reality is, from the atomic scale to the universal scale, it is all the same. There is no greater or lesser structure. Everything – everything – functions in the manner necessary to contribute to its role in fulfilling the overall design. Just as the massive jumbo jet is fully dependent on the tiniest microchip, nothing – nothing – is more or less important, only man assigns such distinctions, dong so to serve his own desires. This is what mystics know. This is why devout Buddhist strive to preserve all life. This is why saints continually reminded themselves they were no greater than a “worm”.

      While man defines various structures as “organic” or “inorganic”, this is of no consequence to the design. When a structure fulfills its design function, it transmutes to a new form that continues the process. Man recognizes this process as a “law,” defining it as “The law of conservation of mass”. This happens with everything, from the tiniest microorganism to incomprehensibly large star systems, from what is real to what is perceived as “corporeal”. Thus the human body regenerates to a new form as does its “soul”. It is all one, only man creates divisions in his effort to compartmentalize these matters into forms with which his limited intelligence can cope.

      Man spends his days mired in delusion, his mind endlessly spinning in an effort to grasp that which can never be grasped. He is left empty because he can nether perceive, understand or accept realty, nor can he alter it to suit his own peculiar tastes. But like the ant, he toils ceaselessly at this Sisyphean effort. As long as this is the case he will continue to spin round and round, with no hope of progressing towards his true state of humanity and ultimate spiritual goal.


      End note: Not long I had some interactions with a young “christian” man of 28 years. I had often seen him panhandling on the street corners until the act was made illegal. I hired him to do some yard work and during the process he began regaling me with the details of the “thirty pound” Bibles he had purchased from some television evangelist. These massive tomes cost hundreds of dollars each, a price which this unemployed, virtually homeless (he was sleeping on the floor of his brother’s rented apartment) young man could afford; yet he was about to purchase his third volume!

      He proceeded to tell me how he could show me in the Bible where it mentions dinosaurs and how it “proves” the sun revolves around the earth and that Jesus was in fact God of the Old Testament. As we were passing though the yard, I cautioned him not to walk through a couple of massive spider webs that had been spun across the corner of a garage. He immediately lunged at the webs destroying them and their creators while booming, “I have dominion over them!”

      Never for a moment did it dawn on him that those webs were about all he had dominion over, or that greater intellects might be on the verge of destroying the delicately spun webs of his own imagination. Such is the state of the modern “Judaeo-Christian” religion. What might Jesus say about a religion that promotes the destruction of spiders and their webs in his name?

      1. Errata:

        This comment was in response to Lobro’s posted below.

        The line about the young christian man should read: “These massive tomes cost hundreds of dollars each, a price which this unemployed, virtually homeless (he was sleeping on the floor of his brother’s rented apartment) young man could (ill) afford; yet he was about to purchase his third volume!”

        The question will undoubtedly arise, if everything is of equal and necessary importance then what about the Jews? Like any disease that serves to modify a larger body, they too have their purpose. But like any disease they will either kill the body, invariably dying off in the process, or they will be killed off by the body’s response, strengthening the organism. Either way, their day of reckoning is fast arriving.

      2. A worm, Arch?

        If the Saints remind themselves that they are worms, then I would hope this perception simply represents a basic humility and reverence towards the awesome mystery of Creation, and isn’t resigned in seeing itself as an object of contempt, loathing or pity.

        We may have been reduced to being wormlike as evidenced by the realities of human history, but we must never allow humbleness to stagnate in a quagmire of perceiving oneself to be insignificant.

        The promise of Christ implies an Eternity for us to get it right in knowing Truth.

      3. Insofar as the future of the White Race is concerned, or any other race for that matter…..

        A Brownhawkian theory:

        “Upon the inexplicable mystery of First Cause (Origin of Creation) came extrinsic acts of subversion perpetrated by a rogue element. What resulted was the invention of “races”. Yet who we are in Truth supersedes our biology, and we’re not IN a state of Truth. Instead is a general condition where ALL of Earth’s inhabitants have been trespassed against by a genetic thief, to put it succinctly, and occuring upon a commandeering act of extortion causing a separation from the “Divine Congregation”.

        The parasite running it’s course does not imply an existential annihilation, as viewed against an implication of its self-destruction. There is a reality of essence underlying the DNA. Ones that while not being dismissive of ethos and its attributes as a Divine aspect of the genomic state, nonetheless reflect a common Existence unaffected by maleficient actions that reject the aegis of Creation.”

      4. From the latest installment of “Brownhawk Uncovers The Russian Dolls”

        Something to consider as a general rule of thumb considers the “inversion effect” when pondering things pertaining to the jews.

        For example, the “Torah” is the story of Man preceding, and in the aftermath of, an extrinsic act of extortion perpetrated by a rogue element which ‘commandeered’ Creation causing a separation from the “Divine Congregation”. What preceded this is “Man” (manifestation) as Divinely intended.

        The primary dynamics of Creation proceed from its ineffable source as a force of Will – the INTENT to man-ifest; the “Father”. In a furtherance of the dynamic comes the ‘ground’ by which the Intent can be REALIZED – the “Mother”. The realization enables FORM – singular Beings of Consciousness expressing their various modes of Existence as “points of bearing”, ‘springing’ from the womb of infinite imagination.

        I am therefore I spring

        Unfortunately, in the” post-extrinsic act world” of Torah there sprung a leak, when all the trouble started, and exacerbated through that loathsome piece of filth called the Talmud

        to be continued…

    2. Mr. LOBRO Sir, et al,
      I cannot collectively blame “Jews’ for the actions of sadistic Talmudist supremacists, and to simply refer to “Jews'” as the culprits is to tell no lies but refrain from telling the whole truth. Which is – there are both evil and righteous Jewish men and women. Of that there is no doubt. We may argue the percentages. As Solzhenitsyn pointed out, the line between good and evil passes through each and every human.
      So must take care to avoid wrong if we have any humanity in us at all, whether we believe in a divine judgement, or Karma, or simply the golden rule.
      I cannot collectively blame Americans for the Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, likewise I certainly do not blame all Muslims for the criminal actions of a few thugs who claim to be Muslims or simply come from Muslim countries.

  5. Let me expand the field, God is such fun.
    Now, a thoughtful fella like Homer Paul (HP) would argue that ALL life on Earth and elsewhere is manifestation of the universal spiritual mass, feel free to call it God, but not G-d, ie, nothing is chosen or alternatively, everything is chosen, same thing, all the sparks of awareness have equally intense will to live, procreate and strive toward continuum, with equal claim to God’s love, supposedly infinite (I got no evidence here, merely quoting others, hopefully better informed).

    Which means what, S.W.

    Well, for one thing, that when you enjoy your steak for which a cow family grieves a loss of a dear member, you will stand before God who will kindly ask you how did you enjoy the steak, was it done to your specs, because the cow spirit will want to confirm that its existential terror of the abattoir was justified – are you ready with answer?

    Or when you swat a flyby mosquito, did you ascertain that it was a criminal mosquito out to suck your blood and not a peacenik vegetarian mosquito that makes honey – did you duly inquire of it?

    Laugh, go ahead.

    But I ask you this: is God that you referred to JUST or not, ie, the one that a priori picks and CHOOSES his favorites – ie, not God but G-d.
    If former, then you can’t laugh but must answer honestly, maybe think hard first (if it takes the rest of your life to figure it out, no shame in that, many do nothing but wonder about that).
    If latter, than nothing more to think about, sign up for Noahide slavery, lie down spreadeagled and kiss Jew’s feet, ass and be happy.

    (Not too many HP’s, a serious shortage in fact, unfortunately)

    1. Lobro, I think you’re fudging about the ‘no evidence’
      I think you had and still have, precious evidence.

      I was chuckling pretty good the other day, after one particularly passionate comment you made. Not at the comment, rather the aftermath, as a snapshot image snapped to mind. A flashbulb parody lasting but two or three wonderful seconds.
      In this brief illumination, you were Cicero, TROJ was Antony, and Caesar was Pat. (or was it the other way around?)

      Twas good medicine, it made me laugh, just like magic..

    2. Friend LOBRO,
      I hesitate to go on about God, the article is not about God but about crimes against humanity, specifically against Russian Christians.
      But I will reply, since God always is rightly questioned at times of sorrow. We try to justify God, but are at a distinct disadvantage vis a vis an omniscient being. I do not understand God’s actions or God’s plans. I trust God though, and do look forward to a new earth, of peace, happiness and yes, justice.
      Lobro, the following comments are such that a spiritual discernment, belief, is required to accept them. My writing is a poor effort. I’m sure you are more intellectually gifted than me, but you are lacking something.

      So I simply lay these comments at your feet, as there can be no quantifying the ineffable.
      Our human lives are not meant by God to simply be a soulless march into the future guided only by a will to dominate, or to simply exist at all cost.
      We are made in God’s image, which we sometimes glimpse when we, graced by the Spirit, see the beauty in another. Of course a selfless discernment is a prerequisite here.
      We are called to higher tasks, gifted with an immortal soul, the capacity for love, to have our breath taken away by beauty in creation and in the arts. All these are intangibles.
      If you don’t feel these things, there really is not enough common ground between us
      to come to any other agreement than to agree to disagree.
      I suspect there is a spiritual spark enough in you that a holy fire might break out, but you suppress it. Stop kicking the goads.
      I will kneel before God, who has called me into being, sustains me every moment. That God loves me is obvious to me.
      BTW, there is no a priori with God, who exists outside of time. Not in an endless time, but a timeless instant.

  6. For many Darkmoon posters this is already old hat. But these kind of articles are still usefull for the still awakening among us. Keep ‘m coming. Shouting the truth from rooftops cannot be done enough.

  7. In Russia Bolshevism is called Jewish Bolshevism. There is no doubt in the minds of Russians who did the revolution. It would be like if suddenly all the Americans figured out that 9 11 was a false flag and that the Mossad was heavily involved. For a long time the Russians believed the propaganda but then they no longer believed it. Somehow the truth leaked out that it was a coup and not an organic movement. We should listen to the Russians…what they have to say because they were lined up against the wall and shot, they were starved to death, they were oppressed and imprisoned. Priests and holy men were killed and sent to gulags. But it’s very strange in Russia because music of the Russian folk culture sounds exactly like jewish music. The Jews are from southern Russia and their first culture is Russian. Jews hate the Church, that is their primary hatred. I guess this new movie Spotlight that just won the academy awards is practically all fiction. It’s a hit piece against the church. They want to destroy the church in every country for what reason I’m not sure but either they succeed or they don’t. I leave it in the hands of God. But that is the source of their brutality. They have no souls because soul takes nurturing. It is’t automatic. They are atheists and materialist. Money matters more than anything.

    1. Not all jews are atheist and materialistic, just as all Europeans are not believers and spiritual.
      Argue the percentages if you will, but if you condemn wholesale entire nations or cultures no one with understanding will ever take you seriously and you discredit your (our) cause.

      1. SW –

        This is a fact:
        Unless you have been married to a Jew longer than Kapoore has, and lived among them longer, her opinions and revelations carry more weight than yours.

        Although, not infallible, I have found very few points of contention in her highly accurate statements, after checking them out over the years. The few I found were not worth mentioning.

        I believe Kapoore.

  8. Pat.
    Kapoore maintains jews do not have souls.
    Which makes me wonder whether the offspring of a Jewish/Christian union would have half souls or simply smaller ones…
    Since it is silly to argue existence of a substance which cannot be substantiated, an article of faith, I will let this be for now.
    But as proof there exist righteous Jews I offer Simone Weil.
    Cettainly there is truth in generalizations, but not the whole truth.

    1. Kapoore maintains jews do not have souls.

      How strange. I believe she is married to a Jew.

    2. SW-

      It is very necessary to attack this Pharisaical culture…. soul or no soul:

      The CULTURE of Judaism and Pharisee-Jews….
      ……. IS the problem…!!


      “Pharisaism became Talmudism, Talmudism became Medieval Rabbinism, and Medieval Rabbinism became Modern Rabbinism.

      But, throughout these changes of name, inevitable adaption of custom, and adjustment of Law, the spirit of the ancient Pharisee survives unaltered.

      When the Jew reads his prayer, he is reciting formulae prepared by pre-Maccabean scholars;
      when he dons the cloak prescribed for the Day of Atonement and Passover Eve, he is wearing the festival garment of ancient Jerusalem;
      when he studies the Talmud he is actually repeating the arguments used in the Palestinian academies.”

      Rabbi Louis Finklestein, President and Professor of Theology, Jewish Theological Seminary of America, The Pharisees, Vol. I, page xxi.

  9. Before readers put me in the “New Song” camp, please read on….

    The “inversion effect” means that a complete understanding of Torah is all muddled up by conventional religion, and twisted in exacerbation by the abhorrence of Talmud. And to characterize it as being jewish BLOCKS understanding

    Simply put, Torah relates the ways of Man and the World before and after the devolution* known as the Fall from Grace. Before is reflected by a state of Existence that is not bound in matter. After the Fall came the binding.

    And in the interest of not getting bogged down in ambiguity by the word “jew”, it is the ESSENIC laws of Moses that were later validated in fulfillment by Christ as blessings to live by UNTIL the bindings are lifted – a process already in the works.

    *devolve: to pass (as rights or responsibility) from one to another by succession, or transmission

    In this present context it means the ability to be free from the bondage of matter was disabled. The power to be in possession of its attribution was ‘transferred’ to a usurping imposter.

  10. It is not true that Stalin was a non-jew, but his jewishness was a state secret during his life. His wife was a jew and they spoke Yiddish at home.

    1. @ John Sherrill

      Stalin was not a Jew. He was a Georgian. His Jewishness is an internet myth. Pure disinfo. Not a single reliable source can be found proving that Stalin was a Jew. By which I mean his top published biographers. A minor article writer who states on the internet that Stalin was a Jew cannot be regarded as a reliable authority unless he can provide documentary evidence for his statement.

      Stalin is sometimes said to have married three times. If so, his first two wives were both non-Jews. His third wife, IF he had married her, would have been Jewish: Rosa Kaganovich. However, Stalin’s top biographer Robert Service denies that Rosa Kaganovich even existed. And Stalin’s own daughter Svetlana denies that her father Stalin ever met or married such a non-existent woman. Even if he had married such a fictitious Jewess — for which there is NO PROOF, i.e., no marriage certificate — this still would not have made Stalin himself a Jew.

      1. Stalin could not have been a jew because he was Georgian. So Julius and Ethel Rosenberg could not have been jews because they were Americans.

        Glad that’s cleared up.

      2. @ John Sherrill

        If you had any documentary proof that Stalin was a Georgian Jew (or a Jewish Georgian), you would have produced it by now.

        Your initial comment indicates that you are a rank amateur with no knowledge of Stalin whatever except that derived from a few superficial internet sources. For example, you seemed not to know how many times Stalin had married or that there were any doubts about the very existence of his third wife. You weren’t even aware that Stalin was a Georgian.

        Tell me, have you ever read a single biography of Stalin? I doubt it.

        Why don’t you admit you are a Stalin ignoramus? You would be more respected on this site if you had the humility to admit your ignorance than if you persist in making foolish comments promoting Stalin disinformation.

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