The Ever-Rising Cost of Multiculturalism

By Andrew Joyce, Ph.D.

Sourced from the Occidental Observer


Tunisian-born Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel was a 31-year-old delivery driver and father, and until a few days ago he was just another tiny cog in the multicultural machine. Other than a minor scuffle with a work colleague, Lahouaiej-Bouhlel’s relatively unblemished record would have been marketed by liberals as an immigration success story.

Leaving for work every morning from his modest Nice apartment, paying his taxes, and giving neighboring girls the eye, he was every inch the affable prospective citizen — proof, surely, that nationalities and identities are fluid and interchangeable.

In keeping with the principles of modern multicultural France, the former Tunisian was entitled to participate in French society on an equal footing with those who can root their sense of nationhood in their Gaulish and Frankish forefathers. And by act of bureaucratic magic, through the issuance of a new passport, a social security number, and registration on the tax system, our affable Tunisian was transformed into a Frenchman — heir, it was argued, to the same French spirit that animated Voltaire, Rousseau, and Hugo.

On the night of July 14th, this facile understanding of national belonging collapsed when the French spirit departed from Lahouaiej-Bouhlel as rapidly and mysteriously as it had allegedly descended on him. Motivated by the aspirations of his co-ethnics in distant, desert climes and armed with guns and grenades, the adopted ‘Frenchman’ boarded a large truck before making his way to the epicentre of Nice’s Bastille Day celebrations. Gathering speed, he drove with determination and calculation into crowds of men, women and children, swerving in pursuit of his victims, pulling their mangled limbs beneath his vehicle. Before he was shot dead by police, Lahouaiej-Bouhlel left in his wake a macabre trail of broken lives and bodies; little girls lying as lifeless as the fallen dolls beside them.

In a chaotic world in which such violence is numbing in its frequency, I was jarred by this event and left aghast at the world that will be passed on to my children. I was particularly angered and saddened by the image below. Perhaps because of its obvious power, I noticed an immediate social media backlash against the publication of images from Nice.


The hypocrisy was stunning. Although the victim of his father’s negligence, images of the drowned ‘refugee’ toddler Aylan Kurdi have served as a rallying cry for multiculturalists and pro-invasion forces within our society for almost a year now. (See iconic picture here)

Most recently, a 1,300 square foot mural of the child’s corpse had been painted on a Frankfurt bridge in an attempt to “have people emotionally rethink their selfish fears of refugees coming to Germany.”

While images of dead children are evidently fair game for Marxist propaganda, a different set of rules appears to be in operation if the dead children in question are the undeniable victims of the hybridized interests of foreigners and the Left. Social media was awash almost immediately on the night of the 14th with pleas to delete images from Nice and ‘respect victims’ privacy,’ often from the kind of ‘refugees welcome’ types who wave posters of beached African corpses at candle-lit rallies.

Our enemies do not want the kind of social action that might be provoked by the image of our young French child, and we can thus be sure that it will rarely feature in mainstream press coverage, and certainly never ‘go viral’ like that of the young Arab.

Liberal hypocrisy aside, events in Nice revealed more novel aspects about our current situation. Although it would have been no real comfort to hear the French authorities parrot familiar nonsense about ‘doing something’ and ‘tackling radicalism,’ I was left speechless by the immediate official response to the latest catastrophe associated with the invasion of France.

Following the crushing of innocent French citizens on their own soil, Prime Minister Manuel Valls’ statement that France is going to have to “learn to live with terrorism” was breath-taking in its coldness and its cynicism.

More than that, it marked a break with decades of pretense that the liberal worldview is based on optimism, ‘progress,’ and the achievement of a wonderful and peaceful new society. In a France that has been in a consistent state of emergency for 19 months, the message, in that brief moment, was crystal clear:

There is nothing ‘progressive’ about modern liberalism. Your society is regressing into violence and chaos. Your nation is slipping into the abyss. And you will have to learn to live with it.

When I was a little younger I used to daydream about living in an earlier time; one where world-changing events were taking place. It’s a temptation a lot of us can succumb to because we only intimately know our own lives and we have a curious tendency to assume that those in previous eras were somehow more exciting or significant. However, if we focus on what is going on in Europe and White nations globally at this time, it is difficult to deny that we are in fact living in the most rapid global transformation in history, and certainly the most volatile and precarious period in the history of our race.

The transition of Europe into what Barbara Spectre described with sinister glee as ‘multicultural mode’ is both momentous and, for us, extremely dangerous.

All signs in Europe, and indeed across all White nations, now suggest that even within this multicultural mode we are entering a new, more violent phase. Its ideological foundations laid in previous decades, we are now witnessing a rising tide of unrest and skirmishes that presage more significant future civil conflict. But do we, as Valls’ claims, have to ‘learn to live with it’?

Liberals inform us that we have to ‘learn to live with it’ because they offer us a very limited menu of social and political possibilities.

Just as we were never consulted on whether or not we wanted mass immigration in the first place, we are never presented with the option of abandoning multiculturalism, and thus the ideological and demographic cancer that is slowly eating our nations alive.

The menu of options is kept limited through strict liberal definitions of the problems we face.

For example, terrorism in France is now very frequently presented mainly as the result of French foreign policy. By locating the heart of the problem outside France, controllers of the narrative convince the public that changing anything in the domestic sphere is pointless. Even when domestic circumstances are taken into account, they are perversely skewed and then used to berate and blame the French for the violence being inflicted on them.

Take, for example, Pierre Haski’s diabolical charge that the French haven’t been generous enough to their newcomers and that France is “paying the price for allowing the development of ghettoes in its suburban areas and disenfranchised youth who do not feel welcome in mainstream French society.” All of these arguments and interpretations push conceivable actions and outcomes into an intellectual bottleneck that preclude more comprehensive solutions.

By way of contrast, ethnically-based nationalism is the only ideology and worldview that insists that we do not have to learn to live with the current fractured and violent nature of our societies. I don’t deny that the intervention of the French in the affairs of foreign nations has been counter-productive and in many cases senseless. The resultant clash between native European ideals (human rights, free speech, democracy) and more primitive societies with radically collectivist, kinship-based histories has not been conducive to international harmony.

However, people are not being killed in the streets of France because of French foreign policy. People are being killed in the streets of France because the perpetrators are Muslim and France has the largest proportion of Muslims relative to its general population in Europe — the result, as Islamic terrorism expert Jason Burke points out, of France importing “large numbers of labourers from former or existing colonies to help with post-war reconstruction.”

In an ethnically homogenous France, the French could pursue any range of foreign policy options, with the only repercussions falling on the nation’s adventuring soldiers. Modern terrorism is thriving because multiculturalism obliterates national boundaries and with it the frontline of any conceivable war. The foreign and domestic spheres become one when human geography becomes liquid. Our people comfort themselves too often with the thought that Islam is based in ‘the Middle East,’ without realizing that multiculturalism has brought ‘the Middle East’ to their doorstep.

Multiculturalism is the security equivalent of an army inviting its opponent to cross the field of battle and commence hostilities in its own trenches.

Multiculturalism has also fuelled new and evolving micro-cultures built on minority aggressions, and the outright rejection by minorities of the liberal fantasies of assimilation and integration. This is partly connected to the manifest inability of some minorities, predominantly those with a low IQ, to attain social and economic success even when the balance is tipped in their favor by liberal efforts at social engineering. Their resultant frustrations gradually fuel an evolution from the rejection of assimilation and integration to attacks on White society as a whole.

Although the process has been accelerated among Arabs because of religion, the same pattern may also be observed among African populations in White nations. Despite a substantial Black middle class (significantly the result of affirmative action policies), the great majority of the Black population throughout the West is unable to adjust to a contemporary society demanding impulse control and cognitive competence.

The cross-over of mutual frustrations has manifested itself in the emergence of what Burke describes as “gangsta jihad” — the cross-pollination of Black subculture with Islam, resulting in “debased, ultra-violent culture” that along with rapidly increasing Black militancy will surely form the spearhead of eventual mass-violence against Whites. This in-built and inevitable failure of multiculturalism has been particularly acute in France, but has been observable in every Western nation.

While the multicultural cancer slowly metastasizes, to date France has been in a state of media-induced sedation. A Pew Research Centre study earlier this year reported that only “24 percent of French people were found to believe that diversity made France a worse place to live. A higher proportion, 26 percent, said it made France better, while 48 percent said that it didn’t make much difference.”

To what extent these results are attributable to cultural fears about appearing ‘racist, or to genuine blindness to the collapse of French society, is difficult to determine, but the muted French reaction to their social collapse is likely to continue. Already the narrative is being disseminated that the Nice attacker “radicalized his views very rapidly,” as if such an occurrence could mitigate the underlying problem of his alien ethnicity and identity. ‘Rapid radicalization’ also appears to have been part of the background to the recent shooting in Dallas of several White police officers by a militant Black possessing his own ethnic grievances and aspirations. While one can interchange religions, locations and liberal interpretations, the result inevitably involves White deaths at the hands of low IQ, ethnically distant groups pursuing their own vision of “gangsta jihad.”

As long as the masses remain blind to these developments, and as long as the absurd and now surely redundant charge of Islamophobia retains a hold on popular opinion, Marine Le Pen’s Front National is likely to make only very modest gains. This is despite a clear and unambiguous official party stance on multiculturalism and immigration:

Uncontrolled immigration is a source of tension in a Republic which is no longer able to assimilate the new French. Ghettos, inter-ethnic conflicts, community demands and politico-religious provocations are the direct consequences of mass immigration which is undermining our national identity and brings with it an increasingly visible Islamization, with its attendant claims. Communitarianism is a poison against national cohesion.

In any sane and healthy society, the Front National’s goals of eliminating illegal immigration and removing criminal and unemployed legal foreigners would be seen as necessary and reasonable, particularly in light of the threat to France currently posed by those of foreign origin. In next year’s French presidential elections, the choice must be clear: Do you want to see a better nation and a viable future for your children, or do you want to learn to live with the ever-rising costs of multiculturalism?

I close with Rudyard Kipling’s The Stranger. Perhaps its most incisive stanza in the wake of Nice deals with the author’s inability to determine what powers may control ‘the Stranger’ and what “reasons sway his mood,” nor when “the Gods of his far-off land shall repossess his blood.” Such concerns don’t occur to liberals because they assume that the modern state and its attending Marxist dogma on race, nationality and identity have vanquished the hold any such ‘powers,’ ‘reasons’ or ‘Gods’ may retain over their imported darlings.

The Stranger within my gate,
He may be true or kind,
But he does not talk my talk—
I cannot feel his mind.
I see the face and the eyes and the mouth,
But not the soul behind.

The men of my own stock,
They may do ill or well,
But they tell the lies I am wonted to,
They are used to the lies I tell;
And we do not need interpreters
When we go to buy or sell.

The Stranger within my gates,
He may be evil or good,
But I cannot tell what powers control—
What reasons sway his mood;
Nor when the Gods of his far-off land
Shall repossess his blood.

The men of my own stock,
Bitter bad they may be,
But, at least, they hear the things I hear,
And see the things I see;
And whatever I think of them and their likes
They think of the likes of me.

This was my father’s belief
And this is also mine:
Let the corn be all one sheaf–
And the grapes be all one vine,
Ere our children’s teeth are set on edge
By bitter bread and wine.

22 thoughts to “The Ever-Rising Cost of Multiculturalism”

  1. Hmm, I really don’t get why one day you all act like it was a false flag and the next that the false flag is real.

    Since it is a requirement to accept Jewish explanations for made for tv killings there, can we really assume Joyce is saying what he really thinks or posting according to the rules of the site?

    Since Jews love to divide and conquer, that is just what they want. To question things as if their false flags are real

    Now, the Jews in protocol 12-5 say the goyim look upon the events of the world with the spectacles they place around our noses. Would not ignoring the obvious false flag nature and pretending they are real be intentionally leaving those spectacles on our noses?
    Since I am warm and fuzzy, I won’t take this any farther but most should be able to add two plus two and get four

    1. We can practise a dual strategy here. Some websites can expose all the false flags for what they are, stressing the Jewish power behind them. That will hurt the Jews.

      Other websites can pretend to believe in the reality of those “terror attacks” and use them as an argument against multiculturalism. That will hurt the Jews too.

      A “division of labor” so to speak.

      1. “division of labour” for the low-IQ Faux News crowd indeed…

        the white trash brigade NEEDS to believe its real…

        that Muslims are truly “terrorizing” the infidels in the west…

        so that crazy pathology among the right wing crowd must be taken full advantage of…

        Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer got the message

      2. we still have idiots thinking 19 Arabs engaged in air piracy to go kamikaze on the twins…

        even in 2016…

        some of them claim to “hate” jews on top of that…

        sometimes i think the jews are correct and ALL the cattle in the world do deserve to go to the slaughterhouse

    2. The biggest enemy is the traitors, and the biggest block would be the Zionist Christians. They are the power behind the Jews. Without them, the Jews would have no power. They are not being tricked they are willing to be tricked. They chase not the truth but what is in their heart.

      1. Among the biggest traitors are also the commie agents like old Mana Truhill,who was a fake Jew and an agent provacatour. And Spectre is a pus bag. Demon.

  2. Thank you for this article, Lasha. This is Andrew Joyce at his best. I cannot praise the article too highly.

    It’s a scary article if only for this reason: it dares to tell the unpalatable truth about multiculturalism — that multiculturalism has been a catastrophe for the West and a major victory for the Jews.

    Jews like Barbara Spectre must be licking their lips with delight. It’s all working according to plan.

  3. The Nice run-overs has all the earmarks of what toejam calls a wet false flag.
    A wet false flag is when death actually takes place. As a variation on a theme you have the usual lone killer: Sandy Hook Hoax, JFK and RFK killing, so on and so forth.
    There is no reason that the truck couldn’t be directed by remote control just like a drone or other aircraft. The pasty gets in, the doors lock up tight, and it’s off to the races with a well placed camera showing the remote driver where to go to hit the most people. Of course, Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, the patsy, is killed in situ just like the San Bernardino husband and wife patsies were shot up by the servers and protectors while driving their SUV at the break neck speed of 25mpr.
    If Rudyard were alive today he may have added these lines to “The Stranger”:
    The Stranger owns the gate
    Out Daughters for to mate,
    With males from far estate,
    Extinction is their goal,
    We taste the bitter-sweet
    For which there’s no recall.

    1. “There is no reason that the truck couldn’t be directed by remote control just like a drone or other aircraft. The pasty gets in, the doors lock up tight, and it’s off to the races with a well placed camera showing the remote driver where to go to hit the most people.”

      In view of current technology, this was unsurprisingly the very same concept put forth in Michael Hasting’s “fiery death.”

      The fact that Hastings was “Holocausted” infers how high the orders for this vengeance murder went; most assuredly beyond any mere military general’s threat.

      No matter their rank, with rare exception, military men don’t act in this fashion without orders from higher up. In fact the higher the rank the less likely one is to act on his own recognizance.

      When such a person in command does act against orders, they typically have a CYA excuse at the ready as when Lord Nelson turned to his Flag Captain Foley and said: “You know, Foley, I have only one eye. I have a right to be blind sometimes.” Raising his telescope to his blind right eye, he continued: “I really do not see the signal.”

      Of course the only thing that saved Nelson from a summary courts martial was his victory over the Danes. Considering Britain’s current state of affairs, were Nelson alive today, he would probably be a comedian.

    2. @ ToeJam

      What you describe as a wet false flag, I call a staged event with deaths and Nice was certainly one.

      The same “German” fellow (I forget his name except that it starts with a “G”) that was at Nice filming the event was later also at Munich filming that event. It turns out that he is married to an “ex”-Mossad agent. Too much coincidence to be coincidental.

      Just before the staged event in Nice, Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel (MLB) sent his family in Tunisia the equivalent of $110,000.00 USD.

      Consistent with your remote controlled truck scenario, you can almost here the pitch to MLB,

      “You are going to be a star in a new action movie. You are perfect for the part since it involves a foreigner just like yourself. We are so confident that you will do well since you are an experienced truck friver, that we are going to pay you in advance of the filming. Of course, when the movie comes out, you will be compensated much, much more. You will be able to afford a villa on the beach right here in Nice.

      All you have to do is drive your truck down the street at a lot of people celebrating in the street. All of the people in the street will be actors as well. You drive slowly through the crowd and all of the people in the street will act like they are being hit by your truck. In the movie, we will speed up the film so that it appears you are driving real fast and it appears that the actors in the street are really getting hit.

      Since there could potentially be some minor damage to your truck during this shoot, we are going to give you new truck as additional compensation.

      So MLB, a new truck and,” as they open a briefcase, “and this$110,000.00 for helping us out with this movie, what do you say?”

      MLB being overjoyed at his good fortune immediately agrees to the deal.

      Then the pitch continues, “Since we are being exceptionally generous in our offer to you since you are an experienced truck driver and foreign national, you cannot say anything to anyone about this deal because, if you do, all the actors will be wanting more money and we will have to cancel making the movie. Then you would have to return the money.”

      MLB agrees as imagines of instant wealth fills his head.

      The staged event is set up without MLB knowing that he is a patsy with a brief and terminal movie career.

      Jews doing what jews do best, lying and murdering just like their daddy, the devil. John 8:44.

      @ Arch Stanton

      I am not trying to move in on your story telling expertise. 🙂 I’m just attempting to show how easy it could be to recruit a patsy or patsies for a staged terror event.

  4. From the Space Race to Muslim Terrorism

    How is it Americans are persuaded to actively pursue en mass, social and military technological agendas created by their elite leaders? This phenomenon began around the turn of the twentieth century and accelerated logarithmically after WWII.

    By the 1950’s, Americans were in a “cold war.” At the time of the space race, the cold war was fueling weapons technology development at a wartime pace of the same type that brought aerospace technology from fabric covered biplanes to jet fighters in less than five years. Note the same people who created and funded the Soviet Union were the same people who initiated the cold war threat with the Soviet Union almost the moment WWII ended.

    However, for an American public trying to forget the horrors they experienced in WWII, by the early sixties enthusiasm for the cold war was waning. The terror threat of nuclear war had fatigued the American public to the point where cold war technology development was slowing, despite a plethora of TV programs like “Combat” and “Twelve O’ Clock High”, depicting the necessary desperation of war. Since terror had reached its useful limits as a motivational factor, the propagandists turned to a sports format to spur America on to faster military weapons technology development.

    Thus, there was every reason to create a lie like the much vaunted “space race.” As with a football game or political convention, the public mood did in fact rapidly turn toward the “our team versus their team” mentality as the popular chant became, “Go America go! Rah! Rah! Rah! Beat them evil rooskies into space! Show them we’re numba one! America’s numba one!”

    Americans felt compelled to rush to the call for advancing technology that would beat the evil soviets in a space race t, culminating in a race to the moon, essentially turning the hated enemy into a more friendly racing competitor.

    “To the moon Alice, to the moon!” America would now go to the moon by fueling the military technology necessary to beat them in a war as well. Thus, massive military expenditures, cleverly disguised as a civilian space program, were fully justified and accepted in the public mind.

    With the perfection of the nuclear ballistic missile submarine, the need for further military technology developments of this nature became unnecessary. The American nuclear triad was dismantled and the much vaunted concept of mutually assured destruction (MAD) was quietly shelved.

    With the end of that need came the end of a need for an enemy of that nature. Thus, the Soviet Union became the first and only totalitarian dictatorial power in history that willingly walked away from its power base at the height of its power. With the completion of the military’s nuclear weapons agenda, new agendas could be addressed.

    The purpose of the Soviet enemy of the cold war era was to fuel weapons technology development, so what might be the agenda behind the new Muslim enemy that emerged almost the moment the cold war ended?

    Quite simply the Muslim threat is designed to cow the goyim into submission to the new totalitarian state, now titled “New World Order,” in the name of security, while at the same time altering the demographic composition of western civilization.

    There are two questions then: One, did the cold war achieve its objective? Two, is the Muslim terrorist threat achieving it’s objective? The first question has been answered by the fact that nuclear weapons development has virtually stopped and the enemy used as a foil for that purpose, has disappeared.

    The second question has been answered in part by the Soviet-styled, state security apparatus brought in under the guise of “Homeland Security” along with various “Patriot” acts and by massive “Muslim” immigration programs throughout Europe spurred by multiple wars against Muslims in the Near East.

    In the first world war it was the “beastly Huns.” Shortly thereafter, it was the demonic Nadzee that became the uber threat. Almost before the second war ended, the evil of world domination led by Soviet communism became the new threat. Almost as soon as that threat ended, Muslims emerged as the new, overarching global threat.

    Each new threat was staged as an unthinkably violent, intolerant, terror waiting to be unleashed upon a tolerant, peaceful people. In the best Orwellian tradition, each new threat came on the heels of the old, quickly superseding it to the point where the old threat was almost immediately forgotten.

    The fact is, if Jewish media propagandists can pull the wool over the public eye for more than seventy years on an issue like the Holocaust, then from the cinematic/propaganda aspect, anything is possible.

    Here is a video showing Billy Wilder stepping into the frame while filming a segment at Buchenwald. Then there is Stanley Kubrick’s claim that he filmed the moon landing. Is it possible that our reality is nothing more than a Jewish “reality” like that old Hollywood movie the “Truman Show?”

    More to the point, if there is a need to lie, then what is presented by the media is almost undoubtedly a lie.

  5. No the plan is to get the people to want the New World Order to save them. Stupid assholes. Heroes are strong manly men, not little metrosexual fags and sloppy slouching old perverts like them. The Nationalists will rise soon. The Fake Nationalists like Farage and LePen will be swept aside when the Real Men step up, and they will. Like Franco, Mussolini and Hitler, the Fascists will come and kick the asses of the slimy jew rats and their dumbass retarded orc armies. It makes me laugh at the desperate choices these imbeciles have made. None of these orcs can stand the sight of them. They will either be wiped out by Fascist National Parties or simply be tossed into a cannibal’s pot. These fools will rue the day they were born. They will rule nothing.

  6. God! The political scripting has become so obvious it is actually funny. I try to avoid any and all contact with television or political stupidity. I try, I really try, but on occasion I wind up in the same room with some zombie glued to the rebbevision.

    In those micro-moments of exposure, I see the most bizarre things. Tonight I happened to catch the camera zooming in on Backwoods Billy boy, the presidential version of Gomer Pyle, actually crying on television over some BS his daughter was spouting.

    Crying? Imagine any president, former or otherwise, of these Untied States crying in public! Until now even the death of a child or spouse would not allow for such a public display of weakness. But now we have Billy the Clidiot putting on just such a display over a brief speech given by his daughter.

    Imagine it is 1812 and the news has just reached Weakwall Jackson that the British have declared war once again on America and his reaction is to put his head in his hands and cry. Is that the kind of leader that will inspire confidence?

    Imagine Tiddy Rosenveldt charging up San Juanita hill crying over the pain he is inflicting upon the unfortunate minorities standing in his way. Imagine as Tiddy runs one though with his bayonet, he cries out sympathetically “I feels yo’ pain!”. No doubt this story can be found somewhere in a “modern” history book.

    Imagine the Donald challenging the Clidiot to a duel, whose only reaction is to run home and cry. Would this inspire a loyal following? Would the Clidiot ever be able to show his/her face in public again? Well Trump has made the challenge and the Clidiot has chosen the weapons – tears at a political convention.

    The Clidiot fired the first shot and Trump returned his shot straight to the groin where, most fortunately, there is nothing to damage. Yet, as the Clidiot cries out in agony, Trump reloads.

    Can the dichotomy between the old school of cryingly weak administration versus the new school of strong, experienced, economic leaders of strength be made any plainer? The only thing lacking now are white hats for the Trumpsters and black hats for the Clidiots. American reality has been reduced to a Saturday night live skit.

    But dear reader, do not be fooled by the careful scripting that purportedly shows a weak, foolish, wussy former president supporting his weak, stupid, but thoroughly and disgustingly corrupt wife juxtaposed with a strong, straight-talking, successful multibillionaire who promises to throw the bums (immigrants) out and make America great again. It’s all just an illusion on the big Hollywood screen of life.

    None of it is real and five minutes after the show is over, the gullible goyim will walk out of the political theater stoked, only to return to the same old Jewed reality continually foisted off on them over the last two hundred years. More wars, more death, more suffering, more starvation, more rape, murder and plunder so Jews can proclaim, “A good time was had by all!”

    Just think, if I’m wrong, you will have the greatest pleasure in saying “I told you so!” While I will have the greatest pleasure eating crow – pass the gravy please.

    1. @ Arch Stanton

      “…Backwoods Billy boy, the presidential version of Gomer Pyle, actually crying on television over some BS his daughter was spouting.”

      Backwoods Billy has always shot blanks. He doesn’t have a daughter, but Webster Hubbell does.

      Since I did not see Backwoods Billy’s performance, do you think he deserves an Oscar or just more donations to the Clitoris Foundation? 🙂


        Your comment has been deleted except for this passage:

        What do I get for my efforts, eh? Every time I write something about the evil Jews, every stroke of my elegant hand is led by an unjust trepidation: “Will they accept me this time?” — “Will they read me now?” — “Will I succeed this time in convincing them that, every single evil perpetrated against man and the world has one source and one source only: the evil Jews?”

        There are monkeys who crowd this space for no other aim than to ridicule me, a happy engagement which they undertake with the same equal zeal as the one with which Monty’s Catholic brothers formerly turned libraries to dust! Whores come here, too, you know, pretty on the outside but foul on the inside …. Dogs also frequent this Palace … nothing but a collection of electrified zombies… etc etc etc ad infinitum …

        Your comment has been deleted because of its off-topic unoriginality and posturing verbosity.You show not the slightest desire to discuss the topics we are concerned with here but spend your entire time on this site drawing attention to yourself and your neuroses. This website does not exist to give publicity to attention-seeking narcissists.

        As you are so rich, invest in a good psychoanalyst, preferably a Jewish one of the Freudian persuasion who will give you your money’s worth and listen to you drone on for ever and ever in exchange for dollars.

        Your reference to the editor of this website (John Scott Montecristo) as an “effeminate Jew” merely tells me how mentally deranged you must be, especially as you refer to Monty later on in your long screed as a good Catholic in league with the Jesuits.

        I would remind you, dear “Madame Rothschild”, even as you chant your endless refrain of “Evil Jews! Evil Jews! EVIL JEWS!” — doubtless in the hope that tedious repetition will be mistaken for eloquence and originality — that the only Jew here is YOU! You alone are the Jew here. On your own admission, as your very name indicates.

        I would have been more inclined to believe that you actually were a fabulously wealthy scion of the Rothschild family rather than a fantasist, if you’d had the generosity to send this website a five-dollar donation in the days when we were soliciting donations! But no, you were as mean and parsimonious with your money — you who were reputedly worth FIVE BILLION DOLLARS! — as you are generous with your verbiage, long sentences, and pornographic descriptions of snakes finding their way into lesbian vaginas!

        Sincere best wishes, madame! I think a good psychiatrst is what you need — though your thoughts will always be welcome here if you are capable of making a sensible on-topic comment.

        Preferably without drawing attention to your own genius or vilifying your host and hostess.

        — Admin Toby

      2. Ungenius –

        In case some folks missed it…..

        Webb Hubbell: ‘No comment’ on fathering Chelsea Clinton

        Follows her video response: ‘I’m so proud to be my parents’ daughter’
        Published: 10/14/2015 at 7:16 PM

        SEE PICS:!

        NEW YORK – Is Chelsea Clinton not the daughter of Bill Clinton?
        That’s been a rumor swirling in the dark underworld of Clinton family speculation for years.
        But a new book by Roger Stone and Robert Morrow, “The Clintons’ War on Women,” takes the story to a new level – naming the actual biological father as Webb Hubbell, Hillary Clinton’s partner at the Little Rock Rose Law Firm and, later, associate attorney general of the U.S. in the Clinton administration.

  7. There is, as many on this forum know, secret goings on behind the scenes that promote the picture of hatred upon Islam. The very people responsible for this are the very people responsible for the wars, the mass immigration into Europe and attacks on the indigenous who complain. It’s one, big, FUBAR situation, that very, very few people actually have the intelligence to understand.

    Was the Nice truck driver, another victim of MK Ultra? Or was he simply a victim, who wasn’t even in the van, but a subsequent patsy later named?

    This stated, however, we must also accept the facts that there will be Muslims, who have come into Europe, with incredible hatred for Europeans, for destroying their homelands. There are no doubt many Afghans, Iraqis, Libyans and Syrians in the west, baying for blood. And then, we must also realize that not only will there be the militant Muslims, who already hate the west, but those who are protecting Islam.

    I just don’t see this a feasible terrorist attack, well, not by said Muslim that is. Everything, that the Nice attacks portrays, promotes another, false flag, there to bring hatred upon Muslims, scare the local populous even more than they already are and here’s the killer, bring about heavily armed police and in the future, armed forces personnel, onto the city streets and with it, more anti liberty legislation, pushing the indigenous, further into a corner.

    Of late, every chance I get in conversation, I bring in the Jew. Sure, I get the odd looks, but they begin to change, once I’ve explained the situation. They say to me “Are you sure what you’re saying is true?” To which I reply; “Don’t believe a word I’ve said. Do your own research.”

    1. That is also how I view the situation. The same age old Modus Operandi of problem, reaction and solution landing in the offered actual solution of Ordo Ab Chao. I see Schlomo Slimestein laughing all the way to the Rothschild bank.

  8. Very good article Mr. Joyce and some very good comments. Mr. Valls “get used to it” – let’s hope he winds up like Mr. Moro, with some added features, then he can get used to it too. Multiculturalism for the saps and suckers in Europe and North America – but of course, NOT Israel. I think this simple observation really needs to be repeated high and low, in fact, everywhere and every time the subject is written about or discussed.

  9. Multiculturalism is possible yet it requires people to have a strong sense of identity, traditionally based…which western populations don’t have. People don’t even like their own cultures or traditions. What is left to defend? Who reads Shakespeare or Pascal? France committed regicide centuries ago.

  10. The threshold that needs to be overcome is for people to understand they are being deceived.

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