The Hidden Slitherers of Mind Manipulation

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Edited and slightly abridged by Lasha Darkmoon,
with minor additions not found in the original text.

How a false reality is being constructed for us

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“Beware of the red-eyed Infiltrator, known to many in the eastern lands as the ‘Whisperer’. His evil agents are everywhere. These hidden slitherers of mind manipulation wind their way into the secret chambers of the heart at every opportunity. Lies are what they carry, as mangy dogs carry fleas and ticks. They poison the mind with all manner of dangerous toxins and life defilement is their aim.” — Lasha Darkmoon, Unpublished Diary

Our reality is carefully constructed by powerful corporate, political and special interest sources in order to covertly sway public opinion. Blatant lies are often televised regarding terrorism, food, war, health, etc. They are fashioned to sway public opinion and condition viewers to accept what have become destructive societal norms.

The practice of manipulating and controlling public opinion with distorted media messages has become so common that there is a whole industry formed around this. The entire role of this brainwashing industry is to figure out how to spin information to journalists, similar to the lobbying of government. It is never really clear just how much truth the journalists receive because the news industry has become complacent. The messages that it presents are shaped by corporate powers who often spend millions on advertising.

Six conglomerates, which run this advertising,  own 90% of the media:  General Electric (GE), News-Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS. Yet, these corporations function under many different brands, such as Fox, ABC, CNN, Comcast, Wall Street Journal, etc, giving people the perception of choice.

Mass brainwashing specialist L Wolfe has noted:

“As Tavistock’s researchers showed, it was important that the victims of mass brainwashing not be aware that their environment was being controlled; there should thus be a vast number of sources for information, whose messages could be varied slightly, so as to mask the sense of external control.”

New Brainwashing Tactics Called ‘Astroturf’

With alternative media on the rise, the propaganda machine continues to expand.

Below is a video of Sharyl Attkisson, investigative reporter with CBS, during which she explains how “astroturf,” or fake grassroots movements, are used to spin information not only to influence journalists but to sway public opinion.

“Astroturf is a perversion of grassroots,” Sharyl Attkinson explains.  “Astroturf is when political, corporate or other special interests disguise themselves and publish blogs, start Facebook and Twitter accounts, publish ads, letters to the editor, or simply post comments online, to try to fool you into thinking an independent or grassroots movement is speaking.”

How do you separate fact from fiction? Sharyl Attkisson finishes her talk with some insights on how to identify signs of propaganda and astroturf.

Here is a summary of astroturf tactics. Once you’re aware of them, you will notice just how popular they have become:

—  Creating of Wikipedia pages, monitored by corporations.
—  Creating a social media presence, including Facebook and Twitter accounts, run by paid professionals.
—  Secretly funding non-profit organizations to create third-party support and web presence.
—  Search engine optimizing web pages such as blogs and third-party sites that support a specific agenda.
—  Financing industry research that is deceitfully presented as independent opinion.
—  Funding experts working on unrelated projects, while in reality creating paid consultants.

These methods are used to give people the impression that there is widespread support for an agenda, when, in reality, no such agenda exists. Astroturf tactics are also used to discredit or criticize those who disagree with certain agendas, using stereotypical names such as “conspiracy theorist” or “quack” to make people turn away from the truth and accept lies instead.

LD:  Don’t miss this 10-minute video. It exposes the hidden techniques of the Mind Manipulators to suppress the truth and create an entirely fictional reality whose ultimate aim can only be described as diabolical: to poison the wells of existence and enslave mankind, bringing us all under the dominion of the Architects of Evil.

VIDEO: 10.36 mins

130 thoughts to “The Hidden Slitherers of Mind Manipulation”

  1. About time.
    Jews have for centuries mined this motherlode of social control at the levels of sophistication still poorly understood today – and why would they disclose it anyway, what’s to gain apart from instant gratification that they hooked the goyim into?

    And always with Jew, the language inversion plays a crucial role, namely to invent some fake notion of progress that camouflages the real intent to proceed in the exact opposite direction.
    Example that is thoroughly misunderstood in the perennially befuddled West:
    Jew opens his box of magic tricks and pulls up the brightly colored cardboard figure named Freedom of Speech, accompanied by exclamations of Down With Taboos, We Want Progress, Down With Oppressive Authority! And everybody cheers and claps, the king, monarchy, church, administration erodes, crumbles and is toppled.
    One is free to speak in demeaning tones of the king, call him faggot, criminal … priests are castrated pedophiles and so forth.
    No more taboos, we are free to denounce everyone and everything, right?
    In place of one taboo, there is an elaborate matrix evilly mimicking, yet twisting the moral code, dynamically shapeshifting according to the need of the moment, constructed around the central, inviolable taboo; don’t in any way displease the Jew, antisemitism punishable by death and we decide just how far the definition of anti-Semitism (euphemism – racial hatred – we must be GOOD!) extends on any given day and to who it applies.

    This was highlighted to me out here in monarchic-Buddhist Indochina where “insulting the king” is a serious offense indeed, something habitually derided and mocked in the world nourished at Reuters-AP tut. Of course, the slitherer pokes and probes at periphery, NGO’s tirelessly whispering sweet nothings, servants of Soros slipping in and out of limousines with briefcases packed with cash.

    Item: 95% of the Thais support the military rule.
    They learned their lesson in fake democracy, the corrupted road to Judeocratic perdition.

    Interesting terms I came across recently, worth further pursuit:
    egregore, qlipoth (occult, Kabbalic constructs of imposing thought control, it’s vile forms hang over the world like poisonous stink, one should never assume that his mind is free, because the more complacent the victim, the deeper the program drills)

    1. Hey Grammar, I am sorry about “it’s” that should have been “its”.
      And “tut” should of course be “tit”. Blame my tablet’s despotic auto-corrector that greatly prefers a tut.

      Also, what’s the plural of NGO, NGO’s or NGOs, and generally with acronyms.
      Every day and in every way, I shall … and all that.

      1. @ Lobro

        “Hey Grammar, I am sorry about “it’s” that should have been “its”.
        And “tut” should of course be “tit”.

        I would have been thrown into a righteous tizzy by your two mistakes had I not suspected that they were no more than careless typos. It cheered me up somewhat to know that “tut” should have been “tit” — though my wife, who is an awful prude, says she prefers “tut” to “tit” — even if it’s wrong. So you’re in the clear all round. 🙂

      2. Ha! Lobro, in case you didn’t notice: I wonder how many ‘tits’ are pulled in Lasha’s ‘Unpublished Dairy’?? (sorry, Lasha, I had to laugh at that mistake, being somewhat a dairy farmer, and such… 🙂 )

    2. “one should never assume that his mind is free, because the more complacent the victim, the deeper the program drills)”///

      Lobro drills down into the geological sweet spot where ‘abiotic’ truth circulates in pools not formed by carbon decomposition, but rather, by the friction of an intellect working over a bland, intractable problem with a persistence worthy of a jackhammer steaming at full throttle. Let’s pause and see just what kind of sculpture he has chiseled out of an unforgiving rock face.

      Like a jungle explorer, trying to stem the suction of quicksand pulling them downwards, the westerner first throws off their load of ‘baggage’ – thinking that this will give them breathing space – and then reduces all motion to a minimum. No more fluttering about. You must reason your way out of this mess.

      Sensing, feeling, rubbing up against the bones underneath him of those who have been here in this pit before, the victim squelches panic by reminding themselves that those unlucky souls had been but hired porters – rude, uneducated fools without the means to reason their way through a problem. Victims of their own fear and unknowing.

      The kabbalist watching this spectacle from behind their shield of grass enjoys this part of the routine immensely – the hope, resolution, and trust that there is – must be – a solution to this affair. Knowing, as only they do, that the trap they have sprung under their victim is just as much an illusion as the victims confidence in their own ability to get out of it, they use the very intellect of that victim to their ends – an intellect oblivious to the whispers from beyond ‘the grave’ of those who have suffered at the black magicians hands, whispers which cannot heard by the reasoning mind, which uses the unlucky fates of others to prove their own immunity to misfortune!

      The voices of the damned will not be heeded. The bold explorer of the jungles of the mind will not be impeded from willing themselves into the hands of the kabbalist sorcerer – it is ‘the other’ who is the victim of ‘mind control’ – the fact that “I{“can deduce the presence of mass mind control in a group around me makes me impervious to its operation! Look! Mind Control is…. all …around… me.

      “Mind control” is a technical process. one reasons. Technique is the consequence of the application of reason – in the form of scientific method applied to psychology, by which the ‘bad operators’ of [insert your chosen villain …]have learned to insert blocks of information and levels of control in to other people’s minds. Black magic, on the other hand, is a ‘primitive’ superstition which succeeds only via the credulity of the operated upon! As I am not credulous nor superstitious, I have nothing to fear from that.

      Because kabbalistic mind control – aka black magic – is a SYNTHESIS of the most primitive forms of ritual incantation and spell casting … with the most ‘advanced’ forms of technologized scientific procedure – it reaches right around the defenses of the party who it seeks to subvert, and by encouraging their disbelief in its efficacy, removes the natural killer T cells of the psycho-spiritual kind from their natural trajectory towards eliminating the invader. Like a weaponized strain of aflatoxin, or bacteriophage manipulated in Dinoma/NIH/Ft Detrich laboratories to turn the bodies defenses against itself, the kabbalist program which has secured itself a hold in the minds of all westerners who use communication devices like ‘the internet’ has turned the intellect of it’s victim against itself, encouraging the dropping of defenses against it’s magical power.

      Once “we” had the antidote, knew the counter-rituals, performed miracles of self-defense without even ‘thinking’ about it. “We” are too smart for all that now – too well trained – ‘educated’ in all the refinement necessary to disbelieve in one’s own dissolution. Like explorer and bold adventurer caught in the quick sand of their own serial belief in the myth of their own ‘superiority,’ “Whitey” looks too late, with growing fear and horror at the shape of his own ghost, already gone to mingle with those of whom he took no heed, and wonders at last, whether the ‘half-naked aboriginal woman’ with the “70 IQ}:” … and that strangely inscrutable look in her eyes, had been doubled over laughing at him all this time, instead, as he had supposed, of bowing and scraping towards the magnificence of his conquering intellect.

      1. Sorry, just couldn`t digest all this Kabbala shit. Unless you try to communicate your opinions in a fashion most of us can understand, I fear you have lost the argument..

      2. Dear Ingrid,

        I understand that you ‘hear voices’ and believe that you can speak for the whole pack of them. But those are just voices in your head Ingrid – not ‘other people;’ certainly not ‘ other real people.’

        Your grasping this is vital to maintaining those shreds of sanity which may still cling to you. While I am sincerely appreciative of your willingness to act as a poster child for the purpose of buttressing my precis that kabbalistic black magic not only exists, but has the ability to take over anybody within its reach – even benign, kindly ‘grandmotherly’ types to whom we would not ordinarily assign the term ‘interdimensional energy vampires who feed off of negative human emotions’ …

        this habit of yours of seeking to encourage, nourish, or stoke just that phenomena here is a shocking example of that transformation which I am certain has served to scare even the most phlegmatic among us! You seem upset – again. I can only repeat my advice as given at the time of the last serious attack you were prey to here. Two(2)pills before bed, then bedrest until the fever wears itself out.

        your most,

        *cue Schlitzie to come in, bouncin offa the ropes! Careful cameraman, I’m told he’s got nuthin on, underneath the robe!

      3. Dear ORMANCI

        I just thought you might be interested to know that about two weeks after the incident I spoke of we saw your ‘shaman’ wandering the streets of Nhulunbuy drunk as a skunk and sporting a bloody nose. The bloody nose was the result of an encounter with her not so shaman husband who wacked her because she would not give him any money to buy alcohol.

        These aboriginal women hide their money under their armpits, beneath their breasts and sometimes in their vagina, but the aboriginal men know this – it is a common sight to see the female ‘shamans’ being beaten to a bloody pulp by their not-so shaman husbands.

        I suggest before you make informed comments about aboriginals you spend several years living with them.

      4. Yep, true to form, ornancy labels me as mentally ill, whilst maintaining he is sane. You have thrown out insults to several people here, not a very nice way to behave, puts you up there with the zio/neocons..

      5. A small correction is in order, Dear Ingrid, to your latest attempt to project onto ‘the other’ what it is indeed that rages inside yourself –

        it is you, and the other fine examples here of those tasked with attempting to stifle or degrade my freedom of opinion, who have ‘hurled insult’ – in your case from the very first notice of my re-arrival here –
        and my willingness to deliver you a spoonful of your own medicine here and there has amplified the fear and contempt inside of you which can only drag you down as victim of your own failure to grasp your situation. While, as stated, I do sincerely appreciate your work as stage assistant to my presentation, simple human compassion dictates that I express my concern for this ongoing effort to publicly humiliate yourself. Bedrest! Tis the only solution…. I am certain that “Doctor Parker,” or even “Dogwood” would back me up on that….. if they could but find ‘a leg to stand on!”

      6. White Warrior,

        I completely agree that ‘lived experience’ rounds out any effort to comprehend a given situation; the assumption, however, that in this case, tis only thee who can offer such experiential evidence is another sad example of how you box yourself into a corner by continually supposing yourself to be the only party here who can possess “knowledge” of that given situation. Instead of sharing ideas, in other words, you give us to understand that failure to accede to your point of view is an indication of a lack of comprehension of it! Not recommended.

        In this case, my personal experience of the ‘aboriginal’ – as a very loose conceptual term … similar to the conceptual term “the white man”…. is sufficient to match, if not exceed your own. But what I choose to complement it with – and I will guarantee this an item missing from your own tool box, to the great deficit of your arguments here – is an understanding of cultural perspective. This provides a useful antidote to the erosion of balance and nuance which invariably follows from fooling oneself into believing that ‘their’ culturally determined viewpoint/values/form of cognition, etc., is a ‘singular’ one – not a ‘one’ among many.

        This fallacy disallows the objectivity necessary, when in contact with others outside of ones own cultural framework, to perceive what they might be thinking/feeling/doing in contradistinction to what ‘they’ might have thought/felt/done. As a result, whatever empirical knowledge might flow from contact with ‘the other’ is voided by the failure to process the incoming data with a sufficiently objective perspective. Western “anthropology” suffered this fatal failure for most of its time since inception…. gradually some, both within and without the discipline have come to recognize the breakdown in scientific method which has caused their conclusions to lack veracity.

        All that is prelude to dealing with your specific example, with I gather is supposed to serve as a ‘rebuttal’ to my comment’s meaning. A ‘drunk as a skunk’ aboriginal is not necessarily a signification of what you have supposed it to be here – a paradox which rules out the concept of the party being a carrier of spiritual power/tribal magic. Shamans are reflectors of a polities lived experience generally – not an exception to it. Justice For Chinese has contributed some useful points here, in support of the notion that the spread of alcohol poisoning through the indigenous population has been a masterful tool of subjugation of ‘the other.’ The susceptibility of some racial groups to this has been noted in historical narrative as something which – please give this part your full attention, as there is not bold or italic function on these pages to utilize – the judaist commercial agent has fully exploited… to the cost of their ‘white[sic]neighbors and the victim target group both!

        Case in point – in the days of the Hudson valley colonization by Europeans – when it was still called “New Holland” in fact – the independent traders who set up shop upstream of the main settlements, being, for the most part crypto-judaics from Amsterdam and Bruges, would bring both guns and firewater to the Iroquois … encouraging them into a blood feud with their Huron relatives north of the Great Lakes, creating, indeed, a cycle of violence from which great profit accrued… at the cost of considerable pain for both Indian and European colonist alike.
        The actions, in other words, of your chosen enemy – “the jew” – to degrade and destroy a culture via a vector of genetically-targeted toxins… to which you come along far afterwards to ridicule the residue of, leave your position stripped not only of moral legitimacy, but also of logical reasoning. This favorite reference point of yours – the capacity of logical reasoning to provide the ‘white man’ with a natural dominance over others – has indeed been ditched, to be substituted by a dogmatic racialist tunnel vision which, inescapably, bears peculiar resemblance to the exact program of your putative enemies – “the jew!{“ But that is for another time….

        what remains to be drawn together in this single comment is a notation of your tendency to PRESUME the absence of knowledge/equivalent experience/capacity for insight on the part of those you would debate…. and by doing so, build your argument on the quicksands of a fallacious supposition of ‘superiority’ by some kind of natural right. Which in the end, only serves to make that argument fatally weakened… based as it is not only on a mistaken starting point, but a curious hypostatization of a conceptual vision – the ‘white race – into a tribal deity…exactly as do the talmudist sionists with their own tribal god of race. Imitation it is said, is the most sincere form of flattery.

        Had you chosen to respond to my original, tongue in cheek rendition of your aboriginal semi-naked woman, on the previous thread, I would have pointed out to you that, rather than being an idee fixe such as is your obsession with a particular cultural perspective, my proffered ‘alternative view of alterity’ was designed solely to demonstrate the perils of tunnel vision when dealing with an enemy so cunning as ours.

        “I suggest before you make informed comments about aboriginals you spend several years living with them.” Suggestion noted. May I in turn suggest that you make inquiries as to your correspondent’s knowledge base before presuming a ‘shamanistic-style’ ability on your part to suss that out from nought but your own \inner voices.\


      7. @ornancy, I`m not the one walking around with a head full of voodoo, kabbalah, and weird nonsense, maybe you should worry about your own state of mind..

      8. Not even stalking can get me out of my cheery state of mind my dear.

        You’ve had (0) success so far with your latest maniacal adventure – think of all the things you could have accomplished with that wasted energy!

        p.s “bedrest” means no computer, no internet. Just peaceful reflection and perhaps the odd bit of knitting.

      9. Ormanci –

        Good job..!!
        I can never agree 100% with another on subjective topics… because I am not the other person. (We all possess individual traits and knowledge.) But I come very close to agreement with you to that extent here. I was thinking the same thing, but did not know quite how to express it, without seeming crudely argumentative…. as I usually do. Dammitt..!!

        Your reply to WW just might be the I have ever read on any site’s comments section.
        I wish I were so talented.

      10. Ormanci –

        It might help if I wrote in complete sentences…. and include THE key words…. such as “best.” HA!!

        It should have been stated as:

        “Your reply to WW just might be the – best – I have ever read on any site’s comments section.”

        I really do not like to write… and it is likely very evident. 🙂

        My greatest success is by doing business over the phone. Phone sales. Brokering large volumes of commodities. Even vessel loads. Delivery.

      11. lol Pat!

        I suspect that you were just being your unconsciously considerate self in modifying your comment to drop the particular word! Many Canadians are like that I think… I sense we are very close to the boiling point with my dear granny-stalker, due to her serial failure to get a rise out of me… and your comment as originally intended to be written might indeed have been enough to finally send her over the edge…

        I for one, appreciate your attempt at discretion, as I in no way wish to be responsible for that particular explosion – nor the messy clean up to follow. As it turns out, she can read a special ‘edited’ version for herself… and we all win! I would have been happy to read your commendation “between the lines” but either way, I thank you muchly for it. I’ve been struggling with self-worth issues here ever since Squire Hugo canned me for assault and battery upon grammar. A jarring wake up call to my complacency.

        Wish I had bumped into you several years previous – I had wanted to get at least one of my two boats across the pond to this mariner’s paradise of the Aegean… but one – a woodie with girth of 11.’ and the other, a fiber with a flybridge way too tall, would not fit into any container, and therefore needed huge escalation in price! Myself, I hate talking on the phone, and refused to return to the fallen lands of ZOG for that or any other bit of business… a more creative person would surely have worked it all out on the phone – which sounds like your specialty! Monuments to my lack of talent in that regard, they still sit, drydocked, back in Numenor.



      12. Ormanci –
        “I’ve been struggling with self-worth issues here ever since Squire Hugo canned me for assault and battery upon grammar. A jarring wake up call to my complacency.”

        HA!! I’m sure your self-worth is insolvent.
        The battery was more akin to spanking yourself with a feather. 🙂

        To be clear.. My comment was referencing your reply to White Warrior.

        BTW – I am American, not Canadian… not that I would mind. I have numerous Canadian friends. Many live in Niagara area. I live in the South.

      13. @nancy, maybe you should stop preaching. I`m sure your unnecessary diatribes are way more tiring than my little efforts..

      14. Citizenship noted Pat – glad you didn’t take it as a slur!

        A somewhat sweet irony, I believe I picked up that mistaken impression from reading the scrawling of another one of those who come to howl at the Moon – or at least, members of her demi-monde – a party who, in basely defaming you in multiple manner, suggested that nationality was yours. As I have slowly learned since re-arriving – you don’t have to do anything to ‘earn’ such opprobrium from the ‘catty’ caste – it just appears to be a price of admission. I am now aware to believe NOTHING that comes from the pen of that offending party who has you on their list of targets!

        Yes, it was clear what your comment was referring to – I didn’t wish to drag you into the ongoing soap opera here. There is a certain device that the underachievers use here to express their angst&aggro while avoiding a potentially dangerous direct exchange with their intended prey – I call it the ‘third party device.’ Couldn’t resist the opportunity to play it back to my own sweet ogress with the hidden crush on me!

      15. WW,
        I see just now that you have placed a response to my last comment somewhere down below on this thread, instead of here, where it would seem most logical. No idea why, but I will respond here, the most natural positioning for the purpose of helping any interested onlooker follow along the debate in sequence.

        You bark out at me there the command to ‘get to the point’ – in another fine demonstration of your continued confusing of the circumstances you find yourself in HERE – with some Chinese penal mining colony where the unfortunates toil under the whip of your genetic superiority. We of the Darkmoon demi-monde may be but another ‘native rabble’ in your eyes, but you must take note – NO ONE here is under your command, nor under the influence of your delusions of ‘mastery.’ Participating in a debate, as opposed to dictating a daily to-do list, requires of you to pay heed to that simple truth.

        I have stayed very much on point since my return here – when I quickly sussed out that the central topic of the site is the threats posed to the continuation of the ‘white race’ – and who or what is doing the threatening. By sticking in my commentary to just those points, I have put myself in a position where I could – should I so chose – ask YOU to get to the point, as your tangents here invariably seem to ‘circumlocute’ back to the peripheral concern of racial hatred and fantasies of supremacy – not quite what the site is about, unless one chooses to argue that in doing so, they are ‘mirroring’, or ‘aping’ the equivalent fantasies of the talmudic sionist kind.

        Indeed, it can be argued that what threatens the ‘white race’ much more than stray “Congoids” or “Australoids” in our midst is the continued refusal of some of those whites to keep a reasoned and balanced perspective on the matter -by seeing there are much more dangerous enemies to be spotted and exorcised from amongst ‘us’… instead of inventing sideshow attractions to remove attention from that fact- at best – an exercise in futility, and – at worst – one of considerably more suspicious intent.

        At any rate, I am under no compulsion to follow your dictates in any of these matters, and the effort to command me to deliver evidence of my first hand knowledge of “Congoids” or “Australoids” is just another fine example of a pathetic attempt to change terminology to meet the demands of your argument. I made myself amenable to a debate about ‘aboriginals’ chumly – a term demonstrably inclusive of a wider range of peoples than your own experience can accommodate. I live, and have lived among, a mix of Indo-European and non-Indo-European peoples whose habits and traditions have afforded me some insight into the ‘aboriginal’ as they exist in Asia, and before I left behind me the savage lands of the Occidental world, I had considerable contact with the aboriginals there as well.

        Since retiring from business I have had the considerable luxury of making the study of ethnology one of my principal concerns – in matters of it, or close contact with ‘the other,’ your continued attempt to have me defer to your imagined authority is similar to asking Gary Player or Seve Ballesteros to defer to the advice of their caddy. I would be happy to cede you equal standing in the matter in order to get on with the debate – if you can’t reciprocate that courtesy, your sincerity in exchanging opinions is under great question.

        You ‘don’t wish to live among other races’ – fine, we got that, some time ago. You are free to build and solicit inmates for a reservation or ‘homeland’ territory similar to a Bantustan or Lesotho, and the tactical choice of cutting yourself off from all potential allies in the struggle against the real enemy is of course available to you, if not recommended. I am waiting, with great interest, for you to demonstrate to us what rabid racial polemics offers exactly to the cause of protecting the interests of ‘the white race.’ Please climb down from your imagined pedestal long enough to do that, with no further Stanley and Livingstone imitations Mr. Warrior. In the meanwhile, I may offer a few thoughts below, as to what the requirements of cultural perspective involve, when making objective study of your term, ‘the aboriginal.’

      16. I’m going to put up here, instead of where WW may have accidentally misplaced it, the comments he directed specifically my way, down the thread, so as to save the interested reader from the irritation of having to hunt them down,

        ‘Dear Ormanci: No more circumlocution. Get to the point!!!!!

        Have you ever lived and worked in communities in which the white man is the numerical minority? What is your range of work experiences and personal experiences on the African continent and the Australian continent? I do not want quotes from books – rather I want you to tell us what you saw and what you experienced.’

        It’s my experience that threads of even a couple of days age here quickly get superseded by newer material which take the most part of the readership’s gaze away from them – because of that fact, I will save some of the ‘personal experiences’ part of my correspondent’s challenge for a fresher time. Noting, again in passing, his effort to restrict the subject to only those parts of the world where HE has direct experience of ‘the aboriginal’ or ‘non-white.’ Sly… but unavailing… sleight of hand. In the meanwhile WW, if I am going to try to answer your question at some point about my experience of living among ‘non-whites’ I am going to need from you a precise definition of the term non-white please. There is no point to supposing what it means to you – tell us!

        WW has also, in other conversations below on this same thread, done us the favor of letting us know his inclusion of the Chinese Sinitic civilization in his list of ‘barbarous’ peoples and perhaps even, ‘racial filth.’ As ‘aboriginals’ go, I guess the Chinese fit the bill as well as any, having been resident in their own place for a considerable time! I’m actually glad to see him paint with such wipe a brush, as it makes my case considerably easier to put! In sipping my first coffee of the new day, I discovered among some of my recent pieces a few occasions where I cover the cultural context of what we are [hopefully] debating here, and I throw them now into the mix for the amusement of the gallery:

        to whit… from

        “I’ve learned to view the great hostility which greets the observer who points out that condition of collective ‘trance’ as merely a phenomena endemic to the disease. Once freed from the grip of it, and de-conditioned from belief in the accompanying mythologies… one can view that western mind in the same dispassioned manner as the voyager to distant lands in the ‘age of exploration’ viewed the minds of those he encountered. The was the era when, before the occidental mind fully closed in upon itself – convinced of it’s own innate superiority – a plethora of adventurous souls went out into the wider world in search of new vistas of human knowledge… it bears repeating the tale of Darwin, of his meeting with the natives in Patagonia. When his ship arrived off the shore of their locale, those natives, as Juri Lina puts it –
        ‘stared in wonder at the small boats rowing out from the Beagle towards them, but could not see the main ship, “conceptually or even optically, since no large ships had hitherto been a part of their experience. Only the shaman of the tribe could see the ship. When the shaman began to describe the ship with the aid of objects known to the Patagonians, the ship became visible to all. They had a consensus reality, which applied to small boats, but lacked a similar conception of large ships.’

        The modern denizen of the western world.. with or without their vast panoply of tools and technologies with which to describe and modify the world around them… is really no different than the Patagonian of the timeless past. What they can ‘see’ is bounded and determined by what they already ‘know.’ What is unknown… therefore… remains invisible to them! Quite possibly, the drug culture of the sixties and seventies was an effort to circumvent that separation – as a kind of short cut that would eliminate the boundaries between the known and unknown and allow the user to ‘see’ all. If so, it was a miserable failure…there are no ‘short cuts. A large part of the psychic devastation which now marks the western world is due to ignoring that fact! Investigations of the spirit require no ‘tools’ or technologies… imported or otherwise… because the interior travel such investigations require has not any use for such primitive fetish gear. The human mind is of a power superior to any mere physical intercession! Or could be!”

        And from

        “When the delegation reached the summer palace of the Celestial Emperor a year later, they were received as a tribute mission from another of the barbarous tribes of the west. In their own eyes both center of the world, and it’s major civilizing agent, the Chinese of that era viewed the peoples of the western lands as “of a turbulent character, conquering nations by violence and deception!”

        To get a sense of the piquancy of the scene, one could as well imagine a party of Mohicans showing up on the green sward of Windsor Castle in war regalia, demanding that the King arrange their provision with a boatload of guns and firewater, paid for in conch shells and wampum bead!Past is indeed prologue… as we watch the arrival of yuan swaps, corporate takeovers, and Chinese banks in the heart of the City of London’s debt-based fiat Empire!”

      17. 10/4 JFC,

        that is my current workspace. All that lies within is the product of my febrile mind, unless otherwise noted specifically.

        I see that our White Warrior has been busy responding to comments since I put that up – except not mine. If you wouldn’t mind passing it on, since he seems to be getting bashful – I will need to have his definition of ‘non-whites’ in front of me in order to take up the question he posed me. It is not a trick question nor is it a non-essential. Unless he is ceding the field to me already – it needs be clarified – and also how he defines ‘white’ as well. Imprecision of terminology is not going to be an allowed method of escaping from accountability here.

        I enjoyed his outing himself as an all-round racialist by the way. No discrimination against certain groups as opposed to others! Could you also ask if I read it right – that the Chinese are also to be thought of as “racial filth?” Unlike our lad, I do not like to simply presume understanding of the other person’s words. When he is ready and able, I’m still here…
        like Wellington, waiting patiently behind his Lines of Torres Vedras.

    3. Excellent article, very deep, very profound, bursting with deep hidden truths so long kept from us, but now revealed. I’m proud to say I understood everything in this profound article. Well, I understood everything except One Thing, One Thing I did not understand, I do not understand to this day: that snake with that one RED eye.


      I just don’t understand who that RED-eyed snake represents? Max Bilney? “Sir” Francis Bacon, Pat, BMan, CMan, MachtNichts, Dubby dick, Ormanci, Chechar, “Fr. John”, fips, lobro- “avatar”, woebroyim, Ingrid, Makow, “Brutha” Krapper, Simon Gibson, Andrew Anglin, Kaminski, Digger for Truth, Ryckaert, Hymie-in-Afula, Northerntruthseeker, Aangirfan, Noor, MARK GLENN, Lasha?

      No, the snake can’t be Lasha. Lasha always wears a veil over her to hide her true nature. It’s against Lasha’s “religion” to take off her veil and reveal her true self, so the snake ain’t Lasha.

      Emerick? Incogman? Who…? I wonder who it can be? Gee.

  2. Wikipedia turns 15 and aims to become ‘sum of all human knowledge’
    Press Association
    14 January 2016

    Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has targeted becoming the “sum of all human knowledge” as the online guide celebrates its 15th anniversary.

    Mr Wales said the aim of the open-source encyclopedia, where – ANYONE – can contribute and – EDIT – articles, was to “build a high quality record” of human history that “opens up a world of knowledge” to users.

    The internet entrepreneur said sharing knowledge remained the core principle of the website, which is one of the world’s most visited.

    “When you think of the university-aged kids now, they haven’t known a world without Wikipedia, to them we are part of the infrastructure of the world,” said Mr Wales, who also outlined some of the site’s plans for the future.

    1. Yes, if it isn’t in Wiki it doesn’t exist or never happened. No wonder only one in twelve of current university graduates in the UK are employed. Too many study “boxwallah” subjects such as business administration or management! Yes, in my time as a colonial “oppressor”, we never allowed that kind of person into the mess.

    2. I know you don’t care for me, Karen, because I’m not a Nietzsche “god is dead” Heidegger/Dasein Existentialist like you, I don’t share your “religion” [ Existentialism is derived from the jew’s Kabballah as you already know Karen but you will NEVER admit ] ; Just because you don’t care for me because I happen to know your Existentialist “religion” you LERV so much is from the jew Kabbalah doesn’t mean you have to go out on a limb to make yourself a total ditzy air-head chick by linking to one of the most retarded comedy videos of all times. It wasn’t funny, it was just retarded, but I guess “retarded” is your speed. It must be, after all, you worship a dead “god”, and how retarded is that,

      Any one else notice this about the “alternative” media, so many “alternative” media types, just like Karen is the epitome of this circular phenomenon, just LERV to go around in circles, nothing but going around and around and around, never-ending circles, over and over, round n’ round over and over, the very definition of KIKE.

      1. Actually Joe, I do care for you, otherwise I wouldn’t play with you. I would ignore you. As for Kabbalah, I know little about it, aside from what I’ve read in M. P. Halls’ books and that Rene Guenon whom I respect holds it in contempt as a “counter tradition,” so to hell with it. But I do LERV Heidegger with all of my heart, on the other hand I detest Sartre even if I didn’t know first hand that he was a grunting warthog. As for Crispin Hellion Glover their is genius in his madness and I suspect that he would be offended to be thought of as funny. I’m no kike and if you don’t know that by now, you’re not very bright, and bitter and hateful to boot, and I’ll ignore you like everyone else leaving you no playmates on this site, old man.

    3. There are those who advise us not to become “chipmunks”. While this makes sense, there is an exception to this, for example, when you go into the woods to get your dose of NatureRX, it’s a lot better to turn into a chipmunk, this way if you come across anyone walking his or her canine in the woods, if you’re a chipmunk you won’t attack the dog and the dog owner, if you’re a chipmunk you won’t have any desire or need to Wage Intense Violent Brutal Horrific Barbaric Atavistic Dirty Filthy NON-Human — Inhumane Definitely — Feral Rabid Putrid Horrific Detestable Reprehensible Brutally Violent Islamic Muslim JIHAD against the dog and against the dog owner, you’ll be a lot more easy-going about it, about the presence of a dog sharing the woods with you, a lot more mellow about it, a lot more at peace with yourself and the world, a lot more about being all about “peace, love, and understanding” if you’re a chipmunk, rather then being say, A Muslim.

  3. Excellent video and also the comment by Lobro. In Thailand one of the main purveyors of the Jewish agenda is a CIA run paper, which is one of the English Language dailies in Thailand. It was even founded in the late 40’s by a former member of the OSS. It was hilarious to read their recent articles and editorials playing up the threat of ISIS and the need to improve relations with US. Occasionally they will trot out a tame monkey from Thai academia with links to the Brookings Institute in the US to reinforce their message. Beware of experts and academics. Remember, Kissinger was an academic and Robert MacNamara was a systems analyst, who was going to win the Vietnam War. Clowns. Many years ago I was attending a bomb course and the lecturer was introduced as an expert in all facets of EOD. Upon taking the podium his first words were, “There is no such animal as an expert! Remember ‘X’ is the unknown factor and ‘spurt’ is a drip under pressure.”

    1. Actually Karen, the only Darkmooner I’m thinking about right now is “our” Uncle. Actually Karen I couldn’t care less what you think about anything, or if you’re my “playmate” or not. I never said I need a “playmate” any way, so you’re taking liberties with me and I don’t countenance that sort of behavior in a “lady”. It’s best you not be my “playmate” nor I yours. Plus, you could never equal Melvin Polatnick. Melvin was always a lot more honest and straight-forward about being a jew.

      @ Uncle :

      I got some posts in Spam. You only put up 2 of my posts today. The Agreement is for at least 3, more then 3, no limit, if I don’t type out long posts and I refrain from “bad” language. The posts I sent in meet your requirements for you to put my posts on the commentary board. I especially want my reply to Pat [ “Russian economy and war effort in Syria versus USrael ZOG’s economy and war effort in Syria” up-on-the-board. I link to a TUT article in that post I do believe. ]. I also think my TiTuTu post is a lot of fun, but that’s optional. I won’t hold you to The Agreement because that post contains “TIT” in IT, and that’s like so wrong. I realize I broke The Rules with that one, 🙁 . 🙂 !!!!

      1. @ TROJ

        You have had SIX posts published today, DOUBLE the number Admin has said you may have. Your comments are shorter now. That’s good. Remember this: the shorter the comment, the more likely it is to be published.

      2. Joe, why don’t you be straightforward about being a jew? Not even a pleasant jew like Melvin, but a spiteful and ignorant Talmud-humper like Rabbi Antelman? You have never fooled me, which is why I have taken it upon myself to be your “playmate.” Some say that snits like yourself should be bitch slapped and maybe so, but often knocking a fool off of his high horse is just as effective, silly little man, the world is over your head, which is up your ass.

  4. Great article. I’ve been talking about this very thing with a friend recently. He’s still stuck in sheep mentality. Uses Wiki almost exclusively. I’ll have to forward this article to him.
    “Experts in academics”? The vast majority of peer review papers are concocted by paid shills. And 10% of college grads believe Judge ‘Jewdy’ is on the Supreme Court. Wikipedia: the online encyclopedia edited by mob rule.
    It is said the elite will never do anything nefarious to the populace until they first let them know, in some way. So the Matrix wasn’t a science fiction movie. 1984 wasn’t a fantasy. I suspect George Orwell knew some in the ‘inside’.

    Keep up the ‘good’ work.

    1. The REAL REASON the alternative media loves Hitler so much is because Hitler opened Europe up to the Muslim world–> That’s the REAL REASON there so much lauding of Hitler in the alternative media. The REAL REASON is always left Unspoken.

      Was that short enough for you, Uncle? I know you like ’em short. Hitler was short too, by the way, 😉 .

      TOBY: Two of your comments have already been published today. Why? Because both are reasonably short. I just don’t have time to read through 10-15 long comments a day, some of them longer than the average feature article. Even if I had the time, I wouldn’t do it. I have better things to do with my time than read spam comments all day! 🙂

    2. Orwell and Huxley were both members of The Fabian Society. Their job was to reveal the NWO plan and see what the collective reaction was to what they had to reveal. They told the truth in many ways, but they told the truth for reasons that didn’t have to do with them being opposed to the NWO. In the jew Kabbalah and in Freemasonry, the pharisees are required to reveal their plans ahead of time. Though they are not required to reveal their plans in a straight-forward way. They are required to reveal their future plans, but only in an under-handed, subtle, under the radar sort of way.

      Orwell and Huxley were friends and both were members of The Fabian Society. They were not opposed to the NWO. Huxley, for example, revealed the NWO plan to drug the population. But he himself was involved in the NWO plan of making drug usage “cool” and “hip” and “glamorous” and “spiritually superior thing to do” ; Huxley was involved in the NWO plan of drugging the population by spreading and inculcating the “joys” and “wonders” of drugs and handing out LSD. He did that in California, in Berkeley and in San Francisco.

      See Michael Hoffman at “Revisionist History” website. Orwell and Huxley were all about the jew Kabbalah Freemason “Revelation of the Method”, whereby the pharisees reveal their future plans to us but only in a very underhanded way, never revealing their plans in a straight-forward, plain, clear, truly honest way.

      You suspect correctly, AmerikaGulag.

    3. Karen :

      There’s a time for everything under the sun, and this ain’t no time for play and for playmates, honey. Not while our Darkmoon Sister Lacrimosa Dolorosa della Rothschild is crying and weeping in this vale of tears. It’s a time for sorrow ;

      Sorrow and mourning for a Western civilization blown to bits-and-pieces in World War One. Pope Pius X tried to stop the War from happening, the West would not listen. For all the corruption in the Catholic Church, still, the Catholic Church tried to stop World War One from taking place. The 20th century Existentialists were more corrupt by a much greater and much more intense magnitude then the Catholic Church ever was. And that’s A Fact. The Church was not allowed representation at the League of Nations and had no say in the Treaty of Versailles. “Punishment” for being opposed to World War One, I guess. It’s the only conclusion one can come to, really.

      The prayer of the other Pius, the prayer of Pacelli as Europe was In Conflagration from a world gone “god is dead” Nietzsche/Heidegger/Dasein Existentialist ;

      The De Profundis of The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Faith :

      Go tell your problems to Ingrid, Karen. I’m sure Ingrid has the patience for you. I know I don’t.

  5. Why would an employee of CBS (Sharyl Attkisson) be telling us all this? To make “journalists” seem like victims, too? LOL!

  6. Looking at the gardening ideas in ‘Pinterest’ this morning, then reading this fine article, reminds me of our (my) search for something REAL. About all we can do is watch nature form its own conclusions and truths. Everything which we are presented by another human being is suspect to tampering and artificiality. Sometimes, it becomes quite depressing to discover that one’s entire life is bolstered by artificial methods. What IS the reality???!! Sometimes, I think we might as well be ‘happy’ with the flow…. and just ‘be’. 🙁

      1. HP –

        His features resemble mine… beard and all… Though mine neater trimmed. I gotta hat like that, too. 🙂

      2. Pat, somehow I knew that..
        He also looks and sounds very much like my cousin Frank.
        Frank was 7’3″ weighed 350, played the accordion and guitar, and sang.

        I told him to send Lyle Lovett a tape, so he might get hired to play in Lyle’s “Large Band” Or, why don’t you and me go to Mexico! They would absolutely go wild over El Conjunto Gigante! At the least .. Sabado Gigante, here we come!

    1. Walking ones dogs through a forest, growing vegetables, planting a flower garden with seeds started and nurtured indoors on a window ledge, meditating, looking at the night sky and the morning sun rise, all seem to help.

  7. Recently ,in this forum and elsewhere, a new class of commentators is emerging. They are not common trolls, easy to recognize and expose, but extremely erudites “professors ” capable of narcotizing their followers and driving them in unextricable tangle of notions with the apparent purpose of “education”. “Sometimes being ignorant is a shelter from being cheated by an intelligent crook”. Francoise De la Rochefacauld 1966. Cybersecurity is a real worry for the transnational elites, so I suppose that very talented people have been hired to infiltrate targeted sites and blogs, in order to gatekeeping grassroot opposition. Astroturf ?
    I could be wrong, of course, maybe too sospicious, but as I s wrote once here: Wherever there is confusion that lead to discord, I spot the jew. We all know by know the disease , it is time to find the cure. Never ending historycal analysis , even if proof of great knowledge that deserves admiration, will not help reaching our goal of our emancipation, without a clear constructive plan for action. Assuming we have a goal anyway.
    Political correctness will be soon relegated in the dustbin of history, let’s not substitute it with a vortex of paralyzing concepts and analogies. We need a new beginning, thoughts leading actions. Things are changing really fast, let’s unite the energies in a sole great force. Good will against wickedness.

    1. @the Roman
      You’re right. I’m reassured not being the only one seeing ghosts moving in the shadow and trying to stray us deep in the forest .

    2. THE ROMAN
      “Sometimes being ignorant is a shelter from being cheated by an intelligent crook”.
      Are you, yourself, willing to take refuge in such shelter? If “yes”, you step in contradiction with Socratis – he deemed ignorance to be evil.
      If “no”, you mean this shelter for others and, I beg your pardon, look like crook yourself.
      “Whereever there is confusion that lead to discord, I spot the jew”. Oh, yes, these scoundrels are omnipresent, you oust them through the door – they coming back through the window. Maybe apply king Edward method again? “…one charming entrepreneur put them on to the Goodwin Sands in the middle of the Channel, claiming that his ship run aground, and sailed off leaving them there to drown as the tide came in. ‘Get your Moses to part seas for you! he called to them. Which was nice.”
      “We all know the disease, it is time to find a cure”. Who “all”? Looks like narcotizing-hypnotizing. And to call a spade a spade jews are not disease, they a people. The main disease is stupidity and there is no remedy from it. God deliver me from fools. Or “Obliging fool is more dangerous than foe” as Russian proverb goes.
      “Never ending historical analysis…will not help…” Good, attractive. As one day Friedrich Nietzsche, being much displeased with history, exclaimed: “I do not ask you where have you come from, tell me where are you going?” But “without clear constructive plan for action” and “Assuming we have a goal anyway” –
      where are you going?


    A very fine talk! I am constantly the subject of what the lady described – AstroTurf. When I speak of my personal experiences with Congoids, Australoids and Asians I am constantly corrected by people who tell me I must be wrong. Of course these people have had no direct personal experiences of their own, but in their minds I must be wrong because it contradicts what they have read in newspapers, seen on television or read on Wikipedia. The only difference between blacks and whites is skin colour – the nice Jewish boy on the TV told me so.

    However it only takes a day or two living and working with Congoids, Australoids and some Asians to totally obliterate the equality myth . Then one sees the nice Jewish boy for what he really is – a corrupter who is using the equality myth to destroy western society.

    1. White Warrior,
      Yes, I Iived in the Northern Territory in the mid sixties. Back in those days the Abos weren’t allowed to drink and I recall what a big event it was when they were finally allowed to to do so in 1966. There were all sorts of stories about them buying cars and then abandoning them, when they ran out of fuel. Apparently not realising that cars had to be refueled. Abos were only given Australian citizenship in 1967. Australia has “come a long way in indigenous rights.” In Western Australia up until 1901 there was a shilling bounty on any Abos killed.
      Regarding Africa, you might like to go to youtube and watch the full length film Africa Addio made in 1966. It’s quite an eye-opener. When I was living in South Africa in the late 60’s early 70’s there was much talk about the Zambian Space program and the fact that some International Aid group provided $34 million in funding. The “space vehicles” were to launched by using a bent sapling to shoot them into orbit. Astronauts were to be trained by being rolled down slopes in 44 gallon drums to simulate landing on the Moon! Unfortunately I am unable to provide a direct link. Joogle doesn’t regard it as PC. However A. K. Chesterton in his book “The New Unhappy Lords” (1965) devotes several pages to this Zambian endeavour! It’s available for download from the internet!

  9. Sharyl has a half hour news program that is carried by the local CBS affiliate Sunday afternoon. I’m sure other stations must carry her program round the US. I became a fan of Attkisson when I read that she was fired from her position at, was it CBS? for trying to be more truthful then is normal for the 6 big media monopoly complex.
    We truly live in a carefully constructed matrix. The public and private schools and universities, the corporate big 6 media complex, governments at all levels that pose as “public” institutions but are really corporations, big pharma corps and so on, all have their tubes of control inserted into the gray matter of the bemused population.
    In order to live outside the matrix: Never believe anything any politician or government “authority” says.
    Other then the comics and the sports pages only believe half what you read. The TV “news” is all the same with almost the same wording no matter what station like running a tape loop. Even photos can be photo shopped as concerns the “news” so be careful there. A prime example of controlled news is the phenomenon of Hillary Clinton. The Justice Department under the control of another baby shit colored affirmative action attorney doesn’t know whether to shit or go blind with all the FBI digging around in the Clinton emails. Considering all the dead bodies strewn in the path of rapist Billy Boy and wife-e-poo they both should be cooling their heels in the crowbar motel for a very long time. But alas, like so many others of the criminal political class, justice will NOT be done.

    1. And, where do you think Adam was when Eve was being beguiled (wholly seduced) by the whisperer of charms?

  10. regarding that picture !
    is it from the imagination of Lasha’s or is it a real conning manipulating Zionist Snake ?
    the art of deception and deceit is as old as the serpent in Eden
    Eve fallen for it and Adam paid the price
    women are the most conning creatures in this universe.
    men just babble and then submit to the women .
    the Zionists manipulation of your minds is your faults ,because you are weak minded and you lack the disciplined to control your greed and lust ,you drool over the Zionists honey traps and you chase and fall for it. it’s an ending vicious cycle
    in order to free yourselves from the satanic Zionists parasite manipulation is to be wise and strong and be able to expose their lies.
    remember that the Zionists strength is not their power ,it’s your weakness

    1. I notice in the “alternative” media there was a very muted, subdued, a bit sad and disappointed, reaction to Putin when he showed up in Syria and threw a wrench into Usrael ZOG’s jew plans for the Middle East, it was and still is very obvious the “alternative” media is none too happy with Putin — just like jew ZOG’s mainstream media is none too happy with Putin.

      Then, Trump said something about having a common sense immigration policy and maybe it’s time Americans take control of the situation instead of leaving our borders open to the whole third world and also stop Muslim immigration until we can figure out who is who amongst the Muslim immigrants who want to immigrate into the United States ; The “alternative” media is none too pleased for Trump for saying what he did about the immigration issue — just like jew ZOG’s mainstream media is not too pleased with Trump.

      I notice in the alternative media, just like in jew ZOG’s mainstream media — neither media is too happy with Putin, neither media is too happy with Trump. Both medias fully support massive Muslim immigration into the USA.

      The thing with Trump is, in BOTH the jew ZOG mainstream media AND in the “alternative” media, even though BOTH the jew ZOG mainstream and the “alternative media hate Trump, neither media has even ONE WORD of complaint that Trump is very antagonistic towards Iran.

      I can understand why the jew ZOG media never criticizes Trump for being anatagonistic towards Iran, but it’s “funny” that the “alternative” media never criticizes Trump for being antagonistic towards Iran. Trump comes under fire a lot in the “alternative” but no one in the “jew wise/anti-jew/anti-jew-NWO ” “alternative” media has one word of complaint that Trump is antagonistic towards Iran;

      I guess that aspect of Trump’s campaign platform the “alternative” media which we see has so very much in common with jew ZOG’s mainstream media which is owned by jew Washington is “Kosher Approved” . But his wanting to close the USA to uncontrolled third world immigration into the USA is NOT “Kosher”. So the “alternative” media bashes Trump for his “NON KOSHER ” immigration stance but NEVERR bashes Trump for his “KOSHER APPROVED” stance against Iran — JUST EXACTLY LIKE THE JEW ZOG MAINSTREAM MEDIA OWNED BY JEW WASHINGTON Bashes Trump for his “NON KOSHER ” Immigration stance/policy and NEVER bashes Trump for his “KOSHER APPROVED” Iran stance/policy.

      Same EXACT MO the jew ZOG Washington-owned mainstream media AND the so-called “Anti-jew” “alternative” media uses vis-à-vis Trump. Same EXACT MO. “funny” that, ha ha ha , hardy har har.

    2. Observer from hell,

      “… the Zionists strength is not their power ,it’s your weakness”

      Absolutely correct.

      Normally they could never win on their own, but it is us who can lose it all to them if we allow it. Ergo, the problem is self inflicted. There were and are traitors involved, yes, but why haven’t we killed them a long time ago? We are the holders of the key. And the key is to start to think in racial terms. If one is not prepared to do that for whatever reasons, then forget it.


    The following video should help some you gain a deeper understanding of life in a modern African city. The place is Monrovia the capital of Liberia. All I can say is things have not changed in Monrovia since I was last there. The producers got a real shock. After all they were flaming leftists who had ingrained in their psyche the belief that the only difference between blacks and whites is skin colour. By the end of the show the leftist producer had had all his illusions of racial equality absolutely destroyed.

    What you see in this movie is very typical of all African cities run and ruled by the Congoids. If you have not been to the west coast of Africa yet, may I suggest the holiday – it will open your eyes.

    To be fair I must make a comparison between my experiences on the African continent with those on the Australian continent. In Australia I never felt the need to carry a gun – not even in the small outback and mining communities dominated by the Australoids. In Africa a gun is a very necessary accessory – do not leave home without one.

    Happy viewing!!!

  12. The media are not controlled at ground level in TV studios and editorial offices. Instead control is exerted at managerial level, by hiring and promoting staff with “The right attitude”. You must be pro-Israel, and politically correct.

    I recently read a great quote, along the lines that “The next totalitarian regime will not wear jackboots and black shirts, but sneakers and smiley T-shirts”

    LM please contact me.

    1. “You must be pro-Israel, and politically correct”.

      That is in America; less so in Europe.

  13. The biggest mind manipulators are pieces of shit are slithering beings like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield, Rice, Allbright,Blair and race traitor Collin Powel and the stupid bastards who voted twice for them; by lying they killed over two million people in Iraq that’s why every time the angels make two of their fighter planes collide in mid air killing twelve of them we say
    Good riddance damned you

  14. The first step is recognizing that there is ‘mind’ control; the second is to be careful – not everything is mind control. Then there is the aforementioned introduced variables to make it look good, which is deliberate. The good thing after step one is by watching you can learn what is desired by the program, being careful allows you to tap many sources. What is hard for most is to be able to expand the realm of the knowable by probing the unknown. The late Ingo Swann came to the conclusion that power structures have a strong vested interest in denying mankind’s psychic potential except for the exclusive use of the elites. His book “Penetration” is an eye opener. Intent is perceivable but not detected by the rational processes – in Martial Arts, the Japanese refer to this as “Saki” or the force of the killer. That’s the bottom level, humans are capable by training to go much further. Still, the rational has it’s valued place – when it’s able to be used! Look at all the holocaustianity squealing; yet absolutely nothing, nothing at all anywhere about Victor (Nathaniel Mayer Victor Rothschild, MI-5 career and communist spy, and zionist above all else, now known with little fanfare as the true 5th man from the Cambridge Ring) Rothschild’s infamous remark of record; when advising Churchill to bomb the food trains supplying concentration camps because “There will be no room for schnorrers (jewish beggars, moochers) in the new country”. It and much else like it is largely part of the unknown but easily accessible – no exotic training necessary – all you have to do is look, read, and think. Jews just accept the program thinking about free lunches or substituting emotion for critical examination. What do you know, it wasn’t the evil Germans who intended to starve valuable workers, and Rothschild acknowledged that many of the jews were in the camps not as jews but as freeloaders and criminals. Today the Germans give ’em submarines – now that’s mind control, by way of the handle on the carrot shoved up Merkel’s backside.

  15. I can’t talk about the arcana because I know nothing about it.
    Actually, I can talk about it because so many talk about stuff they know nothing about, so why can’t I?
    Because the time is short and better spent in pursuit of truth, not to mention the psychic hygiene.

    Still, by no means am I contemptuous of the arcana, I give it healthy respect without worshipping it – will learn what I can as I go along, just enough to be able to spot it and stay clear, no need for PhD in the subject, like dealing with piranhas – know where they are likely to be and go apeshit and stay away.

    On the subject of Judaic magic, I can observe the following algorithm, based on the principles of leverage and crystal formation:
    take total control of a group, mold them into a monolithic entity, a single organism as it were cloned into a multitude, imbue them with a singular sense of sinister, uncanny power and start absorbing the next of kin into the cult – after all, that’s how cults operate, I recall the Scientology recruiters decades ago when I was an undergrad, how they dressed in long capes, tall, skinny guys visibly emulating Peter Cushing as Count Dracula.
    Let the myth of invincible, preordained superiority and conquest trickle out and mesmerize the victim, like that pictured reptile staring down a rat.
    The rat can run, he can fight back, but won’t do either because the snake convinced him that it is as good as over, submit to being swallowed alive, let’s get it over with.

    You must be able to visualize this serpent in 4th dimension too, because it slithers through centuries as well as spatially, remorselessly creeping toward its stated goal of Sauronic takeover of the world, smothering it in its naked evil.

    Why does it not take trouble to disguise the evil but in fact plays it up for our sick fascination?
    Part of the formula, so much easier to hypnotize the prey than if it was done in a regular, businesslike manner.

    NB: still, I am most curious about its earliest origin, time zero, ground zero.
    Knowing that may offer us a an important weapon – don’t ask why, just a strong hunch.

  16. Continuing on this perplexing subject/Jew magical shell game … a non-academic learning process.

    I prefer sitting outdoors with my espresso at the nearest cafe, under a big sunbrella.
    The tabletop is a massive slab of raw wood, sanded smooth and varnished, with 2-3 big cracks. So today there were a few of those “crazy” ants zipping around and I made a mistake of brushing and blowing them away. That signaled the colony to come swarming out of one crack, millions of them hauling their worldly belongings, I guess eggs, crazy ant’s burden and scooting off to the crack across the table, a bunch of them invading my coffee cup and forearms, precipitating more annoyed brushing.
    After that, I kept imagining the buggers tickling me where there were none, maybe breeze moving the small hairs on my arms … definitely annoying, so I moved indoors, conceding defeat.
    I know a young person functionally blind, only able to perceive stuff a few inches away and how terrified of insects she is – quite understandably.

    And this too is an element in Jew juju, the stealthy shapeshifters sneaking and crawling where they are not spotted until too late, making grotesque appearances to spook us further and letting our freaked out imagination place them where there are none, in endless frenzy of fear, confusion and tail-chasing.
    They definitely know what they are doing while we are blissfully unaware and it is costing us big time.

    Being Jew-wise is a relative term, one should never assume to know-it-all but keep observing, keep learning. And that’s the way to inevitable victory, ignorant complacency leads to equally inevitable defeat.

    1. @ Lobro

      Mind control/brainwashing/indoctrination certainly isn’t a new thing.

      As requested, let’s jump on the way-back machine to 1880 with this quote.

      “There is no such thing, at this date of the world’s history, in
      America as an independent press. You know it and I know it.

      There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions,
      and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in
      print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinions out of the
      paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries
      for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to
      write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another
      job. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my
      paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone.

      The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth;
      to lie outright;
      to pervert;
      to vilify;
      to fawn at the feet of mammon, and
      to sell his country and his race for his daily bread.

      You know it and I know it and what folly is this toasting an
      independent press? We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind
      the scenes. We are jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we
      dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the
      property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.”
      — John Swinton
      (1829-1901) Former Head of Editorial Staff for the New York Times
      was one of America’s best loved newspapermen.
      Called by his peers “The Dean of his Profession”
      1880, At a banquet in his honor
      Source: Labor’s Untold Story, by Richard O. Boyer and Herbert M. Morais, published by United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America, NY, 1955/1979

      Next jump in the way-back machine to 1807 with these two quotes from the same source from Thomas Jefferson.

      “Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle. The real extent of this state of misinformation is known only to those who are in situations to confront facts within their knowledge with the lies of the day. I really look with commiseration over the great body of my fellow citizens, who, reading newspapers, live & die in the belief, that they have known something of what has been passing in the world in their time; whereas the accounts they have read in newspapers are just as true a history of any other period of the world as of the present, except that the real names of the day are affixed to their fables.”

      “I will add, that the man who never looks into a newspaper is better informed than he who reads them; inasmuch as he who knows nothing is nearer to truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods & errors. He who reads nothing will still learn the great facts, and the details are all false.”
      — Thomas Jefferson
      (1743-1826), US Founding Father, drafted the Declaration of Independence, 3rd US President
      Source: Thomas Jefferson to John Norvell, June 11, 1807

      Next jump in the way, way-back machine to 300BC with this tidbit of info. Is this the beginning? Most probably for the jews.

      For 100 years, 300BC to 200BC, the Pharisees implemented mandatory literacy. Since there were no readily available books in wide circulation to read, it is a sure bet that it was mandatory to read the Old Testament scrolls. The Pharisee tales and laws were forced into the minds of the populace which gave the Pharisees complete control. If reading the Old Testament was a good idea, it would not have to be made mandatory. The Old Testament contains just enough truth so that the reader accepts all of its lies as the truth, a typical propaganda/indoctrination/mind control technique. This mind control was so effective that it has stood the test of time, 2,200 years, since most current jews, Christians, and Muslims still believe the Old Testament is all true even though Jesus demolished most of its basis.

      Bottom line: The jews are quite experienced in misinformation and lying for mind control/brainwashing/indoctrination purposes.

      Hopefully this helps.

      1. For 100 years, 300BC to 200BC, the Pharisees implemented mandatory literacy.

        Yes, it helps, Ung, I didn’t know that.
        I guess that’s why poindexterism is such a persistent trait among them.
        It gets us closer to unraveling Time-Zero, Ground-Zero (T0G0) mystery, like cosmologists looking at the Big Bang, got it down to less than a nanosecond as I understand, but each subsequent fraction getting more uphill.

        Who thought of the idea of mandatory literacy and why? A very interesting question whose answer would be a big step towards T0G0.
        It was a far-reaching masterstroke of analytic genius, just try to imagine this mind in the age of absolute illiteracy, when other priesthoods made their living out of appropriating literacy for themselves, mangy goatherds sweating in animal skins under tabernacle roofs.

        And we get closer to “Who wrote Old Testament and why“, to what purpose and ultimate end.

      2. Good quotes, Ungenius.
        Note that Muslims know- it is mentioned several times in the Qur’an, that the Jews forged the Scriptures: both,Old and New Testaments.

      3. @ Still

        You said that Muslims know about the forgeries of the scriptures and it is mentioned in the Qur’an. I have not read the Qur’an and probably won’t since I spend most of my study time analyzing the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels. I would appreciate knowing the portions of the Qur’an relating to the known forgeries to see if they match my conclusions.

      4. Here are some places where Qur’an mentioned that the Jews forged the Scriptures: (Surat,Verse)
        (2,75,79), (4,46),(5,13,41), (6,91).
        Some details of the [alleged] forgeries are given in verses such: (5,18,72 til 75).


        # Still

        Thanks for the references. I read a couple of difference translations and it appears that both agreed that the jews modified the Torah by omission and insertion. Some things never change.

    2. @ Lobro

      I mistakenly posted in reply to the wrong comment of your. It should have gone to your previous comment.

  17. Jew has traits in common with mosquito.
    Attracted by human sweat, drinks blood in stealth, by the time you scratch the itch, he is gone to another victim.

    But let me show you another aspect of the matrix.
    I just read how Americans are chronically sleep deprived and how it ruins their health, making them irritable, depressed and dysfunctional.
    Good material for easy control.
    Sometimes I even wonder at the occasionally elevated levels of emasculated bitchiness seen in the threads.

    But a big reason is that they work ever longer hours, terrible shifts when by rights they should be sawing logs.
    Longer hours of work because of ever decreasing returns, can barely keep up with barest necessities.
    And then, depressed and defeated, they escape into electronic prisons, Jew’s blue screen of death, so instead of relaxing, communicating with family, reflection or sleep, they are trapped in a further hall of distorted mirrors.

    Like being slowly strangled and swallowed by the anaconda of slavery.
    All part of the carefully laid plan.

    1. Psycho-Techno Mesmerism, with a dash of pharma, and a little pinch of hope.

      And the baloney.. Damn, the baloney!
      (extra Bernays sauce, please)

  18. WHAT we are up against:

    Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses, in that study scientist try to prove that part of the jewisch tribe originated from the early Neanderthals. They were hunted down by the Homo Sapiens and fled east, were they the first inhibitors of the later Khazaria? The admixed with neighboring populations, When the Khazarian empire came to end in the thirteen century the flrd over the whole of Europe.

    Still admixing with the Arian people they improved their looks for the last few centuries .
    Their dream is to become the only white race to rule the world with an iron whip.

  19. WHAT we are up against:

    Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses, in that study scientist try to prove that part of the jewisch tribe originated from the early Neanderthals. They were hunted down by the Homo Sapiens and fled east, were they the first inhibitors of the later Khazaria? The admixed with neighboring populations, When the Khazarian empire came to end in the thirteen century the flrd over the whole of Europe.
    Still admixing with the Arian people they improved their looks for the last few centuries .

    Their dream is to become the only white race to rule the world of mixed slaves with an iron whip.

  20. Dear Ormanci:

    No more circumlocution. Get to the point!!!!!

    Have you ever lived and worked in communities in which the white man is the numerical minority? What is your range of work experiences and personal experiences on the African continent and the Australian continent?

    I do not want quotes from books – rather I want you to tell us what you saw and what you experienced.

    Again Oramanci have a look at

    I have seen it in person some years ago and now so can you. Very typical of non-white communities.

    And again – get to the point!!!

    1. Dear Felix:

      Many thanks for your support. I have seen a few videos on you-tube of the events you describe.

      What people like Ormanci, Pat and others do not realise is that as a white man I want to live in a white society. I do not care if Congoids kill and eat each other, and I do not care if Chinese medicine recommends the consumption of aborted human fetuses. I do not care what blacks, browns or yellows do on their own ‘turf’ so long as they do not do it on mine. The only way to understand what is likely to happen on one’s turf if you allow these other races to occupy it is to go to where they are the numerical majority. Just look at the state of some of our cities like Detroit and Cincinnati. Look at conditions in South Africa now that it is under black rule. I have seen Johannesburg when it was a white city and now as a black city it is a living hell. The UN describes it as one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

      My comments on my observations of the behaviour of Congoids and Australoids (aboriginals) as politically incorrect as they may sound are not exceptional. Anyone who has lived and worked in communities in which the white man is the numerical minority has made similar observations. Rather than being exceptional observations they are the norm.

      As for aboriginal drunkenness I have never seen any aboriginal forced to drink, rather they do it willing. They often start as young children sniffing petrol and then move up to sniffing glue and then drinking beer. Any licensed liquor seller who refuses to sell them alcohol faces court for having discriminated against them. This fact is well-known by those who live and work in the communities.

      I really wish Ormanci, Pat and others would have a holiday. Start by spending one week in Monrovia the capital of Liberia followed by a week in and about Reykjavik the capital of Iceland. Spend a week in and about Johannesburg and then have a week in Perth, the capital of Western Australian. To add a little diversity to the cultural cake spend a week living with the black brothers in Port Au Prince the capital of Haiti and then have a holiday in Tokyo the capital of Japan. After this globe hopping trip tell me which town and country you would have no objections visiting again.

      The YouTube video I suggested entitled “The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia” is a very good one and it is unbiased. You can see what I and others have seen in person. Liberia has always been like this and will remain so while the Congoid rules.

      I do not care that Liberians behave in this way – the African way – I just do not want my cities and my country going the same way.

      Unfortunately too many whites have had no real experience with the black brothers and sisters, and here I am not talking about half-castes – mongrels – octoroons and other variants. I am talking about blacks so black that you would think they have just dropped out of a tree in equatorial Africa. These whites know all the answers, why? Well they have read it in a book or they have seen it on TV or they studied it at a white University.

      In a previous post I suggested a few books written by well-educated and intelligent people who like me have had real experiences in Congoid run and ruled societies. The work by Pritchard and Schweitzer are exceptional reads for those who want a true picture of African life. The book by Pritchard is next to impossible to get and modern editions of Schweitzer’s book have had many sections removed or edited to make it acceptable to a new age of politically-correct intellectuals.

      However why would anyone want to listen to Pritchard or Schweitzer – they are white men and they can only tell us what they saw, which might be the exception rather than the rule.

      For those who have travelled and seen societies in which the white man is the numerical minority I would welcome your observations.

      1. White Warrior –

        I never spoke against your position about whites. I want to live in a mostly white society. There is no argument from me there.

        I merely complemented Ormanci’s answer to your claim that you have to live in a society to know about it…. or before you can even comment on it.
        When I see someone get burned grabbing a skillet… I know it is hot, and can elaborate on the effects of heat on human skin. I don’t need to grab it.
        One does not have to live in the desert to know it will kill you if you have no water. Count me out.
        I have never been to prison, but I know the inmates are not the best people in society. I’ll stay away.

        I lived in Guam. Not for me.

        I have traveled extensively in the Weat Indies. I would not want to live there either. Hell, I don’t want to live in Miami.. 🙂

  21. I went on a short trip to another city yesterday but I couldn’t make it home and when flipping the control through the cable channels I found a triple x site; guess what … there were five white women, yes five! Sucking and kissing and sitting on and getting on all four on a single black man! I turned the volume down So the maids don’t think I am a pervert but I couldn’t hold the laugh when I remembered Max the Australian kangaroo chaser when he said in a recent comment something like “oh I am so white, girls just love me mnmm haa hoo they love to lick me I am white boy I got blonde hair I look like fuckin Zeus blah blah blah”
    I then remembered an African American sayin
    -once you go black you won’t go back!!”
    Satisfaction guaranteed

  22. Pat:

    You make very true comments, but life is about experience and one gains a deeper understanding of life – an epiphany of reality when one actually experiences it. Reading a book on anatomy does not make you a surgeon – there are hands-on practical skills you must acquire before you are a real surgeon. Only experience with the surgical knife will give a surgeon these skills.

    I just saw a very good article on the New Observor – it details a leaked report about the behaviour of our brown brothers and sisters in Germany.

    My experiences on the African and Australian continent come from my work as a mining professional. Sometimes you were located in remote locations for weeks before being shipped out by helicopter. Other times you lived in a neighbouring town. I just did not go and have a look at the black brothers and sisters I lived with them, worked with them and broke the proverbial bread with them. I knew them as closely as anyone can know another person. I gained a deeper understanding into how they behave and think. To give you a snippet of what I and others experienced I would need at least 20,000 words. I also have many pictures taken on an old style camera – pre digital camera days.

    I tried to get an article published by a major newspaper some years ago but was told the material though accurate would offend some of the papers regular subscribers.

    Get that!!! The truth would offend.

    Why would a PhD work for the mining industry? That is obvious – they paid five times the amount that academia would pay, plus you got free travel around the globe and many other perks too.

    Walk in my shoes before you pass judgement Pat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. White Warrior –

      I have not passed judgement on you at all. Don’t be so defensive, White Warrior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
      Just make your points and the opinions of others should not affect you at all.

      I enjoy your opinions. But, if you stopped it is no skin off my back, either.

      You do not know me. I am known to be the most racist person in my circle of many friends.

      I was raised in “whites only” segregationist times in the South…. from 1940 onward.
      I liked it that way. I would have it that way today. It was much better.

      1. Understood Pat, but I am more than a racialist I am anti-homosexuality, anti-religion, and I believe woman should accept their natural role as mothers. They have no need to worry about careers. Our race is dying and white woman must start breeding white babies. I have had two white children and if I could I would make more white babies. Miscegenation is a vile practice akin to beasitality and necrophilia. I do not support gay marriage and I take the view that homosexuality is a sickness of the mind. You should love my post below!!

      2. Shucks Pat, I’m so racist I don’t have any friends..
        Not even a lousy hippie!
        (he was a great guy until i got to know him)

  23. Some people still here think, that Richard Brinsley Sheridan only invented the word MALAPROP back in 1775. There was another new word also in that comedy. Please is about time to call things by their authentic names and titles. Tell that to criminals Mileikowsky and Persky. By the way how is the geriatric Belarusian Ashkenazi born health. A heart explosion might just suffice.

  24. Speaking of mind manipulation … and mind in general.

    People, please do not use monikers like:

    Dragon Slayer,
    Jew Hunter,
    White Warrior,
    Goyim Savior,
    Jastice For Chinese,
    Pat For President,

    and the like.

    By picking such a moniker you are basically flashing a big sign right there saying: “I am stupid. No, no … don’t take my word for it, I will prove it to you with facts“.

    Would you want to listen to him?

    1. Believe me, I would NOT pick a moniker like “Pat for President”, not in a million years. I do, however, I do LERV the moniker “WhiteEagleSnakeHunter”. Thank you, TROJ.

      1. @TROJ

        Believe me, I would NOT pick a moniker like “Pat for President”, not in a million years.

        I believe your attitude towards Pat was unjustly stern. If George ‘Nucular’ Bush Junior could be a president of the USA, why can’t Senior citizen, Nucular bomb denier, Pat. Is he not dumb enough to qualify for the job?

        1. by Ellie K, writing as ‘Lacrimosa’

          ADMIN: We publish this comment by a self-admitted Rothschild Jew (if you can believe this tall story of hers) who has already been effectively outed as a peddler of “bogus anti-Semitism” on this website.

          Her bogus anti-Semitism will of course appeal to the anti-Semites on this site who mistake her over-the-top fake anti-Semitism for the real thing. Remember this. In attacking all religions and Christianity in particular, this well-educated Jewess is walking in the proud footsteps of the atheistic Jew Karl Marx and the scummy Frankfurt School Jews. She is promoting a Jewish agenda while pretending to hate and detest the Jews.

          Don’t be fooled by this cunning Zionist troll.

          — Dr DZ
          (New temporary moderator)


          by Ellie K (‘Lacrimosa’)

          Having been officially recognized as a force of nature, meaning, that is, that I can as little be repressed as a filthy Hebrew toilet Jew ever can love, and that, by the way, by no less an eminence than a stripling English Toby, who must be pitied with the equal passion and vehemence as he must be loved, I here have again returned, as always immensely and singularly unhappy, though knowing full well that my words shall pass unmolested and untinkered, and that my visual ejaculations shall of necessity remain uncensored and untouched, and this despite the rapidity and the seeming incomprehensibleness with which they are uttered, and the complete and utter irreverence and disrespect which they show towards the very persons who, despite the deafening clamour and violent protestations of their fellow religious followers, have forcibly elected to host and to accommodate me.

          The lizard-in-chief, John Scott Montecristo, in whom are united the most unpleasant of Jewish features, may dislike what he hears, but our English Gentleman ought to know that, it is better to put up for a few moments with the likes of a foul-mouthed but truth-telling Ellie, than spend a lifetime believing in the hideous mind tricks which his wonderful mind-fucking Religion of Christianity has played on him ever since his unfortunate complicated terrestrial conception. Your head, Monty, where?

          That many diseases have plagued man, is a truth which hardly requires recalling; and, likewise, that the world has always contained Philosophers and lovers of humanity, like me, who for the most part have rendered themselves hideously unwanted for the simple fact that they have chosen to become the most disagreeable forerunners and harbingers of that which is yet to come, is equally true. Paterculus says that, if a man is careful about what he says, lest he displeases those whom he is meant to please, will never get far; and Cicero, sounding not unlike his successor, betters that thought, by saying that, our only concern in life ought to be whether or not what we say resonates with the truth; for, whilst it is true that truth, too, can bring us pain, it is the lies alone that plague us.

          ’What is it with the religious people that causes them to refuse to grow up? I mean, what is it with all this clasping of hands and the stunning concentration of will? Is it the man who is praying? or, the child within him who is perpetually hoping?’ These and such-like were the questions I once put to a religious Catholic personage in Italy back in 2013, and the Judaic fellow, having earlier been apprized, no doubt, by the prowling Jesuits, of my identity, and thus hoping to leave our meeting with a purse slightly the fuller and the thicker than it previously was before we met, answered them in the most brutally candid way that a Jewish Consciousness thief is capable of answering; he said: ‘’Human wretchedness, human hopelessness and human ignorance.’’ And indeed, that your human wretchedness – Catholics are always depressed; frequent and long praying in front of an instrument of torture tends to unconsciously assault the mind – that your human wretchedness, I say, plays a crucial role in your own enslavement, has long been acknowledged even by your own spiritual leaders, since no less an eminence than Pope Leo X, as the Acta Romanorum Pontificum now finally reveals to us, gloated in the wonderful and bottomless Consciousness and golden riches which his invented Jewish Archon Religion has yielded him, by saying, ‘’It has served us well, this Christ myth.’’

          As for Hopelessness, no better an instance in all the lifetimes could have been furnished me than the grossest and the most hideous sight I once came across in Medjugorje, where I witnessed, amongst a multitude of other gross Religion banalities, a middle-aged Christian woman crawling in all fours, like a dirty human dog, up the steep stone steps of that mountain, presumably so as to make herself the better acquainted with the imagined sufferings of her Jesus, the Christ, whilst all around her and me a hundred-thousand-billion-trillion invisible Jesuit spies evilly scanned the field for any potential heathen unbelievers or troublemakers, like me, about whom they each informed themselves in hushed Jesuistic tones what to do should we so much as in thought evince the slightest expression of unbelief in all that fucking Jewish hocus-pocus. Are you a hocus-pocus people? Yes, you are, aren’t you? Good afternoon, hocus-pocus people, how are you today?

          And as for your cosmic and mind-blowing peasant Ignorance – well, what can a single, unloved and perennially-hated rich little Ellka say that hasn’t previously been said by your own Religious luminaries, namely, Eusebius, that Jewish criminal Consciousness thief, who himself recorded the following truth: “We shall introduce into this Christian history of ours only those events which may be useful first to ourselves and afterwards to posterity.” – (Eusebius, Ecclesiastical History, Vol. 8, chapter 2); or, John Chrysostom, the bishop of Constantinople, who openly asked and stated that, “Do you see the advantage of deceit? For great is the value of deceit…. In fact, action of this kind ought not to be called deceit, but rather a kind of good management, cleverness and skill, capable of finding out ways where resources fail, and making up for the defects of the mind…. And often it is necessary to deceive, and to do the greatest benefits by means of this device, whereas he who has gone by a straight course has done great mischief to the person whom he has not deceived.” – (John Chrysostom, Treatise On The Priesthood, Book 1).

          And so, mine little people, as you can see, you have all been had, divinely so, and yet, and despite my thankless effort of weaning you off your man-made, manufactured, Jewish magic toilet nothing, I cannot but entertain, and this upon the supremest and the clearest conviction of experience and reason, the profoundest and not a little demonic pleasure in the knowledge of the fact that, what you once thought salvific and divine, has invariably, if only you had sufficient brains to know it and to admit it, turned out to be your profoundest disappointment in that utterly primitive spirit called Christianity, through which corpses are adored, blood is held in reverence, criminals are beatified, pedophiliacs are trusted, and the evil Jews are loved, the religion which is so all-embracing and so loving that, ‘’If any man preaches a truth other than that of the Gospel, he ought to be accursed!’’ – (St Paul, Epistle to the Galatians, 1:8). How nice! If love is all we need, what room is there for curses, eh?!

          For a change, do the right thing by humanity and stop preaching the Jewish Gospel. Halt Time, as much as you can, reverse it, and enter into the feelings of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of Peruvians, of Mexicans, of Egyptians, of Greeks, of Russians, of Africans, of Germans, of Aborigines and of everyone else in between whom your Religion of Love has so very thoroughly slaughtered, as to make the Devil himself seem merely mischievous! It is not a shame, you know, to admit to having been deceived, for even though such admission uncovers the presence of ignorance and credulity, both of them combined cannot equal the poison of spiteful belief, since if the former two are detected – and Mother Truth always detects untruths – the possessor of them is merely admonished and immediately afterwards corrected, but when the latter one is perceived, the possessor of it is more ridiculous and foul than the sweetest and the wisest of Jews that ever lived.

          Everywhere you have gone, you have burned! Many years ago, when the Earth was young and man was again retracing his ancient wisdom steps, your loving Christianity burned to cinders the most gorgeous library ever to exist! Hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of thousands of books, of scrolls, of manuscripts, of papers, of equipment, of art, of diaries, of formulas, of precepts, of philosophies, of counsels, of thoughts, of collections, of recollections, of poems, of histories, of annals, of stories, of treatises and of inventions – all of them turned to black charred Judaic dust, and all this – and here comes your demented Jewish concept of salvation – all this simply and solely because those shelves contained truths which the Gospel did not, and that many of them propounded the most beautiful and truthful idea that every man, without exception, belongs to God, only not to a schizophrenic demented god created by a demented man, but to the one whom He, God, created: The Universal Father, The Creator of All the Cosmoses, The All That Was, Is, And Ever Will be – in other words, THE COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS, THE COMPLETE AND TOTAL AWARENESS, THE ULTIMATE ISNESS, THE ONE PRESENT IN THE GRAIN OF SAND, AND IN THE BARK OF A TREE, AND IN THE PLANTS, AND IN YOU AND ME! I wonder how many of you, you filthy black Jewish cattle, you unconscious idiots, you total nothingses, can actually extend your stultified, pornographized Judeo Christian brain and albeit temporarily so much as revolve, let alone accept and understand, this truly and utterly divine concept?! It shouldn’t be that hard, you know; after all, if you believe that a simple and oft-recurring Summer and Winter solstice are sufficiently powerful and capable to spawn a god, who walks on water, and feeds a nation, and is killed, but survives, and is raised, to one day return – surely, I say, if you can wholeheartedly believe, and live by, and teach your little, inoffensive but soon-to-be-condemned little ones to live by such primitive and utterly ridiculous nonsense as this, surely you can at least consider not only the alternative to this, but the only truth opposed to this, the truth which requires no blind belief in dogmas, no nervous humming of Jewish Paternosters, no crawling dog-like to one of Nature’s most beautiful summits, and no abolition and surrender of your immensely beautiful human will to the satanic and predatory extra-terrestrial Archontic element which has hijacked very nearly half of humanity’s minds and hearts, which regularly and without remission rapes and cuts the throats of your little ones, which happily blurts out, in the most shameless Judaic manner, the most impossible absurdities which a depraved human imagination can ever concoct, and which, through an astonishingly clever positioning of itself on the Earth’s most throbbing energetic points, has established its little Devil’s embassies, known as churches and cathedrals, in which anything inhuman goes, and through which every pulse of your divine Consciousness embedded within each and every one of you is harnessed and stolen, so that you enter them with a mind of your own, and exit them with a strangely embedded and deceptive one of theirs – SURELY!

          But, alas, methinks that the evil Ellie is either the grossest, the most foulest, and the most putrefying human debris scum that has ever walked on this earth, or, perhaps, that YOU are the ones and not her who are the chief offenders to the human species; for, the New Reality, which man has desperately been awaiting for the better part of twenty-six thousand years, is very nearly upon us, you know, and this New Reality will not be an Age in which Christianity in particular, and Religion in general, are relegated to the dustbin of History simply because it is fun to demolish that which man holds the dearest to his heart, but rather an Age which abhors lies and falsities, which hates untruths and deceptions, and, hopefully, the Age which finally and once for all, kills, and buries, and grinds to black fucking Jewish dust every Jew, big Jew, and small Jew, for all eternity, for you may take it as a rule that seldom deceives, that if in this world there exists so much as a single lie that is capable of affecting the truth, it has been concocted, plotted and refined in those lands where no rose grows, where no happy warbler chirps to its lover bird, and where every other rascality and diabolic filthy evil is concocted and planned and refined: THE EVIL ISRAEL, OF THE EVIL, LYING, FILTHY, JEWISH UNPEOPLE.

          Are you a Christian Judeo Jew, pretending to love humanity, whilst scraping off the sweet marrow of the bone of a gorgeous, unoffending Hypatia, whose only crime was to posit the possibility that, after all, the Earth may not be at the centre of the Solar System? Yes, you are, aren’t you? Shame on you, evil dogs! The New Reality will soon discard you, in the way a mechanic discards a used rag, and after that, the black graves of your Jewish mothers and fathers, which offend even the ugliest of landscapes. What you religious people in general, and you loving Christians in particular, have done to the lonely and loving species of man; what unspeakable bestialities in Latin America alone you have committed – even I cannot put these in words, and, as you know, there is nothing I cannot write about, because I am talented, and do speak powerfully. Repress and delete all you want – I don’t care; every event, big or small, is recorded as a Consciousness at the energetic level, and because the New Reality will be composed solely of Consciousness and Energy, we shall do away with the killer lovers you not by turning you into a New Reality believers – only cattle believe – but rather, because Pity and Repentance are your two sole tenets on which your miserable Christian killer souls rest, we shall kill you by summoning up in your Consciousness the ghosts of the burning babes and mothers past, of broken peasants and violated maidens, whom you condemned to the flames simply because they refused to love you, and thus, by way of mass recollection, we shall kill you with your own forces of Pity and Repentance, which your pedophiliac Jewish Christian Religion priests would rather you, the unconscious religious cattle nothing, forget, since they know that it is the Memory, the sole receptacle of everything that is, and not Faith, which maketh or breaketh the man. As indeed do we, the harbingers and terrestrial forgers of the Heavenly and New Reality, a Reality where Religion will be dead, where filthy Jew will be pulverized, and where man’s ancient and original connection to the Heavens will again be established, his old, old, Heavenly home, though this time through that which the unfathomably evil Christian Church has always attempted to stab, to fool and to imprison: HIS UNDYING, DIVINE AND LOVING HUMAN HEART.


          ‘Those who are brought up believing in false narratives and historical lies, only do honour to their cruel masters who peddle them, for whom no mind must be left unwounded.’ – E.K..


    Things you will not see on TV or read in the newspaper.

    As many of you might know blacks in Africa do not share our affection for faggots – that is those individuals who are of the anal invasion persuasion. It is well documented, and one can access information about the treatment of faggots in Africa on the UN website.

    In Uganda homosexuality is a serious criminal offence. The Ugandans are even thinking about making it an offence punishable by death. Other African countries are moving in the same direction regarding faggots. However the locals often enact their own justice long before the law can get their hands on the offender by using the technique called “necklacing.” Necklacing involves tying the victim’s arms behind his back with wire, and putting a gasoline soaked tire around his neck and setting it alight with a match or lighter. Death is swift but still very painful I imagine. I have only ever seen one necklacing in person so I cannot be considered an expert on the practice but someone has loaded a video onto the Internet so you all may be witness. The video is factual, accurate and consistent with what UN observers have claimed about the treatment of faggots in Africa.

    Among Muslims homosexuality is serious – a beheading offence. It often amuses me to see feminists, leftists, faggots and lesbians welcoming Muslims to their country. It is like the sheep opening the gate to allow the wolves to enter. With white people there is one guarantee – most are gullible and naïve – they are what the more racially perceptive whites call lemmings.

    Enjoy the viewing! I hope you do not mind the blood, but reality is a hard teacher. Look at that diversity!!!!!



    During my working life as a mining professional I spent time in China, mainly in the large cities – Beijing and Jinan, but I also had experiences in the provinces. When in China I was a vegetarian – that is right – I never ate animal protein – not that I do not mind eating mutton, lamb or beef – you had no idea which animal supplied the meat you were given to eat. Below is a link to a video exposing the Chinese trade in cats for human consumption, and I have also included a link to one about dogs. Also about the treatment of animals at a fur farm.

    In an earlier Post I mentioned the Chinese proclivity for eating aborted human fetuses – especially late term fetuses. I have pictures for those interested. The full story can be found in the Hong Kong newspaper Eastern Express. The article appeared in the April 12, 1995, issue of the Eastern Express. As you will see from the article the reporter visited several hospitals in mainland China seeking aborted fetuses for eating and found that they were readily available.

    Yes I know we eat meat in the west but that is not the point. It is the level of cruelty shown by the Chinese who have no concern for the suffering of the animal. In fact many derive great pleasure from the screams – using a gun or slitting the animals throat with a knife is considered an inconvenience and a waste of money.

    The psychological differences between the average white person and the average non-white are real, observable and well documented. I do not care that in China they eat cats, dogs or human fetuses I just do not want the Chinese doing it in my country. It is good to be tolerant but when does tolerance become a burden. What will happen when we whites become the numerical minority in our own lands?

    1. G’day White Worrier. I watched your link to Liberia etc. All 58 minutes worth. I need a Bex, a cup of tea and a good lie down. Holy Fuck!

      As for chinks, they are civilised, couth and clean generally; yet they fall down badly with their treatment of beasts and other animals. An example would be the fate of Ferdinand, the 1986 Kentucky Derby winner. He was sold to Japan as a stallion, then in older age after his ‘use by date’ he was sent to the knackery and turned into dim sims or sushi. American racing folk now have a “Ferdinand fee” (which is voluntary) to enable American stallions to be repatriated from Japan. Silver Charm is a recipient.

      #sandal wearing goldfish tenderers!

  27. Few remarks in passing:
    great quote of Juri Lina on Beagle landing someplace where the locals couldn’t see the big ship because it was outside their experience until the shaman explained it to them.
    This is the tragedy of our [email protected]#$ed up world, not just that we can’t see the big ship but we CAN’T EVEN SEE THE SHAMAN.

    White Warrior, I watched that video from Monrovia that you linked to and quite see what you’re saying.
    However, you limit your perspective by refusing to look beyond the spectacle of gore, misery and shit littering every frame.
    By the end of the documentary I found myself liking these people way more than Jews, despite all the horror, cannibalism, rapes et cetera.
    What they lack in intellect, they make up in a sincere, truthful heart.
    I would rather entrust my safety with most of those bandits than with any Jew I have ever known.
    As for their savagery, it is what it is, West Point slum looked a lot like Katerina aftermath. Don’t forget that Liberia was carved out of someone else’s land just as fake as Israel, settled by American born slaves.
    Can you spot the ever present, all important Jew in those pictures?
    Who shipped those unfortunate into Americas, mixed them up to obliterate their common language and culture just as is being done to Europe now?
    Who owns the mining conglomerate that paid you handsomely to go on prospecting digs there? Who corrupted the leadership there and everywhere else?

    You see the phlegm and snots but fail to see and acknowledge the disease.
    Eradicate the disease before worrying about symptoms.

    Counterexample 😉 : look at Bermuda and look at Ukraine.
    Bermuda is just another Rothschild safe zone, like Switzerland, Ukraine a Jew Petri dish like Liberia.
    It is Jew, Jew, Jew. It is he that decreed that Amerika will go the way of Liberia, because the people are just as disunited, confused, mistrustful and manic –
    no one sees the shaman to tell them what is going on outside their mind cage.

    The tragedy of America, just wait until the dollar collapse, you won’t need to travel to Liberia to see Liberia, there’s a West Point next door.
    It might be even worse, those new Christians at the end of the film were morally more together than almost any that I know back home.
    Can you imagine some Marxist-Talmudist Jew preaching to them the hackneyed shit that goes like hot cakes over in the West, guilt, holocaust, boo-hoo, look at poor, poor Jew?
    Cannibal Generals, Butt Naked and others could teach us a thing or two.

    I totally, totally agree with Ormanci, that in rejecting all non-whites as contemptible trash, you are throwing the game to Jew.
    And I’d been saying this for years, never drifted from the message.
    Like leaving a Bowie knife on the ground because it is not Abercrombie and Fitch.
    Be 100% certain that he will make you pay for it.
    In fact, we have been and are paying for it now.

    Not the way of the Warrior, IMO.
    I am all for war but only if the goal is to win, rather than strike Viking postures on leaky ships.

    1. Nice comment. have you ever thought of living in South Africa. I understand blacks – that is all blacks – are looking forward to the day when all whites exist no more in South Africa. You make the biggest mistake, like Ormanci by thinking in individualistic terms. Not all blacks are bad – some are good, some whites are bad and some are good – well that is probably true in part but you miss the point entirely. You must start thinking in racial terms – just like all the non-white races do. Blacks like the Jews have a tribal outlook. It is not the case of what is good for some whites and most blacks it is only what is good for them as a race. That is why the Jews have been so effective as a people despite their numbers. They think as a tribe in terms of what is best for the survival of the tribe. I reject non-whites because my future and the future of my children and their children rest entirely with the future prosperity of my race – the white race. I suggest you spent a week or two in Monrovia to get an idea of what happens to gullible whites. Yes you are gullible because you do not see the question of race. Race is all that matters – it is all that will ever matter. And again the Jews know this and it is for this reason and this reason alone why the Jews have been successful as a people for over 4000 years. Other races do not matter to them. Wake up!!!

      Oh by the way what do you think of the treatment of animals in China and the eating of aborted fetuses – Chinese yes, but aborted fetuses nonetheless.

        They say clever people discuss ideas, people of average abilities discuss events and fools discuss and denounce each other (sometimes indulge in barking at each other). With your participation level of discussion went up from medium-foolish to the top; you put forward the idea that “Race is all that matters – it is all that will ever matter”. I think you will not disagree with me that truth is not afraid of criticism, but becomes only more evident and stronger with it. So let us see what clever people say as regards this.
        1) Lucy Malory, Seattle,”World Advanced Thought” magazine, editor-in-chief, more than 100 years ago:”He, who ties himself to one idea looks similar to a man which ties himself to the rope to not have his way lost. How far will he reach depends on the length of the rope.”
        2) Friedrich Nietzsche:”…truth never held by the hand of indisputable/unconditional.(“ Thus spoke Zarathustra”)
        3) Ernest Renan, “villain of the 19-th century”:” In anthropology race has the same sense as in zoology, it indicates true origin, relationship by blood. The essence of the race, main at its origin, gradually loose this meaning. Human history essentially differs from zoology…Besides anthropological features there are reason, justice, truth, beauty, which are the same for all*. Be careful: this ethnographic policy is not safe. Today you apply it against others, then it will be turned against you.” (Lecture delivered in Sorbonna, March 11, 1882, 70 years after big clash between Napoleon and Alexandr the 1-st** tere were much more losses.
        4) Alexandr Pushkin, a kind of George Byron for Englishmen, with his Ethiopian blood is more Russian than me with some corpusculs of Ukranian.
        5) Rodger Bacon warns us against ignorance and enumerates 4 causes of it:
        a) faith in power
        b)‘-‘-‘- in strength of custom
        c) illusion of feelings
        d) proud delusion in imagined wisdom

        • At that time cannibals didn’t influence on people’s minds as much as now, or Renan was unaware of them.
        • Both were not cannibals also, moreover, one day Napoleon presented Alexandr with white horse. Alexandr spoke Russian with difficulty.

  28. legality is not reality simple in its brilliance, even a child could understand it. instead we get talk talk talk talk . ‘ homer to ricky gervais -you take forever to say NOTHING !


    If you are a parent or a grandparent you are no doubt aware of the gay-agenda propaganda being foisted on our young. You are no doubt aware that teachers and children in kindergartens, high schools and even universities have received their annual dose of love-a-faggot propaganda. You might have seen publications about Johnny having two dads etc, etc, etc, ad-nauseam.

    Underlying all of this is the process of conditioning the young and not so young to ever increasing levels of homosexual perversion. You might know that the UK is now considering lowering the age of consent to 14, and some perverts of the paedophile persuasion are asking for it to be as low as 12 years. Their main argument is that children are so much more mature now than in the past.

    Just imagine! What 12 year old would not want a grown man to sodomize him? In the common vernacular to have the big guy insert his dick up the little guys anus!!! Hey if the kid refused the kid must have some psychological problem. What’s wrong with the kid? He must be a homophobe. My god that is almost as bad as being a racist – like the White_Warrior. Well we can see where all this tolerance of faggots and other perverts is leading – to a society where our children will have no legal protection from predators.

    When Muslims and blacks become the numerical majority in our countries we will have a race problem but we will not have a faggot problem – well not for long that is.

    Comments welcome, but not from perverts or supporters of perverts.


    Dr. William Pierce

    Slavery and cannibalism are traditional in Black Africa.

    ONE OF THE PRINCIPAL ELEMENTS in the mythology of racial equality being propagated by the mass media, the schools, the churches, and numerous governmental agencies in America today is that of White responsibility for the Negro’s servile status in the past. According to the mythmakers it was the White man’s greed for the Black man’s labor which brought about the institution of Black slavery.

    Prior to White encroachments into Africa south of the Sahara, beginning around the start of the 16th century, so the myth goes, Black Africans lived in a state of rustic innocence in their thatched huts, happily busying themselves with farming, handicrafts, colorful festivities, charming native customs, and so on. Then the cruel and rapacious White slave traders suddenly appeared on this blissful scene with their guns, brutally rounded up Blacks, packed them aboard slave ships, and sent them off to a life of slavery and misery in America.

    That is the way the story went in the widely ballyhooed TV drama Roots, and that is about the way it goes in the newer history textbooks approved for use in the public schools. It is the “guilt” associated with this alleged enslavement of the Black race by our ancestors that Christian preachers and Federal bureaucrats alike use as a moral bludgeon to coerce a reluctant White majority in America into going along with the racial hiring and promotion quotas, the forced housing and forced busing schemes, and the thousand other racially destructive programs which characterize the policy of the ruling System.

    The same myth is used to excuse the bloodiest and most savage depredations of the Black descendants of slaves against the White descendants of slaveholders today. The extraordinarily high incidence of violent Black crime in America is passed off as a manifestation of “Black rage,” justified by past and present inequities.

    In the closing years of the 19th century and the early years of this century, when many of our information media were still in the hands of the Gentile majority, such a myth could not be successfully propagated. Those were also the years when Whites were first becoming acquainted with Blacks in their natural state in the interior of sub-Saharan Africa, and there was a great deal of public interest in the reports of the White missionaries and explorers who pushed beyond the coastal trading posts into the dark heart of Africa. These reports were widely published in such journals as National Geographic, Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, and The Century Magazine.

    The authors of the reports were generally men full of Christian charity and fuzzy notions of interracial brotherhood, and they were writing for a readership still under the baleful influence of the abolitionist propaganda which had brought on the fratricidal disaster of the Civil War a few decades earlier. Yet they wrote truthfully about things they saw and experienced, and the facts they reported spoke for themselves.
    Those facts spoke of African slavery, not as an alien institution introduced or sustained by the White man, but as a wholly indigenous institution, as widespread and as natural among Black Africans as the building of their thatched huts, the practice of voodoo rites, or the celebration of their many festivals, and with roots just as deep. All the evidence, in fact, indicates that the Black tribes of Africa had been enslaving one another, both for food and labor, since time immemorial. It was the White man’s intervention which eventually resulted in a substantial curtailment of African slavery and cannibalism, even though these practices still persist to a certain extent in Africa today.

    And African slavery, as practiced by the Blacks, was a far more brutal and cruel institution than anything perpetrated on Blacks by White slave merchants. A salient feature of the reports by White missionaries and explorers in this regard was the bloodthirsty cruelty of Blacks in their natural state, their utter disregard for any life but their own, and their total lack of any sense of compassion for suffering fellow creatures.

    There is a tendency today to dismiss as wholly self-serving the earlier claims of White slaveholders who defended their ownership of Blacks on humanitarian grounds, but the stark reality of African life in its natural state supports these claims-and it also gives us a new understanding of the Black predilection for especially savage and cruel acts of violence in America today.

    Let us allow the facts now to speak for themselves. Everything which follows has been excerpted from a firsthand report titled “The Slave Trade in the Congo Basin.” It was written by E.J. Glave, an associate of the noted explorer, Sir Henry M. Stanley, and it was first published in the April 1890 issue of The Century Magazine.

    “The heart of Africa is being rapidly depopulated in consequence of the enormous death toll caused by the barbarous slave-trade. It is not merely the bondage which slavery implies that should appeal to the sympathies of the civilized world; it is the bloodshed, cruelty, and misery which it involves.

    “During my residence in Central Africa I was repeatedly traveling about in the villages along the Congo River and its almost unknown affluents, and in every new village I was confronted by fresh evidences of the horrible nature of this evil. I did not seek to witness the sufferings attendant upon this traffic in humanity, but cruelties of all kinds are so general that the mere passing visits which I paid brought me in constant contact with them.

    “I first went to the Congo in 1883, and traveled without delay into the interior. Arriving at Stanley Pool, I received orders from my chief, Mr. Henry M. Stanley, to accompany him up river on his little boat the En Avant. Stanley at that time was engaged in establishing a few posts at important and strategic points along the upper river. Lukolela, eight hundred miles in the interior, was one decided upon, and I had the honor of being selected by him as chief of this post… Here I lived for twenty months, the only white man, so that I had every opportunity of studying native character and customs.

    “At Lukolela… I had hardly settled down in my encampment when I was introduced to one of those horrible scenes of bloodshed which take place frequently in all the villages along the Congo, and which will be enacted so long as the life of a slave is counted as naught, and the spilling of his blood of as little account as that of a goat or a fowl.

    “In this particular instance the mother of a chief having died, it was decided, as usual, to celebrate the evening with an execution. At the earliest streak of dawn the slow, measured beat of a big drum announces to all what is to take place, and warns the poor slave who is to be the victim that his end is nigh. It is very evident that something unusual is about to happen, and that the day is to be given up to some ceremony. The natives gather in groups and begin studiously to arrange their toilets, don their gayest loin-cloths, and ornament their legs and arms with bright metal bangles, all the time indulging in wild gesticulations and savage laughter as they discuss the coming event. Having taken a hasty meal, they produce from their houses all available musical instruments. The drums are wildly beaten as groups of men, women, and children form themselves in circles and excitedly perform dances, consisting of violent contortions of the limbs, accompanied with savage singing with repeated blasts of the war horns, each dancer trying outdo his fellow in violence of movement and strength of lung.

    “Strapped to a stake…”

    “About noon, from sheer exhaustion, combined with the heat of the sun, they are compelled to cease; then large jars of palm wine are produced, and a general bout of intoxication begins, increasing their excitement and showing up their savage nature in striking colors. The poor slave, who all this time has been lying in the corner of some hut, shackled hand and foot and closely watched, suffering the agony and suspense which this wild tumult suggests to him, is now carried to some prominent part of the village, there to be surrounded and to receive to the jeers and scoffs of the drunken mob of savages. The executioner’s assistants, having selected a suitable place for the ceremony, procure a block of wood about a foot square. The slave is then placed on this in a sitting posture; his legs are stretched out straight in front of him; the body is strapped to a stake reaching up the back to the shoulders. On each side stakes are placed under the armpits as props, to which the arms are firmly bound; other lashings are made to posts driven into the ground near the ankles and knees.

    “A pole is now planted about ten feet in front of the victim, from the top of which is suspended, by a number of strings, a bamboo ring. The pole is bent over like a fishing-rod, and the ring fastened round the slave’s neck, which is kept rigid and stiff by the tension. During this preparation the dances are resumed, now rendered savage and brutal in the extreme by the drunken condition of the people. One group of dancers surround the victim and indulge in drunken mimicry of the contortions of face which the pain caused by this cruel torture forces him to show. But he has no sympathy to expect from this merciless horde.

    “Presently in the distance approaches a company of two lines of young people, each holding a stem of the palm tree, so that an arch is formed between them, under which the executioner is escorted. The whole procession moves with a slow but dancing gait. Upon arriving near the doomed slave all dancing, singing, and drumming cease, and the drunken mob take their places to witness the last act of the drama.

    “An unearthly silence succeeds. The executioner wears a cap composed of black cocks’ feathers; his face and neck are blackened with charcoal, except the eyes, the lids of which are painted with white chalk. The hands and arms to the elbow, and feet and legs to the knee, are also blackened. His legs are adorned profusely with broad metal anklets, and around his waist are strung wild-cat skins. As he performs a wild dance around his victim, every now and then making a feint with his knife, a murmur of admiration arises from the assembled crowd. He then approaches and makes a thin chalk mark on the neck of the fated man. After two or three passes of the knife, to get the right swing, he delivers the fated blow, and with one stroke of his keen-edged weapon severs the head from the body.
    “The sight of the blood brings to a climax the frenzy of the natives; some of them savagely puncture the quivering trunk with their spears, others hack at it with their knives, while the remainder engage in a ghastly struggle for the possession of the head, which has been jerked into the air by the released tension of the sapling. As each man obtains the trophy, and is pursued by the drunken rabble, the hideous tumult becomes deafening; they smear one another’s faces with blood, and fights always spring up as a result, when knives and spears are freely used.

    “When the taste for blood has been to a certain extent satisfied, they again resume their singing and dancing while another victim is prepared, when the same ghastly exhibition is repeated. Sometimes as many as twenty slaves will be slaughtered in one day. The dancing and general drunken uproar is continued until midnight, when once more absolute silence ensues, in utter contrast to the hideous tumult of the day.

    “I had frequently heard the natives boast of the skill of their executioners, but I doubted their ability to decapitate a man with one blow of the soft metal knives they use. I imagined they would be compelled to hack the head from the body. When I witnessed this sickening spectacle I was alone, unarmed, and absolutely powerless to interfere. But the mute agony of this poor black martyr, who was to die for no crime, but simply because he was a slave — whose every piteous movement was mocked by frenzied savages, and whose very death throes gave the signal for the unrestrained outburst of a hideous carnival of drunken savagery — appealed so strongly to my sense of duty that I decided upon preventing by force any repetition of this scene…

    “All tribes I have known have an idea of immortality. They believe that death leads but to another life, to be continued under the same conditions as the life they are now leading; and a chief thinks that if when he enters into this new existence he is accompanied by a sufficient following of slaves he will be entitled to the same rank in the next world as he holds in this. From this belief emanates one of their most barbarous customs — the ceremony of human sacrifices upon the death of any one of importance. Upon the decease of a chief, a certain number of his slaves are selected to be sacrificed, that their spirits may accompany him to the next world. Should this chief possess thirty men and twenty women, seven or eight of the former and six or seven of the latter will suffer death. The men are decapitated, and the women are strangled. When a woman is sacrificed she is adorned with bright metal bangles, her toilet is carefully attended to, her hair is neatly plaited, and bright-colored cloths are wrapped around her. Her hands are then pinioned behind, and her neck is passed through a noose of cord; the long end of the cord is led over the branch of the nearest tree, and is drawn taut at a given signal; and while the body is swinging in mid-air its convulsive movements are imitated with savage gusto by the spectators. It often happens that a little child also becomes a victim to this horrible ceremony, by being placed in the grave alive, as a pillow for the dead chief. These executions are still perpetrated in all the villages of the Upper Congo.

    “But the life of the slave is not only forfeited at the death of the chief of the tribe in which fate has cast his lot. Let us supposed that the tribe he is owned by has been maintaining an internecine warfare with another tribe in the same district. For some reason it is deemed politic by the chief to bring the feud to an end, and a meeting is arranged with his rival. At the conclusion of the interview, in order that the treaty of peace may be solemnly ratified, blood must be spilled.

    “Buried alive with only the head left above the ground…”

    “A slave is therefore selected, and the mode of torture preceding his death will vary in different districts. In the Ubangi River district the slave is suspended head downwards from the branch of a tree, and there left to die. But even more horrible is the fate of such a one at Chumbiri, Bolobo, or the large villages around Irebu, where the expiatory victim is actually buried alive with only the head left above the ground. All his bones have first been crushed or broken, and in speechless agony he waits for death.

    “[The Lolo] villages are constantly attacked by the powerful roving tribes of the Lufembe and Ngombe. These two tribes are voracious cannibals. They surround the Lolo villages at night, and at the first signs of dawn pounce down upon the unsuspecting Balolo, killing all the men who resist and catching all the rest. They then select the stronger portion of their captives, and shackle them hand and foot to prevent their escape. The remainder they kill, distributing the flesh among themselves. As a rule, after such a raid they form a small encampment; they light their fires, seize all the bananas in the village, and gorge upon the human flesh. They then march over to one of the numerous slave markets on the river, where they exchange the captives with the slave-traders of the Lulungu River for beads, cloth, brass wire, and other trinkets. The slave-traders pack the slaves into their canoes and take them down to the villages on the Lulungu River where the more important markets are held. Masankusu, situated at the junction of the Lupuri and Malinga tributaries, is by far the most important slave-trading center. The people of Masankusu buy their slaves from the Lufembe and Ngombe raiders, and sell them to the Lulungu natives and traders from down river. The slaves are exhibited for sale at Masankusu in long sheds, or rather under simple grass roofs supported on long poles. It is heartrending to see the inmates of one of these slave-sheds….

    “They are hobbled with roughly hewn logs which chafe their limbs to open sores; sometimes a whole tree presses its weight on their bodies while their necks are penned into the natural prong formed by its branching limbs. Others sit from day to day with their legs and arms maintained in a fixed position by rudely constructed stocks, and each slave is secured to the roof-posts by a cord knotted to a cane ring which either encircles his neck or is intertwined with his woolly hair. Many die of pure starvation, as the owners give them barely enough food to exist upon, and even that they grudge them. These hungry creatures form indeed a truly pitiable sight. After suffering this captivity for a short time they become mere skeletons. All ages, of both sexes, are to be seen; mothers with their babes; young men and women; boys and girls; and even babies who cannot yet walk, and whose mothers have died of starvation, or perhaps been killed by the Lufembe. One seldom sees either old men or old women; they are all killed in the raids; their marketable value being very small, no trouble is taken with them.

    “There were certainly five hundred slaves exposed for sale in this one village alone. Large canoes were constantly arriving from down river, with merchandise of all kinds with which they purchased these slaves. A large trade is carried on between the Ubangi and Lulungu rivers. The people inhabiting the mouth of the Ubangi buy the Balolo slaves at Masankusu and the other markets. They then take them up the Ubangi River and exchange them with the natives there for ivory. These natives buy their slaves solely for food. Having purchased slaves they feed them on ripe bananas, fish, and oil, and when they get them into good conditions they kill them. Hundreds of the Balolo slaves are taken into the river and disposed of in this way each month. A great many other slaves are sold to the large villages on the Congo, to supply victims for the execution ceremonies.

    Left to starve

    “Much life is lost in the capturing of slaves, and during their captivity many succumb to starvation. Of the remainder, numbers are sold to become victims to cannibalism and human sacrifice ceremonies. There are few indeed who are allowed to live and prosper.

    “Cannibalism exists among all the peoples on the Upper Congo east of 16E. longitude, and is prevalent to an even greater extent among the people inhabiting the banks of the numerous affluents. During a two-months’ voyage on the Ubangi River I was constantly brought into contact with cannibalism. The natives there pride themselves upon the number of skulls they possess, denoting the number of victims they have been able to obtain. I saw one native hut, around which was built a raised platform of clay a foot wide, on which were placed rows of human skulls, forming a ghastly picture, but one of which the chief was very proud, as he signified by the admiring way he drew my attention to the sight. Bunches of twenty and thirty skulls were hung about in prominent positions in the village. I asked one young chief, who was certainly not more than twenty-five years old, how many men he had eaten in his village, and he answered me thirty. He was greatly astonished at the horror I expressed at his answer. In one village again, as I had bought a tusk of ivory, the natives thought perhaps I might buy skulls, and several armfuls were brought down to my boat within a few minutes.

    “During my first visit to the upper waters of the Malinga River cannibalism was brought to my notice in a ghastly manner. One night I heard a woman’s piercing shriek, followed by a stifled, gurgling moan; then boisterous laughter, when all again became silent. In the morning I was horrified to see a native offering for sale to my men a piece of human flesh, the skin of which bore the tribal tattoo mark of the Balolo. I afterwards learned that the cry we had heard at night was from a female slave whose throat had been cut. I was absent from this village of Malinga for ten days. On my return I inquired if any further bloodshed had taken place, and was informed that five other women had been killed.

    “While in the Ruki River at the beginning of this year, I was furnished with another proof of the horrible fate of the slaves. At Esenge, a village near which I stopped to cut wood for my steamer, I heard ominous beating of drums and outbreaks of excited mirth. I was informed by one of the natives from the village that an execution was taking place. To my inquiry whether they were in the habit of eating human flesh, he replied, ‘We eat the body entirely.’ I further asked what they did with the head. ‘Eat it,’ he replied; ‘but first we put it in the fire to singe the hair off.’…”

    * * *

    Thus, the Black man in his natural environment — not observed at some awkward moment, during a time of turmoil, when the worst in him may have been temporarily brought out, but just as he had been for countless thousands of years before the arrival of the first White man. Only fools can believe that any fundamental change has taken place in his nature during the last 90 years.

  31. WW, without disputing any of the evidence you quote, however anecdotal, I do not impugn any of it – it is beside MY point.
    Which is that whenever possible to make common cause with other non-Jews.
    I am not asking you to marry your daughter off to some Burundi cannibal.
    I AM asking that you don’t forcibly press gang 3 billion Indians and Chinese into IDF.
    Is that so hard to understand?

    All these stories about the Chinese aborted fetuses converted into salty chips and whatnot are of no interest to me.
    I do know the Chinese in Canada and Thailand and practically to a man, they are the top notch, certainly the best, most honorable business partners one could ask for, much better and more trustworthy than some of my own kind that backstabned me and stole me blind.
    if and when I am offered fetus jerky, I will politely decline.
    My son’s first teacher in public primary school (we refused to shoehorn him into RC, I had enough of that, tried Montessori and it too sucked) was a tiny Chinese woman married to Anglo and later went on to become a writer, read her interview in the Globe&Mail.
    Among others, she described how her parents ran a laundry shop, I guess in 50s, and how the WHITE PEOPLE (WASP, the cream of the crop) would bring in their underwear with hunks of feces (shit, in technical terms) still stuck on them, no shame whatsoever, I guess because Chinks were subhuman.
    Pendulum doesn’t just swing one way, you know.

    But once again, neither here nor there.
    I don’t want them fighting for Jew, against me.
    No, I want “for” and “against” reversed.
    Even Hitler, ever the idealist dreamer knew that and tried to coopt as many nationalities under his tent as he could.
    But still not enough, unfortunately, Jew had many more.
    And you insist on compounding this catastrophic miscalculation!!??

    You might be a good soldier but a lousy strategos.

    What’s to stop some Whiter-Than-Thou Man From Glad from saying I don’t want any of those swarthy dagos, pollacks, wops, spics, greaseballs in my unit, nor catholic micks, filthy papists unwelcome, go to Jew!
    In my 1st yr of university, my friend was an Irish Catholic whose girlfriend was disowned (kid you not) by her intensely WASP father, a colonel from a rich Ottawa family – there is an upright white warrior for ya, ready to win the war all by himself 🙂

    Like I said, I either fight to win, utilizing all the resources at my disposal or stay on the sidelines.

    1. Solution is very simple indeed. Total geographical separation. China for the Chinese. Japan for the Japanese. Africa excluding South Africa and Rhodesia for the Africans. Central Australia for the Australoids and so on. This enables each race to manage its own destiny without unduly harming the others.

  32. Ormonkey’s literary looseness – the medical term for this is diarrhea – goes on unabated. So does “It’s JEW, JEW, JEW” Lobro’s baby talk.

    It looks like my intense interventions have helped to alleviate a bit Lobro’s condition with another severe malaise – Hitlerjugend syndrome. But here I face a huge dilemma as a therapist: Take this obsession with what I call “jewboxing the problem” from him, and he may lose the last thread connecting him to life. It is quite possible that he may never recover from the ensuing cognitive dissonance.

    Got to tread carefully here.

    1. Is “Ormonkey” the full reach of your creative genius?
      It really pleased you, huh?

      And if you were fed the same medicine, good doctor, would you be equally pleased?
      Up to you, but please note that I never stooped to that.

      And little twists do suggest themselves, don’t they, e.g.,
      (I will do a little breakdown for the etymologically challenged)
      and so on – happy now?
      Maybe after you’ve seen this repeated couple hundred times, you might get a mite annoyed, what do you say – but annoying others never seems to have cost you sound sleep …

      I just took a representative profile of your and mine comments in one subsection, Greater Israel, Myth or Reality, to get an idea of our styles, interests and maybe personalities. I chose it because it is recent, yet pretty much closed to further input.
      It breaks down as follows:
      lobro: 4 posts, 12 links or direct quotes, staying on subject,
      Circassian: 5 posts, 1 quote (totally unrelated to topic – some psychologist to bring added credibility to your insult), every post a personal attack, never dealing with the main subject.

      Multiply this by several hundred occasions over the last 2 years and … a pattern starts to emerge?
      I mean, if the topics don’t appeal to you, why are you here, other than to maximally disrupt proceedings, and if so, what category poster seeks to damage a site in this manner, help me with a proper term, I seem to have forgotten 😉

      Or maybe you are an interpersonal relationships guy, one of those … in which case, may I suggest some Home and Gardens blog, Dear Abby, I am soooo lonely, in search of a mate and everybody at Darkmoon prefers Adolph to me, oh, what shall I do?
      Signed, One Very Unhappy, Lonely Circassian (you would not believe how Hitlerjugend lobro twisted my name, boo-hoo!)

      (We could also subject the “math problem” thread to deeper analysis but I am too classy for that, live and let live, like Hitler would say)

      1. Lobro,

        You have to face the truth squarely, otherwise there can be no cure. Your job is not to make some wild conjectures about your therapist, which are – not surprisingly – always way off . All your efforts should be directed at trying to get rid of all those fantasies you have contracted from somewhere. And I am trying to assist you.

        We could also subject the “math problem” thread to deeper analysis but I am too classy for that

        Too classy? Not quite sure what to make of this. Could you clarify, please.

        … live and let live, like Hitler would say

        Hitler said that? I could swear that he would rather say: Kill others, and if it doesn’t work out as expected, kill yourself in the bunker.

        Lobro, please let pigheadedness go – you are a human being, not a pig. For your own sake, for the sake of your mental well-being.

      2. Circassian, the Ultimate Altruist,
        how tirelessly he strives for our rehabilitation and reformation
        and for the universal well-being of the human race! 🙂

      3. @Sardonicus

        Circassian, the Ultimate Altruist,
        how tirelessly he strives for our rehabilitation and reformation
        and for the universal well-being of the human race!

        Sardonicus – true to his moniker – is doing his best to be sarcastic here. But the funniest thing about it is that … it is true.

        The old British fox is following – without realizing it – the Soviet playwright Aleksei Arbuzov’s maxim:

        «Всегда говори правду и ты прослывешь остроумным человеком», i.e.

        «Always tell the truth and you’ll get the reputation of a witty man.»

        1. @ Circassian

          If I may ask you a serious question. You may or may not have the answer. If you don’t, maybe someone else will be able to enlighten me.

          QUESTION: These three languages are widely spoken in Israel and each language has its own newspapers, journals and books: English, Russian, Hebrew. Which of these three languages is the most popular and widely used, and which is the least popular and widely used?

          My own guess is that English is the most popular, but I am not sure which comes second and third.

  33. I spend about half my time in Europe and half in America. In Europe there is open critiism of Israel and the Jewish Lobby.

    LD, please contact me

  34. Ellie, I will always enjoy your writings, even if it turns out that you are some frightening Jewess that all her life agitated for Pollard’s parole (not I believe it, however my beliefs don’t tip the scale either way, all are equally subjectively precious and objectively worthless), so, whoever/whatever you are, I will enjoy them even if not always the content, then guaranteed, the form.

    But, this requires a correction, namely,
    Christians did not burn the library of Alexandria, evil, evil Christians though they be. Let’s not Holocaust historical truth.
    Namely, Christians did not burn the library at Alexandria and other things “Agora” gets wrong

    When lervly Rachel Weisz undertakes to teach us bugeyed goyim cattlebeasts “true” history, especially involving them nasty Jeebus believers, I tend to pull back.
    Because, as Circassian will readily confirm, I am a simple IT’S JEWS, JEWS, JEWS guy.

    I saw about 10 minutes of that film on a flight – LuftHANSA! of all the airlines if you can believe, and caught her fetor ex ore soon enough.

    Still, a rant learned and lervly.

    Besides, Ellie, think in simple, straightforward terms; given how much Jews hate Christianity and malign it at every opportunity, trying to kill it off once and for all, their actions and talk (The Protocols) proving it ceaselessly, whose side do you wanna be on?
    Even if totally obnoxious, pernicious and worthless, shouldn’t it be allowed to survive just in order to deny Jew his victory?

    Everyone (not really but a plurality) accuses Christianity of being a Judaic ploy, yet the Jew clearly wants to obliterate it ASAP.
    Anyone see a logic fail here?

    Jew very much prefers ISIS to ISUS (Slav spelling of Iesos).

    1. The Hidden Hand is revealed when a hack named Rohter of New York Times (the kol nidre trumpet of Jericho) effusively praises Weisz’s consecrated turds plopping all over the fable.
      See here

      Thus, supposedly, one tragic day in a.d. 391, the Christians of Alexandria destroyed the city’s Great Library, burning its scrolls, annihilating the accumulated learning of centuries, and effectively inaugurating the “Dark Ages.” Thus also, in a.d. 415, a group of Christians murdered Hypatia (young and beautiful, of course, as well as brilliant), not only because of her wicked dedication to profane intellectual culture, but also because of the frowardness with which she had forgotten her proper place as a woman.

      This is almost all utter nonsense, but I have to suppose that Amenábar believes it to be true.

      This does not, of course, exculpate him of his own silly contributions to the story. Apparently, there is a scene in the film in which Hypatia is forced to wear a veil, of a sort vaguely reminiscent of a burqa , which makes about as much sense in a film about late antique Alexandria as a scene set in a singles bar specializing in Hawaiian drinks. [Wanna go for a drink, Ellie 🙂 ]

      And then, it seems, there is a scene in which Hypatia ventures the heliocentric hypothesis, which “to anyone familiar with the neoplatonism to which she was devoted or the Aristotelian-Ptolemeian cosmological system in which she was trained” is worse than ludicrous.

      Anyway, on and on, but in the end it not only transpires that there was no library in Alexandria in 391 A.D. but neither was Hypatia young (over 60), beautiful or all that brilliant.
      Although more brilliant than liar Einstein, not a big deal. Maybe even more beautiful.

  35. Ormanci –

    Have you ever discovered any validity to anyone performing actual alchemy or transmutation of baser metals into noble metals such as mercury and silver into gold and platinum?

    This is not a trick question.

    Transmutation IS constantly occurring in nature.

  36. PAT
    Thank you for picture of Bacon in his laboratory. I have made several attempts to present my understanding of reincarnation and transmutation, but all in vain, most probably owing to ‘technical’ causes, emerging perpetually. Therefore I will be short – please pass my warm greetings to that man, Bacon’s reincarnate. Long live to him! Thousand years!

    1. Nikolay –

      Phonon Conversion of Silver to Gold — a Dimensional Formation

      Dr. Joe Champion
      ( July 24, 2001 )

      This paper was prepared in 2000 and published in 2001. Since the publication six years ago all of the mathematical formalization remain constant. However, the application of the process has changed to produce higher yields of gold. Now if you replicate this process and have high commercial yields of gold, I would appreciate an email. Normally what has been observed is a conversion of 1.0% gold from the silver. The last test of the modified system occurred on September 2007.

      For those wanting the updated procedure or have general questions please email me : [email protected]

  37. PAT
    Got acquainted with work of Dr.Joe (working drawings and calculations) – awesome. One day I saw calculations that ant was heavier than elephant, those were more simple and demanded neither bucket nor yeast…Now let us examine reincarnation: Lucreti in his DE RERUM NATURA book 3(1-st century B.C.) scrutinized this question in every detail and disproved immortality of the sole. Uriel Acosta, a jew from Amsterdam, 17 centuries later “fell in heresy” (that sole is not immortal) and came in conflict with his tribesmen. They attempted to amend him: would give him good beating in sinagogue, tie him up to the pole, spitting at him, lay him down at the door and wiping feet upon him. Nothing helped and he comitted suicide. At the end of 17-th century German philosopher Emmanuel Kant in his “Criticism of Pure Reason” proved that there is no immortal sole. And in the second half of 20-th century, Soviet poet and singer Vladimir Vysotsky (half-jew by the way) filled up this teaching with his fantasy and sang like this (in the want of poetic gift I relate the essence in prose): “If you lived and dropped the tail as yard-keeper, in next life you will be born as work superintendent, then gradually grow up to minister, but if you dull like wood and stupid, you will be born as baobab and stay as baobab for thousand years to come (until you are dead). From this point Dr. Joe sits somewhere between yard-keeper and baobab. Right?

    1. Nikolay –

      Glad you had fun.

      I’m not a believer in reincarnation. But, you might like to know that Joe was a helicopter pilot in Nam… and I would guess that puts him in air somewhere. He can consume ‘mass quantities’ of beer in one sitting… which puts him way above the surface as well.. 🙂

  38. If we have chased worldly things instead, we will die poor, wondering
    what our life was all about. This could lead to complications and
    put the health of the baby and mother at risk.
    Ironically, some diabetes medications actually have the ability to cause hypoglycemic episodes.

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