2 thoughts to “The Hollow Men, a poem by TS Eliot : (Video, 4 mins)”

  1. deadly accuracy in all stanzas.
    Funny how, though I can’t write poetry worth s***, i can catch onto the meaning quickly and effortlessly.

    Not too sure about the end though, greatly prefer bang to the whimper.

    1. You can compose poetry fine, lobro, I’m sure of it. I don’t know who you think you’re kidding. I never believe you when you underestimate yourself. You yourself don’t believe it when you underestimate yourself, so there’s no reason why I should believe you. False, fake, put-on modesty is not any kind of virtue. It’s not a virtue. It’s called “acting”.

      You’re not as self-effacing as you want us to think. You’re actually very vain and full-of-yourself, you think very highly of yourself — you really overestimate yourself more than anything else — which is NOT a virtue either, ? . It’s just more “acting”. You go to extremes in your acting. From one extreme to another extreme. It’s all a show, isn’t it?

      If you were a character in ” The “Wizard of Oz” you would be Toto, that’s ’cause you’re ALL that and so much more. LOL.

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