The Invasion of the Migrant Body Snatchers

By Donald McRonald

So sad to see this happen to Europe

I spent a few years in Germany as a child back in the early 1960’s and the region that I saw (Bavaria) was beautiful, clean and all white. But even so soon after the defeat of Germany, the Jews were already breaking down the doors to come back to a country that “killed six million” of them, or however many it supposedly was.

Odd that, don’t you think?

I mean, if they were treated so terribly by the population of Germany, why would they want to return? Oh yeah; there was money to be made, especially free money if they claimed to be a “survivor” Somebody’s Jewish mama once said: “If there are so many survivors, who was killed?”


— Norman Finkelstein’s mother

And then Germany started to import its Turkish “gast arbeiters” (“guest workers”) not too long after my stay there. Now look at that poor wrecked nation.

So very sad.

The two world wars killed off a great many of the alpha males of the world’s white populace, and that I suspect has something to do with the rapid downward spiral of the world’s white populace. Of course, Cultural Marxism, Feminism, atheism, PC indoctrination, intense guilt tripping, pornography, and a host of other problems which can be traced back to the usual suspects, all helped tip the scales.

Now here we are with the same problem being imported to the USSA by Obama .

Maine has a Somali problem now, as do Tennessee and Kentucky. The state of Montana (of all places!) has just received its first shipment (5000 , I believe) of wait for it… CONGOLESE!!!

Thousands of Congo groids in Montana? Man, it gets awfully cold up there!

Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County (Amish) is slated to receive an influx of Muslim “refugees”. Gives one pause as to how the Amish are expected to cope with the crime that is coming their way soon.

There is soon to be a major assault launched on the 2nd amendment to disarm Americans following Hillarity’s coronation— no doubt to assure the protection of the poor incoming economic migrants.

I call them insurgents . . .  invaders!

Take a look at this 1-minute video and ask yourselves: is this what we want?

It’s the Invasion of the Migrant Body Snatchers!


105 thoughts to “The Invasion of the Migrant Body Snatchers”

  1. The thing is that in the first video, the Muslim is speaking the truth. They are colonizing Europe. Cultural Marxism has turned the majority of women into bat shit crazy, blue haired, tattooed covered, SJW, feminist misandrists, who side with Black Lives Matter and tell fellow whites if they’ve “checked their white privilege today”. And those who are having children are only having one and maybe two. Look at the Muslims? They’re having at least 3-4 children and they can have multiple wives.

    You won’t stop this by closing the immigration gates. They’ll simply procreate and become the majority. You have to either remove them, or limit them to one child each and some none. This won’t happen.
    People need to see that it’s a choice – repatriation or the genocide of whites and their respective indigenous cultures. It is a very ‘black on white’ situation (excuse the pun).

    As for the second video, well, what do you expect? They see women, wearing as little as they do, as whores to be raped. There are many videos of Muslim immigrants speaking this way. And when they do rape the police do nothing for fear of racism and even worse still, the victims blame themselves, because they come from a far more privileged culture.

    All that stated, the people voted in their own executioners. It’s rather stupid really, but that’s what stupid does. The whites have only themselves to blame, not just for voting in consecutive governments who have destroyed their very culture and way of life, but allowing the Jew to do what the Jew has always done. I look at white people today and I imagine it’s what the exterminators of dodos saw, when they looked into their eyes, before blowing their brains out. 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. “All that stated, the people voted in their own executioners.”

      Precisely, this is why I say “don’t vote!” Your vote only serves to validate the system destroying your race and nation.

      All in all an excellent comment of the kind expected from Harbinger.

    2. “You won’t stop this by closing the immigration gates. They’ll simply procreate and become the majority. You have to either remove them, or limit them to one child each and some none. This won’t happen.
      People need to see that it’s a choice – repatriation or the genocide of whites and their respective indigenous cultures. It is a very ‘black on white’ situation (excuse the pun).”

      Another outcome would be first to take power back from the Jews. If we start open warfare against the migrants that just plays into Zionist divide-and-conquer plans. You need to destroy the magic money making power from which all their other monopolies emerge: domination of politics (all sides :D); finance; media; academia etc…

      Once the Central Banks are thrown down then you can institute sane policies that protect the identity and culture of the respective nation-states.

      PROBLEM…I haven’t a clue how to bring down a ZOG.

      1. what i keep saying, Flopot, no use tilting at windmills of migration because they are just projections of the evil mind of Judea, you chase one, out pops another on the opposite wall.
        Gotta swing at the serpent’s head.
        And what are the chances of that ever happening in N America? Number that starts with “Z”zzz.

        And if nothing is done, nothing stands between us and the pit of universal slavery.

        Except (MAYBE) Putin, so if he is fake, we are just wasting breath discussing.

        Is this so hard to understand? i think it can’t be any simpler, not that it is his job to defend us but maybe show by way of example that the Jew can be fought and beaten, namely, that his hordes of turncoats can be fought and beaten because they fight for material gain, 2nd hand prestige and comfort while we fight for our families, cultures, society and what is right.
        Nobody needs to berate the Shias of Middle East, the Hezbollah, Iranians, southern Iraqis, the Houthi tribes of Yemen, they know.
        And we, the “whites” unworthy of the classification, don’t.
        Must bring them up to speed.

        I actually think that the Europeans are closer to awakening, just playing it safe waiting for someone else to get the ball rolling but once it starts, they’ll get behind it.

        And while it is all fine and dandy to cry about nigs+muds, the fact is that they are also more apt to get agitated out in the open, the Black Lives toured Gaza and the West Bank and spoke out loud and clear about iniquity of the Jew at their paying hosts’ shock.
        basically it boils down to Jew-wise against the Jew, everything in between is just putrid meat.
        Bring back Dieudonne for starters.

      2. @LOBRO

        Yes, many of us caught on quite quickly that BLM was the usual controlled opposition. By that I mean we used logic (based on their eternal behaviour) and combined that with other data (e.g. blacks kill more blacks, Soros funding sources) to figure out it was a kosher mindjob movement. Now BLM speaking out for the Palestinians was hilarious — whether is was genuine or just a PR job, who knows.

        “Except (MAYBE) Putin, so if he is fake, we are just wasting breath discussing.”

        I’m just adopting an extremely skeptical view about Putin because I don’t want to experience that feeling of shock that betrayal usually brings. I haven’t dismissed Putin outright (sometimes I’ll do it if I’m impatient and angry — contradicting myself already); I’ve just given myself some psychological markers as a safeguard against disappointment. FWIW — my own Putin-O-Meter is point slightly towards Hope 😉

        “I actually think that the Europeans are closer to awakening”

        I don’t think this is an exaggeration. Yes, there remains a hard core of permanently brainfugged Westerners, who never stray beyond the MSM and merely parrot the fearmongering. However that centre is dissolving, hence the relentless drive to shut down expression on the internet. That is why I sometimes lean towards the notion that Snowden’s role is to increase self-censorship — he is a stopgap psyop until they bring in the real censorship laws.

      3. Flopot,

        “PROBLEM…I haven’t a clue how to bring down a ZOG.”

        It can be done but not by voting or protesting. It can be done but only, and only with violence.

        And the best place to start is the USA. In the US millions upon millions of ordinary non-criminal citizens have weapons and know how to handle them. It’s the mobilisation that is the key.

        But you’re right, the Federel Reserve must be shut, as the Federal Government must. The Counsil on foreign relations and many many more similar institutions must all be shut down and outlawed.
        All the guilty should be executed.

      4. I sometimes lean towards the notion that Snowden’s role is to increase self-censorship

        Yes, i get that suspicion too, Flopot, both him and Assange, couple of duck whistles.
        Someday when the Age of Truth comes into force, today’s gatekeeping industry will comprise a topic wide enough to justify endowment at the academic level, specialist historians and analysts of mendacity striving to pick up the loose ends of the Ancient Liars who once ruled the Earth.
        Their Grand Dragon is Noam Chomsky a bencher on the Supreme Triumvirate of Sanhedrin.

      5. Oh, Noam Chomsky is a sly devil. The idiot gave himself away when he dismissed 9/11 as an inside job…just like Assange. Definitely a life long spook who will dissemble until his dying day.

        I think Putin also dismissed the notion, but his dismissal was based on incredulity not arrogance (note to self: making excuses for Putin is a bad habit 😀 ).

        Tbh, the cognitive dissonance is so alarming that it takes a leap of resignation and faith — in fact you have to let yourself drop off the MSM cliff — before you find yourself flying free on the truth. Or you have an argument with a loved one and she batters your frontal cortex with a copy of “New Pearl Harbor”, and then you set yourself free.

        What I’m trying to say is that the process of accepting that 9/11 was one massive piece of kabuki can leave you psychologically paralyzed and exposed. So there is a small chance that Chomsky and Assange simply can’t cope with the cognitive dissonance. But when you add a dollop of context (e.g. Chomsky denies Jewish power, Wikileaks should be the PREMIERE outlet for 9/11 whistle blowing etc..), then you can conclude they’re shills.

        Of course, there are those people who immediately concluded 9/11 was a massively staged event. Know-alls and smarty-pants. You know who you are 😉

    3. I love you Harbinger, but your post is defeatism, nothing more.
      Challenges are healthy in the long run, and our folk will prevail. We were not created in order to die pitiously. Not without sacrifice and suffering will we survive mind you, but the end will justify the methods we will practice to prevail.

    4. White native europeans are about 10% of the world population. We are a minority group, so why don’t we get favorable treatment?

  2. Every state in US is being invaded. Soon… every city, like Rutland, Vermont, where rulers operate in secret, breaking laws as they go:
    (hello B-Hawk)

    Federal refugee contractors, like the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program operate in secrecy making every effort to get resettlement programs up and running in unsuspecting communities before the general public gets wind of it!

    1. From your article Pat,

      “Former refugee Amila Merdzanovic came to Vermont as a refugee in 1995 and now runs the resettlement program there”

      You can’t make this up can you?
      Then again, it’s the same in the UK. The London, public sector’s, social housing is predominantly staffed by immigrants and lo and behold guess who get first digs on council flats, the equivalent of at least 50% rent off compared to the private sector?
      What happens in London first flows outwards. It’s now over the Atlantic and in the US of A.

      1. Harb –

        Cannot invent it that well… er bad…

        And the libs cry their own funeral song…
        “They all mean well..!! I live next door to one… and… and… ”

        B-Hawk’s tomahawk needed. 🙂

    2. They’ll be great advertisement on the slopes at Stowe, and at the von Trapp Lodge! 🙂

  3. You all need to read William Pierce’s book “Hunter”, again. Get some constructive and pertinent ideas!

  4. “Maine has a Somali problem now, as do Tennessee and Kentucky. The state of Montana (of all places!) has just received its first shipment (5000 , I believe) of wait for it… CONGOLESE!!!”


    Same in our working class estate some place in the North of the UK ( 😉 ) There are people from African nations dandering about an all white housing estate, with no reason in the world for being there. We’re a very poor region, a divided society with a long history of conflict. And then we get an influx of migrants…in a dirt poor, dilapidated, forgotten part of the UK. But they remember us only as a location to send migrants. BS!

    Tis a conspiracy.

  5. what are you losers all complaining about?

    when 9-11 happened u couldn’t stop the Jews….

    and punish those who carried it out…

    and destroyed so many Muslim countries…

    so sit back and suck it up…

    its better if the superior race dies out…u’re a host to the jewish parasites…

    with the white host gone…us mud and inferior races will rape and rob them blind…

    just wait and see 🙂

      1. oh fuck off u faggot homosexual jew Rousso….

        Islam is the BIGGEST force opposing the kikes/yhids today…ask Lobro about it…

        its YOU white gentiles who are the BIGGEST assets of the kikes…

        the kikes are just too dumb to realize that they are biting the hand that feeds them…

        unless they got backup plans with finding more hands to feed them and the white man has done his job …

        and lived/outlived his usefulness…

        of course I must throw in exception to white Muslims in the Balkans, Eastern Europe, Russia, and Turkey/Anatolia…- they deserve to live and the rest of you all deserve to die for being jew bitches/slaves… except maybe Lobro and Bobby Fischer and Otto Weininger who did what every good and true jew should do – just take out his gat and pull the trigger on his gold nigger ass…pop some lead str8 in2 his cranium…

        don’t forget homeys – the only good jew is a dead jew

        don’t worry we will rape and rob and kill the jews with fascinating impunity – so with whites gone – it will make the job easier for us – no human rights and anti-semitism to worry about – that’s for blonde haired blue eyed “white devils” to be guilty about and pay them eternal reparations…

        remember, we are poorer than the jews – so we will rob rape and kill them without any apologies…

        Morningstar…we have always lived well without the interference and belligerence of u jews and jew slave white gentiles – after we exterminate you both – we will manage quite well i’m sure – don’t worry about us –

        worry about your own fate – and btw…I’d like to ask… what would you like to be your request before you say your last breadth? how would u like to have your last meal?

      2. Rousso – homosexual Jew –

        Islam is the ONLY force constantly opposing World Jewish powers today. Both in the Muslim lands and in the West where the Jewish parasites exist. Now prove it to me that Christianity can do anything against the Judenrats? You can’t prove it because you are a sissy.

      3. Salman Hossain,

        Communism is opposing Capitalism, too. Come here more often, babe. Me love u long time.

    1. And when all civilized people gone you will have a whole world of eternal darkness to rape and pillage through until there is nothing left at all. Then you will all starve to death. Insh’allah I might add. No pun intended.

      1. We have managed quite well without u Jews and white slaves of the Jews. If you all are gone we WILL continue on thriving and surviving because Usury will no longer exist. So poverty and the crime and despair and problems that come with it will diminish if not outright disappear. NO MORE SLAVERY TO THE MONEY POWERS. No more currency devaluation and cheap labor. No more control of the volume of various currencies of different countries. You get my point?

        So yes, except for White Muslims, the rest of you can die out. It will be my absolute pleasure to see you get wiped out along with the Jews. We will soon rape and rob and kill the Jews openly on the streets. The elite Jews who run the Western world are our targets and we have the bulls eye on them. Whats there not to like about it? You superior people couldn’t do the task what us inferior races are going to do with ease and impunity and absolutely no apologies (in fact with pride!!!)

        With the Jews and White Gentiles gone (EXCEPT for White Muslims in the Balkans, Crimea/Eastern Ukraine and Eastern Europe, along with the Russian Federation and Azerbaijan/Turkey or Anatolia who are the only whites that deserve to live)- the world will be a much better place to live. Not only that, you all don’t deserve to live any more as a people. You are better off wiped out of existence in the millions along with your Jew masters. Capische?

        And Admin, you better not be a bitch – post the truth – that’s the ultimate punishment of the jewish parasite – they will be wiped out OR they will live but wish they had been dead since they can’t suck the life blood out of anyone.

    2. Salman Hossain
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    3. Salman,
      You are an endless source of entertainment, and if you did not grace us with your presence we would have to invent you, which come to think of it, something most likely did.
      Ah, rape, how you must dream of it, as do all unfortunate, unloved, and stinking selfish men.
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      Go back to your camel turded sand box, the plaything of Greeks, Romans, Persians, Mongols, French and Englishmen and await your due chastisement.
      It shall not be long in coming.

      1. S.W.

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  6. In the final run, white people, the children of today, will be clubbed to death like baby harp seals by encroaching Negroid hordes who care less about them than they care about the environment.

    When it comes to facing their own imminent destruction, the stupidity otherwise highly intelligent white people exhibit is truly astounding. In matters of race, I am constantly amazed at how many highly educated, well read, intelligent, erudite, professional, white people cannot see the nose on their own face when looking into their cultural mirror.

    Of course there’s that other element: “Bat shit crazy, blue haired, tattooed covered, SJW, feminist misandrists, who side with Black Lives Matter.”

    The other day I was conversing with a forty year old, college edumacated, white man who was convinced the real issue facing humanity is global warming, a problem that, according to him, primarily stems from pig and cow farming! The obvious answer to this pressing problem? Wait for it – replace all petroleum energy with wind and solar power. Whonk! Whonk! Whonk! Tilt! Tilt! Tilt! goes the brain. This is what passes for critical thinking in today’s Judaized world of media magic.

    A report on the media’s coverage of last nights Trump rally in Seattle.

    “The rally was powerful, after a routine speech by Preibus, a strong speech by Guiliani (who I still do not like) and a feeble speech by Sen. Sessions (who I like).

    “Then Trump. The hall was almost filled, with capacity at about 10K. I have a few not very good pictures.

    “Very good speech. A lot of Black stuff. Suggested that growing up without facing violence is a right.

    “Israel was mentioned twice, once by Guiliani and once by Trump, got big cheer. Biggest cheer was “no Syrian refugees”. Guiliani also mentioned Brexit.

    “Many, many journalists left early. Trump said some unkind (true) things about them before they left.

    “Some disrupters, quickly escorted out. Largest was a group of about 20 Mex. I could not see the other group, smaller.

    “He closed with the snake.”


    “KIRO News denounced Trump for outreach to Blacks saying it is because Trump “wants to prove he is not a bigot”. Essex Porter (Black) asked again and again if Trump was a racist. KIRO had a video from “Paul Irvine” who videoed himself shouting obscenities at Trump. Irvine gets longer statement than Trump’s speech gets in the news report. Porter tried to trip up a poorly spoken Black woman Trump supporter: he failed. Porter insisted that turnout at the arena was very poor (in fact, the largest turnout at any political rally ever held in the arena).

    “KIRO claimed huge crowd of protesters, but in reality perhaps 50. (Many printed signs without organization affiiation) Interviewed several people who were ejected who said Trump does not believe in Black Lives Matter. Rep, Rick Larsen speaking to a crowd of maybe 20 in a park said that Hate is not welcome in Washington. KIRO gave more time to coverage of protesters than to rally.

    “KIRO: Gary Horcher: did many interviews of protesters, not one interview of a Trump supporter.

    By the way, when it comes to clueless, that’s me. I don’t even know what “SJW” refers to.

    It is fitting to close this post with a well known poem.

    “The Snake”

  7. These words, the same statement I have heard on Youtube before. There is a clip, I can’t remember the name of it. An English-speaking religious Jew in Israel said the same things to a secular Jew. The same. Trust me.

    Understand, that Islam and Judaism is the same religion. It’s not in fact a religion, but it’s the same thing. But Judaism is for the classes, and Islam is for the masses. All these Bible-centric religions are the same phenomenon; one thing.

    1. Don’t forget Christianity, once a political movement diametrically opposed to Temple Judaism, it has now been co-opted by the Jews as willing foot soldiers for global domination by insane, inane “Christian Zionists”.

      Idiots like this fail to recognize that Jews have no friends, only hated enemies and useful idiots who are exterminated in short order when the opportunity arises. These clowns, failing to study the Jews in depth, have no idea what’s in store for them after all is said and done. A quick study of Soviet history provides ample evidence for what will happen to the stupid goyim supporters of Judaism and its bastard stepchild, Zionist socialism.

      1. Zionist Communism. Socialism is a good thing. Socialism means that a nation possesses its resourses. Not a bunch of billionairs from the Forbes list. Yet all people of the nation can possess businesses, unlike in the Communist states.

  8. If the ordinary people continue to be ignored and betrayed there will be a revolution, and I hope it is only at the ballot box and not on the streets. I think the BNP will see increased support.

    1. I suppose Mr Trump and Brexit are part of that revolution. It has already started. Ordinary people have had enough and they don’t see the risks of a Trump Presidency or Britain leaving the EU as being as bad as the political correctness, arrogance, incompetence and dishonesty of the present political class.

      What are the bookies odds on Trump? It might be worth a punt.

      1. Slowly he creeps .. inch by inch, step by step, poll by poll.
        (and this according to the M$M 5th Column)
        The real polls (aka) polls from anywhere except the M$M have Trump 75%, easily.
        Hillary couldn’t poll 30% at her family reunion, and Trump has only just begun..

  9. There is a place. There is a plan. The place is the Pacific NW of the Jewunited Socialist States of America. The plan is for every Euro-White American who can rub brain cells together to move to the Pacific NW with their families, if they have any. White Europeans are also welcome. It’s called the NW Front organization and the present spokesman for the Front is H.C. Covington who has been on the trenches for the 14 words of David Lane his entire life. “David Lane is most famous for a statement called the 14 Words. They are: ‘We Must Secure The Existence Of Our PEOPLE And A Future For White Children.’ ” These words have become the sacred battle cry of the remaining White People who resist the deliberate genocide being perpetrated against our kind.”

    H.C. has written 5 NW novels that are light years beyond “The Hunter”. The novels outline one possible scenario for carving out at least one piece of ground of this god damn planet where White families can raise their children in safety in the Pacific NW. There are no, or very, very few options left for the White race.
    Gilbert recommends that “You all need to read William Pierce’s book “Hunter”, again. Get some constructive and pertinent ideas!” Pierce’s organizations fell to pieces upon his death. So what good was that?
    Covington is a master writer.
    So, those of you who can, get your asses up here to the Pacific NW and dig in where many of the towns are still 90% plus White. For the more obtuse, it’s called “The Redoubt”. Many Whites are steaming in from parts South to escape the joys of multiculturalism. What ever the reason, as long as the come.
    Many ask the question. “What about the non whites already living in the Pacific NW of USSA.” It’s very simple.
    If Whites can establish an independent all White Nation in the Pacific NW, the non whites will be gone. Period.
    I personally don’t agree entirely with that. There are a hand full of upstanding non whites living in the Pacific NW who, as far as I am concerned, will be treaded with due respect, if they decide to stay living in a nation run by Whites for the benefit Whites and their children.
    Lets face it folks. Being “keyboard warriors” is not going to cut it. The hour glass of time is running out for the the White race who are now only a measly 9 percent of the worlds human population. And considering what’s going on right now in Europe and coming soon to the neighborhoods in North America, one should use the word “human” advisedly when applied to certain other hominids including some Whites.

  10. Toejam –

    It is impossible to defeat the Vatican.

    The the Discovery Doctrines gave titles of use only, to the monarchs who purchased or traded those lands in America. US government holds the titles for use of the US lands including the states in the northwest.

    Purchases were to include use of land and not ownership.

    I have seen many plans like this fail because every piece of land is owned by the US Government. The US Military is called when needed. The TVA and National Parks represent how the government took back its land and ran the people off by force.
    Recently, Waco is an example when they used the military.
    Kelo is an example when they used the courts.

    You would be better off purchasing an island somewhere else. Keep it shabby so no one wants it enough to fight you for it. Export nothing so that no government would want to annex it. That might be the best bet for a few decades.

    If you are not familiar with Kelo…. it is the reason Sandra O’Connor resigned from SCOTUS:

    Susette Kelo dreamed of owning a home that looked out over the water. She purchased and lovingly restored her little pink house where the Thames River meets the Long Island Sound in 1997, and had enjoyed the great view from its windows. The Dery family, up the street from Susette, had lived in Fort Trumbull since 1895; Matt Dery and his family lived next door to his mother and father.  Matt’s mother was born in her house in 1918 and had never lived anywhere else.  The richness and vibrancy of this neighborhood reflected the American ideal of community and the dream of homeownership.
    Tragically, the City of New London turned that dream into a nightmare.

    1. Pat, what a dump New London was when I was there ten years ago.
      Even the subs looked grimy..
      My brother lived there then. He dealt cards at the Heap Big Indian Casino, Foxwood.
      He was also becoming proficient at speaking Chinese..
      Why don’t I want to go to work with him today, he asks me! Funny guy.

      1. HP –

        Same when I was stationed there for 3 months in 1968.
        I actually rented a place in Mystic, CT.
        Seafood was fresh. The best thing was the lobster rolls and fried clams.

        Submarines are always dingy, grimy and smelly. Barnacles galore…. rotting when in port. Even nukes run on diesel when alongside the piers and tenders…. when no shore power is available.

        Aaah, the aroma of diesel exhaust and rotten barnacles. I’m getting homesick.. 🙂

    2. Pat,
      I hear you. It won’t be easy. You must read Covington’s 5 NW novels if you want some inspiration. It matters little about the Vatican or how much land is controlled by this or that. If Whites expect to be around in 100 years they are going to have to fight for their survival. It will be bloody. It will be messy. Once the battle for survival is engaged thousands if not millions of the fence setters will join in the animated contest. Millions then will really begin to stream into the Pacific NW, (as many are doing right now in bits and pieces for various reasons) to join in the battle for White survival. And the sad part of all this is that many whites will continue to believe in the Red, White and Blue dish rag and what it used to stand for and many will die, needlessly, fighting for the corrupt, Jew infested Washington DC in trying to hold the American Empire together. No matter what, America will fall to pieces, just like the former USSR fell apart, for many of the same reasons. One way or the other the Whites in North America must get their piece if they expect to be around in the future.

      1. TJ –

        HEAVY VETTING REQUIRED…. no matter where you go.

        I was in the ‘survivalists’ movements in the 60s and 70s. I stayed away from the really militant ones, laden with infiltrators and provocateurs. They were ALL taken down because it is ALL government land. The group known as Republic of Texas were all killed or in prison today. They wanted to do in Texas what you are suggesting in NW. All gone.

        You said “bloody”…. means you will be in battle. 13 states tried that already. Failed miserably. Mainly due to infiltrators and traitors and thieves.

        It will not work on the government’s soil. You have NO RIGHTS when you do not have a place to exercise them.

        Just yesterday…. coincidentally…. I got this:

        A certain degree of heroism infuses the people who challenge the government’s lies. So when two of the brightest luminaries in the quest for truth beyond the poisoned mainstream disfigure what so many honest people have tried to reveal to the comatose populace, the longshot effort that we can rescue the suicidal course of human society becomes that much more unlikely.

        Firebrand antiwar orator Ken O’Keefe has recently been laid low by accusations from his best friends that he absconded with contributions meant to construct a program he had invented .

        Now friends insist he is using the money to buy a Caribbean island.(I had not seen this when I mentioned it to you.)

        O’Keefe’s hundreds of YouTubes have established the ex-Marine as a first rate critic of U.S. and Israeli crimes in the Middle East and earned him thousands of supporters around the world.
        So the tarnishing of his credibility hurts those trying to overturn the phony reality imposed by our criminal government.

        Wolfgang Halbig was made to take down his Sandy Hook Justice Report or suffer fantastic financial penalties. Halbig was the courageous citizen who marched into Sandy Hook and pointed out their account of things was full of holes.

        8/31 UPDATE: Wolfgang Halbig stated this morning that he was compelled to take his website down and go off of Facebook because one or more parties unknown to him are contacting his wife and son’s places of employment in an effort to have these family members terminated from their positions because of Wolfgang’s activities concerning Sandy Hook. 


        Bottom line….. do not join a group. Judas will be there. Figure out another way. Customize it for you and your family. Even family can be turned against you.

        Your first mistake already…. you have advertised your plan of action to the world. Right here.

      2. PS –

        You wrote:
        “It matters little about the Vatican or how much land is controlled by this or that.”

        You are wrong. This shows you are not prepared for the task ahead.

        This may help:

        The “Doctrine of Discovery” had reared its head in the wrong place. The resolution was dead, but it was not the end of efforts by Spain, the Vatican, and others in the West to make the Quincentennial a cause for celebration.

        In 1823 the US Supreme Court issued its decision in Johnson v. McIntosh. Writing for the majority, Chief Justice John Marshall held that the Doctrine of Discovery had been an established principle of European law and of English law in effect in Britain’s North American colonies and was also the law of the United States. The Court defined the exclusive property rights that a European country acquired by dint of discovery: “Discovery gave title to the government, by whose subjects, or by whose authority, it was made, against all other European governments, which title might be consummated by possession.” Therefore, European and Euro-American “discoverers” had gained real-property rights in the lands of Indigenous peoples by merely planting a flag. Indigenous rights were, in the Court’s words, “in no instance, entirely disregarded; but were necessarily, to a considerable extent, impaired.” The Court further held that Indigenous “rights to complete sovereignty, as independent nations, were necessarily diminished.” Indigenous people could continue to live on the land, but title resided with the discovering power, the United States. A later decision concluded that Native nations were “domestic, dependent nations.”

        The Doctrine of Discovery is so taken for granted that it is rarely mentioned in historical or legal texts published in the Americas.

        The UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Peoples, which meets annually for two weeks, devoted its entire 2012 session to THE DOCTRINE…!!

      3. Pat is quite correct in his assessment of the situation. Jews have virtually checkmated the white race with their deceptive, infiltration tactics. This is the most underhanded most duplicitous, most Machiavellian race on the planet. By the time you think of it, they have already turned it against you in their favor.

        Look how many innocent women and children were willingly and purposefully murdered at Oklahoma city in the effort to end the militia movement. Then there were those who died in the Trade Tower debacle so Jews could rid themselves of Saddam and his Iraqi threat. Saudis with box-cutters, four airplanes with no bodies – that’s a good one! No wonder Jews write so much comedy.

        For those who doubt, listen again to the words of a Jewess about such murders. Then there are the sycophants.

        Judaism is the religion of the psychopath, as are both her ugly, illegitimate offspring. Jews are a race of murderers whose belief system of fanatical bloody terror and hatred is based on their hateful, judgmental, vengeful, genocidal, religious god’s demand for sacrificial killing. It does not take much study of their history or their “holy books” to arrive at this conclusion; however, it takes monumental effort to overcome their goody-two-Jews programming.

        History has demonstrated repeated regression to barbarism thanks to manifold wars and social unrest over the centuries stemming from the pursuit of bloody, murderous, Judaic based religious ideals? Is it any wonder? Jews have never gotten over the idea that a god (I suspect an Egyptian “god”, which explains Jews’ intense hatred for Egypt) drove Adam from the garden.

        From that point forward, from Nimrod to Obama, Jewish beliefs have laid out a killing field against all humanity. The story is naught but one, long, Jewish story of murder and genocide by Jews against mostly imagined enemies.

        I think it will take a “miracle” in the form of Jesus descending from the sky to rectify the Jewish problem, but every time I call heaven, all I get is a recorded message telling me to leave a prayer and Christ will get back with me shortly.

  11. Bloomin’ heck, guv! Off topic warning: I started browsing through the list of forbidden texts and downloaded “The Babylonian Woe”.

    Spartans as anti-banksters — I never saw that one coming. Fantastic stuff.

  12. Montana and Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County! These are deliberate provocations, saying to whites “you don’t have a right to your own community, culture or way of life. These Africans need a home and it would be racist to allow you to keep your communities intact. You are no better than these Africans, so you’re going to live with them. Ourselves? We are going to keep our communities white and we will send our children to private schools without minorities (except for the children of Jewish hypocrites). We are well aware of the high black crime rate and you’re a racist for mentioning it.”

    Has Trump mentioned these people? Before dealing with illegal Latin Americans, these should be the first to be shipped back where they came from and it should be investigated who was involved in choosing Montana and Lancaster County as the locations where to settle the Africans. The people involved in that decision should be terminated from their jobs immediately.

    1. ” and it should be investigated who was involved in choosing Montana and Lancaster County as the locations where to settle the Africans. The people involved in that decision should be terminated from their jobs immediately.”

      Those who you are advocating for investigation would be Obama, HUD and the US State Department. Ultimately, the plan is to make the US a nation ruled by one political party. To accomplish this as well as to create the chaos needed so as to allow the world’s elite Oligarchy to implement their global government (to make the world “right and just”, of course) they feel they need to import millions of aliens. This will ultimately bring about the Cloward-Piven goal of destroying the economy. That, IMHO is when will be proposed as a solution to all our woes.
      To facilitate this goal, the US State Dept. has engaged a lengthy list of subcontractors;
      (Here, I am quoting from The Refugee Resettlement Watch website :

      “There are 9 main major refugee resettlement organizations (Volags from “Voluntary Agency”) with approximately 450 affiliated organizations throughout the country; many are run by former refugees. Below are the 9 Volags that operate today:

      US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB),
      Lutheran Immigrant Aid Society (LIRS),
      International Rescue Committee (IRC),
      World Relief Corporation,
      Immigrant and Refugee Services of America (IRSA),
      Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS),
      Church World Service (CWS),
      Domestic and Foreign Missionary Service of the Episcopal Church of the USA,
      Ethiopian Community Development Center (ECDC),

      Below are some of the sources of income for Volags:

      a. $1,850 per refugee (including children) from the State Department.

      b. Up to $2,200 for each refugee by participating in a U.S. DHHS program known as Matching Grant. To get the $2,200, the Volag need only show it spent $200 and gave away $800 worth of donated clothes, furniture or cars.

      c. The Volag pockets 25% of every transportation loan it collects from refugees it “sponsors”.

      d. All Volag expenses and overhead in the Washington, DC HQ are paid by the U.S. government.

      e. For their refugee programs, Volags collect money from all federal grant programs – “Marriage Initiative”, “Faith-based”, “Ownership Society”, etc., as well as from various state and local grants.

      The program is so lucrative that in some towns the Catholic Church has lessened support for traditional charity works to put more effort into resettlement. It uses collection offerings to promote the refugee resettlement program.

      23. Despite their rhetoric, refugee agencies have steadfastly refused to use their own resources to maintain the U.S. refugee resettlement program. Public money has thoroughly driven out private money.”

      You must understand that to the subcontractors, this is great business and very lucrative, in fact it is an industry and to the elites, it furthers their global goal.

      Lasha and moderator; I apologize for the lengthy cut and paste, as well as for pointing out that Christian religious organization are involved in this effort at replacing our people in our own lands, but it is what it is and it pains me as much as it does others here.

      Further, I recommend The Refugee Resettlement Watch website as good reading for gaining a greater insight of the mechanism and method used to displace us.

  13. Every city in the US is seeing the invasion. That has been the case for many years.

    Immigrants from Africa have been flooding into Birmingham, Alabama for two decades.

    Birmingham suburb, Bessemer, Alabama, Regions Bank branch office manager is Edward Lubembe, from Kenya. He has been there 14 years.

    In 2011, in response to Hispanic population growth around Birmingham and elsewhere in the state, the Alabama Legislature passed a highly restrictive immigration law to force undocumented immigrants to leave the state. Some did, but courts struck down many of the law’s provisions and it is mostly ineffective today. Then, in 2014, state voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment to “prohibit the application of foreign law in violation of rights guaranteed natural citizens by the United States and Alabama Constitutions, and the statutes, laws, and public policy thereof.”
    The amendment’s chief sponsor, state Sen. Gerald Allen, R-Tuscaloosa, had earlier proposed an amendment to keep Islamic Sharia law out of Alabama courts.

  14. In regards to the first video, which middle eastern country did Germany supposedly exploit or colonize according to that stupid Arab? Germany didn’t have any colonies in the middle east and had very few elsewhere. Great Britain, France, Italy and Turkey had colonies in the middle east. Germany never had any. Germany did sympathize with the grandparents of that racist scum and Germany and Arabs sought ways in which they could help each other in the war. But they were as worthless as a military power back then as they are today. Making babies. That is all they can do. It’s unfortunate that garbage doesn’t appreciate the one ally his people had, while the British and Jews were brokering a deal to steal Palestine from Arabs and give it to Jews. I suspect the rest are as stupid as he is in regards to German – Arab history/relations.

    From IHR –
    The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Meets With Hitler
    Video – German newsreel (1941)
    Narration: “The Fuehrer receives the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem (Amin al-Husseini), one of the most influential leaders of Arab nationalism. The Grand Mufti is the religious leader of the Arabs in Palestine, and at the same time their chief judge and financial administrator. Because of his nationalist position, he has been harshly persecuted by the British, who have offered a reward of 25,000 pounds for his capture. After an adventurous journey he reached Germany by way of Italy.” From the German weekly newsreel, “Deutsche Wochenschau,” Dec. 10, 1941. First minute and twenty seconds.

    Hitler criticizing the English and Jews mistreatment of Arabs.

    1. Sister Monica :

      I sent you a post about Hillary and Huma. The post contains a link to a video about Hillary and Huma. It’s not on the commenatry board. What’s your issue this time? You always got a problem, if it’s not one thing it’s another thing. Why are you censoring my “Hillary and Huma” post? Are you an Islamic Jihadist Muslim lesbian Supremacist Communist also and want to protect your own kind? Is that it?

      ADMIN: Not censorship, Joe. I haven’t had FIVE spare minutes today to even check out the spam folder. Your post is coming up next, so relax! (SrM)

      1. More about Hillary and her aide Huma Abedin [ who I still think is her boss/handler, like the Iranian donmeh jew Communist Valerie Jarrett is Obama’s boss-handler. ] I don’t know who Huma has to answer to, though. I don’t know who Huma’s boss is. I’m currently looking into that, but the info is REAL difficult to find.


        If Hillary wins in November, we will get flooded with as many Muslim immigrants per capita as Europe has now ; Actually we’ll probably get more Muslims per capita than Europe, as the powers and principalities of the world want to bring down the United States TOTALLY.

    2. @ Peter

      When people think with their crotch, questions, thinking, and reasoning do not matter.

      1. My gonads made me do it.
        Yep, they done the thinnin’ alright.
        Twas not my beautiful (if lusty and brutal) mind.

  15. They call the Internet World the lazy man’s purview; the sluggishly slothful and languorous prefecture. In this realm people are sleepy, dreamy, torpid, lethargic, and therefore indigent—totally brainless, needy, destitute, morally-stricken, disillusionment, and morally corrupt. In this demesne, as they call it, there are hardly any discoveries, inventions, and innovations. Hate mongering is the trailblazer. Some call it “the dark web” for the light that flickers under the tunnel is not that of hope, but an approaching train. And because countless keep waiting in the way of the train, many lose hope and many more remain hopeful for their savior to arrive.
    It’s amazing how you all sit there and watch yourselves type your drivel laden with hate
    Harby, fully bald-headed, with intense, steely eyes, he was as cold as they come. When I first discovered this site was going to spend his time attacking Ingrid B .just because she dared to defend few refugees and some Muslims in on a non-stop fight right here on your comments boards, I was angst-ridden. I associate marble-shaven Caucasians with iconoclastic skin-heads, most of who are racist.
    Ingrid only regret that she wasted her time on a hate filled site ,a suspected zionists’ front.
    but I hold a different view ,this site isn’t zionists’ site but rather infested one

    1. without speculating who this Jesus-quoter might be (no need, the writer’s identity is quite clear to me), I would have just one question to ask for the sake of future clarification.

      From the tone of the post, it seems that the writer considers hatred to be a mental disease and as such in need of a cure.
      Do you have a suitable cure in mind that would put all of the antijudaists here into a state of equanimity, blissfully sucking on whatever pacifiers you provide?

      Since obviously, to hate the Jew is the world’s ugliest disease, whereas the healthy ones spend their time in healthy pursuits, shopping, attending pop concerts, watching TV shows, soaps, Ellen de Generes, Jeopardy, Academy Awards, Seinfeld reruns and so forth, such a rich field to choose from, certainly not infested by zionists since they all seem drawn to Darkmoon and the like sites, leaving the rest of the sentient sphere free of hate and zionists.

      To repeat, what do you advise, lobotomy, electrical shocks, Solomon’s mines, 2nd and 3rd sweatshop job or maybe something we haven’t heard from?
      What is your contribution to hate reduction, Truth-Shall-Set-You-Free?
      What would Jesus do?
      (make sure Ellie doesn’t catch you because she will rip you to shreds, she hat… dislikes that stuff intensely, well Jesus anyway, not sure about Truth and Freedom, still awaiting the verdict)

    2. @ The Truth Will Set You Free

      I just love it when hypocrites spout off.

      “They call the Internet World the lazy man’s purview; the sluggishly slothful and languorous prefecture. In this realm people are sleepy, dreamy, torpid, lethargic, and therefore indigent—totally brainless, needy, destitute, morally-stricken, disillusionment, and morally corrupt.”

      “When I first discovered this site was going to spend his time attacking Ingrid B.”

      I wonder if you know that you have used the internet to post and that you have been using the internet for quite some time looking at this “Zionist infested site” to know about the exchange concerning Ingrid. B Apparently, not. You do not know that by your own actions and words you have been “… totally brainless, needy, destitute, morally-stricken, disillusionment, and morally corrupt.”

      Since your moniker is a quote from Jesus, you might want to read more and discover what Jesus had to say about hypocrites.

  16. The Blind Veneration of Mme Lasha Darkmoon Must Stop!

    ”The man who refuses to grow out of his religion, is not likely to be cured of his infatuation with littleness.”
    Evil Ellie

    If the digital universe that we call the Internet were today asked which, of all her phantom partakers, is the most wonderfully munificent and most entirely revered specimen, it would, without a shadow of a doubt, answer: LASHA DARKMOON! And yet, if that very same digital universe were to consult me prior to issuing its most unambiguous verdict, I should rather, and that with the happiest tears that ever did moisten my beautiful eyes, say, NOT LASHA DARKMOON! And I have ample reasons to think of her as I do, which reasons, as the following carefully-selected words shall elucidate, shall hopefully sway the slavish minds of those visitors to this now-melancholy site, who, or so it appears, are easily addicted to a person’s ostensible genial manner of expression, since the mind accustomed to being impressed by the wonderful effect of appearances, very seldom sees beyond the veil.

    Well, friends, since I alone question all authority, and, since I am never the more impatient than when the gorgeous image of stabbing penetrates my long-stabbed mind, let us now, together, you and I, thrust a sweet dagger in the imagined digital loins of our ineffable Lady, and see if we can elegantly destroy that gorgeous Catholic beauty of that glorious Catholic queen.

    That no person can be good at everything, is a truism that can as little be doubted as can the fact that the frigid Mme Darkmoon feels for nothing; and, if we wish to judge her by the fair law of equiponderance, we should stab her yet a little more, and say that, when The Universal Father created man, to her alone did He omit a heart!

    Look at her! Just look at her! If I alone was not the one incessantly to commend her on her beauty, which beauty, even when carefully described was most difficult to observe, who ever would like her?! A totally frigid Catholic, whose every single thought that enters her long-trained religious mind is accompanied by the trepidation of sin, of horror, of pain and of suffering, so that she no longer has the ability accurately to weigh and separate Truth from fiction; an absolute and unbitten virgin, but one who, interestingly, proceeds very carefully when seeking to gain the submission of those unfortunate ones who give her their ear.

    Which of you monotonous heads, for example, have ever asked the following questions: Who really is Lasha Darkmoon, eh? If I have something important to say, which something may be entirely unrelated to the subject being discussed, what for am I being silenced? Is it because the arrested development which the hideous, mass-murdering, Catholic Church has instilled in her has also caused her to be unable to treat and process thoughts and opinions which are dissimilar in nature and content to those thoughts and opinions which are currently being discussed by her? Or, is her wilful repression rather a case of a lonely nun merely exercising absolute authority simply and solely because the home which we have elected to visit happens to belong to her? How come she hopelessly encumbers herself with articles pertaining to the most monotonous economy of China, for example, when there exists at the very least one mouth, one tongue, which endlessly can discourse about the single, solitary danger that threatens the entire human family: the evil Jews?

    How can someone, I ask, who nightly has been sent to sleep by listening to the faecal stories of the faecal Jews ever be relied upon when asked to speak the truth about the same foul, cosmic evil? How can such a person ever deserve our regard?

    Is it because she finds it spiritually unwieldy to utter the truth that Jewish people eat shit? I’ll say it: JUDEO JEWS EAT SHIT! Or, is it because of the fact that her religion, having utterly denuded her of the ability ever to obtain the truth about the evil Jewish scum that threatens entirely to inundate man, has also taught her how not to attain it from others, you know, like me, for example, who am open, not shy, immensely learned, and unbelievably rich and foul-mouthed?

    Why all this incessant and impressive declamations of her scholarship and unquenchable thirst for Truth, for instance, when every attempt by me to show the truthful evils of her Judeo-Satanic religion always terminates in my only callous and heartless silencing? Is it because she willingly and most gloriously joyfully indulges in censuring me alone? Or, is it because of her secret, Catholic jealousy of me, you know, since the mental universe of our Catholic virgin cannot even imagine two strands missing from a Jew’s head, whereas I openly and most happily say: ”Do you wish to sharpen a bayonet? Find yourself a Jew!”

    She everywhere falters, our Lady does, everywhere. In fact, when in the service of Truth, so very scarcely, and so very partially have the crimes of Religions been treated by her, particularly of her religion, Christianity, that one wonders whether in this manner our Lady England is quietly signalising to the rest of us that she in fact either knows very little of that which she claims much, or that she hasn’t a single trace of courage in her empty breast, though she cleverly persuades us that she has much of the former and even more of the latter, like a circus-maker, who cleverly tricks and deceives, only to make us ourselves look like clowns. Why is it, for instance, that our good human friend always ornaments everything that is beautiful and hopeful on her Jesus, when I have amply shown that, of all the Christians in the world, not a single race is more profoundly in love with Him than the Russians, and yet, when the moment of Truth arrived and her cosmic Prince ought to have played His gorgeous hand, not a single people of the entire world ever suffered more spine-chilling barbarities than they? How come our Doctor never enquires into this? Is it because the sanguinary rivers which hourly and rapidly flowed from one corner of Russia to the other from the total slaughter of upwards of ten-million inoffensive little Russian children did not contain within their hidden globules that sweetness and that innocence which that of her Prince Jesus did? Is it because the Russians did not believe enough? Or, if they did, that they believed only some of the time and not all of the time? Why does she make us anticipate some future felicities and future lives when Seize the Moment always has been the precept of the ancients? I mean, if indeed we accept our sad queen’s prescription that, all happiness depends on her Jesus, and that any felicity which a man may hope to obtain can only be realised on the condition that we no longer are, why doesn’t our Madame kill herself first, allow herself to be propelled to the farthest reaches of the firmament, and then, once there, stay there?! A fair question, is it not?

    But she won’t, my dear ones, she will not end her life; for, in the deepest sinews of what passes for her heart, Lasha Darkmoon herself distrusts the heavens, though she most solemnly, most cleverly, and most cunningly leads our minds to believe that, the sweetest rapture in life is that of Rapture itself, you know, and that the entire species’ crown can only be bestowed on it by the man who, incidentally, could not quite manage to hold one Himself for one full passover! Oh, dog me! I either know too much or too little! Whatever, one thing I do know is this: whenever we sit under a tree and gently close our delicate eyes, something informs us of Eternity, and that the moment a doctrine tells us what to think, is the very moment when that signal of Eternity is lost. Perhaps, and after all, this is what Religions do best: LOSE MAN! And perhaps, also, this indeed is what has happened to our little queen herself, namely, that in order to find her Jesus, she has only succeeded in losing her own self?!

    Don’t pity her, my friends, do not; because, when we pity those whom we once loved, we also reflect on our own disappointment, since true Love never gives one cause for pity. Rather, consider our sweet English Princess in the same way as the mind of a boy receives the exciting tumult of a festival, where he gets to ride the powerful go-carts, noise and all, but which, upon closer observation, a grown-up man can see that it leads to absolutely nowhere. Because, so it was with me: so very absolutely candidly and powerfully and beautifully have I written to her in the past, only to witness the absolutely cold-hearted obliteration of my thoughts by her, the woman who ostensibly loves everyone, which same woman no one really loves.

    Lasha Darkmoon is a garden, very great and very excellent on the outside, but inwardly destroyed by that very sun which long ago promised to give her Life. This is her condign punishment, and I immensely enjoy seeing her live. Some people should never taste death, but live for ever a deathly life, like the evil Jews, for example, or, better still, their Catholic accomplices.

    Evil Ellie

    1. @ Ellie K

      A feisty denunciation of Lasha Darkmoon that will all have us all heading for the exit gates, I have no doubt! 🙂

      The obvious question is: why do you bother to tell us, in comment after interminable comment, that Lasha Darkmoon has nothing whatsoever to offer mankind and that you, on the contrary, have? What is the point of telling us this? Are we so stupid that we cannot figure this for ourselves: that it is your genius and not Lasha Darkmoon’s genius that we ought to be holding in veneration?

      You may well have a point, Ellie. But if so, the solution to this problem is very simple. Set up your own website and dazzle the world with your genius! Nothing is stopping you! You have the money. You have the money to set up a hundred websites. A thousand websites!

      After all, you claim to be a Rothschild with a fortune of several billion dollars. So why are you wasting your time here in the Comments section of a website you despise? Surely it’s time to THINK BIG and get a website of your own! 🙂

      Just sayin’ . . .

      1. Yeah, Lasha is a garden alright, Daughter Of Qabalah Lilith that Lasha is, Lasha is the Hanging Garden of “Lord” Nimrod’s Hanging Gardens of the abomination of desolation Babylon, trying to pass herself off as the “garden of eden”. Yeah sure, whatever Lasha.

      2. Mind you, Ellie, I’ve long had my suspicions that you already own over a hundred websites. If not thousands. Both zionist and anti-Zionist, playing both sides. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that you owned Rense and VT.

        Only kidding. 🙂

        My own view is that you are an aspiring novelist who has dabbled in writing pornography as a sideline. We already have a sample of your “snake porn” on this website. Someone told me that the brilliant description you wrote of two lesbians having it off, using a snake to increase the intensity of their orgasms, contains one of the longest sentences in the English language.

        Well, you certainly have imagination as well as literary panache. Please accept my sincere admiration for your many talents.

      3. ADMIN: Post held up in monitoring for technical reasons.

        @ Sardonicus

        You said, “The obvious question is: why do you bother to tell us, in comment after interminable comment, that Lasha Darkmoon has nothing whatsoever to offer mankind and that you, on the contrary, have?”

        Jews are normally verbose and always toot their own horn as they lie. Ellie K is not an exception.

        The Old Testament could have been about three Books if not for this jewish inclination. The Protocols could have been about three pages if not for this jewish inclination. Etc., etc.

        The jews, deep inside themselves, know that, in the grand scheme of useful things, they are three feet below whale poop at the bottom of the ocean which serves more purpose than themselves, so they try to make up for their inadequacies by spouting off a lot.

    2. I thought, toward the end of your agonizing, circular, unsubstantiated, narcissistic, prattling, rattling, airy, dirge-like and really BORING missive, of a lemon meringue pie I had bought. Analogous to your piece, it would be a high pile full of air and whipped egg whites and a little sliver of lemon.

      In other words, in your other world, Ellie, you are like those engines that I love so much, that come alive, and breath, and bellow and WORK. You see, Ellie, in the world of people like me, nothing is worth anything unless it is useful. Your piece is like one of those engines that cranks, misfires, belches smoke, backfires, and keeps trying to catch on. But you never fired up, got up and running. A lot of smoke, no useful work, i.e., reliable information.

      Sorry, Old Girl, your piece is a monument to yourserf. Like the atonal jazz of Ornette Coleman, we keep waiting for something we can hang our hat on, a coherent line of structure and melody. The title of your piece could be “Coughing, Spluttering, Yammering, Backfiring, But Failure to Thrive; No Start. Subtitle: New York Times Highest Entropy Award.

    3. Ellie, How very fine you are, not sweet…more like a wild persimmon after first frost, how much I’d love to hold you tightly and taste your essence.
      How true, a little man or woman will never question, they will remain the false person they were groomed to be, a false self maintained by pride. And you? Are you immune from pride dear one?
      “A path is only a path and there us no affront, to oneself or others, in dropping it, if that is what your heart tells you….”
      You do have a heart, don’t you? I dare say you have a very fine one.
      Me, I turned. I once danced with my priestess in the moonlight.
      “To go far is to return.” Now I follow Christ.
      Woman and man are no less beautiful to me, indeed more so. Weapons are still not strange to my touch, but my blood much less dear.

    4. It would be nice to see some useful information in these posts, as they are rather lengthy for a mere ad hominem attack. Surely such personal vitriol can be stated in briefer terms.

      Perhaps Hillary demonstrates the best path to follow in this matter, to wit: “I came, I saw, and hated everything I saw.” Then sum it up with your terrible curse: “I sincerely hope Lasha lives forever.”

      I don’t “venerate” Lasha, I just like the cut of her beautiful jib that sails the Darkmoon ship along under billowing white clouds of illuminated truth. Women are like ships; when built right, they sail so beautifully as to cause rapture in the male.

      We now return viewers to their regular topics.

  17. Straws in the wind (courtesy of Felix who sent me the link), the annual YouGov poll of the world’s most admired sees Putin jump from 11th to 5th.
    Not that in itself it means much, people are stupid by all known yardsticks (Hillary #3 among women) but what i would have done if i was running the analysis is to provide a proper handicapping weight to contestants, like in the horse races.
    Because Putin is by far the world’s most reviled and smeared man in the (((mainstream))) media and say what you will but MSM still carries massive clout and is massively clouting the borderline retards, who account for 80% of population.
    To me, the explosive revelation is that Vlad is #4 in Saudi Arabia.
    Now that is something to ponder – tell me again that Muslims are dumb.
    A repressive monarchy cum police state, every single news organ trumpeting in perfect unison – and the man on the street is not buying, he is buying the enemy line.
    And he is #6 in Germany, France, Sweden, where he suffers daily calumny by the shabbo tabernacle choir.

    We are right in our suspicion, Flopot.

    1. Lobro –

      You wrote:
      “To me, the explosive revelation is that Vlad is #4 in Saudi Arabia.

      I don’t know why that would surprise you. Pharisee-Jews such as the Saudi Royals love Putin.

      You told us this below: 🙂

      The Origin and Historical Background of Saudi Royal Family Who Were Khazars or Ashkenazi Jews

      Flow chart of Saudi Dynasty:

      1. Not sure where you got the information that saudi royals took part in the poll but one thing i was sure of is that you would find a way to twist its meaning Pat.

        In fact, the poll says very clearly that the saudi royals are as relevant to the opinion of the common man on the Arab peninsula as netanyahu’s opinion is to a resident of Gaza.

        all you said is that Saudi king and Netanyahu are kissing cousins.
        no news there.

      2. Lobro –

        And far be it from from you to opine in a spin… twist..???

        You don’t know who was in the poll. I don’t either.

        Polls are phony…. bought… you know that…

        Polls say nothing “CLEARLY”.. as they are twisted.. 🙂

      3. Rixon gracie never snuck kitchen forks and knives into the ring in his speedos, Pat 😉
        i guess you skipped that part in his narration.

        yes, surveys can be bought, people can be bought, blogs, bloggers, posters, the whole world can be bought or at least 96% of it.
        among things that cannot are balance, justice, fairness, honesty, truth – and common sense in all its forms, horse sense included.

        So if you are telling us that maybe some zit-faced jew kid is sitting in mutti’s basement, invents an opinion gathering outfit named YouGov and then proceeds to type in some numbers at random representing countries that he finds on the map – that’s it, right?

        balance and fairness, the name of game, fresh out of the box up for grabs now for $3.50, is any of you gents willing to pony up, yes! i see $3.99, going once, twice, three times to the squint-eyed gentleman in the back row.

      4. Lobro –

        Not sure where you got the information that Rickson Gracie took part in the poll but one thing i was sure of is that you would find a way to twist its meaning Lobro. 🙂

  18. More from inestimable Felix, Adolf Hitler’s views on Feminism.

    Listen, hear the timeless wisdom and humanity of this man who a century ago faced similar challenges, how well he understood the nature of the beast and how sound is the logic of his thinking.
    Not a word out of place, nothing redundant, nothing left unsaid.

    And the Vile One has made him seem like the history’s greatest monster.
    If Jew propaganda had an effect on the laws of nature, the inverse gravity would suck us right off the Earth.
    Luckily, Nature is not beguiled as easily as man.

    1. Cut the jive on Hitler, please. He was neither extreme that supporters and deriders characterize him as. He was one undeniable, unassailable thing: INCOMPETENT. MENTALLY DISTURBED. AND DEEPLY INSECURE. He was a drug addict, as well.

      He would have been history’s greatest White Hero, if he would have retired in 1937 and handed over power to a triumvirate or group of selected and honor bound general staff, e.g., Irwin Rommel and others like him.

      Hero’s are like athletes and fighters: they need to know when it is time to exit the arena.

      1. @ Poupon Marx

        “Hero’s are like athletes and fighters: they need to know when it is time to exit the arena.”

        The plural of ‘dog’ is dogs (not dog’s); the plural of ‘cat’ is cats (not cat’s); the plural of ‘hero’ is heroes (not hero’s).

    2. Lobro –

      You would do better to use a winner as an icon.

      I would use Patton….. or Rocky Marciano. They were undefeated.

      Both were murdered…. One by military and the other by mafia…

  19. Thanks, Lobro
    None of these evil events in the videos would be happening if the world had heeded Adolf’s advice. I’m sure you’re familiar with the old truism, “The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world!” Unfortunately, the feminine hand has been replaced by TV, smart phones and (((they))) now control and miseducate the minds of the young.

    That’s why I’ve given up on most of western, (((democratic))) society. I just cannot see it being able to reverse the coming catastrophe. None of the (((democratic))) leaders in the west are called to account or take responsibility for their actions. At least in Thailand, the former PM has been called to account for malfeasance in office for squandering billions of baht in a rice purchasing scheme. Would that the Germans do the same to Angela Merkel for her criminal policies regarding the so-called refugees. Adolf would have had her shot!

  20. The guy in video 1 is doing an anti-Muslim campaign in the fastest and most evil way: He kept nagging the “German man” until, out of despair, he suggested the goal behind his verbiage: Getting the man to hate him and hate all Muslims. “I can see the hate in your eyes”, he said triumphantly. Along the way, he pictured Islam in the most evil way: conquering Germany by outnumbering Germans, marrying (I bet he was meaning raping) their daughters, forcing women to wear scarves and men to have beards. Islam can’t be shrunk beyond that.
    Hats off to the German man who stoically ignored this disgraceful challenge.
    Well, let’s come back to this “Muslim”. I can assure you that he would never dare address anybody, that way, in a Muslim country. (Many if not most don’t wear beard or headscarf). He wouldn’t go beyond the second uttering:”Your daughter will wear a head scarf” before being knocked to the floor. Only after that would he hear a crisp voice saying:” Mind your business!”
    I live in a Muslim country and I can’t even imagine someone or some people demonstrating with one of the banners shown on video 2. Folks, these people aren’t allowed to behave this way in a Muslim country. It’s the least improper to do it on a foreign land, where they are supposed to seek refuge from persecution in their homeland.
    Let not mistake a tree for the forest and get caught into the evil game or the ruling elite. You know they allowed, staged or supervised such crimes as 9/11, 7/7 London bombing, Paris bombing, etc. against western innocent civilians. These crimes were “claimed” by or blamed on alleged Islamist terrorists. Now, if Muslims were to live under Sharia-law let them implement it in their own countries first. And if they were to go on “Jihad”, let them free Palestine and the Second Holiest Mosque, Al-Aqsa, first. Don’t you see that the “green danger” is being diverted to –and welcomed in the wrong place by supranational bodies?
    Your Governments have voluntarily or under some coercion (?) allowed these guys in. If your garden has been invaded don’t blame the cattle. Fence the garden and fire the shepherd.

    1. well said Sean ,it’s obvious that your mind is clear and you nailed it to the tee
      most people here are blinded by hate and paranoid when it comes to Islam and Muslims.
      The Zionists project is destroy every middle east country and create mass immigration to Europe
      in order to create chaos and mayhem and start wars so Christians and Muslims slaughter each other so the Jews will establish greater Israel to be the new super power to rule the world

      1. The Watcher,
        Thanks. Be sure that they’ll never be a clash between Christians and Muslims. If that ever happened it’d be between fakes . Falseness is the very problem nowadays.

    2. glad i didn’t have to say it, Sean, my sentiments exactly.
      I presently live in a Muslim country and have moreover grown a beard this past 6 weeks (looks a lot like this and i could have done a passable job pretending to be a blethering hajji – in proper mid-Atlantic English, no less.

      But Rita Katz flunked me at the audition stage, said i didn’t project sufficient hate.
      This is not my CONDIGN (thanks Ellie, what a magnificent word) fate, after all these years of strenuous hate, practice and theory, bouncing it off the wall with my tennis racquet until it was tough and compact and I thought, ready for the big time, the limelight.
      Typical ӺÜČǂϠΞN Jewess … she emptied my hate tank at one go and all for naught.

      But i shall be back (only the beard is missing), if I have to lie, to steal, to say kol nidre, as g-d is my witness.

      1. lobro…that reminds me of Fidel Castro…

        I thought he looked very “Muslim” when I was in my early teens…

        too bad Castro claimed Sephardic ancestry so as to get along with the world powers…

        we need to start waging bio-genetic warfare against Jews and those of Jewish ancestry


    3. u are right about that…I live in a Muslim country too –

      and I guarantee everyone here the same shit – they’d got a fist straight to the nose – and of course “Mind your own business punk”…

      “Islamist” groups are not popular down here precisely because of this reason…

      Erdogan’s AKP Party never followed this route and look at how the people in Turkey love Islam now!!!

    4. @ Sean

      You are correct.

      To believe that the people shown in the videos are Muslims would be as true as believing that John Hagee is a Christian and that the Pope is necessary for salvation. Those depicted as Muslims in the second video are actually just latent homosexual, sloppy second criminals which will be dealt with properly by the people in the near future.

      @ The Watcher

      After over 100 years of stirring the pot between Christians and Muslims to ferment an all out war of extinction between the two, the best the jews have been able to do is ISIS, killers of both Christians and Muslims, which is on its last leg approaching complete failure. Obviously, the jews do not have the control that some seem to think they have.

      1. ISIS couldn’t have happened without the support of Western Intelligence and Saudi Arabia…now that Turkey has pulled out of it…

  21. “Toejam” has stated:

    ” It’s called the NW Front organization and the present spokesman for the Front is H.C. Covington who has been on the trenches for the 14 words of David Lane his entire life. “

    Anyone considering H.A.C.”s “plan” should consider one very disturbing detail about the man, his “plan” and especially about his website and that is that, although his plan (as elucidated in his books) speaks openly about “establishing a white homeland” by forcibly taking a part of US territory for the foundation of a separate nation, his website has not been taken down and he has not been incarcerated, or even taken into custody for questioning to my knowledge. As a matter of fact his site has been up and running for many years. This should set off alarm bells in my opinion. There is just something sinister about the fact that many here in the US who have posted less inflammatory rhetoric on websites or Farcebook have done hard prison time for doing so, yet Covington remains unaffected by his activity and open disdain for the regime.

    1. Covington walks a fine line. He is careful to remain within the confines of legality. Buh-lack Lies Smatter proposed TAKING the Southern States (good luck with that) and making them a Negroid Ebony Paradise. No charges.

      HAC says that America will disassemble into pieces eventually. That is precisely when he envisions the Northwest Homeland’s genesis.

      Your analysis is rather shallow, like a lot of writing on this site, which ranks putting SOMETHING on the board, marking territory with the anal glands.

      1. “Your analysis is rather shallow, like a lot of writing on this site,”

        Yesterday I was “above the hedgerow” and today my analysis is “rather shallow”. Ah how quickly I fell from grace, lol. My comment was intended to be cautionary and not an analysis. Edgar Steele, an attorney (barrister, if you are a Brit) had a similar website, although admittedly it incorporated more invective, and though one would think that his profession would have provided some degree of respect and protection, he was set-up by the FBI and ultimately died in prison. There are many more examples which I won’t bother to bore you with- you can Google them if you like.

        “HAC says that America will disassemble into pieces eventually”
        A Russian professor and political scientist named Igor Nikolaevich Panarin predicted the same thing in 1998, and stated that the US would disintegrate within the next few years, and yet we still remain intact.

        I realize that HAC has his fan club, and if you are a member then fine, that is your business. I am not, as you can see.

  22. God leaves you losers with two options –

    either Muslims conquer Europe and North America stealthily and then get rid of the children of the apes and the swine OR we all have a full scale third world war –

    then nukes will be launched …and every one dies… including the hook nosed tribe

    OR we get an army of Chinese Russian and Latino troops invade and literally rape and kill women and children (which they do infinitely WAY MORE than “Dae’sh” has ever done) and then this will provoke the male jews and their male white slaves to conduct terrorist attacks against the conquerors which will result in a bigger operation to kill ALL MALE TERRORISTS of the jewish and white kind….. and continue on exterminating jewish/white terrorists and raping and torturing jewish and white male terrorists BEFORE killing them…and shooting them in mass graves!!!

    and unleashing convicted drug lords, murderers, pedophiels, rapists, and violent criminals from all the max security prisons in Europe and US so that they can go on an extermination campaign against jews/white gentiles…

    what would you faggots want?

    go Muslim or get wiped out of existence in the millions?

    what is your preferred way of living (either as Muslims or under Islam) or dying out in the third world war?

    the choice is yours to make…

    and don’t trash this comment either Admin…

    1. “go Muslim or get wiped out of existence in the millions?”

      For my part, I would prefer to die standing up and fighting to living on my knees as a Mooselimb.

      1. u’ll be wiped out by my chinese/russian/latino friends…

        and feel free to hate on Islam…

        because u damn well know that this religion is the one of Truth

    2. @ Salman Hossain, I am not so sure if you are a troll or actually a Muslim. Either way, if you are a troll that does not surprise me, however if you are truly a Muslim, I do object,reject and condemn your blatant attacks against Christians, Jews and white people. What is your point of trash talking everyone here? Your frequent use of profanity on this message board is even more disturbing. You do give Islam a bad name. With you obnoxious style of writing you will never win hearts and mind and that no to hold a civil and fruitful debate. Do not forget Salman, the Quran clearly states, ” if you want to address the people of the book (Christian and Jews) talk to them in the best manner) ” wa jadilahum bellati heia ahsan”. My advice to you, ” respect turns an enemy into a friend and disrespect makes an enemy out of a friend.”

  23. P.S. my Latino and Chinese and Russian friends will not only rape and kill children and women but also consume their corpses afterwards in order to provoke jewish men/white men to carry out acts of terrorism…

    its gonna be a field day exterminating terrorist members of the jewish/white race

  24. Probably the best solution is for like minded individuals to note persons of interest like the fellow threatening his hosts and teach them the errors of their ways. I had a run in with a hispanic individual here in NY not too long ago, initiated by him , not me. After pointing out certain realities to him he began to shake in front of me and left my presence without a further word (no physicality necessary on this one, which is always permissable if it is directed against you – self defense). During the event we were at he ran into me again, and without a word between us, began to shake again and immediately left, not to be seen again. Sometimes this is possible, sometimes you need assistance from 3 or 4 friends or more in good physical condition, sometimes you call police, sometimes you get witnesses and call your lawyer (I use 2 currently, sometimes more). With zionist criminals it generally better to strike at them unseen at a time and place of your choosing, using quiet but entirely legal methods preferably, however long the process takes. Jawboning and complaining won’t achieve very much. Rothschild agent Milner (of Milner’s kindergarten repute) used to say “ignore the screamers”. We all know where that agenda led too. Europeans need to keep up the vocal pressure (“screaming”) but they also should not tolerate lawlessness and violence directed against them, especially if their governments have been corrupted to the point of failing the duty of enforcing the law. I fully advocate castration for rape, state sanctioned preferably, but sitting around whining or taking careless action is no longer tenable. Use your brains.

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