The Kaminski Affair: Top Writer Quits Over Alleged ‘Censorship’

. . . by Tobias Lang, Assistant Editor


“I want nothing more to do with either of you.” — John Kaminski

John Kaminski is on the warpath.

In under two weeks, he has stormed off two websites in disgust, promising never to write for them ever again because of alleged “censorship”. The two websites in question are Renegade Tribune and Darkmoon.

Let me examine the facts impartially, without attempting to take sides. I will do this by quoting other people rather than by offering my own opinions. First, here is Kaminski himself in a recent comment to our website:

February 28, 2016 at 1:47 pm

Though the failure of the video in question to mention Jews was a drawback, would inclusion of the mention of the Jews’ creation of feminism have done anything to change the points made in the video? No, it wouldn’t have. In this irrational assault on my attempt to raise the issue of women’s intrinsic biological indifference to social sanity, what we have here is a case of political correctness trumping reason and honesty. I sincerely believe that the majority of women in the world would not trade their liberation for anything as abstract as in-group cohesion, and the result, as the video accurately states, will be the destruction of civilization, which is already far advanced. Regardless of who invented this insane social strategy of feminist irresponsibility, the real fault lies not only with the men who permitted it, but with the women who enthusiastically accepted it. The fact that I am not allowed to say this on either Renegade Tribune or Darkmoon not only is a fascistic prohibition of my freedom of speech, but will result in my stories no longer appearing on either venue. I have no wish to be associated with websites unwilling to foster free and open discussion of controversial issues.

So far, so good.

Kaminski believes that every website or media outlet to which he submits his views is under moral obligation to publish everything he sends them, word for word, without alteration or editorial intervention of any kind. If Kaminski sends a letter to the New York Times, for example, raging against Jews and questioning the Holocaust, that newspaper is under moral obligation to publish his diatribes or else incur his extreme displeasure. If it dared to “suppress” his letter, it would be guilty of “censorship”.

Do you spot the logical fallacy here?

This is an email from John Kaminski to Lasha Darkmoon, found in her inbox yesterday. Lasha has forwarded this email on to me as she is still running a temperature from a stiff bout of flu. She is consequently unable to deal with the matter herself.  The email from Kaminski is very short. It contains only one sentence:

“This,” John Kaminski tells Lasha, “is what my audience thinks of what you and Kyle have done. Which is why I want nothing more to do with either of you.”

The email then forwards  a letter of support sent to Kaminski by his devoted supporter Ms Cartier McCloud who runs a “White Nationalist” website — a website so extreme in the viewpoints it puts forward and in the inflammatory language it uses — that no respectable White Nationalist website would wish to republish anything written by the over-the-top, feisty firebrand Ms McCloud.   

In her website — placed at 23,980,629 in the Alexa ranking system — Ms McCloud has posted riveting articles with scary titles like “Cock Sure Sand Niggers”,  “Let’s Bring Back Lynchings”, “Black Ape University & Their White Ass-Sniffing Lapdogs”, and “Kiss Me Nigger” — in which she refers to black children as “baby monkeys”, “chunky monkeys” and “chittering monkeys.”

These are hardly the types of articles you would expect to see featured in Kevin MacDonald’s sober and academically respectable White Nationalist blog, the Occidental Observer. Nor would they have a hope of appearing on Kyle Hunt’s Renegade Tribune site or in the Darkmoon blog. So a relevant question needs to be asked here: “Would Ms McCloud have a right to complain of “censorship” if KevinMacDonald, Kyle Hunt or the editor of the Darkmoon blog should reject one of her inflammatory articles?”

If the answer is “YES” — if publication of Ms McCloud’s incendiary submissions is mandatory and obligatory  — if “free speech” demanded the publication of every word uttered by Ms McCloud, including “nigger” lynchings, sniffing lapdogs, chittering monkeys, and “cunts” — then perhaps John Kaminski would have an equal right to complain about “censorship”  if the New York Times tossed his latest rant to them about Jews into the wastepaper basket.

This is something neither Kaminski nor his admirer Ms McCloud seem to understand: that no media outlet anywhere is under moral obligation to publish their writings if they don’t wish to do so. You are free to knock on my door and ask for a free meal and a bed in my house. I am equally free to tell you that I have no room for you in my house. It’s as simple as that.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Cartier McCloud <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, Feb 28, 2016 at 7:30 PM
Subject: Lashing Out
To: John Kaminski <[email protected]>

photoLeft: Cartier McCloud’s avatar, taken from her own website.

Dear John,

I went over to Renegade Tribune last night and was shocked and appalled to find this headline: “On Feminism and Misogyny: An Open Letter to John Kaminski“, by Lasha Darkmoon.

Is she crazy??

Not only did she NOT carefully watch the video [false statement #1], she accuses you of not only hating women [false statement #2] but being on the same level as serial killer Bundy [false statement #3]  I am utterly disgusted that Hunt would trounce you [sic] from the Tribune.

I was the FIRST of our “gang” to find this video and posted it FIRST here on Feb 18.

I understand the point he makes and the historical complexity he presents. I am on your list and posted your Third Rail [article] here, along with the video you attached.  I also added links to a couple of the gentlemen you mentioned.  I thought you [sic] article was one of the best you’ve done so far and a much needed wake up call.

[As for] LD  — I find her so nasty I can’t even type out her name — shows zero class for posting this publicly instead of a personal email to you.  Her and Hunt’s “I can expose the jews better then you” self righteous bullshit attitude smacks of cronyism and backstabbing. They have certainly trashed one of the finest journalists out there.

I just wanted to let you know I am on your side and will continue to post  your work as I see fit.  I don’t know what you are going to do about this, if anything, but RT [Renegade Tribune] certainly won’t publish any rebuttal you may care to make.  If so, I will gladly post it on my sites.

I do not care for infighting and bashing but this is too big to ignore.

I do not personally care for women myself, even though I am one.  97% of my friends and correspondents are men.  LD is paramount of [sic] the reasons why. 

Modern females cannot take the slightest criticism of their behavior yet wonder why most cannot form lasting and loving relationships with men.  She blames the jews in her attack but cannot see that she is still sadly brainwashed herself.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go scratch the cow’s eyes out.  It will be an improvement, no doubt.

Warmest regards,

Cartier McCloud


“This [the above rant from Ms McCloud] is what my audience thinks of what you and Kyle have done. Which is why I want nothing more to do with either of you.”


Thank you, John. We accept your decision to have nothing more to do with us. It is a wise decision and we will do our best to endure your wrath with resignation — and the wrath of the talented and fearsome Ms McCloud. Perhaps it would be a useful exercise if you were to ponder the following points as you make your angry exit. All are recent comments made on our website:

February 28, 2016 at 5:22 am

@ Lasha

Thanks for your open letter. You have expressed your position quite well and timely. Some people visiting Darkmoon could easily come to the wrong conclusions concerning Darkmoon based on the Kaminski article and the rather over abundant negative commentary to some of the recent articles pertinent to women.

February 28, 2016 at 1:43 pm

@ Buelahman

Renegade Tribune is owned and edited by Kyle Hunt. He’s the boss. And he, and he alone, decides who he wants to publish on his website.

If one of his writers starts giving him problems and behaves like a primadonna by refusing to accept editorial cuts and changes which the editor thinks necessary, then the writer has to go. No blog owner is under obligation to publish a writer who takes up an adversarial position and thinks he has a right to permanent tenure.

Writers need to know that they don’t call the shots. They need to toe the line and not get too big for their boots.

February 28, 2016 at 7:02 pm

You have to love these people who complain when every word that they utter is not published verbatim on whatever blog they submit their comments or “articles” to. You should tell these cry-babies that they are free to go and set up their own blog. They are NOT denied their “freedom of speech”, since they can always go and set up their very own soapbox! But no, they do not want to do that work themselves. Far better of course, to tell you that you “MUST” publish what they say or it violates their “right”… yada,yada yada.

February 28, 2016 at 2:01 pm

@ John Kaminski:  “The fact that I am not allowed to say this on either Renegade Tribune or Darkmoon is not only a fascistic prohibition of my freedom of speech, but will result in my stories no longer appearing on either venue.”

Stop whining, you pompous primadonna! Anyone would think you OWNED the two websites which have given you hospitality for so long!

As for the Darkmoon site behaving in a “fascistic” manner and prohibiting your “freedom of speech”, I’ve never heard such UTTER CRAP in my life!

You are guilty of an outright lie.

Your article “The Third Rail” was published here WITHOUT CENSORSHIP! Your video was NOT banned. Nor has your freedom to whine and quetch here in the Comments column been taken away from you!

Finally, you have had more articles published on this website than ALL the other writers here put together — including Lasha Darkmoon! And yet you dare to complain about “censorship”?!!!

Tell us, sir, assuming you have any f***ing brains left, HOW HAS THIS SITE CENSORED YOU AND INTERFERED WITH YOUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH?

February 28, 2016 at 3:25 pm

@ Dr Parker

Please watch your language. Remember you have already been banned once. I’ve allowed this comment to pass only because it makes a valid point about censorship. We haven’t censored a single post/article/comment Kaminski has sent us. Not once. It surprises me that Kaminski should make such a false allegation.

— DZ

February 28, 2016 at 4:13 pm

@ John Kaminski

I’d like to remind you that we have bent over backwards to appease you. In spite of this, you accuse us falsely of “censoring” your work and taking away your “freedom of speech.” Never once have we done this.

In addition, we have made a unique exception in your case by reading and accepting your unsolicited articles, week after week. This is in breach of our own website policy where we have stated clearly that we do not have time to read and publish unsolicited material of any kind.

See para #2 here:

It is sad to think that, instead of thanking us for the special privileges we have granted you, we have received nothing in return from you except attacks on our integrity and false accusations of censorship.

— Editor JS Montecristo

LD concludes her email:  I don’t think I need to add anything further to that, John. All those comments speak for themselves. You had no right to argue the toss with Kyle Hunt and issue him with dictatorial ultimatums. You may regard yourself as a great writer, the Indispensable Kaminski, but there is such a thing as getting above yourself.

Kyle Hunt’s brief comment on Renegade Tribune is something you need to think about carefully:

“Kaminsky said either to publish the article or the relationship would be ended. I don’t like ultimatums like that.”

That says it all, John. Kyle is telling you that you need to know your limitations. That you are in no position to issue autocratic ultimatums to the people who are doing you the favor of publishing you.

“Publish me — or else!” is not a wise slogan.

Sincere best wishes,


80 thoughts to “The Kaminski Affair: Top Writer Quits Over Alleged ‘Censorship’”

  1. The lesson for me, here, is that human leaders have Achilles Heels and will always let you down…. or go away, or even die off, themselves.

    People should learn to stand alone. Look inward. Be their own leaders. Then, they will not be as easily disappointed. If disappointment comes…. it can be more easily corrected. Hands on.

    1. Yes quite. Letting people make up their own minds is always a good thing. In the spirit of which…

      Dear Assistant Editor:

      It is clear to even the most casual observer that the site administration attaches a high degree of importance to defending the image of being opposed to “censorship” and open to debate and free expression. As with today, it is not infrequent here to see these editorial comments protesting against any imputation of ‘censorship.’

      On February 5th 2016 you began censoring – as in, not allowing to appear – my posts. When I noticed the post of 5:47 am had been speedily removed, I reposted it. It was a comment directed towards the Muslim reader “KM” in defense of her comment as being one that broke no rules of protocol or fair comment.

      Being well advised of your ‘guidelines for submission and comments, I had made a point of avoiding breach of any of those – I also made a point of saving the screenshots of my comments so as to be able to verify that fact. Your decision to remove my comments was a direct act of censorship.

      Unable to find a pretext by which to claim I had made some violation of protocol, you[the “administration”]chose to invent a very clumsy personal slander – so clumsy and foolish in fact, that apparently even Lasha Darkmoon herself felt compelled to publicly refute it – against both the Muslim women and myself. This laughable effort would have been very soon dispensed with, of course – had I been able to respond to it – but such was your apparent fear of my proven ability to defend both myself and my points of view, that you maintained a blanket banning of my commentary.

      This series of events allowed me to gather together the sum total of impressions about the Darkmoon site which I had gained from three weeks of interaction, and to place my considered judgment of what those impressions amounted to in a piece on my own internet workspace. By doing bit of old fashioned journalistic digging, I was also able to provide some insight into the sources which your site had chosen to use for posts which had turned out to be erroneous – and it was obvious that those musings would be of interest to the part of your readership who seek as much information as they can find, in order to make their own judgments of what they read,

      I looked for a means of posting the linke to it on your site. Since my own avatar was blocked, and I had no need of creating another identity in order to maintain a presence on a site which my interest in contributing to had run its course, I hit upon the device of that painfully funny error which the troll tasked with degrading every one of my posts had mistakenly created in a fit of madness.

      The link that you received from me – via “uuandered any” – to that post was not allowed to get published – that in itself no great surprise. However you[‘administration’] seemed to find in it an opportunity for further damage control – in light of obvious questions as to why I had disappeared – by using it to give your audience the [demonstrably false]impression that I was gone by my own volition, rather than your covert blocking.

      “We can’t force Ormanci to post here” I believe was the way you worded it yes? Cute.

      In spite of all the games therefore, these continual protestations of innocense simply smack of guilty conscience squire – in fact, during my tenure on your site, I noticed a distinct proclivity by certain parties to ‘out’ themselves – as if in need of the purgative relief the comes with admission of sin. Why not man up finally, allow this final posting of mine to go through, and feel the tension diminish in yourselves as a result? I have no further interest in your site, once this last mission is complete. You can depend upon it, I intend to leave you completely alone. But whether now, or later… to be sure… the truth will out!

      Two posts of sure interest to your readers:

      I remain,
      your most… etc., etc.,

      1. @ Ormanci

        There is a huge difference between “censorship” and “pest control.” In your case, the latter alternative applies. We don’t accept uninvited guests into our house whose only object is to be adversarial and accuse us of all sorts of crimes and misdemeanors.

        You have made your case in post after post that you don’t like this site, that you think we are up to no good, and that we should be thoroughly ashamed of ourselves. OK, that’s fine. We accept your strictures. Does that make you feel better?

        Unlike other sites, you will note, we haven’t deleted your above comment. You have enjoyed the pleasure of spitting in our faces and telling us how much you hate us. That doesn’t look like “censorship”, does it?

        Our policy is this, dear Ormanci. We allow people like you to make three posts expressing their hatred and their bile and then we pull the plug on them. YOU have had more than 30 posts in which to tell us what a bad lot we are. You also have your own website in which you are free to broadcast to the world what scoundrels we Darkmooner all are. That’s OK. No problem! Please continue to do give us the free publicity.

        And now if you don’t mind, Ormanci, we invite you politely to take a hike and retreat to the Aladdin’s cave of your own exotic website. You may, however, make one last post to say goodbye and offer us your final benedictions — or maledictions, which ever comes easier to your dour and suspicious nature.

        And do remember, dear boy, it’s not censorship — it’s pest control.

        1. Why when the heat on latasha always has the flu.

          Because stress can cause flu. As well as a multitude of other medical condition. Stress can also be caused by getting someone’s name wrong.

  2. A case of acting in haste and detesting at leisure on the part of Mr. Kaminski. A pity, as he has made some very pertinent comments on current events and the Jewish question. While I don’t agree with everything he has said he should realise the old saw of journalism, “the editor is always right!”

  3. It is disappointing to learn that such an emphatically articulate writer like Kaminski is without diplomatic retort to convey his indignation at this perceived slight. If disagreement cannot be mentioned by publishers, what are the chances of being well-received by a mentally-challenged public?? Our skin needs be thicker! (btw, Lasha should try some colloidal silver solution to chase away the flu bug. It really works. 🙂 )

  4. Thanks to all of you for letting the Jews win. They predicted your behavior and you both fell for it.

    1. @ Javari

      Don’t be stupid, Javari.

      You think it’s OK for a writer like Kamisnki to put a pistol to his publisher’s head and snarl: “You better publish me or I’ll shoot your fucking brains out!”

      The fault is entirely Kaminski’s for not knowing how to behave properly. He has shot himself in the foot and he has only himself to blame. You don’t threaten, blackmail and attempt to give your publishers ultimatums if you have any common sense.

  5. SOCK PUPPET of ‘AVATAR’, recently outed as a Zionist troll

    well, well, well whatdayaknow, goddamned anti-semite islamophobists and seven hydra head white supremacists going at each other’s throats.


    There is a dissidents crackdown sponsored by Iran at many sites in the alternative media, there is no doubt about it. The fbi doesn’t need to shut these places down; they will auto-destroy..

    And yes, I am the avatar writing from tel aviv (check the I.p. Number 😉


    IP number given (one of many):
    Email address (probably false): [email protected]

  6. Oh oh white supremacists and kkk are stabbing each other in rallies in california too
    Could this finally be the beginning of the end?

    1. O, you mean like the semites are doing in Israel? Jolly good show if you ask me. I wonder what would happen if someone accidentally dropped a bomb on the dome of the rock. That’ll be a laugh.

  7. What is wrong with being displeased about the NY Times not printing letters to the editorial board about Jews? Yes, of course we understand why they would not print it, but why would that type of mainstream media censorship be applauded and used as a defense here?

    And what, pray tell, is a “respectable” White Nationalist media outlet? Not being “White”, but an Ethnic Catholic whose ancestors came from Europe, this always mystifies me. Not using bad words like “nigger” or “coon” does not make one respectable in my opinion. It is still an intellectually sterile position.

    Yes, the Jews created a Black/Jewish alliance that gave birth to our secular State Religion known as the Civil Rights Movement, the creation of Race Hustling and Civil Rights lawyers, the NAACP, the Black Panthers, and when they got to uppity the introduction of the new prototype; The Pimp featured in such Hollywood blockbusters as Super Fly.

    Yes, some of us now that the Homosexual Movement was the new battering ram for the Jews after the break up of the Black/Jewish Alliance. But for some reason no one seems capable of recognizing the Feminist/Jewish Alliance that had its roots in the Soviet Union, the Frankfurt School, and Jews like Betty Frieden and Gloria Steinmen in the late ’50s, blossoming in the ’60s, defeated by a Catholic lady named Phyllis Sclhafley in the ’70s, yet still going strong as we now have made it possible for women to serve in front line combat operations.

    I have been no fan of Mr. Kaminski and have repeatedly criticized his articles here. And I do not in any way deny that an owner of a website, or any media outlet, has the right to do what he pleases. But since we are involved in Truth Telling here, I find it hard to believe how talking about the fickleness of women truly is a Third Rail.

    I, myself, have often mentioned the destruction that has been accomplished through feminism. Heck, even the Catholic Church has succumbed to this mindlessness by allowing an extremely edited version of St. Paul’s discussion about the need for women to be obedient to their husbands. And in every Novus Ordo Mass I ever attended they always choose the edited option. And who are some of the biggest enemies of the Catholic Church? I would say homosexual priests and lesbian nuns, and busy body little feminists who take over the Liturgy by appearing in the Sanctuary, and taking all the manliness out of Catholicism.

    Abortion, No Fault Divorce, Homosexual Rights, and weak politicians are all the byproducts of Jews, Feminism, and the giving of women the right to vote. Even Switzerland, until very recently, had a policy of one vote per household. Maybe that is still in effect, but if it is I suppose that would be taken care of in another way as there are most likely plenty of households that now consist of single women.

    Sex between men and women these days, vis a vis, the hook-up culture and even with married couples who use contraception, amounts to an act of self pleasure that is really not a whole lot different than solitary masturbation. Which is exactly what homosexual sex always was and will always be. So in other words sex between men and women is now becoming very much like sex between homosexuals. I am also certain that the rise in the use of pornography is a direct result of men wanting to put out of control feminists back in their place. Is that a healthy option of letting off a little steam before it boils over? Of course not. But no one can convince me otherwise in explaining the explosion of its use.

    In closing, I will point out that John Kaminiski has certainly provided lots of content on this particular website over the years that has contributed to much traffic and much participation by readers in the form of comments made. If he pissed you off, because he got a little ornery, I would advise you to be ready to forgive him. And I say this as someone who rarely agrees with him, although I do have a soft spot for him as we both suffer from the same symptoms that make all of us sick in an out of balance world. We all do.

    Mr. Kaminski, as I have told you before, go back to Confession and embrace your Catholic heritage and you will find the answers. Blacks were, and continue to be, way more victimized than Ethnic Catholics, Southern Protestants, and just about everyone else who has suffered in America. All of us should have a little respect for that fact as I do not believe DNA has anything to do with becoming a solid and contributing citizen that does his part for the common good and the Logos, or the Divine Order.

    Although let me back track from that last statement just a bit. Maybe our problems do have something to do with DNA or biology. Because those with the XX Chromosome do seem to be the elephant in the room that is more hidden than even the Eternal Jew. But in this case, the blindness seems to be a direct result of all of those “Respectable White Nationalists”.

    Hopefully some food for thought.

    1. @ Rich

      Hopefully some food for thought.

      None at all, I’m afraid! You completely miss the point. They are not objecting to Kaminski’s opinions; he is entitled to them. And they did NOT, in spite of your continued obtuseness on this point, “censor” his opinions on this site. Can you provide evidence of that? Where and when has Kaminski been censored on this site? Please let us know!

      His article, “The Third Rail”, was published intact on this website. His video was available for all to see! So where’s the “censorship”, huh?

      Get this through you fat head, you sanctimonious Catholic twerp, it was not Kaminski’s controversial OPINIONS that are the problem here. It’s his FUCKING AUTOCRATIC BEHAVIOR! His total inability to realize that he does not ISSUE ULTIMATUMS to his publishers and tell them that they MUST publish his every word he writes — or else he will start BEATING THEM VERBALLY! — with THREATS AND ULTIMATUMS!!!!!!!!!

      Does that simple message penetrate to your semi-comatose brain?

      1. No, I don’t think it will. We are not dealing with rational human beings on this website. We are dealing with Monsanto cabbages with DNA from human brains added.

  8. One minor addendum seems in order after hitting the send button.

    It is very well known that the single biggest problem in the Black community was the absence of fathers. Black women being paid to have children out of wedlock, with a a diabolical host of men coming in and out of their lives. These are what I call Mothers of Violence supported by taxpayers and participating in the Lowest Form of Feminism. Or I suppose we could call it Black Feminism.

    On the other hand, White women were given the opportunity of taking on debt vis a vis student loans and electing to not get married or to not have babies because they have fallen hook, line, and sinker into White Feminism. And when they do finally get married and have a baby they place it in the hands of strangers in daycare. But I guess that is OK because babies need socialization more than a loving mother.

    Intersting paradigm. And yes these promiscuous white girls know how to use birth control and they know how to have abortions if a baby may threaten their career.

    The only thing that makes these White Women seem better is that they had fathers who actually paid their way or at least were present in some way to offer support. But I suppose we should just talk about how evil Blacks are and see no evil in the present set of circumstances due to White feminism.

    In short, Self Actualizing Feminism is every bit as dangerous to a society as Physiological or Safety based Feminism if we were to look to Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs. It just is not as readily apparent. As I said before, this is due to blindness.

    The defeat of Feminism and the treating of women with respect, love, and providing them with protection while they give us babies and nature our young does indeed seem to be the Final Frontier. The Jewish problem could never have gotten this out of hand if we just followed these simple precepts.

    Listen to St. Paul in his Letter to the Ephesians:

    See therefore, brethren, how you walk circumspectly: not as unwise, But as wise: redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Wherefore become not unwise, but understanding what is the will of God. And be not drunk with wine, wherein is luxury; but be ye filled with the holy Spirit, Speaking to yourselves in psalms, and hymns, and spiritual canticles, singing and making melody in your hearts to the Lord; Giving thanks always for all things, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, to God and the Father:

    Being subject one to another, in the fear of Christ. Let women be subject to their husbands, as to the Lord: Because the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ is the head of the church. He is the saviour of his body. Therefore as the church is subject to Christ, so also let the wives be to their husbands in all things. Husbands, love your wives, as Christ also loved the church, and delivered himself up for it: That he might sanctify it, cleansing it by the laver of water in the word of life: That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy, and without blemish. So also ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife, loveth himself. For no man ever hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, as also Christ doth the church: Because we are members of his body, of his flesh, and of his bones.

    For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife, and they shall be two in one flesh. This is a great sacrament; but I speak in Christ and in the church. Nevertheless let every one of you in particular love his wife as himself: and let the wife fear her husband.

    1. @ Rich

      Paul being a past Pharisee apparently had a hard time breaking free of past jewish teachings. Old habits do die hard. This is why I am a follower of the teachings of Jesus instead of a “Paulist.” Paul’s view as you quoted above is an example of the difference between what Jesus taught and what Paul wrote.

      The Second Commandment is “Love thy neighbor as thy self” per Jesus speaking for the Heavenly Father. Please note that the word neighbor is not gender specific. The Commandment applies to both males and females, even husbands and wives. It’s about love, not fear.

      Jesus preached “fear not” repeatedly. Jesus only said to fear one thing, he that can destroy the body and soul. A husband cannot destroy the body and soul of a wife so there is no need for a wife to fear her husband if she is following the teachings of Jesus.

      To be inline with the teachings of Jesus, the wife is only required to love her husband, not fear him. Husbands and wives are equal in love with obviously different functions to complete a successful family unit.

      1. Thanks for your response. Be careful of the temptation to view St. Paul as some kind of Pharisee and usurper of Christ. That is foolishness. He converted and repented and became the Apostle to the Gentiles. That is not to say that I have not also been tempted by a similar theory to yours.

        Here is the key verse: “Husbands, love your wives, as Christ also loved the church, and delivered himself up for it: That he might sanctify it, cleansing it by the laver of water in the word of life: That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy, and without blemish. So also ought men to love their wives as their own bodies.”

        What is meant by the idea that a man must love his wife as Christ also loved the Church and delivered himself up for it”?, except to say that a husband must be willing to die for his wife and his children. That is hardly an easy teaching and I believe it is lost on most when reading this passage from Ephesians. It also means the husband must be willing to suffer for the sanctification of his family.

        Of course women are neighbor to men and vice a versa. Everyone is neighbor to everyone except for himself. But a wife is something more than a neighbor. Can we agree on that? And through the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony both parties are called to sanctify one another. And let me add an aside here as well as we speak of neighbor. That also includes every soul that may be of a different race and have a different complexion as well. Right?

        Now for the main purpose in which I choose to respond to you. Do men live up to being the head of the household by having a correct orientation to serving and fearing God? Most do not. Myself included most of the time. Is this a reason that women are usually not obedient to their husbands and do not have a holy fear of a loving and guiding husband? Yes, absolutely.

        Please do not think my quoting of this particular part of Ephesians to be some kind of trophy men have collected and that they should beat their chests like a gorilla asking all women to submit. The men must get their act together first and they need their women to help them in their own sanctification in order to achieve this in the first place.

        Men need to act as men and women need to act as women. But this can only be done by having an actual identity within a right ordered society. And that would be as Catholic men and women in a nation that has Catholicism as its State Religion. Well that may not be entirely true, as when Paul spoke to the Ephesians Catholicism was not the State Religion. But now everything is upside down and the conditions I speak of would certainly be a great help.

        I never said it was easy. And again, I am not scolding women at all. I do understand them to be of fickle heart rather than malicious. And of course the same is true of men. They too are acting quite fickle as of late and have become quite female in their thinking and their behavior.

        For crying out loud, when I come to think of it there should be no surprise that we have “gay marriage” now. For in reality we have had a type of “gay marriage” for quite some time among people of the opposite sex due to immaturity, lust, and selfishness on the part of both men and women.

  9. “Kaminski believes that every website or media outlet to which he submits his views is under moral obligation to publish everything he sends them, word for word, without alteration or editorial intervention of any kind. If Kaminski sends a letter to the New York Times, for example, raging against Jews and questioning the Holocaust, that newspaper is under moral obligation to publish his diatribes or else incur his extreme displeasure.”

    Where does he state that he believes every website or media outlet should publish what he writes? And Toby, I highly doubt that JK would send a letter to the New York Times ‘raging against jews and questioning the holocaust’ do you? John will write letters to media outlets that are sympathetic to his views. How many people here, for example, would be allowed to write what they do on a website forum from the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Daily Express or any UK msm broadsheet or tabloid?

    However that said, I do not see where JK has been censored. his views have been published and they have been agreed and disagreed with.

    For the most part I am with JK on his views in his article. I very much do blame women for the fall of the west, simply because they are easily tempted. Giving them the freedom that they now have was a terrible mistake. We have a society full of growing single mothers and bastards having decided to destroy the patriarchy, which is somewhat ironic becuase it’s all you ever here feminists and SJW’s whine on about.
    I think many men will disagree with John’s views because there are far too many still trapped within the gentleman surreality. This has bred a society of white knight, manginas beta males, who are nothing more than respective doormats to the ongrowing masculanised female. These people are trapped in a time bubble, a time when knights saved damsels in distress, when ladies were ladies who never dreamed at lifting their hands to men, or cursing them. Far too many men are oblivious to the fact that John is incredibly correct in much of what he states about women’s demolition of the west. The younger generation are lost, courtesy of cultural Marism indoctrination.
    As for women well of course the majority will disagree with JK as no one wants to be blamed regardless whether guilty or not.

    Even though I am 44, I would state that includes my generation and those below. I have the views I do because I associated with the above generation most of my life. The older generations of women are not as John suggests, well the overwhelming majority that is. The younger, as stated, are lost sheep on their way to the abattoir.

    I would finish by telling John to swallow his pride, see reason in his irrational outburst and get back to doing what John does best. I would also suggest he not offer ultimatums of my way or the highway as that wins far more enemies than friends.

  10. It appears that Mr. Kaminksi is suffering increasing despair from what might be termed for a lack of better words, extreme Jew overload. I have detected this in his writing for sometime and was wondering when something like this would happen. I have witnessed this both personally and on the web. Alex Linder went through much the same thing and I myself have gone through it more than once. Here is the latest from Chechar, yet another brilliant observer and writer.

    “The revelation has come to me that liberals, conservatives and white nationalists are, ultimately, on the same fucking page. The only behavioral difference between them is speed. Gentile liberals, led by the Jews, are driving the train on the road to white extinction on high speed. Non-Jew conservatives are merely trying to lower the speed by softly hitting the break here and there to slightly hinder the liberals’ ways. White nationalists, already outside the train, are heading exactly toward the same direction but at a much slower, walking pace.

    “From this post henceforth I’ll add further entries only if I see big events in the news (more spectacular events than the Jihad attack in Paris and San Bernardino the last year). The inescapable fact is that in WN there is no actual resistance against the genocidal mass immigration of non-whites and forced fraternisation with them. Apparently George L. Rockwell was the last National Socialist of the West. Being a true Nazi involves forming a fascist party in Europe, or much more difficult, in North America—something that contemporary racists not dare do.” –

    Is not the despair obvious? One reaches a point where it seems no one cares and no one seems to be listening, everyone seems oppositional. Soon, one begins to feel trapped with no escape, so you finally say to yourself “To hell with it, why bother with them anyway.” The process raises one’s internal level of irritation to a point of grinding intolerance. Think of it as having your temperature slowly rise to 106. I think everyone who has had their eyes opened, goes through this type of despair at some point. Some return from it, some do not.

    Whatever small amount of cohesiveness presently running through our race, is further damaged by this mounting despair. It is important to realize that in this war, every voice – every voice – is important. Every voice lost is a victory for the Jews. While various viewpoints may not be compatible with yours, this does not mean such viewpoints are irrelevant. In this case the Jews drove a wedge between the sexes and the fallout from that wedge has now driven yet a secondary wedge between the people of the beleaguered white race.

    The key to recovery from this despair is “don’t take it personally”. The world is not ignoring or coming down on you; the world is not aiming its barbs at you, it’s just your perception that makes it seem so. Realize your true place In the overall scheme. None of us are really of any monumental importance in this fight, our egos just like to puff us up to think that we are. In truth we are all mere foot soldiers in this war, privates without generals to lead us in battle. Until such leadership arrives to pick up our racial standard, the best we can do is keep trying to get others enlisted in the cause.

    And that is our only possible function at this point – we are but recruiting megaphones. Every megaphone is needed, every intelligent voice that is lost, is a loss to those who might start listening. When we shut off our megaphone another valuable resource is lost, and we do not have that many to spare. I read websites like Incogman and the Occidental Observer, while I have left others behind like VNN and Stormfront. But I embrace their message and those who write for them. It was like G.L. Rockwell pointed out in his piece about propaganda “Ivory tower to privy walls”:

    “If you own a grocery store, and a man comes in from a painter’s truck in overalls to buy groceries, you don’t try to sell him a one-ounce jar of Russian caviar at two bucks a throw. You offer him beef, potatoes, and bread. If a French diplomat comes in, you don’t offer him hawg jowl; you might try the caviar. It is the same with propaganda. If you wish to win the “trade” of all potential “customers,” as we must do if we are to survive, you must have in stock a complete line of goods, especially the kind of goods most desired by the majority of your potential customers — and that means bread, potatoes, and beef, not caviar and truffles. If you can open a special store to peddle only caviar and truffles, do it in the silk-stocking district. Conversely, if you want to open another branch to sell only chitterlings, hawg jowls, and the like, then do it in the “nigger” section of town. And if you want a mass grocery business, in the name of sanity, stock up on something besides caviar and truffles. We intend to win enough “customers” to become masters of the grocery business, against the competition of the greatest and most complete “chain” operation the world has ever seen: “The Sheeney Supermarket,” which stocks something for everybody. To do it, we have designed some great products to appeal to specific customers.”

    The point here is everyone with a stake in this war is needed. Their viewpoints should be heard. Of course, one must be discriminating, lest the Jew’s infiltrators once again lead us down their primrose path.

    Perhaps “disagree – but do not shun” should be our bywords. In the end, what does it matter if Mr. Kaminski thinks the downfall of civilization can be laid at the feet of women. That’s his viewpoint. Is the sacrifice of all his other excellent work justified simply because of a disagreement over this single point of contention? Kaminski, Chechar, how many more voices will be lost? If there was ever a need to pull together despite all differences, it is this darkest hour of our existence

    1. Very good reply and I agree. I wonder if Mr. Kaminski does not have a little truth in that Women are just not as concerned as Men. I don’t know if pointing it out is helpful or not but I believe he has a valid point.

      1. Kaminski’s views are not on trial here. No one here has condemned Kaminski for his views. He is not being kicked off this website because of his views. He has not been kicked off this website at all. I repeat: AT ALL!

        No one here has told Kaminski: “Your views are repugnant to us and so we don’t want to publish you any more on this website!”

        Why is it that you guys find it so hard to understand this simply point?

        1. Kaminski has stormed off into the sunset VOLUNTARILY: i.e., of his own accord or volition, under his own impetus or steam, because he wishes, wants, desires and feels the need to do so. We cannot make it any clearer than this. If you Kaminski lovers are still finding it hard to get your heads round this simply concept, do drop us a line and we will do our best to explain the matter to you in words of one syllable.

      2. @ Admin

        I am sorry, Admin. But I really don’t understand what you’re saying about Kaminski. I have an advanced degree and an IQ of 180, but your comments about Kaminski are too hard for me to understand. What exactly do you mean by saying that he left this website “voluntarily”? This is a tricky concept and you are not helping by using such obscurantist language.

        When you say that Kaminski left this website “voluntarily” and “under his own impetus, steam or volition”, are you implying or suggesting that he left this website involuntarily or because he was given the boot?

        Please clarify.

        I am a typical member of the Darkmoon intellegentsia, noted for my intellecual acumen, so I am sure I will understand what you are saying if you express yourself in simpler language.

    2. ” extreme Jew overload”

      A verifiable condition for one who has been immersed in this material for so many years that every thought, every second, is tainted by thoughts concerning these critters. However, when I have suffered from this particular condition, and it does strike us all at times, I just close it down for as long as it takes to clear out again. Not to sound Pollyana-ish, but I truly find a long walk along the seawall or a whack of laps with my headset on work ~ physical activity keeps it balanced.

      Really nice is plain work where you actually see results because this political stuff is so… so damn intangible in this format. Not to mention rewards are few and far between. Otherwise, you could lose your mind once you have swum in the underbelly of the beast for too long.

      I took offense with the last section of the article. My final thought is that Kaminski needs more sunshine inside and out. Eustace had Mr. Kaminski pegged in this video:

      Eustace Mullins on John Kaminski and other infiltrators

      1. Noor –

        I knew Eustace. He was a friend. This may be after his stroke, hospital and convalescence. He was slurring some words here.

        I noticed he got confused easily after the stroke(s).

        I have heard him say things that did not make sense to me, on the phone, after his stroke.

        Who knows..??

        Eustace said, himself, he did not know. He was evasive… not explicit….

        At 14:20 – “They are going after the internet, because the internet is wide open, and they don’t seem to be able to control it.”
        “But, they’ve got people like Kaminski on it…. Who are playing both sides… and infiltrators.”
        “Kaminski even sent TWO MOSSAD AGENTS down to my house to do away with me…. John Kaminski..”

        Then at 14:50 – “Oh, I don’t know…..”
        And at 14:57 – “I have NO IDEA what’s really going on there… the only source for information on him is what he tells me, himself…. Nobody else seems to have a line on what he’s doing…”

        At 15:15 – “He sent some people down to see you from Vermont, did he NOT??”
        Eustace NEVER answered the question directly.

        Eustace admitted his “only source …. Kaminski, himself….. nobody else….”

        ** NOTE: Eustace told me, on the phone, that it was his RELATIVES who did these types of maneuvers, wanting power of attorney and stealing his books…. disconnected his phone and shut down his PO Box..!!

        He might not have wanted THAT to be public on the air.

        Eustace was a great researcher. He should have researched Kaminski. He lacked facts on him. Not enough to indict.

        I miss Eustace.

      2. I miss Eustace, too! (I wish I had been acquainted with this site, and Kaminski, when I knew him alive.) Moreover, I REMEMBER him complaining about the visit from someone from Vermont – but I NEVER heard him mention Kaminski’s name. In fact, he was worried that some family members were complicit in his woes. He told me that circumstances had, certainly, put them through enough hassles to resent him. He was an “understanding” sort of gentleman, and I never heard him utter vitriolic rants during the many times I visited him at his house in Staunton. We’d often sit on the porch and drink Sam Adams beer (his favorite), and picnic on fried chicken or Long John Silver’s fried fish (his favorite). The ladies loved him, and we always enjoyed taking him out to dinner and listening to him recite tidbits from history and people with whom he had been acquainted. One of my favorite stories was about when he had resided next door to John Steinbeck after his third marriage (when Eustace was on Long Island), and their raucous social lives… 🙂

  11. I’m confused…
    If it’s ok to tar all Jews with the same brush, why is it not ok to do the same thing to women?
    I thought we were on a roll with the misogyny, identifying more groups we could feel superior to, and I kinda liked that, but now I just don’t know who it’s ok to be bigoted about…
    Is it just the Jews? Please advise…

    1. Verito –

      No need for confusion… PAINT AWAY…!!!

      The lesson is… don’t give the owner of the house an ULTIMATUM..!!

      As in Vegas… ‘House Rules,’ or feet in the street…. 🙂

  12. So “admin” (administrating three sock puppet accounts lol) here turned me into a Jew, a dissident, a “hasbarat troll” all that because I wouldn’t agree with their silly conspiracy theories regarding turning a refugee into a rapist?
    These are my people, motherfucker, and I won’t turn on them.
    And lasha/elliek/xanadu/madame butterfly/sardonicous/karen T/ Ingrid b and god only knows how many other sock puppet accounts hydra head bitch I really hope you die an agonizing death in your fucking bed..
    You are no friend of us muslims, you just happen to share our hate for the jews but…
    The jews stole our land .. What have they done to you?
    You are just haters/whites/neocons/supremacists and even zionists when payed
    worse than the jews even you would sell Jesus again
    May you die, evil cunt

    1. Would it be “censorship” to delete the above comment by the banned poster “Avatar”? According to Avatar himself and the many mentally challenged kooks who throng this website: YES! We must allow our enemies to spit in our faces! That’s their definition of “free speech”. LOL

    2. avatar, i originally said you were a jew, an israeli in fact and maintained that for the longest time.
      then i changed my mind because your ptsd stories sounded genuine and even though you never renounced the jew monster creation of isis/wahhabi/salafi/cannibal taqkfiri/donmeh/crypto abomination, i attributed it to your sorely scrambled brains and decided that you were a palestinian after all.
      now i change my mind yet again, and this happens quite rarely with me, indication that you are a sophisticated entity indeed.

      your current language indicates that this avatar is inhabited by a different troll writer, working a different shift, probably different time zone but using authentic jew-speak, quite unmistakably jew, with vulgarities and obscenities flowing in a rhythm natural to the species that worships excrement, filth and other substances smelling like sweet fragrance to your master devil.

      the authentically palestinian fragments were cut and pasted from confessions extracted from tortured palestinian prisoners in israel black hole concentration camps.

      there will be more in future as you try to regain your standing here but you won’t fool me again.

      1. @ Lobro

        “There will be more in future as you try to regain your standing here but you won’t fool me again.”

        Rest assured that Avatar will never “regain his stature here.” He has been banned from this site, but his occasional comments MAY be published if we come across them in our spam folder. We are totally aware that Avatar is a sophisticated Zionist troll, probably an American Jew, who has managed to pass himself off as a Palestinian for the last 6-7 years. Everything about him rings false. He may try to infiltrate this site again under a new name and email address.

  13. Harbinger you evil fuck you’re not 44 you lying monster you probably type while in bed using a machine just like the fucker on silence of the lambs, I hope you get fed to pigs,
    and ‘admin’?
    Ip address 200 belongs to Venezuela not Israel, mister high iq redneck

    1. Avatar,

      You are a nobody, an inconsequential fool and nothing more. So you’re a Palestinian, as you make out to be….and? Why should I care about you and your brethren? I’m a Scotsman and I care for me and my own. Do you understand that? I couldn’t care less what happens to you because you are a weak fool, who should be on the battle lines fighting against the Jew instead of whining on and on about reality. I guarantee, unlike you, when TSHTF I’ll be protecting my land when that time comes instead of whining and moaning like you. PUSSY.

  14. One other interesting observation. The flu is evidently sweeping the world at this moment. Lasha is on the other side of the world and yet we’re suffering from the same influenza. I can think of better ways to make a show of solidarity. When I went to the hospital, it was filled with people suffering from the flu. This is the H1N1 or infamous “bird flu” virus.

    What makes this strain different is the successive “blooms” incorporated into its life-cycle. The body must make repeated efforts to subdue each new batch of virus as it blooms. This means one’s temperature returns to normal only to skyrocket back past the century mark. Obviously, anyone with a compromised immune system may well be beat down to a point were they may not be able to recover.

    Once contracted, there is no cure but time for this virus, as it must run out its life cycle. One must be wary of the potential for complications like pneumonia to develop from this disease. Anyone with an elevated temperature running past three days should see a doctor. I finally went to the hospital on day four and it has now been well over a week since I contracted the virus.

    While my temperature has finally subsided, I am still deep in this virus’ woods. One interesting side effect, one I am sure was quite unintended by its designers, were the stories and articles that deluged my mind. After the first three days of intense 103+ fever, I could not stop writing (or posting.) I would wake up with a story or article running through my mind and I could not go back to sleep until I had written it down. The “monkey mind” has quieted now.

    It would be interesting to have the side effects without the disease. What makes me wonder, is why this is happening at this critical point. Immigration rape and other mounting social problems in Europe, the Trump candidacy uproar, and now the Kaminski affair. It seems this flu is weakening us at a critical point and I quit believing in coincidence years ago.

    1. Arch –

      I put no faith in coincidence either.

      I have not had the flu in 30 years… since I gave up dairy products… especially drinking milk and eating cheese. During half of that time, I was in a different city every weekend…. at venues of 3,000 to 150,000 people. Even the ‘EAA Fly-in’ in Oshkosh…. and numerous state fairs… Home Shows….etc. In short… I was exposed to sick people ALL year.

      Here are some tips which even cured my mom’s breathing problems:


      Nasal Congestion

      Hundreds of subjects

      1. Milk is indeed a poison. For many, many years, through early middle age and beyond, I suffered from a raging case of eczema. My hands continually cracked and bled. Aside from being quite painful, the effect was so bad it looked like I had a case of leprosy. Then it began crawling all over my feet and up my ankles. I paid various specialist for a solution, but they had no answers. One even suggested that I cover my hands with a prescription creme and wear white cotton gloves. So how does one work on a 3000 series Cat engine like that?

        My wife, went out and bought a book that said to quit eating wheat and dairy products. Wheat was tough, but dairy was easy. Within two weeks after quitting milk, my symptoms disappeared never to return. With my recovery, I couldn’t wait to tell people about the evils of milk; so not long after, I was engaged in telling a lady about my cure. Before I could get to the end of my story she stated flatly: “Quit drinking Milk”. Why was it only me and the doctors never had a a clue?

        Funny thing though over the last couple of years I have gone back to drinking milk, but now with none of the former associated problems. However, I have not been anywhere close to this sick in over ten years and now you bring up milk again. This may be the reason the Marines thought I was a likely candidate for their corps.

        Milk – there’s that woman thing again.

    2. @ Arch Stanton

      So those recent bits of satire were flu induced. In the future, I guess we can tell when you are sick with the flu. 🙂

      The only time that I have been sick with the flu was during the late 1970’s swine flu pandemic that wasn’t. I took the flu vaccine by demand of my employer at the time and came down with the swine flu. That was the last vaccine that I took. I haven’t taken an antibiotic since the mid-1950’s. A common cold is about all I ever get bothered with. I drink a glass of milk everyday and cheese is my all-time favorite food. Everyone is apparently slightly different physically.

      The immune system is the key to staying healthy. Vaccines and antibiotics do great damage to the immune system and so do all pain killers, even simple aspirin. All should be avoided. The best way to have a good immune system is getting adequate exercise, getting adequate rest, getting proper nutrition to include exposure to the sun, and most importantly, maintaining a good mental attitude. These things were identified in a 1975 global symposium in San Francisco on how to prevent cancer – yes, cancer is the result of a compromised immune system. This symposium was not attended by any government agencies, their sanctioned organizations, or Big Pharma, the normal jewish controlled culprits of ill health.

      The BS the medical/sick industry puts out about catching flu, colds, and a host of other diseases is just that, BS. If that were not so, there would be no healthy people in doctors offices or hospitals. Their BS enables Big Pharma to have a field day with the masses guaranteeing continuous worship at their alter of modern medicine and never ending misery. Once they convinced everyone of how contagious diseases are, it becomes a reality for those that believe it since belief is a spiritual condition and the spiritual world dictates the physical world. Jesus nailed it properly, imagine that.

      When I get a common cold or any congestion (I’m a tobacco smoker), I treat is by breathing tea tree oil water vapor and a drop on my upper lip. Tea tree oil kills all bacteria and fungus on contact including the super bugs that result from use of antibacterials. It opens the airways and cuts down on the old runny nose. It also promotes fast healing on external wounds and burns better than anything else I have ever tried.

      This year I did not get a common cold. The only thing different that I did was to consume one drop of frankincense oil on my tongue each evening just before bed so that I would sleep more soundly. I also discovered that is provides instant relief for muscle pain. I would suspect that the Three Wise Men brought it to Jesus as a gift because it to work wonders for kids cutting teeth by relieving the pain and helping them sleep.

      Modern medicine and Big Pharma only treat symptoms of diseases without actually curing anything. Before modern medicine and Big Pharma, all effective cures were natural for as many thousands or millions of years that mankind has been on this rock. The old methods must have worked because there is not a shortage of humans on the rock except where the jews have successfully depleted the non-jew population.

    3. stuff a lot of herbie de gracies up your assholes and then none of you will ever get a cold the flu or any kind of influenza or virus or bug up your asses ever again, and then there will be peace LERV and understanding between Lasha and Kaminski and everyone else at Darkmoon, inshallah ali baba [ health be unto him] herbie de gracies inna ‘salada and’a hatta almutasakkieun alkhass bik, that’ll cure whatever it is that’s ailing all of youse.

  15. Dear Lasha,

    As I am unable to find a contact box in order to speak privately to you, this shall have to remain public. I was shocked and concerned in finding the above article in my inbox. I am even more infuriated that John Kaminski would send to you and others, including my dear friend Digger For Truth, my private email of support for him and my anger at your open letter. I firmly believe you should have made it private and dealt with it on your own. But that is no longer relevant.

    As John can no longer be trusted, I will be terminating what little association I have with him. I will contact him when through here, and yes, there will be blood;) We need to stick together as we all have a dog in this fight, however, betrayals on any level will not be tolerated. I will be posting this article from its original site on my page. After all, my name is being flung far and wide and am getting much needed traffic:) Thank you.

    I do peek over here from time to time so keep up the excellent work, lady.

    Regards, Cartier McCloud

  16. An interesting little spat . So, what happened, already, yet, you know?
    Kaminski = “… to raise the issue of women’s biological indifference to social sanity…”
    This issue is well known and has been commented on; all over the psycho/socio brothel.
    Here’s a short explanation:
    Ten Reasons Why Females Prefer Immigrant Males

    also see: Basic Sex Differences 2; Essential Sex Differences, [in Main Directory-top left]

    And a poem from Rudyard Kipling; The Female Of The Species:

    But, Hey!, like, ya knows, the Editor owns his own shtick.

    1. “And the victim writhes in anguish – like the Jesuit with the squaw!”

      Squaws did not like Jesuits, either… tortured them.

      1. Uhhh, the “Kaminski Affair” as it’s being called is NOT more important than the U.S. presidential campaign currently in progress. DM focuses on Kaminski as if the “Kaminski Affair” really matters somehow while totally ignoring the U.S. presidential campaign which very much does matter, very much so. And to think, DM doesn’t want any debate about the Geocentric/Flat Earth debate , that would be a “distraction” from the “very” “important” issues, I guess that would be a distraction from talking about the “very” “important” “Kaminski Affair” which is like soooooooo Totally Important to all of us. What a bunch of assholes you Darkmooners are. Including your kaminski too.

        1. @ TROJ

          Good point. We’ll get back to the things that really matter soon. Especially to the Geocentric/Flat Earth debate which is obviously of vital importance to all us Flat Earthers trapped in a multi-dimensional universe we object to on principle. 🙂

      2. TROJ –

        The people ‘in the know’ already realize that Hillary will be (S)elected.
        Trump is moot fodder to sell media time. Trump is filler for profit. The more outrageous, the better.
        MORE EYEBALLS = MORE $$$$.

        DM is up to speed and knows that secret ballot elections are a sham. Elections are not valid. Can be discounted. For public consumption only. Appease folks. Keep them from rioting.

        C’mon… Joe…. Get up to speed. Get the ‘white-jacketed’ attendants there, at Chattahoochee Mental Hospital, to help…
        …… “splain yu dat.” 🙂

      3. Yes Pat,

        Anyone with half an ounce of common sense knows that Hillary will win and it doesn’t matter whether more people vote for Trump, because the electronic voting machines are rigged. The reason WHY Hillary will win is because Trump’s ‘ant Islam’ and ‘ban Muslim migration’ is his downfall. Regardless, they’re both CFR puppets. Last time round was the first black president (even though he was mixed race) and now it’s going to be the first woman. She’ll destroy the USA even further.

        1. @ Pat
          @ Harbinger

          Yes well, at least do try to not gloat and smirk so much about Hillary being the next president of the U.S., Harbinger and Pat. U TWO might be more believable if you TWO didn’t smirk and gloat so much about ZOG’s plan to make Hillary the next president and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. U2 are way TOO obvious. You TWO and your gloating and smirking is TOO palpable. I’m telling you this because maybe you TWO may not want to be so obvious, or who knows, maybe you TWO want to be obvious. We can only guess at what motivates you TWO, ? . Whatever it is that motivates you TWO, you TWO sure do smirk and gloat a lot about whatever it is that motivates you TWO.

      4. TROJ,

        What on earth are you on about? Your initial comment that Pat and I replied to was in our complete amazement that you actually think that there IS democracy in the USA. There isn’t. In fact, I highly doubt there’s any democracy in the whole of Europe too. I know that in the UK, the R.I.I.A. selects who is in power, just like the C.F.R. does in the USA. Seriously TROJ, ever heard of the fact that America is using machines to count the votes? And yes, we do know that Hillary is Jew owned, along with Trump and? TROJ, I’m not gloating in the least. On the contrary I’m shocked that someone, like you, actually thinks that all’s fair in love, war and politics. This election is rigged. All elections are rigged. The winner is decided LONG BEFORE anyone goes to any voting booth. There’s only one thing worse than the con that is the political system and that’s the idiots who vote and believe they’re actually getting to decide who runs their country.

      5. The Reality Show of Shows, USA, Inc.

        Since Ringleader Trump has whipped all the many lame-o subordinates unduly, satisfactorily, done it in record time, and to cheering throngs, no less..
        the pap must now also thicken accordingly. (human physics or something)

        So on to the next One Giant Question, looming over everything like those poppies loom in Afghanistan.

        Will the crooked as a dog’s hind leg DOJ and FBI, Torpedo the USS Hillary,
        or will they instead answer her SOS?

        Please stay tuned..

      6. Not all Jesuits were detestable. Many, but not all, like in any walk of life. And the word “squaw” is derogatory; the equivalent of which is a word that’s gotten posters kicked off this site in the past

  17. tip for lashas flu how to make cinnamon tea ,boil 3 cinnamon sticks til they stop floating , you will see the cinnamon oil on top of the water stops/prevents flu and also 100% cures type 2 diabetes .simples

    1. Hilarious. That will teach the swine, thought the background music very appropriate… 😉

  18. I really like Kaminsky. I never met him of course, but what he writes make me feel close to him like comrades in a trench. Frustration his is middle name , since he sees no way out of the maze . Arch Stanton called this sindrome jewish overload, and that say everything. I really hope that this breaking could be repaired, because at the end of the day nobody is perfect and we are in the same side . May Concordia be upon us all, we will need it .
    Defeatism and dejection are perfect for your enemy. You start blaming your siblings for their faults and flaws, and you loose . Faith is the most powerful force. A fine intellect and a great sensibility are important but you need more. Analyzing all the syntomps of an infection is pointless if you don’ t want to heal yourself, and worst if you think there is no cure. We have to stay united and fight . Forza e onore.

  19. Niggers, Sand Monkeys, Muzzies et al play into the ADL, Jewish, PC stereotypes that beat us before we can make a stand.

  20. Stop blaming women for your own weakness. Several years ago when I was young, beautiful and sexy I owned two Great Danes, big powerful beautiful intact brutes. I lived in Toronto and would walk these gorgeous animals for hours every day and night and subsequently learned more about human nature than a life time of books could have taught me. Daily I would encounter white men of a certain ‘liberal’ ilk who made no secret of their resentment through crude comments, insults and reprimands. When I would walk them through the Bay street financial area white men would stop me, not to degrade me but to inquire as to their bloodlines, show titles, and express admiration for their beauty as well as mine. When I walked them through rough low-rent areas biker types would nod at me with a wink of approval. My dogs taught me a lot about men.

  21. Censorship is an ugly animal, however, what happens when a moderator(editor/censor) changes the content of a submission, he does it to protect his own identity, this is inevitable.

    The faithful witness

    1. @ Duke

      Editors have the right to makes ANY changes to a script provided those changes are seen as improvements AND the author agrees to them. That is what editing is all about and it is a universal practice. No editor is going to allow a substandard script to be published on his watch. Scripts with typos, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, inaccurate statistics, false facts, inadequate references, all these need to be corrected.

      In addition, editors have the right to remove passages from a script that they think needlessly offensive: like praise of pedophilia or the mass extermination of Jews, Muslims, Blacks and all other ethnic groups which fanatical White Supremacists disapprove of.

      Authors have NO RIGHT to behave irresponsibly and issue threats and ultimatums to their publishers. If they behave in such an arrogant and hubristic manner, they get the boot. And they deserve it.

      — Editor JSM

      1. @ MONTECRISTO

        No editor is going to allow a substandard script to be published on his watch. Scripts with typos, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, inaccurate statistics, false facts, inadequate references, all these need to be corrected.

        You point out an obvious fact. But this is wasted on the moronic types who frequent your excellent website where you are doing your best to keep order.

        These mentally challenged types assume that the *Great Author* is sacrosanct and that it a crime even to correct his slightest mistakes, let alone his offensive ravings. They are unaware that many of the greatest authors have been lousy spellers and were only too grateful when their spelling mistakes were corrected by their editors.

        One of the greatest novelists in the English language is Jane Austen. Your readers on this website are unaware that Jane didn’t have a clue about punctuation. Commas, full stops, colons, semi-colons — all these were beyond the grasp of the Inimitable Miss Austen. She got round this by using DASHES everywhere. Every page she submitted to her publishers was littered with dashes. These manuscript pages are available for scrutiny by the public. You can see them for yourselves behind glass panels.

        Jane’s publishers went to an awful lot of trouble putting in the correct punctuation. Few people know this. So don’t knock publishers and editors. They know what they’re doing. Their role is to be the correcters and improvers.

        If Jane Austen had thrown a tantrum and started issuing threats and ultimatums to her publishers — in the same way as John Kaminski has issued threats and ultimatums to his publishers — she would never have been published.

      2. I understand that another ‘great author’ (Lord) Jeffrey Archer, also had problems in the spelling and punctuation departments, that his wife actually wrote his unreadable screeds.

      3. There was a man named Timothy Dexter from Newburyport, Mass. who wrote a book without any punctuation whatsoever. And so it was published!

        A nightmare for you, eh, Montecristo?

  22. @ Wiggins

    I had no idea Archer’s wife wrote his novels. That’s news to me. Mind you, he’s bit of a con man. He lied about visiting prostitutes and pretended he had a degree from Oxford University. (Actually, he attended a Teacher’s College in Oxford; nothing to do with the famous university.)

    These are the types of people who get into parliament and rule over Great Britain. And yet, it has to be said, Archer is a saint compared to some of the other scumbags who have risen to power in the UK. I can’t think of anyone worse than Tony Blair, another pathological liar like Archer — but infinitely more dangerous.

    1. Sard –

      “He lied about visiting prostitutes and pretended he had a degree from Oxford University. (Actually, he attended a Teacher’s College in Oxford; nothing to do with the famous university.)”

      Typical… and expected. The norm.

      Writings by politicians are RUMORS… at best… lies at worst.

      The people, you and I, ‘guess’ at what they mean to convey.

      Later, we might say, “I didn’t know he meant THAT..!!”

    2. Absolutely…at least Jeffrey ‘Walter Mitty’ Archer never had his hand near the Red Button.

  23. Who writes Madame Butterfly’s posts when she’s on the floor drunk and strung out on sedative pills and she’s a total useless mess?

  24. strange . much ado was not raised when ms darkmoon took it upon herself to add dramatics to the article about refugees which never mentioned muslims once .does ms darkmoon reserve the right to bastardize/plagiarise at will, to such an extent that the whole article changes upon her dramatising .yet not a whisper of apology or excuse was given

    1. @ azenfrend

      strange . much ado was not raised when ms darkmoon took it upon herself to add dramatics to the article about refugees which never mentioned muslims once .does ms darkmoon reserve the right to bastardize/plagiarise at will, to such an extent that the whole article changes upon her dramatising .yet not a whisper of apology or excuse was given

      Ms Darkmoon is not here to defend herself against your silly attack on her, so let me do so. Can you tell me what most of these migrants are if they are NOT Muslims? If they are NON-Muslims, can you state so categorically and offer us proof that Ms Darkmoon was wrong and that all or most of these migrants are non-Muslims?

      Go on, I challenge you to do so!

      The article to which you refer ends with this sentence: “The men believed to be responsible, Syrian and Afghan asylum seekers, were arrested and released by police.”

      What are SYRIAN and AFGHAN asylum seekers if they NOT Muslims? Are they Christians? Zorastrians? Taoists?

      I see you are tongue-tied. You have nothing to say for yourself.

      Take a look at this article, imbecile:


      “AN IRAQI MIGRANT has admitted to raping a ten year old boy in a Viennese swimming pool so ferociously that the boy had to be hospitalised for his injuries. The man said he knew it was wrong but couldn’t help himself as he hadn’t had sex in months.”

      Tell me, you pathetic moron, are not most Iraqis MUSLIMS? Do you have any proof that this particular sodomite pedophilic rapist was a non-Muslim? If so, please present your evidence.

      Or else SHUT UP!

    2. @ azenfrend

      Would you like to tell us what these asylum seekers or migrants are if they are not Muslims? I’d be intrigued to know.

      I read that 99.999% of these migrants come from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and other North African countries. I was under the impression that all these were Muslim countries, azenfrend. I also understand that all these migrants, when they get to our European countries, attend mosques and that their women wear hijabs.

      And you’re saying they not Muslims, am I right? If so, what are they? Please do inform us readers if you have secret knowledge that they are Christians or Jews in disguise, all pretending to be Muslims! 🙂

  25. A lot of people in the White Nationalist movement are individualist. They have to be. Everyone else is just parroting what they see on the Jew tube. Due to this they tend to be troublesome. I think it’s just par for the course of people who go their own way no matter what others say.

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