The Mass Invasion of Europe by Muslim Migrants Promoted by Big Jewry (includes video)


LD:  As America attacks the Middle East in a series of wars on behalf of its Jewish masters in Israel — starting in the wake of 9/11 with the illegal invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq on a raft of lies — it creates a crisis of stupendous magnitude: the mass invasion of Europe by Muslim migrants all claiming to be desperate “refugees” fleeing from Muslim war zones deliberately created by the United States on behalf of Israel. 

Note that the Jews, wildly enthusiastic about multiculturalism and mass Third World immigration in America, Europe, and other ethnically white countries, are absolutely opposed to multiculturalism and immigration in Israel — a clear case of double standards at its most hypocritical.





The video below is a good introduction to this subject and shows the link between Judeo-American foreign policy and the migrant crisis in Europe, both orchestrated by organized Jewry to serve Jewish interests. [LD]

VIDEO : 11.32 mins

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  1. These primitive invaders are WGD (WEAPONS OF GENETIC DESTRUCTION), as intended by the Jewish supremacists, who have planned a global Utopia in which white people don’t exist anymore. But that’s fine, because, as Barbara Spectre so poignantly says : “Europe cannot survive unless it becomes multicultural”.

    Shouldn’t we help Israel to “survive” in that way too? Here is a video that suggests just that :

    1. What this spawn from the lizard people, Barbara babes Spectre, needs is a big black dick crammed down her throat. Then she herself can celebrate the joys of “multiculturalism”. It’s really to bad that the tribe sort of, kind of, looks like true White people. Otherwise, these maggots would have been taken care of a long time ago.

  2. One may read that thet Merkel merely implemented the packaged treasonous verbiage contained in a paper by one of Soros NGO’s, presented 2 years prior. See the videos cited below, unless Ministry of Truth, Google, has erased them from the index.

    What worries me above all is that a critical mass of zombified brains has been reached which allow Committee of 300 loonies carte blanche in formulating propaganda and policies. Absolutely ANYTHING goes. anything. We have definitely arrived at:

    War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

    The rubicon has been crossed. In the West, no longer can we hope that “democracy” and “education” can lead to a better world there. Sorry to say this. 9 out of 10 Millennials-Plus only read Facebook for “news” and 6 out of 10 only read the headlines. How can half the US voters vote for crackheads, Pizzagate, endless war, genocide of the only “disciplined” race that brought industrialisation and progress to billions, a future on subsistence government handouts, etcetera. How can Europeans be broadly in favour of inviting “diversity” triggered Balkanisation of the whole of Europe. How can only 54% of British vote (Brexit) to apply pressure to stop Immigration (it has not slowed) and meddling in their affairs by Brussels based lizards? How can they allow their capital to be occupied to over 50% by the foreign born with a stealth Jihadi at the reigns? The EU and US will collapse and let’s hope this does not engulf the world.

    Regarding the modern schizoid German, intelligent in the logical brain, but emotionally led by the right hemisphere, I refer you to the fantastic true journalistic video news source of Black Pigeon. He is migrating from the “Miniistry of Truth” to an independent website:
    However you may still find on Youtube, of direct relevance:

    Germany Crosses the Demographic RUBICON – 20-35’s a MINORITY by 2020

    BREAK EUROPE – Merkel and her Migrants — What comes Next

    BREXIT & The Future of Merkel’s Europe

    George SOROS – The One-Man Illuminati Machine

    MASS RAPE in Cologne Germany – Refugees STILL Welcome!

    Merkel’s Migrant CRISIS – One YEAR ON

    MIGRANT EUROPE – Suicide Via Self-Congratulatory ALTRUISM

    MIGRANT ‘SEXUAL EMERGENCIES’ – Plaguing the Swimming Pools of Europe


  3. Evil Arch strikes again!

    Below are the results from a recent effort to inform others. Of course I was ever ready to present the evidence and of course they refused to even glance at it. The Jew’s incredibly insane, knee-jerk, media programming effect is much in evidence throughout this post. Funny thing how talking about the Hallowedhoax is considered “political” discussion. These are the minds standing beside us in our own trenches.

    These adults, in their late thirties and early forties, were astonished and chagrined that their “liberal” mother voted for Trump when it was patently obvious to one and all that Killary was the only rational choice for a murderous, psychopathic president. The tolerance and diversity exhibited by their behavior is simply overwhelming. Too bad the accuser cannot see his own virulent racism, but then it’s against his own race, so it’s all good.

    Isn’t it nice to know your having an effect that turns people into drunks and drug addicts, but then that isn’t that the only real escape from an irrational, “racist,” “anti-Semite” with whom you feel forced to associate? Rational, logical discourse? Perish the thought and hand me the – Benadryl?

    Of course names have been changed to protect the ignorant and stupid.
    Arch’s open racism has always been a bit problematic. I think Bill and I can sort of handle it, but Jane and Shelly can’t. Getting them to even be in the presence of the guy for a few hours is more than a bit of a struggle. Last year Jane got so drunk to deal with it she literally blacked out on the ride home and couldn’t find the car. She was planning on doping herself up with Benadryl this year. Once Shelly found out Arch was a holocaust denier, she requested that she never have to go to (reference deleted) ever again. So, I guess maybe in the current political climate it’s not a bad thing we’re not coming over this Christmas. I think there was roughly 80% odds that we would have come all the way over and left the second Arch started talking about politics.

    And that’s the problem. It’s one thing to have extreme political beliefs, it’s another thing to go out of your way to talk about them with people who you know don’t agree with you. I mentioned this in the e-mail I sent to Arch, but we have other right wing relatives. The difference between them and Arch is that they don’t talk about divisive political issues when we’re around. I’ve never really been given the impression that Arch has the ability to do this. Your continually forwarding me political articles you know I don’t even sort of agree with demonstrated this to me. Please stop forwarding this kind of thing to me. Every time you do, what you’re saying is: fuck you son! I’m not sure why you’d want to tell your son to go to hell, but that’s what you’re doing when you forward me that kind of stuff.
    Brilliant, thoughtful response – no? And such an amazingly tolerant viewpoint. Good job Jews! You’ve got a few more gullible head to to add to your massive goyim herds. Is it any wonder people soon give up the fight when faced with such mentalities?

    1. Well, Arch…. join the club. The shunning started happening to me in the 50s.

      And you never even mentioned how the ‘chosen’ have total control of their wallets.

      Lawdy – Lawdy…!! 🙂

    2. I was fortunate. My father was a fan of Revilo Oliver. My entire family is more or less jew wise with the exception of one niece, but she lives in Toronto, and so has embraced multiculturalism.

  4. How many times have we heard this about the jewish plans etc.
    What is the remedy Lasha? A website like yours doesn’t change a thing.
    It serves only as propaganda for the jewish plans.

    1. You all know the answer to this question: LESS TALK, MORE ACTION! But the action must be concerted action, amounting to a revolution, backed by the armed forces. No revolution was ever effected by idle chatter. Violence was always necessary.

      1. The English Revolution, the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, these all required physical force in order to succeed. They say the pen is mightier than the sword. Nonsense!

        When the times comes for the final confrontation, it is the ius gladii — the right or law of the sword — that is supreme. In other words, physical force. It is was the ius gladii that made Julius Caesar dictator in Rome.

        Without the German army behind him, Hitler would never have risen to power in Germany.

        The reason our enemies triumph over us is that they have the armed forces behind them. Our only weapons are words and truth. That is not enough.

        The sharper the blade, the sooner the victory.

      2. Mahatma Gandhi defeated the ailing whore UK with his pen and civil disobedience . Though I don’t think this will work with Jews in palestine.

      3. @ Al

        You’re right, civil disobedience wouldn’t work with the Jews.

        On the other hand, I seriously doubt the official version of events that the Brits were shoo-shooed out of India because of Gandhi’s campaign of civil disobedience and passive resistance. That had been going on a long time and it had made no impact on the Brits who were mildly amused at the notion that Gandhi could scare them out of India by indulging in these theatrics.

        No, the real reason the Brits left India was that their coffers were empty after WWII and they could no longer afford the huge expense of running an empire in India. The Raj had played itself out by 1947. The Brits were ready to leave. Gandhi didn’t drive them out. They left because their Empire was in ruins after WWII and they had no choice but to leave.

      4. Sardonicus ,

        “No, the real reason the Brits left India was that their coffers were empty after WWII and they could no longer afford the huge expense of running an empire in India. The Raj had played itself out by 1947. The Brits were ready to leave. Gandhi didn’t drive them out. They left because their Empire was in ruins after WWII and they had no choice but to leave.”

        I agree with you , if I may add that the limp-wristed Brits were standing on a land mine called Muslims and Hindus and as soon as they lifted their foot it exploded and the debris is still in the air to this day . Britain is also the mother of the two sisters Israel and Saudi Arabia, Britain carved out Kuwait and made it a state out of Iraq . Britain then spat in the Persian gulf creating the kingdom of Bahrain,they also made Egypt and Sudan from the same land and of course created a Jewish state in it’s ugly image .

        In short , Britain was and still is a circus horse , it’s manure is everywhere .

      5. LD,

        That’s right.

        Most of all, we need to use our organisatorial superiority. And we must use (((their))) methods. That means quiet infiltration. Infiltration in the army, the media and even in enemy political parties and judicial system.

        Young Aryan fascists, nationalists, national socialists etc need to quietly join the army and winning as many Aryan military men for our cause.

        Example; a young guy like Dylan Roof should have used his drive to follow the path of infiltration instead of acting impulsively, understandable as that may be.

        Young Aryan fascists, nationalists, national socialists etc need to enroll at universities, quietly, not revealing who they are, and work their way to the top of society’s institutions.

        We also need to strategically assassinate important enemies – regardless what ethnicy they are – from time to time, exactly as (((they))) do. Pity that German intelligence didn’t use this in the 30’s. They should have killed British and US anti German politicians who’s decisions led to war.

        But we are talking long term plans here. Decades at least.

        Read J B Campbell’s site and get inspired.

        Whites will WIN!!

        Heil Hitler.

    2. We need to keep spreading the message about these jews, no matter how ineffective it may seem at times. For those of us who are already red-pilled, it may be a bit redundant, but to all those normies out there, the message needs to be continually pushed. Perpetually. Constantly. Couple this with the fact the more the jews push their anti-white pogroms against the West, the more it will wake whites up to the reality they are facing. This isn’t like sitting down to some two-hour movie with a happy ending. This is a long, hard struggle that will probably take at least a generation to overcome and will test people’s dedication and perseverance.

  5. Lovely Comments. This website is refreshing and informative. In the American Revolution, which has outlasted in some ways at least the more negative jewish inspired French and Russian exploitation, the British were maneuvered into firing first (Boston, twice, the “massacre” being more notable) followed by the ill advised expedition to Lexington and Concord to confiscate weapons. Then it took 8 years, followed by an uneasy period and the Rothschild war of 1812. According to author Anthony Cave Brown, the British still had war plans on file for the USA until 1930. One needs an outrage that all can agree on sooner or later, and the Internationalists have been most generous in that respect – “UN” Agenda 21. Immigration is still confused in young altruistic minds with racial issues, but the disastrous effects in Europe and North America are beginning to awaken a return to sanity. Meanwhile, with limited means, one must look to historical examples for inspiration. Hasan bin Sabah, the Ismaili leader, is one. Huge confusion exists in the popular mind about Hashish use (more likely in the later acquired Syrian territory, closer to the West, administered by Sinan). The Ismailis started from humble beginnings, persecuted by all. Hasan was more of a Shia until he fell deathly ill one day and remembered the troubling conversation he had with an Ismaili covert proselytizer and he realized “he didn’t want to die without learning the truth”. From humble beginnings and after study he eventually made his way to the fortress of Alamut and entered as a common laborer. After a few months, the Lord of Alamut began to notice that his rule was less than absolute with the situation further deteriorating daily. At a given moment, Hasan approached the Lord and informed him his fortress was no longer his, but offered him a draft payable in gold for Alamut Castle to be given to another local ruler in a different district. To his shock when presenting the draft, that ruler kissed the paper and paid him in full immediately. Today, the Aga Khan, his spiritual heir, administers charities and promotes education in many counties, quietly, virtually unknown to much of the world. So there is something to be said for patient activity, quiet subversion. Look at what a very bad indeed element of organized jewry has gained (stolen) by this approach. Patient, but relentless and active. Again, the Internationalists have been most generous…

    1. That’s countries, not counties in above. We need a spelling fiend (miss that delightful grammar fiend, probably developing software to patent). Historically, the Ismailis were as violent as anyone else, but more for defensive survival mostly through targeted assassination. One of the great travesties of history was the burning of the Library of Alamut when it was surrendered to the mongols more than a century after Hasan had passed, though the historian Juvaini was permitted to select volumes that didn’t offend his orthodox outlook.

    2. Winston –

      Good writing there as usual.

      “Immigration is still confused in young altruistic minds with racial issues, but the disastrous effects in Europe and North America are beginning to awaken a return to sanity.”

      Both young and old minds, whether altruistic or not, seem to be unaware that the immigration issue is being used to create massive credit in the future and the massive debt which follows. Every immigrant will want, and get, a credit card to use to get what the rest of the people have…. shiny things and women.

      Debt expansion is necessary to keep the fiat currencies intact. The overused social services are helping there immediately as well. “Follow the fiat currencies.”

  6. It’s time to nut up or shut up. Here is a verse from one of the songs i have written.

    Down the road hit another town. Then across the pond Euro bound. Swarms of locusts swallow me. A scourge sent by Tel Aviv. I need a break in this action. Is it to late to get me some. Just a little bit of satisfaction. Without going the way of the gun. The way of the gun.

  7. It isn’t easy to fight the Jews simply because they are cowardly and they never face someone who challenges them.
    About them the Holy Qur’an said:
    059:014 “ They will not fight you in a body except in strongly fortified towns or from behind the walls. Their fighting among themselves is severe. Thou thinkest them to be united, but their hearts are divided. That is because they are a people who have no sense”. (Sherali . From “8 parallel English Qur’an translations”).

    The first step would be to clean your Governments from Jews in key positions and never allow bi-nationals or politicians with allegiance to foreign bodies, including the so-called “international” Organizations again. The first erea to be cleaned is the Judiciary system. Then shut their propaganda means, even if you have to revert back to the primitive radio sets to communicate. Second you’ll have to recover your sovereignty over National Security Services, all of them: CIA, NSA, FBI … These Services along with the Police and military Special Forces as a whole, no longer serve the national interest- I mean the interest of the common citizen not the Elite’s. Third you’ll have to re-appropriate and/or reorganize the monetary system (Federal Reserve, Wall Street, and Private Banking). Together with the media, the Monetary System is a lethal tool in the hands of the Clan. They can readily provoke an economic crisis, trigger a social unrest and fuel it with propaganda trough their media. Other steps might be necessary, for instance to stop the flood of migrants…to alleviate the symptoms of the programmed disintegration of the Western World. This task alone might require mobilization from the people in the guise of huge demonstrations…to incapacitate FEMA Camps.
    The list is open and so is the debate.

  8. Judgment day is near. Things will get worse now. No one can stop that. Anti-christ will come soon. And after that Imam Mehdi and Hazrat Essa(Jesus) AS will come and he’ll kill Anti-christ. Prepare yourself for the worse.

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