The Passing Show


The  Passing  Show

I Tiresias sit by the wall
of Thebes, and watch with sightless eyes
the passing show; and each footfall
gives meaning to my song of sighs.

These sounds are mixed with magic so
that anyone upon whose ear
they fall, will sense the sacred glow;
and know what storms have swept me here.

Nor need my words be meaningful
so long as in them gods go round,
for the hidden Muse hides her soul
in the silence between my sounds.

My music’s mocked! I don’t belong.
Though the world hates me and I’m blind,
I dip the ladle of my song
into the cauldron of God’s mind.

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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  1. “My music’s mocked! I don’t belong.”

    I suggest kickboxing lessons. Hard workouts destroy depression.
    And, when mocking starts in…. you do too… 🙂

    1. People are mistaking this poem as a statement by Lasha in which she is lamenting the fact that she doesn’t belong and that her music is mocked. But the first stanza makes it clear that this is a statement made by the blind prophet Tiresias. Not by Lasha.

      I Tiresias sit by the wall
      of Thebes, and watch with sightless eyes
      the passing show; and each footfall
      gives meaning to my song of sighs.

      Tiresias, the Blind Prophet of Greek legend, plays an important role in the poetry of TS Eliot who we happen to know is also Lasha Darkmoon’s favourite 20th century poet. So this poem is obviously influenced by reading TS Eliot.,+reference+to+Tiresias+in+Waste+Land&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&channel=rcs&gws_rd=cr&ei=RzHHVovOLsHbU-SVkdAN

      1. Great point.. SARD…!!!

        Posters here, including me, cannot read a few sentences, in the same language, as wordsmiths ALL…. then, follow the story line, nor can we keep it in context. LOL!!!

        So… just wait.. 2000 years or so while traveling through several languages’ worth of translations..!!!

        TOTAL confusion… just GUESSES…
        We were caught…. GUESSING wrong… right NOW.. 🙂

      2. @ Pat

        TOTAL confusion… just GUESSES…
        We’re GUESSING right NOW.. 🙂

        So you like to keep telling us. Pat. But who was the guy who shouted “Eureka!” in his bath and discovered some important, earth-shattering secret? Was he just “guessing”? And who was the guy who discovered the Law of Gravity when an apple fell on his head?

        I guess I’ll have to ask my Abbot, though I doubt he’ll know the answer. Every time I ask this guy a question, he grins and shows me a gold tooth. “Not important! You think only one hand clapping! Nothing else matter! CLAP-CLAP!”

        Whew! — life in a Japanese monastery can be pretty tough at times for the Westerner in search of wisdom, especially when the rice is served cold at dinner and the veggies are uncooked!

      3. Sard, are you telling us that Lasha is psychoanalyzing Tiresias of several thousand years ago and saying nothing about herself?

        Duhnt takk muh fur reeturd, m’jus chunnlink sum ape frrm 500,000 yeerz aguh 🙂

      4. Sard –

        Costello hollered “Eureka..!!”

        We see apples falling…

        We cannot see depression… as it lingered in Tiresias.

        But… Tiresias could not see apples at all.

        Costello will elaborate further for ya…
        …..if you channel him.. while clapping. 🙂

      5. @ Lobro

        Sard, are you telling us that Lasha is psychoanalyzing Tiresias of several thousand years ago and saying nothing about herself?

        No, I’m not saying that. What she is doing is what many good poets do. They adopt a persona through which (or through whom) they channel their own secret thoughts and emotions. Distancing themselves, so to speak, from their own words by ascribing those words to someone else.

        Lasha is here adopting the persona of Tiresias and channeling her own thoughts and feelings through him. TS Eliot did the same thing in his poem The Love Song J. Alfred Prufrock. It wasn’t really Prufock, it was Eliot speaking through Prufock. As in the heartbreakingly sad lines:

        I grow old … I grow old …
        I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled.

        Shall I part my hair behind? Do I dare to eat a peach?
        I shall wear white flannel trousers, and walk upon the beach.
        I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each.

        I do not think that they will sing to me.

        — TS Eliot, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

        P.S. In a past incarnation I used to be an Associate Professor of English…

      6. Well Sard, I will vote to grant you tenure here just as I voted Circasshole away.
        However, the following, stated by one Sardonicus, remains disputable

        People are mistaking this poem as a statement by Lasha in which she is lamenting the fact that she doesn’t belong and that her music is mocked.

        due to this

        What she is doing is what many good poets do. They adopt a persona through which (or through whom) they channel their own secret thoughts and emotions. Distancing themselves, so to speak, from their own words by ascribing those words to someone else.

        said by Sardonicus. Therefore Sard is wrong because Sard is right 🙂
        and Lasha is indeed saying that she doesn’t belong and that her music is mocked and to hell with poetry because she’ll take up kickboxing as a better way to deal with melancholy.

        And I bet that you are by now a proficient fighting monk, able to run on vertical surfaces inside the stone walled courtyard, gathering momentum for a dropkick.

        Hey Yah! Take that TS Eliot! Haggaw! Drop dead Tiresias!

      7. @ Lobro

        Hey, I don’t want to get into the boxing ring with you or Pat! I know when I’m beaten! You have spotted a contradiction in what I wrote. Fair enough.

        Nevertheless, I am making a serious point. Ask yourself why poets use personas at all if they are channelling their own emotions entirely? Why should Lasha bother to speak through the persona of Tiresias or TS Eliot to speak through the voice of J. Alfred Prufrock if it didn’t serve some literary purpose and produce a sort of distancing effect?

        Take the verse below. Is this Lasha speaking in her own voice entirely? The answer is NO. Because Lasha is not blind, but Tiresias is. Lasha is not saying she is a blind prophetess, but Tiresias certainly IS a blind prophet.

        My music’s mocked! I don’t belong.
        Though the world hates me and I’m blind,
        I dip the ladle of my song
        into the cauldron of God’s mind.

        Understand that writers use personas as a kind of “ass-covering”. They’re covering their asses in case someone ticks them off for their incorrect views. They can then answer innocently, “But I didn’t say that. It was Tiresias who said that! It was J. Alfred Prufrock that said that!”

        Let me give you a good example of this literary device of the persona which serves as a protective shield for the writer. TS Eliot, as you know, got his ass kicked right royally for writing the ultimate anti-Semitic gibe:

        The rats are underneath the piles,
        The Jew is underneath the lot.

        It would be easy enough for Eliot’s loyal supporters to deflect criticism from that clearly anti-Semitic comment by saying: “You’re quoting Eliot out of context. It’s not Eliot who said that. It’s his persona.”

        If you read the poem, it’s not clear if this is Eliot’s own thought or someone else’s.

        Similarly, you can’t blame Shakespeare for being a god-hating pagan for saying, “As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods, they kill us for their sport.” You can’t say, “Hey Shakespeare, are you saying the gods are cruel and kill men like flies?” Because Shakespeare could then turn round and say, “Hold on, I didn’t say that! It was a character in one of my plays!”

        The persona, in other words, is a distancing literary device that allows the writer to cover his ass if ever he is attacked for the views expressed by the said persona.

      8. Sardonicus
        When someone points out a contradiction or inconsistency it’s always a sound policy to quote Emerson on the subject. “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” Or as the Buddha would say, “Not this, not that.” While basic truths pertaining to morality always remain constant, our perception of truth is constantly changing. My first teacher of meditation back in 1977 told me enlightment is a slow, gradual process like the gentle ringing of a wind chime on one’s consciousness.

  2. ADMIN TOBY: Circassian is now a banned poster, in view of Lobro’s ultimatum: “It’s either Circassian or me.” He was allowed to make one final comment and made it. Yet here he is, back again. I am allowing him to step in again briefly because it would be wrong to delete this particular comment. It proves that Circassian’s attitude to this website was not only hostile from the beginning (where he describes Lasha as “Queen of the Shithouse”) but continued hostile right to the end.


    That’s not where your problem is, Lasha. You are not sincere, you are not genuine. You are disingenuous, you are fake. In a word: Your are a shadow – not a light. That’s where the real problem is.

    Can you become something else? Not in this life.

    But don’t be too upset – this world would be boring without shadows. If the Nature created you this way, there must be a damn good reason for it.

    1. ADMIN TOBY: Circassian, I simply cannot let you go on posting here any longer. Not after all we have been through. This simply HAS TO BE YOUR LAST COMMENT! I hope you understand that.

      @Uncle Toby, Niece Lasha, Japanese “monk” Sardonicus, Canadian jackass Lowbrow, and the rest of the Anglo-American ex-academics

      It is very, very important to be sincere and truthful for every human being. It is very, very important to be genuine and decent. It is very, very important to be fair and just.

      Lying and deceiving is below human dignity, fakery and cunning is shameful. Behaving like a fox, a chameleon, or a jackass is not healthy for a human soul.

      These are very simple but very profound metaphysical truths, ignoring of which puts one’s soul at peril. There is more to life than we – humans – can see.


        TOBY SAYS:

        In this comment, Circassian insists on his right to go on posting here even though he has been banned and allowed to make two posts AFTER being banned. He says: “Toby, You say ‘I simply cannot let you go on posting here any longer”. Why not? I do not understand.”

        Circassian knows that Lobro has given us an ultimatum: “IT’S EITHER ME OR CIRCASSIAN.” Well, we have chosen Lobro. Why? Before we prefer to keep Lobro than Circassian. For if Lobro goes, several other good posters will go in solidarity with Lobro, leaving behind Circassian who is possibly the most universally detested poster this site has ever had.

        Circassian cannot see this and asks fatuously WHY he should be banned: “Why, damn it?” he asks, referring to Lobro in contemptuous terms. “Because some jackass told you that you have to pick between him and a decent man, and you have picked the jackass? Is that it? If that is the truth, would you have the courage to admit it.”

        Yes, Circassian, I’ll have to courage to admit it: I prefer the “jackass” (Lobro) to the “decent man” (Circassian). Maybe it’s because I’m a jackass myself.

        Don’t post here any more, Circassian! GO AWAY! Your next post, if you are shameless enough to gatecrash this site again, will be deleted unread and contain these two words and no more:


      2. Houston ,we have a problem here in planet darkmoon
        Circassian ,Ingrid ,Red onions and Joe have been banned in one form or the others
        bully boys Harbinger , sardino and Lobro are controlling the planet with impunity
        the Circassians and company have been silented and sent to internment camps for speaking their minds.
        the Queen of the Planet is nowhere to be seen so her sister the Princess
        the Lord Monticerno seems busy
        the DR Z from planet X run the planet like a psychiatrist
        where the Uncle to take care of the planet in fatherly way
        Ban Harbinger ,Sardino and Lobro OR unbanned Circassians and company and call it a day

      3. @ dude from the planet darkmoon

        i’ve been banned 3 times from this site and i’ve been forgiven each time. then they’ve let me back on after i promised them i’d behave and stop using obscene language. but i can’t help it if i use obscene language after i’ve had half a bottle of vodka. i lose control after a few glasses. so i understand the position of the darkmoon admins. they can’t have drunks and disrupters of the peace turning their site into a brawling shop madhouse. they got to ban trouble makers. no choice. otherwise everyone walks and no one’s left except the trolls and trouble makers.

        all the people you mention – circassian, red onions, ingrid, joe etc etc – were all big trouble makers and were constantly attacking admin or other posters. so i guess they had to go coz they were disrupters of the peace and also because the best posters on the site, lobro and sardonicus, decided it couldn’t go on. it was either going to be a good site or a bad site. so the bad posters had to be sacrificed, the ones who were the biggest disrupters of the peace and trouble makers, always attacking someone.

        i have to say to you, dude from plant darkmoon, you aint very smart. you want circassian back on this site so he can go on calling LD “queen if the shithouse”? you think that’s ok? you call that foul abuse “freedom of speech”? nope, it’s not freedom of speech, its a lump of spit in admins face and its just not permissible. so i’d advise you to f**k off and stop trying to tell admin how to run their own website.

        rule number one: get rid of the trolls and trouble makers.


        In which our banned commenter tells us that this site is “doomed” unless we listen to him and be “honest”.


      5. Dude –

        Even while banned…
        …. the Caucasus Hillbilly is still an off topic distraction. WHEW!!!

        Circ was banned for a year… for foul language and bullying everyone…. BUT, HE hated this site so much… he begged to come back… because it did even better WITHOUT the Turk..!!

        He couldn’t stand it… and just had to disrupt a good thing.

        His… “COMMENT DELETED” posts are great, though…. his very best…. lots of substance and insights from the ‘Northern Turkish ridge-runner.’
        They are HIS most astute and intelligent comments yet. 🙂

      6. @ Madame Butterfly
        yes madame i will fuck off as you wish ,BTW BITCH I liked you better when you were drunk ,you expressed your inner feelings and thoughts freely.
        yes madame witchcraft ,i am off for my true adobe the Planet of no name

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  3. very touching words ,poetry is a vehicle to express our thoughts and inner feelings in artistic way.
    what struck me most is the face which is how i imagined how you look like ,a highly intelligent ,very thoughtful beautiful woman with a golden heart 🙂
    we live in crazy evil possessed world with demonic forces working tirelessly to make our lives
    in constant fear ,suspicion of everything and everyone.
    we need to turn to our collective baseness of human decency and love ,love is the basic element for everlasting meaningful productive human spirit.

  4. Uhhh, if Darkmoon is the in the top 1% of websites in the world, then why exactly is Lasha crying because no body likes her and nobody likes her music? It doesn’t make sense, it really doesn’t. Lasha is in the top 1% of websites in the world, she cries. If she wasn’t in the top 1% of websites in the world, she would cry about that. Darkmooners always find something to cry about. Darkmooners will even use their top 1% position in the world as an excuse and a reason to cry, jackasses.

    AND what exactly would it take to make you Darkmmoners stop crying?

    If ALL websites on the world-wide web were to be totally eliminated and Darkmoon standing as The Only website in the whole world, would that finally make you jackasses happy? I guess the real reason Darkmoon is in the top 1% of websites in the whole world is because the whole world comes here to Darkmoon to mock Lasha.

    I guess Lasha would know better than I why the whole world comes here to her Darkmoon to laugh at her and mock her. I guess Lasha knows what she really deserves, LMFAO!!!

    1. Mock Mock
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  5. do not conflate word / sound / music
    verbalization is overrated, words as the gracenotes to accompany and describe action (within earshot) is the most achievable (per sign/symbol), getting iffyer from there on up/down. Do not allow surity inflection stock taking to substitute and/or compensate for that. Beware yay/nay / spyVSspy and dialextrick / duopoly escalators) .
    ‘Mediagination’ – batteries, cannons and other stage tricks must never seduce into loss of ground, stick to your grind*, best cure for boredom, specially the most desperate.

    * i have described the funs and benefits of rock on rock friction — the only real language of universality and, if we include relatively silent weathering, the basics of music compared to which the rest is but an echo — and how to achieve it cheaply — (powder) per windpower .. or by rolling a bunch back and forth along some double rail & hub ‘leverwheel’ here and there — often enough for someone or other to work their way back to said conclusion from simply trying that and paying attention to a with and without (fresh rockflour blessed) growing season or two.
    Money is a laughable, mocking, desecratious, diabolically ‘displacative’ mockery of this very most natural of revenants. Revenue thy flow patternailty and see a mountain pitstop as the soils of civilizations before building ocean floors .. in a poetpietisitc blink of eyeshutterance ….

  6. in celebrating this Poem by The Queen of this Blog
    Please allow me to post these few short Classic poems
    When she stood before my eyes, the clothing set aside,
    there was never a flaw in all her body.
    What shoulders, what arms, I saw and touched!
    Breasts formed as if they were made for pressing!
    How flat the belly beneath the slender waist!
    What flanks, what form! What young thighs!
    Why recall each aspect? I saw nothing lacking praise
    and I hugged her naked body against mine.
    Who doesn’t know the story? Weary we both rested.
    May such afternoons often come for me!
    [Amores 1.5]

    What need is there, mea vita, to come with your hair adorned, and slither about in a thin silk dress from Cos? Why drench your tresses in myrrh of Orontes, betray yourself with gifts from strangers, ruin nature’s beauty with traded refinements, nor allow your limbs to gleam to true advantage? [Propertius 1.2]

    Entrance, crueller than my mistress’s depths, why are your solid doors closed now, and mute, for me? Why do you never open to admit my desire, unable to feel or tell her my secret prayers? Will there be no end assigned to my sadness, and sleep lie, unsightly, on your cool threshold? Midnight, the stars sinking to rest, and the icy winds of chill dawn, grieve for me. You alone never pity man’s grief, replying with mutually silent hinges. [Propertius 1.16]

    Oh! How often has your injustice caused me pains that only your silent threshold knows? I am used to suffering your tyrannous orders with diffidence, without moaning about it in noisy complaint. For this I win sacred springs, cold rocks, and rough sleep by a wilderness track: and whatever my complaint can tell of must be uttered alone to melodious birds. [Propertius 1.18]

    Fair ones capture me: I’m captured by golden girls,
    but Venus is still pleasing when darkly coloured.
    If dark tresses hang on a snowy neck,
    then Leda was famed for her black hair:
    If they’re golden, Aurora’s saffron hair pleases.
    My desire adapts itself to all the stories:
    Young girls entice me: older ones move me:
    she pleases with her body’s looks, she with its form.
    In short, whichever girls one might approve of in the city,
    my desire has ambitions on them all.
    [Amores 2.4]

    If some lovely girl looks at my expressionless face,
    secret messages are deduced from its lack of expression.
    If I praise someone, you try to tear my hair out:
    if I damn her, you think I’m covering up a crime.
    If my colour’s good, I’m also cold towards you,
    if pale, pronounced to be dying for another.
    And I wish I had some guilty secret!
    Those who merit punishment take it calmly:
    but you accuse me rashly and, groundlessly believe it all,
    you stop your own anger carrying weight.
    Look, pity the long-eared ass’s fate,
    continually beaten to tame him, he goes slow!
    [Amores 2.7]



  7. All poets of any note must imagine themselves in a projected situation – but cannot deny their own emotions therein – if they are to write poetry which conveys feeling. You cannot effectively convey, in words, that which you do not FEEL. Lasha writes from another’s (Tiresias) perspective, projecting HER OWN feelings therefrom – like in my own poetry, I only IMAGINE, from another perspective. (I’m having some trouble writing any “love” poetry, now, because I just don’t “feel the love”, anymore. 🙁 )

    We, all, must look at ourselves and be creative in our attempts to convey feeling when writing poetry. I truly DO like this touching poem written by Lasha!

    1. “the cauldron of God’s mind” is, truly, a poetic and thought-provoking analogy! 🙂

  8. Tiresias was always one of the most favorite figures in Greek Mythology. Fighting snakes she turned from a woman into a men, seven years later she met the snakes again and left them alone, the gods turned him back to a woman.
    Back then, Men and Women really were treated as entirely separate from one another, so it was cool that they had a figure that represented a sort of “coming together” of gender. Scholars don’t all agree with what Tiresias said about “who receives greater pleasure,” especially since there is no solidly agreed upon method for measuring sexual pleasure. I think PAT as an answer ?

    1. a thorough mix of rock and water[ = female and male] counts for good timin and fine ‘tunin’ from getgo .. failure to teach / practice / ‘remember’ this [grounding ‘plexcercize’] results in ‘misapplexcation’ … feverish and odd mixtures on other plains/levels, like genderz, racez, invasive speciez, ‘carriYinon too farcikilly farz …

  9. The music of her poem is like a soft but steady rain. As suits a womans hand.
    Welcome, and can’t be deconstructed like a
    clock or a Chevy engine. (Though some approach it with wrench and think they have a diagram, the torque needed is both too high and too low to understand.)
    Take it for what it is, more dream than machine.

  10. Beautiful Poem, Lasha! It’s readily apparent you are indeed a classicist of the highest order. Your poem is “koanesque”. More, please!

  11. it’s 29 thoughts so far make this the 30th
    the poem is sensational so the poet
    Gd I love the Poet
    Gd have mercy on my soul
    I am in love with anti Semite
    Gd Forgive me for this sin
    my heart has sinned so my soul
    Gd forgive both and set me free

  12. @ Lasha,

    Your chess board
    has two dominant themes,
    calculated risk
    and physical dreams,
    devious ways
    and sensual means,
    imaginary spaces,
    arbitrary lines
    little dark schemes
    cold white lies.


  13. ” Canceling out these destructive waves is as straight forward as introducing a simple wave interference pattern— and it is my contention that communication is exactly the type of interference necessary……and while I am still searching for the right frequency that brings it all into harmony, it is only a matter of trial and error……..and any day now, we could get lucky, and strike a cord. ”

    Richard Andrew Grove 911

      1. @ S.W.
        Natural Law here & Creational Law up there.

        Thoughts can fly at light speed on electromagnetic wings & communication is like lightening. The days of Sub Rosa are over & the apocalypse is now.



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