The Rise of the Jewish Policy Elite: Meritocracy, Myth and Power


MARCH 26, 2016
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Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court marks a continuation and deepening of the lopsided ethno-religious representation in the US judicial system. If Garland is appointed, Jewish justices will comprise 45% of the Court, even though they represent less than 2% of the overall population.

Roman Catholics comprise the other 55% of the Court – even though they represent approximately 30% of the population. Protestants (historically the authors and signers of the country’s foundational documents, and the major confessional group) are totally absent from this august body of jurists.

Equally important the increasing power of Jewish justices on the Supreme Court is accelerating: Counting Garland, two of the last three appointments (67%) have been Jews.

In the first half of the 20th century in the US, progressive Jews and civil libertarians decried what they termed WASP (white Anglo-Saxon Protestant) exclusivity, privilege and discrimination, citing their domination of the Supreme Court and their ‘over-representation’ throughout the elite centers of power. Having totally displaced and replaced the dreaded WASPS, there is nary a word from the plethora of civil rights groups and Jewish organizations claiming to be concerned with issues of discrimination and exclusion. Perhaps the marginalized WASP population lacks any qualified jurists among their scores of millions, an ethno-cultural degeneration unique in US history or perhaps the last few WASPs appointed to the Supreme Court turned out to be among the most ardent and independent defenders of citizen rights, to the chagrin of numerous Administrations.

Nevertheless, if a rare individual should dare to raise the issue of nepotism and the exercise of narrow political considerations in the choice of Supreme Court nominees, the factious response is that ‘it’s all about merit’. Meaning, among the thousands of WASP graduates of the top law schools with academic awards and publications in prestigious journals, no qualified candidate can be found to address this lack of representation.

But scholarship and originality may not be of much merit: A brief perusal of the legal publications of Elena Kagan and Merrick Garland reveals meager, mediocre and pedestrian articles and monographs. In the case of Kagan, her rise to power was facilitated by her relationship with the former (and heartily voted out of office) Harvard President ‘Larry’ Summers, who appointed her Dean of the Law School despite her lack of quality publications. Summers, as Harvard President, led a raucous and bullying campaign against any academic critics Israeli policies during his abruptly abbreviated tenure in office.

Clearly the problem of ethno-religious nepotism is not confined to Jews, it was an abuse practiced by WASP elites and others before them. Nor does such nepotism benefit the average wage and salaried Jews, who have to struggle side-by-side with their Gentile compatriots to make a living and exercise their rights.

However, nepotism or ethno-religious favoritism has become an acute problem now when exclusive control of the Supreme Court compounds the growing problems of abuse in other spheres of the power structure – political, economic and mass communications. This imbalance has profound repercussions on everything from US overseas wars of aggression to the everyday struggle of Americans faced with deepening inequalities and the shredding of the social contract.

Historically, and particularly among progressive and leftist critics, what was referred to as the “Jewish Problem” was a multifaceted issue that revolved around the persecution of resident Jews by anti-Semitic regimes and within Christian majority cultures. Various solutions included the granting of citizenship rights following the French Revolution, socio-cultural assimilation, the development of socialism or separation and re-settlement in Palestine through the Zionist movement. Today the major issue has turned into an ‘American Problem’: how a powerful ethno-religious elite can use its multi-faceted power to secure (and create) strategic positions in the state while excluding contenders, repressing critics and actively promoting policies in the interest of a foreign state, Israel.

Not all Jewish appointees and elected officials explicitly follow the extremist position of the most aggressive Zionist organizations, especially the self-styled ‘Presidents of the Major American (sic) Jewish Organizations’ . . . but… nor do they openly object to Israeli-First activities or try to block them – for fear of ostracism and retribution – with the calumny of ’self-hating Jew’ unlikely to promote one’s career or social life.

Chosen People: The Myth of Meritocracy and the Practice of Mediocracy

To deal with the rise of Israel-First individuals to positions of power in the US, it is essential to analyze the all-pervasive claims of meritocracy, the argument that their influence is based on their ‘universally acclaimed’ achievements, intelligence and superiority far beyond their elite rivals. The argument of ‘unique merit’ blends smoothly with traditional Talmudic and contemporary Israeli-chauvinist belief that Jews are ‘the Chosen People of God’, destined to prevail over the inferior ‘others’.

The meritocratic argument is partly based on circular arguments contending that the disproportionate number of Jewish billionaires means they are more brilliant in business; that pro-Israel dominance within the US corporate mass media proves that Jewish media moguls are smarter and Israel is a righteous state . . . and the rise of Israel-Firsters in government, academia and finance reflects their higher intelligence, greater work ethic and accomplishments.

It is with the latter that we have to deal, because the significance of higher grades, diplomas from prestigious universities and piles of academic awards has to be proven on the ground. It is not simply the achievement of high individual positions and great wealth that matter, but how the policies formulated and practices pursued by these elite individual have affected the lives of 330 million Americans, the nation, its prestige, welfare and moral authority.

If we use these alternative ‘evidence-based’ criteria, we find a huge disparity between high levels of academic achievement and disastrous performance when in public office.

We can cite the Federal Reserve chairman, Alan Greenspan’s deregulatory policies, which led to the greatest financial crash since the Great Depression and his successor, Benjamin Bernanke, who presided over the trillion-dollar bailout of Wall Street banks while millions of American’s lost their homes. Both attended elite institutions, both secured numerous prestigious awards . . . and both imposed disastrous policies on the American nation and people – with complete impunity for their monumental mistakes, while American workers continue to suffer.

Treasury Department

Stuart Levey was the first Undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence within the US Treasury Department (a position created by AIPAC and tailored specifically for Levey). He graduated from Harvard College summa cum laude and magna cum laude. While Stu Levey was racing around the US and the rest of the world enforcing the economic sanctions against Iran (which he authored in line with Israeli directives), narco-terrorists from Mexico, Central America, Colombia and Peru were freely washing hundreds of billions of dollars a year in US banks. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabian officials who funded jihadi terrorists were never prosecuted or sanctioned – even after attacks within the US.

Levey’s successor, David Cohen (who else!) followed the same policy. Multi-national banks and corporations, which had corrupted officials, swindled investors, evaded taxes and laundered illicit funds were never investigated, let alone charged. Cohen devoted his time and effort, at Israel’s behest, enforcing sanctions against Iran and endeavoring to sabotage any US-Iran nuclear negotiations.

Foreign Policy

From the Clinton era through the George W. Bush and Obama regimes, the US engaged in a series of wars against predominantly secular governments in Muslim countries, which had been opposed to Israel’s brutal occupation of Palestine.

Key policymakers in the design and execution of US war policy were prominent Jews bristling with diplomas from the most prestigious universities.

These ’scholars’, the ‘cream’ of US academe, blatantly falsified the pretexts for the US’ disastrous thirteen-year war (and counting) in Iraq, the lost (15-plus year) war in Afghanistan, the invasion and destruction of Libya and Syria. Their brilliant plans have led directly to the rise of ISIS throughout the region and the displacement of tens of millions of civilians in the Middle East, West Asia and North Africa.

Due credit must be given to the midwives of the 21st Century wars of foreign conquest and domestic decay: Standing out among the principle architects of these foreign policy disasters is Elliott Abrams, BA and Doctor of Jurisprudence, Harvard University. Abrams had been officially censored for lying directly to the US Congress about his role in the Iran-Contra scandal under President Ronald Reagan in the 1980s. During that administration, Elliot directed US official support for the dictatorial regimes in Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras where over 250,000 Central American civilians were massacred. The new millennium wiped clean his tawdry slate of crimes against humanity and he was appointed a leading National Security Advisor under President George W. Bush 2002-2009. In this role, he fabricated ‘evidence’ linking the secular government of Iraq to the fundamentalist Al Qaeda and he served as a transmission belt channeling false Israeli ‘intelligence’ that Iraq possessed banned weapons of mass destruction. No weapons were ever found – a ‘mere detail of history’, according to his partner, Paul Wolfowitz. These blatant lies pushed to Bush Administration to invade and destroy Iraq.

While Elliot Abrams was strategically placed in the Bush/Cheney White House, his partners in deception, Paul Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith controlled Middle East policy at the Pentagon. This dream team of Abrams, Wolfowitz and Feith formed the powerful Israel-First Troika responsible for the military policies which systematically destroyed Iraq’s state apparatus, decimating its civil society, fragmenting the country and precipitating gruesome ethno-religious wars and the rise of ISIS. This ‘Troika’ has never been held responsible for the deaths of over one million Iraqis – but credit should be given to the ‘meritorious’.

Dr. Paul Wolfowitz received his BA from Cornell and PhD from the University of Chicago. In the 1980’s, early in his government career he temporarily lost security clearance for having passed confidential documents to Israeli agents. Despite this ‘youthful indiscretion’ (or act of treason), Wolfowitz became Deputy Defense Secretary under President George W. Bush (2001-2005). In this position, he was one of the earliest and most forceful advocates for military interventions against Iraq, Syria, Iran, Lebanon and Libya. He persuaded the American Congress and the Bush Administration that the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq would be short and self-financing. He glowingly predicted that the wars would ‘pay for themselves’ in terms of looted natural resources and ‘re-construction’ contracts. In fact, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost tens of thousands of US military casualties, over a trillion dollars in military expenditures and they continue over 13 years (Iraq), and 15 years (Afghanistan) with no end in sight but completely devastated societies spewing millions of refugees and thousands of terrorists.

Equally luminous in academic credentials, the third of the ‘Israel-First Troika’, Douglas Feith received his BA from Harvard (magna cum laude), and JD (magna cum laude). He worked closely with Israeli intelligence officials fabricating out of whole cloth the myth of Saddam’s quest for ‘yellow cake’ uranium to construct Iraqi nuclear weapons of mass destruction pushing the US into war against Iraq.

Feith set up a cozy nest at the Pentagon, the ‘Office of Special Plans’ (OSP), which served as a base of operations for Israeli operatives. One thoroughly disgusted former Pentagon official described the flow of Israeli officials in and out of OSP as resembling ‘a brothel on Saturday night’.

One of Feith’s crowning achievements was the destruction of the Iraqi Baath Party and administrative apparatus, which included the entire police force, the army and public administration, education, and even the huge public health system. Virtually all qualified Iraqi officials were either fired or ‘disappeared’. The result was the total breakdown of essential services, the pillage of the national and historic patrimony and decimation of civil and secular Iraqi society. Even the most fabulous archeological treasures of Mesopotamia were destroyed or looted for American and European collectors. Feith’s level of meddling and disastrous policies led the colorful US General Tommy Franks to describe the Harvard ‘JD’ as “the dumbest fucking guy on the planet”.

Hovering on the periphery of the ‘Troika’ was the ‘mysterious’, veteran manipulator, Richard Perle. With his BA from the University of Southern California and MA from Princeton (and no military experience), Perle was qualified to push for serial US wars on Israel’s behalf, starting with Iraq and moving on to all other countries which had traditionally supported the rights of the Palestinian people. He was a key member of the US Defense Policy Board under the Bush Administration and the front ideologue for invading Iraq. His second ‘job’ was strategic adviser to Israeli Prime Ministers Ariel Sharon and Benyamin Netanyahu. Perle pushed for US military intervention to effect ‘regime change’ in Syria and Iran as well as Libya.

Beyond the warrior ‘troika’ and shadowy Mr. Perle, there is Dr. Dennis Ross who received his BA and PhD from UCLA and taught at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. Ross and fellow uber-Zionist, Martin Indyk, founded the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) the most influential lobby on Middle East policy and a virtual ‘king-maker’ in Washington. He was President Bill Clinton’s ‘Middle East Coordinator’, ensuring that Israel’s land grabs in the occupied territories were unimpeded, and indeed justified and funded by the US taxpayer. His notoriety in promoting the brutal and illegal confiscation of Palestinian property earned him the title as ‘Israel’s lawyer’ even among his most pro-Israel colleagues.

Ross made sure that Israel would not be bound to the Camp David agreements even as President Clinton claimed the negotiations as his landmark achievement in diplomacy. AIPAC, under Ross and Indyk, lobbied long and hard for the US invasion of Iraq; it backed Israel’s invasion of Lebanon and justified the expansion of apartheid style ‘Jews only’ colonial settlements in the occupied Palestinian West Bank.

During the Obama Presidency, Ross served as Special Adviser for the Persian Gulf and Southwest Asia to Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. In this capacity, he actively opposed diplomatic negotiations with the government of Iran or the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Ross’ partner, Martin Indyk received his PhD from the Australian National University and served as Deputy Research Director and co-founder of AIPAC (1982-85). This, the most powerful lobby in Washington, serves exclusively as a political fifth column for the Israeli Foreign Office. Indyk was founding Director of the Washington Institute of Near East Policy (WINEP), a barnyard of ideological propagandists for Israel. When President Clinton appointed (the Australian, Israeli, US citizen) ‘Marty’ Indyk as US Ambassador to Israel, serious questions came up about his transfers of confidential documents to Israel. He thus became the first Ambassador stripped of security clearance. Israel Lobby pressures led to reinstated security clearance for Indyk who was subsequently named Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs. As a mouthpiece for Israel’s interests, Indyk has pushed to ‘contain’ Iraq (through bombing) and Iran (through economic sanctions).

Throughout his career, Indyk sabotaged peace negotiation between Israel and Palestine and he undermined any early diplomatic resolution of the Iraq-US conflict, which might have prevented the disastrous war. His meddling on Israel’s behalf has cost the US treasury hundreds of billions of dollars in lost trade with Iran. Despite his clear record of ’service to Israel’ and ‘disservice to the US’, President Obama appointed Indyk as US (sic) Special Envoy for Israel-Palestine Negotiations (2013-2014). In this supposedly ‘diplomatic’ role he failed to protect even one acre of Palestinian farmland among the hundreds seized by Israel for the illegal establishment of many ‘Jews Only’ enclaves the occupied West Bank.

Economic Policy – More Mediocrity, Less Meritocracy

Jack Lew, Secretary of the Treasury (2013-2016) heads an ethno-Chauvinist quintet dictating US foreign and domestic economic policy (with Michael Froman, Chief Trade Negotiator; ‘Penny’ Pritzer, Secretary of Commerce; Lawrence Summers, Director of National Economic Council and Janet Yellen, head of the Federal Reserve Bank). Lew pushed policies favoring the wealthiest 1% along with his co-religionist Michael Froman, while millions of Americans were plunged into poverty and stagnation. Their policies include Free Trade Agreements in Europe, Asia and Latin America which have led to the relocation of US MNC overseas, massive job losses at home, further deepening inequalities and degrading work conditions and wages. Recently, in his stellar public career, Jack Lew was investigated for lying to the US Congress about the national debt, the size and growth of which he deliberately understated. Thanks to his ‘backers’, he was never charged . . . Of course, Lew has his BA from Harvard and JD from Georgetown, which accounts for his success on behalf of the leisure class.

Penny Pritzer, Obama’s Secretary of Commerce (2013-2016) received her BA from Harvard and JD and MBA from Stanford. She is a Chicago billionaire, who served as National Financial Chairperson of for Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign, and was National Chair of his 2012 campaign. Pritzer has been major player among prominent Chicago Jews ensuring that ‘their candidate’ Obama ‘got it right’ on US-Israel relations. Despite having been fined $460 million by the US Treasury Department for predatory banking (Pritzker’s, Superior Bank of Chicago had fleeced millions of poor and middle class household mortgage holders and investors of billions of dollars of their assets), a grateful Obama named Penny Pritzker as his Secretary of Commerce. She quickly teamed up with Froman and Lew in promoting the ‘free trade’ agreements that have thoroughly undermined US regulations protecting labor and the environment. Billionaire Pritzker and her partners have been fabulously successful in globalizing profits for the elite while ’socializing’ the cost of corporate flight abroad onto the backs of the US working and middle classes.

Dr. Michael Froman, Obama’s Chief Trade Negotiator, has a BA from Princeton, a JD from Harvard and PhD from Oxford. Prior to heading up Trade, Froman served under ‘Bill’ Clinton in Treasury and was a National Security adviser to President Obama. He actively pushed for the Obama’s program of expansive domestic police state surveillance. He is also the principal author and promoter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which includes eleven Pacific nations and is designed to marginalize and encircle China . . . This is a ‘trade’ partnership, which may jeopardize the profits of over 500 major US MNC with investments in China and the US multi-hundred-billion-dollar trade relation. Froman is one of the major architects of Obama’s ‘pivot to Asia’, which has heightened military tensions and threatens the entire West Coast economies heavily dependent on China trade.

Not to be outdone by other luminaries in the ‘economic quintet’, Lawrence Summers had been President at Harvard University until he was booted out by a resounding “no confidence vote” by the faculty – despite the efforts of Zionist academics and trustees who stuck by their ‘golden boy’. Summers, along with co-religionist Alan Greenspan (it has been so hard to find any competent Gentiles to steer the US economy), was one of the prime authors of the deregulatory financial policies leading to the 2008-09 financial-economic crash. This crushing success caused double-digit unemployment, three million household foreclosures and forced a trillion dollar bank bailout down the gagging throats of the US taxpayers.

Summers led the charge on the successful repeal of the New Deal, Glass-Steagall Act, a venerable depression era legislation designed to prevent banks from speculating with their depositors’ savings – which the banks promptly did after the repeal.

As Under-Secretary of Treasury in 1993, Deputy-Secretary in 1995 and Treasury Secretary in 1999, the Harvard and MIT-diploma-laden Summers advised the vodka-soaked ‘experts’ around Boris Yeltsin to ‘privatize the Russian economy’ – resulting in the pillage by gangster-oligarchs of over $500 billion dollars in public properties, banks and natural resources and providing significant profits for a score of Harvard-based ‘advisers’.

As President of Harvard, he attributed the absence of women scholars in science, mathematics and engineering to their lack of ‘high-end’ intellectual capacity (ignoring centuries of ingrained discrimination) and he trivialized the academic work of Afro-American scholar, Cornel West, causing him to leave and join Princeton. His denigration of a major African-American scholar was in line with his views on Africa while at the World Bank where he advocated shipping toxic waste because, ‘I’ve always thought that the under-populated countries in Africa were vastly under-polluted.”

After alienating women and African Americans, Summers spearheaded a vitriolic attack on any and all campus critics of the state of Israel. He targeted student leaders of the peaceful Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement as ‘anti-Semites’ or ’self-hating Jews’, using the University Presidential bully platform to silence opponents of his pro-Israel politics. Eventually, he was ousted from office by an overwhelming faculty vote ostensibly for his financial ‘conflict of interests’ related to his Yeltsin-era dealings with mega-swindler Andrei Shleifer whose shady deals in Russia’s privatization orgy made some Harvard officials very wealthy.

Self-promoted, academic spokesman for the American worker, Robert Reich received his JD at Yale Law School and taught at Harvard. He served as Labor Secretary under Clinton (1993-97). During Reich’s tenure, labor union membership steeply declined, laws prohibiting worker organizing were tightened and the minimum wage became a minimum survival wage. Reich hung on to his Cabinet position even after the North American Free Trade for the Americas (NAFTA} was approved destroying over two million once secure American manufacturing jobs. He hung on as President Clinton carpet bombed the renowned worker self-managed factories of Yugoslavia. He kept his luxurious office in Washington after Clinton bombed Sudan’s principle factory for the production of vaccines and antibiotics leaving million of children and adults without basic vaccines and medicines. Reich kept ‘mum’ even as Haiti was invaded and a harsh neo-liberal anti-worker agenda was imposed to permit the democratically elected President Aristide to return to office.

While domestic inequalities deepened and economic deregulation extended, Reich remained in office. Reich ignored Israeli violence against Palestinian labor unions and workers, backing Clinton’s “carnal relation” with Tel Aviv.

After years of devastation against workers at home and abroad, Reich left Washington for a cushy $243,000-a-year appointment at UC Berkeley where he ‘teaches’ two hours a week assigning his own op-ed columns in the mass media as ‘reading material’. When not engaged in such strenuous scholarship, Reich has managed to churn out books ‘critical of neo-liberalism, inequality and social justice’. ‘Crying all the way to the bank’, this intellectual for the oppressed worker has to manage the $40,000 he is paid for each 45 minute speech on the lecture circuit. On an hourly basis, Reich earns 6 times more than the average US corporate CEOs he denounces.


From our discussion it is clear that there is a profound disparity between the stellar academic achievements of Israel-First officials in the US government and the disastrous consequences of their public policies in office.

The ethno-chauvinist claim of unique ‘merit’ to explain the overwhelming success of American Jews in public office and in other influential spheres is based on a superficial reputational analysis, bolstered on degrees from prestigious universities. But this reliance on reputation has not held up in terms of performance – the successful resolution of concrete problems and issues. Failures and disasters are not just ‘overlooked’; they are rewarded.

After examining the performance of top officials in foreign policy, we find that their ‘assumptions’ (often blatant manipulations and misrepresentations) about Iraq were completely wrong; their pursuit of war was disastrous and criminal; their ‘occupation blueprint’ led to prolonged conflict and the rise of terrorism; their pretext for war was a fabrication derived from their close ties to Israeli intelligence in opposition to the findings US intelligence. Their sanctions policy toward Iran has cost the US economy many billions while their pro-Israel policy cost the US Treasury (and taxpayers) over $110 billion over the last 30 years. Their one-sided ‘Israel-First’ policy has sabotaged any a ‘two-state’ resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and has left millions of Palestinians in abject misery. Meanwhile, the disproportionate number of high officials who have been accused of giving secret US documents to Israel (Wolfowitz, Feith, Indyke and Polland etc.) exposes what really constitutes the badge of “merit” in this critical area of US security policy.

The gulf between academic credentials and actual performance extends to economic policy. Neo-liberal policies favoring Wall Street speculators were adopted by such strategic policymakers as Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke and Lawrence Summers. Their ‘leadership’ rendered the country vulnerable to the biggest economic crash since the Great Depression with millions of Americans losing employment and homes. Despite their role in creating the conditions for the crisis, their ’solution’ compounded the disaster by transferring over a trillion dollars from the US Treasury to the investment banks, as a taxpayer-funded bailout of Wall Street. Under their economic leadership, class inequalities have deepened; the financial elite has grown many times richer. Meanwhile, wars in the Middle East have drained the US Treasury of funds, which should have been used to serve the social needs of Americans and finance an economic recovery program through massive domestic investments and repair of our collapsing infrastructure.

The trade policies under the leadership of this ‘meritocratic’ elite – formerly called the ‘Chosen People’ – have been an unmitigated disaster for the majority of industrial workers, resulting in huge trade deficits and the deskilling of low paid service employment – with profound implications for future generations of American workers. It is no longer a secret that an entire generation of working class Americans has descended into poverty with no prospects of escape – except through narcotics and other degradation. On the ‘flip side’ of the ‘winners and losers’, US finance capital has expanded overseas with acquisition and merger fees enriching the 0.1% and the meritocratic officials happily rotating from their Washington offices to Wall Street and back again.

If economic performance were to be measured in terms of the sustained growth, balanced budgets, reductions in inequalities and the creation of stable, well-paying jobs, the economic elite (despite their self-promoted merits) have been absolute failures.

However, if we adopt the alternative criteria for success, their performance looks pretty impressive: they bailed out their banking colleagues, implemented destructive ‘free’ trade agreements, and opened up overseas investments opportunities with higher rates of profits than might be made from investing in the domestic economy.

If we evaluate foreign policy ‘performance’ in terms of US political, economic and military interests, their policies have been costly in lives, financial losses and military defeats for the nation as a whole. They rate ’summa cum lousy’.

However if we consider their foreign policies in the alternative terms of Israel’s political, economic and military interests, they regain their ’summa cum laudes’! They have been well rewarded for their services: The war against Iraq destroyed an opponent of Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine. The systematic destruction of the Iraqi civil society and state has eliminated any possibility of Iraq recovering as a modern secular, multi-ethnic, multi-confessional state. Here, Israel made a major advance toward unopposed regional military dominance without losing a soldier or spending a shekel! The Iran sanctions authored and pushed by Levey and Cohen served to undermine another regional foe of Israeli land grabs in the West Bank even if it cost the US hundreds of billions in lost profits, markets and oil investments.

By re-setting the criteria for these officials, it is clear that their true academic ‘merit’ correlates with their success policies on behalf of the state Israel, regardless of how mediocre their performances have been for the United States as a state, nation and people. All this might raise questions about the nature of higher education and how performance is evaluated in terms of the larger spheres of the US economy, state and military.

What we suggest is that degrees from prestigious universities and the highest awards have prepared academic high achievers to serve the elites but not the workers; to empower the financiers but not the producers. These years of training and achievement have certainly not prevented destructive foreign loyalties from undermining the greater society, nor have they taught basic civic virtues and egalitarian values. Prestigious universities recruit and train graduates in the mold of the dominant elites and increasingly narrow ethno-classes. They purge, intimidate and marginalize effective critics of Wall Street and of the State of Israel – the two major success markers that derive from an increasingly insulated ethno-chauvinist power configuration. I would rather question if the disproportionate rise to the top of academia, government and finance hierarchies by pro-Israel Jews has less to do with their effective practical knowledge and democratic values and more to do with their affiliation with the political and economic power that revolves around ‘the1%’ and is played out, first in academia and then in the larger political and economic spheres to the detriment of the vast majority.

Whatever intrinsic intelligence may exist can be blinded and distorted by an irrational doctrine of racial-ethnic superiority: the results have been stupid and destructive policies imposed by self-congratulatory, self-contained collectivities – with absolutely no accountability for their failures.


The prestigious degrees and awards may account for the appointments – but they don’t explain the complete absence of any evaluations, or firings or even punishment for failed policies. There have been no consequences for the authors of broken economies, impoverished workers, prolonged losing wars, lies and fabrications of data leading to war and the passing of confidential state documents. Why have they continued to receive promotions in the face of policy failures? Why the revolving doors of appointments to the World Bank, positions in the ‘best’ universities (to the exclusion of real independent scholars) and the lucrative seats in investment banks after their policies have shredded the domestic economy?

Don’t the deaths and maiming of millions of Iraqis, Palestinians, Syrians and, Libyans and the tens of millions of desperate refugees, resulting from their foreign policies, warrant a pause in their continued hold on power and prestige, if not outright condemnation for crimes against humanity?


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  1. Most Jews in America are unashamedly racist, in that they will always place the interests of another Jew before their gentile associates. It is a racial form of nepotism; call it enthnocentric behaviour.

    I spend about half my time in the USA and half in the UK. I do not find this Jewish trait in the UK. It seems to be an American-Jewish thing. It is so widespread that I am amazed they get away with it. The case that stands out in my mnd is that of Rick Sanchez, a Cuban-American CNN anchorman I used to enjoy watching. I didn’t see the incident but I believe Sanchez made a statement to the effect that Jews may be a minority but are not a poor or poweless minority, and that they own/control CNN. He was fired.

    The Jewish Lobby in general, and in particular the Neocons in the GW Bush administartion, have led the USA into endless wars which benefit only Israel. They have hi-jacked America.

    It would take a massive scandal to break Jewish Power in America, but there are plenty of possibilities.

    1. Jewish Power is the most serious problem facing America. The likely candidates for President are either Jewish or declared pro-Jewish.

      The taboo on discussing Jews is so strong that nobody has the courage to tell the truth; that the Jewish Bolsheviks killed 65 million Russians, yet they get away with turning the full-of-holes Holocaust into almost a religion which has allowed them to get away with anything they want.

      The fact that five Jews murdered the Tsar and his young family is ring-fenced in the media, never to be mentioned. You are only allowed to say nice things about Jews.

      In Europe you can be sent to jail for telling the truth about the Jews.

  2. That’s a rather comprehensive article!
    I think the author nailed it on the head with nepotism. There is no other answer for Jewish manipulation of all establishments and their grossly over represented appointment within them. It’s the same all over Europe as well and we are now back to where Germany was, with Jewish domination, back in the Weimar Republic.
    And again, Jewish jobs for the boys resulting in domination over the goyim majority, will yet again bring about anti Jewish sentiment. They never learn. I just hope this time that when they do launch an attack on global Jewry, they’re finally removed from their positions of power once and for all and locked away in a land locked country, never to be allowed out to cause their mischief and mayhem.

  3. This is a very straightforward and comprehensive article! Well-done, Darkmoon!
    I daresay, however, that “Jew nepotism” might not be as prevalent as “academic nepotism” or “bureaucratic nepotism” in the instrument of the pretense of meritocracy. Religion is no longer the accelerant of purpose – pure greed and parasitism have replaced it. One need look no further than the conduct of one’s local governments to see the tendency of bureaucrats to pretend they have an essential purpose, and legislate accordingly. The trend infects all racial and religious groups in positions of authority.

  4. Nor does such nepotism benefit the average wage and salaried Jews, who have to struggle side-by-side with their Gentile compatriots to make a living and exercise their rights.

    A curious quote, I guess pandering to (96%? of) average wage jews who struggle and struggle and struggle beside their beloved gentile brothers and compatriots to eke out a bare existence, night shift in Taco Bell kitchen, longshoremenjews, Alaska crab fishermenjews, night watchmenjews, long haul truckers, auto mechanics, plumbers …

    I noticed nepotism long ago, how all the janitorial and housekeeping staff in all the hotels are Latinos, Mexicans, Nicaraguans, Cubans, never any Jews, because of course, all the supervisors are Latinos and I suspect the hotel owners too, I doubt that a single Jew owns a single hotel in America, because of Latino nepotism has shut the door on Jews, so they are pushed into the Supreme Court and similarly degrading jobs.

    The same goes for banking and medicine and academia, where none of the bank tellers are ever Jewish, never seen a Jew hospital orderly or ambulance driver, never a single Jew on faculty secretarial staff, clear sign that these fields are shut to Jews who only want to struggle side by side with their Gentile brethren.

    It is an unfair, unjust world and we all must struggle to remedy this intolerable bias and put the Jew in his rightful place.

    Time for affirmative action, lots of Jew plumbers needed to clean up the stinking sludge left over by (96%, yes) “average” jews.

    I got the just right background music for this epic march of justice, Verdi’s Chorus of Six Million Hebrew Slaves, this time in conc lager outfits (Arbeit Macht Frei, the famous Verdi aria) but more historically, as the banana, tobacco and cotton pickers on vast plantations run by their anti-semitic tormentors, be they African, Amerindian, Irish, Russian or whatever.

    1. Yes, it’s interesting Lobro isn’t it; the job that the Jew aspires to doing? You won’t see the Jew getting his or her hands dirty and if so rarely.

      When Gilad Atzmon went to defend Arthur Topham, he specifically quoted the father of Zionism, Theodor Herzl and others, noting that:

      “Early Zionists such as Herzl, Nordaw, Borochov, A.D. Gordon and Kazanelson looked at the Diaspora Jew with contempt. Zionism was, for them, the promise to civilize Diaspora Jews by means of ‘homecoming’ and productivity (as opposed to speculant-capitalism).”

      So essentially the founders of Zionism looked at Jews in contempt, seeing them as the problem in this world because of the positions of power they naturally aspired to. They wanted Jews to have a homeland so that they would stop parasiting off of the goyim and create a community where all would get their hands dirty in jobs that were too menial for them.

      1. Interesting from a bunch of angles, Harb.

        ■ Zionists hoped to make Jews like regular humans (yet to somehow preserve their uniqueness, whatever that is after you eliminate parasitism and the resulting lifestyle)
        ■ meanwhile the semi-thinking goys consider Zionism the main disease, “average” Jews are fine, they “struggle for survival along goy compatriots”
        ■ but it didn’t take the Zionists long to relapse into the original disease

        James Petras would do well to read Darkmoon, still has some ways to go in his education.

  5. You remember, Barry, you send the bust of Churchill back to Britain november 2008…..

    This photo – photo numero uno since the invention of the camera- tells the inside story of the policy of the tribe who put you as just another whore in the White House, Barry. Let it sink in……Barry….you have still 6 months to make a diff. :

    Take a pair of scissors and cut your yarmulk to pieces, shit on it and flush it through the toilet…..

      1. Or Barry, leave the scissors, don’t waste your energy to cut this shitcap to pieces, shit on it and flush it through the toilet….

        Oh, Barry, tomorrow let your staff call Joe the plumber, only a jewish one, maybe hard to find but there will be one. And: don’t pay him Bro, show him the pic while he is repairing the WH jewsewer and as POTUS order the NYT to put this photo numero uno full size front page.

  6. “A curious quote, I guess pandering to (96%? of) average wage jews who struggle and struggle and struggle beside their beloved gentile brothers and compatriots to eke out a bare existence, night shift in Taco Bell kitchen, longshoremenjews, Alaska crab fishermenjews, night watchmenjews, long haul truckers, auto mechanics, plumbers …

    (While I understand Lobro’s above comment is facetious, the fact is I have actually had gullible goyim present this argument to me. To such fools I reply:)

    Jews despise getting their hands dirty. To the Jew, the lowest form of life is that of the peasant yeoman or farmer. In contrast, one of the most highly regarded figures among Jews is that of the “luftmench” or “airman”. This is a Jew that makes money out of thin air, typically off the gullibility of his goyim hosts. I lived and worked in Alaska and had many friends in the fishing industry. Never once did I hear of any Jewish crabber, nor have I heard of Jewish longshoremen or long haul truckers.

    No doubt there is a minuscule percentage of these trades that are in fact staffed by Jews, however they are in an inverse percentage in comparison to their representation in the medical and legal professions. Jews working manual labor have far less representation among the trades than they do in the overall percentages of the population. While Jews comprise perhaps 30% or greater of the professions like law and medicine, they most likely comprise less than .0 something percent of the manual working trades. No doubt, somewhere there is a Jewish garbageman (probably Manhattan).

    There is always a Jew somewhere in the woodpile that will serve to provide at least one anecdotal example of Jews in a work force. A tiny example that allow people to point and shout, “See, see, Jews are just like us, working and struggling just to survive!” Yeah really. So when survival becomes too difficult in America for longshoreman, crabbers and long-haul truck drivers, Jews in these professions can make “Aliyah” to Israel. So where the hell can non-Jewish truck drivers and crabbers go?

    By contrast, take a look at Hollywood’s studio heads, producers, writers, directors and other controlling interests. Show us a manual labor trade that has this kind of Jewish representation among its ranks. There is perhaps as much goyim representation in Hollywood as there is Jewish representation in long-haul trucking or crabbing. The major difference is that a Jew CAN become a long haul trucker, crabber or garbageman. No one forces Jews out of these professions, but can the same be said for goyim working in Hollywood and the media?

    With Jews stacking the legal profession, especially the supreme court, and the possibility of a Jew presidency, how long can it be before some smarmy, Jew mamzer steps up to tell America that, like Palestinians, “The American people do not exist!”?

    If Americans are not already THE most ignorant and stupid people that ever walked the planet, they are certainly working hard to achieve that title. I look at the bizarre patriotic, WWII nostalgia and marvel that no one waving the rag seems to look around the filthy, American garbage pit in which they live to ask themselves, “This is the “democracy” we fought two world wars to preserve? Are the symbols of “freedom” and “democracy” the nuclear nightmare America worked so hard to achieve during a fifty-year cold war terror and a militarized police state that now exceeds the politically correct terror imposed by the Jew’s old Soviet Union?

    Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago, Washington DC, L.A., are these what a “great country’s” cities supposed to look like? Are “great countries” bankrupt without the economic means to keep their infrastructure in good repair? Do “great countries” impose increasingly onerous levels of taxation, even as their leaders tell the people, ‘There just isn’t enough money for civil upkeep’?

    As Jews well know, idiots and their nations are soon parted.

    1. Surely Arch you’ve heard of Scampi Newberg the well known Jewish fisherman….?

  7. This article by James Petras is a clear signal. The accurate description of the jewish nefarious power , the debunking of the myth of the superior jewish brain and the total exposition of the parasitic nature of their achievements, is something unseen in the higly respectable circles of Comdanations of Israel and the likudist leadership is widely accepted but so far no one had the bravery to look the beast straight in the eyes. Paul Craig Roberts has a link to this article in his site, and if a man of his profile take the risk of being libelled antisemite ,that means that their power can be challenged openly on intellectual ground. I expect more people to fill the ranks of the ” rebels”.. Millions of Trump supporters , the work of patriots and free thinkers are giving fruits

  8. The jews have become absolute masters of the no-overhead business.

    Entertainment being huge as of the 21 st century. Publishing, banking, psychiatry…the list is endless.
    At least a few centuries ago you got snake oil for your shekels….now it’s just euphemisms, slogans or ….
    ahem…”advice”. And as per the pure evil Protocols…bad if not deadly advice at that.

  9. I simply could not make it all the way through this entire article. After coming across this, “. . . and the rise of Israel-Firsters in government, academia and finance reflects their higher intelligence, greater work ethic and accomplishments,” I began to lose interest because it appears the author is not aware that the jews have been the masters of finance in the USA for a lot longer (since 1789) than the state of Israel has existed, and that finance drives the system, cause and effect. Without that knowledge, the best the author can address is the wallpaper in the rabbit hole, not the rabbit hole.

    The jewish system called the US government has always been a jewish system ever since the hijacking of the Articles of Confederation trade meeting that became known as the First Constitutional Convention in 1787. The US Constitution was the jewish bankers’ idea to establish their control of finance and it worked well for them. Before the ink was totally dry on the jewish document, the jews had their central bank and their stock market. The system is not broken. It is operating as designed. It is just more mature. The system is an integral part of the deceptive jewish rabbit hole. The system is now the primary physical force behind the jewish evil sickness of world domination.

    Most of the WASPS involved in the US government since 1789 have been Freemasons. Freemasons are just a bunch of dumb asses involved in a jewish organization doing the bidding of their jewish masters without most of them knowing it. Of course, they do like the perks of their involvement which is why they, like the jew, are attracted to positions of influence.

    The problem the author starts out with is jews on the Supreme Court. It is not the jews on the Supreme Court that is the problem. The problem is that the Supreme Court exists. The author continues by addressing other parts of the system with no idea that those parts are the problem.

    There is only one thing worst than a bad idea and that is sticking with it. There is no way to take a bad idea and somehow turn it into a good idea. The people benefiting from the bad idea will resist. No thief walks away from the source of their pillage as long as the source provides the bounty and control they desire.

    No matter how many times the wallpaper is changed in the jewish rabbit hole, it is still the jewish rabbit hole.

    1. Well said, the free maggot is dangerous as is the cockroach. Both filthy parasites are detrimental to the human race and that has to be acknowledged.

    2. @ Ungenius

      I simply could not make it all the way through this entire article. After coming across this, “. . . and the rise of Israel-Firsters in government, academia and finance reflects their higher intelligence, greater work ethic and accomplishments,” I began to lose interest because it appears the author is not aware… etc etc…”

      The fault is entirely your own for “losing interest” in a brilliant article that you have yourself completely misunderstood. You are not paying sufficient attention. The article is NOT saying that the Jews have “higher intelligence, greater work ethic and accomplishments”, as you mistakenly claim. It is saying the very opposite! It is saying that these PERCEPTIONS of Jewish superiority are based on CIRCULAR ARGUMENTS! 🙂

      You are doing Petras a great disservice by dismissing his brilliant article so scornfully when you yourself have got the wrong end of the stick. Read the passage again more attentively:

      “The meritocratic argument is partly based on circular arguments contending that the disproportionate number of Jewish billionaires means they are more brilliant in business; that pro-Israel dominance within the US corporate mass media proves that Jewish media moguls are smarter and Israel is a righteous state . . . and [that] the rise of Israel-Firsters in government, academia and finance reflects their higher intelligence, greater work ethic and accomplishments.”

      So you see, this passage is actually saying what you yourself are saying. Petras is arguing that the whole idea of “the higher intelligence, greater work ethic and accomplishments” of the Jews has been vastly overestimated.

  10. Ungenius,,

    Jew created a “perpetual motion” device called DEBT and COMPOUND INTEREST which powers the treadmill sustaining him. A friend mentioned to me the other day that DEBT had become a PRODUCT manufactured by their machine – hence, it’s the largest component of our GNP. Thinking back to my days of building a significant business – and hating and avoiding DEBT – I remember a banker advising me to acquire more of it, as it (DEBT) would create an impetus for growth. It seems a lot of Americans think that way, and all Jew has to do, now, is step aside and be nurtured by it.

    1. Gil –

      Good observation. It is all fraudulent business.

      Debenture trading is a multi-trillion dollar industry..

      Lloyd Blankfein is the CEO and Chairman of Goldman Sachs, who stated he was “doing god’s work” by creating those debt products.

      Manufacturing ‘thin-air’ products ALSO makes fraud easier for the Pharisee-Jews in the bizznezz of fleecing their victims….

      Prime Bank Instrument fraud schemes have attracted significant international attention, since individuals and organizations have lost billions of dollars worldwide. “Prime Bank Instrument Fraud” is the general term given to fraud schemes that go by many different names, including:

      Prime Bank Debentures
      Prime Bank Guarantees
      High-Yield Trading or Roll Programs
      Standby Letters of Credit
      International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) 3039 or 3034 Letters of Credit
      Guaranteed Bank Notes
      Discounted U.S. Treasury Securities
      International Monetary Fund Backed Securities

    2. It IS a good observation, in the footsteps of Ezra Pound, TS Eliot and Eustache Mullins.

      And if I, an economic ignoramus, can merge it into my way of thinking,
      a Devil’s formula for the utter destruction of the biosphere, because while all these individually myopic businessmen hallucinate debt powered riches, the sum total is an uncontrollably destructive cancer greedily devouring resources and exterminating all life in path of Jew’s “progress”.

      In fact, would the notion and usage of the term “progress” have changed since onset of Industrial Revolution from the simple meaning of the “movement in forward direction”? Pat?
      Jew does so love that word, especially in politics.

      The ultimate result of Jew’s Progress? Total ownership of Nothing and nothing left to own, a desolate world, nature in tatters, Promise of Talmud that Baruch Levy wrote of to Marx (whose real surname was Levy) “thus fulfilled” … yet worthless to the owner of 20 thousand tons of gold and a dead planet, Devil’s deal with Jew turns out to be a giant joke, courtesy of beloved debt/progress.

      Soros knows all of this, as Pound knew, the words of “Usura” echoing powerfully, the 20th century’s Sermon on the Mount.

      1. Lobro –

        Yep…. Soros knows.. Mullins knew it before Soros did, and Mullins learned from Pound.

        Mullins told me he liked the fact that he saw a copy of his book, Secrets of The Federal Reserve, in the bookcase behind the Chairman’s desk when he visited the Fed Res in DC.

        You asked:
        “In fact, would the notion and usage of the term “progress” have changed since onset of Industrial Revolution from the simple meaning of the “movement in forward direction”? Pat?”

        My short answer is that whatever a Pharisee-Jew Banker believes is a “GOOD THING” is “progress” for them…. in ANY era, since the Bank of England took their debt-usury system c. 1250.

        Rather than continue guessing… I shall offer JP Morgan’s testimony for all of us to decide…. Since we can all see that interpretations vary on the same article, even today.

        Morgan’s testimony to the sham Pujo Committee is very interesting. He was denying the factors of power and control, lying, but was admitting that credit is based on nothing at all, no collateral needed.

        In his denial of the major premise, control, he admitted the true nature of credit and debt…..thin air.

        He also told the committee that he did – NOT – pressure Ryan for the sale of Equitable.

        ***The committee’s true function was to actually support the Fed Reserve Act.

        Representative Pujo was from Lake Charles, Louisiana. He died on a trip to New Orleans to see his doctor, after out of office. (conveniently)

        Pujo Committee (p.136 start):


        FEBRUARY 28, 1913 —Referred to the House Calendar and ordered to be printed, with illustrations


        (excerpts from pages 136-138)

        That a rapid concentration of the sources of credit in the forms we have described has taken place in this country in very recent years was admitted by witnesses of the highest qualifications. Mr. Morgan, however, was not one of these. He said (R., 1051,1052):

        Q. There is no way one man can get a monopoly of money?
        A. Or control of it.
        Q He can make a try at it?
        A. No, sir; he can not. He may have all the money in Christendom, but he can not do it.
        Q. Let us go on. If you owned all the banks of New York, with all their resources, would you not come pretty near having a control of credit?
        A. No, sir; not at all.
        * * * What I mean to say is this – allow me: The question of control, in this country, at least, is personal; that is, in money.
        Q. How about credit?
        A. In credit also.
        Q. Personal to whom – to the man who controls?
        A. No, no; he never has it; he can not buy it.
        Q. No: but he gets
        A. All the money in Christendom and all the banks in Christendom can not control it.
        Q. That is what you wanted to say, is it not?
        A. Yes, sir.

        And again (R., 1082, 1083, 1084, 1085):
        Q. If you had the control of all that represents the assets in the banks of New York, you would have the control of money – of all that money?
        A. No; you would not.
        * * *But money can not be controlled.
        Q. Is not the credit based upon the money?
        A. No, sir.
        Q. It has no relation?
        A. No, sir.
        Q. None whatever?
        A. No, sir; none whatever. * * *
        Q. Commercial credits are based upon the possession of money or property?
        A. What?
        Q. Commercial credits?
        A. Money or property or character.
        Q. Is not commercial credit based primarily upon money or property?
        A. No, sir; the first thing is character.
        Q. Before money or property?
        A. Before money or anything else. Money can not buy it.
        Q. So that a man with character, without anything at all behind it can get all the credit he wants, and a man with the property can not set it?
        A. That is very often the case.
        Q. But that is the rule of business?
        A. That is the rule of business, sir. * * *
        Q. Do you mean to say that when people lend, as when loans are made on stock-exchange collateral, to the extent of hundreds of millions of dollars, they look to anything except the collateral?
        A. Yes; they do.
        Q. They do?
        A. Yes. Right on that point, what I did, what I used to do – and I think it is
        pretty generally done now – is this: If I see there is a loan to Mr. Smith, I say,
        “You call that loan right away.” I would not have that loan in the box. I would not have that loan.
        Q. That is not the way money is loaned on the stock exchange?
        A. That is the way I loan it.
        Q. So matter what collateral a man has on the stock exchange
        A. If he is not satisfactory to me, I call the loan at once, personally.
        Q. I am not talking about you, personally.
        A. I call that loan personally. I am not talking of anybody else’s way of doing business, but I tell you what I think is the basis of business.

        None of the other witnesses who were interrogated on this subject were able to agree with Mr. Morgan as to the factors that enter into the current business of loaning money on collateral.


        Mr. Morgan further stated that he was not conscious that he had the slightest power (R., 1061):
        Q. Your power in any direction is entirely unconscious to you, is it not?
        A. It is, sir; if that is the case.
        Q. You do not think you have any power in any department of industry in this country, do you?
        A. I do not.
        Q. Not the slightest?
        A. Not the slightest.

        This again illustrates that Mr. Morgan’s conception of what constitutes power and control in the financial world is so peculiar as to invalidate all his conclusions based upon it.

        It seems to your committee that among other things his testimony as to the circumstances under which he[Morgan] obtained control of the Equitable Life Assurance Co. from Mr. Ryan demonstrates his possession of power in the fullest sense, and also that he knows how to exercise it.

        He said (R., 1069, 1070):
        Q. * * * Did Mr. Ryan offer this stock to you?
        A. I asked him to sell it to me.
        Q. You asked him to sell it to you?
        A. Yes.
        Q. Did you tell him why you wanted it?
        A. No; I told him I thought it was a good thing for me to have.
        Q. Did he tell you that he wanted to sell it?
        A. No; but he sold it.
        Q. He did not want to sell it; but when you said you wanted it, he sold it?
        A. He did not say that he did not want to sell it.
        Q. What did he say when you told him you would like to have it and thought you ought to have it?
        A. He hesitated about it, and finally sold it.

        It will be noted that the only reason that Mr. Morgan gave for Mr. Ryan’s surrender of the stock was that he told Mr. Ryan that he “thought it was a good thing” for him (Mr. Morgan) to have. (R.,1069.)

        It may be that behind the reluctance of Mr. Morgan to furnish a business or other reason for this transaction lies a hidden motive, based on a high disinterested sense of public duty. If so, we have been unable to discover it.

        The incident is cited here primarily to show that however he may feel about it himself the dominating power of Mr. Morgan is so universally recognized in the financial world that even the leaders humbly bow to it.

      2. Thanks Pat.

        What this tells me is that JP Morgan got his PhD in Lying from the Ivy League Yeshiva and was in all likelihood a crypto-Jew, no one can pull off such screaming, brazen-faced lies with such virtuosity unless nursed on it with mother’s kosher milk.

        No hesitation or stutter, very forceful and categorically lying, a textbook case of mighty “Progress That Made America Great Today“.

      3. Glad to help, Lobro.

        Even the biggest companies in US in 1913 were underwritten by London Pharisee-Jew Bankers..

        Here is AT&T…. to the tune of $150,000,000 = many billions today.


        Q. Have you not within the last few weeks also taken an issue of $67,000,000 of American Telephone & Telegraph Co. bonds jointly with Lee-Higginson and other banking houses?
        A. No.
        Q. You participated with them in that issue ?
        A. Excuse me, I was going to answer your question.
        I think with others, not including Lee-Higginson & Co. as principals, but with Kidder, Peabody & Co., the First National, the National City Bank, Baring Bros. & Co. (Ltd.), of London, and Morgan-Grenfell (Ltd.), of London, we have underwritten an issue of $67,000,000 of American Telephone & Telegraph Co. bonds.
        Q. Are they the same parties
        A. I beg your pardon—and Kuhn, Loeb & Co.
        Q. Are they the same bankers or banking houses with which you had previously underwritten issues of the American Telephone & Telegraph Co.?
        A. Exactly; and that is a complete answer to your question.
        Q. You have together underwritten, I think, $150,000,000 of those bonds, have you not ?
        A. That is my recollection

  11. Off topic but if I don’t mention it now, will probably forget later.

    The gradual debasement of representational art, cubism, dadaism, schizoid smears and scratchings, Pollock, Rothko, Lichtenstein and others, so that the magnificent skills of Old Masters are gone and forgotten, may also be driven by YHWH’s prohibition of man made imagery, a constant refrain throughout Old Testament and obviously inherited by Qu’ran, the joint hatred in ample evidence in taqfiri ISIS, the Jew assassins of Christianity.

    1. Yes, woebro, but as long as “We” have “Our” Gilbert composing love poems to taqfiri ISIS, Western poetry will never be debased, lol. Oh, and by the way, how’s your drinking buddies these days, you know, your good pals and best friends, your taqfiri ISIS Muslim [ and ISIS jew ] drinking buddies, how are they doing these days?

      1. Those circassoids must be itching like living hell today, TROJ, aren’t they.
        Beethoven may have composed music while stone deaf, but not a single coherent line of ordinary post, let alone verse, is possible when circassoids are on fire.

        Try writing the next one while sitting in a bathtub full of cold water.

    2. The demons will always be with us.. and more. Always extremely envious and angry at the good, the great and godly manifestations; whatever they are, wherever they may be.
      Still.. high and mighty people, places and things are, as ever, universally held holy by the masses, consciously and subconsciously. And therein lies the rub, the cleanse.
      All the envy, hatred, coveting and control in the world; bought and borrowed, connived and conjured, will not and cannot presto-chango/alakazam!, turn a turd painting , into a Degas.
      They just can’t do it.. Nor can they ‘do’ many other similar, endeavors.
      And this eats their lunch, 24/7.
      If it’s any consolation..
      (it is to me)

      1. This piece of trash takes some beating…
        Tracey Emin’s bed: Tate installs alarm to keep visitors at arm’s length …fleas must be jumping.

      2. It is a consolation, HP, the devil’s curse that denies the possibility of creation.
        To understand the depth and power of this curse, consider how it paralyzed the once Promethean creative power of European societies in this “Jewish Century” nourished on Jew’s Pulsa di Nura poison.

        The Zilch Century …

    3. “Off topic but if I don’t mention it now, will probably forget later.”
      Lobro made me do it! (;>)

  12. “They have hi-jacked America.”
    This brings to mind an anecdote from life of Russian officers of the 19-th century in peace time (balls, ladies, revelries…). One day poruchik (lieutenant senior, hero of napoleonic war) Rzhevsky* woke up after next in turn drinking-bout with terrible hang-over and, recollecting what happened last night, set his wits to justify himself before his batman/striker: “Oh, this junior captain Ivanovsky such a swine…drank so much…and vomited on my service jacket.”
    -“Your Honour, this scoundrel fouled your pants also”,- replied the batman.
    So, with your “They have hi-jacked America” you woke up too late. The fact of hi-jacking took place much earlier.
    *”War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy

  13. Petras does a good job of counting Jews in high places and dismantling the notion that they got there by dint of meritocracy. It is not the individual merit, not the quality of each individual link, but their solid soldering in a chain forming a network that pushes each of them up (in the process dislodging the Goyim) by a kind of kosher Peter Principle.
    Nevertheless, Petras chooses the wrong argument to demonstrate the mediocrity of various Jewish “luminaries,” namely the disastrous results of their machinations on the economy, foreign policy, etc. His fallacy here is to assume they “failed.” This is the error of switching the point of view in midstream. From the Jewish perspective they did not fail. On the contrary they succeeded horribly well. Petras’ proposition logically implies that the results were not intended by the perpetrators but merely a consequence of their incompetence.
    I also agree with Lobro entirely that Petras’ argument of the multitude of Itzhaks and Shlomos lathe workers, janitors and other ‘proletarian’ Jews slaving shoulder to shoulder with their Goyim comrades, innocent of the mischief of the bad zionists, and simply being their Tribe-naive selves is laughable. It is probably an atavistic reflex of Petras’ marxist faith. He so wishes proletarians of the world would unite without regard to ethnicity or religion! It is like an old war wound that hurts when the weather changes. For him to have acknowledged that there is a certain ethnic-religious group lording it over the nation(s) is a huge step. But the old moorings stretched taut pulled him back and he made the “bad Jews” a small elite of nasty capitalists (mediocre to boot) and the majority, well… poor workers exploited like their Goyisch brethren.

    1. @ Ariadnatheo

      Excellently put! I hope you will return to this site more often to give us the benefit of your views. Apart from Lobro, you are the only person here who appears to have read this long article through from beginning to end and commented on it in detail. That is most refreshing to find on a site where almost every second comment is now off-topic.

      At this rate, the administrators of this site will no longer need to post any articles at all.

      They can leave it to the usual off-topic exhibitionists to hold forth on any subject they wish.

      1. @ Sardonicus

        You exaggerate. John Kirby, Arch Stanton, the Roman and one or two others have also posted on-topic comments. We all know who the usual off-topic specialists are. We can just skip their comments.

      2. Hi Chrysippus, Sorry if I have gone off topic. I’ll be more careful in future. I think Mr Petras’s article is dead on target. My main concern in coming to Darkmoon is exactly in agreement with the article. Jewish Power is the main threat to America. Despite recent wars I think the USA is still the world’s last best hope, and it is well worth risking the smear of anti-semitism to support it. The Constitution was a work of great intelligence and courage.

      3. Sardonicus,

        Believe it or not I do read the articles from start to finish. I felt, however that the article could really have been brought down to more discussion on its main point, which is Jewish nepotism. Without Jewish, ‘jobs for the boys’ the west WOULD NOT be in the predicament that it is. Were there no Jews in influential positions of power, all across the board, in every establishment, they would not be able to wield the power they do.
        Essentially, what the Jew has done is exactly what the indigenous, have done in the UK and the immigrants into the USA from Europe did. They have, through years of legislation, removed the choice of whom non Jews can employ, buy and sell too and taken over the very industries the non Jews once owned and employed their own tribe, in order to prosper, control and to make sure their agendas are continued.

        1. @ Harbinger

          You are one of my favorite commenters here. You seldom go off the point, and even when you do you manage to be interesting.

          Contrary to what seems to be the common belief, I don’t think this website is against off-topic comments in moderation PROVIDING THEY ARE INTERESTING. So I’ve been told in a private email by Admin. What Admin is against is persistent off-topic comments by certain individuals who have clearly not even read the article but who want to start a new discussion about unrelated subjects of no interest to most readers. The trouble is, their comments tend to be long, technical and EXTREMELY BORING.

          Many of your comments, Harbinger, tend to be on the long side and sometimes off-topic, but I can say this: I don’t think Admin or anyone else here objects to these comments. This is because they are always interesting and passionately sincere. I particular enjoyed your comments on feminism that were turned into this extremely fascinating feature article:

      4. Hi Chryssipus,
        I mis-read your comment. I thought it said off-topic when it actually said on-topic. So I thank you. Meanwhile I will get new reading glasses.

      5. Thank you for that Sard. I admit that sometimes, I may stray off the page but stay within the chapter. Everything that I write about has connection to the New World Order’s plan, the Jewish plan for global domination. Glad you enjoyed the article on feminism. It’s a touchy subject but many people are now waking up to it and just why it’s happening and who’s behind it. This is partly due to the madness that it’s now devolving into as a political movement. It’s seriously full of incredibly crazy people, that’s for sure, completely oblivious to reality.

    2. His fallacy here is to assume they “failed.” This is the error of switching the point of view in midstream. From the Jewish perspective they did not fail. On the contrary they succeeded horribly well

      You agree with me and I agree with you, hopefully birth of an echo chamber, some White House Jew called it his “Mighty Wurlitzer“, the difference being that whereas we strive to amplify the voice of truth, he seeks to drown it with lies, just as with “Old Masters vs. Jew Modernism” topic.

    3. The “epilogue” of the featured article indemnifies the author against your criticisms by implications of the very questions (rhetorically) posited therein. (The notion of no personal consequences against the perps of economic “disasters” speaks volumes!)

    4. Ariadnatheo: “I also agree with Lobro entirely that Petras’ argument of the multitude of Itzhaks and Shlomos lathe workers, janitors and other ‘proletarian’ Jews slaving shoulder to shoulder with their Goyim comrades, innocent of the mischief of the bad zionists, and simply being their Tribe-naive selves is laughable.”

      Count me as one of the laughing ones: Regular Joe Shlomo says gentiles will be the slaves of jews; it is written in the Torah!

  14. “Protestants (historically the authors and signers of the country’s foundational documents, and the major confessional group) are totally absent from this august body of jurists.”
    -That means something is fake with foundation. With few exceptions all authors and signers of the foundational documents, all fathers of America’s freedom were not rebellious slaves, they were men of property -sober, respected leaders in their communities. Yet the document they had produced and signed broke with centuries of tradition and committed their country to a desperate revolutionary war, the outcome of which appeared dubious even to the most optimistic among them.
    What freedom were they fighting for, people of the same race, ethnicity, mother tongue, common “christian roots”?
    …On the 3-rd of July, 1826 Thomas Jefferson, his health in very bad conditions, asked those at his bedside what day of the month it was. On being told, he expressed a wish that he might live until the Fourth, which would mark the 50-th anniversary of the country’s independence. The next morning he handed his daughter a leather case in which he had placed his epitaph:
    Here was buried
    Author of the Declaration of Independence,
    of the State of Virginia for
    Religious Freedom,…
    Strangely enough, but 17+17 years later much more bloodshed in Russia started with extermination of the same freedom with landing party dispatched from Christ-loving country at the head, wet with that freedom… Here is fragment from interview with Stanislav Belkovsky, politologist, almost 100 years later (available in internet in Russian):
    Q. Will the time come when russians will rule Russia?
    A. This time will never come.
    Q. Why?
    A. Because Russia is the country of Orthodox Christianity and it is our invention.
    So, the same invention to rule russians and to please americans, with obligatory blood in both cases – universal device with “God’ watching this with benevolence. Because it was god invented by jews.
    As for religion, it has nothing to do either with superstition or with morals. Neither with the comedy of crucifixion, calculated for less than 72 hours in advance some 38 years after the event (And they shall kill him, and the third day he shall be raised again. And they were exceeding sorry. Matthew 17:23).
    Religion is the state of mind. And because the religious man is in direct contact with a world beyond reason, he is thinker and poet: he appears consciously as creator; he toils unremittingly at the noble Sisyphus work of giving visible shape to the Invisible, of making the Unthinkable capable of being thought; …his conceptions remain in flux and never grow rigid; old ones are replaced by new; gods,honoured in one century, are in another scarcely known by name. Yet the great facts of knowledge, once firmly acquired, are never again lost…

    1. Except India, of course. India, being the original, still is the original.
      India exported some golden eggs, but kept the goose.

      1. “Schopenhauer spoke of India as the ‘fatherland of mankind’ which ‘gave the original religion of our race,’ and he expressed the hope that European peoples, ‘who stemmed from Asia,…would re-attain the religion of their home.'”

        “In India, our religions will never at any time take root; the ancient wisdom of the human race will not be supplanted by the events in Galilee. On the contrary, Indian wisdom flows back to Europe, and will produce a fundamental change in our knowledge and thought.”

  15. @HP

    Well spoken & quoted of S. Only the events of Galilee will be re-linked with JC stay between his 11-30 and after his 33rd year to Mother India. Since Schopenh. was a German he talks about Fatherland India. But India is first and foremost Motherland, Mother Divine, the Playpower of the Absolute….


    this peculiar book from 1936 about the OT liars/ plagiarists forefathers of the Kazar Ashkenazi Jews:

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