The Secret Life of a Pedophile (Part 1 of 3)

This is an introduction by John Scott Montecristo and Lasha Darkmoon to a forthcoming interview with ‘Don’, a self-confessed pedophile. The long interview with Don is broken up into two parts and these will follow in Part 2 and Part 3 of this 3-part article.   


Thylane Blondeau, 10-year-old Vogue supermodel:
a notorious example of the hypersexualized child 


EDITOR JOHN SCOTT MONTECRISTO:  On December 12, 2013 an article appeared on the Darkmoon site with the title “Child Porn and Pedophilia to be legal soon.” Authored by Pandora Pushkin—a pen name at the time for Lasha Darkmoon—the article was subsequently to appear on a number of other websites where it attracted some attention by its claim that the systematic sexualization of children was being actively promoted by the elite corporate media and that it was only a matter of time before child porn and pedophilia were legalized. Is that correct, Lasha?

LASHA DARKMOON:  Yes, that is correct.

MONTECRISTO:  Almost a year after its original publication, in November, the same article for some reason went viral on Facebook, leading to a 1000 percent jump in page views. It’s for this reason that the current article ought to be of special interest to our readers. This is because  the material for the article is drawn entirely from verifiable comments which can be read in their unedited entirety here. (Scroll down to ‘Comments’)

These comments appear in the form of a candid conversation between two people on the site in the Comments section: between ‘Don’, a self-confessed pedophile, and a member of the public professing to be a clinical psychologist who asks permission to ‘interview’ Don online. Don readily agrees and promises to tell the truth about his life in pedophilia and how he gradually developed a taste for little girls.

Before we start the interview between Don and this clinical psychologist, may I ask if you have anything you’d like to say?

DARKMOON:  Two points. First, the interview between Don and the psychologist has been edited for brevity, but everything they say in this condensed interview can be found in unedited form here, in the Comment section of our website. Second and more importantly, the member of the public who interviews Don on our website and who gets Don to open up and reveal the most intimate secrets of his life in pedophilia, has done so under the pseudonym of “Balthazar”. But this is not the psychologist’s real name. I have asked his permission to publish this edited interview with Don and he has given his permission only on the condition that I change his name from “Balthazar” to “Dr David Green”. He claims this is his real name.

MONTECRISTO: How extraordinary! Isn’t Dr David Green one of our regular posters?

DARKMOON: He used to be. But no longer. He has dropped out of sight. Anyone who does a simple check, however, will discover that Dr David Green used to be a prolific poster on our site a couple of years ago.

MONTECRISTO:  Do we have proof that Dr David Green is a qualified pychologist?

DARKMOON:  None whatsoever. We have to take him on trust. His interview with Don is conducted professionally. All his questions are pertinent. We have no reason to distrust him. Nor has he anything to gain by claiming he is a clinical psychologist when he isn’t. For the purpose of this interview, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.

MONTECRISTO: Okay, I have no problem with that…. By the way, may I ask why you have let all this valuable information lie about in our Comments section for almost three years … without doing anything about it? Why resurrect it all now?

DARKMOON:  It’s because people  keep writing to me all the time about their sex problems. Only the other day I received an email asking for advice on porn addiction. Pedophilia was indirectly involved. So this got me thinking about Don. I said to myself, “Let’s publish Don’s memoirs. Maybe they’ll help someone.”

If you’re wondering why people keep writing to me asking for advice on porn addiction, it’s because of my articles on sex and pornography, especially “Pornography’s Effect on the Brain.” I’ve received dozens of letters from porn addicts desperate to break free from their addiction, worried sick that compulsive masturbation over pornography will damage their brains. I had considered all the scientific evidence carefully, citing the work of several experts on the subject, and was drawn to the inevitable conclusion that compulsive masturbation over a long period of time not only led to serious personality disorders but actually damaged the pre-frontal lobes physically. In other words, brain damage occurred.

MONTECRISTO:  How is this relevant to Don and his pedophile practices?

DARKMOON:  In two obvious ways. Firstly, most pedophiles spend 90 per cent of their sex time masturbating to child porn. Many pedophiles never have any sexual contact with real children. Fantasy sex, not real sex, forms the staple of their sex lives.

In this article, you will hear how Don got hung up over a particular little girl he is meeting up with almost every day. He is not having penetrative sex with her. He is not overtly abusing her. He has a crush on her. He is getting sexually worked up as she sits on his lap. He admits to masturbating over her in secret. Meanwhile, she is totally unaware of his sexual ardor. But on a subconscious level she appears to be inciting him to lust by her clinginess and provocative playfulness. He is almost in love with her. Besotted. I think “infatuated” would be the right word.

All in all, I would regard this article as an important sociological document that will help to throw light on the origins of pedophilia. Don wasn’t born a pedophile, you see, he became one gradually in later life. He was absolutely normal to start with. What happened to Don could in fact happen to anyone. I explain this in more detail at the end of Part 3 in a section called “Manufacturing Pedophilia: The Systematic Sexualization of Children.”

MONTECRISTO: You believe that pedophilia is being deliberately manufactured?

DARKMOON:  Absolutely. No one nowadays questions the proposition that children are being deliberately sexualized. This is common knowledge. Children are encouraged to look and behave like little sex dolls. They use lipstick, they dress provocatively, they flash their panties, they pout and preen like whores in the making. Frankly, they are groomed to look and behave like child prostitutes. And all this with their parents’ consent and collusion — parents who can be compared to pimps. To say this is not even controversial. Everyone knows it. There are scores of articles and videos dealing with this precise subject.

MONTECRISTO:  We know that sexualization of children is going on. Granted. No problem. But this is an entirely different proposition, isn’t it, from the idea that pedophiles are being systematically manufactured on some kind of assembly line? Why would our ideological Masters, the ruling elite, try to increase the number of pedophiles in society?

DARKMOON: Because our Masters are a hostile elite and they are essentially evil. Mass demoralization is their aim. They encourage all the sexual perversions. Anyone acquainted with internet porn—anyone who has researched the subject or been exposed to the virus of online pornography—knows that incest, bestiality, pedophilia, sado-masochism, fetishism, coprophilia, are all being actively promoted.

MONTECRISTO: I find it easy enough to believe that some people—i.e., degenerates—have no qualms about promoting pedophilia and other perversions in society, but I find it hard to believe that the government is involved!

DARKMOON:  Well, you wouldn’t feel so sanguine about the government if you knew that the government itself is full of degenerates and perverts of all kinds. Look at the British MP Lord Janner, protected by the Director of Public Prosecutions after engaging in a lifelong career of raping little boys with impunity. Nothing whatever was done to bring this pedophile pervert to justice. Whether this was because Lord Janner was a government bigwig and a Freemason, or whether it was because he was an elite Jew, is open to question.

MONTECRISTO: Do you think there could be a correlation between the number of sexually provocative children and the number of pedophiles in society?

DARKMOON:  Of course! Do you really think a nation of unattractive children is likely to produce a surplus of pedophiles? The more tempting the children, the more the number of adults who are going to be tempted by them!

Can you be so naive as to think that millions of children are being sexualized—that they are being made to look and behave like child prostitutes—and that men meanwhile are expected to pay no attention to their seductive provocations? that men are expected to remain coldly indifferent to the charms of these pretty little doll children ? Child whores are not produced in a vacuum. This is a supply and demand situation. Tasty dishes are cooked to be eaten. In the same way, sexy children are being deliberately created in order to be sexually desired. Result: manufactured pedophilia.

MONTECRISTO:  I still don’t understand . . . why should our rulers want to create a society with lots of pedophiles?

DARKMOON:  The elite manufacturers of the matrix want to do this because they are are essentially evil. Mass demoralization is their aim. They want a culture of despair, a godless world. They want a society of demoralized sex slaves, all the better to control them. They are themselves utterly degenerate, stewed and marinated in corruption, so they have no scruples about reducing everyone else to their bestial level.

MONTECRISTO: Okay, thanks for this introduction to a very controversial and thought-provoking topic. Before we begin the interview, can you define what a pedophile is — and how he differs from other people who are attracted to sexual partners of a different age?

DARKMOON:  Broadly speaking, a pedophile is a person whose preferred sexual partner is a “child” (of either sex) or someone under the legal age of consent. Not all pedophiles are indifferent to adult partners, but if given a choice, they always opt for children.

First of all, there are those men—and they are almost always men—who are sexually attracted to babies and toddlers. They will even rape these babies, some as young as 2-3 weeks old and going up to the age of 3-4. After that, they lose interest in the child. These are called nepiophiles; they refer to themselves in their own kinky circles as “neps”, for they actually work in secret gangs and swap photos of naked babies in prams and cradles and so on. Totally weird! A group of these perverts was recently rounded up in England, but they are sadly to be found all over the world.

The classic pedophile begins to show an interest in children as young as 4-5, with maximum attraction being felt for children in the 7-9-year-old range. Usually these children are all prepubescent. Round about age 10-11 many girls begin the process of puberty. Girls of this age attract the pedophile too, but somewhat less so than girls in the 7-9 year range. Pubescent children aged 11-14 attract another type of pedophile called the hebephile. Roman Polanski was a hebephile. He drugged and seduced a girl of 13. He was let off the hook because he was a famous film director who happened to be Jewish. For people like that, a different law applies.

We see this again in the case of Lord Janner, another very important British Jew, a member of Parliament, who was allowed to get away with child rape and homosexual buggery over a 20-year period. (Sorry, I digress). Then there are those who are attracted to late adolescents, age 15-19, and these are called ephebophiles. These are generally regarded as pretty normal, though they have to be careful to check out the age of consent in the particular country in which they are living.

Most normal adults are attracted to other adults, the maximum attraction being for those in their late teens and twenties. However, there are a very small group of people (maybe 0.15 per cent of the population) who are attracted to elderly and even geriatric folk. These probably developed their fetish after being seduced as children by a much older person.

MONTECRISTO:  Okay, so let’s get on with the interview now. This is about an American male in his late thirties who started out pretty normal, fancying women of his own age, but who gradually found himself bitten by the pedophile bug.

DARKMOON (summing up) : Yes, this could happen to anyone. In fact, it’s happening right now to tens of thousands of people. Mostly men. They are being turned into pedophiles so that our rulers can have the world they want: a dystopian world of sex slaves and degenerates.

MONTECRISTO : Can you assure me this article has no salacious content? It’s not going to corrupt anyone?

DARKMOON :  No way! I should hope not! I mean, the entire conversation has been lying around in the Comment section of our website for almost three years. The article attracted over 300 comments—not a single complaint among them!

MONTECRISTO : Okay, that’s good to know. We don’t want to be accused of encouraging pedophilia just by talking about it. You’d like to start with a short video, I believe?

DARKMOON :  Yes, here is a scene from a Hollywood movie, The Woodsman, aimed at the pedophile market. I am running this because it serves as a good introduction to the article that follows in Parts 2 and 3.

However much the hypocritical media whores try to pretend this is a “responsible” movie attempting to perform a public service by casting a sympathetic, understanding and compassionate light on a lovable human being who happens to lust after little girls, I beg to differ.

This is an essentially prurient movie that sexualizes children and serves as pedophile propaganda. There is nothing “touching” about it whatsoever, as spuriously claimed, given that a scene has to be psychologically plausible before it can be touching. The three people seeing it with me were uniformly disgusted. None of them was even remotely touched. One said, “How can these Hollywood pervs get away this vile crap?”

The movie is co-written by Stephen Fechter and Nicole Kassell, both of whose names have a (((suspicious))) ring to them.

MONTECRISTO : You believe both the scriptwriters are Jewish?

DARKMOON:  I’d be surprised if they were not.

MONTECRISTO : You’re basically saying this movie is an attempt to sell pedophilia to the public. To normalize it. What makes the movie psychologically implausible?

DARKKMOON : There is no way a shy 11-year-old girl in real life would head straight for a remote bench in a park and sit down beside a creepy stranger who starts chatting her up right away. After five minutes of casual conversation with this sad loner about robins and finches, in which she manages to reveal that her dad could be abusing her sexually, the bashful little girl offers to sit on the stranger’s lap, not once but twice!—an offer he nobly rejects after a heroic struggle, although he has himself just asked her “Would you like to sit on my lap?”

The whole idea is too ridiculous for words. But this is what Hollywood does so well: pedophile sexual fantasies dressed up as “art”, all disguised as compassionate concern for a tortured minority who can’t stop lusting after little children.

The reason I preface the interview with Don by this pretentious 7-minute scene from The Woodsman is to drive home the point that pedophiles like Don are being mass-produced by the people who have a stranglehold over our media and dominate our society with their sleaze culture. Don wouldn’t be impressed by this “touching” scene. He would see through it at once as an advertisement for pedophilia, a brazen attempt to push back the barriers and normalize sexual perversion.

Judge for yourself.

VIDEO : 7 mins

Continued in Part 2 : The Making of a Pedophile

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

98 thoughts to “The Secret Life of a Pedophile (Part 1 of 3)”

  1. The Frankfurt Factory of Evil works 24/7, three shifts of beady eyed Jew psychologists and just as our mouths hang agape at the latest jew outrage, you can be 100% certain (as I always point out) that they have the “new and improved” model in the wings because of the escalating nature of Jew evil or rather the escalating manifestation of jew evil, which always existed but was heretofore hiding in the multiple volumes of talmud.

    Great introduction by Lasha and Monty, obviously on issues that bother Lasha a great deal, the degeneration of basic morality – the ability to feel shame in relationship to the Conscious Universe.

    Once we are all as immoral as Jews, yet stripped of ability to think logically and critically, we are easy, replenishable resource for continuous abuse and exploitation, the devil’s dream come true.

  2. Excellent article, Lasha.

    BUT I can’t believe you are missing the main point! All criminal behavior that the JWO encourages is for the purposes of blackmail and control.

    Any child molester who is a police chief, general, admiral, senator or judge knows from seeing what has happened to others that if exposed and indicted, and if not a high-level Jew like Polanski, he risks 1) utter disgrace, 2) prison (with beatings in there, rape and even death as possibilities, especially in the state prisons, or he must live in the hell of protective solitary confinement), 3) divorce and losing everything, 4) his children and friends, will never speak with him again, and 5) the end of his career.

    All corruption of any kind, but especially child molesting and active pedophilia (possessing and watching child porn), makes powerful officials blackmailable and thus totally controllable.

    if you wonder why our Congress and media are as bad as they are, it is because so many are blackmailed pedophiles.

    1. @ John de Nugent

      Excellent article, Lasha. BUT I can’t believe you are missing the main point! All criminal behavior that the JWO encourages is for the purposes of blackmail and control.”

      I absolutely agree with you that pedophiles in high places will be subject to blackmail, but that is an entirely different point which I am not concerned with in this particular article. This article is about the normalization of pedophilia, not about blackmail.

      I have covered the blackmail aspect in other articles. Not once, but several times. For example, here is something I wrote on the subject of blackmailing VIPs a couple of years ago in order to control them and make them do what you want:

      It follows that the potential for blackmailing American politicians (by Israel’s agents) must today be enormous. Sibel Edmonds asks rhetorically, “Are American politicians being blackmailed? Is grass green?” Her answer: “Of course the blackmail scenario is possible; in fact, highly possible.”

    2. In this regard, I would think that the mere threat of reporting and/or assigning perv tendencies, even if they do not exist, would also be a very strong method of gangstalking and control over an individual. How does one defend oneself when accused of some crime/activity as child porn even if it does not even exist? Once out in the open, it’s hard to set the issue straight ever again. One becomes trapped despite innocence.

  3. Some points :

    1) Is Dr David Green a (((Dr David Green))) ? Many psychologists after all are (((psychologists))) and Green is a (((name))).


    “…most pedophiles spend 90 per cent of their time masturbating to child porn. Many pedophiles never have any sexual contact with real children. Fantasy sex, not real sex, forms the staple of their sex lives…”

    In that case they are not a problem to society, only to themselves.

    BTW, I don’t see why “fantasy sex”, no matter how depraved, should be punishable by law in any way, just like “fantasy crime” (such as killing people only virtually in a video game) should be punishable by law.

    3) As long as “Don” doesn’t really sexually abuse the girl he is infatuated with, he is not guilty of a crime in my book. He is abnormal but not criminal.

    4) “…What happened to Don could in fact happen to anyone…”

    I seriously doubt that pedophiles could be “mass produced”. Sexual orientation is deeply ingrained in a persons character and cannot be changed by no matter what sophisticated seduction.

    5) We all know that with “our ideological Masters”, “the ruling elite”, “our rulers”, “Hollywood pervs”, “the hostile elite” (Kevin MacDonald’s term) is meant…yes : (((THOSE PEOPLE))).

    6) And of course, because (((THOSE PEOPLE))) control our governments, our governments promote all kinds of perversions.

    7) Sometimes we get the satisfaction that (((THOSE PEOPLE))) are hoisted by their own petard : Abe Foxman’s son married his partner in a same-sex wedding.

    1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      A few points in response to your excellent comment:

      1) Is Dr David Green a (((Dr David Green))) ? Many psychologists after all are (((psychologists))) and Green is a (((name))).

      I’d like to assure you that Dr David Green is not Jewish. Both his names are equally common among non-Jews. His earlier comments on this website are in no way philosemitic or pro-Zionist. I think he may even have made a few comments in support of your own position and Lobro’s.

      BTW, I don’t see why “fantasy sex”, no matter how depraved, should be punishable by law in any way, just like “fantasy crime” (such as killing people only virtually in a video game) should be punishable by law.

      As long as “Don” doesn’t really sexually abuse the girl he is infatuated with, he is not guilty of a crime in my book. He is abnormal but not criminal.

      Please note that LD has at no point suggested that fantasy sex should be punished or made a criminal offense. Fantasy sex, however, has a tendency to metastasize into real sex. All rapists begin by having rape fantasies first. The serial killer Ted Bundy is on record as saying that he spent several years fantasizing about violent rape and murder — not a crime in itself — but his fantasies soon morphed into reality. He blamed pornography.

      As for ‘Don’ in the movie, his fantasies about little girls did in fact lead to child abuse. That’s why he was originally “sent away” to an institution and registered as a certified pedophile in need of psychiatric care. In the 7-minute movie clip shown, Don actually asks the 11-year-old girl Robin, “Would you like to sit on my lap?” This is not Don having an innocent “fantasy”. This is a pedophile proposition pure and simple.

      The object of this movie, I maintain, is to normalize pedophilia and make it, like homosexuality, an alternative lifestyle choice. If people are born pedophiliac and can’t help it, well then, hey, why not legalize it? That’s the argument. That’s what Don would like, as you will see in Parts 2 an 3 of this article.

      Don would like to have legalized child brothels for men such as himself. If there are gay brothels, he argues, why not child brothels stocked with 5-year-old children? As long as the child brothels are regulated by the state and receive the blessings of society, he thinks that’s fine. If this isn’t the “normalization” of pedophilia, what is it?

      Once again, thank you for your very pertinent and thought-provoking comments.

    2. @Frank

      > Sexual orientation is deeply ingrained in a persons character and cannot be changed by no matter what sophisticated seduction.

      That obviously is wrong. We can become desensitised to what arouses us if we over stimulate ourselves with it; then we seek something greater: violent porn, gay porn, shemale porn, child porn…

      The Great Porn Experiment
      Serial Killer Ted Bundy on Addiction of Porn and Crime
      Full Interview
      It can be cured: Your Brain on Porn

      About the Article
      What a sad state of affairs we live in. We sexualise what shouldn’t be sexualised and we pretend what is naturally sexual as asexual. If anyone has travelled the world seeing a ten year old girl topless is not uncommon and no one sees it as sexual. They are like little boys. In some countries it is not uncommon to see 5-7 year old totally nude on beaches and places like that. What we see here in the West is not natural or innocent; the gay fashion industry intentionally dresses these girls like adults. Our sickness goes further, we go berserk if we see a naked baby. A bloody naked baby. There is something seriously sick in our world.

      And then we come to women go dress like sluts and we pretend it is normal and not sexual at all or unhealthy. We cannot look at them, we cannot berate them. An adolescent boy walking around with semi-clad females in summer is not healthy.

      The “topless” photo of Thylane Blondeau is harmless and innocent. There is nothing sexual at all in it. The one with sultry looks, questionable posing and adult fashion is a lot more disturbing.

      This all began with the treatment of homosexuality as something normal and not a mental illness. Later sexual revolution and indecent dress sense.

      Milo (Trump Supporters Hero) Yiannopoulos defends pedophilia

  4. The trouble with all the psychoanalysing is that it lends itself to stifling care and concern for children. Ever since I can remember, I have always had a special fondness for little girls, and was overjoyed to have had a daughter born from my marriage. Although she has a wonderful mother, her mother and I divorced when our daughter was ten, but no “child custody” was an issue. To make a long story short, I subsequently had TWO daughters – she and her mother. Whenever I wanted my daughter with me, that was alright. Later, though, a subsequent bitch girlfriend had the effrontery to make sordid remarks on the close and affectionate relationship between my daughter and myself. In retrospect, I suppose the bitch was simply influenced by the open, prevalent discussions of sexual perversions in modern times – but it caused me to give her the boot.

    Spoiling and being close and adoring of little girls does not necessarily suggest a tendency to pederasty.

    1. Spoiling and being close and adoring of little girls does not necessarily suggest a tendency to pederasty.

      No one is suggesting it does, dear Gilbert. Unfortunately, we are living in a society where it’s no longer possible for an older guy like me, an ex-teacher, to give private tuition in English or Math to a 9-year-old girl or boy without being suspected by some evil-minded person of being a potential child molester.

      Nowadays, I could easily be accused of “groping” them 20-30 years later. What then?

      The only way I could coach kids nowadays is to video-record the whole darn lesson or have their mom sitting in to make sure I’m keeping my hands to myself.

      It’s just not worth it. This is the Kali Yuga big time.

      1. Kali Yuga???

        The Kali Yuga (Iron Age) was preceded by three others Yugas: Satya or Krita Yuga (Golden Age), Treta Yuga (Silver Age) and the Dwapara Yuga (Bronze Age).

        The popularly accepted(guess) date for the beginning of the Kali Yuga is 3102 BC.

        So, now we are living in the dark times of the Kali Yuga, when goodness and virtue has all but disappeared from the world. (more guesses)

        The Mahabharata and the Laws of Manu, still retain the original value of the Yuga Cycle as 12,000 years. Many other ancient cultures – the Chaldeans, Zoroastrians and Greeks – also believed in a 12,000 year Cycle of the Ages.

        With these guesses in mind…. We got almost 7,000 years left in Kali Yuga. 🙂

        But, hey, Pharisee-Jews increase usury anyway. Kali Yuga.

      2. Sardonicus –

        I KNOW Lasha is not suggesting that it does – but I’m not so certain other, lesser minds might not make that harmful mistake. This is a very good article, but I cannot really see any harm in that Kevin Bacon skit with the little girl. 🙂

  5. Every culture has different taboos and different traditions.

    I visited the Field Museum in Chicago in 1989. The Guide at the Pawnee Exhibit told the group that no Pawnee men would marry virgin girls. Their fathers trained them in physical sex acts at an early age. Many were married even before they were teens.

    In many societies that would bring gasps of horror today…. as an act of pedophilia.

    Here is the huge exhibit:

    In the 1800s, settlements of up to fifty Pawnee earth lodges dotted the plains of what is now Nebraska. Today, this 38-foot-diameter structure is one of the few full-size replicas of these abodes in existence—offering an immersive snapshot of a cultural time and place. The dwelling’s circular, domed shape symbolizes the Pawnee view of the universe, in which the stars and planets represented celestial gods. Members of the Pawnee nation advised on the design of this lodge and its furnishings, including the sacred area that would have been used only by a priest.

    The ‘one-worlders’ at the UN want every nations’ taboos and traditions to be the same. Noahide.

    They know how to move us there…. through conformity…. even if it takes 1,000 years.

    The strict laws of Sharia mirror Noahide.

  6. Trouble with conflation.
    ° sex orientation is purely biological
    ° adherence to common morality is roughly 50-50 biological-taught/learned
    ° predisposition to post-puberty age groups is also mixed but can in most cases be learned
    ° pre-puberty attraction is purely pathological, just likethe powerful drive to do evil deeds.

    jew projects his wickedness wherever he can and directs resources accordingly, ie, in order to maximize antisocial effect.

  7. This article is itself a not-too-subtle attempt to glamorize pedophilia. I have always maintained that Darkmoon is the Devil’s daughter. She is definitely working for the forces of evil and insanity.

    She puts forward the canard that the Jews are behind the “sleaze culture”, as she describes it. Nothing could be further from the truth. We Jews are trying to introduce a new and elevated morality into world affairs so as to spiritualize mankind and “heal the world” — tikkun olam, as we say in Hebrew.

    Hebrew: “לראות מהרה בתפארת עוזך, להעביר גלולים מן הארץ והאלילים כרות יכרתוון לתקן עולם במלכות ש-די” = “to speedily see Your mighty splendor, to remove detestable idolatry from the land, and the false gods will be utterly cut off, to tikkun olam in God’s kingdom.”

    Jews are not interested in promoting pedophilia. The whole idea is defamatory in the extreme. In a sane and just world people who made such anti-Semitic allegations would be executed at once, without trial.


    1. With the specious term tiqqun olam (“repairing the world”) the Jews don’t really mean the removal of all negatives from the world for the sake of humanity, but the removal of all obstacles to Jewish total exploitation and domination of the world. For that purpose the Goyim have to be weakened morally, hence the Jewish prominence in the propagation of all kinds of perversions, including pedophilia. In this sense Jewish individuals and organizations are indeed actively engaged in “repairing the world”, but woe to the world thusly “repaired”!

      1. I read an excellent article on that subject earlier today on Renegade. Now I have no doubt whatsoever that 99% of them are clinically insane.

      2. FR –

        Quick search:

        “Tikkun olam” (literally, “world repair”) has come to connote social action and the pursuit of social justice. The phrase has origins in classical rabbinic literature and in Lurianic kabbalah, a major strand of Jewish mysticism originating with the work of the 16th-century kabbalist Isaac Luria.


        I guess they believe the world is broken…. as they make folks broke. 🙂

    2. Yakov Leib HaKohain

      Yakov Leib HaKohain (born Lawrence G. Corey, November 13, 1934) is a kabbalist, religious philosopher, poet and founder of Donmeh West, a “Virtual Community for the Study and Practice of Neo-Sabbatian Kabbalah”.

      Yakov Leib HaKohain (“YaLHaK”) was born in 1934 into a Chicago family of Turkish Sephardi descent on his mother’s side and Romanian Kohanim descent on his father’s. He studied Jungian Thought and Comparative Religion for six years (1980–1986) under his mentor, the late James Kirsch, a Jewish member of Jung’s original inner circle and co-founder of the C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles, where HaKohain also did three years of advanced, post-doctoral work under Kirsch’s sponsorship from 1980 to 1983.

      Quotes from his teachings

      “The purpose of intentionally committing a sin in the ‘Heart-Mind’ isn’t actually to ‘commit’ it, but to transform it, thereby releasing Holiness from the Klippah of Unholiness that imprisons it. In other words, one enters into the sin – when the impulse to the sin arises—not to commit it for one’s own personal gratification, but to transform it. For example if an “alien thought”, as the Ba’al Shem Tov calls it, comes to one during prayer—say, having hot sweaty sex with the young babe davening on the other side of the mechitzah—the praying man should not do everything he can to put that thought out of his mind, but he should instead “embrace” it, allow himself to engage in it, through what the Zohar calls the ‘Gate of Imagination,’—and this, not for his own sexual satisfaction, but to release the nitzot (“spark”) of holiness from its klippah (“shell”)of sexual desire. In other words, it is the kavannah (“intention”) behind the imagining that makes it either a holy tikkun (“spiritual repair”) or an issur (“forbidden”) sexual fantasy.”

      “Over the course of my Neo-Sabbatianism, I have done nothing that Sabbatai Zevi and Jacob Frank did not or would not have done, sexually as well as otherwise. Like them, although these strange actions of mine certainly may have been what others would consider immoral and sacrilegious, they were never illegal, and I neither regret nor am ashamed of them. However, I will say this: it was largely out of those early antinomian experiences that I realized that whatever is done through the body leads to corruption, while whatever is done through the soul—that is, through the Gates of Imagination—leads to union with God. It was out of those literal experiences that I realized the power of the virtual experience in all areas of the transformation of God.”

      “Let me elaborate. The first five of the ten commandments are “religious” while the second five are “civil.” That is, the first five deal with one’s relationships to God while the second five deal with one’s relationships to others. Given our Neo-Sabbatian view of virtual rather than literal antinomianism, we outwardly violate the religious commandments while inwardly observing them; and we outwardly observe the civil commandments while inwardly violating them.”

    3. Professions of a Holy Sinner
      Reb Yakov Leib HaKohain, Founder & Spiritual Director
      Donmeh West

      The “Holy Sinner” — he who sins, who lives beyond conventional morality, yet carries in himself the grace of God for others to receive — is he on whom there rests the “Mark of Cain” — the Holy Spirit — bestowed on him by God for reasons only He alone can know. This “Mark of Cain,” this indwelling of the Holy Spirit, is neither punishment nor rebuke, as commonly (and mistakenly) believed, but a protection of the Holy Sinner placed there by God “to prevent whoever might come across him from striking him down.”

      Without sin, there is no repentance, and without repentance there is no closeness to God. Indeed, repentance brings us into the Glory of God, but sin is that which makes repentance possible. Therefore without sin, we cannot know God, and without the Knowledge of God we are dead.

      Thus, the Holy Sinner sins on behalf of others, is punished for his sins on behalf of others, is crushed for his sins on behalf of others — and by his sinning, they are healed. But the Mark of Cain protects him from their condemnation, from their ignorance by which they see him only as “someone struck by God, and brought low” for his having done in public what they covet in secret.

      1. Boy, “Rousso” is shitting some real “Eastern Temple Ascended Master” kabballah snake shit pellet pepitas of Clues out of its dubby snake asshole-mouth recently! KEEP THE CLUES COMING HYDRA HEAD CHAMELEON TWO-FACED SNAKE dubby WITH THE ALCHEMICAL ASSH*LE!! WE LERV CLUES!!! WE LEARN ALOT FROM THE CLUES!! FUCK, WE LEARN MORE FROM THE SNAKE SHIT CLUES THAN WE LEARN FROM ANY OF THE OTHER KIND OF SNAKE SHIT HERE AT DARKMOON!! AND THAT’S THE TRUTH!!!

    4. SEYMOUR ZAK,do you read the talmud?…UGH what a horror and your racist mob did JFK,USS Liberty and 9/11…jews…New World Order….International Law does not apply to jews doing Genocide in the Desert of….”you know where”…..dare you google…”the hitler speech they don’t want you to hear”…..would it be rude of me to say…NUKE all your mob? I think Lasha Darkmoon is right on this point and I agree with a lot of the opinions,well 95% anyway.

      1. @ Ariadnatheo

        I guess you consider yourself a big shot “great writer” by posting satirical comment articles on the Ugly Truth site occasionally?

        The first requisite of a responsible writer is not to make baseless and irresponsible statements about other writers with a view to damaging their reputations.

        In future, gather some concrete evidence before you make vindictive personal allegations against Lasha Darkmoon which have no basis in reality.

      2. “Spiteful” is a subjective judgment imputing motives (like what???) but “defamatory” is a clear-cut accusation with a legal definition that needs to be substantiated.
        Shall I hold my breath?

      3. Admin Toby.
        On what basis you suppose that I consider myself a “big shot” only you know. I very rarely post on The Ugly Truth and in fact haven’t done so in months. If I did, would I be in running for the “big shot” title in your view?
        Your overreaction is striking. Of course my supposition was “baseless” –it’s in the nature of beast. My impression was (and still is) that “Seymour” is an editorial creation meant to spice up the dialog, which is fine in and of itself. I only thought it was not up to par.
        Com’on, you ban an innocuous comment like mine but you will have me believe that you would publish one that says ‘Death to the Editor’?! That was over the top.
        “Personal allegations”… “damaging reputation”… Tiens, tiens, don’t get quite so carried away. Editorial criticism (nugatory at that) doesn’t “damage” anyone’s “reputation.”
        Who’s “spiteful” here?

      4. @ Ariadnatheo

        Which ever way I look at it, your comment was seen as essentially hostile to Lasha Darkmoon and this site. I wouldn’t have minded if your comment had been accurate and Lasha or someone else on this site were actively engaged in creating sock puppets “to spice up the dialogue.” But this is not the case.

        I apologize to you sincerely if my comment hurt your feelings and I retract it absolutely since it is clear from your response that you meant no real harm.

        Try and understand, however, that while you may have been correct in judging the comment to be a “fake comment”, you were definitely incorrect in ascribing the comment to Lasha Darkmoon. Lasha barely has time to read the comments — she is so busy with her research and writing and trying to juggle so many different balls at the same time, cook, clean, shop, visit friends, socialize etc. etc. — that to accuse her of posting spurious comments to whip up interest on the site struck me as being both injurious and unfair to Lasha.

        You see, as the chief monitor of this website, I am particular sensitive to accusations of sock puppetry directed at Lasha precisely for this reason: the charge has been leveled at her repeatedly by Zionist trolls. Some have even gone so far as to suggest that almost every single commenter on this site is a sock puppet! Here is an excerpt from a long comment sent in by one of these trolls which struck a raw nerve initially but which I decided to publish precisely because it was so ridiculous:

        2016/07/17 at 2:18 pm

        Let me tell you the incredible truth: “Lasha Darkmoon” is not a single person. S/he is an fact a very sinister Jewish organization operating out of Tel Aviv and specializing in anti-Semitic disinfo and weird conspiracy theories on an almost unbelievable scale.

        If you take this site alone, she has been posting here not only as “Lasha Darkmoon” and “Xanadu” but also as “LD”, Lobro, Pat, Felix, Franklin Ryckaert, Gilbert Huntly, 1138, SW, Brownhawk, Hp, Arthur Topham, John Kaminski, Noor, Circassian and Avatar.

        In addition, through multiple part-time volunteers she has been manufacturing almost all the other posters who have been commenting on this site and numerous other sites too, including the Jewish psychopath TheRealOriginalJoe.

        Through a complicated network, the sexless entity known as “Lasha Darkmoon” is linked to a number of other notorious spreaders of lies, half-truths, disinfo, and psyops, viz., Gordon Duff, Mark Glenn, Jeff Rense, Henry Makow, Gilad Atzmon and Ariel Toaff.

        If you take the view that Lasha herself wrote the above comment (or Montecristo or myself) then you are obviously a very hostile and dangerous enemy to entertain such bizarre and baseless suspicions. Why post on this website at all if you think we are up to no good?

        Lasha actually adores your wit, your sense of humor, and your flair for the satirical. So please don’t continue to say bad and hurtful thing about her. Personally, I would like to see you posting more frequently on this website, as Lasha tells me the comments you have made here so far are exceptionally good — “in a class of their own”, to quote her own words.

      5. Ariadatheo,

        I think your observations on the whole are brilliant, both here and on TUT. But try and understand that Toby is Lasha’s uncle and is doing his best to protect her from personal accusations of wrongdoing. Lasha is being constantly attacked on this site, especially by bitchy women.

        Why women pick on Lasha so much more than men tells us something about the twisted nature of most women.

        As a confirmed misogynist (like my English compatriot Harbinger), I have no time for most women. In fact, I loathe them. Especially if they are feminists or young airheads and sexual exhibitionists — as so many White trash women are nowadays.

        I regard you as exceptional however — “in a class of her own” to quote Lasha — and so I urge you to post here more often please. I sometimes feel I need therapy for my misogynistic attitudes, so with your help maybe I will get to like women a bit more… who knows?

        I am separated from my wife and living right now as a paying guest on retreat in a Zen monastery in Japan.

        — Sardonicus,
        Osaka, Japan

      6. Why doesn’t Sardonicus in Japan hook-up with “our” jap kabuki geisha girl “Madame Butterfly” flittering around the Cherry Blossom trees of the Royal Imperial Palace Gardens in Kyoto? I’m sure the Royal Garden is a sight to see and a perfect place to mediate and become ONE with The Cosmic Energy Waves running thru Me, running thru U, running thru Oh Wow man, running thru ALL the geisha girls flittering around so ready to please with their Upbeat Vibrations and Colourful Personalities!

      7. @Admin Toby
        Thank you for the clarification. I harbor no hostility to anyone on this site, much less to LD. I started visiting this site regularly after being impressed by the article on Sex in Weimar Germany (not exact title), which I consider one of the best ever on the general topic of the Jewish corrosive influence on Western culture, and which I still recommend to everyone who has not read it yet, as I do this site. I also enjoy most of the comments, which I find informative and insightful (esp. Lobro but many others as well).
        I won’t belabor the explanation of my previous critical comment. Suffice it to say I had no idea that ‘fake’ comments were such a sore point. I think ‘sock puppet” is the wrong term — a false mouthpiece for the author’s ideas– in that case, as I also indicated before. I saw it a comment that does NOT represent the views of the real author but criticized the actual ‘production.’ Sorry.
        I happen to think (after trying my hand at satire for years and publishing pieces purporting to be authored by rabid judeozionists) that it is the hardest kind to write for the simple reason that no matter how much you thicken the contours into grotesque caricature, the satire of anything to do with Jewish Power (JP), Jewish identity politics, judaism, zionism, etc still retains a very plausible verisimilitude and the readers will attack the author for the indurated hate-filled Jew they think he is. But that’s only the rock. The hard place is that you must also strive to make your “character” maintain that “unique” sly deceitfulness and deniability: his hate is justified by the eternal suffering…
        If LD was described (as you quote) as “linked to a number of other notorious spreaders of lies, half-truths, disinfo, and psyops, viz., Gordon Duff, Mark Glenn, Jeff Rense, Henry Makow, Gilad Atzmon and Ariel Toaff,” that’s a kind of left-handed complement: why, she is no less than an awesome force capable of uniting individuals who actually, aside from having offended the tribe to various degrees, do not exactly belong together ideologically (the devil is in the details) and would likely disagree on much more than they agree. To “link” herself to this somewhat sundry bunch only to bring ruin to the eternally suffering she must be evil! In fact she must be more than one person… or, no, wait…one being many…. Funny.
        Thanks for your kind comments. If you simply hate women that’s your personal issue on which I have no advice to offer except to, well, avoid the annoying creatures…. Sadly I can neither help you overcome your misogynism as related to women in today’s society/public life, being something of a female male-chauvinist pig activist myself.
        I live in South America now and view with alarm the waves of cultural marxism lapping on these shores now. Cristina Kirchener made it de rigueur to address her speeches to “Argentinos y Argentinas”–patently ridiculous. Now the pronouns get a heavy workout: the “he or she” business. I asked a group of local friends and acquaintances when we will start talking about “periodistas y periodistos” and “libros and libras” but only the men laughed. We have Men, Women and “Unspecified” bathroom facilities at the National Theater now and in a few schools, and the Ministry of Education is requesting mandatory sex education in for preschoolers to teach them how to masturbate and to make them understand that it is Ok to be neither boy or girl. I once wrote a brief sarcastic review of a movie about the “tender” story of a lesbian couple suffering because the brute of the husband of one of them kept suffocating her with his love, in which I saluted the arrival of cultural marxism here and decried the lack of movies about the inner life of the pedophiles who are demonized by society. I got plenty of responses, ALL in the same vein: I am a troglodyte animated by bigotry and ignorance. MOST of them were women. So, no, I can’t help you….

      8. Ariadnatheo —

        Once again please accept my sincere apologies for misjudging you. If you wish to contribute further comments to this site, feel free to do so. But watch out for the misogynists! 🙂

      9. Uncle :

        How come I never get any apologies? I leave a lot of Fact Based Truth here, you treat me like garbage for it, I never get any apologies, nada. You’re a fuckin’ jackass, Uncle. Fuckin piece of shit.

      10. @ TheRealOriginalJoe

        How come I never get any apologies?

        No problem, Joe. I apologize sincerely for being unable to publish any of your unspeakably obscene comments sent in today, all describing in graphic detail your sexual obsession with blowup sex dolls, stinking vaginas and similar off-topic subjects. I don’t think your all-out attacks on Lobro, Pat, Gilbert Huntly, , Franklin Ryckaert, Ariadnatheo and Lasha — all spiced up with blowup sex doll fantasies — would win you any praise from the people you berate here with your obscenities.

        Most other sites would cut you off without another word. Indeed, most sites have! The only reason we allow you to continue posting here is that you have some entertainment value. It’s not every day that a fully certified inmate of a mental institute becomes a regular commenter on an anti-Zionist website.

        Any chance of letting us know the name of the institution you are in and what medication you are on? I think this would be of great general interest, especially to all the Jewish psychiatrists reading this site and trying to figure out exactly what’s wrong with you! 🙂

      11. Joe,

        What’s the point in sending in a comment like this, addressed to Pat, which I also decided to delete:

        Hey Patsy, go get lonely tonight and go fuck yourself with a made-in-Africa mandingo dildo in the nearest Stumble Inn near U in Shitcongo Shitcongo you do things your brutha niggas on Broadway don’t even du.

      12. Toby –

        The attendants at Chattahoochee State Hospital must have “WhiddleJoey’s” nuts in a vice, squeezing hard, while waterboarding him.

        Suitable and necessary therapy… I hope it helps him get over being a ‘Trumped-Up’ so much. 🙂 🙂

      1. To: Seymour Zak.
        I’ve got a riddle for you.
        Q: Why are the Jews like the weather?
        A: Because everybody talks about them, but nobody does anything about them.

  8. montecristo asked the question twice, so far, in the first part of his discussion with darkmoon – “I still don’t understand . . . why should our rulers want to create a society with lots of pedophiles”?
    montecristo is like most people – he simply does not understand that “the government” is not here to solve the world’s problems. the state is under the control of the wealthy and powerful ruling class, and whatever pretenses it provides in the way of elections and so-forth are nohting more than public relations gimmicks, loaded up with platitude charlatans like the clintons, the bushes, tony blair etal.
    trump is different. we hope.
    the state, which is always the biggest killer, is in fact constantly conducting class warfare against the masses, using whatever means it can find to keep them confused, paranoid, apathetic, distracted, etc.. the more laws there are against doing things – the greater the control. by now there are trainloads of disaster capitalists attached.
    the zionist jews appear to be the main culprits in the co-option of the government for factional purposes, but they are themselves being used, though willingly, by the real powers that be.
    pedophilia is just one more avenue of exploitation being developed for greater control purposes. child porn charges can generally be leveled on any porn surfer, whether he ever actually sought it or not. if he’s politically active his career will be ruined just by the charge being made. child porn urls can easily be inserted into anyone’s hard drive. the more ubiquitous it is, like cancer, the easier it is to hang it on people.
    the sexualization of children is generally just one more form of the exploitation that characterizes the corporo-fascist capitalist methodology, for profit and control. it will exploit wherever it possibly can.
    rape of infants and prepubescent children, which is authorized in some scriptures, is no way the same thing as statutory consensual between a post-puberty teenager and an adult. but like the drug thing, where in some states people are prosecuted for pot as if it were the same as the worst of drugs, the state is slow to re-evaluate, because it does not want to give up power.
    by the way, in california now statutory rape charges are less likely forthcoming, due to the massive influx of mexicans, whereas in mexico the age of consent is 12. in russia it has been bouncing from 16 to 14 and back. it’s 15 in cambodia. i think the earliest known pregnancy is at 9 or 10, in mexico.
    get ann coulter’s disc on this subject.
    btw again, i talked to a young man in line at the bank one day, he said he just graduated with teacher’s credentials, but that he could not be hired, because he was a probable “predator”. the sexual predation problem is apparently pretty bad in high schools and even middle schools. but guess who the predators are? in cases of adult men as defendants the predators are the young girls. but where the defendant is female it’s often a case where the teacher had sex with one of the male students.
    as in the legal developments with marijuana, at a certain point of ubiquity, which became obvious with google earth, the state has to find a way to make it more legal, or admit it has no control. is this what’s happening with pedophilia?

    1. “…the zionist jews appear to be the main culprits in the co-option of the government for factional purposes, but they are themselves being used, though willingly, by the real powers that be…”

      I wonder who those are. I hope not the Jesuits!

    2. Knights of Malta rule Blackwater (Xe), the CIA and its “Boy,” US President Obama

      Mulatto Barry Davis Soetoro (alias “Barack Hussein Obama”), the alleged “President of the United States,” is the “House Nigga” of that White devil in red shoes, Pope Benedict XVI, while serving the Black Pope’s Council on Foreign Relations and its enforcer, the Central Intelligence Agency (“Catholics in Action”).

      Davis/Obama is the creation of Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Zbigniew Brzezinski, a Roman Catholic Socialist-Communist, a Bilderberger and a CFR/Trilateral Commission member. This wicked sinner not only participated in the Panama Canal giveaway (effective as of 1999) as President Carter’s National Security Adviser, but he also aided in the Order’s creation of mass-murderer Pol Pot of Cambodia, Osama bin Laden (CIA alias “Tim Osman”) and now “Barack Hussein Obama” whose immediate adviser is a White Roman Catholic and Jesuit honoree, Vice President Joe Biden.

      Yes, Barry is merely “Step-n-fetchit” for “massa” Joe! The Pope’s International White Power Structure in place since the Congress of Vienna (1815) has controlled the American presidency since its assassination of President Lincoln regardless of who may be in office.

      Resist it, and you will be “JFKd!”

      The Black Pope’s Knight of Malta/Masonic International Intelligence Community was perfected during the Pope’s Cold War Hoax (1945-1990). One of its major architects was Hitler’s right-hand man and controller, SS General Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile. Of the 750 corporations he created with Nazi SS loot (while Jesuit Coadjutor Bormann enjoyed the protection of post WWII Argentinian dictator and Knight of Malta Juan Peron), all of them became fronts for the CIA presently directed by Knight of Malta and Jesuit darling, Roman Catholic Leon Panetta connected to the Jesuits of their Santa Clara University.

      Panetta’s CIA, in turn, is doing business with Knight of Malta Roman Catholic Erik Prince’s Blackwater (Xe), the world’s most powerful mercenary army! This very same pope-serving CIA also created the Pakistani ISI now building a Muslim enemy for US forces to fight in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

      And guess who went to Pakistan as a CIA operative way back in the 1980s? That’s right, Muslim Barry Davis Soetoro who at that time adapted an Islamic name! The following report by Wayne Madsen illustrates the point while addressing other issues most pertinent to our dark hour. Enjoy!

      1. When people like Pat talk about the evil Vatican and Jesuit monsters controlling the world, it only makes me think that the jews who really control it are behind such absurd propaganda, as well as their freemasonic allies in crime. The jews seek to infiltrate, corrupt, and control every institution they can, including the Vatican, the Jesuits, etc., but the latter are hosts to the diabolical parasite, not the principle evil we should focus on and try, with God’s help, to fight and conquer.

      2. Darrell – (people like Darrell)

        I did not talk about anything. I posted a WRITTEN article.

        Eric Jon Phelps is guessing just like you are. I am also…. when I do WRITE something about Jesuits.

        Phelps did not consult me, either.. 🙂

        I am not in the article.

      3. The war on Jesus is the one, single grand item on Devil’s ultimate agenda.

        Destroy Christianity and Jesus becomes an isolated figure, a historical artifact.

        The biggest and the most organized form of Christianity is Catholicism and is as such the prime target for drawn up schemes and battle plans such as Talmud and The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, the very same ones that consigned Christ to death by crucifixion.

        The focused spearhead of Catholicism, is the militant order of the Society of Jesus, the so-called Jesuits, a closed and cohesive group of the brightest thinkers, best educated, most disciplined of the monastic orders and are particularly identified for war to final destruction by The Protocols.

        Nota bene (note carefully) that if the Protocols were a Russian tsarist forgery,
        why would they be specifically mentioning the Jesuits as the one group of goyim with the ability, skill and subtlety qualified as formidable and equivalent opposition to the Judaic Project of installing Antichrist as the ultimate victor and ruler of the world?

        Reared on analysis, observation, on delicacies of fine calculation, in this species of skill we have no rivals, any more than we have either in the drawing up of plans of political actions and solidarity.

        Read the following, those of you with higher primate cognitive ability!

        but we have contrived to discredit them in the eyes of the unthinking mob as an overt organization, while we ourselves all the while have kept our secret organization in the shade.

        However, it is probably all the same to the world who is its sovereign lord, whether the head of Catholicism or our despot of the blood of Zion! But to us, the Chosen People, it is very far from being a matter of indifference.

        Yes, ask yourself who the “” really work for, on whose behalf and to whose benefit they devote their exclusive energies to tear down Catholicism – don’t believe Darrell, don’t believe me, believe The Protocols.
        And over 90% of the Protestants have for over 400 years been more than happy to join them in the bloody extermination of the hated “papists“.

        Of all the useful idiots, the most useful and the most idiotic.
        Give it a day or two at most and these online pamphlets will be pasted all over the threads again.
        Rust never sleeps, they say.

      4. Reared on analysis, observation, on delicacies of fine calculation

        foreign language to majority of the goyim …

      5. Lobro –

        “…the Devil”..??

        I tossed “the Devil” when I tossed ‘scary movies.’ 🙂

        The real criminals are in “business” not in the underworld.

        There is a better chance of removing ‘criminals in business’ than removing the imaginary goblin…. “the Devil.”

      6. At least Gilbert is paying attention, i think.
        protocol 5

        5. For a time perhaps we might be successfully dealt with by a coalition of the “goyim” of all the world: but from this danger we are secured by the discord existing among them whose roots are so deeply seated that they can never now be plucked up. We have set one against another the personal and national reckonings of the goyim, religious and race hatreds, which we have fostered into a huge growth in the COURSE OF THE PAST TWENTY CENTURIES.

        … while the confused babble rages about nazis, transvestites, Muslims, negroes, orientals, Russians, ever increasing splintering and fragmentation, each man to himself, against everyone else.
        A scenario sure to put a contented smirk on that (((ugly face))).

      7. Pat,
        you imagine that it is all about money.
        is it really?

        66 million Russian Christians were murdered for their money?
        Millions of Armenian Christians were slaughtered for their money …
        Hundreds of thousands of early Christian Greeks were massacred sadistically in Crete, Alexandria and Palestine for their money …
        here is what Jews themselves admit

        “Once Jerusalem was in Persian hands a terrible massacre of Christians took place, and the Jews are accused of having taken the lead in this massacre. It would not be surprising if the accusation were true, even though the fantastic stories told of Jewish revenge by Christian chroniclers are certainly exaggerated.” How many Christian prisoners of war were murdered by the Mamilla Pool? A precise number is of course now impossible to verify, but Israeli archaeologist Ronny Reich puts the tally at 60,000 before the Persian military stopped the carnage. One eyewitness, Strategius of St. Sabas, wrote:
        “Jews ransomed the Christians from the hands of the Persian soldiers for good money, and slaughtered them with great joy at Mamilla Pool, and it ran with blood.”

        Got THAT?
        Jews actually paid A LOT OF MONEY for the pleasure of killing Christians.
        and on and on and on …

        The devil’s finest trick is to persuade you that he does not exist

      8. Lobro –

        When it’s not about the money it’s about the debt..!!

        I say Pharisee-Jew Bankers fear a CPA with thick glasses and a sharp pencil more than a preacher with a bible and a crucifix. 🙂

        GOT THAT..??

      9. @ Lobro

        Your comment is dead on target.

        In John 8:44, Jesus specifically states that lying and murdering are the lusts that jews do for their daddy, the devil.

        Since money is an illusion, it is part of their lying lust. Murdering is what really turns them on since it is the most evil act.

      10. Ungenius –

        The ‘spirit’ is a larger “illusion” than money…. Money is accepted at the grocer’s stand. Spirit is not.

        And others repeat, “It’s a spiritual battle.” That is just another Pharisee-Jew Banker lie to stifle action by us…. the REAL and LIVE fighters.

        No one can figure out why Pharisee-Jew Bankers cannot be stopped. One reason is that the good folks who know better let the ‘spirits’ battle….. while they watch for results.

        Everyone shouts… “FOLLOW THE MONEY..!!” So…. I do just that….. since I could find no Devil or spirits.

        But, when I point out that it IS the money/debt…… the mantra shifts to spirits and the Devil. The Devil and spirits cannot even be sued..!!

        Pharisee-Jew Bankers cannot be run out of anywhere with that weak and meaningless garbage planted by the enemy…. to guarantee no physical actions will EVER be taken against them

        There….. “Spiritual battle” is another planted lie for YOU to glean, Ungenius. 🙂

        —-“ALL LIES MATTER..!!”
        …… if you can find them.

      11. @ Pat

        “The ‘spirit’ is a larger “illusion” than money…. Money is accepted at the grocer’s stand. Spirit is not.”

        That might be true for you, but not others including myself. I have personal experience with the power of the spiritual world. Obviously, you do not.

        There is one thing I truly respect about the Heavenly Father, his gift of free will. Everyone is free to believe whatever they like and he lets them. When each of us reaches our personal “end time,” each will know if they believed properly.

        “No one can figure out why Pharisee-Jew Bankers cannot be stopped.”

        With enemies like you, the jews do not need friends.

        “Everyone shouts… “FOLLOW THE MONEY..!!” So…. I do just that….. since I could find no Devil or spirits.”

        Going along with the crowd is always a good idea in your opinion especially concerning jews and their money. Chasing the illusion of money takes you to the illusion of power which you seem to think is real. No one has to look for devils. Devils find those accepting them.

        “There….. “Spiritual battle” is another planted lie for YOU to glean, Ungenius.”

        This reply is not intended for you since I have known you to be a deceiver for more than a year. It is intended to hopefully cause people to think that might be easily deceived by your perspective. All lies do matter, even yours.

      12. Ungenius –

        Thanks for the reply.

        I do not agree, but will not call you any hateful names from the bible as you have done to me.

        I thought it was really funny.

        You use a fake and deceptive name(Ungenius) and called me ” a deceiver” trying to take the high ground when I disagree with you.. Pot v Kettle..!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    3. That is one thing that worries me the most. That they will get rid of dissidents like us by planting child porn on our hard drives. How do one prove their innocence once it has been done? It can’t be done! It’s impossible. No one will believe them. All criminals say they are innocent and all that. The only way would be if one of them does a death bed confession later in life. But that could take many years if not decades and is anyway a shot in the dark that would most likely never happen. So if they can’t buy people or scare them away or in any other way defame them, framing them would be a nice option for them. If that for some reason doesn’t stick either, they simply just murder people, even if they sometimes make it look like an accident or suicide. With that having been said, I myself doesn’t lust for children in any way. But how will I be able to prove that afterwards? It’s impossible.

      1. It happened to Chris Spivey who runs a blog. When you get too close to the truth…the big guns step in and sh*t all over you….Social Services tried to steal his grandson……dangerous times alright.

      2. Mornngstar,

        Never more so than today should people be taking far more responsibility for their actions.
        You will find that the majority of people who buy cars & motorbikes, do not bother to understand how they work and are ripped off by the mechanic every time. How many people in this world simply pass on the responsibility of looking after themselves, to another such as with a lawyer? If they bothered to understand law, they would see that criminal law is far more about making the judiciary wealthy, than actually promoting a fair law in the land. Like the car and bike purchaser, they too are ripped off in courts of law.

        What I’m saying is, if you don’t want to get shafted, be careful what you do online, protect yourself online and even better, have your hard drive on you 24/7. There are many virtual private networks (VPN) you can pay to use and they’re all rather cheap. All of the websites you visit won’t be able to track you, meaning your ISP can’t track you, meaning any government agency that wants to track you can’t either. Get yourself a book on “idiots guide to the internet and internet safety”. Make sure you have a good firewall and watch what you download.

        I have a relatively simple way of looking at things. If I buy a car/bike, I understand how the thing works. If I read about common law, legality and legalese, so I don’t need a solicitor, should I ever go into a bank court of law. I brush my teeth with non fluoride products, so I don’t need to visit a dentist, who will look at my mouth as their own, personal goldmine, giving me fillings that will fall out, requiring more drilling, more fillings and eventually root canal.

        There is absolutely no way that any security service can put child porn on your computer if you know what you’re doing. If however, like the car and bike owners, you have no intention of understanding how your equipment works, then expect to get compromised by the security services, whom you know, by now, are most certainly not working in yours and the public’s best interests.

    4. The reason perversion is promoted is because only the union of a white man and a white woman can create a white child, and the Jews want to wipe out the white race.

      A white kid might get born once in a while! Can’t have that!

      Doesn’t matter what they’re doing, as long as procreation is impossible (at the same time, of course, niggers and muzzies raping white girls is glatt kosher).

      As Hervé Ryssen says: “Homosexuality for white men, race-mixing for white women”.

      Everywhere I look, some new perversion is being promoted, quite openly. I go to a bar to have a quiet drink and read the paper, and on one page, there’s an article about the tremendous health benefits of drinking your own urine; flip the page, on the NEXT PAGE there’s a huge article about how some “study” conducted in Holland (where else?) indicates that couples who practice “bondage” MAY be psychologically healthier than those who don’t!

      (As long as you “MAY”, you can say anything: whales MAY speak French on the bottom of the sea; you can’t prove they don’t.)

      And this drivel is taken seriously! In family newspapers!

      1. Carlos,

        This is brilliant! I appoint you my guru and ideological mentor! I couldn’t agree with you more about the dangerous trash published every single day in the (((elite media))). 🙂

        Scientific studies are published almost every day that not only contradict each other but are clearly quite bogus. They are not only making it all up, they are PAID to deceive. Several articles on health and nutrition, in my opinion, are simply disguised advertisements by the food industry and Big Pharma.

        Soon we’ll be hearing reports that pedophilia is “good for the health”.

        Scientific “studies” will soon be cited to prove beyond all doubt that adults who have sex with children and masturbate to child porn have lower cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure and that “there is a disturbing correlation between sexual perversion and longevity.”

        Oh yeah, and keep taking the antitdepressants that will almost certainly drive you to murder or suicide! 🙂

      2. CWP – –

        “(As long as you “MAY”, you can say anything: whales MAY speak French on the bottom of the sea; you can’t prove they don’t.)”

        I like that one..!!! I call using “MAY”…. ‘guessing.’

        I also believe the same as you do about John Lennon.

      3. If the masses knew what I know about Jews, there wouldn’t be one left on the planet by the end of the week.

        Their horrible monstrousness knows no bounds. Language fails to adequately define the Jew whose deadly cancer worms through history like a malevolent, parasitical creature whose tentacle’s touch is absolutely fatal.

        If there were no Jews, there would be no Bible, no Koran, no Talmud, no Jesus, no Christianity, no Mohammad, no Islam, no Moses or Abraham and no Judaism. There would be no communist, no Stalin, no purges, no mass starvations or gulag death camps, no Hitler, no “Nazis” no Hallowedhoax, and without Jewish mentors, there would be no need for them.

        There would be no slavery, save perhaps among the most primitive cultures. There would be no internecine conflicts like civil wars and no Lincolns or Cromwells to administer them.

        There would be no assassinations, no Garfields, Ferdinands, no vom Raths or JFKs. There would be no Wilsons, Roosevelts, Nixons, Bushes, Clintons, Reagans or Trumps; no Spanish American wars, no Korean police actions, no Panamas, no “Nams” or “Desert Storms”.

        There would be no political correctness, no pornography, no racial or cultural suicides. In fact, present history would not exist in any manner related to what is now not only recognized, but accepted as the norm.

        There would be no Mafia or “organized” crime, the very concept which was created by Jews millennia ago to be aped by others. Most of all, there would be no Israel. No country serving as a university with degrees in advanced, global criminality.

        There would be no world wars, no revolutions, no nuclear weapons, no “genocides”, (the word would not even exist) no false flags like the trade towers and little if any perversions, racial hatred and animosity between brethren cultures. There would be little, if any, corruption tolerated among those chosen for leadership positions and it would most certainly not be funded.

        The Jews’ hateful, malevolent influence is in fact so pervasive, it literally twists and perverts every aspect of the world in which we live. The list is long. So long that a world without Jews would be unrecognizable, if not unthinkable, to the present inhabitants.

        Yes, if the masses knew what I know about the Jews, they most certainly would not exist.

    1. lobro’s never anything less than ALL-KNOWING and Oh so savvy all the time, 🙂 . What ever do they put in the beer over there in the Balkans that makes lobro so smart?

    2. To: Sardonicus
      Experts only care about one thing: funding. A normal person wouldn’t believe the fatuousness of some of these “expert studies”. I’ve translated some of them. I got paid 500 dollars once for translating a huge paper about an “air-sample” collecting machine. This guy went around collecting “air samples”. The machine had to be collected a certain number of feet away from his car, etc., etc. “Strict controls”, see.
      Study findings: air in the countryside is cleaner than air near factories! 500 bucks. Another one “proved” that people who eat a lot of fat get fatter than people who don’t, etc. etc. “Expert”, my ass. I got about 300 bucks for that one.
      Everybody knows that if there’s no funding for something, it won’t get researched. If there’s funding, nobody cares what it’s about.

      1. i used to make my living as one of these secondary “experts” (ie, produced reports in support of primary “experts findings”) and know exactly what you are talking about.
        In pharmatoxic industry, about 10-15% of budget goes to R+D, 50-60% marketing and the rest for administration, legal, etc.
        Now that Congress has made them exempt from most liabilities, the profit margin has increased yet again and even less is spent on true R+D.
        Moreover, they work tirelessly to quash and destroy bona fide promising research by smaller biotechs, I was a 1st hand witness to one example, of a highly promising patent whose owner company was first bought out by a huge one that sat on it for years, did nothing to further it, then dumped it as “not having met the milestones”, souring potential investors, the share price tanked from over $20 to about $1, eventually got delisted from NASDAQ.
        The last kick at the can was an expensive multinational trial whose medical director was found to be a mole planted by a big drug manufacturer whose cash cow was threatened by this new invention.
        This (((guy))) was discovered to have sat on the Big Pharma’s advisory board scooping hundreds of thousands if not millions annually in fees, a clear conflict of interest, this was even published by some medical school student sleuths … and nothing happened, the trial failed … because the test formulation was altered to contain hardly a trace of the test agent with terrible medical results.
        And everybody in any decision making position was a Jew, the biotech’s management was entirely taken over by them, all paid off into comfortable retirement or into the FDA-industry revolving door.
        For a Jew, personal success is truly built on social failure.

        I quit the business after figuratively puking my guts out at the last medical conference, was threatened with legal action for making “baseless accusations”, not to mention that the company’s legal team waved my signed non-disclosure agreement in my face.
        The original inventor and patent holder is an Indian, got bought out (read: forced out) early and is still a friend, we never ever talk about it, it makes us so sick to our stomachs.
        My and my Chinese-Canadian partner used to make an easy half a million a year off just that one consulting job but at least we tried to do our best and were both relieved when it was all over because hanging around Jews makes you feel in need of a day long shower.

        F*** them, my tiny retirement funds are just enough to get by, less than 1/10 of what i used to make and I am 10x more satisfied not having any of that scum near me.

        The state of Judenfrei should have a monetary value assigned to it and it would level the playing field with the comfortably corrupt in terms of social status.

  9. The change in women’s and girl’s fashions toward the ever greater sexualization of females began after World War I, and the jews who control the fashion industry have been pushing the envelope with more and more immodesty in dress ever since. Our Lady of Fatima revealed to Blessed Jacinta Marto before she died in 1920 that “Fashions will be introduced that will offend Our Lord very much,” and “Woe to women on account of immodesty.” She could have added, “Woe to parents who allow their young daughters to dress immodestly.” Modesty is the guardian of chastity, and, as Our Lady also revealed to the young Jacinta, “More souls go to hell on account of sins of the flesh than for any other reason.” The devil knows this and so he inspires his human agents, the jews being his principle and most powerful ones, to promote both immodesty and sins of impurity. Until we “turn back the clock” in women’s fashions we will never overcome the evils mentioned in this article.

  10. I wonder if Salmon will be active in this thread? Knowing well that his so called prophet was also a pedophile, marrying little Aisha at age 6 and consumating the marriage at age 9. The old bugger was in his 50’s at the time. Which could also be a reason that the jews are using them as a tool to destabilize the west. Jews are often also sexual perverts, so they ought to know how it works. As you already know he most recently told us he started to masturbate at the ripe age of 5. From my experience of muslims on various forums they always denies that their prophet was a pedophile. Often claiming that girls get into puberty much sooner in their countries due to the warmer climate. Which is of course BS. But that’s the way they spin it. Still he will be welcome to debate the topic of pedophilia should he so want. As long as he doesn’t get into his long and genocidal rants of course. But I trust the admins to deal with that.

  11. Hebrew: “ לראות מהרה בתפארת
    עוזך , להעביר גלולים מן הארץ
    והאלילים כרות יכרתוון לתקן עולם
    במלכות ש -די ” = “to speedily see
    Your mighty splendor, to remove
    detestable idolatry from the land,
    and the false gods will be utterly
    cut off, to tikkun olam in God’s

    Herein lies the greatest fraud perpetrated in the world:the spiritual dispossession of the nations of their gods by the Jews. Nietzche railed mightily against this and bewailed the falsification of the concept of God and the fact that for two thousand years no new god has been created. For all their vaunted claim to monotheism jehovah is just a vengeful, bloodthirsty tribal deity. A reading of the old testament discloses the fact that the Jews never worshipped the god revealed in the pages of scripture but employed his mandate to wreck havoc on other nations. Mark the fact that their most beloved word is ‘destroy’. As their plan for world domination progressed jehovah was sanitised and exported in the name of Christ to the Gentiles of whom the old testament contained several directives to destroy and utterly annihilate. Several people and my own experience confirms the fact that Christianity is unnatural- unnatural in its demands, it’s moral emphasis, it’s obsession with sin and it’s draconian compulsion on belief and the threat of hell. With its emphasis on the hereafter it weakens the resolve to make a world out of the present and while Gentiles are cosseted in their heaven-waits-for-us fever, the Jews run the world to its death. Nietzche rightly calls Christianity corrupt. It corrupts with an oriental subtlety that is unmatched. What with its tacked on, starchy and artificial morality, based on commands written in a book. It sickens the soul. Everything Jewish is a scam, a smokescreen and a sham. The Jews are international but their god is tribal. The Gentiles are wont to be nationalistic but the Christian god is international. Uprooted, unplugged, spiritually listless and easy to prey on-this is what the nations have become while judea waxes strong: the best lack all conviction while the worst are full of passionate intensity. Until the nations wrest from the Jews their spiritual heritage it should be taken for granted that the Jews will succeed in their devilish enterprise because the egregore working for them is more ancient and yet alive than the toppled gods of the nations. This battle is spiritual!

      1. @ Carlos Porter

        That’s not the interview with Don. The interview with Don will follow next week in a separate 2-part article called “Conversations with a Pedophile.”

      2. This is a 3-part article, Carlos. It is published in stages. You have just read Part 1, which is the Introduction.

        The actual interview with Don the pedophile follows in Parts 2 and 3.

        Part 2 is due to be published this weekend, in a few days time. Part 3 will be published the week after that.

  12. LOL You fuckin lying frauds. If you weren’t such retards, you would know that your childish bullshit would come back at you to bite you. Soft ass people never learn. The hard life is a gift of Yahweh. You reap what you sow. Farewell to you. LOL again

  13. John DeCamp , Republican State Legislator in Nebraska ; was investigating the Fraud in the Franklin County Credit Union . He uncovered pedophiles leading to Larry King , president of the Credit Union . Satanism , recruiting kids from the Boys & Girls Town of Nebraska .
    King had a yellow convertible that would attract the kids , and then the drugs . He sang the National Anthem at the RNC in 1984 & 1988 . Implicating GHWB . Supplying children by plane to Washington and Texas .
    Tom Kean was not mentioned , but he ( Chairman of the 911 Convention , touted GHWBush at both conventions ;( disqualifying him from his role in the 911 Investigation .
    You can find DeCamp on line . Get the details . King went to jail . ? years .

    1. JPB –

      I talked with DeCamp and Ted Gunderson on these issues in the 90s. Gunderson was an FBI Special Agent In Charge and head of the Los Angeles FBI for decades. He was thought to have been poisoned.

      Gunderson partnered with DeCamp.

      The last time I spoke with DeCamp, 10 years ago or so, he and Ted were on the run from people trying to kill them. A car was driven into his house they had rented to use as an office temporarily as well.

      The documentation is located in DeCamp’s “The Franklin Cover-up” and implicated Boys Town as well.

      Gunderson also investigated a child molestation trial in Manhattan Beach California. In a 1995 conference in Dallas, Gunderson warned about the proliferation of secret Satanic groups, and the danger posed by the New World Order, a shadow government that would be controlling the US government. He also claimed that a “slave auction” in which children were sold to men in turbans had been held in Las Vegas, that four thousand ritual human sacrifices are performed in New York City every year.



      9-1984: Lawrence King takes Lisa Webb and 15-20 boys from Boys Town Omaha to Chicago for a sex party.

      1-1985: A party is thrown at the Brandeis Building in Omaha, where both Troy Boner and Lawrence King were in attendance.

      8-1985: Party at the Woodman Tower Ballroom. In attendance were James Daniel King, Lawrence King, Alisha Owen, Rusty Nelson, and Troy Boner.

      11-1985: Throughout a six-week investigation by Lincoln and Omaha Police thirteen individuals were arrested for child pornography charges. Included in the arrests were: Joseph Burke, Walter Carlson, Winford Fryar, and Leo Weidenfeller, all of which were charged with felonies. Misdemeanor arrests included: Alden Jensen, Ben Bruner, Jon N. Nelsen, Harold Potter, Alvin R. Buehler, Mark Woods, Lawrence Reeves, Harold Miller, and Don Nordboe. Joseph Burke was later sentenced to 2-5 years in prison.

      Walter Carlson was sentenced 15 months to 3 years. Investigators, however, indicated in reports that there initial six week investigation did not mean the investigation was over, and that half of the pornographic material still had not been viewed by police. Reports though indicated no further investigation took place into the child pornography ring.

      Later certain investigators of the Franklin Case would question whether or not this case had any ties to the Franklin debacle.

      3-1988: The Initial Franklin probe begins.

      5-3-1994: The Discovery Channel, was to air the Yorkshire documentary Conspiracy of Silence, about the Franklin cover-up, however, the documentary was pulled off the air at the last minute, and purchased by an unknown buyer.

      2-14-1999: Paul Bonacci wins a judgment of $1 million against Lawrence King, John DeCamp had represented Bonacci in his lawsuit against King.

      4-10-2001: Lawrence King is released from prison after serving less than 10 years of his 15-year sentence.

      Spring-2003: Troy Boner arrives at a New Mexico hospital; he was sedated upon admittance, the next day he was found dead in his hospital room. (witness gone)

      1. BTW – DeCamp served as an aide to the CIA’s William Colby in Nam. They were very close. He mentioned he was certain that Colby, an avid and highly experienced outdoorsman, was murdered.

    1. Just desserts, Newsong. The “spiritual battle” they’re all misreading really signifies a battle with OURSELVES, and how we deal with the world as presented. “The love of money is the root of all evil” because money has been CORRUPTED to begat an “unjust weight and measure” (cited as such SIX TIMES in Solomon’s Proverbs as an ‘abomination’.) The world is rife with abominations – largely proliferated by the pursuit of money. Pat is right about “follow the money”, but Lobro is right in a deeper context of it coming about as a “spiritual” degradation/deficiency. So much is now “built on sand” (a corrupted median-of-exchange), the house is bound to fall. Adjusting oneself spiritually would be wise, lest one suffer the just desserts of the pedophile in the video.

  14. Sound bite me Toe B, in row B. Or is it Dr ZZ in row B? You all look so much alike. You DO belong in your proper and appointed roles, just like you came out of the assembly line as.


  15. “MONTECRISTO: You believe that pedophilia is being deliberately manufactured?

    DARKMOON: Absolutely.”

    And an effort to legitimize pedophilia in the eyes of the public has been underway by the “profession” of psychiatry for quite some time. I recall that in the mid 2000’s the American Psychiatric Association convened with the intent of de- listing pedophilia from their diagnostic manual. They did not follow through at the time because they felt that the public “was not ready for it yet”. Yes, that actually happened.
    And by the way, there is an urban legend out there with the public that convicted pedophiles are sent to prison and “get what they deserve” from the inmates there. Nothing could be further from the truth! The state (doesn’t matter which state in the US you care to name) will do what it can to shield them from actual prison time, knowing that these pedophiles could be harmed by other inmates. One way this is done is by shunting the offender off to a local state run institution for the mentally ill.
    In truth, I wonder just how far back in time this “desire” (on the part of TPTB) to mainstream pedophilia goes. I clearly recall a song from the 1960’s (yeah, I’m giving away my age) by Gary Puckett (and his “Union Gap” rock group) entitled “Young Girl”. The song’s lyrics: “young girl, get out of my mind, my love for you is way out of line….” That song, as I recall hit the top of the charts for some weeks. And that was during a time when pedophilia was absolutely taboo.
    Perhaps all of this effort to mainstream pedophilia is partly to help desensitize the American public to it so as to facilitate the acceptance of Middle Eastern “refugees” we are currently getting. In their world pedophilia is evidently acceptable. Or it could just be the desire of the evil Oligarchs who rule us, just as Lasha has said, or maybe a combination of the above.

  16. Well done re this post. Always the blabber, don’t tend to only affirm/”amen” but keeping net-time to a new min. Would otherwise give me lippy bit. Will read the comments next time on/when can – may respond. But thanks again.

  17. Toejam didn’t wade through and read all the comments, but it’s no secret that the apple of God’s eye have put their stamp of approval on man and sometimes women screwing young, very young, boys and girls. According to the Rabbis all this molestation must be OK because if God’s gets a little confused while setting on the lap of the Holy Ghost he sometimes consults the good Rabbis through the Talmud for some resolutions to his vexing questions.
    It wouldn’t be to great a stretch to consider that the People of the Bible want as much company as possible and the stamp of approval for their “activities”. Hence their hammer like control of the perversion market. Toejam read somewhere that if one were to enter into a bathhouse in Israel it would not be unusual to find a good Rabbi with a young boy on his lap being moved (pumped) up and down.
    Of course there can be many reasons for adults molesting and screwing young children.
    In South Africa, for example, Black males are of a mind that if they can screw very young girls they will be cured of aids, or even better yet, not catch the aids in the first place. Oh those clever room temperature IQ Black males.
    Meanwhile, back here in the so-called civilized world, a back up the DeCamp’s excellent “The Franklin Cover-up” is Nick Bryant’s “The Franklin Scandal” a definitive study of the whole affair. One must remember that it was “Boy’s Town” and “Girl’s Town” that supplied many of children for the Franklin pedophile ring that reached all the way to the highest levels of the Federal Government where those elected and otherwise partook of these crimes against children. Much of the partaking was filmed and then used the “persuade” certain members of Congress to vote in certain ways.
    (One thing that can be said for the Clinton crime family. Even though they are by all accounts very kinky in their sexual habits but have no use for pedophiles.)
    Ninety five percent of the American people have no idea how ubiquitous this perversion is and how high it goes even to the highest levels of this collapsing society.
    It is the opinion of this correspondent that most pedophiles of all shapes, sizes and variations are born that way just like the LBGTQ, etc. are born the way they are and well become, for the most part.
    There is no cure. Lock them for half their lifetime and they will return to their predilection if given the chance. There is only one way to stop this madness. But our so-called civilized society will never take that step just like all the other previous civilizations residing in the dustbin of history.

    1. Ninety five percent of the American people have no idea how ubiquitous this perversion is

      begging pardon sir, toejam, sir, but this ubiquity in question cannot extend past 5%, can it (on account of 95+5=100).
      so it is just a tiny ubiquity, jews plus a few others who come Friday night press light switches with slimy fingers.

  18. @ Lasha

    An excellent and informative exchange between you and Montecristo on the topic, but I do have a question.

    “…most pedophiles spend 90 per cent of their time masturbating to child porn.”

    I certainly do not doubt that pedophiles may spend a considerable amount of time masturbating over child porn, but 90 percent of their time seems to be too much even for Superman.

    90 Percent of 24 hours is 21.6 hours which would leave the pedophile only 2.4 hours to sleep with no time to eat and certainly no time to work.

    Assuming that the pedophile gets 6 hours of sleep, that would leave them 18 hours awake. 90 percent of 18 hours is 16.2 hours which only leaves the pedophile 1.8 hours a day to eat, work, etc.

    Additionally, not only would the pedophile have significant brain damage, it seems it would be difficult for the pedophile’s penis to withstand that much abuse for very long.

    It appears to me that either the 90 percent was a typo or there should be a clarification of what time is intended such as idle time, etc. for clarity.

    1. @ Ungenius

      LD has since inserted the word “sex” before the word “time” so to make her meaning 100% crystal clear. The sentence “Most pedophiles spend 90 per cent of their time masturbating to child porn” now reads: “Most pedophiles spend 90 per cent of their sex time masturbating to child porn.”

      I hope this will prevent any further misunderstandings. 🙂

      1. LD has an article in the pipeline containing confessional testimonies from porn addicts that show many of them are on porn sites for over 16 hours a day, masturbating incessantly from early morning to late at night. So when she says 90 per cent of their “sex time” — i.e. time devoted to sexual activity — is spent masturbating, she is not exaggerating.

        Several of these addicts need to give up work in order to spend every available minute of the day on porn sites. One woman admits to masturbating even while taking time off to visit the supermarket. She is masturbating in the car on her way to Walmart and she is masturbating on her way back home. And she is even masturbating in the toilet in the shopping precinct in between, using her cell phone. It’s that bad.

      2. Toby,

        It is obvious that the woman in your reply, who masturbates, every time she can, has psychological problems. Is she related to Salman Hossein? 🙂

  19. @Ariadna,
    If i took time to praise your comment at the granular level, it would stretch beyond TROJ’s typing capacity into the next few threads.
    So, i will just describe it globally: awesome.
    Are you in Argentina? Watch out for Judios, their favorite country that they had infiltrated over a century ago, as Eichmann found out to his sorrow.
    But these liver flukes find every sewer line of nutritional value, there is no escape except at the Pearly Gates where there is no doubt a clearly spelled out antisemitic sign.

    Tell me this though: why do you think that Toaff, Atzmon and Shamir are not for real?
    Maybe you are right but my cryptdar is not atuned finely enough to pick it up, Shamir, maybe, because he sticks by the official 9/11 line, Atzmon can at times be a bit wishy washy, yes, but not enough to indict him in my opinion.
    And Toaff, he partially recanted after spending time in the Star Chamber, clearly under heavy duress.
    Because in his Pascua, he is merciless and unsparing of co-tribalists, he probably caused Judea more grief than any Jew that I can think of, on par with Torquemada, Vanunu and Theobald of Cambridge.

  20. “IMAGINE”
    (updated slightly)

    Imagine there’s no bullshit
    No commie millionaires
    With 270 million invested
    In real estate, antiques and shares

    Imagine no bullshit “philosophers”
    No fake”capitalist” commie Jews
    Communizing America through immigration
    While they clean up we lose

    Imagine no “outsourcing”
    The way it used to be
    Imagine a living wage,
    Our very own industry

    Imagine a replacement birth rate
    A healthy middle and working class
    No abortion or pornography
    Not just “peddle your ass”

    Imagine healthy children
    No “gay marriage” too
    Imagine a healthy family
    Minus the filthy Jew.

    Imagine the old-fashioned virtues
    It’s easy if you try
    Imagine love and devotion
    Motherhood and apple pie.

    Imagine all the commies
    Machine-gunned on a beach
    Suum cuique dare
    = Give what’s due to each

    Sorry to stick this here but comments on the other page were closed. Some clod was raving about Lennon and how great he was. I say good riddance.

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