The Secret Life of a Pedophile (Part 3 of 3)


In which it is argued by Lasha Darkmoon, after the conclusion of this interview, that children are now being deliberately groomed for pedophilia by the ruling classes—and that child porn and child brothels will soon be legal.


Edited by Lasha Darkmoon



DR DAVID GREEN :  So tell me, how did you first develop a taste for little girls?

DON :  My taste for children developed over time. I’ll start from the beginning. I have Attention Deficit Disorder [ADD], so I have problems socializing with people at times. I get along with them so long as I don’t see them or interact with them for too long.

When I lived in my old city, with my family and friends, I didn’t always get along with them. I was also kind of shy when it came to asking women of my age out on a date. So I eventually started spending a lot of time on the internet, talking to women in other cities.

Because of me being ADD and not being able to hold down a job, I never felt confident enough to approach women.

So the internet became an outlet, a way for me to show the personality that everyone likes about me, but at the same time, being able to hide the other flaws, such as my mood swings, my inability to listen and pay attention to others when they are talking, along with the fact that I never kept a job for more than six months.

I finally met a woman on the internet and she was similar to me. She did not have a healthy social life either. So of course we bonded quickly. We talked over the internet for about six months before seeing each other for the first time. She lived a thousand miles away from me, so I could not see her all that much.

I eventually went to visit her and we got along great, so I went and visited her a few more times. I visited her four times over a two year period.

During this time me and my family were not getting along. I was in my early 20s at the time and had no job, no credit, and not even a high school education and had to ask them for everything. I was doing bad to say the least.

They loved me but it was becoming too much for them. I went more and more downhill. Even though I see myself as a handsome and muscular guy, I stopped showering and keeping myself up. No women looked at me or gave me the time of day.

Most probably thought I was a homeless man. The woman I was talking to on the internet never saw any of that. Whenever I went to visit her, I was able to appear as if I was doing better than I was. I would actually clean myself up, cut my hair and put on nice clothes. She really liked me and that felt GOOD… to have somebody who did not see me as a failure.

So finally I ended up moving to the city where my girlfriend lives.

I moved in with her and things were good at first, but then over time we began to grow distant. She is an overachiever in life and that would be somewhat of an understatement. Being successful is very important to her. She spent most of her time working and building her career. She never judged me for NOT being like her.

She actually liked having me around despite me not being able to hold down a job and get myself together. I always supported her [emotionally], and despite me having Attention Deficit Disorder I am a knowledgeable man. So she would always come to me for advice and support. I would even help her with projects at work. Sometimes I would proof read her presentations and things of that sort.

I didn’t graduate but I read a lot … ALL THE TIME … so I am usually able to help most people in a variety of different subjects.

My girlfriend’s family began to have financial problems, so eventually my girlfriend purchased a house with her family in order to split the cost, and now we live in a two family house together. But her family never really liked me because they felt she could do better than me.

I began to get into arguments with them. Over the years I have grown to not speak to them at all.

About six years ago, my girlfriend’s sister had a baby. I was somewhat jealous because I wanted a child with my girlfriend, but she didn’t want one because she feared we would struggle, because she is the only one working.

So when she first told me her sister was pregnant, I took a negative view of it, thinking to myself: “SO WHAT, WHO CARES?”

Eventually the baby was born and I never wanted to go around all that much. But as the child grew older, she started to love me. She wanted to climb on me and play with me a lot. I didn’t like it at first. I was thinking to myself,  “Why is this kid climbing on me?”

I wanted to say “Get away!” But I’m not that kind of person. So I’d let her climb on me and I’d pick her up and play with her whenever she wanted me to.

After a while, she started to grow on me … she showered me with attention … and she would even prefer to be around me more than with her own family. She gave me more love and accepted me more than anyone else ever had ever done in my whole life.

As time went on, the sister started having more problems with the child’s dad and began to confide in me. The irony is,  she confided in me more than she confided in her own sister, my girlfriend. She quickly saw that I had a lot of advice to offer and that I was compassionate. Because of this, she began to come around more and more to see me. For my support. The child’s dad didn’t grow up with a lot of love in his own life, so he showed his daughter very little attention. I was the opposite of him. I began to shower this little girl with as much attention as she showered me with.

So the years kept passing, and me and the child grew closer and closer together … and as she grew up, she began to regard me with a sincere affection.

So there I was, a thousand miles away from my own family, with another family who didn’t like me all that much. And the only reason the sister started to like me was because I was there for her in her time of need … and her little daughter and me got on so well.

LD (summarizes) : So here we have a very strange situation. Don has a wife and daughter in another city. He has abandoned them both and gone to live with another woman he has met on the internet—a career woman living in a distant city. His girlfriend has a married sister. This sister has a baby. It is this child, his girlfriend’s niece, for whom Don develops an obsessive passion as she matures into an attractive 6-year-old girl.

The child becomes, in a sense, Don’s fantasy “child bride”. There is no penetrative sex between them, Don says, but there is clearly a lot of pedophilia of a furtive nature going on in the background. The child appears to be totally unaware that she is the secret object of Don’s sexual ardor.

I cannot help feeling that the child’s strange gravitation toward Don—the fact that she is constantly seeking him out to sit on his lap and nuzzle up to him etc—is an instinctive reciprocal response to his sexual attraction for her that she senses subconsciously.

Even at the age of 6, she can be described as a “little teaser” . . . like the sexualized little girls in the picture below:


Dakota Rose (left) and Angelic Venus (right)
both trying to look like miniature sex dolls

—  §  —

DON :  So I started to have feelings for this child, often dreaming of kissing her and things like that because she often kisses me on the lips to show her affection. At first it felt kind of strange, because in my family we didn’t grow up having that much affection with any adult. It felt good. I began to like it when she would kiss me on my lips or face or rub my head. It made feel at peace.

My girlfriend would joke and say “HEY, THAT’S MY DONALD!” and the kid would reply “NO, HE’S MINE!” and everyone would laugh…

More and more, thoughts and feelings began to form in my head. I felt guilty, because I started thinking to myself, AM I A PEDOPHILE? WHY DO I FEEL THIS WAY?

It bothered me… because all these stories of pedophiles were hitting the news and the population was growing a hatred for them.

So here I was having these thoughts that were growing … along with my anger for women. I felt they were shallow, only wanting men with good jobs and nice cars or good credit. All the things I did not have.

So during this time me and my girlfriend stopped having sex as much as before. She would never tell me, but she was angry at me for not getting my life together, and I was angry with her in return because I felt she resented me.

She took a very caring approach but I could not tell her how my anger had grown for her as well as other women. How could I feel “romantic” with someone who didn’t even want to give me a child and resented me for being a failure?

So because I was disillusioned with women in general and didn’t have a good relationship with the one I lived with … I grew distant and cool … but the little girl was always there to make me feel better. She made me feel like I wasn’t so bad.

At this same time, my daughter who is a teenager accepted me completely because I was her father. She hated the fact that I’d moved away. To make up for me moving away and only visiting once a year, I began to call her a lot.

So here I am … feeling angry towards one group of people (adult women) and being accepted by another group of people (younger girls). Ask yourself, how would anybody continue to have a “romantic interest” in a group of people they are angry with???

So over time I accepted what was happening to me, that I was becoming a pedophile … and at first I told myself it wasn’t true. No way could I be like these monsters they describe on TV! … But even though I didn’t have harmful thoughts such as they do .. I did have one thing in common with them … I had an interest in children. That made me feel sick.

So I began going more downhill socially … looking at everyone as an enemy … people who would hate me or try to kill if they knew how I thought.

I think this is what happens to many pedophiles. They don’t feel accepted by their own peers. Meaning other adults. So they turn away from them and seek another outlet. In my case, that outlet was children. I started to think about them more and more.

Nowadays, when I walk down the street and see attractive women, I look, but I know how they are. They don’t want a man with no job, no car, no prospects. They don’t want a guy who has become a pedophile … So even though they look beautiful to me, I feel turned off and angry with them.

But when I see little girls, I feel that they wouldn’t care about any of the things women would care about … so I see little girls in a better light. They are very beautiful, just like grown women are, but they don’t think in the horrible way grown women do. They think nice thoughts about me.

Now I rarely talk to people at all anymore. I’m angry, but I’m more sad and hurt than anything else. And every time this little girl comes around … I feel like things are not so bad.

It’s true … I had pedophile thoughts before I met my girlfriend … but they were not as strong as they are now … I wasn’t like other guys in my teens and 20s. I didn’t date a lot or get much sex and romance from girls my age … at the age of about 22 it began to creep in … I remember seeing schoolgirls and thinking to myself how pretty they were. And I even masturbated over them … but back then it was only on rare occasions. By now you have seen that the little girl I LOVE SO MUCH is my girlfriend’s niece … which further adds to my guilt.

I’m not making excuses, just explaining my thoughts. On to your next question.

DR DAVID GREEN :   Did you have any childhood experiences, or experiences during early adolescence, that might have predisposed you toward pedophilia? My own theory is that pedophilia, like so many other aberrations, is basically a fetish. By which I mean, an addiction developed and reinforced by orgasm.

Thus I read in Krafft-Ebing that a man in 19th century Italy developed a fetish for women with small pox scars. This is because, during an outbreak of small pox in Rome, he had consorted with prostitutes scarred by small pox. Similarly, one can develop a taste for one-legged women. I’ve heard about a hooker in my neck of the woods who never lacks for customers. She has an iron leg.

I believe that pedophilia, a taste for children, can develop in the same way as an obsessive sexual interest in one-legged women can develop. Or women with small pox scars. It’s an acquired taste reinforced by constant orgasms.

DON :  I have had child sex experiences but it wasn’t with an adult, it was with a girl who was older than me by a few years. She showed me her vagina. I was probably around 8 or 9 and she was around 13 or 14. I touched her but I didn’t masturbate her or anything like that.

I think pedophiles already have the taste before being exposed to children. Even though I have thought and fantasized about children since I was in my early 20s, I think that lust has grown a LOT more after being around a child who has given me a lot of affection.

Even though I have never been intimate with a child … I have had an affectionate friendship with one. And since it feels nice, it is only natural to assume that intimacy would be even nicer since all intimacy begins with some type of affection.

DR DAVID GREEN : Would I be correct in saying that your original sexual desires were pretty normal in that you found yourself attracted to girls of your own age and to adult women? and that your attraction toward underage girls (age 5-11) was a later development? and that your attraction toward underage girls has now more or less supplanted your desire for adult women?

DON :  Yes, you would be correct. During my teens I can’t remember ever looking at a child in that way. Thoughts of a child never even crossed my mind. The attraction towards underage girls came later when I was in my early 20s.

I don’t know if I would use the word “supplanted” because my desire for adult women has not been replaced or superseded by my desire for underage girls. I am still very attracted to adult women.

DR DAVID GREEN : Finally, if forced to choose one particular age for maximum sexual attraction in a little girl, what age would you personally choose? Do you think that age 5 would be considered too young for most pedophiles and age 11 too old?

Thank you for cooperating with me. I am learning a lot from our exchange of ideas.

Let me add that I sympathize and empathize with your situation absolutely. And so it seems that one thing leads to another… and a complex web is woven… and you are part of that web.

DON :  Age isn’t really so important. If someone is attracted to an 8-year-old, they will also be attracted to a 9-year-old. As far as [what is] too young or too old,  I have seen 13- and 14-year-old girls I am attracted to as well as 5-year-olds.

DR DAVID GREEN : The Weaver of Nights and Days has woven the web in which you find yourself implicated, ensnared, and trapped. If anyone is to blame for your situation, the Great Weaver is.

It is not for me to condemn the Weaver, let alone condemn you, who are part of his web.

Continue with your fascinating narrative, and maybe it will help you more than you think to make these semi-public revelations. Maybe you will achieve a catharsis of some kind.

My only advice to you at this stage—reject it if you wish—is to look upon this little girl you adore as your spiritual daughter. In a sense, that is what she is. Instead of lusting after her, which is sad and pathetic and can bring nothing but misery to you in the long run, try and love her with a spiritual love—a transformative, mystical love—as Dante loved the beautiful Beatrice and as Petrarch loved Laura.

Am I asking too much?

DON :  You are not asking too much. In fact, I’ve already begun to shift those feelings over the past month or so. My love has become very spiritual … I want to see the best for her … and the love she has given me … and the Love I feel for her … It is easy to have this mystical love you speak of ….

As time goes on it becomes harder and harder to lust for someone who I see as another daughter figure in my life. So believe me when I say … I AGREE WITH YOUR WORDS … 100%.

I think this has helped me a lot … being able to talk to someone and tell them how I feel. I don’t know if it was by accident or intentionally … but your questions have forced me to do something that I have never done … EXAMINE MYSELF … I would not have been able to answer all of the questions that you have asked without digging deep into my soul …

You told me at one point to skip questions that were too personal … but I knew if I did that, I would only continue hiding from myself and never acknowledging who I am and why I am the way I am.

You may not know it … but you have done a great deed in life …. You wanted me to tell the truth … and the reason I did … is because by lying … I would have only been hurting myself … and no one else … So, THANK YOU!

LASHA DARKMOON : I’ve decided  to end the interview at this point. There were no further important revelations about Don’s pedophilia, so this seemed an appropriate moment to stop. Allow me to conclude with a brief summary of the background situation in regard to pedophilia.

Child Porn and the Sexualization of Children

images10-year-old girl sexualized by Vogue magazine, owned by Condé Nast Publications which is in turn owned by the Jewish Newhouse (Nauhaus) family.

The sexualization of young children, especially girls, proceeds today at a breakneck speed in our society. Pedophilia is definitely being promoted by the elite media and fashion industry, but especially by the internet.

In January, 2011, a photo spread appeared in French Vogue which was widely condemned and thought to be a pioneer attempt at mainstreaming child porn. Wearing heavy make-up and gold stilettos, Thylane Blondeau was shown sprawling seductively on leopard print bed covers. This pouting “sex bomb” was just ten years old.

For further details, check out this article on Noor al Haqika’s excellent site: Disturbing Sex Kitten French Vogue Photoshoot featuring children.

British MP Helen Goodman accused Vogue magazine of being “disgraceful and totally irresponsible” in whipping up pedophilia in this sneaky, underhand way—testing the waters, as it were, to see what they could get away with.  “They have descended into the gutter,” she fumed. 

When asked to explain why they were photographing eroticized little girls in salacious adult poses, Condé Nast, which owns Vogue and is itself owned by the Jewish Newhouse (Neuhaus) family, was “unavailable for comment.”

The Editor-in-Chief of French Vogue at that time was Carine Roitfeld, thought to be Jewish, who is on record as saying, “I will always be irreverent in my own way. I’ve used a lot of cigarettes, a lot of sexy pictures, a lot of naked girls…”

Interestingly enough, Dr Milton Diamond, a University of Hawaii professor and director of the Pacific Center for Sex and Society—who also happens (coincidentally) to be Jewish— has argued that child pornography would be beneficial to society because “Potential sex offenders use child pornography as a substitute for sex against children.”

Dr Diamond is a distinguished lecturer for the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. The same institute lists, on its website, a list of “basic sexual rights” that include “the right to engage in sexual acts or activities of ANY KIND WHATSOEVER, providing they do not involve nonconsensual acts, violence, constraint, coercion or fraud.”

Another thing these sex pioneers are promoting is “the freedom of any sexual thought, fantasy or desire.” The Institute also states, significantly, that “NO ONE SHOULD BE DISADVANTAGED BECAUSE OF AGE.” (Emphasis added)

Dr Diamond actually sees the protections now being extended to children as a “disadvantage”. Why are these adorable little creatures, full of life’s promise, being denied the exquisite pleasures of sexual intercourse with adults old enough to be their grandfathers? So goes the argument.

Here’s more good news for you if you happen to be a pedophile.

Dr Diamond says he would like to legalize child porn so that pedophiles can enjoy the “innocent” pleasure of masturbating over little children. His argument is superficially plausible: if masturbating over children stops pedophiles raping and killing them, it is the lesser of two evils. So child pornography serves a useful social function; it reduces child sex abuse crimes.

See Legalizing Child Pornography reduces child sex abuse crimes (Scientific study by Dr. Milton Diamond, U. Hawaii).

The logical consequences of this ill-advised advocacy of sexual deviancy, dressed up as “scientific research”, will of course be child brothels. For if it is permissible to masturbate over pornographic images of children, it is obvious that the children who professionally pose for these flagrantly salacious pictures cannot but be aware that they are complicit partners in an obscene sex act, effectively making themselves child prostitutes.

Having freely consented to being masturbated over with the blessing of the state and their parents, these children, it can be argued,  should  be allowed to sell their bodies for cash in state-run brothels.

Conclusion: children are now being deliberately groomed to pedophilia by the degenerate mass media and the hidden Puppet Masters who rule the world.

How many of our children will escape “the snare of the fowler and noisome pestilence” is anyone’s guess.  

If you have a few minutes to spare, please watch this chillingly unforgettable 9-minute video produced by the late Dr William Pierce. If this doesn’t convince you that we are about to enter one of the darkest periods of our history—when sexual perversion will be praised and anyone who values decency will be held up to ridicule and contempt—nothing will.


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  1. Agreed with Lasha that society is being groomed for the acceptance of paedophilia. It (child pornography / sex trafficking) is a multi-million (billion?) dollar business; but, where are the dead bodies of offenders? Yet, there are dead bodies of children.

    We are living in anarchy; no Justice; no Law; no Order; Order replaced by slavery. The only Solution is the one I’ve spoken about repeatedly, but it falls on deaf ears.

    It amazes me (it really does) that I meet with such indifference when I say that we, the people, must begin enforcing The Torah/The Law of God under the Leadership of Christ Jesus. The Jews (counterfeit or otherwise) are not following The Torah. It has been abandoned for man-made laws and therein lies the problem. I rest my case.

    1. The William Pierce video confirms everything we the sapient and concerned have known for years.

    2. @ New Song

      Well said, New Song! Your heart is in the right place. I’m getting to like you quite a lot. Sorry for being mean to you in the past. Keep up the good work.

      1. Pat,

        Exactly. And nature doesn’t care about man made laws. Man can only fool himself, but never nature.
        As long as we disregard (our own) nature there is no hope for us.

    3. New Song,

      I think Europeans would have been better off if they had never heard of Jesus. We were doing pretty well before and have not been doing so well after. There might be a significant correlation.

      1. @ Pat

        Try and understand there is a limit to free speech. If you haven’t learned the unwritten rules of this website, learn them quick for your own good. You are perfectly free to spit in the faces of 2.1 billion Christians if it makes you feel more like a man, but we won’t let you do this on our website. You may spit in our faces once, you may spit in our faces twice; we have let you do so and wiped the spittle away. But we won’t let you go on doing this whenever you feel like it.

        If you want to spit on Christ, get your own website.

      2. Pat,

        “You and I are on the same page today…”

        That happens more frequently than you think.

        @ Admin,

        I am not sure I understand you. Who has spit on Christ by saying what?

        1. @ 1138

          Admin : I am not sure I understand you. Who has spit on Christ by saying what?

          I wasn’t on monitoring duty this morning, so I’m not what all the fuss is about. The comment about “spitting on Christ” was made by Dr DZ who had just been to a Christian funeral. His wife of 30 years had just died. I think he came back and read some Christ-bashing comment that hit him really hard below the belt. His response to what he read was probably an overreaction. Make allowances for a man in deep bereavement.

          1. It’s best to remember that this is a pro-Christian site and do your best not to wind up the administrators of the site by abusing their hospitality. In other words, as Dr DZ pointed out correctly, “there is a limit to free speech.” Be tactful and try not to give needless offense to those who are letting you air your opinions on this site. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

            Try saying bad things about Krishna and you will soon make an enemy of Homer (Hp) who happens to be a devout follower of the Lord Krishna. Try abusing Gautama Buddha and you will soon excite the anger of Felix who happens to be a practicing Buddhist. So what makes you Christ bashers think you can come onto this pro-Christian website and tell us how much your hate and despise Jesus Christ?

            I hope I have made myself clear. This is not a Christ-bashing site and we don’t want it to become one.

      3. Toby,

        “The comment about “spitting on Christ” was made by Dr DZ who had just been to a Christian funeral. His wife of 30 years had just died.”

        Do pass on my heart felt, condolences to Dr DZ. He must feel dreadful and understandable his reaction. Although I’m sure Pat wasn’t bashing anyone, or 1138, here. I think every part of history must be open to scrutiny. Nothing should be protected, or we’re no different to the Jews, who imprison people for questioning the holocaust. And again, my sympathies to Dr DZ. 🙁

      4. I think Europeans would have been better off if they had never heard of Jesus

        After the sincere condolences to Dr Z, let me address this issue head on.

        It raises its ugly, deformed head on a periodic basis and it is this:

        Jew’s entire nature, his reason for existence on this diseased world, his design in the intestines of Hell is based on just one concept: to wreak maximum misery, suffering and evil upon humanity, Jew is demon directed by malicious ruler of the underworld, the Devil.
        i don’t care whether you believe this or not, i only ask you to observe jew’s activity from the “time immemorial” to this day and name me one period when the body of Judaism did anything good and positive for people.
        From Kol Nidre onward, and I do recommend that you read it daily until it has seeped into your consciousness, and even more importantly into your subconscious, not just the word but its deep meaning, right through your granite skulls, that
        Argue that with me if you will, 1138.
        No? okay, let’s move on with this subject then.

        so when jew expresses some belief, desire or wish, what earthly reason would you have to agree with him, to join forces in partnership with him?
        Tell me, i am curious and at a loss to understand your motives.
        Automatically, in a knee jerk fashion, as soon as you sense profound animosity and ill-will that Jew harbors toward anything, be it idea, concept, philosophy, ideology, an individual or a group – your sympathies must automatically swing their way and you can wonder what’s it all about later – but NEVER, EVER SIDE WITH JEW.

        Jew’s genuine hatreds are easy to read because hating is one thing he does exceptionally well, with passion, his only legible emotion, so bank on it.

        jew hates Russia, islam, truth, freedom, prosperity (of the goyim), he hates culture, civilization, happiness, security, family, health, he hates terribly national Socialism and Hitler.

        And above all, he hates Jesus from the days of his ministry onward, an unquenchable, burning hatred, etched in brimstone and talmud.
        i am not asking you to understand why, it’s the old “you can take the horse to the water …” thing, it is your right to remain outside the sphere of understanding Jesus and i respect that right.
        But DO NOT LINK ARMS WITH JEW AGAINST JESUS, the Jew’s favorite, most intense object of hate, 2,000 years and counting.

        Note that this site abounds in jew-enablers in every one of the listed targets of jew venom, i am beside myself in trying to get it through their thick heads that in doing so, they are exactly the same as Hillary and Biden and Rumsfeld and Cheney and Blair, except they are not getting paid for the free service to jew, which makes them even bigger losers.

        And the final thought, getting back to the quoted line, let me repeat it:

        I think Europeans would have been better off if they had never heard of Jesus

        Today’s Europeans NEVER HEARD OF JESUS, you got no fears on that score.
        Today’s Christians never heard of Jesus.
        And that is more than half of their downfall.
        If they paid any attention to what Jesus said, what he preached, what he was about, it would be a short while before Jew found himself out the exit door, just like in the days of King Edward I, Isabella y Ferdinand, the Christian (read: Catholic rulers, who cared for their people, for their faith, morals and justice).

        i am giving it maybe 3-4 days max before this insanity repeats itself …

      5. Lobro, if you are a Catholic, be a fair Catholic…
        “…. just like in the days of King Edward I, Isabella y Ferdinand, the Christian (read: Catholic rulers, who cared for their people, for their faith, morals and justice)”
        and add to this list the longest running empire in history, during which (((they))) didn’t fare so well, the one they managed to obscure in the history books, a period they decided to call the Dark Ages, although there was a lot of light in that empire: the Byzantine Empire

      6. Toby, if by devout you mean did tears well up when I saw the beautiful picture of Saint Teresa on her glorious bed, then yes.
        I did imagine her excitement and peace as she met her dear Lord face to face!

        But of course I’m just a lazy amateur, poor and barely civilized.
        Some might(will) even argue as to that much..

        Hence my good health and sunny nature!

        1. But of course I’m just a lazy amateur, poor and barely civilized.
          Some might(will) even argue as to that much..

          Come come, dear Homer, such modesty ill becomes you! To Lasha you have always been some kind of Oriental sage. She once said to me, “Homer is the only person I know who understands that Christ and Krishna are the same person.”

          You may be poor . . . but you once offered to sell your old rifle and send the money to the Sage of Niqnaq! I learned that from Lasha. She is full of these amusing stories. 🙂

      7. If Europeans never heard of Jesus everything would indeed be different, but it would be worse beyond your imagination. It is Christianity, especially the monasteries, that preserved classical learning during over 500 years of barbarian destruction. It is Christianity that gave us hospitals, universities, orphanages, social welfare, and so much more, including the positive sciences. You and I wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for Christianity. If it weren’t for the Catholic Church, the jews would have taken control of our western world and turned it into a living hell many centuries ago, since the Catholic Church was what kept them from achieving their diabolical objectives, but now the Church is weak and therefore they are strong and wreaking havoc on the rest of us. And as for those who think the Catholic Church is largely responsible for bringing Europe into the Dark Ages, they are simply thinking rubbish which jewish and other anti-Catholics have drummed into their heads. As the great G.K. Chesterton wrote,
        “Christianity, so far from belonging to the Dark Ages, was the one
        path across the Dark Ages that was not dark. It was a shining bridge connecting two shining civilizations….
        the most absurd thing that could be said of the Church is the
        thing we have all heard said of it. How can we say that the
        Church wishes to bring us back into the Dark Ages? The Church
        was the only thing that ever brought us out of them.”

      8. ariadna, point taken, you are quite right.
        the Rome on Pontus Euxinus indeed figured out how to keep them in place and for the most part were ruled by some of the most devout Christians ever in power.

        wish the newest seat of true Christianity, Moscow were as successful.

      9. additionally (ariadna), the western catholic rulers actually kicked them out.
        there is no reason for any society to provide harbor to jews
        since at the very, exceptional best, they contribute absolutely nothing, and
        for the most part, ie, almost hundred percent of the time, they wreak disease, destruction and misery on the host on a truly horrific, terminal scale.

        so give me one reason why anyone should put up with them, just one.
        except maybe to provide a cautionary example: this is what happens when you give home and shelter to the Devil, like Aeasop’s fable of a man fatally bitten by a serpent whom he picked up on the road.

        what greater proof of the universal mental deterioration of today’s society that this object lesson is entirely lost on those venerating jews as some kind of wise elder brothers, the crucible of intellect and culture, to be placed on throne above all?
        The deadly myth of a Good Jew.

      10. Toby, and others,

        I am very sorry for Dr Z’s loss. And I can understand a reaction at such a moment in one’s life.

        But I haven’t said anything bad about Jesus, nor do I lay any blame on Jesus for whatever happened in this world.

        But along with the acquaintance of Jesus came the religion Christianity, which replaced our own ( considered pagan ) beliefs and completely changed our world view and messed our instincts up. And from a biological standpoint that hasn’t done us much good. Why should we have become Christians? Why should anyone voluntarily have cast away his own centuries old convictions in order become a member of the religion Christianity? Wasn’t it Jesus himself that said that people shouldn’t put their trust in these organised religions lead by ‘organisers’ and ‘wise’ men? If you asked me – and I admit my expertise on this is non-existent – if Jesus would have wanted any people to change their ways – become Christians – it must have been the jews, not necessarily every pagan in the world.

        I understand that this is a Christian site, but I don’t understand that the most faul language by Christians and non-Christians is being tolerated here – very frequently – while a critical view of the consequences of Christianity on Europeans is being considered a sort of a forbidden zone.

        Again, I am not a Christian, nor religious in the traditional sense, but let me assure you that I do respect Jesus a lot.

        1. @ 1138

          Let me assure you that this site has allowed countless anti-Christian comments to be published without the slightest attempt at censorship. But there is a fine dividing line between a responsible anti-Christian critique and an irresponsible critique of Christianity. We have published dozens of articles by John Kaminski on this site, for example. Kaminski has never been parsimonious in his criticisms of the Christian religion. He was also a great basher of Muslims and Islam. We let him have his say here because he knew how to organize his attacks in a responsible way, without resort to juvenile vituperation and spiteful ad hominem attacks on individual Christians and their most cherished beliefs.

          We have also published the anti-Christian writer JB Campbell on this site. Dr William Pierce, whose videos on pedophilia we have just run, had no time for Christianity either. We did not censor JB Campbell or Dr William Pierce, did we? We have given them a platform here. This is because they knew how how to make a valid point in a responsible way, backed with facts and arguments. Feel free to attack pedophile priests, evil popes, and the pre-Vatican II Catholic Church. Feel free also to attack Christian hypocrisy, the Christian Zionists, and the mindlessness of organized religion and its abuses. What we are against here is hysterical and puerile attacks on the person of Jesus Christ by sick degenerates.

          Our brilliant commenter Lobro, whom we are so happy to have here, has spelled this out clearly more than once: that what the Jew hates above all other things is Jesus Christ. The Jew’s pathological hatred of Jesus (see the Talmud) tells us that any non-Jew who jumps on the Jewish bandwagon and begins throwing stones at Christ, sneering at Christ for “not existing” for example — thereby poking fun at Christians who do — is simply a Useful Idiot for the Jews.

          Truly, unless these people can acquire tact and sensitivity in their old age — the wisdom to know when to shut up — there’s no point in these Christ Haters posting comments on this site. Let them go elsewhere and set up their own Christ-bashing sites. We’re not stopping them.

      11. Darrell,

        “If Europeans never heard of Jesus everything would indeed be different, but it would be worse beyond your imagination.”

        I don’t believe that.

        “It is Christianity, especially the monasteries, that preserved classical learning during over 500 years of barbarian destruction.”

        Is it? Well, it is also Christianity that destroyed much of the already existing European cultures and beliefs. Like the Celts – and many more – and the millennia old knowledge of the druids, for example, 5000 years of culture – labeled ‘pagan’ – all deliberately repressed, destroyed and strictly forbidden by Christianity. And BTW, that classical knowledge you mention was all gathered centuries, even millennia before Christianity came anywhere near it, or even existed, remember? It is a well known fact that Christianity also prevented knowledge to spread. Remember Galileo?

        It is Christianity that gave us hospitals, universities, orphanages, social welfare, and so much more, including the positive sciences. You and I wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for Christianity.”

        Is it? Well, it was also Christianity that ‘civilised’ Africa and built hospitals there, for example, resulting in a population explosion which will soon overrun us all. It was also Christianity that preached brotherly love for total strangers and even enemies that prevented us from dealing with them in the only adequate way possible.

        “If it weren’t for the Catholic Church, the jews would have taken control of our western world and turned it into a living hell many centuries ago”

        Really? Well, they got there in the end many centuries ago anyway didn’t they? Wouldn’t have happened had we dealt with them the only way any healthy people would do with any mortal enemy in the first place. No, Christians let their mortal enemy quietly thrive and prepare their evil business among them. Real smart.

        “since the Catholic Church was what kept them from achieving their diabolical objectives, but now the Church is weak”

        That’s right, because in my view, Christianity makes strong and healthy people weak, ready for the take.

        ” and therefore they are strong and wreaking havoc on the rest of us.”

        I rest my case.

        “And as for those who think the Catholic Church is largely responsible for bringing Europe into the Dark Ages,”

        I don’t think that. It’s more plausible that the Roman empire, the then strongest – pagan – culture went south fast after they became – were forced to become – Christians.

        “they are simply thinking rubbish which jewish and other anti-Catholics have drummed into their heads. As the great G.K. Chesterton wrote,
        “Christianity, so far from belonging to the Dark Ages, was the one
        path across the Dark Ages that was not dark. It was a shining bridge connecting two shining civilizations….”

        Who knows, we weren’t there. But again, one could just as easily argue that it was Christianity that brought down the Romans and with it caused the so-called dark ages.

        Furthermore, it has been said that Jesus was the Logos, represented the order of the universe, correct? Well, the order of the universe has created our planet and its nature which we are part of. And nature consists of the huge divserity on planet earth, correct? In my view, Christianity – NOT Jesus – has caused our betrayal of nature by repressing our natural instincts to NOT leave this natural diversity intact which will be the end of us.

        Had we continued living according this natural order, like we already did, and what was, alas shortlived, repeated in NS Germany, we wouldn’t be chatting away endlessly about our current prediciment.

        This is how I see it.

      12. Lobro,

        Although I have already clarified my remark in other posts I will again assure you that I didn’t say anything bad about Jesus. It’s not Jesus that has gotten us into trouble, He didn’t do anything wrong. It’s our own belief in the wrong things.

      13. HP
        You said you are poor. As you are no doubt aware, your teacher Swami Prabhupada is on record in his writings as stating that Vishnu (Krishna) keeps all his true devotees poor for a reason. He likes to test them. Buddhism is the same. Don’t expect any reward for doing good. It’s the same in true Christianity. Saint Francis was devoted to Sister Poverty. It’s only Jews and the Protestant heretics, Calvin, Zwingli et al that regard wealth as a sign of divine blessing. I feel sorry for people who have never been on the bones of their arse at some stage of their life. They’ve never lived!

      14. Toby,

        I understand and respect your site policy.

        I suppose I could have been a bit more elaborate when posting my initial comment. It was rather short and left a lot of room for personal interpretation.

      15. 1138,
        don’t worry about it, I know you meant well.
        It’s just that i have developed an innate suspicion of ALL memes floating around, the “Everybody Knows” types, because of the high probability that they have been seeded by Jew and are therefore not only inaccurate, ie, lies but purposely germinated and bred to inflict maximum damage on the society.

        EVERYTHING you hear in common parlance is a pernicious lie, some of them contain grains and granules of truth but are wickedly exaggerated and twisted to serve Jew’s propagandist aims, others are complete fabrications without even that one grain of truth.
        Therefore, I cannot help snarling when I hear people thoughtlessly repeating kosher mantra, whatever the subject, even when I am initially ignorant of it, because one doesn’t have to dig deep to discover the maggots at work and the true facts, long hidden come to life.

        Thus, I don’t really know whether the druids were all that good and kind, no less than the Iroquis that CW Porter mentioned the other day to B-hawk, whether the classical Greeks would have resisted the evil temptations of a properly developed Judaic blueprint.
        All cultures cross-pollinated themselves promiscuously, the Minoans, Egyptians, Nubians, Mesopotamians, Persians (Aryans) penetrating deep into Dravidian lands of India … even though we consider the Classical Greece to be the cradle of Western civilization that informed the core of Rome, which then ended up as Byzantium, ie, Greek again, there were always sects and cults, some weirder than others.
        All of the Roman legions worshiped Mithras, an essentially Greco-Persian deity of war, it was a free for all.
        Early Judaism was just another of these competing cults, big in the Levant and by no means confined to Hebrew tribes … however, something was happening there that went beyond mere religious fun, games and revelry, an inside force more malignant than the world had ever seen before or after … was gestating, just like Rosemary’s baby, directing a new development path.
        Let me quote Suetonius again, almost no one payid attention to its true meaning then and just about everybody is unaware of it today

        “An ANCIENT superstition was current in the East, that out of Judaea at this time would come the rulers of the world.”

        He said ANCIENT back in AD 60, mere generation after Christ.

        I said it before and I will repeat: antiChrist predates Christ, who appeared in order to warn the world of the unspeakable thing growing in its midst, “the rough beast slouching, its hour come round at last”.

        Laugh all you will (not necessarily you, 1138, i mean it figuratively, everyone out there with the practical, “engineering” mental bent (i will get to that in a moment – separate post)).
        It sounds as hollow as it is hysterical, whistling past a graveyard.

        A mole digging its subterranean burrows will always laugh at a crow observing world from a higher perch, believing that it is wasting time instead of minding its own, narrowly defined business.
        Maybe we are discussing issues of biology here, not sure.
        But when the Jew land developer decides to build another wooden studs+drywall subdivision for a cheap sale and quick profit on the blind mole’s land, guess who will be more surprised.

      16. Lobro,

        “like in the days of King Edward I, Isabella y Ferdinand, the Christian (read: Catholic rulers, who cared for their people, for their faith, morals and justice).”

        Yes, but are you suggesting that the ‘pagan’ kings – which were the natural aristocracy – didn’t care about their people, their faith, morals and justice?

        Furthermore, despite the all former’s well meant intentions they were at the same time negligent for not dealing with this problem the only way that guarantees lasting results. They must have known what utter evil jews represent, so it isn’t implausible that being devout Christians caused that negilgence. That is in fact very likely the case. And now we are paying the price for that.

      17. @DARREL

        Before the Christian so-called religion took over the cultures of Europe, there was a school of philosophical, medical, natural sciences, legal studies, arts and much more. There was a democratic state experience, sophisticated trade and libraries, and more freedom.

        There was even Buddhism in Europe. In Greece.

      18. @ Lobro

        “The deadly myth of a Good Jew.”

        It’s a myth because “Good Jew” is an oxymoron. If a person is “Good,” they cannot be part of the jewish cult driven by hatred of their fellowman doing the lusts of their father, the devil. If a person is part of the jewish cult driven by hatred of their fellowman doing the lusts of their father, the devil, they cannot be “Good.” Consequently, the term “Good Jew” is a deadly oxymoron as well.

    4. Jews have not only abandoned the Torah, they have embraced the demonic Talmud as their primary book of “learning”.

      The Judas Class in D.C. have already begun embracing it for all the U.S. Using their almost complete control of economies/politics/media they have already been successful in perverting same in the west. The ridiculous holocaust lie is, in my opinion, not only a source of billions in income but a perfect way to cull sympathy from Goim. It must be near orgasmic for them (Jews) to see how easily “the exceptionals” in Sewer Nation are to manipulate. In fact, (silly me!), they’ve said as much;

      Dual citizens within this government and Jews/shills inserted into nations’ governing bodies corrupted by the dual world power, Britain/U.S. are leading their cultures into the same trap and will eventually have a true holocaust which will eclipse the tens of millions slaughtered in Russia and Eastern Europe in toto. there is simply no “middle ground” in dealing with the Jew. their evil/visceral hatred for the Goim shows this;

      As did Solzhenitsyn’s “200 years together”.
      A cursory look at the exploding numbers of treacherous dual citizens in “appointed” positions within Sewer Nation’s body politic reinforces this.

    5. “We are living in anarchy; no Justice; no Law; no Order; Order replaced by slavery.”

      New Song, why do you believe that we are living in an anarchy? We are living, if anything within the pages of Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World Revisited. This cryptocracy we live in is the polar opposite of an anarchy!
      Really and I do mean really. Anarchy in its most basic form is translated as ‘without rule/leaders’. Are you really under the impression that today it’s a case of every man for himself in a dog eat dog world with no rules and people to impose them?

      The state is authoritarian. Here in Scotland there are arresting anyone who speaks out against immigrants. In an anarchy there would be no police to arrest anyone, nor would there be judiciaries to steal from and imprison people. We are living under feudalism yet again, where the bankers are the wealthy landowners and kings. They are ABOVE any law, but are happy to impose all and any Law (read statute [legislation] which is nothing more than control mechanisms straight from the Babylonian Talmud, furthering the theft of the goyim by the Jew) upon the non Jew. In the USA, police look like heavily armed soldiers and are happy to shoot at anyone.

      If there was a true anarchy there would be NONE OF THE ABOVE.

      I wish people would stop throwing out the word anarchy to describe the socialist dystopia that we live in today. It’s really quite pathetic, to say the least.

    6. New Song,

      “we, the people, must begin enforcing The Torah/The Law of God under the Leadership of Christ Jesus” ~ Did you REALLY say that with a straight face? Holy Noahides, Batman!

      I do not see anarchy anywhere here … what we have is anglo-zionist manufactured chaos, an entirely different creature. The former has positive connotations when understood properly in its original glory; the latter is totally destructive to bring about further downfall and confusion. All I see is a weak male, a very weak male, who is full of himself and blames the world for his own failures. Amazing what happens when you don’t finish school…

      But that is a digression. What is done to these children and the victims of decades of abuse (just look at Jolly old England) is not the product of anarchy. It is rampant deviancy that is been steadily mainstreamed to society in general. Disney came to the forefront when it was taken over by the Tribe…. although Walt did do a certain amount of grooming before hand. The new crew just amped up the volume as seen in that photo of those little girls in costume above.

      I have claimed for years that this is systematic grooming and am glad LD is bringing this matter to the fore.

      (I never want to delve into the sewer of that Don’s thinking again.)

      Meanwhile, as this goes on…. TV is gleefully bringing back Toddlers and Tiaras and amping up the sexiness of the babies involved. I watched an hour of it the other day… unbelievable. Especially when the child has a “pageant daddy” instead of Mom… and does her practice routines for him and his buddies in the garage. Yes…

      This stuff is more than condoned…

      It ain’t anarchy.

    7. What are the mothers doing here? Dressing up 5 year-olds like sex symbols. If these child beauty competitions are responsible so are the mothers who doll up their daughters.

  2. Well,you know,someone is to is a true story.a friend of mine looked after his neighbor’s cat while they went on vacation,he said the cat was the gentlest creature he had ever seen but he was rough with that innocent cat that when the owners came back for her they had to get rid of her because she became mean . these bastards are like your local police department who gradually bring or allow drugs in your town then turn around and arrest you for it and announce they have a drug problem in the neighborhood . I truly hate the people who set other people up for without that , life usually continues in a normal way .
    sex is the catnip of men .It’s amazing what it does to a cool , calm ,collected, and composed men.


    Putin is so weak he cannot protect his country’s white children from Pharisee-Jews running over him in Russia. He needs to put his shirt back on and kick some Pharisee-Jew asses.

    Even the good Russians will not do anything to protect their own children…. POWERLESS..!!

    Dr Pierce said, “Well, I guess, there must be some pretty rich jewish filmmakers in Moscow.”

    Dr Pierce said, “ jews are lucky they control mass media in Russia…”

    Russia’s corrupt country cannot succeed in defending themselves from other countries when the Russians cannot eliminate THIS MASSIVE internal problem.

    Russia has these problems because Russia is an extension – SATELLITE – of the US…. and has been since 1917.

    And the US is controlled by Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London.

    1. O. Stone has made a film about Snowden. He had to go to Moscow to meet him. Then, he wanted to shoot some parts of the film in Russia, and he said he couldn’t. Because all, all Russian film making companies are owned by foreigners. And all of them refused to let him shoot in Russia.

      Most of the Russian Internet sites are owned by foreign organizations. There is a constant, non-stopping flow of Russophobic propaganda on the Russian sites, and trolls are controlling the comments sections on most of them.

    2. bare chested Bad Vlad happens to be a democratically elected, serving president of a democratic country called Russia and such is fully subject to the mandated obligations and limits of his office.
      It may be a difficult concept for someone not living in a democracy, where the ruling class rules as it pleases not subject to any such restraints.
      Therefore, in Russia, there are organs of law enforcement, also subject to oversight and control of judiciary, whose job is to act on instances and complaints of pedophilia, without bare chested bad vlad riding his stallion to save the abused children.
      he cannot act unilaterally outside his mandate.

      note however, that in Russia, dressing up preschooler like whorehouse trollops, pasting lipstick, mascara, false eyelashes and forcing them to prance seminaked on stages IS NOT ALLOWED, however much certain sick parents desire.
      I guess in the USA, parents have their g-d given right to pimp their toddlers in hope of striking it rich on some lucrative TV venue and this is where the trouble starts.
      Jew will always strive for the sickest filth possible, as in America, so in Russia and Germany and everywhere else, whatever he can get away with.
      Note that his freedom of action (“Jewish freedom”) is greatly curtailed in Russia compared with the United States and instead of applauding this (eg, no depraved gay parades, suppression of FEMEN, Pussy riots – to the unanimous shrieks of outrage from the countries which you are kind of slow to criticize, let alone compare head-on with Russia), you look under every rock for the slightest chance to jump on Putin and Russia.

      Yeah, go after the best.

      Because I say, again and again, that Putin is better than: Clinton(s), Obama, Kerry, Biden, May, Merkel, Cameron, Blair, Bush(s), Hollande, Sarkozy, … why waste space, better than ANY POST-WW1 western leader, excepting Hitler, ie, a century of unending cowardice, appeasement, treason, venality, mendacity, spineless servitude to jew from the sum total of the shitty West.
      Today’s Russia (notwithstanding that you continually paint it as a biological extension of Bolshevik Soviet Union) is a much more open, democratic state than almost anything West has seen in the last 50 years, at least as much as the socialist Canada under Pierre Trudeau or France under several post-Gaulist administrations.
      All that i said above can be easily and independently verified by going to sources.

      No need for cheap and unfair slagging, this should not be the instrument of choice for a non-Jew.

      Russia is not perfect but it is at least making effort to improve and it is improving in all areas, day-by-day, despite unrelenting opposition, sabotage and hostility of the “developed” Jew-owned world, which on the contrary and as per talmudic dictates is going from bad to worse on the daily basis.
      Are you not able to perceive this and must resort to the basest ad hominem and judging through deformed, biased, myopic prism?

      Moscow subway train is 40 seconds late, blame Vlad.
      Snow came early, blame Vlad.
      Jew press spews usual garbage, blame who else, Vlad.

      But never acknowledge that alone in almost the entire world, in Russia you can pick up 2 newspapers that on almost any issue take opposite positions and interpretations, for every jew rag spouting talmudist line, there is one stating the contrary, Russian parliament hears arguments and dissenting opinions on just about every topic – US Cogress? A slaves chorus.
      It is called свободная пресса – FREE PRESS, not sure that the concept exists in modern English except in doublespeak form.
      Tell me, when did you last see an American newspaper that did not toe Jew line exactly, maybe Chicago tribune deviated slightly but no longer in the last 15 years, right?
      Blame Bad Vlad for that too.

      1. Lobro –

        As I stated…

        Even the good Russians will not do anything to protect their own children…. POWERLESS..!!

        Thugs run Russia…. No different than the West.

        And, rather than passing laws against the Pharisee-Jew pedophile thugs… Putin favors Pharisee-Jews:

        Putin initiates law against anti-Semitic Biblical commentary just months ago.

        Russian president Putin continues his strong stance against anti-Semitism.

        He has YOU fooled….. not me.

      2. Kolo –

        Nuclear submarines…. nuclear engineer… 7+ years.

        Get it right…!! Maybe nuclear burnout… 🙂

        You only criticize here. Never provide info… Tell us something we don’t know.

      3. @ Pat

        I’ve been keeping an eye on this Kolo character. I suspect he’s a troll. I’ve noticed he’s attacked about 10 different posters here with his silly one-liners. Never says anything concrete. Just childish abuse.

  4. The greatest tragedy of pedophilia is that it robs children of their childhood as well as their innocence. Its bad enough to have to face this world as an adult, but it is the most horrendous form of torture for a young child to have to begin coping with it at an early age when they are ill prepared to do so. Pedophilia is not alone in this, child labor also has the same effect. Unsurprisingly, Jews lead the way on both counts.

    There are scant few years the human is able to remain innocent and enjoy the world without being burdened by induced fears, preconceptions and malevolent misdirection. Such externally induced influences upon the child often create twisted, misshapened adults.

    “White privilege”

    “Works all day” More white privilege.

    Traveling through these photos provides an interesting journey through the twentieth century. One can visibly see the progression from the late 1800’s to the early part of the twentieth century, onward to the “great depression” and then to WWII and the 1950’s. America’s progress is quite visible through the twentieth century. This progress has now been reversed as civilization returns to the savagery it worked so hard to surmount.

    As with pedophilia and slavery, Jews were at the forefront of child labor and still are to this day with their overseas factories where children are enslaved to produce Nike shoes so Negroes can shoot each other over owning a pair.

    Today America has become thoroughly imbued with the “ME”culture. Sex at its basest nature is all about ME feeling good and to hell with everyone else. “As long as I get mine, the rest can just take care of themselves.” Interestingly, this is the essence of the child who still believes the world was created for, and revolves around, them. So pedophilia abuts the adult’s childish, self-centered, “IT’S ALL ABOUT ME” worldview perfectly. So many people today are stuck in a childlike state. As Idris Shah wrote in Reflections

    “Adult Toddlers ~ Many problems arise in current cultures because numerous adults behave like infants, while it is part of the convention to treat such behavior as that of – adults. But parents would not allow it in their own children. These people are still educable, even though their education might have to be similar to that given to children. We make few facile assumptions about ‘natural’ or ‘basic’ knowledge being already in children. Oddly we assume that adults know a lot of things which they do not.”

    Another gem: “The motto of the human race: Let me do what I like, and give me approval as well.”

    The fact is we come into this life for one purpose – to redirect our selfishness toward helping others. If one only serves themselves, their soul is at a dead end. Death is but a transformation and in the process, one is bound to give up everything attained in this life. From the poorest beggar to a Rothschild, all must surrender everything gained in this life and begin again until the day finally comes where the soul arrives at the understanding the only thing of real value in this life is that which is given willingly to those who carry on. As was written, the greater the effort made here to expose the truth the greater reward in heaven.

      1. Ungenius —

        Please correct the typo in your user name or your comments will continue to go for automatic monitoring. Unless it is NOT a typo and you wish to change your name to “Ungenus”!

      2. @ Toby

        Thanks for bringing it to my attention and for allowing my comments to be posted.

        The problem with “helpful” software is that once a typo is made, sometimes the software helps it continue.

        I used to be perfect, but somehow I got over it, hence, my name. 🙂

    1. Arch,

      “Jews were at the forefront of child labor and still are to this day with their overseas factories where children are enslaved to produce Nike shoes so Negroes can shoot each other over owning a pair.”

      We inhabit a totally freakozoid world.

      The more I think about it the more plausible it sounds. I mean the notion that we are being punished by the universe for abandoning our natural ways. The laws of the universe are the only ones that are real.

    2. To: Arch Stanton August 13, 2016, 4:15 p.m.

      Perfect, very well stated. What you describe has been in no way helped by the popularity of the so-called “philosophy of Ayn Rand”, a “school for psychopaths” if ever there was one. To think that psychotic Soviet Jewess ever sold one book! It’s quite incredible on the face of it. I considered her totally discredited in August 1968 and was amazed to discover that millions of Americans take her seriously. She put a kink in people’s brains. A typical, psychotic, hysterical Talmudic Jew. I thought she’d be forgotten, like Marshall Mcluhan.

  5. Ms. Darkmoon, what is your position on flogging and the guillotine, publicly administered, for these offenses contra children?

    1. Poupon,

      I could go on about this subject forever, but I must resist that temptation!

      Broadly speaking, I am all for the reintroduction of corporal and capital punishment under strictly regulated conditions. By which I mean, great care must be taken to ensure that only the guilty, not the innocent, are punished in this way. The punishment must not only be proportionate to the crime but administered without cruelty. Finally, the punishment must work by acting as an effective deterrent.

      Take corporal punishment. My own ancestors, that is the male ones, were soundly thrashed at school. It did them no harm whatsoever. It did not make them grow up with a perverted love for caning. “Spare the rod and spoil the child” is a Biblical injunction with which I have no problem. I am all for robust physical punishment for antisocial thugs, provided of course the person who wields the whip is not corrupted by developing a taste for sadism.

      As for capital punishment, this is far harder to legislate over. Why? Because many people suffering from depression and terminal diseases who long for euthanasia might then be tempted to commit murder in the knowledge that the State would then dispose of them painlessly. The existence of capital punishment, in other words, might become an incentive for murder.

      There are many serial killers in prison right now who would give their souls if they could be euthanized, e.g., the Moors Murderer Ian Brady who is on prolonged hunger strike and is forcibly fed by a tube thrust up his nose and down his throat. All he wants is to die, but the State won’t let him die peacefully. Keeping him alive is their act of vengeance. Bear this in mind.

      Capital punishment can be abused by the State. After the Nuremberg trials, the Germans who were pronounced guilty were hanged by the American and Brits in a very cruel manner. The hangman was given instructions to bungle each hanging, making sure that each German on the scaffold suffered excruciating torture while suffocating to death slowly.

      I am all for humane punishment provided those who administer it know what they are doing.

      1. Lasha,

        “Broadly speaking, I am all for the reintroduction of corporal and capital punishment under strictly regulated conditions. By which I mean, great care must be taken to ensure that only the guilty, not the innocent, are punished in this way.”

        And what of the Birmingham Six and the Guildford Four? What happens when they introduce the death penalty for denying the holocaust and/or speaking out against Zionism, as they did in Russia?

        The minute you introduce the death penalty into society, you walk a very slippery slope. And worse, in our present system, where other than whacking whistle blowers and people who know too much (classic case of eyewitnesses on 9/11, many of who are now dead), it’s just a case of planting DNA evidence at a scene of a crime and voila, court case followed by black hat and a rope to hang on. Our elites, would want nothing more than to bring back execution. They’d get rid of all the political dissenters and conspiracy theorists, on trumped up charges of paedophilia and murder.

        I am utterly opposed to the death sentence given out by any state, because it just turns into a means of control and worse, a tool of fear, to whack those who attack the state and most certainly the ‘chosen ones’.

        As for corporal punishment, again, I disagree. I was one of those who received the belt at school, for the smallest of misdemeanors. School teachers, all had a belt in their top drawer that they just lashed out upon those whom they felt they wanted to upon. Classic example of that era was the Monty Python sketch in the classroom, before John Cleese teaches the class sexual education, he launches the blackboard duster at one of the pupils. That was just like class when I was at school.

        Corporal and capital punishment are not good in my opinion. It’s physical assault. More so, it’s the classic case of how can you teach murder and assault are wrong by doing just that? And all of you know that I most certainly am not a liberal in the slightest.

      2. Ms. LD, thank you for your quick response. It is refreshing to receive opinions of a person with higher mental abilities who still manages to keep connected to the concrete and empirical world of Nature, which is God’s Infinite Machine that obeys rules and laws.

        I ignore the comments following yours as incomplete, emotional, virtue signaling, and trite, quite honestly.
        I have had the good fortune (it was my fate) to have traveled the world several times over and have spent considerable time in Asian countries. They are presently superior to the West, and have probably always have been, for a much longer time as civilized, refined societies, and have the kernel of regeneration that we occidentals seem to not possess. Or if so, in ever decreasing quantities. Frankly, I stand in awe of the high IQ Eastern Asian countries and its people. And how’s this: I prefer their company in most personal and impersonal interactions.

        My point in the preceding is that such advanced societies with cohesive values-like strong glue!- have a definite set of ideas regarding criminal justice and retribution. You see, Asians do not deny, nor deflect either their desire or the value of retribution and revenge. To do so, is unnatural and in fact degrades and denigrates the value of those lost or mortally injured. It’s the scales, the equation, the balance that restores harmony to life and those wronged. Harmony and Wa.

        Hence, with the exception of Japan (unnaturally so due to the long American occupation) all Asian countries prescribe the death penalty for possessing relatively small amounts of drugs, selling, murder, and in some cases attempted murder. I raise my glass in toast with bonhomie.

        Singapore canes miscreants. Flogging needs a reference for those who reflexively get the vapors:

        Caning is immediate stimuli, breaks down internal mental and cognitive compartmentalization, and releases the brain chemicals that expedite empathy and sympathy in the perpetrator for his victim. “See how it feels?” Take the run of the mill bar fighter, speeder, drunk drive, wife beater, petty criminals, etc. Do you not feel that there would be less recidivism given a good trashing rather than a confinement shooting hoops, pumping iron, and burning through hard earned tax payer money? Wouldn’t you really in your most unguarded, non-collectivized rational mind think that the third major felony deserves the send off to the Next World? Hold! Stop that reflex! Be honest with yourself!

        I don’t follow long winding gerbil bore holes of internal logic, convoluted circular logic, stacked logical fallacies and silly pollyanna hope for reciprocity from psychopaths, malignant narcissists, and just bad people with bad brain wiring. No. I am an engineer, whose acid test and pass criteria is simple: Does it work? If not start again, revise it, or scrap it.

        Just remember, on most measures that count for cultural and racial continuity, Asians are smarter and more wise that Causcasians. We Caucasian are somewhere between Asians and Negroes, and our genome is deteriorating by the decade. We have lost a full 10 IQ points in the last 500 or so years, it is reported.

        We are not practical anymore, and it is killing us.

        1. @ Poupon Marx

          Thanks for this thought-provoking comment. Your admiration for the Asians and their civilization will be welcomed with appreciation by Felix (a regular poster on this site) who is of Irish origin but has lived in Thailand for the last 30-40 years. Felix actually prefers living under the Thai dictatorship than under a pseudo-Western democracy.

          It’s true that the Chinese and related Asian races have a higher average IQ (105-107) than the Europeans and Americans (100), but unfortunately not as high as the average Jewish IQ (110-115).

          The characteristic that distinguishes the Jews from the Chinese is that the Jews get ahead largely by networking and cheating, having no moral conscience over breaking their commercial promises and engaging in systematic fraud. If the Chinese can be compared to clever dogs, the Jews can be compared to cunning foxes. Trickery and deception are what give the Jews their advantage over the rest of us. We are too trusting, too gullible, and they get the better of us every time.

          See how they rule the roost in America and Canada, calling the shots everywhere. Same in Europe. How they manage to do it never ceases to amaze me. I reckon the Devil is on their side.

      3. “I ignore the comments following yours as incomplete, emotional, virtue signaling, and trite, quite honestly.”

        So that’ll be myself and lobro then?
        Would you care to elaborate, on say, the moral aspects of murdering another human? Is this not a ‘Christian’ website? Is one of the ten commandments not ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’? And the innocents, those set up by corrupt politicians, who are then murdered by the state and painted into demons by the msm; what of them? Did Christ not tell his companions to desist at physical violence when they came for him in the garden of Gethsemane? Should people not lead by his example?

        There is NO argument FOR the killing of any human being on this planet, by the state. If you truly do believe that there is, then I hate to say it bub, but you’ve just lost all moral high ground and become no different to those whom you wish to murder. An emotional argument? There is no emotion in this argument whatsoever, quite the contrary. The killing of another by the state is an act of revenge which is an emotion, is it not?

        And just to finish off, when it comes to physical abuse over another, no different to corporal punishment; a young friend of mine was abused by his father all of his life, not sexually, just beaten about. His sister saw the abuse her father gave to her mother as well as herself. Both are now, aggressive individuals, both been in and out of prison and don’t think twice about lashing out at others. In a word they are ‘screwed’ in the head, because of physical (corporal) abuse over them. Emotional? No. Merely pointing out that with every action, there is a consequence. Whatever happened to ‘Do unto others as you would expect to be done unto you’?

        I’m shocked that anyone would be an advocate for capital and corporal punishment. And I laugh out loud when they say idiotic things like “We just have to make sure that innocent people are not killed”. It’s the innocents who always suffer in societies with capital punishment.

      4. Lasha –
        Harb –

        There have been way too many people on ‘death row’ for decades, found to have been wrongly convicted…. even set-up by the police and judges and authorities, but set free as new evidence and DNA proved they were not guilty at all.
        (See how Edgar Steele was railroaded by the system. He actually got a death sentence by torture in prison, just for speaking out.)

        When one innocent person is wrongly put to death, the system is flawed and should be rejected.
        Capital punishment is flawed. It should not have any place in society ruled by arrogant lying men and women…. politicians.

        Prosecutors and judges are politicians. Politicians are not capable of unbiased thoughts, words or deeds. They thrive on corruption.

        1. @ Pat

          I absolutely agree that capital punishment is wrong when is is misapplied. Innocent people must on no account be put to death by corrupt politicians. But when the DNA evidence is beyond criticism, and the culprit actually admit his guilt, and when a sworn jury unanimously decides that the criminal deserves death, surely capital punishment in circumstances like these ought not to be ruled out. Each sovereign country must decide for itself how to treat its criminals without instructions from America on how to behave. America, with its dreadful record of torture and violent warmongering, is in no position to give the world lectures on morality.

      5. Toby,

        “Trickery and deception are what give the Jews their advantage over the rest of us.”

        The jews are advancing over us because they are doing everything right from a biological view point, while we are doing everything wrong from the same perspective.

        I think that becoming members of Christianity has caused that.

        Those who hold their genes’ interest as the highest goal shall inherit the earth. This is exactly what the jews are doing. That’s why it is possible that a obscure little people who never created anything worthwhile like the jews can destroy far greater nations than themselves. And Christianity was probably one of their strategies.

        I wish to point out that Christianity was never a grass roots movement for Europeans, but always a top-down one.

        This is how I see it.

      6. Again, the anti-capital/corporal punishment comments here are unripe, undersized in logic, empirically light weight. And using the New Testament, Christ et al. justification just brings back memories of Ted Cruz the Signaler, controlled by Mistress Heidi Ho.

        *Sigh*. The fact that in our “system of justice” some innocents remain incarcerated or occasionally are executed by mistake, DOES NOT ipso facto nullify the case for the death penalty. All it demonstrates is a flawed system of justice, including proof, threshold of evidence, substandard jurors/juries, etc. Get those brain cells working harder, ya’ll.

        Naive Realism is a logical fallacy. Calling state sponsored execution “murder” is not an argument. It is a modulated fart. “I called it murder, so it must so be”, is the marker of a stunted mind, an emotional ejaculation.

        Ms. LD: in your comments you posited the principle that a person who has committed a morbid crime and wants to die, should be kept alive “as punishment”. If you consider this more thoroughly, I am sure you will agree that this is not practical, sound, workable, and logical. A person “who wants to die” is a perception leading to judgement from an external view. This is an inference, and of course could be a manipulation and false representation by the perp. Secondly, since when does the convict get to decide their fate? This is worse that legal and moral quicksand; it is a bottomless abyss of speculation and ether. The law must be applied evenly, consistently, and blindly. A teenager selling dope gets the same noose as the middle-aged. A woman same as a man. Penalties are MANDATED, meaning no mentally ill judge, political hack, bribed juror is going to change the outcome. There is no plea bargaining, no allowance for “special circumstances”.

        It is not a surprise then that these societies have no drug problems in the general population. No drugs in school, sold on the streets, etc, etc, etc. Also personal murder is much less. You have all seen those crowded Asian streets and alley in film, magazines, etc, teeming with people, shops, stands and all. Think how easy it would be to steal, rob, maim or kill and disappear in that mass of humanity with its Byzantine and serpentine alleyways. But it doesn’t happen. I leave it to the reader to conclude why it does not.

        Finally, if Nature is God, or the manifestation-handiwork of the Creator, then we need to pay attention to the Natural World. Why is the vegetarian mammal afraid of the carnivore? Why is the lion, tiger, leopard, etc, feared? Of course, it is the fear of pain and death that causes avoidance behavior. Why does the protozoa shrink from an electric current or a toxic substance? It is an innate response. Now pay attention here: it is well documented that the human psychopath/sociopath is defined by a lack of conscience, remorse, empathy, for his fellows. Likewise those with broken and faulty-and irreparable- brains who fueled compelled to do bad things to their fellow humans, are beyond the appeals to grace, kindness, reciprocity, redemption, etc, etc, any more than a machine continuously crushing rock that has fuel.

        In these cases, as in all human cases, we have as a driver of action, a mixture of free will and obsession-compulsion, neurosis (pathological impatience, impulsiveness, etc) and shall we say just “bad wiring in the brain”-an organic defect. For simplicity’s sake, we have a bad person who likes to hurt and kill, while on the other hand, we have a person who “can’t help himself” from committing the full range of crime. The latter we can label a “defect”-came off the assembly line malformed, wires crossed, short -circuited, etc. Neither case is a consideration for less than full application of the death penalty or flogging. And that is-remember?-that pain and avoidance are constant throughout Nature, the handiwork of God.

        In conclusion, any points I may have been light on, I trust to Dennis Prager, well known and respected (by me) as a rational, non-typical Jewish, pro-Christian figure and thinker. On the necessity of the death penalty:

        One final thought. Many of you most certainly have not walked the mean streets of anywhere. You have never been up close and personal to a murderer, remorseless human being, a psychopath for whom taking a human life is the equivalent of swatting a fly. Nor have you placed yourself in imminent danger, stared your mortality in the face, and saw your life as less than having a 50% chance of continuing. To you I say, retire your little arguments, your little fists beating against a raging monster’s shins. You have no pants.

      7. @ Toby: I sense a kindred spirit. I shall be on the lookout for your and Felix’s posts. Logic, moral clarity, reason, and reverence all very attractive human traits, although found in a minority of people, unfortunately. So many just don’t know how to think beyond the elemental, collective, and contemporary.

      8. Lasha,

        Firstly, thanks for ignoring me on this thread.
        Secondly, shocked, beyond all belief that one who purports to be a Christian, should wish to break one of the commandments.
        And as for this:

        “But when the DNA evidence is beyond criticism…”

        And DNA evidence can’t be planted at the scene of the crime? Sperm can’t be taken from a suspect and implanted into a woman, by corrupt police? Fingerprints can’t easily be put on certain objects in a murder scene?
        What about the gas chambers with no Zyklon B residue in the walls? And the diaries taken from Auschwitz, by the Russians, proving all births and death statistics? What about the intercepted communications and aerial photography daily by the allies of German concentration camps? What of the total number of coke coal, taken into Auschwitz during the war? There is enough evidence here to prove that the holocaust is a lie, but people still go to prison don’t they, who dare to question it?

        “..and the culprit actually admit his guilt”

        Like Nuremberg, after torture and being told their families would be going to the gulags, unless they told the court that they did murder millions of Jews? And what of the recent boy, who admitted that he was responsible for the Boston Bombing, after his brother was murdered by police, even though the two had nothing to do with it?

        “…and when a sworn jury unanimously decides that the criminal deserves death”

        And Juries can’t be bought?

        There is NO argument for capital punishment in any civilized society.

        1. @ Harbinger


          Firstly, thanks for ignoring me on this thread.
          Secondly, shocked, beyond all belief that one who purports to be a Christian, should wish to break one of the commandments.
          And as for this:

          “But when the DNA evidence is beyond criticism…”

          And DNA evidence can’t be planted at the scene of the crime? Sperm can’t be taken from a suspect and implanted into a woman, by corrupt police? Fingerprints can’t easily be put on certain objects in a murder scene?………. etc etc etc……….

          Lasha has not “ignored” you, she just hasn’t had time to read your comments. She only responds to comments that address her personally (Poupon, Pat) and never, as a matter of policy, responds to comments that address her in a rude and insolent manner.

          As for your comment on corrupt DNA evidence, such evidence is not “beyond criticism”, is it? Read again LD’s exact words: “When the DNA evidence is BEYOND CRITICISM.”

        2. You make many good points, but these are all strawman arguments, since much of what you say Lasha would wholeheartedly agree with, such as the Zyklon B residues in the walls of Auschwitz and the tortures at Nuremberg obtained by torture. LD has already written a detailed article about torture at Nuremberg, so there’s no need for you to lecture her in hectoring terms about what she already knows.

          See Torture and Testicle Crushing at Nuremberg.

          Let me give you a tip. If you want a reasoned response from Lasha, speak to her politely. Shouting and screaming at her will get you nowhere. She is not Ingrid.

          1. I need hardly add that all this talk about capital punishment, DNA traces, Zyklon B, and torture at Nuremberg, is 100 per cent OFF-TOPIC. All this has nothing to do with the subject matter of this thread. Pedophilia, that’s what this article is about.

      9. C’mon, Poupon –

        “Nor have you placed yourself in imminent danger, stared your mortality in the face, and saw your life as less than having a 50% chance of continuing.”

        There is no need to call out strangers here. You have no idea of our backgrounds or training. That is not intelligent.

        Many here have spent many years in the military. Right or wrong, we have faced potential death on a daily basis….. in harm’s way.

        Hell, I even drove on the interstate highways… when not getting put in a hospital from being in an explosion on a submarine..!! 🙂

      10. Poupon Marx,

        “Again, the anti-capital/corporal punishment comments here are unripe, undersized in logic, empirically light weight.”

        “*Sigh*. The fact that in our “system of justice” some innocents remain incarcerated or occasionally are executed by mistake, DOES NOT ipso facto nullify the case for the death penalty.”

        “Naive Realism is a logical fallacy. Calling state sponsored execution “murder” is not an argument. It is a modulated fart.”

        “One final thought. Many of you most certainly have not walked the mean streets of anywhere. You have never been up close and personal to a murderer, remorseless human being, a psychopath for whom taking a human life is the equivalent of swatting a fly. Nor have you placed yourself in imminent danger, stared your mortality in the face, and saw your life as less than having a 50% chance of continuing.”

        You are without a doubt, an arrogant, in-compassionate, boor, whom upon entry to this website, assumes to know all about the lives of this forum’s commenters, nonchalantly casting them off as ignoramuses to life’s trials and tribulations. In other words, you’re just a wanker.
        You also prittle and prattle on about God, yet break one of his commandments, in what you believe is the solution to defeating evil.

        There was another commenter just like you. Thankfully he’s gone. His name was Circassian. Hopefully your stay on Lasha won’t be as long as his was.

      11. Harbinger, and others who oppose capital punishment as well,

        First off, of course this is a minefield. And there are sensible pros and cons to mention.

        However, if the hesitation to kill your mortal enemy – which does everything it can to kill you and will absolutely not stop until its goal is reached – is caused by nurturing a Christian moral, then that would totally confirm my point that devout Christians disregard the laws of nature and for that are doomed to be destroyed by that mortal enemy. And now we are paying the price for that.

        I’ll bet you that the ‘pagan’ European tribes, confronted with such evil, would not have hesitated to finish them all off. And that would have meant; job done!

      12. Toby,

        Why on earth do you say that I’ve thrown in straw man arguments?
        Every single paragraph, under the blockquotes has been put there to REFUTE every statement of Lasha in her belief on capital punishment.
        They are not straw man arguments, but everything to do with a court of law, DNA evidence, torture to get false statements and of course ‘bought’ juries and judges.

        I am frankly amazed that you can state BEYOND CRITICISM when it comes to DNA evidence. As I stated above, it’s simple to insert sperm from the accused into a dead woman’s body, along with pubic hair, to place the guilt on an ionnocent man. It’s incredibly easy to drop a few strands of hair in an apartment, skin under fingernails, fingerprints on objects, to falsify evidence.
        What of the 9/11 hijackers, who weren’t even there?
        What of the 7/7 terrorist suspects, murdered by the police, so as not to give their side of the story?

        Everything that I have stated is to prove that DNA evidence can easily be planted, witnesses fabricated, juries and judges bought and of course suspects tortured and worse murdered, to paint whatever picture the status quo wants to IN A COURT OF LAW.

        And I wasn’t being rude, nor was I being insolent either. I was simply debating the utter futility; the immorality and the complete hypocrisy of Lasha as a Christian to even contemplate state, capital punishment.

        There are just so many no’s in the argument to easily steer any logically thinking, compassionate and honest individual into why there should never be any capital punishment by the state. It becomes nothing more than a vehicle, to murder whomever the state decides. It becomes the tool of the tyrant and history has seen many of them using their tool to full effect.

        P.S. I did address Lasha, directly under Lasha’s reply to Poupon’s post.

        1. Harbinger —

          All excellent points and made with palpable sincerity, but nevertheless “straw man arguments” in the sense that everything you have said to “refute” Lasha is something she would agree with 100 per cent anyway. So why go out of your way to “refute” someone who actually agrees with you on most of the important points you raise?

          You may not have intended to be rude and insolent, but your entire tone was stridently aggressive. You really must try a bit harder not to be so offensive in the way you speak. Model yourself on Lobro, Pat and Felix. These three are among the best here for making their points forcefully and trenchantly in a friendly manner. Pat has given offense recently, but it is impossible not to forgive him, since his sincerity and originality are always tempered with wisdom.

          Anyway, Harbinger, please do continue posting here — because, quite simply, you are brilliant — but do try and remember that Lasha is entitled to respect and must not be allowed to become an object of your openly admitted misogyny. 🙂

        2. @ Harbinger

          And I wasn’t being rude, nor was I being insolent either. I was simply debating the utter futility; the immorality and the complete hypocrisy of Lasha as a Christian to even contemplate state, capital punishment.

          It is certainly the height of rudeness and insolence to refer to “the immorality and complete hypocrisy of Lasha as a Christian”. What would Bishop Williamson think of you if you went on his website and referred to “the complete immorality and hypocrisy of Bishop Williamson as a Christian”?

          You must be living in cloud-cuckoo land if you think you can speak to people like this and claim you are being polite.

          Firstly, there is nothing “hypocritical” in being a Christian and believing in capital punishment at the same time. You seem to forget that capital punishment has been practiced in ALL the Christian nations throughout history, right up to the 20th century!!! Were all our Christian ancestors for over a thousand years disgustingly “immoral and hypocritical”? No, they were not.

          Wrong-headed they may have been, but “hypocritical” they were not.

          Even though a nominal Catholic, Lasha does not feel the need to believe slavishly in all Catholic teachings. Thus she rejects completely the Catholic Church’s teachings on euthanasia. The Catholic Church is against euthanasia. Lasha is for it. Is she a “hypocrite” because she supports euthanasia? I don’t think so.

          The Catholic Church is also 100 per cent for multiculturalism and mass immigration. Lasha totally rejects this, as you do. Does this make her a “hypocrite” for going against her Church’s teachings?

          Lasha’s support for voluntary euthanasia and her oppositon to multiculturalism and mass immigration are highly principled stands. There is no “immorality” and “hypocrisy” here. These are openly adopted positions.

          Similarly, there is no “immorality” or “hypocrisy” is Lasha’s open support for capital punishment under strictly regulated conditions. How can there be, since capital punishment has been universally practiced throughout the centuries by our Christian ancestors?

          You have every right to a contrary opinion on capital punishment, but you are definitely rude and insolent if you think you can go onto your hostess’s website and refer openly to “the immorality and complete hypocrisy of Lasha as a Christian”.

          You are not polite, sir. You are grossly impolite. And if you have any decency, you would apologize.

          1. @ John Scott Montecristo

            I would like you to find a replacement for me ASAP. This unpaid job you have landed me with is a thankless task. Let me know if you would like me to clear up a bit before I hand over the reins to a more competent monitor.

            Anyway, I’m in need of a long sabbatical.



            P.S. I suggest Sister Monica as a suitable replacement.

            1. TOBY:

              OK, I understand. Just clear up a little bit before you leave. Hold the fort until midnight. Sister M agrees to give it a go and will take over from you first thing tomorrow morning…. Can’t get through to your email for some reason, not sure why. Take care, T. See you next week in Podgorica. Toodle-oo!

      13. That is true what you speak of about euthanasia. I have read about cases from my own country, from the 18th and 19th centuries, that really wanted to die but suicide was deemed a mortal sin and they would go to hell for it. So they commited murder and was sentenced to death. With their previous sins absolved by a priest at the scaffold. Back then we were not as secular as we are today though. But it is still a certain risk that some people will use it as a solution for their own personal problems and innocent people will die because of that.

      14. To: LD August 13, 2016 at 5:59 pm re: Poupon,
        Agreed. I went to a school where the headmaster had a strap, and he had a consent form signed by the parents permitting him to use it. He never did, I never heard of it, but the knowledge that he COULD use it had quite a salutary effect.

    2. re. flogging, i kind of like the singapore model, whereby those convicted of antisocial behavior are publicly lashed by way of society’s revenge: you wantonly damage community and its property, you suffer public humiliation not only for the purpose of punishment and correction but for to set an example to other would be malcontents and for citizens to see that the justice is done and they are protected.

      otherwise, i never saw any benefit in corporal punishment whether of children or animals and the positive reinforcement not only worked but had more lasting effect, whereby they realized that cooperative partnership was a way to go and it gave them a sense of self-esteem and responsibility.

      the sociopaths are another matter entirely, not that i have any experience with them at the childhood stage.
      Beating is counterproductive and its repetitive futility instills rage and frustration in parents and administrators and breeds cruelty and excess.
      Wouldn’t quite know how to proceed, maybe medicated behavior control and finally, quarantine to protect healthy segments, the worst is to leave them among normal kids who early on see the confusion, weakness and impotence of those who should be leading by example and instead get the idea that wickedness is tolerated and even rewarded.
      And it becomes the breeding ground for future “elites”, the ultimate in large scale criminality.

      as for the state empowered to take a life it did not grant, i am with harb on that, flat out opposed.
      best is to toss them onto some godforsaken island and leave to their own devices, reap what you have sown – don’t like your own kind, your mirror image? Tough.
      jews qualify an-masse.

      1. “….best is to toss them onto some godforsaken island and leave to their own devices, reap what you have sown – don’t like your own kind, your mirror image? Tough.
        jews qualify an-masse.”

        Been saying this since day one Lobro. Just remove the rapists, paedophiles and murderers onto an island somewhere and give them the society they want. Murderers will be at the top of the food chain, killing the rapists and paedophiles below them.

      2. I never heard of any nominal Catholic “believing slavishly in all Catholic teachings”. In fact, deeply intrinsic to the expression “nominal Catholic” is that nominal Catholics pretty much do as they please, they pick and choose what Church teachings, if any, they like, and discard the Church teachings they don’t like, which is most of the Church teachings they don’t care for TOO much.

        Do you even know what the word “nominal” means, Uncle ? ; Do you even know what a “nominal Catholic” is? Your use of the expression “nominal Catholic” to make the point you wanted to make is just absurd. So absurd, and I don’t know if you realize it, but your interjection of the term “nominal Catholic” into your argument TOTALLY undermines your argument and the point you were trying to make and renders your argument complete diddly squat sh*t. Think, Uncle, think. Not for my sake, but for your own sake.

        “Even though a NOMINAL Catholic, Lasha does NOT feel the need to believe in ALL Catholic teachings” LMFAO!!!!


        “Nominal Catholics” is an expression WE use when WE want to say, when WE’RE talking about, when the subject matter is about ” Sincere Catholics, DEVOUT Catholics, NOT just Catholics in name only and really couldn’t care less about Church teachings, they pick and choose whatever teachings Church teachings they like, if any, discard the all the other Church teachings they don’t care for TOO much”, LMFAO!!!!

        1. @ TROJ

          This is probably your last post, Joe. I doubt if Sister Monica, the new monitor, is going to be as nice to you as I have been. She starts her new job tomorrow. She’s not going to be as tolerant as I have been toward all your obscenities. You’ll find her a tough nut, our Sister M.

          Remember I have treated you very well, unlike any other monitor you have ever known. I have shown you kindness and consideration, like a wayward child of my own. So put in a good word for this site on the other sites where you you go and your karma will be a good one! Be honest and put in a good word also for Lasha who has always been most well-disposed toward you!

          God bless and goodbye,


      3. To: Poupon Marx
        August 14, 2016 at 4:00 am

        Whole-hearted agreement with Poupon Marx and everything he says, with certain minor reservations. Bravo!

        Agreed about Asian countries. I do not agree that punishment should always be painless. Some crimes deserve some pain.
        The Komisarjevsky case in Connecticut, for example. Acid-throwers, for example. The list goes on. You don’t need DNA in some of these cases, they’re too obvious.

        Desperate ills call for desperate remedies. As thou doest, so shaltst thou getst did.

        When I was in South Africa there was a mandatory death penalty for first-degree murder. Absolutely every murderer was hanged. To me, that’s going too far, but let’s face it, you could walk down a street with thousands of blacks, and you felt perfectly safe. Some places were dangerous, but it wasn’t too bad in most areas, even at night.

        About Christianity. Most capital punishment societies were or are Christian societies that believed in a vengeful God that punishes people with hellfire and brimstone. To me, this belief has some advantages: if God punishes people, so can we! Punishment is a natural feature of God’s universe.

        Today the Churches have been taken over top to bottom by cultural Marxists and are now our worst enemies, more immediate than the Jews.
        Who organizes all these “refugees welcome” demonstrations? The churches.

        I’ve only been to church twice in the past 35 years. The first time, 5 years ago, there was no mention of God or Jesus, but Nelson Mandela, lawdy, yes!

        The second time was in one of the “cradles of medieval Christianity”, where one of the earliest medieval monasteries was built. The only way I could see the interior of the church was to pretend I wanted to attend service. It was an “ecumenical service”, always the kiss of death.

        I opened the hymn book and it was full of “African chants” about “emptying all the prisons!” What sane person wants to empty all the prisons?

        No wonder Christians are such idiots. No wonder almost nobody goes to church any more.

        50 or 60 years ago it wasn’t like that. We need religion, but we need an interpretation of it which is compatible with our survival as a race.

        I should like to end by pointing out that Christ paid for His beliefs with His own life, His own suffering. Nelson Mandela rode to power over the mass terrorization of millions of Negroes, by burning them alive. It’s not quite the same thing.

        After Mandela was arrested, the last member of his group, a white Oxford graduate (what else?) named Hawkins, I believe, set off a gasoline bomb in Johannesburg railway station that killed a grandmother and burned the face off her 12-year old granddaughter, injuring 35 other people. The girl needed about 20 surgical operations in London to give her a new face. Ruined her life. Plus the 35 others.

        The cops roughed him up a little, but not much, a kick in the chest. He was a smart ass, but it disoriented him.

        I would have put him in an empty cell, tossed a couple of gallons of kerosene on the floor (gasoline is too dangerous), with a fire extinguisher near by, and I would have showed him a cigarette lighter. “Hey, you want to know what it feels like? You’re about to find out”. If he still talks like a smart ass, ignite it for 10 seconds or so, then put it out. Let him feel what he did. Action, reaction.

        Lastly, every year thousands of criminals plead guilty to avoid the death penalty. Abolish the death penalty, and you’ll have to take every one of those people to trial. How can anyone say the death penalty accomplishes nothing? Why give away your main bargaining point?

        In Iowa when I lived there, a couple of criminals took their victim over the state line from Nebraska to Iowa just to murder him, because Nebraska had the death penalty and Iowa didn’t. Proof positive.

        Further, I think lynching was a good system. There were very few lynchings, ever, perhaps 2 or 3 per year in a single state in a bad year, most years none, but the mere possibility of it, the knowledge of their existence, prevented thousands of crimes, probably tens of thousands.
        This is not difficult to prove. Take a walk on the wild side, and if you live to tell about it, write a book.

  6. “we are about to enter one of the darkest periods of our history—when sexual perversion will be praised and anyone who values decency will be held up to ridicule and contempt”

    I think we are well IN it, not “about to enter” it.

    1. You’re very correct. Since they legalized homosexuality, sexual perversion become an accepted part of life. And the very fact that people, not only, actually think there’s nothing wrong with two of the same sex having sexual relations with one another, but also attack people who disagree, calling them haters and homophobes, proves just how much society has plummeted into the depths of depravity and degeneracy.

    2. To: Harbinger August 13, 2016 at 8:19 pm

      “Just remove the rapists, paedophiles and murderers onto an island somewhere and give them the society they want…”

      Perfect. Like Devil’s Island. I have described this situation: a series of “Pleasure Island” FAGULAGS in the frozen tundra of the North.

      I trust I am growing tedious and shall forthwith cease and desist. Peace.

  7. > They don’t want a man with no job, no car, no prospects.

    Of course not. You are meant to be the provider.

    > she often kisses me on the lips

    This is wrong IMHO. Families (except couples) should not kiss on the lips. We find it so strange when siblings kiss on the lips but for some unknown reason many think it is OK for parents to kiss their child on the lips, even when they’ve grown into adults! This is such a strange thing to do. I do not recall seeing this type of affection in my youth.

    I am glad for Don that he is trying to move away from this sickness.

    In the end, many non-Jews are complicit in this by the way they “raise” their children. In some states Zoophilia is accepted but I doubt humanity is so sick that they would go into pedophilia (under puberty). They may decrease the age of consent to 14 or even 13, but I cannot imagine it for little children.

    1. Adam,

      “Of course not. You are meant to be the provider.”

      Times have drastically changed.
      I’ve been watching the Godfather again and the loyalty of Vito Corleone’s wife, who would keep the home, look after the children, while he worked delivering food, 15 or so years after arriving in America. That day is long in the past.

      If you are lucky enough to find a woman who will be a housewife while you go out and earn the daily crust, then fantastic, but Jew programming of society means two people out working and two people collecting the wage, while daddy state indoctrinates junior. There also is very little loyalty from today’s women, who ride the ‘bad boy, cock carousel’ up until their mid thirties, when they look for the good boy, they passed by upon in the past, to have a family with, divorce and have a ready made pension, while looking for another husband. Why then should the man provide, when the woman gets the same, if not more? In this case it should be shared.
      Any man today, contemplating marriage, is committing financial and psychological suicide. And it’s the main reason why the marriage rate is incredibly low. Western women are no longer the catch they once were.

      1. If anything will kill us it is what you explained. Men and women turning away from each other. It is disheartening.

      2. To: Harbinger August 13, 2016 at 9:16 pm

        Agreed, but it is an obvious rule of market economics that, even in a seller’s market, if the buyers quit buying, the sellers are finished. If we find nothing but sluts after 20 or 30 years of looking for nothing but sluts, well, it’s largely our own fault!

        If we refused to settle for them in the first place, and refused to encourage them for 20 years, we might have better luck when we decide to get “serious” and settle down.

        It must be possible to get lucky, even today. I’ve been married 43 years to the same woman, I have 4 adult children who associate with me and treat me with respect, so in my case the whole scenario played out differently. Times have changed, of course, but human nature is a constant.

  8. i don’t know how child brothels will ever be “legal”. we can’t even get adult brothels legalized in 49 states. but that’s not to say they don’t exist, on both counts.
    child prostitution is pretty common in the world at large already. but i doubt the elite class will ever want it made legal for the masses or themselves. after all, they don’t care what’s legal anyway, and one big way they stay in control of the public is by doing their thing in secret and making a lot of things illegal for the public. and understand – there is a huge difference between “unlawful” and “illegal’.
    now thy’ve given the police the power to confiscate people’s money because the money might exist as the result of a crime. it’s how they buy them off.
    there is no law for the super-elite rich and powerful and everybody knows it. they’ve gotten away with pedophilia for centuries. you’re talking about people who practice interbreeding as a way of life, and who have no idea whatsoever of any child’s right to not be exploited.
    making the circle now, we observe religious indoctrination is clearly exploitative of innocent children and i’d bet a tank of gas the vatican, which does that, is as far behind the sexualization of children as they are behind the border invasion.
    it’s a reptilian thing. and, the catholic church has always been a jewish conspiracy anyway. since the vatican has always controlled the masses through control of their sexuality – the jews attack from that direction, keeping the conflict going, on purpose. religion is all about the exploitation of conflict.
    if sexual attraction to children is a weakness that is massively exploitable for any kind of gain, then we’re probably coming to the point where that’s the game.
    and speaking of the russian people (and americans) being waked up about what the jews are doing to them – why doesn’t vlad putin explain all of that? because he’s a 33 mason.
    russian snuff films part of the war on whites. i’m sure some would agree. i do know the term “white privilege’ is new world order globalist code for “too many white people”…

  9. I have been spending a lot of time on the Internet talking to Americans during the last months, and I came to a conclusion that this nation is a product of an experiment similar to that of the Communists but branded as Liberalism, and that Americans as a nation is a dumb and ignorant crowd of imbeciles, something like the Russians circa 1930’s.

    I can’t imagine a nation more brainwashed than Americans are. Perhapsl, North Korea or Israel. But Israel is America, and North Korea is Russia circa 1930’s.

    Total loss of awareness and understanding, programmed thinking, it all looks to me like Americans have been trained to form opinions not through reasoning, but just choosing the correct answer from the options on the list, and at the same time Americans are the most segregated nation, separated into various categories that don’t get along.

    Americans like to lie, and like being lied to. And Americans attack other nations, bringing chaos and bloodshed and spreading decadence around the globe. And at the same, Americans are telling other nations about their American exceptional mission of some kind.


    1. “I can’t imagine a nation more brainwashed than Americans are.”

      I agree. Korea maybe…. as you stated.

      Koreans learned it from US….. The same Pharisee-Jew psych criminals and their cabal passed it on.

      The reason for the Korean War was not to win…. but to gather information to use against the West, and Americans in particular.

      The information gathering process was called – ‘brain-washing’ – in order to keep secret it’s true nature and reasons for the mental breakdown and torture. “The Manchurian Candidate” was used as a type of mass brainwashing, itself, and masked the real reasons for the processes used.

      A 71 page US Army publication which partially outlined the reason for the Korean War. It is Department of the Army Publication 30-101, 15 May 1956 – “Communist Interrogation, Indoctrination, And Exploitation Of Prisoners Of War.”

      In there, it explained the reason for the Korean War was to capture US servicemen in order to find out how and why so many different cultures came together in WWI and WWII to fight alongside each other against a common foe.

      Once that was found out the unseen Pharisee-Jew Bankers could finance programs to undermine those reasons, starting with grade-school aged Americans. Then, everyone after a few decades.

      The plan worked.

      They found that ownership of private property, strong family ties, freedom of religion and speech and freedom to travel were high on the list of reasons. Those reasons, which were not available in most countries, have been undermined.

      Hollywood jumped right in. Disney helped with the kids.

      YEP… Americans ARE brainwashed for sure…..!!

    2. What is most amazing is how much intense, vitriolic hate Jews generate towards whites while prohibiting whites from even thinking bad thoughts under penalty of law. The hypocrisy is absolutely mind boggling, but not as mind boggling as the white masses sheep-like acceptance of it.

      I constantly hear the thump thump beat of the Negro boom box these days. The mindless animal beat throbs forth from houses and passing cars. There is one recently arrived denizen who plays the same track repeatedly. The other day as the driving Jungle beat vibrated the walls, I thought this is just like the war drums African Negroes used to beat to terrify their enemy. While the American Negro remains stupidly ignorant of their African history in this regard, the Jews most certainly are not; they well know the disturbing effect of the jungle beat on the human brain. That is why they own the rap music business.

      It should be most disconcerting for people to realize there are animals living among their community having the “hate whitey” beat hammered into their minuscule brains hour after hour. Is it any wonder Negroes are going ape shit on whites these days? And all this is perfectly socially acceptable. Being an obnoxious neighbor is just fine – as long as you’re a Negro.

      Day by day it grows worse and worse, leaving me to wonder not when the break point will arrive, but if it will ever arrive before the law of the jungle completely overtakes the country. How long might it be before your neighborhood looks like Soweto?

  10. I agree.

    But it’s an ongoing process, too. And all this porno, BDSM parades, LGBT, Church of Satan, all this shit that is coming out of the Uncle Sam’s asshole, through the MSM into the homes of the rest of us, I’m sick of it. But most Americans call it Freedom.

  11. Truthful, objective polls are getting thru the jew’s defenses, the walls jews put up to keep the The Truth from getting out [ the jews “don’t like walls, the jews are opposed to walls” that’s why they support hellary even though the jews love their jew wall around their israel, the jews are NOT opposed to their jew wall around israel, and the jews build Walls around The Truth all the time in their jew attempts to keep the Truth locked up in prison so The Truth will never see the light of day, but the jews support hellary because jews “don’t like walls,jews are deeply opposed to walls”, the wealthy jews would never build WALLS around their estates and mansions, lol ] ; ALL truthful objective polls got Trump at 78% and Hellary at 22%. So subtract two percent from 22% and there is your jew population of the United States, the jews make-up 20% of the American population, which is what I’ve saying for years and years and years and always got banned for it, right Uncle? Right, Pat?

  12. @ Dr. DZ

    I am sorry to hear about the loss of your wife.

    About the only thing I can say to help relieve your pain is to grieve adequately, but be more thankful for the years you shared than regretful for the years you won’t share.

    They say that the only thing a person gets to take with them when they pass is what they give away while they are here. Love is the only thing that qualifies, so your wife does not leave empty handed. Your wife takes with her all the love she gave to you and others while she was here.

    Let the Heavenly Father bless you with his everlasting love.

  13. @ Harbinger

    Anarchy –

    a situation of confusion and wild behavior in which the people in a country, group, organization, etc., are not controlled by rules or laws [God’s Law/The Torah Law].

    [ ] above added by me. Merriam-Webster left out the only Rule/Law there is: God’s.

    God’s Laws are the only Laws. Why? Because He is God; and man is not. Man was never granted the right to make rules and laws. We ARE living without rule / leaders. Legislation in the true sense is not Law (though they want us to believe it is). Pardon me, I must call legislation what it is: horseshit and so-called leaders are slave masters. There you have it: no rule (in the true sense) and no leadership in the true sense either. What we have is man-made horseshit disguised as rule/law enforced by slave-masters masquerading as leadership. They are leading people, indeed: straight into eternal hell. In that sense, we do have true anarchy; chaos, disorder and the abandonment of LAW.


    Deuteronomy 4:2 Ye shall not ADD unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish [ought] from it, that ye may keep the Commandments of the “I AM” your God which I COMMAND you.

    I would like to add, that man was made to be led. If he is not going to be led by God (as intended) then someone else will step in. You can be sure of that. And someone else has: Lucifer. He created all organized religions to keep people away from the True Religion.

    1. New Song,

      I think you make a lot of sense.

      Funny, our thinking is very close ‘related’ even though both our perspectives are motivated by something else.

      Although, having said that, since the kernel of my thought is nature, and since Christ stands for Logos – if I understand correctly – one could almost consider our philosophies identical twins 🙂

      1. 1138,

        You are a likeable character … but I do so wish you wouldn’t hide your sex behind a number! It would help us all to relate to you if you were to reveal to us what sex you are. If you don’t want to, that’s fine. Just wondering! 🙂

      2. Toby,

        All right, if you’re still around, I’m a man.

        I did ‘disclose’ that earlier, well more or less, sort of, by stating that if one would google 1138 one would quickly find out that 1138 is part of the protagonist’s name ‘THX1138’ from the movie. Although physically I don’t even remotely look anything like the character/actor. Anyway, if you haven’t seen it I can rtecommend it. Very interesting film. A peek into what ‘they’ have in store for us in the future.

      3. “but I do so wish you wouldn’t hide your sex behind a number! It would help us all to relate to you if you were to reveal to us what sex you are.”

        THX1138 was a sort of androgyne. Perhaps this accounts for the lack of gender identity.

        This might help explain a bit more

      4. Arch,

        “THX1138 was a sort of androgyne”

        No, he wasn’t. He was a red blooded male alright. The state’s attempts to de-sexualise the people weren’t delivering very solid results because as soon as THX1138 stopped taking his human nature repressing drugs he and his female roommate were having it off.

    2. New Song,

      You are just skirting around and around and around and playing with semantics.

      We have a rule of law here, whether it be a common law, law of admiralty or a combination of common and admiralty. We have a police force who enforce these laws/legislation. We have a judiciary who try people in courts of law, after the police have enforced these laws/legislation upon them. Whichever way you look at it, there is a system in place THAT IS CONTROLLING the people.

      In an anarchy none of the above would exist.
      No law.
      No police to enforce the law.
      No judiciary to represent, prosecute and sentence the people who break the law.

      Sure, there would be communities that would grow up, forming a society and outside rogues and bandits killing and raping, but overall, there would be no system of control, no monetary system, no education system, no msm, no Hollywood……and so on. In an anarchy the propaganda machine would grind to a halt.

      Trust me when I say that anarchy would be the last life reality that the Jews would ever want, as their control would disappear incredibly fast. This why they continue to churn out Hollywood movies painting horrific pictures of what anarchy would be like, in order to scare people into never wanting it and stay under demonocracy in order to advance towards the socialist, dystopian, police state.

  14. @ Poupon
    While not denying that much of what you say has merit, the tone is overbearing and self-righteous.
    Besides and more importantly, there are some glaring inconsistencies and omissions.
    let me mention a couple

    I am an engineer, whose acid test and pass criteria is simple: Does it work?

    Yeah, an engineer would ask such a question, wouldn’t he (n/b: my father and his two brothers were engineers, mostly mechanical as is my brother).
    Being of practical bent, he wouldn’t bother to define what does “It Works” mean in a wider context but only within the framework of a given task.
    In his post, Poupon Marx presumably means, “working at a municipal or regional level“.
    But others have different ideas and scopes yet use the exact same phrase, something works or it does not.
    A US army colonel may call in white phosphorus on a section of Falujah because it works, just like his great-grandfather destroyed rail links in the Appalachians in order to starve out Richmond VA, because it worked in the Civil War.
    Building cities, highways and shopping malls works too, notwithstanding that the original development was occasioned by the rich farmland, now destroyed, contaminated and lost to food production.
    Dams are built flooding thousands of hectares of forests and ecosystems, wiping out flora, fauna and in some instances (eg, Aswan dam) thousands of years old cultural artifacts – because people need electricity and this solution works.
    Genghis Khan put to sword entire cities, babies, children, women, men, keeping only craftsmen, artisans, nubile virgins – and engineers – because the rest were useless eaters, so he killed them without hate or anger, efficiently, because that’s what worked for him, he had to keep moving forward in conquest, as a Mongol he wanted pastures for horses, had no use for cities.
    Jew conceives and performs acts of depravity and evil for fun and profit as well as because he may well be acting on orders of an even greater, more malignant entity – because it works.

    “Because It Works” is the antithesis of morality, ethics and philosophy, mental states that produced the splendors of Western achievement.
    Not to mention the triteness aspect …

    Just to mention one more thing, regarding

    I don’t follow long winding gerbil bore holes of internal logic, convoluted circular logic, stacked logical fallacies

    by way of example, this

    (…) all Asian countries prescribe the death penalty for possessing relatively small amounts of drugs

    Notwithstanding lots of emerging research on the therapeutic benefits of many plant derived substances presently classified as illegal drugs, mostly under the high power pressure from rich pharmaceutical lobbyists, what right does anyone have to dictate to another what substance he can or cannot consume?
    If someone wants to do harm to himself it is none of your or mine business – provided he does not impose his lifestyle on others, ie, no dealing and pimping or DUI.
    Glue sniffers are dropping dead all over the place, so what to do, ban production of glue or nail polish?
    If someone bashes his head in with a brick, do we execute bricklayers?
    Possession of every drug for own consumption should be legal, which would knock out the profit motive for jews and gangs, why don’t they peddle glue?

    And Harb’s suggestion of a fit punishment for other, serious transgressors is excellent too, leave them to their own devices, again in keeping with new testament:

    Auferte gentem perfidam credentium de finibus
    (Take the faithless tribe from the borders of the believing)

    Dump them on some island out of harm’s way where they can enjoy the company of their parasitical likes, see where it gets them – don’t they deserve each other?

    After all, this injunction is identical to its complement:
    “Take the believing from the borders of the faithless tribe”.
    I sure don’t want any of them near me, what they do to each other is neither my business nor interest.

    If you or anyone consider this “convoluted circular logic, stacked logical fallacies”, tough.

    1. An interesting effort and critique of my posting. Rather circumlocutious, but displaying knowledge and depth.
      “What works” is a phrase that is connected to pragmatism, empirical results, believing your own eyes, ears, etc., that is your five senses. Does it look like scat, smell like it, are people commenting on the stink from an olfactory point of view….and if you are STILL in doubt: does it FEEL like it? It all the above are true, then it surely must be, no matter what Professor, Pope, Politician, Your Mother, or Rabbi says to the contrary. Are we clear here?

      Now, further. Let’s take your comments of TACTICAL-not STRATEGIC-examples. These are diversions, and straw arguments, as I will compel you to acknowledge. And here’s why:

      Ms LD has clearly rejected military adventurism, totally in consonance with the Founding Fathers, most specifically George Washington, who cautioned against involvement in the problems of other nations, where OUR nation interest was not directly threatened. Is this a philosophical statement or a practical one?

      It is practical, because history has shown that our involvement in the conflict of others did not benefit us. Consider the Middle Beast, where seeds of conflict and conflagration were planted at the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood in the 1920s. What did we do? Prop up, undermine, subvert government after government in the ME. This was hubris, stupidity, and the mega-businesses, corporatists using the US Gummint to effect changes that made their bottom line swell. The Ugly American. The Stupid American. The Bumbling Stumbling American. Now hated by everyone.

      You see, IT DID NOT WORK. It was designed for ideologues and money chasers. Its costs were paid in American blood and treasure. You do see, that Washington’s admonition and caution was PRACTICAL not philosophical, don’t you?

      WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, etc, etc. We lost, in real, concrete terms in every one of these conflicts. Your laissez fairie approach to drug use and addiction is sophomoric. One needs only to look at the REAL WORLD and perceive: who has the drug societal problems? Holland and Western liberal democracies are your champions? The ones with free sterile needles, endless supply of synthetic heroin, and a tax payer extracted stipend, in order to make them viable “so they do not have to rob and steal to feed their habit”. You are quaint and faint if this is your position. Good for big city cocktail parties and the intelligentsia.

      “Because it works” is a fealty to God and his Cosmos, because it is in consonance with Nature and the Real World. You can quote abstractions and lifted snippets all you want and declare them “God’s Word”. I observe the World and draw my own conclusions and opinions. This might seem a bit bold and outside the Garden Wall for you, but that waste reduction is your subjective call.

      I conclude with the following: Catholics should consider a change to the higher Church, the Original Church, the one closest to Christ and his disciples. The only major Christian religion that is immune to Jewish contamination, Cultural and Social Marxism gunk sludge, poison, The Easter Orthodox Church. Pick a nationality. The Catholic Church was always an inferior, lessor relative of the Eastern Church.

      Imagine this man in the Catholick Catheter Church?:

      Move out, move up, move on.

      1. Poupon –

        “…because history has shown that our involvement in the conflict of others did not benefit us.”

        I disagree. Without wars allowing the creation of debt, a product, ‘we’ would not have all that we do today……..including the internet we are utilizing right now.

        Washington could not see what is available to us today. He had no electricity at his fingertips. He used a chamber-pot at night, and he was ‘bled’ when he got sick. There is no comparison from his time to ours.

      2. Pat,

        ” “…because history has shown that our involvement in the conflict of others did not benefit us.” ”

        “I disagree. Without wars allowing the creation of debt, a product, ‘we’ would not have all that we do today……..including the internet we are utilizing right now.”

        Having stuff doesn’t necessarily equals benefit.

      3. To: LOBRO and Poupon

        I don’t wish to be perceived as denigrating the distaff gender (anglice, “women”), because I respect them, but a lot of people on this site, and many people generally, argue like silly women (I didn’ t say “women”, I said “silly women”).

        There is a constant assumption that if there is ever the slightest imperfection in anything, the slightest injustice, the slightest possibility that somebody might make a mistake, then the whole system should be abandoned and it is useless to try to do anything at all. In posh lingo, this is called the “Nirvana Fallacy”.

        The fact is that capital punishment DOES “work”. If you execute a killer, you can be very sure that he will never kill anyone else! As for Genghis Khan and all those other silly arguments, mass extermination very obviously “works”. Otherwise, God would never have instructed “His Chosen People” to rob and murder more people in the Old Testament than probably existed in the whole world at that time — and brag about it for 3,000 years. Christians make me laugh.

        No civilization can survive the death of its religion — it’s unfortunate that that is so, I don’t understand why it should be so, but it is, and all of history proves it — the content of the religion is irrelevant, and Christianity proves that, too — but I think we bought a lemon.

        What a roll model! The Jews! Ha! Ha! Peace and Love! Turn the other cheek! Ha!! Ha!! When have the Jews done this? What they do, “works”, what we do, doesn’t. The fight starts when you try to do what they do.

        No offense. Absolve me, Remendator, quia peccavi. Mea culpa, and all that jazz.

  15. There are a couple of points missed in the sexualization of young girls and that is the rise in the number of cases of precocious menstruation i.e. pre-teen girls reaching menarche at younger and younger ages. I remember, back in the mid 60s, when I reached puberty, most girls were 13 or 14 when they achieved menarche. Now, when I talk to friends, working in the OB/GYN field, they tell me the average age is now eleven. Nowadays with the vast amounts of hormones in the food we eat or chemicals in the environment, such as DDT, that mimic the effects of estrogen on the body we have boys that are less masculine and girls with precocious menstruation. I have heard of girls as young as 8 with such a condition.
    Regarding the pedophile and subject of the interview, there are a couple of contradictions in his statements. Firstly he claims to have ADD and cites this as one reason for his defilement. Yet further on, he claims to read a lot and is able to help people with his disparate and wide knowledge.
    Contrary to current belief in the psycho-therapy industry, one can cleanse oneself of defilements if one really wants to cure oneself. The way is through meditation and constant mindfulness. Whenever the perverse thoughts
    or cravings arise don’t push them away, just observe them and also one’s reaction to them. Analyse them continually ask why do they give one pleasure. Reduce the thought to the absurdity that it really is! One can practise Anapanasati, meditation on the breath as a means of disciplining the mind. Then whenever these perverse thoughts arise just draw back and become an observer of oneself. I believe as a Buddhist that “salvation” is through one’s own efforts and until one makes the effort don’t be lazy and rely on divine grace. “God helps those that help themselves.” Allowing a defilement (kilesa) such as pedophilia to take root in one’s mind, even if, as the subject alleges he doesn’t harm anyway, is a terrible evil and a regression in one’s spiritual development. Remember one can sin in thought as well as deed. This is why the core teaching of Buddhism is “Cease to do evil, do good, PURIFY THE MIND.”

    1. @ Felix

      Good observations, info and advice.

      Yes, Don has many contradictions. All self centered people do. Don is an addict. His drug is little girls. All addicts are self centered. They believe that their problems are never their fault, always caused by someone else. Consequently, they have no concept of being responsible for their actions.

      I could be wrong, but it appears that the good Dr. Green plays into Don’s self centeredness with the Weaver (whatever that is supposed to be) creating the web that Don just sort of fell into. It sounds like the classic excuse that the devil made me do it so it can’t be my fault. Even worse is the excuse that God is punishing me for something. Both conditions overlook the reality of everyone being responsible for every decision that they make. The reason they are responsible for their decisions is because they make them. If a person wants their life to be different, they must change the kinds of decisions that they make. Life, whether good or bad, is a series of individual decisions, both small and large ones, most of which can be changed with subsequent decisions.

      “I believe as a Buddhist that “salvation” is through one’s own efforts and until one makes the effort don’t be lazy and rely on divine grace.”

      That is the same thing that Jesus taught. Unfortunately, those seeking control over their fellowman have twisted the teachings of Jesus into confusion and it appears to have worked quite well for the controllers.

    2. Felix
      Teens before their time @: “,9171,58388,00.html”

      1. @ Ungenius,
        Yes, you’d be amazed at the similarities between Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism. The best exposition I have read on the Sermon on the Mount is by Swami Prabhavananda. The book is, “The Sermon on the Mount According to Vedanta.”
        @ Sean
        Thanks for that link. It’s unfortunate that nowadays, the media, academia and TPTB regard precocity in the youth as a an indication that this generation is somehow smarter and more informed than preceding generations. In my opinion they are hurtling helter skelter back to the trees.

    3. To: Felix August 14, 2016 at 4:08 pm
      “Cease to do evil, do good, PURIFY THE MIND”. In other words, as somebody else once said (I forget who), “Lead us not into temptation”.
      If you see temptation, just walk away. It makes life a lot easier. Buddhist monks are taught to lower their eyes when passing a woman on the street. Not bad advice sometimes. For example, if Don is attracted to children, he should avoid being around them. Just stay away.

  16. @ Harbinger

    You said “There is NO argument for capital punishment in any civilized society.”

    I would change that to … there is no need to enforce capital punishment in any civilized society because The Law would act as the deterrent in preventing crime, chaos, disorder.

    Presently, there is no civilized society. An uncle of mine, as I was told, was executed by the State at the young age of 20 or so for the murder of a man during a robbery. I never read the court documents, so I do not know what really happened. The murder was real. It was said to be unintentional. The purpose of the robbery was to steal, but it got out of hand and someone got killed. God’s Law provides the Judgment for thief. It is not death. God’s Law also provides the Judgment for accidental death. It is not execution, either. It (God’s Law/Torah) is straightforward, but circumstances are not always straightforward. From what I was told, uncle’s judgment/execution was based on circumstantial evidence. There is another Torah Law that requires two witnesses; and another Law to deter lying. That execution, particularly of a young man, affected that family with tremendous grief. Honestly, I cannot say one way or another. I’m not a judge, and am not totally informed. I can say that false judgment killed the body of Jesus 2000 years ago. DO NOT JUDGE.

    There is no current Justice System. As I stated previously, The Law has been abandoned. We are living in an anarchy of Lawlessness and slavery which is only going to get worse unless we as a people do something about it very soon. And I mean very soon. Like now.

    There is no civilized society in existence presently. What to do? Deuteronomy 17:8 says.

    17:8 If there arise a matter too hard for thee in Judgment, between blood and blood, between plea and plea, and between stroke and stroke, [being] matters of controversy within thy gates: then shalt thou arise, and get thee up into the place which the “I AM” thy God shall choose;

    17:9 And thou shalt come unto the priests the Levites, and unto the judge that shall be in those days, and enquire; and they shall show thee The Sentence of Judgment:

    17:10 And thou shalt do according to The Sentence, which they of that place which the “I AM” shall choose shall show thee; and thou shalt observe to do according to all that they inform thee:

    17:11 According to The Sentence of The Law which they shall teach thee, and according to the Judgment which they shall tell thee, thou shalt do: thou shalt not decline to do The Sentence which they shall show thee, and turn not away from it [to] the right hand, nor [to] the left.

    Christ Jesus has since replaced the Levitical priesthood and is the ONLY TRUE JUDGE.

    Agreed, current BAR (British Accreditation Registry) judges are not following The Law, but, that is a whole other story and too long and off topic to go into full length right now.

    A good start:

    1. To: New Song August 14, 2016 at 6:15 pm

      Sorry to hear about the execution of your uncle — I wouldn’t brag about it if I were you, but it might have been a miscarriage of justice, who knows?

      Let me give you another example of feminized “Nirvana Fallacy” thinking.

      Albert Camus describes some member of his family — his father or an uncle — who witnessed the public guillotining of a farm labourer who had murdered, not only his employer, but his employer’s two young children as well. There was absolutely no need to murder the two children, but he did.

      The father, or uncle, hated this murdering bastard with all his heart and wanted to see him die; but when the time came, all he saw was some miserable, trembling, cowardly, snivelling wretch, scared out of his wits, dragged to the guillotine and decapitated. The father or uncle was extremely upset — overcome with pity — pity! — and became converted to the cause of abolishing capital punishment.

      This is the way women react to things. The kind of women who propose marriage to dangerous criminals on Death Row.

      Any normal man would say, “Good job that cowardly murdering bastard got what he deserved, jolly good show, pass the popcorn, please”.

      Abolishing capital punishment is like abolishing guns. Or abolishing segregation, or apartheid. It’s silly. Did THAT “work”? Are we any safer? Is anybody any better off?

      There are injustices under any system. In Texas, they used to have a saying, “We do not hang you because you stole a horse, but so that no horses may be stolen”. Getting stuck in the trackless wilds without a horse was equivalent to being sentenced to death by starvation, thirst, or being tortured to death by Indians. So they hanged all horse thieves. Good riddance.

      “He found a rope and picked it up and with it walked away,
      it happened to the other end, a horse was hitched, they say.
      They took the rope and tied it, unto a hickory limb,
      It happened that the other end was somehow hitched to him.”

      The best thing about the Old Testament is its recognition of retribution. Let the pansies go cry someplace.

      1. @ Carlos Porter: I’m from Texas, and I approve your message. Your theme-to which I agree and is indisputable-that women tend to make decisions based on emotion rather than logic and reasoning has grave consequences for the West:

        Ann Couter has said as much, and a little arithmetic and effort will show that, without women, Blacks, and Browns voting, America would still be a Constitutional Republic Traditionalist homeland for Caucasian White Christians of European stock. Allowing the Jews in was same mistake that over a hundred countries and civilizations have made, and paid a price-many times terrible-for.

      2. To: Poupon Marx August 18, 2016 at 4:37 pm
        “I’m from Texas…”

        Actually, I think women get more blame than they deserve. Maybe I shouldn’t say this, but the problem of low I.Q., sadomasochistic women looking to be humiliated, degraded, beaten up, pissen on, hungering for domination, black dick, and all the rest of it — “virtue signalling”, etc., — would be NOTHING if it weren’t for the churches putting them up to it.

        Of course, it’s not authentic Christianity at all (no matter how you interpret it), it’s cultural Marxism, but the fact remains that the churches are, today, our number one enemy. The Jews get the ideas, but the churches put them into practice.

        In the 90s, skinheads were burning refugee centres. Good job. Should have kept on. So what happens? 620,000 idiot German Christians go out on the streets following each other around like lemmings in huge parades with LIGHTED CANDLES, at night.

        Would it occur to YOU spontaneously, to go out on the street at night with a lit candle? Much less hundreds of thousands of idiots all at the same time? Is it mental telepathy, or is the churches?

        The Baptists, Mormons, Catholics, no matter who you talk to, you’ll never get a bigger idiot than a Christian. It didn’t use to be that way.

        As I say, no civilization can survive the loss of its religion. OK, it’s lost. We surrendered it to cultural Marxism. Time to take it back.

        No doubt the root of it is some theological notion that we can no longer wait to achieve perfection in Heaven, we’ve got to do it HERE, NOW. There is probably a name for this.

        It was once felt that God ordained imperfections in this world, and there is naught we can do about it, it’s His plan.

        Now, if something is theoretically a desideratum, it absolutely MUST be put into practice here and now, on Earth. Under the guidance of Marxists and Jews, of course.

        I dislike and distrust atheists for a number of reasons, mainly, scratch an atheist and you get a Marxist, but the same is true — today — of Christians. Time to change all that. We need another Luther, a John Wesley, a Jonathon Edwards. But a whole new approach.

      3. “No doubt the root of it is some theological notion that we can no longer wait to achieve perfection in Heaven, we’ve got to do it HERE, NOW. There is probably a name for this. It was once felt that God ordained imperfections in this world, and there is naught we can do about it, it’s His plan. ”

        An example of this is Malthusianism. Malthus was a clergyman, writing to refute the “rationalist” Utopias dreamed up by the Enlightenment philosophers, the craziest of whom was somebody named Godwin, who was associated in some way with Mary Shelley.

        Godwin believed that as men grew more “rational”, their sex drive would diminish (an idea borrowed by Ayn Rand, who believe that man has no sex drive and that sexual attraction is entirely a matter of “worshipping” the other person’s “rationality”, i.e., that man has no instincts).

        Malthus pointed out that there was no truth to this assumption, no proof of it at all, that the human sex drive would never diminish, and that this would inevitably produce mass poverty and mass starvation. He was not an advocate of ruthless, merciless, population control measures at all — smeared by Dickens in the famous phrase “Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses? …reduce the surplus population, etc.” — to Malthus, it was all part of God’s plan.

        Malthusian thus became a sort of proto-Darwinist, Nazi bogie man. In the 60s, there was a big panic about the “population explosion” — quite a realistic prospect, in actual fact, except that it refused to recognize the racial component of the situation: there is no population explosion among the white race. In the 80s and 90s, the anti-abortionists loved to ridicule all this, claiming that the world could support absolutely ANY number of people at all, infinity x infinity x infinity squared; but they, too, more than ever, refused to acknowledge the reality of race.

        Today, we see that Malthus was right. The only difference is that mass starvation will not occur, not just in the “Third World”, but in the advanced countries as well, just as soon as the inferior races succeed in bringing us down to their level!

        Malthus thought mass starvation and poverty were part of God’s plan. This world was a vale of tears.

        Today, we are Utopians: we must all work to bring about Heaven on Earth — which requires, of course, the destruction of white civilization first.

        Infini-nigger = Nigger Heaven.

  17. Dear Lasha: A truly great series put forth by you.

    Parts of Don’s story made no sense. How does a loser with no job or money, living with his parents into adulthood, wind up with a wife and daughter while simultaneously finding a girlfriend on the internet and having the wherewithal to repeatedly visit her “a thousand miles away” before finally moving out there and subsequently getting involved with her sister’s daughter? This guy has a fanciful imagination.

    At any rate, a few comments on pedophilia are in order. Chronological age is one thing, biological another. In modern times with the plethora of toxins in our food chain there is one in particular that is in abundance. I don’t recall its chemical name, but it mimics estrogen, the female hormone, at the molecular level. That is why so many males today are so feminized and effete but more importantly for our purposes here, why females sexually mature at such a young age. When I was a young whelp, it was exceedingly rare and a subject of great fascination for an elementary or middle school boy to have a voluptuous girl as a classmate. Now it is very common, as it is common for girls to get their first period at 9 or 10 years old, many as young as 7 or 8. There is a slew of females out there that are sexually mature way beyond their chronological age.

    Every day I see females 11 or 12 that could pass for 16 or 17 with hour glass figures. Concomitantly, many girls of 7 or 8 are physically 12 or 13. This greatly complicates the pedophile issue, ethically, legally, and morally. No red blooded man is a pedophile or a pervert who is sexually attracted to a female with the body of a physically mature woman, regardless of what her chronological age is. What is wrong is acting on that lust as such females are not psychologically nor emotionally mature enough for a physically intimate relationship with a man, not to mention the legal ramifications.

    Ironically I have known and know of many woman in their 20s to 50s (and men as well) who are mentally and emotionally unfit for an amorous relationship as well, but that is another story.

    Keep up your wonderful and informative work Lasha.

    1. @ heretic drummer

      Thank you for this excellent on-topic post. You are one of the few commenters here who have actually taken the trouble to discuss the issues we are concerned with here. And you have done this in a mature and intelligent way, providing us with numerous scientific facts. You are also wise enough and kindly enough to know that Lasha is a human being who could do with the occasional compliment. So once again, Heretic Drummer, thank you for your kind words.

    2. “Parts of Don’s story made no sense.”
      Exactly. Precisely. He’s having us on, trying to make us feel sorry for him.

  18. Toby,

    Regardless of our disagreement on this thread, you’ve been a good and fair moderator, as well as commenter and I’m sure many will miss you.

    1. Harbinger,

      Thanks you for these kind words. They mean a lot to me. Both Lasha and I would like to see you go on posting on this site. This is because it is one of the few places where you will be able to speak your mind freely without too much censorship. I spoke to Lasha yesterday about your recent posts which I thought could have been more moderately expressed and asked her if she had been offended by their tone. He answer surprised me. “Not in the least,” she smiled. “Under his rough exterior, Harbie is a gentleman! I’ve exchanged quite a few emails with him and we get on just fine! Never a cross word!”

      She went on to surprise me even further by doing what seemed to me to be a complete U-turn on capital punishment, saying that the viewpoint you and Pat had expressed on this subject was “undoubtedly the correct one in the dystopian world in which we live.” I didn’t understand at first how she could reconcile this with her own previously expressed views in support of capital punishment. She explained.

      These are not her exact words, but they went something like this:

      “Listen, let’s begin with voting. I don’t vote on principle, nor does Pat. Why? Because we live in a pseudo-democracy where votes can be rigged and where the choice of candidates is a complete farce. We don’t vote because we don’t want to participate in the dismal process and legitimize the undesirable candidate who is going to win — either Trump or Hillary, in the case of America.”

      “So?” I asked. “what has this got to do with capital punishment?”

      “A lot,” she said. “If you despise a nation’s government so much that you refuse to even vote, why should you accept that its legal system is fair, that its judges are fair, that the sentences they dish out in their courts are fair? As Harbie has correctly pointed out, the police can fake DNA evidence, they can plant evidence, they can bribe witnesses. Added to which, why trust the jury system? If you’re a guy like Lobro, on trial for Holocaust denial, how would Lobro feel if he were to find himself facing a jury in which there were three Jews who hated everything he stood for? With the rest of the jury consisting of morons who actually believed that Jews had been turned into lampshades during WWII?”

      “Good point,” I said. “So the legal system sucks. And you don’t trust the judges, the jury, the courts, the witnesses, and above all, you don’t trust the police to come up with untainted evidence.”

      “Precisely. It follows logically from this that capital punishment is totally unfair when it’s dished out by people you don’t trust one inch. To be fair, capital punishment must be dispensed by people in whom you have complete confidence.”

      She went on to explain that her previous defense of capital punishment had been based on the flawed premise that we lived in a utopian world in which the authorities could be trusted, in which all judges were as wise as Solomon, and in which the police were all squeaky-clean paragons of virtue.

      In other words, Harbinger, you have done us all a big favour by saying what you said in the forceful way you did. Because ultimately you are correct. In a world where the government sucks, no punishment handed out by the authorities can be seen as fair. This applies even to prison sentences. In America, Lasha tells me, they put people in prison because the prisons have been privatised and it’s profitable to cram in as many prisoners as they can round up. Prison is big business.

      Conclusion: Lasha would like you to continue commenting on our site because at least you have the guts to say what you believe in and not mince your words. Sincerity and passion are not to be despised!



      1. Toby,

        I’ve been known to not only scrape nerves in debate but sever them. There must be no barrier placed in front of the truth proceeding forward.
        Lasha’s a clever lass and I knew that she would come to the conclusion she has on the death penalty. It was just a matter of time. Everything in our society is corrupt and the pollution has been from the top downwards. Aristocracy, corporation, politics, police, judiciary, academia, arts, msm, the church…….the list goes on and on. There is no establishment, left in the west, that isn’t.

        I have always been opposed to imprisoning people and I was warmed to hear Lasha state: “In America, Lasha tells me, they put people in prison because the prisons have been privatised and it’s profitable to cram in as many prisoners as they can round up. Prison is big business.” and, of course, she is quite correct. The Shawshank Redemption expresses this in the scene where the Highway contractor, gives the prison warden a ‘fine apple pie’ so as to have prisoners work for him, whom he of course pays them nothing. That may have been 69 years ago, but if anything, corruption is even more rampant within.

        Will we ever live in a Utopia, where “judges were as wise as Solomon, and in which the police were all squeaky-clean paragons of virtue”, I truly don’t know, but even then, were it to be so, I would still be opposed to state murder, simply because you cannot educate people that murder is wrong by committing murder. We should simply look to the fact that there are people in this world who want to work together and help others and there are people who don’t. It is those who become the thieves, the rapists and the murderers and Lobro, myself and no doubt Pat (would) as well believe that if these people are not able to live with others peacefully and productively, then they simply shouldn’t live with us. Prison is barbaric, costs money and it’s corrupt. It does not rehabilitate, but quite the opposite, creating worse criminals than before they went in. Therefore the only answer is to put these people on a land, together, to live how they so choose. Guaranteed it will be a short one.

        I wish you well, will most certainly miss you and hope you’ll drop by from time to time and pass on some wisdom. And guaranteed, we’ll very probably disagree with one another again. 🙂

        P.S. As for leaving, well, there’s a HUGE difference between being hounded on every post by someone, who is simply there to cause discord and having a disagreement with another.

    1. thanks for that, Ariadna, forgot about Maurice Pinnay for a while yet he is a sniper par excellence, never been known to miss the mark.
      Couple of outrageous lines

      Francis is teaching the essence of Hasidic Judaism and one of the root causes for the extreme depravity witnessed in every Hasidic community: that one must sin in order ‘to come closer to God.’

      By this token, the LGBT lowlife will feel justified to rub up real close and personal against God, maybe with little mirrors to look under the robes, “OMG” replacing “Praised Be Jesus” that I say to an elderly nun that I regularly come across every morning here in Sarajevo (“Hvalyan Isus, velechasna“) and she breaks into beatific smiles, though she is if stern face normally (or nominally?) – yes, here in predominantly Islamic SJJ, I keep seeing Catholic nuns walking all over the place, haven’t seen one in Toronto in decades … hm, something to ponder too, isn’t it, crowded out by LGBT I guess, loss of habit and habitat, so much sin that God is close, real close, I can smell his BO, no need for nuns to relay stuff back and forth … well, call me old fashioned, SJJ feels so much more like home, I must be going insane, if just nominally, which brings me to the next quote:

      Francis’ pharisaic rigidity with which he proclaims that it is “incomprehensible” that anyone would question “The Holocaust” unless they were insane.

      This makes my day, if ever i am hauled to court for crime of hate speech or thought, why, i will just plead insanity.
      Or to get really Pharisaic about it, you know, not rigid but slitheringly, spinelessly serpentine, I will say I questioned Holocaust in order to sin and get closer to God.
      In fact, in rapturous outburst of religious fervour, like ferocious fervour, I will DENY Holocaust outright for maximal religious benefits, become ONE with God of Flexibility.
      Credo quod est rigidum (sometimes I credo, sometimes not, alternating between flexible and nominal, hey this is almost as much fun as Kol Nidre, same difference)
      (((and I like the cowbell the rabbi on the right is wearing, Judas cow calling goyim cattle to follow to the slaughterhouse door)))

      1. I need to get this framed to hang above my desk:

        “Or to get really Pharisaic about it, you know, not rigid but slitheringly, spinelessly serpentine, I will say I questioned Holocaust in order to sin and get closer to God.
        In fact, in rapturous outburst of religious fervour, like ferocious fervour, I will DENY Holocaust outright for maximal religious benefits, become ONE with God of Flexibility.”

        It makes me rapturously happy every time I read it. (I’ve already tested it three times…) Francis really inspired you!

      2. (((testing, testing, testing)))
        See, through his educational outreach, Francis accomplishes a great deal of good – VAE TIBI, FRANCISCO.

        Sometimes lately, I dive into New Testament for moral and logical refreshment.
        I cannot read it sequentially, like a student in classroom and my dyslexic disposition actually comes in handy.
        A certain topic interests me and suspecting that Jesus may have spent time expounding on it, I look it up in the Gospels and elsewhere, to see how it meshes or differs from my take on it.
        And it just ripples out in the most satisfying manner, each time linking me with related but ever widening circles of relevance.
        Because I find that totally unlike the Old Testament, which is a landfill of reeking bullshit with very few, incidental nuggets of wisdom, the New Testament has adamantine integrity, never beating around bush, unflinching when condemning.

        Unfortunately rigid, the current Popeberg would say.
        How he and his confessors can withstand the pressure of their treason, walking those halls filled with potent murals and artwork of the masters, is beyond me, RayBan made in hell.
        He will have some explaining to do, come his turn and even if he were to twist and turn in quantum time, it won’t do him any good.

      3. LOL Lobro, you’re still the unrelenting champ!
        You’re still wearing us out with laughter and thinking.
        By George I think you’re on to something!

      4. “I will say I questioned Holocaust in order to sin and get closer to God”…
        Who would ever of thunk that the Catholics would ever take a cue from the German Anabaptists? They were just about exterminated for saying things like that! I’ll keep it in mind.

  19. TOBY,
    i too am devastated to see you go, you are the best, so good that you should start your own blog that all it does is monitor posts, whatever the topic, call it UNCLE MONITOR.

    can’t you just stay on as Nominal Monitor? Sister Monica sounds kind of ominous, like we’ll all have to line up for muster, collars turned down, shirts tucked in, present hands palms up then down for inspection of nails, luckily we have TROJ as the class lightning rod.

    (TROJ is surprisingly, shockingly wrong about the use of the word “Nominal”, I have never known TROJ to be wrong before and if you decamp, be sure that he will seek you out because you are his lifeline to Nominal Normality)

    1. LOBRO

      Many thanks for your vote of confidence. Also thanks galore to all the other posters who said nice things about Unworthy Me! I’m just taking a little rest from my onerous monitorial duties (*grin*) but may continue as an ordinary poster.

      BTW, Sister Monica is OK. Nothing “ominous” about her! She is a darling. Wreathed in constant smiles, oozing bonhomie from every pore. A former nun who was booted out of her convent for sticking up for Bishop Williamson. Quite an attractive lady too, tall and slim and with twinkling azure blue eyes. Rides a horse like the Lady of the Manor. You get the picture! She likes to call people “darling” and “sweetie” (an English speech mannerism found among the upper classes), so get used to it and try not to squirm with embarrassment as she showers you all with endearments! 🙂

      She will be a far better monitor than me. Very wise and learned too. Once wrote a thesis called “On the Problem of Pain: Evil’s Role in the Divine Plan”, but her convent refused to publish it. Too near the bone, I guess. Crossed all red lines. 🙂

      1. “…her convent refused to publish it.”
        She should publish it anyway. Would be interested in seeing it, although my interest in all these abstract theological and philosophical questions is, of course, quite superficial. She sounds all right to me. With all due respect.
        PS I love it when the English call me “Mate”, or “Luv”. It’s like being called a “good ole boy” in the South.

  20. Toby,
    Very sorry to see you go! You will be missed by all! Where ever you go, you mentioned Montenegro, Byron country, enjoy your life and may the Blessings of the Triple Gem be upon you!

  21. @ Toby

    I am glad to see that you are taking a vacation from moderation at Darkmoon. Everyone needs a break from time to time.

    If I recall properly, you took a break sometime in the past year or so and then came back. I would not be surprised to see you return as moderator. Playing around with the truth has a magnetic quality about it that is normally irresistible. I’m sure it’s that God is truth thing.

    Have a pleasant temporary absence while Sister Monica fills in for you. 🙂

    Your description of Sister Monica certainly makes me look forward to her presence on Darkmoon. Her position on Bishop Williamson says it all.

    Welcome Sister Monica.

  22. @Carlos Porter: Keep posting. You sound like a person who traversed the Garden Wall and sought out the World.

    1. I know I’m getting tedious, but there’s a proverb in medieval French that says, “Save a thief from the gallows and he’ll cut your throat”.

      None of this has anything to do with child molesting, except: hang a child molester and he’ll never touch another child. Even castration doesn’t solve the problem. Eunuchs are known for their sadistic cruelty. In Germany in the 80s a child molester was “chemically castrated”, then he told the toubibs (the shrinks and docs) that he wanted to get married, so they gave him sex hormones — brilliant! — so he molested and murdered another kid. The mother showed up at trial and shot him 7 times, killed him. Problem solved — except for her and the kid, anyway. Every night in her dreams (in prison) she saw her kid, a girl named Anna, and it was just like in the old days, and then she woke up — to those grey walls surrounding her, in jail. Kid gone. What did she do to deserve that?

      So, pull that lever! Ka-bump! Wiggle, wiggle. Problem solved! Next!

  23. Annoying that sometimes I get 4 minutes to correct things, and other times I don’t.



    Your comment has been deleted because you are under several misconceptions.

    Firstly, your opening sentence: “And here is the response to my comment in an email I received…. apparently from “Darkmoon”. You know very well that Lasha Darkmoon never sent you any email. She wouldn’t do this, even if she had read your comment. You are apparently unable to distinguish between an email and an online comment. The words you quote were written BY ME, Sister Monica, the new monitor of this website, and they were addressed to you in the form of a COMMENT published on this site and which everyone here was free to read — including yourself!

    The comment I addressed to you was subsequently deleted. I deleted it, because I thought it unnecessary.

    Your second paragraph begins with these insolent words: “Such maturity, it’s killing me. No, I’m not a high school student (are you?) I’m 45 years old and I have a BA in psychology.” You continue in the same aggressive and quarrelsome tone: “Now, if you actually read what I wrote, (which apparently you didn’t)…etc etc”.

    So the second misconception you are under is that “free speech” gives the right to come onto this website and lecture us in hectoring tones on pedophilia, presenting your own view as correct and mandatory. We must listen to you pontificating on pedophilia, without the slightest attempt on your part to cultivate a responsible tone of objectivity.

    We will not publish what you have to say if you are rude, quarrelsome and disrespectful to the administrators of this website. You may be qualified as a psychologist to be critical of Don’s pedophilia and suggest that he could be fantasizing and making things up — you use the word “inaccurate” — but you are NOT entitled to suggest that we were wrong to publish the article in the first place, before it was carefully vetted for “accuracy”, presumably by an “expert” such as yourself.

    You did not say this in so many words, but you certainly implied it.

    Other commentators here, in particular the well-known writer Carlos Porter, expressed doubts about Don’s trustworthiness as a witness. He did so in measured language and politely, without suggesting that the administrators of this website were in some way to blame for publishing an “inaccurate” (and therefore sub-standard) article.

    — Sister Monica

    1. Sister Monica:
      Hello, glad to meet you. You might be just what the doctor ordered. I need some advice on classical Catholic literature. Could you contact me privately? [email protected].
      I look forward to hearing from you.
      Thank you.

      1. @ Carlos W. Porter

        I have no private email address of my own right now because of recent disruptions to my personal life. Moreover, I make use of a shared computer to which I have only limited access. So please ask any questions you wish in the Comments Section here. Fire away!

        I understand from my former pupil, L Darkmoon, that you are a high-powered intellectual who has written many books and are a world-recognized authority on the Nuremberg trials and various other aspects of the Holocaust. LD has told me you are an “eccentric genius”. So I anticipate your questions with some trepidation!

        Please note I am just a simple ex-nun of very humble origins. My knowledge of classical Catholic literature is not all that good. I was mostly a lay sister working in the kitchen and laundry, peeling potatoes, cooking pies, washing clothes, mopping floors. I had very little time in the monastic library with its vast array of musty tomes. Never once did I enjoy the opportunity to read a line of St Thomas Aquinas in Latin. I once found myself dusting the many volumes of Summa Theologiae and Summa contra Gentiles, but as for reading them in Latin, that was too much for my simple peasant brain!

        Like the Little Flower, Sister Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face, I steeped myself only in two books: The Bible and ‘The Imitation of Christ’ (De Imitatione Christi) by Thomas à Kempis. That’s all we simply Catholic nuns need to climb the Ladder of Perfection! We don’t need Aristotle or Hebrew or a deep knowledge of the early Church Fathers.

        There is no end to the making of books … and too much knowledge brings too much grief.

        1. Lasha is here today and Uncle is here today but Sister Monica is not here today. But that’s not surprising Our Good Sista is not here today, for today is holy salaami day [ on ali baba’s social event calendar ] , and tonight will be Saturday Partay Night! and sista’s gotta get ready for Her saturday night performance, tonight a charity event for the Good Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Sista monica performs as tough In-Charge broad! But Oh, poor sista monica, sold by her Catholic parents into slavery to the poop in rome forced to enter a convent, thrown into a dungeon for being TOO devout, NOT nominal enough for the totalitarian demanding Catholics ; poor sista after so many years cooped up in a convent prison dungeon, she may be a bit rusty with her Stage presentation, not to mention her appearance after years of being starved to death and not allowed to put-on kabuki make-up, poor dear, I hope she’s not TOO out of practice with applying the Make Up, that would be awfully tragic, here’s some tips that may help Our Sista get More Polished for Her Salami Night Performance! sista can only dream of looking so glamorous! but keep at it honey We LERV you just the way you are , U Go Girl, go out there tonight and Break A Leg!!

  25. To: Sister Monica: August 20, 2016 at 3:27 pm @ Carlos W. Porter

    You can’t imagine how pleased I am to hear from you. (“Eccentric” sums it up — you can forget the rest.)

    My question is: In the spring of 1968, I read an interview in Newsweek magazine with Marcelo Caetano, Prime Minister of Portugal, about Portuguese policies in Africa (where they were engaged in the 8th year of a 13-year war against Communist guerrillas in colonies 22 times the size of Portugal).

    Of course memory is fragile, but as I recall it, in his reply, he defined the problem; defined his terms; explained why he defined certain terms in a certain way; set forth all the arguments for and against something, fairly, on both sides, then expressed his own opinion or conclusion; and explained why he felt that way.

    When I was younger it seemed that all Catholics habitually expressed their ideas in this manner: systematically, point by point, logically ordered. It’s essentially a legal style; not surprisingly, international law is largely a creation of the medieval scholastics, whom I have always admired.

    Now: my question is: this style of argument is obviously a product of the scholastic tradition, but what and where are the best examples of this kind of writing?

    It’s not quite St. Thomas Aquinas; it’s not quite any of the other scholastics I have attempted to read; I don’t know what it is.

    I have the Catholic Encyclopaedia and can’t make head or tails of it. All I find is chalices and mitres and biographies of obscure saints. Do you have any recommendations?

    I never found what I was looking for in Catholicism, or philosophy generally. I found it in law.

    What interests me is the style of argument, the schematic presentation of ideas, the logical progression, the conciseness, always in an unchanging atmosphere of ethereal calm. They seemed to think in outline form.

    I haven’t heard a Catholic speak this way in 50 years. Where does this style of argument come from?

    Can you recommend any articles in the Catholic Encyclopaedia? Any other sources?

    I know the scholastics were trained to be able to debate either side of a question — not to prove that “black is white” — but to be able to see the strengths and weaknesses on both sides of an argument.

    But where can I find some more examples of this? The Catholic Encyclopaedia is a maze.

    Thank you for your time and attention.

    1. Dear Carlos,

      I fear you have chosen the wrong person to quiz! I have already told you: I am a simple soul, a peasant, a contemplative nun who read very few books when I was in the convent. I was advised by my Spiritual Director not to waste my time with books. To avoid all unnecessary contact with the haughty intelligentsia of the cloisters. They had their way and doubtless it was the right way for them, but it was not my way.

      We are not all designed by the Good Lord to poke our noses into musty books. For does it not say in ‘Liber Ecclesiastes’: “Faciendi plures libros nullus est finis, frequensque meditatio carnis adflictio est. (“Of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh.”)

      I will ask Lasha for further guidance, but I know she will give you the same answer as I have.

      1. It is necessary to read omnivorously when you are young, and stock your mind with the best thoughts of the ages, and scholars of course need all the facts at their fingertips in order to make sense of the world. But you will find as you grow older, and face a terminal illness perhaps, that a small handful of books will suffice for all your needs.

        Knowledge requires book reading, wisdom requires silence and simplicity. These are two different things and must not be confused.

        I apologize for expressing these thoughts of mine in public, thoughts which I would have preferred to speak in private, but unfortunately that is not possible because of my circumstances. People who do not wish to be distracted by these off-topic animadversions of mine, please skip my posts. They are not meant to be read by all and sundry.

    2. I haven’t heard a Catholic speak this way in 50 years.

      The Second Council of Vatican was from 1962 to 1965.
      50 years ago.

      Could it be a coincidence?
      In addition to abandoning the Tridentine Mass, it was also the culmination of the “Liturgical Movement” and its insistence on watering down the intellectual rigor of the Catholic thought unified through widespread use of ecclesiastical Latin, replacing it with the vernacular usage – wouldn’t surprise me that Evangelium is read in ebonics nowadays.
      Apart from what little may be preserved in some hermetic orders, Catholicism died 50 years ago, stabbed in the back by homegrown Judases (aren’t they always?).

  26. P.S.: My definition of “eccentric” is “off-centre”, to which I reply that the “centre” has never interested me; I am a “rightist”, an anti-Communist, an admirer of Francisco Franco and many other, similar, great men, starting with the Confederate generals who were the great heroes of my early childhood; my loyalty to them and their cause has never wavered. The “centre” had no attraction for them. I believe it was Luther who said, “Here I stand, I can do nothing else”.
    I would very much appreciate any assistance you can give me.
    Thank you very sincerely,

    1. Don’t forget General August Pinochet, the savior of Chile. Margaret Thatcher was an admirer and supporter. With that being said, I honestly do not believe we would suffer any loss, and have everything to gain by a rightist military takeover of the National Gummint. And giving it absolute power for a period of 10 years, which would then formally end and elections mandated. There would be much ground to reclaim, many scores to settle, many executions to execute, much ill-gotten wealth confiscated, and many deportations and de-naturalization of citizenship. If someone offered you the choice of a slab of beef where maggots have taken up interior residence and dog food, which would you eat?

      White Christian Euro-derived Caucasians can only survive this century with the (((TRANSFER))) of “hard ” power from the behemoth of the Left, the total destruction of the Left, the deportation of all Jews and Muslims, and more. I have given details on this necessity of action previously. It is obvious, a priori and prima facie, self-evident that a White Homeland must be established. This is not only for the survival of the gene pool, but for the culture of the West to be seeded and planted under the aegis of Whites, to be rescued from erasure history.

      This is attainable.

      1. To: POUPON MARX
        I suspect I’m one up on you. How many people know that the Chilean armed forces overthrew the government because the Chilean Chamber of Deputies, the elected government of the country, voted overwhelmingly to ASK them to do it? By a tremendous margin — at least 2/3. It was the most “democratic” revolution in the history of the world! Even then, they waited for 3 weeks after tolerating Allende for 3 years.
        I also admire Suharto of Indonesia. There are lessons to be learned.

        I’ve been thinking about these things for some time because I’ve been planning a series of articles attacking the so-called “philosophy of Ayn Rand”. That one Soviet hag did more harm to the country than anybody realizes. More than all the spies in history — I think. Americans can’t think straight anymore. That one stupid hysterical crazy sex-mad bitch got their brains twisted up into pretzels. Just look at Ron Paul, look at Stephan Molyneux (as soon as Ayn Rand is mentioned). He positively slathers — drools at the mouth. His eyes go glassy. It’s word blindness — blindness induced by words. (Ron “The Producer” Paul: “libertarian” con artist) (satire) (intro — followed by what I’ve done so far).

        I’d like to stress that I’ve got no philosophical pretensions at all and I think most philosophers are crazy; but the scholastics I respect. I don’t care whether “non-corporeal substance” is a self-contradictory term or not, and so on and so forth; I love the way they organize their ideas. The calm of it. No anger, no hysteria, no sarcasm, no denunciations. It’s ethereal, other-wordly.

        Of course, I take very little interest in the actual content. I mean, fancy writing 5 or 10 thousand closely packed pages on God, the Trinity, the Creation, angels, and so on, when you’re burning people at the stake! That’s a little like putting the cart before the horse, wouldn’t you think?

        We need someone with the determination of Hernán Cortés or Francisco Pizarro. Not that they were always the kindliest and gentlest of people!
        Imagine, a handful of adventurers and mercenaries, the products of desperate poverty, probably never more than a thousand men in total, never more, attacking 2 different technologically advanced empires consisting of millions of Indians — probably ten million people — without the slightest hesitation! It’s like science fiction! They had no self-doubt. Most of this confidence undoubtedly came from religion. We need to harness some of that power for ourselves.

  27. Carlos Porter shares a relevant insight when he tells us that a “style of argument is obviously a product of the [corresponding] scholastic tradition”. Only this week, I was able to break evil works by recognizing a pattern of argument applied from the thumbprint (or blueprint) from whence it came. So, intricate and deceptive, that its source must be the devil himself. I work fighting against a satanist in a small town. Honestly, the work is difficult and it is only maintained by supernatural assistance. That supernatural assistance works both ways. His from the devil; mine from God.

    In Mr. Porter’s case, he is inquiring about a likeable style of argument; one that has left him impressed and one he identifies as being taught and maintained by tradition.

    The fighters of evil lack that strength because their tradition has been broken/severed; abandoned even by themselves because they lack the knowledge of the enemy: Satan.

  28. Not likeable, but clear, concise, logical, balanced. Calm, thoughtful. I like writing that moves in a straight line, instead of going around in circles. Best of luck to you.

  29. @ Carlos Porter: There are very few people that know the full story of August Pinochet. Being successful at stopping a Marxist Communist takeover gives The Left the heebie-jeebies. What cheek, to not allow a Castro puppet and his small band of criminals and liars to expropriate the wealth and power of a country?! How many dictators can anyone name that promised to step down when he stepped up? Pinochet is my personal hero. I have read in depth about him and the circumstances before, during and after. He is a man for OUR age. If anything, he did not kill enough Marxists and Communists. The proof of that is their resurgence in Chile presently.

    Years ago, a team of American psychiatrists, liberal, stupid, Left, were touring the new Workers’ Paradise in Cuba a short time after Fidel took over. While in a Cuban psychiatric hospital, they noticed that quite a number of patients had received lobotomies. This SHOCKED the American team. When they asked the Director of the Mental Hospital why they had done this in a disapproving way, the Director shrugged and said, “They are socialist lobotomies, you see. It’s not the same as in your capitalist society”.

    “The faintest of all human passions is the love of truth.”
    — A.E. Housman.

    State is the name of the coldest of all cold monsters. Coldly it lies; and this lie slips from its mouth: “I, the state, am the people.”
    -Fredrich Nietzche

    I was scrolling through the offerings on HULU just the other day, and what did I see? A typical hit piece of Pinochet, the human rights abuser, the mass murderer. All the little chillens! Families! Sob! And then, surprise!: “He was Hitler”. I would thrash the trash that produced this revision lie if I could.

    Here’s little biscuit:

  30. Agreed once again.

    The point is that I have always been something of a “closet” admirer of traditionalist Catholicism — and even the Jesuits — because of their dedication, organization, scholarship and keen perceptions on certain matters and because, in the past — seems like centuries now — they set up the most formidable barriers to the conquest of Marxism ever devised. That was a long time ago! (I also admired them because they discouraged people from reading the Bible, which for many years I regarded as the most insane, most immoral book in existence, the source of endless problems).

    And the Catholic response wasn’t just negative: they had something positive to replace it with. — here, in what is obviously a satire, I refer to “the idiocy of religious belief”. I do not actually believe that. Religious belief is a necessity. But I want it to be compatible with civilization and the survival of the white race. This has not been true for a very long time. The obvious reason for it is Marxist infiltration of the seminars and churches. We need a new Inquisition. Minus a few of its more disagreeable features.

    The “form of argument” only interests me because it helps the speaker organize his ideas. Naturally the content is important.

    I also like James David Manning. Did you ever see those clips where he talks about his life before he became what he is today? He was a typical dindu, a worthless nigger. He has an armed robbery conviction. He says he used to sit around the table with his friends and smoke pot till they “just couldn’t smoke no more”, but he “never put a dollar on the table for his wife and children”. Then he stuck a shotgun in a man’s face in Florida. But he woke up.

    I had a lot of Cuban friends at one time. In those days, Cubans had a good reputation. That day, too, is finished.

    I would be surprised if the Catholic style of argument is simply the product of centuries of exercise books and classroom debating, but I suppose that is possible.

    I sense I am growing tiresome. With a hearty ¡Viva Franco! ¡Arriba España! I shall take my leave.

    Regards to Lasha and Sister Monica.

    1. You are never “tiresome”, Carlos. Conversing with you has been a pleasure. Feel free to drop in here whenever you want.

  31. “Faciendi plures libros nullus est finis, frequensque meditatio carnis adflictio est.”
    Thank you very much. The above is a profound truth, but I would like to say that you are sadly overestimating my abilities if you think I can Latin on that level. I can only read Latin if I already know more or less what it says and I have a lot of time to ponder over it, or if it looks like Italian.
    As for a “few books”, the problem is aggravated by the fact that we forget almost 100% of what we read! I have books I’ve read 4 or 5 times and I can hardly remember what they say! On the other hand, I read “Pickwick Papers” 5 times in a row, carefully, from beginning to end; when I got to the end, I started over again at the beginning. This isn’t something you want to do with just anything.
    Peace be with Pickwick, may his name be blessed.

    1. Carlos,

      Funny you should mention ‘The Pickwick Papers’ as being one of your favorite books. A lawyer friend of mine used to read Pickwick once EVERY YEAR (!) and used to rave about it. He loved quoting the famous phrase from Pickwick, “The Law is an ass.” The book is a remarkable achievement for such a young man. I believe Dickens was a mere stripling of 24 when it was published.

  32. “The law is an ass” if from Oliver Twist, which I haven’t actually read; there was a wonderful film made of it in the 40s.

    I translate contracts all the time and I learned a lot of my legal jargon and style from Dickens — specifically, Pickwick Papers. I love the way he uses legal jargon ironically. As a rule I only like Dickens when he is ironic. I love the ironic chapters in OLD CURIOSITY SHOP, where he describes a debtor and ne’er-do-well named Dick Swiveller. What a genius! Otherwise I usually found Dickens maudlin, over-complicated, and only read 2 or 3 of his books.

    As for the multiplication of books, I would say, to the multiplication of BAD books (and films, and everything else) there is no end: it’s the old problem of “Down with Intelligence, Long Live Death” v “Down with Intelligence — no — down with bad intellectuals.” (I don’t know if you know that story.)

    I could never understand why, in all my years in school, we never finished a textbook! We had some great textbooks. Why couldn’t you just sit down and read them? No, you weren’t allowed. So at the end of the year you sold them, because everybody said, oh, you don’t need that, that was last year, that’s not on the exam next year, etc. So you sold them. But they were very expensive. I wish I’d kept them. One of my daughters is a medical doctor and she says the same thing, in God knows how many years of medical school, Ph.D., and God knows what all else, they never finished a book. But her books cost hundreds of dollars. It’s a racket.

    Another thing to which “to the multiplication of which there is no end”, is introductions, analyses, synopses, summaries, etc., most of which are more complicated than the thing being explained. An explanation which is more complicated than the thing being explained, is a “Rube Goldberg Machine” (most Europeans don’t know what that means).

    If you want to know what something says, why can’t you just pick it up and read it? What are we, feeble-minded? School actually makes you afraid of books. You really think, golly, I can’t read that, because I don’t who’s who and what happens and what it all means, etc. To hell with it. Just pick it up and read it. For example, I could never stand King Lear. Could never read it. When I was 22, a professor told me “if you read King Lear at 20, you don’t understand it, if you read it at 50, you do”. OK, I waited till I was 60, and still couldn’t read it. I got to the scene where some guy gouges another guy’s eye out, throws it on the floor and stamps on it! At that point, I quit reading. Talk about “senseless violence”! There are other plays I like. If I don’t like them I don’t read them.

    1. No, I read Pickwick, Copperfield, a couple of times, Bleak House (another great one), Old Curiosity Shop, only once, but the chapters about Dick Swiveller several times, and about half of Our Mutual Friend. That one was so complicated that he had a murder mystery which continued in every other chapter. So I read every other chapter till he finished the murder mystery and quit reading.
      Bleak House was great. I was in a very similar situation once, similar to the situation described in the book. Where a lawsuit drags on for so long the lawyers take all the money. I knew an accountant once (who ended robbing me, as they all do), who worked in the South Seas someplace, and he said they were still working on the bankruptcy of a tea planation which had gone bust over a century before! I think it was in Malaysia or someplace.

  33. I never caught up the real threads hanging out of the Allende overthrow but do recall Augusto Pinochet as he was mercilessly hounded from one jurisdiction to another as a proud, dignified gent – grace under pressure may have been coined for him.
    But there is a giant caveat: Allende was overthrown and killed in a manner identical to Gaddafi and before all that, Patrice Lumumba in Congo-Katanga, namely, a very professionally carried out death-by-CIA, torture optional but desirable, which tells me that there must have been jews behind it.
    Moreover, Allende takedown was designed, organized and supervised by the most accomplished and sophisticated assassin of the last 100 years, specializing in the heads of states, one Henry Kissinger, who i never tire of repeating has also been the world’s top jew in the last 50 years, so these coups were part of his apprenticeship and ascendancy to the top of the NWO pyramid.

    So how is one to support the Chile coup knowing who was the grey eminence?
    Just curious.
    Because HK wasn’t inflicted upon the planet to make the life better for the goyim.

    (I know nothing about Allende except to imagine he was a drawing room Marxist, hobnobbing with the likes of Sartre, Camus, Pablo Neruda and the rest of the pretentious farts scooping up equally pretentious Nobel prizes back then)

    1. Agreed about Kissinger, Allende didn’t “suit” the U.S. for some reason — it’s not hard to see why not — but the country was on the edge of dictatorship or civil war, or both.

      Nobody knows how Allende died, whether he was killed by Pinochet’s troops or committed suicide. I think he was almost certainly killed when they bombed the building from the air. Collateral damage.

      At any rate the revolution was “legal” in the sense that the Chilean Chamber of Deputies VOTED for it, because impeaching Allende for violating the constitution, destroying the economy of the country, and openly planning a dictatorship and/or civil war, would have been practically impossible. To me, this is what armies are FOR.

      Lumumba had many African political enemies and was hunted down and killed by a firing squad of Africans led by a Belgian army officer, almost certainly a paratrooper, for daring to order the mass rape of every white woman in the country — surely a minor peccadillo. Pas vrai?

      The nerve of that cheeky kaffir! Rest in peace — in hell.

      There same question could be asked about Lumumba. Assuming that Lumumba’s overthrow and execution were ordered by Kissinger or the C.I.A., so what? Who cares?

      Some people just don’t twig that the mass rape of white women is just the God-given right of every kaffir, now, do they? Perhaps you think he should have been allowed to continue.

      I don’t admire everything Pinochet ever did, but 11 November 1974 was one of the happiest days of my life. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing. I was overjoyed.

      I do not want to be perceived as admiring Pinochet for certain other things he did — but I don’t want to get into a big argument about Margaret Thatcher and “Las Malvinas”. In this sense Pinochet was a traitor to South America. Plus his actions during the war for the “Malvinas” were against international law.

      I also think it was really rather naughty of him to blow up that Letelier character with a car bomb in Washington D.C., along with a couple of other people in the car, a young couple, photographers or staffers or something, I believe. Pinochet was absolutely implacable. An admirable quality at times, other times not. Anyway the Letelier killing proves that he was in no way a complete slave to the United States. His actions astonished me, and I still do not understand them.

      1. Excuse me, I think the date of the Pinochet Revolution was 11 September 1974, not November.
        As for Lumumba, the biggest a commie a guy is, the more the media will make him out to be hero. Just look at Nelson Mandela. Lumumba has always gotten the same treatment, like a saint.
        The only question in my mind, is whether niggers NEED an order to rape. It is obvious that they do not. Incidentally, do you know how Mobuto unified the Congo? He made it clear that nobody would ever be prosecuted for stealing anything! So everybody was free to steal, so they all supported his government! For example, they stole 15 miles of copper wiring off an electrical system in one night. 15 miles! That had to be sophisticated operation. There are Congolese families today who have billions of dollars, all stolen from the Belgians. All the infrastructure was dismantled and looted. I forget the name of the book; I read a whole biography of the guy. He had ability; very crafty in politics, very courageous physically. But nothing positive in terms of running or building a country.
        A cover story in Time Magazine about 10 years ago was entitled COLONIALISM, COME BACK: ALL IS FORGIVEN. Some half-Belgian half-African swept his arm around in speaking to the reporter, indicating the surrounding countryside all along the river. When the Belgian were here, there were plantations, refineries, everything, at every landing along the river there was something. Today there is nothing. It’s all been destroyed.

    2. Okay, don’t know anything about Lumumba or next to nothing.
      Rape White Women!” command is complete news to me, is there some source for this?
      Hope not the same as “tossing newborns out of incubators and bayoneting them” smear against Iraqi army in Kuwait.
      All I ever saw on Lumumba is some documentary and one of the interviewed participants was some CIA pilot who said that after Lumumba was tracked down and caught, they bundled him off to the rear of that CIA transport plane and he died under torture by African troops while in midair.
      If he did give that rape directive, then apart from monstrosity of it, he was a complete retard because the truth of such a thing would have been disastrously bad PR at the time when he depended on outside support.

      My heretofore understanding was that Lumumba’s idea was to rid Congo of foreign bloodsuckers siphoning off the country’s mineral wealth, especially the Katanga mines.
      As a matter of principle, I am routinely on side of the natives, however primitive, who just want to be left to own devices rather than cruel exploitation by the Jew.
      Because we do agree that almost 100% of the colonial exploitation was incited by Jew and 100% of the material profits went to the Jew, white man’s task was to do the fighting, killing and dying to ensure that end.
      Even today, who owns 100% of South African mineral wealth?
      Harbinger mentioned the other day that Israel’s by far the biggest source of export revenue are DIAMONDS.
      And where do they come from?

      Not to wander too far afield but the Lumumba story needs a careful sifting of evidence.
      Which I don’t have, all i hear are diverging narratives.

      When in doubt, look at what the Jew is doing, because he is sworn to serve Lucifer, this is my starting motto.

      1. Lobro –

        “Where do they(diamonds) come from?”

        I have the ‘exact’ same pamphlet/booklet/bulletin in my hand which is mentioned in the article from Jackie’s site. It was sent to her in the 90s….. BIE – Before Internet Era. Letter typed on dot-matrix printer…. using DOS. Sent to her by snails.

        (I told you that I have been at it a while.)

        In the 70s I was putting my hands on anything which told about Pharisee-Jew bastards. So, I subscribed to “Message to Israel.” It made for good reading on the sub.

        So, why did the Jews, and the United States pick Palestine to invade and conquer?
        Answer… $$$$$$$!

        “The Jewel Box of the World.”

      2. When the Belgians airlifted hundreds of paratroopers to Elizabethville to save hundreds of Europeans besieged by “Simba” rebels, most of them about 12-14 years old, they published a complete report justifying their actions. When Lumumba came to power, it was universally seen as a Communist take over of the Congo. The order to rape was given on the theory that if he killed too many Europeans, the Europeans would intervene militarily and possibly take back the country. But a few mass rapes — many of the victims died — accompanied by other random atrocities — according to the report, women were raped with babies in their arms, while Africans urinated in their mouths, etc. — wouldn’t produce much of a reaction and all the whites would leave the country. What’s a few rapes between friends? That was what he wanted. Fortunately his African enemies didn’t like him much either. All of this was confirmed by news reports at the time. How reliable all these reports are I do not know. But it’s always the same story, isn’t it?

      3. Pat,

        So, I subscribed to “Message to Israel.” It made for good reading on the sub.

        I wish your sub had sent a somewhat more forceful message, eg, “50 kiloton Mazel Tov From Poseidon” or “Feel The Trident”.
        The only type of message Jews pay attention to, Irene Zissblatt wouldn’t be the only one shitting diamonds 🙂

      4. Carlos,
        that rape rationale makes some sense, however tenuous.
        Still, beware Jew propaganda, especially when something like
        “raping a woman with a screaming baby in her arms while your buddy is pissing in her mouth”
        sounds almost impossible logistically, reminding me of Elie Wiesel’s diesel engines, squirting blood geysers, pitching squalling babies into open bonfires (always babies, they are great for scary hype, aren’t they).
        But ok.
        In time I will collect more data on this and assign degrees of probability based on some judicial principles a lot better than Nuremberg, anyway – not a difficult task.

        What i fear and the reason for such circumspection is that I don’t want to be caught dead making the same errors of judgment as Nuremberg Tribunal because unlike them, I possess both morals and a sense of shame.

  34. Excuse me, I shouldn’t have said “traitor to South America”, because the phrase is legal nonsense.

    As I recall, Pinochet permitted British planes to disguise themselves as Chilean in the knowledge that they would never be shot down by the Argentinians. This was very clear a violation of Chilean neutrality and an equally clear violation of international law. I don’t know what kind of missions they flew. But if anyone was killed as a result, it constituted the crime of “killing by treachery”, which is still another crime under international law.

    It was certainly a stab in the back against a neighbouring, brother South American country; that is what I meant to say.

    If Pinochet needed to pander to Thatcher, he should have said, look, “I’ll do other things for you, but I’m not doing that. I’m not violating Chilean neutrality”. He should have stood his ground. I think it’s likely that Thatcher needed him more than he needed her.

    The Letelier killing impresses me as the act of a madman. And yet Pinochet was not mad. Maybe somebody in Washington gave him the green light? What kind of torturing, murdering madman, a dictator with near total power, holds elections, loses, and negotiates a return to democracy after 12 years? A term of this agreement was a general and complete amnesty. Naturally, all our democracies are always prepared to violate their most sacred pledges and promises at any time, at the drop of a hat. Their attitude is that of Lenin: “Promises are like pie crusts, made to be broken”.

    Hounding him around the world was another clear violation of international law. A single Spanish judge, Garzón, known as an extreme left-winger, decided that Spain — Spain! — had universal jurisdiction — including over, for example, Britain — Britain! — just because a small number of Spanish citizens were killed in the revolution! If China claimed jurisdiction over Mexico because a few chinks were killed more or less accidentally during civil unrest in the United States, the world would laugh. And China is a major power!

    Franco was smart. He saw that Nikita Khruschev was overthrown while travelling abroad, so Franco never left the country. This was Pinochet’s mistake: he went to London for medical treatment under the protection of his amnesty agreement. So Garzón tried to have him arrested in England!

    As I recall, Garzón had no authority from Chile or England or anybody else to issue his “international arrest warrant”, it referred to no law that anybody had ever heard of, but he bullied the Chilean leftists into going along with it later. Fortunately Pinochet died. That’s what I meant to say.

    As I say, I may be quite wrong about all this, but since it’s always the same story, I consider it unlikely that I am greatly mistaken.

    How’s about the following item of deliciousness?

    UN expert: Rape rampant in Congo
    By BRADLEY S. KLAPPER, Associated Press Writer Mon Jul 30, 12:11 PM ET
    GENEVA – Sexual atrocities in Congo’s volatile province of South Kivu extend “far beyond rape” and include sexual slavery, forced incest and cannibalism, a U.N. human rights expert said Monday.
    Yakin Erturk called the situation in South Kivu the worst she has ever seen in four years as the global body’s special investigator for violence against women. Sexual violence throughout Congo is “rampant,” she said, blaming rebel groups, the armed forces and national police.
    “These acts amount to war crimes and, in some cases, crimes against humanity,” said Erturk, who just came back from an 11-day mission there.
    Most of the worst abuses have been committed by rebel groups, many of whom fled to Congo after taking part in the Rwandan genocide of the 1990s, she said.
    “The atrocities perpetrated by these armed groups are of an unimaginable brutality that goes far beyond rape,” she said in a statement. “Women are brutally gang raped, often in front of their families and communities. In numerous cases, male relatives are forced at gun point to rape their own daughters, mothers or sisters.”
    The statement continued: “Frequently women are shot or stabbed in their genital organs, after they are raped. Women, who survived months of enslavement, told me that their tormentors had forced them to eat excrement or the human flesh of murdered relatives.”
    Saying the situation required immediate attention from Congo’s government and the international community, Erturk reported that 4,500 cases of sexual violence had already been counted so far this year. The U.N. investigator said the actual number of incidents was probably much higher.
    The Panzi hospital, a specialized institution in Bukavu near the Rwandan border, sees about 3,500 women a year suffering fistula and other severe genital injuries resulting from atrocities, Erturk said.
    The mineral-rich eastern reaches of Congo, bordering Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi, are the most unstable in the country, and civilians are often killed as rival militias clash.
    U.N. peacekeepers helped end a wider 1998-2002 war in Congo that engulfed six neighboring countries, and the nearly 18,000-strong force currently in Congo is the U.N.’s largest peacekeeping operation.
    While rebels commit most of the worst abuses, Erturk said government forces and national police are responsible for nearly 20 percent of all cases of sexual violence reported.
    Army units have deliberately targeted communities suspected of supporting militia groups “and pillage, gang rape and, in some instances, murder civilians,” she said.
    Erturk, who also visited the country’s Equator province and Ituri district, said she was “shocked” to discover that police and armed forces respond to unrest with indiscriminate reprisals.
    The tactics include “pillaging, torture and mass rape,” she said, citing a December incident when 70 police officers took revenge for the torching of a police station in Karawa by burning the Equator town, torturing civilians and raping at least 40 women, including an 11-year-old girl.
    No police officer has been charged or arrested in relation to the atrocities, she said, adding that similar operations have since been carried out in Bonyanga and Bongulu, also in Congo’s northwest.
    “The justice system is in a deplorable state,” Erturk said. “It is overwhelmed even by the limited number of cases, in which women brave all obstacles and dare to report sexual violence. Reports of corruption and political interference in the judicial process are widespread.”
    Erturk will report her findings in September to the U.N. Human Rights Council.

    As it was in 1960, so it is today and ever shall be.

    According to Belgian sources, Lumumba was shot by an African firing squad led by a Belgian officer, I believe, a lieutenant in the paratroopers. He has been identified but has never been charged with any offense as far as I know.

    I promise not to bore you any more, for 5 whole minutes. 1….2….

    1. Meanwhile, all across the great Jewnited States, public schools (government schools) constantly repeat that “Black people are just like us Whites, only with darker skin”. Straight from the Jew controlled Dept of Education, teachers unions, and the Poison Ivy Bi-Coastal Marxist Communist Jew run criminal enterprises.

      Our Society Is Sick, Our Economy Exploitive, & Our Politics Corrupt

      Yale Students Demand Removal of White Authors from Curriculum

      “The USA is irredeemable”- StuffBlackPeopleDon’tLIke website,

    2. Ok … note however that Bradley S Klapper is the favorite writer of the Times of Israel … a takeoff point for some interesting tangents.

      And the UN is after all a Rothschild creation whose primary job is to stamp the imprimatur of legitimacy on whatever geopolitical crimes the NWO witchdoctors are contemplating, eg, chopping South Sudan off the mainland, given that it produces 85% of Sudanese oil, and so forth.

      I generally give little weight to these rape+babies devoured alive stories because I know well the Jew history of manipulating human emotions with such imagery and indeed, many of these tales sound kind of recycled Grand Guignol hits.

      Corpses can be counted and identified, I guess fistulas too although nobody parades them around on a stick but rapes are either under-reported or over-reported, a fast moving target in the fog of propaganda, emotional UFO’s.

    3. Five Minutes are Up — oh ye of little faith —

      [Start of quote from Scotland’s largest newspaper, The Scotsman, on Wednesday, 5 February 1997]
      By Carolyn Dempster
      In Johannesburg
      Psychologists are hard pressed to explain a rise in sexual assault, but fear the social consequences
      RAPE is the new buzzword in South Africa’s already crime-sated media. Not a day passes , nor can you turn a page of a newspaper without reading a report of yet another horrifying assault on a woman or child , some as young as six months old.
      It has become such a regular feature of life in South African society that the vast majority of assaults go unreported, and many of the perpetrators believe they are doing nothing wrong . According to the latest police statistics, a woman is raped every 83 seconds . Every 14 minutes a rape will be reported at a police station.
      These figures date back to 1994, the year South Africa made the transition to democracy . In the opinion of police investigators and care professionals, the situation has deteriorated even further since then .
      It was only a few days into 1997 when five armed assailants broke into the home of a family in the small Johannesburg suburb of Malvern. After tying up the adults, the gunmen took the two girls in the family, aged 13 and 15, upstairs and raped them repeatedly. Both girls are now too terrified to leave the house. The younger adolescent cannot even bring herself to use the bathroom, the scene of her ordeal. And it will take weeks before either of the girls finds out whether they are pregnant or have been infected with AIDS.
      Days later another gang intent on rape and burglary struck in Observatory, to the north-east of Johannesburg. The method was the same. In an intensive hunt and search operation, the police tracked down and arrested the men they believe are responsible.
      For a while the dinner table talk of rape subsided in Johannesburg’s northern suburbs. But then, last Thursday, Leon Erasmus and his nine-months pregnant financée, Gina, became the latest victims. Leon lay, bound and helpless on the floor of his home, and watched one of the armed men rape 18-year old Gina while he pleaded with them not to touch her because she was heavily pregnant .
      Also watching was Gina’s three-year-old niece. “I looked up and saw her big eyes looking at me” , the pregnant woman remembers. Meanwhile the rapist shouted to his colleague in Zulu, “Every time we do this, it gets easier — look, these people are too scared to move.”
      How does Gina feel? “Dirty”, she answers. I feel so dirty… and dirty for my baby inside me.” But her silent acquiescence probably saved the life of her niece.
      If this and other similar stories strike terror into the hearts of South Africa’s white citizens [i.e, all the above victims were white], then pity the thousands of black women and children who run the gauntlet of the townships and squalid squatter camps, where unemployment and alcohol abuse are the twin evils fuelling sexual frustration .
      In Memelodi, a township outside Pretoria, Cecilia Nthlaborlala was waiting with her sister for a taxi home. Eight armed men confronted the two women. While three dragged Maggie into a nearby hostel and raped her there, Cecilia was bundled off into the bushes and gang-raped for four hours by the five remaining men.
      Unlike many thousands of women who are too ashamed to take their story to the police, she reported hers, but the men remain at large, free to terrorize others.
      Trauma counsellors, psychologists and politicians have been hard pressed to explain the apparent increase in rape. Greame Simpson, director of the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation gives as one of the reasons as the violent transitional turmoil in South African society.
      “For at least the past decade, the political and criminal violence rooted in apartheid has been matched by incremental increases in the more ‘private’ phenomenon of rape, marital battery and child abuse”, he argues. “This is an ongoing symptomatic manifestation of the growing powerlessness and perceived emasculation of men in this violence-ridden and traditionally male-dominated society.”
      Whether that explains the rape and abuse of five-year-old girls by nine-year-old boys is another matter. An average of 200 child rapes are reported to the police Child Protection Unit in the province of Gauteng every week . Most child rapes remain hidden because the children are simply too terrified to tell.
      Glenys van Halter is an artist who has dedicated her life to working with children in the squatter settlements in the squatter settlements around Johannesburg. When she first started giving art and craft classes in the settlement schools, she was shocked to see little girls and boys drawing huge pictures of penises.
      “It was then I realized just how serious the abuse was”, she says. “There is a major crisis out there. I often get very depressed and spend many afternoons crying. All these children want is a secure, normal, happy life, which is their right. [COMMENT: That is precisely what they enjoyed under the white-dominated system of apartheid.] Very few children have access to counselling, and there is going to be a disturbed and traumatized generation if something is not done.”
      A fact file of cases reveals that children are growing up hiding their trauma, believing that sex is something they have to give in to (on the part of girls) or that they can simply take at will (in the case of boys).
      Marilyn Donaldson, a clinical psychologist, goes against the common grain when she points out that sex offers an instant high , a quick fix for frustration. “Sniffing glue gives poverty-stricken individuals a quick, cheap and effective high , and so does sex. And if the sex can’t be obtained by mutual consent, rape is the next best option.”
      What is worse, according to the team of counsellors and psychologists at the University of the Witwatersrand’s trauma clinic in Johannesburg, is that the perpetrators feel that they are entitled to instant gratification .
      “To this end the bodies of women and children are frequently used in a callous and careless way”, says one of the counsellors, Mercy Hlongweni. “Young perpetrators talk about boredom as being a factor in their reasons for raping. Adolescent boys flippantly explain that they raped their sister cousin or younger brother simply because they wanted to see what sex was like.” One 15-year-old told his eight-year-old cousin after he had abused her that he was going to be a rapist when he grew up .
      Amid the public outcry for castration [COMMENT: Why not just necklace them all? That’sow they took over the country], there is some effort on the part of the courts to prevent alleged rapists getting out quite so easily on bail. But as the trauma clinic counsellors point out, the problem exists on a much deeper level. Sexual practices, myths and beliefs need to be researched, explored and exploded and the silence around the issue broken if the country’s women and children are to escape unscathed.
      [End quote]

      FINAL COMMENT: Note that the above article places responsibility everywhere except where it belongs: upon the irrationality and destructiveness of the African, an obviously inferior race by any sane standard of comparison. Nor does the article express much compassion when the victims are white. I know South African white refugees in Europe today who have lost everything, in Rhodesia and South Africa both, and they are STILL LIBERALS. No matter how many necklacings, voodoo mutilation murders, rapes, and torture cases occur in their immediate area, no matter how many times they are attacked, no matter how many times they lose everything they own, they NEVER LEARN.

  36. Seems to be widespread, and those who expose such atrocities are dealt with revenge.

    The Zio-media, fully under the control of the Jewish Supremacist media oligarchs, have completely suppressed growing and incontrovertible evidence of massive pedophilia among the orthodox Jewish community—in complete contrast to the huge publicity they have given—and still continue to give—to far fewer incidents in the Christian churches. [….]

    On a visit to Jerusalem in 2005, Rabbi Rosenberg entered into a mikvah in one of the holiest neighborhoods in the city, Mea She’arim.

    “I opened a door that entered into a schvitz,” he told me. “Vapors everywhere, I can barely see. My eyes adjust, and I see an old man, my age, long white beard, a holy-looking man, sitting in the vapors. On his lap, facing away from him, is a boy, maybe seven years old. And the old man is having anal sex with this boy.”

    Rabbi Rosenberg believes around half of young males in Brooklyn’s Hasidic community—the largest in the United States and one of the largest in the world—have been victims of sexual assault perpetrated by their elders. Ben Hirsch, director of Survivors for Justice, a Brooklyn organization that advocates for Orthodox sex abuse victims, thinks the real number is higher. “From anecdotal evidence, we’re looking at over 50 percent. It has almost become a rite of passage.”

    A few weeks after giving that interview, Rabbi Rosenberg was walking through the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn when an unidentified man rushed up behind him, tapped him on the shoulder, and threw a cup of bleach in his face. He went to the hospital with facial burns and was temporarily blinded.

    “Such is the measure of justice among the Satmar that a once-respected rabbi, now amputated from the community, should find himself chemically burned on a street in a neighborhood considered holy.

    What has me bamboozled is how 1/500 [0.2%] of the world’s population belonging to “a certain faith” has managed to so successfully weasel itself into every level of our government, finance, banking, education, all of “the arts”, entertainment, health, and the media etc., etc. We sat idly by AND LET THEM DO IT! AGAIN AND AGAIN. They have been kicked out of at least 109 countries over the centuries. Whatever possessed these countries to ever let the vermin back in? How did that happen? Hadn’t they learned their lesson the hard way? Anyway, I could go on. I believe we are now living in the times of Isaiah 5:20 “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” God bless you all – your essence, and all your precious bodily fluids!

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