The Truth About ISIS (4-minute video)

ISIS has nothing to do with Islam, according to Ken O’Keefe. It was created by primarily by Israel in order to smear Muslims and have a pretext for attacking Muslim lands. ISIS = ‘Israeli Secret Intelligence Service’.

Isn’t it strange, O’Keefe asks, how ISIS has never attacked Israel?

VIDEO : 4 mins

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  1. Shedding light on the character of an ISIS fighter . In Saudi Arabia they went to prisons and talked to the criminals who were on death roll or having a lengthy sentence . Here is the jest of it … Mr. rapist / child molester / murderer / prisoner thug , you can be free tomorrow if you agree to fight in Syria for a year or two , we will give your wife a 1000.00 US dollars every month you are there and neither she nor the children are allowed to leave the kingdom until your tour is over . If you should escape , your whole family will have a car accident , may be they will take a trip to the desert , or perhaps they die of food poisoning , you , worthless parade of human debris , get the picture , don’t ya ? While you are in Syria you may go back to your old ways .But keep this in your criminal mind maggot , NEVER , REPEAT NEVER FIRE A SINGLE SHOT TOWARD ISRAEL . Don’t suppress your smile , bitch .

    1. LOLOL…

      that’s pretty much it – not only Saudi prisons…but Jordanian ones as well….

      but u’re right on track habibi

    2. some of them are also high and shit…often on meth and stuff…

      God knows what crack up whose ass they sniffing down there…

      meth and speed…perfect pills to get men hyped up before going on a killing spree…

      no matter how amateur they are

      1. i doubt they using captogan for Dae’sh newbies/rookies…

        my sources say meth/speed…

        and even some hash…

        but captagon?

        that’s a new one!

        but I could be wrong…

  2. A good short video that covers a lot of territory pretty well.

    With an in-depth knowledge, it is easy to figure out who created and is controlling ISIS by answering just three questions.

    1. Where does ISIS get its supplies? Get a map showing ISIS held territory. What country does the ISIS held territory butt up against? Turkey, a USA ally and NATO member.

    2. Where do all the ISIS recruits go to join ISIS? Turkey.

    3. What countries in the Mid-East does ISIS never attack? Turkey along with Israel and Saudi Arabia, both US/NATO allies.

    Now guess who’s baby ISIS is.

    In the future, it will be interesting to see just how long ISIS can exist without Turkey’s access and support since it appears that Turkey will be departing NATO and allying with Russia. The lack of supplies and continued Russia bombing would certainly make ISIS life exceptionally difficult. Turkey is sticking with the USA being behind the coup attempt and Turkey’s actions are reflecting that. My past guess about it being a self imposed coup attempt appears to have been incorrect.

  3. Hard times are coming upon ISIS with Erdogan having done his Canossa walk to Putin.

    1. I believe that Pharisee-Jews are in control everywhere. 🙁

      CrissCross introduced a new facet if ISIS. Another word trap:

      “About ISIS” on


      US Army Intelligence Center & Fort Huachuca (USAIC & FH)
      Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Instructors
      111th Military Intelligence Brigade

      US Army Intelligence Center & Fort Huachuca (USAIC & FH)
      GSA MOBIS Schedule 874
      Futures Directorate

      U.S. Government
      GSA Schedule 70
      Recently Awarded Contract

      CACI, Inc.
      Rapid Response Third Generation (R23G)
      Army Communications – Electronics Command (CECOM)

      Lockheed Martin
      Solutions for Information Technology Enterprise (Site)
      Defense Intelligence Agency

      Caci, Inc.
      US Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM)

      TRADOC Mission Support
      US Army Intelligence Center (USAIC) – Futures Directorate

      General Dynamics
      Warfighter Focus
      US Army Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO-STRI)

      Lockheed Martin
      North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) / US Northern Command (NORTHCOM)

      General Dynamics
      160th Signal Brigade Augmentation
      US Army Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM)

      Sensor Technologies, Inc.
      Strategic Sourcing Services (S3)
      ARMY Communications – Electronics Command (CECOM)

      Iraqi Voting Legislator
      Personal Protective Services
      Iraq Coalition for Peace

      BSOM – Wintara Corporation
      Afghanistan Personal Security Detail – Site Security
      United States Corps of Engineers

      Multi National Forces – Iraq
      Theatre Wide Security Services
      Department of Defense

      Minister of Interior
      Personal Security Detail
      Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – U.S. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Embassy

      1. ISISHQ listed US Government thru GSA Schedule 70 as one of its clients.

        IT Schedule 70:
        IT Schedule 70 is the largest, most widely used acquisition vehicle in the federal government. Schedule 70 is an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) multiple award schedule, providing direct access to products, services and solutions from more than 5,000 certified industry partners.

        ISISHQ charges over $1,600 a day for some services:
        ​Subject Matter Expert – $1,688.00
        Senior Program Manager​ – $1,128.00
        Statistician – $1,016.00

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  5. @Pat: Of course they do. Jews have infiltrated every institution in the West, and like viruses, have changed the DNA and RNA to make it mutate and destroy the host. Also, consider the funding differences. David Horowitz calculates the Left has 10 times the funding of the Right. And they do not have a short attention span.

    Consider the net worth of the One World, NWO, U.N. Superstate Jews and Virtual Jews: Bill Gates, 60B, Warren Buffet 50B, The Google Boys 50B, Mark Zuckerberg 50B, Jeff Bezos 50B, George Soros 20+B, Mike Bloomberg 25B, and then there are the Hedge Fund and Hollywood billionaires. Against this, the Right has chump change. It all goes back to Meyer Rothschild: control the money and you control everything.

    The Left has about 250 Billion in PERSONAL NET WORTH available to get its way. And that is just in America. This is a low figure. There is only one way to dislodge this kind of elite power. It’s been the subject of many, many movies and films, the people against the oligarchic dictators.

    1. Poupon –

      $250 Billion is way low for the controllers.

      I haven’t used the positions of left and right to describe political positions since 1968.

      That’s when I heard Dr Stuart Crane’s lecture the same year. Nothing has changed much, other than names.

      My best ‘take-away’ is there is one form of governmen possiblet… Monopolistic-Capitalistic-Oligharcy.

      Crane died long ago. I played this tape to many hundreds over the years. I had it on 7-1/4 inch reel-to-reel for years. Got cassettes later.

      Good listening:

      All 5 Parts:

      1. My best ‘take-away’ is there is one form of government possible by mankind…
        A Monopolistic-Capitalistic-Oligharcy.

        Theocracy doesn’t count. If God doesn’t want one… it can’t happen. 🙂

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  7. @Pat: I cannot agree on your ideal government. The best, as proven by history is a “limited democracy”, similar to the Athenian Acropolis. One man-one vote destroys every civilization eventually; is acknowledged as a fact. Voting should be “valenced”. The least productive, ignorant, disinterested gets one vote, the most productive of the people who work for a living and produce offspring receive 3. Women-unless the pass special tests-receive only 1 vote. The very rich receive only one vote, because their influence through money and connections is disproportionate. The whole ideal is based on the eternal dominance of an educated Middle Class professional set, and skilled “Working Class”. Even an economically Middle Class person is not guaranteed three votes. A short test revealing ignorance of basic government, economics, history, and general knowledge nullifies down to one vote. I believe any society could perpetually sustain itself based on this model.

    Monopolies are sclerotic, inefficient, abusive, usury. There is no incentive to excel or provide value.

    So, Capitalism is the opposite of Monopolism.

    I am pleased to have been able to clear your confusion and confoundment on basic principles and systems. Don’t feel too badly, Pat. After all, you got ONE OUT OF THREE CORRECT. By now, your have perceived that I am a thinker and a drinker. A maker and forsaker. A giver with a good liver.

    1. Poupon –

      Theories are great.
      You are practical.
      Monopolies are practical and are not stoppable.

      In any competitive society a few will have most of the capitol. It is always taken from the ignorant and never accumulated by the lazy. Those two groups make up the majority. The few….WIN..!!

    2. The scheme makes sense to me, poupon.
      moreover, it strikes me that islam practices a variant, whereby the deserving hajji gets more wives.
      what prodded me to make the connection is this partial quote of yours:

      … the most productive of the people who work for a living and produce offspring receive 3. Women …

      after all, men are industrious, creative and competitive in order to impress and win women, so this model cuts to the chase.

      i entirely agree that people should earn voting rights proportional to their ability to analyze information and make rational decisions based on it and should be clinically retested every 4 years prior to electoral campaigns.

      if a dog performs better than some moron, the dog should get more vote and maybe even prevail upon the society to put the moron to sleep unless he can perform tricks or pull a sled.
      and it seems that as per this scheme, jews would corner way more voting weight than the mere 2%, let’s be honest with ourselves.
      But not 100% that they own today.

    3. Poupon –

      I just noticed you took me wrong…. when you wrote:

      “@Pat: I cannot agree on your ideal government.”

      I did not write that a Monopolistic-Capitalistic-Oligarchy was “IDEAL.”
      I wrote that it is what happens in the real world…. rather than what is possible in theories.

      Freedom, liberty, democracy, anarchy….etc… have never existed. Those theories work only when only one person is the total society. They are carrots on the stick for control….

      And ‘republic’ is not synonymous with freedom either. North Korean Republic and Republic of Cuba…. and dozens of others… and Republic of Somalia… fly in the face there.


  9. Vladimir Putin referred to Isis as being funded mercenaries, following where ever the source would pay. Also, General Konstantin Petrov confirmed that a simple Bedouin, Osama, already weakened with failing kidneys on dialysis was not capable of masterminding the United States twin tower attack. Western media, largely owned by the oligarchy desires to silence such talk as not being conducive to their NWO agenda. Indeed the true criminals behind these masquerades remain untouchables at large.

  10. While The West Slept:

    An article recently stated that the USSA “lost track” of hundreds of thousands of weapons that ended up in rebel and ISIS hands. This Jewish/Israeli deception is so good, that few have seen through it, AND few dare mention it:

    I don’t think they “lost track” at all. A Middle East insurgency serves purposes. One, it weakens Sunni governments to the advantage of Iran. Two, It allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to make advances. The MB pays B. Hussein Obama a lot of money. Three, it weakens the enemies of Israel, who controls the government of the United States. Jewish interests place Israel first, and all other nations after that. Four, Jews have facilitated, bribed, and pressured Western Governments to allow mass invasions by Muslims, which will destroy the host country and turn them into Islamic states. This is the deal the Israeli Jews made with the Saudis and Turks; and this is why Saudi Arabia and Turkey are now planning diplomatic relations. A quid pro quo: destroy the Christian West and we will embrace you, Israel.

    All this happened while the West’s attention was DIVERTED BY TRIVIA. Go back to sleep now.

    Here’s the “Money Quote”: the Jews and the Israelis are deliberately destroying Western Civilization and nominal Christianity. Repeat that until it becomes permanent memory. Ultimately, it will be up to Russia and China to destroy the new Muslim/Jew-Israeli axis. Euro-Whites are simply too weak constitutionally and genetically, conditioned and indoctrinated by Jews like Pavlovian mice, and as the Asians discreetly put it: “Whites are stupid and lazy”. The White genome is like a tattered flag in the wind. Sorry to break it to you.
    My apologies for the blunt truth that the Catholick Catheter Church has totally fallen to the Homo-Jewish forces. They control it similarly to viruses that control and remanufacture DNA and RNA.

    Since Rome has collapsed, I strongly advise decamping to the one authentic Church, Eastern Orthodoxy. Like Scarface called his enemies, “cock-a-roaches”, the CC is hollowed out by similar critters.

  11. MUH ISLAM IS A RELIGION OF PEACE. Fuck you bluepilled faggots and anyone who thinks you have to pick either Jews or Muzzies as the enemy. They can both be evil you idiots.

    Last I checked, all western media was trying to distance ISIS from the Muslim community and make us love Islam. You are wrong and you are no better than the clowns at NBC.

  12. I share Ken O’Keefe, the former US Marine on ISIS. He is a brave American and a fearless truth teller. I wrote a piece about ISIS two years ago. Below is the full the text of the article.

    I can describe the terror group, ISIS with only two words: Pure evil. This organization is repugnant and anything but Islamic. Its members engaged in sadistic acts such as: beheading, cannibalism and selling women as slaves.

    Over 100 Muslim religious scholars from all over the Muslim world have signed a 28 pages open letter to ISIS refuting 24 points of the group claims,allegations and acts as purely unIslamic and inhumane. The letter is now available in Arabic, English, German and various other foreign languages.

    As a retired U.S. military veteran, I was contemplating in sending the group an open letter urging them not no harm a follow former Army Ranger, Peter Kassig of my neighboring state of Indiana. Mr. Kassig who is 26- years old, was taken captive by ISIS in October, 2013 in Syria when he was providing aid to for refugees fleeing that country’s civil war. After his captivity, Mr. Kissig has volunteerly converted to Islam and change his name to Addul-Rahman. After all of this, there is no use to ask these carnivores for mercy.

    ISIS is a group of psychopaths whose job is horrify you and I to the maximum, so we would support the war of their Western masters who created, trained and control them, as they did with in the past with Al-Quada and Mujahideen Khalaq of Afghanistan. If America is really genuine about stopping war crimes and atrocities committed by ISIS, then why did they U.S. never showed the same concern when Israel was bombing Gaza to stone ages for 51 days last summer? Why did the U.S. failed to assemble a coalition of many nations to uphold the rules of international laws, when Israel was committing gruesome war crimes in Gaza?

    Contrary to public belief, the acronym of this terror group stands for ISRAELI SECRET INTELLIGENCE SERVICE and it reads backward as: Sisi. That is the name of the notorious Egyptian dictator who over throw the first democratically elected government of Egypt in a military coup.

    Believe it or not, ISIS goal is to eliminate Israel’s enemies in the Middle East and help create a rift between Christianity and Islam by committing atrocities such as the gruesome beheading of innocent Christians, Muslims in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.

    Think about it for a moment, have you ever wondered why ISIS never launched an attack on Israel? Inquiring minds want to know!

  13. ISIS is nothing new to the US Government. The Statue of Liberty is ISIS.

    A secret that keeps most of the population of the United States in complete ignorance as they are cast under the wicked spell of Isis. A Goddess of both Heaven and Hell:

    The world-famous statue is located in the New York harbor, and was presented as a gift in the year 1884 from French Freemasons of the Grand Orient to their Mason Bro’s in the United States. The statue was designed by well-known French Freemasons, sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi.

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