The Ultimate “Fake News” List




Isn’t it ironic how the mainstream media has the nerve to lecture everyone else about “fake news” when they are the primary source of fake news on a consistent basis stretching back years? Fake news stories and fake narratives put out by the mainstream media have resulted in deaths, destruction and people’s lives being ruined. The most harmful fake news is routinely published by the mainstream media. They are the main progenitors of fake news.

– The fake news that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and that Iraq was involved in 9/11, dutifully regurgitated without question by the mainstream media, resulted in hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis, thousands of dead and injured U.S. troops, and the destabilization of an entire continent.

– The fake news that the rebels in Syria were “moderates” who did not have jihadist sympathies and should be supported led to the destruction of Syria, Libya and the rise of ISIS.

– The fake news narrative that the media was balanced in its coverage of the presidential election was completely obliterated when Wikileaks emails revealed that countless mainstream media reporters were in bed with the Clinton campaign, feeding them debate questions beforehand and conspiring with Hillary’s staff to portray her in a positive light.

– The fake news that George Zimmerman was obsessed with Trayvon Martin’s race before the altercation that led to Martin’s death was accomplished by means of NBC deceptively editing an audio tape. This incident stoked racial tensions across the country and laid the groundwork for the violent ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement that was to follow.

– The fake news that produced the “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative, which was proven to be completely fraudulent, led to riots, violent attacks and looting in Ferguson, Missouri, as well as numerous other U.S. cities. Even after the rioting began, the mainstream media continued to legitimize the unrest. Fake news outlets continued to parrot the “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative even after it was proven false.

– The fake news that saw innumerable people accused of rape at college campuses across America, claims that were proven wrong, ruined people’s lives and perpetuated the myth (fake news) that one in five women are raped on college campuses.

– The fake news that George W. Bush served dishonorably during his time in the Air National Guard was broadcast by CBS News with the aid of fake documents. In circulating this fake news, CBS tried to influence the 2004 presidential election but only ended up crucifying their own credibility, leading to Dan Rather’s resignation six months later.

– The fake news that NBC anchor Brian Williams faced enemy fire while helicoptering into Iraq in 2003 was exposed when soldiers who were aboard the helicopter blew the whistle on his lies. Despite admittedly putting out fake news, Williams still has a career in broadcast journalism.

– The fake news narrative that Donald Trump somehow represents the next coming of Hitler has provoked a hysterical anti-Trump hate crime wave across America, with people and property being attacked on a routine basis. The same hysterical fake news narrative was also responsible for violence and riots at Trump events throughout the campaign cycle, as well as assassination attempts on Trump’s life.

– The fake news that Donald Trump had no chance whatsoever of winning the presidential election was proudly pushed by countless mainstream media outlets, with the Huffington Post even predicting that Hillary Clinton had a 98% chance of winning the presidency. When this fake news narrative was completely demolished on November 8, it swept away trust in political polling and the mainstream media to an even greater degree, prompting the backlash that you now see with the corporate press calling everyone else “fake news” when they are the real fake news.

LD : Here is the crux of the matter. The mainstream media has been the fake media all along; and in its desperate attempt to cover up this slowly emerging public perception, the mainstream media is now lashing out at the alternative truth-telling media and trying to get their websites banned. In short, the Big Liars are calling the little truth tellers the purveyors of “hate speech” and scheming to suppress them and destroy them. Result: no competition, no checks and balances, no alternative viewpoints, no unmasking of the mainstream media’s long list of dangerous lies.






– The New York Times
– The Washington Post
– NBC News
– CBS News
– ABC News
– The Huffington Post
– Rolling Stone
– BBC News
– Sky News
– Financial Times
– Politico
– New York Daily News
– L.A. Times
– USA Today
– US News & World Report
– Gawker
– Newsweek
– Time
– Business Insider
– Daily Beast
– Yahoo News
– Daily Kos
– Young Turks
– Slate
– Raw Story
– New Yorker
– Buzzfeed
– MoveOn
– Think Progress
– Media Matters
– Wonkette
– Center for American Progress
– Little Green Footballs
– The Economist

HERE is a list of fake news reporters who colluded with the Clinton campaign to promote fake news. This list is by no means exhaustive, and there are many reporters within these organizations who do not peddle fake news and have spoken out against the mainstream media’s effort to brand dissenting opinion as “fake news”.

For example, Matt Taibbi (no fan of Infowars), has called the Washington Post’s fake news blacklist “disgusting” and “shameful”. Glenn Greenwald, who has worked with several of the organizations on this list in the past, also completely eviscerated the credibility of the “fake news list” being used by the Washington Post.

The entire “fake news” narrative being pushed by the mainstream media has nothing whatsoever to do with concerns over people being misled. If that were the case, the mainstream media itself would stop habitually lying to the American people and its trustworthiness wouldn’t be in the toilet.

The whole “fake news” narrative is clearly part of a dirty tricks campaign to pressure governments, Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other tech giants to censor information that is inconvenient to the establishment, for which the mainstream media serves as a mouthpiece.

We are competing with the mainstream media and they’re not happy about dissident voices challenging their monopoly on reality. That’s why they’re forced to resort to underhand and deceptive means through which to silence their ideological opposition.

By circulating this article and this fake news list, we are not calling for these outlets to be censored, we are simply drawing attention to the fact that the very same entities who cry “fake news” are the primary sources for the most damaging, harmful and woefully inaccurate fake news stories in the history of modern journalism.

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  1. Paul Jewseph ‘There’s no evidence that Jews control the media’ Watson? lol. His name vill also go on ze list….

  2. Excellent article, but it hardly touches the surface of “fake news”. For instance, “Sandy Hook”, the Aurora movie theatre shooting, the 9/11 narrative about Building 7, etc. etc.

    Lies after lies after lies so deep; the mainstream media should be stopped and rebuilt by honest people who have demonstrated their own superior investigative / journalist skills.

  3. The MSM is not “left wing”, it is globalist/internationalist and a pawn of the likes of Soros, who seek global domination.

    Being concerned about the social condition of the people of the nation is not “left”, it is nationalist. Blathering on about NAZIs and Fascists being “far right” because they are generally nationalist is meaningless, unless comparing them to Communists. Even then, not all Communists are Internationalists/Globalists. Yugoslavia’s Tito and Albania’s Hoxha were only concerned about the populations of their respective countries, not exporting the political ideology.

  4. As the Internet became more accessible, it became easier to modify news stories – or fabricate them, completely. No huge loads of newspaper or ink or labor are expended to produce mass distribution of lies and misleading images. We don’t have to get up and go outside to retrieve our newspapers off the front walk, or in the mailbox. (For that matter, many of us don’t even have to venture outside on a cold morning to start our motorcars – or even drive them, anymore!). Everything is “instant” and “convenient”.
    Our habit of instant response causes ripples to become tsunamis, making “fake news” more impactful.
    Being always in a hurry makes us careless in our choices and reactions – and also makes it easier to sway the herd into stampede. We need to slow down, and be more deliberate in our choices. Always indulging ourselves in instant gratification attracts sleezy vendors of “news” – and everything else!

    1. Great points, Gilbert. And I like that you do not exclude us from your words of caution. In a way, I blame polls for creating much of this problem. There really is no need for us to form an instant opinion on everything. Now, to be sure, there are certain patterns and types of stories that we can easily dismiss or categorize as we see it all the time. But we must be on alert that we too can get caught up in a lot of nonsense.

      If we really study news I can’t help but come to the conclusion that for most people it really is all about entertainment. Something to talk about, be outraged about, or agree with in order to give oneself the delusion that one has an actual identity. That a person actually stands for, or believes in something. Of course this is a fluid situation for most.

      1. But of course it is meant as such.

        Keep the masses busy with an avalanche of ‘information’ which renders them dumber and dumber every day.

    2. Gilbert,

      Excellent! Extremely well expressed and spot on.

      “Our habit of instant response causes ripples to become tsunamis, making “fake news” more impactful.”

      That needs to be written in stone … except, “impactful” is causing something of a spell check problem, but spot on nonetheless.


    That is a misnomer…. FoxNews is not listed..!!

    And with dozens of channels worldwide now… Rupert Murdock’s network of liars and convicted criminals like Ollie North on staff…. is in the running for the worst..!!

    North lied to Congress…. under oath…. regularly, many times. He would damned sure lie to us… 🙂

    Murdock’s Sky News did make it, though.

    1. and what about my favorite, Wall Street Journal?
      i depend on it to tell me where to invest my $500 bucks (did i tell you that i am listed in Fortune $500?).

      1. And when you’re done reading it, it can be used to start kindling in the stove or fireplace! 🙂

  6. @Pat

    Fake news reporting fake wars?

    What is your take on the fall of Palmyra? Apparently the Russians didn’t see 4000 head-choppers travelling across the desert in tanks, personnel carriers and suicide-trucks. The Russian’s did, apparently, manage to pull out their own troops 4 days before the attack (I would need to confirm that piece of information). S**t like this always starts me fretting again that the whole conflict is stage managed.

    The Syrians should be celebrating at the moment because of Aleppo; and such a morale boosting victory should be spurring on plans to free Raqqa and Deir e Zor. This is very important to prevent the partition of the country. Now suddenly, Palmyra falls and the way to the East of Syria is now blocked. It is too convenient an outcome.

    I did read reports about the head-choppers hiding in a Western-backed sandstorm but that sounds like baloney to me. No way the Zionists could pull this off without co-operation from the Russians. My skepticism just shot through the roof at this news. Terrible setback for the Syrians.

    1. Flopot –

      “What is your take on the fall of Palmyra?”

      “..the whole conflict is stage managed.”

      Same as the rest of outdated cities in ME. They need new infrastructures to place electrical and internet connections and buildings for new banks and stock markets.

      Another ancient holy city captured to scare people.

      Could also set up ‘Area-52’ … akin to ‘Area-51’ and film ‘fake Mars’ landings for ‘fake news’ outlets… like FoxNews… 🙂

      1. @Pat

        Thanks for your uniquely sceptical response, as ever. Yes, it is entirely plausible that after the ZOGs chop up the ME into little estates then “the Major Powers” (((lol))) will share in the reconstriction profits. Of course, FAKE NEWS will report this as a new dawn for Syira…um…or rather the dawning of: “Sunni Syria”; “Kurdish-Syria”; “Misc Syria of the West” etc

      2. Everything is okay; no really. Apparently it is all one big trap…

        That headline reminds me of the “War News” reports from the Irish Republican “An Phoblacht” publication. Even we subscribers sometimes laughed at our own propaganda.

        I suspect the lesson is that ALL news is fake…”news” is probably a synonym for “lies”…even the alternative media are pushing their own s**t. You go to and its “Jesus is mythical” crap; you to to and the fall of Palmyra was ignored for hours; Syrian Perspective ignored the story for ages until they came up with the “it is a cunning plan” spin; PressTV had Palmyra liberated again, then silence…

        I am going with the SyrianPerspective perspective — choose your lie 😀

      3. Flopot, it is not even apples+oranges.
        Pop palmyra: 80,000 (pre-war figures)
        pop Aleppo: 2,300,000 (30x bigger, like comparing London and Londonderry, to somebody uninitiated sounds like the same place)

        and most of ISIS that took palmyra are from Mosul in iraq, where Jew proxy US enabled them to escape after resupplying with weapons including manpads.

        so at best, palmyra is just a PR stunt to show how mighty ISraelIS can battle Russia+Assad to a draw.
        And now those 4,000 liver-eating cannibals will indeed be bottled up in a place practically bereft of civilian population.
        i say they’ll be fumigated … if i managed the overall strategy, i’d wait till jan 21, then wipe them out to the last jihadi, w/o opposition from State jews.

  7. Good article, the subject requires volumes. The funniest thing was watching FOX news reporters during the presidential election. Shock and anger, my, my we are indeed shocked – it was apparent to all but the brain dead that “Conspiracy Theorists” and “hate” publications such as “The American Free Press” had been mostly quite right about the Liberal media and their habitual lies all along. The discomfort and ‘cognitive dissonance’ on the part of the FOX news reporters forced to face reality from the very ugly behaviour of the other side was heartwarming to see, sort of. Nonetheless, to their credit, they didn’t meekly submit. Now there are attempts, somewhat enfeebled to return to the status quo – “Russia hacked the election”, “Iran is dangerous”, etc., but the damage has been done. Let me repeat, turning up the volume a little if I may, the Liberal Mainstream Media got caught for the entire world to see BUCK NAKED EN FLAGRANTE DELICTO in the clumsiest pack of habitual lies ever attempted in an election. Not to be outdone, CIA just threw out what shreds of credibility they may have once had by joining the juveniles. Let’s hope for something better.

    1. “The funniest thing was watching FOX news reporters…”

      Next time, for some REAL entertainment, tune in to PBS. I thought they were all going to just passively lay down and start slashing each other’s wrists. Made me so proud that my tax dollars help to pay for such unbiased ‘news’ coverage.

      1. Thank you. I suspect some of the more mature minds in the “Mockingbird” legacy sense the slow media death and have moved to replace the old with programs like VICE and so forth. VICE actually did a piece recently dealing with Industrial Fishing and the calamity it’s brought to Newfoundland communities, though the Industrial Fishing in Somali waters which gave birth to the local Piracy Business may not have been covered. Hopefully the UK will give the small fishermen a break, and the Royal Navy can escort Chinese, Japanese, and other Industrial Fishing craft from UK waters. It would be nice to see thorough exposure of the late Baron Ferdinand’s “UN Agenda 21” which has brought endless horror to citizens worldwide, including Modi’s Cash grab in India – may he be punished soon. Naturally, we don’t expect much coverage from PBS (or too many others) they should stick with entertainments like “Poirot”, “Father Brown” and so forth and leave news to the Pros – Foreign and Internet, though it’s good to watch them die by a thousand cuts…so richly deserved.

      2. It was really quite unbelievable. Their expressions, tone and delivery were way beyond morose. And yet, people, pseudo intellectuals, will still send them money, actually believing that they’re supporting an unbiased alternative to the MSM. It’s astounding. I sorta disagree with your ‘death by a thousand cuts’ since there’s a sucker born every minute, and I don’t suspect PBS will experience a ‘membership’ shortage anytime soon, but we can hope. If people are brainwashed, how would they know it.

  8. UH-OOOH…!!

    Pelosi’s daughter an ELECTOR…!!! Whew..!! 🙂

    Is Law Newz ‘Fake Newz’..??

    The letter was authored by Christine Pelosi (the daughter of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi ) who is also an elector representing California at the Electoral College on December 19, and purports to be a bi-partisan effort.

    “Trump’s willingness to disregard conclusions made by the intelligence community and his continuing defense of Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin demand close scrutiny and deliberation from the Electoral College,” they write.

    The group then states what they believe is necessary and required in order to properly conduct their duties:

    The Electors require to know from the intelligence community whether there are ongoing investigations into ties between Donald Trump, his campaign or associates, and Russian government interference in the election, the scope of those investigations, how far those investigations may have reached, and who was involved in those investigations. We further require a briefing on all investigative findings, as these matters directly impact the core factors in our deliberations of whether Mr. Trump is fit to serve as President of the United States.

    Additionally, the Electors will separately require from Donald Trump conclusive evidence that he and his staff and advisors did not accept Russian interference, or otherwise collaborate during the campaign, and conclusive disavowal and repudiation of such collaboration and interference going forward.

  9. Wahh haa haa haa. Paul Joseph Watson … who works for/with Alex Jones, and has done for years.

    Umm … no … don’t bother reading it. It may contain a few truths but it is a poisoned chalice.

    PJW … wahh haa haa … sorry … can’t stop laughing …

    1. from your link:

      Most human trafficking in the United States occurs in New York, California, and Florida

      Um, and which are the biggest jew clusters in the united States ? … just wondering.
      (CDC should keep tabs if they are serious about their work)

  10. FYI, fake news is not new. Thomas Jefferson spoke of it over 200 years ago. Same crap, different day, and different tool.

    “I will add, that the man who never looks into a newspaper is better informed than he who reads them; inasmuch as he who knows nothing is nearer to truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods & errors. He who reads nothing will still learn the great facts, and the details are all false.”
    — Thomas Jefferson
    (1743-1826), US Founding Father, drafted the Declaration of Independence, 3rd US President
    Source: Thomas Jefferson to John Norvell, June 11, 1807

  11. The issue is Jews. These people will destroy anything they control, including the media, the financial system, and ultimately, the United States.

    1. Hi Dolph,
      Jews control the government, the media, the financial system, academia and most big companies, but we are not allowed to say it. Nobody working in the media will criticize Jews or Israel. Rick Sanchez made a remark and was immediately removed from CNN.

      We are subjected to continuous Israel/Jewish propaganda. Yet there are so many holes in the official Holocaust story, and indeed the whole of 20th century history concerning the Jews that we would be fools not to question it. Until it is acceptable to question the origins of WW1 and WW2, and the holocaust we will continue to be subjugated by Jewish Power.

  12. Home is where the money goes to:

    The father of Strumpf [stroompf] the potus in spe -selected by the jewwallstreet bankers – and his s.o.s. talmud buddy Bunny Lindenbaum quote- ran the largest and most costly corporate welfare fraud-embezzlement system in this nation’s history. Primo Don is a product of that corporate welfare bread line straight out of state and federal treasuries. His shit don’t stink. Any notion that Primo Donna Donald is a self made billionaire is a fallacy and grand illusion- end quote

    Police in Tel Aviv and elsewhere in the Stolen Land israhell tell jew criminals: don’t steal here steal abroad- underground inside info from a Surinam friend of mine who has connections to the kosher nostra.

  13. Ok, I think I’m getting the hang of this fake news thing.

    Here one can see Der Führer discussing the Jewish problem with Billy Graham.

    Contrary to popular belief, Obama was not America’s first Negro president. His mother was Ida Stover.

    Few know that Abe Lincoln was originally a “ghost buster” before becoming president.

    After that I think I need a drink, Barkeep! Set up another one! (Third frame down)

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