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  1. With full acknowledgements to Arch Stanton for sending in this video. If LD had seen this in time, she might have found a place for it in a new article she has just written for the Occidental Observer about the migrant crisis in Europe. Videos like this, working subliminally, are worth more than ten thousand words. (JSM)

    1. Allowing in refugees who hate white western civilisation us is racial suicide. Trump may be an oddball but he has the courage to say it. He may win.

      We nee a Trump in Europe to say “If you don’t like it hee get out” Didn’t the Aussie Prime Minister say that? We should invite her to Britain.

      1. Brexit and Trump are just the beginning. Things are going to change. You can sense it in friends and workmates. People are seriously fed up with our politically correct politicians and media.

        We can be arrested for expressing perfectly reasonable views. It is ludicrous to deny that militant Moslems are enemies of western civilisation, but I could be arrested for saying that, maybe even writing it here.

        What has gone wrong? What were our governments thinking?

      2. real Muslim Militants want Jewish/Western Bankers and interference out of their lands…

        why is that a bad thing?

        what part of jew infested western civilization do you want them to support?

        control of human and natural resources by the jews and their assets? control of the financial supply by jewish bankers?

        control of the economy and the minds through media brainwashing by the jews? really? what is there to like about it?

        drinking and smoking cigarettes? illicit drugs? child porn? mortgages? usury?

        teaching fake history to children? raping daughters/sisters/moms/cousins?

        what is there to love?

        If that’s the finest example of Western civilization then I clearly hate that filth …

        what is there to like about it?

        in terms of material prosperity…scientific and technological development and progress… Bangladesh/Indonesia/Malaysia//Iran/Pakistan/Turkey are also a part of it and developing at quite rapid rates and it is a part of Islamic civilization as well… so us Muslim militants don’t hate that aspect of “western civilization”… all of us embrace it – from the most hardcore fundamentalist to militants to liberals and even non-practicing/secular Muslims – so whats your point?

        we hate democracy because you only use democracy for your selfish interests but impose your will on us and we deserve to genocide your populations for that – in the 90s, an Islamic party in Algeria won elections which was denied to them by France/Israel and the Algerian government… so u see your civilization has nothing to offer us at this point beyond scientific and material progress – and even that is questionable at best and other countries are catching up in this field or have even surpassed it like Japan and Korea…

        Plus, my hero Recep Tayip Erdogan said it right – democracy is just a means to an end…and the end justifies the means…


        and all the terrorism shit is staged anyways… so there’s no use going over red flag ops that are clearly staged by Israel and the Jewish run Australia/Canada/France/UK/US.

        we just rape your women because we hate your presence in our lands and interference and the way society treats us especially in the Western world after 9-11…

        if we mean by successful material success – then there’s nothing to hate about that…

        but u clearly can’t tell us how to run our societies…

        we will run it the way we see fit… and if that includes putting our women in burkhas…that’s our business…after all who is stopping you from raping your children and daughters? so you shouldn’t lecture us about making our women go half naked…its our business… not yours…

        and that means anyone attacking Prophet Muhammad and Islam must be killed – executed…if the law doesn’t take care of matters then vigilantes should deal with the case…

        and since the masses in the Western world support attacking Prophet Muhammad and Islam under the flag of freedom of speech while denying it to the revisionists and holohoax deniers… then western society must be killed – women and children raped and killed and their corpses eaten…

        and this is what I’ve been pushing for the last 6 years to be carried out at the hands of Chinese, Russian, and Latino mercenaries and gangs… any society calling the assault on Prophet Muhammad as Freedom of Speech is fair game for genocide – mass killings – specifically targetting its Jewish component/community…

        I’ve been successfully inciting genocide and mass murder at the hands of chinese and russian troops the last 6.5 years plus and I will continue on doing it until the Western world is murdered en masse…

        and until Palestine is liberated…

        what is there to love about western civilization at this point?

        China, India, and Russia both have larger Muslim populations than the West has had until recently and they have had real conflicts with Muslims over territory and independence during the last 100 years…they clearly don’t go out provoking Muslims by attacking Prophet Muhammad and Islam and linking “Terrorism” to Islam…only Jews do and white gentiles suck it up en masse… so militant Muslims should genocide you fuckers outta existence

        so therefore genociding jewish people and their white slaves is a good thing… fantastic idea …and the refugees should be given arms to kill off the Jews residing in Europe – starting with the Big Bankers and Media Moguls and Stock Brokers and Academia and Journalists going down all the way to their Rabbis and Freemasons…

        racial prejudice may not be as bad as it was till the 80s and even mid 90s in the UK and the USA and Canada and Australia but religious hatred is bad after 9-11 –

        but let me add this – before the rise in the far right recently racial hatred/prejudice was at all time highs – it was considered a normal part of culture – against darker people in Western Europe – not only Canada/USA in the 1960s but Europe as well until the late 80s and early/mid 90s when it began to die down… most people were xenophobic out in the open…very much out in the open – nowadays its hidden and institutionalized…all this alleged love for darkies is to cover up for past crimes and internal guilt as well …

        so that is why we rape your women in the western world – in the UK and US for primarily racial reasons and now for religious reasons… and since I talk to all the criminal grooming and rape gangs online all the time they tell me the real reason they rape your bitches is due to hatred – plain and simple – and you deserve it for being a lackey for the jews…in fact white western civilization is a slave to the jews so it must be exterminated and destroyed…

        and yes… the jews are doing right according to their nefarious interests by arresting those who claim that Muslims hate western civilization…after all, if you dig a little deeper… you will see there’s nothing much left to like or respect about it any more……and maybe lots of people will join Muslim militants in hating western civilization…

        so yes pointing out the cold hard truth facts about why we Muslim militants hate the West may cause lots of people to join the Muslim militants that hate the West and hate the Jew run west…

        the reasoning is perfect….and we need to destroy western civilization at its current state – and thereby raping killing the jews and the whites out of existence…

        and the reason i’m focusing on raping murdering and killing children and women first is that these atrocities will draw the ire and vengeance of the Alpha males amongst the jews and their white pet slaves – and then we can target the Alphas as terrorists for some more rape murder and cannibalism…
        it feels soooo good watching white brits and germans men women and children getting raped and in extreme cases killed…

        soon it will happen in Canada and the USA as well but at the hand of Chinese Latino and Russian troops and when an armed invasion happens… hundred of millions of you will be wiped out of existence

    2. @Admin, @LD, here is an animated movie story, “The Wanted 18” that I thought you might be interested in for a future article.


      A search on the movie title brings up a number of hits including the movie website. The DVD is on sale at Amazon,


      If you read the editorial review on Amazon, I think you will see what I mean. 😉

  2. “working subliminally” sounds awfully alchemical to me. Something’s up. Darkmoon’s Wizard of Liber Oz is at it again, with the kabbalah alchemy.

  3. Very apropos. However the serpent’s venom entered the Western bloodstream centuries ago, via the Reformation and the ongoing subversion and corruption of Christendom. Zwingli and Calvin, in particular, bear a large share of culpability for the Old Testament sentimentality that currently suffuses the vast majority of Protestant Churches. It was the Protestant States that first “emancipated” the Jews, thereby allowing them to perpetrate their poisoning of the Western mind. They were followed by the Catholics. Other Jewish “gifts” to Western civilisation include; Freemasonry, Fiat Banking, Usury, Communism, Freudian “spiritual lavatoryism”, Liberalism and “Humanitarian” Interventionism. The catastrophic consequences of the latter Europe, and the USA are now reaping. The so-called refugee problem in Europe is a result of the animal masses “electing” their own governments.

    I clearly remember the words of Lee Kwan Yew, in 1975, when South East Asia faced the boat people crisis, “We must grow callouses on our hearts. We cannot allow these people into our country.”
    Ditto, Indira Gandhi. In 1971 India had over 10 million refugees from then East Pakistan in West Bengal. She had no choice but to invade and liberate the country. Of course dear Mr Fxxking Kissinger huffed and puffed and the US dispatched an aircraft carrier, which India ignored and Bangladesh was the result. It’s time for the West to have an Indira Gandhi or a Lee Kwan Yew. Failing that, bring back Franco or Salazar type regimes.

    1. Keep writing at every opportunity Felix. You and Carlos Porter and a couple others are the real deal who write and inform from earned knowledge, not some “relay station” keyboard clabberer as found here plentifully. I can’t stand drivel, and family have told me many times that I am rude to a fault, tactless, and a obnoxious. But I bathe regularly and have excellent hygiene. Just so you know. And that is a characteristic of Asians as well. They are more attentive to bodily cleanliness. We take our shoes off and have house shoes in our home.

      My wife shares my admiration and appreciation for Asian people. We have a relative who married a wonderful girl. It is much to my regret that I have to put forth the opinion that Whites are somewhere-on every important scale and spectrum, between Asians and Blacks, trending toward Blecks. We are in a state of decay. Mudslums are the junkyard of Non-Black humanity. Christian Arabs and Middle East non-Muslims are good people. I once had an Egyptian Christian, a Coptic Orthodox Christian that was brilliant, a double PhD in mathematics and engineering. She could not say the word “Muslim” without spitting it out like it was a rotten shellfish.

      One of you who is awake ask Mahmoud why all the wonderful Muslames are killing each other due to DIFFERENT SECTS, and why the genocide, cruelty, enslavement of Christians and non-Muslims goes on and on, and no Moslems denounce it in the West. Hello? Anybody out there with some guts?

      1. Poupon Marx, (PM)
        Sorry for the delay in replying. I’m about 12 hours ahead of you and I didn’t think anyone had replied to my comment. Yes, Asians, at least the Japanese and Thais are the cleanest people I’ve ever encountered. I spent some time in Japan in 1977, working on an extradition case. I love to wallow in the Japanese Ofuro (bath). The hotter the better. The trick is to sit in quickly, so as not to scald one’s nether parts. The hottest water being at the top. I must have been Japanese in a previous life. Whenever, I spoke Japanese on the phone, they thought I was Japanese. There is so much the West can learn from Asia. In particular, a more nuanced view of human nature. Most Westerners, put people in a “cartoonish”, black or white box, all good or all bad. A very simple minded world view in my opinion.

    2. @ Felix

      What you say is true, but the problem started in the Roman Catholic Church long before Zwingli and Calvin.

      The problem first reared its ugly head about 900AD when the Roman Catholic Church decided that the Pope was the head of all Christendom and that the Pope was to dictate to all other Bishops. The primary seat of Christendom at that time was in Constantinople and had been that way for about 600 years in the Byzantine Empire where the Bishop of Rome was considered the First Among Equals (with all other Bishops of Christendom). The Roman Catholic Church came and went from the Byzantine Empire a few times depending upon which horde had over ran Rome. Needless to say, most of the Bishops being in the Byzantine Empire had a problem with acquiring an unwanted and unneeded boss with a different doctrine. After about 150 years of negotiations, the Catholic Church of the Byzantine Empire told the Roman Catholic Church to take their different doctrine and just go away. It was the Great Schism of 1049AD when the Roman Catholic Church split away from the Orthodox Catholic/Christian Church.

      Unlike the Orthodox Catholic/Christian Church, the Roman Catholic Church turned a blind eye to usury inventing terms like rent so the jews set up shop with Venice being their center of banking. It was the jewish bankers of Venice that loaned the money needed by King (I forget his name) with the stipulation that they be granted an autonomous area of one square to be known as the City (of London) where they set up the Bank of England in 1496. This all occurred before the Reformation in the realm of the Roman Catholic Church.

      As examples of “how jewish can the Pope be” forgetting about usury, some Papal Bulls were issued clearly in violation of the teachings of Jesus. In 1302AD, the Pope declared that everyone on the planet was a Subject of the Pope. In 1306AD, the Pope declared that the Pope had legal ownership of all souls (screw God, I’m the Pope). These Papal Bulls led naturally to the Doctrine of Discovery in 1493AD (Pat harps about this all the time) where non-Christian lands can be claimed by Spain and Portugal as proxies for the Pope.

      Additionally, the Roman Catholic Church had jewish Popes. Popes Callixtus III (Borja) 1455-1458 and Alexander VI (Borgia) 1492-1503 was jewish from the House of Borgia in Italy and Spain.

      These Popes were followed in the 16th century by jewish Popes from the House of Medici in Italy known for banking and commerce:
      Pope Leo X 1513-1521
      Pope Clement VII 1523-1534
      Pope Pius IV 1559-1565

      The Protestant Reformation sprung from the Roman Catholic Church whose hands were already jewish dirty. The apple does not normally fall far from the tree.

      1. Excellent historical summary. Cogently written. No happy, yappy talk or emoticons for children. Full of useful information. One of the best posts I have read on here.

      2. The problem began the day Jews sat down and began making up stories for their Torah. Evidently the basis for that began sometime around the day the Egyptians paid the Hyksos to leave town – and they did. They moved right on over to a land of many names and founded a city called “Jerusalem.” It’s been downhill ever since that day.

        None of this, NONE of this, would exist today had it not been for the Torah. The Torah is been the religio/cultural glue that has held the Jews enthralled with a highly cohesive, hive minded mentality throughout the ages. The Jews’ theme song was written in the seventies.

        You and me against the World

        You and me against the world
        Sometimes it feels like its just you and me against the world
        When all the goyim turn their back and walk away
        You can count on me to stay

        Remember when the circus came to town
        And you were frightened by the clown?
        Wasn’t it nice to be around someone that you knew?
        Someone big and billowy
        Someone who told you it was only Hillary

        You and me against the world
        Sometimes it feels like its just you and me against the world
        And for all the times we’ve cried I always felt that
        The odds were on our side

        And when one of us is gone
        The hive is left to carry on
        Then remembering will have to do
        Our Holocaust memories will get us through
        Think about the days of me and you
        Of you and me against the world

        You and me against the world
        You and me against the world – And you don’t count.

      3. Ungenius,
        I concur with PM, a superb comment indeed. Yes, you are correct, the rot set in much earlier than the Reformation. In fact, I would say it began much earlier than the Great Schism. I would say, when it became the official religion of the Roman Empire, under the matricidal “Saint” Constantine and also the further organisation it underwent at the Council of Nicea. It was a very narrow vote and the losers had to flee for their lives. Also the banning of the teaching of Reincarnation in the 6th Century. Origen, one of the early Church Fathers was an avid exponent of that doctrine. It was probably banned so as to endow the priesthood with more power, i.e. to forgive sin and terrorise the laity into obedience.
        As you know, I’m a Buddhist and Buddhism also underwent schisms and corruption of the original teachings of the Lord Buddha. The closest to the original teachings is the Pali Canon of the Theravada Buddhists, only written down 300 years after the passing of the Buddha. The Buddha, himself, predicted that his teachings would die out and be renewed by the next Buddha in about 2,500 years from now.
        Regarding miracles, the Buddha taught there are 3 types:
        1. The miracle of Psychic Power, raising the dead, levitation, walking on water, healing the sick, etc.
        Unimportant. A cheap party trick, if you like
        2. The miracle of foretelling the future. Again, totally unimportant!
        3. The miracle of teaching. This is the greatest miracle of all. One reason being, the person one teaches, may go out and change the world. This is why, teachers, throughout most of the Orient, are so highly respected. I’ve seen how teachers have become objects of contempt in most Western countries.
        Let’s take a look at Jesus Christ. In my opinion his greatest miracle was the Sermon on the Mount. A Sermon I only understood when I studied it from the Hindu/ Buddhist perspective. Absolutely Divine Genius! It encapsulates all the universal, spiritual laws expounded by the great Eastern mystics.

  4. Hold on, what did I see there, “Al-Baghdadi, we pledge“, read the caption, then a brief clip of the Twin Towers hit … how do we ignoramuses identify the snake in order to learn our lesson?

    Yeah well, Aesop’s fable is fine and dandy but it was written around the dawn of Torah, was it not, well before Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab (1703–1792) as the Red Shield serpent was rearing its split-tongue head, invading England and France before they became true colonial superpowers.

    1. You should look for a more esoteric meaning. In the Hebrew alphabet, each letter represents a number. Each name is represented by a number, calculated as a sum of the letters it consists of. If two names share the same gematria, it is considered an indication that the two names point at the same phenomenon.

      In Hebrew, “Serpent” and “Messiah” share the same gematria: 358.

    2. thanks Rousso, for invaluable help on how to run a simulation of a serpent brain.
      I mean it – good stuff.
      By the way, i am by no means finished digesting that Gorshem Scholem stuff, will occasionally bounce a thought or two off you if that’s ok.

    3. “358” starting to click, “two names point at the same phenomenon”.
      Snakes preceded any and all messiahs, they are what they are and always have been, therefore they take the dominant role in pairing, namely, a messiah must be like a snake (good luck trying to convince some snake to act messianic).
      Ouroboros, the snake swallowing its tail evokes strong reaction in Kabbalah and probably points to this pairing: snake-Messiah and anticipates Messiah to do bizarre stuff (evil in gentile terminology), including submergence into foreign cultures (crypto-jews, marrano, Donmeh, the gatekeeping and subverting phenomenon) and seeming betrayal of judaic ideal.

      All these rabbinical hallucinations on one hand released jews from constraints of morals on one hand but also exposed them to the accompanying insanity, doublethink, doublespeak, which way is up and which is down, show me the way to go home

      as per Gödel’s wonderful theorem, the best truths are those that are unprovable within the system and so it is with morality (and faith, further on).
      Residing outside the logical realm doesn’t reduce their validity, on the contrary, and Jews have alienated themselves from those benefits.

      1. Yes, but Ouroboros is a more ancient and a more intelligent concept. It is not related to Kabbalah. It is related to the Mesopotamian culture and comes from the astronomical science but as part of the cosmological understanding of Time. The Serpent that is mentioned here is the Serpent from the Garden of Eden.

      2. it may not be related to kabbalah but kabbalah clearly likes to use it, not the first time they appropriated stuff as their own, i think that torah is a patchwork of goodies swiped from mythologies of developed cultures – including the story of eviction from Eden.

        But let’s follow up a bit on the Serpent of Eden lead, this may be fundamental.

        On one hand we know that it represents the Devil, the Nemesis, whose aim is to wreck the Elysian bliss and make the life of Man a permanent disgrace and misery.

        On the other, (jew) Messiah is secretly twinned to this Serpent, having the identical gemmatric signature of 358.

        i don’t need to point out the obvious here, do i.
        (John 8:44)

      3. a bit more, sorry if off-topic but since we are in the field of serpentology (vicious serpentology, i might add 🙂 ), might as well proceed with couple of crossreferences

        Genesis 3:4 (resonates with the featured fable-poem, doesn’t it – the lying snake)

        The serpent said to the woman, “You surely will not die!

        John 6:70 (the marrano prototype)

        Jesus answered them, “Have I not chosen you, the Twelve? Yet one of you is a devil!”

        they sure couldn’t pull the 3-card monty on Jesus, no sirree.

        And in this video, the snake tries to play the oldest ruse on us: “hey, look over there, A SNAKE!!!”

      4. Lobro,

        Kabbalah is kind of a school of thought, popular among the intellectuals since the Renaissance. There are 3 branches of it. There is the Judaic one, that is spelled “Kabbalah”, but also the Christian one, spelled “Cabala” and the occult one, Freemasonic, that is spelled “Qabalah”. Your picture belongs to the last. In all cases, it’s just a bunch of hocus-pocus crap.

        Yes, Jesus was a smart man. Exceptional. He learned from the Greeks, I guess. From the Essenes, too. He knew the Hindu stuff, the Buddhist stuff. He spoke from a different standpoint. He was a Gnostic. The Serpent, in the Judaic tradition, represents not the Nemesis or the Diabolus, or Iblis as it is seen in other traditions, but the Satan, and the Satan in Judaism is a figure that is not all that bad. For them.

  5. What really do people expect? I mean seriously?
    The west is bombing the crap out of Muslim nations. They are killing Muslims and destroying their homelands.
    And then they let them in……..well duh!

    You have to be either incredibly stupid to do such a thing (let the people’s whose families you’ve murdered into your nation) or else you are doing it for an ulterior motive. The former is laughable.

    Problem – “How do we destroy Europe and bring about a world government”?
    Reaction – “Bomb Islamic lands then let the survivors in”.
    Solution – “Civil chaos, murder, creation of the police state, nation’s fault – world government”.

    Not really hard is it? A bit predictable, that is for those unplugged from the ‘matrix’.

    Who’s to blame?
    As always, those on here will say the Jews. Sure, they’re playing a big part, I won’t deny it, but white people vote for politicians, who have been screwing them silly for the last, god knows how many years. Clearly the populous is insane, by the definition of it – doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results each time.

    You can stop this, but you won’t.
    Europe and the white nations will be destroyed and whites will become the minority and abused in the lands their ancestors, died in creating and they won’t even have put up any fight. Guaranteed, courtesy of the Cultural Marxist teaching in all schools and universities in the west, whites will actively help the blacks and Asians, in dismantling this society brick by brick, just as idiotic whites, in the USA, go on rallies with Black Lives Matter activists, who openly call out their hatred for white people.

    I hate to say it, but if the white race won’t defend itself against genocide, then it clearly has no right to exist on this planet. And in this case, blacks and Asians are clearly superior peoples, with the Jew at the top, who has done everything it can to survive. If white people can’t be bothered to drag themselves away from the bread and circuses, then when Rome burns, again, they’ll burn with it. If you would rather be politically correct and not cause offense, at the expense of your very civilization, then you, frankly, deserve everything bad that comes your way. I think from now on, I’ll refer to white people as dodos. They are clearly no longer of the same stock of their ancestors, but a weak imitation, a hover-fly in comparison to a wasp.

    1. Harb –

      “Not really hard is it?”

      Nope…!! The programming and chanting 5 times a day – bowing on knees to headquarters 🙂 – in the musselmen’s religion…. were tailor made for the world government.

    2. Harbinger said and I quote,

      I can’t agree more with Harbinger! You don’t toss a snake into a crib and then act surprise if the baby get bit.

      1. The one shown here looks like the cousin to Pat’s hydra-heads BlackPanther and Salman, ? . No wonder Pat knows so much about Vladimir Putin, sheeeiiit….

  6. For a comment, let me use an excerpt from the most outstanding book.

    If a woman sees a snake and does not know whether it has turned its attention to her or not, let her remove her garments and throw them in front of it; if it winds itself around them, its mind is upon her; if not, its mind is not upon her. What can she do? She should cohabit with her husband in front of it. Others say, That will even strengthen its instincts. Rather she should take some of her hair and nails and throw them at it and say, ‘I am menstruous’.

    If a snake enters a woman, let her spread her legs and place them on two barrels; fat meat must be brought and cast on the burning coals; a basket of cress must be brought together with fragrant wine and placed there, and be well beaten together. They should take a pair of tongs in their hand, for when it smells the fragrance it will come out, so that it can be seized and burnt in the fire, as otherwise it will re-enter.

    Talmud, Shabbath 110a

  7. This video is the very BEST example of a Trojan horse I have ever seen..!!

    The VIDEO, itself, is the TROJAN HORSE.. A snake… !!

    See…. we know not to watch youtube clips… lest we get ‘bitten’ by the snake…

    We are to connect the WTC attacks and musselmen.

    That is a LIE…. and the collapse was shown more than once to drive venom into our brains..!!

    We were bitten… now inject the antivenom..!!

    The VIDEO, itself, is a SNAKE..!! Silverstein Produced… 🙂 🙂

      1. @ Pat
        @ Lobro

        Don’t forget to mention the Rita Katz (Israeli) Site clips with the fake beheadings.

    1. Yes Pat.

      Both you and lobro spotted this predictive programming video from the get go. It’s a clever piece of gatekeeping.

    2. so the question is, why is sloppy editorialising occurring on Darkmoon or is it intentional. Why is she focussing rage on Muslims and not the Jew?

      1. hey joe, they do their best and even when in apparent error, it catalyzes reaction.
        It keeps us on our toes, which is the most important of all.

        If lasha’s crew laid out the entire picture each time, nothing left to add, what would be our job? 😉

        They said many a time that they don’t see the point of presenting only the material that is completely dovetailed to their opinion.

      2. @ Joe Sigur

        Why don’t you get back to your own third-rate website with its typos, spelling mistakes, and grammatical howlers?

        BTW everyone,this talentless wanker runs a website in which he spends all his time attacking writers ten times more talented than himself, including Kevin MacDonald, Andrew Anglin, Paul Craig Roberts and Lasha Darkmoon. Here he complains about LD “banning” him from this website when she has done no such thing! Check out this website and you will see dozens of this wanker’s comments all over the place. Even his latest comment (above) was posted, so how come he complains about “being banned” from this site on his own website?

        Cheap fucking liar.

        Not only does he complains about LD posting an anti-Islamic video here (“The Vicious Snake”) when she ought to be attacking the Jews, he also has the chutzpah to then STEAL (!!!) the same video from here and repost it on his own crappy website! I’ve seen it there this very minute, though how long this fuckwit will let it stay up there now that he’s been outed as a malicious liar is anyone’s guess. See:


        He forgets that this video was sent in by Arch Stanton and that Lasha had nothing to do with it.

        @ Admin

        You are being extremely generous to let this filthy, envious, talentless snake-in-the-grass sully your website with comment after spiteful comment when he keeps attacking you from the safety of his website. I suggest you ban him and publish his email address and IP number so that everyone here knows who he is! I’m willing to bet that “Joe Sigur” is not his real name. More like “Joe Kikestein”.

        @ “Joe Sigur”

        You need your balls cut off and rammed down your cancerous throat, you cowardly cunt.

        1. @ Admin

          This is what this lying piece of trash (“Joe Siggur”) says about you on his website:

          Darkmoon, who banned me [FALSE: HE HAS NOT BEEN BANNED] for speaking towards the provocative nature of her anti-islamist posts that basically ignore the Jewish leak, has just posted a mildly pro-Trump, anti-Islam video that implies Muslims did 911. Since she claims high scholarship and also claims to be Jew-wise, I basically find it unforgivable that she would be party to what is clearly become an orchestrated campaign led by racialist co-opted whites such as Carlos Porter, Kevin McDonald (sic), Andrew Anglin and now Lasha, to take the Jew out of being Jew-wise and simply demonizing Muslims. No effort is made to obtain the credibility of the videos being posted, just the affect, Muslims are evil is all that counts


          Note this ill-educated moron can’t even spell Kevin MacDonald’s name correctly, yet he knows enough about KM to rubbish him along with two other writers who have never been published on the Occidental Observer even once, i.e. Andrew Anglin and Carlos Porter.

          It beats me, Sister Monica, that you let this nasty spiteful troll go on spreading his poison on the Darkmoon site.

      3. Sardonicus
        I checked Joe’s blog ,the blind light ,after few minutes of reading and analyzing
        My gut feeling told me, that Joe maybe posting here also as Russo.

      4. Joe Sigur
        or whatever your name is
        I have checked your blog ,I don’t believe a word you wrote ,it’s hocus pocus
        crab .try something else ,it seems that you have a vivid imagination.
        listen ,I tried to leave a comment there but I couldn’t.
        P.S , you’re lucky ,here ,I am being nice

    3. I agree completely. The casual mention of the WTC attack taking for granted the official version is a red flag the size of towers themselves.

  8. All examples of Muslim terrorism in this video are false flags : ISIS, Boston Bombing, Paris attacks and 9/11. Jews were/are behind all of them. The attack on Syria, that set the refugee wave into motion, is an Israeli project (Oded Yinon plan). Western heads of state who insist on accepting these refugees are puppets of the Jews, implementing their White Genocide Project. Yes as always it is : Jew, Jew, Jew.

    BTW, did you notice that the voice-over of the video sounds like the voice of Donald Trump?

    1. I’m not so sure about the resemblance…

      The one shown here looks taller than the ‘paper bear’ in the Kremlin. 🙂

  9. The first 30 seconds of the video is beautiful Riga, Latvia. You can see four Zeppelin hangars from WW I which were converted to giant food markets. Immediately after that you can see the port of Tallinn and the Russian Orthodox Church in beautiful Tallinn, Estonia. Tallinn looks like it’s like from a fairy tale, only it’s real. Besides the beautiful architecture, the cities are known for their beautiful women.


    This video could apply to ANY targeted land targeted by ANY adversary/foe/invader. Universal fit! Mold the culprit (snake) as whomever suits the accuser for the eye of the beholder. For Pat and Lobro, it’s the Jew. For some, it’s more simply the Muslim. Either way, it’s a “guess”, and can be incautiously absorbed.

  11. An evil thought has just penetrated my mind; and, since this website, which I have just been most fortunate to find, and am most pleased for the first time to be able to address, prides itself on allowing its readers to speak their mind fully and freely, I thought I’d share it with you, even if, in the process, I am fully cognizant of the fact that its content, as well as the unfortunate initials of my name, are certain to be confused, and thus equaled, with yet another of this website’s… somewhat unpleasant character, with whom, I assure you, I have as little in common as a Jew has with humanity. And the most evil and utterly unacceptable thought was this:

    ”…that, when Christ Jesus returns, as He once promised that He would, the – was it the evil Jews?– the evil Jews must not, under any circumstances, again crucify Him, as they so very evilly did the last time they laid their black clutches on Him, since that hideous act was not merely a mistake but a blunder, which blunder, as we all know, resulted in a god being spawned. Rather, when the bearded Gentleman, better known as, The Prince of Peace, in whose name no blood ever was shed, makes his long-awaited return, and Madame Darkmoon renews her chains of spiritual slavery, the evil Jews should rather turn Him into a minestrone, since it is impossible to make a god out of a dish.”

    I do not at all agree with this evil thought, and it is not mine, though I do confess that it wasn’t entirely foreign to me, but I thought I’d share it with you anyway, since one would have to be an utter inhuman, or, even worse, an Ellie K., to offend a man by belittling that which he holds the dearest in life. Truly was it said by her herself: Evil Ellie!

    If I may, in conclusion and in her satanic indefensible defence, say this only: stupid people shun evil, since they fear it. Wise people, on the other hand, at the very least bring it sufficiently near to themselves so as to the better scrutinize it, because, they say, while goodness may indeed mean that which is very entirely beautiful, just as blood and gore of a birth-giving pregnant mother may offend our eyes, and that blood and gore ultimately furnishes a family with a gorgeous beauty called a human being, so nothing that can be beautiful, can be beautiful without first passing through the stage of evil. Don’t forget: your own Christ may have been Beautiful, but was it not an evil act that spawned Him?

    Simple people, you lot are. Simple, simple people. I shall spend this whole day thinking about hanging people. After that, I shall satisfy myself by stringing a Mozart partitura.

    Ekaterina Krupp, or, E.K..
    Food for thought – if you get my drift…

    1. I shall spend this whole day thinking about hanging people. After that, I shall satisfy myself by stringing a Mozart partitura.

      Why waste a good string? 😀

      I guess that unlike the other “unpleasant character” with whom you share the initials, you are not rich and therefore must economize.

      and greets to the “unpleasant” EK as well, I always found her to be great fun.

      1. I’ll say that for E.K. She ain’t a bore. She’s guilty of unspeakable crimes, but boring me to death ain’t one of them.

        Long live E.K.!

        If she likes Mozart, that’s a big plus.

      2. Which reminds me of that Hilaire Belloc “epitaph poem”:

        When I am dead, I hope it may be said:
        “His sins were scarlet, but his books were read.”

    2. The 100 word rambling sentences provide much more than “drift.”

      I can add another to the long list of aliases… 🙂

    3. Hmm. Thoughtful. Down to Earth. Inveighing against the naive and wishful thoughts. Based on the sinews of experience and The Way It Is. Somewhat Hegelian with out being totally out to sea. Conceptually challenging, above the usual clatter discrete news briefs and workman compartmented gum drops.

      Ekaterina might be Andrea Ostrov Letania, whom I read often with relish. She hits a LOT of high notes.

    4. Ideology, rigidly applied, embraced, wrap-around is an ersatz thing for an action thought process. It is like a pacifier in a baby’s mouth, providing temporally, infantile succor, but causes buck teeth, and retrogressive bound to the teat behavior. Pat and Low Bro could do a joint auto-biography on what life is like from not being properly and timely weaned, and thus compulsive sucklings.

      Men have choices to “Slip the surly bonds of Earth”, i.e., stupidity, daily noise, etc, etc. Go to sea, fly and soar in an airplane, or fantasize in your kitchen that you are a higher, more purposeful, and capable human. Most men are the latter.

      1. Poupon –

        Thanks for the help. I’ll help you, now. 🙂

        Darwin was guessing….. just like you are.

        Darwin agreed with you many years ago… The Pharisee-Jews do not emphasize it…. They are liars.

        I found many ADMISSIONS by Darwin in the mid 60s. He stated natural selection might be provable, but the creation of NEW species is not. In other words… Darwin never had ANY IDEA about ANY exact ORIGIN OF SPECIES. And that should have been in the preface of his books.

        Darwin stated in his book that NO geologists of acclaim agreed with him.

        Arguments AGAINST Darwin as posed by Darwin, Himself:



        p. 333
        I endeavoured, also, to show that inter-mediate varieties, from existing in lesser numbers than the forms which they connect, will generally be beaten out and exterminated during the course of further modification and improvement. The main cause, however, of innumerable intermediate links not now occurring everywhere throughout nature depends on the very process of – NATURAL SELECTION – through which new varieties continually take the places of and – EXTERMINATE – their parent-forms.

        But just in proportion as this process of extermination has acted on an enormous scale, so must the number of intermediate varieties, which have formerly existed on the earth, be truly enormous. Why then is not every geological formation and every stratum full of such intermediate links?

        The several difficulties here discussed, namely our not finding in the successive formations infinitely numerous transitional links between the many species which now exist or have existed; the sudden manner in which whole groups of species appear in our European formations; the almost entire absence, as at present known, of fossiliferous formations beneath the Silurian strata, are all undoubtedly of the gravest nature.

        We see this in the plainest manner by the fact that all the most eminent palaeontologists, namely Cuvier, Owen, Agassiz, Barrande, Falconer, E. Forbes, &c., and all our greatest geologists, as Lyell, Murchison, Sedgwick, &c., have unanimously, often vehemently, maintained the immutability of species.

        He who rejects these views on the nature of the geological record, will rightly reject my whole theory.

        He may ask where are the remains of those infinitely numerous organisms which must have existed long before the first bed of the Silurian system was deposited: I can answer this latter question only – HYPOTHETICALLY, – by saying that as far as we can see, where our oceans now extend they have for
        an enormous period extended, and where our oscillating continents now stand they have stood ever since the Silurian epoch; but that long before that period, the world – MAY – have presented a wholly different aspect; and that the older continents, formed of formations older than any known to us, – MAY NOW – all be in a metamorphosed condition, or – MAY – lie buried under the ocean.

        Passing from these difficulties, all the other great leading facts in palaeontology seem to me simply to follow on the theory of descent with MODIFICATION through – NATURAL SELECTION.

        We can thus understand how it is that new species come in slowly and successively; how species of different classes do not necessarily change together, or at the same rate, or in the same degree; yet in the long run that – ALL – undergo – MODIFICATION – to some extent.

  12. Dune…..
    Shaitan…..pretty obvious. Herbert’s “Kwisatz Haderach” is the Kefitzat_Haderech…..

    All jews in the original movies and tv specials.

    “This is genocide! The total elimination of all life on Arrakis”.

    His kid even adds jews in the mix in the later books.

  13. @Felix, Ingenious, A. Stanton. et al…Having been brought up in the Eastern Orthodox faith, I would like your opinion of the overall influence Eastern Orthodoxy has had on the ascendance of the Jews, if any. Do you think the Nicene Creeds and their proclamations weakened the moral fiber of the EO faithful, in the manner of overlooking and rationalizing Jewish transgressions and crimes?

    For further discussion if you and some others might indulge: the similarity between the mysticism of the Orthodox Church and the the religion of the East, e.g., Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. I don’t mean structurally, but in the mystical sense of the “God is everywhere, and in everything”, theme, as opposed to a modified legal system of Western Christianity.

    1. PM,
      Fascinating topics for conversation. As far as the ascendancy of Jewry is concerned, from my limited knowledge of the Byzantine Empire, the Jews were barred from certain professions and thus were unable to have much effect on the mindset of the EO. Also, when Jerusalem first fell to the Muslim invaders in 637 AD it was as a result of Jewish treachery (Steven Runciman’s History of the Crusades. You can download the 3 volume set from
      gen.lib.rus.ec ) So the EO would have had little love for our Jewish friends. One reason for the bestiality perpetrated on the EO by the Bolsheviks in the 20th Century. Remember the Jews, who murdered the Tsar and his family, wrote the writing on the wall at the execution site ( Mene, Mene, Mekel, Upharsin, Douglas Reed, Controversy of Zion) This illustrates the innate Shylockian penchant of Jews to hold onto perceived slights for millenia and then wreak terrible vengeance. They must have their pound of flesh.

      EO mysticism, I’m sure you are familiar with the EO Hesychasts and the famous Jesus Prayer. Practised under supervision by a mentor, and coupled with the relevant breathing exercises, it is in effect a form of yogic exercise which purifies the mind and leads to enlightenment. Although the EO doesn’t call it that. Tolstoy’s Christian stories are replete with deep spiritual insights. Whenever I think of Russian Christianity, I think of the wandering Starets. Hesychasm has it’s roots in the Egyptian Desert Fathers. Thomas Merton, although Catholic, also wrote extensively on the subject. The Catholics also had a number of devout mystics. St. John of the Cross is one of my favourites. Dark Night of the Soul is an excellent book and shows the convergence of Christian and Eastern Mysticism. Consider John’s “Nadas”
      “That thou mayest have pleasure in everything,
      seek pleasure in nothing.
      That thou mayest know everything,
      seek to know nothing.
      That thou mayest possess all things,
      seek to possess nothing.
      That thou mayest be everything,
      seek to be nothing.”
      Here we see a convergence with the Buddhist Dhammapada.
      Emptiness and stillness
      Verse 369 “Empty the boat of your life”
      Verse 373 “When with a mind in silent peace a monk enters his empty house, then he feels the unearthly joy of beholding the light of truth.”
      I could ramble on for hours, but I fear a bollocking from the Good Sister Monica for wasting too much space.
      May the Blessings of the Triple Gem be upon on all beings! May all beings be free from suffering!

      1. @ Felix

        I could ramble on for hours, but I fear a bollocking from the Good Sister Monica for wasting too much space.

        Absolutely not! I was enthralled by that last post of yours. I share LD’s delight in all the things you talk about. I have read the Dhammapada several times. It is a very short book. I have it on my desk right now. It was published by the Theosophy Company in Bombay in 1957 and has been my constant companion all these years, carried all over the world by land and sea. I have bequeathed it to my beloved spiritual daughter ‘A’ (aka Lasha). She loves it dearly, regarding it as a sacred object, because its pages are impregnated with the strange odours of India.

      2. @Felix: Wunderbar. Your deep insights and erudition into Eastern Orthodoxy are superb and riveting. It is, I believe, as a well kept secret within Christendom. Quite honestly, I have little but disdain for the Western Christianity, its weakness, its masochism, its validation of the individual through malignant altruism. So easily exploited by Jews directly, and indirectly in the form of the Negroid Churches.

        It is obvious, as I have written here previously, that not many have solutions-concrete ones-for the salvation of the West, or at least the salvation of Caucasians, aka White People, aka Euro-derived peoples. I have, and guess what? Nobody wants to go there. I believe you have, but removing yourself to the Orient. That speaks well for your learning but also strategic common sense-which is rare.

      1. Excellent. There certainly is. Russian and America are natural allies. I’ve been to the Ukraine, spent some time there. Russians are open and gregarious people, similar to Americans. The divide between our peoples, in my opinion, has been political. I’ve met Russians several times, professionally, at air shows, etc, etc. They seem low on the pretentious scale.

        Let’s cry one more time, and admit Europastan is finished, done, FWE-Finished With Engine. Like the Titanic, the lights are starting to blind on and off, and the intake of water exceeds the capacity of the sea water pumps to expel it. Russia should invade, colonize, institute mass slaughter and send the Left into Gulags, where they could be worked to death. Perhaps Europeeons could then be administered by America, Russia, and China, which should equally rule the world.

        All civilized countries should require women who want to work to be married and produce 3 children, as a strict prerequisite.

        The Catheter Church, Protestant Churches of the West are corrupt, incompetent, senseless, and useless.

      2. unfortunately, you seem to be right about Europe, when civilization is measured in the same units as effeminacy, time to call it a day.

        maybe all the miniskirted Conchitas could be sent to N Africa and Middle East along with the repatriated migrants (the West MUST pay for resettlement and infrastructure reconstruction, whether they invoice the Jew is up to them) to keep the horny jihadis company, they deserve each other, the friendly municipalities of sodom and Gomorrah await them with brass bands Mardi Gross parades.

        By which i mean no offense to regular Middle eastern family men caught up in the turbulence.

      3. Poupon –
        Lobro –

        “Russian and America are natural allies.”

        I have stated that for decades… and written here many times.

        Russia is a junior business partner of the US. Russia is a cheap source of labor and materials for London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers’ backed companies.

        There are over 600 of those companies listed are members of the American Chamber off Commerce in Russia:

        Russia is USA-East…

        The food, automotive and technology sectors in Russia have several major American players, according to a report from the International Research & Exchanges Board and the U.S. Russia Foundation.

        PepsiCo (PEP) became the first American company to do business in the Soviet Union in 1974. Over the 40 years since, the company has created more than 30,000 jobs and invested more than $3 billion.
        Coca-Cola (KO) and privately held candy maker Mars Inc. also have a footprint in Russia’s food sector. In 1991, McDonald’s (MCD) opened the doors to its first restaurant in Russia.

        General Motors (GM) and Ford (F) manufacture cars in Russia, while Caterpillar (CAT) has plants that build its heavy equipment. IBM (IBM) and Microsoft (MSFT) have a large presence in the country as well.
        According to the company’s website, Mars entered the Russian market in 1991 and has since invested more than $1 billion. Mars built its second chocolate factory in Russia two years ago.

        Procter & Gamble (PG) also launched its Russian unit in 1991, and the segment has grown to become one of the largest for the consumer goods giant.

        The report said ExxonMobil (XOM) has invested the most in Russia over the years, despite the difficulties of doing business in the country. From 2000 through 2011, the largest U.S. energy company poured $10 billion into its Russian operations.

        Boeing (BA), Chevron (CVX) and ConocoPhillips (COP) have also been heavy investors. Between 1992 and 2009, Boeing spent $5 billion in Russia.

        And…. as “allies”… Russian investors have increasingly looked to the U.S. as well, focusing primarily on the iron and steel industry, financial sector and telecommunications.


        Alexis Rodzianko, is the president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia.
        There are over 600 member companies. Here are some:
        Royal Bank of Scotland
        Goldman Sachs
        Coca Cola

      1. a great and important link, Homer, got it firmly bookmarked – also helps me in my own 3rd rate linguistic pursuits.
        how can russia, Iran and India fail to be allies.

    1. (…) Jewish religious adviser to The Passion sent a screenplay to the Anti-Defamation League (…)

      i need a Jewish religious adviser, why don’t I write to Marrano factory for discounted models?
      (if they are so proud of themselves, why do 101% bother if not for infiltration purposes)
      Mel should do a film on Judas Iscariot next, “The wages Of Betrayal”.

  14. PAT
    September 8, 2016 at 3:56 pm
    Poupon –
    Lobro –

    “Russian and America are natural allies.”


    Pat, Thanks for the deluge of information from the shelves of the library. I am talking about geo-strategical partners, not diaper factories using American designed easterners. Your typical withdrawal into low valence detail, obscure with a half life of 2 minutes-at most.

    In the great shakeout to come, the Big Picture, Son, The Orient, Asians will be the largest force on the planet. The natural path for Russia and America to take is a tripartite alliance to direct the World. The birthrates of Africans are cockroach level and they are bursting out of the baseboards and heading to the kitchen. The Middle Beast populations are the same. Both are violent, impulsive, low IQ, genetically inferior, with Ruston’s description of all people in this category. They have no future time horizon, extreme impulsiveness, and subterranean level of frustration threshold. They will have to be sterilized on a massive scale, euthanized, or confined and therefore decimated by starvation and disease. They are PARASITIC people, like tumors, and nothing else. Allowing them to live alongside Asians (a branch of White People, in my opinion. G-d Bless Them) and Whites, Hindus is the equivalent of each productive and moral person wearing a 75 pound weight with them all their lives. In flows of liquids, there is what is called “Parasitic Drag”, made worse by rough surfaces like barnacles, bottom growth, ice on wings, etc. Whites and Asians cannot live alongside with Blacks and Middle Beasterners. Period. Full Stop. Mahmoud, stow it, take a fast train, an airplane back to the Sandlot 7th Century milieu. Your disparagement of Hirsi Ali makes you eligible for caning, you taqiyya cancer.

    1. Poupon –

      “In the great shakeout to come, the Big Picture, Son, The Orient, Asians will be the largest force on the planet. The natural path for Russia and America to take is a tripartite alliance to direct the World.”

      Thanks for the help, old man. I’m encouraged you can still manage to follow my lead, even with impaired vision. There is hope for you, yet…!! 🙂

      I have stated all along that the London Pharisee-Jew Bankers… ruling the finances…. WILL accomplish exactly THAT..!!

      1. Pat, stay will providing information, and leave analysis and advocating action to others, Sergeant.

      2. Poupon –

        I have to remind you…. I am a “sergeant” in counter-intelligence corps. I immediately outrank any others on the base wherever I go. That includes the base commanders. You must follow me…. as usual…

        I shall allow you the privilege…. Be very careful not to take it for granted..

        Your foul alligator mouth….. is overloading you hummingbird ass..!! 🙂

    2. @ Poupon Marx

      Mahmoud, stow it, take a fast train, an airplane back to the Sandlot 7th Century milieu. Your disparagement of Hirsi Ali makes you eligible for caning, you taqiyya cancer.

      Three points:

      1. Hirsi Ali is not everyone’s flavor of the month. And Mahmoud, as a good Muslim, has every right to disparage Hirsi Ali as a Judas figure to Islam. He is under no obligation to view the world through your eyes. He has his own eyes and is entitled to make use of them. If you want to sing this Somalian woman’s praises, feel free. Let Mahmoud be equally free to disparage her.

      2. Your arrogant tone of sneering superiority (“makes you eligible for caning … taqiyya cancer”) does not help you to get the better of Mahmoud. It discredits you. Disrespect is your default position. You are no more than a thug, a bully, and an intellectual poseur.

      3. Mahmoud’s English may not be perfect, That’s because English is his second language. In spite of that disadvantage, Mahmoud has had dozens of his articles published all over the internet, including on Uprooted Palestinians, The Ugly Truth, and the Darkmoon site.

      What exactly are YOUR literary accomplishments, Mr Poupon Marx? Have the kindness to send us the link to one of YOUR brilliant articles! Until then, take a back seat!

      A thousand lashes for you, unmannerly cur.

      1. You pathetic four flushing apologist and Vichy worm. Literary accomplishments? What kind of a imbecile are you? Ayaan Hirsi Ali is judged on objective criteria, not on subjective miss mash and not with people like you with the backbone of a chocolate eclair.

        I gave a reference of your name from the B Grade movie of the late 1950s. You’re in line to be George Soros Junior “Body Man”, like Reggie Love to Hussein Obama.

        Superiority? You’re a worm at subterranean level. Everyone above board is superior to an Islam apologist and Moslem Butt Boy.

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