Three Sanskrit Poems

These three translations from the Sanskrit were published
in the British literary magazine Acumen in 2006 and 2008.


1.  In the Beginning

Neither Is nor Is Not was,
No when nor where nor why.
There was no sky because
There was nowhere for sky.
No stir of living breath,
No signs of night or day.
And what of death? No death
Or immortality.
The One alone lay breathing
(O ask not when or where!)
In the deep mindsea seething
Unconscious, unaware.
Nothing stretched beyond him,
There He lay all alone!
No one became I Am.
Up rose the Only One!
And in the One grew Love,
The first seed of the soul.
Space then, and stars enough,
And the sky’s blue bowl.
Who knows the truth? who can
Tell how this universe
Bubbled up and began?
Who knows what happened first?
The universal Dancer,
The Dreamer with his dreams,
He perhaps knows the answer
Of all that is and seems.
The why and the wherefore,
What makes Time’s river flow,
He knows the reason or—
Maybe he does not know!
— Translated from the Sanskrit (Rig-Veda X.129) by Lasha Darkmoon in collaboration with ‘MW’. Published in Acumen magazine, September 2006, under the composite pen name ‘Manna Domini’.


2.  Prajapati’s  Teachings

Prajapati, lord of creation, had three
Different types of devotees: gods, men, demons.
Now the gods approached Prajapati first
For wisdom, saying ‘Sir, give us something
Precious to remember: truth in a word.’
Prajapati offered one syllable.
‘Da!’ he said. ‘Have you understood?’ he said.
‘We have understood,’ they said. ‘You said, Control!
Da for Damyata: Control, rein yourself in!’
‘Good,’ Prajapati said. ‘You have understood.’
The men of the world sought Prajapati next
For wisdom, saying ‘Sir, give us something
Precious to remember: truth in a word.’
Prajapati offered one syllable.
‘Da!’ he said. ‘Have you understood?’ he said.
‘We have understood,’ they said. ‘You said, Give!
‘Da for Datta: Give freely, be generous!’
‘Good,’ Prajapati said. ‘You have understood.’
The demons sought out Prajapati next
For wisdom, saying ‘Sir, give us something
Precious to remember: truth in a word.’
Prajapati offered one syllable.
‘Da!’ he said, ‘Have you understood?’ he said.
‘We have understood,’ they said. ‘You said, Mercy!
Da for Dayadhvam: Have mercy, forgive!’
‘Good,’ Prajapati said. ‘You have understood.’
These words can still be heard when thunder roars:
Da! Da! Da! Damyata! Datta! Dayadhvam!
— Translated from the Sanskrit of the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad  (c. 1000  BCE) by Lasha Darkmoon in collaboration with ‘MW’. Published in Acumen Magazine, May 2008, under the composite pen name ‘Manna Domini’.


3.  Hymn to the Unknown God

As the sun on morning dew
Sparkles, making all things new—
We shine for joy, reflecting You.
You make the tinkling rivers run:
How happily they tumble on
Like birds that fall through air for fun!
Under your protection we
Find love and sweet serenity.
Forgive our sins and set us free!
Let the stream of my life wind
Through the green fields of the mind.
Loose the bonds of sin that bind.
Let not the web of song I weave
Be swept away, nor Time bereave
Me of the loved ones I must leave.
Let not this hymn of praise to Thee
Be lost for ever utterly.
When Time is dead, let these words be!
— Translated from the Sanskrit (Rig-Veda, XI.28) by Lasha Darkmoon in collaboration with ‘MW’. Published in Acumen Magazine, September 2006, under the composite pen name ‘Manna Domini’.

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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  1. I am a picture man and that last one is great.

    Reminds me of work by a Polish painter Jacek (Someday when I finally settle down – a likely story – I would like to buy on of his pictures).

    About 20 years ago I blundered into an impressionist exhibit (I think it was Impressionist) in Distrito Federal (Mex City) Galeria del Arte Contemporaneo and was astounded by the quality of native painters. But the one that truly blew me away was a woman by name of Remedios Varo. I spent hours staring at her mesmerizing works and came back the following day (some of them are quite tongue-in-cheek, e.g., Mujer Saliendo de Psicoanalista).
    Sadly, when I returned some years later to the same venue, they were gone, I guess they were on loan.

    I think poetry and painting are the same thing, just utilizing different media.

    1. Lobro –

      Impressionists were myopic… and painted as they saw it… out of focus… blurred. They came into prominence at a time before good specs were available. Later… some might have been too broke to get new lenses… 🙂

      I told that to my art instructor in college. He almost had a heart attack.

      I told it to my ophthalmologist a few years ago. He said, “Correct. I have known that for years. There were many authors of papers and books on the subject. Some were written by ophthalmologists.”

      Opinions DO change with proper info over the decades.

      1. Where DO you get your information? BBC? They were attempting to capture ‘the moment’ and natural light. Nothing wrong with letting light into this dark world, and their eyesight was fine with the exception of Monet who suffered from cataracts, which explains his over-sized canvasses.

      2. I don’t think the Impressionists were myopic at all. The key to these paintings is to stand back. Well, on second thought, maybe you have a point! As we age we sometimes have to hold a piece of paper with arms extended to bring the characters into focus. Oh well, I enjoy these paintings immensely nonetheless.

      3. Thought about it (a little) and conclude that the Impressionists were capturing on canvas Dasein, Being There, immersed in the Light.

      4. @ Karen

        You have insight. What you said about Dasein, Being There, made me sit up and think.

        After all, what’s the point of an accurate representation of reality, as in a photograph, if the end result is lack of Dasein … or being-thereness.

        Consider this: reality may be a delusion caused by LSD deficiency.

        1. This is the best poem I’ve written today and I insist on its immediate publication. Thank you. TROJ


          the mainstream meme,
          in the history books,
          has us look,
          down in disdain upon the Christians,
          of the dark, dark, dark,
          medieval ages,
          A Christendom,
          of illiterate peasants,
          nothing there,
          worth exploring,
          ignorant dolts,
          not like us,
          in this present day,
          who sit back,
          and allow,
          Europe to be Over Taken,
          by Saracen hordes,
          armies of Mohammedanism,
          We’re too smart to Save Europa,
          from total third word destruction,
          the stupid, superstitious,
          Medieval Christians,
          were so ignorant,
          they actually thought,
          Jesus Wasn’t Jewish,
          Isn’t Jewish,
          and would never be Jewish,
          they even thought ,
          the Earth was Central in the Universe,
          And they would actually,
          Launch Crusades,
          to Save Europa,
          from Islamic,
          They actually thought,
          their Christian world,
          their Christendom,
          was something special and worth saving,
          But we know better,
          then the ignorant dolts,
          of the dark, dark, dark,
          medieval ages,
          we know, for example,
          Jesus Is Jewish,
          and the Universe,
          is Heliocentric,
          but our increased knowledge,
          and technological wonders,
          our Liberation,
          from Medieval Christian Superstition,
          our Religious and Spiritual “Advancement”,
          Yet, we can’t save Europe,
          from ancient, atavistic,
          Babylonian slavery,
          we sit back,
          not having any idea,
          how to Save Her,
          even if we have a Right,
          to defend Her,
          Seems to me,
          the ignorant peasants,
          of the dark, dark, dark,
          Medieval Ages,
          with their “superstitious” belief,
          Jesus Isn’t Jewish,
          and The World is Central in The Universe,
          at least they had The Brains,
          to know how to Save Europe,
          from third world invasion,
          and save themselves from being thrown,
          into that ancient Babylonian slavery,
          now overtaking Europa rapidly,
          Better off being “stupid”,
          believing the Universe Geocentric,
          and believing on a NON Jewish Jesus,
          For the Medieval Christians of Christendom,
          knew had to save Europe,
          and us today,
          thinking Jesus Is Jewish,
          together with,
          our belief in a Heliocentric Universe,
          we have no idea how to save Her,
          but the ignorant, superstitious dolts,
          of The Christendom of The Middle Ages,
          Saved Europa from third world destruction,
          and today,
          in our Heliocentric Universe,
          worshipping a Jewish Jesus,
          are helpless in face of The Ancient Foe,
          so I ask,
          who are the smart ones,
          in the story ,
          of this History,
          and who are the ones,
          who are ignorant,
          and have NO idea,
          how to Save Europa?
          Better off believing,
          Jesus Isn’t Jewish,
          and this Earth is Central in The Universe,
          and Saving ourselves from being thrown into,
          third world Babylonian Slavery,
          This is my poem for the day,
          about the Importance of ontology,
          that underlines one’s,
          Religion and Spirituality,
          and which ontology leads to destruction,
          and which ontology leads to Saving The West,
          which one Upholds The Faith,
          of our God,
          our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
          who came to Save Us,
          if we only listen,
          to Save us,
          from the Ancient Foe,
          to release us from the prison,
          of Babylonian slavery.

      5. Yes, Karen, that is true. But they were also very much of the Age and captured the technology. Steam engines, buildings and bridges, boats, etc. I don’t know if Lautrec is considered an impressionist but he and others also captured the seedy side of life. In a sense you could say they were the original beatniks. If they were a movement today they might be painting computer circuity.

        Ah, but what glorious days are depicted by Lautrec on Montmartre! At least you went out, drank, and socialized while engaged in whore mongering. How much more satisfying than using a mouse and keyboard.

      6. @Joe on his “best poem of the day”

        Amen, Brother!

        Actually all of them were very good. Very much enjoyed the “groovy Hindu” one and the ode to Lasha. They are worthy to be bound in a slim little volume with the Christendom one being last as it is the highlight which ties it all together and offers the medicine that is necessary.

        Although you certainly express feelings to the contrary, I know you secretly have a crush on Lasha. We all do, don’t we? At least the idea of her.

      7. Pat, even if true and to some extent it makes sense, so what?
        It doesn’t make their paintings any worse, otherwise the best paintings would be made by ophthalmologists.

        If someone’s eyes were good enough to see individual water molecules inside the clouds, would his paintings be any better?

        And how did they all become myopic all of a sudden, where previously ever since the Roman times, their eyes were ok.
        Remember that 150 years ago, the arts were not yet a ZOG chattel.

    2. Like Halpern accusing Norman Rockwell of pedophilia and feminists screaming rape at Beethovens 9th, now they’re going after the Impressionists. Dasein aside, the Impressionists were removing the veil, exposing what lies beneath, inspired by Joseph Loschmidts molecular images and Wilhelm von Hofmanns stick and ball molecule models.

  2. The first poem is the famous nasadiya sukta, also known as the “Hymn of Creation” from the Rig Veda 10 :129. This is an example of the first stirrings of philosophical thought in the Rig Veda which is otherwise more concerned with ritual thinking.

    Now I will not dispute Lasha Darkmoon’s right to compose poems of her own, but to call this creation of her’s a “translation” or even a “free translation” would be an untruth. To show the disparity between the real meaning of the text and Lasha’s “translation”, I will feature Arthur A. Macdonell’s rendering of this Vedic hymn from his book A Vedic Reader for Students besides that of Lasha Darkmoon. The matter becomes even more complicated since Lasha’s “translation” contains 8 stanzas while the original has only 7.
    Here we go :

    Stanza 1 :

    Macdonell :

    There was not the non-existent nor the existent then ; there was not the air nor the heaven which is beyond. What did it contain? Where? In whose protection? Was there water, unfathomable, profound?

    Darkmoon :

    Neither Is nor Is Not was,
    No when nor where nor why.
    There was no sky because
    There was nowhere for sky.

    Stanza 2 :

    Macdonell :

    There was not death nor immortality then. There was not the beacon of night, nor of day. That one breathed, windless, by its own power. Other than that there was not anything beyond.

    Darkmoon :

    No stir of living breath,
    No signs of night or day.
    And what of death? No death
    Or immortality.

    Stanza 3 :

    Macdonell :

    Darkness was in the beginning hidden by darkness ; indistinguishable, this all was water. That which, coming into being, was covered with the void, that One arose through the power of heat.

    Darkmoon :

    The One alone lay breathing
    (O ask not when or where!)
    In the deep mindsea seething
    Unconscious, unaware.

    Here comes Lasha’s “extra stanza” :

    Nothing stretched beyond him,
    There He lay all alone!
    No one became I Am.
    Up rose the Only One!

    Stanza 4

    Macdonell :

    Desire in the beginning came upon that, (desire) that was the first seed of mind. Sages seeking in their hearts with wisdom found out the bond of the existent in the non-existent.

    Darkmoon :

    And in the One grew Love,
    The first seed of the soul.
    Space then, and stars enough,
    And the sky’s blue bowl.

    Stanza 5 :

    Macdonell :

    Their cord was extended across ; was there below or was there above? There were impregnators, there were powers ; there was energy below, thwere was impulse above.

    Darkmoon :

    Who knows the truth? who can
    Tell how this universe
    Bubbled up and began?
    Who knows what happened first?

    Stanza 6 :

    Macdonell :

    Who knows truly? Who shall here declare, whence it has been produced, whence is this creration? By the creation of this (universe) the gods (come) afterwards ; who then knows whence it has arisen?

    Darkmoon :

    The universal Dancer,
    The Dreamer with his dreams,
    He perhaps knows the answer
    Of all that is and seems.

    Stanza 7 :

    Macdonell :

    Whence this creation has arisen ; whether he founded it or did not ; he who in the highest heaven is its surveyor, he only knows, or else he knows not.

    Darkmoon :

    The why and the wherefore,
    What makes Time’s river flow,
    He knows the reason or—
    Maybe he does not know!

    We happily grant poets poetical license, but should we do the same to translators?


      in her Shower Blue,
      sings a Song of Gratitude,
      a hymn,
      sacred and melodious,
      an ancient hymn most pleasing,
      to her Goddess Lilith dancing,
      in a Garden Paradise,
      verdant and splendid,
      colors vivid,
      almost hallucinogenic ,
      in Harmony,
      She hears,
      The Music of the Spheres,
      a Crescendo of Voices,
      from far away Galaxies,
      that beckon her,
      with Sublime music,
      a Unity of Math and Science and Religion,
      each note contains Eternity,
      all the time that ever was,
      and all the time that ever will be,
      is here this second,
      in this Sacred melody,
      that harkens her,
      to Heaven’s door,
      always open,
      forever more,
      to all the Seekers,
      of Universal Mysteries,
      a world so profound,
      we are left speechless,
      at the Majesty of Creation,
      The Glory of Woman,
      She brings forth Life,
      from Within Her,
      sometimes Woman,
      thinks too highly,
      too Mighty,
      and imagines,
      She brings forth Life,
      at Her own Power,
      and forgets,
      it is God,
      who Created Her,
      but She would prefer,
      to invoke an illusion,
      and see Herself as,
      The Holy Creator,
      Lilith is going to lead us,
      to Godlike Status,
      Gods and Goddesses,
      Bestriding The Heavens,
      if only we take a bite,
      of this juicy Red Apple.

    2. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      Many thanks for the brilliant translation you provide. LD will be pleased to see this. The translation she consulted (one among many) was by Juan Mascaro in the introduction to his version of The Upanishads in the Penguin Classics.

      If you dislike these “free translations” of LD’s because you feel they are linguistically inaccurate, then you will absolutely hate her “translation” of the Isa (or Isha) Upanishad! We intend to publish this some time in the future. This is even less accurate and intentionally so.

      I’ve written a short introduction to this translation which will help to explain LD’s technique. These translations are more accurately called “imitations” or “impressionistic translations.” This is what I say in my brief introduction to her Isha Upanishad translation:

      “This imitation translation of the Isha Upanishad, the first to be done in rhyming quatrains, was written about seven years ago as a literary exercise by Lasha Darkmoon… An imitation translation, a genre of translation widely recognized and practiced by many poets, can be described as a semi-translation in which well over 50 per cent of the translation is accurate. The rest, though strictly speaking inaccurate in detail, is nevertheless an attempt to “imitate” the original and convey its essential meaning and essence. The difference between a linguistically accurate translation and an “imitation translation” is analogous to the difference between a photograph of a landscape and an impressionistic or expressionistic painting of the same landscape.”

      Should an impressionistic or expressionistic painter be reprimanded for “distorting reality”? If so, the works of Van Gogh and Cezanne would be worthless.

      Another factor you need to consider is that it is relatively easy to translate a foreign text into prose, especially if you have several other translations of your predecessors at hand which you can use as guidelines to make your task easier. Doing the same thing in rhyme and metre is much harder; accuracy is inevitably lost. To compare Lasha’s rhyme-and-metre translation with a scholarly prose translation is strictly speaking unfair. It’s like comparing apples with pears and blaming the pears for not being round enough.

      It is also to assume, falsely, that the primary task of the poet is to strive for linguistic accuracy. Not so. That is the scholarly prose translator’s aim, not the poet’s aim. Alexander Pope’s translations of Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey were wildly inaccurate in places precisely because they were in heroic couplets (much harder to do) than in straightforward prose which would have been ten times easier. This didn’t prevent Pope’s translations from being extremely popular in his time. As for Fitzgerald’s Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, I’m told this bears almost no resemblance to the Persian original. Not all translators are aiming for linguistic accuracy. It is a fallacy even to think so.

    3. I agree Gilbert, now that I see the other one, Lasha’s seems more thought provoking and containing greater originality.
      I guess that poetry is about maximizing content while minimizing form, by which standard, Lasha is the champ.

  3. Oh, Hinduism!,
    it’s like totally Groovy,
    dudes listen UP! :
    it’s all about,
    trance music,
    and kanev bosem,
    floating down the River Ganges,
    to become One,
    Immersed in the Cosmic Sea,
    of Universal Unity,
    tripping-out to the music of Pan,
    and speaking the ancient,
    learned and erudite language,
    that holds all the secrets of Creation,
    The Sacred Language,
    of samdhyabhasa twilight-zone land,
    we experience in our Dreams,
    of Gurus and Sufis,
    and Qabalah Joos,
    we’re all Morphing into,
    Adam Kadmon Juniors,
    of our Father God,
    from our Sacred Kabbalah,
    who promises,
    an Eternity,
    Ruling Over,
    an ever expanding,
    Empire of Galaxies,
    A Cosmic Golden Circle Empire,
    Ever Increasing Never-Ending Spheres,
    of Power and Influence,
    we’re on the cusp,
    We’re emerging,
    out of the primal primordial slime,
    and we’re morphing,
    into GODS,
    but right now,
    we’re just vaguely Trans-Human,
    One or Two more,
    and we’ll be,
    Being There,
    with Our Father God,
    Adam Kadmon,
    just like Him,
    we’ll be GODS,
    everything is coming into view,
    like Wow man,
    totally EREIGNIS,
    there’s Light up ahead,
    in the,
    just another one or two,
    more earthly experiences,
    just a little bit more DESTRUKTION,
    then we’ll be,
    like all Spiritually Prepared,
    SEIN zum TODE,
    we’ll ALL be,
    our very own individual,
    The Sacred Promise,
    of our Big Daddy,
    the Joo Adam Kadmon,
    like Wow! man,
    like way out groovy!
    I can’t wait,
    to transverse,
    the Ever Expanding Universe,
    a Cosmic GOD in my own Right,
    The One True Religion of The World,
    The ONE True and Only Spirituality,
    I learned about,
    from Stephen Hawkings,
    on Discovery Channel,
    from Hollywood,
    on my teevee,
    Lasha , our Qabalah girl,
    is like,
    Totally Groovy!!

    1. @ TheRealOriginalJoe

      Thanks, Joe. That was good.
      I’ve approved six of your posts today.
      Keep up the good work!

  4. The One Eye of Horus,
    sees it ALL,
    the past, the present,
    and the future before us,
    Blue Burqa girl,
    knows who of us,
    will Morph into GODS,
    of The New World Order,
    and which ones,
    will be sent to Eternal Spamblinka,
    we know Melvin Polatnick,
    will never make it,
    into Cosmic Harmony,
    with those who are,
    so Spiritually Superior,
    they leave us Breathless,
    us mere mortals,
    don’t have what it takes,
    to be Adam Kadmon mini-me’s,
    Gee, I hope that takes an apostrophe,
    I would hate,
    to be disqualified from Paradise,
    for not being exacting,
    in my English usage,
    We can only pray ,
    nothing we say,
    will ever offend,
    Her Highness,
    Blue Burqa girl,
    The One Eye of Horus,
    like Santa Claus,
    she keeps an eye on all of us,
    she knows who behaves,
    and who is incorrigible,
    she knows the trouble-makers,
    and she knows The Saints,
    the naughty and The Nice,
    keeps tabs on us,
    Day & Night,
    and Determines,
    in her All-Knowing “wisdom”,
    who Belongs,
    and who does NOT,
    who is Superior,
    and who is NOT,
    simply not,
    certainly not,
    One of “Us”.

  5. The papists and the cabbalists were likely both wrong. It appears that we may be living in a holographic universe, so Joe, you’re merely an image, a projection from a deeper reality….”out of a misty dream our path emerges for a while, then closes within a dream.”

    1. Life would be a dream, sha-boom! if Incogman and Simon Gibson both didn’t ship me off to Spamblinka , sha-boom! Life would be a dream sweetheart, sweetheart, hello, hello, hello again!

      If anyone of you Darkmooners ever start missing Karen, just include in a post some Heidegger Dasein terminology and that attracts Karen like a bear to honey. Honey bear just LERVS her honey “god is dead” Heidegger, who studied the Qabalah from the jew Husserl [ the jew qabalah “wizard” Husserl, the jew qabalah “wizard” pretending to be a Lutheran ]. I just don’t know who was Nietzsche’s mentor in the jew Qabalah. Do you know Karen? You should. You know everything else about the jew Qabalah, where Heidegger’s Dasein originates from, everything about Heidegger’s mentor in the qabalah. Is is presumptious of me to think you know who Nietzsche’s qabalah mentor was? I would hate to ruin “the dream” by being presumptious, 😉 .

      1. Honey bear here lerves Heidegger. He turned away from Husserl just as Jung turned away from Freud.

  6. Unwelcome as the word become flesh, seeing His plan of Salvation and Sanctification blowed-up rank skepticism, Jesus Christ sees us dream of a silver space ship flying in the yellow haze of the sun as the avuncular Neil Young saves us through music even though John Lennon only believed in he, not Buddha or Zimmerman.

    Peace love and happiness…

      “Bold As Love”

      Anger, he smiles,
      towering in shiny metallic purple armour
      Queen Jealousy, envy waits behind him
      Her fiery green gown sneers at the grassy ground

      Blue are the life-giving waters taken for granted,
      They quietly understand
      Once happy turquoise armies lay opposite ready,
      But wonder why the fight is on
      But they’re all bold as love, yeah, they’re all bold as love
      Yeah, they’re all bold as love
      Just ask the axis

      My red is so confident that he flashes trophies of war,
      and ribbons of euphoria
      Orange is young, full of daring,
      But very unsteady for the first go round
      My yellow in this case is not so mellow
      In fact I’m trying to say it’s frigthened like me
      And all these emotions of mine keep holding me from, eh,
      Giving my life to a rainbow like you
      But, I’m eh , yeah, I’m bold as love
      Yeah, yeah
      Well I’m bold, bold as love (hear me talking, girl)
      I’m bold as love
      Just ask the axis (he knows everything)

      Just Ask The Axis, He Knows Everything”

    2. But remember, only the “chosen ones” were allowed entry on to that “flying mother nature’s silver seed to a new home in the Sun”. And by chosen ones, I don’t think he is referring to the elder brothers in the Faith. Neil is a complicated figure. In fact, I think in some ways he is a very traditional man. I think if you asked him, he would say he would view the first stanza of verses as the ideal. Not the present were he is lying in a burnt out basement, or the future where the earth must be abandoned. It is a very haunting piece of music. It has what they sometimes refer to as “the spook”.

      Another of his early songs seems to buttress my point. It is in the song Broken Arrow. Maybe I’m wrong, but he seems to understand that monarchies weren’t all that bad when he describes a queen marrying a prince for peace. That’s the nice thing about monarchies. If the line is installed, they are actually going to try and do a good job rather then kick the can down the road to the next politician to clean up or the next party to take power on a temporary basis. We know who is in charge! And it also alludes to the importance of every family. It naturally mirrors society.

      Elections now seem to create the atmosphere of controlled mini-revolutions. And don’t get me started on the myopia of the recall.

      1. “We know who is in charge!”

        Yep… ALWAYS… London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers.

        And, the secret ballot allows the fraud in elections. No means of validation. Count, recount or recall…. all useless in elections.

      2. I don’t think he is referring to the elder brothers in the Faith.

        The quite funny thing about “Elder Brothers” is the Messias-Deniers hate those words for they remember the OT Typology where the elder brother was passed over in favor of the younger brother signaling what was to come with supersessionism

        And then, and this is my favorite part of the unintentional humor comprising that designation “elder brothers.” Those the Hierarchy refers to as elder brothers are younger than we are for the elder brothers /Messias-Deniers are of the Rabbinical Judaism Tradition which was formed after 70 A.D. when Jerusalem and there Temple and the Priesthood and the sacrifices were destroyed along with Jerusalem in retribution for Deicide.

        So, our “elder brothers’ are, in reality, younger than we are….

  7. Here’s a variation on the theme…one which I’ve spent a few lifetimes discovering. Sorry for the length…it is from a 60 page overview…this excerpt is an attempt to convey just a hint of what I’ve found to be true…”From The Children of Mu by James Churchward: “The Land of Mu was a large continent situated in the Pacific Ocean between America and Asia, its center lying somewhat south of the equator. Basing its area on the remains which are still above water, it would have been about six thousand miles from east to west, and about three thousand from north to south. All the rocky islands, individually and in groups, scattered over the Pacific Ocean were once part of the continent of Mu. Beginning approximately 18,000 years ago and continuing until about 12,000 years ago, cataclysmic earthquakes rent Mu asunder. She became a fiery vortex, and the waters of the Pacific rushed in, making a watery grave for a vast civilization and sixty million people. Easter Island, Tahiti, Samoas, Cook, Tongas, Marshall, Gilbert, Caroline, Marianas, Hawaii and Marquesas are the pathetic fingers of that great land, standing today as sentinels to a silent grave.
    “The existence of this great continent is confirmed in extensive, detailed and widespread sources:
    Naacal tablets, books, writings, inscriptions and legends found in India, China, Burma, Tibet and Cambodia. Ancient Maya books, inscriptions, symbols and legends found in Yucatan and Central America. Remains, inscriptions, symbols and legends found among the Pacific Islands. Stone tablets found in Mexico near Mexico City. Cliff dweller’s writings and inscriptions found in Western North America. Books of old Greek philosophers. Books and writings of the ancient Egyptians. Legends throughout the world.
    “The Land of Mu and the Biblical Garden of Eden were one and the same. At the time of Mu’s destruction her people were in an exceedingly high state of civilization; as regards science she was far ahead of the present time. The great civilization of the old Oriental empires – India, Egypt, Babylonia etc. were only the dying embers of Mu’s great civilization.”
    The following article titled The Fall of Man was penned by Lloyd Meeker/Uranda in January of 1936. Though the phraseology may occasionally appear archaic and peculiarly “religious” I recommend suspending judgement and continuing to read, for the insight and understanding presented is well worthwhile.
    “Divine man, to be perfect and like unto his Creator, must have the power of self-activity, self-activity to the degree to which he remained an open channel for the Christ radiation of God Being. Divine man was not created to react to physical manifestation but was to be a channel of God-activity only.
    In this connection let us note that the fall was the fall of man, and not the fall of the Inner Soul, or Lord.
    In the Bible, as the Bible itself proves, the word soul applies to the outer self, ie. to man with his physical body and mind. Always the word is spelled with a small letter s, which would not be the case if the word referred in any way to that which is the immortal Divine Being. ‘The soul that sinneth, it shall die’.
    Only that which is eternal can be immortal. That which has a beginning must also have an ending. If the Inner Soul of the human being had a beginning, or was born at any time, then that Inner Soul cannot be immortal. No one can gainsay this truth. It was man, the outer self, which began and which must have an end. The end to which man is to come is dependent upon the choice of each individual.
    Had divine man remained in attunement with the positive Christ expression toward the earth and all physical manifestations, he would never have suffered any limitation whatsoever, and he would never have passed through death, for death would not have been known. There would have been no disintegration in death anywhere, in anything. Life, eternal life, would have been the natural heritage of every created thing. In this connection it may be stated, though not proven by this statement, that this is the only world in all of creation where the process called death has ever taken place. Life is never, in any way whatsoever, dependent upon death. Death is unnatural and need not be. Let us live!
    The manner of the fall, when man was created perfect by perfect God Beings, need not be difficult to grasp if the above truths be kept clearly in mind.
    The serpent, the devil, Lucifer and Satan all symbolize the same thing, namely the outer mind of the outer body of man. Lucifer was the morning star. Morning symbolizes the beginning of a new day or cycle of creation. The outer mind of divine man was to be the guiding star which should direct the transformation of physical substance according to the law of eternal progress. ‘How thou art fallen, O son of the morning!’
    The son is that which is brought forth in the new cycle of creative activity. That son, the morning star, was and is the outer mind of man. As long as the outer mind of man remained as an open channel for the Christ expression of positive God Being, it was, and is, assured of immortal life. So long as man depended upon the tree of life, even the Lord God within himself, and ate only of the fruit of that tree, which is to say absorbed from and responded to God Being only, he was assured of immortality.
    But there was another tree in the garden, ie., in the body of divine man. That second tree was and is the tree of the serpent, the outer mind of man. Divine man was warned that if he should become self-active without the Christ impulse, that is, if he should respond to the things of material creation, which was of a lower vibration than himself, then he would, by such positive action toward his source of life and such negative reaction toward that in which life was as yet a gift, not an inherent quality, separate himself from his source of life, and in so doing would suffer death.
    Everywhere is proven the Law; two things that are positive toward each other repel each other. Here is the secret of death. At the time of the fall of man the body of divine man, pictured as Eve, was tempted by the mind of divine man, the serpent, to eat, or absorb and be responsive to, the fruit of its own acts. In other words it is clearly seen that divine man allowed himself to become negative and responsive to that over which he had control, and thereby he became subject to that over which he was the rightful master. In so doing he lowered himself from his divine estate to the state of being subject to physical creation, and thereby repelled himself from the Lord God and attracted himself into subjection to physical substance. When he was thus separating himself from the Lord, his source of life, the Lord called unto him, as soon as he would listen, and gave him an opportunity to repent and return. But man became more rebellious still against the source of his life and refused to recognize his guilt. In so doing he pushed himself clear out of the garden of Eden, ie., out of the oneness with the radiant light body of the Lord, and thereby he denied himself the privilege of eating of the tree of life. This is to say, in his positive action toward the Lord he separated himself from the Lord and prevented himself from eating, absorbing and responding to the fruit, the expression, of the Lord. As man continued, in his fallen state, to be positive toward the Lord, he finally brought about a complete separation from the Lord, and then did man die.
    After man began to follow the dictates and ideas of his own outer mind he brought about a further fall by blending himself with a species of animal which had been created in the form much like man today. These animals did not have an individualized Divine Being within them and they were controlled by the external, just as all other animals are controlled. These animals had been created as servants of divine man, to do whatever physical work might be required in the earth. The fallen being that had been divine man saw these animals, that ‘they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.’ Genesis 6:1,2 As the habit of recording, in the days in which the Bible was written, was to describe the acts of the male only, or of the female only insofar as they related definitely to the male, only half of the picture is given. Of divine man, both male and female, the complete record is, and both male and female had a part in the first step of the fall, when they were driven out of the garden by their own acts. Thus it is that the females of the fallen beings had a part also in blending with these animals, for they took them husbands of all which they chose. The second step of the fall was that which brought man down into the fleshly, animal body which he is today.
    When fallen man thus violated the Law of creation by blending with that which was below himself in vibration, control over that Law was denied him, so that from that time on he could not cross with other animals and bring forth anything. If the use of this Law had not been denied to fallen man after his first violation of it he would have filled the earth with terrible monstrosities. Through the wisdom of the Lord he was prevented from doing this, except as he has done it within the realm of his own kind.
    Since the Lord, the Master-Self, was the creator of divine man, the Lord was and is responsible for His creation as long as it exists. When man fell and blended with animals, the Lord, or Divine Soul, went into those bodies as the Savior of them. The perfect Divine Beings- known individually as the Lord, the Inner Soul, the Master-Self, and by many other names- have incarnated into fleshly man for the sole purpose of saving man from destruction, and Divine Souls will continue to incarnate in the fleshly bodies of man until such time as those body temples learn to respond, that they may be adopted into the Father, or Lord, through the Christ radiance, so that man may thereby unite in oneness with the Lord, or until such time as those bodies which refuse to respond shall by their own acts destroy themselves, so that they shall be no more.”
    Humankind, after “The Fall”, felt naked and ashamed, no longer clothed in the radiance and wisdom of Spirit. Direct, personal experience of union with Spirit, in flow with life, was gone. All this sounds remarkably close to the story of Adam and Eve, expelled from the Garden of Eden. But, by this accounting, the residents of earth were not expelled from Heaven, unfortunate victims tossed out of The Kingdom. Rather, they chose this circumstance by eating “of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil”, Genesis 2: 17, by choosing to deny spirit, to enter into polarity and judgement, and to view the material world as something to be manipulated.
    Through 7,000 years beginning approximately 18,000 years ago portions of Lemuria continued to sink beneath the sea. With Mu gone approximately 12,000 years ago, humanity started over with what remained of their former lives, in Atlantis. Over the next thousand years an advanced civilization developed, yet through that cycle, life was much more difficult. Trauma from denial of our spiritual source and the cataclysmic sinking of the Lemurian continent was deeply etched into the collective unconscious.
    Most who remained fearfully embraced concepts of original sin, and of a vengeful God. Yet sin, meaning “without” in Spanish, from the Latin sine, meaning “without”, points clearly to the problem. The majority chose to continue to live Without Spirit. They believed in the need for sacrifice, to appease their conceived, terrible, creator god, fearing more cataclysms would occur. As throughout recorded history, so it was in Atlantis, that many powerful, awakened beings incarnated and sought to inspire the population to awaken to their traumatic past and to their greater reality as spiritual beings with vehicles for earthly expression. But, as has been apparent throughout history, and as is evident today, the lesson was not, and has not yet, been learned. Trauma-based dissociation and the resulting denial continues to paralyze the vast majority of earth’s human inhabitants. Painfully, those most hypnotized by this numbing affliction claim to be “in charge”.
    Just as dissent and descent, resulting from denial of spirit, caused their efforts to fail in ancient times, so it is poised to fail again in the near future as the earth, with whatever life remains aboard, returns into divine alignment. The question outstanding is how far into satanic control humanity will fall before the cycle is complete … IF the earth survives what the Satanists have long meticulously planned. The answer is ENTIRELY UP TO US! OUR RESPONSIBILITY is to reveal Love, Truth and Life here on earth. Einstein suggested, The world is the way it is not because of evil people, but because of good people who look on and do nothing. I find this to be a deceptive partial truth. The world is certainly the way it is in large measure because of evil people. As noted by Henry Ford earlier, we also must be concerned about the consequences of sleepiness among the Gentiles.
    Close to a thousand years passed in Atlantis, yet through this cycle of development mankind continued to deny its spiritual source. Thus Atlantis too, sank beneath the waves. As humankind settled into even deeper denial of Spirit the axis of the earth’s rotation shifted from 0 degrees to the current 23½ degree tilt. Thereby began the process of precession, the apparent backward movement of the earth through the Houses of the Zodiac. Perhaps life, in its wisdom, was presenting humanity with a celestial, backward running reminder of its origins, and an invitation to reawaken to universal Spirit.
    With Atlantis settled beneath the sea, and the axis of spin changed by 23½ degrees, celestial observation, long honoured as a means of understanding our relationship with spiritual origin, cycles of time, and our place in the universe, then engendered fear and consternation in the fallen consciousness of the residents of planet earth. The world and its apparent celestial context suddenly, yet again, became very different.
    Time continued, through ancient pre-history, through dense, heavy times, through the darkest part of this 26,000 year cycle, which is now concluding early in the 21st century. Through Sumeria, Babylon, Egypt, Greece and Rome, the vibration began to increase. Civilizations would emerge, but always the same blind repetition of unconscious habit would settle, like a fog or viral infection, over the collective consciousness, causing the collective past to repeat. The civilization would sour and self-destruct.
    We can fast forward through more recent history, touching on the rise of Italy as a dominant trading nation, of Portugal briefly, then Spain, France, Germany, England and now the United States of America. Those who are orchestrating the destruction of the USA also seek to destroy the entire global population and anticipate rising like a demonic Phoenix from their meticulously crafted destruction as masters at last of sacred planet earth. (research The Georgia Guidestones) It is easy, however, to see how quickly even greater collapse must follow such loss of integrity, such loss of contribution to the ascent of life on planet earth.
    Earlier Rabbi Finkelstein derided the white race for not connecting the dots to see the Jewish connection with the Roman Catholic Church. I am yet more amazed that the satanic Jewish leadership does not connect the dots, and fails still to understand why their carefully contrived plans have not yet, cannot and never will fully succeed.”
    As an addendum I’d like to add Churchward’s interpretation of the Greek alphabet. Many have heard of Atlantis. Humankind lived in Lemuria, also known as The Motherland or Mu, prior to its submersion. Those who survived continued in Atlantis. Churchward’s books regarding these ancient legendary continents, though scoffed at by Jewish controlled mainstream academia, show clearly their relatively recent existence. His research of the ancient Kara Maya languages reveal the Greek alphabet to be, in essence, a recounting of the sinking of the Lemurian continent. What follows is a brief summary of the Greek alphabet and its translation as presented by James Churchward, from The Lost Continent of Mu, pages 88, 89.
    Alpha               Heavily break the waters
    Beta                 extending over the plains
    Gamma            they cover the lands
    Delta                in low places, where
    Epsilon            there are obstructions, shores form and whirlpools
    Zeta                 strike the earth
    Eta                   with water.
    Theta               The waters spread
    Iota                  on all that lives and moves
    Kappa              obstructions give way and
    Lamda             submerged is the land of
    Mu                   Mu.
    Ni                    Peaks only
    Xi                    appear above the waters
    Omikron          whirlwinds blow around
    Pi                     and little by little
    Rho                  until there comes
    Sigma              cold air. Before
    Tau                  where valleys existed, are
    Upsilon            now abysses, cold depths. In circular places
    Phi                   mud formed.
    Chi                   A mouth
    Psi                   opens, vapours
    Omega            come forth and volcanic sediments.
    The renowned National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City reveals an awareness fundamental to the indigenous peoples of the once much larger Mexico in text describing one particular diorama. I quote, “….gods emerged from the ocean. For the Nayare the origin of all living creation is under the west.” This is to say, under the Pacific Ocean, the sunken Motherland, the continent of Lemuria, MU.

  8. Prayers by the personified Vedas glorifying the personal and impersonal aspects of Lord Nārāyaṇa.

    Sanandana said, “After the dissolution of the whole cosmic manifestation, the entire energy and the whole creation in its nucleus form enters into the body of Garbhodakaśāyī Viṣṇu. The Lord at that time remains asleep for a long, long time, and where there is again necessity of creation, the Vedas personified assemble around the Lord and begin to glorify Him, describing His wonderful transcendental pastimes. It is exactly like a king: when he is asleep in the morning, the appointed reciters come around his bedroom and begin to sing of his chivalrous activities, and while hearing of his glorious activities, the king gradually awakens.

    Which came first? Lord Vishnu or the egg?

  9. A greeting to Shām

    A Poem By Sheikh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi (written first in Arabic)

    A greeting of Friendliness and love
    A greeting of yearning to the companions

    A greeting from a passionate in affection
    A greeting that tells of love

    A greeting to the frequent visitor
    that says, ‘welcome to your family’

    A greeting from the East and the West
    A greeting from Arabs and non-Arabs

    A greeting that lifts hardships
    A greeting from the darkness of the unseen

    A greeting of the great opening and the Divine giving
    A greeting of good ends from Allah

    A greeting that floods with love
    A greeting that has no room for contamination

    A greeting of easiness and fertility
    A greeting of rain and the fall of rain

    A greeting geniality to the friends of drink
    A greeting of pleasure to peers

    A greeting from the sanctuary of the heart
    A greeting from the peaks of the comets

    A greeting to you, O, the beloved of the heart
    A greeting to you, O, the taker of the intellect

    A greeting from Allah to you, my friend
    A greeting that comes from the sublimity of the Lord

    A greeting of cure and medicine
    which is the greeting of my Beloved, the Elect

    A greeting to you, singer of the convoy
    You took my heart by your delicious sweet voice

    A greeting to you, my companion, continue driving the convoy
    And if you could, start even jumping

    Speed up and drive fast
    And traverse if you could all obstacles

    Because the heart is melting
    and the tears of the eyes are shedding

    For a beloved who is from my loins
    Who left me against his will

    He is noble, guarded from defects
    A Sherif without any doubt

    How many a plights I went through!
    And how much yearning to him I have suffered from!

    Had it not been for having pleasure in books
    And in the Remembrance of Allah in my heart

    And for a wife who is standing by my side
    And for friends around me

    I would have not been holding together in my clothes
    Nor would I have not needed to dye my hair

    If, on my way, I miss to meet him
    And do not see him till after 80 years

    when my death would be imminent
    Allah, His Lord, would suffice for me.

    May Allah protect him in his youth
    In his middle age and in his old years

    in his earnest and playful states
    And in his words from foulness

    from evil and calamities
    during war and peace

    May He grow on defending
    Islam, like the Qutb

    In desire of Acts of obedience
    and fear of disobedience

    Strong, reaching the highest ranks
    over all compeers and mates

    May He grant him without any efforts
    The knowledge of the gentle masters

    May He accord him, without him boasting,
    Authority to control the easy and the tough

    I crossed the earth in travels
    and cruised it offering my heart some solace

    from a mount to a hill
    and from a valley to a mountain pass

    I have not found anything that quenches my thirst
    Except drinking from the leftover

    of the sweet good water
    In the green valley of Shām

    There, I got rid of my hunger
    There also my affairs were made perfect

    To it, I am always nostalgic
    And in it, my desire has always been

    A greeting to it from a passionate lover
    While she is being usurped

    A greeting to you, O, my beloved
    A greeting that comes from a moist mouth

    A greeting of forgiveness of the sins
    A greeting of pardoning and repentance

    A greeting without rebuke
    A greeting that is not mixed

    A greeting that put us together in one way
    A greetings of return and go-back

    A greeting to you whether I am close or far
    A greeting that comes from the soul and the heart.
    I ♥ Damascus

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