Tony Blair: Charismatic Leader or Psychopathic War Criminal?

Reports seriously questioning Tony Blair’s sanity have recently been appearing in the mainstream media. It is too early at this stage to say if there is any substance to these reports.


Charismatic leader or psychopathic war criminal?

It has taken me a long time to realize that Tony Blair, Britain’s disgraced prime minister who took his country to war in Iraq on a raft of lies, could be what is described in psychiatric parlance as a “sub-criminal psychopath.” 

According to forensic psychologist Kerry Daynes, co-author of the recently published book Is There A Psycho In Your Life:

“This sort of psychopath doesn’t walk around with a severed head in one hand and a bloody knife in the other. They are much, much more subtle than that. The psychopath’s behavior includes smoothness, charm, plausibility—at least at first. They’re clever and manipulative. A non-criminal psychopath can make life hell for those around them, with their mixture of charisma, inability to understand others’ feelings and the propagation of a climate of fear.” (See Book Review, here)

This could almost be a portrait of Tony Blair: smooth, charming, plausible, clever, manipulative, charismatic, totally unable to understand others people’s feelings.

I have no axe to grind in saying this, since I actually voted for Blair in 1997, helping to make him Prime Minister. He was once my hero. Being only 19 at the time, I looked up to the man as a kind of charismatic father figure. My adulation rapidly turned to bitter disillusionment as I went through the same emotions as a woman who had married the “perfect husband”, only to find out later that the man she had put on a pedestal was in fact a con man and a serial killer.

I will be quoting later from an article in the Daily Mail by Stephen Glover with the telling title: “Forgive me if this is in poor taste but I really DO question Blair’s sanity.”

—  §  —

So there I was in this restaurant pub called Wetherspoons, in a small market town in the south of England, when these shocking words drifted to my ear from an adjoining table: “This psychopath belongs behind bars! If I could get my hands on the bastard, I’d cut off his f***ing b***s!”

I decided to ignore this irate outburst. Not much else you can do when the angry brouhaha is on the boil all round you and the entire country is in an uproar, baying for the blood of “the psycho who got away”, to quote one of my more embittered friends.

On my table, beside my glass of Chablis, lay a stack of newspapers. I scanned the headlines with an agitated eye. The one that struck me most was the one on the front page of the Daily Mail. This  banner headline in enormous letters almost knocked me out of my chair


“For two hours, Blair dissembled and denied
in the face of Chilcot’s devastating verdict.
Then, with sickening egomania, he declared:
I can’t say sorry for Iraq … I’d do it again.”

Without pulling its punches, the paper continued:

Tony Blair made an astonishing defence of the invasion of Iraq yesterday despite being torn apart by the Chilcot inquiry.

After seven years of waiting, the report savaged the former prime minister for his conduct at every stage of the process that dragged Britain into the catastrophic war.

Sir John Chilcot lambasted Mr Blair for his handling of ‘flawed’ intelligence, for failing to plan for the aftermath and for secret promises given to George W Bush committing to the invasion eight months before MPs voted.

The inquiry chief even raised the prospect the war could be illegal – with relatives of some of the 179 dead British troops threatening to haul Mr Blair before the courts.

Sir John said the UK intervention in Iraq “went badly wrong, with consequences to this day”. But, in an extraordinary two-hour press conference, a defiant Mr Blair shrugged off the verdict of history and said he would “take the same decision” to invade again.

He said: “People want me to apologise for the decision – I cannot do that.

The unrepentant war criminal. In denial.

Back to forensic psychologist Kerry Daynes and her book Is There A Psycho In Your Life:

“While around 15-20 per cent of the prison population are psychopaths, it’s thought that 2 to 3 per cent of the general population display some psychopathic tendencies. While they may not have the full complement of traits present in a Fred West or Dennis Nilsen-style serial killer, these characters can wreak havoc in the lives of others.

Bear in mind that these psychopaths are not [clinically] insane; they are aware and in reasonable control of their actions. Their acts are all the more chilling, as they are not explicable as the result of a sickness, but part of a cold indifference to others that lasts a lifetime.

The “sub-criminal psychopath” won’t necessarily ever break the law, but they will have no problem in behaving immorally and are quite happy to ride roughshod over others. They’re risk-takers, focussed on their ambitions but don’t learn from their failures.

Experiments in which people with psychopathic tendencies and those without the tendencies are playing at a game show that the non-psychos will stop if they are losing. The psychos will continue regardless.

Uncanny, the resemblance to Blair. Isn’t Blair the ultimate “risk taker”, playing dice with other people’s lives? Doesn’t he keep saying “I’d do it again! even after Sir John Chilcot, after seven long years of painstaking inquiry, has told us all that Blair was WRONG to do it in the first place. That he was wrong not to consult his Cabinet. That he was wrong to ignore the advice of his intelligence services. That he was wrong to act like an armchair dictator.

After all, Britain is not a dictatorship in which messianic monsters, suffering from delusions of grandeur, are free to ride roughshod over the wills of the people — including the many innocents killed and maimed as a result of his undiagnosed psychosis.

This man has blood on his hands.

Listen to Sarah O’Connor, whose brother died along with nine other Brits in Blair’s illegal war. The war criminal, surrounded by his bodyguards, is too cowardly to face her and his victims, but this is what Sarah says, her voice shaking with emotion: “There is one terrorist in this world and his name is Tony Blair! If he is so sure of his decision, why is he not here, looking at our eyes and actually seeing our faces?”

Why indeed is Blair not looking into the eyes of his victims, face to face?

Because Blair knows, like all evil cowards, that he would be torn apart — limb from limb — if he ever fell into the hands of the common people.

—  §  —

Talking of tears, Blair is a recognized master of histrionics. He can turn on the waterworks at will, giving the impression of grief-stricken desolation. A consummate actor, we are told, who in his early days was torn between two metiers: between politics and the acting profession. Unluckily for the world, he chose politics.

“Oh, the theatrics!” exclaims Quentin Letts in the Daily Mail. “Those eyes squinting at a distant destiny!”

So husky, so palpably rehearsed, Tony Blair presented himself as some sort of restless penitent, likely for the rest of his mortal days to be self-tormented about Iraq.

Our former prime minister called a press conference to give his reaction to the Chilcot Report. Dressed as though for mourning, he stepped towards a lectern in a drawing room of Admiralty House, Whitehall.

A check of the voice. A shuttering gaze as his brow furrowed. “I express more sorrow, regret and apology than you may ever know or can believe,” said Blair the victim.

Oh, the theatrics, the dry-mouthed pauses, those Derek Jacobi eyes with their squint at some distant destiny. Say what you like about Blair but he is a world-class tragedian, as silken an emoter as ever trod boards on Drury Lane.

His performance yesterday made for a remarkable but unredeeming spectacle, fascinating if only on a psychological level. Here was a once bellicose peacock stripped of its feathers. He still, even in this moment of political nakedness, managed to find notes of indignation, a persistent tenor tone of self-justification.

He pleaded to be believed, begged his countrymen to accept he had not lied. With a swipe at cynicism, he said “Neither history nor the fierce and raucous conduct of modern politics, with all its love of conspiracy theory and its addiction to believing the worst of everyone, should falsify my motive”. At this point his voice went warbly. But a few seconds later it flared as he declared that he had thought the war to be “right”.

His hands started whirling and he raised those two index fingers in his admonishing way.

Ah yes, the whirling hands and the wildly gesticulating fingers! Did you know, dear reader, that “overuse of hand gestures” is one of the physical traits closely associated with psychopaths?

Let’s hear again from forensic psychologist Kerry Daynes—an expert, by the way, who has worked since the age of 21 in a maximum security prison full of the country’s most notorious psychopathic criminals. What famous politician springs to mind when you read these words about “learning to recognize the destructive signs of sub-criminal psychopathic behaviour” :

‘These questions embrace certain kinds of body language: overuse of hand gestures, portraying themselves as victims in their own life story, bragging about risky behavior, a tendency to brush over lies, [and] a ruthless ambition that would lead them to trample over granny to gain a prize.”     

One of Blair’s critics, Rose Gentle, whose 19-year-old son died in Iraq as cannon fodder to feed the ego of the morally unscrupulous Blair, says that the British prime minister will never be forgiven:

“He will be remembered not as a prime minister but as a person who sent them on an illegal war. I would love to see him in court. I hope he goes to bed at night and thinks “what the hell have I done?” because he’ll never be forgiven.

I think I have made my point and it is time to desist. But before I do this, let me state categorically that I am not alone in thinking that Blair is mentally unstable. If he had been vetted in advance for signs of psychosis, we would have been saved a lot of trouble. He definitely deserves to be put on trial before an international court for his war crimes. But I am not sure that prison is the best place for him. The courts must decide his fate.

Let’s hear from Stephen Glover:

More than a year before the invasion of Iraq, I suggested in these pages that there were good reasons to be worried about Tony Blair’s mental health.

Those were the days when most people revered him, and mine was not a popular view. The argument was that the then PM had a fatal tendency to melodramatise events and to exaggerate dangers. He loved to talk in apocalyptic terms about world problems, and was at that time — I am talking of January 2002 — going around the world trying to work up people’s fears.

Perhaps the most spine-chilling of many damning details in the Chilcot Report is Blair’s memo to Bush in July 2002 in which he informed the US president, nearly a year before the invasion of Iraq: “I will be with you, whatever.”

To give such an unconditional commitment, neither sanctioned by Parliament nor approved by public opinion, was reckless. And evidence which makes me question his sanity.

It seems to me beyond dispute that he is an extreme narcissist — a man who craved power and adulation, especially in America, and in this self-serving cause was in some measure prepared to sacrifice the interests of his country and the lives of British troops.

Almost no one takes him seriously now, thank God, apart from a few discredited former henchmen. Even erstwhile admirers will have turned away in shame and disgust as they witness his pathological urge to accumulate mountains of money despite this process often entailing doing business with brutal dictators.

Without doubt, he has left a rancid legacy.

Blair will prosper materially, of course. He’ll buy more houses and make more millions, and deliver highly lucrative speeches to credulous and admiring Right-wing audiences in America who share his mad delusion that he saved the world.

But most of us know differently.

We know that, thanks to Tony Blair’s vanity and egomania, the lives of 179 British servicemen and women and countless innocent Iraqis have been sacrificed for nothing.

—  §  —

I was about to rest my case with that final quote, but at this point I heard the plop of today’s newspaper on the doormat. Too late! The plot thickens. I will have to continue, keeping it as brief as possible. There is now another report in the mainstream press discussing the vexed question of Blair’s sanity, bearing this large headline:

BLAIR ON THE COUCH : After Mail columnist Stephen Glover questioned the ex-PM’s sanity, an academic who’s studied the darker corners of the mind analyses the “deluded, messianic, needy, narcissistic” Blair psyche.

This time it is the acclaimed professor of criminology Professor David Wilson. He does not mince his words:

As a professor of criminology, I have spent my career studying the motivations of the human mind: what drives people to do bad things, and how do their brains then process what they have done afterwards. That’s why I find Blair such a fascinating case history.

According to the good professor, Blair is not clinically insane but there is no doubt at all that the man has a personality disorder and can be described as “mentally disturbed”:

“If Blair’s motives before the Iraq war were misguided, his behaviour since the Chilcot Report was published has been little short of extraordinary. Even now, in the wake of the devastating findings of the report, and the evidence of hundreds of thousands of deaths in Iraq and the wider region, Blair still professes that he would take the same decisions again.

Clearly this is a man who is deeply in denial.

In my work, I regularly come across offenders of the worst kind who fall back on denial as a means of neutralising or downplaying what they have done. The resort to denial provides an insight into the troubled psyche that drove Blair’s bellicosity in 2003.

He was not, as some claim, mentally ill at the time of war; nor is he today. But the decisions that led to this folly were driven by a personality that was deluded, narcissistic, manipulative, needy and messianic.

He remains, even now, like a permanent adolescent who craves attention and acceptance.

A scathing indictment, coming from a noted criminologist who also happens to be one of the world’s greatest experts on serial killers.

Apparently Blair’s personality defects had their origin in early childhood. He had a traumatic relationship with his parents, particularly his father, and was always anxious to prove himself and “feed his emotional desire for adulation and influence.”

Let Professor Wilson deliver the final verdict:

As his fixation with money demonstrates, Blair’s claim to be a Left-winger was an act of deceit. Pretending to be a socialist was just another of his poses.

To all his performances, he brought a titanic ego and a messianic sense of purpose. His rhetoric was peppered with phrases about ‘a country reborn’ and ‘a new world order’. Yet, like so many self-obsessed individuals, he possesses a dark streak of self-pity within him.

Arrogance and victimhood are two sides of the same trait of emotional neediness which lies at the root of Blair’s psychological make-up. Was it, then, a form of catharsis for him to channel his repressed anger into a war against the Arab bogeyman Saddam Hussein? I believe that was very possible.

In 2003, the then Labour Cabinet minister Clare Short asked simply: ‘Why did Tony Blair do it?’ The complex answers surely lie in his troubled psyche.

Arguably, Britain and the Middle East have paid a high price for those demons.




Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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  1. So Blair’s behaviour is typically Jewish, even though he isn’t a Jew. We also have his fake conversion to Catholicism. I wonder, does he go to confession, and what does he beg forgiveness for, if he does go?

    1. Blairs ´conversion´ to Catholicism is another act of deceit. It´s an act of hatred. By declaring openly to be catholic, he smears Catholicism with ´guilt by association´.

      Blair is a very sick and sinister person.

      1. I wish for Albert Pierrpoint to come back to this world. He would never run out of work for a very long time. Giving Tony Bliar a new neck-tie would bring closure to many innocent britons and iraqi alike.

      2. Definitely so! i stood with thousands demonstrating outside Westminster cathedral when the catholic hierarchy zickly was in thrall to the war criminal invited to speak there. A;most as zick were the lines and hordes of specially invited irish catholic nuns and sikh and hindu, moslem and jewish et al luminaries specially selected to attend to adulate the luciferian.

        I shall never enter that contaminated edifice.

    2. By coincidence I watched an interview (the last one) with American serial killer, Ted Bundy, prior to the Chilcot Report being published. The “smoothness, charm, plausibility” shared by both. The excuses, denial and refusal to accept blame were equally present in both men.

      I came to the conclusion that both had a one track, highly focussed (albeit different) objective that denied any moral or reasonable train of thought. Bundy’s was murder. Blair’s was — and still is — power.

    3. Blair’s mother was at least half Jewish. “Blair was born in Edinburgh, 1953, the second son of Leo and Hazel Blair (née Corscadden). Leo Blair, the illegitimate son of two English actors, had been adopted as a baby by Glasgow shipyard worker James Blair and his wife, Mary. Hazel Corscadden was the daughter of George Corscadden, a butcher and Orangeman who moved to Glasgow in 1916 but returned to (and later died in) Ballyshannon in 1923, where his wife, Sarah Margaret (née Lipsett), gave birth to Blair’s mother, Hazel, above her family’s grocery shop” –from the Web.

      B.Liar’s biological father may also have been biologically Jewish! At Cambridge he excelled only in ACTING. Who are the world’s greatest ACTORS, DECEIVERS and LIARS? B,Liar was probably chosen and groomed at Cambridge complete with videotapes of his hushed-up cottaging conviction. The then Labour leader John Smith had a convenient heart attack and left a convenient vacancy. The controlled MSM did the rest.

      B.Liar betrayed the ordinary British people and DELIVERED a multi-culti, messed-up Britain for his $pon$or$/Hand£er$ and hid their identity through the 7 years of Chilcot!

    1. Maybe Lasha will be inspired by Toben go to Palestine and be a human shield to help the Palestinians, In Solidarity with the Palestinians, and get herself run over with a MOST MEGA HEAVY DUTY John Deere BULL DOZER they make. Unless of course Lasha is just a phantom and she doesn’t even exist, except in the mind and imagination of Mark Glenn. In which case, chubby habiru can go get himself run over in Palestine by the MOST MEGA HEAVY DUTY BULL DOZER they make. Take woebro with you, throw him in front of a John Deere MOST MEGA BULL DOZER and put him out of his misery, you’d be doing woebro a favor. You would certainly be doing the readers of Darkmoon’s commentary sections a big favor.

        For every 911 Truther therein lies a coward . We, They know the real deal , but only publish or speak in the abstract . Gage , Griffin , Shenon , ; axe them to go to Palestine , instead of collecting royalties on their use-
        less products . How many books must >a man write before he creates action in the reader .<
        How many blogs about 911 , with people young enough and able to face any tanks or bull dozers from the usa to the Middle East .
        Dear Joe , what have you done to bring "action " to this dilemma ". I am 82 , and until 2 tears ago , i was out protesting 911 Inside job , with real facts .The police are not on our side , but they will not harm you ,if you boney the laws .Stay on the sidewalks , don't obstruct traffic . etc etc .
        Check out HARVARD U & YALE and their chicken sheet Constitution ( law ) School . Have you ever seen the video of # Forty turd , saying ", KSM told us that they set explosives , way up , way up so that people could not escape going up . " I still haven't finished reading "The Little Goat Story ", and little bush mocking the children & the school . Raised from Blood money , to make money from other's blood is a very sad and crazy way to Bleed a country . See Dig Within , Kevin Ryan;s blog for some of my Derailed work . Just the facts , man . Literary i am not .

      2. Real original Joe—-need to get your act together to approach crass’ finesse’ of resident troll Seymour the Zick Head.

    2. Great to have contribution from Fredrick Toben —he knows only too well what suffering is heaped when one stands for truthful facts.

  2. There is no weighed realization that Blair’s NWO penchant got him into this self congratulatory mode whereby he felt “we must kill them so they can live as a people”. The sequelae of involvement in the Iraq “war” was peppered by the inane/insane comments of Madeleine Albright who flippantly decried that a half million dead children was “well worth it”. Using these examples as starter hypotheses, one cannot deny the fact Blair is indeed insane, reeks of turpitude, and clearly and indelibly worthy of some time in the old Bailey. Blair is poised to condemn the relatively free world to a life of serfdom and penury in this new rape called the New World Order. Mild mannered killers are killers nonetheless. Let’s not for one moment let this destroying angel off the hook, he is a killer and royalist who wants nothing better than rubbing shoulders with fellow despots and psychological cretinoids. Mild mannered, yes, sub-criminal, not in your life. He is four square supportive of the continued lofty hubris that propelled him to catalytic murders culminating in a totally destroyed nation with a million or more deaths and countless maimed and crippled broken people. His gift subsequent to this event should be amply fashioned of a nice, long prison sentence. Blair should not receive Hillary Clinton treatment, the detritus of a decrepit nation reeking with hollow psychopaths cut from the cloth of one Tony Blair.

    1. “…Blair’s NWO penchant …”

      In one of those recently declassified Blair’s letters to Bush he (Blair) states his involvement with Bush’s Iraq war was to advance the cause toward a New World Order.

  3. “Tony Blair : Charismatic Leader or Psychopathic War Criminal?”

    Why the exclusive choice ? He is a combination of both, like there have been so many in history.

    ” …A consummate actor, we are told, who in his early days was torn between two metiers: between politics and the acting profession…”

    Politics is an acting profession. The best actors are the best politicians.

    The role of the UK in the war against Iraq was only secondary. The US was the prime culprit, but that only because of Jewish manipulation. We can debate whether Tony Blair (and George Bush) are psychopaths or not (they probably are), but why concentrate on the puppets and not on the Jewish puppeteers? What about their mental health?

    1. exactly, Franklin, It’s as if there isn’t a Jew World Order and but for Tony Blair everything would be hunky dory. His hoots pah comes from knowing he serves the men with the best guns and he knows he owes them everything he has done
      Consider the outrage about Blair like complaining when gas doubles in price.
      The politicians pretending to serve us feign outrage and talk about it non-stop for a week and then do nothing. This is called “venting” for the masses or maybe he pissed off a Rothschild or Kissenger. It’s fake. The JWO is fake.
      There are no countries. There are only Jewish bankers going after the few left not totally under their control. That’s who Blair serves and that’s who the other side serves. Let’s avoid this false hope that we can set everything right working within the system.

      Maybe that was true in 1440, that we could stop the Jews while we still had goy kings but not now. The system has to crash and burn and you do that by exposing the big con, not the little drama which this is

  4. Unbelievable. This article goes too far in its cruel aspersions cast on the character of one of the world’s most charismatic leaders, Tony Blair, one who knew in the depths of his great soul that the Middle East had to be made safe for Israel.

    Iraq was to be first in a long line of evil Islamic states that had to be disciplined and subordinated to a greater cause: tikkun olam, or the repairing of the world. Israel and world Jewry are part of this healing process. Never forget that.

    If I were Tony Blair, I would sue Lasha Darkmoon for defamation of character.

    1. To make the world save for humanity we need tikkun Yisrael. How? The practical answer to that question we’ll leave to Iran and Hizbollah.

  5. Anyone who attacks an elder statesman like Tony Blair or a seasoned politician like Hillary Clinton, both of them devoted heart and soul to Israel and the Jewish people, is an antisemite.

    In attacking Tony Blair, Sir John Chilcot has declared himself to be a secret antisemite.

    The Chilcot Report, five times as long as long as War and Peace (2.5 million words), is the longest antisemitic document in history. It takes its place beside Mein Kampf and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

    1. You still have not explained why it is wrong to be an anti-Semite. The least we can say that you belong to the greatest minds of European history if you are an anti-Semite.

      1. didn’t take you long to catch our Zakie and out him, that’s what I call the real jewdar, good sensitivity but also specificity, ie, knowing when someone pretends to be a Jew.

        Zakman is a gentile fecal disturber in order to wake up the human molasses out there, he got subtlety.
        That’s why I don’t go after him with live ammo.

      2. One of Zakie’s better goadings was a few weeks ago when he simply asked lasha what Hitler was all about.

        She went on to reply how he wanted one thing only – to be obeyed as everyone’s father-figure, and at the expense of democracy, showing 2 – primary things that she wasn’t taking into consideration:

        1) The practical reality of the situation called for SOMEBODY to act as a father-figure, whose authority was necessary to set the “children” on the right path – a father who does what he’s supposed to do being the only legitimate “ruler”.

        2) Again, concerns the PRACTICAL REALITY of the situation. A democracy coudn’t have BEEN a more ill-suited form of govt. for Germany post-1918


        Zak may not necessarily know the answer (my own take obviously reflecting conclusions I’VE arrived at), but his goading method in and of itself is the key to his “madness”.

    2. Secret anti-semite???
      Every gentile that doesn’t hate jews is an idiot.

      I am no idiot.

      Secret, and not so secret, anti-gentiles are the problem.

      Let the nuclear holocaust commence and give our planet chemo therapy treatment.

    3. I don’t know if your comment is sincere or an unfunny attempt at parody. One of the primary traits of a psychopath is the inability to accept responsibilty for one’s behavior. That is why Tony Blair refuses to acknowledge his deliberate choice to send England to war illegally. This war catapulted the Western world into wars that benefit the globalist bankers, war profiteers, and Israel. It could very well lead us into WW3. Your efforts to inflame others, despite overwhelming evidence of the crimes of Tony Blair, including his desire to destroy Europe through massive uncontrolled immigration policies are indicative that you might very well share this similar trait.
      It is observed by a growing global awareness that Jews in general are unable to accept legitimate criticism, while continuously criticising others of imagined “anti-Semitism”. Give it a rest, accept that your people are extreme supremacists, while accusing others of that very behavior. If one needs proof that Jewish supremacism is a fact, merely read the Torah and its accompanying Talmudic commentary. The proof is always in the pudding.

    4. Being called an antisemite, any thinking person should wear that as badge of honour. I know I do. I don’t care what der ewige thinks of me. I know they hate me, like they hate every other goy, not belonging to their “sacred” tribe.

    5. Perhaps you remember the animated short in where Hitler returns to modern times as an antiracist? Well, here is the sequel. This time Hitler comes back as a multiculturalist, with the sole mission to make Israel itself multicultural. It will be a huge transformation to make but without it, Israel cannot survive. This is the future for your country, Zak!

  6. The terms Jew and Psychopath are synonymous.

    Jew = Psychopath

    The primary difference between the Jew and the non-Jew psychopath is organization.

    Jews are the master organizers of all psychopaths, Jew and non-Jew alike.

    Only after this powerful organizing ability of the Jew is removed can the non-Jew psychopath be eliminated.

    First things first. The Jew must go.

    RESIST !!!

    1. the Jewish power structure has to be removed and that includes the alternative media or what I like to call MSM II. I’ve learned not to be too truthful on this site so I’ll avoid the names except these three, Luke Rudkowsky, Joseph Paul Watson and A.Jones and if you want to argue that, show me where any of them get to the nitty gritty of the problem and of course that is Jewish subversion

  7. A book I once read described the Devil as ‘ Appearing As An Angel Of Light’. Methinks Blair is but one earthly representative of his master Satan, who, we are told has this world in his control, (The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one!) Blairs haggard face exhibits all the features of a haunted being. He’ll never face justice in this wicked world but will surely face it in the world ahead.

  8. Hey guys, this is a must read and for all you Christians out there, something to think long and hard about. When exactly did this JWO begin that’s about to go public

    WRITTEN BY A JEW IN A MAGAZINE IN 1928 BY THE WAY AND IT MAKES A LOT OF SENSE. Obviously, he covers up some truth referring to the protocols as a forgery but let’s remember the times. The Jewish power structure was in a 20 year propaganda battle to delegitimize them officially and as many no they won a court case that was later overturned that concluded the protocols were forged.
    Obviously, the Jews only reported the victory and not the later overturn by a higher court and to this day the still make the claim
    The writer, Ravage, was a loyal Jew, loyal enoiugh to be in wiki-pedia with no refutation to his claims

    1. Thank-you very much for posting this essay, Joe. Yes the psychopaths keep a good mask, but every now and then the mask slips. The essay demonstrated their specialites, arrogance and a failure to completely come clean. Marcus Eli Ravage (such a fitting name) fails to admit the Hebrews were hardly the put upon victims, as the Torah and later the written Talmud clearly demonstrate. He fails to come clean and admit the Jew’s aim is to overide all non-Jews. In his gleefully sly almost sinister admission of the damage done to the Aryan race and the true intent of Jesus and Saul/Paul, he fails to admit the extreme violence at the base of Christianity. He still wants to claim victimhood, is not that their entire thesis or modus operandi, tricking the goy while playing the victim? They are the ultimate supremacists and since the goyim are so beneath them, they have religiously sanctified lying, stealing, cheating and even murdering the best of us. Our growing body of confusing and deliberately misleading legalites of law now resemble their Talmudic insanity of obsession on the banal focus of minutia in controlling every aspect of life. But painfully, it must be admitted and acknowledged, that Christianity is the main buffer for the Jewish power structure within the Western world. I honestly do not know what is wrong with people who identify as Christians. The bible is filled with confusion, discrepancies, fallacies, and outright psychopathic dictates, not to mention bad advice, yes, even in the New Testament. For how can the two be seperated? It is important to remember our Europan ancestors resisted this foreign religion for hundreds of years. It was the Christian heralding in of the Dark Ages, and later the evil inquisition in which dissenters were arrested, psychopathically tortured, and if surviving, burned alive publically, all their properties conviscated. It was illegal to even own a page of the bible, punishable by death. Not that any common person could read or write. All church mass was read in the dead language of Latin until 1964. By the time of the protest ant reformation, the Europans were thoroughly brain washed, their former seasonal celebrations of nature usurped and bizzarely incorporated into Jew Religion Part II. That is what Judeo=Christianity brought to our people. Yet still we managed to create beautiful literature, art, music, science, mathematics, philosophy and architecture.
      Christians in general and especially the likes of the hog-man- psycho Pastor John Hagee, make me sick to my stomach. I can barely stand to be in their presence. There are a few sincere ones, who focus on goodness, but most of them are insane with their end-times programming. Believing in nonsense makes ones susceptible to believe in any nonsense, if packaged correctly. They just love the Jews, although a few sects, have joined the BDS. They are mind controlled zombies who refuse to look at the highly disturbing scriptures and verse which plainly give the game away. It is mass hypnosis brought on through ancestral trauma and woven into our culture. Even the non-believers tend to think Jesus via “Saint” Saul aka Paul was a swell guy. I say that any goodness of behavior that resulted from Christianity was the innate goodness of the Gentile soul, in projecting the goodness unto a religion, rather than the reverse.
      Still, one wonders how humans in the year 2016, can blindly accept such outright nonsense. mass hypnosis through fear of death and childish fear of an ancient volcano god. Matrix religion freezes the mind, and keeps its adherants in a perpetual state of arrested development. We should never dismiss how much this religion has affected our people, to our own detriment, and to the benefit of the Jews.

      1. @ VERACES,
        A bit off subject, innit? But forgive me y’all, I must ‘stand up for Jesus’.
        The Jesus of the Gospels was undoubtedly compassionate and loving. Even Pontius Pilate could find no fault with him. Extreme violence at the base of Christianity? Definitely not so. Thomas Jefferson, though he did not believe in Jesus’ divinity, referred to Jesus’ teachings as “… the most sublime and benevolent code of morals which has ever been offered to man.”
        When a practicing Wiccan some years ago, I was fond of saying that Europe had prospered in spite of Christianity, not because of it. So I understand where you are coming from when you say “…any goodness of behavior that resulted from Christianity was the innate goodness of the Gentile soul, in projecting the goodness unto a religion, rather than the reverse.” But I do not find goodness to be necessarily innate among any group of humans, just as I do not find any group to be genetically predisposed to cruelty. No doubt the mercy and kindness of Jesus teachings found favor in Europe not only because of a goodness of the people there, but also because they were weary of the constant pagan glorification of war and death. As we celebrate the good of Europe, the artistic, technical and cultural achievements let us not forget the dark side, the Saxon overrun of England, Viking depredations and slave trading their fellow Europeans, and thier raids on English towns and monasteries, the treatment of Roman prisoners by the Germanic tribes, etc.
        Generally, as far as wars go, religion is inevitably and sadly dragged into it as an excuse, a cover-up for the real motives of greed and the need for living space (migration).
        It is inconceivable that Jesus, the Jesus of the Gospels, would approve of cruelty or aggression against anyone. The only hint of that was when he drove the ‘money changers’ from the Temple. (which consisted of merely knocking over tables and a bit of switching which might have left a few well-deserved red marks). Which begs this question – if indeed Jesus was culpable in harming our Aryan folk, why his universal condemnation by the Talmudists?
        I note your praise of ‘good’ Christians, though it be faint, thank you.

      2. @ S.W.

        “The Jesus of the Gospels was undoubtedly compassionate and loving.”

        Thank you, S.W. The teachings of Jesus in the Gospels should not be assumed to be the basis of actions by organized Christianity. Far too often, they have little in common.

    2. “Focussing on the arena rather than the zone of truth behind the curtain”…so true, however, Kevin Macdonald ignoring the holohoax and David Duke Sept. 11th could simply be that they are picking their battles. The validity of the alternative media isn’t as important as the fact that 25 years ago there was very little alternative media aside from left wing rags put out by Jews and the old Spotlight paper eventually taken over by Jews. Today there is a cornucopia of truths at everyones fingertips, and while alot of it is BS at least it gets those people who are willing, the rest be damned, thinking outside of the box. Robert Anton Wilson said “I don’t believe anything but I have many suspicions” and that’s how I feel about the sites and alt media persons you brought up at your excellent site. As a glass half full overture remember that The Protocols of Zion, once banned can now be read online.

    3. The comment plugging your site has been removed from the Occidental Observer whereas Darkmoon seems to practice freedom of speech.

  9. Blair, along with human stains the likes of (all) Bushes, Camerons, Soteros et al are nothing but run-o-the-mill Synagogue toadies. Where their group is evil/cunning – Idiot Culture is addled/foolish.
    This amalgam of walking feces will live a long and wicked life while Idiot Culture checks under their beds for “evil Muslims”.

  10. There is ongoing scientific research into genetic psychopathy occuring, although these science labs are woefully underfunded, while at the same time “brain mapping” science in the pursuit of turning us into robots via transhumanism receives full funding. Psychopaths make up 1-4% of our human populace. According to Dr. Robert Hare, there are genetic psychopaths, known as primary, and humans who become psychopathic due to
    extreme prolonged trauma, called secondary psychopaths. Most humans in prison are secondary psychopaths, although according to Dr. Hare, secondary psychopaths are equally difficult to counsel.
    According to brain imaging studies, the problem lies within a dysfunctional amygdala and its connectivity to pre-frontal cortex. The amydala is where our ability to sense or judge right from wrong, ie our conscience. Since the amydala in genetic psychopaths does not function, these people simply can not feel. It is very difficult for most people to understand that a human simply can not feel emotions. It is too foreign, and here lies our achilles heel. Most humans assume that all other humans have a conscience. Due to our phoney media. most psychopaths are portrayed as lone serial killers. While in truth, the more intelligent and ambitious psychopaths gravitate to positions of power which include gov, religious, law enforcement, military, corporate, journalism. They enjoy killing or destroying large swaths of people, and contributing to the destruction of a society. Since they can’t feel emotion, they are motivated by a sense of power over others. Since they don’t see value in anything except self-aggrandizement, they have no loyalties to any ideal. Their ideal is self only.
    While all these recruited and groomed psychos should be held accountable, we need to look behind the puppets and observe the root psychopaths, the Controllers. England has been under the control of the Rothschild’s since they took over the Bank of England in the 19th century. Simply observe the very evil bible, and the accompanying Talmud, and one can see this all out hate for anyone not belonging to their tribe. The Hebrews made psychopathy into an actual religion, worshipping insanity. Since the Western world still holds this wicked book up in reverence as a guiding star, is it any wonder we find ourselves in this mess? Things are truly coming to a head now. Will humans arise and throw off this BS, or slip further into decline? We truly need to address genetic psychopathy through vigorously funded scientific research. And it is very telling that this research is not receiving sufficient funding. Observe the royal and priestly bloodlines, inbreeding, including marriage of first cousins, nephews, nieces, etc., strengthening the psychopathic gene over millenia. As far as Tony Blair is concerned, he should be in prison, and forfeit his fortune to the dead soldier’s relatives,
    George W. Bush and his entire cabinet should be imprisoned and sued as well.

    1. How very true words, sir! Now that we know that the evil inbred prince Philip wishes to reincarnate as a very deadly virus, wiping out large swathes of mankind. Over time, the psychopathy gene obviously also increases their ability to insanity. And the Saxe Coburg Gotha bloodline has been doing just that for a very long time.

  11. Firstly, there was no ‘war’ in Iraq. It was and remains always, an invasion and occupation of a sovereign nation, devoid of justification and in violation of international law. The same holds true for Afghanistan, Libya and anyone else who dare refuse the Rothschild Central Bank.

    The JewSA, Inc. leads the charge, using the controlled demolitions of 911 as a pretext. The media incoherently mumbles a few words about ‘national security’ (also owned by jews) and the JSA military runs off to destroy another country for the Greater Israel project. The media here is owned by the same tribe that owns Hollywood and the Federal Reserve, the military industrial complex and the CON-gress (the opposite of progress): All owned and operated by the 13th Tribe.

    Blair is just a puppet of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, as are the Bush family, the Clintons and Obomb-em. I’m not sure where the latter came from. It seems Obomb-em was a virtual nothing and within 6 months rose to prominence, and here we are with the ‘first black president’ having killed untold thousands, invaded yet more countries for Israel and continued with the same Jewish Bolshevik goals of the Bush cabal, with zeal. Hillary the C*NT will proceed even further with the complete destruction of the US. Albright doesn’t hold a candle to the sadistic megalomania contained in the person of Shillary. Her grandfather was a jew so we know who she serves. But the ‘first woman president’ will be sold to the Amerikan sheeple just like a cheap football game. We’ve just seen her exonerated of crimes, (at least 6) so she can continue down the path of evil uninhibited. One wonders how much money exchanged hands at the top, but I digress.
    At least the scathing report was written and published about Blair. Here in the JewSA we would never see such a report about Bush, or Cheney, or John Kohn (Kerry) or OBomb-em. Our media will not allow such factual information to be published in print or on the airwaves. So while we may be surprised by Blair’s unwavering support for organized evil, we have to remember, he still draws a pension from the Rothschilds; He’s still an employee. Count yourselves lucky to have seen the truth in print. But don’t count on any such exposure of the real criminal generals here in JSA. The higher offices of evil are closed to public scrutiny.

    The Greater Israel is almost complete. All that remains is Iran.

    1. “All that remains is Iran.” AND… They want a stock market so they can be controlled from London too…..

      Iran may trade in dollars 🙂 🙂

      Treasury Secretary Jack Lew says overuse of sanctions could ‘undermine our leadership position in the global economy’

      WASHINGTON (AFP) — The US treasury secretary seems to be laying the groundwork to let Iran begin trading in dollars after an international accord with the West last year saw the country take steps to limit its nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of sanctions.

      1. Pat, the stock market is a controlled demolition already. CON-gress is exempt from insider trading laws. Speaks volumes if you read between the lines. Every member of CON-gress must sign a pledge to support the Bolsheviks…I mean Israel, or they won’t get munny for their campaigns. Cynthia Mckinney found that out the hard way. She refused to sign such a treasonous pledge.
        Wall Street is just a jew-lickers candy story.
        The only thing the Jews want from Iran is oil and destabilization. It has absolutely nothing to do with anything nuclear. Iran has NO bombs, Israel has 200. The nuke thing is a smokescreen. Who is the real threat here?

      2. “Every member of CON-gress must sign a pledge to support the Bolsheviks…I mean Israel”

        Yep. A US Congressman told me that, personally, in the late 60s. He said he was told…. don’t expect a second term without it….. in freshman orientation.

        You should know that I don’t believe Israel has any nukes.

  12. the object in Iraq was always to surround Iran. It was a success from the JWO point of view with MSM squacking to cover the real reason for the invasion. Recall Saddam literally agreed to do anything he was told if they didn’t invade and he was ignored and that fact was covered up by our “free press”. In fact Bush told Saddam to go after Kuwait if he wanted.
    Bottom line-everything is a false flag and part of wearing the Jew Rose Colored Glasses unless you can disrobe the con which is the only worthy pursuit going

  13. In this article, you can freely substitute the word jew for each instance of Blair and the meaning would remain unaltered.

    While around 15-20 per cent of the prison population are psychopaths, it’s thought that 2 to 3 per cent of the general population display some psychopathic tendencies.

    In case you don’t get the simple math, click on the name “Lobro” above and see where it takes you, videre licet (as our wannabe resident psycho likes to say) to convince yourself of the following:
    ○ 2 to 3 per cent of the general population are JEWS, and
    ○ 96% of the JEW population display some psychopathic tendencies
    Ipso facto (as our wannabe resident intellectual psycho is apt to scream from his spamblinka solitary confinement), just how many psychos would be left on the planet if no jews were left on the planet?
    They would be greatly outnumbered by proverbial two-headed negroes.
    And the Synagogue of Satan would have to shut down due to lack of interest, maybe convert to snazzy yuppie lofts … oops, not too many yuppies left either, I would imagine.

    In every article ever posted on this site, you could freely opine on the subject of jew and remain on-topic, it is just that some don’t get it.
    Because in a world without problems, what would bloggers do, post highly interesting, captivating articles on how everything is just hunky-dory?
    This world is rapidly getting problem-saturated, viz (there goes the old videre again), the exponentially multiplying problems, like disease bearing flies, are pushing everything else off the agenda and practically every single one of them was hatched alongside fly larva, in the same incubator of the Lord of Flies/Lord of Lies, under the rank pews of the Synagogue of Satan.
    So what else is there to point the index finger at?
    Whichever way you look, they are looking back at you.
    The fight begins with this awareness.

    1. The Jews are 2% of the population of the USA, but only 0,2% of the population of the entire world. Sorry, but there are lots of psychopathic Goyim besides the Jewish ones, and they too have caused lots of problems throughout history. Ever heard of Genghis Khan? He killed 40 million people, 10% of the population of the whole world at his time and he was definitely no Jew.

      1. I’m not so sure. His name is sometimes spelled Genghis Cohen and they say he preferred his bread unleavened so he could leave town quickly.

      2. Khan = Cohen? LOL

        The Mongols were illiterate and innumerate; arguably, they still are today! The first historical record or ‘court history’ of Genghis Khan’s reign or empire was written in Chinese!

        They were the (((Thuggees))) of Central Asia or the Jews’ ISIS in the 12th Century.

        The invasion and rape of Europe (where did you get your 40-million-dead figure?) could not have happened without Jewish finance and evil planning. Period!

        I’ll be happy to defend or develop this post later, Mr. Ryckaert, but after I watch the Calgary Stampede Parade and The ATCO Queen Elizabeth II Cup (Equestrian show jumping). 🙂

      3. @ Justice For Chinese

        “…While it’s impossible to know for sure how many people perished during the Mongol conquests, many historians put the number at somewhere around 40 million. Censuses from the Middle Ages show that the population of China plummeted by tens of millions during the Khan’s lifetime, and scholars estimate that he may have killed a full three-fourths of modern-day Iran’s population during his war with the Khwarezmid Empire. All told, the Mongols’ attacks may have reduced the entire world population by as much as 11 percent…”

        Source : 10 Things You May Not Know About Genghis Khan.

        You do not need “Jewish finance” to let a bunch of Mongols on horseback gallop over the steppes of Central Asia. For info how they fed themselves, see Wikipedia, Mongol military tactics and organization, under : “supply”.

      4. You do not need “Jewish finance” to let a bunch of Mongols on horseback gallop over the steppes of Central Asia. For info how they fed themselves, see Wikipedia, Mongol military tactics and organization, under : “supply”.

        No, indeed, Mr. Ryckaert, you do not need Jewish finance to gallop over the steppes of Central Asia, but you will definitely need a lot of Jewish advice if not just a little Jewish finance to invade the following countries and empires: 1) China; 2) Middle-east: Iraq and Iran; 3) Russia and Eastern Europe.

        The Mongols were basically stone-age barbarians who didn’t even know how to manufacture metal swords! Much of their weaponry, and virtually all of their siege-technology were stolen from their conquered enemies — most of it initially from the Chinese. As they didn’t even leave behind any ruins — they lived in yurts, as in TENTS — you will be hard pressed to even find any evidence that they had a foundry and or a military manufacturing base beyond a burnt hole in the ground. LOL

        Even if we know how, we don’t know why. What was the motive for World Conquest? Why would an illiterate and innumerate barbarian be interested in World Conquest? World Conquest sounds very messianic and Talmudic to me. After having united the Mongol tribes and becoming their King or Khan, why wasn’t he content?

        Here’s the most plausible explanation, and I quote from your reference, Wikipedia; but, of course, you will have to read between the lines, as they say:

        Although known for the brutality of his campaigns[10] and considered by many to have been a genocidal ruler, Genghis Khan is also credited with bringing the Silk Road under one cohesive political environment. This brought communication and trade from Northeast Asia into Muslim Southwest Asia and Christian Europe, thus expanding the horizons of all three cultural areas.

        If you missed it, let me underline it, or rather, let me echo it: (((The genocidal ruler, Genghis Khan, is credited with bringing the Silk Road under one cohesive political environment.)))

        Sounds a lot like the European Union, and “Free Trade” doesn’t it?

        International Trade is the byword for International Jew! Duh!

        Sir, pray tell, what exactly did nomadic barbarians produce and or manufacture? What exactly were they trading? What did Mongolian savages produce that the civilized Chinese didn’t already produced or didn’t already traded with Europe vis a vis the old Silk Road to Rome 1,200 years earlier or circa 250 B.C.?

        I said it before, and I will say it again, China and the Chinese will always be vital and indispensable to the Jew World Order.

        Presently, there is much talk if not great angst in the Jewish Press about China’s new Silk Road. Again, if you know how to read between the lines, the message is this: If this new Silk Road isn’t good for the Jews — if it isn’t under their control — it’s going to get real bloody for the rest of us non-jews once more, maybe as bloody as in the time of (((Genghis Khan.)))

      5. And another thing, as JFC already explained. I don’t buy it that a handful of relatively primitive Mongolians were ever able to conquer a whole continent. Even today the Mongolian nation consists of a handful (3.000.000). If there’s any truth in the Genghis Khan tale at all, then it most probably were caucasians and not Mongolians who did all this conquering. Ever heard of Tartaria? That’s how almost the entire continent of Asia was called once. And Tartaria has morphed into what is now Russia. Think about it.

        Also, the Chinese wall isn’t Chinese. And it wasn’t a defensive wall. If it was then it was a very bad design. Furthermore, the entrances,scattered all over the wall are on the Russian/Tartarian side. And it isn’t thousands of years old either. It doesn’t look like anything ancient Chinese and is more likely built only a few centuries ago, and that’s exactly how it looks.

        And btw, there is 100% solid proof of a presence of caucasians wearing European style cloth thousands of years ago in what is now China. Takla Makan mummies.

      6. @ 1138 (what’s in a “name”?)

        At the time of Genghis Khan the population of Mongolia was only 800,000. His army consisted of 100,000-130,000 men. Impossible to conquer Eurasia with so few men? Well, Alexander the Great conquered the Persian Empire with only 35,000 men.
        It all depends on superior tactics and speed.
        For the rest, your opinions are entirely based on ignorant prejudices without any factual basis.

      7. @ Franklin Ryckaert,

        I have a perfectly good reason to choose 1138 as my nick on Darkmoon. And anyone with even as much as half a brain could figure out what those digits could possibly mean in about 10 seconds or so. It’s actually a very appropriate name for any person who finally discovers the light after living in darkness for all his life.

        But never mind me, what’s in a new world plantation negro name ‘inherited’ from his ancestor’s former Jewish owner? Well, either that or one is that owner’s descendant. You see? Anyone can ask questions.

        Well you can’t proove any of what you claim either Mr wiki erudite.

        The rather primitive Mongolians with bows and arrows riding little ponies conquered almost entire Asia? I don’t think so. Certainly not with 130.000 men divided in to who knows how many smaller armies to cover all of that vast territory. How did they occupie all of Asia with 130.000 men, without any sophisticated technology? Not to mention the Mongolian home population that would be defenseless at home withoput it’s defenders out ‘on tour’. Or perhaps they all went along for the ride? That’s just about as ridiculous as the holohoax is.

        One look at the great wall of China reveals that it doesn’t resemble any other Chinese buiding style
        or appears very ancient. So my opinion really isn’t that far fetched. Just because some edjewcational school books say that doesn’t make it so.

        And milennia old white European Taklamakan mummies are not my opinion but a hard fact. A fact that is as hard as it is inconvenient for the Chinese government, which prohibits examination of them by outsiders.

      8. Franklin,

        Ever heard of Genghis Khan? He killed 40 million people, 10% of the population of the whole world at his time and he was definitely no Jew.

        Let me use an epidemiological argument to refute your imputed statement, viz, that Genghis Khan is a net source of planetary death, destruction and misery.

        From Savitri Devi, “The Lightning and the Sun”,
        Harold Lamb, “The March of the Barbarians” (edit. 1941), ~p120
        Ralph Fox, “Genghis Khan” (edit. 1936), ~p180

        The Mongols proved in practice that they were as splendid organisers as they were soldiers

        The most obvious mark of that amazing genius for organisation was, perhaps, the perfect safety in which travellers and merchants, and preachers of every faith, could move from relay to relay along the great post roads that ran in every direction, from one end of the Empire to the other. In Genghis Khan’s own days, or under his immediate successors Ogodai and Kuyuk, it is said that a fifteen year-old virgin, covered with jewels, could have walked through Asia unmolested, so high was the standard of honesty and so strict the discipline imposed upon every human being by the conqueror’s iron code of laws: the Yasa . And over a hundred years later, at the time the Florentine trader Francesco Balduci Pegolotti went along it as a representative of the important commercial firm of the Bardi, the land route to Cathay, which started from Tana on the Sea of Azov, was still “the safest in the world,” thanks to the fact that the conqueror’s policy had been, to a great extent, carried on by his descendants. A merchant needed no escort whatsoever. In spite of many changes in the political structure of the Empire, Genghis Khan’s Yasa still preserved the “Mongolian peace” within all lands from Poland to the Pacific Ocean, at least as far as harmless travellers were concerned. “Dictated by Genghis Khan from time to time and traced upon leaves of gold by his secretaries,” the Yasa was a strange code of laws. Age-old tribal regulations designed to enforce, a certain amount of cleanliness among the Mongols or illustrating the nomads’ particular conception of the spirit- world and their idea of its interference in human affairs, were to be found in it, side by side with dictates of a far broader scope — dictates revealing the conqueror’s will to make his conquest everlasting and his actual capacity of doing so if only … his successors would faithfully abide by his commands. It was, for instance, among many other things, forbidden to urinate upon the ashes of a fire, or to pollute running water even by making ablutions or washing clothes in it, for that water was to be drunk (and in Central Asia streams are rare). It was also forbidden “to walk in running water during the spring and summer” or “to walk over a fire” so as “not to trouble the titulary spirits of fire and water.” 3 But at the same time, all Genghis Khan’s subjects were ordered “to respect all religious faiths without being bound by any one faith” 4 and not to quarrel with one another on any account. The Yasa, in fact, imposed death penalty “for any evidence of quarrelling — even for spying upon another man, or taking sides with one of two who were disputing together”; and religious toleration was enforced only in order to avoid further occasions of dispute and further germs of division among the millions of people that the conqueror wished to unite. Likewise, fornication, sodomy, magic and deliberate lying [no place for Jew 🙂 ] — all sins that could give rise to personal jealousies and sow seeds of dissension among people, and that could not but enervate them both physically and morally; or sins that might forward possibilities of rebellion — were punished by death

        So let’s do some math, Franklin.
        Assuming veracity of your claim of 40,000,000 people killed under Genghis Khan and successors such as Hulagu and Kublai Khan and that this number of victims represented 10% of the world population, ie, 400 million –
        ○ then the Mongol dominion stretched over more than half of the world’s population (it is somewhere in the sources, probably Lamb), and
        ○ the code of Yasa ran on for about 300 years before it broke down due to internal squabbles of the ruling heirs, some turned Muslim, some Buddhist and even Christian and all were jealous of one another.

        Let’s break it down into man-years:
        I imagine that back in those days, an average lifespan would have been around 30 years, so killing a human of average age would result in a loss of ~15 years of life and productivity.
        Therefore, 40 million victims by violence translates into something like 600 million man-years lost.

        Okay, but considering the benefits of Yasa extended to 200 million people over 3 centuries, I could easily imagine at least one million man-years saved each year due to cessation of everyday violence and skirmishes with a further million (I am thinking that this is too low) spared as result of better hygiene, food and quality of life in time of peace for a grand total of at least 600 million man-years gained.

        600 million lost, 600 million gained for a net total of zero, as if Genghis Khan and his successors had never lived.

        Now I don’t assert that this is the definitive bottom line, just to illustrate how difficult it is to make a fair judgement in these cases.

        But, with Jew, it is simple:
        and has been doing this on a truly global scale for at least a thousand years.
        Jew has never contributed a single iota to human commonwealth because to do so would offend his Demiurge YHWH as per all his “holy” documentation, Torah, Talmud, kabbalah, The Protocols, Clean Break, Yinon Plan, etc.
        Find me one true Jew-Jew communication where they intend to provide some benefit to goy.

        Compared to Jew, Genghis Khan is an archangel of benevolence and mercy.

      9. @ 1138 (What’s in a number?)

        1) The Mongols were not that primitive. They were master tacticians :

        “…The Mongol battlefield tactics were a combination of masterful training with excellent communication and discipline in the chaos of combat. They trained for virtually every possibility, so when it occurred, they could react accordingly…”

        Nor was their technology primitive :

        “…Technology was one of the important facets of Mongolian warfare. For instance, siege machines were an important part of Genghis Khan’s warfare, especially in attacking fortified cities. The siege engines were not disassembled and carried by horses to be rebuilt at the site of the battle, as was the usual practice with European armies. Instead the Mongol horde would travel with skilled engineers who would build siege engines from materials on site.

        The engineers building the machines were recruited among captives, mostly from China and Persia. When Mongols slaughtered whole populations, they often spared the engineers, swiftly assimilating them into the Mongol armies…”

        Source : Wikipedia, Mongol military tactics and organization.

        2) You are a great genius indeed if by a mere look at the Great Wall of China you know for sure that it is not Chinese and not ancient. I wish our historians and archaeologists would have that ability. Would save them a lot of work!

        3) The Takla Makan mummies are of the Tocharians, an Indo-European people, yes, but they were defeated and absorbed by the Uyghurs, a Turkic people in the 8th century A.D., long before Genghis Khan (1162-1227).

        You seem to think that the Mongolians could not possibly have conquered such a vast empire because they were not white. That is called “prejudice”, and a stupid one to boot. To accept facts, even if they go against one’s wishes requires a certain amount of intelligence and maturity, quod abest in tuo caso.

      10. @Lobro

        When the Jews commit crimes on a vast scale, they mostly commit crimes by proxy. That means they have non-Jewish criminal collaborators (think of the British who waged opium wars against China for the Jews). Such criminals must already exist in the first place.

        You quietly ignored my observation that Jews constitute only 0,2% of the world’s population and thus cannot be the majority of the world’s psychopaths. If 2% of the world’s population of 7 billion are psychopaths, then that would mean there are worldwide 140 million psychopaths. Even if 100% of all 14 million Jews are psychopaths, then that is only 10% of the total.

        In short, the Jews are not the only psychopathic criminals in the world and there still would be a lot of crime even if the Jews did not exist. That is my whole argument.

      11. Franklin Ryckaert,

        “1) The Mongols were not that primitive. They were master tacticians :

        “…The Mongol battlefield tactics were a combination of masterful training with excellent communication and discipline in the chaos of combat. They trained for virtually every possibility, so when it occurred, they could react accordingly…” ”

        So they trained and mastered all that and decided to conquer a continent, did so, slaughtered 40.000.000 people along the way and then what? They decided to not be nomads anymore and settle down for a quiet life on pastures with their herds which in time turned them into nomads again?

        “Nor was their technology primitive :”

        Nomadic peoples will never develop sophisticated tech, period.

        ““…Technology was one of the important facets of Mongolian warfare. For instance, siege machines were an important part of Genghis Khan’s warfare, especially in attacking fortified cities. The siege engines were not disassembled and carried by horses to be rebuilt at the site of the battle, as was the usual practice with European armies. Instead the Mongol horde would travel with skilled engineers who would build siege engines from materials on site.”

        Totally inplausible of course.

        First of all if that were the case then the tech didn’t came from these Mongols but from conquered peoples who were obviously way more advanced than they were, according to you. But despite that fact they were conquered by a handful of nomads with bows and arrows on little ponies? More advanced means they were more powerful military so how come they were conquered by less advanced nomads? Ain’t gonna happen.

        But suppose it would. Then according to this theory all this training wasn’t really the key to their succes after all, since they apparantly anticipated acquiring and using all this alien technology along the way even before they left their homeland to conquer a continent. That is brilliant indeed 🙂 Furthermore, according to this theory, they would on many occasions take the incredible gamble that they could find all materials they needed for these siegemachines on sight when they got ‘there’, wherever that was going to be? Doesn’t sound like highly tactical to me but rather ad hoc, which is not a good way to conquer continents.

        “”The engineers building the machines were recruited among captives, mostly from China and Persia. When Mongols slaughtered whole populations, they often spared the engineers, swiftly assimilating them into the Mongol armies…” ”

        If they slaughtered whole populations where would they get their food and supplies from then? Nomads don’t farm and have only limited numbers of tradesmen.

        “Source : Wikipedia, Mongol military tactics and organization.”

        And there you have it. Wikipedia. the worlds most reliable source of information. It’s not like wikipedia distorts history or anything. Nooo, if wikipedia says so it must be so LOVL. Well, that’s cleared that up.

        “2) You are a great genius indeed if by a mere look at the Great Wall of China you know for sure that it is not Chinese and not ancient. I wish our historians and archaeologists would have that ability. Would save them a lot of work!”

        I’ve stated that that is my impression, yes. I can’t proove it, no. It’s true there are many excellent scientists around. Unfortunately they don’t dictate public opinion, nor curricula, but rather comply with those that do in order to have a career. So how reliable is authorised scientific knowlegde?
        I suppose you belivce the holohoaxers too.

        “3) The Takla Makan mummies are of the Tocharians, an Indo-European people, yes, but they were defeated and absorbed by the Uyghurs, a Turkic people in the 8th century A.D., long before Genghis Khan (1162-1227).”

        The mentioning of those mummies wasn’t related to the Mongols at all, but more to demonstrate that although this is undisputed fact, it isn’t widely known. Nor is there much attention for in schoolbooks despite that this is a spectacular archeological find, which confirms my distrust in ‘scientific knowledge’.

        And how we call those mummies isn’t of any importance. They were unmistakenly white Europeans, hundreds of them, which is proven fact by their distinctive European (Celtic) clothes and their nordic features,. It is not a surprise the Chinese don’t want to spread the word about this because these finds shake up the whole historic paradigm.

        “You seem to think that the Mongolians could not possibly have conquered such a vast empire because they were not white. That is called “prejudice”, and a stupid one to boot. To accept facts, even if they go against one’s wishes requires a certain amount of intelligence and maturity, quod abest in tuo caso.”

        I don’t say that non whites couldn’t conquer vast empires. I say the Genghis Khan tale is highly likely distorted history just like most of history is.

        Call it prejudice if you like. But despite the fact that we are in rapid decay, I believe that the white race is the most capable race on planet earth and has created the highest civilisations yet. Nothing seem to indicate this is wrong. If you believe that just saying that is some kind of hatred or putdown of others then that belief is probably caused by conditioning. You wouldn’t find my view confirmed on wikipedia, of course.

      12. Actually, it is said a ‘naked’ fifteen year-old virgin, covered with jewels, could have walked through Asia unmolested, so high was the standard of honesty and so strict the discipline imposed upon every human being by the conqueror’s iron code of laws: the Yasa .
        A most amazing statement.

      13. a ‘naked’ fifteen year-old virgin, covered with Walmart bling … except their ain’t any 15-yr old virgins at Walmart, a globe covering empire where the sun don’t shine despite its reach.

        In constructing my semi-epidemiological defense of Genghis, I made a mistake that caused a great underestimate of his good effect.
        Namely, I posited an annual saving of half-million man-years due to lack of inter-personal violence, domestic arguments, drunken brawls and nasty warlords and gangsters.
        Over the course of 3 centuries, that worked out to 150 million man years.
        Well, no: the annual saving should have been counted in lives, ie, people not-killed, therefore 15 man-years per person and the final tally in the plus-column should have been 2.25 billion man-years, a net gain of 1.5 billion once the 40 million victims of direct Mongol violence are subtracted.

        Not bad at all for someone whose life’s effect is compared to jews.
        I suspect that a similar math should be used when considering Stalin in entirety, not just his gulag bodycount.
        Because outside the direct violence, the Soviet society functioned peacefully and predictably, precisely due to the ironbound discipline he instituted and it may well be that his reign brought in a major saving in terms of man-years.
        Was there ever an American president whose tenure brought on such savings on a large scale, directly attributable to his policies rather than scientific, medical progress?

        Who, FDR’s New Deal?

      14. And another thing, Franklin, re.

        Ever heard of Genghis Khan? He killed 40 million people, 10% of the population of the whole world at his time and he was definitely no Jew.

        After showing the high likelihood that Genghis may have been one of history’s great benefactors in terms of human and environmental wellbeing, whatever his intentions, my further point and by no means a minor one is that comparing Jews to goy psychopaths is actually grossly unfair to goy psychopaths, since Jews tally of destruction exceeds by orders of magnitude (x1000? or more) that of the rest of psychopaths, who by your own estimate hugely outnumber Jews.

        Therefore, a Jew is a hyperpsycho to whom an ordinary goy psycho bears no comparison.

        And that is my my whole argument. 😉

  14. Fine work LD, with many great comments. It is necessary to expose criminals, whether sane or less than sane, in order to protect society from their depredations. That’s a basic function of civilization going back thousands of years. As a deterrent – a warning to present or future narcissists and criminal opportunists this work is vital. Great Britain especially is renowned worldwide for adherence to the rule of law. Lose that and you lose everything. Even the jews who are known worldwide for predominance in racketeering and criminal activity of every kind don’t like it very much when Bernie Madoff steals THEIR money. So let us agree that laws are there for all, including the victims of Mr. Blair’s filthy mercenary aggression in the ME, as well as 7/7. It is timely to pursue Mr. Blair as an exercise in Law and as an object lesson. When we look at Iraq today we see unending human tragedy and disaster that has begun to spread not only in the ME but throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Note I said ‘begun’. It is a credit to Great Britain to hold Mr. Blair responsible as an architect of this unfolding human disaster, and to pursue every means possible to bring him to answer for his crimes. While the financial reckoning to the UK is not as serious as the $1 trillion and growing butchers bill to the US taxpayer, nonetheless the human tragedy of lost lives is universal. EU architects might reflect as they watch increasing chaos, terrorism, depletion of resources and erosion of law that it all began in Iraq.

    1. Even the jews who are known worldwide for predominance in racketeering and criminal activity of every kind don’t like it very much when Bernie Madoff steals THEIR money

      Madoff channeled stolen deposits through Belize Bank Int’l to Leumi Israel.
      Picture what happens there: all those qualified for Israel passports are fully refunded with interest, many insured back in the States and scooping up giant tax breaks.
      While goyim weep and lament far from the rivers of Babylon.
      Let’s not be too gullible.

      Therefore, the quote should be fixed as follows:

      The jews who are known worldwide for predominance in racketeering and criminal activity of every kind do like it very much when Bernie Madoff PRETENDS to steal THEIR money

      (Madoff copped a guilty plea and doesn’t have to reveal where the loot ended up, basically took a bullet for the team, just like Pollard, another hero of Talmud to be buried with honors at Mt Olives when the time comes)

      1. Point taken, bad example – still, Bernie is behind bars, at least until Obama pardons him. Bernie doesn’t seem like the type to take a bullet for any one. One of his sons hanged himself rather than face justice. A better example might be an investigation by a truly independent agency into the strange death of (jewish) Senator Paul Wellstone and his family, with the deeply suspicious behaviour of FBI personnel – now there’s a fellow who took a bullet for the cause, along with his family, though most unwillingly.

      2. think about it, Winston:
        Madoff could have run to israel, extradition-free, at any point but he did not.
        He could have cut a deal with prosecution on a lesser demeanor in return on info on where the money ended up.
        Why not?
        he got a lifetime in any case, no chance to spend any of the loot, so where is the vaunted Jew self-serving logic?

        No, he sacrificed himself for a “noble” cause of enriching the hive with goy money at the expense of own comfort.
        Nothing else explains his behavior.
        Jews will do this on occasion and it is the great mystery, that knowing their atheist, immoral modus operandi, I cannot explain – yet.

        Some Satanic eschatology, they are as convinced of Happy Messianic End as their Christian counterparts.

      3. @Lobro: I’m no expert on Bernie Madoff, but as far as flight goes, recall Meyer Lansky was refused sanctuary by Golda Meier – high profile, though the ‘story’ is she said “we don’t want persons like that in Israel”. Sure. Recently jewish serial murderers are OK, as long as they’re not too high profile. The Corrupted FBI and ‘Justice’ Dept. seem to have reached a deal with wanted high profile criminal Jacob Kobi Alexander, who fled to Namibia – no extradition treaty. Alexander’s company had a very suspicious relationship to the events of 9/11. I’d like to see greater ‘transparency’ in Paul Wellstone’s death, though AIPAC, JDL, or ADL don’t seem concerned. I originally mentioned Madoff because the public perception of him is that he was clearly a thief, and because Bernie Madoff is better known generally than Senator Paul Wellstone in popular perception, except perhaps in Minnesota. Madoff is well known for taking a great deal of non-goy money, though I’m sure a creature like that would snatch a purse given the opportunity. Your suggestion is interesting though I suspect it may have been more opportunism on Bank Leumi’s part, a possible last minute deal when the jig was up, to cash in – the death of one of his sons who worked in his office would seem to indicate there was no great plan – they got caught, despite payoffs in plenty of places, including the very top – see Harry Markopoulos’s work “No One Would Listen”. Still, ‘someone’ might have put him up to the Ponzi scheme. The more creatures like Madoff are fully exposed in all aspects, however, the better by far. Knock ’em dead Lobro! Onward to Blair and the rest of them on both sides of the pond…

      4. @Lobro: In support of your surmise, here is a quote from Markopoulos, “No One Would Listen”, pg.259: “My team didn’t even attempt to find evidence that anyone else…knew about the mechanics of the scheme and helped him to pull it off. But I believe it was impossible for him to have done it without considerable help. …This was a $65 billion international scam that operated successfully for decades. Madoff’s Ponzi scheme was too large an operation for one person to have done it himself… And truthfully, Bernie really wasn’t that smart. He wasn’t particularly sophisticated with the numbers”. Maybe someone in Tel Aviv thought the American jewish largesse wasn’t generous enough…

    2. It is a credit to Great Britain to hold Mr. Blair responsible as an architect of this unfolding human disaster, and to pursue every means possible to bring him to answer for his crimes.

      Oh please, what utter drivel

  15. “After all, Britain is not a dictatorship in which messianic monsters, suffering from delusions of grandeur, are free to ride roughshod over the wills of the people — including the many innocents killed and maimed as a result of his undiagnosed psychosis.”

    Apparently Britain is a dictatorship of messianic monsters as are all Jewish controlled countries. This is most likely due to the fact that the Jewish race is comprised of psychopathic, messianic monsters, thus it stands to reason they prefer the same type of useful idiots in puppet positions of power.

    Note that the governments of every white country are going completely against the wishes of the majority of indigenous peoples, doing so with smug impudence. Their attitude idea is quite clear “Fuck you little people, there is nothing you can do about our destructive dictates!” This is plainly evident in Blair’s attitude of “I’d do it again”. He would “do it again” because he bows at the zipper of the great god Rothschild that controls England and there is nothing the little people of Britain can do about it. Blair knows the real power lies not at the door of the voting booth, but in control of the pound sterling.

    This will continue until “the little people” begin hanging these slimy cretins, appointed under the sham of the popular vote, from lampposts on the main streets and leave the corpses swinging in the breeze to terrorize those psychos that might decide to serve the Jewish master instead of the people.

    As civilization returns to increasing barbarity, it will take increasingly barbaric methods to counter the trend. This means blood, rivers of blood, as oft stated by blood-lusting Jews. It will be your blood or theirs, the choice is yours. – There is no other option.

    1. Back during the martial law imposed on the “South” after the American War Between the States, an organization began to operate to lash out at the impositions and injustices of the “carpetbagger” regime (Jew inspired and planned). Unfortunately, it did not have the sophistication to go for the HEAD of the snake, but whacked at the body and the wake of poor negroes who were manipulated like children (like they still are manipulated). It became “The Invisible Empire” – but it lost its focus. Thusly goes the way of all “just causes”… The frailties of men handicap their ability to FOCUS. It is no wonder that many leaders are/become psychotic, because this world has taught them the futility of honorable conduct in dealing with the masses.

  16. Psychopaths supposedly have no ability to understand others’ feelings; that is what the experts claim.

    Bollocks. They understand very well when other people feel bad, and they always enjoy it thoroughly, especially when their own actions (or inaction) are the cause of others’ suffering. That is one aspect (the main one) of what a psychopath is.

    Someone who hasn’t the capacity to understand others’ feelings is autistic. Let us not confuse the two. Psychopaths are four-star, double-barrelled sonofabitches; autistics are just oddballs.

    1. “Bollocks. They understand very well when other people feel bad,”
      Psychopaths experience pleasure yes, they enjoy a sense of power over other’s emotions. Since they have no true genuine feelings themselves, they must control the emotions of others. In studies done on psychopaths, they have a high risk threshold. That is due to the fact that they do not have the emotional stress level factor that people with intact, functioning amydalas do. And they must always up the ante to receive their control fix. They understand their behavior causes suffering, they simply do not care, because they can’t feel. Again I restate, this is the most difficult feature of psychopathy that most as yet, cannot grasp. It is our collective achilles heel in defense against the psychopath. We want very much for them to feel, so they can experience remorse and discontinue their behaviors. The achilles heel of a psychopath is being found out by others. If interested Wyandotte, the following video, although it does not go into the scientific studies of psychopathy, gives a good over-all psycho-social explanation into this very destructive biological disorder of the brain. With all the genetic splicing & dicing occuring in science, being funded by the payers of a multitude of taxes, common sense and justice, and perhaps the survival of our species, depends on isolating the psychopath gene.
      38 minutes,

    2. The term is “empathy”. Psychopaths have no empathy for others. Normal people typically mentally position themselves in the place of a sufferer. When they witness suffering they think how terrible it would feel were they to suffer in the same manner. This is what motivates normal people to reach out and help those they see suffering.

      Extreme empathy is a white racial trait that no doubt developed as a group survival tactic for living in cold climates. By contrast, Africans exhibit little or no empathy for others. They will sing and laugh, hoot and chant around a person they “necklace”, perhaps one of the most grisly methods of murder ever developed. The average white person witnessing such an act, sickened and revolted by it, simply wants to escape such a scene.

      Jews are a psychopathic race. They love torture and often find it sexually stimulating, which is why sadomasochism is so heavily promoted in the porn bizness. The descriptions of Jewish torture methods used on Russians, along with the Jews’ religious practice of torturing Christian children, demonstrates that when it comes to inflicting pain, Jews are far in advance of Africans. In fact, they were the tutors for American military personnel’s torture practices at Guantanamo. There is no irony in the Jews description of how evil Nadzees “laughed, ate and drank fine liqueur” while supposedly watching Jews being incinerated as this is the very type of thing Jews might enjoy while torturing their victims to death.

      While useful as a method of enforcing compliance, terror is another, less direct, form of torture Jews enjoy inflicting upon the innocent. A review of Hollywood’s burgeoning horror genre clearly demonstrates this particular form of enjoyment ~ “Oy Vey! A profit made while terrorizing goyim children in the dark! Zo vats’ not to like?” However, with Jews terror goes far beyond fantasy to a state approved tactic. This is what happened when the Jews took over Russia and replaced the monarchy with their Soviet terror state. America has now become a mirror of the old Soviet state in its tactical use of social terrorism to force compliance. Hatred is another emotion Jews are strongly bent towards. Jews are the people of hate, read their Torah, it’s full of hatred towards other peoples. Throughout their history, this hatred has been strong enough to drive Jews to commit genocide. (Is it any wonder they invented the term?)

      Jesus taught love. Jews only know lust and therefore hate the very idea of love, as it is an emotion that lies beyond their grasp. Jews invert Christian ideals of love and compassion to project their own seething hatred upon the innocent. Yet, what does one find in the Israeli treatment of the Palestinians but seething hatred? Compare the Jew’s seething hatred for the Palestinians to Christian attitudes and their present treatment of near-east refugees flooding into Europe, not to mention their historical treatment of Africans. Jews think anyone that gives the slightest quarter to others, friend or enemy, are fools; never mind those who compassionately try helping others. Jews shamelessly exploit and debase such noble aims among the white race they hate.

      Unlike Billy boy’s sobbing claim, psychopaths have no capacity to “feel yo’ pain.” The fact is Clinton and Co. are all psychopaths, so his whining statement about “feelin’ yo’ pain” was a disingenuous lie as was perceived by most empathetic, intelligent people. Cuzin Billy was simply trying to identify with the public, to convince the gullible he is just like them, when nothing could be further from the truth.

      Psychopaths are incomplete and they know this intuitively. They are perhaps among the most miserable people on the planet. Nothing satisfies them. The minute they achieve a goal they immediately feel empty and compelled to pursue new goals. Thus, the psychopath is constantly in search for a level of satisfaction their incomplete condition will never allow them to achieve. As the old saying goes: misery loves company”, so the psychopath loves seeing others suffer as they suffer. This is why psychopaths typically torture their victims before murdering them, they revel in the suffering of others. The more intense the pain the greater their enjoyment.

      Life in this sick, twisted Jewish world of avarice, hate, terror and torture often becomes untenable to whites, bringing them to the point of suicide and once again Jews laugh, eat and drink fine liqueurs as they savor the destruction of life.

  17. Lasha Darkmoon…another alternative media FAKE.
    Front up with your real name Darkloon…Perhaps the silliest named twat in the Alt media.
    Blair is a crypto Jew….

  18. G’day Pilgrims,
    We have it on good authority that: “By their fruits you shall know them”. Jews are Talmudists, and Talmudism is a political ideology.* Arguably, Jews are not a race and so they are not born so much as “made”, in the sense that they chose their ideology through their thoughts and actions. As this is a free will world, Talmudists can be said to choose their orientation and hence their ideology, via their thoughts and actions. It follows that Blair is a good example of a Jew “by Desire”, somewhat analogous to St Paul’s “Christian Baptism by desire”. Arguably, the “SELF CHOSEN” are, in a sense, also “SELF MADE”, and Blair is a good example of the “breed”.
    * In my view the so-called religious Torahites (however described) adhere to the OT ideology which begat the Talmud and is, in any event, totally ethno-centric and genocidal, and hence on all fours with the Talmud.
    Peace and Blessings,

    1. In deeper research on the origins of Yawheh, one discovers he was chiefly a pantheon war-volcano god. Moses was the front man for the ruling priestly and royalty class of Hebrew’s decision to focus all attention on Yahweh volcano -war god. This occured in appx 600BC, post the Hebrew’s freedom being granted to leave Babylon. The Hebrews were freed from Babylon (Iraq) by Cyrus the Great, a Persian. (Iran). Now the Zionists want to destroy Iran. It appears that in their 2600 years of steady programming of an abuser-victim-abuser-victim religion, they are quite prepared to pay any price to relive the grandiose Mosaic violence of the supremacist Yahweh volcano war god. They have convinced themselves of their superiority and made psychopathy into a religion. 2600 years of Judeo-Christianity, and Islam, all of Abraham, what might our world have been without it? 2600 years of compounded interest bearing collective karma of cause and effect, coming soon to a town near you. If you want to hear a bible scholar and former devout Christian give you the lowdown based on scripture and verse, check this out. Warning, he is indeed “pissed” after finally weaning off Matrix Religion; so if you don’t like hearing a well-placed GD, then forego the education. Peace to all of you highly interesting commenters, despite the lunacy. I always learn something from this site.
      – It would be funny, if not so painful.

  19. “charismatic leader or psychopathic war criminal”?
    i guess you have to be one or the other.
    but even the good policeman has to use violence from time to time.
    and as well you could say – we must be either brave agents of change, actually doing something about it, or gutless cowards staying safe on the sidelines. unless talking about it truthfully is a positive contribution, which it is.
    the idea is to change the current mindset, which is derived from the collective sub-conscious. enough truth spread around will do that.
    see the word ‘current’. it’s about the flow of events.
    blair is just another reptilian, controlled by his r-complex. he’s only a tool of the real power brokers behind the scenes at basel, the city of london, the vatican and the pentagon.
    notice how hillary finds war and the violent deaths of designated enemies (gaddafii) amusing. a brutal murder is still a brutal murder, or should be. but not to the psychopath.
    and it’s true, there are many in charge. any power structure is designed for them, but the security state with its theme of war is their perfect environment.
    what leader in the world today shows a trace of compassion or elaborates at any length about peaceful methods? much less does even one of them have any vision of a peaceful world. they’re not trying to make peace. they’re all arms merchants.
    the cuckoo kicked the baby doves out of the nest a long time ago.

  20. Uplifting articles and comments at darkmoon’s. I wish they were displayed everywhere on large animated neon boards to maximize the awareness and hasten the change wished for.

  21. People who want to rule others are psychopaths. That applies to all of them… including Blair.

    They all are criminals. Some get caught…. some don’t.

  22. @ Lasha

    “Ah yes, the whirling hands and the wildly gesticulating fingers! Did you know, dear reader, that “overuse of hand gestures” is one of the physical traits closely associated with psychopaths?”

    Does that mean that all Italians are psychopaths? 🙂

    Seriously, Blair is not mentally ill, he is just a typical lying politician looking out only for his best interests which always deals with the lust for power and greed. Because of their lusts, most politicians are furtive ground to being jewish fronts. If Blair is considered insane, then most all politicians are. The problem is that we have been brainwashed into believing that politicians are something other than what they are.

      1. @ 1138

        You have insulted jellyfish. 🙂 I personally like using the term “lower than whale crap at the bottom of the ocean.”

        BTW, the word “furtive” was supposed to be “fertile” in my above post. Automatic computer correction for a lousy typist can lead to some confusion terms. I have always had problems proof reading my writing since I know what it is suppose to say and apparently make automatic mental corrections as I review.

      2. Ungenius,

        You’re right, there is absolutely nothing lower than the likes of Blair.

        Still, I like to argue that even though they are ‘just’ puppets on a string, they are criminally insane.
        Because once positioned by the filthy jew, they actually are able to make a choice and still enjoy all this fine living, which motivates them to play ball in the first place.

        Imagine a politician with strong morals doing the right thing, exposing and stiffing the filthy jew. Such a man would be honoured and respected by billions, and it wouldn’t even make a huge difference in fine living. So that means a Blair is consciously and voluntarily betraying his people for no reason other than personal pleasure.

        And in the case he is being blackmailed into playing ball, for instance for buggering children or something disgusting like that, that certainly proves his evil insanity and absence of even the slightest trace of a conscience.

  23. Perhaps the Blair issue needs to be framed from a different perspective. Blair is not to blame, he is not at fault. He would have remained a nobody had he not been chosen by the chosen for his political role at a critical juncture in their effort to destroy Iraq and destabilize the near east. He simply was the perfect clown de jour as was Bush.

    Obama and every other political leader since the turn of the twentieth century has been carefully selected and maneuvered into favorable positions in the pursuit of never ending war. Blair was just one more useful idiot in a long line of sycophants. Jews carefully select such clowns specifically to obey and take the heat for the orders they give. Thus Blair takes the blame for the orders given by the true masters of the City of London, who now pay him well for his public perfidy.

    I marvel at the British outrage over the hundreds of men Blair marched into Iraq’s fields of fodder. What about Churchill? If one is outraged by Blair, they should be apoplectic about the horror and destruction Churchill’s war mongering wrought upon the British isles. He was the primary figure in declaring a war that brought about the mass slaughter of millions. What is more egregious is the hero status accorded this mass murderer chosen to replace Neville Chamberlain, a man genuinely pursuing peace, now vilified as a weakling apologist.

    Read Ann Davison’s book, “Last Voyage”, wherein she provides a telling narration of conditions in England before during and after the war. She and her husband’s business attempts were literally destroyed by Churchill’s policies. England was economically prostrated after WWII and the aftereffect was profound upon the people. Unlike the prediction of Vera Lynn’s tragically whimsical “White Cliffs of Dover”, there was no love and laughter or peace ever after, just a grim determination by the British people to carry on. What’s more, that war never freed the world from its Jewish oppressors and their lust for war, horror and bloodshed.

  24. Arguably, Britain and the Middle East have paid a high price for those demons.
    Right Lasha, they are demons.
    Evil alien conciousnesses in human bodies.

  25. Dear S.W.
    Jesus came to save the Hebrews and had no intention of “saving” the Gentiles, he fully supported Mosaic Law, and only turned against the Pharisees in power, after they rejected him as the messiah.
    Jesus answered, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel.” Matthew 15:24
    This is the story in which the Gentile woman asked for a healing, and the disciples could not get rid of her.
    So she begged Jesus and after her comparison with a dog, he granted her a healing.
    The truth of the scriptures lies right in front of you, if you have “eyes to see”.
    “The teachers of the law and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat. So you must be careful to do everything they tell you. But do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they preach.” Matthew 23:3
    The Mosaic law includes Torah and Talmudic law.
    “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. Matthew 5:17
    Is this a dictate/law of Yahweh war volcano god? It appears so in their lust for murdering children throughout history, including how many little kids in the Middle East in the last 15 years?
    “Happy is the one who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks.” Psalm 137:9

    It was Saul/Paul, a Roman citizen and bounty hunter of insurrectionists against Rome, after discovering there were not enough Hebrews to broaden the new religion who opened the religion to Gentilesmostly slaves and very poor people, misfits and rejects. Saul/Paul wrote most of the New Testament, afterall. The scriptures were not even written until appx 30-70 years after the supposed crucifixtion. This was plenty of time for Saul/Paul to do some scripture editing or even make them up in whole. Perhaps you should be worshipping Saul or “Saint” Paul. Besides the so-called “baptism of the Gentiles” is very supremacist. It was a scam, man. Jesus was a Zealot belonging to the fringe of radical and strict Pharisees known as the Essenes, hanging out in outlaw areas such as Gallilee. Re: Dead Sea Scrolls, Jesus had at least 3 disciples called Zealots. The Essenes have been dubbed as “Pharisees with swords”. “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.” Matthew 10:34. Much of the so-called “loving advice” from Jesus goes against natural law and basic common sense. For instance, Yahweh is a psychopathic, vicious god. Yet what does Jesus say? “Do not resist evil”. That advice really got magnified by the social engineers who created the “New Age” psy-op. We had an entire population of cultural-creative types who can’t bear to hear anything “negative” because it will “block their good”.
    Jesus wanted war with Rome and all for the glory of greater Israel. He was not out to help the Gentiles. “If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters–yes, even their own life–such a person cannot be my disciple.” Luke 14:26
    Much like the idiotic advice to take “no thought of the morrow, just as the sparrows”. Well sorry Jesus, but humans most certainly better prepare for the winter. So that is nonsence advice. And I think those sparrows work mighty hard to find their food as well. Yahweh Jr, son of Yaweh Volcano-war god.
    “I am come to send fire on the earth; and what will I, if it be already kindled?” Luke 12:49
    In your zeal to support a ancient Hebrew volcano war god and his “sun”, you trash your own ancesters. I would say mission accomplished. Those who claim to be aware of Jewish supremacism via Torah/Talmud, and documented history, and then claim to belong to the religion themselves, will never be spiritually free, not in this life. It is a form of insanity, mass hypnosis and you took the bait.

    1. @ Veraces

      “Jesus came to save the Hebrews and had no intention of “saving” the Gentiles, he fully supported Mosaic Law, and only turned against the Pharisees in power, after they rejected him as the messiah.”

      I’m not sure what books you have been reading, but it apparently is not the Gospels. In John 3:16, the word “world” did not mean just Israelites. When Jesus started his ministry, he started with gentiles and Israelites around the Sea of Galilee, not Judea. Jesus bitch-slapped the Mosaic law numerous times from eating restrictions to capital punishment and divorce. Jesus was before Abraham so he knew what the Law really was in the beginning and it was not what the jewish scribes had altered it to be in their best interest for control of the people. I could go one refuting everything you have said, but the post would be far too long.

      You give too much credence to the Old Testament. It is no wonder you see things as you do. It should be remembered that the Old Testament was in the hands of liars and murders, the devils agents.

      You can parse the teachings of Jesus and get what he said to mean whatever you want it to, but it will not be the truth. Parsing is a jewish specialty that should be avoided by those seeking the truth.

      There was a time in my life, most of it actually, that I could have agreed with your viewpoint. After praying for the truth, my viewpoint changed. I personally know people, gentiles all, that have raised people from the dead, healed the sick, and control the elements. After concentrating on the Gospels as I was told to do by a messenger, I was able to do the same as Jesus said we should although I have not raised anyone from the dead yet.

      If you really want to know the truth, pray properly for it and read the Gospels. The truth will be revealed to you and you will wonder how you managed to overlook it. That is what happened to me and there is no way that I have the faintest desire to return to be beliefs that I once had. I am certainly not special in any fashion. The door to the truth is open to anyone seeking it. If someone as stubborn and misinformed as I was can find it, anyone can that really wants to.

      1. “I came ONLY to save the lost sheep of Israel.” What is in that statement that you can’t understand?
        It is you, who denies the scriptures as they are presented. It is you who reads your own esoteric meaning into the scripures as they are written. Christians world-wide do this and have for 2000 years. They are called apologists. For they must defend against the inconsistencies, confusions, conflictions, and outright evil of the Torah and New Testament. How can you possibly deny that Jesus was the son of God? And who was God, and whom did Jesus claim to be the son of????
        Yahweh, the ancient Hebrew pantheon WAR VOLCANO god. Like many Christians you choose to ignore the violence and outright insanity of the Torah or Old Testament as if the two can be seperated. And you refuse to acknowledge the supposed words of your master, king of kings and king of the Jews, Jesus, which rightfully make you feel uneasy. It is called cherry-picking due to cognitive dissonance.
        “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.” Jesus
        “For truly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, not an iota, not a dot, will pass the law until all is accomplished. Whoever then relaxes one of the least of these commandments and teaches men so, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but he who does them and teaches them shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 5:18-19 RSV)
        Yes inconsistencies galore. But instead of logically acknowledging the bible’s schizophrenic stating one thing, then stating something conflicting,, you cherry-pick the one that suits you. Christians world-wide engage in such behavior.
        In Paradise, there will be no hiearchy. Hiearchacal systems belong to the physical realm of energy. Clearly this religion is man-created.

        “The teachers of the law and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat.
        So you must be careful to do everything they tell you. But do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they preach.” said Jesus. He was again stating the Pharisees are correct in law, they just fail to follow the law. He was angry because the Pharisees in power, unlike the Essene Pharisees like John the Baptist, rejected him as the messiah. Quite simply, the power structure of Jerusalem did not choose to take on the Romans. Afterall, the Romans built their second temple for them.
        As far as healing and performing miracles, do you think this is a possiblity that only Jesus and people who self-identify as Christians are capable? Most likely you do, because like Judaism, Christians believe they are special, ordained through the power of a volcano war god & his son Yahweh Jr. They give no credence to the power of the mind over body or the power of human’s innate ability to heal, or connect with Spirit that is beyond human thought, no matter the religious affiliation, Christians are very much into specialness, just like the Jews, so very special, indeed the only ones going to heaven! The rest of us will experience our flesh burning…..for eternity. No the power comes through eating the flesh and drinking the blood of Yahweh Jr.
        Jesus said to them, “Very truly I tell you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you.” Does this harken back to the days when human sacrifice was ordained by Yah?
        Afterall Jesus was very much in support of the Torah and its scriptures being followed to the letter. And this would most certainly include Talmudic law. Jesus did not want to change Judaism, he wanted to be
        the messiah, the ruler of the world! Today this would be called bi-polar disease.
        So all of us, who do not become spiritual cannibals are just heathens, unfit for the “KINGDOM OF YAH”.
        Christianity: The biggest scam the Jews EVER pulled on the Gentiles, making them passive doormats.
        “Slaves, obey your human masters in everything. Don’t work only while being watched, in order to please men, but work wholeheartedly, fearing the Lord.” -from the New Testament, from your buddy Saint Saul, widely considered as the “architect” of the New Testament.
        “Slaves, in reverent fear of God submit yourselves to your masters, not only to those who are good and considerate, but also to those who are harsh.”- good advice there Jesus. I guess that helped end slavery.
        So the great Jesus seemed to have no problem with slavery, just as Yahweh had no problem with slavery. Question?
        If the great Yaweh was omniscient, omnipresent, and was wise beyond mortal mind, then why why was this dictate for how slaves should grovel to their masters created, or as some apologists prefer, “inspired”?
        Jesus was a rebel outlaw living in the outskirts, fomenting a revolution against Rome and the Gentile world. He wanted to rule the world, because he was immersed in an insane religious belief system. He was associated with the Essenes during a messianic era of fundamentalism. Yes, Jesus was dissatisfied with the temple pharissees because they were not radical enough. He wanted to return to the good old days, when Yahweh was kicking ass. The words of Jesus just before his arrest? He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.”Luke 22:36 . Does that sound like a “lamb” willingly going to the cross to save your soul? Why the need for a sword if the great Yah was in charge? The Jesus figure had many similar characteristics as many ancient pagan gods before him. These characteristics such as being born of a virgin, and healing miracles were ripped off from those same pagan gods/goddesses in whom you denounce. There was nothing, not one wise assertion of Jesus that had not already been stated by others. The Golden Rule, which if followed requires no BS religion, was around a long time before Jesus came along. Christianity is a construct of the Jewish mind belief system. And if it were not for the Christians, the Jews would have never been able to gain such power today. Consciousness is all we truly own, and it is our consciousness that will take us to our next stop. Believing in Matrix Religion, created and pushed by the Controllers, will loop you right back down into physical realm. Not as punishment, but because it will feel like home to that consciousness. Christians, like humans who refuse to wake up in general, think they are safe by remaining ignorant. But they are incorrect. I find it absolutely amazing how humans in the 21st century, especially those who address the harmful beliefs of the Judaic religion identity & consequential behaviors, are still giving credence to such outragious nonsense themselves. Such is the power of the mind under delusional self-inflicted hypnosis. Your statement that I simply need to pray for truth, and stop being stubborn, (go ahead drink that kool-aide)
        is another demonstration of your outrageous arrogance, so typical of the Abraham belief systems.

      2. Veraces –

        “The Golden Rule, which if followed requires no BS religion, was around a long time before Jesus came along. Christianity is a construct of the Jewish mind belief system. And if it were not for the Christians, the Jews would have never been able to gain such power today.”

        I agree.

        And, today we have been trained, programmed to accept the Golden Rule in CODE:
        “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

        The Golden Rule in LAW is:
        “Do NOT do unto others, that which you would NOT have them do unto you.”

        Code INSTRUCTS. Libraries are full of books containing them. And are increasing all the time. Actions and statutes are being codified as I write this. Creates MORE need for attorneys.

        Law PROHIBITS. No trespassing. Do no harm if no injured party. Just a few pages will suffice. No attorneys needed.

        American Law was not meant for barristers… attorneys.
        Pharisee-Jews need them to help control us.

      3. @ Veraces

        You have incorrectly assumed me to be a Christian. I am not. I am a follower of the teachings of Jesus as recorded in the Gospels. The teachings of Jesus stand on their own without inconsistencies and with no need for assistance from any other part of the Bible. Consequently, most everything that you have said does not apply to me.

        In my previous post, I was merely trying to lend a helping hand to a person that is where I used to be. Obviously, you desire no help. No problem. However, since jews hate Jesus more than anything, continued bitching about about Jesus may lead people to think that you are in the enemy camp.

      4. @ Ungenius

        TO VERACES: “In my previous post, I was merely trying to lend a helping hand to a person that is where I used to be. Obviously, you desire no help. No problem. However, since jews hate Jesus more than anything, continued bitching about Jesus may lead people to think that you are in the enemy camp.”

        Well said, Ungenius! I have always maintained that Christ-bashers like Veraces are Useful Idiots for the Jews. They do the Jews’ dirty work for them. When they bash Jesus, the Jews give three cheers!

        How grateful the Jews must be to the anti-Christian Veraces and his kind for acting as their unpaid agents! 🙂

      5. Poor Veraces. He is unaware that the website on which he is posting his ranting anti-Christian diatribes is actually owned and run by committed Christians!

        At least, I think they are Christians, since Lasha Darkmoon admittedly appears to be a very weird kind of Christian, equally at ease with Hinduism and Buddhism! 🙂

        The fact that Christ-bashers are NOT banned from this refreshingly pro-Christian website is perhaps one of the oddest things about it.

  26. I wouldn’t say that Blair was a charismatic leader. I also wouldn’t say that he’s psychopathic war criminal either. I see him as an opportunist, who sold away his people and nation for becoming a name, which would lead to a rich harvest of financial gains, with every hour that passed. He’s simply someone who sold out, to do the bidding of the Zionists and, as we can see, immunity from all prosecutions brought against him for his actions, on behalf of the new world order. In doing what he did, not only did he secure his financial future, but also that of his wife and children, who will all go into well paid jobs and financial security.
    He most certainly is a war criminal. There’s no doubt about that.

  27. So because Jews hold Christians in contempt, we should avoid calling out Jew Religion Part Two? Now that’s logical.
    Perhaps if Christians were actually confronted with the facts of their belief system, including a thorough purview of the scriptures and verse, historical context, and especially historical context on the creation of Yahweh, which obviously they do not recieve, because the religious hierarchy makes a good dime in keeping the belief wagon rolling, the mind control programming might actually dissipate. While the “Jew ish” Jews might abhor the Christians, it appears the conservative Jews just LOVE the Christians. They especially love the powerful political base of support from the Christian evangelicals and their financial donations. Now don’t you think it is quite telling that although Jews distain Christians, (they disdain all Goy) the Christians still continue to think the Jews are so very special? As I stated earlier, mission accomplished. And you tell me I should not call out the BS religion for what it is? Where did humans get the idea that w/o Judeo-Christian religions we would all suddenly go wildly hedonistic, abandon all morality, and abandon common sense? Natural Law is not taught, neither is philiosophy in tax-payer funded schools. I suggest that it is because Matrix Religion has retarded the expansion on funding for scientific studies of consciousness, that our species has remained trapped in arrested development. Sadly, many become so disgusted with this Iron Age ideology they chuck the entire possibity of consciousness that survives death. Many of them become cynical atheists, simply replacing statism and corporate science as their gods. The results of a 2015 study of American attitudes toward Israel and the bible from Nashville-based LifeWay Research showed 80% of Christians support Israel. As part of the study, researchers conducted two separate surveys of 1,000 Americans, along with a survey of 1,000 senior pastors of Protestant churches.
    So if I understand you correctly, we should not call out the obviously ignored scriptures and verse, because Jews hate Christians. I say free the mind of the Christian, and they will no longer give political power to the those who hold them in disdain. Of course that takes courage and a willingness to respond kindly to ilogical retorts.

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