Trump won because of White people


trumpvictoryLD: We discussed yesterday the various reasons why Trump won the election. Mr Jaggers thinks Trump won because he promoted the interests of the vast underclass of disenfranchised Whites who were sick to death of the (((neoconservative liberal elites))), as typified by the loathsome Hillary Clinton.
It is in Trump’s own interests, Jaggers believes, not to betray the Whites who voted for him by reneging on his promises. There must be no U-turns, no cuddling up to the Zionist enemy, no wishy-washy compromises or backslidings. Trump is now expected to “make America great again” — or else.
A tall order? We’ll see. [LD]

Malcolm Jaggers :  In certain times, there is a surreal feeling of “being a part of history,” which is perhaps to say, we are living in a time period of dynamic change.  However unthinkable for the left it may be, Trump has been elected. We can add this to Brexit and other “unthinkable” events to come. To contemplate the details of what this may entail, such as the selection of cabinet members and policy priorities, which do indeed include “building that wall,” has something of a Christmas morning feeling—everyday.

To paraphrase an article from Die Welt, in Western Democracies, the status quo seems stable, and it is not generally considered possible for “extremes” to transpire.  But that is what we have seen, however we may want to quibble about what exactly is “extreme.”  Can Donald Trump, or the Alt-Right for that matter, be considered “extreme” after that electoral show of consent?  Regardless, when there is an endless back and forth between stultifying, uncourageous Republicans and the frankly anti-White agenda of the Democrats, “extreme” does not carry such a negative connotation, but instead implies a kind of deliverance.

We have been locked in a middle-class complaisance, and that is precisely why societies such as ours “are often surprised by the foreseeable and obvious.”   And alas, though it may be “unspeakable” to liberals, and though he was the object of such ridicule in our media, Trump is now “the most powerful man in the world,” as Die Welt puts it, perhaps with some apprehension.  Just let that sink in.

Explanatory Factors

Trump’s appeal may have been equally a reaction to Black Lives Matter protests as to immigration.  According to exit polls, 74 percent of Trump voters feel that Blacks are treated fairly by the criminal justice system, which by definition means that these voters are not sympathetic to Black Lives Matter.  Overall, half of White voters (Democrats and Republicans) opined that Blacks are treated fairly by police.  Likely most of us will have anecdotal evidence that our non-Alt-Right family members and acquaintances were not amused by Black Lives Matter.  Trump voters were especially unamused.

Of Trump supporters, 86 percent favor building the wall on the southern border, compared to less than half of all voters (54 percent oppose, 41 percent favor).  So antipathy towards both Black Lives Matter and immigration can be said to have catapulted Trump to the presidency, in part by turning off mainstream middle-class White people, who are normally content with the status-quo.  Moderates may not want a wall per se, but they also may not complain too loudly when it’s being built.  And again, Trump’s actual voters want it built—unequivocally.

While losing some steam amongst college-educated Whites, Trump won the White working class by 39 points, an increase from Romney’s 26 point spread.  Ultimately, there is no simple narrative that emerges; Trump increased White support in different key swing states from different rural and suburban demographics in order to dominate the electoral college.  I won’t pretend to be Nate Silver, so let’s just say he won because of White people.

“Among his supporters,” opines Thomas Friedman on Real Time with Bill Maher, “this was 80 percent about race, and the other 20 percent was about race.” 

Good then, let’s accept the premise of liberals and draw the necessary conclusions.  If Trump triumphed on the basis of race issues, he now has a mandate on immigration, law and order, the wall, etc.

For the NYTimes David Brooks holding forth on Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), Trump voters are “just going with their gene pool,” a rather bald statement that Trump voters are voting their ethnic interests. After the election, Brooks predicted that the country would be split into two factions, with one faction advocating ethnic separatism, what many on the Alt Right are already advocating. Would that it were so.

Nixon became known to history as the “law and order” candidate, which accurately characterized his proclivities vis-à-vis crime.  Trump, on the other hand, to leave no doubt, self-identified as the “law and order” candidate.  As liberals will complain, and as the alt-right will readily admit, “law and order” is understood to mean that we will not tolerate Black violence and civil unrest.  Trump’s support, therefore, was premised on his intolerance for the very violence which his election has provoked (once again) from Blacks and other malcontent minorities, in the protests following his victory, which continue as I write this.

It is ironic that Blacks report feeling “scared” at the prospect of the Trump presidency, while they are in fact the progenitors of violence, and so far as I know, Trump never made any negative statements explicitly about Blacks.  Their violence and disorder has indeed “scared” the rest of civil society, contributing to Trump’s election.  Perhaps Blacks are expressing their fear by attacking innocent Whites, in this inverted reality.  How can we assuage these sensitive Blacks’ sense of fear?  Shall we become human punching bags?

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

If there is one thing that minorities have learned over the last eight years, it is that they get what they want, and Whites (perhaps as a natural corollary) do not.  Hence the indignation following this surprise victory. 

Some journalists noted with amusement that Trump often played the Rolling Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” at his campaign rallies.  I hypothesized that Trump liked the song for its beautiful choral section, which has a celestial quality that built anticipation for his arrival on stage.  Surely he paid little heed to the message of the lyrics, which discordantly seemed to suggest he was voters’ second choice.  But now it all makes sense.  I suggest that for our “underprivileged” people of color, it’s time you learned: you can’t always get what you want.

Not only is the People of Color (POC) attitude of entitlement and aggrievement ridiculous, it is also presumptuous.

While the MSM claims that the onus is now on Trump to reach out to those who didn’t vote for him; i.e., Blacks and Hispanics, it would seem that he was given a mandate to serve the interests of those who did vote for him. It follows logically that he would now carry that project through and enact the policies which mobilized his base and put him in the Oval Office.

Sourced from the Occidental Observer

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  1. You Can’t Always Get What You Want

    If there is one thing that minorities have learned over the last eight years, it is that they get what they want, and Whites (perhaps as a natural corollary) do not. Hence the indignation following this surprise victory.

    Problem has been favouring certain ethnic groups beyond reasonability. People are people. For example, employment should go to the best qualified candidate regardless of race or ethnic creed. An assumption is made on the government’s part, that an employer will unfairly select Anglo Saxon over other races, which is wrong. Therefore, the employer must use race based quota agendas to effect equality.

    This is a form of dictating morality by an amoral government. This is one area that Mr. Trump ought to behove.

    1. Exactly GYORGY,
      Once upon a time there was an ‘old boys network’ in which a white might benefit.
      Now there is another ‘network’, as we see in South Africa and (nascently) in the USA, benefiting another race.
      Logically I might find the first network preferable to the second. Morally, I agree with impartiality, if accompanied with the principles of brotherly love and mutual respect.
      Sadly though, I do not think most people in perilous times, whites or others, will observe these moral niceties, myself included.

      1. Government has invaded all aspects of life, under the cloak of safety, yet obviously without true concern for citizen private property or life. If they did, most crimes would be minimised and solved. In US, one can be arrested for the most minor of infractions, for example, selling food as a hobby. . This is definitely a form of police state harassment. Most interesting, is the parallel that US states considered with voters mainly Democrat (New England, West Coast, Illinois) have the greatest crime problems.

        Yet, it seems legitimate for one to rape, pillage, battery, and maim, as law enforcement in both US and EU seem overwhelmed and some jurisdictions don’t seem to care. Quota based hiring practises ought to be considered of a lower accord, but morality is dictated in the strangest of priority.

  2. UC Irvine took a bold and sorely needed step to prepare its students for life under “an avowed white supremacist presidential administration.”
    In the works is a course to “address the critical subjects of racism, sexism, and xenophobia on which Trump has built his candidacy.“ It is meant to teach students to “to think critically about racism and public speech.” I applaud this initiative with one exception.
    Read the syllabus and see if you can spot what is outrageously ignored and completely absent:
    Spotted it? How is it possible to speak of racism without addressing the absolute worst form of it: anti-semitism???? I cannot figure out for the life of me why of all the groups oppressed by white males it is only women, LGBT, Mexicans, Muslims who are mentioned and the most persecuted minority at all times, nay,
    the eternal s c a p e g o a t s, are not mentioned.
    I wonder who conceived this syllabus. It could not have possibly been a Jew or a anyone sensitive to the always precarious position of Jews in the diaspora, always a step away from annihilation. Someone should contact them urgently.

    1. Ariadna –

      Here is a bit on “s c a p e g o a t s”…..

      They run everything and like to admit it.

      Milo Yiannopoulos is a Pharisee-Jew.

      Pharisee-Jews are allowed to say anything they wish.

      He does so here, saying, “Jew run everything..!!”.. “Well, WE DO…!!”

      1. Ah, Milo! Such a pretty blonde boy. Why he colors his roots black is beyond me.
        He looks adorable in this:
        and he is an American patriot, although some enemies might misinterpret his hand gesture as some vulgar anal allusion just because he is gay.
        He alone makes me trust Breitbart News, Bannon’s home.
        NN — “New Nationalism” — must be distinguished from the nationalism espoused by the uneducated anti-semitic bigots. It is focused on Muslims and Mexicans. One could say it is NNS against MMs, and it is all the rage. Time to coin the phrase “nationalism-dipped.”

  3. It must be because I reside in a more rural environment than some that I haven’t discerned any untoward “fear” amongst the blacks since the election. In fact, most EVERYBODY seems RELIEVED to not have to face a Killary Presidency. It’s just ‘back to business’, here, in Cornfield County, USA. 🙂

    Trump seems, so far, to be pliant enough to prefer diplomacy over force. Obviously, his strategy is such to assuage doubts rather than bolster fears among the guilty. Now, things like ‘building the wall’, which is suddenly within the realm of possibilities, will be more soberly considered by a thoughtful Mr. Trump. I believe he will be practical. (An unrestrained Border Patrol could be faaar more effective than a wall!)

    1. Jeez! That’s good citizen journalism with consistent evidence

      If you go on wikileaks and you enter pizza you have 100 answers for Podesta like this one:
      “On Jan 6, 2014, at 10:12 PM, Tony Podesta > >> Mary not free >> Would love to get a pizza for an hour ? Or come over >> ”
      And 18 for Hillary.
      But nobody cared that Bill Clinton went 60 times in one year on Epstein pedo island accoring to FBI

      The Podesta code.
      Cheese Pizza = CP = Children Pornography
      Domino = Domination
      Pizza = Girl
      Hot-Dog = Boy
      Cheese = Little girl
      Pasta = Little Boy.
      For the Gays= Chicken.

      I think Biden like cheese pizza.

  4. I cannot make this stuff up. Haaretz has this Nov-17 headline:

    Trump’s Election Triggers Old Nightmares for Holocaust Survivors in America

    The dramatic increase in anti-Semitism and hate crimes since Election Day is a horrifying flashback for veteran Jewish Americans. As one says, ‘I lived through one Hitler, I don’t want to live through another.’

    Not a word has been stated about deporting anyone of Jewish heritage, nor any criticism aimed at thereof, yet this annoying whine of self-victimisation continues.

    And this Oct-8 article in The Times of Israel:

    Trump would be ‘American Mussolini’ says best-selling US writer

    But the fact that he was even in the running for the White House was indicative of “the rise of the far right all around the world,” he said in an interview at his home in Paris.

    “It’s not just a US phenomenon,” he said, pointing to what he called the “Brexit disaster,” when Britain voted in a referendum in June to pull out of the European Union.

    “Donald Trump is misogynist, misanthropic,” said Kennedy. “He has an ego the size of Canada. He has no culture, he never reads. [….]

    Kennedy, whose 12 novels include “The Big Picture” and “The Pursuit of Happiness”, said his vote would go to the Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton.

    “She will be a very great president,” he said, denouncing what he said was the misogynistic abuse she had faced.

    “There has never been such a gulf between a progressive America turned towards the outside world — as embodied by Bill Clinton and Barack Obama — and the ultra-religious, anti-abortion, pro-family values vision defended by the Republicans,” he said.

    Writer Kennedy speaks of devout Christians (utra-religious), respectful of the unborn lives (anti-abortion) and pro-family values as if these are bad things. It is as though traditional marriage and having children in marriage are bad things. For the same, Hillary Clinton classified Trump voters as being DEPLORABLES. In essence, the English people through Brexit are now also considered as deplorables. Much of this false sensationalism is nothing more than a continuation of attitudes expressed 2,000 years ago as:

    “But to what shall I compare this generation? It is like children sitting in the marketplaces, who call to their companions and say, ‘We played the flute for you, and you did not dance. We sang a dirge, and you did not mourn.’ For John came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, ‘He has a demon.’ The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, ‘Behold, a gluttonous man and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!’ But wisdom is justified by her actions.” (Matthew 11:16-19)

    It is interesting how that even with the passages of great time, the same prevailing attitudes of falsely classifying people who decidedly not participate in their games and who stand for the right things in opposition to their amoral hegemony are labelled thusly.

      1. When it suits them to be…..
        Yep, practical need, in France they are whiter and whiter with Islamic terrorism.

  5. “…Trump voters are “just going with their gene pool,” a rather bald statement that Trump voters are voting their ethnic interests…”

    Bald (“hairless”) should be bold (“courageous”) of course.

    Yes, Trump won mainly because of the vote of white people, but white people not of the degenerate and/or brainwashed kind who consider themselves “progressive”. For these “deplorables” (real deplorables, that is) the witch Hillary, no matter how wicked, was more acceptable than a straightforward man like Donald Trump. They believed their witch would deliver their Utopia of mass non-White immigration, miscegenation, drugs, free sex and any kind of sexual depravity the prophets of Cultural Marxism preach.
    For such deplorables Trump’s common sense is indeed a form of “extremism”.

    To enjoy some schadenfreude, here is a video in which those deplorables are whining about their lost Utopia :

      1. Is it just me or has anyone else the same urge as I have. The urge to go out with a sledgehammer and bash their brains in, one by one. Or with a brick, even better.

        I’m not kidding. If these were olden days I would do it, and with great pleasure. Why? Well, out of vengeance of course, but also out of necessity. Because you cannot build a healthy society based on eternal truth with these worthless excuses of humans. So one would do good by carrying out this noble task of cutting out this disease from humanity.

        I’m not encouraging anyone to do this though, since we still live under repression of the forces of evil which rendered these sort of authentic and pure deeds as criminal.

        And for everyone’s information, I’m very sane.

  6. Trump won because white stock brokers holding off trading gains until after election… voted for him. 🙂

    Trump’s win sent the stock of Corrections Corporation of America, the world’s largest private prison company, plummeting. The share price stayed down until the day after Donald Trump’s election, when it jumped 40 percent. The company’s main competitor, Boca Raton, Fla.-based GEO Group, rose 30 percent.

    The Nashville-based company changed its name to CoreCivic in October.

    Along with its prison business, the company oversees detention centers used to house thousands of undocumented immigrants picked up by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

    “CoreCivic is well-positioned to provide innovative, dependable solutions,” says Jonathan Burns, CoreCivic’s director of public affairs.

    More $$$$$$…!!!

    Prisons are private. Here are NAICS numbers:

    236220 Prison construction
    337127 Prison bed manufacturing
    922140 Prison farms
    922140 Prisons

    1. VT has got some damn good writers. Like Jonas Alexis. But I sometimes think these good writers are there just as red herrings or camouflage. To present a good image and make people think every article is reliable and trustworthy like the few good writers like Jonas.

      1. I am a fan of Jonas Alexis too and I also distrust VT. Although I continue to think that voting for Trump was an obligatory choice, I do not trust Trump and never did. Nevertheless I cling to the hope that by “ill thought” intent, by error, neglect or by default Trump will do he right thing, here and there, which is why every time Lobro defends him I lap up his arguments with something approaching desperate hunger.
        VT may be a disinfo site but in the case of this particular piece one can’t quarrel with…. (ready, Pat?) the LIST.
        Even if his entire cabinet were to be free of Jews (stacked only with the second best, i.e., Shabbos Goyim…), the fact that these are his advisors is, I have to admit, deeply worrisome. To think that he could be walled in by Jews, whom he is only using as a cover, while he is running the country outside of and against their directives and wishes, is preposterous. Not unless he has his own secret shadow government that works invisibly against the Deep State.

      2. Ariadna,

        Thanks for your input. You are one person here whose opinions I value and whom I find totally sincere. Like you, I want to believe in Trump and am keeping my fingers crossed that he isn’t going to let us down and prove a turncoat.

  7. BREAKING NEWS –offered without comment and free of that dang irony:

    MIKE POMPEO–new Director of the CIA. Pompeo’s political bio cf. Zero Hedge:
    He is “close to Trump’s running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, who served with Pompeo in the House. Last month, Pompeo helped prepare Pence for the vice presidential debate with Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia.

    Pompeo is a member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence and one of the most vocal critics of the Obama administration’s nuclear deal with Iran.
    He’s a supporter of the National Security Agency’s controversial bulk data collection program and sought to restore the agency’s access to the data it had already collected under the Patriot Act from its inception through late last year.
    Graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and Harvard Law School. Member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

    Grew up in the traditionally Republican enclave of Orange County, California, founded Thayer Aerospace, a company that made parts for commercial and military aircraft. After selling Thayer, he became president of Sentry International, a company that manufactures and sells equipment used in oil fields.

    Elected to Congress in 2010 on a wave of tea party support and with backing from the Koch Industries political action committee. The Wichita-based conglomerate’s PAC is well known for its support of conservative candidates.

    Though generally known for his opposition to Obama administration policies, Pompeo has occasionally given heat to some fellow Republicans. Last year, his name was floated as a potential rival to Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin to become House speaker.

    Earlier this year, he briefly flirted with a primary challenge to Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran after the state’s junior senator appeared to break with Senate Republican opposition to Obama’s Supreme Court nomination of Merrick Garland.

    Joe Romance, an associate professor of political science at Fort Hays State University, said it makes sense for Pompeo to consider a job in the executive branch, given the way the stage is set from Kansas to Washington in the next several years.

    “He’s ambitious,” Romance said. “Jerry Moran just got reelected. Roberts is not up until 2020. So where do you need to move? And I don’t think Ryan’s going anywhere as speaker. So why not?”

    Pompeo has sponsored numerous bills that would maintain or increase sanctions on Iran over its nuclear weapons program. He’s been a staunch opponent of the deal negotiated by President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry that eases sanctions in exchange for dismantling the nuclear weapons program.

    In February, Pompeo and two of his Republican House colleagues unsuccessfully sought visas to monitor the country’s elections.

    When Iran detained a group of American sailors earlier whose ship had wandered into its territorial waters earlier this year, Pompeo introduced a bill requiring the Obama administration to investigate whether Iran violated the Geneva Convention. It didn’t become law. The sailors were not harmed, and the Navy later concluded that the sailors had entered Iran’s waters by mistake.

    Pompeo has served on the House Select Benghazi Committee, the special panel created in 2014 to probe the Sept. 11, 2012 attack in Libya that killed four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens. One of its key targets was former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, on whose watch the attack had occurred.

    When the committee released its report on the attack in June, Pompeo and Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio released a separate report that was even more sharply critical of Clinton’s handling of the affair. They wrote that Clinton intentionally misled Americans about the nature of the attack because Obama was up for re-election.

    “Officials at the State Department, including Secretary Clinton, learned almost in real time that the attack in Benghazi was a terrorist attack,” Pompeo and Jordan wrote. “With the presidential election just 56 days away, rather than tell the American people the truth and increase the risk of losing an election, the administration told one story privately and a different story publicly.”

    Pompeo has made some controversial statements about Muslims. Weeks after the Boston marathon bombing in 2013, in a speech on the House floor, he not only accused Islamic faith leaders of not doing enough to condemn terrorist attacks, but also suggested they might be encouraging them.

    “When the most devastating terrorist attacks on America in the last 20 years come overwhelmingly from people of a single faith, and are performed in the name of that faith, a special obligation falls on those that are the leaders of that faith,” Pompeo said. “Instead of responding, silence has made these Islamic leaders across America potentially complicit in these acts and more importantly still, in those that may well follow.”

    But last month, three militiamen were arrested in western Kansas in an alleged plot to blow up an apartment complex that’s home to Somali Muslim refugees.

    Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said statements like Pompeo’s were detrimental to policies that keep all Americans safe.”

      1. That may be significant to someone who believes in the deep distinction between “Conservatives” and “Liberals” (aka High-Heels and Low-Heels cf Swift).
        For the rest, these scores are useful when using public transportation, e.g., in Chicago you only have to add $2.00 to the score and you got yourself a bus ticket. For a transfer you need to add another quarter.

    1. A video showing the damage to the church and the settler’s homes on a hill just above the church was on Ma’an News Agency’s website yesterday. It has gotten to the point vandalizing or destroying a church in Israel is not really ‘news’ in that it happens so often. Last year Jewish settlers burned down the Church of Loaves and Fishes, a Christian church originally built in the 4th century AD on the site where it is thought Christ fed the masses with a loaf of bread and a fish. Jewish settlers routinely go into Christian churches and Muslim mosques and urinate and defecate in them. In Jerusalem, Christian priests are routinely hit, shoved and spit upon by Jews while walking the street. If a non-Jew hits, shoves or spits back at the Jew, the Jewish authorities will immediately revoke the non-Jewish person’s Jerusalem residency permit. Jews never have their Jerusalem residency permits revoked.

      ETA: the video is also up on the International Middle East Media Center’s website.

      1. One third of black voters and other minority voters voted for Trump also, it wasn’t only Whites who voted for Trump. Of the blacks and minorities who didn’t vote vote for Trump didn’t vote for Hillary either. They stayed home and didn’t vote, lots of them. Even [ it’s a hoot! ] even Obama’s brother, a half-brother of his, voted for Trump, LOL.

    1. Arch,

      Yeah, and there are two kinds of people in this world.

      But usually they don’t share a body 🙂

  8. I didn’t realize that everyone around Trump is Jewish. Hmm. I have gotten to really dislike Veterans Today since the election rhetoric heated up. I think rather that they are 90% Jewish, at least Gordon Duff is, and they are a disinfo site as they admit they are.

    I have been appalled at the treatment of white people under the Jewish oligarchy. You might as well include Christians under that as well, although there are a lot of non-white Christians. Trump can’t help but make things better because they couldn’t have gotten any worse…well, they could have gotten worse but that would have been total dictatorship. I hate to make a blanket statement about the elites, or Jews, but it does seem to me that the religious belief system of Neoliberalism’s creed (derived from Judaism according to Gilad Atzmon) includes strong statement against whites and Christians. Neoliberalism is a disgusting religion/ideology I doubt Neoliberals really love Blacks or hispanics, etc. who are also Christian. Neoliberalism is an extremely weird cultural elite. They seem to approve of pedophilia, sex slave trade, organ trafficking, forced vaccination, corporate fascism, and wars of aggression primarily against Muslim countries. I can’t fathom why Kevin Barrett would prefer Hillary to Trump since her plans included more slaughter of Muslims. Hillary Clinton was the world’s worst candidate.

    The Neoliberals absolutely hate whites, especially white males. It’s hard not to be reactive. I really hope that Trump doesn’t give into any of them: no neocons, no neoliberals, please.

  9. We have to try to make this work, that is, the Trump presidency. I don’t want to go back to the liberal, white hating, socialist model for the U.S. So here we are with the idea that Trump is surrounded by Jews according some accounts. Hmm. To get beyond the Jewish issue, I think we have to acknowledge that distinction between Israel firsters, and regular American Jews. Israeli firsters put Israel first, and Trump puts America first. I don’t think that is rhetoric, I think it’s real. A lot of American Jews do not put Israel first either for lots of reasons: they are married to a non-Jewish American woman or they don’t like hot, dusty climates, or they aren’t crazy about the way Israel behaves.

    I see that this globalist elite and their agenda are beginning to fail because they are so desperate they are beginning to make zero sense. Anyone who thinks that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are like Zionist twins definitely has another agenda going, as well. Hillary Clinton spends her time thinking about vaginas–that is young girl’s vaginas. Trump wants to make America great again. I guess I finally figured out why this campaign is so vagina oriented, I think it’s Hillary’s idea not Bills. Bill is awful, terrible, the worst example of a white male you could find, maybe the white male thing is directed against slick willy. Hillary can’t see beyond her own subjectivity, everything is about her, the campaign was all about her. Donald Trump gave three rallies a day to massive crowds. He started a movement. He ran a brilliant campaign. He has brilliant people around him, and other than his son-in-law Jared I don’t get the all Jewish connection. It’s going to take time to loosen the oligarchy’s grip and it doesn’t hurt to do it slowly and peacefully.

    1. “A lot of American Jews do not put Israel first…”
      If you can send me the names of all the American Jews you encounter who want us to stop giving Israel 50 bil/year “aid” I promise I will invite them both to dinner.THAT to me would be a sign of putting America first.

      “… either for lots of reasons: they are married to a non-Jewish American woman…”
      In my long life I have not met any American Jews married to “shiksas” whom they they did not get to convert to Judaism.

      “Hillary Clinton spends her time thinking about vaginas–that is young girl’s vaginas.” Maybe, but unless she uses hers as a bank vault I think she has spent much more time conniving how to amass a greater fortune by selling her office and the country and that is far more of a national concern.

      “I guess I finally figured out why this campaign is so vagina oriented, I think it’s Hillary’s idea not Bills. Bill is awful, terrible, the worst example of a white male you could find, maybe the white male thing is directed against slick willy.”
      Sorry to disagree again. Her strident feminism is a spiel to fool already stupid women, and is as sincere as her much vaunted concern for children. And no, the anti-white male campaign is not about Bill; it is about the white middle and working class, the “deplorables” she and her Jewish masters despise.

    2. ADMIN : COMMENT FOUND IN SPAM AND APPROVED. Why in spam? No idea.


      Trumps son-in-law jew Jared Kushner is in bed with jew Kissinger and ceo of Rothschild’s lie factory Rupert Murdoch.

      Trump in a speech: we’ll fight for Israel 100%, 1000%. Trump in a interview (while pointing with his indexfinger to himself) we’ll protect Israel. So the War of Terror is in safe hands whatever Trumps blabla about reopening 9/11 investigation.

      This cartoon tells the trump tale:

      Trumps (funda)mental coach in the real estate career is Roy Cohn notorious lawyer of the NY mafia families.

      Trump is a crypto jew. His grandparents are Talmud jews from Germany.

      You drown in Trumps jew connections:

  10. Trump won with fake claims. Lies….

    He is already caving just like the rest of the criminals in politics.

    He caved in where he said he NEVER WOULD..!! He said he would NEVER pay a dime because that would send a message to others to file more claims….

    Trump agrees to $25 million settlement in Trump University fraud cases

    President-elect Donald Trump, who has repeatedly bragged that he – NEVER settles lawsuits – despite a long history of doing so, has agreed to a $25 million settlement to end the fraud cases pending against his defunct real estate seminar program, Trump University.

    The settlement eliminates the possibility that Trump will be called to testify in court in the midst of his presidential transition. It ends three separate lawsuits that made claims against Trump University, including a California class action case that was scheduled to go to trial later this month, as well as a second suit in that state and an action filed by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

    ALL national leaders are LIARS..!!! That’s how they get there..!!

    1. Pat, last time with the lists, I promise. Unless of course you insist.
      Please give us a list with even one name on it, of someone who has never told a lie.
      And no, your name doesn’t count (;>)
      I stashed the matchbook cover in my safe, but I’ll place the (even one) name in my memory bank and never tell anyone. Honest!

      1. There was a guy in Arkansas, I think…. He was an accountant for the Navy. Maybe I am wrong.
        HP, what does it take for you to share Pat’s list of truth tellers with me? Name the price. I’ll never tell anyone either.

      2. Ariadna, the moment I get it, I’m heading for the mountaintop, tout suite!
        Toting my bullhorn and HP behind me..
        I sure hope there’s WiFi up there, because my lungs aren’t what they used to be. I might have to send a raven.
        The price? Please feed the raven, and pay it forward..

  11. “I won’t pretend to be Nate Silver, so let’s just say he won because of White people.”

    Of course Trump won because of “white” people. “White” people are the majority unless you do not count the “white” people that are not thoroughbreds. If the facts were actually known (they are not known) about the lineage of all “white” people, those non-thoroughbred “white” people would most probably be in the large majority even though it is not completely visible by their skin color.

    Division by race is a basic jewish control tactic, basic divide and conquer, and serves to validate the jewish lie of jews being a race when they are actually just a religious cult. The racial jew lie is promoted to fool members of the cult into believing that they cannot escape the religious cult.

    Chasing race differences is a giant jewish deception designed to hide what the jews are really up to, enslaving and killing all non-cult members regardless of their skin color or breeding papers.

    “Trump’s support, therefore, was premised on his intolerance for the very violence which his election has provoked (once again) from Blacks and other malcontent minorities, in the protests following his victory, which continue as I write this.”

    The majority of the anti-Trump protesters are “white.” If a person believes the lies of the media and adds up all the anti-Trump numbers presented by the media, they all add up to about the same size as one decent Trump campaign event. The total number of protesters is too small to matter except to the jewish brainwashed.

    I could go on and on about what is wrong with this article, but I do not feel it is worth my time. I’ll just finish with this exceptionally important fact. Neither Jesus, Buddha, or Mohammed ever said that the color of a person’s skin was important. The jews say it is and most seem to believe it. Care should be taken when deciding which side to pick.

    1. Ungenius,

      “Division by race is a basic jewish control tactic,”

      No, it’s not. Far from it.

      However, rendering all races in places they don’t belong is. Now it’s labelled multiculturalism and equality, both absurdities which could only have been spawned by insane judaists.

      And THIS is jewish control tactics at work because they guarantee ethnic conflicts. By letting the different races undisturbed in their natural places – which divinity has provided for them – ethnic conflicts would not exist. And a situation of having no ethnic conflicts in this world is useless to the filthy jew’s ambition. So they changed that situation and we are living in the result.

      Both Christianity and Islam preach egalitarism which disregard nature and therefore had to be invented by the filthy jew. Religion is not universal.

      1. @ 1138

        By taking that portion of the statement out of context, you are correct. Leaving it in context, we agree.

        “By letting the different races undisturbed in their natural places – which divinity has provided for them – ethnic conflicts would not exist.”

        Thousands of years before there were jews, mankind had feet, transport animals, and boats that allowed travel to “un-natural places.” Since people have a tendency to have sex wherever they go, racial purity certainly ceased to exist. Racial predominate may exist, but not racial purity.

        “Both Christianity and Islam preach egalitarism which disregard nature and therefore had to be invented by the filthy jew. Religion is not universal.”

        Egalitarian: believing in the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities.

        Christianity may teach egalitarianism, but Jesus did not. Jesus taught that all people are equal only in their right to decide to follow his teaching or not.

        Religion is universal. The vast majority of people on the planet believe in a higher power with a tiny few that believe that there is no higher power. Both categories are a religion.

      2. Ungenius,


        By “religion is not universal” I mean that all different peoples and cultures have developed their own version/interpretation of – the same – eternal truths. Eternal truths that are some how recognised as such, because only sticking by it will provide them continuity. Wandering off the righteous path of eternal truth will guarantee their demise.

        I think we can agree on that.

        But the reason all different peoples have developed different versions of eternal truth is biological. All the different cultures are the material and spiritual expression of their genes. If all men were equal all cultures and values would be the same. But they’re not. Mixing populations – and their different values will lead to ethnic conflict guaranteed. Unless some will adapt to alien values. against their will, or de facto be repressed.

        The different races have developed in completely different environments, which explains the differences. For instance Europeans have evolved in moderate climates exposed to seasons, which made them the ultimate generalists, which explains their high intelligence. Central Africans have evolved in a tropical environment without seasons which resulted in them being specialists and less intelligent than Europeans and others that have evolved in moderate climates with seasons. I could go on and on but I think the point is clear.

        The natural order – and the peace between different races with different ambitions, talents and values and cultures – is best served by peoples in the environment where they have developed to what they are today and where they are allowed to be souverein and live their lives according to their own values and ambitions. Yes, I believe that Europeans are best qualified to live and maintain European culture and values, just as I believe that black Africans are best qualified to live and maintain African values and East Asians are best qualified to live their culture etc etc. That way everybody can stay authentic, which is very important, in fact THE most important in order to stay spiritually healthy.

        In short, peoples are NOT all the same, far from it. A black African is not fit to live and think and behave like a European just like a European is not fit to live like they do. The contrary is never been proven, never.

        Different races are NOT interchangeable. When you remove all Europeans from Europe and replace them with Congoids you will get stone age cannibalsm in Europe because they are not equally fit to create and maintain a European technologically highly advanced and functional society (*) just as when you put all those removed Europeans in central Africa you will get a technologically highly advanced and functional society because they are not equally fit to live life like stone age cannibals. It’s as simple as that. Any child can see that.

        ( * it’s not as functional as it could and should be these days. Guess how come. )

        The filthy jew is just exploiting these – obvious – differences by throwing everybody in one habitat while promoting equality and where they thus will fight each other like dogs while they take the bone (=control).

        I said Christianity and Islam preach egalitarism, NOT jesus. Jesus would not have been such a fool to promote an absurdity – nay, an abomination – like multiculturalism or equality. That, and the notion that all values and cultures are equally valuable regardless of location, so even outside of the habitats where they were formed and inside alien territory, will lead to Sodom and Gomorra. And we’re pretty much on our way to it now.

        The only real equality is the one nature has provided for already; that ALL peoples, no ALL LIVING BEINGS, have the EQUAL RIGHT to live souverein and according to their own beliefs without being exploited or worse.

        I’m sure you will agree.

      3. @ 1138

        I wish you would go away and stop bringing this excellent site into disrepute by your disgustingly abusive, blatantly racist, and over-the-top language. You are in flagrant breach of the basic rules of this website. Even the neo-Nazi Daily Stormer would have a problem publishing your scurrilous comments.

        As for the Occidental Observer or Counter-Currents, you wouldn’t have a hope in hell of seeing your stupid low-IQ comments posted there! Why do you take advantage of this unmonitored website by flooding it with your filth?

        You have admitted already to being an old man. It’s a pity to think you have reached old age without acquiring any wisdom.

        @ Admin

        Ban this foul-mouthed geriatric NOW! — before he blackens the name of your website any further.

      4. Admirer of Darkmoon Site,

        “[@1138] I wish you would go away and stop bringing this excellent site into disrepute by your disgustingly abusive, blatantly racist, and over-the-top language.”

        You will look upon what 1138 has stated as racist, but I’ve got bad news for you – the truth IS racist.

        Ask yourself a question – “what has the black given western culture that it didn’t already have”?

        Racism, in the modern definition is essentially ‘views of one race’s superiority towards another’. What is superiority? If I ran 100 metres against a black man, there would be a high chance that he would win, because the majority of the world’s fastest athletes are black. The same for basketball players too…and boxers. So we can safely say that because of representation within sports, blacks are superior to whites in MANY events. This is racism, but it is accepted as perfectly natural, because the black is the minority, living within the west and blacks can’t be racist; so we’re told.
        Now let’s put the shoe on the other foot? The western culture IS white, regardless how you want to look at it. It has evolved over thousands of years. The achievements of white people GREATLY outweigh anything, any other people have given the world in the fields, of science, technology, engineering, architecture, literature, music, the arts, academia, philosophy, medicine, law & order, humanitarianism, universal emancipation….. the list goes on and on and on. However, if I state that this proves vast superiority over the other races, by whites, I would be shouted down as a racist, for stating the truth, yet the black man won’t be.

        1138 makes many correct points. If we took all the Pakistanis out of Pakistan and dropped them in the UK, the UK would cease to exist as the UK and become an Islamic state under Sharia Law, as is the plan. The same will go for any non Caucasian peoples dropped into a Caucasian land, who become the majority. Their culture will eventually dominate. It’s the very reason we had border control.
        And why is there no longer border control (I speak from someone in the UK)? Simple. There is no border control and a mass flood of refugees, because tptb are actively promoting an agenda of white genocide. Their plan is the UTTER DESTRUCTION of European culture and its people.
        Once everyone is at each others’ throats, they will come out and say: “We need world government and an end to the concept of nationalism and indigenous culture. This is the only way to bring peace”. And in doing so, they tell Europeans, that they cannot be individuals, have their own culture, history, nationality and people and that they will either become one race, under the control of the Jews, or be ‘removed’.

        I am amazed that with what’s going on, people are still blind to what’s happening.
        Racism is the very thing that keeps animals in the animal kingdom alive. You don’t, for example see the Cheetah hang out with the leopard, or the hyena with the wild dog do you?
        The attack on the western man, is so, because the new world order knows that they are the BIGGEST resistance to totalitarianism. History has proven this. The Germanics and the Celts, resisted the Romans for hundreds of years. Freedom is ingrained in our very psyche and it is why, for the last 60 years, Jewish cultural Marxism has been drilling away, changing people, by generation, through constant propaganda in the schools, universities and msm to become no different to the natural slave mentality of the African and the Asian. Had you looked at the UK in 1950, you would see a different world today, not just landscape, but race and public opinion. It is the Jew, who is responsible for the destruction of it and to quote Lobro, from a previous post “They say Britain wouldn’t be Britain were there no Jews. They’re right, it would be far greater”.

        To finish; we are constantly told of the ‘Out of Africa’ myth, with the black, mitochondrial Eve. This is a theory and nothing more, but more importantly a laughable lie of Boasnian Anthropology, another Jew who did his part to destroy western culture.
        If whites came from blacks, then why are there no blacks turning white, with different shaped skulls to their black race? If Africa was the heart of civilization, why was it that the white people created the world’s greatest empires and more importantly the west – why didn’t Africans do so a long time ago?

        There is something going on in this world, that I really can’t put my finger on, but I really wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest, if whites are not of blacks and possibly not of this earth either. There has never been a more kind, compassionate and caring race on this planet as the white peoples. You will not find the same compassion within other races, that is of course, those who have not absorbed western culture.

      5. Admirer –

        THIS is RACIST…. in EU and US..!!

        H.R. 6208: Combating European Anti-Semitism Act of 2016

        114th CONGRESS
        2d Session
        H. R. 6208
        September 28, 2016
        Mrs. Lowey (for herself, Mr. Smith of New Jersey, Mr. Engel, Ms. Ros-Lehtinen, Mr. Israel, Ms. Granger, Mr. Deutch, and Mr. Roskam) introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs

        A BILL
        To require continued and enhanced annual reporting to Congress in the Annual Report on International Religious Freedom on anti-Semitic incidents in Europe, the safety and security of European Jewish communities, and the efforts of the United States to partner with European governments, the European Union, and civil society groups, to combat anti-Semitism, and for other purposes.

      6. P.S.

        I forgot to add; many people will disagree on my last paragraph. They will say that the white man has traversed the globe and enslaved. I won’t deny that, but I will say that much of the wrong, done by the white man was as a direct result of being under the control, albeit by proxy, of the Jew. I will add that the white man is white man’s own downfall, in his weakness to accept the lie and not fight for the truth, but when you are brainwashed in the religion of thou must not offend (political correctness) then he can hardly be blamed, if that is all he knows, courtesy of accepting the lies around him, from the msm and academia.
        The west is under attack because WE ARE THE ONLY PEOPLE who can not just resist, but defeat the creation of a socialist, totalitarian state, the plan of AND the new world order. They know that if the truth comes out and the lies exposed of the Jew, throughout history, moreso how they’ve purposefully pitted white man against white, black against white, black against Hispanic, then their tribe will have as much chance of surviving, as a tarantula does, falling off a leaf into the path of a troop of army ants.

        “The truth will set you free” is the guillotine upon the neck of world Jewry. The Jew is terrified, because it continues to do wrong, knowing that it does at great peril to its survival. It will continue doing wrong, building more lie upon lie, until eventually it will all come crashing to the ground. The Jew is on a one way trip into Marx’s abyss and it knows it. It’s just trying to do as much damage as it can before it ultimately destroys itself.

      7. @ Harbinger
        @ Pat

        Neither of you have the interests of this website at heart. If you did, you would not be defending 1138 for being in clear breach of the rules and regulations of the Darkmoon website as set out in Admin’s Policy Statement. I am not concerned with 1138’s “VIEWS”, as you both mistakenly assume. I am concerned with his foul, abusive LANGUAGE.

        1138 is in clear breach of Rule #11 in Admin’s Policy Statement:

        # 11. RACIST TERMS like “nigger”, “wog”, “raghead”, “kike”, “yid”, and “filthy Jew” should be avoided at all times. Such vulgar talk lowers the tone on our website and gives it a bad name. So please STOP using these terms!

        1138 keep using the term “FILTHY JEW” like a mantra, in post after a post, completely disregarding Admin’s reasonable wishes.

      8. AoDs,

        I wasn’t aware of ‘filthy jew’ being in that list. And I never suspected it would be.

        Because Jew is not a derogative name, neither is filth.

        What is Jew’s contribution to the world?

        Exactly, Filth! Hence, filthy Jew. Nothing wrong with that description. Pretty accurate I should think.

      9. @ Admirer of Darkmoon Site

        You say that

        “1138 is in clear breach of Rule #11 in Admin’s Policy Statement:

        # 11. RACIST TERMS like “nigger”, “wog”, “raghead”, “kike”, “yid”, and “filthy Jew” should be avoided at all times. Such vulgar talk lowers the tone on our website and gives it a bad name. So please STOP using these terms!

        1138 keep using the term “FILTHY JEW” like a mantra, in post after a post, completely disregarding Admin’s reasonable wishes.

        It’s true that 1138 used the phrase “Filthy Jew” ONCE in his previous post here, but I am not aware that he keeps using the phrase “like a mantra, in post after post, completely disregarding Admin’s wishes.”

        If you can provide proof that 1138 is deliberately using the phrase “FILTHY JEW” like a mantra, then we will issue him with a WARNING not to do this again. This lowers the tone of our website and most definitely damages our site’s reputation. Nor would 1138 be allowed to behave like this on the Occidental Observer or other similar websites doing their best to avoid the stigma of disreputability.

        If 1138 decides to ignore our warning, we will then ban him and delete all his inflammatory posts.

      10. Harbinger,

        You are absolutely correct in doubting the OoA theory. It’s total crap and has no scientific basis whatsoever.

        I wanted to post the link to the book “Erectus walks amongst us” but unfortunately the link to the free online book doesn’t work anymore. Too bad, it would really upset AoDs, haha. If ‘filthy Jew’ is his idea of “… disgustingly abusive, blatantly racist, and over-the-top language … ” he should read that 🙂

      11. Admin,

        I’ll save you the trouble. It’s true, I use ‘filthy jew’ all the time. But I wasn’t aware that the combination of two ordinary words like ‘filthy’ and ‘jew’ were derogatory or inflammatory. I thought it an accurate description of the jew.

        But now I know, now I’ve seen the true light. I guess they’re not so bad after all then. I mean, they are hateful, miscegenation and LGBTQ and decay promoting parasites who’s purpose on earth is destroying everything that is good. But God forbid anyone calling them ‘filthy jews’. Oh no, not that. anything but that. Imagine that, calling hateful, miscegenation and LGBTQ and decay promoting parasites who’s purpose on earth is destroying everything that is good ‘filthy jews’.

        And we all got Admirer of Darkmoon site to thank for. It was his – enormously important – contribution to the site he so admires to point out this most important of all things, that 1138 calls hateful, miscegenation and LGBTQ and decay promoting parasites who’s purpose on earth is destroying everything that is good ‘filthy jews’. And it wasn’t just any enormously important contribution. Noho, not just that, it also testifies about the collosal intellect AoDs clearly possesses. Only an intellectual of this magnitude could have brought this up. And that proves that AoDs is fááááár more intelligent than me. He wouldn’t stoop to calling hateful, miscegenation and LGBTQ and decay promoting parasites who’s purpose on earth is destroying everything that is good ‘filthy jews’. No he wouldn’t. Because he’s good, oh he’s soooo good and intelligent. I’ll bet he has an I.Q. of 190. What am I saying? It’s immeasurably high. I mean let’s keep in mind what’s important here, right?

      12. @ 1138

        Shut up, you idiot! You are either in clear breach of the Rules and Regulations of this website or you are not. And you have just admitted to giving Admin the finger by constantly using the phrase ‘FILTHY JEW’ as a mantra when they have expressly asked you NOT to do so!

        Whose website is this? Who calls the shots here? Who decides what is permissible and not permissible? Admin decides — NOT YOU! Get that through your fat skull!

        Your argument that there’s nothing inflammatory about the word “JEW” or the word “FILTHY” and so the cognate phrase “FILTHY JEW” is perfectly acceptable is a FALSE argument. When used as a constant refrain, as a mantra, the phrase “FILTHY JEW” is every bit as inflammatory as using words like KIKE, YID and NIGGER. And you damn well know it. So why the f**k don’t you SHUT UP and stop bringing this website into disrepute?

        This is a decent website called It is NOT called or

        GET IT?

        I am now going to give Admin the proof Admin has asked for by posting one of your previous inflammatory comments. Here you repeat the mantra “FILTHY JEWS” time and time again and cross the red line repeatedly.

        If this were my website, you would be banned at once! You belong in Spambinka, you FILTHY AND DISREPUTABLE GOY!

        And the reason you should be banned is this: you could be a Jew yourself trying to ruin the reputation of this good website by using the foulest and most incendiary language about Jews. This is exactly what Jewish trolls do to gain sympathy for the Holocaust and for their eternal victim status.

      13. @ ADMIN

        You asked for proof that 1138 was deliberately flouting the rules of your website by crossing the red line repeatdely. Here is your proof:

        Here is your own Policy Statement:

        # 11. RACIST TERMS like “nigger”, “wog”, “raghead”, “kike”, “yid”, and “filthy Jew” should be avoided at all times. Such vulgar talk lowers the tone on our website and gives it a bad name. So please STOP using these terms!

        And here now is 1138 in clear breach and violation of your rules and polite requests for moderation. He is replying to a post by Seymour Zak.

        Not too bright these filthy jews. I just said Trump isn’t Hitler and the filthy jew acts like I said the opposite.

        And then of course it projects its own limited comprehension skills to others. Like everything that leaves the filthy froglike mouths of filthy jews is pure projection.

        Looks like Trump is going let you filthy jews down. And even if he doesn’t, do you really think with your filthy disgusting perverted diseased stinking rotting kosher shitpile for a brain that the Fuhrer will be forgotten by the world, ever? Talking about wishful thinking. Now insignificant turds like the likes of your kin like eelie weasel and that other rotting corps simon wiesenthal they are already forgotten save for by a few LGBTQPB’s who where rooting for the bat clinton and her degenerated hubby. Start packing jewboy, nobody wants you around.

        Want to hear some wishful thinking, hmm? I wish the Germans actually did gas you and your filthy disgusting stinking ilk along with those other diseases spreading parasites for which they used Zyklon B. Who knows one day it will happen. The world can only hope and start to work towards that ultimate noble goal.

        Heil Hitler!

        Ban this troll at once! He is not only using the foulest inflammatory language, he is violating another rule of your website in calling for the MASS EXTERMINATION OF THE JEWS:

        “I wish the Germans actually did gas you and your filthy disgusting stinking ilk …… The world can only hope and start to work towards that ultimate noble goal.

        1. @ 1138

          WARNING. You are in clear breach of our rules. There’s no question about it. Your next few comments will be carefully monitored, and if you continue to break our rules and regulations you will be banned.

      14. @Admirer of Darkmoon site,

        A filthy jew speaks.

        And Admin,

        I see it is not you who runs this website but this so-called admirer of darkmoon is. Or perhaps you are one and the same? No one has ever complained about me, save for the filthy jew ‘observer’, Now, this joker shows up and you warn me all of a sudden?

        Well, fine, ban me.

        But remember to add to your policy list ‘FILTHY GOYIM’.

        And have fun with AoDs who clearly views non-jews as such.

        1. @ 1138

          Well, fine, ban me.

          Get a grip on yourself, 1138. You have not been banned. And you are welcome to continue posting as long as you respect our rules, as everyone else does.


          Sister Monica

      15. Admirer of Darkmoon,

        I laughed and I’m sure Pat did, when I read that you think we’re bringing LD into disrepute, by defending 1138. I, rightly, defended him in his post you ridiculed and Pat didn’t even mention him, but linked to an article actually promoting racism, you carefully ignored.

        I laughed because of your over reaction to words, yes words. The words you attributed to use by 1138, are derogatory, but NOT racist in the slightest, for words are merely definitions and vocal expressions of human beings. Are you able to understand?

        You have fallen into the classic trap where you have allowed language to control you. This is how the Jew, today, through Acts, statutes and legislation, steals more from the masses. Well done for not realising.

        Filthy Jew – did General Patton not meet one of them while in Europe, who smelled so bad he nearly vomited?

        The whole purpose of language is to communicate through definition. Once you learn to control people through language, you jump on the road to tyranny.

        I like to use the word kikel at every given opportunity, so as to remind people of the Jew’s loathing of Christ.

        I also tend to despise posters banning of others on any website, because they are clearly authoritarians who want nothing more than to destroy freedom of speech.

        You come across very much as Jewish in your constant complaining of 1138, who very much sees ‘the problem’ in western society and I have to state that you ARE with your word policing and constant comparing to racist behaviour, where there is none (again, explained in my first reply).

        You have offered this web forum nothing whatsoever, other than starting an argument and pushing for the expulsion of a regular. You most certainly have the temperament of the kikel, that’s for sure and thank goodness the only power you have here is the freedom to express your views, because anything more and you’d probably be pushing for the death penalty.

      16. It seems to me that 1138 is in clear breach of the rules of this website. Proof of that has been given by an extensive quote in which 1138 not only keeps repeating the inflammatory mantra FILTHY JEWS! FILTHY JEWS! FILTHY JEWS! — contrary to Admin’s EXPRESS WISHES! — but also advocates the complete EXTERMINATION OF THE JEWS. That, too, is not allowed, and advisedly so — because it would only get this website shut down.

        If 1138 continues to trample on Admin’s wishes and abuse the hospitality of this humane and tolerant website, he deserves instant eviction.

        That’s my opinion.

      17. The bottom line is this. Admin’s wishes should be respected. Admin calls the shots here. Not stroppy and unruly posters who think they have a right to make up their own rules.

      18. Dr. David Green,

        1138 is an ardent white nationalist. And who hates white nationalists the most? And all of a sudden, up pops ‘Admirer of Darkmoon’ to call for his eviction?

        Let’s get down to the nitty gritty shall we? Just alone, for the Russian revolution, the Jew should be labelled ‘filthy’. Who do I care more for – the subsequent world deaths for the growth of Israel, in their many proxy wars, or the sensitivities of the tribe behind this?

        If LD does anything, it shows the anger of posters, in her forum, of Jewish manipulation of all that is good and their perfidy.

        Do not let words control you.

      19. @ Harbinger

        I can only refer you to the wise words of Sardonicus, quoted above, words with which I entirely agree. Most reasonable people would have no problem accepting these wise words, and I trust you are one of these reasonable people:

        The bottom line is this. Admin’s wishes should be respected. Admin calls the shots here. Not stroppy and unruly posters who think they have a right to make up their own rules.

      20. Dr David Green,

        And I will counter Sardonicus’ promotion of admin authoritarianism with:

        “Rules are for obedient fools but the guidance of wise men”

      21. @Harbinger,

        Thanks very much, mate, appreciated.

        @Sister Monica,

        I honestly sincerely didn’t know ‘filthy jew’ was in your policy list. I thought it was a perfectly decent way to express my genuine hatred and disgust for the jew we all discuss here. I am very surprised this is in your policy list. I mean this is a very specific combination of ordinary words. Not like the other words, which I never use. Is ‘disgusting jew’ alright to use? Or ‘depraved jew’? ‘Degenerate jew’? As Harbinger already explained, if you outlaw the usage of ordinary words for expressing one’s view you might as well shut down. It’s not like we’re all trying very hard to NOT appear anti-semitic ( in the jewspeak meaning of the word, that is ) ’cause we all are.

        And when I use ‘filthy jew’ I don’t mean people like David Cole, Benjamin Freedman, Gilad Atzmon or the jewish professor in this video and many many more who were even loyal to the Reich. I have explained that several times. And pseudo intellectual pinheads like the likes of this so-called ‘Admirer of Darkmoon site’ who show up here for 2 seconds should shut up or clear off. I have never ever ever tried to get someone banned from any site. Not Avatar, Circassian or Salman, nobody. It is however a strong indication of the kind of character of anyone who does.

        BTW, one can clearly tell by the use of his language we’re dealing with a jew here. Not to mention the weasely nature of his pathetic attempt to get me banned. Probably Observer’s pal.

        Ok, I admit at times I have been rather ‘generous’ with expressing my hatred of the degenerate jew in another category of vocabulary. I won’t do it again. Not because I don’t mean it because I do ( I believe in watertight solutions ) but because new visitors could get the wrong impression of the sort of site you’re running. And I don’t want to be the cause of that.

        So I will respect the site rules.

        1. Thanks, 1138. You are too good a poster to lose and you’ve been with us a long time, so please do your best to abide by the basic rules of our website — even if you feel we’re in the wrong. After all, if everyone else can keep to the rules, no reason why you can’t do it too! 🙂

          Accept a sisterly hug from a curmudgeonly ex-nun who has your best interests at heart. Your next post will be unmonitored. Go in peace!

      22. Anyway 1138,

        If you do get banned for calling a circle a circle, then don’t worry. From what I can see of late, those who have been banned are back posting, so look at it as sabbatical away from the authoritarianism that happens from time to time at LD. 🙂

      23. @ Harbinger

        Note that Sister Monica has bent over backwards to be nice to both 1138 and Poupon Marx, both of whom had broken the site’s rules and regulations, all made in the interests of keeping order.

        This good ex-nun deserves a medal for her kindness and patience.

        Instead of recognizing the fairness and generosity of this exemplary ex-nun, you jabber on about Admin’s “authoritarianism.” You really are a fool, Harbinger. An angry hornet of a man with deep-seated personality problems, including a hateful misogyny that makes you a mental case.

        You belong in a padded cell, Harbinger.

        If you had the misfortune to live in an Islamic country, they would cure you of your insanity by sentencing you to a hundred lashes. And if that failed to work, they would cut off your balls.

      24. Dr David Green,

        Firstly, to bring someone’s mental health into any argument, clearly lose you the debate instantly.
        I write as I do, through experience of life and had you read anything of what I have written and more importantly understood any of it, you would know that I am a self confessed misogynist, only through the extreme definition of it which lumps a mistrust of women with a hating of them. I do the former but most certainly not the latter, for I hate no one.

        I am an anarchist and I believe 100% in the freedom to express myself, regardless. The majority of people, on this forum and this world ARE NOT advocates of freedom of speech, but restricted speech. You are what you are, with your views, because you have an authoritarian personality.

        I would never bring someone’s mental health into any argument because I stay away from subjective arguments.
        You do not know me and clearly from your diatribe, most certainly haven’t a clue what I write about, for if you did you wouldn’t have written what you have.

        I criticize because it is my right to do so. I promote honesty wherever I can.
        It’s just a pity others don’t.

        When Admin and Lasha, eventually have enough of me on this forum I will gladly leave. I do not come here to make friends.
        I enjoy debates with likeminded individuals on this forum who have been posting here for a while.
        I really couldn’t care less, what a Jewish, Dr David Green, no doubt a PHD in pseudo quackery, has to write about me.
        And an ‘angry hornet of a man’, yes, I like that. And I am angry. I’m angry at the state of this world, because of people’s wilful ignorance and apathy to find out what’s really going on, by whom and for what reason. I’m also angry at people who like to stop freedom of speech and expression. And I’ve had this argument, many times on here.

        And please, don’t try to make stupid references to Islamic way of life and authoritarianism. Here in the west we live under incredible authoritarianism, foisted upon society daily through the wrong doings of the judiciary, who have enforced the language of legalese, upon people to control them and mixed law of the sea with the law of the land to steal from and imprison people on an hourly basis. This is done through the creation of a gang, of policy enforcers, who have a license to kill people who question their tyranny – POLICE.
        It appears that you’re one of those idiots in society who thinks in only one kind of authoritarianism, like one who believes genocide is only about murder en masse.

        And quite frankly, if the calibre of posters, on LD, are the likes of you, I would happily vacate these premises, so subjective twats like you can promote your drivel.

      25. @ Harbinger

        I will not dignify your pathetic comment with a detailed point-by-point rebuttal except to make the following observations which I’m afraid will be lost on you.

        You say that Admin is “authoritarian” in trying to keep order on this website. To keep order, Admin has no option but to ban posters who deliberately flout the rules and regulations of their website. This is your moronic definition of “authoritarianism’: keeping order.

        It does not seem to occur to you that EVERY SINGLE WEBSITE on which you have ever posted, including the Occidental Observer, would therefore be guilty of the crime of “authoritarianism.” Because no website I know of lets people misbehave and act like lunatics. They ALL delete comments! They ALL ban unruly and over-the-top posters!

        This is common practice.

        OK, so let’s suppose you are right and that Admin is guilty of “authoritarianism” for keeping order by banning abusive posters. So can you tell me why you are quetching and complaining and making snide comments about Admin RE-ADMITTING banned posters?

        In your crazy world of topsyturvy logic, it is authoritatian to BAN posters! — and it is also authoritarian to UN-BAN them!

        Do you spot the contradiction? No, I doubt it! Because you haven’t got the intelligence to realize that you can’t hold two contradictory views at the same time.

        Have you EVER admitted you were wrong about anything on this site? Never! Have you ever conceded a point to anyone on anything? Never! Have you ever addressed a woman on this site politely and without baring your teeth at her? Never!

        Frankly, I see you as an authoritarian bully who is always picking quarrels with people on this website. Your latest attack victim is Admin. How you can have the nerve to attack the very people who have granted you the hospitality of their website is a complete mystery to me!

        The fact is, Harbinger, you lack all credibility. If you’ve been having problems with women, I can well understand why. YOU are the problem, Harbinger!


      26. Dr David “Circle” Green,

        Had you been following what I’ve been writing, you would not be writing the subjective drivel that I’ve become accustomed to reading from you.

        I came to the defense of 1138 who was being attacked by Admirer of Darkmoon (probably you), for calling Jews, filthy Jews, which many of them are and most on this website will agree. I also ‘schooled’ Admirer of Darkmoon on racist, which she had wrongly accused 1138 of being racist, along with the point that the truth IS racist.

        You then weighed into the argument calling also for admin to ban 1138. This proved that you are, along with Admirer of Darkmoon, an authoritarian arsehole, without any shadow of a doubt, who upon reading an offensive word, demand that admin start banning left, right and centre. What an absolute prick you are!

        It was clear from Admirer’s taking offense at 1138, that ‘it’ was clearly a circle. And your weighing in proved overwhelmingly ALSO, that you are too, although your name was a dead give away.

        And now because I have successfully smashed anything you’ve had to throw at me, out comes ‘misogyny’. Sigh…..
        Where in the hell, in this post is there anything whatsoever to do with a mistrust or a hatred of women? Show me, in any of my replies, on this topic of one point? You can’t? I thought so. And for your information, I wrote to Lasha, asking her to take down the article on ‘Misogyny’ she had collected from various replies of mine. She asked me to please reconsider in having it removed and out of respect for her I let it stand. You can ask her this yourself.

        You dislike 1138 because you are a circle and he has offended you, because on many occasions he has called out the circles, for being the filthy circles, through their malpractices over the thousands of years, upon others, they’ve been in existence. You do not like being made to look like degenerates you are. 1138 can defend himself, but sometimes it’s nice to know you have another in your corner, rooting for you, especially when the circle contingent decide to gang up on you and ask for you to be removed from the website, simply for stating the truth about the Jew.

        So 1138 replies and straightens out the rose bed with Sister Monica and I make a joking comment, on not worrying, as banned isn’t really banned, as we’ve seen of late and then boom, in you come on the attack bringing in my mental state of mind for some bizarre reason and of course, misogyny.

        And you ask “if I’ve ever admitted I was wrong” and I have. Most on here will vouch for my honesty and accepting when I was wrong. Lasha will herself.

        And you ask me “Have I ever conceded a point to anyone on anything” and again I’ll say I have, to which many on here will also vouch for me.

        And you ask me if I’ve “ever addressed a woman on this site politely and without baring your teeth at her? Never!”. And again, I have many on this site who will vouch for me that I have. Lasha will also.

        And to top off your stream of bile you state “I see you as an authoritarian bully who is always picking quarrels with people on this website.”

        The only people whom I have quarreled with in the past are those who have ATTACKED me first.
        Unlike pathetic men, like you, EVERYONE is fair game, who decides to cast the first stone, man or woman. I do not discriminate. I do not wrap women in cotton wool, like the pathetic, mangina, you most certainly are in your life, as can be seen from your brown nosing to admin.

        You fail to see the difference of light hearted banter with a full blown attack, but then you are a Jew and this vitriol that you’ve just vomited in my direction, is simply because I came to the aid of 1138, whom you and another decided to gang up upon.

        And again you finish with yet another subjective attack upon me “If you’ve been having problems with women, I can well understand why. YOU are the problem, Harbinger! YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!!!”

        Have you not the common sense to understand that you instantly lost this debate the minute you took it out of context, into subjective ad hominems?

        There are many here who will vouch for my credibility. You know nothing of me. Nothing, nothing whatsoever, but seem to think that you do. I have no problems with women, because I do not TRUST women! Are you so ignorant as to not understand that one who avoids the company of women, who does not get into conversations with women or chit chat, through his own choosing will NEVER have any problems with them? The time when men have problems with women is when they ENGAGE with them, whether in conversation or physical relations. I do not ERGO I have absolutely no problems with women.

        Look Dr Jew, your kikel feathers have been ruffled because you’re angry that I’ve ripped you another arsehole in debate, actually, you did that to yourself, at you inability to debate, bringing misogyny into an argument where there was none.

        Here’s a bit of advice, Mr Circle, pull your head out of your posterior and crawl out of the box you’re living in. That way, you’ll stop being full of and writing the shit that you are.

        As for my ‘attacks’ on admin, if they think I have they will address the situation. They know what I’m like. You however do not.

        This is my last post to you. I completely agree in the freedom to express one’s opinions, regardless and in turn to also have the freedom to ignore, whomever one so chooses. This is what I do Mr Circle. I ignore people. They go on my ignore list. I see their name and skip to the end of their post to the next poster, without even a glance at what they have to state.
        You have nothing and I repeat nothing that will ever draw me to want to read any of your rhetoric whatsoever.

      27. @ Harbinger

        Had you been following what I’ve been writing, you would not be writing the subjective drivel that I’ve become accustomed to reading from you.

        You self-important prat, who would wish to “FOLLOW what you’ve been writing”? Nothing you say has the slightest credibility. How do you know I am a “filthy Jew”, for example? You don’t! you are full of bluster, hot air, and shite.

        Once a fool, always a fool.

        Only a fool would attack Admin and accuse Admin of “authoritarianism.” So tell me, halfwit, who exactly is the “authoritarian” on the monitoring board? Is it Toby or Sister Monica? No one else monitors the comments. How can they be “authoritarian” if they actually let you ATTACK them by calling them “authoritarian”, hmm?

        You can’t answer that, can you, cretin?

        FYI, I used to post on this site long before you ever got here and began to bore the pants off everyone with your tedious rants. The phrase “authoritarian bully” suits you down to a T. I bet you’ve been in trouble with the police. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn you’ve served time in prison for GBH (Grievous Bodily Harm).

        And you call me a “Jew”? Any evidence for this charge? No, moronic bullies like you don’t need “evidence”! BTW, 1138 doesn’t need your “defense.” He’s doing quite well without you. He has ten times more tact and intelligence and sensitivity than you have. Your “defense” of him can only be an embarrassment to him.

        If you want to continue posting on this site, I have two bits of advice for you:

        (1) STOP ATTACKING ADMIN! Stop calling them “authoritarian” when all they are doing is KEEPING ORDER in a madhouse!

        (2) Stop being so combative! and stop picking quarrels with everyone! How many times have you picked quarrels with Lobro and other good posters on this site and tried to “correct” their views and ram your own half-baked theories down their throats? I’ve lost track.

        Why the hell can’t you just shut the f**k up?

      28. @ Harbinger


        — Sister Monica

        1. @ Dr David Green

          Re your comment of 22 Nov @ 12.47 am.

          I am shocked at the sheer nastiness of your comment. You have shamed yourself by giving way to childish anger. Harbinger has emerged with credit from this encounter. I wish to commend him for his remarkable restraint in dealing with you. I won’t delete your comment unless Harbinger asks me to do so.

      29. Sister Monica,

        Thank you, I appreciate your kindness.

        I can and have written useful posts, but alas many if not most of mine did not really add anything worthwhile. A little about me. Unlike what this AoDs assumes I am not an old man. Actually early 50 and in extremely good shape. I might be ‘angry’ but I’m just not delusional by thinking I’m still a ‘young man’ as Sardonicus described me. I am also a very passionate person who happens to believe that if one cannot hate one cannot love either. But sometimes it’s a good idea to count to ten before doing. So from now on – save for a short remark here and there – I’ll try to stick to quality and making an effort instead of quantity. But given the topics on Darkmoon even quality posts can however sometimes contain unpleasant truths which no doubt wil hurt someone’s feelings somewhere.

        Hug well received 🙂

      30. You sound like a really nice guy, 1138. But I’m curious to know why you chose a number as a name. Seems a bit odd. Don’t you get a bit annoyed when someone calls you 1038 or 1139? Mistaken identity could give rise to serious problems! 🙂

    2. Sister Monica,

      Well, one day – the day I decided to post on Darkmoon – I had to come up with some name. I recently had seen THX1138 again and thought that an appropriate name. To understand the symbolism of it you should see that film. And I have stuck with it ever since. It’s short and easy to enter, and it’s very recognisable for others. I don’t care should anyone call me 1038 or whatever. that would be no different than misspelling any other name.

      Kind a regret it now, 1888 would have been so much better 🙂

    1. also IMPORTANT
      Bolton, Giuliani Out, Congressman Rohrabacher In for Secretary of State
      before the inevitable So What, One Neocon Or Another, No Difference …

      Dana Rohrabacher has recently introduced HR 4017, called the
      Save Christians & Yazidis from Genocide Act“,
      which attempts to rectify the situation under the Obama regime that has denied entrance to Syrian Christian refugees in favor of Sunni Muslims who were given preference by Sunni United Nations representatives. The Sunnis control the refugee camps and make life difficult for non Sunnis. HR 4017 is a reasonable solution for Americans who want to help the most endangered populations in the Middle East. Evangelical leaders and NGOs, Christian relief and American Middle East churches have met with Rohrabacher to help make this a national issue.

      Save Christians & Yazidis from Genocide Act?
      Expect urgent appeals from ISIS leaders and owners crying blood libel, “age old antisemite canard”, “gross interference with our religious practices” and so on.
      Rohrabacher won’t have an easy ride when Joe Lieberman, Chuck Shumer, Diane feinstein and assorted golems get into the act, start blowing shofars of angst.

      1. No, it’s not “so what?”
        For those of us who cling to hope it opens up the gates of wishful speculation, like “Maybe he is ‘considering’ a slew of jews for every position and letting the press publicize it only to fool them and then appoints a non-jew… maybe even his choice of Koch-owned men means he prefers a non-jew billionaire..” oh, silly heart….

      2. Thank you for sharing this, Lobro. If Rohrabacher is selected, this wee bit of good news is a proper stride toward justice, righting the wrong done by the anti-Christian oligarch led incumbents. Hopefully, those who whined about leaving the US will simply do it (fingers crossed). 😉

  12. Is hopelessness heroic? Is pessimism truth? Is not believing in anything the secret of happiness?

    1. Pessimism is the Jew’s ideological gift to the goyim. Cultural Marxism is essentially the philosophy of despair. The philosophers of the Frankfurt School (mostly Jewish) all did their best to promote the “culture of pessimism”, knowing that nothing did more to undermine the morale of the goyim and plunge them into chronic depression than large doses of soul-destroying nihilism.

      That’s what (((Hollywood and the elite media))) do exceptionally well.

      1. Sardonicus,

        Pessimism, IS NOT a Jew’s gift to the goyim. On the contrary, were it not for pessimism, there would be no anti semitism and criticism of Jewry. Pessimism is merely the opposite to optimism, nothing more than skepticism of reality, compared to convinced of surreality.

        I am a pessimist, only because I see that no amount of hope is going to sort the mess this world’s in. People hope daily in winning the lottery, but there is no system to win, other than buying more and more tickets to increase the odds of winning. It is shear luck when someone wins, especially those who buy just one ticket. The destruction of the system, will only be brought about by massive sacrifice of human life, because if everyone, like you and all the other optimists, continue waiting for your saviour to free the human race from the bondage of world Jewry, then you’ll continue waiting and Jewry will continue controlling.

        A rebellion within society, mass removal of all money from banks and paying by cash instead of card; a mass boycott of all msm outlets and Hollywood, not forgetting sports, entertainment and the music industry; everyone stopping working to bring about a crash and when these companies try to employ cheap foreign labour, then the people have to get ready for a confrontation with the authorities and be prepared to die doing so.
        It is ‘these’ people who are the pessimists Sard, because they’re not hoping someone will make life better, they actively partaking in trying to make the world better.
        My mother is an eternal optimist, bless her. All through my life all I ever heard from her was “I do hope things get better” etc etc.

      2. Sardonicus –

        I applaud your perspective! Keeping busy is the key to successfully living without depression or pessimism. The busier I am, the less time I have to reflect upon matters mundane (and despairing!). Even between visits to this device, I have chores and projects to attend – which keep me from languishing in consideration of my perceived woes and troubles (which we ALL have). The banter, here, mainly gives me benefit of knowing I’m not alone in matters of national and worldly concern – and that others are attentive to things maybe to which I am not attentive enough. In any case, though, I think it is better to reflect upon my blessings than dwell upon my misfortunes and the misfortunes of others – and I especially appreciate the learned quality of most of the posters hereon, pessimistic, or not. 🙂

  13. “”While the MSM claims that the onus is now on Trump to reach out to those who didn’t vote for him; i.e., Blacks and Hispanics, it would seem that he was given a mandate to serve the interests of those who did vote for him.”

    Quite right!
    Maybe Trump will, through government think tanks, start educating blacks that they are very much able to be racist, something they believe is not a possibility to be. Hopefully Trump will also remove the utterly ridiculous affirmative action brought in by the Obama administration, which removed meritocracy, gave blacks an incredibly unfair advantage in the job market, racist infact and propelled the relationship between blacks and whites back to the 18th century. Of course, purposefully created in order to do just that in their attempt to fuel a race war.

    1. Pat,

      I can’t fault a word of Kaminski. What he’s saying about 9/11, the perpetrators behind it and whom Trump is building his new administration with, is really the killer here. You can guarantee that Trump WON’T ask Giulliani on whose authority did he release the five dancing Israelis upon the request of the Ambassador of Israel, when they were clearly knowledgeable of the event and therefore either witnesses or part of the guilty group?

      Trump is, as Kaminski tried to link to Pink Floyd ‘just another brick in the wall’.

  14. As I said in the previous article, Trump is a 100% Zionist, that is, he believes 100% in the Israeli state and will support them 100% as America always have. He’s going to be even more of an Israel brown noser, than Obama was for crying out loud.

    Another ZOG about to take control of the USA.

    Donald Trump is a New World Order president

    Trump will never, ever, ever reveal Israel was behind Israel. He will, throw Saudi Arabia under the bus, that’s for sure.

    1. Trump actually got elected by a broad coalition, and if not that by increased participation of all voting groups. He obtained a greater percentage of Hispanics, Negroes, wimmen, AND Jews. Without participation higher than the GOOP candidates of yesteryear, he would have lost.

      I’m not pigeon-holing Trump with “just another……” until he has a chance to demonstrate and activate. For every negative thrown at Trump there is a countervailing positive. I think it too early to call the final score-before even the kickoff.

      1. yes, you got that right.

        For every negative thrown at Trump there is a countervailing positive.

        why these self described cynics/pessimists who equate cynicism/pessimism with realism fail to see this is beyond me.
        Seeing 1/2 of realism is not realism, is it.

        and while on the oft neglected subject of reality, i will take this opportunity to address the subject of filth and jews in the same breath, while encouraging 1138 and others to put the term into abeyance for the sake of smooth sailing.
        policy is policy and a sensible one because it doesn’t paint a bullseye target on the site by stating something which is in fact obvious to anyone spending time with jews.

        Let’s look at the physical side only, forget the moral one, where the claim is rooted for the most part.
        Cleanliness and filth are not logical opposites because one is binary (clean/not clean) and the other continuous (extremely, somewhat, a bit, not and all points in between), just like truth and lying and just like the binary qualities go hand in hand, so do the graded ones.
        Now consider the rich interplay between dirt and jews, the graphic, stomach churning depictions by George Patton, by that excellent Nazi documentary Ewige Jude where Jews eat their dinner like hyenas over ripe carcass while veritable armies of cockroaches swarm every inch of the walls or just look at these photos of Jews in today’s Jerusalem, is the word CLEAN the first one that comes to mind?
        what has the world’s greatest material power done to its “holy city” that has now been in their possession for 70 years?

        compare to Christian penchant for cleanliness of their cities (now intentionally violated by hordes of savages) in Germany, Denmark and Scandinavia, the pristine quality associated with their religious themes, Madonna and Child or the timeless peace and symmetry of Muslim art, the tiles, mosaics, flagstones, grace and regularity of architectural elements – and so on, not to mention Orient.
        can you think of any Jewish counterexamples?

        And what about how jews intentionally project themselves upon our minds, their depraved art of Piss Christ, Larry david’s so-called bathroom humor, sarah Silverstein’s “jokes”, Levy’s portrait of Trump in her own menstrual effluent (a deeply demonic invocation of pulsa di nura curse), the rest of their “art”, performance art, eg, some woman’s permanent exhibit of her disgusting, slovenly unmade bed or the video of one defecating on a bunch of countries’ flags… really, the litany is endless and i kind of suspect that they themselves would be offended if called ‘clean’.

        And as i said, only the tip of the iceberg of foulness, in fact a rapidly expanding polar cap.
        And like i said, i brought up a few physical examples only.

        I also said, they are anti-human because of everything they stand for, everything they do: anti-religion, anti-truth, anti-virtue, anti-mercy, anti-love, anti-beauty, anti-creation, anti-LIFE so why should anti-cleanliness come as a shock?

  15. Continuing iterations of mass suicidal tendencies and actions by The White Race: “If You Believe Child Marriage is Child Abuse, Mühldorf Says You’re a Nazi”.

    A man has been banned from wearing the St. Nicholas costume in the German town of Mühldorf because he agreed with the sentiment that child marriage is the same as child abuse.

    “How in the world could anyone object to that opinion? Well, it happened that it was originally expressed by the German Identity movement. Agreeing with anything the Identitaires say makes you a Nazi, if you live in Modern Multicultural Germany.”

    A police report by the town’s mayor, Marianne Zollner (Jewish?) for this outrageous and egregious sentiment. The Identitaire group can be compared to nationalism and nativism.

    If there is Reincarnation, I am asking God to reintroduce me into the World as an Asian. I can’t take it anymore.

  16. Pat,

    You know, I browsed that book in the past, put it on my reading list and completely forgot about it. I will certainly read it now upon your recommendation. 🙂

    1. Harb –

      I just loaned it to a friend last week. Probably gone, like the rest. He will read it and use it, though.

      **You will especially enjoy his relating governments to serpents. The man-invented “serpent systems” for controlling lands and people, he calls them.

  17. Proposal to calm spirits:
    Sister Monica, perhaps your criticism of Dr Green, albeit fully justified, should be somewhat tempered by giving him credit for writing this:
    “And you call me a “Jew”? Any evidence for this charge?”
    This makes the dispute on using the term “filthy Jew” superfluous. It makes it clear that whether one calls them ‘unsanitary’ or not, being recognized as Jews stings as a charge.
    I don’t expect LD to ban using the word “jew” so anyone offended by it should know LD offers no “safe space” and “triggers” are likely to abound.

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