37 thoughts to “Turkish Coup a staged event to make Erdogan dictator (3-minute video)”

  1. Alright alright, another clueless moron.

    Don’t believe me? Well watch at least until 1.02. And it gets even worse after that.

    BTW, I have no opinion about the recent events in Turkey. Could be a false flag, could be real, I simply don’t know.

    1. If you “simply don’t know”, who are you referring to as a “clueless moron”? Could it be yourself?

      1. Surely you aren’t referring to “Ungenius” as a “clueless moron”?

        (Though I admit that gentleman’s unfortunate moniker lays him open to that charge).

  2. @ Seymour Zak

    1138 is referring to the guy speaking in the video, Zakky. He/She takes exception to the presenter’s negative reference to Adolf Hitler at 1.02. That’s what makes the presenter of the video a “moron” in 1138’s eyes.

    Actually, I think 1138 is a moron for expecting everyone in the world to share his/her positive views on Adolf Hitler. Whatever Adolf’s merits — and I’m willing to admit the sun could be shining out of Adolf’s ass — it is still a totally unrealistic expectation to expect everyone to love and admire Adolf like 1138 does.

    It is this unrealistic expectation that makes 1138 a “moron” in the true sense.

    A really smart person would just shrug their shoulders and admit that Adolf has been so hopelessly demonized that hating him must remain the default position for the bulk of the population.

    1. You are delusional. Those who depict Adolf Hitler like he is everything authorised hirtory dictates he is, as is being done in the video, come only in two categories. They are either enemies of everything good or simply clueless morons still believing authorised history. And expecting the likes of those to like Adolf Hitler would indeed be moronic.

      Now, naturally we all know to which one of those two categories Zak the filty – and not too clever – jew belongs.

      In which are you?

  3. By Way of Deception – Monty Style

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    1. ‘EK Entity’ –

      Was the coup a fake?

      This was way too much bluster… from the narcissistic ‘windbag’…
      Thousands of words…. but, no facts on the subject at hand….as usual.

      You forgot to brag on your chocolate chip cookies..!! 🙂

      Was the coup a fake?


      Let me lay my cards on the table. Though I am partly Jewish and sympathize strongly with the small band of valiant Jewish whistleblowers on this website who have been unfairly described as “Ellie K’s sock puppets”, I am myself in no way connected with this group. I am an independent investigator who has been closely following the internet career of “Lasha Darkmoon” for the last 10 years. I know more about this depraved entity than any other person alive today.

      Let me tell you the incredible truth: “Lasha Darkmoon” is not a single person. S/he is an fact a very sinister Jewish organization operating out of Tel Aviv and specializing in anti-Semitic disinfo and weird conspiracy theories on an almost unbelievable scale.

      If you take this site alone, she has been posting here not only as “Lasha Darkmoon” and “Xanadu” but also as “LD”, Lobro, Pat, Felix, Franklin Ryckaert, Gilbert Huntly, 1138, SW, Brownhawk, Hp, Arthur Topham, John Kaminski, Noor, Circassian and Avatar.

      In addition, through multiple part-time volunteers she has been manufacturing almost all the other posters who have been commenting on this site and numerous other sites too, including the Jewish psychopath TheRealOriginalJoe.

      Through a complicated network, the sexless entity known as “Lasha Darkmoon” is linked to a number of other notorious spreaders of lies, half-truths, disinfo, and psyops, viz., Gordon Duff, Mark Glenn, Jeff Rense, Henry Makow, Gilad Atzmon and Ariel Toaff.

      It all goes back to the son of Jewish rabbi, Ariel Toaff, the super-brain behind this criminal organization. This man has helped to whip up hatred against the Jews by saying Jews were engaged in ritual murder ever since the Middle Ages and even earlier. He has spawned this spider’s web of intrigue and mass misinformation.

      Turn to earlier threads on this site and what will you find? Entire posts quoting Toaff chapter and verse by the Darkmoon puppet known as “Lobro”. Why does “he” do this when there is not even a single article about ritual murder on this website? I will tell you why. Because this character “Lobro” is here secretly doing the bidding of his grandmaster Ariel Toaff.

      Yes, the grand master, Toaff, sits in Israel and orchestrates the whole show. He is the evil genius behind it all and is financed by the Rothschild family — the same family from which the beautiful Ellie K springs.

      Ellie K is a good Rothschild, a reformed Jew who is doing her utmost to bring down this edifice of evil known as the Rothschild Empire. She is an exceptionally gifted writer and compassionate human being who has been very bad;y treated by the owners of this evil website. Unfortunately, the entity known as “Lasha Darkmoon” is not cooperating with Ellie but being needlessly difficult.

      BTW, I forgot to mention that all these people connected to Darkmoon are into ritual murder and homosexual pedophilia.

      I doubt this comment will be posted. If deleted, no matter! I have saved it for posting on another site.

      Death to all the EVIL SCUM posting on this website!

      1. “Death to all the EVIL SCUM posting on this website!”

        I couldn’t agree more. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

        BTW, I don’t need convincing that you are part Jewish. Your little diatribe is as good as a jew’s signature.

        LOVERYL 🙂

      2. Anonymous Investigative Reporter aka Hot “AIR” ‘

        You are obviously a jealous owner of a competing non-popular website…. hoping to decrease this site’s popularity.

        If you were a true sleuth worth a damned…. you would know that all blogsites are nothing but gossip columns, for folks to invent and spread juicy rumors… and worn out old farts like me dusting off even older juicy rumors.

        I claim…. in ‘good rumor fashion’ 🙂 … you are Ellie’s handler and cohort. Probably Alan Merc or one of his companions:

        Alan Merc
        October 24, 2014 at 1:13 pm
        …… Yes, I falsified the New Testament quote…..

      3. I agree. It is very strange that the “multiple” conmenters here treat your comment as if invisible. I guess being part Jewish is not good enough.

      4. @ Anonymous Investigative Reporter

        I had no idea the situation in regard to this website was a bad as you have outlined in your excellent comment above. You have certainly blown the lid on a can of stinking worms.

        This website could have been so much more popular if Ellie K had been the owner. With the millions of dollars at her command, she could have afforded to employ some really intelligent administrators instead of the lame duck Montecristo (who never opens his mouth except once or twice a year) and the equally pathetic Uncle Toby.

        Both of them should be shot.

      5. Haha! Well, I’ve never been accused of being a depraved component of a “sinister Jewish organization” in my life! Very creative, Anonymous InvestigAtive REporter! 🙂 (I doubt Lasha is as amused as I…)

      6. @A I R

        looks like some mosquitoes bearing TROJ virus hitched a ride over to Europe, someone had better tell CDC.

        this one is a personal favorite:

        Unfortunately, the entity known as “Lasha Darkmoon” is not cooperating with Ellie but being needlessly difficult.

        BTW, I forgot to mention that all these people connected to Darkmoon are into ritual murder and homosexual pedophilia.

        and if we fortunately started to cooperate with Ellie (cooperate in what?), would that let us off the “ritual murder and homosexual pedophilia” hook?
        … just trying to imagine what substitute entertainment she might offer us … it had better be something good but sexless.
        Maybe something spiritual but not ritual, never tried it before but am fortunately willing to cooperate.

        Happy tracks, stay anonymous, stay gative, Master Ariel wishes you g-dspeed!

      7. @ Anonymous Gossiping Mischling

        Yours is an all too transparent attempt at discrediting Lasha Darkmoon and the most prominent commenters of this website in one fell swoop. The naivety of this attempt betrays a rather low IQ. Go on aliya to Israel and make yourself useful by working on a kibbutz !

  4. See, maybe it’s just me, but when a guy uses false facts about Nazis to make his case, I consider him a limited hangout and warn the audience. Posting this as WWE entertainment works but not as a credible news source. I don’t give people passes for pushing Jewish myths

    1. The guy is being silly. Not the fact that he uses Hitler analogy, but his first opening statement he suggests that the military could have succeed by killing Erdagon. No, that would be a big failure as it would delegitimize the MILITARY coup.

      Is it a false flag? Who knows. Could be. If it was, then apart from consolidating power, what else is he trying to do? Move away from the USA; maybe kick NATO out of Incirlik airbase.

      1. Notice the reference to “Final Solution”? If that isn’t an effort to push Jewish dis info on the goy in the name of resistance I don’t know what is.
        Also, I believe Madame Rothschild over intellectualizes but I’m just a goy so what do I know. See, Erdogan had nothing to do with Hitler. The linkage of the two is a major part of presentation! You can’t let that stand

  5. Darlington says,

    “A really smart person would just shrug their shoulders and admit that Adolf has been so hopelessly demonized and that hating him must remain the default position for the bulk of the population.”.

    No one is arguing about whether most people demonize Hitler. My contention is a Jew-wise site that knows how they commonly infiltrate opposition and pass along lynchpin lying dis info like this guy has done and also realizes that through lies and misdirection we are being ruled, has to have high standards about who they promote on their site.

    Why? Because newcomers that are not so Jew-wise come to this site and if this guy’s goofy claims about evil Hitler and he did imply that, go unchallenged, these newcomers leave with the red pill still stuck in their throat
    The guy just casually stated as fact that Hitler caused WWII because he pulled off the Reichstag fire. That’s pretty bad ( Claiming as fact that Hitler started the fire is like claiming as fact that the protocols aren’t Jewish). We Jew-wise shouldn’t be so tolerant of obvious Jewish serving dis info, IMO. It’s like using the Orlando Night Club false flag to have a discussion about gays and Muslims when the only discussion that is worthy of a false flag is that it was a false flag
    A Hitlerian political view must always challenge Jewish myths before continuing the rest of the conversation and why is that? Because the masonic political system only allows entry by denying those truths we must expose. Expose what is not permitted to bring down the enemy

    Of course, your career in the JWO may suffer but does anyone believe we can fight a totally corrupt system and be praised by it and enabled?We have to form alternative methods for our information and gatherings

    1. Thank you, Joe.

      That’s exactly what first came to my mind when I watched this video.

    2. Well said, Joe

      To Darlington, my challenge to your pathetic contribution to jewish mythmaking is to tell you how insulting it is use such pedestrian phraseology as this in characterizing what in TRUTH represents the penultimate bulwark against the enemy of mankind.

      A pox upon your piddling prose, sir!

  6. James Woolsey, former CIA Director, says the coup could be a fake.

    Before this clip he stated that a faked coup was a rumor at the Pentagon. HA!!!!

    The US probably helped pull it off…. or advised it.

    Everyone is guessing….. 🙂

    James Woolsey on fallout from ‘clumsy’ coup in Turkey

  7. It does sound like a way for the JWO to invoke martial law in Turkey and something to watch out for here (USA). Winter is coming!

  8. Final Point, do you think Jews would allow our analogy to stand in a discussion where the fake holocaust is compared to the fake Turkish coup? Not on your life. If Jews were in the room nothing would be discussed until all the offending goy were cowering under the table begging for mercy. We need that kind of resolve to quit giving stupidity and ignorance a pass in our discussions. This isn’t a parlor game!

  9. i know u clowns hate Islam and Muslims BUT Turkey’s coup was more likely a LIHOP conspiracy where Erdogan’s military intelligence teams laid out the bait to see who would attempt to remove him if given the chance – and those that got caught in the snare will get purged insha’Allah –


    Turkey’s secularists and kemalists are only like 5% of the society’s population 70% of the people in Turkey including Kurds are religious Muslims. Most Kurds don’t support the PKK or the new HDP either. The CIA created the HDP. The remaining 25% of Turkey is Muslim but moderately so. Anyways, America is done and Turkey’s Islamic roots are coming back and insha’Allah we will conquer Europe with troops (not through your paranoia about an “immigration jihad”).

  10. here’s some info on the attacks in Bangladesh -http://docdro.id/9NCRqtc

  11. @ Admin

    “…see the accompanying comment posted by ‘Ungenius’ below :”

    This this is just a housekeeping input. It’s not that I require any recognition, but my comment you referenced is missing from this heading.

    1. @ Ungenius

      Not sure what point you are making…? This is the comment we referred to. It is not “missing”, it’s on another thread. (The Arch Stanton article). I’ve just copied and pasted it here. If you click on the heading, this is your comment in its entirety:

      @ Toby

      After looking at several videos of the coup, it appears that the coup was staged by the existing government as an excuse for Erdogon to officially become a true dictator.

      1. The mainstream media immediately referred to the coup as an “attempted coup.” Obviously the media had inside info.

      2. Every video that I watched showed civilians encouraging the military to the point of even jumping on the tanks in celebration. There was no civilian resistance.

      3. Who ever heard of a military coup that was without a leader? The head of the Turkish military says he is not in favor of the coup so all the military just stops the coup. If the head dude was not the leader, someone else would have been.

      4. Soldiers with military weapons surrender to police with hand guns by laying face down in the middle of the street even though they would be in serious trouble later for participation in the coup.

      5. High ranking officers rather calmly surrender to police even though their lives are in danger for heading the coup when they are later tried and convicted of rebellion.

      6. All the military personnel involved in the fake coup are escorted by two police or civilians on each side of them with no resistance. Some even appear to be holding hands. How romantic.

      7. Tanks just stop in the middle of streets instead of going back to base. Good show, but obviously phony.

      8. One jet buzzes the capital at low altitude which is obviously just for show.

      9. One helicopter shoots his guns once at some “target” Good show, but there had to be more than one target available for blasting.

      10. Erdogon is silent for six days prior to the supposed coup. Obviously he was involved in the planning of the false flag coup.

      Apparently the Turkish government had CIA help setting up and executing the false flag coup. They are no better at it n Turkey than they are in the USA.

      Who benefits from the false flag coup? Erdogon becomes official dictator for whatever is next to come from the West. I doubt we will have to wait long for the other shoe to drop.

      Scroll down and you will find your comment here:

      July 17, 2016 at 5:30 am

      1. @ Admin

        It appears that we have a failure to communicate or I have problems with my two browsers, Safari & FireFox, when accessing Darkmoon.

        I was not questioning if my comment was in the Arch Stanton article. I saw it there. I could not find my comment or a link to it under the heading of “Turkish Coup a staged event to make Erdogan dictator (3-minute video).”

        I clicked on the heading, “Turkish Coup a staged event to make Erdogan dictator (3-minute video)” and did not see it, but I did see everyone’s comment about the video. I clicked on the heading in the video box and it took me to YouTube as normal. I clicked on the little button, “Turkish coup attempt,” below the video box and it took me to your initial post with no comments. I could find nothing else to click on.

        Just now I accessed Darkmoon with Safari and it is screwy with some video boxes and picture boxes empty which did not happen yesterday. I then tried FireFox with the same results as in the previous paragraphs above.

        The only reason I thought that no one else had seen my comment under the “Turkish Coup a staged event to make Erdogan dictator (3-minute video)” heading was that no one really commented on my comment. Normally Pat always says something. 🙂

        If I am the only one that cannot see my comment or a link to it under the heading of “Turkish Coup a staged event to make Erdogan dictator (3-minute video),” no problem since I know where it is at under Arch Stanton’s article.

        FYI, when I click on the link provided in your comment to me immediately above, https://www.darkmoon.me/2016/arch-stanton-despairs/UNGENIUS all I get is “Oops! That page can’t be found.” using my FireFox browser.

        All I was trying to do was point out what might have been an oops. Again, if it only affects me, no problem.

        1. @ Ungenius

          Rest assured that the problem you refer to does not lie in your computer or your browsers. Too many people have been complaining recently about problems re the site and so the problem has to lie with us. Our site is definitely malfunctioning and we need to get it fixed.

          Even gaining access to our editing facility is a problem. We keep getting the notice:


          Hopefully, this technical problem will be resolved soon. Meanwhile, apologies for any inconvenience to you and all our readers. It appears that some of you are NOT experiencing difficulties, which I find strange, given that so many others are having problems.

      2. @ Ungenius

        To see your comment, click the date in blue under your name, just above the video. It’s in very small print and I initially had trouble finding your comment, too. I think “UNGENIUS” which is much bigger would have been better to have the URL link.

        July 17, 2016 at 5:30 am (The date is in blue and that’s where you click to see your comment.)

      3. @ Justice For Chinese

        Thanks for the pointer. Your eyes are better than mine. I only saw the small date after you mentioned it.

        @ Admin

        I guess I should have said that I had clicked everything that I saw. 🙂 I will look much closer next time.

  12. Murky Turky News:
    it seems we all misread this coo, the incomparable Sibel Edmonds predicted it a full YEAR ago in this James Corbett interview.
    Gotta see (I was wondering why Russia+Iran were quick to express support for Erdogan (Bosnians pronounce “Erdo-Ann” with silent “g” and they should know))

    Looks like Erdogan may be another CIA asset gone sour, like Saddam and they tried to put the skids under him before needing another “Erdogan got WMD’s, mushrooms over NYC” theatrics are needed – and quashed by Putin.

    1. The pronunciation of Erdogan’s name with a silent g is not a Bosnian phenomenon, it is correct Turkish. Actually the name should be spelled Erdoğan, and in Turkish the ğ is not pronounced at all, but slightly lengthens the preceding vowel :

      G, g always hard as in ‘go’, never soft as in ‘gentle’

      Ğ, ğ – a ‘g’ with a little curved line over it: not pronounced; lengthens preceding vowel slightly; you can safely ignore it—just don’t pronounce it!

      From : Turkish Pronunciation Guide.

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