Uncle Sam doesn’t like hearing the word ‘NO’

By Dmitry Orlov

Source: The Power of “Nyet


Poor Uncle Sam! — he’s not getting what he wants.

The way things are supposed to work on this planet is like this: in the United States, the power structures (public and private) decide what they want the rest of the world to do. They communicate their wishes through official and unofficial channels, expecting automatic cooperation.

If cooperation is not immediately forthcoming, they apply political, financial and economic pressure. If that still doesn’t produce the intended effect, they attempt regime change through a color revolution or a military coup, or organize and finance an insurgency leading to terrorist attacks and civil war in the recalcitrant nation. If that still doesn’t work, they bomb the country back to the stone age. This is the way it worked in the 1990s and the 2000s, but as of late a new dynamic has emerged.

In the beginning it was centered on Russia, but the phenomenon has since spread around the world and is about to engulf the United States itself. It works like this: the United States decides what it wants Russia to do and communicates its wishes, expecting automatic cooperation. Russia says “Nyet — No.”

The United States then runs through all of the above steps up to but not including the bombing campaign, from which it is deterred by Russia’s nuclear deterrent. The answer remains “Nyet.” One could perhaps imagine that some smart person within the US power structure would pipe up and say: “Based on the evidence before us, dictating our terms to Russia doesn’t work; let’s try negotiating with Russia in good faith as equals.” And then everybody else would slap their heads and say, “Wow! That’s brilliant! Why didn’t we think of that?” But instead that person would be fired that very same day because, you see, American global hegemony is nonnegotiable. And so what happens instead is that the Americans act baffled, regroup and try again, making for quite an amusing spectacle.

The whole Edward Snowden imbroglio was particularly fun to watch. The US demanded his extradition. The Russians said: “Nyet, our constitution forbids it.” And then, hilariously, some voices in the West demanded in response that Russia change its constitution!

The response, requiring no translation, was “Xa-xa-xa-xa-xa!” Less funny is the impasse over Syria: the Americans have been continuously demanding that Russia go along with their plan to overthrow Bashar Assad. The unchanging Russian response has been: “Nyet, the Syrians get to decide on their leadership, not Russia, and not the US.”

Each time they hear it, the Americans scratch their heads and… try again.

John Kerry was just recently in Moscow, holding a marathon “negotiating session” with Putin and Lavrov. Below is a photo of Kerry talking to Putin and Lavrov in Moscow a week or so ago and their facial expressions are hard to misread. There’s Kerry, with his back to the camera, babbling away as per usual.


Lavrov’s face says: “I can’t believe I have to sit here and listen to this nonsense again.” Putin’s face says: “Oh the poor idiot, he can’t bring himself to understand that we’re just going to say ‘Nyet’ again.”

Kerry flew home with yet another “Nyet.”

—  §  —

What’s worse, other countries are now getting into the act. The Americans told the Brits exactly how to vote, and yet the Brits said “Nyet” and voted for Brexit.

The Americans told the Europeans to accept the horrendous corporate power grab that is the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), and the French said “Nyet, it shall not pass.”

The US organized yet another military coup in Turkey to replace Erdoǧan with somebody who won’t try to play nice with Russia, and the Turks said “Nyet” to that too.

And now, horror of horrors, there is Donald Trump saying “Nyet” to all sorts of things—NATO, offshoring American jobs, letting in a flood of migrants, globalization, weapons for Ukrainian Nazis, free trade…

The corrosive psychological effect of “nyet” on the American hegemonic psyche cannot be underestimated. If you are supposed to think and act like a hegemon, but only the thinking part still works, then the result is cognitive dissonance. If your job is to bully nations around, and the nations can no longer be bullied, then your job becomes a joke, and you turn into a mental patient.

The resulting madness has recently produced quite an interesting symptom: some number of US State Department staffers signed a letter, which was promptly leaked, calling for a bombing campaign against Syria in order to overthrow Bashar Assad. These are diplomats! Diplomacy is the art of avoiding war by talking. Diplomats who call for war are not being exactly… diplomatic. You could say that they are incompetent diplomats, but that wouldn’t go far enough. Most of the competent diplomats left the service during the second Bush administration, many of them in disgust over having to lie about the rationale for the Iraq war. The truth is, they are sick, deranged non-diplomatic warmongers.

Such is the power of this one simple Russian word that they have quite literally lost their minds.

—  §  —

It would be unfair to single out the State Department. It is as if the entire American body politic has been infected by a putrid miasma. It permeates all things and makes life miserable. In spite of the mounting problems, most other things in the US are still somewhat manageable, but this one thing—the draining away of the ability to bully the whole world—ruins everything.

It’s midsummer, the nation is at the beach. The beach blanket is moth-eaten and threadbare, the beach umbrella has holes in it, the soft drinks in the cooler are laced with nasty chemicals and the summer reading is boring… and then there is a dead whale decomposing nearby, whose name is “Nyet.” It just ruins the whole ambiance!

The media chattering heads and the establishment politicos are at this point painfully aware of this problem, and their predictable reaction is to blame it on what they perceive as its ultimate source: Russia, conveniently personified by Putin.

“If you aren’t voting for Clinton, you are voting for Putin” is one recently minted political trope. Another is that Trump is Putin’s agent. Any public figure that declines to take a pro-establishment stance is automatically labeled “Putin’s useful idiot.”

Taken at face value, such claims are preposterous. But there is a deeper explanation for them: what ties them all together is the power of “Nyet.” A vote for Sanders is a “Nyet” vote: the Democratic establishment produced a candidate and told people to vote for her, and most of the young people said “Nyet.” Same thing with Trump: the Republican establishment trotted out its Seven Dwarfs and told people to vote for any one of them, and yet most of the disenfranchised working-class white people said “Nyet” and voted for Snow White the outsider.

It is a hopeful sign that people throughout the Washington-dominated world are discovering the power of “Nyet.” The establishment may still look spiffy on the outside, but under the shiny new paint there hides a rotten hull, with water coming in though every open seam. A sufficiently resounding “Nyet” will probably be enough to cause it to founder, suddenly making room for some very necessary changes.

When that happens, please remember to thank Russia… or, if you insist, Putin.

50 thoughts to “Uncle Sam doesn’t like hearing the word ‘NO’”

  1. Of course, since these people are criminally insane, there is the possibility that they will actually go ahead and try to physically destroy Russia and all the others who say ‘Nyet’. That this might bring about the destruction of everything won’t occur to them as they are insane.

    1. I find that the key to understanding US foreign policy is the unmentionable, the great media taboo, the Jewish Lobby.

      1. Which is why Dmitry Orlov hardly ever focuses on the great Zionist plot. He’s one of ’em.

        In this interview he fears for the safety of Israel (which is hilarious)…you have to listen closely because it is only an aside around the 20 minute mark…

        “Israel needs a new friend, and that friend is Russia”

        Here he reveals his roots and the usual persecution…

        “Currently, Russia’s ethnic problems are limited to combating
        ethnic mafias, and to the many small but humiliating episodes of anti-Semitism, which has been a featureRussian society for centuries, and, in spite of which, Jews, my family included, have done quite well there.”


  2. Uncle Sam? I never had any Uncle Sam …

    Would it be Uncle Samson of the Holerrcaust Survivor fame, whose experience in S.O.B.ibor was one of terrible, just terrible anguish and 100% genuine existential angst, Uncle Samuel R. Untermensch, who is so used to having everything his way, he don’t like to hear “Nein”, “Nyet” or “Yok” (Turkish, my favorite, also used in the Balkans, so abrupt that you are not even supposed to shake your head, just look Uncle in the eye, smile and go “Yok”).

    Yok, buddy, forget your effen tikkun olam, yo.

    (beautiful picture, like Nuland Noodelwoman’s face after Lavrov slapped her proffered hand away)

    1. Incorrect.

      Uncle Sam is the anglicized and shortened pronounciation of Angel Samael, that is, coming from the Russian-speaking Sabbateans to Freemasons it used to sound almost identical to “uncle”, so this nickname came as a substitute and camouflage at the same time.


      “Samael (Hebrew: סַמָּאֵל, “Venom of God”[1] or “Poison of God,” also Sammael or Samil) is an important archangel in Talmudic and post-Talmudic lore, a figure who is an accuser (satan), seducer and destroyer, and has been regarded as both good and evil. Rabbinical writings describe Samael as the guardian angel of Esau and a patron of Edom (or, the Roman empire).”

      “He is considered in Talmudic texts to be a member of the heavenly host (with often grim and destructive duties). One of Samael’s greatest roles in Jewish lore is that of the main archangel of death. He remains one of Yahweh’s servants even though he wants men to do evil.”

      And America has been considered the successor of Rome and is a modern representation of Edom.

      1. @ Rousso :

        You’re obviously very learned and erudite in so many matters plus you’re fluent in Hebrew, so who mentored Nietzsche in the Qabalah? We know the jew Husserl mentored Heidegger in the Qabalah, no one seems to know who mentored Nietzsche in the Qabalah. But surely someone must know, and I figure you’re The One who does.

      2. I’m not fluent in Hebrew, though I can read it a little bit. I don’t know much about Nietzsche. I find him boring and stupid.

      3. @ Rousso

        Nietzsche may have been misguided in his views, but boring and stupid he was not. Try reading Thus Spake Zarathustra. If you find that “boring and stupid”, I feel sorry for you.

      4. “I am dynamite,” Nietzsche once said. That may be a stupid comment, but it’s not boring.

  3. My face reading of Lavrov and Putin in that picture?
    Lavrov : disgust and anger about such meanness.
    Putin : superior contempt for such dishonesty.

    The (((ruling elite))) in Washington deserves a global nyet.

    1. Anyjuan who calls SATANIC PEDO POS ‘elite’ is either really ST000PIFIED, CONditioned, or just a POS himself.

  4. It is a very revealing picture for me.

    I see Kerry in his role of Consigliere for the London Pharisee-Jew Banking Mob explaining that Putin gets $10 Billion in his personal account and the disappointed, even angry, Lavrov gets only $10 Thousand. That is payment for their continuous good work as role players of “good cop – bad cop” on the world stage….. where the London Pharisee-Jew Bankers’ plan is to reverse past positions of US and Russia. Russia has been placed into the role of “good cop” and the US has been demoted to “bad cop” on the stage today.

    The plan is working. The opposing elements to the plan are wrestling with ‘ghosts’ and ‘spirits’ while the physical bombs from Russia and 12 other countries fall in the Mideast, pushing the physical bodies into physical Europe to increase the physical consumer base and the non-spiritual debt control of the physical land.

    I can see that Putin, with the look of total satisfaction, has already planned to buy more Uranium from Hillary with a small part of his allowance, which he will lend to Rosatom for a 20% compounded annual return. Hillary “bin berry berry goot” to Putin. Neither of them will say “Nyet” to that.

    But, the disappointed Lavrov was told by Hillary he would get at least half of Putin’s allowance:

    Kerry was ordered to tell Lavrov, “Nyet.”

    1. The plan is working. The opposing elements to the plan are wrestling with ‘ghosts’ and ‘spirits’ while the physical bombs from Russia and 12 other countries fall in the Mideast, pushing the physical bodies into physical Europe to increase the physical consumer base and the non-spiritual debt control of the physical land.

      So, more than 20 years of focused massacres of Iraqis, Afghans, Libyans and Syrians by Americans, Brits and lesser Jews pushed no physical bodies into physical Europe to increase the physical consumer base, even though the resulting 3+ million physical corpses DO NOT COUNT in the mondo bizarro of sworn Putin haters, so when Putin finally shows up to rescue Syrians from the cannibal clutches of Jews and wannabes, saving Damascus, Palmyra, Aleppo and so on and Turk Donmeh chases the millions of victims collected over the years in refugee camps into Europe, I give you one guess who do the sworn Putin haters blame.

      I am giving no hints, I want to see if anyone is bright enough to see who do committed Putin haters blame for the refugee flood, for Chinese Opium Wars, for slaughter of the Amalek and Palestinians.
      Ok, one tiny hint: the perp’s initial is “P”, the perpetrator of this outrageous calumny.
      So glad to be continuously reminded that the resistance is futile, they got you covered, just mind your own business and hope that the sharp penciled accountants will stop Kali Yuga in its tracks.

      1. lobro

        I find irresistable the thought of Trump as President getting wise to the ruse and having the lightbulb moment that Hitler never had. But I find it unlikely so I’m not holdin my breath. Granted, this would make the transition of Ages* go alot smoother, but any way you slice it, the changes I believe are coming will show most humans to be the pesky fleas they really are – those who will be shaken off the Big Dog’s hide!

        “New growth rising from the phoenix ashes” means those who know what “right living” is

        *and for those dubious readers who scoff at the thought of this being a “New Age” deception, remember – the deception is the spin. The transition is real


      2. Lobro –

        I shall repeat:

        “The plan is working. The opposing elements to the plan are wrestling with ‘ghosts’ and ‘spirits’ while the physical bombs from Russia and 12 other countries fall in the Mideast, pushing the physical bodies into physical Europe to increase the physical consumer base and the non-spiritual debt control of the physical land.”

        I never have claimed that resistance is futile. YOU DID..!!

        I claim the Pharisee-Jews have given the model to follow…. “spiritual battle” to allow them to keep gaining in the physical world….. keeping you off course.

        I have also claimed that many folks are so ‘spiritually-minded’ they are of ‘no physical use’… Useless..!! They keep praying and dying….. while being broken….. fighting with ghosts.

        Pharisee-Jews come back where thrown out – so many times – while “spirituals” attempt to pray them away. Being known as “God’s Chosen”(sic) allows that. That gives the Pharisee-Jews “spiritual” priority and elevation in the eyes of most Christians.

        That’s the real futility….!!

        I have stated numerous times that I do not “hate Putin”…. he would be a good fishing buddy…… and could help make up good fish-tales….. lies… 🙂

        I HAVE stated that Putin and ALL national leaders are liars. Maybe that will sink in if I restate it 1000 more times..

        You can still call me “mule-headed” if you wish, as you have done many times…. That IS funny.. 🙂

      3. “East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet…”

        Same applies to Pat and Lobro. Clash of the Titans. 🙂

        Yea, never the twain shall meet!

        T’would be a boring world if there was universal agreement about everything.

  5. Reading this piece caused me to reflect upon something said by Pat Buchanan in “Hitler, Churchill and the unnecessary war”. Towards the end of that work he spoke of America reaching the same point reached by Britain a century earlier, a point he characterised as “imperial overstretch”. A reading of Mr. Orlov’s essay here seems to some degree to be symptomatic of that condition. There seems to be a delusional quality to the thinking in the milieu of governance today that betokens that hubris now evident and nicely pointed up in this essay.

  6. Will the US voters say “nyet” to Hillary? The election software was not open sourced, remains a proprietary product owned by a private company. Insufficient audit was performed of the software. Code does not belong to the government. Contract should have been written that the software code belongs to government, contractor turns over all source and documentation to government. What is to prevent the software from lying and kick over votes to Hillary? Perhaps this is why she has such a smug face to say “nyet” to Donald?

    1. George –

      We KNOW….. the vote will be rigged by contractord. Here’s a new way…. admitted ‘techno-fraud.’

      Votes are being counted as fractions instead of as whole numbers

      by Jon Rappoport
      August 1, 2016


      As we know, there are a number of ways to rig an election. Bev Harris, at blackboxvoting.org, is exploring a specific “cheat sheet” that has vast implications for the Trump vs. Hillary contest.

      It’s a vote-counting system called GEMS.

      Here are key Harris quotes. They’re all shockers:

      “Our testing [of GEMS] shows that one vote can be counted 25 times, another only one one-thousandth of a time, effectively converting some votes to zero.”

      “This report summarizes the results of our review of the GEMS election management system, which counts approximately 25 percent of all votes in the United States. The results of this study demonstrate that a fractional vote feature is embedded in each GEMS application which can be used to invisibly, yet radically, alter election outcomes by pre-setting desired vote percentages to redistribute votes. This tampering is not visible to election observers, even if they are standing in the room and watching the computer. Use of the decimalized vote feature is unlikely to be detected by auditing or canvass procedures, and can be applied across large jurisdictions in less than 60 seconds.”

      “GEMS vote-counting systems are and have been operated under five trade names: Global Election Systems, Diebold Election Systems, Premier Election Systems, Dominion Voting Systems, and Election Systems & Software, in addition to a number of private regional subcontractors. At the time of this writing, this system is used statewide in Alaska, Connecticut, Georgia, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Utah and Vermont, and for counties in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming. It is also used in CANADA.”

    2. Uncle would fit-in perfectly in Washington, Uncle is overbearing, CENSORIOUS, totalitarian, an authoritarian personality type, rude, pushy, obnoxious, two-faced, lying, dissimulating, breaks his word, can NOT trust one thing he says, BREAKS agreements, flushes whatever TRUTH is “inconvenient” to him, any TRUTH which doesn’t fit into Uncle’s bullshit historical and cultural, social, political, religious/spiritual “narratives” Uncle flushes down the toilet, just like the jews in Washington, just like jews everywhere think and behave. I don’t know who you all think you’re kidding. Yeah sure, I’m the only one around here who knows the word “Darkmoon” is a code word for the jew’s Kabbalah and the satanic “goddess” “LIlith”. The rest of you, Oh so jew-wise ones, don’t know that ; whiddlejoew knows IT but the rest of you do not know IT. Heck, even Lasha herself doesn’t know she named her website code word for the satanic Kabbalah “goddess” “Lilith”. Yeah right, whatever.

  7. The tide is indeed turning, many countries are saying nyet to the the Jewish hegemon. India and Pakistan are now fully fledged members of the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization). So now this Organization represents more than 50% of the world’s population. Brzezinski with his grand chessboard (Central Asia) should resign the game as he is in zugzwang (a chess term meaning compulsion to move, but any move one makes is bad) Let’s not forget this aging Polish popinjay and ignoramus is one of Obama’s foreign policy advisors. The more Washington plays the deeper they sink into the mire.
    I wonder when, not if, Hellary is selected who she will pick as her Secretary of State. A member of her Sapphic cabal, Susan Rice? Samantha Powers?

    1. Felix –

      I read last year that Putin is not enamored with SCO wanting to set up banking capabilities.

      And others do not want India and Pakistan’s presence. They know those two are agents of London.

      Uzbekistan President Islam Karimov issued probably the most surprising statement, saying that the addition of India and Pakistan “would not only change the political map, but would change the balance of power. This is not a simple issue, and it needs to be discussed.” HE KNOWS..!!

      Reports that Russia is uncomfortable with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) stepping into banking are nothing new. In particular, Moscow’s quiet efforts to block the creation of an SCO development bank that would funnel largely Chinese credit into Russia’s backyard have featured at the organization’s meetings in recent years.

      The SCO – which groups China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan – has tried hard to convince the world it is more than just a club for dictators. China’s push to include economic initiatives on the SCO agenda was a part of this process, Gabuev notes, and a development bank has been on the table at SCO powwows since 2009.



      They need a bank to compete with others. The banks will probably be an arm of London…… especially with India there. That’s how London controls BRICS Development Bank.

      Looks like they fight with each other too much to be of any concern. EU of Eurasia. 🙂

      1. Pat,
        That article is out of date, more than 18 months ago, and probably disinformation. Since 2015, Iran, India and Pakistan have signed up and are now full members of the SCO. Don’t forget, they have no choice if they want to avoid the fate of Europe and other countries, complete vassalage to the JUSA! From a personal point of view, I’d rather see the world destroyed than under “Jewish” Western rule.
        The JUSA Brzezinskites are being incredibly stupid, while they and Israel benefit, Brzezinski and his Jewish neocon cohorts have destroyed the USA.

      2. Thanks, Felix – – –

        I did not want my comment to be that lengthy.

        Disinfo is hard to prove when not there in person….. as you guessed “probably.”

        India and Pakistan are NOT “full members” as you guessed. 🙂

        Here is one from the meeting just 5 weeks ago….. June 22, 2016.

        “China is primarily interested in expanding its One Belt, One Road economic integration initiative via the SCO. Russia has expressed its interest in linking up that Chinese project with its own Eurasian Economic Union, but the Chinese silence on the EEU issue has been conspicuous.

        “Likewise conspicuously absent from anyone’s predictions on the summit: the SCO Development Bank, which was supposedly one of the top agenda items at last year’s summit but about which little has been heard from since.”



        The biggest headline after last year’s summit was that India and Pakistan were invited to join the organization as full members, the first expansion since the group was founded. (The SCO currently consists of China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.)

        But on the eve of this year’s summit, it’s not clear what the timetable for their accession is.

        Their final accession should take place next year, Yuriy Ushakov, a senior adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin, said. “The process of accepting India and Pakistan into the SCO will enter the final stage and we expect that at the next summit in Kazakhstan, India and Pakistan will be finally admitted into the SCO ranks,” he said.

        But one Chinese expert suggested that India and Pakistan would have to make significant progress in resolving their various disputes in order to be accepted as full members, suggesting a far longer timeframe.

    2. After the last 50-60 years of the jews doing EVERYTHING, and I do mean EVERYTHING, the jews could do to make PORNO an everyday part of our culture, to make PORNO real ubiquitous, and now that almost everyone is de-sensitized to PORNO the jews are publishing nude pics of Trumps wife, as if this is going to “shock” the American public not to vote for Trump. Like it’s 1948 and everyone is going to be shocked, shocked and appalled and horrified I tell ya’, and will be so morally outraged by seeing Trump’s wife in the nude they will turn away from Trump in droves and the jew’s candidate Hellary will win! LMFAO!!!

  8. “Most of the competent diplomats left the service during the second Bush administration, many of them in disgust over having to lie about the rationale for the Iraq war.”

    And perhaps therein lies the Jews’ biggest downfall – the fear of competence. Since Jews work full tilt against the positive interests of their goyim host, they must base their government on lies, deception and misdirection. Thus, they find it imperative that anyone with a brain that might understand and counter their agenda not be allowed near the levers of power.

    This is why the American government and other western governments have been reduced to administrations by simpletons. Look at that picture again of Kerry the clown trying to shuck and jive the Russians. Note how they used a Jew and not a Negro for these negotiation attempts? There’s a clue.

    The Jews fear anyone with superior or equal intelligence as they might go Nhaaadzee on them, like that there Hitler fella. Despite their propaganda about being a race of incredibly brilliant Einsteins, their actions belie the claim. After all, Jews are still using time-worn Torah stories as principal guidelines for cultural subversion. So why change those things that are proven to work; unless of course, the intent is to destroy that which works.

    Why indeed. Ever notice how everything new these days seems to malfunction right out of the box? It’s no accident that paint peels off the cars after a few years and kitchen appliances last, on average, less than six months while there is still paint on that ’46 Chevy out in the junkyard and grandma’s 1959 Frigidaire still functions just fine.

    So what better leadership for fearful Jews then Negro simpletons and compliant women who go along to get along? What better representatives of a thoroughly corrupt, debased culture to comfortably assure Jews Nhaaadzee problems will not rise from the ashes of the Third Reich?

    When one looks at the current American Government, packed with minorities and Jews (who appear white), it is hard to believe they are slipping up big time with the Donald.

    That this is yet another subversive misdirection is reinforced by the fact that anyone who can read between the lines can clearly see the political currents are being carefully directed by the media to slander and defame Hillary while supporting Trump.

    As I wrote earlier, about the only thing they haven’t done yet is issue white hats to the Trumpsters and Black hats to the Clidiots.

    Me doth think Jews protest too much.

    Hasn’t anyone read Uncle Remus or are those lessons too “racist” to be learned these days? The Jews are screaming all too loudly and insistently, “Please br’er right-wing fox, please don’t throw us tolerant, left-wing, Jews, minorities and LGBT Americans into the hateful Turnump patch, anything but that! We are soooo helpless in the face of the rising tide of anti-Semitism and Christian hate sweeping Trump into power! But don’t vote for that political slut Hillary, just wait ’till you see the e-mails we have on her.

    To continue, “Oy Vey! Trump is a Nhaaadzee, a real fate worse than our mythical hallowedhoax! Is there nothing that can stop this American Nhaaadzee juggernaut? Trump is another genocide waiting to happen to the poor, oppressed victims of the Hallowedhoax ! Please don’t throw us in . . . wait a minute that Nhaaadzee hallowedhoax thing worked out splendidly for us Jews. OK, go ahead and vote for Trump if you must, but don’t blame us if America winds up on our holocaust to-do list, after all you voted for him.”

    1. @ Arch Stanton

      A brilliant post as usual . . . but somewhat marred by your sarcasm so that it is no longer clear what you are actually saying. Why don’t you spell it out and tell us what you think the Jews actually want?

      Who do the Jews want as the next president: Trump or Hillary?

      Are you saying the Jews are pretending to hate Trump and that the media are deliberately whipping up Trump hatred so that people decide to vote for Trump just to spite the Jews and the Jew-owned media?

      Simple question: in your opinion, who do the Jews want as the next president: Hillary or Donald?

      1. From my point of view, it appears Jews are staging vociferous opposition to Trump while surreptitiously backing his candidacy. At the same time, while publicly endorsing Hillary full tilt, I see a suspicious number of media articles and opinions that paint her as an unmistakable, mentally deranged and totally corrupt hack politician.

        Take for example the camera angle shot of her name that, by omission, spells out “I lie”. Jews recently tested public reaction to their efforts by indicating Trump was going to quit the election. The outcry over this announcement would definitely give a clear indication of how much support is behind his candidacy while generating even more support for it from his present following.

        What do the American people see on their political stage? A corrupt, psychopathic, hack politician pitted against a strong, stable, successful, male multi-billionaire businessman with the usual business shenanigans to his minor discredit, none of course that would be a deal breaker for his candidacy. Consider for a moment how Jews destroyed Richard Nixon’s sitting presidency over a minor break in during an attempt to spy on his political opponent.

        GASP! A politician using underhanded tactics to spy on his political opponents? How much more corrupt, how much more evil can one be? Until Nixon, such evil was unheard of! No politician before Nixon would have ever thought to do such a thing – eh? (Ok, there was that Hitler feller, but let’s move on) So tell me Jews couldn’t come up with a candidacy breaker for Trump were they of a mind to do so?

        None will deny that Hillary will, at the very least, stay the present course which of course was promised to be changed by the lying golden Negro who also happens to be a democrat. In carefully contrived photo ops and op-ed pieces, Hillary is cast by the media as an inept fool who laughs at killing people (only an idiot in her position would be so visibly undiplomatic) is married to a former washed-up, coke-sniffing president who was disliked by many Democrats.

        Is it not obvious this all reflects on her suitability for the office? This of course is no great challenge as all they need do is tell the truth about her. As I pointed out previously, the only thing Jews have yet to do is pass out white hats for the Trumpsters and black hats for the Clidiots.

        I suspect the idea is to use Trump as a neuvo Hitler to lead America into another global war as Jews exclaim, (while shedding copious quantities of crocodile tears) “See we told you Trump was dangerous. We warned you he would be another Nhaaadzee war monger.” Thus exculpating them from any part in fomenting the conflict. For this reason I also look for Trump’s cabinet to be almost totally devoid of any visible Jewish influence.

        The Jews overwhelming presence in events leading to Iraq war was unmistakable, and led to the term “neocon” which most understand is a code word for “Jew” government administrator. I think they greatly fear being implicated as the primary agent provocateur in a new global conflict.

        As the immense destruction resulting from this conflict will devastate America, people will be looking for someone to blame. Who better than Trump? No doubt he will be well reimbursed for taking the fall for the Jews – that is if the American people don’t get to him first.

        Such is the duplicity of the Jew. I am led to think they perform these “reverse” psychological acts out of sheer spite or glee in knowing they can pull their woolly lies over the stupid goyims’ eyes.

        Perhaps the most famous act of this nature occurred at the opening of the twentieth century when Jew bankers bewailed the terrible dangers the Federal Reserve Act presented to the banks.

        The stupid goiym masses predictably fell to the notion that “if it’s bad for the banks, it will be good for us” and gave their support for the act. Such actions have led to my conclusion that br’er rabbit was in fact, a Jew.

    1. Yes, I think you are right.

      But the question is, why do the Jews have to pretend to hate Trump — “the New Hitler” — if he will “suit their purposes” just as well as Hillary?

      Something doesn’t add up.

      1. Sardonicus,

        I say they want Hillary as POTUS. Trump is campaigning against all the things the Jews want and are behind.

        Hispanic immigration for example.

        Watch this half Jew explain something most people don’t realise about illegals. He has made a whole bunch of very interesting videos.


      2. Sard –

        “…why do the Jews have to pretend to hate Trump —”

        “Something doesn’t add up.”

        $$$$ ads up….. and fast…. by the $$$Millions, even $$Billions… WORLD-WIDE..!!

        Good v bad = $$$$ frenzy… in media… !!

        Hundreds of $$$Millions will be spent on printing, parades, parties, alcohol and advertising from billboards to TV and film to tapes to CDs….. with music and hoopla to the hilt.. with more travel..!!

        Pharisee-Jew Banker-owned Casinos and betting arenas will rake it in..!!

        Trump is in $$$ Vegas heaven.

        Elections are all about the $$$..!!

        Hillary wins the (S)election… too bad. 🙁

        Hill – 71%
        Don – 27%

      3. @ Pat

        Thanks for your explanation. I guess you could be right. Money — “the root of all evil” — is certainly a powerful driving force.

        But if 1138 is right and if the Jews HATE Trump because he’s backing all the causes they’re against, then it make no sense for someone to say “Actually, the Jews are secretly backing Trump.”

        It makes no sense to say the Jews are backing the same man they hate, does it? 🙂

      4. Are you sure it’s all in the bag for Hillary? How do you feel about having this evil bitch as your next president? If I was an American, I’d want to shoot myself.

        George Washington weeps in his grave…

        When I reflect on world affairs, I say to myself: “The Devil certainly exists. Because if he doesn’t, how come so many world leaders are demonically possessed?”

      5. Sard –

        I disagree with those who claim Pharisee-Jew Bankers hate Trump

        No one can file bankruptcy 4 TIMES…. for those amounts of $$$$ in the courts owned by Pharisee-Jew bankers….. and prevail…. without FULL aid, agreement and help from Pharisee-Jew Bankers and their Judges and lawyers, and US Government. NO ONE..!!

        Trumps bankruptcies are facts… not guesses.

        That’s the first clue.

        AND no one gets into the casino business in the US without help and control by Pharisee-Jew Bankers, lawyers and US Government.

        Trump is in the casino business. That’s fact, not a guess.

        That’s the second clue.

        You can find dozens more if you want to take the time. ALL are $$$$$ based..!!

        Hillary will win the ES&S (S)election. No need to shoot myself…. that’s physical action. The battle is “spiritual” don’cha knowz..!! 🙂

      6. The battle is “spiritual” don’cha knowz..!! ?

        Hope you’re right, Pat. Because I’d hate it if it ever got physical! 🙂

      7. Trump the expert, has them all right where he wants them.
        I predict Trump will make Hillary swallow her tongue, Hannibal Lecter style, on live TV!
        (if she lasts that long)

  9. Good article, except for one thing. The expression “weapons for Ukrainian Nazis” is erroneous for a Ukrainian government that is dominated by Jews. President Poroshenko, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk (holding office until April of this year) are both Jews, as is most of the Ukrainian government. These leaders obviously make policy, so Mr. Orlov is either a liar or a coward for implying “NAZIS” or real Ukrainians actually run their government. Since no matter what country you live in, the establishment at the very least frowns upon suggesting anything negative about Jews, Orlov (and almost everyone else writing about Ukraine) lies and implies the Ukrainian gov’t is run by “NAZIS”, or ethnic Ukrainians and not Jews.

    This is how the liars from the victorious allied nations wrote WW II history, making themselves out as angels and the German enemy as devils. They had to justify the mass murder, rape and theft from Germans. This is also how everything evil from the Soviet Union is blamed on “Stalin” (as if every order or directive in the huge country passed thru Stalin’s hands) or Russians as opposed to the Jews, who made up 80 to 85 percent of the first Soviet government according to Russian President Putin and played a huge role until after WW II was over.

    The Ukrainian government (run by Jews) and the Ukrainian people (NAZIS to Orlov) are cooperating, with the Jews setting policy and Ukrainian nationalists (“NAZIS”) supplying the soldiers, but the US is not supporting “NAZIS”. I’s supporting the globalist Jewish Ukrainian gov’t, which most Ukrainians would not want to be a part of, any more than Hungarians or many other eastern Europeans. The ruling Jews want to bring in masses of foreigners into Ukraine to destroy the ethnic character of Ukraine and that is something any “NAZI” would oppose. Every “commie” and “kike” knows that.

  10. “What’s worse, other countries are now getting into the act. The Americans told the Brits exactly how to vote, and yet the Brits said “Nyet” and voted for Brexit.”

    But did they? What was the overall voting numbers and can be quite sure that it wasn’t fudged? What we know of the aftermath is that the markets plummeted. And when markets plummet, people make billions. Whether Britain voted yes or no, the situation is still the same – Daddy Israel, still runs the show and you can bet your bottom dollar, that just as sewage will continue to flow out of the sewers into sewage plants on a daily basis, immigrants will continue pouring into the UK. It was the uncontrolled immigration that the people in the UK voted out of the EU for, yet fail to realise that unless you have a staunch, nationalist party in power, with anti immigration and repatriation policies, nothing will ever change. You can bet your bottom dollar, that the immigration, from the third world will rise and rise and ris….until people are at each others’ throats.

  11. Sad day…. in US.

    Victor Thorn gone, at 54. Lost one of the best.


    At the peak of his writing career, the author of some 20 books and 30 chapbooks, Thorn had reported for this newspaper for over a decade, writing thousands of articles on myriad subjects from conspiracy to health-related topics. Best known for his investigate research on the Clintons, Thorn wrote the Clinton trilogy—three definitive works that delved into the history of the power couple including their sordid scandals, Bill Clinton’s sexual assaults of multiple women, and the drug running out of Mena, Arkansas while Clinton was governor of the state.

    Besides writing for AFP, Thorn published the works of numerous writers in the alternative media such as Michael Collins Piper, Adam Gorightly, Mark Glenn, John Kaminski and Joan d’Arc, while also producing five CDs and DVDs, one of which is a five-disc collection that covers the John F. Kennedy assassination.

    1. Another mysterious death involving the Clintons? (BTW, it was odd that an IT specialist with the DNC and E-mails was recently murdered.)

      1. George –

        That is not far-fetched. This video finally mentioned Frank Aller, Bill’s roommate at Oxford, who ended up dead, supposedly distraught over his girlfriend.


        Frank Aller
        Most Likely to Succeed
        Published: November 22, 1992

        (More about Aller and little known FOB, Friends Of Bill, here):

        “It was obvious in 1969 that Bill Clinton would someday run for President. It was just as clear that his roommate at Oxford, Frank Aller, would become a big-time journalist, another Edward R. Murrow. The two Rhodes scholars were good-looking, gifted, well liked — close friends who had everything in common, particularly a hatred of the Vietnam War. After Aller decided to resist the draft, Clinton called him “one of the bravest, best men I know,” in his now famous letter to an R.O.T.C. director in Arkansas explaining why he had given up his own thoughts of resistance to safeguard his “political viability.”


        Frank Aller is still a kind of obsession among Clinton and his circle. “Bill and I talk about Frank all the time,” David Edwards says. “We feel Frank paid the price for all of us.”


        Edwards said, “For years, I was half-convinced someone killed him and made it look like suicide.”

        –While Aller’s male friends point to outside forces – the women who knew him best tend to reproach themselves. Jan Brenning (who now goes by the name of Jana Brenning McNamara) says she still regrets speaking harshly to Aller in their last phone conversation a few days before he died; she was angry at him for not letting her know he had finally escaped the draft. Brenning McNamara admits she never understood the real reason Aller killed himself, only that “he was caught in a skin that had gotten too tight.”


        This is how to follow the Clintons’ money… their real power base:


  12. Fine article Mr. Orlov, and wonderful comments . Needless to say, criticism of ANY kind is not tolerated by old testament types, which , mark my word – will be their downfall. No negotiations are possible when the program is more dictation and squalid attempts at bribery occasionally tossed in. You’d think after 9/11 broke wide open all over the world the very least the old testament nouveau riche nomenklatura in Washington would have had the wits to dump Cheney, Pearl, Wolfewitz and a few others as a broad statement along the lines of: “see, we really are not the same bunch of low lifes”; then a few might have been deceived for a while about who’s running things – but all are left untouched or kicked upstairs like Wolfewitz. Indeed, they kept pushing for an attack on Iran after the Internationally recognized disasterous Iraq adventure, make a play for Libya and Ukraine which they can’t run competently despite unlimited resources as well as the wealth of both and now run the most credibility damaged criminal candidate for the nation’s highest office in US history. It’s hard to find a historical comparison of a group of incompetent criminals so thoroughly infatuated with themselves and their agenda, supremely arrogant and dare we say shocked when stable intelligent leadership in Russia and elsewhere sends them back to their self created stettyl with no deals. Keep deceiving yourselves, you may soon be all you have left to deceive.

  13. Orlov is most probably a Zionist. Surely that is important to know?

    He has expressed fear for the security of Israel (which is a nonsense) and spoken of the history of his Jewish family in Russia.

    Just sayin’

    ADMIN: You have used two user names so far. Please choose ONE name and stick with it. Thank you.

    1. No problem. I was worried my original post (under Flonerd) wasn’t going to be posted. So I posted this summary using Flopot. I always get mixed up between the names, having using them often. I’ll stick with this one.

  14. I wouldn’t know cuz I STOPPED reading after the OP Orlov typed the word PLANET. Earth, it SNOT a planet.

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