Vladimir Putin Is The Only Leader The West Has

By Paul Craig Roberts


A Reuters news report under the names of presstitutes Robin Emmott and Sabine Siebold shows how devoid the West is of honest, intelligent and responsible journalists and government officials.

First we will examine the dishonesty or incompetence of the reporters and then that of Western government officials.

Emmott and Siebold describe NATO as a “Western defense alliance.” Since the Clinton regime NATO has been an alliance for waging offensive war, a war crime under the Nuremberg rules established by the United States. Under the NATO banner a number of countries have been bombed, invaded, and had their governments overthrown by Washington acting under the cover of NATO.

These destroyed countries posed no threat whatsoever to the countries of the NATO alliance and undertook no aggressive actions against NATO members. How is it possible that Reuters’ reporters and editors are not aware of this? Why do they call an instrument of Washington’s aggression a “defense alliance”?

Emmott and Siebold report that “Russian aggression” is the reason NATO is deploying 3,000 to 4,000 troops in the Baltic states and Poland. In other words, something that does not exist–Russian aggression toward the Baltics and Poland–is assumed to be a fact that must be countered with military deployments.

The reporters do not question whether this insignificant number of NATO troops constitutes a defense or a provocation. The number of troops would have to be 100 times greater before the force even begins to approach a defensive force. What then is the purpose of the 3,000 or 4,000 NATO troops?

Every informed person knows that there is no need of a defense force against Russia in the Baltics and Poland. Aside from this fact, only an absolute idiot could think that three or four thousand troops constitutes a defense against the Russian Army.

In June 1941 Operation Barbarossa hit Russia with an invasion of four million troops, the majority German component of which were probably the most highly trained and disciplined troops in military history, excepting only the Spartans. By the time that the Americans and British got around to the Normandy invasion, the Russian Army had chewed up the Wehrmacht. There were only a few divisions at 40% strength to resist the Normandy invasion. By the time the Russian Army got to Berlin, the German resistance consisted of armed children.

The Reuters reporters raise no question about President Obama’s statement that 1,000 of this insignificant force will be Americans in order “to enhance our forward presence in central and eastern Europe.” Why does the United States need a “forward presence” in central and eastern Europe? What does a US “forward presence” in central and eastern Europe represent except an insane recklessness?

One thousand US troops are good for nothing except a provocation.

Emmott and Siebold report with a straight face without laughter or question unverifiable accusations of Russian aggression by White House Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes, Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski, President Obama, and head of NATO’s military committee, Czech General Petr Pavel.

Gen. Pavel “said Russia was attempting to restore its status as a world power, an effort that included using its military.”

Obama said it is necessary to “keep sanctions on Moscow in place until it fully complies with the ceasefire agreement in Ukraine.”

Waszczykowski said: “We have to reject any type of wishful thinking with regard to pragmatic cooperation with Russia as long as Russia keeps on invading its neighbors.”

Rhodes threatened Russia with a NATO response to Russia’s “continued aggression.”

These statements are propagandistic. If those who made the statements actually believe them, they are too imbecilic to be trusted with public offices.

Is it possible that the Czech general does not know that Russia has used its military only to repel a Washington-inspired Georgian invasion of South Ossetia and against ISIS in Syria, which the US, UK, and France also claim to be doing? After repelling the Georgian invasion, Russia withdrew its forces. After dealing ISIS a setback in Syria, Russia withdrew and was forced to return by Washington’s resupply of ISIS.

Can the Polish Foreign Minister identify the countries that “Russia keeps on invading”?

Does the President of the United States really not know that Russia is not a party to the ceasefire agreement in Ukraine? This is an agreement between the breakaway republics and the government in Kiev. Washington has done everything possible to discourage Kiev from keeping the agreement Kiev signed.

Can National Security Adviser Rhodes tell us where “continued aggression by Russia” is occurring? What countries are being invaded and overrun?

How can there be so much Russian aggression and no evidence of it?

Recently, President Putin dressed down to their faces the Western media whores who are fanning the flames of World War III by repeating without question Washington’s propagandistic lies. These lies are reckless. They endanger all life on planet Earth.

During my lifetime, American presidents worked to reduce tensions between the two major nuclear powers. JFK worked with Khrushchev to defuse the dangerous situation arising from the placement of US missiles in Turkey and, in response, the placement of Russian missiles in Cuba.

President Nixon brought forth SALT I, the strategic arms limitation treaty, and the ABM Treaty.

President Carter crafted SALT II.

President Reagan negotiated with Gorbachev the end of the Cold War, the most promising achievement of the 20th century.

The Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama regimes have done everything possible to raise the tensions between nuclear powers to heights beyond those of the most dangerous days of the Cold War.

The evil Clinton regime broke the word of the government of the United States, thereby destroying the honor of the US government, by taking NATO to Russia’s borders.

The evil George W. Bush regime pulled the US out of the ABM Treaty and rewrote US war doctrine in order to elevate nuclear weapons from a retaliatory weapon to a first strike weapon. This insane act put the Russians on notice.

The evil Obama regime intends to place nuclear missiles on Russia’s borders in Poland and Romania and engineered a coup in Ukraine with the intent of depriving Russia of its Black Sea naval base in Crimea, Russia’s only warm water port.

Faced with a Russophobic Washington-installed government in Ukraine, the Russian population in Crimea, a Russian province since the 1700s, voted practically unanimously to rejoin Russia, where Crimea had resided until Khrushchev reassigned the Russian province to Ukraine in the mid 20th century. The Russian government’s acceptance of the wishes of its own people were propagandistically misrepresented by Washington and the presstitutes as “Russian invasion and annexation of Crimea.”

This lie is where the myth of “Russian invasion” came from. Russian military forces were already present in Crimea, because when Russia granted independence to Ukraine, Russia retained a long-term lease on the Russian naval base in Crimea. As all international observers testified, the vote was independent of the Russian military presence.

The White House Fool said that the vote in Crimea was meaningless because all of Ukraine did not get to vote. The Fool was too ignorant to know that by this laughable charge he discredited the American Revolution because the British people didn’t get to vote.

For the precise same reason that The Fool wants Crimea returned to Kiev, the US must be returned to Britain. I doubt that the British would have us.

Who wants a war criminal nation drowning in its own hubris?

The world is now faced with the prospect that insouciant Americans will elect a crazed and incompetent criminal or semi-criminal as their president, a person who has declared the President of Russia to be “the new Hitler.”

The stupid bitch’s statement is a declaration of nuclear war, and this dangerous, reckless, incompetent, careless person has been selected by the Democratic Party as the next POTUS !!!


“This stupid bitch . . . the next Potus!!!”

LD:  How Britain’s new Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, is going to look Hillary Clinton in the eye when he visits her at the White House next year is not easy to imagine. He has described Clinton in the most unflattering terms. “She has a steely blue stare,” he says cuttingly, “like a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital.” An apt description. There’s something about Killary that give me the creeps—see this 12-second video clip.

The ignorance and stupidity of the American people will destroy the world.

Little wonder that Vladimir Putin, the only responsible world leader other than the president of China, is desperate that the Western media understand that their irresponsible negligence to the truth is helping Washington drive the world to nuclear war.

Putin does not want war. He is doing everything in his power to avoid it. But Putin is not going to surrender Russia to Washington. The trip-point of World War III will be the installation of Washington’s missiles in Poland and Romania. As Putin recently made clear to the imbecilic Western journalists, these missiles can easily and secretly be changed from anti-ballistic missiles to nuclear attack missiles that can strike their Russian targets within 5 or fewer minutes of launch, thus depriving Russia of its retaliatory deterrent.

Once these missiles are in place, Washington can issue orders to Russia.

Whatever the evil men and women in Washington who are gambling with the life of the planet think, Russia is not going to accept these missiles.

Where does world leadership reside? In Washington, the war criminal capital of the world that is driving the world to nuclear war, or in Russia whose leadership accepts countless affronts and provocations in an effort to avoid war?

War clouds certainly loom, as this short new article by Sergey Karaganov makes clear. This repeats some of the main points made by Paul Craig Roberts above, especially the idea of American provocation. It seems America is doing everything in its power to ignite WWIII, behaving in an extremely reckless manner. [LD]  

‘If NATO Encroaches On Nuclear Russia, It Will Be Punished’

Russia has zero trust in NATO and believes that the alliance is preparing to go to war against it, a leading Russian foreign policy expert told ‘Spiegel’, while warning that, if it comes to a new big conflict, Moscow won’t fight it on its own soil.

In an interview with the German magazine, Sergey Karaganov, a veteran political scientist and member of the influential Foreign Policy and Defense Council of the Russia Foreign Ministry, said in bold terms that the risk of a new shooting war in Europe has been on the rise for a decade and is now as high as it was at the height of the Cold War.

The abundance of propaganda coming from both sides attests to the dangerous state of the crisis, Karaganov said:

“The Russian media is more reserved than Western media. Though you have to understand that Russia is very sensitive about defense. We have to be prepared for everything. That is the source of this occasionally massive amount of propaganda,” he said. “But what is the West doing? It is doing nothing but vilifying Russia; it believes that we are threatening to attack. The situation is comparable to the crisis at the end of the 1970s and beginning of the 1980s.”

The expert was referring to a massive build-up of intermediate-range nuclear missiles in Europe that could have easily led to an unintended nuclear war. The missiles had a very short approach time that left almost no time for an attacked side to react, making automatic retaliation the only possible reaction to a decapitating nuclear barrage. The situation was defused by a ban on intermediate-range missiles signed in 1987.

The current buildup of NATO forces on Russia’s border is not unlike the installation of Pershing and SS-20 missiles three decades ago, at least in terms of the misguided justification for deploying them, Karaganov said.

“Fears in countries like Poland, Lithuania and Latvia are to be allayed by NATO stationing weapons there. But that doesn’t help them; we interpret that as a provocation. In a crisis, we will destroy exactly these weapons. Russia will never again fight on its own territory,” he said.

“The help offered by NATO is not symbolic help for the Baltic states. It is a provocation. If NATO initiates an encroachment – against a nuclear power like ourselves – it will be punished,” he stressed.

Part of the problem is the breakdown in communications, as evidenced by the work – or lack thereof – of the NATO-Russia Council, which was created to resolve differences between the alliance and Russia, but is “no longer a legitimate body,” according to Karaganov.

“NATO has become a qualitatively different alliance. When we began the dialogue with NATO, it was a defensive alliance of democratic powers. But then, the NATO-Russia Council served as cover for and the legalization of NATO expansion. When we really needed it – in 2008 and 2014 – it wasn’t there,” he said referring to Russia’s most recent major security crises – Georgia’s attack on South Ossetia and the violent coup in Ukraine.

The enmity between Russia and Europe hurts both parties in other ways as well, the expert said. After decades of careless life, Europe has forgotten how to engage in realpolitik, unlike Russia, Karaganov says, meaning that Europe loses out on Russia’s help on issues such as the refugee crisis, which Moscow is unlikely to offer in the face of the confrontation.

“In Europe, you have a different political system, one that is unable to adapt to the challenges of the new world. The German chancellor said that our president lives in a different world. I believe he lives in a very real world,” Karaganov said.

Russia, for its part, is hurt because Russia’s elites find an excuse not to undertake painful but necessary domestic reforms as long as the threat from NATO exists.

Karaganov says Russia won’t offer any concessions to the West in the face of the stand-off anytime soon, but, rather, it will refocus its attention eastward while drifting further from Europe, though he admitted that such an outcome is not the best for Russia.

“We believe that Russia is morally in the right. There won’t be any fundamental concessions coming from our side,” he said. “Psychologically, Russia has now become a Eurasian power – I was one of the intellectual fathers of the eastward pivot. But now I am of the opinion that we shouldn’t turn away from Europe. We have to find ways to revitalize our relations.”

Paul Craig Roberts

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts’ latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West and How America Was Lost.

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  1. I love this piece. Excellent.

    Well, a minor flaw, I don’t think that Putin considers it an insult to be called the new Hitler.

  2. Daily Stormer has what I think is an intelligent analysis of what just happened in Turkey. It’s specualtion, but so is everyone else’s take on the failed coup in Turkey. Daily Stormer is calling the coup a hoax, a psyops. You know, that makes alot more sense than those who are saying ZOG-NATO-Washington was behind the coup. Really. Erdogan is on very good terms with ZOG Washington and ZOG Jerusalem, is TOTALLY ALLIED with ZOG Washington, ZOG Jerusalem, ZOG Germany-European Union, ZOG would hardly want to see Erdogan overthrown.

    “Was The Turkish Coup An Erdogan Hoax?” :


    1. TROJ – – – – –

      If Wal-Mart Can’t Bring Manufacturing Back to America, How Can Trump?

      1. Walmart “can’t” bring manufacturing back to America , Pat, because Walmart has a vested interest in their Chinese factories filled-up with slave labor. Trump doesn’t have any vested interest in slave labor in China or anywhere else, Pat. Trump’s NOT a slave monger, Pat, so that’s how Trump can bring back maufacturing to America but Walmart can NOT, Pat.

      2. Easiest thing in the world. You just protect your own industry and employment by import tariffs for example. In fact, nothing is easier than an economic recovery for the entire western world. You just cut the saboteurs off, which means sensible laws and regulations dictated by real leaders instead of Wallstreet, and no more dead weight 3rd worlders around to occupy jobs and space and who won’t have to be paid trillions in tax money anymore. That’s how Hitler accomplished an economic wunder which astonished the entire world.

        I’m not necessarily saying Trump is the right man for the job since he is 100% establishment. All I’m saying is that it doesn’t take rocket science or miracles to get the job done, only the will to do it, period.

    2. It’s no secret that the so-called “young Turks” were God’s precious ones posing and passing themselves off as ethnic Turks. When these apples of God’s eye took control of the Turkish-Ottoman empire they were the ones that lead Turkey to the Armenian genocide around 1910 or so if memory serves. Question. Is Turkey still run at the top and/or behind the scenes by the chosen ones, just like Saudi Arabia is misruled by the fucking so-called Royal Family who are really Iraqi Jews who have pawned (they do like to run their pawn shops) themselves off as ethnic Arabs for several 100 years. Their world wide population, according to their very own tally, was about 15 million before WW2. After the war, after subtracting their historical famous 6 mil. their population was about about 14 million. It is the contention of this writer that their world wide ethnic-religious population is really at this time at least 30 million up to 40 million, give or take a million or two. Their mental-psychological make up is genetically determined. Their misrule of the Western world is therefore something they are born with, not all the time, but still holds true for the most part. So whether they call themselves Christian, Muslim, atheist, White, Brown, Black or some combination thereof, they are somehow different then 95 percent of the rest of mankind. All people have their problems and problem makers, their ups and downs. But they that carry these genes are a different breed indeed. To paraphrase an ancient Roman who had their number; they ware your clothes, they speak your tongue, they seem to look normal as they try to blend in as they go about the ages old work mining and sapping your civilization. What’s going on the Turkey at this time is a prime example of their workings. America is on their chopping block, and not one in 10,000 can see it.

  3. Hitler lineup: Saddam, Putin, Trump, Farrakhan (a black Hitler, proponent of Swarthyan supremacy, but Hitler nevertheless), Iranian ayatollahs, Assad, Gaddafi, Chavez, Viktor Orban and a slew of lesser hitleritos scurrying in the undergrowth of antisemitism, every one of them refusing repeated commands to shut off Sabbat lights, the litmus test of whether one is a hitler or a righteous gentile.

    (pulsa di nura coming up)
    May the great Satan, G-d of Yehudis smite them all in great wrath and clean out their PayPal accounts!

    1. Lobro,

      You could also put President Marcos of the Philippines and Ugandan ‘dictator’ Idi ‘The Last King of Scotland’ Amin on your list to. Both tried to ‘kick-out-the-kike’ and look what happened to them? Both turned into hate figures and the latter, a film made of to look as though he was insane’. Hollywood depictions tend to stick on the psyche. On the contrary, terrorist, Nelson Mandela, embraced the Jews and look at how is career soared?

  4. Btw, anyone recall how the highly sophisticated professional troll pretending to be a Muslim Circassian kept trying, by very subtle methods, to sow confusion and strife by insisting that Putin despised Solzhenitsyn and banned his books from the schools’ curricula?

    He was masterful in locating the weaknesses and fault lines to insert his Talmudic chisel into and patiently hammer away, insisting that Putin does not give diddly squat about anything but Russia and that Christianity at large was not his concern, very anti-German, didn’t care whether Trump or Clinton won, had no special beef with Jews and so on.

    In pretending to praise Putin and be on his side, he was actually doing everything possible to undermine his standing at this site, given the dominant political key.

    Revisiting those comments is a great case history in top level Mossad trollery.

    1. @ Lobro

      Putin is also very committed to promoting Christianity and Christian values in Russia — another thing the Jews hate about him.


      The ultimate anti-Semite in the Jews’ eyes isn’t Hitler but Jesus Christ.

      It is a curious coincidence, don’t you think, that the people who keep bashing Putin on this site are the same people who have expressed contempt for Jesus Christ.


      Strange, no?

    2. His trolling aside, the thing I took away from those Circassian threads was your intriguing idea of Stalin secretly wishing for Hitler to smell the rats and don’t fall for the false Intelligence telling him a Soviet attack was imminent; something that KGB Putin is sure to avoid

    3. “He was masterful in locating the weaknesses and fault lines to insert his Talmudic chisel into and patiently hammer away.”

      A wonderful metaphorically mental picture of the troll at work.

  5. Still, Circassian was a much more subtle and clever MOSSAD troll than Lolicia. I liked Melvin Polatnick The Best. He was Very Honest, in his own way he was always very honest. I guess Mel was TOO honest for Uncle’s liking, which is odd, Uncle being such a zealous seeker of Truth, 😉 .

  6. We know Putin is an honest leader as we know Putin would NOT censor Bill Warner PhD like donmeh Jew Communist Obama’s ZOG CENSORS Bill Warner PhD and like the so-called “alternative” media supposedly “opposed” to ZOG ALSO CENSORS Bill Warner PhD, so we know for sure Putin makes for a Much More Honest Leader than Monte, Lasha, Lucy, Uncle, MARK GLENN, HIS Queen Empress Noorfetiti, MachtNichts, Pat, Gilby, woebro, BMan, Dubby, Salman, MamaMoody, Lolicia, New Song, Madame Butterfly ,Aangrifan, the Smirking vaudeville monkey jew krapping in his Purim/Halloween “priest” costume, Brownhawk, Big Chief of The Nations,”Black Panther”, Jujuice4chinks, “+”Fr”+” John”+”, fips, Checharshito, Pepe Escobar, Less vizzy, Scarlett 0’Hunter and her Jackie 0’Ryan, Snakeminksi, Puck Bunny, and I’m sure I’m missing wagon loads of shitloads of other snake shit turds, PUT TOGETHER.


  7. Putin… the ‘good guy’… strikes again.

    Putin “diverts” (robs) US$5.3 billion in 2016 from the Social Security payments from the young to save the Russian government in payments to elderly.

    Russia: Second-Pillar Contributions Continue to be Diverted to the First Pillar in 2016

    On October 7, 2015, the head of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation announced that contributions to second-pillar individual accounts will be diverted to the first-pillar public program in 2016, marking the third straight year of contributions being diverted. The move is aimed at reducing the government’s budget deficit…

    If you say he is not in charge of Soc Sec…. then he is not in control of the Pharisee-Jew bankers controlling the debt in Russia.

    1. Budgetary adjustments mean budgetary adjustments in my book, Pat.

      Not too much to do with Putin, whom as I recall you blamed for not building top-notch soccer fields … subway is 40 seconds late, it’s that damn Putin!
      (“the head of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation” … I thought he was the president of the said federation not head of its pension fund)

      The move is aimed at reducing the government’s budget deficit

      If reducing government’s budget deficit is a crime, then our governments back home (USCAN) are the true heroes of the day, heading in just the opposite direction, more debt to the Jew, yee-haw!.

      1. Lobro –

        Thanks for helping me show my MAJOR premise… that Putin has kept the Pharisee-Jew ‘ponzi scheme’ intact…. just like the ones in 169+ other countries. His scheme mimics the US ‘ponzi scheme’ as well.

        Russia is a satellite of US.

        I do NOT hate Putin…. He can’t help it. I have stated all leaders are liars. He is no different.

      2. All leaders can’t help but be liars – such is life between the proverbial rock and a hard place; a survival mechanism

      3. Pat

        Given the premise that you are skeptical about

        For the sake of political survival in being pushed around the grand chessboard, leaders in the position that Putin and Hitler found themselves in needed/need to insert the occasional “white lie” (pardon the pun) into certain matters out of sheer neccessity

        While I can appreciate and share your general take that sees the ideal of trusting only your self to be their own best leader, the practical reality of a situation may not afford the luxury

  8. My own gut feeling is that I LIKE Putin, but have to remind myself to always remember whence he came. We seem to forget, too soon. Remember, too, that if there is any substance to the theory that “nukes” are a scam, he (Putin) is a grand scammer like the others. (How could he and POTUS not know the truth of the matter???) (If so, what is their game besides posturing for more military spending/debt??) Of course, war can happen, with or without “nukes”, in which case it could be just as ugly and devastating as it was in the 1940s – which should be a deterrent – whether “nukes” actually exist, or not!

    1. @ Gilbert Huntly

      “Of course, war can happen, with or without “nukes”, in which case it could be just as ugly and devastating as it was in the 1940s – which should be a deterrent – whether “nukes” actually exist, or not!”

      Only if you happen to be on the side being overrun. Some General at the Pentagram said a few weeks ago, Russia could overrun NATO forces in adjacent countries to Russia in six days. Most probably, it would take only three days since the NATO troops would be too confused trying to figure out which bathroom to use. 🙂

    2. Gil, nukes exist and are deliverable.

      Apart from the fact that if they didn’t, surely someone at the top would have said something by now, I am talking about political, military and science hierarchies, across more than a dozen developed countries and over 70 years – what are the odds that they all would have kept their mouths shut?
      Even on a singular, relatively minor and isolated event like 9/11, heads of state spoke out on, eg, Francesco Cossiga, Italy’s ex-prez, do you seriously think that they would never had said anything about non-existence of ballistic nukes?

      Secondly, any nuke-possessing country has never been attacked in full warfare scenario, while many of those who didn’t and especially those on the brink of acquiring them, were taken down in a hurry (Iraq, Libya).
      Why is that, if the nuke-deterrent is just a scary joke?

      Conclusion: nukes are real, which means that (by your logic, which is sound) Putin is for real.

  9. “The trip-point of World War III will be the installation of Washington’s missiles in Poland and Romania. As Putin recently made clear to the imbecilic Western journalists, these missiles can easily and secretly be changed from anti-ballistic missiles to nuclear attack missiles that can strike their Russian targets within 5 or fewer minutes of launch, thus depriving Russia of its retaliatory deterrent. Once these missiles are in place, Washington can issue orders to Russia.”

    Very weird. This is a mirrored reversal of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Perhaps it would be advantageous for Putin to point this out. Essentially saying, “America would not allow Russian weapons to be staged on your borders why should we allow American weapons to be staged on ours?”

    One thing is certain, that generation remembered their war experiences. Kennedy was a P.T. boat skipper in the South Pacific. By contrast Hillary is a batshit, crazy psychopath who laughs unabashedly over the misery and destruction in which she participates.

    Psychopathic idiots like her have no concern for the long or short term ramifications of their actions. Those in government promoting war with no background from actual participation, should be handed a helmet and rifle and placed in trenches on the front lines just prior to a human wave attack as planes fly over soaking them in Agent Orange. After that, survivors may be asked for their opinions on war.

    The world has literally gone crazy when it allows insane, cowardly, psychopathic punks to run their governments and make decisions about wars in which the nation will become embroiled. And what else might one call the likes of the Clintons, Dubya Bush, Obama and the Jews that comprised their administrations?

    1. @ Arch Stanton

      Evil would be good descriptive term. These administrations do the lusts of their controllers, the jews. The jews do the lusts of their God, the devil.

  10. I strongly believe that if France and Germany took a stand and told the Baltic states, Poland, the Czech Republic and Romania that they will not support policies that threaten peace with Russia, the smaller countries would adopt policies advocated by France and Germany towards Russia, and not those advocated by the USA. A NATO member is obligated to defend a fellow NATO member if it is attacked. A NATO member is not obligated to aid another NATO member planning an attack on another country or pursuing policies that will lead to a war. If Germany and Russia can have peace after WW II, it should be that much easier for the Baltic countries, the Czech Republic, Poland and Romania to have peace with Russia and if these countries insist on pursuing policies that threaten peace in Europe then France and Germany can cut off all EU funds that have helped those countries and they can pursue their own friendly policies with Russia, isolating those countries that advocate hostility towards Russia. Germany and France are not obligated to subject their populations to a third world war just because Poland or Estonia (population 1.5 million people) want a third world war.

    But I suspect that there are people in all of these countries that are opposed to pursuing relations with Russia that threaten peace. The loony left, which dominates all European western European governments, media and populations (even the so-called traditional “conservative” parties are part of the loony left) advocate hostility and threats of war against Russia, including such high profile magazines like Der Spiegel in Germany, which portrays itself as a beacon of morality. By the way, Der Spiegel was created by an Englishman and an acceptable German (not a German threatened with the gallows) after WW II. Right wing parties (such as AFD of Germany, FPÖ of Austria and the National Front of France) all advocate dropping sanctions against Russia, pursuing friendly relations with Russia and solving problems in the interest of both sides. If Germany and France and Germany and Great Britain could bury the hatchet there is no reason whatsoever why all Europe can not have peace and friendly relations with Russia, especially since it’s the west which now threatens Russia and not the other way around.

    Further damaging to Europe’s interests are the USA’s pro-Zionist destruction of much of the middle east (destroying most of Israel’s neighbors and even countries that are not Israel’s direct neighbors) that has resulted in a humanitarian disaster that has seen many victims and many people that are not victims (many simply seeking a better life) flooding Europe by the millions, causing havoc, economic problems and rising tempers while altering the cultures and people’s forever with the numbers pouring into Europe.

    Europe appears not only incapable of standing up to the US in its own best interest, it is incapable of pursuing policies in its own people’s interests that will prevent their own destruction, even when the only ones forcing these destructive policies on Europe are its own governments. To explain why this is requires a book or at least some lengthy articles. The forces involved here are Cultural Marxism, the Frankfurt School all laced thru with Jewish interests/animosity that first focused on the destruction of German society after WW II and then the rest of Europe.

    AFD of Germany, FPÖ of Austria and the National Front of France also advocate preserving their own countries cultural and ethnic heritage against overwhelming numbers of migrants that threaten their very existence. They oppose the genocide of their own peoples.

    This is a good interview conducted by the loony left of Germany and a Polish official. There are two issues discussed. The mass migration to Europe of middle easterners and Africans and policies towards Russia. On immigration the Polish official sounds rational and sound, while the German position appears idiotic and self destructive and I believe based upon the self hating and racist belief that Germans (themselves) must be destroyed. I support the Pole, Ms. Rybinska 100% in her views regarding the mass migration to Europe. On the other issue, policies towards Russia, she advocates the Polish position of hostility (or as she would call it – defense) towards Russia and complains Germany does not back Poland in its policies towards Russia. Here, I disagree with Ms. Rybinska and I think Germany backs Poland too much by going along with NATO’s hostile policies towards Russia. I would tell Ms. Rybinska that Poland is endangering Germany and all Europe with its anti-Russian stance and I might also point out to her that the so called “missile defense system” that Poland has directed at Russia is stationed on historically German territory. I would also add that I resent the “German” official they placed next to Ms. Rybinska who is not ethnically German and appears middle eastern. I suspect they put her there to possibly intimidate Ms. Rybinska on the discussion about the mass migration. I’m glad it doesn’t appear to have affected the words she chose.


    Here is evidence in support of my claim that Germans are self hating racists that want to destroy their own ethnicity. Lamya Kaddor, an Islam Researcher from Syria was loudly applauded on German state TV after stating that the future German will no longer have blue eyes or light hair. She predicts that soon every German will have a migrant background and the long deprecated “old German” is destined for extinction. She says “we” – “have to be aware that” – “we” – “are a country of immigrants”. I would take this anti-German racist to Greece and put her in a row boat ten miles into the sea and tell her to row back home. And I would ask the others on the show if they want to join her.


    1. Peter –

      France and Germany cannot even handle the musselmen problems in their own countries. Other countries are getting no help there, either.

      Russia is the LEAST of their problems.

      Russia has the same problems – 17% musselmen:

      “While Russia’s overall population is dropping, the number of Muslims in the country is on the rise. The population of indigenous Muslims, mainly hailing from the Russian Caucasus, in Russia has risen since the fall of the Soviet Union, including a 69 percent increase in Dagestanis, a 50 percent increase in Chechens and a 100 percent increase in Ingush. Similarly, the number of Muslim immigrants is also rising. According to official state data, some 240,000 immigrants enter Russia annually — Russia’s Center for Migration Studies puts this number at more than 400,000 after accounting for illegal immigration. Federal Migration Service head Konstantin Romodanovsky has said 3 million immigrants work illegally in Russia every year.”


      1. Pat,

        it’s only a problem in your warped and deluded minds…that is why the White Nationalist/White Supremacist crowd is going all anti-Islam everytime the Israelis and Jews stage silly red flag terrorist operations….

        Islam is going to be the dominant religion of the future. Then it will be completely Juden Frei. Islam the supreme of all religions right now. Like it or leave it. That’s the truth.

      2. Dubai is 30% non Muslim – do Arabs or Muslims there complain when it was 99.9% Muslim 40 years ago? Saudi Arabia is 10% non-Muslim and 1% of the indigenous Peninsular Arabs are in fact Jews and Christians – my maternal uncle worked in the Hejaz so he knows. It’s not 100% even if u exclude the expatriates and foreign workers – but do u see Muslims complaining?

        Pakistan is 10% non-Muslim. Indonesia is 10-15% non-Muslim. Philippines is 15-20% Muslim. Bulgaria is 20-30% Muslim anyways.

        I can’t wait for Europe and America to get blown off the map.

        you cock roaches and faggots can’t even learn to co-exist… I do hope your population dies out quickly…

        the sooner the better…

        i can’t wait for China and Russia to literally nuke the fuck out of you all…

        Putin doesn’t seem to have a problem with Russia’s 20-25% Muslim minority population…why does it matter to u then?

  11. @Hmm …, (Yup, Pooty hates Israel, tonguey-in-cheeky, sort of)

    Double hmm coming up.

    These kind of opinions, statements and attitudes are worth closer analysis, just to separate oranges from outrages.

    In international diplomacy, one thing is to talk the talk, another is to walk the walk, it is the contrast between them that tells the full story.

    I propose to use Vlad Putin and Recep Erdogan to adduce my argument.
    From Hmm …’s link (Pooty hates loves Israel)

    He and Putin were photographed greeting each other warmly and shaking hands.

    And here is my link “proving” that Erdy loves hates Israel 😉

    Recep Erdogan today received a hero’s welcome when he returned home after storming out of a World Economic Forum debate following a clash with the Israeli president over Israel’s offensive against Gaza.

    The confrontation saw both Peres and Ergodan raise their voices, and stunned ther audience, which included Valerie Jarrett, a close advisor to Barack Obama.

    Walking the walk
    Just look at the story of Syria and ISIS, i will recap quickly because 99.9% of you are well aware of it, the rest … in peace.
    Syria is one of the 5-7 countries shortlisted for regime change in Yinon Plan, Clean Break, PNAC and general Wesley Clark’s televised interview, alongside Iraq, Libya, Sudan and Iran.
    ISIS was specifically created by IDF-Mossad for the purpose of Syrian destruction and dismemberment through war waged by deception (kill lots of goy flies with one shot, demonize Islam in process).
    I don’t need to prove this, easy to look up pictures of Netanyahu with jihadis, Mccain with al-Baghdadi (Shimon Eliot of Mossad, the grand caliph of ISIS, etc, etc, etc).

    So what happens?

    Erdogan, whose words of rage against Israel thundered righteously across the ski terrains of Davos, is the main enabler of ISIS, along with Saudi, israel and USA, providing main logistcs supply routes and active support to ISIS, al-Nusra, ISIL and DAESH bandits … and profiting mightily personally by stealing Syrian oil.
    Yeah, a hero of resistance to jew plans.

    And Putin? Digs in in support of embattled Assad’s government on its last legs, orders massive air campaign against ISIS, supplies weaponry to Syrian government forces and for the first time since Hitler breaks up the Jew plan of the world conquest.
    It is not over but the Jew knows he’s got legitimate resistance.
    Yeah, Pooty is jew’s poodle, right?

    Bottom line: i agree with Pat that all politicians are liars.
    Erdogan says he resists Israel.
    Putin says he is big buddies with Jews.


    1. Lobro,

      Care for a little wager about how long it will take before you’ll be thanked for your ‘help’ ?

      My guess is, not long.

      🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    2. Lobro –

      My quote is:

      Thanks for the partial help. No Cuban to smoke yet….

      19 minutes… 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. A great read,I think the Great Adolf Hitler was right all along,about a lot of World matters..9/11…jews…New World Order…the hook nose Saudi,bedouin sheep stealers [best cousins of the “chosen”] paid lots of Dollars of Satan to the jews,that is all they did.#StandWithRussia….International Law does not apply to Genocide on Yemen and Palestine Stolen…..why?

  13. Let’s go to some source docs, in this case the DC leaks of Soros Open Society Foundation (OSF) application for funds to counter “Russia in Europe: the reactionary values agenda”.
    Quoting from the leaked document:

    Amount Requested 500,000 USD

    There is evidence of Russian support for radical parties of the Left and Right, including Eurosceptic nationalists like France’s Front National and Austria’s FPÖ, and extreme xenophobic parties like Ataka in Bulgaria, Golden Dawn in Greece and Jobbik in Hungary.

    So this is what worries Jews, Eurosceptic nationalists and extreme xenophobic parties that are supported by Russia and Putin.
    Tell me again about evil Putin and how he is working for Jew, if Soros is so concerned about these antiglobalist movements.

    Background (Optional)


    Hey everybody, isn’t this just intolerable, I now quite understand why so many of you hate Putin.
    Let’s do what we can to lend a hand to Soros’ OSF efforts to counter Putin’s reactionary agenda that adheres to the WILL OF THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE.

    Risks (Optional)

    The big challenge is what can be done a part from tracking the money and exposing Russia’s meddling in internal politics of EU and its Member States. Naming and shaming from us is problematic: we also are in the business of channeling money into other countries for political purposes. Directly confronting them is not easy either, as OSF does try to avoid being overly partisan, and that is what it would take to counter the likes of Austria’s FPO or France’s Front National. Therefore the idea is to link …

    So, whenever Putin tries to align with nationalist movements, the Jews will counter his “reactionary” (doesn’t that sound kind of Bolshevik, ie, “reactionary”, the proles were pro-people and capitalists who were reactionary? pretty confusing until you realize that Jew is Jew is Jew whichever mask he wears and his favorite non-doublespeak language remains constant when conversing among own kind, as in these leaked documents)

    Activities Proposed (500 words)

    (…) we will support the creation of tools for organizations that defend individual rights under attack (LGBTIQ, gender equality, reproductive rights) to understand and develop a strategy to counter the tactics that are being used in their countries with Russian support.

    The three main objectives for this work are:
    1) To have a clearer picture with concrete examples and, where possible, hard data on Russian attempts to promote a socially regressive agenda in at least 5 countries of the European Union.

    3) To generate awareness and understanding in the LGBTIQ, gender equality and reproductive rights movements across Europe about this new threat to individual rights and freedoms.

    Sure sounds like a job for Barbara Spectre, Masha Gessen and the FEMEN, doesn’t it.

    Summary for Board Reports (100 words)

    Russia is investing heavily in increasing its influence in many aspects of Europe’s political life, very often supporting groups that are against open society values.
    Putin claims the West is hell-bent on destroying traditional values from above in the name of so-called tolerance and equality, which is inherently anti-democratic because it runs counter to the will of the majority. The focus of this work in 2015 at OSIFE will be to gauge the influence of Russia in diverting basic democratic values on EU proper.
    Collaborating Programs within OSF and essential partners or grantees OSIFE will work closely with the Eurasia program, the Think-Tank Fund (TTF) and the Open Society European Policy Institute (OSEPI) in the implementation of this work.
    We will partner up with relevant researches and In case we find the adequate partner, which would be the preferred option, some of the above activities will become part of one or more grants.

    OSF stealth mode, to channel money and directives to previously unrelated groups in order to preserve their secrecy and maintain credibility.

    Allocator Notes / Comments

    (To be completed by allocator only) (Notes/Comments – Optional field)

    THE ORIGIN OF THIS REQUEST IS A DIRECT DEMAND BY GEORGE SOROS for OSIFE to become active in this field, which came in November 2014, too late to incorporate this in the budget. This work will continue in the next years, but it will need to be part of OSIFE’s regular budget.

    Geography (of benefit)
    Western Europe (most likely Austria, France and Italy); Central and Eastern Europe (most likely Hungary, one of the Baltic states) but the final countries will be selected based on the mapping exercise.

    Just so you know whose side you’re on.

    Note that this is NOT hype/hasbara, these are internal documents of great value to someone who wants to see the infernal wheels in motion, ie, counseling US officials on how to deal with criticism of drones and targeted killings or importing methadone into Crimea, etc.

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