Vomit-inducing video in praise of Hillary Clinton (4.30 mins)

LD :   Hollywood celeb Meryl Streep puts in a good word for Killary the Vampire Lady. This cringeworthy 4-minute video will probably make you want to puke. If Meryl Streep and Hillary Clinton are quintessential specimens of American womanhood—the best and brightest on offer—God help the American male! To make love to either of these monsters in human form must be like going to bed with a boa constrictor. 

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  1. its the american version of the “bold and the beautiful”….

    manifesting itself in the political and public arena

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  2. Salman :

    Please go to Hollywood and wage some of that good ole time Islamic Jihad, PLEASE!!! Can a NON Muslim join an Islamic Jihad?

    1. sure u can…

      go join the jewish jihad now infidel…

      against Bashar Al Assad

  3. Hillary’s usual arguments for being fit to be president is that she has experience and that she is a woman. Meryl Streep reduces that to the latter argument only : she is a woman, that’s enough. That is “politics” in the age of identity politics in a nutshell. We have seen that before with Barak Obama. For him being black was enough. Expect a homosexual candidate in the next presidential election.

      1. 1138, Gordon Duff says Site Intelligence is behind that claim on Michele. I am not using that as proof since Duff carries a democratic get out of jail card. By the way, he also says the Clinton kill list is made up fiction, lol, but everything evil you ever heard about Bush us true. That Republicans got us into Arab wars, etc, etc, yadda, yadda. I basically had a falling out with Jack Heart , who I convinced to post at VT over Gordon Duff. He says I wasn’t loyal!
        I am not aware that site intelligence is either democrat or republican but simply pro-Jew by any means necessary

      2. @1138
        I am not convinced that Michelle Obama is in reality a man.
        Of every conspiracy theory consider the implications and then ask yourself how likely they are.

        If Michelle is indeed a man, then she must have undergone an operation and a hormone treatment. Michelle was already known as a woman when she studied at the university. So she should have had those treatments when still in school or even as a young child. Thus her parents must have done that. But what would be their motive? Would a black woman have better career prospects than a black man? This makes no sense.

        Further more, it would be relatively easy for an investigative journalist to interview Michelle’s family, friends, neighbors and former class mates whether they knew her as a boy.

        If you go to Google Images and search for “Michelle Obama Youth Pictures”, you see pictures of her as a child and a teenager with unmistakingly female features.
        There is a black and white picture of her from 1978 when she was 14 years old : a typical girl. Then there is another black and white picture of her as a girl of about 16 or 17 years old doing ballet. Again her body has the typical female form.

        Some women can look somewhat masculine, like some men can look somewhat feminine, but that is no sufficient proof.

      3. 1138 –


        There is a sure way to tell a man from woman even at a distance.

        While standing upright, a man’s elbow will not reach his waist… and a woman’s will.

        Women have shorter torsos than men. = higher placed hips… relatively.

        I learned that in Hawaii in the 60s where transvestites were roaming the famous bars on Hotel Street… It was a law back then that trannys had to wear very big “I Am A Boy” buttons on their blouses. Some did not obey…. but their elbows above hips gave them away. 🙂


        “One extreme example of discrimination began in 1963, when transgender women were legally required to wear a button or label reading, “I am a boy” or “I am a man.”
        Any transgender woman who failed to wear the label could be charged with “intent to deceive,” arrested on the spot and charged a $500 fine. It took a decade of activism to finally end the discriminatory practice.”


      4. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        Do you think there could be secret government departments (maybe connected to the CIA and Mossad) whose agents spend all their time inventing new conspiracy theories?

        Object? — To throw sand in people’s eyes and discredit Holocaust revisionism and 9/11 truth.

        They want people to say: “You don’t believe 6 million Jews died in gas chambers? I guess you’re one of those crazy conspiracy theorists who think Michelle Obama is a woman and that Hitler ended up in Argentina and gave birth to Angela Merkel!”

      5. “While standing upright, a man’s elbow will not reach his waist… and a woman’s will.”

        I should have stated “HIP”…rather than “WAIST”…. A man’s elbows do not reach his hip bones. A woman’s will.

      6. @Sardonicus

        “Former Chicago and Harvard law professor Cass Sunstein, who in 2009 was appointed by President Barack Obama to direct an important executive branch office, had in 2008 co-authored an article containing a plan for the government to prevent the spread of anti-government “conspiracy theories.” Arguing that such theories are believed only by groups suffering from “informational isolation,” he advocated the use of anonymous government agents to engage in “cognitive infiltration” of these groups in order to introduce “cognitive diversity,” with the aim of breaking them up.”

        Source : https://davidraygriffin.com/cognitive-infiltration-an-

        Whether the “Michelle-Obama is-a-man” conspiracy theory is part of that I don’t know. I suspect however that the flat earth theory that you find nowadays all over the Internet is part of an attempt to discredit other (real) conspiracy theories by association.

      7. Franklin, Joe,

        If you add up ‘her’ features like the ring-index finger, the shoulders and body proportions with Obama saying “Micheal”, PLUS the incredible focus on the LBGT ((( soon to be expanded with P and B 🙂 ))) agenda of this administration I’d say it’ is in fact very likely to be true. Combine that with the well documented case of Obama’s homosexuality and things become even more clear. This is hardly a conpiracy theory.

        Same thing for the Williams ‘girls’. How anyone could mistake them, especially Serena, for women is a mystery to me.

        On second thought, in a world where most sheeple still believe the holohoax it’s not that big of a mystery.

      8. Sardonicus,

        I don’t believe that Michelle Obama is a woman. I believe ‘she’ is a transvestite. She sure looks like one.

        If she was born a woman then she is a post-op or so called transgender.

        Why would Barry Soetoro aka Obama, a known cocaine free basing homosexual, marry a woman anyway?


      9. 1138

        The legal precedent was set for transsexual freaks joining ladie’s tennis way back in the 70’s by a freak by the name of Dr. Renee Richards. Google it. There hasn’t been any ladies tennis for years, decades even.

        Why hasn’t any youtube goon compiled all of Chris Evert’s matches? THAT was lade’s tennis.

      10. Ditto for Ladie’s gymnastics. No such thing. They’re all top heavy. A girl knows how to use her center of gravity, and we get graceful feminine motions for it. Not anymore. Focus on the young ones.

      11. @ 1138

        As Lasha likes to say, “I have no dog in this fight”. You could well be right about Michelle being a male transvestite, but have you ever looked under her skirt to check what she has hidden from view? 🙂

        For my part, I regard Franklin Ryckaert’s views on Michelle as being pretty convincing. Read what he has to say and make up your own mind:

        If Michelle is indeed a man, then she must have undergone an operation and a hormone treatment. Michelle was already known as a woman when she studied at the university. So she should have had those treatments when still in school or even as a young child. Thus her parents must have done that. But what would be their motive? Would a black woman have better career prospects than a black man? This makes no sense.

        Further more, it would be relatively easy for an investigative journalist to interview Michelle’s family, friends, neighbors and former class mates whether they knew her as a boy.

        If you go to Google Images and search for “Michelle Obama Youth Pictures”, you see pictures of her as a child and a teenager with unmistakingly female features.

        There is a black and white picture of her from 1978 when she was 14 years old : a typical girl. Then there is another black and white picture of her as a girl of about 16 or 17 years old doing ballet. Again her body has the typical female form.

        If you still wish to go on believing Michelle is a man in drag, feel free! I’m not stopping you! 🙂

      12. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        Thanks for the quote. Very apt! I always suspected that government agents were busy manufacturing crazy conspiracy theories in order to discredit Holocaust revisionism and 9/11 truth.

        Yes, the flat earth theory springs to mind. At the risk of offending Pat, I would also include the “No nukes have ever existed” theory. I know of course that you happen to believe yourself that nukes actually exist, though there are quite a few people who passionately believe that nukes are an elaborate hoax. I guess they are entitled to their beliefs.

        The moon landings? Who knows? It does seem a bit odd to me that they landed on the moon so many decades ago and have never since made a second trip.

      13. Sard –

        “At the risk of offending Pat, I would also include the “No nukes have ever existed”

        I am not offended at all.

        I never made that claim as you inferred.

        I have stated on numerous occasions that I will allow that nuclear explosions might have been accomplished.

        Know this:
        I claim there are no delivery methods for mobile weapons…. especially MIRVs on 6ftx33ft missiles….. which I have actually handled while loading from the tenders in Apra Harbor, Guam and Holy Loch, Scotland…. 45+ years ago.. 🙂 🙂

      14. @ 1138

        I’m with you on this issue.

        Everything about the Obamas is fake, so why wouldn’t Michelle be a fake woman?

        On 7/3/2014, Joan Rivers spills the beans on the Obamas claiming that everybody knows and was caught on a YouTube video snip.

        “Joan Rivers: Obama is gay, Michelle is a tranny” 7/3/2014 (40-seconds)

        On 9/4/2014, Joan Rivers dies after gong into a coma on 8/28/2014. The video below goes into some detail about the questionable death of Rivers.

        “Obama Sacrificed Joan Rivers For Exposing Tranny Michelle Obama!!” 10/20/2014 (13-minute)

        It’s a typical evil upside down, in your face operation.

      15. Ungenius,


        Like a lot of other fabricated appearances it is the blatantness of it. I only ‘discovered’ this myself recently because I cutt off the electric jew in my living room years ago and I don’t really watch current events online either. It’s all a fabricated lie. I get some news through certain websites but that’s it. I couldn’t be bothered with ‘news’ really. But anyway, when you actually take the trouble to look at the Obamas it is rather obvious that Michelle is a man. Your eyes are not lying, the electric jew is.

      16. Though this discussion is of no interest to me because whether Obamas are trannies and whether Barak was born in Kenya as long as they act like human beings, i am ok with them.
        However, if they are and they got into the White House by stealth, then this is the mechanism by which the Jew controls them and by titillating the public with this unclean gossip and rumors (think National Enquirer, Hollywood scandal sheets, jew inventions because he understands well the underside of rabble’s mentality and how to work it to his advantage) he extends his political and military reach.
        Our discussion then is just proof that we fell into his trap like dinosaurs hunted to extinction.

        Furthermore, by introducing fake or pointless “conspiracies” without direct bearing on the JewProject, he builds a smokescreen while at any time able to discredit legitimate revisionist arguments on issues such as Holocaust, 9/11, matzo cannibalism, the Ancient Evil and others.

        If I was a Jew strategist, you can bet that this is the way i would render the conspiracists harmless, making sure they all wear 3-foot tinfoil hats with emergency sirens and flashing lights built in that can be turned on remotely.

        So yes, I am with Franklin on that, stay away because this is the true third rail.

      17. Lobro,

        You’re wrong.

        I don’t have rock solid evidence, how could I have? Nevertheless, I believe it is so.

        But regardless of this is true or not, this is a very big deal

        Two homosexuals posing as POTUS and his wife are part of a Satanic play, hence don’t act like human beings would.

        Besides, I was merely pointing out that what Franklin was suggesting, that the next will be a homosexual, is already been done.

        The magnitude of this fraud is equal to all the other deceptions, like the holohoax, evil Nadzees, JFK or 9/11 and I can’t think of a reason why any truth seeker would regard it as less important.

      18. Au contraire, Franklin,

        Creating a family from scratch is not a problem for those who have created our whole false paradigm from scratch.

        A surrogate mother, plastic surgery, you name it.

        Don’t underestimate the lengths to which these psychopaths will go to to deceive the world. Actually, I think it is rather blatantly obvious.

        In our face kind of operation, like the killing of JFK was too, for instance. It would have been much much easier to just get rid of him by declaring him dead after he suffered a heart attack in his sleep or something like that. No one would ever have questioned that. No, they shot him in broad daylight. They could have ANYONE acting as POTUS in their servitude but they had to pick Obama, a complete nobody? This guy has been groomed for the role of POTUS all his life and in 2008 the time was apparantly right in their eyes.

        I can’t proove any of this, but when I look at ‘Michelle’ plus add up all the other circumstantial evidence I believe my eyes instead of what I’m being told.

      19. @1138,

        You’re wrong.
        I don’t have rock solid evidence, how could I have? Nevertheless, I believe it is so.
        But regardless of this is true or not, this is a very big deal

        Right here you prove me right:
        ° You don’t have evidence and admit that it is impossible to verify
        ° So, how can something unprovable be a big deal, operationally speaking, ie, something bound to be ultimately ineffectual

        Two homosexuals posing as POTUS and his wife are part of a Satanic play, hence don’t act like human beings would

        Cart before the horse, 1138, they are not part of satanic deal because they are trannies, there were queer kings and queens before and they did a bang up job but if they snuck in, it couldn’t have been done without connivance of jews and that is significant, the deceit not the outward appearance.

        The magnitude of this fraud is equal to all the other deceptions, like the holohoax, evil Nadzees, JFK or 9/11 and I can’t think of a reason why any truth seeker would regard it as less important.

        Absolutely not.
        Having couple of elected transgenders could not have given birth to the demonic entity of israel, the self-perpetuating scam in the global political, social and financial arenas, the chain of genocides costing tens of millions of goy lives and destroyed states, cultural collapses due to Diversity Monster, etc.
        By itself, queer president is nothing other than a curiosity, after all, wasn’t George W Bush on the queer side?
        And it wasn’t that what made him so destructive but the Jew blackmail, just like it was jew blackmail that forced Woodrow Wilson to push America into WW1.

        So let’s keep the eye on the ball: (((,J,J,J)))

      20. Lobro,

        “but if they snuck in, it couldn’t have been done without connivance of jews and that is significant,”

        My point exactly. And that means they are part of the in-our-face Satanic play.

        In other words, should this intentional deceit – if it is true – by TPTB ever become exposed it would create a shock among the sheeple which in its turn could cause a snowball efffect that would have similar consequences for TPTB and their house of cards based on illusions aka ‘the democracy’ than let’s say, the disclosure in the MSM of the holohoax. Because their power over the goy masses is solely founded on illusions.

        And that is what I meant by ‘you’re wrong’ if you think something like this wouldn’t make a dent in their power.

        I have my eye on the ball. It never left the ball since I woke up, after which I immediately stopped watching the electric jew and even ‘news’ online.

        Why have they put the Obamas in the white house? They could have placed just about anyone there. So why not a couple of undisputed reputation without even so much as a parking ticket? No, they put in a foreign born homosexual guaranteed to raise questions who happens to be married with a woman that at least looks like a tranny which will raise even more questions? Only to keep us busy with silly conspiracies so that we divert our eyes from the ball? Is that why they shot Kennedy in broad daylight as well?

      21. @ Lobro

        I can understand your statement concerning diversionary lies/conspiracies, but it appears to me that revealing all lies matter even if they are diversions from the original lies of empowerment.

        I became jew wise by unraveling the lies that I was “qualified” to pursue at the time. The initial lies dissolved through investigation did not include Israel or the Holohoax, but they did lead to me finally considering the Holohoax after I determined the commonality of the other lies were jewish bankers and their religion. After the truth of the Holohoax lie, I then discovered the most empowering lies, Jews are God’s chosen people and Jesus was a Jew, which lead me to finally realizing why jews are liars, John 8:44, their father is the devil. Had I not identified the first lie, I would have not proceeded down the path of truth.

        When enough lies, even the small diversionary lies, are revealed to some people, they start to question other things that they never questioned before. Starting with the Holohoax or jews worshipping the devil does not yield good results for launching people down the road of truth seeking due to brainwashing/indoctrination/programming. I have tried it and it does not bear fruit, but it will cause people to think you are nuts.

        I could be wrong, but this is the way I see it based on my own personal experience attempting to spread the truth to people. Consequently, I start with questioning the “small” lies that have not been thoroughly programmed into people, so all lies matter which is still consistent with Jews, Jews, Jews.

      22. Ungenius,

        “All Lies Matter”

        Good one 🙂

        Let’s start our own lobby. I’m volunteering to work on the T-shirts 🙂

    1. I saw a girl on twitter, a female in a relationship with a transsexual male turned female have this pic in her profile. It said,
      “Be aware of the heterosexual agenda”.
      Not only are whites being targetted with intentional ethnic clash and the media supporting the intentional clash, heterosexuals are the new danger to a good society as portrayed by Jews

      Question, does a male become a female to have sex with females because they can’t get chicks as a male?

      This woman was on the radio advocating Sitchens stuff and I started scouting her because she said she was brought up Catholic but looked like a Jew. The fact that she doesn’t touch the Jewish question but has supposed detailed knowledge of those that run our society always make me suspect paid op

      The fact that she was demonizing Trump and advocating for Hillary while wearing a tin foil hat made me suspect paid op

      Now that I know she’s a tranny, her advocacy for Hillary may be purely about “the secret heterosexual agenda”, lol!

    2. FR

      You mean in addition to the one who’s been in office for the past 8 years?

      And his “wife”, Michael, er I mean Michelle

    3. “That is “politics” in the age of identity politics in a nutshell.”

      This is politics in the age of the personality cult where a person’s notoriety is of paramount importance while their ideas and attitudes are of little or no importance.

      The Jews’ recording plays constantly in the background – We are your mind, we are your beliefs, we are your knowledge base, we are your information source, do not attempt to control your brain – we are in control. Don’t form your own thoughts and opinions on people. Do not listen to what is said unless we tell you to listen. Do not look at any evidence unless we authorize it. Listen to us goyim, we’ll tell you how and what to think about these personalities we have created. We’ll tell you how important they are in your life, we’ll laden them with our awards and accolades so you will know of their importance and the value they have in your life. We’ll stage grandiose events with those personalities supporting your programmed beliefs. We’ll write their clever speeches so you will believe they are clever. We’ll set them up for you and if need be, we’ll knock them down for your enjoyment. Listen to us goyim, we are your mind, we are in control.

    4. I heard she said that Trump can’t be trusted with the keys to the nuclear arsenal. Quite honestly I am more worried if Killary gets access to them than if Trump does.

  4. Well, at least the Muslims are right about one thing : Throw the bitches in burqas and shut the bitches up. The Muslims don’t have to deal with any Hillary types and any Meryl Streep types. In some ways, the Muslims are smarter than us Westerners who let things get way TOO out of hand.

  5. I don’t know… Ellie has all kinds of Catholic faith issues. I don’t know why, as she’s definitely a jew. I have no idea why she’s so obessed with Catholic faith issues, she NEVER went to Catholic school, NEVER stepped inside a Catholic church, or well maybe inside one or two Catholic churches while in Florence on the Grand Tour but just to look at some artwork for a few minutes, has never been to a Catholic Mass, traditional or novus ordo, has never read any of the Catholic mystics and saints, was NOT baptized into The Faith, did not receive First Holy Communion or receive any Sacrament of the Catholic Church/Faith, I don’t know what her problem is.

  6. I bet the disguised woman in the revolutionary war was totally made up because that’s what they do! Actually, no 3rd party in America is uncontrolled by Jews. Don’t encourage them with your complicity by participating. Interestingly, Corbett produced a video that said Hillary would bring armageddon. Gordon Duff of VT, a site that advocates enough tin foil hat to then herd to the left, claims the NWO is the Bush gang and not the democrats. Our supposedly alternative media is becoming more MSM like every day. The quality of advocacy and partisanship from folks that supposedly know Nice is a false flag and 911 was set up by mostly Jewish participants want to sell you Trump as a messiah.
    Smoloko, the adobe paint artist, that posts excerpts from other people’s art surrounded by pictures, says that Trump “Will end wars for Jews against Islam? Hmmm, has Trump said that really?
    I have seen him throw bones to racist much like Reagan threw bones to Libertarians in 1980 so as to win the election and then watered down every commitment he made.
    It may be that Trump can get America more patriotic to do their Jewish duty than a Hillary, it may be that armageddon happens soon after the election but it isn’t either one of these candidates that will push the buttons and force the war.
    If you don’t know they are front men right now and don’t wanna know, may I suggest your choice of Fox News, MSNBC or CNN? They will tell you everything you want to hear while they finish typing you up.
    On 2nd thought, you can stay in the alternative media sphere and get the same thing with more thrilling explanations!~

  7. Maybe this video of one female womyn monster in human form praising that other female womyn monster in human form got Ellie’s pussy juices flowing so much she’s going crazy right now with frustration yearning yearning yearning to bed down BOTH boa constrictors. A snake three-way. WE know Ellie LERVS to coil up with goil snakes. coil with the goils is Ellie ALL over.

  8. Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! When I see a nauseating harpy like this woman, I am very glad I don’t share her nationality or have to live in her country. How do you Americans stand it? She epitomizes the “Hollywood Liberal”. I’m surprised they didn’t have her grand schnozziness herself, Barbara Streisand, up there making a speech. Poor America and God help us all!

  9. I bet Meryl’s fancy ass peace love understanding tolerance and inclusiveness sTaR panties would also get tied up in knots irritating her f*ckin’ vomit-inducing twat cunt immensely and she also would turn real bitchy and cunty and go totally viper real fast if anyone around her would even dare think for a second to mention even one word about Walid Shoebat’s video, and trying to Share The Video, fuggedaboutit, the f*ckin’ vomit-inducing cunt would turn real vile nasty real fast, and The Fangs would come out real quick real sharp real cutting, right Uncle? Don’t you think so? :

    “HELL Across The Border” :


    A long video, about what’s going on in Mexico these days. And what’s going on in Mexico these days is truly horrible. More legitimate reasons for Trump’s WALL. A long video, because the list of legitimate reasons to Build THE WALL is also long. A long video which reflects the long list of reasons to BUILD THE WALL.

  10. i always thought vomit was a renewable resource but the way the world is going, we may be facing an existential shortage of vomit, hopefully there are massive deposits under the yellowstone supervolcano, enough to deal with robin williams in drag impersonating ellen degeneres impersonating meryl “the-creep” streep, …
    shabby shabbo impersonating harpo, ugliness renaming itself as beauty, antichrist as christ.

    grab the front row seats and don’t mix up popcorn and puke bags, putinhitlertrump with rothschildsorosaurus.

    ellie, wtf?!?
    have i wasted all this time encouraging you to untangle the knots and snots in your double helix and follow the Creator’s blueprint, all that concern and sympathy down the drain.
    got my thanks, didn’t i.

  11. Well, at least ONE GOOD THING about Meryl Streep [ and THE ONE GOOD THING, lol, ABOUT HELLARY ALSO ] if anyone tried to present those TWO Boa Constrictors in human form the Walid Shoebat video “HELL Across The Border” the TWO would want NO part of it and would VERY QUICKLY make sure such a one who wants to Share the Walid Shoebat video with the public would be very quickly and very forcefully shoved to the side and TOTALLY CENSORED, so Meryl [ and Hillary ] ain’t all that vomit-inducing, right Uncle?

    1. OK, Joe. I decided to let you have your way and posted that 3-hour video about Mexico. I won’t do it again, and let me tell you WHY.

      As monitor of this website, I am not allowed to post videos UNLESS I HAVE WATCHED THEM MYSELF. This is in case they contain pornographic or offensive material. Well, I AM NOT GOING TO SIT THROUGH ANOTHER THREE HOUR VIDEO AGAIN JUST TO PLEASE YOU!


  12. The video has made me think about joining the musselmen movement. But just parts of it.

    I especially like no women driving cars or planes….. and not showing tattoos. And… Streep and Clinton, but especially Albrigtht… need burkas.

    I’ll keep obeying the one wife limits, although I have had four of them over the years. 🙂

    1. monogamy, polygamy, nulligamy … i’ve reduced it to the last one and it’s ok.
      meryl streep convinced me of its merits, beerhunter beats deerhunter.

      1. how could u compare Streep to Albright? one looks a bit like a woman still…and the other resembles a bloated transvestite he-she third gender hermaphrodite bovine…

        the former thinks women are equal to men…

        the latter is a child killing jewess overjoyed at the deaths of some 1 million Iraqi babies due to economic sanctions…

        who could ever marry that fat cow of a hag?

        i’m questioning your judgement Ed

      1. TROJ –

        Still with the last one over 32 years.

        The main reason is we have separate bank accounts. Decreases money problems. No permission needed for spending on foolishness. Her shoes and antiques… etc. My very important beer. No problem.

        The first three miss my bank accounts more. 🙂

    2. Pat –

      I’m with you on the partial musselman campaign (except I don’t have a problem with women driving or flying – they just shouldn’t be allowed to be in politics!)

      The tatooes bother me, too. It turns me off, completely, to find a tatoo on any woman. About five months ago (back in the winter), I had a young woman riding around with me one evening, and she came to my place where I told her we’d light-up a brush pile, drink some wine, and hang out. When the fire got hot, I was looking at her exquisite form in the firelight, and cajoled her into removing her clothes. She did. I was astounded to find a SNAKE tatooed around her tits and torso – and asked her “why” she’d do such a thing! She asked “Don’t you find it artistic and erotic?” She is about twenty-two years younger than I, and I have to wonder if that isn’t more prevelant than I realize… I hope the musselmen target the tatoo parlors!

    3. Pat,

      “Streep and Clinton, but especially Albrigtht… need burkas”

      Burkas? More like body bags.

      Bag ‘m and tag ‘m 🙂

  13. Perfect examples, Arch –

    These notables and many, many other famed folks have joined Gorbachev’s Green Cross Int. You know… “To save the planet..!!” 🙂

    Leonardo DiCaprio: (actor)

    Green Cross International and TAG Heuer have come together to form a partnership, where actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio will serve as the ambassador to support the activities of Green Cross International (GCI) and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) in the US.


    Robert Redford: (actor)

    Acclaimed actor, director and producer Robert Redford is an avid environmentalist and also a trustee of the Natural Resources Defense Council.
    He hails from  Santa Monica, California and studied acting in New York at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

    Quote: “I think the environment should be put in the category of our national security. Defense of our resources is just as important as defense abroad. Otherwise what is there to defend?”


    David Suzuki: (documentary maker)

    David Suzuki, Co-Founder of the David Suzuki Foundation, is an award-winning scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster. He is renowned for his radio and television programs that explain the complexities of the natural sciences in a compelling, easily understood way.


    Jean-Michel Cousteau: (documentary maker)

    Jean-Michel Cousteau, son of ocean pioneer Jacques Cousteau, has been exploring Earth’s oceans for nearly 70 years. Now, with revolutionary equipment, Cousteau brings to the 3D screens a breakthrough look at a secret world within the ocean that is perhaps the biggest story of all—that the smallest life in the sea is the mightiest force on which we all depend.


  14. The Democrat campaign theme …. woven throughout the speeches at the convention was:
    Trump = Hate
    Clinton = Love

  15. Notice that bizarre yell and shake (slight convulsion) at the start of her demonic speech. Streep channels entities (demons) when “acting”/lying. You did not think it was all raw talent, did you? She does it with ease too; hence, all the fame and recognition (idolatry).

  16. Hillary has been the ULTIMATE DC INSIDER….. since her Watergate ploys.

    FBI Insider Leaks All: Clinton Foundation Exposed! Involves Entire US Government!

    Thursday, July 7, 2016 15:49


    A thread on 4chan with an FBI insider confirms everyone’s worst suspicions. The Hillary Clinton email server was merely a distraction from the Clinton Foundation and most of DC is in up to their necks in what could be the biggest scandal of all times. This inside info from someone claiming to be a high level FBI analyst whose job was to look at the records, with NOTES added to clarify some of the responses.

    The smoking gun is about to arrive and there are “a lot of people involved”. To save everyone time, here are the choice bits with the link to the entire archive, where you can decide for yourself if this is for real or not. Looks like Trump and Putin hold some of the cards. This could be the most interesting election ever.

  17. What about Shirley Temple?

    Is that a Jewish nose on Streep’s face? I think probably all those women are firmly in her camp and not mine. I know Madeleine Albright and Eleanor Roosevelt are. The horse faced Roosevelt gave war mongering speeches to help push the US into a war against Germany, while Americans like Charles Lindbergh that didn’t put Jews interests above others lobbied for peace. While the mainstream media was claiming in the 1990’s that just about every painting in the world’s art galleries was owned by a Jew at one time and stolen by the “NAZIS”, this Jew Albright was revealed to have valuable paintings stolen from a wealthy German industrialist in her house. Albright’s father, a Czech Jewish diplomat returned from England to Czechoslovakia in 1945 and as Jew and diplomat, he was given a house the Czechs stole from one of the 3 million Germans they drove out of the country or killed. The housekeeper to the German family that was driven out of their home tried to prevent Albright’s father from finding the paintings, but he found them and stole them and they hang on the walls in the Albright’s home in the US today. When the descendants of the German family that had their valuable art collection stolen asked the Albright family to return the stolen paintings in the 1990’s, Albright said the stolen paintings were legally hers, citing Czech statutes that legalized the theft of all German property for the three million Czechs that had lived in Czechoslovakia before being driven out of their homes and cities. That makes the Albright Jews, not only thieves but liars, on a grand scale, all while posing as moral paragons. To top things off, while those stolen paintings were hanging on the walls of her house, she was making speeches adding to the propaganda, making unfounded claims against museums and others demanding the Jews be given more paintings from around the world to enrich themselves. I won’t even go into the money the Jews stole from Swiss banks in the 1990s by pressuring the US gov’t to work together with them and threaten the viability of Swiss banking if they didn’t give Jews billions of dollars that they supposedly stole from Jews. That has been called the biggest bank heist in history, with the Jews claims against the Swiss banks being exposed as lies.

    Unfortunately the defunct Prague Post’s excellent articles on this art heist are gone now, but Taki has a good write up.


    That the Albright art thieves are heroes of Meryl Streep doesn’t surprise me. The first role I saw Streep in was the most hate filled movie I have ever seen – the 1978 “docudrama” called “Holocaust”.



    1. Correction: “the three million Czechs that had lived in Czechoslovakia before being driven out” should say “the three million Germans that had lived in Czechoslovakia before being driven out”

      1. Peter,

        Madeline Allbright is one filthy stinking disgusting jew for which the holohoax should have really happened.

        Two pictures. One is David Bowie in the – typical Jew – horrormovie ‘The Hunger” and one is the vampire bat Allbright. Look at the resemblance of the left one of Bowie and the latter.



        Need I say more?

    2. Peter –

      “What about Shirley Temple?”

      She was a member of Council on Foreign Relations – CFR – along with other actors in Hollywood:

      Shirley Temple Black
      Warren Beatty
      Michael Douglas
      Richard Dreyfuss
      Michael Medavoy
      Ron Silver
      (Sen.) Fred Thompson
      Douglas Fairbanks Jr.



      And Madeline Albright was a part-time Hollywood TV actress….. and full-time DC actress. She always played the Witch. 🙂

      – Madam Secretary (TV Series 2015)
      – Ms. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington (2015)
      – CNN World Report (TV Series 1998)


      Albright wrote the tribute for Vladimir Putin’s inclusion in Time magazine’s “100 Most Influential People in the World” (Leaders & Revolutionaries section / May 12, 2008).


      1. I’ve read somewhere that George Clooney is also a member of CFR. I wouldn’t be at least surprised if it turned out to be true considering all the PC events he has been involved in during later years? Does he even have time to do movies anymore?

  18. “Grace”?!?!?
    She admires the insatiably greedy traitor, the she-Clinton, and the formerly Episcopalian (until outed) mother of Grendel, the “we-think-the-price-was-worth-it” Albright, because they have “grace?!?!
    Has Streep always been a useful cretin or has her brain been destroyed by the lack of light in the dark and poisonous make-believe world in which she lives?
    “First woman” this and “first woman” that… There have been lots of memorable “first women”: the tricoteuses of the French Revolution come to mind. In a way they had more “grace”– they just knitted away, they didn’t exult, “We came, we saw, his head rolled.”
    None of Streep’s performances ever moved me as strongly as this one — projectile vomiting.

  19. Well, Hillary will NOT get more votes than Trump, Trump will win the popular votes, but Hellary still might wind up winning, the voting is so rigged, and pretty much the whole Establishment wants Hillary, including MANY Establishment Big-Shot Republicans who’d rather have Hillary as president, so we’ll see what happens. But if she does win, know it was rigged.

    Why the Establishment wants World War Three with Russia , and at a time the United States is at such a low ebb and can’t possibly win a World War is beyond me.

    1. TROJ –

      The world-wide BETTING pool – not a random phone poll – shows:

      Clinton – 66.9%
      Trump – 31.5%


      They know there is vote-fraud in the US secret-ballot gimmick elections. 🙂

      Russia has been a satellite of US since 1917…. no war, except phony Cold War….. to keep supplies like wheat and beef from public view.

  20. Meryl Streep LOOKS like the typicql Snow Bunny supporter. Turning her plainness into a virtue, yet she sublimates her misandry that she could never get a leading lady role (no man would pay cinema tickets to see her for two hours) into SJW activism.

    Melania LOOKS like the typical Tump supporter AKA good supermodel genes, intelligent and not a seething mass of deformed resentment on all that is normal and White.

    It is no wonder the freaks feel such affinity for Sandra Bernhard. When I look at that egregious (Katie) Weasel, I’m reminded of Nietzsche:

    “Tge Roman thought the Jew was anti-nature, its antipodal monstrosity.”

    1. MC –

      I am certainly NO Streep fan. Her presence is not to be underestimated as you have…. by claiming “…she could never get a leading lady role.”

      The witch, pun intended…. she played one in Into The Woods…. has had numerous leading lady roles. That includes playing Maggie Thatcher in Iron Lady.


      Also The River Wild.

      Also Out Of Africa.

      The there are others like…
      Death Becomes Her and The Bridges of Madison County, and Kramer vs Kramer.

      I have never paid to see any of her movies….. but I don’t make the market for them.

      She is respected by her crowd…. Hillary’s crowd. Just another reason why Hillary will win.

      1. Well, we’re gonna find out now, aren’t we

        Don’t count yer chickens just yet

      2. B-Hawk –

        Trump is controlling the chicken count…. against him. He wants to lose..!!

        Trump has always been a Democrat supporter. Never a staunch Republican….. and should not be the Republican candidate today. He doesn’t deserve to get their support.

        Trump helps Democrats…!!

        Statement like this one – below …. show me that the so adept ‘Mr Deal-Maker’ is purposely helping the Democrats and Hillary.

        In an interview with the New York Times opinion writer Maureen Dowd, Trump’s only comment was: “I’d like to hear his wife say something.”

        NO ‘deal maker’ should say that.. on the death of a soldier…!!


      3. Pat

        That Trump can be an insensitive and pompous ass there is no doubt. I’m just not certain about how the tea leaves are to be read. None of us are, really. Although what you indicate certainly APPEARS to reflect a set-up for Hilary. But who’s to say they’re not throwing a virtually unhittable Koufax curveball and striking out the side of those who would know what they’re up to? And even if you’re right and I’m wrong about who is to be put in office, I sense that the following writing will still come to pass; all the significant irons are in the fire:

        I’ll use this reply as a segue of something I’ve been working on that is certain to make you cringe ;>{

        What I see occurring is a “definitive war”, with the word “war” to imply occurrences that go beyond the conventional definition of it. What I’m referring to signals the capstone being put on Kali Yuga, cementing it in the annals of illusory time. But it won’t be characterized solely by a conflict of arms producing a victor in the traditional sense. Instead, the greatest of pyrrhic victories will be cued by a ‘cosmic gotterdamerung’ involving belligerent forces of Man and cataclysmic upheavals in Nature, of which the severity of BOTH remains to be seen.

        The phoenix will be burned to a crisp, with new growth rising from it’s ashes, and free of the parasitic scourge – the Ages are transited, and anyone who doesn’t understand that a true “apocalypse” (a revealing) is imminent isn’t paying attention to the signs that matter. How much longer do we really think the World can go on in this state of dissolution before everything alters and the oppressive contentiousness of it all ends?

        Man alone cannot extricate himself from his predicament. How can he, when it concerns the creating power that makes his very existence POSSIBLE? The power which has the ultimate vested interest in it’s Creation?

        To think that Man is simply thrown to the wolves by an uncaring Creator who then says, “here ya go my children, now go fend fer yerselves” bespeaks utter madness, and as things stand now, to be dependent on the actions of worldly forces to save you from the wolf sheer folly.

        I am under no illusions, the foxhole I am in does not take it’s orders from those removed from the situation of my immediate surroundings. I may know who the good guys are, and watch them from afar with interest, but they can’t help me with the practical realities of what I face, and they are not the true commander who guides me

  21. I’ve always been uncomfortable with the “amazing” Meryl Streep. You wonder how some stars dim out and others grow brighter by the day and then you remember that she became famous in Sophie’s Choice. I’m probably the eighth person to mention this…sorry I haven’t read all the posts. The climax of the movie was the revelation that Sophie had to decide which child she loved more. I was one of the hypnotized back then. I not only saw the movie but I read the book. I didn’t have the right context, though, to really understand what this all meant. Maybe I still don’t, but I am no longer hypnotized, I’m disgusted. The underlying message of Sophie’s Choice was “you are white, European, Christian…don’t you completely hate yourself.” So I must have apologized for my pathetic existence. Why is the messenger for white, European, Christian self-hatred a white, European, woman? Notice I left out Christian. I’ll have to look it up but I’m sure by now she has shed that politically incorrect label. She was wearing an American flag dress, but maybe she should have showcased her politically correct neoliberal breeding with a bumper sticker dress. Maybe there is a role in a movie for her that is based on her personal sequence of revelations, pure theophanies of political correctness, where she knows with every cell in her celluloid being that she fits the programming. Unfortunately real people are going to die, real people are trying to tear their young children from the drone wars, or the dirty wars where the perps stealthily move across the urban landscape in cat paw soft lace up tan boots. You see the boots, you see the carnage, and then someone else gets blamed…sectarian wars they call them. All the fake emotions of Sophie’s Choice, all the fake emotionality of the DNC, just to cover up the real emotions of real people who are dying…and the wars to come, those funny Hillary wars…haha, haha..

  22. I just about said that Meryl Streep probably was either Jewish or a “wanna be a Jewish.” I looked it up and can’t believe it. She had this fantasy that her name was Dutch Jewish and recently had to deal with the fact that her name derives from a German name instead. What a disappointment for poor Meryl. She really did wanna be jewish authentically through some remote ancestor and she’s not. Her only consolation is that she plays Jews so well.

  23. Meryl Streep’s appeal to compare Hillary Clinton to various female patriarchs is of course not a fair one. “Serve with grit and grace” is not an apt description, nor is it flattery. Flattery implies merited praise. As head of the Department of State (DOS) ministry, rather than being the example, setting the leadership role by complying with DOS policy and national security requirements, she did quite the contrary, out of selfish personal convenience. Any DOS employee should have been able to look up to her, to understand what policy was, to follow her example. Then after, she misrepresented the truth, as the FBI Chief revealed.

    It is not an issue of whether a woman is placed into office, but rather, promoting to put someone in the highest office who is least deserving of the position. Given the poor track record, can we expect good? A statement stated 2,000 years ago reveals the contrary:

    “By their fruits you will know them. Do you gather grapes from thorns, or figs from thistles? Even so, every good tree produces good fruit; but the corrupt tree produces evil fruit. A good tree can’t produce evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree produce good fruit.” Matthew 7:16-18 WEB

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