We Know Who They Are

By Lobro Lobrovich 

with an analytical comment by Franklin Ryckaert

eternal-jew1Kapoor writes: “Recently I watched a Youtube video on the Illuminati where the Jews were exonerated and the US was blamed.”

Kapoore and everyone else, listen: the Illuminati and the Masons were created for this very reason, to provide a protective buffer for the Jew.

They will never matter, these others, they are just the gardeners tending the true fleurs du mal.

G’d-devil chose the Jew as his (prime) only agent, so you are either Chosen or chosen for consumption; it is binary.

A freemason is a bricklayer sweating to build the Jew temple. He will never gain admittance to the inner cursed-of-the-cursed.

Even all this talk of globalism and NWO is just more verbal sleight of hand. It is  irrelevant, because there was this Jew Order from the very beginning—and it will be there to the very end, and nothing else.

I really wish people would understand these quite simple facts that do take some time to uncover, because like all grand Jew strategies, they lie in plain sight.

Any site repeatedly banging the Illuminati drum is just another tentacle of the Nemesis octopus. Anybody hanging onto this concept is either a troll or a tremendously “useful” (read: destructive) idiot.

Of the two kinds, I prefer an outright troll.

It’s so simple that nobody gets it . . .

its-the-cartoon-elephant (1)

Picture contributed as a comment by Franklin Ryckaert


The ambiguity of Jewish identity is not the fault of its critics but a characteristic of that identity itself. Unlike the universal religions Buddhism, Christianity and Islam, Judaism is an ethnic religion, i.e. it is a religion for one ethnic group (the Jews) only. But unlike other ethnic religions such as Hinduism and Shintoism, Judaism does accept converts (though reluctantly) and a convert becomes ipso facto a member of the Jewish people.

The question whether Jews are an ethnic group (or “race”) or a religious group therefore cannot be answered in an “either…or” way. They are a religious group with an ethnic substratum, but that ethnic substratum is so strong that the identity is not lost if the religion is lost, i.e. if a Jew becomes an atheist he still is a Jew.

A Gentile who converts to Judaism becomes a member of the ethnic group by a kind of “adoption”. The ethnic group of the Jews was originally created by Abraham when he converted his family to his religion. An ethnic group that was originally created by a religion is rare in human history, but there are other examples. The Druz also are an ethnic group created by a Muslim sect.

IncognitoLobro Lobrovich is a mysterious individual about whom very little is known at the present time; for mysterious reasons, he prefers to keep it that way. Our team of investigators, however, have been able to piece together a few facts about this elusive individual: Lobro Lobrovich is a Canadian citizen currently residing in Bosnia who spends his life ceaselessly traveling the globe in search of enlightenment. For this reason, he is known to the Illuminati behind this website as “the Wandering Non-Jew.”   
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139 thoughts on “We Know Who They Are

  1. Brilliant!

    Lobro gets a gold star for this one.

    Also loved the Ryckaert cartoon which helps to drive home the point.

      1. The tribes of the Middle East, including the Khazars, have had their eyes on the West and it’s women for centuries. They all have up to 30 plus percent Neanderthal DNA cruising through their veins. Islam has tried more than once to conquer the West via the sword. The Kosherized Khazars are much more circumspect. They have conquered the West via mediation.
        These tribes want their ancient lands back that were taken from them by the Cro-Magnon over 30 thousand years ago. These Tribes from the Middle east may hate/love each other, but they are winning this ages old battle.

  2. When will the Wandering Non-Jew settle down?

    That’s what I wanna know. 🙂

    — Sardonicus,
    The Wandering Monk(ey),
    Zen monastery,
    Osaka, Japan

  3. But who is a Jew, who are the Jews? Is the Trump daughter a Jew, now that she a married one? Lobro should me more precise.

      1. In his “omniscience”, it would give more credence to his assertions were he to relate to the reader the history of the onset of Jewry. The Jew has the peculiar advantage of being considered both a “race” (making him a circumstance of birth), and a “religion” (making him a circumstance of CHOICE). Which is it??
        Make up your mind, Lobro.

      2. @Gilbert Huntly

        The ambiguity of Jewish identity is not the fault of its critics but a characteristic of that identity itself. Unlike the universal religions Buddhism, Christianity and Islam, Judaism is an ethnic religion i.e. it is a religion for one ethnic group (the Jews) only. But unlike other ethnic religions such as Hinduism and Shintoism, Judaism does accept converts (though reluctantly) and a convert becomes ipso facto a member of the Jewish people. The question whether Jews are an ethnic group (or “race”) or a religious group therefore cannot be answered in an “either…or” way. They are a religious group with an ethnic substratum, but that ethnic substratum is so strong that the identity is not lost if the religion is lost, i.e. if a Jew becomes an atheist he still is a Jew. A Gentile who converts to Judaism becomes a member of the ethnic group by a kind of “adoption”. The ethnic group of the Jews was originally created by Abraham when he converted his family to his religion. An ethnic group that was originally created by a religion is rare in human history, but there are other examples. The Druz also are an ethnic group created by a Muslim sect.

      3. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        An excellent comment. LD has added it to the article as a useful explanatory note. People need to know that Jews are highly exceptional in this sense: they are a “race” when it suits them or a “religious group” when it suits them, fluctuating back and forth so that you can never pin them down. In other words, this is not a clear-cut either/or situation. Kevin MacDonald definitely believes Jews are a “race” or ethnic group and so do many others, including Jews. How else would there be a clearly identifiable Jewish DNA? and specific diseases to which Jews (especially Ashkenazi Jews) are particularly prone?

      4. Admin,

        There is a group of secular Zionists that wants the Jews to be considered a people, like, not a race, but an ethnic group. And there are religious Jews that want the Jews to be considered a religious group. People from the outside don’t see the difference between them, but there is more than one set of markers through which people recognize others as the Jews, one is secular and one is religious. Some Jews accept both of them, the so-called Religious Zionists. The Jews are not so homogeneous as most people think.

      5. @Admin: “How else would there be a clearly identifiable Jewish DNA? and specific diseases to which Jews (especially Ashkenazi Jews) are particularly prone?”

        There is no such thing as a “Jewish DNA.” There are commonalities between a number of Jewish and semitic communities, such as, for example those that can putatively identify a sample as “possibly Ashkenzi” or “possibly sephardim/semitic.” But no six-pointed little blue molecules float in the so-called Jewish blood.
        Inbreeding has created such Ashkenazi diseases as Tay Sachs and also a certain type of mammary cancer much more prevalent in Jewish women.
        That is not a problem restricted to Jews. A few decades ago an isolated Chinese community somewhere on a mountain top was found that — also due to inbreeding — was heavily affected by idiopathic goiter. They heavy turkey waddles hanging under their chins.

      6. @ Ariadnatheo

        Thanks, Ariadnatheo. You could be right. I don’t claim omniscience on this subject and admit I could be in error.

        However, there are several respected “experts” (featured in multiple articles on the Occidental Observer) who refuse to believe that Jews are just a “culture” or “religious grouping”. The Jews are also, they insist, in some sense a “race” or “ethnic group”. I think Franklin Ryckaert speaks for many of us here when he says the Jews are an exceptional case and that the usual either/or dichotomy does not apply to them.

        The Jews are a “race” when it suits them and they are a “culture” or “religious group” when it suits them, fluctuating back and forth according to whim.

        We happen to have published an article on this controversy, which makes it clear that the various “experts” have sharp disagreements on what “Jews” actually are. Feel free to make up your own mind which set of “experts” you prefer to believe.


      7. According to a friend of mine with a scientific background, all the top scientific journals specializing in genetics are under Jewish control or ownership. So nothing about Jewish “genetics” gets published nowadays unless it toes the Jewish party line and is “good for the Jews”. He tells me that very important research by experts in the field is ruthlessly suppressed if it contradicts the Jewish party line in any way.

        Nothing new here. They do the same thing wth the Holocaust, disallowing all dissent — even criminalizing it.

      8. Jews are an exceptional case and that the usual either/or dichotomy does not apply to them.

        The Jews are a “race” when it suits them and they are a “culture” or “religious group” when it suits them, fluctuating back and forth according to whim.

        The Jews are a “race” when it harms our interests and they are a “culture” or “religious group” when it harms our interests, fluctuating back and forth according to ensuring a maximally detrimental effect on our interests.
        They define themselves by kol nidre, the liars oath and Jesus pinpointed that early on on numerous occasions as seen in the New Testament, the Testament of Truth.
        And what is lie?
        Lie is denial of truth, ie, reality and the principle of causality which they try to obfuscate and thus wash away their sins.
        Therefore, what are they but representatives of the negation of existence, the embodiment of nihilism and as such can only be defined by what they aren’t, not what they are.
        This is why so many of these discussions drown in confusion and frustration.

        Maybe their actual purpose is to act as sort of chevrons by the roadside to keep the truthseekers on firm ground.

  4. Ole Jew, a valid question, always worth revisiting

    But who is a Jew, who are the Jews? Is the Trump daughter a Jew, now that she a married one?

    A jew is a committed servitor of the Devil entity, whether this entity has an independent existence is irrelevant, so long as the jew buys wholeheartedly into the positive feedback loop.
    He cannot be defined in positive terms, only non-existentially, a black interstice between the not-religion and not-ethnicity, anti-personnel mine with humanoid leer, a psychic virus.
    His name is legion and he will skip and hop from one to another, sniggering as you chase him around in futility.

    1. @ Everyone (Off-topic)

      Quite a few good comments recently have been going into our spam folder for some reason. Like the above comment by Lobro, for example. If this happens to you, don’t get mad. It’s a computer glitch.

      1. We are beginning to suspect that this problem is widespread. The internet authorities are probably behind this. They are doing something to censor all comments that are critical of Jews, Zionism or Israel. A key word is the word “JEW”. When this word occurs, it probably triggers an automatic response or alert of some kind that gets the comment sent into the Spam folder. This is just a “conspiracy theory.”

        If this is not happening now, I believe it will happen one day.

      2. @Admin

        that explains alot lately regarding a missing post or two of mine…at least I THINK that may explain it. Now on to my response to lobro’s featured comment here.


        Seeing that practical solutions are a main driving force of this website, I’m just not seeing it. Too much of the time threads in response to a comment such as this one of yours fall into a scholarly abyss that winds around and around but really doesn’t get anywhere in providing those solutions of practicality. Aside from informing relative newcomers offering those lightbulb moments that I myself have gotten here, ESPECIALLY early on, where are we going exactly?

        The creeping totalitarianism using all the various terms that reflect it IS of course sponsored by that term first brought to International attention by the illustrious, but ill-fated Adolph Hitler, “International Jewry”

        Here’s a definition: A conspiratorial satanic scourge aimed at the general body of human beings (“goy”) engineered by reptilian/human hybrids (“egregious, or esoteric jews”)

        Shall we just say that?

        But the problem as I see it isn’t whether or not we use the words jew, globalist, satanic, reptilian, pharisee, hybrids, Illuminati, etc., but that most people think of the conspiracy against Mankind as being theoretical when it’s NOT. Too many frogs gettin hot in the pots and not recognizing all the earmarks of the totalitarian beast bearing down to slot us into the euphemistically-named “UN Agenda-21” cages; one giant Pale for the goyims.

        So doesn’t it always get back to having dropped the sword of Christ and leaving it on the ground which loosed the devil into the World-at-large? And at this late date the genie can’t be put back in the bottle, nor Pandora in her box

        “And he asked him, what is thy name? And he answered, saying, my name is legion, for we are many”

        Mark 5:9

        The rascals pouring through all the portals and emptying Hell signals that the parasite is on the verge of destroying the host, which in turn will mean it’s OWN destruction

        Christ told us what to expect and who will inflict its wrath. Most importantly, he instructed that those who weather the coming Earthly storm will do so through the wisdom of endurance and acting accordingly per the pertinent gospels.

        And btw, if this site claims to have a Christian take on things, then why doesn’t a Brownhawk “comment” such as this one spin off into a featured format as with our good friend lobro?

    2. So, if one were to confine oneself to Biblical terminology, this fairy-tale-described character (Mr. Jew) is “anti-Christ”, and “legion” – in other words, a SPIRIT (which, by Lobro’s requisite, could descend upon any one of us!)
      Ooooo, Lobro – skeery fairy-tale, indeed! 🙂

      1. have it your way, Gilbert, I cannot legislate what i believe to be true and even if i could, i wouldn’t.
        You asked a question, i answered, the rest is up to you.

        just like those cartoon elephant investigators, if they want to build a career out if it, they are welcome.

        there are those who think that 99% of jews are the salt of the earth and even more who say, 100%.
        And they are welcome to it as well.
        Because it is actually Jesuits who are to blame, right?

      2. Perhaps I was a bit too flippant, but, truly, we are often presented with a dilemma. For instance, consider “Brother” Nat Kappner. Should he be considered Orthodox Christian – or “Jew”?? Even more subjective for me, I sometimes meet negroes who completely shame me of my stereotypical perception of that ethnicity.
        (For instance, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.)
        I understand and comprehend your aversion to Jewry, but I must say I HAVE met some Jews of whom I am quite fond (but thanks to you and Darkmoon, I have become more wary!)

      3. Gilbert, no offense, it’s fine, flippancy is a natural byproduct like digestive gases 🙂
        can’t say i never indulged myself either.

        Brother Nathan Kappner is a perfect example of an EX-Jew, as non-Jew as one can get, he is my favorite too.
        Maybe I am wrong but i do get trustworthy vibes off him and in the end, that’s what we must go on, don’t we, that mutt instinct that raises hackles or produces mellow brainwaves.
        And there were certainly numerous such EX-jews throughout the history and they were our finest converts and the most damaging of all to the Judaic entity of sinister secrets, the Talmud that was prohibited from translating and studying by goy on the pain of death.
        Tragically, such cases are hugely outnumbered by homegrown traitors, the venal shabbos many of who enter by the masonic door.

        And I take perfectly what you said about the blacks, there are several in my personal history whom i would trust with my life without qualification, great combat mates you could count on to watch your back.

  5. Yep, Lobro nails it.

    Now I know who’s hiding behind the curtains. Who’s skulking in the shadows. Who’s hiding under the rock.

    Is that Lobrovich in the red hat?

    1. No it ain’t as far as i can tell, just Lasha’s vivid imagination.
      It is a nice hat, cardinal red but you wouldn’t catch me dead in one, not my style, too jazzy.
      And like i mentioned, I recently grew a Mel Gibsonite salt+pepper beard … I am sure that if we were ever to run into each other you’d spot me right away 😉

      1. Pity. That red hat suits you. Distinctly raffish and “man about town”. I can imagine that guy smoking Cohibas and blowing blue smoke into his girlfriend’s face and saying, “Hey chick, pass me the ashtray, will ya.”

      2. I do have a classy straw Panama that can be crumpled into a little ball and it immediately regains its shape.
        Much nicer than the flamboyant red, in my opinion.
        And with my new little beard, i will survive the onslaught of overaggressive putas in Diablo Tun Tun in Habana just fine.

  6. Leave it to Lobro! Thanks for the update on Lobro’s place of residence. I was planning to pay him a surprise visit in Toronto.

    1. Stay in touch, Mahmoud.
      I WILL be in Toronto soon, for a brief interval before moving on to Indochina, must obtain the long term Thai visa which is not simple, notarized proof of income, etc.
      Also Indian multiple-entry …
      But a possibility as well of 1-2 weeks in Chicago, Michigan and Wisconsin to visit a few friends.

  7. Well said. It took me a while to finally accept that the US is experiencing exactly what Russia and Germany experienced over the last 100 years.

    The problem is Jewish Supremacism and its magic money making which gives it such stupefying global reach.

  8. No, Lobro.

    Illuminati is or was just one of the numerous occult societies in Europe, like Rosicrucian Order and Martinist Order, and the reason it is being mentioned so often on the Internet is that some people decided to make some bucks by exploiting the name. There are, and used to be, more important and influential factions of this paramasonic corporation, like Order of Ancient Maccabeans, for example that no one is talking about.

    Freemasons are a more generic term. But all Freemasons are, in fact, the people that are allowed to enter the inner courtroom, like was the master mason Hiram, since he had to enter that space in order to build it and that’s the idea behind this metaphor of a mason. The Lord is the architect, the Jews are the priests and the masons are those that contribute their efforts and get a special status in return for that.

    1. thanks for that Rousso but sometimes the welter of data can obscure the idea … and i was referencing the idea as I discern it.
      it may well be that many masons and even jews enter the trap like the Venus fly-catcher flower, enamoured of some mystical romance only to discover by degrees, as the more capable ones might, that as they climb the steps of the pyramid, the ugly truth emerges and eventually gets an iron grip on them from which there is no escape.
      The initiate cum adept realizes that he’d done dark deeds in service of the monster and that any deviation will be punished cruelly for the benefit of others who might also consider wavering.
      There was a Nazi film about it and in my experience, Nazis were actually the most truthful of all, the least given over to propaganda.
      (Leni Riftenstahl’s films were just works of inspirational beauty, not propaganda, as i can tell)

      There are, and used to be, more important and influential factions of this paramasonic corporation, like Order of Ancient Maccabeans, for example that no one is talking about.

      That’s the whole point of secret societies, isn’t it, that no one is talking about them.
      They say that the most successful intel agencies are the ones you never hear about.

      But thanks for the link, i will take a gander for sure.

      1. Nazis were fake, Lobro.

        Nazis use Judaism as a template. Their Nuremberg Laws were based on the rules of Halacha. Their ideas mirror Judaism from start to finish. Their propaganda posters look the same as the Commie’s propaganda posters. The same. Their propaganda techniques were the same. Hitler and Stalin used to be allies before the war. Both of them studied Lebon’s book on mass control, and praised it.

        And also, the Catholic Church and the Vatican fits this description of being “in service of the monster” better than all the rest of them, be it the Jews, Nazis or Freemasons. Nothing can be compared to the millenia of terror and obscurantism that was imposed on Europe by the Church. You perhaps have not read Malleus Maleficarum, a.k.a. The Hammer of Witches, or Practica Inquisitionis Heretice Pravitatis?

      2. Germany and the USSR were arch enemies due to their ideologies. They were never allies. They agreed on a non-aggression pact to benefit each country and try and avoid a war that would kill millions of Russians and Germans. That pact didn’t make them allies any more than the USSR and USA’s SALT treaties made the USSR and USA allies or the many treaties that are agreed upon all the time between rivals around the world.

        From Germany’s perspective, they needed the treaty so that if the peace negotiations with Poland failed and a war would become necessary the neutrality of Russia would prevent the British from attacking Germany and would prevent a two front war against Germany. Unfortunately, this was a miscalculation on Hitler’s part. He didn’t know Churchill would willingly destroy his own empire in order to destroy Germany. He also probably didn’t know that wealthy Jews began paying Churchill to attack Germany beginning in 1936.

      3. Some people believe they’re intelligent when in fact they continuously demonstrate the opposite.

        Only because jews are so hypocrite to condemn the only sane policy for any country – nationalism and ethnic homogeniety for its citizenry – and therefore do everything they can to destroy it in all other countries to weaken them while they are very nationalistic themselves and for the very same and sane reason, preservation, the ‘nazi’s were fake’ ?

        Yeah, real smart thinking ( shaking head ‘no’ )

        I guess that the Japanese are judaists too, for wanting to preserve their country ethnically and culturally homogeneous. As of course are the amazon indians still living in the wild who don’t accept halfbreeds as tribe members, let alone whites or blacks or whatever. And let’s not forget the Tibetans who want to prevent their nation being ethnically and culturally destroyed by China. I’m sure they too have copied the judaistic template which naturally is their real motivation behind that, no?

        Whoever dreams up this kind of drivel is either a jew troll, and a rather transparant one, or he needs to get his head thoroughly examined.

      4. Yes, Peter, nicely put.

        But again, pearls for swines. Duh, NS Germany used the same posters as the Sovjets did. Well, what more proof does one need 🙂 ?

        Only, the important bit is lost on birdbrains like the one who used this as an argument. The important bit, namely the difference that National Socialist Germany actually DELIVERED what was propaganda-ised. Family and wholesome values and prosperity vs poverty, torture and starvation in USSR. In the ’30’s while the rest of the world would remain in a deep depression until the war German labourers already bought their first cars and houses and went on cruise holidays to Madeira and the Med. I don’t think they met any Russian workers there 🙂

        Propaganda is only an instrument, neutral in itself. It can be used to deliberately lie or to promote what you actually want for the people.

        Nice try, but again, you’re not even close.

      5. The Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London know that with just a little time and a lot of debt-money to throw into “Star-Wars” programs…. all wounds are healed. Reagan figured that one out from his days in Hollywood and GE Theater on TV.

        Everyone falls for a really good Space Odyssey. 🙂

        This Launch Report reveals a real 2001 Space Odyssey for Russia. Russia was badly in debt, which is why the wall came down. Reagan played the part…. again.

        Enter, anew – – German-Russian Eurockot partnership:

        (p.12 on the report sheet)


        Marketing the Russian Rockot vehicle is the objective of the German-Russian Eurockot partnership.

        In 1995, three years after the Russians proposed the development of a vehicle using the SS-19 ICBM plus an additional third stage based on Soviet military hardware, Eurockot was founded when Germany’s Minister of Economics agreed to allow Russia to repay part of its debt to Germany through profits earned by launches of this new vehicle.

        According to the agreement reached, Germany would receive a predetermined payment following each Rockot launch sale, which would be deducted from Russia’s $35.5 billion debt to Germany. Each launch should help pay down Russia’s debt to Germany while also ensuring the flow of hard currency to Russia.

        Arranged between governments, Eurockot is presently a 51-49 percent partnership between DaimlerChrysler Aerospace (DASA) of Germany and Khrunichev State Research and Production Center of Russia, respectively. DASA provides marketing and technical management of the Rockot program, while also contributing funding for development, production, and launch facilities.

        Khrunichev manufactures the Rockot vehicle hardware and will perform mission analysis, payload integration, and mission control and launch operations


        See.. they love each other. 🙂

        When folks write it is NOT about business… It is ALWAYS about business…!!! 🙂

  9. Pharisee-Jews are NEVER exonerated…. just shielded by their manufactured mysticism.

    I was given numerous charts at my meetings in the 60s thru the 90s. The full circle of Masonry was among them. There were many once posted on the internet, but have been removed.

    All Secret Societies with secret grades of initiation are owned and controlled by the Illuminati….. Freemasonry is maybe the best known.

    So what are the goals of the Illuminati?

    To create a One World Government and a New World Order, with them on top to rule the world into slavery and fascism. This is a very old goal of theirs, and to understand it fully, one must realize that…….
    this goal isn’t of a kind that’s supposed to be obtained within one lifetime – it has been a goal that slowly is to be accomplished over a long period of time..!!

    The truth is, 99% of Masons will die without knowing what is really going on at the top.

    360 Degrees Of Freemasons

    Under the direct leadership of the Council of 13 is the Council of 33 or Grand Masters. These are 33 men, who are hand-picked from the highest levels of the Masonic Lodges of the Grand Orient, who have traversed beyond the 33rd degree of the Lodge.

    Nearly all Masons are unaware that anything exists beyond the 33rd degree, but deep within the esoteric lodge, there are actually 360 degrees which completes the circle.

    The 34th degree is know as “The Warrior On The Block”. The word “block” refers to the black stone known as the “Kaaba”, which they say is the stone of the sacred temple.



    Satanic Illuminati Bloodlines and Masonic Degrees and Order of Zion:


    Starting at zero degrees are the unknowing people…. The masses.

    3rd Degree – Master Mason (most questions asked of the initiate – “give him the 3rd degree”)
    33rd Degree – Sovereign Grand Inspector General
    60th Degree – Illuminous Minor
    90th Degree – Mizraem(Misraim) Rite (described in ‘The’ Protocols)
    96th Degree – Memphis Rite (variant of the Rite of Misraïm)
    120th Degree – High Priest
    180th Degree – Regent
    240th Degree – Magus
    300th Degree – King
    359th Degree – Rothschild
    360th Degree – Satan

    It is NEVER a matter of what WE believe… but what (((THEY))) believe. 🙂

      1. Thanks for the help, Rousso –

        I noticed you read the one page of the first link and the TWENTY-FIVE chapters of the second link in under 5 minutes..!!!

        You have 100% comprehension…. while reading at more than 15,000 words per minute. BRAVO..!!

        You eclipsed JFK..!! 🙂

        Here is some of what you missed:

        THE KRUPPS

      2. No, I haven’t even opened these links, of course. I’ve read the Pike’s book and a lot of other, real masonic books. I know that in the Yank’s land these conspiratorial pamphlets are business, and it brings profit, but I am not a consumer of this asinine crap, Pat. I know that in the Yank’s land a lot of people even believe that the Earth is flat.

        Your people, Pat, are handicapped.

      3. Rousso –

        You are correct.

        There are a lot of nutty people here in US….. some are nutty enough to believe in the ‘flat-earth’…. while the majority are so nuts as to believe Russia is an enemy…. when everything they have has come from the NATO countries….
        even their BIS controlled debt-money.. !! 🙂

        But, more than that… Russia is taking US jobs because Russia can provide good and cheap labor and raw materials for US companies…

        Here is an admission that US CORPORATIONS and NATO are using Russia’s CHEAP labor: “producing in Russia because the cost of labor is lower”

        Russia’s PRESENT – – jet, rocket and aerospace manufacturing capabilities…. WEAK to ZERO..!!

        “There are very good scientists in Russia. The fact that Boeing, Airbus, Pratt & Whitney are doing research and development in Russia shows this is a very strong sector in Russia,” Sebastien Dakin said on the sidelines of MAKS-2015 International Aviation and Space Salon.

        They are playing the world for suckers by overstating Russia’s capabilities on one side, while saying they have “challenges” in manufacturing. Can’t be both.

        “….Boeing, Airbus, Pratt & Whitney” are having the successes, not the Russians.

        Aerospace R&D Sector ‘Very Strong’ in Russia – Business AssociationThis says it all – Russia’s PRESENT – – jet, rocket and aerospace manufacturing capabilities…. WEAK to ZERO..!!

        Sebastien Dakin, the Regional Director of Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association (CERBA), said that there are a lot of very good Russian specialists in aerospace sector, but Russia still faces challenges at the manufacturing level

        Aug 26, 2015


        ZHUKOVSKY (Sputnik), Alexander Mosesov – The demand for Russian specialists by leading western aerospace company research and development (R&D) departments demonstrates the sector’s proficiency, the Regional Director of Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association (CERBA) told Sputnik on Wednesday.

        “There are very good scientists in Russia. The fact that Boeing, Airbus, Pratt & Whitney are doing research and development in Russia shows this is a very strong sector in Russia,” Sebastien Dakin said on the sidelines of MAKS-2015 International Aviation and Space Salon.

        He added that the country still faces challenges at the manufacturing level. But Dakin noted that the current Russian economy is creating favorable circumstances for establishing production facilities for avionics equipment in the country.

        <strong<"It's probably a good time to start producing in Russia because the cost of labor is lower at the moment, the ruble is going down and it makes products a bit more competitive," Sebastien Dakin said.

      4. Correction – – –

        The last paragraph of SputnikNews article should be:

        Canada’s companies like the cheap labor in Russia also… increasing profits:

        “It’s probably a good time to start producing in Russia because the cost of labor is lower at the moment, the ruble is going down and it makes products a bit more competitive,” Sebastien Dakin said.


      5. This is, Pat, the problem of understanding the specifics of how things work in Russia. Indeed, most of the achievements of the US come from the immigrants like Igor Sikorski who designed helicopters and other aircrafts. A lot of people who are working for Boeing are also Russian immigrants. A lot of people, and I mean a lot, who are working in the high-tech in the US are also Russian immigrants. And there are a lot of Chinese, Indian and Korean brains in the US. These people leave their homelands and go to the Uncle Sam’s land for the better life and more prestigious career and status, like in the past all roads led to Rome the roads lead to the US now. That’s simple.

        Yet, remember, Pat, the Russians put the first satellite into space, the first man into space, the first space probe on the Moon, and in the meantime the Russians are still making the best arms, small and big, and the list of Russian innovations is huge. Huge. Lots of things that people consider European or American made are in fact Russian. The problem is that Russians don’t brag about it, like the others, the Russians don’t understand advertising and marketing and don’t use it for the propaganda purpose. For example, the Russians have just adopted the 3rd generation tank, T14 “Armata” and most people don’t know about that. The Russians have just adopted the next generation automatic rifle that has no recoil, and most people don’t know about that. You think inside the frame, that is established by the media in the US, the Uncle Sam’s machine of idiots manufacturing. You are the lost people.

        But read this: Russia is great at invention, but stinks at innovation

        It explains how it “can be both”. I as a Russian confirm that this explanation is correct, and I can add that it is also the corruption of the capitalist state, because the market is possessed by a bunch of people who send their children to the UK and the US and spend most of their time outside of Russia, but at the same time control 80% of its resourses. Russia is a corrupt slum.

    1. each of these numbers is divisible by 3, is 3 a special masonic number?
      exception being 359, rothschild’s number which is a prime (divisible only by itself and 1)
      I remember looking at the fascinating Edificio Bacardi in Havana, certainly designed by a masonic architect and certain primes like 3, 5 and 7 were repeatedly seen in the symbolic motifs that the building abounded in.
      And the ominous murcielago gripping the iron globe at the pinnacle is quite a sight, I have no doubt whatsoever that it provided the inspiration for Batman.
      Neither bat nor human, having conquered the Earth it is looking up into space for expanded ventures.

      because Jews are NOT religious, they are terribly superstitious, given to symbolism and numerology to justify their belief in own divinity.

      Got that, Gilbert?
      Jews usurped their demiurge, subsumed it within their own tribal hive mentality and now they proclaim themselves G-D, the macrocellular messiah.
      Does that make them religious, antireligious, atheist or what?
      (trick answer: it shouldn’t matter to us and how we deal with it)

      1. Lobro –

        “…each of these numbers is divisible by 3, is 3 a special masonic number?”

        YESSS..!! I thought you would have learned that early on.

        The number 3 is embedded everywhere. Triumvirate, trinity, three branches of government…. etc.

        The Pharisee-Jew star of david is two interlocking – triangles(3 sides) – one is white, one is black, representing their using reversals….. LIES..!! Kol nidre rising… 🙂

        In Kabbalah, the two triangles represent the dichotomies inherent in man: good vs. evil, spiritual vs. physical, etc.


      2. Lobro, don’t listen to Pat.

        Hexagram is an ancient Hindu sign, and also Buddhist. The Jews adopted it in the Middle Ages, because it has six points and the Talmud has six orders. Then, in Kabbalah it was adopted along with some fragments of interpretation. Remember that Judaism is a perverted form of Hinduism, it has nothing of its own design. Nothing.

        Here is an article by Scholem, and he explains that this “Star of David” is not Jewish. It was brought from India, and it had not been used as Judaism emblem until the end of the Renaissance.

      3. Thanks again, Rousso, as for “not listening to Pat” 🙂 , I do listen to everyone a bit – the emphasis on “bit”.
        This site wouldn’t be the same without Pat and numerous other personalities colorful, colorfoul and colorfair.
        And I am starting to develop a degree of respect for prof Scholem, maybe even liking.
        He is that weirdest of species, a Jew who remains a Jew even though he seems scrupulously honest.
        And his scholarship seems top notch, just a hunch, of course it would take someone else of similar academic stature in the field to confirm or deny.
        As for Magen David (The Shield of David), of course they didn’t invent it, anymore than nazis invented Swastika, both lifted from Hindu world.
        As for

        Remember that Judaism is a perverted form of Hinduism, it has nothing of its own design. Nothing.

        i don’t need much convincing either, their utter lack of originality and creativity outside the swindlosophy is hardly surprising, given their social-bug-like behavior.
        Are ants creative (rather than industrious problem-solvers)? No
        Are they successful? Enormously.
        Marvin Polatnick (somewhat missed, due to his refreshing honesty, though not manners) gave us the invaluable insight when he said that
        Jews are not so much intelligent as SHREWD.

        Shield of David (to me the most likely story):

        1743: Mayer Amschel Bauer, an Ashkenazi Jew, is born in Frankfurt, Germany, the son of Moses Amschel Bauer, a money lender and the proprietor of a counting house.

        Moses Amschel Bauer places a red sign above the entrance door to his counting house. This sign is a red hexagram (which geometrically and numerically translates into the number 666) which under Rothschild instruction will end up on the Israeli flag some two centuries later.

        Moreover, it is said that the old Moses Amschel was a trained Kabbalist warlock – again, no idea what that means, maybe my slow, sporadic but persistent reading of Scholem will reveal that.

        What that goddamned seed attained by way of plague of humanity is uncanny, truly the grapes of wrath from the psychotic Revelations angels pouring out seven afflictions upon humanity – as if the Rothschild was part of that punishment.
        Enough to make one’s skin crawl.

      4. Rousso –

        “Lobro, don’t listen to Pat.”

        He doesn’t. Not ever. We never speak on phone or in person… not even skype….. and my “colorfoul” shouting cannot travel from USA to Europe… or to Canada or Mexico. Not possible there.

        He CAN READ my writing, right here, though..

        And you wrote, “Your people, Pat, are handicapped”…???? WHEW..!!! Grab a mirror and see it. 🙂

      5. Lobro –
        Rousso –

        I am going to emphasize what I wrote before:

        It is NEVER a matter of what WE believe… but what (((THEY))) believe. 🙂

        Most believe Russia is enemy…. when reverse is the fact. REVERSALS..!!

      6. A bit from Scholem on the “Jew Star”:

        THE true history of the six-pointed star and its ascent to the rank of a symbol in Israel is bound up with what is called Practical Cabala, which is nothing more than Jewish magic, whose links with the theoretical doctrines of the Cabalists were always weak. Particularly, it is bound up with the use of amulets and talismans. In this area a strong reciprocal influence was at work between the Jews and Gentiles, for nothing is more international than magic. Magic signs and designs pass from one people to another, just as “sacred” (i.e., incomprehensible) combinations of “names” wander back and forth, and frequently become corrupted in their wanderings. In general, magic signs like these were called “seals” in our literature, not only because they were frequently engraved on rings – the production of magical rings of this kind was a well-defined trade, and we have textbooks in this science -but also because of the common attitude that a man “seals himself” with these signs and protects himself against the assaults of evil spirits. Two designs, both endowed with magical meaning and power, are frequently interchanged in the literature on talismans: the six-pointed star and the five-pointed star.
        Where does this title, the “Shield of David,” come from, and what does it mean? It is known that among the medieval mystics some legends were current about King David’s shield and its magical powers. The earliest source is the Book of Desire, which is an interpretation of the seventy magical names of Metatron, Prince of the Divine Presence. The book was composed in Germany in the 3th century, in the circle of the German Hasidim, by Eleazar of Worms or one of his disciples. In it we read how King David had a golden shield, upon which was engraved the Great Name of seventy-two names…

        hoodoo voodoo mumbo jumbo but it does have to do with criminally minded black magic (origin of the family in Frankfurt) and moreover, “72” is numerologically important (maybe, just a hypothesis) to the Rothschild as per Pat’s rungs on the Masonic ladder, because Rothschild is 359th grade, 359 being the 72nd prime.
        Who knows. But they are a bunch of superstitious primitives, however unbelievably successful against our impotent civilization based on civility that they exploit like a gold mine.

      7. Of course, Pat.

        Uncle Sam’s flock of sheeple from his animal farm are spiritual cripples. Handicapped creatures, that resemble men but are in fact nothing else but biological replicants, programmed to consume the inferior products brought to them by their shepherds, eat the grass, grow some wool so that it could be sheared, so that the shepherd might get a new heart transplant.

      8. Lobro!

        Stop listeninbg to Pat. The origin of the 72 number significance lies in the astrological science, Lobro. The circle is 360 degrees, and the 72 is one fifth of the circle. Simple, man. Trust me, I know this stuff.

        It has not a bad meaning at all, in its origins, but as incorporated into the Kaballistic and the so-called magical circles it becomes perverted and gets a twist. You understand the nature of perversion, right? It’s all about the interpretation. It’s a mind game.

      9. @ Rousso

        Here is an article by Scholem, and he explains that this “Star of David” is not Jewish.

        You fail to explain why we should share your admiration for Scholem (who is Jewish) or accept him as an authority.

        We are inclined to believe that many Jews make a practice of lying, or psych themselves up into believing a Big Lie — like the Holocaust — so why should we believe in your hero Scholem? He could be just another self-deluding Jew.

        Are you Jewish?

      10. Arnold,

        You are not the man I am talking to. You are the man I am not talking to at all. A stupid man. I am not talking to fools, except for fun, and I am not in the fun mode at the moment, fool.

      11. @ Rousso,

        I asked you two simple questions:

        (1) Are you a Jew?

        (2) Why should you expect us all to accept your glib assumption that Scholem, a Jewish expert on the Kabbalah, should be trusted by us non-Jews? and are we under any obligation to share your slavish admiration for the man?

        You evaded both these embarrassing questions by resorting to the ad hominem attack. Are you aware that the ad hominem attack is the favorite rhetorical device of the Jews?

      12. @ Rousso

        Not all of us agree with Pat, but we think he is entitled to some respect. You show him none. You behave like a typical Jewish thug.

        Remember this. Pat has been on this site a very long time now and has always been polite. You, an upstart interloper, have barely arrived on this site and start lecturing us all in hectoring tones. Listen up good, Mr Rousso. Any more insolence out of you and I will do my best to get you ejected from this site.

        If either us, Pat or myself, were to give the administrators of this site an ultimatum: “It’s either Rousso or me”, you would be kicked off this site in 10 seconds flat.

        So don’t push your luck, you swaggering bully.

      13. You are misunderstanding the tone of our chat here, Sardonicus. Pat knows that I respect him. You, not me, are an interloper, sticking into a discussion. You are being insolent, not me. You are a bozo, making threats against me. But I don’t care about this, since I am a light-hearted man and also because I can abandon this site at whatever time.

  10. Very few know that the first major THIRD PARTY in the US was the Anti-Mason Party c. 1828.

    In the 1828 campaign other Jackson rivals, including John Quincy Adams, joined in denouncing the Masons. In 1832, the Anti-Masonic Party fielded William Wirt as its presidential candidate and Amos Ellmaker as his running mate.

    The Anti-Mason Party was formed due to the outrage of the purported Masonic ritual murder of Captain William Morgan, who was writing a book to expose Masonry.

    Masonic memberships are way down over the last few decades.

  11. Nice post, Lobro, a little touch on the complete portrait of Jewish motivation, psychopathy, evil, etc, etc., Is the Devil “real”, as in an actual force that effects The World? I think it is not Naive Realism to believe in such existence. There might be different names or descriptions.

    A relatively small, inbred group of people, the Jews, seem to have made a Faustian bargain with the Devil, to destroy as much of the World-ordered around and by morality, The Divine as a Universal Force of Beauty and Truth, and bring death, disease, privation, and enormous suffering. All the while, transferring the bounties and possessions of The Gentile to themselves.

    There seems to be more than materialism and wealth accumulation as a motive. There is a genocidal, sociopathic, automat to physically remove non-Jews, en masse, from existence. The term “genocide” precisely applies to the action of the Jews, but I cannot ever recall when that term was applied to them. Genghis Khan killed for booty and real estate. This was a finite action. For Jews, it is never ending, driven by an inner Obsessive-Compulsive imperative.

    As Ayaan Hirsi Ali said, “There are tolerant Muslims, but their is no tolerant Islam. And the number of “tolerant”, (read: “acceptable”) is minuscule, to the right of the decimal point. The same can be said about Jewry. Both Islam and Judaism, both religiously and physically-mosques and temples-have no place in Euro-peoples civilizations.

    I realize that none of this really is new or novel. But I insist on clear demarcation, while others like to keep it blurry (Ah, The Warm Thrill of Confusion), and shifty. Of all the worst Logical Fallacies, this is at once the stupidest, most inane, most vacuous: “ALL Muslims and Jews aren’t bad, y’know. I know some good ones in my neighborhood.” If you hear anyone begin this oral excrementation, run away, change the channel.

    Therefore, be it resolved that all Muslims and Jews be removed from the lands of Gentiles.

    1. There seems to be more than materialism and wealth accumulation as a motive.

      My point exactly and this is more fundamental than the fake ethnic angle.

      1. Lobro –

        You and I have been saying here for years Pharisee-Jews are not a race. 🙂

        Using race lets them off the hook. It is a choice to chant kol nidre.

      2. Lobro: for some reason, you are duplicating what I have written about the monotony, obscure, and questionable value of many comments here. As the late Andrew Breitbart would say to not very interesting, impertinent or specious statements, “So?” So much of what is said and written just “doesn’t make any difference”, in that it doesn’t lead to a further understanding.

        I would like to breach an area regarding Jews that might explain their hive and collective behavior. They are inbred and as such may have experienced organic brain synapse and cellular connection modification. Many mammalian traits-including humans-can be emphasized or strengthened through breeding. It is known that psycho/sociopaths have differently wired brains that are apparent in MRIs and other brain diagnostic devices.

        I find it tenable that Jews are congenitally and genetically predisposed toward those behaviors we Gentiles identify as anti-social, genocidal, morbid, deceptive, lying, and lack of affect and conscience. I am saying here that it appears to me that they are more than just “spiritually” sick, or that their Luciferian behavior was learned or acquired on Momma and Daddy’s knee.

        This has been referred to, commonly, as “Bad Blood”.

      3. I am saying here that it appears to me that they are more than just “spiritually” sick, or that their Luciferian behavior was learned or acquired on Momma and Daddy’s knee.

        Again, i give you no contrary argument here.

        the moral dilemma for a civilized, read: honorable Aryan, person is that as such, they are judgment-proof, ie, so morally bankrupt due to genetic and epigenetic modification, ie, inbreeding for criminal traits and strengthening through tribal bonding, that they cannot be fully blamed for what they do.
        In practice, it means that they are verminous just like flies and ticks are verminous and not to be engaged in any debates.
        What does that mean? Read My Lips

    2. Ayaan Hirsi Ali has famously severed herself by insulting the Quran and the Prophet, and supporting military interventions in the Muslim world. She is not known to most Arabs and Muslims, and where she is known, she is thoroughly discredited in the eyes of those she claims to be seeking to liberate.

      You can’t count yourself among those working to reform Islam when you openly argue that the only way to reform Islam is to “crush” it.

  12. Hey darkmoon ,listen to me ,you pathetic Israeli spooks ,you censored my comments and put me on monitoring and never posted any of my comments ,you disgust me .

    you preach of free speech ,you hypocrites ,when my views contradict yours ,you censor but some one like the hater Islamophobic franky the monkey ,you give him free pass.because deep down you are just like him ,

    and that TOBY is unfit mentally to be Adm. of anything. he need a straight jacket read this and know it makes no difference to me if you post it or not ,you psycho path Israeli vampires.

    now get lost ,you’re a punch of Israeli whores and pimps

    1. @ Admin . . . (re the above poster known as ‘Observer’)

      Ban this poster. He/she is a known troublemaker and is probably more than one person posting under the same name. You are damaging your site by continuing to post this person’s angry ravings.

      1. I can’t understand why the Admin allows this sewage to seep into the drawing room. And yet they threaten excommunicato on me.

      2. Silent Reader
        Go back to your sleep asshole.
        you are doing just fine by being a silent reader ,how many sites do you visit in a single day?
        are you one of the shadows , the watchers or the gatekeepers ? or all the above.

      3. Poupon Marx
        You are the definition of poop ,your psychology profile is borderline retardation ,your hallucination is classical case study .
        when you write this and I quote you “this sewage to seep into the drawing room”
        that rich .coming from you , a known mental patient escapee from the Panama’s mental
        hey poopy ,they missed you down there

  13. Libro: Well said. This is a subset of the entire topic of the meta-pathology of Jews. Call it the “Rabid Dog” or “Front End Misalignment Syndrome” (where the front wheels steer the car into the ditch without the driver countering).

    This implies the this threat is not one that can be negotiated, traded, pleaded, or any other suasion. This is a primal, biological, dialed-in, hard-wired constant attack and insult.

  14. Lobro – –

    If you can ‘listen’ over Rousso stomping his feet… 🙂 🙂

    Here you will see the six pointed star, Symbol of Solomon, used to demonstrate the ‘reversals’ in occult symbolism. Take from it what you will… See what else you can find.

    Rousso has good info.. The Pharisee-Jews incorporate all of it for their esoteric needs.

    From the Encyclopedia of Freemasonry:

    “The interlacing triangles or deltas symbolize the union of the two principles or forces, the active and passive, male and female, pervading the universe … The two triangles, one white and the other black, interlacing, typify the mingling of apparent opposites in nature, darkness and light, error and truth, ignorance and wisdom, evil and good, throughout human life.”
    – Albert G. Mackey, Encyclopedia of Freemasonry


    1. Mass psychology is, scientifically speaking, not a very advanced study, and so far its professors have not been in universities: they have been advertisers, politicians, and, above all, dictators. This study is immensely useful to practical men, whether they wish to become rich or to acquire the government. It is, of course, as a science, founded upon individual psychology, but hitherto it has employed rule-of-thumb methods which were based upon a kind of intuitive common sense. Its importance has been enormously increased by the growth of modern methods of propaganda. Of these the most influential is what is called “education.” Religion plays a part, though a diminishing one; the press, the cinema, and the radio play an increasing part. What is essential in mass psychology is the art of persuasion.

      What went wrong formerly was that people had read in books that man is a rational animal, and framed their arguments on this hypothesis. We now know that limelight and a brass band do more to persuade than can be done by the most elegant train of syllogisms. It may be hoped that in time anybody will be able to persuade anybody of anything if he can catch the patient young and is provided by the State with money and equipment.

      This subject will make great strides when it is taken up by scientists under a scientific dictatorship. Anaxagoras maintained that snow is black, but no one believed him. The social psychologists of the future will have a number of classes of school children on whom they will try different methods of producing an unshakable conviction that snow is black. Various results will soon be arrived at. First, that the influence of home is obstructive. Second, that not much can be done unless indoctrination begins before the age of ten. Third, that verses set to music and repeatedly intoned are very effective. Fourth, that the opinion that snow is white must be held to show a morbid taste for eccentricity. But I anticipate. It is for future scientists to make these maxims precise and discover exactly how much it costs per head to make children believe that snow is black, and how much less it would cost to make them believe it is dark gray.

      Although this science will be diligently studied, it will be rigidly confined to the governing class. The populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated. When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for a generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen.

      This is an excerpt from The Impact of Science on Society (1952), a book by Bertrand Russell.

    2. And that illustration is from a book of Eliphas Levi, Pat. His real name was Alphonse Louis Constant, he was “a French occult author and ceremonial magician.” Not a Jew and not a Freemason.

      1. Rousso –

        That is correct. It was all I could find in a hurry.

        I was wanting Lobro to see the dualistic star. Black and white triangles.
        I have many here, but not online.

        The quote was from Albert G. Mackey, Encyclopedia of Freemasonry. He is almost as influential as Pike.

        It got the job done for me. For now.

        If you want to find a better one… post it here. No problem. 🙂

        Many have posted quotes from Protocols and Talmud…. Pharisee-Jew sources.

        Lobro prefers them. “Horse’s mouth.” He hates wiki-deals.

        Some here have even used Pharisee-Jew sources…. such as Wikipedia. 🙂

  15. For the lack of a better term i will use “demon”.
    Not necessarily in the commonly accepted emotional color but as an entity that has a deleterious effect on humans, possesses intelligence (though probably partial, yet within the framework of its license, a powerful one, like a chess-playing program that beats grand masters) but no will of its own – it can be said to be remotely controlled.

    i think that Jews fit this definition to a large extent, though like Pinocchio, they have a shot at becoming human and escaping their lot – it is a sort of chicken-egg situation – do they humanize by growing a moral backbone and autonomous willpower or is it the other way around?
    However, in his manufacturer-reset state, Jew is a demon, custom designed to infiltrate human society and abuse people’s propensity for guilt based on empathy and shame and twist those emotional dials and toggles for maximally destructive effect.

    I guess this is my most detailed and thoughtful answer to Gilbert Huntly’s (and NOjews) question.

    1. labels can be stuck on, removed, replaced but it is the underlying truth that interests me, Rousso.
      if my guesswork has elements in common with Kabbalism, so be it.

      It is just that their mechanism seems to be at least partially non-human, their reactions are in fact uniquely anti-human, so that the usual ways of capturing the human essence are like eating soup with a fork.

      there definitely seems to be an element of uncanny.
      “demon” shoe fits the best, so let them wear it.

  16. In my youth I mixed with a lot of Jews at school, and they were good guys. They were never the bullies, and were good friends. Later in life I met some seriously unpleasant Jews, particularly in America. Too many of them seem determined to prove that they are superior. They are ethnocentric and never give a gentile an even break.

    I think the success of Jews in the media, finance and government is mainly due to this insane idea that they are they are God’s Chosen People.


  17. A personal anecdote — something that was revealing and disturbing to me at the time and left quite an impression as far as the Jewish world view is concerned. In my line of world I met a lot of scientists, many of whom I found fascinating as people and with few of whom I became friends. Among them was a Jewish American whom I respected very much for his intellect and admired for his compassion (universal not tribally restricted). He was also a lot of fun — quick wit and great sense of humor. Once I asked him what does it mean and how does it feel for him to be Jewish. He thought about for a bit and then said something like this:
    “If I am a roomful of colleagues — mostly non-Jews — some of whom are close friends, people with whom I share the same interests, we speak the same lingo, some of whom I have known for many years, went to school with, etc, I feel fine. But deep down, I am always on guard.
    If I would find myself in a room full of Jews from any place in the world, I don’t know any of them, they don’t speak English, they are not scientists but … they are all Jews, I am completely relaxed.”
    I was shocked. This was a guy who was born on the East Coast, went to Harvard, had a very successful career, certainly never suffered any persecution and was allegedly an atheist. I did not ask him to explain why. I just wanted to change the subject because I was uncomfortable.

    1. “But deep down, I am always on guard.”

      That is genuinely creepy. Only someone hiding a dark secret would think and speak that way. Of course, he presents himself as one of the “eternal victims” but that is the usual sophistry — he had absolutely no reason to fear or distrust anyone. He was fearful of being exposed. Which reminds me of a quote 😉

      1. This deep distrust of Jews for non-Jews is a classical example of projection. In reality all Jews have ill feelings toward us. After all, they want to exploit us, control us and eventually destroy us. Then they project their own bad attitude on us.

    2. ariadnatheo
      you wrote what your Jewish friend told you

      “If I am in a roomful of colleagues — mostly non-Jews — some of whom are close friends, people with whom I share the same interests, we speak the same lingo, some of whom I have known for many years, went to school with, etc, I feel fine. But deep down, I am always on guard.
      If I would find myself in a room full of Jews from any place in the world, I don’t know any of them, they don’t speak English, they are not scientists but … they are all Jews, I am completely relaxed.”

      that is the essence of the Jewish psyche
      That man must have had feelings for you, he was very honest and opened his heart to you ,but deep down in his heart knew that you are undeserving and your body language and attitude after that confirmed that you are anti Semite in disguise.

      Jews are very smart and posses the survival instinct to survive in this anti Semitic world

  18. @ Lobro

    Good points concerning jewish fronts, but there can be situations where people that use jewish front names do so to avoid being shutdown in countries that have jewish hate speech laws. As an example, a few years back, the Canadian government was coming down hard on Henry Makow as being a jewish hate site and was going to shut him down. He managed to avoid the shutdown and his use of jewish front names increased after that most likely, in my opinion, to avoid future trouble.

    In no way am I trying to make excuses for everyone because I agree with what you say, just pointing out that there can be exceptions for valid reasons.

    @ Franklin Ryckaert

    Good cartoon that makes the point obvious. The cartoon could not contain all the jewish front organizations or it would have consumed all of Darkmoon’s server capacity. 🙂

    We have certainly been down the road of what is a jew way more than once.

    You said, “…if a Jew becomes an atheist he still is a Jew.” That may be true of an atheist, but it is not true of a jew that converts to Christianity. If you need proof concerning Christianity, get in contact with Brother Nathanael Kapner who converted to being a Russian Orthodox Christian and tell him he is still a jew. Be prepared for an enlightenment.

    I personally prefer Jesus’ definition of a jew in John 8:44. A person that does the lust of their father, the devil, who was a liar and a murder from the beginning. It really has nothing to do genetics, just cult mentality from brainwashing.

    In your later comment, you said, “The ethnic group of the Jews was originally created by Abraham when he converted his family to his religion.” This is common misconception. Abraham accepted the religion that Jesus taught because Jesus said that before Abraham, I AM. It was the jews (Pharisees) that perverted the religion of Abraham with their original big lie commonly known today as the Torah, the first five books of the Old Testament. Some of the characters were real, but their stories were not. Based on the bogus jewish stories and how Jesus defined the jews, Abraham could not have been jewish or he would not have made it to heaven as Jesus said he did holding Lazarus to his bosom.

    1. In Spain many Jews converted to Christianity to avoid persecution. Then as “Christians” they wormed their way into key positions in society, even in the Church, but still kept the sense of their Jewish identity intact. It was against such conversos that the Inquisition agitated.

      Today there are many Jews who feel attracted to Buddhism, but still they maintain their sense of Jewish identity. They have even invented a special term for such cases : Jubu, Jewish Buddhists.

      Anti-Zionist Jews prefer the company of anti-Zionists who are also of Jewish descent.

      I guess a man like Gilad Atzmon, who declares himself an “ex-Jew” would rather prefer the company of other “ex-Jews” rather than Gentiles.

      1. @Franklin Ryckaert: “I guess a man like Gilad Atzmon, who declares himself an “ex-Jew” would rather prefer the company of other “ex-Jews” rather than Gentiles.”
        I don’t think so, although it is natural to relate to those who share your life experience.
        My impression is that he prefers the company of those who admire him, (most of whom are non-Jews, like Soral), he is jubilant in encounters with those who despise and criticize him (Jews and non-Jews) because he can be brilliant in demolishing them. He is uncomfortable with those who think alike but criticize him, even on minor, side issues. That is because he has an outsize ego. Nobody is perfect…

      2. @Felix

        Quote : “…The thing is you see, is that Buddhists and Jews are polar opposites. Selflessness versus selfishness. One-with-the-universe versus us-and-them…”

        Source : Church of Nobody : Jubus – eating their cake and having it too.

  19. Antisemitism is not some weird genetic abnormality in gentiles, as many Jews seem to claim. I have met some really awful Jews, too many times for it to be just bad luck. So would it be wrong for me to be antisemitic?

    They bring it on themselves.

  20. Watch John Carpenter’s, The Thing, to get a feel for their “shrewdness” 😉

    They initially mimic a culture and then mock it. They represent a malign meta-culture that does not honour a host people but devours them. Using their trademark sophistry they will identify the key pillars of a society then set about undermining these, e.g. banning the concept of private property. Same old cunning code.

  21. since i learned to read, The Globe and Mail was always the paper read in the family, owned by Thomsons of the Fleet.
    i even knew Kenneth Thomson personally though not closely, an exceptionally decent man despite his wealth.
    Yet to see how far has this once moderately independent voiced newspaper tumbled, here today they give space to BERNARD-HENRI LÉVY, who all by himself is enough to turn me into a lifelong anti-judaist at the very gut level as sure as lactose intolerance, Puke City.
    When you look at this face, it is not that he exhibits typical characteristics of their physiognomy like fleshy eyelids, noses and lips or curly hair but one look at this Bernard-Henri Lévy is a French author, philosopher and activist – His next book, to be released in 2016, is Le Génie du Judaïsme and there can be no doubt why a normal gentile and a jew can never feel relaxed in the proximity of the other (which is how jews refer to us, “Akum”, the Other).
    Once again, for emphasis: “Bernard-Henri Lévy is a FRENCH author – whose next book is Le Génie du JUDAÏSME“, that stomach churning hypocrisy of aiding and abetting the enemy, giving the vicious parasite aid and comfort in his quest to subvert, enslave and destroy us all.
    Can’t wait for the next in the series of the Globe&Mail articles telling us how cancer is a noble disease that makes one stronger, healthier and more attractive.

    1. Lobro,
      I suggest we apply, mutatis mutandis, the old South African Suppression of Communism Act, 1950 to our definition of a Jew. After a long 14 page screed of defining a Communist it ended with the catch all clause, “and any person likely to further the aims of Communism.” Thus a Jew would be, “any person likely to further the aims of Jewry.”

    2. Felix,
      Yes and yes.
      The only trouble with the good South African definition is that it would make the gentiles a tiny minority.
      Maybe it should be refined/extended to say “and whose personal interests would thereby be furthered”, ie, whose pro-Judaic, anti-Gentile actions are shown to be intentional.
      This covers the shabbo goys but not the useful idiots, who merely need public censure and mark of a whip.

  22. I want all of you and i mean the anti Semites monkeys or do you rather i call you pigs
    any which way you like it.
    In 1984 book by the Orwellian psych path
    there was a picture ,a man laying in the street and someone with one feet with big boot
    treading on his head.
    now imagine this ,you the anti Semite pigs laying in the pavement and we the world treading on you !

    1. Being called an anti-semite is a badge of honour, coming from you. Belonging to the worst genocidal tribe in human history. I can even live by being called an eeveel naadzee. Nonetheless the worst naadzees in history are the ashkenaadzees. End of history.

    2. @ Observer

      Since the commonly applied definition of an anti-semite is anyone that criticizes the actions of the jews, Jesus was an anti-semite which means that I, an anti-semite, am on the right team.

      Thanks for the compliment which set the stage for me to express the truth.

    3. Hey observer,

      Why don’t you go suck on a can of Zyklon B for a couple of hours?

      And then report back the result to us. At least then there would exist one filthy jew who has experienced what all those holohoax survivors are lying about.

      And even if you should die in the process it’ll still be a laugh 🙂

    4. Seriously, Observer, let me pose a proposition to you and try to respond without invectives for once because they are not only ineffective but boring.
      Suppose there is a large bin of socks and every time I stick my hand in it without looking I pull out a black sock. Suppose I only get a white sock, say, once every 1,000 attempts. Suppose this is has also been the experience of my folk for hundreds of years.
      Would it be an unjustified generalization to say, “As a rule all available socks are black”? Suppose instead of socks the experience involves picking mushrooms in a forest and the “black socks” are poisonous mushrooms. Would shunning mushrooms in general be represent prudence based on experience or would it be … reprehensible anti-fungism?
      Jews have a record of being a less than desirable tribe to grasp to a nation’s bosom. Should the nations cast aside common sense to show ‘sensitivity’ and inclusiveness?
      Or should the Jews undertake a LONG-overdue self-examination of their group behavior and draw some conclusions to ensure their survival as human beings rather than as Jews? Is Jewish fanaticism so fierce as to proclaim, “better a dead Jew than a live human being”? Say this out loud and see how it grabs you:
      Having tried Judaism for a few thousand years and having found it to be on an implacable collision course with the rest of humanity, and being tired of forever inventing new “ism” masks to hide it under, we, as Jews, hereby resolve to cast it aside and try humanism instead because it may well be good for the Jews after they cease being Jews.

  23. Anti-Semitism has had ironic consequences
    continuous persecution of the Jews has been one of the major forces that not only shaped the stance and content of Judaism, but made Jewish survival possible.Without persecution Jews would have assimilated and disappeared as a people and religion .


    1. Astute observation. Very few people get this cause-and-effect cascade correctly as we (jpi.org/holocaust and I) do:
      In the beginning there was the Jew. And the Jew created G-d in His own image and told him to make Him some help mates. What G-d came up with was a bunch of Goyim with a nasty in-built streak of anti-semitism. Was it sloppiness or was it cunning long-term planning? Anti-semitism has its silver lining. Make that gold. It keeps the Jew forever alert and on top of the game. One could say that without anti-semitism there would have been no Judaism, and the Jew would have perished. One could say that the Goyim created Judaism…. No, wait, that cannot be. Let me restate it correctly:
      In the beginning there was the Jew. I never get tired of trying to make the Goyim get this:

    2. Voices –

      “Without persecution Jews would have assimilated and disappeared as a people and religion .”

      If that is the case, the Pharisee-Jews would have disappeared before the persecution began.

      Persecution of Pharisee-Jews has no merit for me to use as an excuse for their gaining control.

      Islam is not being persecuted around the globe and it is growing faster than any other POLITICAL PARTY..!!

      The kol nidre chanters whine too much. They want us to let up. It looks like you want that also.

      1. “It looks like you want that also.”
        Hard to tell, Pat. The commenter quotes from the Fauxlocaust site and does not seem to add a personal opinion.
        Could be throwing it in the ring for discussion.
        I am not familiar with this poster’s previous comments, which is why I said in my own comment to him: “we (jpi.org/holocaust and I)” and not “we (you and I).” As a “veteran” you are likely to know better, being familiar with past comments.

  24. Lobro, This is a great video. It really describes cultural Marxism and your following comments are insightful. Jews are a religious group with a powerful ethnic substratum. So… that was then when the plague of the Frankfurt School hit with Herbert Marcuse and the others. I lived in the middle of it, and I had all their books but never got through them because in fact they are boring. Liars and manipulators are boring; only the truth has brightness and energy.

    So….let’s get the update on cultural Marxism as it has played out. In reality cultural Marxism is equally oppressive to all. I am thinking of the ghastly program called Child Protective Services that supposedly is there to protect children but ends up tearing families apart, primarily minority families. The bureaucracy is so profoundly evil. Minorities are subjected to oppression that is nearly as brutal as slavery. Children are force vaccinated, taken from parents, used as medical experiments without informed consent. Under the cultural Marxists black lives don’t matter any more than white lives matter. Think about how the Black neighborhood was targeted for sale of crack cocaine by none other than the CIA and other government agencies. But who paid the price: the so called crack Moms (that is, Black crack Moms because no one thinks of a white moms as crack users). All this comes out later with brilliant investigative journalism. The prescription drug epidemic, though, was targeted at whites. It began (supposedly) in the upper and middle classes of Los Angeles–that is, people who could afford expensive drugs and even more expensive rehabs. Lots of these kids were/are probably Jewish. I know because I knew an addict and attended a Narconon meeting in a Synagogue where nearly everyone was Jewish and nearly all the kids had moved on from prescription drugs to black tar heroine and were living on the streets. So cultural Marxism is not really good for the Jews either. Not good for the blacks for sure, not good for the whites (you know that better than anyone), and not good for the Jews. I’m not sure it was ever meant to be good for the Jews, but it requires some Jews to reproduce, grow up, and carry on the tradition. This may not happen in the devastated families of America–Jews included.

    So, we are living in cultural rubble at the moment. We are waiting for those who are too mean to die, to die and they probably won’t. We are waiting for everyone to wake up finally at which point the whole thing will collapse and maybe sheep will graze in the vacant cities like they did in Rome after the collapse. Cultural Marxism is a vacuous, meaningless abstraction, and when implemented it is as disastrous as that other communist invention–the five year plan.. or whatever that was…or ten year plan. Anyway, it brought only misery and heartache to everyone with no benefits to anyone but the ruling elite who instead of making a better society drained the wealth and lifeblood out of culture to get rich quick.

    1. Kapoore, everything you say is just so but due to your sweet nature you miss one crucial point:
      these policies are not disastrous mistakes, they are fully intentional and a resounding success as far as the perpetrators are concerned.

      Our inability to understand this fact, that our extinction is result of an infinitely patient, careful campaign waged globally by this widely distributed parasitical genus over many centuries – that is a disastrous mistake and it spells our end.

      We must take a hard, unsentimental look at it, not slice by slice but in a holistic historical and global context and then the full realization comes to light, otherwise it is like a python slithering in the bush, only individual rings move one at a time, doesn’t seem like a big deal.

      1. lobro

        “It’s so simple that nobody gets it”

        what you mean “nobody” kimosabe? I get it, loud and clear, in spite of the terminologies I may use.

        Yes, Kapoore’s “disastrous mistakes” is as you say, reflective of seeing the symptoms but not the cause; the trees but not the forest.

        But what of it?

        The “protective buffer” ploy has succeeded – it’s a done deal as you’ve indicated. So when I cite pertinent gospel passages, do you hear a certain resignation that disgusts you because you equate it with giving up the fight? If so, then how would YOU interpret them? (And no feigning ignorance of these matters of spiritual import) {<:)

        Mankind has had two primary life-altering chances to stop the satanic scourge that grips it. The first one would have nipped it in the bud with the presence of Christ on Earth. But those who listened to him didn't HEAR enough to create a strength in numbers to form a powerful consensus of rejecting the pharisee sham that would have thrown off its oppressive yoke!

        The last chance to at least push back the onslaught was effectively ended at Stalingrad towards the end of 1942, when the handwriting of defeat was already on the wall. And while I champion what I believe to be a genuineness in Putin, it's too late for even a powerful Russian military to turn back the hands of time. Although I DO think Russia will play a prominent role in the inevitable destruction of the beast. Call it one of sacrifice, like a friend sacrificing his own life for a friend where the "friend" is Mankind itself.

        If we claim to understand Christ, then wouldn't we know that all of what we're experiencing was foretold by the one who sees from a point outside of time and space? Man has had plenty of opportunities to prepare the ground in such a way so as to make for a smooth transition to a new setting of spiritual transformation

        We're in a crossroads of Ages, and the wouldacouldashoulda of that smooth transition can't help but be a rough one instead.

      2. lobro

        Are you ignoring me, or is it gonna take a third post I’ve been crafting over the weekend to elicit a reply from you? {<:)

  25. This is an article that requires a full Kleenex box. Just melts your heart and you may sob uncontrollably. Unless you’re some anti-semite:

    My favorite bits, with comments:
    “He was sent to the gas chambers, but on that day, they ran out of gas.”
    Oy, the Nazis were such klutzes, couldn’t find their tuches with both hands!

    “When he was put in a line to be shot, an older man pushed Les down and took the bullet instead.”
    Because Jews are always heroic.

    “”My father always focused not on the people shooting, but the man that saved him,” Aaron said.”
    Because Jews jus can’t hold a grudge. They’re noble.

    “”He’s the most giving and caring person. He only want to help others.”
    If they are Jews and it doesn’t set him back a lot.

    Jews are modest and self-effacing, but also generous to fault, which is why they they wanted the whole stadium to hear his Fauxlocaust tall tale. They were captives– I mean captivated.

    1. This is an article that requires a full roll
      because how can we forget the noble Irene Zissblatt when the urge to release pressure builds up? Can you can spot The Fifth Diamond in that Charmin Bear picture?
      I can, because I know that bears shit in woods, rats are underneath the piles and jew is underneath all.

      Couple more meaningful modifications.

      He was sent to the gas chambers, but on that day, they ran out of chambers.

      “When he was put in a line to be shot, an older man pushed Les down and took the bullet instead.”
      Because Jews are always heroic.
      Because the bullets are free.

    2. ariadna
      by all means Lady ,you’re entitled to your own opinions ,you wanna hate
      the Jews ,go ahead ,you’re free ,you can hate anyone you want ,even yourself ,no body
      is stopping you.
      but please Lady arianda ,Please don’t make fun at human sufferings ,the shoal ,the Holocaust is real ,I knew and met so many survivors ,did you? have you seen the pictures or visited the museums ,I did ,maybe the numbers 6 million is too much for you to digest in your mind but the facts are facts ,the Holocaust did indeed happened.
      from your name maybe you are of Greek heritage and I read some of your articles on deliberation ,not bad if you ask me ,BTW I admire that website motto , neither Left-wing nor is it Right-wing , it’s the middle of the road ,We live in world saturated with information mixed with many lies and propaganda,I also believe in increasing understanding and promote compassion, joy, love and equanimity for all.I also oppose Zionism and other forms of supremacy where ever they may occur.That is my political views .
      I forgot what I was going to say to you.
      until next time ,that if this site allow me to post or even post this one

      1. Holocaust is real ,I knew and met so many survivors

        I too was murdered and the proof is because I am a survivor.
        This is what you are saying.

        A murder charge requires at least these 2 elements: an autopsied corpse and a murder weapon.
        you would think that with 6 million murders they could have come up with at least ONE such corpse and at least ONE murder weapon.
        They are still frantically looking, more than 70 years after.

        So, what other “proof” do you have besides having met so many “survivors”?
        Oh yes, you saw lots of movies too …
        basically, any jew that LIVED through WW2 is a “survivor” and because they are ALL “survivors”, it makes it that much more convincing for you, doesn’t it.

      2. “…the Holocaust is real ,I knew and met so many survivors, did you? Have you seen the pictures or visited the museums, I did…”

        Testimonies of survivors, pictures and museums all proved to be unreliable. The Holocaust proved to be impossible physically and logistically. It is for that very reason that people who have proved that are persecuted by the Holocaust Inquisition.

      3. Lobro
        with all due respect to you Mr. Lobro.
        You’re entitled to your own opinions which sometimes I agree with
        many times I don’t ,but that didn’t prevent me from respecting your honesty and intelectual
        abilities , I can’t say with clear conscience that you are a hater , no Sir. you are not
        for that you earned my respect . ,

      4. @Voices from the Wilderness;
        The audience who boos a play about any “suffering” because it has a bad script, it is played by bad actors and has a nefarious propagandistic agenda do not “mock suffering.”
        The biggest hoax of the 20th century is being pushed down our throats with the label “Holocaust” and we are urged to swallow it whole and refer to it by that name, otherwise we are called “deniers” or “minimizers” and “anti-semites” and in many European countries thrown in jail. I spit it out.

        If your intelligence is not corrupted by tribal hasbara you should be able to come to the realization that it is the product called “Holocaust” that mocks suffering in the most cynical way possible. It not only mocks the suffering of millions of non-Jews killed by Jews and in the war the Jews demanded (“Germany must perish”); it also mocks the suffering and death of the 200-300 thousand Jews who died in labor camps. It is saying to them,” Not enough of you died for what we need to accomplish. Sorry, you’re not enough. We’ll make it 6 million — it has a nice symbolic buzz about it.”
        You called the Fauxlocaust the “shoal”– which is funny. “L” is too far from “A” on my keyboard for that to be a typo. Is it closer on yours or was that a subconscious slip? A shoal is a sandbar that poses dangers to navigation. Apt metaphor.
        On “hate”…
        I hate specific, individual Jews in positions of power, and they are many, for obvious reasons often discussed on this site. Jews I do not know I do not hate, I only DISTRUST, given their track record of acting in the Chosen hive observing only the principle “what’s good for the Jews,” the hell with all the rest, and lying all along while doing it.
        I have absolutely no problem with ethnic Jews who have a warm feeling for comfort foods enjoyed in their childhood, like gefilte fish, as long as they admit that:
        — The “HolocaustTM” package is a colossal lie;
        — The “jewish state” has no intrinsic right to exist, without even delving into historical reason, but simply based on the fact that no state has ever had or has such a right. The Jews have no problem denying this right to the 7 states they planned to destroy in 5 years.
        — Judaism is a pernicious, atavistic tribal religion, the only one among major world religions that is deeply anti-humanistic, celebrates carnage in all its major holidays and teaches hate against all he rest of mankind.
        This teaching starts early (3 years of age!), which is why it is hard to rehabilitate Jews and so few make it:

      5. I remember that news story — a rare moment of MSM truth telling. I find the “explanation” provided by the hate-centre hilarious…

        “A spokesperson for Beis Rochel said that the worksheets would be amended and apologised for any offence. However they argued the phrase “goyim” was not offensive and accusations that they were indoctrinating children were “without basis”. “The language we used was not in any way intended to cause offence, now this has been brought to our attention, we will endeavour to use more precise language in the future.””

        They insist Goyim is not an offensive term — we’re just evil; we kill Jews and burn down synagogues.
        They state they’re not indoctrinating children about Goyim…who are merely evil killers who burn Jews.
        And their only mistake was not being precise enough in their use of language about the evil, synagogue burning Jew killers called Goyim. Seems clear enough to me, as a Goy.

        This is why they scream in pain as they burn you alive, “Look at what you make me do, vile vicious Goy”.

      6. @ ariadnatheo
        Thank you Ariadna for your reply , believe me I share your views with my heart.
        but giving my background ,I can’t publicly or privately for that matter express my views to
        just anyone .
        it’s tribal honor, if you will , a survival instinct , love ,compassion and loyalty to the tradition.
        The Larger Jewish Family comes first ,it means everything to me.

      7. @ voices from the wilderness

        You are the same person as “Observer”, posting now under a different name. And “Observer” himself (or herself) is at least two different people. Don’t ask me how I figured that out because I’m not telling you.

      8. Significantly, you call yourself “Voices from the Wilderness” — not “Voice from the Wilderness” — indicating by the plural that you are more than one person. If you were one person, you would only have one voice.

      9. @Sardonicus
        well Mr. Sardonicus
        since you are a decent poster in this site I will try my best to be honest and straight
        forward with you.
        This site is rather new to me and alternative media site ,especially the western ones at best are useless to me , i seldom use the pc when it’s online ,since the internet is heavily monitored and censored in my part of the world
        .I rely on my cousin for anything related to the internet ,she is smart and technically savvy.
        anyway ,to get the point and be brief ,i will point few elementary basic things
        me and my cousin and her friends are Arab nationalists.
        our basic belief is simple ; One Arab Nation ,under God , regardless of religious beliefs.
        as Africa for Africans ,Asia for Asians and Europe for White European
        The Arab World is for Arabs only.
        we believe in preserving the Arab purity ,
        we oppose mix breeding with other races, we oppose Zionism .
        we oppose multiculturalism.
        we oppose migration of Arabs to anyplace outside the Arab world
        what we want really is that you keep away from our homeland and take these alien ashkenazi Europeans scumbags .
        is that too much for us to ask

      10. we oppose migration of Arabs to anyplace outside the Arab world

        Really? You could have fooled me! Ever heard of the migrant crisis in Europe?

        How many Arabs are there in France? Any idea?

      11. Sister Monica

        with all due respect sister.
        it seems that you didn’t read what is between the lines.
        The true Arab Nationalists these days work behind the scenes
        none have a visible position of power if there any ,they can’t
        expose themselves to the zionists’ puppet regimes
        the ones who carried the Arab nationalism banner either destroyed
        by the usual suspects or currently under barbaric attack.

  26. Ah, Voices, you disappoint… you put your foot in it. “I share your views with my heart”?!?! And you were doing so well before.
    I can do a Jew better than you. It’s OK. It was fun while it lasted.

    1. ariadnatheo
      why ?
      the reason i start posting in this is because of you Ariadna !
      English is not my native language ,I am writing straight from my heart without editing or
      anything else ,it’s true that neither of us know each other but I read enough of your comments and writing in deliberation, to have glimpse and a look at your inner thoughts , i never met someone like in my life , i wish i have.

  27. LD wrote the definitive article about Jews in the Russian Revolution and the Soviet Union. No wonder they miss the Soviet Union — the one prior to their losing their grip on it.
    Ah, it was good to be a Jew then and there ….
    I could not find it on this site but I found it reblogged here:

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