Welcome to Greater Israel under Zionist Stooge Donald Trump

The tail will be wagging the dog under Donald Trump


. . . even more so than under Barack Obama

“The new foreign policy will,
more than under Barack Obama and George W. Bush,
be driven in significant part by Israeli interests.”


While the presidential campaign was still in progress it was possible to think that there might be some positive change in America’s broken foreign policy. Hillary Clinton was clearly the candidate of Washington Establishment hawkishness, while Donald Trump was declaring his disinclination for democracy and nation building overseas as well as promoting détente with Russia. Those of us who considered the foreign policy debacle to be the most dangerous issue confronting the country, particularly as it was also fueling domestic tyranny, tended to vote on the basis of that one issue in favor of Trump.

On December 1st in Cincinnati, president-elect Donald Trump made some interesting comments about his post-electoral foreign policy plans. There were a lot of good things in it, including his citing of $6 trillion “wasted” in Mideast fights when “our goal is stability not chaos.” And as for dealing with real enemies, he promised to “partner with any nation that is willing to join us in the effort to defeat ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism…” He called it a “new foreign policy that finally learns from the mistakes of the past” adding that “We will stop looking to topple regimes and overthrow governments, folks.”

Regarding the apparent inability of governments to thoroughly check out new immigrants prior to letting them inside the country, demonstrated most recently in Nice, Ohio and Berlin, Trump described how “People are pouring in from regions of the Middle East — we have no idea who they are, where they come from what they are thinking and we are going to stop that dead cold. … These are stupid refugee programs created by stupid politicians.” Exaggerated? For sure, but he has a point, and it all is part and parcel of a foreign policy that serves no actual interest for people who already live in the United States.

But, as so often with Trump, there was also the flip side. On the looney fringe of the foreign and national security policy agenda, the president-elect oddly believes that “The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes.” So to reduce the number of nukes we have to create more of them and put them in more places. Pouring gasoline on a raging fire would be an appropriate analogy and it certainly leads to questions regarding who is advising The Donald with this kind of nonsense.

Trump has promised to “put America first,” but there is inevitably a spanner in the works. Now, with the New Year only six days away and the presidential inauguration coming less than three weeks after that, it is possible to discern that the new foreign policy will, more than under Barack Obama and George W. Bush, be driven in significant part by Israeli interests.

At least Obama had the good sense to despise Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but that will not be true of the White House after January 20th. Trump’s very first telephone conversation with a foreign head of government after being elected was with Netanyahu and during the campaign, he promised to invite Bibi to the White House immediately after the inauguration.

The new president’s first naming of an Ambassador-designate to a foreign nation was of his good friend and bankruptcy lawyer David Friedman to Israel. Friedman had headed Trump’s Israel Advisory Committee and is a notable hard liner who supports the Israeli settler movement, an extreme right-wing political entity that is nominally opposed by existing U.S. government policy as both illegal and damaging to Washington’s interests. Beyond that, Friedman rejects creation of a Palestinian state and supports Israel’s actual annexation of the West Bank.

U.S. Ambassadors are supposed to support American interests but Friedman would actually be representing and endorsing a particularly noxious version of Israeli fascism as the new normal in the relationship with Washington.

Friedman describes Jerusalem as “the holy capital of the Jewish people and only the Jewish people.” Trump is already taking steps to move the U.S. Embassy there, making the American government unique in having its chief diplomatic mission in the legally disputed city. The move will also serve as a recruiting poster for groups like ISIS and will inflame opinion against the U.S. among friendly Arab states in the region. There is no possible gain and much to lose for the United States and for American citizens in making the move, but it satisfies Israeli hardliners and zealots like Friedman.

—  §  —

The Trump team’s animosity towards Iran is also part of the broader Israeli agenda.

Iran does not threaten the United States and is a military midget compared either to nuclear armed Israel or the U.S. Yet is has been singled out as the enemy du jour in the Middle East even though it has invaded no one since the seventeenth century.

Israel would like to have the United States do the heavy lifting to destroy Iran as a regional power. If Washington were to attempt to do so it would be a catastrophe for all parties involved but that has not stopped hardliners from demanding unrelenting military pressure on Tehran.

Donald Trump is not even president yet but he advised Barack Obama to exercise the U.S. veto for the resolution condemning Israeli settlements that was voted on at the United Nations Security Council on Friday, explaining that “As the United States has long maintained, peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians will only come through direct negotiations between the parties, and not through the imposition of terms by the United Nations. This puts Israel in a very poor negotiating position and is extremely unfair to all Israelis.”

This is a straight Israeli line that might even have been written by Netanyahu himself. Or by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which fumed “AIPAC is deeply disturbed by the failure of the Obama Administration to exercise its veto to prevent a destructive, one-sided, anti-Israel resolution from being enacted by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). In the past, this administration and past administrations have rejected this type of biased resolution since it undermines prospects for peace. It is particularly regrettable, in his last month in office, that the president has taken an action at odds with the bipartisan consensus in Congress and America’s long history of standing with Israel at the United Nations.”

Ah yes, the fabled negotiations for a two state solution, regularly employed to enable Israelis to do nothing while expanding their theft of Arab land and one wonders how Trump would define what is “fair to the Palestinians?” So we are already well into Trump’s adoption of the “always the victim argument” that the Israelis have so cleverly exploited with U.S. politicians and the media.

Not content with advising Obama, Trump also reportedly took the Palestinian issue one step further by directly pressuring the sponsoring Egyptians to postpone any submission of the resolution. Expecting to have a friendly president in the White House after January 20th, Egypt’s president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi complied on Thursday but the motion was reintroduced by New Zealand, Venezuela, Senegal and Malaysia on the following day. The resolution passed with 14 yes votes and a courageous U.S. abstention after Obama finally, after eight long years, developed a backbone.

Unfortunately, Trump’s interventions suggest that nothing critical of Israel will be allowed to emerge from the U.N. during his term of office. Referring to the U.N. vote, he said that “things will be different after January 20th.”

The United Nations resolution produced an immediate reaction from Israeli Firsters in Congress and the media, led by Senator Chuck Schumer and the Washington Post. The Post featured a lead editorial entitled The Obama Administration fires a dangerous parting shot and an op-ed The United States just made Middle East peace harder by no less a redoubtable American hero than Eliot Abrams. Look in vain for any suggestion of what might be construed as an actual U.S. interest in either piece.

It is all about Israel, as it always is.


“It is all about Israel, as it always is.” 

—  §  —

The problem with Israel and its friends is that they are never satisfied and never leave the rest of us Americans alone, pushing constantly at what is essentially an open door. They have treated the United States like a doormat, spying on us more than any ostensibly friendly nation while pocketing our $38 billion donation to their expanding state without so much as a thank you. They are shameless.

Israel’s ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer has been all over American television sputtering his rage over the United Nations settlements vote. On CNN he revealed that Israel has “clear evidence” that President Obama was “behind” the resolution and he announced his intention to share the information with Donald Trump. Every American should be outraged by Israel’s contempt for us and our institutions. One has to wonder if the mainstream media will take a rest from their pillorying of Russia to cover the story.

For many years now, Israel has sought to make the American people complicit in its own crimes while also encouraging our country’s feckless and corrupt leadership to provide their government with political cover and even go to war on its behalf. This has got to stop and, for a moment, it looked like Trump might be the man to end it when he promised to be even-handed in negotiating between the Arabs and Israelis. That was before he promised to be the best friend Israel would ever have.

Israel’s quarrels don’t stay in Israel and they are not limited to the foreign policy realm. I have already discussed the pending Anti-Semitism Awareness Act, a bipartisan effort by Congress to penalize and even potentially criminalize any criticism of Israel by equating it to anti-Semitism. Whether Israel itself wants to consider itself a democracy is up to Netanyahu and Israeli voters but the denial of basic free speech rights to Americans in deference to Israeli perceptions should be considered to be completely outrageous.

And there’s more. Israel’s government funded lawfare organization Shurat HaDin has long been using American courts to punish Palestinians and Iranians, obtaining punitive damages linked to allegations regarding terrorist incidents that have taken place in Israel. Now Shurat HaDin is using our courts to go after American companies that do business with countries like Iran.

Last year’s nuclear agreement with Iran included an end to restraints on the Islamic Republic’s ability to engage in normal banking and commercial activity. As a high priority, Iran has sought to replace some of its aging infrastructure, to include its passenger aircraft fleet. Seattle based Boeing has sought to sell to Iran Air 80 airplanes at a cost of more than $16 billion and has worked with the U.S. government to meet all licensing and technology transfer requirements. The civilian-use planes are not in any way configurable for military purposes, but Shurat HaDin on December 16th sought to block the sale at a federal court in Illinois, demanding a lien against Boeing for the monies alleged to be due to the claimed victims of Iranian sponsored terrorism. Boeing, meanwhile, has stated that the Iran Air order “support(s) tens of thousands of U.S. jobs.”

So an agency of the Israeli government is taking steps to stop an American company from doing something that is perfectly legal under U.S. law even though it will cost thousands of jobs here at home. It is a prime example of how much Israel truly cares about the United States and its people. And even more pathetic, the Israel Lobby owned U.S. Congress has predictably bowed down and kissed Netanyahu’s ring on the issue, passing a bill in November that seeks to block Treasury Department licenses to permit the financing of the airplane deal.

The New Year and the arrival of an administration with fresh ideas would provide a great opportunity for the United States to finally distance itself from a toxic Israel, but, unfortunately, it seems that everything is actually moving in the opposite direction. Don’t be too surprised if we see a shooting war with Iran before the year is out as well as a shiny new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem — to be built on land stolen from Palestinians, incidentally.

Trump might think he is ushering in a new era of American policy based on American interests but it is beginning to look a lot like the same old situation but only far worse — and Benjamin Netanyahu will be very much in the driver’s seat.



“The tail will be wagging the dog under Donald Trump.
Benjamin Netanyahu will be very much in the driver’s seat.”
— Philip Giraldi


113 thoughts to “Welcome to Greater Israel under Zionist Stooge Donald Trump”

  1. A superb article by Philip Giraldi which makes it increasingly clear that the Alt-Right — which includes most Darkmooners including myself — have allowed ourselves the dangerous luxury of wishful thinking.

    We voted for Trump, thinking he would be far better than Hillary. We got that right. No one could have been worse than Hillary.

    But we deceived ourselves abominably in thinking that Trump would usher in a New Utopia. He has sold the Palestinians down the river. He is prepared to lick Netanyahu’s ass. He seems to be trigger-happy about starting a horrendous war with Iran, in accordance with the wishes of the Jewish neocons who surround him and who act as his advisors.

    Behold Donald Trump in all his glory — the Emperor without his clothes!

    1. Who will continue to back Donald Trump on this site? I know. He will be a man (or woman) given to wishful thinking. To self-deception. Having once given his allegiance to Trump, he will be incapable of standing back and saying: “I was wrong!”

      There are some people for whom losing face is the ultimate degradation. So they stick to their erroneous opinions to the bitter end rather than admit they were wrong. They are like a woman who persists in believing that her husband is perfect, even after she is presented with irrefutable evidence that her husband is a serial killer.

      I’m not saying Trump is to be written off as a bad joke — just yet. It’s still too early. What I’m saying is: I am becoming rapidly disillusioned with Trump for sucking up to Israel and for sabre-rattling against Iran.

      A Zionist stooge? It certainly looks like it.

      1. I have an idea at who this is directed. Fair enough.
        One prominent failing of western mentality which Jew has been able to utilize with catastrophic consequences is the inability to differentiate between verbal and material evidence, with pronounced preference for the verbal.
        So much easier to absorb, like junk food and with similar long term results, processed noise that directly translates into canned thoughts, what you hear is what it is.
        Oh Holocaust, oh my tear stained pillow as I toss and turn unable to get the pedaled brain bashers out of my mind, in fact, they go on through the Night, bashing my brain.
        For 50+ years until some sense finally creeps in. If, when.

        So much easier to judge Putin on his Chabad photo ops or Denier trash talk then to interpret situation on the ground, so let’s employ the same method for judging Trump.
        Why wait for hard evidence when verbiage is so much easier to digest, being in a regurgitated form already.

        Hey Sard?
        Rapidly illusioned, rapidly disillusioned.
        How many see his essential method of tactical unpredictability in order to confuse enemies and not let them organize into a coherent response?
        Did he not say that he wasn’t interested in regime changes and international hostilities but in improvement of the US economical health, that he envisioned cooperation with Russia instead of stupidly expensive confrontation?
        So how would Putin accept an attack on Iran, which is an integral component of his defensive posture?

        The Jew is relentless in his round the clock campaign against Trump, just as against Putin, Netanyahu has been the hedge for the last 3 or so years, making sure that any retaliation skips the Jew. As if, a faint hope.
        Now Jew’s hostility comes close to hard evidence for me, because hate is one authentic Jewish emotion, all others are fabricated.

        So, until I am in position to assess the quantifiable results, I am not budging.
        Like they say, “Moscow does not believe in tears”. Or gestures of public relations, as grand as they are meaningless. I leave that to the Western mind, which I am happy to leave behind.

      2. @ Sardonicus

        I’m with Lobro on this.

        Performance judgements, judge by their fruit according to Jesus, can only be done once performance occurs. Performance cannot occur until Trump is in office and actually doing something from that position and, even then, giving actions time enough to bear fruit. Until then, judgement is premature and in vain.

        Not many of the naysayers about Trump not getting elected ever said that “I am wrong.” What you postulate has another side.

      3. @ Ungenius

        Wishful thinking won’t get you and Lobro anywhere. You are self-deceivers. Totally inflexible before rapidly changing facts occurring before your very eyes.

        As for your comment —

        judge by their fruit according to Jesus, can only be done once performance occurs. Performance cannot occur until Trump is in office and actually doing something from that position and, even then, giving actions time enough to bear fruit. Until then, judgement is premature and in vain.

        Well, I won’t argue with you since you appear to be unaware that “performance” by Trump has already started. We don’t have to wait until January 20 to start judging Trump “by his fruits.”

        Here are two of Trump’s recent “fruits”, both of them toxic and baleful fruits by which your hero may be judged:

        (1) The appointment of David Friedman as Ambassador to Israel, a notable hardliner who approves of more Israeli settlements built on stolen Palestinian land. Trump thinks this OK too and wants the US embassy to be shifted to Jerusalem. Trump has made it absolutely clear that he intends to back Israel, no matter what. He has already betrayed the Palestinians.

        (2) Trump’s statement disagreeing with Obama about the recent US decision not to veto the anti-Israel UN Resolution voted on unanimously by 14 other countries. Trump says he wants to “repeal” the Resolution and that things will be “better” for Israel once he is safely enthroned in the White House.

        Sorry, but these are facts by which Trump can be judged already. They are his “first fruits” and they are most unpleasant to the taste.

      4. Madame B –

        Correct. Trump was judged all through the campaign. No need to stop now. He asked to be in the kitchen. Spent $$Millions to get there… He deserves the reward from all critics.


        The director of Israel’s Mossad spy agency, Yossi Cohen, has secretly met with US President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team.

        The meeting took place during Cohen’s clandestine visit to the US, where he was accompanied by a delegation of the Tel Aviv regime’s security officials, Israeli media reported Sunday.

        Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly put together the delegation, which was headed by Yaakov Nagel, head of the Israeli National Security Council.

        Trump is getting his marching orders regularly.

        He supports Ukraine.

        “My feeling toward the Ukraine and toward the entire area is very very strong. I know many people who live in the Ukraine. They’re friends of mine. They’re fantastic people,” Trump said, noting that he had known and admired Ukrainian businessman and philanthropist Victor Pinchuk for many years and had learned much from him.


        Israel looks forward to working with US President-elect Donald Trump to counter any effects of a United Nations Security Council resolution demanding an end to settlement activity, a statement from the office of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu obtained by TASS said.


        Donald Trump’s mob ties in Atlantic City and New York

        In the early 1980s, Atlantic City’s casinos were run primarily by those with mob ties. When GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump decided he wanted to build a now-defunct casino, the FBI got involved.

        Trump worked with a man law enforcement alluded to as “an agent of the Philadelphia mob.” Trump also worked with a union leader, who was ultimately found guilty of racketeering as well as a real-estate developer who was convicted of running a stock scheme involved with members of the Mafia.
        Kenneth Shapiro was the so-called “agent of the Philadelphia mob,” specifically for Nicodemo “Little Nicky” Scarfo. Shapiro owned part of the land where Trump sought to build his first casino. Another portion was owned by Daniel Sullivan, a union leader who worked as an informant for the FBI because of his mob ties.

      5. Thanks, Pat. You have provided a few more “facts” by which genuine truthseekers may judge Donald Trump as just another Zionist puppet.

        Unfortunately, all your facts will fall on deaf years on a site such as this, where facts are of no importance whatever to those wishful thinkers and self-deceivers who have already made up their minds — and who would rather die than budge an inch before new unsettling facts.

        The Self Deceivers are always with us, bless their hearts! 🙂

      6. @ Lobro

        You make some excellent points, as usual. I agree with almost everything you say here, except of course your strange belief that my post was a personal attack on you. I didn’t mention your name even once, so this “counter-attack” on me is, to say the least, a bit disconcerting. 🙂

      7. @Sard – I share your feelings, but Trump’s attitude towards Israel / Palestinians and Iran have been suspect for most of the campaign with him giving conflicting signals. That said, while I’m afraid of what he’s going to do there, I still support him. He’s not even in office yet.

        I also agree with Mr. Giraldi about Obama. I think Obama’s policy towards Syria has been a complete disaster, but he deserves credit for not opposing the UN vote regarding Israeli settlements and he deserves credit for the Iran deal.

      8. @ Peter

        @Sard – I share your feelings, but Trump’s attitude towards Israel / Palestinians and Iran have been suspect for most of the campaign with him giving conflicting signals. That said, while I’m afraid of what he’s going to do there, I still support him. He’s not even in office yet.


        Thanks for these sensible and well-balanced words. I think your attitude is the correct one. You have certain doubts and misgivings about Trump, but on balance you are willing to go on giving him your support. He has yet to do anything outrageous which would make you finally turn your back on him. That’s fine. Who can find fault with that?

        My own comment above was only marginally more negative. I said:

        “I’m not saying Trump is to be written off as a bad joke — just yet. It’s still too early. What I’m saying is: I am becoming rapidly disillusioned with Trump for sucking up to Israel and for sabre-rattling against Iran.”

        My first two sentences are positive. They are pro-Trump. My third and final sentence is negative. I am saying what others here are pretending not to notice: that Trump is sucking up to Israel and threatening Iran.

        These apologists for Trump, in my opinion, are wearing blinkers by choice. They are screening or blocking out Trump’s bad behavior. They are making excuses for their hero. They remind me of wives who notice a lipstick stain on their husband’s collar when he comes home from the office and decide it is a food stain. And then they notice a love bite on his neck, but that too will not be acknowledged by the conscious mind because for them it is absolutely necessary for their peace of mind that they continue in self-deception until the bitter end.

        Well, Trump has done nothing yet to make us turn against him definitively and so we go on giving him the benefit of the doubt. But Giraldi’s essay is a good one and the negative points he marshals against Trump are worth well considering. He is showing us quite clearly that Trump is beginning to play the part of Judas Iscariot. The incipient signs of a coming betrayal of those who voted for him have begun to push their tender shoots above the soil.

        What would you have, Peter? That we wake up to Trump’s treachery only after he has stabbed us in the back? I couldn’t care less what reforms Trump initiates in America. If he betrays the Palestinians and lets Israel steal their land, he is Judas Iscariot. And there is no forgiving that.

      9. Here are two of Trump’s recent “fruits”, both of them toxic and baleful fruits by which your hero may be judged:

        (1) The appointment of David Friedman as Ambassador to Israel, a notable hardliner who approves of more Israeli settlements built on stolen Palestinian land. Trump thinks this OK too and wants the US embassy to be shifted to Jerusalem. Trump has made it absolutely clear that he intends to back Israel, no matter what. He has already betrayed the Palestinians.

        (2) Trump’s statement disagreeing with Obama about the recent US decision not to veto the anti-Israel UN Resolution voted on unanimously by 14 other countries. Trump says he wants to “repeal” the Resolution and that things will be “better” for Israel once he is safely enthroned in the White House.

        Sorry, but these are facts by which Trump can be judged already. They are his “first fruits” and they are most unpleasant to the taste.

        thanks for providing a textbook example of what I meant when i said that the Western mind cannot distinguish between hard evidence and empty talk and this figures prominently in Jew’s ability to enslave such minds with smoke and mirrors.

        An ambassador is just a figurehead, a spox that recites exactly what he is told by someone back home whose only required skill is to hold a champagne glass by the stem without spilling.
        He doesn’t make a slightest decision on his own, usually chosen to either intimidate or ingratiate with the host country.
        Please show me how this translates into a tangible fact that changes anyone’s life.

        UNSCR resolutions cannot be “repealed”, certainly not unilaterally, Trump is bullshitting with abandon while laughing at the commotion in the chicken coop. To pass a Sec Council resolution is hard because a single veto by the permanent member can sink it but once it is gone, the toothpaste won’t go back into the tube.

        General Assembly is just a place for empty talk, its recommendations are not binding and have no power.
        And here is the catch: israel was never approved by the the security council, therefore its existence is illegal in every sense.

        Now let me tell you an example of what I consider “fruit”:
        You can go to Aleppo, walk around, talk to people, enjoy its beaches and sportfishing, play golf in the ruins.
        This is a fruit.
        Not Trump telling jokes to the gullible at some college football tailgating party.

        Trump has done absolutely nothing of any consequence to the world to date – because he can’t, he is just a rich man lounging around his condo.
        That changes in 21 days.

    2. Sard –

      “WE”…??? 🙂 🙂

      I wrote that Trump came to ‘household name’ fame with Pharisee-Jew help..!!

      I wrote this last March:

      March 11, 2016 at 2:53 pm

      How can anyone ignore the HOLLYWOOD Pharisee-Jew CONNECTIONS that TRUMP needed to produce his TV SHOW with Burnett and Bienstock… and hundreds more behind the scenes at NBC…???

      A successful TV series – at NBC – has to have Pharisee-Jew approval and support..!!

      Trump’s TRAINING ground for candidacy…
      The Apprentice (U.S. TV series)

      The U.S. version of The Apprentice is the first version of reality game show franchise. It was broadcast on NBC and billed as “The Ultimate Job Interview”. The show depicted a group of 15-18 businessmen and -women competing in an elimination competition for a one-year, $250,000 job to run one of real estate magnate Donald Trump’s companies. The position starts with an introductory one-year contract with a starting yearly salary of $250,000 USD.

      The first season aired during winter and spring of 2004, executive produced by Mark Burnett, Jay Bienstock, and Donald Trump, who also hosts the show. The show led Trump to become known for his fateful catch phrase “You’re Fired!”. The themes and underscore are written by composers Mark T. Williams and Jeff Lippencott of Ah2 Music.

      The contestants live communally in a suite at Trump Tower in New York City and the boardroom showdown is with Trump and two of his associates…. usually Carolyn Kepcher, Former Chief Operating Officer and General Manager for the Trump National Golf Club, and George H. Ross, Executive Vice President and Senior Counsel, The Trump Organization.

      Burnett is currently the executive producer of 10 network television series.

      1. @ Pat

        I am still with Lobro on Putin, but I am not with Lobro in believing that Trump is America’s new Putin. Trump is rapidly proving a disappointment. For me, the litmus test is Palestine. Any leader who backs Israel and sells the Palestinians down the river has crossed the red line.

    3. Exactly right Sardonicus. However, Trump may not be able to invite Netanyahu to the White in order to do a lick job on Bibi babes. Trump may have to visit and lick up Benji boy in a jell cell in ISISRAEL. It seems that Israeli “law” enforcement is investigating Bibi on some potential financial hanky panky among other misdeeds. It may be that some elements in ISISRAEL don’t consider Bibi to be the apple of God’s and Mr. Trump’s eye.
      On another note there is no doubt that Ovomit is doing as much damage inside and outside American as he can get away with before being forced to leave office: Setting aside vast lands in the American West as “monuments” (land set asides for foreign troop encampments?), sticking sticks into the eye of the Russian bear, by moving many battle tanks and thousands of US Troops right up against the Russian border, which seems the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing with hundreds if not thousands of Russian and Chinese military personal camped out inside the US and at Chinese controlled American sea ports. And last but not all, Ovomit the Muslim is doing what any Muslim would do concerning the Khazar-Israeli grand theft of Palestine. And the odd and ironic part of all this is that Israel is violating it’s own laws as regards the illegal so-called land and home (thefts) settlements.

    4. My worst fears about Trump are coming true. Trump will be nothing more than Netanyahu’s bitch. They will lead us into WWIII and it won’t be fun. Trump has not figured it out yet but he is on his way to becoming the worst President in US history Worse than even Lincoln.

  2. Well, I’m still praying God to touch the mind and heart of the Donald about their Jewish friends and really put America first so I still hope to see something positive about the relationship between the US and Israel, just like cutting the money that Obama promised to Netanyahu, but all the evidence is showing that Donald is the best Netanyahu’s puppet.

  3. ALL national leaders are LIARS….. or they will never be (S)elected by the “CHOSEN” Bankers in London…. the real HEAVY punchers..!! 🙂

    I do not vote….. it encourages the criminals.

    1. Pat –

      “All national leaders are LIARS..”. Your repetition of that assertion reminds me of a child calling mommy and daddy “liars” when they discover the fantasy of Santa Claus! OF COURSE THEY ARE “LIARS”!! God help the childish masses if they heard the whole truth of every matter! 🙂

      1. Gil –


        What a display of great poetry…!! It is so pleasing to read.

        Your wisdom has no end…!! Especially…….
        …….when you agree with me..!! 🙂

      2. Pat –
        I am grateful for a few like yourself who have great insight into matters – but I recognize the fact that ANY ‘leader’ of large masses of people absolutely cannot share all thoughts, intentions, strategies, or speculations among them – just like a successful poker player cannot show his hand. To call all leaders “liars” already sets askance any good intentions. In many ways, we all share the same rude awakening to the hypocrisy of much of our lives – then all we have left is a “hope” of endurance to better things.

      3. Gil –

        First you agreed:

        Then you walked it back:
        “To call all leaders “liars” already sets askance any good intentions.”

        You are wavering…. Switching positions…. Fence straddling…

        aka… WAFFLING.. !! 🙂


        To deny that is to be compromised..!! Just the way the Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London want you to do.. They know that about you before you do. Predictable.. That’s how hey WIN..!!!

      4. Excuse me – you mislead yourself. When confronted with negotiation in business, do you call any man a “liar!” when you perceive a misrepresentation of product?? If so, you’re likely not a successful negotiator.
        Remember, Donald Trump prides himself on being a successful “negotiator”. 🙂

      5. Gil –

        You are confused.

        I am not writing bout a business dealer, but a public officer.

        I am writing about ALL national leaders who have been (S)elected to hold a position of public trust.

        A “negotiator” is a compromisor… NO trust there… 🙂


        BTW – If I found I have been lied to in a business deal…. I DEFINITELY call that man a “liar” and he suffers the consequences.

        I have man y decades of success there.. 🙂

      6. I view the “business” of the United States (a corporation!) as an on-going negotiation of interests. If we happen to derive some benefit from those negotiations, we’re happy. If not, we’re suffering. Calling names won’t help. Throughout all the darkness, I find it encouraging to look for the light! (Grant me that small repreive… 🙂 )

      7. Gil –

        You would make a great politician.

        You display the facility of eager compromise. I grant you that.

        Pharisee-Jew Bankers really go for that..!!

        Calling all NATIONAL leader LIARS will help break the trance.
        You already did that.

        You wrote: “OF COURSE THEY ARE “LIARS”!!” SO…. I pick that one…

        ….even if you walk it back..!! See… I agree..!! 🙂

    2. @ Pat

      “All national leaders are LIARS.”

      True, but there are different kinds of liars. There are people who lie to cause harm and there are people who lie to prevent harm.

      1. FR –

        “All national leaders are LIARS.”

        “..there are people who lie to prevent harm.”…. to Pharisee-Jew Bankers.

        Whether causing or preventing harm… for Pharisee-Jew Bankers is hard to tell…. even for decades.

        I distrust the ALL national narcissists… agents… aka (S)elected national leaders.. Especially when their lips are moving. 🙂

  4. Netanyahu hopes Trump will change everything back into his favour. I doubt it. Now Trump feels he needs Jewish support, but after inauguration? He’ll see its cost may be too high. Trump will probably play it like Putin: being friendly but minding his own business.

    And truly angered Obama has one more shot, on January 15, 2017, when the French program may internationalise the peace talks. This is a big danger for Netanyahu and his far right.

    It appears the Jews greatly overestimated their real punching weight. They fell to believe in the Protocols as in their charter of power, while it was just a story. And such stories have a shelf life and validity date.


    It is a complicated business coming in as a minor oligarch outsider to capture the throne in the face of total opposition. I predicted, due to family ties, he will maintain favoured status to that nation, but not dramatically more so than Obonga.

    Wait and see.

  5. Did I hear someone saying: Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer? Lets just wait and see what transpires when Trump is in office.

    1. Absolutely, Spirited! I am maintaining the same opinion, and believe that Trump will continue to pleasantly surprise the naysayers. Yes, as Flan O’Brien stated, above, being a “minor oligarch” assuming such a position as POTUS is a complicated affair – and NO ONE can deny the long-time entanglements entwined with the State of Israel, nor the power influenced thereby. It would be RIDICULOUS and RECKLESS for a new President to do so!

      Anyway, might it not be better to stay friendly with Netanyahou than to incite outright enmity?? What possible benefit to the United States would that now engender?! Be patient. There is NO WAY he can yet act as POTUS – because he ISN’T!!!

  6. So “Catholic” lasha & monica will lerv me mo’ betta and release me from Spamblinka, I’m going to my local Al Shazam Freemason Temple today and signing up, I’m scheduled to take my Oath to Islam in front of the jew who owns The Freemason Temple in flohr-ee-duh, I got an appointment, I’ll have my very own Tarbooshe by this evening right around Sun Down! By SUN RISE tomorrow morning I’ll be a FREE MAN!!! NO MORE SPAMBLINKA FOR ME!!!!!

    1. Good luck, Salvatore! Aka Giuseppe Bo Beppe, aka foghornleghorn, aka White Eagle Snake Hunter, aka Anonymous.

      Oh, and don’t forget to mention habiru-sagiz and African lily pads! 🙂

  7. Much of Trump’s intended policies goes against the Jewish agenda, to wit : bringing jobs back to America, better relations with Russia, no more wars for regime change (and that should include no war against Russian ally Iran), stopping illegal and Muslim immigration, the end of political correctness etc. For these reasons Trump is hated by the Jewish Powers That Be. Trump needs to win the mighty Jewish Lobby for some reason and he has chosen a pro-Israel policy. Moving the US embassy to Jerusalem is only a symbolic gesture. Approving of more Jewish settlements on the West Bank is approving of a trend that would go on under whichever American president anyway. Anti-Iran rhetoric is only rhetoric.

    I still have the hope that Trump will prove to be the American Putin, who has used the tactic of pleasing the Jews with symbolic gestures while going against their agenda with much success. After all, has Trump not used his good relations with Jews to his own advantage in his business life, without being used by them ?

    1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      Good post.

      “Trump needs to win the mighty Jewish Lobby for some reason and he has chosen a pro-Israel policy.”

      I know you know, so I’ll address the word ”some” for those that may have forgotten. All Congress Critters have signed a pledge to the State of Israel. To adopt an anti-Israel position would short circuit cooperation from Congress to get done what you have pointed out that is in opposition to the Zionists. Without a pro-Israeli appearance, Trump would be better off just posting on Darkmoon and leaving it at that.

      My prediction is that by about July of 2017, there is going to be so much unraveling of jewish control occurring that the jews won’t be able to keep up or know what’s coming next, much less what to do about it. Trump’s unpredictable trait is one of his best assets which will cause all the Rabbi’s to whirl more chickens over their heads. Buy poultry options. 🙂

    2. Franklin Ryckaert
      December 30, 2016 at 3:37 pm
      “Much of Trump’s intended policies goes against the Jewish agenda, to wit : bringing jobs back to America, better relations with Russia, no more wars for regime change (and that should include no war against Russian ally Iran), STOPPING ILLEGAL and MUSLIM IMMIGRATION (my emphasis, STG) the end of political correctness etc. ”

      It’s important to differentiate between Trump’s STATED POLICIES and his INTENDED POLICIES. It doesn’t follow that D.T. actually intends to carry out America First policies like “bringing jobs back to America” just because he was making noises to that effect during the Presidential Campaign-Farce. And yet nothing could be more upsetting than the incessant trashing of war refugees who are being referred to, euphemistically, as “migrants.” Many of the war refugees are actually Christian for crying out loud. We’ve all seen the recent footage out of Aleppo. The fate of Aleppo brings to mind what happened to Hamburg and Dresden and Berlin during the 1940s. The USA under jewish rule is driving hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of gentiles out of their homes, as a consequence of the fact that “we” (in conjunction with the Russians and our hired mercenaries) have been literally bombing them to smithereens. So what do you expect ?? It is expected that the gentiles are going to drop dead on the spot, yet some have displayed a particularly galling inclination by refusing to die right away. Moslem and Christian war refugees are bucking the system by refusing to drop dead as intended, and have embarked on the only rational course of action, which is to get the hell out of the high-explosive impact areas. Just as you would under similar conditions.

      1. A disaster refugee seeks the most rapid, and therefore local assistance, that he can. If not, by definition, there is no emergency.

        In the case of war refugees that means neighbouring parts of his own country or neighbouring countries. It does not mean travelling half way around the world to seek economic advantage in Australia, the US. the UK. In the case of Syria there are culturally compatible neighbours.

        The UN refugee plan UN economic migration plan is the main tool of destruction wielded on Earth presently, not bombs.

  8. @ Sister Moanica :

    I sent in a post yesterday — “Leftists/Neo-Cons + Hillary’s Open Server + Hacked Election” — and why exactly does it not make the grade? Why is it not on the commentary board? What’s the *yawn* problem with the post?

    What do you plan on Moaning about today, bitch?

    1. All yesterday’s spam posts were deleted at the end of the day. Your posts were among them — unreadable, long-winded, tedious, off-topic, cocky, salacious, scatalogical, and ultimately unfit for publication.

      1. Why do you even bother with him? Just like every other member of his tribe, he is unpleasant, nasty and uncoherent. Just a waste of time. Or maybe what one can expect from a race that deem the rest of us goys as animals or cattle at best. I see no point in having a conversation with these people. I’ve seen a lot of them over the last few years and they only differ a little from TROJ. The only reason I could see is so that curious still half-asleep goys can see them for what they really are. And not be as gullible as the common counter-jihadi who sees them as either friend or ally.

  9. “President-elect Donald Trump called for the U.S. to expand its nuclear capabilities, in a surprising Twitter post Thursday that raised questions about what he intends to do. ‘The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes,’ he said. It was not clear what prompted the message, though the statement came soon after Russian President Vladimir Putin said his own nuclear forces needed to be strengthened.”

    “Surprising” Twitter post? Bullshit! This is exactly the scenario for which Jews set America up. Conniving Jews play the ignorant, stupid, gullible, goyim better than a whining violin or sobbing clarinet.

    I will say it again, Trump was put in office as the strong, “make America great again” leader assigned the to take America into WWIII. Jews inadvertently told the world the truth when they said “Trump will be the new Hitler.”

    Trump is the new American Führer who will lead the country to its thoroughly Jewed destiny of a nuclear “holocaust,” only this time there will be no double-cross. Yesterday Germany was destroyed – tomorrow the world!

    “FUCK AMERICA! Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” – Bennie the liar.

    1. That’d be a frightening prospect, indeed, if “nukes” were as prevelant as some of you claim! 🙂 🙂

    2. Sadly Arch, I agree. Yesterday Germany, tomorrow the US, the day following, the world. Netanyahu declared in 1990, “ It does not matter what you do. America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God. This is what we do to cultures that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.” George Soros is on record stating, “Destroying America will be the culmination of my life work.” – https://www.darkmoon.me/2016/george-soros-jewish-messiah-video-15-mins/ “We will have to kill and kill and kill. All day, every day.” Arnon Soffer, advisor to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, December, 2004 . “Even if reason tells us, even shouts with all its force the very absurdity of this confrontation between the small and insignificant people of Israel [ie. all Jewry worldwide, not just “the State of Israel”] and the rest of humanity… as absurd, as incoherent and as monstrous as it may seem, we are engaged in close combat between Israel and the Nations – and it can only be genocidal and total because it is about our and their identities.” – Yitzhak Attia, Israel Magazine, April 2003. In Truth, Why? Certainly the bleeding killing field of humanity past and present has not been and is not the will of God….rather it pathetically reveals the ceaseless insane posturing of Lucifer, unwilling to repent, mesmerized by his supposed “intelligence”. Karl Marx, in his poem Invocation of One in Despair, adds this contribution to the satanic Jewish racial identity. -Karl Marx, Collected Works, Vol. 1, New York, 1974.
      So a god has snatched from me my all
      In the curse and rack of destiny.
      All his worlds are gone beyond recall
      Nothing but revenge is left to me.
      In his poem The Pale Maiden, Marx writes:
      Thus heaven I’ve forfeited,
      I know it full well.
      My soul, once true to God,
      Is chosen for hell.
      And in Human Pride, published in World Revolution by Nesta Webster, p. 167, he writes:
      With disdain I will throw my gauntlet
      Full in the face of the world.
      And see the collapse of this pygmy giant
      Whose fall will not stifle my ardour.

      Then I will be able to walk triumphantly
      Like a god, through the ruins of their kingdom.
      Every word of mine is fire and action.
      My breast is equal to that of the Creator.
      I would like to be optimistic….but….history of the Caananites vs. the Shemites , satan Vs the goy…bodes ill for the goy…and this time, failing repentance …it bodes badly for All humanity.

    3. Arch

      Your post looks to be the one I’m most in tune with regarding what a Trump presidency may be implying, which is that a “paradigm shift” could be characterized as everything gradually coming to a head. All the chips are moving to the middle of the table to let em all ride, per the manipulation by the steering committee behind the curtain.

      Let the chips fall where they may

  10. Trump is a jew with jewish relatives,with jewish advisors.
    Trump is fake.
    He is as jewish as Hillary who hides her jewish roots.
    The goy, even on Darkmoon.me don’t understand dat Trump and hillary are both jews but of different jewish fractions.
    The stupid goy is being used and fooled as sheeple by both jewish fractions.

    1. Lorn –

      Hillary’s Pharisee-Jew roots or not… they still love her and Trump.

      In New York, where one of every eight voters is Jewish, it certainly won’t hurt that First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton can note the Jewish branch on her family tree.

      Mrs. Clinton, who is Methodist, “has very fond childhood memories” of the second husband of her grandmother, Max Rosenberg, a Russian-born Jew, said Howard Wolfson, a spokesman for the first lady’s Senate exploratory committee.

      Wolfson said Thursday that he doesn’t “expect it will have an electoral impact, and we don’t see it in that context.”

      Mrs. Clinton’s maternal grandmother, Della, married Rosenberg in 1933, seven years after she and Mrs. Clinton’s grandfather, Edwin Howell, divorced, according to a weekly Jewish newspaper, The Forward.




      NEW YORK, Aug. 6 – The New York-based Forward magazine stepped forward with a story published on Aug. 6 which disclosed some distant Jewish family ties of Hillary Clinton, a would-be senator from New York. According to the story, Hillary’s grandmother, née Della Murray of Aurora, IL, married a Russian-born Jew, Max Rosenberg, in the 1930s. They had one child, a girl.

      But claiming Hillary’s Jewish roots on the basis of that marriage is a real stretch. For, this was Della’s second marriage, well after the birth of Hillary’s mother, Dorothy Emma Howell in 1919. In other words, Rosenberg was no blood relative to Hillary. And her grandmother never converted to Judaism. But this did not stop some Jews from adopting Hillary as one of their own anyway, especially now that she is contemplating a run for the New York Senate seat vacated by Daniel Moynahan.


      1. Rodham is a jewish name anglicised.
        Remember jews will always try their jewisg roots when rhey want to fool the goyim.
        Jews hide their roots claiming one time they are methodist, catholic, protestant, muslim etc. The cryptojews. We know they are chameleons with their jewosh invention
        ‘ christianity’ to brainwash the european goyim in obedience. Even the double-agent ‘ Paul’ said ‘ don’t believe the jewish fables’ .

    2. This is not what I heard about Trump. His mother was Mary Ann MacLeod born in Scotland of Irish/Scots/Ulster background. He qualifies as a member of the MacLeod Soceity with tribal connections around the world and who have their own parliament in Scotland — that is why they say he built one of his golf clubs there. He qualifies to be voted in as one of their Clan Chiefs. If he is genetically proven to be Scots/Ulster/Protestant in background than that makes him a member of one of the 12 Tribes of Israel and genetically a true Semite and NOT one of the impostor Jews calling themselves “Zionists” we find dominating Israel today. Ulster people can trace their tribal ancestry to the Biblical Tribe of Dan and Judah. THIS DOES NOT MAKE THEM JEWS! IT DOES NOT MAKE JESUS A JEW EITHER; HIS DISCIPLES WERE CHOSEN FROM THE TRIBE OF BENJAMIN. Benjaminites are found in Iceland and among those calling themselves “White Russians”, Vladimir Putin is allegedly of Benjaminite stock. Let us bring in the science of DNA to prove all this and settle the argument once and for all–who is a Jew and who is not? Sorry, Netanyahu, I am afraid you have lost this one; we don’t think you have the right genetic code in your body.

  11. Do I think it is ‘British’ to accept more future raghead terrorists to our country & rwduce % of White people?

    Do I think DimTimFarron should be sent to a refugee camp in Dinduville to become the bashabashaboy of the rags?

    ‘As a Chriatian’. No, beingthe poncey effete prick who still looks like the vicar’s fave 10yo choirboy doesn’t a Chriatian,make.

    1. The ‘ christian’ archbishop of Canterbury named Welby, is also jewish. What a surprise.
      Goyim please keep on preying to the jewish nazarean, the jewish invention. It will make only the jews stronger. Jewry exists only
      by the protection and stupidity of the goyim ‘ christian’.

  12. We can only follow Solon’s advice and look to the end. For example, if Trump nor Putin stop the respective Central Bank scams in their countries then they are Zionist stooges. If Putin allows Syria to be partitioned or Trump allows the Palestinians to lose their final blots of territory to ethnic cleansing…then they’re both Zionist stooges. If the Jewish monopoly of culture and business continues in both the US and Russia, then they are Zionist stooges or Crypto-Jews or Shabby-Goy or whatever level of shillness ye care to assign.

    I have found it is the road to madness to try and second guess these leaders. Hope for the best and expect the worst.

    The Way of Hope? Trump and Putin are out-Jewing the Jew.

    The Worst Way? Trump and Putin are working for the Jewish World Order.

    1. Trump wishing the world a “Merry Christmas” while standing next to a Christmas Tree tells me all I need to know.

    2. @ Flopot

      The Way of Hope? Trump and Putin are out-Jewing the Jew.

      The Worst Way? Trump and Putin are working for the Jewish World Order.

      Brilliant! You have cut through all the crap written above with these two remarkable sentences. Even Aristotle couldn’t have put it better. 🙂

      1. Sardonicus & Flopot,

        I can even do better (=shorter) using Flopot’s words, with which I naturally agree.

        ” …. , if Trump nor Putin stop the respective Central Bank scams in their countries then they are Zionist stooges.”

        Let me be so bold to add “period”. All the rest is wishful thinking.

  13. if you’ve looked at all at the conditions on the southern us border you will not be able to argue with trump’s statement that immigrants are pouring in from wherever. it’s not an exaggeration. the southern border is one big ongoing crime scene; thousands robbed and dead of murder and thirst, human trafficking, columns of young hombres carrying heavy packs full of hard dope and weapons. hopefully trump puts a division of army down there first thing.
    usually when people are talking nonsense it means there’s something going on in their head that you the listener are not aware of. it’s commonly understood now that offensive weapons and other high tech capabilities are actually decades ahead of what the typically misinformed media consumer has any idea of. i suspect there is something shifty afoot here beneath trump’s weird statements about increasing our nuclear arsenal. it’s the old ‘star wars’ cloaking method, where the public is told it’s about something they’ve already heard of but the technology is actually being secretly moved into a highly advanced realm. most likely, the age of nuclear weaponry is over.
    we may now finally be shifting out of that whole bolsheviki pentagon intel community warmongering complex that has infested washington dc since the close of ww2. look at all the crying ziocons now – mccain, graham, kristol, krauthammer. good riddance you gaddam assholes.
    it does remain to be seen what trump will do with the jews.
    we should look where we have reason to be optimistic.
    look at the make-up of his cabinet. are they anywhere near as mazaltavy as bill clinton’s crowd? not even. the donald is no bushie neocon either. who else decried these useless wars as good as him?
    i wouldn’t worry too much about netanyahu. he’s probably on his way out of the picture. and it’s high time. hopefully he’ll end up in jail somewhere. maybe hillary will let him use her stinger.
    i know trump’s rhetoric on israel is pretty bad. and iran. but so far it’s just talk. don’t forget, he’s a negotiator. a major bullshitter if there ever was one.
    trump’s promise to be the best friend israel ever had doesn’t necessarily mean he will always be their fool.
    and could we really ask for much more to signal a major shift than this last un resolution? the limbaugh people even say it’s irrevocable. the obama administration has laid the new lot on its way out, and there is now a different set of circumstances as trump comes on the scene. not really his doing but done none the less. it was a good stroke. things will not be the same in palestine from now on.
    watch trump save the boeing deal with iran. his $$$ mentality in that case will be no different than it is with russia. and that’s mega good. let business be good for peace.
    sardonicus — of course trump has to look like a jew stooge. if not he’d never have been elected. hang in there.
    ungenius — keep that door open. trump knows the state of israel is the biggest drain on our economy since nato. making america great again is about our finances. you may very well be right about the future shocks coming to the jews. let’s hope trump goes all the way and kills the fed bank and the irs before he’s done.

    1. Much more powerful forces are awakening.

      The Alt Right and Antifa: The Misguided Question of White Youth Culture

      All new ideologies––or recycled old ideologies (of course nothing is new)––are “dangerous” for the left, since they believe they have deconstructed the hegemony of ideology once and for all. Their ideology (which they believe is a non-ideology, since it opposes the “patriarchy” of ideology) hopes to push alternative lifestyles on the mainstream, since “traditionalism” is inherently “oppressive” to them. Perhaps it is––Perhaps this is what makes them so blind to Truth. Traditionalism can be “oppressive” by their definition––it believes that things, that subjects and objects, have places within this universe, and everyone and everything belongs somewhere. A hierarchy of forms, if you will. This rigid structure frightens people who desire to live hedonistically without logic or law. They call it “fascism” because it tells them the universe has its rules. Our ideology tells the forgotten Truth––that “dreams” are such, and that reality is something else.


  14. Jews are like the Borg. They marry into wealthy goy families so that they can assimilate them. Within 2 to 3 generations, those former goy families will be fully jewish. Cultural appropriation by breeding. The jewish gene are the true trojan horse that will destroy and annihilate us from within.

  15. Paul Craig Roberts just used the J word on an interview on RT news about Donald Trump. No more talk of (((neocons)))? He better watch his back

  16. A comment on Jewish power. In the early 1940’s the Nobel Prize winner for literature, poet Rudyard Kipling’s poem “The Burden of Jerusalem” was making the rounds among the Anglo-American elite. The Jews consider Kipling and his poem “anti-semitic”. Kipling’s wife withheld distribution of the poem for this reason.

    Churchill read the poem and sent it to FDR. He sent this note with the poem – “I understand that Mrs. Kipling decided not to publish them in case they should lead to controversy and it is therefore important that their existence should not become known and there should be no public reference to the gift.” FDR replied with this – “Dear Winston: Those two little books are gems—and I can well understand why they should not be made public at this time. Perhaps ‘The Burden of Jerusalem’ should wait until you and I are strong enough to carry Ibn Saud to Jerusalem and Dr. Weizman [sic] to Meca [sic].””

    The author of this article, Andrew Hamilton wrote –

    “Again, this was 1943. How ultra-sensitive the “leaders of the Western world” were! Compare Kipling’s mild, inoffensive poem to the inexpressibly vile anti-white messages that pour daily into the impressionable minds of hundreds of millions of people the world over—including elites, alien and native—through television, motion pictures, songs, and video games—not to mention books and poems!

    Be honest. Who really rules?”

    Here is an interesting stanza from the poem –

    “But all the course of Time makes clear
    To everyone (except the Hun)
    It does not pay to interfere
    With Cohen from Jerusalem.”

    So there you have it. In 1943 one of Great Britain’s Nobel Prize winning writers, the leader of Great Britain Churchill and the leader of the USA FDR acknowledging Jewish power over them.

    What I wonder is did they consider that defeating Germany in a war would be of greater benefit to their countries than defeating the Jew? We have known for decades already that Hitler sent numerous peace offers to Churchill and never desired a war in the west to begin with. If only they had sided with those pushing for peace like Oswald Mosley and Lindbergh. Germany would have ended up much better off and so would Great Britain and much of the rest of Europe too.


  17. Paul Craig Roberts just used the J word on an interview on RT news about Donald Trump. No more talk of (((neocons)))? He better watch his back 😉

  18. Flopot. — roberts sounds like a jew name to me. And for a one so wise and experienced we’ve not heard too much depth from p.c.r. on the Zionism problem. Maybe he’s not a jew or shabbitz.
    It shouldn’t take too many of those well known at his level beginning to speak out the truth to get the catharsis going. Maybe the Un resolution will help open their mouths.
    Peter. — f d r and Churchill were both jews. They were in cahoots on the destruction of germany and the giveaway of eastern europe and the loss of the british empire, with the rothschild jew bolsheviks all along.
    Thanks for the Kipling reference.

  19. Continuing the excellent riposte of LOBRO …

    A promissory “appointment” by a president-elect is a mental construct that may lead to an infinitesimally small amount of energy being consumed to place a few ink molecules on paper – a signature. In human affairs it cannot be considered as an action.

    The action starts when bombs drop, bullets fly, goods land, goods ship, In physics terms, when significant amounts of energy and matter change state.

    Waffling air in the throat or signing a promissory note are not significant actions.

  20. The next President will be confronted by a fully nuclear armed North Korea (less than a year away from a fair sized arsenal), China aggressively moving into markets and South China Sea and Pacific real estate, and as noted above, the seemingly endless zionist problem and the Federal Reserve, who already are aiming at wrecking a “Trump” recovery . Democrats want to push the Internationalist agenda, and most Republicans are owned by the same creatures who wish above all to confront Russia so Mr. Rothschild and associates can resume stealing assets. Then, the pursuit of “UN” Agenda 21 along with cashless societies and the reduction of the sovereign individual to Marxist troglodyte thus leaving everything for the criminal wire pullers to steal. Given Mr. Trump’s nature, regardless of his ill advised sucking up to Israel, there is bound to be conflict sooner or later that may get out of hand quite fast. As I’ve mentioned before, an assault on Iran will be not be merely costly but potentially life threatening – everywhere. Don’t forget military expert The Earl of Stirling’s analysis of the poor countries revenge; all those designer, resistance proof diseases waiting with sleeper agents in all manner of countries, some you’d never think of as belligerents, to be randomly dispersed at large sports and entertainment events, airports, and so forth, effectively shutting down World commerce in about a month. Proceeding with caution and go for the quick kills, the Wall, ejecting illegals, vetting, infrastructure repair, better trade deals, tariffs, Supreme and other court Constitutionalist nominees, employment creation, shredding the counterproductive bureaucracy and so forth. Or let Bibi run you and see what happens…

  21. A PRESIDENT … is just a figurehead, a LIAR who recites exactly what he is told by someone in London whose only required skill is to hold a champagne glass by the stem without spilling….. while issuing credit…!!

  22. Peace be with the reader.

    The time has come.
    Tune in to BIN radio7 for the end time announcement.

    The faithful witness

    1. ” And when all the people hear his voice, every man shall in their own land leave the battle they have one against another.”

  23. Unlike previous jewish stooge Presidents, Trump is retaining his 11 private security firms in addition to the Secret Service even after he is sworn in. There would be no reason for him doing this if he was planning on being a JewWO stooge.

    1. Ung –

      I have the opposite view:

      Trump needs all the security he can afford. I don’t fault him there….. especially if he is going to try to deport the people he claims he will.

      Trump has many Pharisee-Jew advisers close to him. They would certainly support the ADL.

      The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) congratulated Donald Trump on his election victory and pledged to work across communities to rally all Americans around rebuilding the sense of shared society.

      So, another area where there is a need for more security is…. The danger from the hard-right boys and girls…

      The ADL claims that Right-wing paramilitary groups have been responsible for at least 70 to 80% of political murders.

      Trump would listen to the ADL and fear the… dreaded… anti-government and conspiracy-oriented groups, with prominent focus on firearms.

      Prominent groups include Kentucky State Militia, Ohio Unorganized Militia Assistance and Advisory Committee, Southeastern Ohio Defense Force, Michigan Militia, Southern Indiana Regional Militia, Southern California High Desert Militia-and many others….

      Multiple members of the following groups have been arrested and convicted, usually on weapons, explosives, or conspiracy charges:
      Oklahoma Constitutional Militia, Georgia Republic Militia, Arizona Viper Militia, Washington State Militia, West Virginia Mountaineer Militia, Twin Cities Free Militia, North American Militia, San Joaquin County Militia…. just to name a few.

      Then there are ‘loners.’

      Trump will have to borrow another $650 Million on top of his current $650 Million he owes… to help him out..!! 🙂

      1. Excellent post, Pat. Packed with useful facts. It’s facts like these we need to help us make up our minds.

  24. Thanks for another provocative article Lasha. I feel like stating that we all owe Donald Trump a debt of appreciation for his conduct thus far. He’s provided so much grist for the rumour mills as well as for political thinkers all of which comes out here in the comments section where I witness the exchanges between the various factions ranging from pro-Trump to Beulahman.

    Concerning Trump and America I’m trying to envision what might happen if he actually turns out to be a total Zionist lackey and betrays those who supported him and put him into power. I’m sure this has been debated before on the site but I’m wondering if there are any American commentators here who might provide a short summation of what could possibly occur if he turns out to be a total dud.

    Thanks and a Happy New Year to Lasha and her collaborators! 2017 is going to be a barn burner by all indications. 🙂

    1. @Mr. Topham: Becoming a “total dud” as you put it doesn’t require great skill or imagination. In essence: renege. Renege on lowering taxes, renege on reforming destructive illegal immigration, renege on infrastructure improvement, renege on cutting stifling bureaucracy, renege on better trade deals and bringing and keeping jobs in the US. Further, renege on five year lobbyist moratorium (though that much seems almost settled) let Obamacare bleed everyone dry. You said it yourself, betray is the appropriate word. I think he’s a fighter, and unusually dedicated to critical domestic issues, which is why Internationalists went all out to defeat him and continue in effect, treasonous behaviour. The very most dangerous area to be suckered into is neo-con adventurism (war), we all hope he’s enough of his own man not to allow himself to be easily conned. An interesting perspective was presented by Tyler Durden http://www.zerohedge.com “Former CIA Spy Has A Christmas Message For Trump” particularly about the MSM where there is no love lost (note there have been no attempts at reconciliation and rightly so, Mr. Trump and many others recognize MSM is dying from it’s own clumsy lies) and proper use of the FBI as an instrument of State (unusual from a CIA employee, but times have changed). Personally, at the moment I’m far more worried about the nefarious activities of George Soros than Mr. Trump. It’s good that Mr. Trump is prudent enough to have serious personal security, don’t you think?

    2. Unfortunately, much of the Alt-Right does not appear to put a high priority on Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. Many are aware of Israel’s awful treatment of the Palestinians and discuss it sometimes in an article, some put a lot of focus on Jewish Power (e,g, “The Occidental Observer”), but the major focus of the Alt-Right is to stop the genocide of the European peoples. Also, I think the attacks by Muslim “refugees” on Europeans that occur about once every month or two puts a damper on concern for Palestinians.

      I think the Alt Right could show more sympathy for the Palestinians, especially since many of the Alt-Right are fully aware of Jew power and the Jews constant exercising of that power to the detriment of everyone else.

    3. @ Arthur Topam

      I’m wondering if there are any American commentators here who might provide a short summation of what could possibly occur if he [Donald Trump] turns out to be a total dud.

      The answer, in one word, needing no “short summation”, is — NOTHING!

      Nothing will be done. Absolutely nothing. There will just be more talk about how awful things are and how no politician can be trusted. One response you can always be sure of getting: more whining, more whingeing, more wailing and wringing of goy hands.

      Meanwhile, the JB Campbells of the world will be oiling and cleaning their rifles and checking their ammo and muttering darkly into their beer mugs, “Time to take action, folks!”

      And no one will pay attention.

      How many years have JB Campbell and his cronies been threatening to bring down the government and kill all the Jews?

      Ah yes! they have been very busy writing novels about the Great Struggle — JEWS Vs GOYIM — with goyim winning hands down. The Great White Nationalist Novels by Covington and William Pierce celebrate the victories of the indomitable goyim. Pity these victories exist only in the realms of imagination.

      Meanwhile, the Jews smile and rake in the shekels, steal more land in Palestine, foment more wars, create more cripples, and fuck the most beautiful white girls.

      Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

      1. Seymour ain’t gloating. He’s telling the truth! You goyim are fit only for one thing — you’re heading for one place and one place only — Soylent Green!

      2. Tamara –

        That happens more to meat of goyim in China.. stir-fry… Moo Goo Goy Green..!! West … not so much. 🙂

        China helped push global green energy investment plans to record heights in 2016 Q3, offsetting a sharp fall in Germany, authors of a UN-backed report said on Thursday, predicting further growth.

      3. Seymour,

        You are spot on.

        Only don’t blame JB Cambell or the likes of him. ( I’m not saying you are ) At least he has shown to be prepared for real action. The most maddening of all this is that his proposals are realistic and would be very effective. Especially in the US where guns/weapons have a large presence in society and are part of mainstream culture. Actually, it HAS to start in the USA, preciseley because of this combined with the fact that (((their))) HQ is established there. No doubt the nay-sayers are standing by to thoroughly make clear how this ‘preposterous’ notion couldn’t possibly work. I guess they have vested interests in the current status quo and are not prepared to sacrify even one minute of leisure time this cushy life in the JWO offers. To be honest, so have I, considering only my own existence, that is. I think I can manage to have a nice, comfy life till my dying day. But I, and we all, are only caretakers of the genetic material we temporarily carry in this world we live in. And doing nothing but lead a – let’s face it – hedonistic life would be the ultimate irresponsible wanton behaviour regarding to the creation from which we emerged.

        No, instead of organising actual real world resistance it’s better to keep on whining online and drum up endless lists of ‘facts’ and brilliantly written-down truths for the already converted. No, (((they))) have not a worry in the world. Because this is very contagious and demoralising so eventually even the men of action and solutions don’t give a damn anymore.

        However, having said all that, discussing the most recently marketed great white hope’s integrity – who has emerged from ((( the same ranks ))) via the JWO’s patented mechanism called “democracy” is quite amusing and a great pastime.

        Ow, what the hell, on second thought, forget about it. Don’t read this. Members of the jury, I want you to dismiss this entire post.

      4. you are quite right, zaky.

        russia is the last bastion of white men and christianity on the planet and they have my 100% support.
        Trump may or may not be on-board, positive signs outweigh the negative ones, can’t say there aren’t any but this is just auguring the bowels of the press, mainstream and alt – the best indicator as always is the reaction of jews.
        Nothing at all will be done by the American man on the street because for all the big macho talk, American masses have never done anything outside the TV-designed envelope, if anything, the change will happen in eastern places like Greece, hungary, poland, austria, ie, Europe.
        Anglo-Angus cattle are bred for docility, not corrida.
        they might catch on when the avalanche is well underway but they certainly won’t be at the forefront, you are quite right about that, for all the big gun talk, guns+tattoos+harleys, wow how awesome.
        In my opinion, it all goes to the disintegration of the family at both nuclear and extended basis, no sense of community or regional roots, people chasing mirage of opportunity coast to coast.

        How many times let’s say in central america, did i hear two Americans meet for the first time and immediately go, where are you from, Toledo, Ohio / mesa, arizona and then oh yes, i spent 3 years as a newspaper hack/computer coder in Mesa, are you familiar with “kicking horse bar” “oh, yeah …”.
        It is all jew-mediated, the melting pot homogenization/diversity of faceless particles.
        Sorry but this is what it is, until people grasp the depth of their misery in full, there is no way forward.

        What jew has done with anglos is to have remodeled them in his rootless likeness, seeded them all over the globe as poor copies of themselves, assassin bugs, bargain basement Jews, which is why jews are generally so liked, respected and emulated in anglo plantations, USA, canada, australia, when jew wants war, who does he ask command first?

        Don’t get mad at me for pointing out what should be obvious, how i wish it wasn’t true but unfortunately … much laterally independent thinking is required, in itself a skill that can only be self-taught.
        Everything that you think you know that hasn’t been arrived at in that manner is sure to be a lie, brain poison to be flushed until the head bowl is sanitized.

      5. Lobro,

        Good post.
        It’s funny how Zak chooses a quote from Karr’s “The Wasps”. I think he is wrong, except in short term USA, and like the genius US philosopher Justin Timberlake said what goes around, comes around. La roue tourne, comme on fait son lit on se couche, qui sème le vent récolte la tempête. C’est le chien qui se mord la queue, Zak, attention au retour de flamme, chassez le naturel il revient au galop………
        The irony is that 70 years of coco-bolshevism has made the Eastern European people stronger than ever as they had no other choice than to concentrate on the essentials, like family, education, religion…The Whites have finally won in Russia.
        Stupid goyim who believes in the jewish nazarener as Lorn would say.

        A good book for Zeymour as he seems to read French. L’Amérique Juive by Cousteau, the brother of the commander in the red bonnet. A 60 pages summary of US history, it would be a best seller amongst the John Campbell’s uprooted colonial bubbas.

        Tous mes meilleurs voeux.

      6. @ lobro

        Excellent post, Lobro! I can see your heart is in the right place and that you are an earnest seeker after the truth. I would therefore ask you not to take my future comments as a personal attack upon you, as you seemed to do recently.

        My comments were largely aimed at White Nationalists in general, the type who moonlight here occasionally from the Occidental Observer which is their preferred home. They have learned Trump Worship there and don’t give a damn for the Palestinian cause because they are essentially racist and Islamophobic.

        So my comments were not really aimed at you — at any rate, not specifically, as you imagined — because I know you are not a racist and, above all, not an Isamophobe. You are one of the few people on this site who has consistently voiced your support for the many good Muslims among us — good Muslims who are not to be confused with the bad Muslims, the type flooding into Europe right now, for example, and raping White women in great quantities.

        I am certain we have one thing in common: an aversion to the demonizaton of Islam.

      7. Sardonicus,

        Aah, so you’re not a racist, then. Well, consequently, I suppose you don’t mind the mass 3rd world immigration into white countries, then. And I suppose you still would reside in Japan if all the Japanese were replaced by negroes and Arabs. I should think so, since NON-racists believe that all people are interchangeable. As you probably know, I don’t believe that. But then again, I am a racist.

        And although I cannot speak for him but somehow I don’t quite believe that’s what Lobro thinks. He, as I do, places his hope on Poland amongst others.


      8. @ 1138

        Sardonicus, Aah, so you’re not a racist, then. Well, consequently, I suppose you don’t mind the mass 3rd world immigration into white countries, then. And I suppose you still would reside in Japan if all the Japanese were replaced by negroes and Arabs. I should think so…blah blah blah…


        You misrepresent Sardonicus’s views completely and have obviously not done your homework. If you had taken the trouble to check, you would have found that his views are the very opposite to the silly views you ascribe to him. This is what Sardonicus said in a comment on Christmas Day:

        December 25, 2016 at 12:04 am

        Go easy on the egg nog, Karen! — and Merry Christmas!

        I hope this will be a year in which something effective is down to stop the flood of Third World “refugees” into Europe. Enough is enough! Our White homelands must remain white.

        The slogan “Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, Europe for everyone” is one I disagree with completely. If I were Chinese or Japanese, I don’t think I would like to live in my ancestral homeland if all the streets were flooded with Africans and Arabs from the Middle East.

        I won’t ask you to apologize to Sardonicus for misrepresenting his views COMPLETELY or addressing him with extreme discourtesy. This has nothing to do with me. It is not my business. But in future, if you choose to address Sardonicus, please do so politely and get your facts right before you open your mouth again.

        I happen to admire Sardonicus, even if you don’t, and I think he should be treated fairly.

      9. @ Madame Butterfly

        Yes, 1138 has grossly misrepresented Sardonicus’s views on immigration, but please don’t expect him to apologize to Sardonicus. He would be psychologically incapable of making an apology — at any rate, a sincere one.

        There is not a poster on this site, with the single exception of LD, who is capable of saying, “SORRY, I WAS WRONG!” Humility is a rare quality and none on this site, apart from LD, possess it.

      10. Madame Butterfly & Silent Reader,

        I don’t owe anyone any apology whatsoever.

        Because you entirely misinterpret my reaction to Sardonicus.

        It demonstrates that anyone who opposes mass 3rd world immigration into white countries – or any mass immigration of strange races/cultures into any country for that matter – is by definition a racist. Everybody wants their habitat to stay as it is, as THEY have created and built it. That is only possible by excluding strangers from becoming citizens/part of the nation. Handing over passports to strangers equals giving away your country/habitat. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. You people are so incredibly hung up on the word ‘racist’. Well, let me enlighten you; EVERYBODY on this planet is a racist. Yes, that’s right, every negro, Arab, Chinese, Inuit, Amazone Indian, caucasian, Indian etc etc is a racist. And it’s about time everybody stops apologising for being perfectly normal.

        And THAT’S what my post meant.

        Clear now?

      11. Madame Butterfly,

        I wonder what was so terrible that it couldn’t stay posted. Mm, my guess is probably something revealing the real sort of personality the writer has. I’m glad I don’t have that problem. I am an open book, devoid of petty hypocrism. I could be wrong, of course.

    4. Yes, it’s true, We would never be able to figure out anything if it weren’t for Pat and his facts, 😉 .

  25. what do we have here … not a talking parrot: The nuance of Donald Trump’s rhetoric on China and Iran

    Donald Trump’s views on Iran and China may be misunderstood. He is complimenting both countries for making America look stupid, not declaring his intention to destabilise either.

    Definitely not the jew talk.
    jew’s sole path to superiority, now widely and unconsciously adopted by everyone else is to denigrate everyone else in order to glorify himself or at least make himself look more acceptable:
    Saddam is a killer
    Gadaffi, the brutal dictator,
    Putin, the oppressor of his people,
    Assad, committing wholesale genocide against Syrians,
    Iranians, developing A-bomb to vaporize 6 million again,
    Trump, the traitor and Putin’s pawn
    and so on, the same hackneyed formula straight from Talmud (Jesus boiled in semen, Mary the whore, Amalek, Canaanites, Persians, Egyptians, Philistines, Syrians, Germans, Romans, all must be annihilated because they oppressed poor, innocent Children of G-d)

    whether by osmosis or direct order from above, this has been the sum total of american foreign policy in the last 100 years.

    thank you Adam Garrie for daring to look out of the box.

    And Trump takes a refreshingly different line – totally un-yid.

  26. Trump’s actions to be JUDGED right now includes his choices for who will run his administration.

    Trump has chosen one of the ‘security’ guys who allowed WTC attack by Mossad under Bush.

    **The director of Israel’s Mossad spy agency, Yossi Cohen, has secretly met with US President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team, according to reports.

    In the past, the person holding this position has often been the first to brief the president on any terrorist attack happening within the United States.

    Soooo.. last Tuesday Trump announced that Thomas Bossert, former deputy homeland security adviser to President George W. Bush, would be his White House adviser on security and counter-terrorism issues, according to a statement.

    “Tom brings enormous depth and breadth of knowledge and experience to protecting the homeland to our senior White House team,” Mr. Trump said. “He has a handle on the complexity of homeland security, counter-terrorism and cyber-security challenges. He will be an invaluable asset to our administration.”

    As assistant to the president for homeland security and counter-terrorism, Bossert would be Trump’s top counter-terrorism chief.

    Bossert currently runs a risk management consulting firm and has a cyber risk fellowship with the Atlantic Council think tank.

    Trump’s actions would not be tolerated on his TV show, The Apprentice. He would look in the mirror and scream.. “YOU’RE FIRED..!!”

    1. Trump has selected the SAME OLD BUNCH of Globalists such as Bossert of the Atlantic Council for his administration.

      He is using the revolving door at the NGOs for selecting their agents promoting UN Agenda-21, Sustainable Development, Green Growth, climate change tyranny and a host of similar programs…. for control.


      The Atlantic Council is an NGO independent of the US government and NATO, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

      Its flagship annual events are Distinguished Leadership Awards in Washington, DC; the Future Leaders Summit; the Global Citizen Awards in New York City; the Freedom Awards in Wroclaw, Poland; and the Atlantic Council Energy & Economic Summit in Istanbul, Turkey.

      The Atlantic Council works outside Europe and the US also. The Atlantic Council was among the first organizations advocating for an increased Japanese presence in the international community, and in recent years has expanded its focus with the opening of its South Asia Center and Program on Asia. Its Asian programs have expanded in recent years due to the war in Afghanistan and the new challenge of coordinating with India and China on climate change efforts.

      In February 2009, James L. Jones, then-chairman of the Atlantic Council, stepped down in order to serve as President Obama’s new National Security Advisor and was succeeded by Senator Chuck Hagel.

      In addition, other Atlantic Council members also left to serve the administration: Susan Rice as ambassador to the UN, Richard Holbrooke as the Special Representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan, General Eric K. Shinseki as the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, and Anne-Marie Slaughter as Director of Policy Planning at the State Department.

      Four years later, Hagel stepped down from the Atlantic Council to serve as US Secretary of Defense.

      Gen. Brent Scowcroft served as interim chairman of the organization’s Board of Directors until January 2014, when former ambassador to China and governor of Utah Jon Huntsman, Jr. was appointed.

  27. Last night I was talking to a German woman who came to America in 1964. She commented that she returns to Germany once a year. When I inquired what she thought of Germany today, she replied. “It’s terrible, Germany has been destroyed!”

    A short time later, the young white man who was accompanying me grew angry when I began talking about race and the Negro predilection for horrifically murdering white people, citing a few cases like the Wichita Massacre.

    As with those young, white male offspring who will no longer talk or visit with us, I can no longer talk about “certain subjects” with this young man (meaning any topic that might smack of political or cultural substance).

    So how are white people going to resolve their problems when the subject cannot be discussed? Jews have done a magnificent job of brainwashing white minds. All that is left is to legally outlaw any mention of the criminals or their activities and the job is finished. White people have become too stupid to survive in this conniving, lying, cheating, criminal, cut-throat world of Jews.

    Here is more proof; how the masses of the great, white “Northwest imperative” voted:

    Table: “How We Voted in King County”, in Seattle Times, November 16, 2016. p. B1.

    Auburn: Clinton: 54%; Trump: 38%.
    Bellevue: 70%; Trump: 25%.
    Black Diamond: 42%; Trump: 50%.
    Enumclaw: 44%; Trump: 49%.
    Kent: 61%; Trump: 32%.
    Maple Valley: 50%; Trump: 40%.
    Redmond: 73%; Trump: 20%.
    Renton: 67%; Trump: 26%.
    Sammamish: 68%; Trump: 26%.
    Seattle: 87%; Trump: 8%.

    Source: King County precinct returns as of Nov. 8. Final results will be available Nov. 30.

    Just how much brain-dead can a race be? The white race is finished, doomed to disappear in glorious red white, and blue mushroom cloud while marching lockstep behind their new Jewish appointed Führer.”Heil, Trumpler and our glorious new Juden Vaterland! Hoist that Rag!

    1. The goyim believe what they want to believe. The goyim even believe in the jewish nazarener. Maybe the goyim are just stupid and like and want to live as sheeple for the jews.

  28. Trumps greatest success…. even before taking office…. is that all of his supporters NOW believe the elections are NOT rigged anymore… since HE WON….!! 🙂

    That defies Trumps own admissions:

    “The election is absolutely being rigged by the dishonest and distorted media pushing Crooked Hillary – but also at many polling places – SAD,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

  29. Happy new year to everyone
    only God knows if by this time next year the human race will survive the new American fuhrer

  30. pat — presidents have been liars. not all. some have been the real deal. it doesn’t mean trump lies now. we have to wait and see what he does. when he dumped giuliani and dissed romney and gingrich my hopes went up. when the un anti-israel resolution about the settlements came out last week and kerry denounced israel as essentially an apartheid gangster state, which it is, my hopes went up again. that one rocked everybody. the donald is not even in office yet and netanyahu has been seriously demoted. maybe the diplomats obama banished are part of the mccain crowd anyway. and kudos to putin for not responding in kind.
    john (forbestein cohn) kerry is a full-on 13 dan tribesman viking, genuine bloodline hebrew. when a zionista like him can be made to say the things he did last week against israel it means there are some very powerful forces at work behind the scenes making things change. i say be optimistic where you can. it isn’t possible this problem will be cured in one week.
    and it may well be that the jews don’t have as much power as everyone seems to think they have.
    and it could very well be that the donald isn’t nearly the shabbitzy sycophant he seems so far.
    once in office he will define the terms on what it means to be a friend of israel, and the jews will have to like it.
    arch — it’s so true. many americans have no clue, and don’t want to find out. but there is still a lot of space
    between the islands of the clinton archipelago. don’t judge the usa by seattle, a place truckers hate btw.
    peter — a lot of people should show more solidarity with the palestinians. you would think that aboriginal redmen in north america would have learned to reject the zionists in their midst by now. same with the tibetan advocates complaining about the chinese crimes there. apartheid is apartheid.

  31. Trump is an intelligent man who has spent the better part of his life dealing with Jews. He likely knows more Jews than Seymour Zak. Take hope in the reality that he must be Jew wise and so must dislike Jews as anyone who has spent time among them certainly does.

  32. Please try to understand…if kosher Trump steps out of line,the global,wandering….”you know who” will give him a JFK trip to the departed……”they” got away with the USS Liberty and 9/11..7/7 even….100% cert.

  33. Trump can blame congress to cover his “YUGE” (huge) campaign lies.

    But he continued even after the election:

    “We’re going to work on the wall, Paul,” Trump told a cheering audience when the two appeared together Dec. 13 in Wisconsin on the president-elect’s thank-you tour.
    “We’re going to build the wall, OK? Believe me.”

    Maybe he meant … a Wailing Wall… for his Pharisee-Jew family..!! 🙂


    Trump’s campaign was largely powered by his get-tough stance on immigration. A Pew Research Center poll in August found that 79 percent of Trump voters want a border wall, compared with 38 percent of all registered voters.

    But among lawmakers in Congress, the desire to build a wall along the entire 1,933-mile border with Mexico has evaporated. Republicans in both chambers instead support more fencing, border patrol agents, drones and other resources to curb illegal entry. House Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul said he’ll offer a bill with some of those steps in January.

  34. I was not engaged in wishful thinking. I knew early on, maybe the earliest primary debates, that Trump had a blind spot when it came to the Israeli crimes. He sees Israel like a lot of Americans see Italians, not as the Mafia, but as a cuisine. He led some Israeli event, like a parade or something. He also has a blind spot when it comes to Muslims. He really believes in all that war on terror stuff, all the false flag stuff. He is naive. All along people have been accusing him of racism, and the irony is that he is not racist against Hispanics or Blacks; but he does not like Islam. Or at least I have never heard anything that convinces me otherwise. He sees an idealized Israel. I can only hope that he doesn’t sink the entire ship of state in some Israeli boondoggle. On the other hand, name me one president outside of Richard Nixon or JFK (you have to go way, way back) who hasn’t done exactly what Israel wants, I mean exactly. Didn’t Obama and Congress just give them like a zillion dollars to defend themselves.

    What I hope to get from Trump is some real relief from the criminal pedophile network that has dominated American culture. I hope that the CDC under new leadership will go back to real science rather than pharmaceutical fraudulent science. Maybe we’ll be able to save more children from horrific vaccine injuries. I hope that ostracized scientists will be able to be more free to speak their minds on issues like climate change. Maybe it’s the poles shifting, maybe someone should be paying attention to the suppressed voices. I almost see the Palestinian issue as a good distraction. I just hope that Trump doesn’t get bogged down in endless and fraudulent peace processes that cover for more carnage agains the Palestinians. He is on the side of the Orthodox who want to rebuild the third temple.

    My advice to Donald Trump. By all means encourage Orthodox Jews to rebuild their Temple. However, it should not be built on the Temple Mount. It should not require the destruction of any Arab neighborhoods. Israel has sufficient land in other places like all those forests that burned a couple months back. So build the Temple and leave the mosques alone, build the temple and leave the arabs alone. It’s a no brainer.

    If Trump gets us bogged down in Israel then we’re doomed, we’ll never clean the swamp. Fortunately he does seem open to impute through twitter. He is naive and must be informed.

  35. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jewish_Defense_League

    Hey, darkmoon fans– check out these guys… the JDL. If we take into account that Trump is being threatened by JDL or worse… what then? What has politics become other than a whorehouse hell of threats of violence? Maybe democracy is a pipedream– and we live in a threat-ocracy… Trump was our last chance- remember that line? Well… we’re at the end of the line now. They took trump down, it seems. The seeds of democracy might actually be based in individual interaction in realtime, rather than big ideas and big actions. It seems like we’re all on our own now. He was our last leader. He failed us.

    1. Got any proof Trump is being threatened by the JDL, Rick? Or, do you just like to hear yourself talk just for the sake of loving to hear yourself talk so you make up all kinds of bullsh*t just for the love of hearing yourself talk?

      A Wikipedia page about the JDL is NOT proof Trump is being threatened by the JDL, Rick. There’s nothing in the Wikipedia article about the JDL you link to that says anything about the JDL threatening Trump, Rick. Once again, Rick, got any proof Trump is being threatened by the JDL, Rick?

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