What it means to be a Muslim today

By Justin Raimondo 
20 July, 2016

Disclaimer. We regard Justin Raimondo as an exceptionally gifted writer and his website (antiwar.com) as a useful source of information. It does not follow from this, however,  that we necessarily agree with all his views — particularly his view that Osama bin Laden and a bunch of Arabs were responsible for 9/11.  (JSM)

tdy_todd_osama_110502.nbcnews-ux-1080-600I was reading my local rag this morning, when I came across a very small item buried somewhere between an ad for a college and a story about the acquittal of yet another police officer in the death of Freddie Gray. The three-paragraph article had the following headline: “Bastille Day attacker had interest in jihad.”

I thought to myself: No sh*t, Sherlock!

The piece informs us that “Mohamed Lahouaiyej Bouhlel drank, ate pork, and had an ‘unbridled sex life.’ But his computer and phone showed online searches relating to IS and other jihadi groups.”

Recall the initial reactions in the media to the Bastille Day horror, once the identity of the truck-terrorist was known and details about his life began to come out: there were plenty of doubts about his motives. After all, those who knew him said he wasn’t at all religious: he was a “loner” who often exhibited the telltale signs of being somewhat sociopathic. He beat his ex-wife. He did un-Islamic things. He hooked up with men as well as women! How could he be a Muslim, never mind a devout one, let alone part of some jihadist group intent on establishing Sharia law?

And yet it turns out that his phone yielded messages at least strongly implying that he had confederates who were part of some organized jhadist group. And the Islamic State dutifully claimed him as one of their own.

We went through the same exculpatory process with the Orlando shooter, who was said to have sexual “issues”: his attack on a gay nightclub was depicted as “homophobia,” albeit of the internalized variety, and his decidedly un-Islamic habits and lifestyle were characterized as evidence that he was just another “lone nut.” Yet a search of his dwelling turned up lots of Islamic literature and his contacts with the first American born suicide bomber as well as two interviews with the FBI showed that he did indeed have an “interest in jihad.” And this “interest” translated into a vicious attack that killed and injured over a hundred people. The Islamic State claimed him, too – in spite of his alleged psychological “issues.”

This dissonance between the personal habits of terrorists and their alleged religious beliefs is nothing new: it can be traced all the way back to the archetypal jihadists who pulled off the 9/11 attacks. They, too, partied it up: gambling, drinking, etc., right before they took down the World Trade Center and targeted the Pentagon. And yet they were acting as soldiers of a terrorist outfit that wants to impose Sharia law, ban alcohol, veil women, enslave unbelievers, and generally take the world back to conditions that prevailed in 12th century Saudi Arabia.

(See disclaimer above)

How do we account for this curious phenomenon of cognitive split personality?

There are two factors at work here. First, Islam is evolving under the pressure of modernity and the “war on terrorism” itself. Adherents must coexist in the world with Western mores and it’s inevitable that they’ll be influenced: after all, they are not apart from the society they supposedly hate and want to “purify.”

More importantly, however, Islam itself is undergoing a transformation from a set of religious principles embodied in its holy books into a full-fledged political ideology. While the more quietist strands of Islam may be largely exempt from this transformational process, the fact is that the West has been waging a war in the Muslim world – and this is seen by many as a war against the Muslim world. The invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq have played right into the hands of al-Qaeda and its offshoots, so that the theological justification for jihad has been seemingly verified – and the thin line between religion and ideology has been effectively erased.

In any case, that line was always vague when it came to Islam, which, unlike Christianity, or Buddhism, or any of the other great religions, has a prescription for how society ought to be organized as well as how the individual can lead a virtuous life. Sharia law describes a comprehensive social system, validated in the holy texts, and the devout are motivated to impose it on unbelievers. This hasn’t always been the case, and Islam isn’t alone in this tendency toward statism: there are elements within Christianity (and other faiths) that have inspired militant adherents to impose religiously-inspired regimes on the unwilling.

However, this has largely been characteristic of the earlier stages in their development, when the zeal of the newly-converted has conjured visions of a “virtuous” society ruled by religious strictures. Yet this militancy has been ameliorated over centuries, certainly in the case of Christianity, until the separation of church and state has been established, enabling a policy of peaceful coexistence.

What has happened in the case of Islam – and this is a simplification – is that 1) The line of demarcation was never clearly established, and, 2) the perception that the West is at war with Islam has politicized and fundamentally transformed what was a religion into an ideology.

Therefore we get controversies like this one about a reporter for a British broadcaster covering the Nice massacre while wearing a hijab. The PC left is in an uproar over this piece that appeared in the Sun – a rightwing tabloid of dubious reputation – seeing it as a symptom of “racism” and “Islamophobia.” What they don’t get, however, is that while this sort of thing is reprehensible, they are missing the larger issue – which is that the viewer sees the hijab as an ideological symbol, and not a religious one. The hijab in this instance is perceived as making a political statement, and the audience is left wondering whether the coverage they are listening to is biased or colored.

To give another example of the same phenomenon turned on its head: viewers had every right to wonder whether reporters who were wearing American flags on their lapels in the wake of the 9/11 attacks were filtering the news through an ideological prism.

The “war on terrorism” has transformed our lives in many more ways than we see at the moment, and religion is hardly exempt: it is now possible for a “soldier of Islam” to drink, be promiscuous, and indulge in other decidedly un-Islamic behavior, while engaging in “jihad” as a religio-ideological act of “devotion.” It also allows some in the West to engage in systematic denial: to aver that the Orlando shooter and the Nice truck-terrorist weren’t really jihadists, they just had psychological problems that caused them to “go postal.”

War poisons everything it touches: religion, journalism, and everyday life itself. It distorts our perceptions, and makes it nearly impossible to think clearly about anything. It changes us in ways that are not immediately apparent, and certainly not for the better.

The irony is that those who warn us that Islam is inherently violent and anti-Western, and advocate a “global war” of endless military intervention in the Muslim world, are engaging in a self-fulfilling prophecy. They and the policies they urge us to pursue are the catalyst that has set these forces in motion.

Reversing this process is going to be a long and drawn out process: just as the progress of a disease, even once it is checked, continues to have its effect on the body, so the body politic is not easily drained of the poisons that have accumulated due to war. What is required is a fundamental reversal of our foreign policy of perpetual war: then and only then can the healing process begin.


80 thoughts to “What it means to be a Muslim today”

  1. obviously Omar Mateen is innocent and the other individual wasn’t even in France during the attacks – but nonetheless – “terrorism” isn’t a solution to killing off Global Jewry and their Western supporters (in the hundreds of millions ) – a policy of blatant genocide is the only solution.


    yes – genocide is and always will be the solution to the Jewish problem. A good chunk of western society supports Jews so it deserves genocide as well for supporting them. I’ve been advocating full blown genocide the last 6 years and I see my dream coming true every day. Jews will get killed off too. They have no where to go – run or hide. They will be killed soon…genociding the Jews! coming soon to country near you!

    1. Gosh Salman Hossain, if you with your “ideal” of genocide of all Jews and of hundreds of millions of Westerners are representative of “What it means to be a Muslim today”, then surely “Islamophobia” must be a virtue. Get the hell out of our countries and take your qur’an and your pedophilic criminal warlord “prophet” Muhammad with you !

      1. yes – BOTH are ideal cause there IS a symbiotic relationship between the TWO – and this GENOCIDE IS GOING TO HAPPEN…

        as for leaving the West – I already left to try and organize and facilitate such an operation myself …

        if u whites didn’t let the jews infiltrate u and listen to them i wouldn’t be calling for the blood of half your population as well

      2. Prophet Muhammad did CORRECT when he mass executed the Jewish adult men for treason – the Bani Qurayza and took their assets …the Jew Bankers and their women…IF YOUR WHITE MEN did that after 9-11, we wouldn’t be in this situation today with me pushing for genocide on the internet PUBLICLY no matter where I am in the world I can push for it …and IT WILL HAPPEN!

      3. yes, if I push for the genocide of the kikes who will cum to their rescue? MAINLY White westerners of course!

        so who do I gotta genocide ? their cover and protection – Western society…yes?


        WW3 is here ALREADY… and it ain’t ISIS/Daesh or Muslims ha ha ha

        are most Westerners – especially white people ready to sacrifice their lives at the alter of the Jews?

        and continue on hating Islam/Muslims – we can do without u fuckers…China and Russia is going to NUKE YOU OFF the face of the earth…then you will realize all your fear about Islam was a distraction from the devil…and u’ll DESERVE the fucking genocide that u get

      4. get RID of ALL JEWS in your countries…and u won’t see us in your countries…Jews own the money supply in our countries by operating from YOUR countries and since u can’t kill the Jews residing in your countries…then YOUR WHITE POPULATIONS NEED TO BE GENOCIDED AS WELL …ha ha ha

        that is why MOST of the immigrants are economic – and we will end up making u Muslims or numerically insignificant…as for America – BOTH JEWISH AND WHITE AMERICA HAVE BILLIONS OF ENEMIES worldwide…we are ALL PRAYING FOR YOUR GENOCIDES!!!

        HA HA HA

        did u read the article I wrote about genociding the Jews and their White slaves in the West?

      5. Toby,

        Lobro confirmed in a previous reply that Salman is a 100% bonafide Muslim whom he knew in the USA, whom just happens to hate Jews and westerners. Or should I say infidels.

        Now while Salman IS NOT a Jew, he is a radicalized individual who doesn’t give a rat’s arse about westerners, because HE ISN’T one of them. He epitomizes any alien in a foreign land, who lives within as a sleeper, waiting to do harm to nationals when the time arises.
        Salman is a direct result, not of Jewish manipulation, but of western aggression, albeit Jewish led, upon the middle east and Islam. Salman shows us that wherever devout Muslims are, when it comes to the crux of the matter they will defend their ancestral lands and religion, before they will defend their current residences.

        I have not been misled. I simply see Islam doing what Islam does. I simply see devout Muslims, protecting their lands, culture and religious beliefs from western aggression. While, to the most part, I agree they are right to denounce the western politicians for the Jewish puppets they are, what happens in the future, when, there is a genuine problem with Islam as its population rises to match that of the indigenous within? What if there is no aggression towards Islamic lands and the Jew deposed from his throne of control? How do we overcome radical Muslims, first, second third+ generations within, who choose to Islamize our lands, like the lands of their ancestors?

        Allowing any foreign body, the freedom to grow within our lands is merely playing a game of Russian roullete with our survival. With each new generation born, we are simply adding another bullet to the chamber.
        No man can have two masters and it is clear to see not only with Jews and their Beth Din courts but Muslims and their Sharia.

        You cannot integrate aliens into your nation, for in doing so you destroy its very concept.
        I am not easily misled Toby. My views, although wrong, of what Salman is, have mirrored those of whom you have had complaints.
        It is time to accept that, although Islam has every right to exist in this world, allowing it to grow, within the west, is walking on incredibly thin ice.

      6. It is kind of comical almost as their PR machine tries to sell islam as the religion of peace. Supposedly there is going to be peace when the whole world has finally been converted to islam, which actually means submission, not peace, as their interfaith stooges claim. Personally I don’t believe in it. If their plans succeeds and we are all converted to muslims, I don’t believe for a second that there will be peace. Then the various sects of islam are going to battle it out about which of them who has the true interpretation of islam. Eventually the sunni sect will reign victorious but there will still be no peace. Only a global IS caliphate who will murder anyone that resists their deadly brain-meme.

      7. MS –

        Everybody knows… sunnys kill shiits all the time… then shiits are at peace… wrapped in muslin.

    2. Salman,

      “yes – genocide is and always will be the solution to the Jewish problem.”

      Well why not get the ball rolling?
      How about cutting the head of the snake with a well aimed shot from a sniper rifle against one of the ‘top dogs’? You know who they are. We all know who they are.

      Only thing is Salman, those people who advocate mass murder, are always the last to actively partake in it. Do us all a favour and get your head blown off trying. Seriously, you wouldn’t be missed and we could say: “well at least the maniac practiced what he preached”.

      1. no u fucking Britsh/English homosexual… let me tell u something –

        I don’t wanna kill an individual or individual(s)…

        I actually tried to organize an armed coup d’etate in 2010 but I saw the writing on the wall…

        so I pushed for a violent revolution and/or armed genocide as well…

        i don’t wanna carry out assassinations…

        I am a war criminal wanna be –

        I’ve got genocidal fantasies against the tribe I need to unleash…

        UK/US WILL BE DESTROYED – trust me on this

        China and Russia WILL NUKE YOU OUT OF EXISTENCE!

        And take YOUR TOP JEW DOGS along with you homos…

        something you should have done yourselves…

        learn something about the meaning of justice u infidel monkeys…

        1. @ Salman

          Just to let you know that we are having email complaints about you. Three complaints mainly:

          (1) That you will get our website shut down if we continue to allow you to post your “extremist ravings” here.

          (2) That you are not a genuine Muslim but a Jew pretending to be a bloodthirsty Muslim jihadist, so as to bring Muslims into disrepute.

          (3) That if you really are a Muslim, you are a total aberration and that most good Muslims would disown you and have nothing to do with you because your comments are giving Islam a bad name.

          You have already misled Harbinger, so we have been told, because he has chosen to regard you as a “typical Muslim”. Which you are certainly not!

          Any comments, Salman?

      2. Salman,

        You epitomize why we should leave Islam where it is and not allow it in the west.

        You’re a loon.

      3. Toby and others…

        your site will not get shut down…no matter how “extreme” I get

        the truth is that i’m pushing for this the last 6 years and I will soon start making youtube videos pushing for it as well…nothing except God can shut me down…and I have received the go ahead from the Most High right now to push for this…

        there is going to be a FULL BLOWN WAR soon…

        China is preparing to go against the USA in the South China Sea –

        and Russia is preparing for a full scale attack against NATO…

        don’t u think the Jews behind the mess…especially the big ones…also get exterminated in the process?

        or do u not mind if they get away with doing what they did ?

        we should PUSH this in people’s minds – those that are jew wise right now –

        that a FULL BLOWN GENOCIDE is incumbent upon diaspora Jews and their supporters – plain and simple – anything less than that will get you ALL KILLED …

        this is not about me or you…

        this is the trajectory I’m seeing…

        and i’m cheering it on…

        all the fingers on your hand are not the same…so 2 billion Muslims are not the same…

        I’ve got feelings of pure hatred at the Jews but also white gentiles who enabled them in the first place…

        I don’t care about Muslims living in the Western world…they had to go there due to economic reasons chasing Jew currencies OR due to the political situation in their lands – wars and instability caused by Jewish control of their governments and economies and invasions…

        and let me add something…when Europe and North America become uninhabitable…u may have to move to the Muslim lands…and those Muslims who return back…if they have been mistreated may not hesitate to unleash some hell on the fleeing refugees (in this case mostly White Westerners) …that is why Islamophobia isn’t such a bad idea…in the short term its a distraction and in the long run it will get you KILLED…ha ha ha

        obviously I don’t care about the reputation of Muslims in the Western world…since the Kikes destroyed it a long time ago… and Muslims didn’t help themselves out by trying to root out the yhids in their midst

        I am a CERTIFIED jew hater and the Canadian government gave me authorization 6 years ago to promote genocide against them AND their supporters… WORLDWIDE

        In a way, I prefer the Islamophobia intensifies so that they leave the West…and plus, the western world WILL be uninhabitable anyways…so I PREFER Muslims leave the Western world so that they won’t have to die from nuclear poisoning which I am writing about daily…intensely…

        there are literally billions of angry people out there… its not only me…I am good in articulating my point with genuine hatred… and a proper methodology in mass murdering millions…

        justice will be served…

        anyways…what I am saying will come to pass and Jews will not survive either – not the big Jews – they need to go first…

        to see that everything I am saying is TRUE…just read the link below


        a woman predicted in 1968 the exact conditions of the world today as it is unfolding…

        you can see 4 points in the link above – we are on the fourth stage of events

        4. “People from poor countries will stream to Europe. (In 1968 there was no such thing as immigration. —E. Minos.) They will also come to Scandinavia and Norway. There will be so many of them that people will begin to dislike them and become hard with them. They will be treated like the Jews before the Second World War. Then the full measure of our sins will have been reached (I protested at the issue of immigration. I did not understand it at the time. —E. Minos.)

        The tears streamed from the old woman’s eyes down her cheeks. “I will not see it, but you will. Then suddenly, Jesus will come and the Third World War breaks out. It will be a short war.” (She saw it in the vision.)

        “All that I have seen of war before is only child’s play compared to this one, and it will be ended with a nuclear atom bomb. The air will be so polluted that one cannot draw one’s breath. It will cover several continents, America, Japan, Australia and the wealthy nations. The water will be ruined (contaminated?). We can no longer till the soil. The result will be that only a remnant will remain. The remnant in the wealthy countries will try to flee to the poor countries, but they will be as hard on us as we were on them.

        The genocide is coming soon baby…real soon! The prophecy is coming true! There is NO way out. Don’t you think the Jews living in your midst get exterminated as well? The Big/Mid-Level Jews who were behind this in the first place?

        I know if I were residing in Canada right now and a foreign army invaded, I would collaborate with the invaders by helping to direct and form death squads to get rid of 1/3 of the country’s population who support the Jews and Israel. What do you think I would try and do to Americans and Brits if I was their citizen/resident? I would try and help get rid of 2/3 of America’s population and at least 1/2 of the UK’s population.

        Any population that is against Islam and the Prophet Muhammad is better off dead. Since Muslims won’t go out and carry out the genocide themselves, I will do it FOR THEM by inciting non-Muslims. That way, my Muslims won’t do the heavy lifting and the sin is not on their hands. If I have blood in my hands, it’s between me and my God and they won’t judge me for it. That’s why I am pushing for Chinese and Russian troops to murder and rape and kill anything they catch. Since these are non-Muslim troops, I have freedom and leeway in pushing their genocide against the Jews and their White Slaves worldwide.

      4. Toby,

        My above reply (July 20, 2016 at 7:30 pm) should have been directly above this one. Maybe you could move it please?

        There seems to be a cognitive dissonance within posters on this forum, about Islam, as there is outside, towards the holocaust and Judaism in general. Let us not forget that Islam has been very much the nemesis of the Christian west and non Islamic lands throughout the last 1,400 years. Just because you, admin and the many on this forum, correctly see the danger posed by Judaism and Zionism, do not cast away, valid concerns of Muhammad inspired conquest of non Islamic lands, so easily. There are numerous videos and writings from Imams, speaking of taking over the west, through ‘womb’ jihad. And with every Muslim who enters the west, this belief becomes ever more apparent.

        Caution should always be used with any migrant, into any land, moreso, when history has shown past conflict. And past conflict between Islam and the west, made up a large portion of the last millennium. I am no less concerned with Islam and Islamization as I am of Zionism and its plans for a Jewish, world order. I see both as a deadly threat to the continuation of western, indigenous cultural and national stability. And I don’t believe that I am the only one on this website who feels so.

  2. China and Russia WILL GENOCIDE you faggots – if the West was Islamic then the Jews wouldn’t rule over you today…that’s A FACT!

    It’s only your RETARDED CHRISTIANITY that caused this mess in the first place…

    and due to the attacks on Islam and Prophet Muhammad as “Freedom of Speech” while submitting to the kikes about their holohoax…i’m MORE than positive u fuckers need a good genociding

    u’ll soon be liquidated by the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS or taken as slaves today…

    Islamophobia don’t mean SHIT to me cause Muslims are a minority it makes us stronger – NOT weaker…so continue on your Islamophobia and yes, anyone dissing the Prophet deserves to get his head separated from his neck.

  3. http://www.eaec.org/desk/09-17-2014.htm

    Anyways anyone thinking that Islam is a problem in the Western world will soon live to regret not having fought off the Jews. I am promoting genocide every day now – for the last 6 years.

    Anyone who thinks that I am a Jew or a non-Muslim should die with the Jews and Christians. They have declared Takfir on me and their blood is also permissable to shed for allying with the Jews and Judeo-Christian. I am a survivalist. Getting rid of the jews and their supporters is top priority. I see death and destruction happening very soon. The quicker the better. After this is all over, there will be no more Terrorism, Usury, and War the way the Jews have been pushing for the last 400 years using European Christians as proxies. Justice is coming. The chickens are coming home to roost.

  4. yes, I am a war criminal wanna-be against Jews and their White slaves in the West – technically that isn’t “Terrorism” – I wanna see millions wiped out of existence.

    Jewish blood is delicious.

  5. Islamophobia is good because it weeds out the strong Muslims from the weak ones. It is fantastic because it will show what extent certain Muslims like me will do to destroy the Western world – and that isn’t “terrorism” or lone assassinations like that clown Harbinger things – it is FULL BLOWN GENOCIDE. That is what i’ve been pushing ALL OVER THE INTERNET the last 6 years. The more you hate Muslims the better it is. I hope Iran and Pakistan start lobbying China and Russia to NUKE NATO member states out of existence!

    1. Hey Salman,

      Haven’t you heard? Nukes don’t exist.

      But for the sake of argument, even if Nukes exist, what are the odds of nuclear war breaking out?

      I did a 15-minute engine search — sorry, 15-minutes is about all I care to waste on “Nukes” — but couldn’t find an actuary or any actuarial statistics that could tell me. In case you don’t know, an actuary is a person whose job is to tell insurance companies how much they should charge people for insurance based on risks.

      Curiously, you can buy insurance to guard against the risk of a terrorist attack but you can’t buy a policy specifically for a nuclear attack, as the risk, I assume, is so statistically low and improbable, and not because nukes don’t exist, of course; but you and I know better, right? 😉

      @ Pat

      Pat, do you know of any Oy Veygas bookies giving good odds for a Nuke Attack? LOL

      If you can’t believe a Jew, I mean, seriously, who can you really believe?

      In 2002, the kikes of Jew-SA passed the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA) but, guess what, it doesn’t cover “nuclear” attacks!?!?

      Concerned about the limited availability of terrorism coverage in high-risk areas and its impact on the economy, Congress passed the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA). The Act provides a temporary program that, in the event of major terrorist attack, allows the insurance industry and federal government to share losses according to a specific formula. TRIA was signed into law on November 26, 2002, and renewed again for two years in December 2005. Passage of TRIA enabled a market for terrorism insurance to begin to develop because the federal backstop effectively limits insurers’ losses, greatly simplifying the underwriting process. TRIA was extended for another seven years to 2014 in December 2007 and renewed again for six years in January 2015. The new law is known as the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act (TRIPRA) of 2015.

      Source: Insurance Information Institute

      1. LOL…the kikes realized that “terrorist” groups can’t unleash nukes but ONLY states can. What about the neutron bomb Andrew?

      2. what about the EMP attack Andrew? when the electrical infrastructure in the Canada/USA is ALL cut off!!!

        how will u eat then?

      3. perhaps “nukes” fall into something like on its own category – like the “act of God” category?

      4. The TRIA act means the insurance companies can unload future September 11th/ Silverstein scams on the gullible public. This will open the floodgates for ever higher payouts for “evil Muslim acts of terrorism.”

        So do you think we might see more “major terrorist attacks” after wealthy landlord Jews like Silverstein are insured by gubment backing? Oh lawdy! What are the odds, what – are – the – odds?

        America dies while Jews get rich, such a deal! – for Jews my friend. They just never quit. However, this payout will not be tendered in those mythical tax dollars that supposedly support the gubment; it will be paid by the JED (Jew Fed), who will print it up at usurious interest and loan it to the gubmemt. Result? Higher inflation.

        Your worthless Jew Toilet-Paper shekels will buy less and less while the Jew grows ever wealthier and fatter; just like they did in the Wiemar republic. Just how fucking dumb can the goyim be – or remain? When will they wake up to the fact they been “screwed, blued and tattooed” as we used to say in the corps.

        What a world. Jesus wasn’t a Jew, but Hitler was. Nuclear weapons don’t exist but Muslim terrorism does. September 11th was a false flag, but they really did send a man to the moon. And best of all, ‘merica is the greatest cuntry in the wurld.

        There is but one “hope” left for the awake and aware – a quiet death in their sleep, because it ain’t going to be a pretty end for all those brain-dead sleepwalkers out there.

  6. Harbinger, you can expel ALL the Muslims BUT you NEED TO GET OUT OF MUSLIM LANDS – AND ALLOW US TO NATIONALIZE ALL OUR BANKS. Plain and simple. Central Banking run by Jews needs to COMPLETELY END. As long as that doesn’t happen, trust me, we will be in your countries raping your women (but that is after most of your brothers/fathers/sons/uncles and men have raped them – so technically we are getting seconds unfortunately). We NEED to take charge of our destiny from an ECONOMIC and POLITICAL perspective. You need to stop interfering in our matters on behalf of the Jews. A few “Jew-wise” individuals on the web are not going to do anything out there to stop the Jews.

    1. “A few “Jew-wise” individuals on the web are not going to do anything out there to stop the Jews.”

      No, of course not, but I’m sure you will 🙂 (shaking ‘no’)

      1. Listen Franklin, this curry nigger nation of Bangladesh is NOT going to do shit. I am closer to the new and rising super powers. They will nuke you out of existence and then I can sleep well at night.

      2. @ Harbinger

        “Toby: Lobro confirmed in a previous reply that Salman is a 100% bonafide Muslim whom he knew in the USA, whom just happens to hate Jews and westerners.”

        I’m not doubting Lobro’s word. I was just relating what others had said to us about Salman in email complaints. Lasha has also heard a lot about Salman from her time on the Xymphora website many years ago… where Salman was once a poster before the Canadian Mounties chased him out of town. Like Lobro, she believes that Salman is a genuine Muslim.

        But let’s face it, Harbinger, Salman is not like ANY Muslim any of us here has met before. He is a totally atypical weirdo. Of course he won’t mind me saying that. He’d take it as a compliment. The last thing he wants is to be seen as “normal”.

      3. Toby,

        Well yes, he most certainly isn’t like other Muslims who have written on this website, but he is testament to the fact that there most certainly are others like him out there. People like him, just like the Jew, pose a threat to the west and any non Islamic land they may inhabit.

        P.S. Our reply thread is all over the place. Even you’ve posted in the wrong place 🙂 .

      4. @Salman Hossain

        If you think that China and/or Russia will wage a nuclear war against the West for the sake of you Muslims, you are sorely mistaken. There is little love between these nations and Muslims (conflicts with Uighurs, Chechens etc.) Besides, there is such a thing as MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction). The problem with you is that you think whole nations are as MAD as you are. Fortunately that is not the case, alhamdulillah

      5. Dear Mr. Franklin Ryckart from the white trash brigade,

        China and Russia have NUKES they will use BUT NOT because of love for Islam/Muslims. They will do it out of their OWN INTERESTS. NATO is surrounding them both. You think they will sit quietly and take shit like defenseless and weak Muslim nations have done? This is something YOU COWARDLY Judaized Westerners have done on weaker peoples and if I were a white man I’d be embarrassed at the REAL casualty figures of up to a QUARTER MILLION DEAD WESTERN TROOPS in Afghanistan and Iraq the last decade and a half.

        In China, India, and Russia – Islam has a VERY strong presence. I live nearby those lands. Let me tell you something – the conflict is NOT religious. It’s about territorial integrity and autonomy. China, India, Russia have WAY MORE Muslims outside of Xingjiang, Kashmir, or Chechnya. However, they don’t wage a war against Islam like the way the Western world does on behalf of Israel and the fucking Jews. Do you get it? China has upto 150-200 million Muslims according to some estimates. Muslim numbers are underestimated. It’s only 50 million Muslims in Xingjiang. The rest of the country may have another 100 million Muslims. Officially, China claims 2% Muslim. Some cases 3%. The US State Department claimed 5% one time. Other estimates put it at 10-12% (MAX). India on the other hand has 300-350 Million Muslims and the percentage ranges from at LEAST 20% according to Wikileaks to as much as 30% in some extreme estimates. I talk to Hindus every day and they tell me the numbers are WAY greater than officially admitted (15%). Russia is anywhere from 15-25% Muslim. Whatever you think, they do NOT have an official Israeli/Jewish policy of Islamophobia and Xenophobia like the Western nations do.

        I am from Canada and I can tell you this is a FULL BLOWN WAR on Islam. NOT just restricted to some geo-political conflict and hot war somewhere in the MIddle East or East Africa or South Asia or South-East Asia or the Caucuses or Central Asia or wherever. Like I said earlier, China, India, and Russia have WAY more Muslims than the regions that are seeking independence and YET the religion is EXPANDING outside of those regions in the country. On TV you hear of Rohingya Muslims in Burma getting killed BUT most Muslims in Burma are NOT Rohingya. And they are not treated well – that is true – but NOT oppressed to the extent as the Rohingya are mainly due to RACIAL reasons. Do you know how many people become Muslim in China,India, Russia EVERY DAY OUTSIDE of the Muslim majority border regions?

        The Israeli and Jewish attack with their white gentile proxies on Islam and Muslims is mainly DUE to to religion now. It’s not the West Bank settlements. It’s not Gaza. It’s not the Middle East. It’s PURE ISLAM. Islam is EXPANDING as a religion in China, India, and Russia. Do you know this?

    2. Salman,

      First off, I’m not in your lands.
      Secondly I have no control over your banks.
      Thirdly I have never raped my family members, nor would I ever allow them to be raped, including non family members as well.
      Fourthly, I’ve never interfered in the affairs of ANYONE.
      Fifthly, you seem to think I give a s**t what you think.
      Sixthly, you, the rest of Islam and Judaism, can go on a one way trip to Mercury, for all I care.


        DO you KNOW who controls the money supply of the third world? IMF/WB and the BIS. They issue the VOLUME of currency a country can have AND to top it off they control its EXCHANGE RATE with respects to the US BP and Euros. They control the VALUE of a CURRENCY. Yes? No?


        By you, I mean “you” in the PLURAL sense (not in the singular/individual/personal sense). So your genocide at the hands of Chinese/Russian troops is fully required. Social Credit is the MAIN REQUIREMENT in running a coutnry’s economy. What did Nick Griffin say about getting the banks off the third world? Are you FUCKING STUPID or what? Free us economically and politically then we won’t be in your stupid countries. I am pushing for a genocide the last 6 years so that no one from the inferior races will EVER want to immigrate to your lands. The land will be TOTALLY uninhabitable when that happens.

      2. And again, Salman the simple minded strikes again. Well there’s a shock for you.

        Again, just for you:

        1. I do not have control of my banks.
        2. I suggest if you have a problem with the banks, you take it up with the bankers.
        3. And to further prove the madness within you, you want to exterminate us, because of what bankers do, whom we have no control over?

        Salman, ever thought of playing ‘tig’ with the traffic? How about jumping off a very tall building without a parachute? Then again, you can do us all a favour and just leave the west? Like I stated already, you won’t ever be missed.

      3. Harbinger, I have ALREADY left. To try and organize genocide. I am NOT in the West. Did you not use something called google? I know you can’t take over your banks. Neither can your people. If you ALL die then the bankers will have NO ONE ELSE to enslave EVEN if they somehow manage to survive and get away with it, capische? you are their proxies..your death is our freedom.

        what do you mean you have no control over them?

        why do you pay your mortgages, loans, and credit cards? you can’t get rid of them? is that how WEAK you (PLURAL) are? HA HA HA…
        then such a weak people CERTAINLY DESERVE GENOCIDE!!!

  7. Toby,

    since I am dragged into this thread entirely against my will, let me just show you all the GRAND WINNER of these exchanges.
    Which means that each and every one of you is a GRAND LOSER, including whoever thought to once again incite these utterly pointless, inane and destructive internecine wars that ultimately advance the Jew agenda beyond his wildest hopes.
    If a supposedly most effective blog in fight for truth and freedom from the Jew’s yoke around our necks and especially minds can reap this harvest of venom, the fight is over before it started.

    Can’t wait for the next “Moozlem-sticks-finger-up-ditzy-blond’s-ass” article, such fun and edifying too!

    Salman, please, if you consider yourself my friend, lay off further responses to these provocations, don’t damage or freak out the site by making these incendiary statements because the fact is that the truth is totally criminalized in jew’s world, we can only speak in code.
    Keep your powder dry.
    As soon as I see these titles, I vote with my feet, I only post here because I checked on Toby’s statement and saw my name.

    Some people choose to hate Islam at all costs (while mouthing platitudes about how fair and open minded they are) and that’s it, nothing you can do except lose your cool and waste energy.
    In the next life they might progress to hating Judaism instead.

    Lord save us from cross-eyed snipers.

    1. lobro, man, I wish every1 here was like you…who’s neutral …unfortunately, the Jew has really fucked their minds over.

      Franklin Ryckaert is the ultimate example of retard. Harbinger is a bit smarter but he is CLEARLY not up to par with what’s going on either.

      If for some reason White Western Europeans DID MANAGE to convert to Islam en masse, they’d just be a modified version of Albanians, Bosnians, Tatars, Turkish Muslims. But the mungie cakes just do not get that. They don’t deserve to live either. I realized like 6 years ago that Western society is clearly a lost cause and they are better off getting fried with them jews, dontcha agree?

      1. @ Salman Hossein

        Franklin Ryckaert is the ultimate example of retard. Harbinger is a bit smarter but he is CLEARLY not up to par with what’s going on either.

        I beg to differ. The two posters you mention above, Franklin Ryckaert and Harbinger, are among the best posters on this website. You have suddenly decided to barge in here, like a bull in a china shop, over-posting to a ridiculous degree and thrusting yourself into the limelight. I suggest you post a bit less because you run the risk of becoming tiresome. You are clearly an embarrassment even to your friend Lobro.

      2. What you are doing is giving Islam a bad name. ISIS would be proud of you. I am amazed to think that Lobro was ever impressed by you. I reckon he knew you many years ago and if he met you now he would hardly recognize you as the same man. In the interim period, I think, much water has flowed under the bridge and you have become so radicalized as to become unrecognizable. You exude fanaticism.

      3. Madame Butterfly…I ALWAYS barge in here…

        Lasha has these nice provocative articles that makes rushing in irresistable and tempting.

        Daesh/ISIS and me are TWO different stripes.

        my strategy is to work with the Chinese, Indians, and Russians in destroying the Jew-run West.

        Daesh/ISIS fighters do Jihad for the Jews/West against other Muslims. Enemy Muslims to Israel that is.

        How do you manage to compare oranges to watermelons?

      4. @Salman Hossain

        Albanians and Bosnians are the most backward peoples of Europe. Tatars and Turks are not Europeans. With your deranged rape and genocide fantasies you don’t grasp that no nation that is sane enough to understand MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) will start a nuclear war against NATO or the US. And BTW what is so wrong with a war against Islam, especially if Muslims are as irrationally fanatic as you?

      5. Franklin,

        the Jews and the West HAS been at a hot war with Islam for the last 15 years at least…have you won yet?

        NO! of course not!

        so do you think for ONE SECOND…you will win in a perpetual war with Islam? NO!

        we are already WRECKING YOUR ECONOMIES thanks to OUR RESISTANCE against YOUR PEOPLE at the instigation of the JEWS…

        we ALL have nukes now – Iran and Pakistan have nukes – and so will other Muslim countries very soon… just wait and see….Egypt and Turkey as well – too bad they got rid of Saddam and Gaddafi…
        we will ALL get nukes very soon…

        perhaps Bashar Al Assad as well when the country is united again…ha ha ha

        As for Tatars and Turks – WRONG – they are MOSTLY white – 90% for Tatars in Russia and 95% for Turks in Turkey – except for Kurds MOST Turks are WHITE – being Muslim doesn’t disqualify you from being White. Bulgaria and parts of Romania (not just the gypsy area) are the MOST backward and suicidal nations in Europe – NOT the Albanians or Bosnians. Sarajevo and Tirane are beautiful and modern cities…compared to Sofia or Bucharest

        see you in hell sucker

      6. Franklin…

        I am RATIONALLY fanatic…

        but I do KNOW that the JEW leaders in the WEST and their WHITE SLAVE population is much more irrational and fanatic than the Muslims I know, even if you exclude me as being an “irrational fanatic”…

        that’s why I have ALWAYS been calling for Chinese and Russian troops to invade and genocide the Jews and Western societies…and it WILL be happening very soon…

        it’s also a VERY EFFECTIVE tool in blackmailing and bullying governments which I did in 2010 and as an inspiration for others as well…counter subversion if you can call it that

        oh btw, and MOST of the Muslims in Portugal and Spain were in fact WHITE EUROPEANS and when the conquistadores and inquisition DROVE them out, they ended up in North Africa or former parts of the Ottoman empire and STILL RETAIN their European Features…lotta families in the Maghreb region of Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria have Portuguese and Spanish features – not just the phenotypes but ALSO 100% of their genotypes show European origins even more than many other Europeans themselves…which means they did very little to NO interbreeding with their swarthy neighbours knowing the history of their geographical and racial origins…

        and your War On Islam is BOUND TO FAIL…keep trying sucker

    1. sorry Joe,

      i don’t listen to infidel Music…

      put me some Caliphate beats/tunes

  8. Whenever the subject of 9/11 is raised in conversation (not initiated by me, I have no axe to grind, I don’t feel compelled to prove my point of view, the facts are nearly unassailable from extensive research on this matter -obvious to almost anyone) I merely ask the person if they have watched the video online with the BBC reporter announcing the collapse of WTC 7 nearly 20 minutes BEFORE it happened, the building clearly shown standing, not on fire, standing untouched in the late afternoon in the background. For people who are not functional illiterates, I suggest the sites “Pilots for 9/11 Truth”, “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth”, and books such as “Solving 9-11” by Christopher Bollyn, “Inside Job” by Jim Marrs, “The New Pearl Harbor; Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9/11″ revised ed. by David Ray Griffin,”9/11 Revealed” revised and updated by Ian Henshall, and others, especially the late Aaron Russo’s revealing the attempted recruiting by Nicholas Rockefeller – who told him well over a year before the event that such a crime was going to take place. For more sophisticated persons, we discuss the facts regarding the strange behaviour of Israeli owned companies Odigo and Converse, the fact that all jewish employees of Odigo were warned (all but four of them who missed the message) about an hour before the event not to come to work at the Odigo offices in the WTC that day. Most rational persons know that there were real casualties that day, including a former classmate of mine and the husband and son in law of a family I know personally. I almost always start my reply to people by saying that I used to think it was the late Mr. Bin Laden behind the attack, that I’m no different from anyone else, but on the weight of the evidence (I’ve only mentioned a fraction) the official narrative collapses. Likewise with many events, with or without real casualties, and accuracy is vital. The point is, however, to what end? Innocent Muslims are being portrayed as vicious psychopaths, and of course, the jewish engineered situation in Europe and the USA doesn’t improve the perception of Muslims, though many if not most are civilized, educated, hard working, law abiding and God fearing persons, like many non Muslims. When I use the expression “God fearing”, I don’t mean it in the common understanding of many judeo-Christians of living in blind terror of a vengeful and terrible tyrant; I mean it from the stand point that properly understood through study and especially life experience, one can come to realize that Allah/God is your friend – a unique and very, very special friend, one that you would never wish to hurt or offend in the smallest way, and one that you would willingly do anything for – but that doesn’t include murder, mass murder, theft, rape, lies etc. as such things are offensive to Allah/God. You may freely kill in self defense when and if necessary; looking at what zionist jews are trying to do to both Muslims, Christians, and others, I’d say they have it coming, sooner or later. Fighting between persons of any faith who are aware of the enormity and vicious nature of zionist crimes and the demonic attempt to set peaceful peoples against each other in a new horrific war in our time only serve the ends of the zionists.

      1. Thanks Gilbert, the same about your work here, with my thanks for making the effort.

  9. By referencing the false flag acts of terror that he mentions as if they were not false flags and then mentioning the anti-Islamic activities of the people involved that may have claimed to be Islamic, the author fosters the very thing that he says is a problem, “Islamophobia.”. He also made no mention of the jewish behind the scenes plans and activities designed to create the problem. The symptom is mentioned, but not the cause. Since the author is jewish, that should not be surprising.

    1. Yes, Raimondo is a Jew (and a homosexual) and he is passionately “anti-war”, but he never deviates from the Jewish controlled narrative (such as “9/11 was done by 19 Arabs”, “Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan” etc. etc.) and he ascribes all evil to “the War Party” in Washington, never to the Jews. As such he is a gatekeeper, comparable to Noam Chomsky.

      As for “Islamophobia” playing into the hands of the Jews, Islam had already its negative characteristics, long before Jewish neo-cons decided to create a “clash of civilizations” for the sake of Israel. In fact such characteristics existed already in the “prophet” who created this infamous sect. I think none of our present Islamophiles here has ever read the Sira (biography) of “prophet” Muhammad, nor a good book about how his criminal sect spread by violence and became a world religion.

      Yes, most “terrorist acts by Muslims” are false flag operations, and bombing and invading Muslim countries is wrong, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t criticize Islam and shouldn’t resist mass immigration by Muslims or tolerate their criminal behavior in our countries. That Muslims are presently considered as enemies by the Jews, doesn’t make them automatically our friends. Here is one reason why they never can be our friends :


      1. FR –


        I don’t understand how anyone can argue in support of sharia caliphate…. Especially those wanting, almost demanding, less government…!!

        It would bring in total government under the strict ideals of a demented illiterate goat herder(NO pbuh).

  10. Mme Butterfly
    I already stated that I hate hanging around these threads and do my best to avoid them and would prefer if my name was kept out of them in future.
    But alas, i am not given a reprieve,

    I am amazed to think that Lobro was ever impressed by you.

    What repulses me above all is obnoxious, persistent hypocrisy, even if subconscious and unintended.

    Thus we have here a flaming gay Jewish chameleon authoring the article in which he peers deeply into Muslim mind in order to explain how “the age old white man’s aggression, looting and atrocities” against Islamic lands spawned a culture of hate that led to 19 jihadis carrying out 9-11 attacks, neatly sidestepping any possibility/probability/certainty of kabbalist involvement, how this is quite justified and thus “islamophobia is oh, so wrong” and anyone deviating from this line is “fascist” (Raimondo loves to brand people fascist, without regard for what the word connotes).
    And because the forum is well stocked with knee-jerk haters of Islam, they completely fail to see this hypocrisy and generously contribute to it, instantly jumping into the Jew-created breach to declare Muslims a sub-bestial species perpetually dreaming of white gynecology, Prophet Mohamed a pedophile serial killer and wife abuser, one poster, then another, the next and so on ad nauseam, never a letup.

    What is a sole, sincere Muslim at the site to do, though hot tempered and combative?
    He tries to keep his voice level but as the gang goading piles up in chain-like fashion, he loses it and starts spouting violent nonsense.
    Thus I asked him to cease and desist and let the calumny blow itself over, there is nothing to be done.
    There must still be some decent minded, level headed people out there and they wisely stay away, leaving the barking circle to the few, demented by their intolerance born of wilful ignorance.

    Jew is defined by non-stop concern with maximizing evil wrought upon humanity, by incessant lying and deceit, his one and only reason for being a Jew.
    Therefore does it really take a genius to understand that one should never, ever take Jew’s word for anything?
    Well, it does, unfortunately.
    Because there is a bunch here that seems to find Jewish angle acceptable as long as it roughly corresponds with their own inclination and they will enthusiastically parrot Jew’s line as the ultimate in truth, cui bono caveat instantly out the window.

    Mme Butterfly, i will take a radical over hypocrite any day and I thus stand by Salman though would like to slap some sense into that pitbull head of his in order to moderate his language and if possible, steer him away from such threads in future.
    Because the future will bring more of them 🙁
    I will head over to Charlie Hebdo for a while for some fairness and balance.

    1. @ Lobro

      “Mme Butterfly, i will take a radical over hypocrite any day and I thus stand by Salman…”

      I hope this is not a veiled attack on me as a “hypocrite”? If so, you have missed the entire point of my post. I am actually PRO-MUSLIM, like yourself, not ANTI-MUSLIM as you appear to believe!

      My concern is the same as yours: that Salman is bringing good Muslims into disrepute by preaching violence and bloodshed and mass extermination of the Jews!

      How can you possibly say “I stand by Salman” when he is breaking the basic rules of this website by preaching mass extermination of the Jews? Do you want this website shut down for allowing incitement to violence?

      1. @ Lobro

        “I STAND BY SALMAN.”

        Amazing! That you should back a man who has accused all Whites of raping and sexually abusing their own children! He has said this many times.

        Aren’t you white?

        Have you raped and sexually abused your own children?

    2. No, MB, nothing veiled, I am not into veils at this point.
      And i don’t even care whether one is pro-Muslim or anti-Muslim, so long as they go about it in a transparent, fairminded way, list your data, theories, premises, points of reference and sources and be able to defend them in a rational manner.
      And I did ask Salman to quit spouting nonsense that might endanger the site’s survival in an already hostile environment.
      But more than that, I asked him to ignore those infected by mindless, unreasoning animosity to something they don’t care to be informed about, which to me implies a degree of mental, if not emotional disturbance.

      And I hope that in future we see fewer of these highly incendiary articles seeded by those whose input we would normally shun at all cost, eg, purely unsourced, anecdotal tales of sexual molestation that subsequently turn out to be Jew manufactured rumors and so on.
      Their intended purpose is to sow aimless anger and confusion and throw us off the track, not to mention to drag the site down into ignominy and disrepute.
      Is it Darkmoon’s job to be Jew’s water carrier?
      What do you think?

      Salman has every bit as much cause to be aggrieved as Harbinger, if not more, yet each of you takes pleasure in goading him at every turn as if he is some caged boar for your pig-sticking pleasure.
      And many-against-one conflicts were never easy for me to watch from the sidelines.

      So please, either drop the matter or keep my mention out of it.

      And I see the good Dr’s unhinged comment … ain’t replying to that, not worth it.

      Salman, I repeat – stay out.

      1. lobro,

        “Salman has every bit as much cause to be aggrieved as Harbinger, if not more, yet each of you takes pleasure in goading him at every turn as if he is some caged boar for your pig-sticking pleasure.”

        I completely agree that Salman has every right to be as aggrieved as I am. See my reply to Sean, at the foot of the page on the Cover Up Slut, You’re Showing Too Much Flesh article. However, his demeanor is appalling. His continued attack on westerners, promotion of rape, genocide and his foul mouth is NOT winning him any friends.

        I wish, so much, that people in the west just woke up and saw life through yours, mine and the rest of the people on this forum. I wish there was a ‘hundred monkey’ effect on society. I wish that our military woke up and staged a coup, imposing no flight zones and arresting politicians and bankers and ngo members. But this is not the case.
        Muslims are killing Muslims in the middle east, albeit funded by Zionist politicians, the puppets of Jewry. Western forces there, actually believe they’re doing good, courtesy of their indoctrination. Dissent will no doubt be met with court martial.
        There’s no doubt in my mind that the fragmentation of Islam, just like Christianity is the result of the Jew, but that stated, it’s up to Muslims and Christians to sort this problem out and get back on path.
        It is overwhelmingly Muslims who are fighting to topple Assad in Syria. They need to sort their house out and stop fighting one another, just as the west needs to stop out of the way and stop funding them.

        But back to Salman, I know he’s your friend, but let’s face reality here lobro; when you get angry, you don’t devolve into a foul mouth thug like Salman. That’s why you and your comments are held in high regard.

      2. Lobro –

        Harb –

        Salmon does me a favor when he writes here.

        He shows how bad musselmen religions, whether sunny or shiity, would be for the world.

        He has done in one thread…. what I could not do if I wrote a book and claimed it was stated by a musselman.

      3. Harb
        Muslims are not killing Muslims
        Wake up from your slumber

  11. ‘The Way’ of Christ Jesus is (at first until the ‘Self’ is crucified) the difficult way, particularly if being provoked. Be kind, regardless of the storm, whilst attempting to bring unity out of discord. The [True] Koran is known as The Gospel of Unity.

    The Covenant

  12. Regarding my implied disrespecting the site by standing up for beleaguered Salman and maybe/possibly trying to damage its reputation:
    I see that a recent article has been taken off the index
    but Dublinmick’s spiteful reference to it (Technical Problems on Darkmoon site-The Man Is Trying To Block This Powerful Information Before It Breaks The NWO Back) has gone entirely unnoticed and unanswered except for my riposte which has now been flushed down the memory hole along with the original writeup by Toby.

    Not that anyone gives diddly squat, not that I need recognition, just saying in the aftermath of Dr Parker’s bespittled invective.

    So, when the same font of anti-Islamic wisdom turns the hose on you, take it in good cheer and don’t blame any Muslims who happen to also enjoy the show because it coincides with their view.
    This planet radiates stupidity out past the solar system …

    1. Lobro,

      Relax! We have our ups and downs. But life goes on . . .

      Your input is valued.

    2. @ lobro

      Not that anyone gives diddly squat, not that I need recognition, just saying in the aftermath of dr parker’s bespittled invective.

      i happen to agree with dr parker’s mild comment. in no way was it “bespittled invective”. he simply pointed out the truth that you were choosing to give your full backing to salman hossein even after he had made the following disgusting comment:


      you know something? i think you are an arrogant bully who hates anyone who disagrees with you and tears your logic to tatters. dr parker has done that and so his reasonable comment is sneeringly dismissed by you as “bespittled invective.”

      you have lost all credibility.

      1. I think you go too far. You have misunderstood Lobro. His heart is in the right place. He has made it quite clear that he does NOT approve of everything Salman says and he has even told Salman to control himself and stop posting crap.

    3. Lobro

      Re: Dublinmick

      I read your comment and took note of it. I was not aware that the entire thread about technical difficulties had been trashed until now. Pity. 🙁

  13. US funded, Syrian rebel organization beheads child

    This is also one aspect of radical Islam. And sadly, to these sick individuals, this means what it is to be a Muslim today.

    Are they Jews? Nope.
    Are they funded by Jews? Very probably.
    Do they want Sharia Law and an Islamic state/world caliphate? Most certainly.

    Imagine when this activity begins in Europe once the Islamic population grows? I can’t say, I’ll be angry, because people in the west are far more interested in what’s on the TV, than actually doing something to stop the funding, by their governments of these monsters in the middle east, turning it into a living hell for the people who live there, who incidentally have done absolutely nothing to warrant it whatsoever. I truly can’t imagine how the parents will be feeling, seeing the picture of this little boy, surrounded by his captives, not long before they decapitate him. Were it my child, I think I would go mad. I’d be on route to where these people are to act incredible pain upon every one of them. It is images like these, one can then begin to understand why there is radicalism in the first place. Problem-Reaction-Solution. The Jew knows how to tap into the very psyche of humanity, turning good into evil at the press of a button.

    We certainly have two very distinct type of Muslims in the world today – the radical and the non radical. Both pose a direct threat to non Islamic lands, one by violent Jihad and the other purely through ‘womb’ Jihad.

    I am utterly disgusted at what’s going on in Syria, as I was with Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan beforehand. Your average Joe may mention how sad they are for this little boy, but it will only be a passing thought, a comment while down the pub, before launching into last night’s Manchester City vs Liverpool match.
    War will most certainly come to Europe, the UK and the USA once again and everyone will be responsible for it, in their inability to act and stop what their governments are doing in the middle east, all to protect the state of Israel.

    1. Re: (((ISIS))) Beheadings and Beheadings in general

      The following comment by a “Barbara W” in response to a recent article at Henry Makow’s site, Are the “Tiao-Kiu-Kao”(TKK) Jews Running China? has stuck with me for several months and now is a good time to unstuck and stick it here:

      Very interesting and important article, pointing out what few westerners realize: that Jewish Radhanite merchants had been trading with China since at least the 8th century, according to Islamic sources: “They transport from the West eunuchs, female slaves, boys, brocade, castor, marten and other furs, and swords…On their return from China they carry back musk, aloes, camphor and cinnamon…”

      Some say that even the famous “Judge Bao”, revered by Chinese, was of Jewish merchant descent, and held several important posts as a financial administrator before being appointed as a kind of Supreme Judge. He introduced the first “Beheading Machines” to carry out his favourite method of execution, which ties in with the Noahide Laws, and even persuaded the Imperial Royal Family to let him behead their beloved Prince Consort for financial irregularities.

      The early Protestant missionaries to China were attacked by locals who accused them of stealing and eating Chinese babies in cannibal rituals. The baffled missionaries did not realize that the Jews had already been established there for centuries, and they were unaware of Central European legends regarding the Jewish Ritual Murders of Children.

      When the Jews were demonizing the Chinese in the West during the 19th Century — in order to justify their Opium Wars — they often cited Chinese cruelty and barbarity, without any irony and with a stern face, of course. Missionaries went sent to China, along with the opium dealers, in order bring Christianity to the Chinese heathens and no one in the entire world of Christendom batted an eye, let alone cried hypocrisy.

      In truth, the missionaries were sent to gather intelligence and to sow the seeds of revolution for the House of Rothschild. The Taiping Revolution 太平天国运动 (1850 to 1864) aka “Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Movement”, with an estimated 50–70 million dead and millions more displaced, was started by Hong Xiuquan, a Chinaman who believed himself to be the younger brother of Jesus Christ. Folks, you just can’t make this stuff up unless, that is, you’re a JEW.

      Prior to 1800, or 50-years before the Taiping Rebellion broke out, there was nary a Christian to be found in the whole of China. Along with opium dealers, came the “Christian Missionaries”. If anyone ever needed proof that Jews use drugs and religion to subvert and destroy people and nations, you couldn’t find a better case study than in China and the so-called “Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Movement”, which sounds a lot like (((ISIS and the Islamic Caliphate))) of today, if you ask me.

      BTW, the kikes are still using the same damn tactic today (i.e. demonizing the Chinese as barbarians and eaters of dogs and cats and other lovable creatures.) Jews and their sayanim are presently, as I write, ratcheting up their propaganda war on China to get the dumb goyim ready to go to a real war against China once more for their British Lord (of the Jews) Jacob Rothschild.

      In the last decade or so, the Jews have added human fetuses on the Chinese menu — again, this is, more than anything else, the classic case of Jews projecting their own evil traits onto the people they wish to destroy. For those interested in finding out how this nasty fetus-eating Chinese meme got started, I recommend (though it’s rather academic writing and on contemporary Chinese art, no less) Meiling Cheng’s Violent Capital: Zu Yu on File.

      Here’s a short sample of her writing and an excerpt that caught my literary attention:

      Eating People was enacted just a month before the exhibition Fuck Off. The exhibition catalogue, in its indexical manner, includes two photos from Zhu’s xing-wei, along with a brief statement that reads like a manifesto for the performance. In this text dated 17 October 2000, Zhu bluntly raises the question: “Why cannot people eat people?”

      He traces the interdiction against cannibalism to the arbitrary sense of morality, which, he believes, changes from time to time simply to cater to our “so-called needs of being human.” Thus, Zhu concludes: So long as it can be done in a way that does not commit a crime, eating people is not forbidden by any of individual’s or society’s laws or religions; I herewith announce my intention and my aim to eat people as a protest against mankind’s moral judgment that [one] cannot eat people. (192)

      Though deeply repulsed by Zhu’s action, I must admit that I feel involuntarily amused by his statement, by his incessant droning on and on with the phrase, “shiren,”or “eating people,” and his simple, if ghastly, logic of gastronomic protest. Getting past my own disgust, I am confronted by a certain “tragic gaiety”— akin to what W.B. Yeats describes in his poem Lapis Lazuli. Regarding life as a lofty tragedy, rather than a melodrama that inspires sentimentality, Yeats describes the seasoned reaction to life’s vicissitudes as detached gaiety, for:

      All perform their tragic play […]
      They know that Hamlet and Lear are gay;
      Gaiety transfiguring all that dread. (Yeats 1938)

      For those not interested in art nor inclined to read the article, I’ll briefly sum it up like this:

      About 16 to 17 years ago, there was an art movement in China called “Shock Art”. For your information and in the interest of full disclosure, I may have been the one who unwittingly started it, in 1999, when I hurled 2 buckets of blood on the statue commemorating the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre. (Click to see photo.) The clientele of this “Shock Art” was 100% Westerners and, needless to tell Darkmooners, 99.99% of the Westerners were Jews.

      As a way of outdoing the competition and in a kind of ‘let’s see if I can do the most outrageous and shocking thing so that some (((important art collector from the West))) will make me a rich and famous artist’, a depraved Chinese artist by the name of Zhu Yu (Zhu is pronounced “Jew”) decided to eat a fetus and photographed himself doing it. Voilà! That’s how the meme got started.

      If it’s of any consequence, or what ended up as ‘poetic justice’, the artist vomited (he couldn’t stomach it) after eating the fetus and had a nervous break down for several weeks after the “performance”. Needless to say, the Chinese public was completely shocked and or dumbfounded by his art. His art wasn’t very popular in China, to say the least and certainly not to Chinese tastes, that’s for sure; nor was his art popular in the West for that matter, but I think he did eventually sell a few of his photographs to some kike from Jew York Shitty.

      1. JFC –

        I totally support your continuing exposure of ALL Rothschilds..!!!

        To simply state ‘Jews’ or even ‘Pharisee-Jews’ is not enough. They need to be named, personally, to be charged..!!!

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