What would a war between Russia and the USA look like?

By The Saker

Ruined city“What would a war between Russia and the USA look like?” This must be the question which I am most frequently asked.

To be honest, I don’t know.

It all depends on so many different factors that it is pretty much impossible to predict. That does not mean that it cannot, or will not, happen. There are numerous very bad signs that the Empire is now acting in an irresponsible way . . . 

THE SAKER:   (An excerpt from the article)  If Hillary Clinton makes it into the White House in November, then things will become really scary. Remember how I said that no US President would ever sacrifice a US city in defense of a European one? Well, that assumes a patriotic President, one who loves his country. I don’t believe that the Neocons give a damn about America or the American people, and these crazies might well think that sacrificing one (or many) US cities is well worth the price if that allows them to nuke Moscow. Any theory of deterrences assumes a “rational actor”, not a psychopathic and hate-filled cabal of “crazies in a basement”.

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  1. The war has BEEN going on for quite some time, now. It is being orchestated out of City of London. All the “combatants” monitor market trends, IPOs, religious motivators, agricultural production, and consumer habits. After a pawn realizes the nature of the war, he/she settles into a functional role which suits his personality. Some pawns get bumped-off. Some become more significant pieces. None can ever become “King”. The battle for that position will never happen.

  2. Amazing, I just posted the Jew’s forthcoming answer to a number of the points raised in this article, see comment here: https://www.darkmoon.me/2016/europe-in-its-death-throes-whos-to-blame-4-short-videos-14-mins/#more-39176. Read my comment “Arch’s theater of the absurd.”

    Isn’t it nice to know humankind spends the majority of its efforts on contemplating, pursuing, supplying and executing warfare at the expense of everyone and everything on the planet? Could it be because all three of the planets major religions are death cults focused on thoughts of greed, power, death and destruction?

    For many years I was an avid military fanatic and spent much of my youth reading about the world wars. I grew up in the military happily living with the spectre of nuclear destruction hanging over my head. It took an enlistment in the Marine Corps to cool my adore for the military.

    Yet the fascination lingers, a fascination I cannot completely walk away from. The internet provides a hereto fore unprecedented ability for the average person to immerse themselves in man’s insanity to man. The number of photographs made available on the web is beyond anything ever even remotely available in a paper format.

    Looking at photographs like those on this web page https://www.pinterest.com/rtsrus/world-war-2/, boggles the mind. There are hundreds of thousands of these photographs, probably millions. After a while, what begins to dawn on the viewer is the sheer scale of warfare. How much it has impacted everyone, past, present and future, especially in terms of lives and resources. But even this is merely a glimpse of these horrors as I have come to realize the true scale of modern warfare exceeds human comprehension. This, more than anything, is what these photographs impart. After a while, the images will make even a hardened stomach churn.

    Average humans tend to frame everything around their own, small, personal world. This is why they continue on with these destructive policies; they never grasp the bigger picture. This point was driven home the other day while I was talking to a friend’s 38 year old, college edjewmacated, son who fancies himself as some sort of dark mystic, able to access powers unavailable to the uninitiated. He was gushing over a book of nonsense he had written about “magick,” when I steered the conversation around to the world at large. Then this adult white male began bloviating about the dangers of a Trump presidency and how Bernie Sanders was the only real choice in the election who could save America.

    I began talking about the Jewish influence in American government and he immediately dismissed the issue as “just one of those crazy conspiracies about Jews running the world” he was smart enough not to buy into. I asked him “what about what’s going on in Europe?”
    “What about it?”
    “What do you think about the immigration situation in Europe?”
    His reply? “I don’t know anything about that. What goes on in Europe really doesn’t concern me.”

    Then there was the PhD, a tenured university professor, who, when queried about a historical incident replied: “I don’t know anything about that. I don’t spend anytime on history as that subject really doesn’t interest me and it’s not important anyways.”

    What is most astounding in these incidents is not the abysmal ignorance about what has led to very real problems in the world, but the utter indifference to the possibility of finding new information on these subjects. Apparently edjewmacation has instilled a mental block to any and all information that doesn’t fit among the individual’s minuscule view of the world. “I know beyond any shadow of a doubt, the earth is flat! If you try showing me any evidence to the contrary, I will plug my ears and sing, na, na, ne, na, na,”

    1. Sounds familiar enough 🙂

      I always rub it in deep onto such morons by my unapologetic admiration for the Fuhrer and explanation that National Socialism is the cure for the world. And then I express how much I detest degenerated maggots like these edjewcated fools. To hell with them! As far as I’m concerned they’re the enemy and as such deserve to be bludgeoned in their own living rooms.

    2. I’ve experienced much of the same and it’s very depressing. Your comment on TOO analyzing the subliminals was great. I’ve found that the only advertising that is pro White is in gardening catalogues. Don’t “people of color” garden?

      1. Speaking of colour.

        WE whites are the real coloured people, not the brownskins. We have blond hair, brown hair, black hair, red hair, all in light and dark and many colour tones. We have blue eyes, brown eyes, green eyes. The brownskins only have black and brown in various shades, eyes and hair.

        We are the unique, coloured and most capable people on this planet.

      2. what’s your point, 1138?

        As a “half-breed” (and unapologetic NS admirer like yourself) I have my father’s blue eyes and skin that makes me look like a So. Californian with a permanent tan. AND hair with a kind of “dirty blond” look. Hell, I look more like an Aryan surfer dude than an Indian!

      3. Brownhawk,

        Well, my point was to express racial awareness, not to put anyone else down. Is that allowed?

        To clarify, I prefer any National Socialist over some edjewcated fool who considers himself ‘too smart to not buy into’ what we are mostly disgussing here, regardless what race he is.

      4. 1138

        I knew where you were comin from. You know mine If you’ve read my posts on native legends which relate how the races came about, i.e. that they are an invention of a rogue force which turned “Man” into “mechanical man”, in our case, “hu-man”

      5. 1139, since you are a NS buff – you must know that Hitler preferred the Germans had converted to a martial religion like Islam rather than what he called a “sissy” religion like Christianity – right? or no?

        he didn’t just respect Islam as I respect Buddhism or admire National Socialism since its ideals are aligned with Islam and Benevolent Fascism – he had rather hoped the Deutsche Volk had converted en masse to the religion instead of Christianity…cause deep down Islam’s spiritual ideas were 100% compatible with National Socialism and he saw that when visiting Muslim countries/societies…

  3. Retired General Wesly Clark said, (in an interview on Youtube) , that he was told by a serving officer that America planned to destroy 7 countries in 5 years.

    WW3 has already started.

  4. From interviews with the Ukrainians who have been fighting the Russians .. it’s really gonna hurt! Especially war/battles at the borders.
    Battle plans/tactics flies out the window as the radars and communications are interfered/stopped and (impossible to simulate and practice) Iskander, Smerch, etc., starts arriving.
    I can easily imagine hearing the same reports from ISIS, in Syria.

    Forget about rah! rah! the mighty A-10 and Apaches. Flying combat through the foggy woods, over hill and dale? That ain’t gonna happen. Not for long, anyhow. The absolute last place you’d ever wish to deploy A-10 and Apache, is there. The Apache is supreme at flying turkey shoot sorties with Hellfire, etc., especially infra-red at night, from a mile or two away. The A-10? Advances in MANPAD, especially, offers them a very limited life expectancy.
    US/NATO pilots rarely if ever, fly against capable air defenses.

    Remember the “Apaches to the rescue” in Kosovo? I do. Or rather the Apaches arriving and sending out two separate test/probe sorties. Neither survived more than an hour, and no more combat sorties were ever flown. The rest of the vaunted Apache brigade, were then parked at the Tirana air base in Albania, where many were subsequently destroyed by a Serb tree level fighter jet sneak attack.

    The new Verba MANPAD systems, Kornet anti-tank, Smerch MLRS, S-300/400 and all the rest, compels one big question.. Is US/NATO out of it’s effing mind?!

    1. Geronimo would be proud, and if it’s gonna happen anyway, go down blastin’…

      “today is a good day to die”


  5. I really don’t think there will be a war between the USA and Russia, simply because Russia will not swallow the bait, which was clear to see with Turkey’s shooting down of their plane in Syria. Nato’s current building up of forces is there, like Turkey’s attack, a deliberate attempt at Russian retaliation, but Putin is no fool. He knows that if he makes the first move, then he’ll lose backing from European states. The USA and Nato know this.

    However, that all stated, what would a war between the US and Russia look like? Well, considering that the US’s track record is appalling, at fighting wars, not forgetting the fact that Napoleon and Hitler couldn’t defeat Russia, as well as Britain in the Crimea, then if the Americans did take on Russia, it would simply be the New World Order’s decision to eventually wipe out the USA’s armed forces, away before schedule and ending their plan of letting Islam do it, or should I say, letting both forces wipe each other out. It would be a lose for the USA, simply because China would come in. The USA vs Russia and China is no point in even thinking about. Russian technology is far superior to the American’s and their ground troops are far better trained. The Spetsnaz are better than the Delta Force, Commandos, Green Berrets, Rangers and Seals. The UK & Australian SAS are possibly the only ones with an edge over them. But would the UK & Australia be embroiled in a war against Russia? Sure, Rothschild’s puppets in government would be rallying to the aid of Clinton, but I think there would be serious unrest amongst the natives, far more than what we saw with the marches against the Iraq war.

    So, it would be USA 0, Russia 1. But I do not think it will come to a conflict, just more scaremongering the worry the sheep.

  6. How the Mighty Darkmoon Has Fallen

    We are taught by the divine Pythagoras that, the reputation of a man is best preserved when he avoids co-mingling with anything inferior; and, that the slightest deviation in principles suffices to bring the best head into disrepute. And, Plotinus has long ago observed that, he who writes or maintains a publishing house, unless he adheres strictly to the minutest punctualities, shall condemn himself to a voluntary disgrace.

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    The only regularity I now see here, at this Christian Palace of Love, is one of unfailing intellectual irregularity, and the innumerable offences and distresses which Darkmoon’s half-baked comatose readers have caused me, are too many to mention.

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    Lasha Darkmoon I forgive, as those whom we have once loved, we can never really hate. But, Monty?! NEVER! And yet, in my opinion, the most effective remedy against him is not violence, but rather my most profound hope that his continuation of belief in his hocus-pocus Religion remains unabated and unbroken, since nothing adds more to a man’s miseries than his belief that all of his unhappinesses originate from a source other than that from which he believes shall save him. Oh, Monty: do you believe? Monty: BELIEVE! I am happy when you believe!

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    Perhaps not so evil me, after all, eh, friend Lobro?

    1. Ellie K,

      “And how come no one misses me?”

      Could it be for the constant melodrama in every post? Possibly your constant attacks on Lasha and wishing her dead? Maybe your unwavering arrogance and contempt for almost every poster here, including Admin?

      “Has anyone else, in the entire history of the Internet, brought the lowly Comments section to a higher state of refinement and happiness than me?”

      Yes, now let me see……Lobro, Pat, HP, Arch, Ungenius, Felix, Phil, Peter, JFC, Brownhawk, Franklin, Gilbert, Karen, 1138, ROJ…the list goes on and on. I would say they’ve brought happiness, you unhappiness.

      “Who here, for example, except me, has ever brought so very powerfully to the mind of the reader the distinct image of the otherworldly Jews eating people?”

      Again, see above.

      Ellie, I strongly suggest you stop looking at your reflection in the stream, or we may have a new flower called ‘Ellie’.

      1. thanks for the plug, Harb

        Ellie’s narcissus is fading
        their withering petals cascading
        down virulent streams
        a pox on her dreams
        the woe from a sternful upbraiding

    2. I never did think of you as evil, Ellie, we know this without (OMG, a full spelling of the word “without”, instead of “W/O”, much better IMO) researching previous postings.

      And the mimosa is ready for another treading with hobnailed boots prior to transplant back out East, b/c (or do you prefer COZ) I am fairly close, back in the Balkans, muezzin calls 5x daily, so feel free to come over and kick me in the shin if so disposed.

      Now, let’s just look at this little bit:

      (…) the reputation of a man is best preserved when he avoids co-mingling with anything inferior (…)

      Ok, so accepting this premise (I guess Jesus and Pythagoras had a difference of opinion there, didn’t they)

      (…) I am no longer warmly invited here as I formerly was, this does not mean that I do not visit this place, the place which I alone filled with such beautiful mystery, and with such gorgeous delicacy (…)

      meaning, you don’t care much for your own reputation, do you Elka (is it Elka or Ellka, the former sounds right to me)? Sorry for questioning everything 😉
      But never fear, you got the brave mimosa always ready to jump into breach and defend your gorgeously delicate honor, a prima ballerina doing Swan’s Lake pirouettes at a crotch-grabbing, horking hiphop session.
      Any nigga m/f badmouth you, I toss dueling glove at him, yo.

  7. The initial question has no answer because it does not address what is really going on.

    WWIII has been going on for over 15 years. It is not a shooting war. It is a financial war between the jewish banking empire, the West, and those opposed to being ruled by the jewish banking empire, the East made up of China and Russia primarily. The jewish banking empire has been losing the war and continues to lose more rapidly as time passes. Time is on the side of the East.

    The jewish banking empire knows that it is collapsing. The East knows that they hold all the cards to win the financial war so they out maneuver the West on all fronts to avoid detractions from the real financial objective.

    Regardless of who is President jewish stooge of the USA, there will be no shooting WWIII between the West and the East because the jewish banking empire knows that they cannot with a hot war against the East. For the first time since the jewish banking empire acquired significant power, war is not a viable solution to their continued dominance all because of the financial war.

    There certainly will not be a nuclear exchange. The jews’ primary desire and their fictional existence is to rule the world, not die along with everyone else that they would like to rule.

    The issue is much bigger than just the USA and Russia, and its about the control of money, not war.

    1. Ungenius,

      “WWIII has been going on for over 15 years.”

      Actually, I reckon it’s been far longer. We can go back to Iraq and look at the fact that from Iraq war one, with the retaliation against Kuwait, for plundering its oil, then into Yugoslavia and onto the war on terror, the world has been at war. We could even go back to Korea, then onto Vietnam and all the other various world conflicts.

      1. Correct, Harb –

        Vietnam ‘War’ was actually a “World War”… It WAS…. WW-III or WWIV.

        Pharisee-Jew historians just never called it WW-III. They left off the accurate label so as to not implicate all the players. They lied by omission. Predictable.

        Also very important.. they would not be able to scare the world with “WW-III is coming” if it had already passed. To continue to acknowledge “World Wars” as such, would dilute the effect of the fear they need for control. At WW-V people would just yawn and say…”OK… here we go, again. Just another WW.”

        Nam qualified as a “World War”…. that being one fought by troops from multiple countries on multiple fronts, such as Nam , Laos and Cambodia.

        Nam war was known to have been fought by troops from USSR, China, N Korea, N Vietnam and Cuban…. against…
        troops from US, Australia, S Vietnam, Canada, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, New Zealand and S Korea.


        Note that Japan fought in WWII but not in Japan. Same with Australia and others.

        It is all a matter of definitions by historians….. with an agenda.

      2. @ Harbinger

        I get your point, but based on how you are looking at it, we would have to go back to at least 1776. WWI would have been something like WWXVI or so. 🙂

        As for global impact, the financial war is and will affect the entire globe except for those people fortunate enough not to have a government like in the middle of the Amazon rain forest, etc. The really plus side to the financial war is that the jews and their stooges will take the biggest hit unlike all previous wars/conflicts that were planned and initiated by the jews.

        @ Pat

        Obviously, your perception of a WW and mine are different. People dying in four small countries does not meet my perception of a WW. The global impact was relatively low compared to WWI and WWII.

        Unlike WWI and WWII, there were no fronts in the Vietnam Conflict. It was a hodgepodge of spots. Unlike WWI and WWII, no involved country ever declared war on any other country. Except for the USA and of course those countries being attacked, every other country only had token involvement.

    2. Ungenius –

      “There certainly will not be a nuclear exchange.”
      “The issue is much bigger than just the USA and Russia, and its about the control of money, not war.”
      I agree 100% there. Russia and US are business partners.

      Financially, the East is JOINING the West…. There is NO war there. Conflicts are for show.

      US sanctions were placed on Russia to give the excuse to make the Russian government adopt policies to increase debt….. as witness in January 2016.

      Russians want what US has…. so, like US Congress and FED…. this year the Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia uses welfare and infrastructure build-up as an excuse for INCREASING government DEBT.

      The East has a HUGE problem with inflation. Russia is at 15%. They need government debt. They want MORE DEBT.

      When it comes to guessing about what Russia will do in the future, I place more reliability on the Russian Administration at Gaidar Forum 2016 “Russian and the world – looking to the future”…. than on media and bloggers. (Even Saker wrote that he did not know.)


      Ksenia Yudaeva: National debt – vice or virtue?

      Statement by Ms Ksenia Yudaeva, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia, at the Gaidar Forum 2016 “Russian and the world – looking to the future”, panel discussion “National debt – vice or virtue?”, Moscow, 13 January 2016.


      Does Russia have a potential to build up government debt?
      Yes, it does, in theory, since our country may boast one of the lowest levels of government debt. Consequently, the development of the government debt market could be conducive to the development of the financial system as a whole.


      By the way, the maximum permissible debt burden is higher in the countries witnessing persistently low inflation and persistently low inflation expectations.

      The long-term real interest rates in these countries are lower, which means that debt burden limits are higher. This is another manifestation of interdependence between fiscal and monetary policies: the more successful the central bank is in terms of securing sustainable price stability, the larger is the room for manoeuvre used by the Government to build up budget DEFICIT and government DEBT to pursue a countercyclical policy.


      An important question is how to finance the deficit: through reserves or through debt?

      Nevertheless, since the commodity market risks are high, we believe that today the priority should be given to DEBT financing(!!) and keeping reserves for more complicated scenarios, when the access to debt financing is even more difficult. Moreover, no doubt that the available reserves serve as an insurance from the market point of view and make the access to debt financing somewhat easier.


      In conclusion I would like to say a few words about how to reach the path of strong economic growth amid tough monetary and fiscal policies and prudent build-up of government DEBT.

      1. Pat,

        “Russians want what US has”

        According to whom exactly?

        “The East has a HUGE problem with inflation.”

        Perhaps, but so has the West. For instance I can report that prices in euros are now the same – or higher – as they were in guilders in 2002. And we already bought in way too high at 2,20371 guilder to 1 euro. And how much value has the dollar lost since 1971, or 1945, or 1913? And that is WITHOUT some degenerate enemy superpower waging economic warfare on you of course. So all in all, Russia, the East is/are doing pretty well considering the circumstances.

        “They need government debt. They want MORE DEBT.”

        Says who? Pat on Darkmoon? I thought you said they had an inflation problem. So they want to increase that problem by getting more debt? Not plausible. When it comes to guessing about what Russia will do in the future I place more confidence in current developments instead of some opinions born out of wishful thinking by ‘interest groups’. And currently Russia’s debt is hardly worth mentioning. That’s a hard FACT. The rest is speculation.

        “Ksenia Yudaeva”

        Sure, a person carrying such a name would want more debt for Russia. No surprise there. Unfortunately for Ms Yudaeva, it’s up to the Russian government whether or not it will drench itself in debt, not her.

        “Does Russia have a potential to build up government debt?
        Yes, it does, in theory, since our country may boast one of the lowest levels of government debt.”

        Irrational hogwash and wishful thinking on your part. Because the US has been carrying the highest government debt for decades and they still keep adding to the pile. And in an increasing pace one might add. According to the logic in the quote above it should not be so. But that’s because in reality it’s the other way round. You see, since the interest (that’s what government debt is all about, not the principal debt amount) owed over that debt is never issued the more debt you need to keep the wheels rolling. Until they inevitably stop of course and things start to disintegrate as you can witness in several major cities in the US, which are similar to 3rd world cities in terms of poverty and safety. To summarise, the less debt you have, the less extra debt is necessary to carry on, and vice versa.

        “By the way, the maximum permissible debt burden is higher in the countries witnessing persistently low inflation and persistently low inflation expectations.”

        Permissible? By whom? That’s hilarious.

        Anyway, there you have another reason for Russia to NOT want more debt already suffering 15% inflation.

        “In conclusion I would like to say a few words about how to reach the path of strong economic growth amid tough monetary and fiscal policies and prudent build-up of government DEBT.”

        More wishful thinking of someone named ‘Yudaeva’. Really reliable.

      2. @ 1138

        “And how much value has the dollar lost since 1971, or 1945, or 1913?”

        An exact answer to your question is that the US dollar has lost 97% of it’s value since 1913 which supports your later statements.

    3. Ungenius

      I think you’re wrong in your assessment of the jews losing the money power. It’s really all a set-up.

      The “Eastern jews” APPEAR to have the upper hand over the weakening situation of the “Western jews”. And while I have no problem with Putin, whom I believe is genuinely concerned about preserving the Russian nation, unlike the traitors surrounding him all over the place, I don’t trust the Chinese leadership as far as I can throw ’em.

      One telling example: while the erection of a statue honoring Stalin I see as representing some form of appeasement to a deluded Russian populace, among other likened appeasements to the rabbis, I see the giant one of Mao being erected reflecting that the leaders of China are really on board with this honoring of a murderous psychopath. And a distinction I make is in seeing Stalin as being Amoral, whereas Mao was totally IMmoral.

      1. What a difference a “JEW” makes and how much more we would have understood Mao and Chinese Communism, and world history, really, if we had been told JEWS had created it all — every single damn war and revolution for at least the past 300 years, for sure, and probably, arguably, for the last 2 thousand years or more.

        “There were perhaps a dozen men in the room. One was a fellow-Hunanese, but would not otherwise have been particularly noticeable. Two were not Chinese: a representative of the Trades Unions International named N. Nikolsky [JEW], and another Soviet agent called Hendricus Sneevliet, a Dutch Communist [JEW] assuming the pseudonym of G. Maring. The gathering was clandestine, and none of those present was to remember the details very well. But the 28-year-old delegate, and the resolves he took home with him to Hunan, were presently to change the world. The man was Mao Zedong, and the meeting was the opening congress of the Chinese Communist Party.” — Lynn Pan or Pan Ling, Old Shanghai:Gangsters in Paradise, Hong Kong, 1984, p. 39.

        Then again, even on those rare occasions when the word “JEW” is mentioned, by one of Canada’s better-known journalists and China experts Jan Wong, no less, it is done in a positive glowing light, if not with a saintly halo. It should be noted that Ms Wong is married to a JEW and thinks JEWS are the proverbial salt of the earth, of course:

        “Decades earlier. the Lifers had abandoned the West to live in China. A disproportionate number were Jewish. Just as Jews supported the Civil Rights movement in the United States, they joined China’s struggle to create a new society. My husband, Norman Shulman was merely the latest in a long line of idealistic Jews to land in Beijing. During the Cultural Revolution, four of six Lifers jailed in the notorious Qincheng Prison were Jewish, including Eppie. Sidney Rittenberg, an American, held the record. He spent 16 years in solitary confinement during two prison terms.

        Most Lifers had arrived early enough to witness the founding of the People’s Republic on October 1, 1949. Almost all had met Mao. Without complaint, they survived the deprivations of the 1950s, the famine of the early 1960s and the ordeals of the Cultural Revolution.

        The majority saw themselves as a wing of the Ministry of Propaganda. Indeed, many actually worked for Chinese propaganda organs “polishing” revolutionary rhetoric translated from the Chinese. Eppie, for instance, was editor-in-chief of China Reconstructs, later called China Today. Even after the Tiananmen Massacre, people like him continued to offer sanitized pictures of China” — Jan Wong, Jan Wong’s China: Reports from a not-so-foreign correspondent, Doubleday Canada 1999, pages 141-142.

  8. 2 things i tend to harp on, so why not again.

    If the rise of petroyuan with the consequent destruction of petrodollar is a reality outside Rothschild’s plan, then the parasite’s survival as such is in question, unless jews rapidly enroll in community colleges to pick up trade skills like cabinetry, bricklaying and farming, because all their reliance on debts will be exposed for a psycho-sham it is, a creditor’s power is entirely in the debtor’s acceptance and the ability to enforce the deal.
    So yea, jew feels the ground shaking under him, hitler was just a warning tremor, this one will be real and hence the panic, war being the only solution – again, unless pat’s take on it is correct, just another instance of jew theater.

    If the axis of resistance is a reality and not paid actors as Pat maintains, then in case of uncontrolled escalation, their primary goal and the only way to stem catastrophic gotterdammerung is to chop the head of the snake off, early and completely, whereupon the shabbo servitors may come to their senses and start talking in earnest.
    And to show their good faith, lampposts will do a double duty.

    So truly (unless Pat is right), Jew is between a rock and a hard place, hard labor or firing squad.

    Is Pat right?
    Well, i certainly hope not, so my analysis will be somewhat skewed, i recognize this bias.
    But, if he is right, then the following observations sure seem like flies in that ointment.

    First, the fact that the main actors of the putative axis of resistance are all free of foreign debt and the size of foreign debt relative to GDP is the surest sign of the “666” leash.

    Next, the smothering presence of various jew organizations, lobby, think-tank pseudo-academia, media ownership (and to repeat, jew media ownership is no good unless it is a 100% monopoly, any countervailing opinions spark independent thinking and fact checking which is anathema to jew) – and observe the scarcity of jew penetration of these spheres in Russia, China, not to mention Iran.

    When Jew runs the show, there is a glaring disparity between the talk and action, since normalization of cognitive dissonance is his trademark as foretold in “1984”.
    And while the talk is of “universal humanitarianism”, “human rights”, “fraternite, egalite …” and like bullshit, the action is one of neverending destruction, slavery and slaughter.
    This dissonance is remarkably absent among the putative resistance, thus indicationg to me that it is for real.

    Now, the final thought (for today, everything is work in progress).
    On the face of it, due to asymmetric nature of US vs. Russia armament, provoking an all-out exchange that would almost certainly result in rapid destruction of top jewry unless these opposition leaders are utter morons, starting such a war is completely idiotic on part of the Jew and one thing is, he is no idiot and a spectacular physical coward, jew’s safety surely matters to Jew.

    But, what if there are military technologies that the US possesses that haven’t been brought to light yet?
    Ditto for Russia and China … it all depends on whether such technologies exist and to what extent Jew feels confident that he sees the whole picture.
    And here we are in pitch black darkness.

    1. Lobro –

      I am guessing with the rest of the world…
      …. however…..
      a Central Bank of Russia head stated she wants more DEBT…. Selling it to Duma in January:

      Ksenia Yudaeva: National debt – vice or virtue?

      Statement by Ms Ksenia Yudaeva, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia, at the Gaidar Forum 2016 “Russian and the world – looking to the future”, panel discussion “National debt – vice or virtue?”, Moscow, 13 January 2016.
      “….build-up of government DEBT.”


      Russia has eleven times zones worth of land and resources to leverage as debt. China has five more.
      That is enough to keep London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers’ system going for many centuries no matter the name of the debt-currency of the time…. ‘Oil-Yuan’ or ‘Oil-Ruble’ or ‘Land-Yuan’ or ‘Land-Ruble’ or ‘Pine-Yuan’ or ‘Birch-Ruble’…. All will be ‘debt-currency.’

      The War on Terrorism is their latest business model…. paraded out by Bush and Blair with 911…. Now all nations are joining the party.

      In the name of fighting terrorists, there will be a central bank and its supporting ‘stock market-casino’ in every country centuries from now. Chinese and orientals, especially, have the ‘gambling bug.’

    2. Pat isn’t right about the paid actors, at least not in its entirety, and the jews running the show will APPEAR to be between a rock and a hard place if it suits their purposes, which it does.

      How many ways to Sunday do I have to explain the extent to which we joust at windmills?

      And to think, some people call this defeatism, while I call it what it is – realism, which doesn’t exclude fighting to the death if it comes to that, but only in a realistic capacity. Just talk to. say, the Hezbollah and see if they concur

      1. B-Hawk –

        I am still looking for a member of any government or banking institution, anywhere in the world, who is not working for a salary or health-care or a pension or paid housing or expense accounts or credit card or franking privileges.

        Rare as hens’ teeth. 🙂

      2. I hear ya, Pat

        My context has to do with the degree of unwittingness involved with the “actors”

        Think the Bard – all the world’s a stage…

        know what i’m sayin’?

      3. …and in the coming days, they’ll be even rarer than hen’s teeth, if that’s possible

        Think apostasy

      4. pat, u listening to a jew witch babble about what she would like the rus government to do? do you have no common sense?

        lobro makes more sense here…

        but judenrats are completely nuts and they can always do something desperate…

      5. Salman –

        Thanks for noticing what I also noticed.

        Yes, Lobro has always made more sense than the Pharisee-Jews in Russia’s government’s Central Bank, but they never listen to him. They go ahead and do what the BIS, IMF, FSF renamed as FSB and BCBS require them to do as directed by the G20 Board of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors.

        Russia is a G20 member and BIS member. They’re in the “Big Club” Carlin harped about. 🙂

        Lobro may not have given the Russian Government the memo to “Stop that shit..!!”… so they keep following orders from agencies set up by London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers….. and are implementing a “countercyclical capital buffer” debt plan.

        Russia is new at the game. They just started getting into the world of ‘thin air’ currency in the 90s. They will have to get better at it to move along into the 21st century world order of banking. They are stuck with high inflation and low manufacturing and low employment and high prices right now. They made the mistake of not developing more avenues other than gas and oil for the last 30 years. They are tied to oil prices controlled by others.


        June 2011

        “Since their first meeting during the financial turmoil, which took place in Sao Paolo on the second weekend of November 2008, the G-20 has been aware of the problem of pro-cyclicality in the regulatory framework. They agreed that it was important “to address the issue of pro-cyclicality in financial markets regulations and supervisory systems.”

        “One week later, in Washington, they referred again to this problem, now under one of the five principles for reform of financial markets, namely the principle of “enhancing sound regulation.”

        “They also instructed the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Financial Stability Forum (FSF), later renamed Financial Stability Board (FSB), and the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) “to develop recommendations to mitigate pro-cyclicality, including the review of how valuation and leverage, bank capital, executive compensation, and provisioning practices may exacerbate cyclical trends.” Not only these institutions, but also the G-20 Finance Ministers were requested to formulate recommendations on “mitigating against pro-cyclicality in regulatory policy.”

    3. Lobro, don’t forget .. even the best of the best of cynics, bat .850, not 1.000
      (divine intervention not included)

      1. bernie madoff was batting 1.001 for years but then again, he wasn’t a cynic … more of idealist type.
        You gotta believe … 6 million billion return on zero investment plus d-vine intervention to boot.

    4. @ Lobro

      Well said.

      To add to what you have said, nationalism is also an indication of jewish control. Except for Israel, those countries operating under the jewish yoke are short on nationalism and heavy on globalism. Russia and China currently appear to be high on nationalism, not to be confused with isolationism.

  9. The term “cognitive dissonance” is just a synonym for “hypocrisy”, the latter being a synonym for “Pharisee”, which is why you don’t see much use of “hypocrisy” in Jew-print or polite/politically correct conversation, anyone sensitive to hypocrisy is a borderline mental patient, suffering from a psychological affliction known as cognitive dissonance.

    Those not suffering from cognitive dissonance are obese, retarded and near-retarded Wal-Martians, the ideal goy specimen as far as Jew is concerned, healthy acceptance of the World of Monsanto, food and entertainment reality show.

    1. “The term “cognitive dissonance” is just a synonym for “hypocrisy””

      Would the conjunction be “cognitive hypocrisy” or “hypocritical dissonance?” Either way, it sounds like a Jewish malady.

      By the way Arch’s Bible Mystery Theater’s first video on the Tabernacle is almost ready. I will post the Youtube link when it is up.

      “Blood – It’s all about blood, sacrificial blood, the blood of the lamb, the blood of racial purity, the Bible is steeped in blood.”

  10. “… hitler was just a warning tremor,”

    I disagree.

    Adolf Hitler and Hitlerism/National Socialism, although admittedly currently nothing looks further from that ever happening, could potentially become bigger than Jesus and Christianity. I’m not saying that WILL happen. Like anyone else, I can’t predict the future.

    70 years after Jesus’ death he wasn’t known throughout the world at all, and all we ‘know’ about him is hearsay.

    But actual images, footage, Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler’s own literal word exist and and are (still) accessible for practically everyone on earth. Plus Adolf Hitler fought an enemy almost universally hated throughout the world, except in the moronised Western world. When you watch a speech from AH, you feel it in your gut he means it, not like some jibbering politician saying something lame and uninspiring. Already he is admired in many parts of the world. Therefore he could be a global unifying symbol, a messiah. It’s our job to spread the message.

  11. 1138, what I meant is that AH did not have the single minded ruthlessness in him to get the job done, he kept trying to accommodate his enemies and fooled himself into thinking that he could find a common ground which would have obviated the need for bloodshed.

    The Next One will have to be ready to empty the tank, go the whole nine yards without regard for artificial morality of PC.
    He will be the real deal, AH just a tremor in the physical arena, although he was a titan in the spiritual arena.

    Jew must pay and pay he will because AH never submitted the bill.
    That’s what I meant.

    The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that the events will be written by individuals of singular willpower in the right place at the right time and less so by educated masses, although you are right, we each must do whatever we can to bring this endgame about.
    Thus I don’t dread the conflagration but welcome it, better radical surgery than a lingering, choking death by disease.

    1. Agreed, but I still maintain that without the existence of AH the next one wouldn’t and couldn’t. In the same sense that without the figure Jesus this evil wouldn’t have met so much resistance all these centuries. And I consider both of these men the real deal and of unmatched greatness and spiritual power. No ordinary mortals like us. And AH is to date still the worst nightmare the Jew has ever experienced.

      But the gentile flesh is weak and easy to use as a tool of oppression. I too believe that there will be victory. And I don’t even care if my ‘boden’ will or will not still be here after the job is done. The done job is what counts. Let’s at least try to prepare the world for that by unapologetically spreading the ‘gospel’.

      1. Well stated. Both Hitler and Jesus were the worst nightmares Jews ever experienced. However, unlike Hitler, Jesus actually destroyed the Jew’s economic power, their first Federal Reserve System of blood sacrifice. He drove the wedge of doubt among the people that in the end, brought down the Temple as he predicted.

        Hitler was just too nice a guy. If only he actually had worked at exterminating the Jews, the world might be a very different place today. In fact if he had pursued the British Army to capture the bulk of them at Dunkirk, Britain would have in all likelihood never become the island “aircraft carrier” that allowed the Jew’s proxy air force to pursue their unrestricted bombing campaign against Germany.

        But then, if I were emperor . . .

      2. Arch,

        Quite correct. He should have captured the British, modestly invade Britain and grab the Jew out of Blighty, convince the British population it had nothing to fear from Germany, on the contrary, and put Edward or some other British AH/NS sympathiser, who were plenty around, on the throne. Job done.

        He would have been the greatest celebrated man in current schoolbooks, and we would be living in a different world. As much as I am convinced victory will come one day, there is a realistic change that the missed Dunkirk opportunity was the defining moment for this planet.

      3. Some may conclude that Hitler was insufficiently brutal in his leadership of the war, but I don’t buy it. Misleading info received by OKW and OKH from traitors in the Intelligence services, and controlled by Bormann in funneling it to Hitler’s ear is what lost the war for Germany. And his decision to allow the Dunkirk evacuation was not a strategy error, either.

        In 1940, German U-boats were sinking Allied ships like they were shooting fish in a barrel. Even failure to knock out the RAF didn’t cause the Fuhrer and his inner circle to lose much sleep, excepting Goering of course, so long as Britain was virtually isolated with Canadian and American ships littering the bottom of the Atlantic.

        Everything hinged on the Soviet giant in the East. This is where the Wehrmacht was lured to its eventual doom, and I’ll go to my grave contending that Martin Bormann and fellow Zionist agents who infiltrated the Abwehr are primarily responsible for history taking its drastic turn for the worse.

    2. lobro

      the “next one” can only be Christ

      As I’ve written, I don’t see a force in the form of major military might being what wins the day. As much as I’d love to see some magical rekindling of a 4th Reich, I’ll stand firm in saying that although there WAS spiritual power within the person of Adolph Hitler, his worldly attempt at eradicating the scourge could only have served as a positive preamble to Man’s eventual return to his true state as intended by the Divine Aegis.

      I understand how exasperating the thought of Man’s inability to extricate himself from this predicament is. Just ask AH about that one. But I can only reiterate here that Christ knew it would come to this.

      These Gospel verses tell me of the REAL 800 lb. gorilla in the room portending a cosmic wake-up call:

      Matthew 24: 29

      “immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken.”

      Luke 21: 25-26

      “And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the Earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the Earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.”

      1. @ Brownhawk

        Matthew 24 is mostly about 70 AD when Rome came to crush the jewish rebellion. Rome dismantled the temple so that no stone was left stacked on another. What Jesus is speaking about applies to Judea, see verse 16. You have to get to Matthew 25 before Jesus speaks about the end of the whole world which is consistent with Matthew 13:37-43.

        Luke 21 is about 70 AD.

        There are lots of people that will disagree with my persception.

        That being said, if a person is keeping the teachings of Jesus, being his disciple, they will be okay at the end of the world. If they are not keeping his saying, it will be too late for them.

        Concentrating on the end of the world as a solution to our problems is a distraction that keeps people from doing TODAY what they are suppose to be doing. Living for the future is a bad idea according to Jesus.

        There is a very high probability that each person will experience their own personal end time before the end of the world arrives which is the best reason to do as Jesus said TODAY.

    3. @ Lobro
      @ 1138
      @ Arch Stanton

      There is a third one who was the jews worst nightmare and who was the most effective except for Jesus, the Emperor Justinian of the Orthodox Christian Byzantine Empire. The Justinian Code adequately oppressed the jews for about 900 years, no usury, no new synagogues, no government positions, etc. The penalty for noncompliance was death, burning of existing synagogues, etc.

      Ezra Pound studied the Byzantine Empire and said:

      “The answer to the Jewish problem is simple. Keep them out of banking, out of education, out of government.”

      The primary portion of the Orthodox Christian Church is the Russian Orthodox Christian Church. Since jews never forgive and never forget, that is why Russia has been a primary target for destruction by the jews since the fall of Constantinople in 1453 at the hands of the Ottomans. The jews thought that they had destroyed the Russian Orthodox Christian Church with the USSR, but it was just underground. It revived with the fall of the USSR. Russia is still a target for destruction by the jews today which is the real motivation behind why JewSA/NATO is doing what they are doing concerning Russia.

      1. Ungenius,

        You are right. Men like Emperor Justinian should be mentioned as well. In fact men like him should be as well known throughout the world as AH is. The fact that he isn’t just shows how much history is swept under the jewish carpet.

      2. @Ungenius

        I’d like to know what you make of the Christ prophecy as reflected primarily by verses in Matthew and Luke as I’ve indicated

      3. I can definitely see the Russian Orthodoxy playing a major role in “winning the day”, AND the Russian military for that matter, just not in effecting a cumulative victory on the battlefield like the Germans would have 70 plus years ago

      4. yes Ung, Sheikh Imran Hossain, a wise man and theological analyst of note has spoken on this subject on numerous occasions.
        He never uses the name Istanbul but sticks with Constantinople and blams the Turks for having brought shame on Islam with conversion of Hagia Sophia to a majsid.
        he moreover interprets the prophecy of Qu’ran about the renascent Rome as being rightfully seated in Constantinople, since it was the center of Christianity until the fall, itself due to jew treachery, starting with the sack of 1104 by Jew Venetian incited Frankish Crusaders.
        The Franks made off with priceless religious relics and Venetians (Jews) with gold and jewels. The Byzant was mortally wounded by this betrayal and open to later conquest of Anatolia by invading Seljuks horde.

        It’s Jews, Jews, Jews, the bane of the planet.

      5. Lobro,

        The sack in 1204 was preceded by a first siege in 1203 and a first assault in the 17th of July undertaken at the request of Alexis, son of the ex-emperor dethroned Isaac Ange who was still alive and whose eyes have been put out by the usurper.
        Only a year later the crusaders, having vainly waited for Alexis and his father to fulfill their commitment and exasperated to be treated with disdain, turned against the same person who have convinced them to assault the wall of Constantinople in the first place and crossed it again as the army was camping in Galata faubourg waiting for the good grace of the emperor during a year.
        So they took Alexis place and sacked the city in the most shameful way possible, anyway the fourth crusade has already detracted from its original purpose, most of the crusaders, Franks, Catalans and Italians, had already been excommunicated by the Pope after what they did in Zara for the Venetians and were all after that.

        Venitians=Jew. And Genoa, Pisa and other Italian trading cities? Italia was Byzantine for a while and there has always been a rivalry between the cities and Constantinople. There is also the ruthless massacre of the Constantinople Latins, mostly Italians, to consider in 1182.

        Jew Venetian incited Frankish Crusaders. You give jew way too much credit in the 13th century in the context of the crusades. But maybe the Doge was a jew or control by them, if you have a link.
        Blame it on the Filioque.

      6. Phil, my information comes second hand, since i am not a professional historian digging into source material plus I speak from partly memorized mishmash of factoids.

        That’s my method, not the cleanest but I cover quite a bit of ground that way, especially useful to build the overall picture (might call it Bayesian inference), so if something seems to fit the panoramic scene, i spend less time double checking.

        I am quite led to believe that genoa was a Jew town, especially given that Columbus (Colon, mother’s surname Fontanarossa, father a mapmaker, a traditional Jewish craft) was said to have been a Jew (quite a few anecdotes plus circumstantial evidence) was said to have been Genoese (who could barely speak Italian, etc).
        The Venetian role in the Crusades was described by Ariel Toaff, whom I trust a great deal although I may have lost some of the information along the way.
        Jews infiltrated Venice by degrees, first weren’t allowed to set up residence or shop in the city proper but by degrees insinuated themselves into the preeminent position of power, including the banking monopoly.
        They were close to the ruling elite in all these rich trading cities, eg, Dubrovnik (Ragusa) where my father is from, a bitter rival of Venice across Adriatic, protected by Turks as a free port has a street called Judean, with Europe’s oldest synagogue.
        While visiting with friends in summer of 2003, I saw that revolting slug, Ariel Sharon (HBUH – hell be upon him) being manhandled up the steep street into the synagogue, the Mossad service had to physically push and pull the lardass into the narrow alley and through the entrance.
        Just saying … we sat at an outdoor bar in a tiny street next door, laughing out loud (LOL, as Ellie would say) as the security detail gave us dirty looks.

        Toaff has the goods on that history, murky and polluted as anything Jew touches.
        He (or am I putting words in his mouth? don’t rightly recall, maybe Imran Hossain) maintains that the Crusades are Jew-incited because the plan to establish ownership of Jerusalem is part and parcel of Talmudic Messianism and they wanted to wrest it off the Byzantine possession, knowing that they had no influence in Constantinople and Eastern Church.
        So they ensured that the Turk topples the Byzant after sufficient undermining by Franks and finally they dumped the Turk at the same time as Russia, the spiritual heir of Byzant (also the Austro-Hungary, the backbone of Catholic Europe) and within a few years, Jerusalem and Palestina were theirs.

        So, it’s like Protocols, Jews shouting blood libel, except that it all works out in reality to a T.
        Call it coincidence if you will.

      7. “maintains that the Crusades are Jew-incited because the plan to establish ownership of Jerusalem is part and parcel of Talmudic Messianism.”

        I don’t recall Hossain, and I like the guy, saying such a thing. But hey, he is a Muslim, maybe he thought the Crusades were offensive wars, that is what we are taught in school.
        That doesn’t make any sense as the Crusades were first and foremost defensive wars to protect oriental Christians after the fast conquest of the first Christian kingdoms by Islam. What is astonishing is how long they have lasted. I am no historian but I have read what medieval historians, those who understand the Christian medieval social organization, wrote about the crusaders, a fantastic phenomenon touching the whole society, from which Jew has nothing to do with, except maybe the first one when some nazi crusaders thought it would be a good thing to slaughter jews and to use their money to finance the trip. Here is a good summary in the spirit of what I read from French medievist. This is not what we are taught in school I can assure you.
        there is the English translation after the french.
        “The tragic events of 1204 closed an iron door between Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox, a door that even today Pope John Paul II has been unable to reopen. It is a terrible irony that the Crusades, which were a direct result of the Catholic desire to rescue the Orthodox people, drove the two further—and perhaps irrevocably—apart.”

        It’s very true and when the Orthodox called for help in 1453 nobody answered. 1453 is also the end of the war of the bloody hundred years war between France and burning saint England with their lackeys in which the Jews had nothing to do with, just a good goy middle ages war with sacked city by the dozens. The middle ages jew in Occidental Europe were hugging the walls, except in Spain and Portugal with their muslims bros, and in Italy where I am sure they managed to mix some broke Crusaders in the political rivalry between free Italian cities and Byzance like in the fourth. After 1492 and eviction, Netherlands, the reform, religious wars, throne of mars….a brand new OT horse with industry and banks, oh vey.
        Do you think the Italians and Greeks were incapable of perfidious move against each other without the help of the Jews?
        I am pretty sure the Jews had also nothing to do with the shameful French Italian campaign, even if they may have benefited from the mess.
        Maybe the milanese Moor was a jew.

        As for the Austro-Hungary, the great baroque empire protector of Europe, he was dismembered mainly because of Clémenceau ‘s action at the end of WWI, the masonic tiger, who might be the number one traitor in French history with Jean the fearless, both English lackey.

        Here is the story of the real WWI, opposing two European coalitions on every known continent and seas.

        May 1756 in Versailles, eight years after the end of Austrian Succession war and the treaty of Aix-La-Chapelle, France and House of Austria bury an antagonism that had lasted for 250 years since the time of François 1er and Charles Quint caused mainly by the alliance of François with Suleiman the Magnificent that shocked Europe at that time, not me. The two main European states signed a treaty to thwart the increasing power of the Anglo-Saxons protestant trade cousins and their banking kabbalistic Jews, England and Prussia. This would lead to the Seven years’ war triggered by England that ended in 1763 where every European power would fight and where England would be able to kick France out of the New World in the process. Thirty years later, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette would be executed and the little French Austrian Louis would die of bad treatment in a jail cell, sniff.

        What we call WWI is WWI because of Rose-Croix Comenius who predicted in Lux Tenebris.

        V. For that, he (God) will set the Sky and the Earth in tribulations, namely he will set all the People against each other in order to provoke a chaos never seen before.
        VI. The outcome of this war would be the death of the Pope and the end of House of Austria ( The prostitute has he called it in III.
        XII. Turks and Tartars will intervene and organize this oeuvre.
        XV. Die the idols and the idolaters, and that everywhere may flower again the purest cult of God.
        The end. That’s spoken like a Jew.

        Now, after rigged election, the ridiculous Austrian republic has elected a leftist who considers that being Austrian is shameful and who is about to open wide gates to the Turks. Too bad, Austria might have joined the Visegrad Group to recreate some of that bicephale magic, Poland and Austria protecting Europe like in the days of John Sobieski.

        If I were the Pope, I would ask for a crusade in London to sack the City, only the square mile, and Bruxellistan, in order to protect the last Christians of Orient.

        In this little video, Roland Dumas, ex foreign minister, said that the English were already preparing an invasion of Syria three years before the event and they asked him if France would join them.

        Of course we did, but in the name of democracy and human rights, not Christ, like GW Bush and his bullshit crusade. This one was clearly Jewish engineered; I have all the proofs, god damned you Bernard Lewis.


      8. another valuable post, Phil, but despite all the corrections, i tend to be incorrigible until the last breath, thus i take

        I am pretty sure the Jews had also nothing to do with the shameful French Italian campaign, even if they may have benefited from the mess

        under advisement.
        Maybe i dig something up, like a dog looking for an old bone, gotta be around here someplace, like baboon bush searching for iraqi wmd under his offal office desk.

        meanwhile, the traveling darkmoon circus moves on …

      9. Lobro: “Toaff has the goods on that history, murky and polluted as anything Jew touches. He (or am I putting words in his mouth? don’t rightly recall, maybe Imran Hossain) maintains that the Crusades are Jew-incited because the plan to establish ownership of Jerusalem is part and parcel of Talmudic Messianism and they wanted to wrest it off the Byzantine possession, knowing that they had no influence in Constantinople and Eastern Church. So they ensured that the Turk topples the Byzant after sufficient undermining by Franks and finally they dumped the Turk at the same time as Russia, the spiritual heir of Byzant (also the Austro-Hungary, the backbone of Catholic Europe) and within a few years, Jerusalem and Palestina were theirs.”

        This explanation is much more plausible and believable than anything else I’ve heard thus far for World War One (WWI) and World War Two (WWII).

        Even the late great Eustace Mullins didn’t quite get it, when he said WWI came about because Germany was a commercial rival of England and had to be destroyed. Really? What about WWII? Wasn’t Germany already destroyed by WWI? What was the reason for WWII then?

        For the ROTchilds the real target, from the beginning, was Palestine and the real prize, all the time, was IsraHELL!

        Some kike professor whose name escapes me at the moment said that the 20th Century was the Jewish Century. No kidding! I guess he got ROTchild’s MEMO. FOR KIKE EYES ONLY!

  12. A war between US and Russia would look like someone punching themselves in the face…. or two partners ‘duking it out’ in a bar….. making up later. 🙂

    A researcher found that Russian companies are using US Dollars in many transactions.
    Nobody wants Rubles which are devaluing so quickly…..

    Here are two examples reported by United Aircraft:

    Public Joint Stock Company “United Aircraft Corporation”

    Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements for the year ended –
    31 December 2015


    (p. 14)
    (c) Functional and presentation currency

    The national currency of the Russian Federation is the Russian Rouble (“RUB”), which is the functional currency of the Group entities – EXCEPT – for….
    …. PJSC “Irkut Corporation” and JSC “Sukhoi Civil Aircraft”, whose functional currency is the United States Dollar (“USD”)
    …. because it reflects the economic substance of the underlying events and circumstances of these subsidiaries.

    Sukhoi Civil Aircraft(passenger): http://www.scac.ru/en/

    Irkut Corporation(fighter jets): http://eng.irkut.com/

  13. 1139,

    u know – top NS officials preferred Germans and Europeans convert to Islam – then they would actually have the ability to conquer the world unlike Christianity which doesn’t reward soldiers with paradise –


    Himmler: “Islam is a practical and sympathetic religion for soldiers”

    British historian Peter Longerich recently published a 1035-page study on Himmler quoting, inter alia, from documents in the German Federal Archives in Berlin (“Bundesarchiv Berlin”). Longerich quotes Himmler as saying in November 1944 that Islam is “a practical and sympathetic religion for soldiers.” “It promises that those who fall in battle will go to heaven.”

    We find similar quotes in Kersten’s 1952 book. On December 1, 1942, Himmler told Kersten:

    “Mohammed knew that most people are terribly cowardly and stupid. That is why he promised two beautiful women to every courageous warrior who dies in battle. This is the kind of language a soldier understands. When he believes that he will be welcomed in this manner in the afterlife, he will be willing to give his life, he will be enthousiastic about going to battle and not fear death. You may call this primitive and you may laugh about it, but it is based on deeper wisdom. A religion must speak a man’s language.”

    Himmler, whose parents were devout and conservative Bavarian Catholics, publicly left the Catholic Church in the summer of 1936. In his conversations with Kersten he later lashed out against the Catholic Church, the Vatican and Christianity in general. Christianity does not promise anything to the soldiers and warriors who die in battle, Himmler said. They either go to hell or heaven – there is just no reward for fighting bravely. “And now compare this, Herr Kersten, to the religion of the Mohammedans, a religion of people’s soldiers.”

    In other words, Himmler admired the Muslim concept of martyrdom: if you die on the battlefield as a jihadist (Muslim holy warrior) and so become a martyr, you will be amply rewarded in the afterlife (“paradise”). This is precisely what Haj Amin Al-Husseini told the Muslim soldiers in the SS.

    It was in the first half of 1942 that Himmler and an SS officer named Adolf Eichmann befriended this firebrand cleric – the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem whom the Nazis had welcomed to Berlin. Haj Amin Al-Husseini, whose hatred of the Jews equalled that of the Nazis, arrived in Nazi Germany in November 1941 and was received by Hitler that same month. The Grand Mufti wanted the Nazis to approve his plan for a pro-Nazi Muslim fighting force or “Arab legion.” Hitler initially declined, but Himmler was enthousiastic about the idea. In November 1943, the SS Reichsführer sent a telegram to the Grand Mufti, saying there existed “a natural bond between National Socialist Greater Germany and the freedom loving Mohammedans throughout the world.”

    Earlier that year, a special Muslim unit had been created inside Himmler’s “Waffen-SS” (the combat arm of the SS). It was called the “SS-Handschar Division” and largely consisted of Bosnian Muslims. In 1944, the Handschar Division committed serious war crimes in Yugoslavia killing Serb civilians. (After the war, Yugoslav leader Marshall Tito wanted Al-Husseini for war crimes but the French and the British had no intention of upsetting the Arab world.) Al-Husseini traveled to Sarajevo in October 1944 to address his men from the Handschar Division. He said that the National Socialist and the Islamic world view largely ran parallel. “The Germans are the real friends of the 400 million Muslims,” he added. In April 1944, the SS founded its own “Imam training school” in Guben, near Cottbus. Himmler strongly supported this initiative and the Grand Mufti gave the opening ceremony speech.

    Himmler told his masseur Felix Kersten on December 2, 1942, that he was reading serious books on the “Mohammedan religion.” When the war was over, he said, he wanted to visit the Islamic countries himself with a view to continuing his studies. “Look, how wise (“vernünftig”) this religion is.”

    Himmler: “Let us assume that the Turkish Muslim armies would have conquered Vienna and Europe in 1683…”

    Five days later, Himmler told Kersten that he regretted the fact that the Turkish Muslim armies had not been able to conquer Europe in 1683:

    “Let us assume that the Turks in whose ranks Europeans were fighting as well, even in high positions, would have conquered Vienna and Europe in 1683 instead of having been forced to withdraw. If the Mohammedans would have gained the victory at the time and Islam would have swept victoriously over Europe, then the Christian churches would have been depoliticized. (…) For the Turks were religiously tolerant, they allowed each religion to continue to exist, provided it was no longer involved in politics –
    otherwise it was finished.”

  14. http://www.andrewbostom.org/2015/10/judaism-and-islam-as-opposites-a-1942-essay-by-nazi-convert-to-islam-johannes-omar-amin-von-leers-d-1965/

    Muhammad’s opposition to the Jews undoubtedly had an effect—Oriental Jewry was completely paralyzed by Islam. Its back was broken. Oriental Jewry has played almost no role in Judaism’s massive rise to power over the last two centuries. Scorned, the Jews vegetated in the dirty alleys of the Mellah, and were subject to a special regulation that did not allow them to profiteer, as they did in Europe, or even to receive stolen goods, but instead kept them fearful and under pressure. Had the rest of the world adopted a similar method, today we would have no Jewish question—and here we must absolutely note that there were also Islamic rulers, among them especially the Spanish caliphs of the House of Mu’awiya, who did not adhere to Islam’s traditional hostility to Jews—to their own disadvantage. However, as a religion Islam has performed the immortal service of preventing the Jews from carrying out their threatened conquest of Arabia and of defeating the dreadful doctrine of Jehovah through a pure faith that opened the way to higher culture for many peoples and gave them an education and humane training, so that still today a Muslim who takes his religion seriously is one of the most worthy phenomena in this world in turmoil.

    Jude Andrew Bostom along with other hook nosed devils hate Islam precisely because it paralyzed Judaism

  15. Just a week after this article was posted…. Russia’s government newspaper online, wrote that Russia is trying to figure out how stock exchanges can share information…. and held a conference to see if they can get up to speed.

    Decades behind times… they want a TV channel like CNBC and Bloomberg and Fox Business News….
    ….. for “actual information…” 🙂

    China, too….

    “Russia’s Rossiya-24 TV channel and Russian scientific magazines could focus on the issue of stock exchanges.”

    Russia and China could start developing joint media projects in order to provide businesspeople with actual information on the financial issues related to the activities of stock exchanges, Director General of the Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency Dmitry Kiselev said Monday(May 30).


    Soon…. London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers can control the people in Russia and China as easily as in USA…. with stock exchanges… casinos. They will get two countries at once.

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