Where Have All The Dollars Gone?

. . . by LOBRO and ARNOLD

Lobro and Arnold  reflect on the vast wealth of the Jews and ask,  “Where have all the missing dollars gone?” I once asked economist Ellen Brown the same two questions asked by a commenter on this site a couple of days ago: (1) What percentage of the world’s wealth is in Jewish hands?  (2) What percentage of America’s wealth is in Jewish hands?  I don’t remember her exact words, but her response went something like this: “There are no figures giving these details; and if there were, they would be suppressed.”  (LD)


ARNOLD:  The Jews control all three branches of our government with bribes and blackmail. They control the media. They took over our government for one purpose alone: to control America and exploit it in the service of Israel and the Jewish people.

50% of the campaign contributions to the Democratic party comes from the Jewish lobby (40% for Republicans). Ten times as much money flows under the table in secret bribes and secret deals.

The Democratic party receives 60% (maybe as much as 80%) of its campaign contributions from the Judaists. There is an interesting article on Mondoweiss about it.

Most of these elected politicians owe their political career to the Jewish lobby. If they go against the Lobby, they are finished. See Paul Findley’s book, They Dared To Speak Out.

For example, Haim Saban is openly bribing Hillary Clinton. However, he calls the bribes “donations”.  What are these but bribes?  She can just help herself to the money whenever she wants. She can pay herself a “salary” out of the money. She can call it  “consultancy fees” as she transfer the loot to her private bank account.

That is why these politicians support Israel blindly and even openly flood their own nations with Third World aliens—or they are finished. Those who do not take the bribes can be framed by the Jewish lobby and put in prison on bogus charges (e.g., Governor Meacham was framed for refusing to give MLK holiday).

So where do the Judaists get all this money from? How do they manage to be 40% of the world’s billionaires?

Well, they make money the old fashioned way. They steal it.

They make use of the same politicians and government thugs in all three branches of government as their protectorate. The government thugs pay back billions and even trillions to their Jewish masters in preferred or bogus government grants and contracts. The billions of dollars they send Israel every year trickles back into their own pockets as “campaign contributions”, “donations”, backhanders, bribes.

This is the World’s Biggest Scam today.

LOBRO:  How do the Jews manage to be 40% of the world’s billionaires?  Even that is Jew deception, this pointless Forbes list.  I can no longer spare two minutes to glance at it.

Do you ever see the Rothschilds, Montefiores, Schiffs, Sassoons, Oppenheimers and other superyids — like Kuhn, Loeb, and Lehman — mentioned even once in this spurious Forbes List?

I would guess that these five families alone easily control at least 80 percent of the world’s wealth and are aiming to grab the rest of it in our lifetimes: the Rothschilds, Montefiores, Schiffs, Sassoons and Oppenheimers

I think the combined wealth of the Forbes List is under $2 trillion. So the question is: Who owns the rest? Remember that the rest of us, the so-called 99 percenters,  account for less than 20% of the world’s total wealth.

Lehman Brothers collapse — a better term would be “controlled demolition”, as in WTC —  precipitated a banking crisis resulting in what? . . .  a $2 trillion bailout? Where did those trillions go, now that the same banks are again teetering on the edge of collapse?  Where did the “lost-to-speculation” trillions go? Where did the $2.3 trillion “disappeared” Pentagon funds go? —  the funds referred to by Rumsfeld on the day before 9/11, and whose loss was “investigated” by Rabbi Dov Zakheim before his Pentagon office was conveniently destroyed the next day.

LD:  Rabbi Dov Zakheim  managed to “lose” $2.3 trillions (some say $3 trillion) while working at the Pentagon. He was then put in charge of “investigating” the loss himself.  Conveniently for him, all the relevant financial documents were completely destroyed in the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon. There is speculation that the bulk of this missing money has ended up in Israel and in Jewish banks in Switzerland, and that it is now helping to buy up huge chunks of choice real estate in all parts of the world.

LOBRO:  Lehmans are still Fed shareholders, why couldn’t they have helped themselves to some cash from their own printing press? Where exactly did the money ripped off by Madoff end up?  Why didn’t any Israeli banks ever suffer meltdown?  Never a failure, never a recession? Why is everything golden for them all the time?

These are the questions that Ezra Pound would be asking from his St Elizabeth nuthouse for Eustace Mullins to investigate today, were they both alive.

Too tricky. So let’s just get back to discussing evil Jesuits. And Hitler’s secret Antarctic submarine bases.

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37 thoughts on “Where Have All The Dollars Gone?

  1. The way money is created will ensure that the banks eventually will have all the money. 97% of money is created when banks give customers loans. The bank enters that loan into its own books as a receivable, an asset. So the two book-keeping entries cancel each other out. So money is created as debt.

    The bank charges interest on the loan. The customer has to go out and earn money to pay the interest, and he takes money (which has also been created by banks as debt) out of circulation and hands it over to his bank as interest payments. If this process goes on for long enough you can see that the banks finish up with all the money and the rest of the world finishes up with all the debt. Amazing.

    1. You are correct John –

      Here is a 1968 Court Case which states exactly so.

      The judge was murdered 6 months later.


      First National Bank of Montgomery vs. Jerome Daly





      First National Bank of Montgomery,
      Jerome Daly,




      The issues in this case were simple. There was no material dispute of the facts for the Jury to resolve.

      Plaintiff(bank) admitted that it, in combination with the federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, which are for all practical purposes, because of their interlocking activity and practices, and both being Banking Institutions Incorporated under the Laws of the United States, are in the Law to be **treated as one and the same Bank**,

      did create the entire $14,000.00 in money or credit upon its own books by bookkeeping entry.

      That this was the Consideration used to support the Note dated May 8, 1964 and the Mortgage of the same date.

      The money and credit first came into existence when they created it.

      Mr. Morgan(bank) admitted that no United States Law Statute existed which gave him the right to do this.

      A lawful consideration must exist and be tendered to support the Note. See Ansheuser-Busch Brewing Company v. Emma Mason, 44 Minn. 318, 46 N.W. 558.   The Jury found that there was no consideration and I agree.   

      Only God can create something of value out of nothing.



      A Legal Basis for Debt Elimination

      This process is founded on the decisions of the United States Supreme Court, as they have ruled time and again against the legal authority for banking institutions to lend credit. Federal and state laws allow banks to lend money – not credit. Nor can they lend you their depositors money. They can’t loan out nor risk any of their own assets because of Federal Reserve regulations. So they lend you credit. Credit is only created when you sign the application form for the credit. This means you created the money they are alleging they lent you, your signature and your future labor is what created the loan to yourself, they never gave you anything, you gave them a promise to repay the nothing they gave you and with interest on top of that. Where is the common sense in that? The laws state they can’t lend you something they don’t have, and they don’t have any credit to start with, only you can create credit, and they can’t charge you interest on something they didn’t give you in the first place because it doesn’t exist and they did not create it! It was created by your signature being monetized by the bank when they deposit your promissory note (signature) into their accounting system. When they create money this way it all adds up to a higher and higher inflation rate for all of us, which means money is becoming worth less and less all the time.

      This may sound confusing but actual it’s fairly simple. Debt elimination companies look to find your credit card companies in violation of both state and federal laws, rendering your agreement and debt owed as void. That is always very easy to do since the promissory note you signed was fraud from the beginning due to non disclosure of what was actually taking place when they offered you a loan and accepted your promissory note. This service is based on U.S. Supreme Court’s decisions, Title 15 United State Code (USC) section 1692, the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, section 1601, the Fair Credit Billing Act, the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), section 203, and numerous Banking and Lending laws . There are many cases that have been decided on when it comes to the issues of “money,” “credit,” and “banking.”


      More on Judge Mahoney’s MEMORANDUM… and death:


  2. The Constitution clearly states that the creation of money must be the exclusive right of the US government, the treasury. This right was usurped in 1913 when the privately-owned Federal Reserve was created.

    The creation of debt-as-money is the greatest scam in history, by far.

  3. The Jews haven’t finished their looting. With effect from the 1st January the EU has legalised bail-ins for the banks. This means, like Cyprus, the banks can help themselves to the cash of their customers, when the next financial crisis occurs, probably another bursting of the still unregulated derivatives bubble. This explains the war on cash being waged by mainly Western governments. So Yanks and Europeans enjoy your money, trust funds, shares, bonds or whatever, while you can. Because the Jews are coming for it all. Of course the the Jewish press will preach about the need for economic “reform” and stupid Joe and Jane public will follow with their usual ovine and craven obedience.

    1. In the US, too. Bail-in’s were authorized in the Dodd-Frank bill passed by congress and signed into law by the pres in 2010. Ironically, the bill’s formal title is The Consumer Protection Act.

      Depositing your money into a bank is actually an unsecured loan – you are loaning the bank your wealth, with no guarantee of repayment and no security of the loan. A depositor’s loan is lowest priority for repayment. The bank’s obligation to derivatives is the highest priority.

      Recently, some banks in the US have begun prohibiting the storage of cash (money) in safe deposit boxes. The only option is to deposit (loan) the money to the bank.

      Here is a short, interesting read about a guy that tried to withdraw cash from his bank account:


      In the 1950’s we switched to a new economic system that relied more on debt and the convenience of free gov’t services. That system has been growing exponentially ever since.

      In 2008 an estimated $10.2-trillion of wealth vanished. A collapse of the credit system is estimated to be 6-times more loss than that. There is now $57-trillion more debt than there was in 2007, and growing.

      Do not trust any money you cannot hold in your hand. You cannot hold the money in any bank account. That said, how wealthy is anyone, really?

  4. As some say “We live in interesting times;” now the hidden hand is revealed. For the first time more people than ever know the name Rothschild… Yet I would prefer to live in boring times… oh well. Isn’t it amazing how just a few Jewish families managed to do all this accumulation of wealth and what will they do with it… they will probably follow the broad path of perdition just as others have done. They will have drug addict children, children that fall into cults that take big chunks of the money like Scientology. They will be the prey of thieves and what they have done will come back to them. Or maybe (God willing) they will have to pay for the survival of Israel without the assistance of the German and Americans..now that would take quite a pretty penny. Imagine that the Rothschild’s had to bail the Israelis out of the debacle of the Middle East. They will have giant estates still in the countries they have sacked like in the beautiful countryside of Tuscany where one of them lives now. Maybe in the wilderness of Montana some castle will rise up or even in Germany. They will have their solitary existence because like another interesting time, the global plague of the Black Death, most of us will not survive them well. They brought massive disability through vaccination, they transformed our minds with godless ideology, and maybe eventually they will leave us alone because we will have nothing left to steal.

  5. We won’t know where all the dollars have gone until such time Lasha’s BFF, Ellie The Rothschild girl from THE VERY ROTHSCHILD FAMILY ITSELF, is “kind” enough to make an “appearance” here at Darkmoon and tell us what her family did with the dough. Maybe Ellie will write a 6,666 page long novel based on the writing style of 19th century novelists when she “kindly”, out of the “goodness” of her Rothschild jew banking family “heart”, tells us what happened to the Yankee bubba dollar. “kind” means “being of the same kind”. jew Ellie “RED SHIELD” ROTHSCHILD is “kind” because she’s just like us Darkmooners, “opposed” to the jews and the jew banking system, lol.


    Thanks for using my comment in a post. I did not time initially to put enough details for the second part, so here are some.

    So where do the Judaists get all this money to buy off an entire Congress and the President? Well, they make money the old fashioned way—they steal it using the same politicians, who not only carry out their orders to send billions in foreign aid to Israel and troops to die in its wars, and destroy their own country through liberalism and the alien invasion, they also pay back the Jewish Lobby billions in bogus/preferential grants and contracts from the govt. money.

    Eg. Jewish Senator Diane Feinstein’s husband is looting billions from the post office which are being sold to him for pennies on the dollar, and which he sells back at market price, pocketing the difference.




    International Jewish criminal George Schwartz (aka George Soros, and who was convicted of insider trading in France) is a billionaires and was convicted of insider trading in France.


    According to Jewish Forward magazine: Jewish Charities Grow Huge on Cash From Government — Donors Give to Israel


    Most Jewish wealth comes from the govt. in preferential grants and contracts given to them.

    Jewish groups get 94% of the DHS grants (even though they were not the main victims of the 911 terror attacks):


  7. I personally think the jews are a better form of humans than the wasp; let me give you an example: Donald Trump attacks mexicans when everyone knows that half of Mexico was stolen by the u.s. With the help of Europe, yet Donald wishes to visit “Israel” a “country” that was also stolen from the Native Palestinians, but, and here is what i find amazing, the Jews in “israel” told him not to come for now because he just insulted Muslims, when the jews know we muslims hate them…see what i am saying? The wasp love kissing that jew ass WITHOUT the bribe because Donald Trump doesnt need Jew money for his campaign; he is a self made billionaire!
    Take the example that some posters here at darkmoon give us; see for example Rickaert; he accepts the holocaust occured (six miilion figure included) and says that “the jews belong and own Palestine” and that the ashkenazi are not kazars, that kazars never existed (meaning the ashkenazi, whom he admires, are semitic while Palestinians are not) yets gets called a “very very inteligent erudite teacher” by most white posters here, posters that whine about the jews 24/7! Wow!
    Then you have also another bunch of waspi boys crying rivers saying that “the refugee crisis is a jewish invention” as if those poor people werent being bombed daily at bakeries and hospitals! Bombings that they support and condone while calling Bashar Assad a “very Nice guy” disregarding amnesty international even!
    The jews dont own 80 percent of the world’s money otherwise your hero Putin would have said so…
    There is nothing else to say but to tell you
    The Jews are God’s chosen

    1. It isnt the Jews who are burning this planet!
      It isnt the jews bombing civilians all over the world!
      It isnt the jews making and selling weapons!
      It isnt the Jews consuming most drugs in the world!
      It was you the wasp who bombed hiroshima, hanoi, nagasaki, baghdad and tora bora, slaved the blacks and still killing them like dogs and killed 114 million natives!
      It is you who accepts the bribe
      Cant you see it?
      Its you

      1. It was you the wasp who slaved the blacks

        Here is what the more astute blacks are saying about that
        The Secret Relationship. Between Blacks and Jews

        If you can escape the perpetual hangover and regain semi literacy, you will immediately see that it was, by their own admission, ie, Jew historians, that Jews, viz, your and Circassian’s favorite tribe that was responsible for the totality of African slave business, the slave markets were shut down on Jew holidays.
        But I wouldn’t expect either you or brother Circassian to bother looking into this, because in reality neither of you care about black brothers any more than you care about Palestinian brothers.
        The only brothers that count are Jews and ISIS, which after all are one and the same.

        Say hello to brother Elliot Shimon al-Baghdadi, maybe you score a half done bottle of aguardiente.

      2. @ Avatar

        Don’t forget this :

        “…Historians estimate that between 650 and the 1960s, 10 to 18 million people were enslaved by Arab slave traders and taken from Europe, Asia and Africa across the Red Sea, Indian Ocean, and Sahara desert…” Wikipedia : Arab Slave Trade.

      3. Thanks lobro –
        Excerpt from your great link…..

        ISBN 0-9636877-0-0

        Printed in the Nation of Islam
        Blacks and Jews have recently
        begun to question their relationship
        and its strategic role in their individual

        This report is an examination of documented
        historical evidence and is intended to provide
        an historical perspective for intellectual debate
        of this crucial social matter.

        This report was prepared by
        The Historical Research Department of:
        The Nation of Islam 1991


        This book has been published fifteen years ago
        in the United States, at a
        time when the Black Movement was reach
        ing a new phase in the century-old
        struggle for freedom. It created a huge
        scandal and all the resources of the Zion-
        ist lobby were directed against this book,
        to destroy it in order to keep the Afro-
        Americans under the traditional yoke of
        submissiveness to the interest of the
        Jewish community, a situation which had
        become obvious to all in the US.

      4. Yes Pat and the following sentence can be easily reworked to apply to other groups

        all the resources of the Zionist lobby were directed against this book,
        to destroy it in order to keep the Afro-Americans under the traditional yoke of
        submissiveness to the interest of the Jewish community, a situation which had
        become obvious to all in the US

        Replace “Afro-Americans” by just about any group of myopic goyums and it works out the same, e.g., Whites, Muslims, etcetera.

        I remember how Jack Abramoff called the Pacific islanders enslaved in his sweatshop plantations, his Petri dish, ie, they were no more than bacteria.
        Let Circassian frame it whores-and-pimps terms, he is very knowledgeable and Avatar will find a way to blame the WASPs.

    2. Brother Avatar makes some good points every once in a while.

      the jews are a better form of humans than the wasp

      This is true as far as it goes: The whores are a better form of humans than the pimp that employs them.

      half of Mexico was stolen by the u.s. … “Israel” a “country” that was also stolen from the Native Palestinians

      There is no such thing as stolen land or stolen “country”. Lands are taken – not stolen – from the weak, disorganized, and meek by the strong, organised, and ballsy.

      … posters that whine about the jews 24/7

      a sorry bunch of useless bums that constitute 99%+ of all posters here. I have mentioned a few most active samples of the same earlier:

      “Critical wiki thinker” Franklin Ryckaert
      “Hitlerjugend” Lobro.
      “London Pharisee bank teller” Pat,
      and “Pig-shit smelling” Ausee brother Max.

      1. @ Circassian

        It’s nice to see you’ve finally put your cards on the table and revealed yourself as a Jew. It’s also nice to know that you and Avatar, a self-confessed Zionist troll, are on the same page and that you address Avatar as your “brother.”

        So what’s the next step? You want to convert Franklin Ryckaert, Lobro, Pat and Max Bilney to philosemitism? To Zionism? To hatred of the White race?

        You won’t have any luck.

        So what is your point in continuing to post on this website since there is ZERO chance of convincing them that the Jews are the helpless tools of the Evil Anglo-Saxons?

        So Congress is giving the orders to AIPAC, huh? Nice to know that the dog is wagging the tail! Enjoy the picture:


      2. Circ –

        I wanted to tell you a while back. Now is good…

        You and your buddies – Chabad-Lubavitchers – NOW… have more choices for synagogue:

        Chabad Russia’s competitors open massive new synagogue east of Moscow

        After nine years of construction, Saratov’s new shul rivals St. Petersburg’s Great Choral Synagogue


        Rabbis from across the former Soviet Union and Israel gathered in the city of Saratov 450 miles southeast of Moscow to celebrate the opening of one of Russia’s largest synagogues.

        The opening ceremony on Sept. 6 of the new synagogue in Saratov came at the end of nine years of construction, according to the Russian Jewish Congress, which oversaw and initiated the project in Saratov.

        Built in the Moorish style, the new building’s ceiling is 50 feet tall, making it roughly the same height as the Great Choral Synagogue of St. Petersburg, which is the country’s largest, according to newsru.com.

        “Together with the building, a community was built,” Yuri Kanner, the congress’ president, said at the opening ceremony before hundreds of Jews and non-Jews. “Today there are no vacant seats in this synagogue.”

        The building has a normal capacity of 200 people but can be expanded on holidays and special events to accommodate double that number, according to Yakob Streltsin, chairman of the community’s board.

        Also in attendance at the ceremony was Adolf Shayevich, one of Russia’s two chief rabbis.

        Most synagogues opened in Russia are affiliated with the Chabad-Lubavitch movement, whose head in Russia is Berel Lazar, the country’s other chief rabbi and head of the Chabad-affiliated Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia. The federation and Shayevitch’s Keroor religious congress have had a relationship of tense competition and have exchanged various accusations in the media. In March, the two groups signed a memorandum of understanding pledging to avoid “impolite discourse.”

        Since the fall of communism, Chabad has opened dozens of synagogues and Jewish community centers. It is also planning to open a synagogue in Saratov in the coming weeks, Alexander Boroda, a senior Chabad rabbi from Moscow, told JTA on Thursday.

        In addition, Boroda is preparing to open later this year a $20 million Jewish community center and synagogue in Zhukovka, a village located on Moscow’s eastern outskirts, where Russian President Vladimir Putin and many other Russian politicians and oligarchs own houses.

      3. @Sardonicus

        I don’t believe for a second that you are as dumb as this last post of yours would suggest.

        You don’t believe in the indivisible unity of the Universe, Sardonicus, do you?

      4. @Sardonicus

        I don’t mind you calling me dumb if it makes you feel any better.

        I don’t mind calling you dumb if you insist on it. But let me repeat for the record: For the time being, I don’t believe that you are as dumb as those fools I have mentioned earlier. But if you keep distorting my posts deliberately with dumb comments from Osaka, you shall not be surprised to end up in the list of my favorite amoral and useless bums as “Japanzee” Sardonicus.

        Please understand: I will have no other choice but readjust my assessment of your intelligence, spiritual, and moral levels as dictated by the incoming evidence. It is only natural, is it not?

  8. Excellent, excellent, points. Very astute observations, but why not quit dancing around – get straight to the point:

    ARNOLD: The Jews control all three branches of our government with bribes and blackmail. They control the media. They took over our government for one purpose alone: to control America and exploit it in the service of Israel and the Jewish people.

    Too bad CNN, Fox and the rest of the lick-spittle news doesn’t interview all of you.

  9. Keep in mind tho…the $$$$ is just the means to an end.

    What end?

    Why, THE END…of course.


    No. I wish it was.

  10. I walked into a bank, yesterday, so I could get a $100 bill broken down into twenties. The teller said that if I did not have an account in that bank, ‘new’ rules were such that she was not allowed to make change (for cash). I forget the bank’s name because I was just ‘passing thru’ that town – but it seems widespread that even banks are discouraging the use of cash. Often, nowadays, one sees people using debit or credit cards for the simplest of transactions, such as buying cigarettes or fast-food items. They have been conditioned to it. The fools and their money are parted!

    1. Gilbert,
      Mark of the Beast! That’s why they are abolishing cash. Usury is just one enslaving arm. Forcing everyone to pay by bank card is another. Next will be chip implants or tattoos with barcodes!

    2. In Asia, peer-to-peer phone transactions are the norm, whereby phone credits (as far as I know, unlimited amounts are allowed) are medium of exchange.
      Also, bitcoin, there are even ATMs that accept it.
      I don’t have a credit card, strictly use my prepaid, let the Jew wring stained claws, gnash yellow choppers, ooze gooey tears, he ain’t got no hooks in me.

  11. @Pat (and everyone else, you have my permission to read)

    Do you see why I like having trolls around, how despite their worst intention they can be harnessed to do useful work?
    This site and commentariat are of sufficient quality that their provocations serve as catalyst for information flow.
    Had Avatar kept his mouth shut on the subject of “white slavers”, I wouldn’t have remembered to include that link.

    Like I said, Bring them on!

    Next subject, same post.
    The interesting thing about that Nation of Islam book about Jew monopoly on trans Atlantic slavery is that every single claim in it is properly referenced to Jew historians and their scholarly works, the footnotes and bibliography account for a good chunk of the book.
    And yet, Jew screams prejudice, anti-Semitism, racism 🙂 and suppresses it by fair means and foul, pulling up references to jews themselves is an act of hate, blood libel, age old canard, islamofascism, and so on.
    Maybe they should quote Avatar that no, all these Jew historians are lying (kol nidre, remember?) and it is WASPs that are responsible, according to Prof Al-Baghdadi.

    Few years back, a friend was driving me thru Chicago, showing me different neighborhoods and we pulled up to Nation of Islam’s HQ (Bombama house is close by).
    My friend pulls up to the sidewalk, I roll the window down when a big dude in a suit walks up, obviously a guard.
    I ask, is Jesse Jackson in?
    He, very politely: sir, I suggest you move along.
    My friend: hey, tell Jesse that xXxX says hello (because the friend is some wheel in Democratic caucus)
    Big dude: sir, I might mention it or I might not, there are proper channels, now please get moving.
    At that point, it was like an African elephant waving ears, GTFO before he crushes the car along with occupants.

    I was impressed, now that’s one tight organization, not that I have the slightest respect for Jackson but Lou Farrakhan is a different story.
    We, the whites need something like that, I don’t care if it is called Aryan Islam, so long as it can be watertight so that neither Jews nor traitors can slip in past the entry threshold.

    1. Lobro –

      “Do you see why I like having trolls around, how despite their worst intention they can be harnessed to do useful work?”

      Of course. That has been my method all along. I have mentioned it numerous times. That’s why my replies usually begin with “Thank you… so and so” and I say it gives me a chance to re-state my position. Good debating, without taking things so personal.

      LD and admin have mentioned I am not an attacker. No need to attack someone who opens the door for me.

      I infuriated Circassian a lot with that method in the past. A year and a half ago.
      He would say, “You really disgust me”…. or…”Have I told you lately how much you disgust me?”
      I loved it. He raised his tirades to the point of banishment.

      Thanks for the help Lobro. This helps others see how to say more and stick around… RO should have learned it.

      Lawyers in the courtroom use that tactic to get…. not just ‘even’…. but, ahead… 🙂

      Controlled argument increases knowledge. Ben Franklin even formed a club for arguing. The Junta… Leather Apron Club.

      Through arguing with me, you learned…. just last week, that Putin could throw out Russia’s whole government for ANY reason according to Russia’s 1993 Constitution…. which HE HELPED implement.

      From Putin’s own Kremlin website:

      “The President has the right to decide independently to dismiss the government. The Constitution does not stipulate the grounds for making such a decision. This means that the President can decide this matter himself.”

      People here spend more time attacking each other than attacking Pharisee-Jews. Amazing to me. Self-defeating.

      1. @ Pat

        People here spend more time attacking each other than attacking Pharisee-Jews. Amazing to me. Self-defeating.

        Yep, you’re right. It’s more than self-defeating. It’s self-castration all the way to the toilet boil.

  12. This one is for “Hitlerjugend in his sixties” Lobro.

    Instead of bubbling your childish fantasies about the “noble Nazis”, I suggest you take your time to learn something real from real human beings:

    Stalingrader Schlacht: Der Angriff, Der Kessel, Der Untergang

    Pay attention, bum, the movie is made not by Jews or Russians – it is made by Germans von Jorg Mullner and Sebastian Dehnhardt as evidenced from Stalingrad Battle: The attack, The Boiler, The Downfall

    1. Couple of remarks before I move on.
      The movie was made in 2003, by appeasement-crazy self-flagellation obsessed Germans, this has been a politically correct posture ever since lying Soviets, led by your idol Ilya Ehrenburg conjured up his satanic cult of Holocaust.
      These new, servile, self hating Germans don’t speak to me or for me, in no way represent my viewpoint.
      Stalingrad: a brutal battle was fought, Soviets Jew won, Germany (and Russia) lost. End of story that makes you so ecstatic.

      One question: Even accepting that 20 million Russian deaths are attributable to German invasion, why do you hate and harp on them while at worst indifferent to Jews and in fact quite sympathetic to them, given that they were directly responsible for several times that number of Russian deaths – and in peacetime too, rather than wartime conditions when many civilian deaths are unavoidable?

      Moreover, you will rabidly attack someone like Solzhenitsyn who actually fought in WWII as liar as soon as he says anything against Jews while panting with praise for whoever runs down Germans.

      The more I hear from you, the clearer the picture gets of where your true loyalties lie.

      Is Dostoevsky also a liar when he talks about Judaic menace in Diary of a Writer?

  13. a single digit index identifies that to be rightly chastised
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  14. How about ” there is no such figure?” And “there’s no amount money really owed,” but we all fall for it, believe the lie.

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