9 thoughts to “Where Have All The Flowers Gone? (video, 3.40 mins)”

  1. The flowers went to the same place common sense and seeing with TWO eyes open went — flushed down the Cosmic Vortex we call The Toilet Bowl of The Universe. Maybe, just maybe, if USrael ZOG kept TWO eyes wide open on The Bear jew ZOG LERVS to poke and antagonize to no-end-of-it ; Well, maybe, just maybe, if USrael ZOGmites kept TWO eyes wide open on The Mighty Big Russian Bear and NOT just watch The Mighty Big Russian Bear with USrael ZOG’s NWO One-Eye-of-Horus, then maybe, just maybe, Usrael ZOG would have seen the MIGHTY BIG MOTHER BEAR heading to Syria to Save Her whiddle cub bear in danger, then maybe, just maybe, Ingrid’s and lobro’s precious takfiri Muslim pals would still be with us, LMFAO!!!!

    Maybe, just maybe, just sayin’, maybe TWO eyes are better then One, lol.

  2. Happy New Year, Lasha, you have added tremendously to the documentation of the Rape of Western Culture, thank you.

  3. The 13best pictures:

    Deart Lasha I am disappointed by adding a Jewess who by the way cannot sing to your wishes for 2016.Is it a bad joke?

    She is of the hippie generation of the last century, same stable as bob dilan, who also cannot sing and that false prophet gave at that time, $ 40 million to the state of israhell . Jews are the masters of disguise and fraud, their hippie culture from the sixties, at the same time the open border politics started the decline of western culture:


    “The family is the basis of civilization. Period. Civilization declines into nonexistence, i.e. chaos, crime, mayhem, lawlessness, etc., without strong families. Strong families force government to govern fairly and justly. Weakened families breed corrupted government wherein the worst criminals are those who govern who then protect their rapine by enacting their criminality into law.”

    Two ladies who can sing:


    Best wishes to all darkmooners;


    1. [*POEM*] :

      “Where, Oh, Where, Can They Be?”

      where have all,
      of Ingrid’s and lobro’s friends and buddies,
      the takfiri muslims gone,
      long time going around,
      killing Christians and Palestinian refugees,
      in Syria and Iraq,
      and killing Muslims,
      opposed to Islamic Jihad,
      in Syria and everywhere,
      bombed them back to Hell,
      from where they came from,
      a long time we were waiting,
      for someone to come around,
      and eradicate Ingrid’s and lobro’s,
      takfiri muslim pals,
      Putin bombed them back to Hell,
      from where Ingrid’s and lobro’s,
      best friends and pals,
      drinking buddies,
      and “fine” dining companions,
      pretending to be “Muslims”,
      where have all the takfiris gone,
      Putin just bombed them back,
      to where they originate from,
      back to the Pits of Hell,
      is where you can find ’em.

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